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Let’s protect this earth, this land, these oceans for our children and our children’s children. Happy Earth Day! #sydneybeaches 🌏🌞

Daniel Perez

2 hours ago

Thank you Nicole. Always desired to visit the land down under. Yes. Important to care for mother earth😀

Richard Gomez

9 hours ago

Happy earth day.Love my beautiful earth.

Vasquez Grecia

9 hours ago

Yes! Absolutely protect Our Blue Planet of EARTH by green environment for future generation. Better spend more to save this blue Earth than waste $billions to the red MARS.

I am honored to be included in the 2018 #TIME100 list. Thank you TIME and thank you Nai for the beautiful words. See the full list at

James Cole

3 days ago

i agree, the stupid mags in australia are saying nicole and keith are getting a divorce, i hope not you guys are the bomb, love you both......

Gigi Gonzalez

4 days ago

AWESOME... well-deserved, Nicole Kidman. You are certainly influential in my life. I've been following you to the cinema since 2001 when I saw your show-stopping turn in Moulin Rouge! Birth is an underrated masterpiece that will stand the test of time. I'm glad you have finally won over the world with Big Little Lies. I've been saying this for many years... you are THE. BEST. ACTRESS. BRAVO!!!

Sital Grunge

4 days ago

I’ve had the honor of being told many times that I looked like you when I was younger...what a compliment! I love BLL can’t wait for Season 2!

Such a fun time at the #ACMAwards last night with my love, Keith Urban. Congratulations on your win and an amazing performance. xx

Carrie Underwood

Cik Wan

6 days ago

Hi Nicole congratulations to Keith a true talent 🤗. I'm the lady who fell down the stairs at sanctuary cove last year while you an the kids where watching Matt Hollywood. I'd love your help pleaseThanks lisa

Felipe Carvalho da Silva

6 days ago

Congratulations, Its so enjoyable getting to see the joy you both are sharing😍 Love all the moments💞

Amelia Roehrich

6 days ago

Congratulations to Keith and Carrie. I felt bad about Carrie she seemed so upset when they were walking away. Someone should tell her she is beautiful from the inside out so a couple of scars won't mar her beauty. Her fans will love her anyway.

Backstage at the ACMs with my hubby and Julia Michaels

Keith Urban

Randall Elliott

7 days ago

Seen and admired virtually all of your performances. I do know your personality and talent shines more when you are with the "country" crowd, opposed to the "Hollywood" crowd.

Pamela Petrie

7 days ago

Such a beautiful performance !! You guys look awesome together !! I'm so glad The Fighter won !! You guys in ur vehicle singing it, Was the Best !!

Arbey Garcia Valoyes

7 days ago

Hi Nicole an Keith it is so sad 😭 if you to are getting a Divorce you both look absolutely gorgeous together and you have hi beautiful little girls they both will be heart broken if you split I hope it is all not true I love you both you are both a gorgeous couple love to you both 😭😭🌹💓💞💞😘😘

Fun in Monterey and thank you to everyone for being so warm and welcoming to us all again (including the gulls) #BLL2

Flavia Quezada

8 days ago

You are a good person . It's hard to please everyone and let love u r hair that color looks great on u r fair skin almost the same color as mine .

Steve Mauh

8 days ago

Monterrey is a beautiful city, ... and its Mexican citizens are very good hosts, ... and also Juan Salvador Gaviota, .... hugs of a Venezuelan, ... eager to get out of this communist nightmare.

Khải Phạm

8 days ago

I love Nicole and Keith no matter who they voted for or clapped for and I am sure they would like me also no matter who I voted for. Love rules.

