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Photo: Ross Halfin Photography

Lebogang Phahlane

3 hours ago

Any chance of seeing you in Australia!!?? 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

Anais Ragon

3 hours ago

always young guy, long life genius

Ferick Ong

7 hours ago

He is going to do a 2nd U.S. leg, right?

Carolyn Tilley

11 hours ago

With his eyes so striking.. the blond has a good voice.. :)

Eoin Wilson

15 hours ago

For a second there I thought it was a straw in his hand.Although what Ozzy would be doing with one I can't imagine.

Nina Lowe

a day ago

I wonder if he remembered that

Thank you South America!
Next stop for #NoMoreTours2 is Russia!
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Photo: Alexandru Oita

David Figueroa

2 days ago

Thanks for your music my eternal Madman,the last visit to South American with you in Buenos Aires and Brazil,you live in our hearts ever...🛐✝️💓
OzzyOsbourneArgentinaOfficialfans 🇦🇷

Claudia Gabriel

2 days ago

Can't wait for the show next Friday in Moscow. I am sure it will be epic as ever

Peggy Griest Occonor

3 days ago

Thank you! I'm eternally grateful for all that you have provided me in all these years! "Let the Madness Begin"

Riffing into a Monday like...

Ashley Jenkins

3 days ago

Next show in Toronto for me what the hell I can do more ROCK ON OZZY 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

Becky Wright Darsey

4 days ago

Awesome! Love it.

Josef Stremick

4 days ago

Ozzy and crazy faces.

Time to read the Sunday paper?

Avelina C Eliang

5 days ago

Como hago?? Donde puedo verte??. Acá nadie viene. Love you Ozzy!!!!

Rickellegiles Giles

5 days ago

I liked the NY times someone left for me on a shelter table over breakfast lol

Jaylee Malinoski

5 days ago

I'd take that shit out of your mouth Ozzy, you have no idea where it's been

Don't forget you can roll to #NoMoreTears with a VIP Package!

North America:

Karls Herna

5 days ago

I'll pass. I already got the tickets that cost me an arm and leg. It would be great to meet Ozzy, but i can't afford it.

Lucia Mbusha Lusanda

5 days ago

$2250 to get an autograph? Haha fuck you , I already got mine for $750 on 2013, never would pay that

Lorna Eleise Duffus

5 days ago

The price of goin to see bands is shocking nower days ...ozzy is cool but I've got better things to spend my money on

on stage in the 70's

Maggie Wilhoit

7 days ago

Rock on mofo I will forever jam 🙆❤✌

Fredrik Pettersson

7 days ago

That's 60's

Ryan Roth

7 days ago

I've seen him twice in concert once in New York City Once in Binghamton rock on Ozzy he's a Godfather a heavy metal Lookout boys and girls he still going

on the cover of Faces Magazine May 1984

Zhafira Yumni

7 days ago

By gawd, Ozzy can iron my dress shirt.

Simar Kalra

8 days ago

ozzy was crossdressing before it was cool

Susana Palma

8 days ago

I would love to actually read this while issue.

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Leyla Casas

9 days ago

I hate to say anything negative but I really dont get Sirius radio. They play same songs and depending on your area it can cut in and out. Plus you have to pay for subscription . I used to have Sirius radio. No more. I think that company is in dire straits and it didn't do well as thought it would. No bad vibes just honest , experienced comment. They should go free basic maybe? Get more followers. Otherwise, ITunes remains monumental.

Andrea Zaimé

9 days ago

No ll cool j rock the bells station 43 on Sirius

أحمد الدوري

9 days ago

Hi Ozzy I Love you and Rocky and Bella and Mrs Osbourne and you are a HERO Ozzy Osbourne 💜💚💙💛🐇

On way to Curitiba for tomorrow's Ozzy in Curitiba concert!
#NoMoreTours2 at Pedreira Paulo Leminski

Photo: Ross Halfin Photography

Yasr Yasr

10 days ago

So good to see you touring again ozzy. I've been a fan of yours since 1980, and I'll never forget when I met you, best 10 minutes of my life.!! Keep stomping zombie.

