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Me last week before writing 2019’s “Who Let The Dogs Out?” Ur welcome in advance. -RT

Isabella Jordan

6 hours ago

Its been done but you could try writing "Who let the strays in?". X

Sherry Ann Ramsingh-Abraham

6 hours ago

Yeah where’s the new album Ryan

Layluar Confusao

6 hours ago

Love you Ryan... Stay blessed... May God give you all you want.. You made my life beautiful.. Thank you for all the words you write or said

Not a bad place to get some work done. -BK
BK —— 🎻🔥

Cass Melendez

2 days ago

Wow that's a gorgeous view I would love to be there for sure Can't wait for some more new music I love everything already🤗🤗🤗💗💗💗💗

Ana Maria Oria

3 days ago

Hes rite 🙏❤ bk

Angela Cofer

3 days ago

Amazing one, to be honest!

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Henry Winkler in the lobby of the SiriusXM headquarters. He was amazingly kind and gracious. He asked my friend about his children & later mailed them his new book. Dude is the best. Congrats. - Drew

MC Ruiz Ricarse

4 days ago

Love this band more than any band

Dexter Sanchez

4 days ago

Aww, the Fonz!! Happy days! xxx

Leela Tesfaye

4 days ago

He seems like a really cool and funny guy. THE FONZ!!! 👍🏼

New Music in the works!

Joma Blair

5 days ago

Can’t wait!

Henry Rocha

5 days ago

Levi Jacob Soo excited!!!

Jennifer Lydick

6 days ago

Great Job Halo and Burn Song writer Mr. TEDDER!

Coffee & go. Thank you to whatever monkeys accidentally ate and discovered this magical bean 5000 years ago

Christian Dela Torre

7 days ago

i 💚ryan tedder

Tramel Davenport

8 days ago

Have a nice day...😋

Mary Silva

8 days ago

Please come to Australia!

Real friends, good friends, hard to find, let’s face it

Johnny Lane

9 days ago

I've always told my daughter, Quality not Quantity 🖤

Wolf Shira

9 days ago

I never fully understood the importance of music bonding people together until as of late, You have been a common thread for the last 8 years between my now 16 year old son and I. No scandals, drugs, negative influence etc .... He's now going from acoustic guitar to electric and piano will most likely be in his future. Thank you for inspiring the next generation to be kind, good citizens of the earth and create!!! We can get into our Jeep at the end of a crazy day, and turn on some 1R and know that all is going to be alright!!! 🖤🖤🖤 Keep on 🤘🏻

Lorna Lampkin

9 days ago

Oh yes so hard to find ! me my best friend it's me ! good to se that :)

We Remember #911

Carlos Loza

11 days ago

Please remember we are all God's children. Respect everyone. X

Priscilla Reyes

11 days ago

I remember connection! ❤️🙏

Valerie Lane Hayes

11 days ago

...are you telling me I was standing like 100 feet away taking the same photo and not notice my favorite band?!?!?!

Happy Happy Labor Day 🖖😎🇮🇹 - RT

Michelle Figueroa Ferreira

19 days ago

Rome the eternal city.....😍😍

Daniel Bhekani

19 days ago


Dean Mccoy

19 days ago

Happy Labor Day to the best band out there I love you guys and Ryan youre always cracking me up look at you with the Peace sign above Zachs head too funny lol Thanks so much for all your wonderful music❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😀😀😀😀😀

SEATTLE • That’s how you finish out a tour. Much love to Zac Brown Band for bringing us along this Summer. 🙏🏻

Papa Jo's

20 days ago

Saw One Republic at Citifield in NYC in July with ZBB. Not sure why you weren’t the headlining band. One Republic should always be the headlining offense ZBB😉. Phenomenal concert regardless.

Colleen Flannery

21 days ago

You guys were amazing, we had so much fun singing a long!!! We are hoping for a tour next year~~

Kathy Rice Peterson

20 days ago

Amandine Grlp je t'avais dit qu'on aurait dû y aller 😅

Can I get a connection... 📽

Omojola Aderemi Michael

23 days ago

This is my wallpaper now.

Chris Klug

24 days ago

Freshman year of everything theme song

Eva Beva

24 days ago

Ìm sorry connection broke on this time ill fixit dont wory 🙏❤

Connection. Watch the official video on our YouTube

Marcelino Alvarez

24 days ago

Love the song and video, very relatable. I feel like that most day's. 😊

Lorraine Cooper

24 days ago

Wow, I love the way they lit the Oculus up like that, great video

Lorraine Cooper

24 days ago

Incredible song. I love it! The music video is awesome! :D

Excited to share the official video for Connection.
Was awesome to film this in the Oculus Building, huge thank you to all the fans who got involved. Enjoy!

