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Every night to my right is arguably the greatest DJ ever!! @djmars404 thank you for 15 years of Loyalty & Keeping the crowd on their feet.... To all of my staff [email protected] of you are taken for granted ! THANK YOU !! (shot by: @cyndiibee_ )
Hahahahaha Repost from @rockohill Only you can call Melo Goldilocks LOL This that real love !! Forever be your brothers keeper !! CC: @romelohill #TheyAllIEverWanted @cyndiibee_ catches the best moments #MyShooter 📸

@_his_heart We will meet Mahogany... I will make sure of it !! Pls dm your info to @monicasoul and we will figure something out!! As hard as our plan and purpose is to completely be figured out, one things for certain we all have one! I’m grateful my music has played a part in you finding your strength because as I made these records I was finding mine!! This is the real reason I do it !! This is the reason the night name of Jesus is never left out no matter how big or small the platform ! I would hang in the pits of hell , bad friends & poor choices while folks use and abuse my kindness & he just kept saving me until I could see me & that I belonged to him !! YOU belong to HIM!! Thx @pnutstrax for sending me this !!
Being the oldest requires patience , diligence , the ability to lead , smarts, logic (when the younger ones have a bad idea) , a nurturing spirit & again more patience. @rockohill you have them all!! You quietly take control at times without me asking. Much like the day you were born! I looked at you and knew exactly what I needed to do!

Thank you Women for thinking of me to be a part of something so beautiful!! Packed night after night & the sounds of music for the soul... The immensely talented @iamlatocha & in Laiyah’s Voice “HER Auntie Tinyyy” @majorgirl LOL... #TheGreatXscapeTour”
Not to many artist can be on tour ad say they sung in the church choir together but we can LOL... I was about 9 or 10 but you always showed me love .. @therealtamikascott 📸: @cyndiibee_

@frostscience WON @laiyahbrown ’s heart with this dance floor that changed colors every step !! Y’all Robot 🤖 ain’t got a thing on ours !! Check the stance 2nd pic... LIT😂 (Shot By: @cyndiibee_ )
We chase our blues by chasing adventures LOL... We miss our guys but we make the most of our girl time... We started off today with a visit to @frostscience

“My Ting Done Made Your Kingdom Wan Run Now understand Mo-Boogie not Violent But if a Ting test Me Run fa Me Gun” LOST ONE➕➕➕➕➕➕
I’m only interested in coming up, with who stayed down➕Forever, Mrs. Brown...... Styled Myself in @off____white & @stellamccartney ➕Hair: @kellonderyck ➕Makeup: @eva_thediva_kim Photo: @cyndiibee_ & S/O to my manager, Melinda I love you #BornTogetherBossUpTogether

MIAMI .... TODAY .... DECEMBER 5th, you do not want to miss the Great Xscape Tour!!! The American Airlines Arena will never be the same !! June’s Diary, Zonnique, Tamar Braxton, Myself & the legendary Xscape will be performing !!!!!!! See you there 🖤

Happy Birthday To My Brother 🖤 Montez aka No IG Yella .. The day you were born changed my life for the better.. My forever best friend , literally our souls are linked like twins!! You crave zero spotlight , could care less about worldly things you live & breathe to protect us all!! #GodKnewINeededYou #TheresNOmeWithoutYou 🖤 #Yella

Night after Night I’m moved by the outpouring of love and support !! Thank you Washington , DC..... #AngelofMine 💡 Shot By : @cyndiibee_

It’s Showtimeeeeeeeee D.C. 🖤 y’all ready ??

My face every time I land and it’s cold 😳 Lawd.... Thank you for @canadagoose !!! Every piece will be joining me this tour !!!! #TheGreatXscapeTourWillBeFireTho 🔥

Standing in his will, learning as I grow ❤️ Glasses: @eyechic_philly By: @frency_and_mercury Makeup: @mlatricemua Photo: @cyndiibee_

Be careful crossing, most paths you will cross more than once !! M.B. 🖤 Photo: @cyndiibee_ Makeup: @mlatricemua Styling: Me Moral Compass: My Mother❤️

You never know what I’m into... some moves are better executed in silence ... #PrayAndMove #WhenYouPopTheWigOff LOL #Versatility #HeLikesIt 💕 Photo: @cyndiibee_ Makeup: @eva_thediva_kim Hair: Me

