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Watch the official lyric video for Start Again ft. Logic 🙌

Diego Fernando Grajales

8 days ago

I like it, but I hope you’re making a regular video too. 😬🙈🤞

Yesica Tenorio

8 days ago

It's Awesome!!! Loved it!! Thank you guys so much!!

Lydia Susana

8 days ago

Michelle Josic check it out! Not sure about the rap, but I like the rest

Back in the day, we played the Viper Room basically every 2-3 months... (along w/ every other Sunset Strip/LA club) and we were called “Republic”. Can’t believe I found these photos. Drew Brown age 19 🤟

Ginger Mendez

11 days ago

ryan tedder is eating a lolly (candy)


Nadja Reimann

11 days ago

Can’t wait to see you in August!!!

Ivette Vasquez

11 days ago

need advice: how do i not hate my enemies? answer; 🖤drew😂🤣🙃

The video for Counting Stars premiered five years ago today. Thanks for watching everyone 🙌

Monica Lisa Stevenson II

21 days ago

I listened to Native today! And then I listened to part of Achtung Baby, bc I'm seeing U2 in three weeks, and then I listened to Owl City's new album, Cinematic! It's been a musical day!

José Figueroa

21 days ago

Five years? Where does time go? Loved it then love it now and all the rest. Brilliant group brilliant music.

Aino Grebstad

21 days ago

LOVE that song. Wish you would do more music like that album. I listen all the time. I bought the album after that one and just not as good.

Ahhh music videos

Yenny Molina

22 days ago

Is that scene in Syria! 🤣

RJ Subba

23 days ago

This pic remind me breaking bad series 😱

Alexandra Milo

23 days ago

Ja. Die Welt ist kaputt. Überall Krieg. Ich hoffe darauf dass die Menschen aufwachen. 😓

Who's heard our new song soundtracking 13 Reasons Why?
Start Again feat. Logic 🙌

Calvin Brackbill

24 days ago

Good lyrics and its growing on me. Was ok when i 1st heard it neither good or bad. But when i listen again and again i find that its a good unusual track. X

Calvin Brackbill

24 days ago

Love the song and the show

Jodi Duschak

24 days ago

Awesome song, terrible season.

Coming soon...
Logic 13 Reasons Why 📹

Cesar Elizondo Valverde

a month ago

Can't wait

Lianne Lavergne

a month ago

Is he Star Lord.

Danuta Świeczkowska

a month ago

Are you my mummy?!

Looking forward to opening on the Zac Brown Band tour this summer 🙌

Marta Monserrat

a month ago

Ummmm.....Someone made a mistake. One Republic is the Headliner Everywhere.

Giselle Hernandez

a month ago

Holy shit!!!!!! The both of them are my favorite!!!

Chuck N Janet McClary

a month ago

Why aren’t you coming to Boston with them ?!?!?

Me checking current bitcoin pricing on the set of the music video for the song we did w/ Logic 4 13 Reasons Why soundtrack “Start Again”: We in DETROIT YANNY!! 🤟🙌🔥❤️🏝

Phiphi Nakimuli

a month ago

very good this photo, a bit of reality

Adrian Pablo Darovic Darvis

a month ago

then you should be checking your Euro and Forex account; and looking at the weekly prime rate;

Robert Thomas

a month ago

That band is to nice to hear,everytime i always feel like it is singing

Bunu Ali Bukar

a month ago

I am so glad that you had the concert at Shenzhen. I was there. You guys have a huge fans group in China

Noraida Mampen

a month ago

Oh why the long faces:) this has gotta be the good life:)

Juan David Ramirez

a month ago

Lol what's up with the upset / depressed faces.

New music 🙌 Start Again ft. Logic. Released May 16th on the 13 Reasons Why soundtrack and available to pre-order now We can't wait for you to hear this…

Chelsea Castleton

a month ago

Wow!! That's incredible, even the show isn't so good as everyone says...

Carlos Angel

a month ago

they are doing reverse psychology & drew is raw art.

need proper lesson on blush. & good drawing of the peg. only that!!

