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Santa Monica right now::::::: 🎄

OAKLAND TECH! 🙌 What an incredible show! We were so honored to perform for you and recognize the amazing work you're doing. Special shout-out to our partners Cisco and GRAMMY Museum for making it happen and for sharing our belief in the importance of music education!

Throwback to shooting the video for Kids in beautiful Mexico City.
Current views::::::: #Art #yayoikusama #LA


One from the Honda Civic Tour. Keep sharing and tagging us in your live shots!
📸alyssa bardol

Christmas & K Haring 🙌🎄FIRES BEWARE!!!!!!

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Mary Sia

5 days ago

"...we got some rich love" ❤❤❤❤
It's a song of the year for me! Still love it so freaking much! Hope it will be on your new album.

Татьяна Курицына

also shared about OneRepublic

If we don't find money
Если мы не найдем деньги,
Then what we got honey is just enough
Тогда того, что у нас уже есть, любимая, будет достаточно...

Outside studio grabbing a cup &..... these guys started yellin at me

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Cheryl Mccombs

6 days ago

Just listened to this song on the way home from work!! Love all 1R songs and am always excited to hear new music! The only CD's in the player are 1R - I am such a fan!!

Milton Escalante Sallo

also shared about OneRepublic

Lately, I've been, I've been losing sleep, dreaming about the things that we could be.
But baby, I've been, I've been praying hard. Said no more counting dollars.
We'll be counting stars. :/ :(

Ryan & Brent performing “Truth To Power” in NYC.

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Terri St Amand

7 days ago

I feel the very same way. There is an excitement and rush that goes through my veins. At the end I walk away feeling every ounce of anxiety has disappeared.

Sergio Ortiz

also shared about OneRepublic

their concerts are the ones that are really worth gold, they are great and I love them 1R, Ryan your voice is so beautiful so beautiful. 😊💃😍

Studio today en route to NYC. ☕️ + ✈️ + 🍎 X 5 hrs 🙌🙌🙌🕊

Writing.... and writing VIEWS!!!! 2 pics -so stoked to be a studio rat til Christmas 🙌🙌🙌. New 1R et al

Thursday sesh 🙌🙌🙌🙌🚀🚀🚀👾🔥

CONGRATS to the 20 recipients of @grammymuseum Signature School grants, and big thanks to @Cisco for partnering with us to make this happen! Never stop believing in the power of music to change lives. 🎵✌

Catch Ryan as a mentor on The Launch. Premiering January 10 at 9pm ET/PT CTV!
Added some new holiday merch to our store! Shipping around December 11th. Shop now on

Blue Friday

Watching the Macys Thanksgiving Day parade from a decent vantage point today- Happy Turkey Day Los Americanos 🦃🙌

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Mary Sia

19 days ago

So beautiful... <3
Apologize is massive and it will always be. Not sure about the others, but Polish radios still playing it almost every day.
Back in 2007/2008 Apologize was literally EVERYWHERE. I don't know a person who wouldn't know that song.
When I'm saying "OneRepublic", people are like "I'm not sure if I know this band", then I'm like "really? You don't know Apologize?" and they are like "oh, yes! It's too late to apologize!!" 😂
Funny, but so real!!
I'm forever thankful to Timbaland, that he promoted this song! <3
But to be honest, I always prefered the original version. I liked the rmx, but fell in love with the original <3

P.S. These words I've also heard somewhere already ;)

Fawzie Saado

also shared about OneRepublic

Line after line
Emotion after emotion
My heartbeat is getting louder!💓💓💓 It's still a masterpiece 🙌 🔥 It's a part of your work, heart and your destiny. This song has not only changed your life, it changed mine too❤️💖🔥✨💕

Debs Neill

also shared about OneRepublic

Love this song Ryan. So proud of all that you have achieved from singing with your guitar in the minor hall at Summerfest in Ballysally, in Northern Ireland

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Patrick Helms

20 days ago

This song made me fall for your music and proofed after Apologize that I found my new favourite band.
Thanks for beeing my favourite band for now 10 years! Just wait to see you in Berlin again 2018!😉😊

Mark Herod

also shared about OneRepublic

I heard this song at the end of the pilot episode to the tv show "Castle" many years ago and just from a small sound bite I got hooked on your music. My wife and I are huge fans and will be forever. I even became an author because of that show, probably wouldn't have kept watching after the first episode but your music for the closing scene kept me watching every week. The was fantastic and so is your music. 😃

Mary Sia

also shared about OneRepublic

I've heard these words before... :)
You have no idea how much I love Stop and Stare. I call it perfect perfection. It's my fav song of all time and it was love at first listen. I love everything about this song, including music video. When I heard it for the first time, I got a feeling that I can't explain- like I would wait for that song my entire life. For me it sounded so fresh, so different than all the other popular songs, but kinda familiar to me. Like I said- I can't explain it.
I'm forever in love with this song! <3
Best song that was ever written, produced, recorded, performed!
Thank you for Stop and Stare.

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Paolo Burnett-Bloomer

21 days ago

10 years since the release of @onerepublic 's 1st album #DreamingoutLoud

A decade of memories.. too many to mention. But here are some pics from my favourite gigs and moments with the band.

Here's to the next 10 years....