Today was a great day!!!Forever Grateful that each day I do what I love 💕 Hair: @kellonderyck Makeup: @priscillaono Styling: Myself Photo: @cyndiibee_
I enjoyed sitting in @thetalkcbs with @sherylunderwood @thesaragilbert @juliechencbs @kunalkarmanayyar

Greater purpose I find daily in you & your brothers ... 🖤My Love , My Daughter @laiyahbrown you can be anything you want to be! Live out Loud, Love hard & Don’t take one drop of crap (on or off the playground) LOL..... #AtlantasUltimateWomensExpo 📸: @cyndiibee_ Styled By Mommy 🖤
Standing in Power & Love today at Atlanta’s Ultimate Women’s Expo 🖤 Thankful for my Mother & Grandmother, their strength lives in me!!!!
There will never be a time when I won’t have your back... With all that I am I will Love & Protect you🖤 @laiyahbrown ... Today I styled us both... LOL it was pretty fun!! #TheBoysSaidNah #ItsASpeechForWomen #GoBeGreat #LayWasUpEarly LOL #ILoveMyChildren
There’s never a shortage of respect and love between us... We represent our children , our strength , our struggles , our successes & the Southside !! @rasheedadabosschick #KeyNoteSpeakers #AtlantaUltimateWomensExpo
Be sure to tune in to @thetalkcbs on Monday ... ❤️ I’m joining the ladies...

@obj & @bradwing9 Take the field together .... #SavageSeasonForLife featuring @romelohill & Henry .... Happy 🏈 Halloween ... Shot By: @cyndiibee_ Costumes & Beard @lahluvie
👻🎃👻Enjoy and have fun with your family !!!

Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because , having stood the test , that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those that love him ... James 1:12 .... #STILLSTANDING

➕Monica Denise Brown ➕ 37
Born in.... Raised in..... Live in..... & Tonight hitting the stage in...... ATLANTA 🍑..... #SHOWTIME ....

Chicago was EVERYTHING.... ❤️ Thank you so much !!! Hair : @kellonderyck Makeup: @mlatricemua Photo: @cyndiibee_

Mood Forever ❤️🖤❤️Laiyah’s need for speed is unreal LOL... Some moments are truly moments for life.. @ogboobieblack_bwa got put on every ride after promising Lay anything she did he was too Lol... @onyx_11 hung tight until Ride 12 LOL.. I love my family.. I’m grateful for those who love my children & I #HandsUP @cyndiibee_ you capture the moments that matter #Almost37
What you looking at sis 🤷🏾‍♀️ We just Out here living our best life LOL... I always tell me children take your Happy with you & always be YOU!! So yeah we’re dancing in the middle of a packed parked singing the best friend song !! LOL (by the way the little girl watching us is adorable!! all in fun❤️)

ORLANDO... Hope you’re at the ⭐️94.5 Block Party already because it’s about to go down!! All you have to do is be there !! Free Concert !! Lit from start to finish 💜 See you there !!!!!! #DowntownOrlando

Happy Birthday ❤️ Linda .... Thank you for your undying dedication to us all!! I pray that today was filled with everything your heart desires !! You deserve it !!!! Love youuuuuuu...
What happens in our lives doesn’t determine the outcome, how we react to what happens does!!! #StayFocused #Almost37 Makeup: @eva_thediva_kim Hair: @kellonderyck Custom Camo Jacket : Photo: @cyndiibee_

The same people you see when you come in the door, you will see when you exit so make sure both times you’re gracious !! You should never think so much of you, that you disrespect others 💜 #NanaTaughtMe & #ITeachMine #DisrespectWillGetYouChecked M.B. 💜 This jacket made me shed a 💧tear.. Thank you Photo: @cyndiibee_
On #SpiritDay we stand against bullying and show support for LGBTQ youth. They truly need or love & support .... So Go purple now and join in 💜

Let Love lead you ❤️

In the midst of some of the greatest musicians , singers , writers & full out entertainers ever 🖤 You all put in work tonight on stage 🎶 @brunomars simply phenomenal!!
Everything meant for me still belongs to me !! #GodsWay #WhereHeIsThereAreGreatThings #BeYourBestYou Uplifting others will Lift YOU❤️ @dsquared2 ❤️