Shenzhen, we can’t think of a better place to wrap up this tour of Asia. You were amazing tonight. Thank you. We will see you soon. 🙏

Kathy Lyons

2 months ago

Had wonderful time, thank you and see ya!!!

Cosmin Modrigan

2 months ago

OR, the best!!

Eduard Boghitoiu-Dinca

2 months ago

Ryan!! Taiwan need you!!

So great tonight. Thank you Beijing. 🙏🙏🙏

Анна Мкртумян

2 months ago

Aaron Fernandes Jaiman Shah lol our crowd was nothing compared to this

Caio Braga

2 months ago

Yes yes yes!

Mary Tiegs

2 months ago

The best show I've ever seen! So lucky I was over there❤

Always writing.

Peter Austin Noto

2 months ago

Ryan I love you but lose those jeans !!!

Ei Zie Hyu

2 months ago

oh ah! that was your bag, mr tedder

Ladyh Jackson

2 months ago

Stop writing long enough to buy some new jeans, Ryan :)

Pretty excited about what happened in this room.

Tyler Stadtmiller

2 months ago

London: Film Exposing China's Organ Harvesting Crimes Invited to Premier in House of Commons
September 20, 2016 | By Minghui correspondent Tang Xiuming
g) The movie “The Bleeding Edge” had its British premiere in the Speaker’s State Rooms of the Palace of Westminster in London on the evening of September 6, 2016, at the invitation of the Rt Hon John Bercow MP (member of Parliament), the Speaker of the House of Commons.

The film is based on real events and facts collected in the ongoing investigation into the China's state-sanctioned organ harvesting crimes, mainly targeting imprisoned Falun Gong practitioners.

About 100 people attended the screening, including MPs from the House of Lords and House of Commons and representatives of foreign embassies.

Group photo of Rt Hon John Bercow MP, the Speaker of the House of Commons, and movie director Leon Lee, lead actress Anastasia Lin, and executive producer Jason Loftus.

The film's lead actress Anastasia Lin, director Leon Lee, and executive producer Jason Loftus spoke during the Q&A session after the screening.

Anastasia Lin won Miss World Canada in 2015 and is an activist for human rights in China.

Speaker of the House of Commons Praises Human Rights Efforts

MP Bercow speaks before the screening

MP Bercow spoke before the screening and commended Anastasia Lin's contribution to human rights. He said he admired her for speaking out against the repressive regime, though it would be easier and more comfortable to remain silent, as many in her position have, for fear it would affect their careers.

MP Jim Shannon: We Must Speak for Those in Need

MP Jim Shannon speaks after the film screening.

MP Jim Shannon said during the question and answer session held after the film that the courage of the film's cast and crew would encourage more people to join the effort against forced organ harvesting in China.

He said in an interview, “I think it is very much needed for people to pay attention to the live organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners.” He expects to see more MPs expressing their outrage and calling for a change in China.

He stated, “It is important to speak for those in need.”

Chair of Human Rights Committee of the Conservative Party: Film Brings to Life the Suffering of Falun Gong Practitioners

Tony Matrone

2 months ago

I'm excited and I don't even know what the actual hell happened in that room, however, if I had to take an educated guess- whatever it was, will be nothing short of greatness <3

Pepe Montalbán Castilla

2 months ago

Wish still had my bon jovi jeans that looked liked Ryan's. Someone swiped them. The band Bon Jovi rocked last night at Xcel Energy Center, St Paul: great venue, good acoustics, audience comfortable cushion seats, staff good. Good day guys! Cheers

AMAZING show tonight in Seoul. One of our top shows EVER!! . 🙏

Deni Rob't

2 months ago

Marek kleiner Tripp nach Südkorea? Deutschland treten die ja eh nicht auf

Blade Brown

2 months ago

U guys are amazing!!!! I luved EVERY SINGLE MOMENT!!! Thank U OneRepublic for coming to Korea. I was at the front and It was the best night of my life 😀

Verna Lee Coleman

2 months ago

Hope you enjoy Seoul, one republic,💙💚💛❤️
What a day to be rocking in Seoul!

