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Welcome to my lair 🚪 💪🏽🙅🏽‍♀️🛸😜

Jay Daniels

3 days ago

even songs forget about them..everything its over...and remeber I didnt give myself time to check you...

Alin Cezar

3 days ago

no.nononnoo.frm so far...just forget about everything..start a new life..u didn't play it right...stop everthing

Inge Piryns

3 days ago

Love u girl,can somebody plz send me her song Jai Ho...I like it

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Keith Johnson

9 days ago

Nicole you are such amazing beauty... zinger en force mon colonel sanders

Megan Whitaker

9 days ago

..Nicole sweet 1...kiss you hot and touch you down my love..🍒..

Hiro Kobayashi

10 days ago

I want to drink a bottle of JD with you.

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Obediah Machiridza

15 days ago

Shanon Wong I thought this was Clinique hahahahahaha

Leonor Martin Palomino Camargo

16 days ago

Hope we can these here in the Philippines... 😍😍😍

Andrea Martinez-Lyon

16 days ago

Já quero um 🙏💙

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Luca Bren

16 days ago

Andrée-Ann Ménard-Simard J'ai trouvé ce que ca prenait, si Nicole le dit

Sofia Netou

17 days ago

Thanks for the tip nikole

Augusto Uetimane

17 days ago

Don't have to 😊 panic attacks on the love ❤

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Ki Tonic

25 days ago

COOL Dear Girl With A Diamond Heart...

Melissa Spaulding-Dowless

25 days ago

I want one nicoleeeee 😭😭😭

Jun B. Demanarig Lmt

25 days ago

Next female I end up settling down with next, this is a surprise gift for her.

Memories take us back. Dreams take us forward (photo by Frederic Monceau)

Jisan Jr Jisan

25 days ago

Продавам Москвич 12-так и може и бартер. С нови летни гуми, платена гражданска и годишна винетка.

Michael Gutemberg

25 days ago

Beautiful photo.True,and we always avoiding to be here and now.

Thomas J Darling

25 days ago


Was so happy to come out and support the Elton John Aids Foundation this evening. Thank you for all you do and to Elton John and David Furnish for a beautiful event #makeadifference

Jessica Sadler

2 months ago

Beautiful gown! You look radiant! Also, very Happy Birthday to you!!!

Micheal Mark

2 months ago


Blááňkíítáá Rójááš

2 months ago

Happy Bday Nicole💞💞💞😘😘😘

You talkin’ to me?!

Anahi Vazquez Pereyra

2 months ago

Nicole Schrzinger Last Was On The X Factor FOXTEL

Donna Matthews

2 months ago

Actually, what's that on your head. Big Forest

Liyana Roslan

2 months ago

🦁 oh my Someone needs to go to the Barber’s 😆

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Joey Kroll

2 months ago

What a Beautiful Woman ever a lovely voice too,i love your Song (Jai Ho)mmmh if i can get that song of yours on my Phone i will be blessed,girl xoxo***

Lacey Katelyn Kost

2 months ago

Very nice picture looks like you where really happy I wonder if your in to medatation really makes a person feel great and opens ur 3rd eye really cool stuff can happen

Prince-Angel Chetason

2 months ago

And my Queen Nicole is turning 40 this month! She's the definition of beautiful, hot and sexy ^_^ i love you and happy birthday :')

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Silvaniita Madrid

3 months ago

Finally, I was missing U Nicole.

Radu Balanean

3 months ago

Looking soo beautiful “ Nicole” .., we love 💗 you..😲🙋‍♀️👑

Bülent Serbest

3 months ago

We see you gorgeous, love!..

Mendonca Geo

3 months ago

So simple beautiful gorgeous lady still in the Game

Morgan Jamison

3 months ago

كبرتي و طاب جنانك يا نيكول وين هي يامات زمان كي كنتي صقيرة و تقني عما سنوب دوغ و بي ديدي، ضركا وليتي كي عسلوج البصلة يتفكروك غير كي يجو يطيبو بربوشة بالحليب

Mariana Lunvi Rodriguez

3 months ago

Madhvi our gurl is 😍😍😍😍

Such an honour to support @AndrewLloydWebber at Unmasked Album launch last night in #London. Congratulations on this milestone in your career and thank you for inviting me to sing and celebrate with you! So much love and gratitude! 💙🎼🎭🧡

Gettin my Hawaiian, Ukrainian, Filipina Olivia Newton John on London!