Jessica Rodriguez

25 days ago

Hot damn one of your best yet, love it. Please come back to Red Rocks soon!!

Adnan Ahmad

25 days ago

Sandra Wallman the video I tried to be in! Hopefully I woulda been in the concert audience 🤩

Evouille Ciboulette

25 days ago

Love this song... Love, love, love it! I will have to check out the video.

Couple of great shots from recent shows with Zac Brown Band. Thank you @andiuru for sharing. If you've seen us live recently tag us on Instagram and Twitter @OneRepublic and we'll repost some on stories


a month ago

I would so love to see this show!!!

Linda Martinez Woods

a month ago

How I wish I had been there. Your music can lighten the darkest days. X

Alfred Serna

a month ago

i love ryan tedder 🖤,❤ 😅

Pic from Monday's Video Music Awards performance of “One Day” with Logic - had an amazing time, MASSIVE thanks to all the families and children on stage, they brought the energy and purpose to the overall performance. Thank u - RT

Lénárd SnowGo Csaholczi

a month ago

One of the best performances of that show!👍! Luv Ryan Tedder! Just got the "Live in South Africa", concert on dvd, of"OneRepublic"! Shout out to "Record Den" in Mentor Oh! It is awesome!👌👏👍🤓!!

Ignacio Edigro Romeo

a month ago

#ryantedder #OneRepublic come to #deogarhhills please make a video shoot at our place and I assure you this location will be so beautiful place

Jim Brogel

a month ago

"Amazing" is an overused word "like" "like OMG" so Valley Girl back in the day. Do better Ryan / grasshopper

Writing & recording this week for LP5 in Rome. Good as it gets, inspired. PS- ran into a cpl illuminati at the top of this street... gave em the symbol, they let me pass. God bless 🙏 - RT

Thais Vieira

a month ago

Elena, Giulia io mi sento presa in giro

Americo Freitas

a month ago

Love you at Virginia Beach, best lighting show ever :)

Pete Wichtel

a month ago

Is that the joke about giving them the symbol?

RIP Aretha Franklin. None better, the original, forever copied but never replicated. Was listening to “Think” today.... u will be missed 😔

Cristiana Ançã

a month ago

Rip Aretha what a beautiful lady and singer xoxo

Sandra Broome Shuford

a month ago

Elvis was the “King of Rock n Roll”. Aretha the “Queen of Soul”. Both passing on this very same day 41 years apart. 😞

Daniel Mrózek

a month ago

“Never replicated”. I ❤️ that.

Missing Eddie. Loving Roma!

Angie Buerger

a month ago

Hurry back to Atlanta, GA!!

Darryl Eugene Hill

a month ago

Drew ir running his own sequel of Pirates of the Carribean....

Daphne Mansilla

a month ago

And i missing Roma...and loving One Republic!

Minneapolis brought the 🔥 last night. 🙏

Danii Gomez

a month ago

Only a question: Why you've decided to do only ONE and I say ONE concert, for a private party in Sardegna and you won't play a concert like Piazzola sul Brenta (2015)??? We're waiting for you since TWO YEARS!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Elizabeth Grantham

a month ago

Can't wait for the new album 😍🙌

Datu Gustavo

a month ago

Wow look at all those people inctedible

Thank you LA. ❤️

Aashi Gupta

a month ago

Mini traffic (blanking zoo) is like LA's bumper 2bumper, bridges closed (road construction cities) multi Minneapolis so give it time/ plan ahead guys. Safe travels. (Tedder no jogging DT please, unless running...) I made it out of NYC today. Thx. Ppl can check for routes/roads: ref

Akash Sharma

a month ago

Was an awesome concert to see!! Can't wait for the new song to come out

Robert D Ferriole

a month ago

Over the top awesome 🙌🏼 all of you are magical! Amazing venue and performance!!

NYC this week with some friends. The Oculus at the World Trade Center

Bill Janovjak

2 months ago

This would have been amazing! Sophiene Chu

Elizabeth Stewart

2 months ago

That was so much fun

Abraham Hernandez

2 months ago

I bet the acoustics were incredible in there. 👍

Connection live on the Today Show

Toñita Izalde

2 months ago

Very good, I really enjoyed it, thank you!

