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Hamburg went off tonight! #ofmiceontour

Oslo!!! Let’s rock! 📸: Robert Hellström

Fans shared about Of Mice & Men

Tomáš Tomášek

5 days ago

I just checked Do you really have just six songs? I know you're guests and all, but daamn...that is too little of OM&M. (Still can't wait to see you in Prague).

Have you playlisted our new single WARZONE yet? Tag a friend who should 🤘

Have you playlisted WARZONE to your Spotify yet? Tag a friend who hasn't heard it yet 🤘

THANK YOU #HELSINKI! It was our first time here, thank you for showing so much love!🤘🤘🤘

‪Who’s coming to see us this Nov/Dec rocking across EU/UK with Five Finger Death Punch & In Flames?! Don’t miss out on the metal event of the year, tag your friends who love metal & get your tickets today!🤘😝🤘‬


Bang your head to our brand new song #Warzone from our upcoming full length studio album #Defy. Tag a friend who loves heavy music!

Fans shared about Of Mice & Men

Gavin Russell

13 days ago

I really enjoy the new sound....its still om&m just because austin isnt in doesnt make the band not them...he maybe the founding member but he wanted them to continue what they started...he screams just like him anyways plus doing 3 musical parts (bass, sing/scream) probs to aaron!

Justin Kovach

also shared about Of Mice & Men

New song? Album? Either way when I saw them last week they kicked ass. Only played 5 songs but it gave me a taste of what they sound like without Austin and in general. I can't wait to see them again and hear a new album :)

Imraan Akollo-Arenz

also shared about Of Mice & Men


I found out a bit more about the new Breaking Benjamin album
Oceans Ate Alaska is releasing instrumentals of their albums
A new Of Mice & Men song

The trinity is complete...

Playing next year’s Download Festival Melbourne!! Who’s stoked?!


VIP tix for our UK/EURO tour with Five Finger Death Punch & In Flames are still available!


See you tonight Calgary!


Have you seen our #Unbreakable tour documentary yet?! Check it out! ➡️

‪📸: Sanjay Parikh Photo‬

‪Hangin’ out with Gary Holt on the Loudwire awards black carpet! ‬

Wow! Aftershock Festival that was wild! Thank you!

Thanks for the love LA! 📸: Samuel Shapiro


‪From the Friday the 13th costume party show! 👻💀🎃 📷: Paula Elaine Miles ‬

TUCSON, ARIZONA!!! See you there!


Join us on the road! 🚌✈️🌎 #Unbreakable tour film out now!

Today is the day! We are very excited to show all our fans our short film directed by Johann Ramos! ‘Unbreakable’ shows Of Mice & Men on their latest festival performances across multiple continents performing their songs & giving audiences an inside look at their touring regiment. It’s a documentary that we’re all really proud of and we hope you enjoy it.

Fans shared about Of Mice & Men

Stefan Stew Heinzl

a month ago

fucking awesome that you actually included Wörgl 😄 can spot myself in the crowd 🤘🏼Franz Xaver and nice gesture of Tino to come out and meet us after the show


Unbreakable tour film drops in 3 DAYS!!!

‪Thank you Self Help Fest Detroit!!! 🎥: Janna Bobier‬

Thank you Providence! 🤘🎶 Photo by Chris Fountain

#Unbreakable tour film out in 1 WEEK!!!

Thank you Alternative Press for coming by the studio! Head over to to check out the exclusive photos & read the article 🤘🏼

Louder Than Life Festival was absolutely massive! Thank you all for rocking so hard with us! #LouderThanLife #OfMiceAndMen

📸: Samuel Shapiro

Louder Than Life Fest!! We play today at 3:25PM on the Monster Energy Stage! See you there 🎶🤘🏼🎸

THANKS Q102!!🤘📻🎶

Ampersand Members!

The 'Unbreakable' documentary is now live- head to!

We hope you enjoy it 🤘🏼

We’re incredibly excited to announce that we’re putting out a short film by director Johann Ramos depicting our touring schedule earlier this year. ‘Unbreakable’ will be exclusively available for our Ampersand members to watch this Thursday! If you’re not a member of The Ampersand, you can sign up here-

This ‘Unbreakable’ film shows Of Mice & Men on their latest festival performances across multiple continents performing their songs & giving audiences an inside look at their touring regiment. Enjoy!

Backstage in #Chicago

Fans shared about Of Mice & Men

Casey Grant

2 months ago

Anyone else think it's still so weird to not see Austin in the band pictures anymore? :|
Wish yall would come to Southeast VA. Richmond is too far for me 😭

Shooting a music video for a new song tonight!!! #comingsoon

Attention Members of The Ampersand!

TODAY we will be hosting a live streaming chat directly from our tour rehearsal in sunny Orange County, CA at 1pm PST! DON'T MISS IT!

Members of our fan driven online community The Ampersand have access to exclusive live streams, behind the scenes photos/video from the band & press, an inside look at touring/recording, documentaries, first access to tickets & much much more! Join today by clicking the link below!

LOS ANGELES! We're looking for people to be in our new music video & we wanted to give our fans a chance to be a part of it!

We'll be shooting this Thursday (21st) & looking for people who are available roughly 3-10PM. If you’re available & want to be a part of this, please send an email to [email protected] with your name, age and a recent photo!

See you there 🤘🏼🎥

‪Tracking drums for the new album with Valentino🔥🥁‬

‪Valentino proudly plays: ‬
‪Drum Workshop Inc. (DW Drums)
Zildjian Company
Evans Drumheads

Fans shared about Of Mice & Men

James Hendrix Wilkinson

2 months ago

So its a world tour, just with no Australia. And to all you americans bitching about it just drive the 2 hours to go to a different state

James Hendrix Wilkinson

also shared about Of Mice & Men

Australia's are still bigger and I know people that drive the 10 hours to get to the state next to us, and they aren't even coming to Australia

David Driscoll

also shared about Of Mice & Men

Why have two shows in Alberta and none in Toronto? That makes no sense. Most American bands that have dates in Canada play in Edmonton, Vancouver, and Toronto.

Fans shared about Of Mice & Men

Jon Goalen

2 months ago

Tino is an amazing drummer and extremely humble. I had the honor of opening a set for him when I was in high school ( he was in Lower Definitions then) super cool dude, really made us feel welcome on the stage. Keep killin it man!