Daniel Maffra

also shared about OneRepublic

It's simply my favorite album. Love all the songs in it and would love to hear more similar organic guitar songs in the next ones! Kind regards from Rio!! 😊

Joanna Birch

also shared about OneRepublic

Walking through London on the South Bank having just spilt with the current fella, getting a patch of grass and a corona and lying down and listening to the album start to finish, having a cry and then standing up, brushing myself off and cracking on. Still one of my favourite albums! And actually a bloody Good Day out, thank you! Still my favourite band live. GoodBye Apathy - my favourite, thank you !!!

LCD Soundsystem The Hollywood Palladium -SOOO MISS going to concerts!!!! being home more than 3 weeks straight has its advantages🙌

Wherever I go there’s a shadow of you

NYC Looking almost Tokyo-esque at the moment 🙌. 🇺🇸X 🇯🇵

'Rich Love' live with Seeb on Your Morning.

Ryan at the 5th Annual Save the Children Illumination Gala, NYC.

Big thanks to @avarie.vinyl for listening.

I remember talking and drinking what we could find

The Honda Civic Tour was literally insane. To everyone that came out, thank you🙏🏻

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I remember talking and drinking what we could find
Burnin' all those candles and stayin' up through the night
We'd make reservations for the places we know we'd never try
But then oh, we found some rich love

I remember feeling broke as a bottle of wine
I didn't move to the city to count all my pennies and worship the Hollywood sign
She'd say, "Hey man, nice to meet you"
But she'd take it in one last time
And I know, cause I found some fake love

Ooh, broke as a bottle of wine
Ooh, but drink with you all damn night
Ooh, I'm not trying to trade love
Cause if we don't find money
Then what we got honey is just enough
We got some rich love

She'd say, "Hey man"
She'd say, "Hey man, nice to meet you"
She'd say, "Hey man, nice to meet you"
But she'd take it in one last time

Do you remember dancing? The parties out in the yard?
We would piss off the neighbors
They'd eventually call the cops
And I was saving up for something, hoping life would finally start
Cause oh, we had some new love

Emi Lim

also shared about OneRepublic

Jakarta or Bali for the next concert ? I bet you'll have an amazing Cullinary experience in my country : durian, beef rendang, satay, nasi goreng, soto, bebek betutu, gado-gado, rujak, etc.

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Ashley Victoria Rmt

a month ago

I like how he addresses us like real people. A lot of artists don’t actually talk directly to us. Because well it’s just the internet right. But I like that Ryan includes us 😊 plus he’s super talented.

Lacey Reilly

also shared about OneRepublic

And we all really appreciate the work and effort you put in to the music and concerts. I am defo seeing you on tour next year! My first one - I've never been able to get off from work but since the tragedy of Chester from Linkin Park, I have realised I need to make time for what I love x

Lacey Reilly

also shared about OneRepublic

You're so cool Ryan! Can you collab with Mike Shinoda and cheer him up with your awesomeness!! Two super talented writers from my 2 fav bands!!

Denver throwback 🙌

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Reinona Dana Capid Bacolor

a month ago

Still remember that night here in the Philippines. You asked us to pretend it's OneRepublic 2009. You sang with that fucking piano and I fucking died.

Still waiting for you guys to come back!!!

Breakfast 🙌

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Penny Aicardi

a month ago

Breathtaking.... Just another reminder that the earth does not belong to us but rather we belong to the earth. I don't know who said that, but it's sooo true and has always resonated with me. This picture made me think of that.

Very happy to be a part of Kygo’s new album ‘Kids In Love’. Our track ‘Stranger Things’ is out now and you can hear the album in full this Friday.

Our drummer Eddie talks all things Roland, and how it plays a huge part in our live show.

The official video for 'Rich Love' with Seeb is out now

Just 5 days left to enter for the chance to win our custom Honda Rebel motorcycle: #HondaCivicTour @honda_powersports_US NoPurNec. US/18+. Ends 10/31/17. See rules:

100 million streams on 'Rich Love' with Seeb. Love to everyone listening on Spotify 🙏🙏

Cali last night.

Fans shared about OneRepublic

Maeve Scullion

2 months ago

Visited Manhattan in July, the high light was seeing u guys at Jones Beach. U were amazing as always! What an experience!! U gotta come back to Ireland soon..

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Hesham Hassan

2 months ago

Hey guys , have fun , but I still wanna see (Choke) as a single on YouTube , and I think I'm not the only one , Choke is our favorite song and it deserves much more popularity on media !

Valentina Titina

also shared about OneRepublic

Devi fare un genere tipo can't stop, i lived, come l'album native. Successo garantito! Comunque sia vi amo e aspetto il vostro tour in Italia. ❤

Fans shared about OneRepublic

Ваяна Качакова

2 months ago

Black Sea looks even more gorgeous if you are looking at it from the Bulgarian shore :)
Looking forward to see you again in Bulgaria guys!

Drew and I in Wynwood, Miami. Art scene here is RE-DIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK 🙌🙌🙌🌴

Shooting pool with the band on a perfect night. Miami is heaven rt now 🙌🙌🙌🙌🌴 // @ryantedder

Flashback to Wherever I Go photo shoot- Big Bear, California. - Francesco Carrozzini 🙌 #california #fakemodel

Werk. @Ryantedder

Every time. 🙏🙏

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Ann Richardson

2 months ago

Congrats. Nice office / studio setup. So Ryan what's with that tatt? That (dang needles. Why?) had to hurt. Have to get some books & art for that shelf (so they know ya can read & are cultural ;) )