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ICYMI...loved doin the Ninja Warrior course with Drew Drechsel!

Alvin Claire Acain

3 hours ago

Wtg you Kicked Butt and Looking good too ;)

Can’t wait for y’all to hear my joint with Romeo Santos… 😏

Hernann Ocampo

3 hours ago

Good Man Lyrics: NE-YO

Jason Macapinlac

3 hours ago

Can't wait for UK tour 💙

Tramel Davenport

8 hours ago

I hope it would be awesome! You are both the best in yours style! :)

Catch me competing on a special episode of American NinjaWarrior TONIGHT at 8/7c on NBC, for Red Nose Day USA. Let's go!

Vilte Kerseviciute

11 hours ago


Jordan Breese

a day ago

Will do !

Nahomy Zelaya

a day ago

I've been waiting for this for weeks :)

In the grand scheme of it all it really boils down to you - what it is you’re gonna do, what it is you’re not gonna do. What your morals tell you is right or wrong. For me, the truth is salvation.

Tatiane Oliveira

a day ago

Looking forward to seeing you tonight on NBC for rednoseday.

Yanimar Silva

2 days ago

cool Ne-yo💋

Kathy Bridgeman

2 days ago

NE-YO: Good Man Lyrics!

Pre-orders coming in hot!! 🔥Head to to check out my #goodman bundles.

Shakil Bennett

3 days ago

Ally Austin Alexis Smith Jacqueline Craig Mike Gabriel just a birthday gift idea

Margaret Duff

3 days ago

Kirsty O'shaughnessy would it be too far if i got this merchandise? 😂

Alejandra Sanchez

3 days ago

You need to open your whole line of clothing. Neyo you are sharp dresser. I love your style

Billboard Music Awards #SharpAsATack

Kimiaki Yamaguchi

4 days ago


Jomar dela Cruz

4 days ago

{♡Mi Ne-Yo♡} God Bless Ne-Yo☆♡♡

Freddy Gonzales

4 days ago

You look sharp and handsome in that suit NEYO you great too and nice love you bless you i hope you had fun at BBMAS last night love you NEYO

Happy bday bro! Derek Hough

Michelle Palma

7 days ago

Happy B-Day-;)

Rory Hill

7 days ago

Hp bathday to him long live

Jacky Kapel

7 days ago

Nice Neyo see you tomorrow at the Grammy museum

LA - I’m stopping by the GRAMMY Museum for a special conversation on May 21! Get your tickets:

Hat game strong in NYC.

Ehrich Jackson

8 days ago


Josh Potts

9 days ago

You don’t need any more hats! Ne-Yo

David Barnes

9 days ago


"GOOD MAN" just went #1 on the Adult R&B charts!! I LOVE MY FANS! I am me because of you.❤️❤️❤️ Thank you all for making this song #1. LOVE Y’ALL!!

Sayori Ohtsuka

9 days ago

you got it. I'm still hooked up on Miss Independent that's why I love her. Hey

Youri Di Gaetano

9 days ago

You know what your writing Neyo

Kofi Eclipse

9 days ago

CONGRADULATIONS {☆#GoodMan☆} ♡☆♡ God Bless You Ne-Yo.!! ☆♡☆

These amazing women...all mothers, all bringing something special not only to the lives of my children...but to mine as well. There’s no great caption that truly captures what you mean to me, no pic that truly captures your beauty. I THANK GOD FOR YOU. ALL OF YOU.
So to these incredible mothers first and foremost...and to all the mother’s out there making the world better in your own special way...happy MOTHER’S day.
#MOTHERisTheNameForGODonTheLipsOfChildren ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Andrea McCoy

11 days ago

Yes, they are all awesome women and mothers. What a beautiful tribute to these Ladies. We Love you and them nephew.

Janice Trask

11 days ago

Respect one love

Gianni Gabriel

12 days ago

Who are they?

Photos from Channel933's Summer Kick Off

Ellinor Chauveau

12 days ago

Beautiful picture guys

Chantelle Yolanda

13 days ago

Teamo my hero beautiful

Ming Cooper

13 days ago


Catch me on The Real TODAY at 3PT on LA Fox11!
We all have our differences, we all go through different stuff, we all are raised a different way... but at the end of the day, we all bleed red, we all want to be loved, we all want to be listened to, we all want someone to give a damn, and that’s what links us, and that’s where I write from. Thanx for having me, American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers (ASCAP)!