I didn’t need to be persuaded to join forces with two extraordinary women on adapting this brilliant and timely novel!! Check out today’s NYT review!!Nic xx

#thefemalepersuasion #megwolitzer
#lyndaobst #blossomfilms

Salvador Gutierrez

14 days ago

happy birthday kristen steward something always accompanies the nostalgia I see in you sophisticated spirit, it is new to me to write to you I really admire not only your beauty but also this perceptible note this anxiety and insecurity that I encounter in the heroic liveliness of the screen I can not boast that I've watched all your movies but I'm happy your fan watching everybody next gets just the incredible impression I keep eating touched this so filled soul I could not not be happy to touch you and to the number found in your image so I believe there is a power that protects you I like that you bring pleasure to others I can not doubt that they love you can be recognized this beautiful thing you sincerely hope your quality will not cease to I'm surprised I need to keep going up here but here I have the idea to write to you I do not know why my reason is looking for an expression if because of my low rating lately I find a vent in the shared time and the company of a woman I admire hope for long entertaining in a series of new roles if you want, of course, a new territory of unknown and desirable happiness I will also be delighted to learn how full my wishes have been fulfilled I only lack the time to express the obsessive positivism encountered when one or the other option leads me to the door cinema, movie poster or TV screen to replace my soul-life sharing the love of fans I know very much you find a way to their hearts passing through the alley of the stars I'd love to hear this one the queen of the romance is maybe a little overwhelming It would be great to live the life you want along with the reach of the audience that will enjoy you at the same time to enrich you from there the real rise of the stars think and before going down will always find what to acquire positive emotion and this is a wish in no case an opinion raised with love so I see them possessed by goodness overflowing with the image and feed the hope that this care will not cease to fade with time .........

Sancho Waldron

14 days ago

Wassup girl I wanted to ask you if you can take this information in and introduce my self

Nichole Bradley

14 days ago

I just started reading this; thanks for the recommendation

Keith Urban has put his heart and soul into this album. Can’t wait for you to hear it ❤️. xx #GraffitiU

Whoose Kutty

15 days ago

Nicole, you are an amazing wife and mother. I will be attending my first KU concert in Nashville. Your husband is so very talented, my favorite Country artist. I'm so excited that I'm going to his concert with my daughter. She lives in Tennessee, I live in PA. Attending Keith's concert with my daughter has been a dream come true. My daughter had made this possible. #keithurban #nicolekidmanamazingwife

Kojo Albert

15 days ago

I can’t wait to see him October 4th! He is so incredibly talented, kind, humble. This album is/will be everything I would expect him to put out. He truly is the best, not just his amazing talent, but the positive energy he puts out into the world 🌎 💓🎸🎤 He is also lucky to have amazing, talented, beautiful soul yourself. ⭐️

Newton Ebi

15 days ago

I am sooo excited for this album to be released. Love his music. Many thanks to both of you for sharing your amazing talents with us. 💕

First day on the set with Meryl and “my” darling boys! #BigLittleLies

Philana Danceforth

17 days ago

Cute boys raise them to know Jesus , ... the first job of a mother , and they will be your comfort in the future and bring you joy .We can’t do anything good without his help .The family that prays together stays together .

เจนจิรา อุทธวงศ์

17 days ago

querida amiga te comento que apartir de ayer comenze a sentir nauseas por la politica, asi que me quedo en paraguay y no volvere a la Argentina. encontrare el amor mi vida aca , ojala que si no estas bien con tu marido encuentres el amor y seas feliz, gracias por tu amistad, nunca pense que siendo un simple abogado sud americano llegaria de tener por amistad una super estrella, no te rindas busca el amor y se feliz!!

Nicholas Aguirre

17 days ago

I honestly cannot grasp why people are being so rude about Meryl on Nicole’s page. They’re friends and have successfully worked together before. Some of you need to learn some manners.

Sending love in my Easter bonnet. 🐇🐣


Doha Dooha

22 days ago

"Que seas feliz en tu mundo de luminarias y estrellato que encuentres el amor y ya nunca mas me busques porque no me vas a encontrar, es que simplemente uhi con los pajaros

Annia Carreon

22 days ago


Mario Alejandro Navarro Gutierrez

22 days ago

nikki you are my favourite Aussie ladym for a easter present talk the old man ib=nto doing the song the weight with pink , there version ,,,, please

Sending love in my Easter bonnet. 🐇🐣#Valentino

What a privilege to be in the company of these brilliant women ❤️#fbf

Becky Rice

23 days ago

What lovely company you have! My two daughters (Kristin and Emma) were named after two of your beautiful companions. 😊

Marlena Childs

23 days ago

Wallmart im, perfilador maybelline, im, no tck revision op like bisnieto vicente fer segu 1.6 bigo. Me hotel next.