Ruth Ann Allen-Hardin

10 days ago

Ozzy, you sonofabitch, I love you man! I saw you only twice in a concert, and you stole the show both times... make it happen ONE MORE TIME!

Martial Djembom

10 days ago

My fucking goodness me. If only i was having the same thing as you right now. I woke up the wrong side of the bed today. Now i need a strong pain killer. ANyhow enjoy what goes on this month.

Whaddya mean it’s Monday?

Courtney Steinruck

11 days ago

fuck yeah after of concert in São Paulo 🤘🤘🤘

Janie Chan

11 days ago

I cant imagine ur Monday was that bad Ozz :)

Sherry Rashid

11 days ago

This day has sucked. Even though you look pretty inebriated, you're still gorgeous and you make me happy. Can't wait to see you in Oct.

‪Happy #MothersDay Sharon Osbourne!

Ron Potts

11 days ago

Love seeing you on the talk, Wish I could see your family show, know I would love it too, continued success on all you do, God bless all of you

Tyler Lambert

11 days ago

Lol @ all these comments.. HOW FUCKING RUDE.. Famous or not it's they're Business. No-one can fucking answer for them either U dumb cunts 😂😂😂 I ADORE THIS FAMILY... Happy Mother's Day Sharon 💋💞

Austin Hummel

12 days ago

Beautiful photo. I hope your mother's day was extra special, Sharon.

Tonight is the first of 4 #NoMoreTours2 concerts in Brazil!

Bob Sutterlin

11 days ago

Mr. Ozzy, beautiful your show in Alllians Parque, São Paulo-Brasil. Let's save forever! Cheers and joys to you !!!

Scott A. Smith

11 days ago

Would love to see him, But I could not handle all the people!!!!!!

La Chula

11 days ago

mais uma vez. pude prestigiar meu grande ídolo. Mr prince of dark esse, thank you!

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Happy #MothersDay!

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Chris Koranteng

12 days ago

Kevin, on pourrait « jouer» au Ouija 🙂

Sandro Moualkia

13 days ago

Fuck those Ouiji.. Are Not to be played with 😹😹😹 but is a mad made board.. This Pagan will not touch them lol.

Haylee Holloway

13 days ago

I order the ouija board today I will post it on fb when I get it next week

Power Paul

13 days ago

Ozzy been a fan from the first time i heard your me ... you hung the moon...
Ever sang ‘my way’..
I think you would ‘slay’ it...
Thanx heath

Cathy Arcabasso Graf

13 days ago

you have learned russian at scool?

William Goulart

14 days ago

Keep on ROCKIN. Ozzy!!

on our way to the Ozzy in Argentina concert happening tomorrow at Estadio Obras!#NoMoreTours2

Photo: Ross Halfin Photography

Amber Shearer

14 days ago

Hi there ozzy zakk and rest of the band. Hope your tour is going great! I miss you ozzy . Hope to see you in missouri some day. I send best wishes and lots of love. Peace and godbless you ozzy and, stacy.

Tj Fierro

14 days ago

Por fin llego el dia de vernos otra vez !!!
Hasta volvió a salir el sol para no perderselo !!! Hoy a Disfrutar Como Si Fuera La Primera Vez Que Te Vi en 1995 en FCO y dias despues en Obras !!!
Pude Ver Todos Tus Shows en Argentina !!!
Gracias Ozzy Osbourne x Tantos Años de Musica y compañia !!!

Natzyeli Chapa

14 days ago

Ozzy please detour to Singapore. For your info, both Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are also coming to this topical island. They may need you to mediate in case they press the wrong button. 😂😂😂

TONIGHT is Ozzy in Chile!