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Last week #hermesshow #pfw

Last week #hermesshow #pfw

It’s going up on a Tuesday morning y’all! @sammyealix your 7am twerk before work class be giving LIFE!!! (when I’m not dying in it 😝) 🏋🏽‍♀️💦👏🏽💃🏾👏🏽💦💋

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My first #Pilates reformer and it’s in #Dubai!

Wet hair, don’t care

Unbelievable week shooting this week in Malibu! Can’t wait for you all to see the new, fun campaigns! #sunset

the ocean is everything I want to be beautiful, mysterious and free...

Hung out with one my favorite girls back in London recently. Check out our gossip and catch-up!

Edwin Rivera

6 months ago

Thank you my darling, is me solomon thy great. See sweet heart, i love you.

Roger Blom

6 months ago

Long time are you?

Roger Blom

6 months ago

The PussyCat Dolls,

My name is Ekhoma Oboh; I'm based in Lagos, Nigeria and I'm into a social media activist and promoter.

I write to inform The PussyCat Dolls about an established infringement on your work (song) ''Don't you know your girl friend is hot as mine'' in Nigeria.

This song is played in many television and radio stations mainly in Lagos as advertisement for sells in one confectionary company in Nigeria.

This advertisement is played now and often via these media which certainly promote sells and rakes in millions of Naira/dollars for this company.

This song is your proprietary work and deserved permission before copied or used for that purpose. I want to know if your consent was sought and obtained before being used for commercial purpose(s).

Otherwise, such advertisements amounts to 'infringement in Law'
or 'Passing Off' and which is a criminal offense in any society.

Please feel free to contact me on +2348051557087 or email me via for further information and details.

Please keep my identity secret for security purpose.

Oboh Ekhoma

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Marci Simmons

6 months ago

He was a good day 😁
Before the affair with a chance to win 🏆

Adrianna Buhus

6 months ago


Zachary McKay

6 months ago

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We can’t always see the path ahead but, “We walk by Faith, not by sight” -2 Corinthians 5:7

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Zachary McKay

6 months ago

looking old, take it easy hoe!

Stuvi Krishnan

6 months ago

I know this doesn't have anything to do with this topic but I would like to know do you feel like there is an age limit on which people like your music

Bruno Barroca

6 months ago

i want meet you soon..i ilve in Rimini(Italy)but i have parent in Boston and i would like to come in California,Dallas e Miami ,maybe Washngton!Pussycat dolls my favourite team!!when i was 6 years old i dance but now i am degree in Law and i travel eveywhere!

Had a wonderful time shooting the cover for @bazaarvietnam’s 150th anniversary issue, which is out now! Can’t wait to visit beautiful Vietnam again next year! 💋

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Marianne Kouzoupi

6 months ago

Okay, all that bullshit with working and sex and that I have no job because I am not working what NAZI-Germans mean: I don't have sex, so I don't have the right to earn money... Or something like this. This metaphorical bullshit is going on to my nerves and they presented me some girls to make up a family, but of course I am not interested in nice girls, since they are exchangable and I don't feel anything, not even the slightest erotic feeling, even if my potency is getting better everyday... But when there's no attraction there's no erotic and the only girl that I find somehow attractive, if one can say this about those girls here, no offence, but this bluntly the truth, so this only slightly attractive girl is sixteen and goes as she stated into the 9th grade. She's not stupid, but I don't know about her real abilities. But only her appearance shows some beauty. That's all. Okay, finish with this. Okay, Does a 10 really exist? Yes, for it does it is you Nicole Scherzinger, I am getting surer everyday. But what is this 10? It is the person you want to be with. Nobody is perfect, but btw. I am not so sure about this anymore :-)