Ananda Aya

16 days ago

You are my number one...

Tim Conway

16 days ago


Tyga OG Izi

17 days ago

يا مبتسم أنت رائع جميل

It was an honor to take part in VH1’s Dear Mama to celebrate all of the beautiful moms out there.

Victoria Mcclaflin

17 days ago

Did doc to wow cod Ed pd

József Parádi

17 days ago

My Big Homie NE-YO

Bret Kundtz

17 days ago


Trust the process.

Dominick DeSantis

17 days ago

You just some fine yea! Eye candy!

Omar Assaf

18 days ago

That's my Idol always looking nice pls I want to see you physically, give me invite.

Gary Gelder

18 days ago

Trem mais lindo do mundo!

A few things you might not know about "Push Back" 🤔

Rodney Tumaliuan

20 days ago

I love the solo version though you feel it's incomplete ❤

Justine Roland

20 days ago

It's still a awesome song ne yo

Yanuar Soleman

20 days ago

I loved this song, do not stop for a minute of ouvila, you're expensive, congratulations congratulations to your work Ne Yo

Stylish n’ stuff. Derek Hough Justin Hartley

Zozo Akbarzadeh

22 days ago

Yes man you are a real classic man

Urša Sedej

22 days ago

This place look like the set from Uptown Funk

McKenna Keating

22 days ago

That's my classic man always looking fresh. Mr NE-YO pls I am waiting for the invite thank you.

I'm super excited to be a part of Good Morning America's Summer Concert Series on June 8th! Come on down to Central Park:

James R Riley

23 days ago

Lots of love from Uganda, God bless

Peyton Elizabeth Phillips

23 days ago

Neyo keep doing you....

Petric Kerley

23 days ago

I Hope You Have a Great time {Ne-Yo}!! ♡♡ God Bless You!! ☆♡☆☆♡♡

Nicole Kirkland showin us how it's done! #PushBackChallenge

Varun Sharma

24 days ago

Mr NI-YO pls come and pick me i am your die hard fun and i want to see physically once in my life thank
you and God bless you hopping to hear from you.

Are you ready for it?! World of Dance returns for season two on May 29th! 👀

Dayla Rose

25 days ago

Hii Mr NE-YO i am your die hard fun pls invite me to see you physically once in my life.

Shingo Tsuchiya

25 days ago

Can't wait to see you on May 29th. love you Ne-yo.

Sheila Marks

25 days ago

Aawwww!! ♡♡ Go Ne-Yo!! ♡♡

I’m proud to work with Holberton School to raise awareness about its programs in African-American and underprivileged communities. They just raised $8M to bring high-quality tech education to students from all walks of life, who are now landing jobs at top tech companies. Check out their feature on Forbes:

Sonita Flower

25 days ago

I love u Ne-Yo

Sakinah Sarip

a month ago

Gud work NEYO always ghat yo

Edith Estrada

a month ago

Looks gd guys

Rehearsing...coming to a city near you. Stay tuned!#GoodManSeason

Jim Sleeper

a month ago

I’m wondering how his vegan journey is going.......

Manny Gutierrez

a month ago

Come we been waiting New Orleans Louisiana

Garry Cook

a month ago

Vienna City is the Spot 😍😎

#TBT Holdin down Coachella with my bro blackbear

Amber Rodriguez

a month ago

Screening of Documentary Triggers Condemnation of Organ Harvesting
September 01, 2016 | By Xia Chunqing, a Minghui correspondent in Melbourne
() Hard to Believe, an award-winning documentary that exposes the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) large-scale organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners, was screened at the University of Melbourne on August 18, 2016, and at the University of Victoria on August 20. Among the audience were human right lawyers, sociology professors, law students, and human rights activists, along with the university community.

Attendees at the screening were shocked by the CCP's atrocity. As the title states, it's hard to believe, but the convincing evidence presented in the film made it impossible to discount what is happening. The viewers expressed their condemnation and wanted to help stop what the CCP is doing.

International Students Touched by Falun Gong Practitioners

International students at the documentary screening.

Ms. Angela Hernandes is a Master's student at RMIT University. She said after watching the documentary, “I think we should keep informing other people about what's going on. The more we can put out there, the more we can reach. Because this could be happening anywhere in the world, not just in China.” She considered media the best way to reach people.