Photo: Ross Halfin Photography

Imane Lahlou

16 days ago

Great setlist Ozzy Osbourne but we missed Iron Man

You should play this heavy metal anthem

Lajuana Byrd

16 days ago

I took my three boys to their first rock concert last night! They love you and the show was awesome! LONG LIVE THE PRINCE OF FUCKING DARKNESS🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

Bruce Mason

16 days ago

What a show!!! It was incredible!! 🤘 thanks for the fucking rock and roll Ozzy!!!!

On way to Chile!

Photo: Ross Halfin Photography

Hiren Sahariah

17 days ago

Been to heaven can't get richer your right you will see them on the other side as love stayed together above it seemed see all hear all floating on clouds appear gone appear Angel next to me it was but invisible they fly on earth as heaven you may see Angel's it was to me. I have no fear god does care as I must matter to tell this! AMEN LOVE OZZY

Jacky Ou

17 days ago

Rock n Roll keeps you young, have fun in Chile Ozzie !!!

Daud BuTt

18 days ago

Nice British hat. Smiling all the way to the bank. You deserve every penny. Touring for 40 years. Go Ozzy . Blast our wigs back in Camden.

Last night in Mexico City.
Next stop Chile!

Photo: Ross Halfin Photography

Betty Quispe Montoya

18 days ago

You guys give me the most brutal night of my life on Hell and Heaven Fest here in México i ll never forget that night \,,/

James Knox Benson

18 days ago

Totally awesome. I love both of you forever, Ozzy and Rob Halford as two of my biggest metal heroes of all time and influences.I am a dedicated fan for life. Your music means everything to me in my life.

Chivon Toles

18 days ago

Two legends together! Total respect to this english gentlemen.

Today at Hell And Heaven Fest!


Viviana D'oria

19 days ago

Yeah thanks for your like hey dude GOD sent me to get the rock stars ok I got the rock stars and then they rejected me and it was a disaster making me look like a bad prophet

Jose L Espinoza

19 days ago

Todavía aguantas Ozzy ayer me quedé pendejo con tu show, fue la segunda vez que te veo en vivo

Sarah Collins

19 days ago

Lástima que no te hayan hecho justicia con el audio -de la mitad para atrás no se escuchaba nada y eso provocó que muchos se fueran-. A pesar de ello muy buen show!!!

outside Las Ventas Bullring, Madrid April 1989

I return to Spain in July for Ozzy at Download Festival Spain and Ozzy at Rockfest Barcelona

Semamo Britney

19 days ago

See you in Barcelona.

Susanne Blumhoff

19 days ago

Ozzy Osbourne is more than good karaoke music,. It is way of life.

Rafael Hernandez

19 days ago

I have my tickets for Allentown

Tomorrow Ozzy in Mexico!

Photo: Ross Halfin Photography

Yan Velitskiy

20 days ago

Why the shows(the first 2) of this tour are only 1:15h long? Can someone explain it to me please? I don t want to pay for a 1 hour show...

LaShawnda Johns

20 days ago

how I wanted to go to your show on May 13th. yyyy ❤️

Errol Rabnott

21 days ago

You rock Ozzy! Best of luck and a good time in Mehico!

with Bernie Torme at The Garden
on the Diary of a Madman Tour April 1982

Simon Brigden

21 days ago

Seen the same tour, senior year, Crisler Arena in Ann Arbor (Detroit) Michigan May 31st.... my first concert and it was great 🤘😬🤘

Maurice Williams

22 days ago

Ozzy fui a hites a comprar la entra y me dicen que no hay punto ticketeck ya... mañana la hago calmao no ma, te aviso pa que estis tranquilo... vamos con
Douglas Peñaloza Correa

Alex Paige

22 days ago

I was there. He was from Ian Gillan’s band. Was struggling with Randy’s leads. Was about 4 or 5 dates into the tour after Randy died. Brad Gillis took over some time after and was a much better fit.

Eric Wells

23 days ago

Оззи нам не скажет до свиданья! Оззи не прощается с тобой!!!))

