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Probably searching for the #GoT season 8 premiere date... 😏#GoodManSeason

Excuse my rant. But the ignorance needs to be put to rest. Much love to those out there trying to evolve. #GoodManSeason

I’m sayin’....#GoodManSeason
All smiles at @nbcworldofdance! #WorldOfDance #GoodManSeason

Quiet on the set...World of Dance👀

Moises De la Ese

9 hours ago

Looking good as always can't wait for new season big fan

Omar Gomez Portillo

a day ago

Trop bien, bonne continuation dans vos projets artistiques .... Je suis admiratif de votre travail !

Amanda Shifflett

2 days ago

Love you Ne- Yo

All smiles at @nbcworldofdance! #WorldOfDance #GoodManSeason

#TBT Last Sunday at the #iHeartAwards ✌️#GoodManSeason

I was gonna put up my own picture to wish my youngest lil’ prince happy bday but this....this is SO BEAUTIFUL. Couldn’t have done better myself❤️❤️ Thanx so much to @crystal_smith_fanpage for this “INCREDIBLE” post. WE HAVE THE BEST FANS IN THE WORLD!!! My lil’ guy is 2 today and I couldn’t be more proud! Feels good to look back on your journey thus far. We got so much more to do, to learn, to experience. And I can’t wait to share this world with you. Be a good lil’ brother to Maddie and Mason and a good big brother to Roro. SJ I LOVE YOU TO LIFE!! HAPPY BDAY LIL’ MAN!! @itscrystalsmith we did good babe, real good.

But I promise to promise to make it all worth it. #GOODMAN

But I promise to promise to make it all worth it. #GOODMAN

John F Kesu

3 days ago

I Love my Bro. We are All bro. And Sis in the Lord. No matter the profession a person choose. Ne-Yo still belongs to the Lord. And God loves him too.

Maria Ivette Ramos D Garcia

5 days ago

Hi neyo I love your music and your suits and I am proud of you keep going best of luck in all you do love from linda

Jorge Barba Alcocer

5 days ago

You arz the Best Mr Smith

Filming something special for you all…#comingsoon #goodman

...all I wanna be...❤️❤️❤️❤️ #FAMILY #MaddieMasonSj @itscrystalsmith #GOODMANSEASON

Thanx to everyone who came out to @lamartinapolo’s #FairPlay party at Teatro Manzoni in Milan during #FashionWeek!

Season 2 of @nbcworldofdance, let's go! Premiering May 29th on @NBC. Can't wait for you all to see the incredible talent we have in store! #WorldofDance

Season 2 of World of Dance, let's go! Premiering May 29th on NBC. Can't wait for you all to see the incredible talent we have in store!

Been down with NeYo Music since I was born n still like him till today, 1998 till now but still supporting him!!! this Asian here got you in Support!!!


11 days ago

Beautiful beautiful Love neyo

J-m Weiss

11 days ago

Getsi ww wow afwd fdsy fdsy

Today, I’m going Live from @Facebook. Tune in @ 230p PST - #GoodMan

Check out my new single #GoodMan now available worldwide. #GoodManSeason

Listen to my new single #GoodMan now available worldwide

Much love to @mintworldwide 🔥🔥

I’m so proud of this dude man. We met a LONG time ago. He was a lil’ geek just like me😂 But always real and undeniably talented. I love when people be who they are unapologetically AND THEN WIN FOR IT!! Congrats @brunomars YOU DESERVE IT ALL. And you still look like a lesbian😂 (No disrespect to lesbians...running joke between us.) CONGRATS BRO!!

We get so caught up on what we want, or what we DON’T have that we forget to be gracious and thankful for what we DO. We’ll come from nothing, get something, then neglect something in search of something more. WAKE UP. Not asking you to settle or be stagnant. But as you plant the seeds of your future garden, take a second to smell the roses that have already bloomed...and say thank you. Good morning.

When that VEGAN life makes the suit just lay on you....⭐️⭐️⭐️ #Grammy’s #GrayScale #TakesARealManToWearMustard 😂😂
Grammy’s. Mustard and a smile. Shine on em’. #GrayScale #ImHotAsHellInThisSuit #ImFlyTho ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Tech is all around us, and I’m doing my part to push the future forward.

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HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE IT’S A BOY!!👶🏽 Now Princess Maddie has 3 lil’ protectors to hold her down for life! You’re gonna be a GREAT big sister to your 3 lil’ brothers babygirl❤️ Mason, now you got 2 lil’ cats that are gonna be stealing your clothes, bugging you to tag along n’ whatnot...go easy on em’. They’re gonna look up to their big brother. Give them something to look up to!😎 @itscrystalsmith My Queen. I know you had your heart set on a girl. To be honest I did too😅 But clearly you were born to give the world kings! And I’m more than happy with that. Love you baby. You shine...✨ THANK YOU to everybody that came thru and shared the moment with us. THANK YOU to every single person that helped make the moment possible. 🧒🏾👦🏾👶🏽...👶🏽!!