EPIC ➕ UNBELIEVABLE ➕ UNFORGETTABLE tribute to Queen Latifah closed by “Lauryn Hill” ... Their were so many things learned in the moments that we all watched these two queens salute and show respect to each other! One of which is that @ms_laurynHill is greatness personified 🖤

When women embrace the importance of what we all share, there’s great times to be had🖤 So much fun with these two @iamlaurenlondon & @cassie #SimplyBeautiful .... Young King Chilling w/ Us LOL #Revolt #HonoringTheHonorable
@sza You were so great & gracious last night !! You showed an immense amount of Love for La & every person in that room. I wish you the absolute best in all you do!! Sincerely ❤️

When My son Love you, I Love you.... so you already know @bwa.ron
Loyalty ; a word often used but not practiced !! Those close to me know I believe Love & Loyalty go hand in hand...... It’s not just to be said.. It’s to be lived, honored & valued ❤️

Blessed to do what I love ... Hair: @deedeemetzger Makeup: @mlatricemua Styled By: @adesamuel Photo: @cyndiibee_
Say What? Jacksonville was UNREAL..... Thank you for all the love tonight .... Everyone singing word for word filled my heart with gratefulness ... Tomorrow night Miami❤️ 📸: @cyndiibee_

Keeping these experiences in my heart forever ❤️ The snow , The Activities , The People & even the cold were all beautiful ... #Utah @waldorfparkcity thank you... I Kept warm in my personalized @pologeorgis Coat #MissThang ❤️ @ugg boats & @lalaanthonycollection jeans .... ❤️ Photo: @cyndiibee_
When we think we’ve lost direction we are often times just being redirected !!! 🖤 #HoldOn

After TWO HOURS I caught NOTHING 🎣 when I say nothing would bite , I mean NOTHING... Good thing I had a lot of patience and a few jokes 🤷🏾‍♀️LOL... I know you can’t rush the process & by hour 3 my instructor Peter said he’s never seen someone so determined ..... #CastsRodAndAgrees #ThanksForTheEncouragement LOL

So the next one to catch an 18’ Fish was @romelohill .... He was serious about catching fish... Peter & Coup helped him lead to cast & catch ... #NeverMindMeThinkingAboutLunch 🤷🏾‍♀️ #WePutThemAllBackTho #MayFlyFishing #Utah 📸: @cyndiibee_
Today we went Fly Fishing and WOW what an experience !!! @rockohill was the first to catch a fish 🐠.... Thank you MayFly Fishing ... Coup had the magic Fishing Rod today... All big fish LOL
Baby Girl braved every second of the cold & the water... She was all of our biggest cheerleader LOL... it was so hilarious when I hadn’t caught a thing and she said “Mommy I’m coming to help you, you can do it” LOL .... gotta love her❤️ @laiyahshannon
@__shannon__brown__ took his fishing to new levels.. He caught several large 🐠 fish .. one being the White Fish which they say is rare!!! He was down to give me some needed assistance first 😉

Sending prayers to Our Family @obj .... Injuries are never easy but you’re a true champion & believer !! Nothing but love from us Brother , Wishing you a speedy recovery ❤️💙
Top of the Mountain enjoying Gods Creations... Unbelievably Beautiful... Starting to snow as I type ... Keeping warm In my favorite bomber : @bentaverniti_unravelproject Captured by: @cyndiibee_

No matter where you are , how old you get , who you’re around , or where life may take you .... You can always depend on your Momma !!! ❤️

Just Do it Mo... Your babies are watching !!! LOL... Second Picture was pretty much my face the whole time 😂😂
Guess who said let’s Zip Line... That’s right @laiyahshannon .... She too took a large part of the course like a champ!! When bridges got to rocking though she needed some assurance!!! I still haven’t told her I was scared to because SHE feeds off ME!!! #ChileIWasShakingTho #GotTooMuchToLiveFor LOL #ButYouCantSpeakNoFearAndNotLiveIt ❤️ Photos: @cyndiibee_

Yes to New Adventures with those I Love.... 🖤

Coming to a city near you... All Women , All about the Music , All dedicated to giving every person that attends a real show!! Join us for The Great Xscape Tour!!!! Tickets available now at w/ The Ladies of Xscape , Tamar Braxton , NeNe Leaks as Host & Yours Truly