Vincent Santos

23 days ago

2 days later , my place . \m/


Micah Baldwin

23 days ago

I can fit in ur suitcase and I’m small enough lmcao

April 30, 2010 at the Ozzfest 2010 Press Conference
Thank you Ft. Lauderdale!
Next stop Mexico City on Saturday! #NoMoreTours2

Photo: Ross Halfin Photography

Gerardo Rodriguez Rojas

25 days ago

Cannot wait to see you in Michigan....

Fanoela Rakotomarolahy

25 days ago

When will be #I'mTooOldForThat? This Sacred Monster deserve a long and quiet retirement. Loved him. He changed my life.

Maria Garrote

25 days ago

Imagine Ozzy standing on the side of the road holding up his thumb and holding up a sign in his other hand saying Hell on it.
And a caravan full of Mexicans pull over to pick him up and take him to Mexico City lol

Tonight #NoMoreTours2 in Ft. Lauderdale!

Photo: Ross Halfin Photography from Jacksonville, FL on Friday

Charly Charly

25 days ago

Nowhere near Ft. Lauderdale

Talat Nawab

25 days ago

Get your ass to England for some shows Mr Osbourne!! 🤘🤘🤘🤘

Antonio Puente Soria

25 days ago

Can't wait to see this show live. OZZY rules

Thank you Jacksonville!
Tomorrow night in Ft. Lauderdale
at home April 28, 1982

Joseph Moiise Kouadio

a month ago

Ozzy you were awesome! We love you! Oh and we saw the airplane with the message from jack and Kelly!

Paul Link

a month ago

This dude has pipes! I watched & listened carefully. Honestly, his voice could soothe the savage beast. Thanks Ozzy. ❤️

Mohamed Amiin Amiin

a month ago

THANK YOU! as always, you put on one hell of a show. I love you and can't wait to see you again in Chicago. I just need a meet and

Who is ready for the kickoff of #NoMoreTours2 today at Welcome To Rockville with Fort Rock performance on Sunday!
Rip Magazine April 1993

Ricardo Lopez

a month ago

I only know 2 of the bands and have heard of 3 others... Where are they getting these lineups from?...

Sopefoluwa Uthman Onaolapo

a month ago

16 yr old me would kill to see these bands together... so would 28 yr old me

Nathaniel Hutley

a month ago

5 minutes to switch stage setup between you and Godsmack? Good luck with that!!😳

The #NoMoreTours2 concerts start with 2 festivals in Florida this weekend!

Show listings at

This Final Tour goes until 2020 so if you don’t see your city listed let us know in the comments!

Lori Dahlgren Shields

a month ago

Nashville tenn. i dont think Ozzy has been here since ozzfest of 05? I may be wrong. Would be sweet to see a show.

Armando Baccio

a month ago

Ozzy we love you!!! You have not performed in Columbia,South Carolina in years. We would love to have you one last time. PLEASE at least try to make it to Charlotte,N.C. if you can't get to South Carolina.
God bless.

Diesha Walker

a month ago

Seattle plz! 🤘🏻🔥
Remember last time, Zach fell in a hole/pit not much bigger than him, and he just laid there and kept playing 🔥🤘🏻

Flying High Again

Тодор Ангелов

a month ago

I really hope you are coming to new Zealand :)

Sandra Roche-Strembicki

a month ago

Way Up In The Air, and Keep On Rocking!

Serkan Ordu

a month ago

alright OZZY!!!! I see your never COMING DOWN!!! you are gonna crash HARD when you come down! a heh! heh! heh! heh! see ya soon! HEY! I just found Tony in a picture with 4 other people and he thought I wasnt going to find him! I almost missed him in the picture cause he didnt have a guitar in his hand....but he doesnt know it! but I got every album he ever played Guitar on! see you soon! have a great week man! LOVE YOU! I sure would like to have Randy see this picture! I dont blame you a bit Ozzy....if I ever had a guitar player like Randy is in my band I wouldnt never came down like you also! see you soon! am going to get outta here and am GOING UP THE CRAZY RAILS ON A CRAZY TRAIN! and Randy''s DO DO DO DO DO DO DO DO DO DO DO DO. see you soon! have a good week! :-)

I wonder what's for lunch today...