Shuntsimz Moralez

6 months ago

So, why was Germany united, because Russia and the US and France and GB and the rest of the world believed they have learned something, okay a bit they haven't killed me, yet. Why? I don't know. Maybe because I drive the economy! Am I cynical now? I don't know I am not! I only reveal what happened because a few times, if I haven't been careful, something could have happened, but the Universe decides all this!! So, what could be a punishment for NAZI-Germany? Well, let people in the whole wide world decide this! I am not going to make this decision because possibly there are some people who are okay. Life develops naturally and I am not the judge of everyone living in Germany but there're some people I personally never want to meet anymore like the social workers people who called me a 'friend'. Okay I didn't see anyone of them anymore for some time. I don't want to see any hospital anymore!!! So, what have I now in mind what I haven't told yet?? That I was reminded about D.Weber-Bruls all time and that this trauma was reinitiated again and again and again the last time by Kelly Rowland who wanted too that I flipped out, she copied the way D.Weber-Bruls behaved but D-Weber-Bruls was not half that nice only the way that let me come, because I was vulnerable etc and then this 'You whatever I want to...' reminded me of this and I told my mother that Kelly Rowland 's account was faked by D.Weber-Bruls what was not the case, but the Kelly Rowland copied the way she acted.. very good.. Only that she's way nicer and much much much much much much much much, indefinitely more attractive than this devil D.Weber-Bruls!!! Well, I don't have to repeat my novel here, the discussions are fictions but truth lies in between them. I discussed it that way, that I let me appear totally naive and the doctor seemed to know everything but my personality is revealed that way, that no one here understands it or understood it. I wasn't that naive, I didn't understand why I need exactly 10 years to heal.. Of course not because I was under drugs. Under drugs I am not able to reveal or understand anything complicated and I even don't think that the number 10 has special meaning in the metaphorical language of the NAZI-Germans. So what should it mean this 10 years under drugs?That I should give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! of course, but why should give up a life and why not believe in the good and in the Universe.. I really never doubted that I get out of NAZI-Germany only in those moments I revealed here and which should be obvious, but my mind relaxes after such rollercoasters and returns to positivity. I mean I never understood the thing called hierarchy. I mean there're people who rule the world, clearly but everyone talks whatever they want and sometimes complete bullshit. When I read some posts that you are confronted with, I only shake my head. This is so ridiculous, okay I can understand when some actress or some model or some actor is not peoples taste. That is normal but why are some of you are really hated, for example Ben Affleck is hated by some guy I know because he don't erase some birthmark in his face. To be honest I don't know if he has one there. I haven't noticed or the same guy hates Jennifer Lawrence, why ? He cannot say he simply hates her. I told him, what has she done to you? No response. Okay optical not all Hollywood stars are my taste my this would be a real wonder if someone likes everyone optical. But I always wonder that many guys only love blondes or only brunettes. I have never understood this! I had problems when I was young with brown eyes, because most brown eyes don't reveal a structure, but the more mature I become I didn't care about this. Today, I am not that into blonde women anymore. Okay, that is not a rule. But you Nicole Scherzinger, I can only repeat this, yet there's nothing to complain about, absolutely nothing, to the absolute contrary. How do you know this? 'Don't cha' :-)

Endre Boldizsár

6 months ago

To repeat it: I will never believe that anyone in the free world, with some exceptions, like those people who have real serious health problems and a few others who are not able to live a fulfilling life, like those people you support so nicely f.e. I believe that nearly everyone is living the life they want. Actors that have no jobs and all this stuff is more or less a lie. If you really want something you will be able to do so and people let you do so, except my person. I am not ugly but I don't receive any single model job, okay maybe because the photos I loaded up were not good and I have to white skin and I was too thick in my face, but this actually changes and will improve in the future. So, why can't I make it at least as an actor? This is a challenge, but everyday walking to some University and following some routine.. This is not life! At least not for me! Can't people understand this. How can others decide what I want? This is not right and not motivating. I was having my best moments, when I am not forced to do science! And I cannot do science everyday. All I have invented in the past weeks is the work of a few hours! That is the truth. All the other time I was doing other stuff. If I had the money to buy a camera I had studied some scenes. Okay, I don't know because I was so under pressure and I was thinking about you and my future and had to deal with some other shit here... Well, I hope people believe me someday... I am not lying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Gabriele Schena

6 months ago

OMG She's amazing Nicole is perfect ❤️🍌🎷👑👻🙏🇵🇱️🇲🇨️

Maa Akua

6 months ago

Nicole, hi!!! welcome to Crimea!!! Feodosia!!!! You can see the black sea!!! А потом сама увидешь!!

