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Anderson Godoy

a day ago

When we go back on tour, and we will. Take Greta Van Fleet. Teach them what not to do. I have been a VIP at your concerts. I have signed guitars. I think it it would be a great cross over moment.

Rob Greenwood

a day ago

It’s all Vince all the time in my car! I just load the CD player with all of Mötley Crue albums n let it play! In fact, when I’m having a crappy day I turn it up louder and say “ sing it to me Vince” n I instantly feel better!

Pierre Boosboos

2 days ago

I dont hear it very offmten but you know i'm a dreamer. And when i do hear a song it will kick start my heart

Awesome Dr Feelgood Collection Right here!

Rjb Ceal

11 days ago

A great album.

Ronald Atienza

13 days ago

Kickstart My Heart WILL be played when others celebrate my life. So will Poision's Nothin' But a Good Time. It is written. Pretty sure I need this hoodie before then though. ;)

Carissa Winslow

13 days ago

Micki Hargrove Smith

Bass in yo face!!!
PIC By @tommylee
#motleycrue #motleyfkncrue

KG Siegfried

15 days ago

It doesn't get any better than the Crue!

Darrin Brewer

15 days ago

I would dig a brief description of what’s going on in this scene. What software, what part of the recording process, what is the cherry on top for today?

BAD dog

Richard Dotson

15 days ago

I kinda hope it’s just Nikki and Tommy doing music for the movie..
If you can’t all be in the studio making music together then let the Crue RIP

On September 1st, 1989, Dr. Feelgood was released! No 1 on Billboard and a massive world tour with 150+ shows around the world. Who was there!!? #DrFeelgood #MotleyCrue

1 T.n.T (Terror 'n Tinseltown)
2 Dr. Feelgood
3 Slice Of Your Pie
4 Rattlesnake Shake
5 Kickstart My Heart
6 Without You
7 Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S.)
8 Sticky Sweet
9 She Goes Down
10 Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)
11 Time For Change

Patricia Simples Godinho

17 days ago

I was not there, but my husband and I love your music! The Motley Crue & Kiss show was our first date (6 years ago today actually!) and we used Kickstart My Heart as our entrance music to our wedding reception!

Rabiishuu Ba

17 days ago

I caught you guys on this tour it was awesome! It proves to me why Crüe was one of the few bands to make it out of the 80’s without being labeled one of those “hair metal” bands that couldn’t stay on the arena headline level.

Jesus Martinez Salazar

18 days ago

Remember that tour well
I walked out of the show early, to get to my car. And there was Motley Crue leaving in their tour bus!

They asked if I like to PARTY!!!
So I walked toward the bus, and the bus left. Since we were no where near Florida University, since this was Jacksonville Florida.. I thought there statement odd at first, when the bus left. FU... then I laughed and waved as the bus left!

They are still cool today!!!

Christin Seidiag

18 days ago

Have a nice weekend.

Chye Michael

18 days ago

YOU don't have my size

Patricia Velez

19 days ago

Katherine Weasel Head I want 😭

28th August 2018

Gianluca Giorgioni

21 days ago

They can tour. They can record albums. All they signed was that they wouldn't tour as Motley Crue without all members. You know, so there's no, "Vince Neil's Motley Crue" and a "Tommy Lee's Motley Crue" and a...... You get it.

Like other classic bands that have a couple versions out there.

Estela Enriquez

21 days ago

I see Tommy, Nikki and I think Bob Rock...hopefully we get a new to hear some new Motley Crue!!!!

Pramod Gurunath

21 days ago

after seeing this im so pumped the foundation to my house is going to move music is not the same without those 4 but lets hope vince goes on a diet

“Dude, you’ll never believe what happened next.......”


Wack Soew II

a month ago

...Anthony Frapasella jumped on stage and pounded out the entire Shout at the Devil album...and then stole your woman Heather Locklear.

Evyn Koyama

a month ago

"It was not!!! I know detergent powder when I smell one!!! ...Dude!?!

