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All we do is win, baby. #fbf

Raj Gaur

3 hours ago

one of my favs 😍😍😍

Michelle Kincaid

3 hours ago

i love this video...

Sara Bielaszka

3 hours ago

The best Team ever

Let's do it tonight! 😏 World of Dance

Drea Rivas

a day ago

We love u

Linda Rokusek

a day ago

Teamo Ne-yo 😘😘😘😘😘😘

Kaely Kossol

a day ago

you know Aeetha franklin soul quenn is dead

Here's your last minute reminder... a fresh episode of World of Dance is comin in HOT tonight at 8/7c!

James Chan

8 days ago

NE-YO: Tonight/ Song!

Photos from my set at Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino by Margaret Schmitt

Timothee Dimandja

11 days ago

Miss You, Ne-Yo!

“Miss Independent” I Love this Song

Lashetta Tyler

11 days ago

Ohhh my goood😀😀❤️❤️💕💞

Noriko Saiki

11 days ago

Miriam Plesetz habt ihr ihn auch gesehen da wo ihr seit 😱😱😱

Thanx to my guy Eric Bellinger for rollin thru last night! Much love to this cat. ❤️

Carlos Islas

12 days ago

U.S. Commission (USCIRF) Highlights Forced Organ Harvesting in China
May 19, 2018

( During a recent policy briefing on May 8, Daniel Mark, chairman of the U.S. Commission for International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) highlighted the forced organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience, including Falun Gong practitioners.

USCIRF is a U.S. federal government commission that reviews the facts and circumstances surrounding violations of religious freedom internationally and makes policy recommendations to the President, the Secretary of State, and Congress. In its 228-page 2018 Annual Report, 7 pages focus on situations in China. In addition, China was listed as one of the countries of particular concern (CPC), along with North Korea, Iran, and Vietnam.

Daniel Mark, chairman of the U.S. Commission for International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) spoke at a police briefing on May 8, 2018.

During the policy briefing, Mr. Mark said that the religious freedom conditions in China continue to deteriorate. In the name of “Chinese characteristics,” China continues to control, govern, and manipulate all aspects of beliefs. He also stated that Falun Gong practitioners were being illegally detained and are among the hardest hit victims of organ harvesting.

“...authorities continue to crack down on unregistered and registered churches and persecute Falun Gong practitioners,” summarized the report in its key findings. In particular, it mentioned lawyers Jiang Tianyong and Gao Zhisheng, who were mistreated for defending Christians and Falun Gong practitioners.

The report recommends that the U.S. Government predesignate China as a CPC under the International Religious Freedom Act (IRFA), saying that the U.S. government, along with the Frank R. Wolf International Religious Freedom Act and the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act, should increase their efforts in international religious freedom.

Detained Practitioners
The report listed some practitioners who had been detained numerous times for practicing Falun Gong. “For example, on September 19, 2017, police in Nanjing detained Ma Zhenyu, who had been arrested five times previously for practicing Falun Gong, served time in prison, and was subjected to multiple interrogations and torture.”

Even after being released, practitioners are still being watched and harassed. “Also in 2017, authorities continued to monitor Falun Gong practitioner and former prisoner of conscience Zhiwen Wang, restricting his freedom of movement and preventing him from reuniting with his family in the United States,” wrote the report.

Luis Viera

12 days ago

Symposium on Organ Harvesting and Black Markets Held at University of Pennsylvania
April 29, 2018 | By a practitioner from Pennsylvania

(A symposium on organ harvesting and global organ black markets was held on the campus of University of Pennsylvania on April 18. David Matas, a well-known Canadian human rights lawyer and researcher of organ transplant abuse in China, gave a keynote speech at the event.

Symposium on organ harvesting and global organ black markets held at the University of Pennsylvania

Together with former Canadian parliamentarian and diplomat David Kilgour, Matas has collected a considerable amount of evidence on the state-sanctioned organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners and published books on this topic.

With a speech titled “Global organ black markets: The case of China,” Matas told the nearly 100 attendees about what Falun Gong is, why the Chinese Communist Party persecutes the spiritual discipline, and the details of the killing of Falun Gong practitioners for organs.

He said, “In China, organs of prisoners of conscience are sold in every year in the tens of thousands. These prisoners are killed for their organs and their bodies cremated.