Anouk Savir Kadmon

2 months ago


Klonikz Om

2 months ago

Chát video với e nhé

The shows with Zac Brown Band have been awesome so far, big love to everyone sharing their photos and videos. Keep them coming and tag us @OneRepublic

Brad Oconnor

2 months ago

Love your music! Wish you would come back to Bangor Maine to finish your concert from last year! 😊

Jaime Graves

2 months ago

❤🍀🍀🍀❤🍀❤🍀❤🍀❤🍀❤🍀❤🍀❤🍀❤ no words s s s s s s a a a akalalqjaha loveeeee onerepubbbblcicccc

Natalia Jasińska

2 months ago

By the Way You So blind And abusively judgemental

4:30 AM. Oculus. NYC

Becci Moser

2 months ago

Good morning, Ryan! "Immersion in blue". On the street very hot weather. What not so?. Have a nice day!!! 😅

Reigh Papilliras Turtosa

2 months ago

Looking Beautiful Ryan.. got deep feelings to see you like this... like missing something... love you

Nicolas Cécile Bodmods

2 months ago

Can’t wait to see you in 2 weeks!!!! STOKED!!!

New York • Citi Field • Night 2 • 🔥🔥🔥

Sol Alvaro

2 months ago

Great night! Would love it if you could come to Australia.

Lauren Doir

2 months ago

Awesome photos. God made a beautiful backdrop.

Javier Orozco

2 months ago

Vengan a México porfis

Stadium of 🔥

Donovan Michael Hochstetler

2 months ago

pretty. can i have the ryan cap & jacket ? a good luck charm. have all the bad karma.

Yorgo Santoso

2 months ago

Come to México 😭😭😭

Petit Mussa

2 months ago

Simply the best of the best 🤦🏻‍♂️📍🥇💥

D.C. last night was 🔥. Thanks for braving the weather.

Shabana Khan

2 months ago

I’m So jealous, please please please come to U.K. I’m dying here live all your music, seen YouTube videos now I live to see you guys live, U.K. Manchester please.

Geeta Lisa Reedhi

2 months ago

Gave you all a song to sing look your Facebook Messenger

Michael Arkoh

2 months ago

Unfortunately the sound was so bad the words to the songs were unintelligible. Could not understand anything being said or sung. Disappointing. Ryan was working his heart out trying to connect but no one could understand him.

Super stoked about this new song I did with Logic “One Day”- came together quicker then maybe anything I’ve ever been a part of and we just hit it off… logic has impressed me to no end. I’m singing somewhere in the rafters on some gospel vibes, we wanted to go to church for a min. hope you guys like it please check it out on Apple Music & Spotify , Amazon Music and THANKS for the new music Friday placement #MikeBiggane 🙌🙌. #OneDay - RT
Tickets for our filmed live show at The Theatre at Ace Hotel DTLA on August 7th have just gone on sale at 🙏

Yvonne Johnson

2 months ago

I loveeeeeeee this song !!!! This is song so....... 🔥🔥❤

Michael Reynolds

2 months ago

I dunno how to lie to u
But I know u know 🙄

Mick Lambert wish we could go!

Los Angeles, can't wait for our The Theatre at Ace Hotel DTLA show next month. On sale tomorrow from 10am PT.

Jason Gatica

2 months ago

What about an Asia tour next guys????

Larry Heidel

2 months ago

On sale tmrow.....

Aihtnyleb Ross

2 months ago

Virginia. You need to come back to Virginia!❤

You see my world is spinning like there's nothing below
You see my world is feeling like it just might explode

Marie Taylor

2 months ago

I loveeeeeee this song

Chikisbaby Andrade

2 months ago

My world will never explode Some days I wish it would Less to go through But then there is you Without you to drive me insane Where would I be Than wishing I was in your arms Only it is in my dreams Some days I would like to sleep the day away Just to have a chance To ditch everyone Spy on you and follow you For where you go I may not be far behind I learned from the best babe My world can never explode Or I will lose the one That drives me insane

Gurbaj Singh Kullar

2 months ago

rescue me from this

We’re coming to the The Theatre at Ace Hotel DTLA on August 7th for a very special show. General on sale this Friday. Stay tuned for more details…

Paige Housch

2 months ago

I wouldn't travel 2 inches to see these sell out, posers! If I wanna hear their music I can watch car commercials lol

Beverly Reavis

2 months ago

Jen Why couldn't' this be in Chicago?!?!