Rizky Black Cannibal Ecky

a month ago

Lars Ulrich
Ran like a little girl !rights after he called us a bunch of losers
I chased him for a few blocks and gave up 😂😂😂🎶🎶🎶

Japan 1987 - Getting gold for #girlsgirlsgirls#motleycrue

Claudia Romby

a month ago

Getting paid for Girls, Girls, Girls. Motley Crue, you WHORE! 👉👌😂😂😂

Tümęłõ Mödêdwå Mâkø

a month ago

This was my first concert “SHOUT”, and my cousin took me to it! ,and I had just enough $ to get my first piece of crue swag!! And I still have it to this day!😉 after that I was hooked, and never missed a show when you guys came to trash the Bay Area! 😉 and then one day my dream came true and I got to hang out with Tom & Vin almost all day at the BR Cohn golf tourney!

Edward Monroe

a month ago

Fuck t-bone eat a god damn sandwich!!🙄 I personally know how awesome the granulated goods are😉🤯😬!! but if your skin tone was even a little bit lighter one could see right fuckin’ through your ass!😁🤣......✌️+🤘+❤️❤️ Brother!! 😉 I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I am that you and the rest of the boys are still on this marble with us! 😉 take it slow brother, and I’m still waiting on your answer to me requesting some lessons @ your pad!! Trust me you don’t want to come to mine, it’s a fucking utility closet with windows😁🤣😫 I recently got it re-carpeted, it only cost the landlord $.85!😁 this is not a big place! I’m also sharing it with my 18-year-old son😫 we take turns sleeping in the house, if it’s his night, I have a pillow for my head, and the rest of my body sticks out the front door!
I’m talking smalllllllll! Late😉...RK

31 years ago this week #motleycrue appears on the cover of @rollingstone - crazy times!
"We could just fall apart tomorrow or go straight to the top, because we're such extremists as personalities. It's like riding a roller coaster twenty-four hours a day."

Ebube Deliverer

a month ago

I remember an interview with a Tommy Lee. He said things went downhill really fast I.e., “We were so fucked up that we started shooting alcohol into our veins and I said, dudes, why are we shooting alcohol?!”

René Renderos

a month ago

Damn,bought this when I was 17,feeling old now but the Crüe still rules!! Saw them that tour in Colorado Springs and Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Cristina Martins

a month ago

I still have the issue. The article ripped motley crue. Article was called money for nothing and your chicks for free.

Red Hot #motleycrue

Stephanie Chavez

a month ago

Shout At The Devil! Loved it loved it loved it! Live you Crue! I'm a lifer fan!

Pepper GT

a month ago

Saw that tour when they opened for Maiden in Europe.

Les Fitzsimmons

a month ago

To the top,we are .......

Crüe History: on the set of what classic #mötleycrüe video is this ?

Hendrix David Tovar

a month ago

Michael Berryman is a cool dude he has a skin condition where he has no sweat glands its genetic that's why he looks a little weird

Eric Parsons

a month ago

Home Sweet Home. I'm surprised so many Crue fans haven't seen the unedited video. It's on youtube.

Liliana Maria Hernandez

a month ago

Define irony.

Meeting Michael Berryman in bankruptcy court wearing a Motley Crüe tee shirt...

Interesting side note: he has no fingernails.

Through fire and flame, Mötley Crüe emerge. #motleycrue

Guadalupe Tadeo Carranza

2 months ago

Please Welcome from Hollywood California.The Bad Boys of Rock n Roll Motley F*cking Crue!!!

Ana Martinez

2 months ago

Should have sent these guys to North Korea. Fire and fury . The Crew !

Audrey Shaw

2 months ago

The night you guys played the Santa Monica Civic back in 82-83 totally so amazing compared to the 'Final Tour' Madison WI

Mötley Crue tour with Ozzy 1984 - These were great we’ve been told! #ozzyosbourne #mötleycrüe

Crue <3 Ozzy and I have no idea who the other guys are. I'm thinking Iron Maiden, but I have no idea what they look like😝

Garai M M

2 months ago

I seen Ozzy Osbourne and Motley Crue in 1985 at the Allstate Arena some of the best damn music ever made on the planet

Äñímêsh Bhåtìî

2 months ago

Saw this tour in Bethlehem PA, hardly anyone knew who MC was, kids were handing out flyers saying leave after crue leaves the stage because Ozzy’s too commercial. Ha

Incredible Motley Crüe History Storage Find by Nikki - #tbt #motleycrue
What CrueHistory do you have?!