“The prisoners of conscience most commonly killed for their organs are practitioners of the spiritually based set of exercises Falun Gong, a Chinese equivalent of yoga. Also targeted, in smaller numbers, are Uighurs, Tibetans and house Christians. The primary target among the house Christians is Eastern Lightning.”

Matas speaks about the state-sanctioned killing of prisoners of conscience for organs in China.

He listed twelve kinds of evidence to support his conclusion, including the short waiting time for organ transplants in China, testimony from prisoners who had been detained and have left China, posted prices for organs and advertisements by Chinese hospitals, phone conversations with Chinese hospital staff, among others.

Matas also discussed the threats he and Kilgour have received from the Chinese regime for their research and speaking activities.

He concluded that “Chinese Communist Party misrepresentation about organ harvesting is far from its first exercise in dishonesty. However, there is a form of dishonesty with organ harvesting which is new to the Party.

“… the Party cares very much what the global transplantation profession thinks. The reason is that they care what their own transplantation profession thinks, and their own transplantation profession does not want to be ostracized by the global transplantation community.”

Bonnie Brennan Gallant

12 days ago

iloveyou neo . 😍 your my baby indeed 😊

Missing these lovely ladies -Bebe Rexha, Stefflon Don.

Debbie SP

20 days ago

Welcome back Mane evrn though you never left i just wanna say welcome back to the game

Guillaume Bar

20 days ago

and im sure they miss your bed more!!!!

César Jacobo

20 days ago

love you(///ω///)♪

Photos from my show at Dell Music Center by Jim Trocchio Photography

Abhishek Chakraborty

20 days ago

Come to VA boo.

Petra Zimmer

20 days ago

I was there and you was incredible... I love the artist you have become... keep it up!!! There is only a few of you in the industry.

Kimberly Johnson Frazer

21 days ago

Loved the show!!

Gettin geared up for tonight's all new World of Dance episode by taking over Global Grind's IG Story! Go 👀 what I'm up to...

Catt-catt Monteron

23 days ago


Robert Taylor

23 days ago

I Am Going To, Watch World Of Dance On Tonight

Helen Jackson

23 days ago

NE-YO: World Of Dance, Tonight! Instagram Story Take Over Global Grind

Who's tuning in with me tonight?! World of Dance

Cheke Gonzalez

23 days ago


Abdo Soubachir

23 days ago

I luv Ne_Yo am from ,,Kenya

Tina Thomas

23 days ago

It’s my July twenty five and I’m watching you 🤙🎶 and Jennifer... 🎶 and the other dude 🎶 I’m so sick of love songs that’s why I’m sad , but I’m happy watching the 3 of you 🎉 🎶 🤙✌️💗.

Thanx, Detroit! Philly- you’re up next. 🔥

Lisbeth Morales

a month ago

Love ur new album

Julian Restrepo

a month ago

My daughter and I were in Detroit Sat. night! Best concert ive EVER BEEN to. Love you I'm a HUGE fan I have pics of it on my page!

Christian Herrera

a month ago

I saw you in Detroit...Awesome show!!! Thanks for giving me a hug at the end of the show!!!

Under this skin, we are all the same.

Teresa Nipper

a month ago

My o my always so handsome....

Thalia Anza

a month ago

Will Mckenzie Ne-yo still so wise

Ornella Robert

a month ago

Ellie Clack what’d you say about the lips?

Back with the dream team tonight on World of Dance! You watchin with me?! 👀

Austin Hawkins

a month ago

Was watching for JAM project/ they’re from my town! Also, YOU rock!!!!

Megan Farnsworth

a month ago

Kaycee and Sean!!!!!!!!

Asya Mkrtchyan

a month ago


You are the perfect you. I need you to walk in your individuality. The things that make you different are the things that make you powerful. #goodmanseason

Edu Grachia Garcia

a month ago

Chloe-louise Craig

Edu Grachia Garcia

a month ago

Amen my friend
Being different is what makes each of us special
I miss your quotes

Mat Ecstatic

a month ago

I'll remember this the next time I'm judged or bullyed because of my being blind and for being different Thank you. felt like you were talking to me directly. love you.

Thanx, Chicago!

Angela Lee Sloan

a month ago

my sexy love <3

Beth Douglas

a month ago

You are a class act! You rocked the house!!!

Amanda Pallone

a month ago

NE-YO: Live: Good Man Lyrics

Thanx for the hangs V103 Chicago! Always reppin Bowie. ✌🏾 #goodmanseason

Rishad Hassan

a month ago

Ne-Yo should visit Hollywood, Florida where he started off. There is an old homeless guy who grew up with you always talks and ask about you. He said Ne-Yo got big top and now forgot about us.