Jayesh Choure

a month ago

I think when he did that bat it was the one and only dracula !, and ozzy got dracula's powers than he become the Prince of darkness !, like we know ozzy to day, but he choose rock n roll !, that's he's real power !, he's only weakness is to lose all the fans, yeah right !, doomsday is before this day will be !, and it's a lacy ass day !, haha,

Ricardo Mendes

a month ago

Love the photo... But dear Ozzy Osbourne i would wait until the dove is at least medium rare :D Love Nima from Denmark.

Jonathan Petit

a month ago

It's sloppy joes, Ozzy, calm tf down

Happy 420!

Rk Richardson

a month ago

I own a copy of this one .awesome

Miguel Romero Monge

a month ago

I've been looking for this!

Erin Garcia

a month ago

I think we have that edition still.

April 19, 1986 issue of Cashbox Magazine

Nancy Bryant

a month ago

Not sure wtf that support Google shit came from another clone

Diego Sánchez Castro

a month ago

Never heard of cashbox,was that in UK?

Ashley Dorie Brett Mumbi

a month ago

The lights are on but nobody’s home!

on tour in 1978

Deyvid Nasci

a month ago

The year I was born smile 😊

Jackie Schmidt-Trippe

a month ago

Do you hear the thunder raging in the sky

Rae Rendon

a month ago

Jamie A. Lombardi this is from when Jimmy was Ozzy's double

Logo Magazine April 1989

Michele Angela Giordano

a month ago

Somehow pulling off the the 'crystal covered nightgown (with shoulder pads) over the wrestling leotard' look, quite well.

Brian K Godfrey

a month ago

Omg! I love that picture! Such a sexy man! Wooo! Baby! I would love to have a poster of that picture. My Oh my. Ozzy is so fine! You rock ozzy babe!

Ray Mandujano

a month ago

This was his glam rock days when he wore these horrible outfits & was barefoot on stage (shot in the dark tour). Not my favorite Izzy years

Gerald Martinez

a month ago

Blizzard of Oz just hit Michigan last night. It's april already!!! Ozzy you sold crazy better then anyone and I haven't seen you live in a long time but you are one of a kind. Stay healthy and rock on....

Stefanie Kubi

a month ago

How bow we keep on smoking them joints!

Dayana Rosas

a month ago

Bark at the moon tour
I’m so tired

Loading in for #NoMoreTours2 rehearsals

Greg Wahlberg

a month ago

please please play Belfast on your uk tour please xx

Bruce Flora

a month ago

God, Ozzy youre coming to PA, send me some tickets to see you, thanks in advanced.

Carol Henkel

a month ago

Hi Ozzy Thankyou For your picture of all your equipment For your rehersals and I Love you and Rocky and Bella and Mrs Osbourne and you are The Best and you are a HERO Ozzy Osbourne 💜💚💙❄🐇❄🌟🎄🌟

On the road

Upcoming #NoMoreTours2 listed by clicking the EVENTS tab on this page

Modesto Laboy Eliza

a month ago

Ozzy I am the kid from your last tour at treasure Island that was dressed like you in the first row i’m trying to save all my money to go to one of your shows on the tour I’m trying to get backstage passes to meet you before you stop touring I really wish you would come back to Minnesota but I’m gonna try my best to earn enough money to get backstage passes to one of your shows thank you for everything you did for us over the years your biggest fan Joshua C Whaley Jr

Yadira Millan

a month ago

My Idol!!! Metal and Rock Jewel-Diamond Musician!!!! Good Health! Love You Heartily!!!

Max Crowley

a month ago

Come to the Pacific Northwest. Oregon or Washington. WTF?

Getting ready for the week like...