Delover Everett

2 months ago

Thanks for the information about the program but how would you qualify for the no-fee and would it apply to all students?

Shari Jones

2 months ago

NE-YO it’s about time! Where you been? 🤓

Monica Powanda

2 months ago

Ok . Happ New year Neyo from Monica Powanda

Get em’ Maso!! #TheAppleAndTheTree🍎 #ProudPapaMoments video cred: @monyettashaw

#TellTheTruth #OrDont #NotLikeYouWereToBeginWith 😂😂


It’s finally here! Don’t miss me with Gwen Stefani and more in #YouMakeItFeelLikeChristmas TONIGHT at 9/8c on NBC

LeeAnn Perez

3 months ago

Loved it. you should do a Christmas album. love you Ne-yo.

Rahel Asefaw

3 months ago

Ne- YO I'm very respect u &I like all ur music ..Marry Christmas & Thanks for Shireng 🎶🎶🎶

Lisa Atton

3 months ago

I try sand my picture to you but can't but I do have Christmas tree in my bedroom yes you can see on my Facebook touch this picture of red picture I will put on my Facebook tomorrow

Shout out to my trainer and good friend @curtiswilliams17 for these custom joints! Amazing work my g. These goin’ in a glass case!! Ones for the collection indeed🔥 #CustomKicks #ThoseAreMySongTitles

The essential playlist of songs from my discography. Spotify

Liezle Damon

4 months ago

When are you coming to South Africa.

Louise Mj Costello

4 months ago

NE-YO where's the new album?? I want to treat myself it for Xmas :(

Annick Vermeulen

4 months ago

O nice vest❤

The Real Show was 👌🏾 @bigboy

Simon Dowell

4 months ago

Pass haven't a clue who yous are. The chuckle brothers?

Were Halimah

4 months ago

Ever since you came to Uganda!
I love u so much

Nhlanhla Wilson

4 months ago

neyo you r the guy favorite artist out of all the artist you have done perfectly good....

#DateNight @itscrystalsmith💍 @ericbellinger✊🏾 @lamyiagood🐱 @ninachantele🌹 #923realshow #OutWitMyLovedOnes
The Melody...The Wave...🎵🌊...🖋🤫 @ericbellinger 🛎🤟🏾🤙🏾

Studio. 📝📝📝 📸 Dimplez

Erkan Kalá

4 months ago

Ermin Culjandji snart noget rnb igen!

Marlen Patricia

4 months ago

Successful Ne-Yo! You're such a great artist :)

Jawara Williams

4 months ago

sosnozis ow dodi zoosnozoe

Trick or treat squad🎃 @itscrystalsmith @monyettashaw @barberbyblood @nikki_loraine @danieb_makemyface ...along with PAC-Man, 2 ninjas and the Cat in the Hat😂🤷🏾‍♂️🎃❤️ #HappyHalloween #BlendedFamily #HappySh*t

The essential playlist of songs from my discography. @Spotify

Tayvie Walker

5 months ago

All of my faves cant wait for the next to drop so i can add that one too

Brandi Woodham

5 months ago

Looks exactly like my playlist. And my YouTube.

Gina Gaytán

5 months ago

I love You Ne-Yo! thanks for all the great music ❤️

#repost @jiren.grey I've found my actual father!👽👽👊🏾👊🏾💥💥🔥🔥☄️☄️ Been a DBZ fan my WHOLE LIFE. This dude Jiren is ALL THE WAY LIT!!! (This post is strictly for my fellow nerds😂 LOVE Y'ALL!!)

Our current FAV❤️❤️ @hermusicofficial Much love mama. Keep it alive❤️❤️

PLEIN. @philipppleininternational @philippplein78 🔥🔥🔥#AUSTRALIATOUR

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Ezequiel Jundo Jessé Avelino

5 months ago

Alguns brancos outros escuros formam uma família

Kikabi David

5 months ago

Yes My Phone No Is +256752986649 Contact Me

Lizabella Mbuisha

5 months ago

I am interested, am based in south Africa. Please contact : [email protected]

It's like he knew he was being photographed. Smiling with his eyes already👶🏽✨ #MyYoungStar #YoungestPrince #SJ #ProudPapaMoments #IMakePrettyBabies
Notice the pose...notice the poise in the pose. That's a lil' LADY❤️ #1stBorn #MyOnlyGirl #MaddieThePrincess #ProudPapaMoments 🦋🦋🦋

Tanya Williams

5 months ago

Happy, Happy Birthday to my favorite and Best Artist, NeYo.🎂🎂🎂

Cierra Salley-Hinds

5 months ago

Hey Ne-yo, Happy Belated birthday!!! My dream came true when I saw you perform at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg Virginia😍 I wish you nothing but continued love, happiness, and success! Love you😝

Fannie Mitchell

5 months ago

I remember that picture...I have an original... happy birthday nephew...enjoy your day...

