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Harvard and Poetry in America recognize that rap is a great form of poetry. Watch me analyze N.Y. State of Mind with Professor Elisa New at

Kayla Turner

5 days ago

I saw this special. It was awesome. I also recently saw the performance at the Kennedy Center! It was awesome as well! A very happy, happy birthday to you, NAS!🎉

Tell MeDats Davon

5 days ago

Happy birthday nas i look as you as inspiration hopefully 1 day I can learn some wisdom from you

Sanvida Satpute

5 days ago

happy birthday to you and me bro , lets keep surviving the times ;)

Memphis! Performing tracks off my new album for you at Mempho Music Festival on October 7th. Be there.

Kate Catherine

6 days ago

Crazy my man NAS, didn't show with Lauren hill in Portland! Pretty lame that she used your name with no intention of you showing up, or you nailed with no cancellation notice.... just a 7 hour drive each way. For a chance to see my #goat. Fucking lame!

Carmen N. Cabrera

6 days ago

Come to Minnesota. Superbowl was just here. "I MADE IT LIKE THAT!"

Kla Carla

6 days ago

Gotta get off my ass and stop B.S. and get my ticket! Saw you in 97.. Time to catch up! Go Nasty!

New Zealand! See you in Feb for The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill 20th Anniversary World Tour with the one and only Ms. Lauryn Hill

Pre-sale: 12pm Fri.,9/7 local
General tickets: 2pm Tue., 9/11 local

Lauryn Hawkins

12 days ago

On another note. ...u know the Angels got ur back...the God's are with you...

Deneen Wilson

13 days ago

2 of my Favorite Artists in 1 place @ 1 time

Nomhle Malgas

13 days ago

Every man has had at least one "Delilah"...who tries to rid a man of his strength. Your strength has always be in your SILENCE!
"The Essence of a man is not how loud he speaks...but how clear you hear him in his SILENCE"
Keep Ya Head up great KING💪

MICHIGAN! Performing tracks off my new album live at #HighTimesCannabisCup on Sept 9th. Get your tickets to the MidWest Cup today! 🏆

Bill Payne

20 days ago

Comme la langue française mérite de la correction et ces claire et reconnu à l'international, alors ces toute sa structure et son fonctionnement qui est infecté.

Mary Negrepontis

21 days ago

Come to South Africa wena 😂😂😂 we miss you

Lula Delafuente

21 days ago

This is ma man....Nastraudomus, the new LP for the 2G

Performing tracks off my new album live for you first NY! Be there.

Ana Elizabeth Castillo

2 months ago

I had to listen to your old stuff to remind myself of how good you are. This is not your best please release another album we can't take this. N i am from South Africa.

Stephanie Capehart

2 months ago

Waiting on dat new-new

Monster Biggs

2 months ago

not impressed for god sake u are nas

Performing tracks off my new album live for you first NY! Be there.
Come join me at this year’s Summer Spirit Festival at Merriweather Post Pavilion on Aug 4th! Get your tickets at

Marco Belzner

2 months ago

Aww sh!t.. Hip-hop
is alive again 😂👈 #HipHopForever

Hannes Fritz

2 months ago

I would have been a completely different person if Nas didnt blow up!

Luke Ohanlon

2 months ago

Im sure they will mr.I w'd be there If I could

My album release party tonight LIVE with @YouTubeMusic → #NASIR

Aishi N Zhao

3 months ago

The production was all over the place. In some instances the beat overpowered the vocals. Nas is capable of much better quality especially with such a strong album cover art. I feel the album didn't do justice to the cover art. Had high expectations from Kanye to produce fire but I'm left a little dissapointed. Couple of tracks are good though.

Anne Corbett

3 months ago

On some real shit, you say you broke my heart frado, but you frado fam.. cormega would agree the realness..

Daniel Swain

3 months ago

1 track album sampled from god father.. kanye is beat.. hit up premier and large professor for a real album... maybe even your pops... money aint everything..