Cathy Harsma

23 days ago

Dear Nicole! You are my favourite, the most beautiful girl, woman in the Universe! ☺🌷💖 But Helen Mirren is also my favourite...!

Taking a moment to breathe it all in. Happy Monday xx

Tracy Sinton

a month ago

Looks like a alien hand going for her throat/awfull picture but then she is a rat mouth! in looks huh!.

John Wheeler

a month ago

You look beautiful, I would give my life for you and although I chose voluntary poverty I would drink the hemlock so that the fruit of your effort would pass to your children, the injustice revolts me, the greed of disbelief and love redeems me, at the time of my death I want to know that I was loved, if I wake up tenderness my life will not have been in vain!

Jordan Paul

a month ago

I think you are a fantastic actress, but I love your husband more😗. What a talent❤

Puppies feel gooooddddd. 🐶❤️ Xx #fbf #NationalPuppyDay

My beautiful Reese, you are a friend, a partner, a leader, an inspiration and I love you. And you make me laugh like nobody else. Happy Birthday Xx ❤️
My beautiful Reese Witherspoon, you are a friend, a partner, a leader, an inspiration and I love you. And you make me laugh like nobody else. Happy Birthday Xx ❤️

Raffaella Baldresca

a month ago

with your little friendb reese,enjoy.-kisses from argentina cole.-

Cayzie Kyle

a month ago

Two such inspiring women who stand for gender equality and prove it should have happened years ago. #yes

Benjamin Strickland

a month ago

So beautiful together Happy Birthday 🌷🌷🌷🎈🎉🌼🌼🌼

Love this song, featuring @imjmichaels. ❤️ Link in bio. @keithurban #ComingHome

Fun photo shoot in New York City #CalvinKlein

Happy birthday to my beautiful Mumma. You’ve loved me, guided me and taught me and I am so blessed to have you. Your devoted daughter ❤️
Happy birthday to my beautiful Mumma. You’ve loved me, guided me and taught me and I am so blessed to have you.

Your devoted daughter ❤️

Julia Kristyaningsih

a month ago

Such a Supet nice , kind Woman she is . Happy birthday!

Konstantinos Zaponidis

a month ago

I have two "Waltzing Mathilda" musical koalas just like the one she's holding. 😍 Missing my own mom today. Hug yours tightly.

Noelle Brogan

a month ago

Wow your mother is wonderfully, exactly how you. Happy birthday for your mumma.

Nothing like a giggle and a dance with the gorgeous Sally Hawkins.

📷: Greg Williams Photography

Harsh Bharti

a month ago

You look really good there, Nicole. Vice to see smiley,happy faces.

Shannier Roberts

a month ago

Elegir entre ser enfermera o par es tu descicion, no quiero estar en tus zapatos pero seras contenida!!

Francisco Ramos Tapia

a month ago

you are fvery ellegant and handsome with black dress so just for your body like audrey hepburn,with a funny speech that also is as a little poetry.-thanks by share.-an embrace cole.-lawyer-writer.-me-with love.-

Nothing like a giggle and a dance with the gorgeous Sally Hawkins.

Our family loved A Wrinkle In Time over the weekend. Congratulations Storm Reid, Oprah Winfrey, Mindy Kaling, Reese Witherspoon, and Ava DuVernay. #femaledirector

Aneta Pašková

a month ago

Nice try Nicole! The film is shite. Waste of time and money.

Delia Escobedo

a month ago

Congratulations to the millions of fans who follow you.