Delores Dorsey

a month ago

love you neyo

Gunillah Edmark

a month ago

baby push back when i jump behind it

Brahim Mouhtakir

a month ago

It will be great having u in nigeria...ill personally invite u to my little studio for a remix sir

Awwe, that would had been an AWESOME early bday present for me! 😭😭😭😭😭

Mary Stan Bwembya

a month ago

I can't believe I had to miss it. I been waiting years😭😭

I'm on the cover of this month's Monarch Magazine! Read my interview here:

Ferdie Nolasco Villanueva

a month ago

Nice love your music and u

Sarahi Dugarte

a month ago

Love this sharing

Hara Ryusei Takamasa

a month ago

U make feel brand new when I'm listen your song and the way u dance tyooooooo

Happy 4th, y’all! Whatchu doin to celebrate?

Dustin Somogyi

a month ago

I'm going to the Top of the 15th floor roof where I stay, to watch fireworks and play music..🎉🎇🎊🎉🎇🎉🎊🎉🎇🎊🎉

D-ash Tel EM Igt

a month ago

HAPPY 4TH NEYO!! 🎇🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎇🎉🎊🎉🎊

Beatrice Nantume

a month ago

Happy birthday neyo gud luck your career and god bless to you idol neyo.. My love neyo😚😚😚😙😙


Cj Sitzes-Novinger

2 months ago

Mrs Shaffer Smith crystal

Stephen Williams

2 months ago

You are welcome to my page thanks for supporting and for your comments

Angelo G Jaramillo

2 months ago

Ms. Crystal is so beautiful!

Photos from the BET Experience and BET Awards.
#PushBackChallenge squad ✌🏾

Cesar ER

2 months ago

Mr. Ne-yo big up

Rosa Vigil

2 months ago

Omg she got trapped in a fishnet

Anna Carson

2 months ago

and love her tats

A #goodman at the BET Awards

William E Wittenhagen

2 months ago

My stylesheet big up to you.

Rachel Ann

2 months ago

NE-YO,: Gave A Shout Out To Hit The Floor!: Bold Move KORDULA/ Kristian Kordula, Instagram, Thanks To All His Fans Support! Kristian Kordula/ fan/ Instagram

Lauren Pierson

2 months ago

Oh very bright summer colors looks nice 😊

‪Turn up “Nights Like These” and “Push Back” on Spotify’s Channel X playlist 🔊‬

Harold Albury

2 months ago

I am running for president of the united States of America

Janet Thomas-Simpson Hook

2 months ago

Mad are the best song.... Thx Ne-yo

Bryan Noumbissi

2 months ago

Your the best Mr Ne-yo

In the presence of some LEGENDS! 🙌🏾

Faith Locklear

2 months ago

His music is filled with passion

Kim Henderson

2 months ago

Love you idol

David Treichler

2 months ago

Nice look broo


Billy Lee

2 months ago

NE-YO: Good Man, The Haves and the Have Nots, Hannah's Beau, KORDULA/ Kristian Kordula, Instagram/ Twitter

Tysha Ware

2 months ago

Maravilhosso esse clipee

Kathy Mitchell

2 months ago

Luv it Ne Yo, keep it up sir great music...congratulations to you and the family on ur new addiction.....

Jones Beach tonight! Who’s comin thru??

Erik Torres

2 months ago

Happy Father's Day To All The Fathers And Father Figures!

Mark Kevin Martinez Cuevas

2 months ago

NE-YO: Good Mam Lytics

Boubacar Sankhare

2 months ago

Sei il top

Which GOOD MAN jam is getting you through the day?! Go cop a CD at Target and get three bonus tracks:

Darrel Sarles

2 months ago

Grammy award knocking at ur door wit dis album bro go grab it wit faith

Welf Jänschke

2 months ago

Woww. I'm in love with all the soundzzzzz....... Like seriously i love it all....... GooD MAN.... Bumbingzzz

Sam Zachar

2 months ago

All of them but I love Back Chapters, Pushback and Apology the best

Help get my girl Angie Martinez into the National Radio Hall of Fame! Text 300 to 96000.

Pierre Elise

2 months ago

As we are helping her through Voting, she should also help us by showing her willingness to participate in the competition and a total commitment so that our votes will not be regretted. I hope she understands what I'm saying.