The Kids Are Our Future. NASIR out everywhere tomorrow! Executive Produced by Kanye West #NASIR

José Melo

3 months ago

It's not fair to punish nas for what Kanye said. This album was more likely completed months ago. He had to say it was produced by Kanye you going to find out anyway. Might be a publicity stunt. Krs one performed many shows with m.c. shan. I just found that out last month (20 years later) Never know. Just saying. You know they going to interview nas. We should give him the benefit of the doubt. If anyone of you was in his shoes, I would defend you to. Peace.

Mariana Martins

3 months ago

I always been a huge fan of NaS. I enjoyed just about every album. But especially because Kanye (the same fanatical Trump supporting joker who claimed that "slavery was a choice") executive produced it, I'm definitely going to have to sit this one out.

And FYT NaS, this is the same Kanye who even though it was 10 years ago, he claimed that Soulja Boy (the one that released "Crank That") was WAY better than the NaS that relased "Illmatic". Kanye hasn't improved his lunacy since then. In fact, between then and the Taylor Swift incident and today, its gotten worse.

Hamza L Fugu

3 months ago

Too bad the producer of your album doesn't feel the same way... sadly unfollowing you and will not be listening to your KANYE produced album. Smh I was a huge fan too 😔😔😔

I’ll be at @MemphoFest this year! Tix on sale Friday at #MEMPHOFEST2018

Eduardo Cuspinera

3 months ago

Neither do I quite frankly

Baptista Smart

3 months ago

yeah okay mac demarco and milky chance over juicy J? no.

Toss Tres Dimensiones

3 months ago

Hayat - tu vois, Beck c’est beaucoup plus connu que ce que la WLG en a fait 😜

New music from the #Rapture soundtrack available this Friday, May 18th!

Ann Ratchaneewan Phuanghimmawan

4 months ago

Good one nas love u my home boy queens bridge NYC

Omar Arango

4 months ago

Logic/Nas Rapsody/ Killer Mike/ Dave East in order are the only people in this that truly rap

Pooja Sun Pooja Sun

4 months ago

Jaden Chip check out Dave East.

Dallas! Next week, DJ Green Lantern and I takeover #ArrayDallas get your tix now

Leng Chorvin

4 months ago

NAS don't know if you'll get back to me come i can't pm you something i gotta ask you

Sharon Heath Williams

4 months ago

Is the the illmatic x Orchestra joint?

Gunner Tracy

5 months ago

Derrick, wish I could be there! 😍

Phoenix! Lost Lake Festival tix go on sale this Friday at 10am. Let’s go ! #lostlakefest

Daniel Tămășdan

5 months ago

Out here beating people

Amelia McCleary

5 months ago

NAS should be No one on this lineup!

Sarah Shanely

5 months ago

Hi! We are going to have so much fun! 😘

🙌 Happy #RecordStoreDay 🙌

My #ILLMATIC + National Symphony Orchestra ALBUM
(As seen in the Great Performances l PBS doc)

Available NOW on vinyl 👀

Digital 👉

Nien-yu Chang Liao

5 months ago

Yousif Arif if u havnt heard this already u have to asap!

Anastasia Yashnikova

5 months ago

Jéssi comprameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee nigga

Gianluca Avallone

5 months ago

When the KING NAS is served a drink by his deputy Jayz

Check out my interview by COVETEUR with John Seymour at the new Sweet Chick in Queens! The World is Yours !

Nancy Skrainar

5 months ago

It's yours 💕

Trish Hallmark

5 months ago

Put one in the Bronx please

Shawon Das

5 months ago

Good evening my love it's not a day go by that I don't pray for you I pray that God will continue to bless you and the beautiful family I know you probably say to yourself where is at well I been very busy I'm thinking about opening a soul food restaurant I love you my beautiful friend what a friend we have in Jesus I pray that God will continue to bless you and keep you and the family covered in the blood of Jesus I love you❤blessing's to the King❤from the Queen❤

High Times Cannabis Cup! Tix out now, see you on 4/20 in LA

Thêmßå Gújwã

5 months ago

You’re coming to DINO!! 909! Not LA. Looking forward to seeing you live once again

Jeanie Taylor Hudson

5 months ago

It always amazes me how you can tell the difference between strains after something like two or three samples... 😀

Jeff Ennis

5 months ago

With a cognac glass on hands. Doesn't fit.