Isabella Frey

2 months ago

Have a awesome time performing there! Ryan love your voice! So good.

Out on the road with Zac Brown Band this summer. Head to for a full list of dates.

Jim Gibson

2 months ago

Shane Jeffery We get to see One Republic next weekend in NYC too 🙌🏼

Blessing SetOff Magaya

2 months ago

Japan again.🇯🇵 after Tokyo Olympic👍2020

Joe Di Vivre

2 months ago

Get your tushies back to Austria, my boys <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Detroit! 🤟🏼

Tony Lanala

2 months ago

How about Philly?

Lovely Berry

2 months ago

Love you guys. Great show!

Belle Constantineth

2 months ago

Awesome...... that's why I love ONE REPUBLIC

Headed to Detroit for tonight’s show with Zac Brown Band - pizza in hand.

Luanne Adams

2 months ago

How awesome would it be if you stop in Cincinnati on aug 4 th great american ballpark to make your Favorite fans dream come true 🙏🙏🙏and jam away with Zac Brown baby !

Amanda Keeling

2 months ago

My favorite band! You guys were great last night! I was pretty excited, haha! Come back to Detroit very soon!!! ♥️🎹🎼🎤

Lluvia Jordan

2 months ago

They were amazing! My favorite band ever and I was only able to attend because I had to work (for a NPO) at the concert! Best day at work ever! Hope they come back soon because I’d love to attend as a guest next time!

Today Show.... Today.

Vania Tricarico

2 months ago

This morning it just made my day they are my favorite group

Constance Cigna Santonastaso

2 months ago

Just watched your video of this performance on You Tube and shared it to my fb page. Love this track and its even better live. X

Rafa Croft

2 months ago

Thank you for performing "Apologize". That song is a very special memory to me. ❤️

Headed LAX to NYC for the Today Show NBC on Friday morn- realized I haven’t posted a pic in a min so I posted one of me on a mini vacation in Los Olivos, CA last weekend, near Santa Barbara. It is the look of totally tired contentness + excessive sun and food. DM me on MySpace if u relate.🙏

Roman O. Wamßer

2 months ago

Spot on performance TODAY!! Love the understated presentation of this band! It is all about the MUSIC!! Yes, they CAN GET A CONNECTION!! Can't wait for next album!! As always, NO VACANCY! at there concerts!!! Oh, and the hair, it was just under the ball cap!! Still SEXY RYAN!!

Bonxsue Sebayan

2 months ago

As always, a great performance!

Lisa Luz

2 months ago

Will definitely late for work this morning, have to see 1R live on the Today Show, CAN I GET A CONNECTION?💞🎶😎🇺🇸️

Thank you to everyone at Jeep for featuring our new track ‘Connection’ in your video.
Best seats in the house!

Letty Tapia

3 months ago

Catchy tune. Fun night in the audience listening.

Deborah Martinez

3 months ago

This is really great, I really enjoyed it!! Thank you.

Lucy Lou

3 months ago

Adrenaline! JEEP Legend- Evolved 👍🏼Can I get a connection

Amazing fist night with Zac Brown Band in ATL. Gonna be a fun summer. 🎩

Thelma Bell

3 months ago

I was there and it was a great show! Next tour you need to come to Charleston SC.

Marcus Bryson Tiller

3 months ago

Amazing show Ryan!!!!! Love you guys 😍

Todd Livingston

3 months ago

Looks like an incredible time!!!

Happy Wednesday friends. Don’t live for the weekends- live for federally mandated holidays, or leap year, or whatever. In other words, GO GET IT.

Simon Büscher

3 months ago

Happy B-day Ryan Tedder, love, Health, fun and crazinest !!!!💙💙💙🎉🎉🎉🎈🎈🎉🇨🇦🇨🇦

Geraldyne Emyle

3 months ago

Stop and stare at theese pics!

Hercules Moon

3 months ago

Oh happy birthday! 🍦🍰🍩🎂i think connection is fantastic is a birthday present?

New music coming soon
Listen out for CONNECTION tomorrow

Olarinoye Quadri Ayomide

3 months ago

Love One Republic, love all there stuff.

Takahisa Ihara

3 months ago

Can someone tell me the name of that city?

Ziggy Green

3 months ago

Please come and sing at my wedding ! 🤗🤗🤗 I’ve been listening to all your music since I’m 12 !