Twana Williams

a month ago

wrinkle in the time it is a magic and fantastic movie where the characther of reese it is a wich that including can fly make sheet of paper,. thanks by embrace cole-

Our family loved @wrinkleintime over the weekend. Congratulations @stormreid @oprah @mindykaling @reesewitherspoon @ava #femaledirector #wrinkleintime

Today is International Women’s Day! Join me and @unwomen in celebrating and recognizing the activists and women on whose shoulders we stand, and who inspire us with their stories, strength, and resiliency. Learn more about the #TimeIsNow for women’s rights, equality and justice at the link in my bio. #internationalwomensday #iwd2018

Thank you #FrancesMcDormand for your strong voice. #womeninfilm #womenempowerment #oscars
Loving all of your art! You are all so talented, thank you 💙💙 xx #Oscars

Renato Calixtro

2 months ago

❤️ Love from Sweden women

Fariba Hematiyan

2 months ago

Frances mcdormand a beautiful person :)

Gina Stevens

2 months ago

These are way too cool! Love how they are all different styles. Just beautiful art by talented artist, including the one on paper. <3

So much fun on The Academy Awards carpet. Xx💙 Thank You to Giorgio Armani, Christian Louboutin, Harry Winston, OMEGA Watches and Neutrogena for completing this beautiful look. #NTGSpokesperson

Christine Sandrock Stone

2 months ago

Hi, Nicole, I liked your blue dress like your eyes, do not pay attention to criticism, bad people hang from a star to appear five minutes on television, you were beautifully dressed, someone tells you that does not know about fashions but can enjoy the glamor, affection for you and yours

Amanda Stott

2 months ago

Okay! I totally thought of the scene in “the devil wears Prada” when Meryl Streep purses her lips. 😂 I don’t think anyone else could have pulled this dress off other than Nicole. Gorgeous 😘

Janise Cassandra

2 months ago

My dear Nicole Kidman, I am an admirer of yours, last night I followed the Oscars night, it is either seen by very good directors, actors and actresses like you. I wanted to tell you a very good Actress we have in Italy right now that she is working for RAI called Miriam Leone, I only ask you to see her with some Friend Director in order to be able to assert her abilities. You'll see that I'm not wrong in your genre would be perfect, but I will leave the final judgment to you. I take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt greetings to all of you who were present there.

So much #Oscars carpet fun. Xx 💙 Thank You to #GiorgioArmani #Louboutin #HarryWinston #Omega and #Neutrogena for completing this beautiful look. #NTGSpokesperson

On my way to get ready for the #Oscars! Join me on @voguemagazine’s Instagram Story to follow along. #AcademyAwards

Rehearsing for The Academy Awards tomorrow night. So honored to be asked to present at the 90th Academy Awards.

Angel del Rio

2 months ago

The “gift baskets” they received were worth $100,000!? As reported by the news sites.
What, there are hungry struggling people outside this show of extravagance? Let them eat cake.......

Glenyce Ham

2 months ago

Free to watch or not watch, but do not trash her for all of Hollywood. Respect has already been earned. Quit whining like a baby

Fatemeh Amirhoseini

2 months ago

Oh, yes. That's right. Big Little Lies is a TV mini series. I'm glad you're asked to present this year. You know...Ashley Woods is a character with an Oscar in mind. she has different behaviors through out the story, a complex layered character we know it's interesting and challenging, yet fun to portray.

Rehearsing for the #AcademyAwards tomorrow night. So honored to be asked to present at the 90th Academy Awards. #Oscars

Wow baby! Congratulations on all the ACM noms 💋🔥 #ACMAwards #EntertaineroftheYear #MaleVocalistoftheYear #Female #TheFighter

Wow baby! Congratulations on all the ACM noms 💋🔥

Keith Urban #ACMAwards#EntertaineroftheYear #MaleVocalistoftheYear #Female #TheFighter

Cielo Mio

2 months ago

Nicole: I'm 74, but if I were 40 yrs younger, I'd have to give you a run for your money. Keith is one of my very favorite entertainers. You're very lucky. P.S. My name is Michael but I'm female.

Christophe Tiby

2 months ago

We love you so much and for soooo long ..just over the moon that your talent, passion hard work and did I mention how incredibly talented you are is finally recognized by the world and industry! This is your time Keith and it is so overdue and deserving ... God Bless You! Stay Healthy!! Xo

Salma Elkashef

2 months ago

Go gettem Keith you deserve everyone of those nominations and lets turn them into awards fingers crossed 🤞

Proud to wear this @chloe for @netaporter T-shirt to support women around the world! Get it at the link in my bio. All profits go to @womenforwomen for #internationalwomensday. #incrediblewomen

Proud to wear this Chloé for NET-A-PORTER T-shirt to support women around the world! Get it here All profits go to Women for Women International for #internationalwomensday. #incrediblewomen

ანო ანო

2 months ago

Nicole te escribi hi en Aishwaria pero no es la pagina que mas me inspira para escribirte poemas, te veo cosificada y a la vez sensual, no se con cual de los dos conceptos q2uedrme.pero, es la unica que me permite mandarte mensajes, "poneme un me gusta o una carita si es realmente tuya la pagina" y en ellla nos comunicamos!!
..simply... love...