Working on new music before the show tonight.

Hg Wells

2 months ago

nice, topic my friend an i, have been your idol since the years we could remember before we started downloading tour songs we have watched that movie called scourserer of the apprentice the song called good life an fall down make since before lyrics changed in one song called secrets one republic it used to say don't be like now it says jump in line well I guess a lot has changed awsome any ways keep up the good work

Dan Waite

2 months ago

and me here in Argentina waiting for them to come.....

Tony Sorrells

2 months ago

how many more years will You be stealing?

Thank you Singapore. You were too kind. 🙏

George Angel

2 months ago

Joyce Lee concert in Singapore so huge!!!

Birgit Fepunkt

2 months ago

Thank you for an amazing night! Looking forward to your next album and show in Singapore. 😊

Citlali Caballero

2 months ago

i like that

Mumbai you were amazing! Thank you India! 🇮🇳

Takoda Muller

2 months ago

Letting go 2 Rockzone tickets (Malaysia tour), pm me if you’re interested

Tracey Clark

2 months ago

Harathi I want to attend their concert!!!!!!!

Latrice Sears

2 months ago

Areeba Khan 😒I completely forgot about this

Lunch at the AMAZING Britannia & Company. Perfect food from a 96 year old waiter. 👌🏼

Abio Sareo

2 months ago

Neha Vasishta wish we could also have been there ...🙂

Trinity Jenkins

2 months ago


Eva Gustavsson

2 months ago

Im 48 old but im very enjoy you music. Very nice and emotional. I'm from Ukraine 😊😊😊😊

Exploring Mumbai. Love it already.

Manny Gutierrez

2 months ago

Enjoy, hoping someday you will return to Bangor, Maine. I was so bummed when it cancelled 3 songs in :( :( :(

Mariana Scotti-Fernandez

2 months ago

Come visit Lahore Pakistan ... It's even better ;)

Jordan Lockhart

2 months ago

Welcome!! It's all about opening up your mind and enjoying new and different ways of people!! ❤️️

Crazy fun performing in front of the 100k+ crowd Coachella In the desert- Thanks to Kygo for having me out- u smashed it man. I’m available for all future Coachella’s- my mom handles all bookings. Photo by @ryankravontka

Lisa Orr

2 months ago

Still hoping to see you here in Europe some day 🙏❤️🙏

Kobus Brisley

2 months ago

ryan, man you gotta tell me when i am happy then become turned down like i am the only one alone in a world which celebrates my downer

Karen White

2 months ago

LOVE e e e e ee e e❤ that's it

Anna Filková

2 months ago

Love the look!!

Laura Andrijevic

2 months ago

i like that

Asuecion I. Lander

2 months ago

Hùng Bin anh đại ngầu quá này 😎😎😎

Big thanks to everyone supporting Live In South Africa 🙌

Claudia M. Graef

2 months ago

I have booked tickets for Mumbai India

Anita Troy Gwynne

2 months ago

Come to u uk soon please 🙏🏻🙏🏻

Joe Masiu Carter

2 months ago

My favorite group in the world. Stay with me forever.

We're giving you the chance to join us at Matt's Promise this year. Donate and enter on Prizeo to win tickets, flights, hotel for two, a meet & greet, merch and more 👉

Leidy Varela

2 months ago

i like that

Katalina Becerra

2 months ago

Can one take part in this from outside the US?

Sonny Gold

2 months ago

Cuando eres pobre y no puedes pagar un viaje y una entrada solo miras fotos y videos :'v

Asia! Excited to be back next month and visit Mumbai for the first time. Tickets available from

Bjarki S. Ragnarsson

3 months ago

When are you coming back to Africa and South Africa in particular, One Republic?

Josilynn Schwitalla

3 months ago

Haha wating for coming India

Bill Brown

3 months ago

LatinAmerica please!!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 (more specific Gdl, Mex)

THE DAY I WROTE “WONDERWALL”. So happy someone snuck a picture. Also the same day I got mistaken for Brad Pitt in Fight Club... something about my abs looking identical. Anyway. Good day.
#honesty #talent #humility

William Bibb

3 months ago

Sure did enjoy see you at Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo!