Thais Brooke

8 months ago

I loved this interview 😂😂😂

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Alireza Ahmadi

6 months ago

Ivan Rogulj,ovdje razmislja o tebi jos spominje Velvet,to je mjesto ocito ocaralo najvise di je isla s tobom

Don Scherzinger

6 months ago

Maybe l am in the Otherworldly nobody don't write off my posts😃

Luca Inzillo

6 months ago

just listened to you singing ti penso amore with david garret. the best thing ever, thankyou so much

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Josh Potts

6 months ago

Nicole, I'ma changed MAN

Marci Simmons

6 months ago

I'm sick of my head but I say something

Six sick sucks the situation of life in which I died a life question...
In which I wanted to protect my friends because I had a vision and suggestion...
I did not know who is my enemy or is standing on my side for I still do not understand my nation...

But I feel that I have made a good choice of heart noise voice...

The choice was freedom and its desire...
The noise of these satellite disturbances continues...
The Voice of these idiots from television as well as CNN...

Big fat lie we need God of War

Let it be secret;*)

Doug Crown

8 months ago

Nicole - big fan of yours - your judging and performance on X Factor UK is exemplary ...... Kevin's performance and voice on the show should make him the winner on the show - he's so much better than Grace and the rappers ..... but you're can't sing with Kevin?! ..... Simon Cowell is just so full of himself and tries to make the show about him ..... it's not about him and we all know Simon is a buffoon ..... the finals should have been between Grace, Kevin and Lloyd - this is a singing competition for new artists, isn't it? ..... best wishes for a happy holiday season from across the pond

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Samii Whyte

9 months ago

Sending huge hugs to you and your mom! ❤️❤️

Charity Sanchez

9 months ago

Hi! My beautiful Nicole miss you so much. Ur still my idol.! I really love your music haha #pussycat #nicolescherzinger love lots! From Philippines 😄😁

Abs Said

9 months ago

Please reply Nicole Scherzinger. I hope you have had a great Thanksgiving too. I just want to say that you are an idol and love you so very much. I think that you are very beautiful and I respect you. If you can get back to me it would be wonderful but my mum just recently had her birthday and I was wondering if you could help me by giving her a belated birthday visit. Hope all is well xxx ❤❤❤

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Wolfgang Viebrock

9 months ago

You take it in your own hands. That’s super. Herself is the woman!

Solen Bergantino Jhers

9 months ago

Casper the not sooooo friendly boomerang hehehe

Micheal Metcalfe

9 months ago

Wish I could help you carry it ❤️

Tonight’s the nighhttt! Drop The Mic is on TBS Network tonight at 10.30pm #DropTheMic 🎙🎶😏

Sharif Harek

9 months ago

You simply the best

Santos Lopez

9 months ago

Look at that smil. Love my eyes upon it every time

Hossine Maghfour Quarin

9 months ago

Nirina il a fallu que je me mette à regarder ce truc par hasard pour que BAM; Nicole :D

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Because plain yogurt never tasted so good! One of my favorite TV ads I have worked on with Müller. Keep an eye out for the Müller White Velvet on TV now! Hope you love it! #Ad #MullerWhiteVelvet

Catherine Woods

9 months ago

how can u support this shit????? watch EARTHLINGS VIDEO you absolute ignorant dope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!animal abuse must stop!!!

Alexander Iliev

9 months ago

Айде тигре .... Григор Димитров е Шампион :)

Carolann Mcgovern

9 months ago

what is the song playing in the back ground please


@kellyosbourne I️ love you most!💋❣️

Short hair, don’t care! But really I️ do lol 😘

About last night...

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Robert Cohal

9 months ago

all that had falling and still are , or not neceseri . that all was just your stupiditi . to juge a world base only on your stupiditi nicole . ( now your GOD ) it seems that there is still some time for redemtion slutzinger . remember real life is everityng and COHAL ROBERT is the real CREATOR .

Robert Cohal

9 months ago

the god s are dead in real life .

Göran G-son Jarl

9 months ago

You are extremely beautiful!Love from France!

About last night...💝