Angela said she would like to try Falun Gong and invite more people to learn it. She said, “They were professing compassion. It was very touching. What moves me is what kind of world are we living in when we are destroying such great values as Truthfulness and Compassion? It's scary that no one is talking about it because of commercial and political interests.”

Antomella Furlato, a Master's student of law, was convinced that the murders were happening. She said she would like to see the international court take action against China's human right abuses. She planned to tell her classmates and friends about it.

Human Rights Lawyer: “We Have a Duty to Do Everything We Can to Stop This Mass Murder!”
Dr. Katrina Haller, a senior human rights lawyer who works for the human rights organization Right to Life, told the reporter, “I'm shocked. This really entrenches mass murders of Falun Gong practitioners. They are murdered for their belief, and their belief is Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance. They haven't done any harm. But the government just uses them as spare parts for other human beings. It's a shocking infringement on the right to life.” She praised the documentary as “very convincing and authentic. Your heart just goes out to these innocent people who are murdered for their organs. This mass murder is very systematic.”

She said, “When I was little, my mother told me about the Holocaust in World War II. I asked, 'How could that possibly happen?' She said we did not know about it. But now we know about this. We see what's happening. So we have a duty to do everything we can to stop this shocking mass murder.”

She suggested that everyone take action. “Lawyers should go tell their politicians. Medical practitioners need to talk about it in medical circles. Universities should stop training Chinese students to do transplants. Journalists have to write about it. We have a duty to spread the word and do as much as we can to stop this evil business.”

Software Engineer Plans to Write to Newspapers

Denise Morris

a month ago

Thaina Braga Layla Mota nem queria mesmo ter ido 🙄😫😫😫🙄😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭kkkkkkkkkkk

Sagar Bhardwaj

a month ago

Ur are d best

Thanx for letting me stop by last week, iHeartRadio!

Mhonchan Kithan

a month ago

I love yo music ne yo

Camille Messonnier

a month ago

Mexico mexico mexico mexico al fin ya trabajare y podre pagar mi boleto super hiper mega vip

Sergey Bortovov

a month ago

Luv ne yo

Being a #goodman is to be responsible. Responsible for your own actions, responsible for the heart of the person you’ve made this promise to, to hold yourself accountable when you do something wrong and not pass the buck. It’s not about how much you can get away with. It’s about genuinely doing it the right way so there’s nothing to get away with.

Ramon Luevano

a month ago

Wel said ne- yo

Identidad Creativa

a month ago

Hi NE-YO!! ♡♡ It's Mi {Sacred Day}/Mi Birthday,.. {April 26th♡♡} #nicesweettaurus I TRULY PRAY that #Pushback and #Goodman are BOTH HUGE SUCCESSES FOR YOU!! I L♡v You and "I KNOW!!" WITHOUT ANY DOUBT that Both Songs Will be Successful as well as YOUR OVERALL AND ONGOING MUSICAL/ARTISTIC Career!! ♡♡ God Bless You!! Amen.!! ♡♡

Jessie Moor

a month ago


Listening to some new ain’t ready!

Colt McCloud

a month ago

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Vladimir Amiral Le Duc

a month ago

Mr gentleman on the go...

Jose Martinez

a month ago

Waiting patiently for the new album 🤗

Moments of reflection. #GoodMan

Valerie Brady

a month ago

Why you standing like that ne yo

Gregory Hanssens

a month ago

Such a legend x

Putang Enan

a month ago

Hey is so sexy 😂😍

Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others. #codirecting#GoodManSeason

Jorge Azinheiro

a month ago

NE-YO I see u

Louis Oduro

a month ago

Good to see u back but why the prince song he's a legend love ur music

Kassity Baelee Farris

a month ago

Good to see u back

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a

Bright Unwana Bassey

a month ago

Teamo my Life

Tamara Lazova

a month ago

It's true bro..

Sam Solomon

a month ago

Story of my life.

Teaching a little of the incredible choreography from "Push Back" this morning at iHeartRadio. Tag me in your dance videos, and let me see your moves!

Florentina Marques

a month ago

Im school i love my music class, and we. Were taught a lot of dances classic hip-hop country folk and we had to come to school dress in the outfits that go to the music Push Back is a good song that makes you feel the person you are to let your hair back and dance to your sexuality and to your mate and culture. yes, Push Back Ne-yo is saying on me your mate

Deveron Christie

a month ago

S K so w wow wo w qo w w ks xk wow

Shazam "Push Back" to get access to exclusive video content!