Niloy Rahman

a month ago

Zaby hay que hacernos una sesión de fotos en el trono como Ozzy

Wail Gued Jali

2 months ago

Wow dear Ozzy Osbourne looks like you tried my shampoo, and it works in your hair the same way it does in mine... Love Nima from Denmark.

Heidi De Vera

2 months ago

Ah, der genug Internet für heute Moment des Tage 🤔 Nils Hörnig

on the Diary of a Madman tour, April 1982

I return to NY on Sept 8 for Ozzy at Jones Beach

Mike Lemen

2 months ago

Those Years Passed By Way Too Fast

Wayne A. Morris

2 months ago

Jones Beach love to go there must be a lot of breeding lol

Daniel Casarella

2 months ago

You've always been one of my favorite artists the Blizzard of Ozz was the best especially Brandi Rhodes he was amazing so you guys are San Antonio before you got kicked out but I know you didn't piss on the Alamo

with Captain Lou Albano on April 7, 1986 at WWE #Wrestlemania 2

Stephanie Rivera

2 months ago

I love u so I'm begging ur forgiveness before hand but it looks like u stole that pant suit from Sharon n then had a tailor let it out heavily that shade would look great on Sharon! Again I love u!!!!

Othonas Sentoukas

2 months ago

Just the right amount of too much blow to take away any insecurities of wearing a pastel peach get up

Brenda Roman

2 months ago

Fun fact: that was the same outfit Ozzy wore when he auditioned for a role in The Golden Girls.

Fun with Funicello Part 2 #fbf

Fun with Funicello Part 2

Nicolas Bravo

2 months ago

Awe..She was Great..Thank U 4 Sharing the "Light" :)

Beniamin Mihai

2 months ago

What in the world? Ozzy and Annette Funicello?!

Sharon Tuono Germany

2 months ago

Annette, her son Jason and Ozzy Osbourne.

I guess that other kid is chopped liver then?

Record Review April 1982

Larryetta Santos

2 months ago

O-Z-Z-Y 😎😎😎👍👍👍🤘🤘🤘☝️☝️☝️

Debbie Grandys Gibbon

2 months ago

The phase`^bG`sL3DZepplin size`^[]

Fox Aldebaran Saymyname

2 months ago

I hope u push him up like he did to you with my love and I hope you make some new music man we love you

GH Parniya

2 months ago

There’s an upgrade from Sharon

Okanrende Oluwatobiloba

2 months ago

Jenny changed your mind, ozzy loves em :)

Tonya Pfau

2 months ago

Dude! I just moved to Alamogordo, what a great surprise to hear we both can Bark at the Moon! The skies here are awesome!

Classic Rock Russia April 2007

I return to Russia in less than 2 months for
Ozzy in Moscow and Ozzy in St. Petersburg

Cleber Silva

2 months ago

bu ne la garı gibi oje sürmüş

Terri McDonald

2 months ago

I was then at his performance in Moscow (2007)

Jay Hernandez

2 months ago

"Smell my finger"

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Photo: Mark Weiss Photography

If you would like to be entered for a chance to win a FREE print of this photo sign up at

Shannon Sample

2 months ago

Your Picture is so Beautiful Ozzy I Love Bunny's and I Love you Ozzy and Happy Easter Ozzy and Rocky and Bella and Mrs Osbourne💜💚💙💛❄🐇❄🌟🌟🎄🌟

Kira Pena

2 months ago

Now that is how the Price of fuckin Darkness looks in every kids nightmare😁😯. Ozz always has that "It" vibe...

Carolyn Flanders

2 months ago

Happy Easter Ozman! Saw you 81 with Randy Nassau Coliseam,Coming out Jones Beach September 8th huge fan Ochestra section F!

Raging into the weekend like...

Jeromy Boateng

2 months ago

"it's leviosa, not leviosaaaa"

Jason Love JaedenBuchanan

2 months ago

Why is Janice Jopplen on Ozzy's Facebook page?

Abolghasem Mohammadi

2 months ago

Yepppp... teaching the grandkids bout OZZY!!! Got to love it!!❤️