Linda Carter

3 months ago

Don't know about your abs Ryan. But overall a much better looking individual than Brad. This Mama-MeMaw's Jean's opinion. Great performer and song writer. Have seen 1R in concert 2x in Virginia Beach 🌴,Virginia Absolutely 2, of the best Concerts that I've been to in my 72 yrs. :-)

Dora Michael

3 months ago

You are the most talented man in the world 🌎 ever and a nice fellow .

"Thought of all the people, Places and things I've loved..." What are your favourite memories and shows from the Native Tour? #FiveYearsOf1RNative

"Thought of all the people,
Places and things I've loved..."
What are your favourite memories and shows from the Native Tour?

Joann Dixon-Morgan

3 months ago

I took my mom to the Red Rocks show. It was her first show at Red Rocks even though she has lived in Colorado for over 30 years. We had so much fun we went to your show the next year there!

Elisa Mancuso

3 months ago

Red Rocks May 2015 started my love for your music and talent. Favorite was probably the acoustic set in a Vancouver.

Jacquelyn Williams

3 months ago

Red Rocks! It was awesome! Caught the tour last year at Fiddlers Also but Red Rocks with the Native Tour was 💜💜💜💜💜

Venice, Italy... Native Tour.... and yes (si), we r comin back. Viva Italia 🇮🇹🙌🙌🙌🙌

Cris Prifti

3 months ago

come on in
Bassano del GRAPPA
you understand?

Silvana Margarita Miranda Cerda

3 months ago

where is this exactly, somewhere near the Rialto Bridge?

Thomas Fraga

3 months ago

Ma porco cazzo, Milano è il centro di tutto, non Venezia! Valentina Somma

Performing at the #HunterxTarget Festival in LA this Sunday! @target @hunterboots

It's been 5 years since we released our third studio album, NATIVE! To celebrate, we're taking a look back at our favourite Native moments on our stories. Loving the incredible support you guys have shown us 🙌 #FiveYearsOf1RNative

Kuala Lumpur! Looking forward to playing for you again next month. Tickets are on sale now.

They say love is pain, well darling, let's hurt tonight

Marilys Radi

3 months ago

My favorite song!! :* <3 <3

Vitoria Souza

3 months ago

Come back to LA please

Gunther Blackley

3 months ago

❤️🔥 love this song ❤️🔥 what’s love without a little pain ...😜😍

Floating 🌮🌮🌮🌮🙌🌯✈️

Darcy Beluzar

3 months ago

Oh My God!! This why I miss mr Tedder and One Republic..#Goosebumps...OShaaaa

Alee Kuhn

3 months ago

Always Ryan, please ❤

Mary Lobster

3 months ago

I think it's the shoes. Their magic!


Lissette Morales-Brown

3 months ago

One of the Best concerts I ever enjoyed.

Jennifer Armstrong

3 months ago

Angelika Bianca Fischer Cari Du Toit Tiaan Eloff wasn’t this us? Just before going off to take photos with metro cops?

Laura Vancura

3 months ago

Courtney- remember when I got so excited about this song when we were from row in Pittsburgh last year!

Levitation is where it’s at. Getting back in shape for our April run, India u better have a treadmill or at least a Bowflex.

RFord Tsuen

3 months ago

Lots of love from india❤

Diogo Loureiro

3 months ago

What about U.K. I’m waiting in anticipation for you to come over here. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese

Carlos Garay

3 months ago

why the fault, would i not make a meal to see tmro, im done saying it daily but do you know it doesnt end only needing a push but control the emotion, it adds our passing time 😟

Thanks to everyone supporting Live In South Africa 🙏🏻

‘Wherever I Go' just hit 250 million streams on @Spotify. Thank you for listening.