I have a guitar signed by all of the guys 😍😍😍 Can't get a pic because it's all wrapped and boxed up waiting to be hung on my wall. And so many memories!!!

Julii Rodriguez

2 months ago

My greatest memories of the crue was when they came to Greensboro nc for a show. After the kick ads show they invited everyone back the four seasons Holliday in to party. I got to meet and party with the whole band. Man it was wild , awesome and completely out of control. Thanks cure for all of the kick ass memories. CRUE FOR LIFE.

Arturo Pérez

2 months ago

My favorites... A signed Generation Swine bill and the drumstick I caught at the end of Tommy's final tour drum solo

Caption this! #mötleycrüe

Joyce Shultz

2 months ago

when i asked for a line of their blow. DLR got pissed, vince smiled uncomfortably and tommy said hell yeah.

Jerry Strub

2 months ago

Dave probably had a camera film case full of coke in that left inside pocket of that jacket. Quality stuff too.

Elisha Webb

2 months ago

Hey Dave you know if your ego wasn’t as big as Tommy’s you know what, you and Van Halen could be cashing in on touring now.

Your ride is here!


Fellipe Souza

2 months ago

This was a spread from Hit Parader. I framed it. You can still make out the faint line thru the middle where the staples were.

Tina Tang Pedersen

2 months ago

Great picture! If anyone is interested I put a rare Motley 45 up on Ebay. Toast of the town / Stick to your Guns single. Only 1000 made. Check it out if interested. Thx.

Victor Romo

2 months ago

They stole that car from REO speedwagon.

Hey Guys, I’m Vince and this is Nikki and we’re in a band called Mötley Crüe

Bryan J. Corley

2 months ago

the 80 were the best for culture rock movement ,some people in high school were living in vallley girl pink shirt bull shit , the people that were into rock metal movement were fun hang with including girls at a young age drinking beer but everybody was cool and was looking out for another to make sure everybody got home, but I do remember it was rich kids that were doing the real bad with the girls those that did felt of shame of it next day because everybody would know next day .

Yvette Perez

2 months ago

Nothing Beats the 80's it was the best time motley crue ruled the world

Mossy Wellington Chinkwapulo

2 months ago

One of the greatest heavy metal bands ever


📷: Dustin jack NYE 2015. . #motleycrue #girlsgirlsgirls

Caitlin Kirchoff

3 months ago

Bad ass picture of Tommy and the Cruecifly!!!

Daniel Rodrigues Gomes

3 months ago

There will never be another band like the Crue!!!!!

অধরা তাজরীন সারা

3 months ago

Hell yeah nobody compares to motley Crue

Children Of The Beast

Oussama Hmouda

3 months ago

The band of the ages. Ill never forget when my mom got the album "shout at the devil" and i seen the cover for the first time. I was in the 5th grade, i was like wow what is this.... I listened and my mind was opened to motley crue for life.

Joel Heller

3 months ago

Seen these guys in "E" town, 15 years ago. Talk about Kick Start My Heart.......

Arrieta Curie

3 months ago

Chris Kent they need photos of us at the crue cover band at rubies lol

Loudwire has included Motley Crue in THREE of their "66 Most Important Moments in Metal History" list! Check it out here!

Heloise Castelani

3 months ago

Those are some powerful memories, but I have some better ones on my Metal History memories list. (1) The day we heard that Shout At The Devil album and it led us to discover Too Fast For Love and we listened to them over and over again and we told our friends; we all agreed that they were killer. (2) Seeing how Motley's popularity grew and being so excited to wait in line in order the buy Theatre Of Pain and then Girls, Girls, Girls when they just arrived at the record store brand, spanking new. (3) I remember how we watched every blessed MTV video that they created and watching them over and over again, wishing that we could be just like them, or be their girl (the one that they kept forever). (4) And later after tragedies befell them, seeing them rise out of the ashes, like a fiery phoenix, to show the critics that Motley Crue wasn't a fad that was going to fade, they were a life-long love for many of us, boys and girls. Motley Crue appealed to a variety of people; they spoke for a generation and became legends to new fans during the decades that followed. (5) When they started touring The End and the crowds of loyal fans packed every stadium and cheered and woo-hooed and cried at the end. So many fans wanted to see them around the world that Motley had to tour for two entire years. (thank you so much for that, boys) (6Sixx) The era when Nikki Sixx started writing books that reached out to fans and led them to hope and recovery and got them to love the skin they were in. Motley Crue Metal history will always be ingrained in my heart. Thank you, my Motley Crue!!!