Jennifer Bielinski

2 months ago


Maria Kotova

2 months ago

I remember when she killed it with Jay-Z. -Mi Amor 2001!

Thanx to Apple Music for putting “ON UR MIND” on their Best of the Week playlist. ❤️
Fave track off GOOD MAN so far...? GO!

Jay Seain Jimmi

2 months ago

I tunes didnt do it alone

Erica Sumpter

2 months ago

I like your all songs

Patricia Cahill

2 months ago

Tuesday Night, The Haves and the Have Nots: NE-YO, Good Man Lyrics/ Another Love Song/ Tonight, KORDULA fan/ Kristian Kordula, Instagram/ Twitter

New album, GOOD MAN out now:

Ami Gillespie

2 months ago

Love ❤️ your hats they are so stylist where can I get one ???

Bosco Claude

2 months ago

Super hero one man standing!!!

Beth Bergman Hatfield

2 months ago

Hope it's like your old stuff -♡

“Good Man” coming TOMORROW! Shazam the track to unlock a behind-the-scenes from the making of the video.
I’ll be chillin with SiriusXM Heart & Soul on GOOD MAN Album Release Day this Friday at 5pm ET! Tune in at, or if you’re in NYC - comment below with a pic of your #goodman pre-order and I’ll hook a few people up with tix! 🔥
New World of Dance TONIGHT! Derek and I are going LIVE from our Instagrams at 6pm PT/9pm ET to watch with y'all! 👀
Photos from my Spotify #GoodMan listening party, V-103 The People's Station, Urban One, Streetz 94.5 Atlanta, and more. New album dropping this Friday:

Photos by Nate Black

Harden Jones

2 months ago

Always class the big neyo

Yes men this is great
Please i also need the one of rich man that song is a song

Aji Prayitno

2 months ago

I got your album and its very good...

Grindin in ATL. GOOD MAN drops in 4 days!

Raffael Jheyson

2 months ago

Xiew doe sk1nw ok ensd on e e ok en dc krn

Danny Downey

2 months ago

It's a great album, I know.

Maria Ripa

2 months ago

Y Love.

Thanx for including "Summertime" on the 'Real Love' playlist TIDAL!❤️

Sebastian Cortes Gutierrez

2 months ago

Aí sabe ser lindo...

Jessica Budreaux

2 months ago

When u comming to Belgium or France ?

Maria Eugenia M

2 months ago

love you💘Ne-yo✨✨

What’s good BMORE?!

Anne Thorpe

3 months ago

Hello Cuzzin I'm so happy to hear your new music I luv it

Jhon C. Osorio

3 months ago

l love ur style man

Desda Bradford

3 months ago

Big up mr Ne-yo

Can’t wait for y’all to hear my joint with Romeo Santos… 😏

John Wambua

3 months ago

Feat usher,mario,trey songz?

Kazi Nazmus Salehin

3 months ago

What??? ay noo

Thomas Ramirez

3 months ago

Anna Sims this is the article I was talking about!!

Catch me competing on a special episode of American NinjaWarrior TONIGHT at 8/7c on NBC, for Red Nose Day USA. Let's go!

Vilte Kerseviciute

3 months ago


Jordan Breese

3 months ago

Will do !

Nahomy Zelaya

3 months ago

I've been waiting for this for weeks :)

In the grand scheme of it all it really boils down to you - what it is you’re gonna do, what it is you’re not gonna do. What your morals tell you is right or wrong. For me, the truth is salvation.

Tatiane Oliveira

3 months ago

Looking forward to seeing you tonight on NBC for rednoseday.

Yanimar Silva

3 months ago

cool Ne-yo💋

Kathy Bridgeman

3 months ago

NE-YO: Good Man Lyrics!

Pre-orders coming in hot!! 🔥Head to to check out my #goodman bundles.