Lucia Cohen

2 months ago

Keep your rude personal remarks to yourself. If you don't connect with this post? Move on.....Jeez.Americans can look the way they want to-----At least, so far. March 2018

Elyse Ide

2 months ago

Just listened to a collaboration song of Don Williams & Keith Urban (husband lol) called Imagine That. Brilliant !!!

5 years since the release of Stoker. What an honor to work with Director Park Chan-wook.

Xx Nic

Susie Kelley Roman

2 months ago

It's an awesome movie.
They filmed the school scenes at my high school in Nashville.
Hillsboro High School

Maria Cosma

2 months ago


Donnie Martinat

2 months ago


Still love this @Tiago_Banderaa outtake from my @glamouruk shoot last year. Xx

Still can't get enough of this song. xx

Keith Urban

Cielo Mio

2 months ago

What a wonderful song, congratulations Keith you are a great and clever songwriter however I think there are 3 females in your life that helped inspire this song. What a credit this song is to you and your family. Love J xx

Phanthip Ruengraphee

2 months ago

salut nicole ........ merci pour ce beau partage , j avais vraiment besoin de reposer après une journée fatigante , je l ai écouté et j ai ecouté d autres chansons aussi de keith urban , c'est pas mon style , mais je viens de le découvrir , vraiment c'est un excellent chanteur avec une très belle voix , je me suis pas connecté depuis le jeudi passé , et aujourd hui je suis venu direct sur ta page , j aime participer ici 😁 , je vais partager une chanson trop belle sur mon profil , si tu veut l écouter , c'est mon style , aller ciao , a la prochaine fois nchalah 😉 .................................... hello nicole ........ thank you for this beautiful sharing, I really needed to rest after a tiring day, I listened and I listened to other songs also keith urban, it's not my style, but I have just discovered it, really it is an excellent singer with a very beautiful voice, I have not connected since last Thursday, I will share a song too beautiful on my profile, if you want to listen to it, it's my style, go ciao, next time nchalah

Tanja Knezevic

2 months ago

Me to Nicole, I love that song! And I loved the songs on the RIPCORD CD, and asked for it for Christmas and didn't get it I've never had the honor of seeing your wonderful Keith in concert, I turned 60 in October that's my wish to see him in concert I'm disabled don't have credit card to purchase tickets online and I try to save money to get tickets from ticket Master but by that time it's sold out he's coming to NC again this year guess I won't get a chance again But I'm not going to give up hoping, that I can one day get tickets that include a meet and greet, his music has helped get me through some very bad times in my life, and lifted me up when I needed it so badly! God Bless You Both, and your girls, I am one of your biggest fans​! And of course Keith's Biggest Fan 🎸🎤🎶 Much Love 💗 to you both! My friends!!

I just wanted to introduce you to Queen Snow. I think you have already met her sister Ginger. Xx

The Killing of a Sacred Deer is showing at the Marie Claire Film Festival in Seoul today. What an honor. Xx Nic

Valkíria Medeiros

2 months ago

A so special actress, je n'ai pas regarde tous ses films meme si j'ai regarde certains de ses films plus d'une fois, je trouve qu'elle incarne ses roles merveilleusement bien, son meilleur role restera pour moi Lady Sarah Ashley dans le film Australia, je la trouve divine !

Davide An Sto

2 months ago

Brilliant film! Brilliant performances!

Yunus Taşdemir

2 months ago

That movie was disturbing

What a great night with people I adore. #NYFW

Calvin Klein Margot Robbie

Darlene Clifton

2 months ago

It is late at night and I guess it is time to say ...........good bye !