Marcy Bonds

3 months ago

Fukn Crüe for life Motherfuckers 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

Noenz Veronique Reddy Moosa

3 months ago

Emanuel Manne Pehrson

Toast Of The Town

Katie Childs

3 months ago

How much hair spray was involved with this picture?

Chantal Lacombe

3 months ago

The LA Band that started it ALL!

Stenly Christian

3 months ago

Nikki and Tommy grew their hair so long up front that you couldn't see their eyes, only their face remember

29th May 1983: Motley Crue played The US Festival which set a single-day concert attendance record with an estimated 375,000 people packing into the Glen Helen Regional Park near Devore, California.

Take Me to the Top
Looks That Kill
Shout at the Devil
Knock 'em Dead, Kid
Piece of Your Action
Live Wire
Helter Skelter

Sahir Khan

4 months ago

I was 12 Years old when I first got my SHOUT AT THE DEVIL album changed my life,rock and roll forever

Tammy Nicholson

4 months ago

I was there !! . Some say the attendance was 500,000 people but who knows ?? I went with my cousins and I remember it well . Quiet Riot , Motley Crue , Ozzy, Triumph , Scorpions and Van Halen !!! It was awesome and I also went the next day and saw David Bowie , Joe Walsh , Stevie Nicks , U2 and a few others . WOW !!! I will never forget the 1983 Us Festival !!!

Ruslan Haziev

4 months ago

I saw them LIVE twice over in Germany.84&85. Awesome shows. And yes Van Halen sucked. Ozzy and DIO rocked 😎🍻🍻🍻

Hope everyone is having a great weekend - all in the name of Rock N Rolla!

Mitchell Souza

4 months ago

Im drunk inAMERICA so having as good a weekend as can be expected i guess thank yall

Mallie Leidelmeyer

4 months ago

When im going to start my training at gym i heard the song Kickstart my heart, i love it.

Tsakani Manganye

4 months ago

Fuck off some of us are broke not all of us have $200,000 to spend on a sale for mattresses or jewelry or other bullshit some people I know can’t even afford the fucking sale prices so I have to shop at stupid store is that sometimes like marshals gag gag I remember I used to be able to shop at Neiman Marcus and Saks I had to adapt to lower standard clothing stores🙄. It’s not riches to rags it’s rags to riches you fuckers! No excuse me I have to shift the television set because they keep showing the stupid addiction commercial and no wonder this guy got high all the time his ears were the size of his butt cheeks LMAO don’t like my sense of humor eat me

Dame Gnakalé

4 months ago

This is the moment I've been preparing my entire life for.

Ali Raza

4 months ago

I'd like to see more john corabi era stuff

May 1987 Hit Parader Magazine. Press for Girls, Girls, Girls. Who remembers this!? . .

David Roberson

4 months ago

See Tommy was giving out Roses🌹🌹🌹way before 'The Bachelor/ Bachelorette' came along lmao! They stole the MoJo man. 😛 omg all those old school mags we had, funny to see now, what freaking fantastic memories! #JustPupsThen lmao!! 💜

Marisol Martinez

4 months ago

I remember!!! I'm sure that I have it in my chest in the garage. As a teen in my room, I had all these magazines!!! So many, that I would tear out the Crue pics and throw the rest away. Lol

Teresa Jump

4 months ago

Who remembers having this magazine and walls covered in Heavy Metal posters!!! My decorating has changed now Lol😜, but I still love listening and singing to all the heavy metal like I’m still there and don’t see that ever changing!!! I will always remain young at heart!!!

The original merchandise order form that came with Shout At The Devil LP in 1983.Anybody order anything from it back then?Any members of the original SIN Club?#motleycrue . .
📷 @cruecollector

Shaked Portnoy

4 months ago

I was 10 , I didn’t buy anything but I wrote a letter to them saying that I love their music and because of them I started playing drums and guitar. And I got a letter back from them saying thank you and got and autograph from every member. I remember what S.I.N. , ( Safety In Numbers ). That was back in 1983.
Mötley Crüe is one of my favorite bands of all time.