Shakil Bennett

3 months ago

Ally Austin Alexis Smith Jacqueline Craig Mike Gabriel just a birthday gift idea

Margaret Duff

3 months ago

Kirsty O'shaughnessy would it be too far if i got this merchandise? 😂

Alejandra Sanchez

3 months ago

You need to open your whole line of clothing. Neyo you are sharp dresser. I love your style

Billboard Music Awards #SharpAsATack

Kimiaki Yamaguchi

3 months ago


Jomar dela Cruz

3 months ago

{♡Mi Ne-Yo♡} God Bless Ne-Yo☆♡♡

Freddy Gonzales

3 months ago

You look sharp and handsome in that suit NEYO you great too and nice love you bless you i hope you had fun at BBMAS last night love you NEYO

Happy bday bro! Derek Hough

Michelle Palma

3 months ago

Happy B-Day-;)

Rory Hill

3 months ago

Hp bathday to him long live

Jacky Kapel

3 months ago

Nice Neyo see you tomorrow at the Grammy museum

LA - I’m stopping by the GRAMMY Museum for a special conversation on May 21! Get your tickets:

Hat game strong in NYC.

Ehrich Jackson

3 months ago


Josh Potts

3 months ago

You don’t need any more hats! Ne-Yo

David Barnes

3 months ago


"GOOD MAN" just went #1 on the Adult R&B charts!! I LOVE MY FANS! I am me because of you.❤️❤️❤️ Thank you all for making this song #1. LOVE Y’ALL!!

Sayori Ohtsuka

3 months ago

you got it. I'm still hooked up on Miss Independent that's why I love her. Hey

Youri Di Gaetano

3 months ago

You know what your writing Neyo

Kofi Eclipse

3 months ago

CONGRADULATIONS {☆#GoodMan☆} ♡☆♡ God Bless You Ne-Yo.!! ☆♡☆

These amazing women...all mothers, all bringing something special not only to the lives of my children...but to mine as well. There’s no great caption that truly captures what you mean to me, no pic that truly captures your beauty. I THANK GOD FOR YOU. ALL OF YOU.
So to these incredible mothers first and foremost...and to all the mother’s out there making the world better in your own special way...happy MOTHER’S day.
#MOTHERisTheNameForGODonTheLipsOfChildren ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Andrea McCoy

3 months ago

Yes, they are all awesome women and mothers. What a beautiful tribute to these Ladies. We Love you and them nephew.

Janice Trask

3 months ago

Respect one love

Gianni Gabriel

3 months ago

Who are they?

Photos from Channel933's Summer Kick Off

Ellinor Chauveau

3 months ago

Beautiful picture guys

Chantelle Yolanda

3 months ago

Teamo my hero beautiful

Ming Cooper

3 months ago


Catch me on The Real TODAY at 3PT on LA Fox11!
We all have our differences, we all go through different stuff, we all are raised a different way... but at the end of the day, we all bleed red, we all want to be loved, we all want to be listened to, we all want someone to give a damn, and that’s what links us, and that’s where I write from. Thanx for having me, American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers (ASCAP)!

Ananda Aya

3 months ago

You are my number one...

Tim Conway

3 months ago


Tyga OG Izi

3 months ago

يا مبتسم أنت رائع جميل

It was an honor to take part in VH1’s Dear Mama to celebrate all of the beautiful moms out there.

Victoria Mcclaflin

3 months ago

Did doc to wow cod Ed pd

József Parádi

3 months ago

My Big Homie NE-YO

Bret Kundtz

3 months ago


Trust the process.

Dominick DeSantis

3 months ago

You just some fine yea! Eye candy!

Omar Assaf

3 months ago

That's my Idol always looking nice pls I want to see you physically, give me invite.

Gary Gelder

3 months ago

Trem mais lindo do mundo!

A few things you might not know about "Push Back" 🤔

Rodney Tumaliuan

3 months ago

I love the solo version though you feel it's incomplete ❤

Justine Roland

3 months ago

It's still a awesome song ne yo

Yanuar Soleman

3 months ago

I loved this song, do not stop for a minute of ouvila, you're expensive, congratulations congratulations to your work Ne Yo

Stylish n’ stuff. Derek Hough Justin Hartley

Zozo Akbarzadeh

3 months ago

Yes man you are a real classic man

Urša Sedej

3 months ago

This place look like the set from Uptown Funk

McKenna Keating

3 months ago

That's my classic man always looking fresh. Mr NE-YO pls I am waiting for the invite thank you.

I'm super excited to be a part of Good Morning America's Summer Concert Series on June 8th! Come on down to Central Park:

James R Riley

3 months ago

Lots of love from Uganda, God bless

Peyton Elizabeth Phillips

3 months ago

Neyo keep doing you....

Petric Kerley

3 months ago

I Hope You Have a Great time {Ne-Yo}!! ♡♡ God Bless You!! ☆♡☆☆♡♡