Watch the official lyric video for Start Again ft. Logic 🙌

Diego Fernando Grajales

3 months ago

I like it, but I hope you’re making a regular video too. 😬🙈🤞

Yesica Tenorio

3 months ago

It's Awesome!!! Loved it!! Thank you guys so much!!

Lydia Susana

3 months ago

Michelle Josic check it out! Not sure about the rap, but I like the rest

Back in the day, we played the Viper Room basically every 2-3 months... (along w/ every other Sunset Strip/LA club) and we were called “Republic”. Can’t believe I found these photos. Drew Brown age 19 🤟

Ginger Mendez

3 months ago

ryan tedder is eating a lolly (candy)


Nadja Reimann

3 months ago

Can’t wait to see you in August!!!

Ivette Vasquez

3 months ago

need advice: how do i not hate my enemies? answer; 🖤drew😂🤣🙃

The video for Counting Stars premiered five years ago today. Thanks for watching everyone 🙌

Monica Lisa Stevenson II

4 months ago

I listened to Native today! And then I listened to part of Achtung Baby, bc I'm seeing U2 in three weeks, and then I listened to Owl City's new album, Cinematic! It's been a musical day!

José Figueroa

4 months ago

Five years? Where does time go? Loved it then love it now and all the rest. Brilliant group brilliant music.

Aino Grebstad

4 months ago

LOVE that song. Wish you would do more music like that album. I listen all the time. I bought the album after that one and just not as good.

Ahhh music videos

Yenny Molina

4 months ago

Is that scene in Syria! 🤣

RJ Subba

4 months ago

This pic remind me breaking bad series 😱

Alexandra Milo

4 months ago

Ja. Die Welt ist kaputt. Überall Krieg. Ich hoffe darauf dass die Menschen aufwachen. 😓

Who's heard our new song soundtracking 13 Reasons Why?
Start Again feat. Logic 🙌

Calvin Brackbill

4 months ago

Good lyrics and its growing on me. Was ok when i 1st heard it neither good or bad. But when i listen again and again i find that its a good unusual track. X

Calvin Brackbill

4 months ago

Love the song and the show

Jodi Duschak

4 months ago

Awesome song, terrible season.

Coming soon...
Logic 13 Reasons Why 📹

Cesar Elizondo Valverde

4 months ago

Can't wait

Lianne Lavergne

4 months ago

Is he Star Lord.

Danuta Świeczkowska

4 months ago

Are you my mummy?!

Looking forward to opening on the Zac Brown Band tour this summer 🙌

Marta Monserrat

4 months ago

Ummmm.....Someone made a mistake. One Republic is the Headliner Everywhere.

Giselle Hernandez

4 months ago

Holy shit!!!!!! The both of them are my favorite!!!

Chuck N Janet McClary

4 months ago

Why aren’t you coming to Boston with them ?!?!?

Me checking current bitcoin pricing on the set of the music video for the song we did w/ Logic 4 13 Reasons Why soundtrack “Start Again”: We in DETROIT YANNY!! 🤟🙌🔥❤️🏝

Phiphi Nakimuli

4 months ago

very good this photo, a bit of reality

Adrian Pablo Darovic Darvis

4 months ago

then you should be checking your Euro and Forex account; and looking at the weekly prime rate;

Robert Thomas

4 months ago

That band is to nice to hear,everytime i always feel like it is singing

Bunu Ali Bukar

4 months ago

I am so glad that you had the concert at Shenzhen. I was there. You guys have a huge fans group in China

Noraida Mampen

4 months ago

Oh why the long faces:) this has gotta be the good life:)

Juan David Ramirez

4 months ago

Lol what's up with the upset / depressed faces.

New music 🙌 Start Again ft. Logic. Released May 16th on the 13 Reasons Why soundtrack and available to pre-order now We can't wait for you to hear this…

Chelsea Castleton

4 months ago

Wow!! That's incredible, even the show isn't so good as everyone says...

Carlos Angel

4 months ago

they are doing reverse psychology & drew is raw art.

need proper lesson on blush. & good drawing of the peg. only that!!

Shenzhen, we can’t think of a better place to wrap up this tour of Asia. You were amazing tonight. Thank you. We will see you soon. 🙏

Kathy Lyons

5 months ago

Had wonderful time, thank you and see ya!!!

Cosmin Modrigan

5 months ago

OR, the best!!

Eduard Boghitoiu-Dinca

5 months ago

Ryan!! Taiwan need you!!