Lin Mean

4 months ago

I have the LP. Just checked inside...still have that order form inside. Never joined but kept it for some reason

Simeon P. Manalili III

4 months ago

Oh ya !!!! Was 1987 I was in the 5th grade obsessed with the Crue!!!!!!! girls girls girls able brand new and was getting hard !👍😎🤘🤙

Who saw this tour? Mötley Crue 1985

Rozany Martins Teixeira

4 months ago

My second concert ever. We bought $10 tickets for $40 from a "ticket broker" type place. I still don't know how they legally did it. Bought the tix in June and the concert was in August. Philly Spectrum thirteenth row on the floor. When Tommys drums moved to the front and flipped up for his solo we were like "what the f"!!!! Saw them on the girls tour twice and dr Feelgood like four times.

Janey Cramer

4 months ago

Never did get to see crue in concert, but our band was supposed to open for methods of mayhem at jacks in va, but they didn’t show up! Our band ended up headlining, it was still a great time.

Loraine Busropan

4 months ago

First concert I ever saw. Salt Lake City 1985. 14 years old in GA. Got right up to the front. Maybe the loudest show I’ve seen to this date. Chris DeCol, Bill Jones

Look what’s just arrived at Amoeba Music Hollywood - Kickstart my heart!!Look out for them at a store near you
New Motley Crue Funkos are here!!

Julie Ryckman

4 months ago

Mine will be here Monday. I pre-ordered so I can make sure I get all four.

Kayla Roberts

4 months ago

Kalin Glenn still getting you a nikki sixx for mayhem and when Hayden Glenn gets a vehicle I'll get him Tommy lee

These r so shit and childish, Crüe must be getting low on money

There's a method to the madness, We never kiss and tell
Have a drink on the boys, We'll entertain you in style

Karlene Gougeon

4 months ago

They lived the rock star lives to there fullest there are some lost days and broken hotel windows to prove it but great band saw you guys 3 times

Alejandro Flores

4 months ago

Love me some Motley Crue & always will , I will b 80 , 90 yrs old & still listening to it, 💯🤘🏼

Chantell Mack

4 months ago

I like this photo because the guys have much less makeup and hairspray. They look much better here (imho).

Whose mom rocks?! Shop the official Motley Mother’s Day gift guide >>

Wookiee Hernandez

4 months ago

Mom's like sales... just sayin

Joe Rheaume

4 months ago

Share me please Motley..?!

Maria Del Rosario Becerra Roan

4 months ago

Theresa Pouliot oh mother dear

Happy Birthday to the incredible one and only Mick Mars!


Catalina Flores

4 months ago

Happy birthday Mick...the only band member that didn't sell out and become a hollwierdo.....thanx mick!

Josephine Hall

4 months ago

Happy Birthday Mick!! Enjoyed seeing you play in the later years since I couldn't before that. Hope it's great!!

Ana Claudia Lima

4 months ago

One of the most underrated guitar players ever. Excellent live player while the rest of the band sounded like shit. Rock on Mick

Flores Orihuela Kary

5 months ago

Girls 1987!!! I was at the Indy gig where Isham shot WILD SIDE. Whitesnake was on fire at the point and Campbell and Aldridge had that band kicking ass. Motley was red hot and Tommy was at the pinnacle of his powers. Mick too. Only tour where Tommy was more dominate was in 1994

Nichole Letendre Gosselin

5 months ago

Saw them in 1983 shout at the devil tour saw them when they came to Laredo about 10 years ago I think and was there in San Antonio on their last tour....

Jamey Cormier

5 months ago

The 'Would have been European tour' they cancelled due to 'Mental Exhaustion' is what we in Germany were told, but truth be known many years later, Doc McGhee had told the band...IF we go to Europe, someone is coming back in a body bag!

Had my ticket in hand ready to see Tommy's Spinning Drumkit & it never happened! As a 17 year old, I was crushed!

