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Rep yo hood. Where you from?

So if this happens???? Thoughts 💭?

Ok this is getting scary. It’s near my house now. They have now closed this fwy. #VictoryIsMine #StraightBars #Flames

Some of y’all would be some dead SOBs 💀💀. I would live.

I’m getting closer to the 400LBS. This 375. I wanted to get it before this year is over. We will see. Not giving up tho. Song: Really Nigga

If you send me a long ass text i ain’t reading that 💩

At The Rams Game rooting for The Saints cause i picked them. #MyCrew #BigBallerBrand

When you prank someone more petty than you W/ @jojoe @bradleymartyn

Happy G day to my dog. Detroit legend @ironside.hex

When you willing to do anything to hook up with a girl W/ @piques @theekristinab #NikiSkyler #CommentWhichHomieYouAre #TagAfriendThatsTheOtherGuy

A message to @xxxtentacion from #PumpPapaPage 💀________________________________ Via his altercation with The @migos Amigos. @worldstar @akadmiks @theshaderoom #worldstar #xxxtentacion #migos #djakademiks #shaderoom

Damn my nigga @xxxtentacion flexible as hell #Flexing #xxxtentacion #migos

AYO!!!!!! I need alllllll my Pagers to watch my girl @tiffanyhaddish tonight on #SNL. She is the first black Comedienne ever to host. I have known her almost a decade and she been killing the comedy. She got NOW. Tiff is about to be bigger than the star. Make sure y’all tune in tonight. #WhenYouThirsty #FullVideoOnYoutubeCalled #ThatsSoKardashian

Uber Driver W/ @hellycee Song: Michael Jackson #CarSeat

Signs you need a car wash W/ @justinhires @juhahnjones @deshaefrost @audglachelle

😮 #KnewYouFuckNiggasWpuldCommentOnThisVideoButNotMyLastOne #NoMoreShakespeareForYouDegenerates

When you want a girl so bad that you kill her bae, with her knowing you did it and still pull her #Richardlll #ArapperDoingShakespeare #ThisIsMyFavoriteMaterialToAct #iShouldHaveMadeBoobsTheThumbNailAgain 😞

No Words. My lil man. As my hero. #michaeljackson #MansNotHot #Halloween

Aye it’s finally here Baby. Me and @_timothykennedy AKA #WolfGod album that we worked so hard on and had so much fun making it’s finally here. You have no idea the joy it is creating something with your kid that is amazing. If we have ever made you laugh with our videos or our relationship I implore you to support this project. #K2 2 Kennedy’s #N-idea album. We love y’all.

I see 1 and a possible like spades. But I might be wrong. Let me know. #noneOfTheAboveIsNotAnOption 😭😭😭

I might have been in my bag a little bit here. I feel like bars aren’t really appreciated anymore. So I want to constantly show case them when I can. But that’s probably why the hip hop IG blogs don’t cover me lol. Anyway new album coming Friday. Tag @worldstar @akadmiks (my Pagers about to get me posted damn it lol)

Which you guys think? Don’t answer right away. Cause the obvious choice might not be the right one. Really think what each artist contributed to the game and how many other artist were influenced by them. Then select.

I watched my boy @boazmagege go from being my stand-in/double in #TheMeg and looking like ME to in a year transforming his body to look like Thor stand in (of course they would need to push him in some vanilla and give him a wig but you get it). Proud of him and motivated by him. I am currently 65 days into my training and of course I’m not going to look like this after 100 Straight Days but I will be able to see my penis again when I pee. #Winning. If this song motivates you. You should put it on your gym playlist. It’s called #FindAway off the #TornPages project. Available everywhere. S/O for making this. #MakeYourSelfApagekennedyPlaylist

Hey ladies I finally have a reason for y’all to like my Post lol. Enjoy. ( I love working with good actors ) @joshduhamel