McKenna Blaze Watt

2 months ago

Kidman would make a great sugar momma xoxo

Bernie McLaughlin

2 months ago

Ms Kidman, as a fellow adoptive/trauma mamma, I implore you to read what I have written about the Florida shootings and continue to advocate for resources and assistance for our kiddos. We need someone to hear us, ASAP. Are you sending thoughts and prayers to the victims of the Florida school shooting? I encourage you to keep reading. I need to tell you something IMPORTANT. And I have thoughts and prayers that YOU will listen. And I do encourage you to share this as well, so it is heard far and wide. The conversation about these shootings needs to change. Personally, I am in favor of gun control, and think it's disgusting that we are the only country in the world that allows just about anyone to buy guns, especially semi-automatic guns, but THAT'S not even the conversation I am talking about.
For years and years, my fellow adoptive moms and Trauma Mamma's have been screaming for help, trying to get someone's... anyone's.... attention. We are fully aware of how damaged and even broken our kiddos are who come to us through adoption, and even more so when they are exposed to additional trauma. My feed is blowing up with other Trauma Mammas saying, "That could have been my kid.", "That's going to be my kid in a few years without help." We have to BEG to get any kind of understanding or assistance for support for our kids and are most frequently denied help. We have to educate our children's teachers, administrators, family members, therapists, physicians, etc, as to how to deal with our kids, how to support them and what their needs are. (Yes, you read that right... WE have to educate our kid's therapists, because they are not required to be trauma-informed, if you can believe that!) We try to shout from the rooftops what our kid's needs are, only to be told that we are crazy and that our kids are 'normal' and 'don't act that way at school'. I know moms who fight like hell to get their kids the best possible supports, to no avail. I know moms who have no choice but to call the police on a weekly basis or more, because their kid is hurting themselves or someone else in their household. They pray that THIS time, some sort of help will be offered beyond just hospitalizing the kid for a few nights, only to send them right back home to do it all again. I know moms who have spent weeks and even MONTHS in hospitals with their kiddos, waiting for a bed in a psychiatric hospital to open up, and sometimes they are still turned away. And then, when our kids DO act out, WE are blamed. We are told we are bad parents, that we didn't discipline our kids enough, or that we should have asked for help. (Ha!) In just a few weeks I am going to be at a retreat with over 100 of these incredible, amazing, indestructible moms, none of whom are surprised by this young man's story of how he ended up as a headline.
Now, don't get me wrong. I am not saying that he's the one to be pitied here, that he's not to be blamed, or that my heart doesn't break for the victims. Of course it does. What I AM saying is that in almost all of these cases of mass shootings, the perpetrators have a common thread of mental health related issues, stemming from trauma. (No, trauma is not always adoption. It is anything from an abusive household, to a divorce, the death of a parent to not being accepted by your family for who you are, as was the case with the Pulse nightclub shooter.) Our country is consistently FAILING these people. Looking at yesterday's case, the teachers had known this boy. They knew he was adopted. They knew his father had died. They knew he was hurting, or should have at least known to ask. Before he was expelled, did anyone try and get him more assistance? There are several sources stating that his mom did what she could to get him therapists and assistance, especially after the sudden passing of her husband. All it may have taken was ONE teacher, who was trauma trained and willing to help this kid. ONE therapist who really got him, and understood how to help. ONE family member who stepped up and offered his mom some respite, some support, or some understanding. Did she have a tribe of Trauma Mammas like I do, who don't question whether or not I know what's best for my kid and offer unyielding support? I hope so, but my guess would be no, because the road of parenting a kiddo with trauma is a lonely and isolating one.
We HAVE to do better. Our country needs to start offering better support. We need in-depth trauma training for ALL adoptive parents. We need trauma-awareness training for ALL therapists, physicians, mental health professionals, social workers, adoption workers, and most importantly, TEACHERS and SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS. We need lawyers and public defenders who understand trauma and what can be done to ACTUALLY help. We need people to start getting connected with those that need our help, and to do more than blame and walk away. What can YOU do? Don't judge. Take a moment to ask that mom struggling on the playground if she's ok. Ask your friend parenting kids with trauma if you can take the kids out for ice cream and give he or she a break. Insist that your school gets trauma-awareness training for all teacher and admins, instead of just lockdown/laydown drills. And most importantly, STOP voting for people who want to minimize the availability of mental health treatment and coverage. Vote for common sense gun laws. Vote for ADDED benefits for adoptive parents, not less. Be FED UP. I am fed up. I am hurt. I am sad. I want to be part of the solution and hope you do too. #storiesfromthetrenches

