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Sunday Kick Back 🎶 🎼 with Black Milk’s New 🔥Album FEVER @black_milk @massappealrecs

@massappeal @netflix Live At The BBQ Tonight SXSW. The Great @troubleman31 x @daveeast x @rapsody @justblaze @traeabn and More!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 @djgreenlantern spinning! Massappeal here for the Artform! #liveatthebbq celebration for the @netflix premier of Rapture! Hosted by @statikselekt

Don’t miss the world premiere of my episode of Mass Appeal's new Netflix series #RAPTURE this Saturday at the Paramount Theater in Austin, as part of the SXSW Music and Film Festival Austin, TX.

The episode co-stars my guy, Dave East, and trust me, it’s a movie! 🎬

Eustice Dwayne Catar

2 days ago

G- who? Titty boi(2chainz)? You say it’s a movie but it clearly says “documentary series “ so besides Nasir there is nothing to document lol

Bowie Paige

2 days ago

G-Eazy, why is that shit-muncher on there? He shouldn't be allowed to LOOK at Nas, let alone share a poster.

Dulmaa Dorjgotov

2 days ago

Don't let this distract you from the fact that when Paul Walker goes to Vin Diesels house party in Fast and the Furious one, "I got hoes" by Ludacris is playing on the stereo, but in 2 Fast 2 Furious Ludacris appers as a street racer named Tej Parker. So in the Fast and the Furious world who sang "I got hoes"? Was it Tej? Was it Ludacris? Does Ludacris exist? Who has the hoes? Are the hoes okay!?


Today's honoree: MC Lyte, undeniable hip hop pioneer.

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Check out their Instagram for the full slideshow:

Leticia Oliveira

5 days ago

AYE, Inbox Me

Jesus Alcantara

5 days ago

cha cha cha

Rosa Marin

5 days ago

You go girl.

Big Smalls


Today's honoree: Ms. Lauryn Hill, rap legend.

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Check out their Instagram for the full slideshow:

Macy Davis

7 days ago

The Queen is so fukin missed

Kyle Smith

9 days ago

This was inevitable

Congratulations @Ms. Lauryn Hill
Hopefully a joint about Nas/Lauryn Hill is up next

#Legendary that'd be

Adrian Cruz

9 days ago

No doubts, she still kills me softly.

Happy Physical Degree Day to AZ @quietazmoney Blessings #Firm

Studio with Bro B.I.G. 👑

Almost drowned twice 🤣🤣🤣

Make memories that last forever. @jungleqb #piscesseason
@jungleqb x x @daveeast x @jayrozayy_ x @kiingshooter Bday Month for @jungleqb ! Good Times with Good People is Worth Billions !

At the table with Family. When @jungleqb ordered the best caviar they had ... Haaaaaa!!!!! We knew the night was gonna be Everything!!! Great Great Times for lil bro Bday !!! Palate been different

Haaaaaa Queens NY Shiznit u B***** @jungleqb Happy Born !! More Heartbeats

@jungleqb Born
@jungleqb born

@jungleqb born

@jungleqb bday

My Brother. Happy Born @jungleqb

40-16 Vernon Blvd type of time. @massappealrecs Studio

HBD Jabari @jungleqb x William Graham x Barry x Jamel x Raheem aka Spot. In front of our building 40-16 Vernon Blvd Queens. I stood on the side as i did with many photo opportunities all my life. But this is one pic i wish i stood in. Memories are golden tho. Happy Born Jabari Jones ! #40-16

Check out the BLACK HSTRY Collection in honor of Black History Month on

Nas Idris Nas

18 days ago

Proud to be black

Takeshi Tamura

20 days ago

I was in your projects in LIC the other day. Instead of talking about this shit you should be holding events and fund raisers to clean up your PJ's. I see you on FB alot but I havent seen you do anything for us back in NYC. You got Ja Rule helping people get heat in the PJ's and everywhere else but everytime I hear about you your on FB. Dont forget where you came from.

Longkat Naz

20 days ago

When you hear people saying White Power what people be thinking? Black Power is the same shit

Roxanne Shante The Movie! Congrats to The Queen of the crew called The Juice, Shante ! QueensBridge Stand Up!!!!!!! Congrats to Pharell on this one I cant wait to see this ! Roxanne Roxanne @imroxanneshante

Kiera Zee

a month ago

Ah ah if i ruled the WORLD ! #stevecaryfromfrance Affirmative action Supreme NTM

Nikola Wessels

a month ago

Is that a new album or just T-shirt? We need new songs from you guy!

Naomi Mason

a month ago

I see African map #Nas I can't wait

Check out the “be right back” video from the young king Ezri -- he’s up next!

Kiera Zee

a month ago

hoos ton y e s

Daniel Makonnen

a month ago

Dude is garbo...

Donna Sweeney

a month ago

Not interested in new rappers

Come get your fade at @macys @bevel is now at @macys salute!