#TBT It’s almost that timeeeee... Our Family Loves Halloween & last year we shared it with 200 of our Friends, Family & the Kids amazing School Family. Myself & @ideaeventstyle worked on every scary detail 🕷the last pic says it all (inserts creepy laugh) LOL🎃👻🎃👻🎃👻🎃👻🎃👻🎃 📸: @milanesphotography & @inijephoto Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice

#HappyBirthdayMazi #NothingIsTheSame #DoItForMazi #ForeverInOurHearts #ForeverOnOurMinds #ForeverInOurPrayers #ForeverInOurDreams
Happy Heavenly Birthday @yungmazibwa ... You were a gift to each of us! Constantly giving & protecting who & what meant most to you!! #Irreplaceable #Unforgettable #MuchoAndMaziTogetherAgain

@iamstephaniemills WOW 🖤 Thank you so much for your kind words... I was floored. Being acknowledged & uplifted by such a legendary , timeless , poised & vocally incomparable woman like yourself touched me... I’m still growing , I sing and live in my truth.. I respect the way pavers & that’s YOU❤️Love U
Love.... There’s never too much of it ... Love can conquer things hate has destroyed ... Showing love is a sign of loving yourself ... Love can heal, uplift and restore .... GOD is Love , when we love him we must love others 🖤

One for the plug , One for the load ☎️😜They don't call me Momma for nothing !! (My family is the plug , This business is the load) !!
@iamkevingates #ByAnyMeans available NOW.... Son I'm proud of you.. We live to learn & learn in order to grow!! I love you... CC my forever loves @realdrekagates @ogboobieblack_bwa @bwa.ron 🖤🎶🖤🎶🖤🎶🖤🎶🖤🎶🖤🎶

Sending prayers and love while finding ways to directly help those who are suffering beyond belief ... I can't imagine ALL power GONE... with children , elderly , the sick all trying to survive this !!! #GODhelpUsHelpEachOther & I'm learning of the devastation in the #VirginIslands WE MUST PRAY & HELP them & #Dominica as well
I do not see what others are doing because I'm fully focused on a better, stronger ME... You can not keep your porch clean if you're sweeping someone else's .... #SelfReflectingIsInspiring #BajanSummers in @mdollas11 @neweracap 's 🌼🌸🌺 Outfit: @richgirlcandy

Tune in to Vh1 .... September 18th... Monday 9/8c 🖤 Theme is everything 90's
Do what you love with people you love 🖤 Makeup: @officialsheiks Hair: @michrich2 Styled By: @adesamuel in @alexanderwangny & @gianvitorossi Photo: @cyndiibee_

Always a beautiful time in Louisiana ... Thank you @riculfy_livery for always providing the best Exotic Transportation & Sprinters for my team & I... The best service & vehicles in the city .... ask for DJ... #UntilNextTime 🛩
No one put me here ; I climbed!!! Never afraid of hard work !!! Thank you BR .... Tonight was everything!!! Photo: @cyndiibee_ Makeup: @lipsticker_ Hair: @vibrancy7 Styled by: @adesamuel in @balenciaga & @gianvitorossi

Fans shared about Monica

Sarah Eliza Cofer

3 months ago

Im always 37 but i cant balance the ph levels in the kiddie pool if a shrill voice keeps burning bridges that shouldnt be burned.

Joe blow and joe schmo arent on the same page right now.

Now there are two deaths reported & countless people without power (close to a million) ... Infants, elderly shut in, highways closing , stores empty! Do not take it lightly Georgians do what you can to make sure you and your loved ones are safe ...

Fans shared about Monica

Davidson Shun

3 months ago

Really..So who are you to Judge someone else because you have a Silver spoon in your Mouth..We wasnt placed here for differences..We all the same..Playful heart..God bless you sister

Polly Klapthor

also shared about Monica

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My FOREVER Reason ❤️ I'm a entirely different woman because of these three.. Always wanting to grow so that they see how important it is to be a good person, stand for something, live your truth & remain authentic verses simply hearing it! I believe our Children often times do as they see & Not what we Say" ... I just want them to see the best in me❤️ @romelohill @laiyahshannon @rockohill ... Photo 📸: @cyndiibee_
Some things never change !!! Who we are is one❤️ROWDY.....

Gratefulness ... Graciousness... I never leave home without them ..... LA Nights.... Work Nights....
If you know me, you already know ❤️ @dallasaustins Thank you for helping to rear and steer me!! The Music was an enormous bonus!! I Love You!!! #PopsSoCool 📸: @cyndiibee_