What a night... All white @philipppleininternational (except my hat😏...yo Phil, let's work on that!)🔥🔥🔥🔥 @philippplein78 #rnbfridays #AustrailiaTour

My 2nd born, my 1st boy, my prince. You're one of the best things I've ever done. May you grow up, shine on the world and continue to make me proud daily. 6 years old today!! Time flys❤️ ✨HAPPY BDAY MASON EVAN SHAW SMITH✨ DADDY LOVES YOU!!!!!!

Lovemore Mweni

5 months ago

neyo you are idol bro,,i like all your songs im lovemore mweni frrom zimbabwe harare..+263776327497 down there in africa,,keep it favourite song from all your songs is DO YOU it really touches me hey,,,my dream is to meet you my brother one day..

Roje Oubre

5 months ago

Happy late birthday kiddo!! I hope you had an outstanding time!!

Aimee Alexis

5 months ago

My daughter is on 14 mine 19☺️ Libras💕

Excited to be headed to @RnBFridaysLive in Australia this week! Catch me in Sydney on 10/13, Perth 10/14, Adelaide 10/15, Melbourne 10/20, and Brisbane 10/21. #RnBFridaysLive

Mercy Kirimi

5 months ago

I love that man neyo

Cédric Chery

5 months ago

Un bon gros maltesers Yassine Sihame Amy

Louise Mj Costello

5 months ago

This has got to be the photo shoot... for the new album... eeeeek excited!!!

‪Las Vegas.... I'm with you. 💔‬

Nicole Molineri

5 months ago

Thank you NE-YO

Celeste Rena Smith

5 months ago

God bless you Ne-Yo for the Love you have in your heart.although it was us today.thank you .Lord to know the world is not promised to no one. And money is not enough when we perishïng with. Pastor said sunday.what is a rich man who think he can enter heaven by buying his way, such as a camel trying to go through a needle. Lord we pray the killings and mean acts of volience stop all around the world. Lord we need , be with the familes and the dead as you guide them to their resting place. Pray for me and my family and others that want to see a changed world.

Barry Awa

6 months ago

I like you vert well because off your sensibility


The UK was lit AF... Thank you to everyone who made it the tour of a lifetime. #NEYOUKTour

Jyoti Tailor

6 months ago

You were amazing - so genuine and just pure talent. Can't wait to see you when u are back!! Thank u Xx

Bear Claire

6 months ago

Amazing to meet you at London Victoria with my kids on 17th Sept. Thank you and your beautiful wife, for taking the time to stop and chat with us. Dream come true xx

Rachael Greenhill

6 months ago

You were amazing in to meet you to which was a fantastic bonus...roll on the next UK tour and I am so looking forward to the new album....take care..xxxx

As if this wasn't dope enough, the young lady broke danced in heels....

Liberty Broadbent

6 months ago

Emma Quinn feel like this is what you think you look like when you break dance on nights out

Jenny Mirasol

6 months ago

Mag ganito sana ako sa CM eh, kaso mabuhangin. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA Queenie Bontia Julienne Madeloso

Rachel Soglondey

6 months ago

Maria Sangria hahaha ubd dann kommt A mit seinen Moves 😂😂😂

Last week I was in London... Where do you want me next week?

Esther Birungi

6 months ago

My house .... is that good for u NE-YO? I'll have for u some Ugandan cuisine!! 😚😀😀

Krista GStarr

6 months ago

Portland, Oregon. But it would likely be a private show just for me. 😍🙏🏼 Since no one else in Oregon knows who you are NE-YO. 😞😭😢

LeeAnn Perez

6 months ago

I've been a fan since 2006; and I've never seen you live in concert yet. come to Phoenix Arizona. getting to see you live is one of my bigests dreams as well as wanting to meet you.

Wait.... HOW?

Gemma Foley- Hendin

6 months ago

Omg!😂 yeah probably would have!xx

Safina Hanif Begum

6 months ago


I think that would have been me if I missed the train back from Wingate!! 😂



6 months ago

That’s a nyc subway line