Red Hot #mötleycrüe

Deepak Chauhan

5 months ago

Red Hot isn't my favorite song but it sure is my favorite live song. Always the highlight of the show!

Pan Premdilokrat

5 months ago

I still remember the heat from the farewell show and the flames! And, we were practically at the end of the venue! :o Awesome! 🤘

Maggie Margaret Phelps

5 months ago

I have seen you guys ALOT . Over the last 30 years . I need one more time .miss traveling to different shows. Just a thought

'Too Young To Fall In Love' is released as the second single from 'Shout At The Devil' and is again backed with a B-side from the 'Too Fast For Love' album: Motley History!
Who knows what the B side was?

Alejandro Vazquez

5 months ago

Have this album in my car cd player right now :)

Marcelina Waga

5 months ago

Best Crue song EVER!

Lindsay Tay

5 months ago

Play God Bless The Children Of The Beast and Too Young To Fall In Love back to back.

This week in 1981 Mötley Crüe performs their debut gigs, opening two sold-out shows on the same night for Oakland’s Yesterday & Today (Y&T) at the Starwood on the corner of Crescent Heights and Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood. Nikki organised the support slot with the owner David Forest, who also managed his previous band London. The band staples posters on walls and lampposts around Hollywood to promote their shows and Nikki’s rule is if a band has one poster, Mötley needs four. #mötleycrüe

Aline Humphrey

5 months ago

Does anyone know if there is or ever was a concert from their Shout At The Devil tour?

Bobbi Walker

5 months ago

Those were the days when their stage consisted of a sheet for a backdrop. Love you boys

Jennie Wickersham

5 months ago

The first time I saw you guys in 1985 on the Theatre of Pain tour Y&T opened for you. It was the beginning of many wonderful concerts with you guys.

Raise Your Hands To Rock!

Matina Vel

5 months ago

back to my closet after the show...

Felipe Abarca

5 months ago

One bad ass guitar player.

Sumit Saurabh

5 months ago

Motley Crüe come back to Estevan. I got your back this time fuck the rest your the best!!🤘

Cindy Lee

5 months ago

This is how you pack a stadium

Derrick Deweese

5 months ago

I am a dutch high school teacher and this one time i played the Crue in class, and guess what! They loved it... now my son sings along with me in the car. Im a lucky guy i guess!

Wayas Janphil Rey

5 months ago

Love the Crüe. So awesome. Listened to these guys really early on. I had a “special” interest because of my last name. Not only do I enjoy the music, it has become a part of who I am. Rock on Motley Crüe

‘I’d say we kicked some ass....’

Linda Debuono-Niles

5 months ago

You bet the Crue kicks ass and still will .You kept me alive and going for many years.through all the krap and the cold...You guys are awesome..Thank you...

Ken Thomas

5 months ago

To young to fall in love but we are too fast to fall in love but merry goes around and we can shout at the devil because we are all children of the beast!!🤘🤘🍺🍺❤❤

Markos Oikon

5 months ago

Constantly kicked so much ass!!

Use it or lose it.

Claudette Menard

5 months ago

Top 5 Crue song for me. Thankfully got to see them play it a couple times during their post-Carnival of Sins touring. Never got to see them in their heyday unfortunately

Filip Wasserbauer

5 months ago

my favorite Crue song is Knock em Dead kid....if I remember correctly on the album you guys dedicated it to LAPD...I am curious if there is some backstory to that dedication

Trevor Parker

5 months ago

This is one bad ass song and I blasted the HELL OUT OF IT ALL THE TIME BACK IN THE DAY and still listen to it when I get a chance MOTLEY CRUE FOREVER !!!!!!

Amílcär Hrndez

5 months ago

Awesome that. S my favorite tour I became a huge fan when shout out the devil came out I have all the circus magazines in my folders on my wall I have so much motley crue stuff some rare stuff

Tyler Weeks

5 months ago

to guitar god mick mars eat (swal-low) a piece of organic stone for the best temple (body) repair sir and this information comes from my new column organic ideas by dirt stone and grass yours truly the richest person in the world for-ever brandon mcarthur blake and you can also try my # 1 creation meal which is organic dirt stone grass corn old-fashion oat meal and spring water sir and give thanks for every-thing every- time sir god is great

Celso Da Luisa Nauacha

5 months ago

One more world tour please!!!!