Emma Mc Cabe

a month ago

I can't wait to see this Ne-Yo!! ♡♡

Garlen Wilson

a month ago


Ali Binali

a month ago

Beautiful dancehall track

Are you feelin "PUSH BACK"?! 🔥

Thuq Man Gaz Stony

a month ago

No to be honest this album is just not vibing with me. You were better at singing songs as a single guy. There was more passion and emotion there. I just don’t feel the 120% I felt from you on In My Own Words or Nonfiction or Year of the Gentleman. I still love you NE-YO, don’t take this the wrong way. This is just my opinion and doesn’t change the way I still see you as a person. 😞❤️

Loinequa Clemons

a month ago

Most definitely Ne-Yo. Really great feel good track, im diggin it!

Oky Andrean

a month ago

Can’t get enough! On repeat! 😍😍😍

Watch the lyric video for “PUSH BACK”, featuring Bebe Rexha and Stefflon Don:
Stream “PUSH BACK”:
Watch the behind-the-scenes video:

Dene' Hellickson

a month ago

That song is 🔥 can't stop playing and the video 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Ne-Yo I love you forever..

RJ Gleason

a month ago

Já podem adiantar as premiações!! 🤣🤣🤣
Esse ano ele vem com tudo !!

Loretta Dadah

2 months ago

Your wife knows that you are tuph m.f
I gess that. #she_know 😂😂

I love a woman who knows how to move. I love a woman that has her own self, her own heart and mind. She’s comfortable with her body. And when her song comes on, she’s gonna get up and move. She’s gonna show you just how confident and comfortable she is. #PushBack is about these women. ❤️ Hit the link in my bio to watch the lyric video for #PushBack, featuring @beberexha and @stefflondon!! #GoodManSeason

New track, #PushBack out now - featuring @beberexha and @StefflonDon (link in bio). 🔥#GoodManSeason

#MarchMadness...90s R&B Edition with @rapradar. 🔥

90s R&B bracket with #CigarTalk. Who y’all got? (Link in my Story) #RapRadar #GoodManSeason #GoodManConversation

Friday. #PushBack. @BebeRexha x @StefflonDon #GoodManSeason

Can’t believe "BECAUSE OF YOU" was released on this day back in 2007!!

#Repost @nikki_loraine So my nephew Liam has his own YouTube channel now and clearly they’re enjoying it😂 Here’s a taste of what he’s got goin’ on featuring The Princess MC Maddie as “The Sun”😂❤️😂🔥❤️😂🔥😂❤️ Check out “Learning With Liam” on @youtube They clownin’ but they learnin’ too. #ThisIsHariouslyAdorable #StarQualityRunsInTheBloodLine #😂❤️😂❤️😂

Matchin’ just because. #GoodManSeason. #WeCornyButWeMarriedSoItsAllGood #ChuckieCheese #NieceBdayParty

🔥🔥🔥Much love to @moosiewins @lyfestylenyc Thanx for this incredible jacket. #GoodManSeason

In case you missed my interview on BuzzFeed's AM to DM:
Going through some 🔥 records at @Genius yesterday with @RobMarkman. #GoodManSeason

Brian Wilson

2 months ago

Thnx Neyo 4give Us The Music Everything u touch its turn Gold💖👌

Bryan Hammond

2 months ago

Thanks for the update.

Shakyra Maltbia

2 months ago

beautiful voice beautiful music

Thanx @buzzfeed #AM2DM #GoodManSeason. Make sure to check the interview if you haven’t already❤️❤️

Probably searching for the #GoT season 8 premiere date... 😏#GoodManSeason

Excuse my rant. But the ignorance needs to be put to rest. Much love to those out there trying to evolve. #GoodManSeason

I’m sayin’....#GoodManSeason
All smiles at @nbcworldofdance! #WorldOfDance #GoodManSeason

Quiet on the set...World of Dance👀

Moises De la Ese

2 months ago

Looking good as always can't wait for new season big fan

Omar Gomez Portillo

2 months ago

Trop bien, bonne continuation dans vos projets artistiques .... Je suis admiratif de votre travail !

Amanda Shifflett

2 months ago

Love you Ne- Yo

All smiles at @nbcworldofdance! #WorldOfDance #GoodManSeason

#TBT Last Sunday at the #iHeartAwards ✌️#GoodManSeason