Nas Live from the Kennedy Center. Premieres tonight on PBS. 9pm EST #NasPBS.

Tonight, it goes down.
From Queensbridge to the nation’s capital
Tune in to PBS at 9 p.m. EST to watch the Mass Appeal x Great Performances l PBS #NasLiveFromtheKennedyCenter documentary, starring yours truly.

While you watch, hit up Mass Appeal on Twitter (@massappeal) to get my live commentary.

One love 📺 Peep the trailer here:

Donna Sweeney

a month ago

Can't stop watching!!! Word to my dvr-Nasty was so thorough with it, straight funky wit it❤ Nasir Jones🙏I bow brotha, yous a live one❤

Anghel Radu

a month ago

Awwwwesome! You and the National Symphony Orchestra a beautiful blend. Now that the NSO has been injected with NAS stank, they will never be the same :-)

Naomi Mason

a month ago

NAS Nice to see all previwes n stuff must been really beautiful concert pity we can't see it here in Europe :(((

Rapture. Available March 30th on #Netflix produced by @massappeal

Brandon and Bradley Deyo, the 26-year-old twin brothers behind high school sports streaming venture Mars Reel, have earned the financial backing of LeBron James.

More details 👉

Aaron Toomer

a month ago

that's a good thing

Gift Moorosi

a month ago

Thanks Nas.....we're still dreaming and there is ever reason to watch the sun come up.

Melvin Hotep Jones

a month ago from the hood hope you got your self a gun.

Congrats on the #1 slot at ITunes !! Make sure y’all go see him on that P2 Tour. Go get P2 Now!! @daveeast @massappealrecs @defjamrecords 🔥🔥🔥

#OffTheRecord: Large Professor x Busta Rhymes "The Heist"

Steffen Lindenthal

a month ago

Busta, wu tang, NAS

Ahimsa Sebatagane

a month ago


Zacharie Adams

a month ago

Dig It but Where You At?

Sometimes, all you need is one mic.

Check out the Windy City prince G Herbo in the new Mass Appeal documentary, 'City of Sorrow.'

The message is not to be overlooked...

Full doc 📺:

Matt Hayden

a month ago

All I need is one mic!

Baba Sina

a month ago

Got nothing but love for the Chi

Brandon Baker

a month ago

Fred Jaymaul Jordan check this out bro! Bibby and G Herbo documentary

"A room by myself... It was all I needed."

NAS making history: nothing new.

Watch the trailer for the new Great Performances l PBS documentary, 'Nas: Classical Hip Hop - Live From The Kennedy Center,' below 🙏🏾

Dropping in full February 2 on PBS 📺

Antonio Jenkins

2 months ago

Nasir salute my brother can't wait to see you in concert...#GOAT

Chayo Virgen Escobedo

2 months ago

Boo, Markos Paragonjah gotta check it out fo sho! 💚🎶

Adan Lopez

2 months ago

One love Esco! Can’t wait! I’m going to record this!!!

Cuzzo i see ya @teenvogue @hstry people make sure y’all check @yarashahidi —- Grown-ish airs 3rd !!! @grownish

Thanks to my man Anthony Saleh for contributing! @dude_br0

Go Team Yara @grownish

@jungleqb x DRAWZ RIP

‪Grizzly Fest! Who’s comin? Tix on sale tmrw! ‬

Byron Hernandez

3 months ago

Karen De LA

Antonio Jayvon Cordero Sr.

3 months ago

Joey Evans....we out bro

Ras Tafarii Culture

3 months ago

Whassup Pablo! Got some fresh cut

Harlem’s Own The King Ellsworth Bumpy Johnson and wife Margaret Johnson
Bonnie & Clyde

It’s goes down when I’m in the Town! Snowing for the kid. ❄️ ❄️ ⛄️

#Repost @massappeal ・・・ Weekend full of Christmas shopping ahead? Stay toasty w/ new heat from @massappeal. Link in bio. ❄️❄️❄️

MC SHY D. Come Correct In 88 #ATL

Great to see the genius of Chris Rock tonight, he’s definitely one our Top Greats, catch him on his tour ASAP. Ran into my brov Puff backstage

One Love! Who’s comin? Tix on sale Sat!

Kati Mountain

4 months ago

Kristine, how i wish it was possible for me to come and go to this with you!!!

Bob Steven

4 months ago

Thanks brother I will be out next year one March please please please I promise that brother.

Luap Grôl Rehtuag

4 months ago

Nathan Briend NAS à un festoch' de reggae, c'est ti pas beau ça ?!

Kool DJ Red Alert That’s A Great Man.

@bevel Lifestyle ///Stay Sharp on em
FADE TO BLACK....FRIDAY//A Shave Fit For A KING @bevel

Got this gift just in time for the holidays. Thank You!

ART @madonna x Basquiat
@blacklikewe Lady