The world of Mötley Crüe

Adriana Denham

5 months ago

Tommy's Drum riser tilted a full 90 degrees and it said "EAT ME" on the side of it ! That was at the Calgary Show in 85'

Cinthia Lin Houlle

5 months ago

TOP was the first time I ever saw Motley Crue in concert and it changed my life.

David Welliver

5 months ago

Seen them with Y&T and Accept in 1985 and again in 1987 with Whitesnake opening for them great shows.

Saturday nights on Sunset

Sue Patterson

5 months ago

Made my first trip to the strip back in February. Walked it and ended up at the Whiskey and Rainbow. Would have loved to have been there in the 80's! 🤘🤘🤘

Hugo Jesus Alvarez Hernandez

5 months ago

...truly the Saints of Los Angeles...

Alot of great times on that damn Blvd haha omg some drunk a** times. Girlfriends, Sushi & Saki Bombers lmfao! I miss the Whiskey, Gazzaris, The Rainbow Room, The Roxy, FM Station ( in the Valley)! #GoodTimes 😛 Nikki keep up the fantastic work, so proud of U Dude! #6months 👍💜 I told mt son Ernesto & he was also really happy for U too! Peace ✌🎤🎧🎶🎸Keep Rockin'! So glad U are happy & healthy!

When was your first tour/show seeing us?

Rayma Zwinge

5 months ago

Cedar rapids,Iowa 5 seasons center Theater of pain tour.Loudness opened up.i was fu#;kN.....15 hrs old ....our aunt dropped us off 3 other canny driveyet..wish I had my 1985 allister fiend.....jacket...old , know what I mean...

Marilù Colonna

5 months ago

1990/91 dr feelgood tour w/faster pussycat in saginaw michigan..i also took my 16 year old niece to her first ever concert which was your final tour at dte in clarkston michigan.. seen you 3 times total and loved them all..still one of my favorite bands of alltime

Megan Reeves Sinnamon

5 months ago

Montreal June1984...Auditorium de Verdun...Hey Nikki it was so HOT out there...and before you guys signs autographs at ROCK en Stock on Crescent Str....It's still today a memory that won't go away...I'm 48 now...and never ever forget that day...

Iain Peer

5 months ago

Only saw the Final tour 4 times. We are missing you guys! 🤘

Clark Scovel

5 months ago

To the top we are
Red hot
Shout at the devil
We've laughed at your wars
Can't you see we're out for blood
Run with the pack, now
Always ask for more
Can't you see we're out for blood

Alexander Mejia

5 months ago

The bad boys of L.A...yeah get back off the road..lets go to rock and roll and kicks ass tom

I’m on my way, Home Sweet Home

Katrina Rollin

5 months ago

I recently played this for my 2 year old and a minute in he said, "I love this song." Of course he does!

Ernest Mcilwee

5 months ago

Why would you want another tour Vince’s voice is finished. Saw them on there final tour vince was awful. Remember them when they were at there best, but stop living in the past.

Marsha Bailey

5 months ago

I missed the last one when you all were in cleveland. I had to work when I was in columbus and it absolutely broke my heart that I couldn't go. Wish you can come perform for my husband's scare camp. He wants to get alice cooper to join in on this new event. Meeting up to see Alice Cooper next weekend and my husband is interviewing him for thunder roads magazine before touring in june.

LA’s hottest Bands! #motleycrue

God Bless the Children of the Beast

Douglas Pennick

5 months ago

Miss you guys. Too young to fall in love.

Cristian Martinez

5 months ago

Lots and lots of cocaine in this picture. All good....except Vince looks like he may die.

Edz Manzanares Cameron

5 months ago

And who are the children of the beast?

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Chris Spencer

5 months ago

I like them but come on Tommy does not have the whole set not even the big Zildjian Dong cymbal like you all had on tour

Marija Stojanovska

6 months ago

For that much money, they should perform for you! Even Gene Simmons thinks that price is ridiculous.

Rojus Reifas

6 months ago

Mark Lane these would look insane behind the bar

Then you realise tommy lee is got no drum set and the price is way over the top

What’s up Crueheads!!

Gang Of 4 #motleycrue