What a great night with people I adore. #NYFW

Wishing everyone a #ValentinesDay full of fireworks and love. xx #MoulinRouge

Off to the Calvin Klein show. So excited Xx #RafSimons #NYFW

Laetitia-anais Tchissambou

2 months ago

Nicole your are on cryptocelebrities! Your value is 10 ETH is almost $ 10,000 !! Disappointed because you are behind Nathalie Portman, Cameron Diaz and Julia Roberts :-(

Michelle Balch

2 months ago

Nice Family coming together 💕

Hugo Medina

2 months ago

So sweet and pretty Nicole! Gorgeous photo! Happy Valentines day my charming lady!

Off to the Calvin Klein show. So excited Xx #CalvinKlein #RafSimons #nyfw

Happy birthday darling Sheryl Crow. Love you so much. Nic xx

Shoaib Azizi

2 months ago

Congratulations happy birthday shery

Борис Горелов

2 months ago

Nicole do you have fundación of helping People....

Rachel Vanderstaay

2 months ago

O yea i think its on a threesome for birthday

Happy birthday darling Sheryl. Love you so much. Nic xx

So thankful to have you as a friend and sister. Happy Birthday @lauradern! ❤️❤️ #BigLittleLies

So thankful to have you as a friend and sister. Happy Birthday Laura Dern! ❤️ ❤️ #BigLittleLies xx Nic

Charles Maina

2 months ago

happy birthday it's the day when I we having a cup of tea. am on the. T. Nicole Kidman

Gloria McKenna Farver

2 months ago

your friend of big little lies and the feale face of jurasic park.happy birthday! embrace cole.-

Maura Tyno

2 months ago

Happy birthday sweet day.i love you

#FBF Sofia Coppola…so inspirational, elegant, talented and a darling.

It's a wrap! Thank you to everyone in the cast and the crew for giving so generously to Karyn Kusama’s vision. #destroyer

Abhijeet Bhattacharya

2 months ago

nice enviroment in this thankfulnes to the crew of the film destroyer with your excelent perfomance.-kisses of love from argentina.-cole.-

Lamis Abdelkhalek

2 months ago

a lovely comment about your film destroyer-thanks by share.-an embrace cole.-

Hazel Cox

2 months ago

Amazing and interesting image-vision.I wanna see this movie coming soon

It's a wrap! Thank you to everyone in the cast and the crew for giving so generously to Karyn Kusama’s vision. #destroyer

Congratulations gorgeous woman on all your success. Loved #itonya ❤️❤️❤️

Margot Robbie

Koorosh Khanaki

2 months ago

Applause to Nikki Kidman, who I was 1st introduced to on Her movie 'DEAD CALM' w/Sam Neill (of Jurassic Prk)! 💟

Fatemeh Amirhoseini

2 months ago

Omg Nichole, the content zone wouldn’t be the same without you
Thanks for bringing some joy into our humdrum lives with the memes

Goda Anwer

2 months ago

Nicole Kidman, I am a domestic violence survivor and I am pleading for help!!!!I recently filed for divorce in December 2017 and a restraining order, only a few days later. I am seeking help if you may know of any family law attorneys in California that'd be willing to help on a pro-bono or payment plan. My abuser is an immigrant from Egypt and has only been here for 3.5 years and I finally had the courage to say enough abuse is enough. We have a 2.5 year old daughter together and unfortunately she has witnessed a majority or been a victim of the abuse herself by her father. I reside in Sacramento, CA and I'm asking anyone and everyone at this point. His attorney that he privately hired works with all the battered women agencies in Sacramento, therefore creating a conflict of interest and no legal services available to me.
PLEASE, if you know of someone who knows someone else and thereon, I'll take a lead. Thank you for hearing me out.
Jacqueline Ismail,