Colorado! Who’s comin?! Presale this Thurs, and tix available on Friday!

Giacomo D'Ambrogio

5 months ago

Nas the real hip hop king Colorado is the best don't forget Dave east

Samih Wagdy

5 months ago

Bring this to Milwaukee in summer though

Ismael Anula

5 months ago

Boraa Caraí!! Só vamu kkkkkkk

Saw this on the ride by ‘Fever’ new album by Black Milk @massappealrecs

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My cool daughter @UniStudios

Quick solo pic waitin on the family outside transformers. Universal Studios Hollywood niiiiiiiiiice day #UniversalStudiosHollywood

Kxng Trinidad

6 months ago

Wished I was there for a pic with an all time great! Wow

Ronald Wright

6 months ago

Good evening it's been a while but just know that we may not talk all the things me but I do keep you in my prayers one love with kisses and hugs I pray that God will continue to bless you and your beautiful family

Soledade Montemurro

6 months ago

Sorry I missed ya I’ll be at the store tomorrow

Quick solo pic waitin on the family outside transformers. @UniStudios niiiiiiiiiice day

Gil Scott Heron. He made his video for his song ‘Me and The Devil’ look like my ‘Thief’s Theme’ video. Too Honored! And beyond honored to work on his ‘NEw York is Killing Me’ song before he passed. Happy Birthday All April Brother. (Reflections is one of my fave album covers by him)

Winnie passes at 81.

With T Boz filming Belly. #FreeDMX

Salute to my bro @therealnoreaga for the On The Run Eating new show. And @drinkchamps and all the new amazing things your doing!! Look for the new NORE music!! #gettintoit #businessman
Salute to @themarcusharvey and his @musalair barbershop in Atlanta Ga for doing good business with positive energy. #gettintoit #community

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Lil bro got his own Bach. @daveeast cold spring in NYC. BachToBach!

My Knight Rider #grownmantoys

We the People have the Power. Never Stop

Repost from my guy @troubleman31 Rip Stephon Clark

Had a good time at the @Jennair event last night. Thank you for having me. #BoundByNothing #Nyc

@sweetchicklife opening at Citifield on Opening Day. Let’s Go Mets!!! #lilsweetchick

Happy Physical Day to Khalil Hassan @hadimoto 3/20! Peace Gawddd

Happy Born to the Great @djpremier !!! Get his new 🔥album PRYHME2

Happy Born to Mr Paul Mitchell. @xplargepro The beat & lyrical technician. SCIENTIST.

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The episode co-stars my guy, Dave East, and trust me, it’s a movie! 🎬

Eustice Dwayne Catar

6 months ago

G- who? Titty boi(2chainz)? You say it’s a movie but it clearly says “documentary series “ so besides Nasir there is nothing to document lol

Bowie Paige

6 months ago

G-Eazy, why is that shit-muncher on there? He shouldn't be allowed to LOOK at Nas, let alone share a poster.

Dulmaa Dorjgotov

6 months ago

Don't let this distract you from the fact that when Paul Walker goes to Vin Diesels house party in Fast and the Furious one, "I got hoes" by Ludacris is playing on the stereo, but in 2 Fast 2 Furious Ludacris appers as a street racer named Tej Parker. So in the Fast and the Furious world who sang "I got hoes"? Was it Tej? Was it Ludacris? Does Ludacris exist? Who has the hoes? Are the hoes okay!?


Today's honoree: MC Lyte, undeniable hip hop pioneer.

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Check out their Instagram for the full slideshow:

Leticia Oliveira

6 months ago

AYE, Inbox Me

Jesus Alcantara

6 months ago

cha cha cha

Rosa Marin

6 months ago

You go girl.

Big Smalls


Today's honoree: Ms. Lauryn Hill, rap legend.

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Check out their Instagram for the full slideshow:

Macy Davis

6 months ago

The Queen is so fukin missed

Kyle Smith

6 months ago

This was inevitable

Congratulations @Ms. Lauryn Hill
Hopefully a joint about Nas/Lauryn Hill is up next

#Legendary that'd be

Adrian Cruz

6 months ago

No doubts, she still kills me softly.