Back to Asia in April for a 2 week run- also we're about to announce another country added on to this mini-tour that we’ve never played before. This will be country #70 in our tour history as a band 🙏🏻 cannot wait to announce. Meanwhile - new songs stacking up like parking tickets. 🙌🏻🙌🏻✈️✈️💦💦🍔🍔

Emerson Alves

4 months ago

Please be Vietnam. I'd die happily if you guys actually come and have a show here. 😁

Choong JT

4 months ago

New Country.. Let me guess - India??? If its India then probably I'm gonna die..

Lia Libouridou

4 months ago

I wanna go back, lots of shows in China these year😭

Flashback to last tour in Germany- cannot wait to return. Planning stages

Sadie MacNutt

4 months ago

Please come to Australia guys! You are all amazing and I would love to be able to see you perform live!

Deb Bruno

4 months ago

We're waiting for you! Poland would be great...but as long as it will be somewhere in Europe for sure I'll come😉

Josue Cuatzo

4 months ago

It's wonderful. Planning is the most important part, because taking into account all details of the tour is going great. Good luck, guys!! :)

Pre-order OneRepublic: Live In South Africa. Out tomorrow.

Sook En Lim

4 months ago

Ryan you are the best singer!

Jiancheng Xu

4 months ago

As an older fan, try to stay up to date, but what is "Myspace"? Sorry

Geraldine Pérez

4 months ago

Yet Ryan’s produced some if the greatest songs of all time and One Republic have an overwhelming fan base all over he world hmmm🤷🏻‍♀️

Last time we were in Singapore you blew our minds. Can’t wait to get back there! Get those tickets now. #1RSingapore

Portrait from @musicares Person of the Year

Portrait from MusiCares Person of the Year

Jennifer Dietzel

4 months ago

Where is the dislike button? One of your worst photos... Why is only Ryan smiling???

Biswadeb Mukherjee

4 months ago

I love One Republic xo

Jamica Daproza

4 months ago

You are coming to Singapore in awesome.

The authority of a jean jacket is real. New music in progress, denim optional.

Renée Camino

4 months ago

Okay, I'm just sayin', if OneRepublic releases a new album this year, the same year Owl City releases Cinematic, that means the timing would be perfect and they can tour together! That would be AWESOMENESS OVERLOAD!

Why 25th April for Malaysia tour? Wednesday? Working day? 😭😭😭😭😭

Danisa Johanna Sierra Arias

4 months ago

Hey Ryan heard your co-write song "don't stay" live x ambassadors in mini part of sb live concert series jimmy.jam&terry.lewis, 10 days.

Thank you SO much @Disneyland and @markedwardwebster for an epic time at your parks!!🙌🏻 #disneyland (via @brentkutzle)

New single from X Ambassadors “Don’t Stay” is 🔥! Written & Produced by RT - Check it.

Live In South Africa

Radka Kokrdova

4 months ago

when your done down there drop by in kenya

Fiona Ross

5 months ago

Your fans would like to see u in Australia sometime soon 👍

Linda Collet

5 months ago

Love you guys when I need a lift always play one of your songs !💖

Peace sign game STRONG. Been training.

Janka Halamikova

4 months ago

Ryan- please get well soon! You really soldiered through tonight in Phoenix, but we'd rather see you feel better. Can't wait for the new tour... haven't missed one yet, 'cause I'm so devout! <3

Rae N Po

4 months ago

Just looks like you can count to two Tedder ;) How many ... do you have? (One, two, training: ) This many

Annalisa Sanga

4 months ago

Ya Sure? Strongbow (what Plumridge wrote below) & James & talked abt Tedder: has to do with marksmen / bow & arrow. Apple cider British Strongbow good. This sign opposite of... not all signals same meaning

More Grammy wknd 🔥 ... Calvin Harris & I debating the likelihood of The O.C. or Gossip Girl relaunching with their original casts & which one we'd binge quicker. We're thinking the O.C.


4 months ago

The O.C. and Dawson's Creek. Las mejores series que he visto.

Inma Ibañez Payá

4 months ago

Bring The O.C back, please! ️❤️
I love the band and this series too ..

Nishita Sinha

4 months ago

Jenilee which would you binge first