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#OffTheRecord: Large Professor x Busta Rhymes "The Heist"

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Mfalme Malaika Mkuu

4 days ago

All of the raping, pillaging, and criminal minded archetype demon possessed spell castings that have imprisoned the lost diaspora of africans, isrealites, and moors across the globe will stop once we awaken and cut free from the black boule, false idols, and white supremacy. Fearlessly, it will take the hearts of lions to cut from the cia mk-ultra television programming to (supreme #8 - destroy & rebuild) build and go forth, abroad, and beyond in a mass exodus to unite with our native tongue, people, traditions and rebuild kush, kemet to maroe. Did you know that all of these african kingdoms were left undone and for us to pick up and continue. But the theban language of English has the blacks (african americans) under the spell of the four devils, material, and false wealth. Whereas, the real magic and wealth is on the frequency of the gods to which we can physically pull from the ether with hard work, focus, and courage.

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Leugim A Saveuc

5 days ago

We need that album drop it please maybe 2 maybe 3 albums drop em my guy. Nas True king it’s how ever you feel you swing.

Cuzzo i see ya @teenvogue @hstry people make sure y’all check @yarashahidi —- Grown-ish airs 3rd !!! @grownish

Thanks to my man Anthony Saleh for contributing! @dude_br0

Go Team Yara @grownish

@jungleqb x DRAWZ RIP

‪Grizzly Fest! Who’s comin? Tix on sale tmrw! ‬

Harlem’s Own The King Ellsworth Bumpy Johnson and wife Margaret Johnson
Bonnie & Clyde

It’s goes down when I’m in the Town! Snowing for the kid. ❄️ ❄️ ⛄️

#Repost @massappeal ・・・ Weekend full of Christmas shopping ahead? Stay toasty w/ new heat from @massappeal. Link in bio. ❄️❄️❄️

MC SHY D. Come Correct In 88 #ATL

Great to see the genius of Chris Rock tonight, he’s definitely one our Top Greats, catch him on his tour ASAP. Ran into my brov Puff backstage

One Love! Who’s comin? Tix on sale Sat!

Kool DJ Red Alert That’s A Great Man.

@bevel Lifestyle ///Stay Sharp on em
FADE TO BLACK....FRIDAY//A Shave Fit For A KING @bevel

Got this gift just in time for the holidays. Thank You!

ART @madonna x Basquiat
@blacklikewe Lady

@bittenbender 40th Bday in Vegas he said”let’s hit the tables!”
Roulette birthday cake for @bittenbender Happy Bday King #Vegas

#Repost @hstry ・・・ 19 years 🎉 #BELLY

The Amazing Jose Feliciano !
@caffeineandhiphop Kiesha #Belly

#Repost @dirtyglovebastard ・・・ 19 years ago today, one of my favorite movies #BELLY was released. I️ may fuck around and post the entire movie on IG today 😂 What’s your favorite scene? ⬇️⬇️⬇️

DenieceWilliams..... GonnaTakeAMiracle........

@therealdjkayslay New Album The Big Brother Out Now! Get that! Big Boi Material! A Must. It's still New

Halloween Flow. Follow The Leader! Rakim @kandyamz89 great one right here
Shorty caught wreck! Peace ✌🏾 repost @kandyamz89

Halloween Fun Stir Crazy @jungleqb

Touring was a Movie now I'm back home back to reality. Next page
The baby

Voltron. #80s

@Fashawn celebrates his birthday by dropping a new video for his self-titled "Fashawn" produced by @PLargePro! Watch the full video now at @massappealrecs

@a3cfestival Atlanta Ga

#Repost @daveeast

Ezri's new music video "Be Right Back" out now! Peep that !
Reminds me of when they used to say shorty Nice! Live in Cleveland with @everythingezri @massappealrecs

#Repost @fashawn ・・・ Proud video out now!! Click the link in the bio for the full video!! #manna #massappeal

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Dejuan Mayberry

4 months ago

To sound of apolizse carol verse. Sorry voice, 460-41-8250, . Age size voice. Height voice 460-41-8250. No leg male voice, juan fuck I no? Not sure, voice of female no legs voice,460-41 8250, latin laugh.

@mettaworldpeace37 gettin it Done.
Right On

Suede @timberland on the feet make my cipher complete

Me & The Infamous Mobb Deep RIP PRODIGY
Rocking out with The Incomparable Ms Lauryn Hill

My good friend from London @msallenlifestyle celebrated with me. I was in rare form. Everybody tellin me different things I did that I Can't Remember. Haaaaa Why didn't y'all stop me from singing MJ songs last night ??!? 😂😂😂

Happy Bday Swizz we did it. Two Bdays One night! @therealswizzz
At @massappeal studio yesterday with the family! Styles P x Dave East x Nore x Jungle x Large Pro x Neek The Exotic....Bday Vibes ! Thank you to EVERYONE at Massappeal the office party was Everything. Luv

Bdaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy @jungleqb
Birthday vibes #virgoseason @hennessyus

My Man @therealnoreaga teams up with Pharrell and does it again!!! Salute!!!! Out now everywhere #unomas @massappeal @pharrell @drinkchamps @massappealrecs

@marqueelv Swizz Beats on the beats !
About last night.... @marqueelv
@marqueelv #fightnightvegas #hennessylife #domperignon
One of those nights! @marqueelv @johnseymour_nyc @hadimoto #hennessylife

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AL Dennis

5 months ago

I never brag how real i keep it because its the best secret i rock a vest prestiges cuban link flooded jesus
In a Lex watching kathy lee and regious.

Go get @Daveeast's new EP "Paranoia: A True Story" out now #massappeal #defjam

Portland! Who's ready for Project Pabst? See u on August 27th!

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The illuminati

5 months ago

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