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Sharknado 6: It’s About Time airing tonight on SYFY. Look for some cameos!


Yesy Balmaceda

25 minutes ago

Hey Sweetie I got another friend request from you last night . I won't go into details but it was a scam he wanted me to go to Walmart &send him $500 the money is supposed to be for your dyeing mother.When I called him out and told him
When he can prove he is you I'll send the money he got pissed anyway I have his number if you want it!! Keep up all your hard work I Love You! Prayers & Love Always XOXOXO

Roberta Santos

25 minutes ago

I can’t wait for swat to start again and baby boy will be back in action. I love to see these post from you that shows your love for all people around you and your mom. Keep the post coming . Keep true to the baby boy crazy and fun loving post and I will be watching for them. Much love and respect

Vladimir Zimmermann

25 minutes ago

Everyone always wants to see your smile, but I like seeing the serious side of you. We definitely can't always be smiling in life.

My new do although my strands are few 😜

Hortensia Antunez Ramos

2 hours ago

You are a beautiful princess all the way no matter what hair style you rocking.

Alicia Guadalupe Flores

2 hours ago

wow, sharp love it

Ethan Wright

2 hours ago

Looks great, love it, that's my Jada

recording at the studio today

Connie Hildebrand

an hour ago

U look tired matty b

Melanie DeBarros

an hour ago

What happened to your wrist?

Mai Luk Egon

an hour ago

Hello mayy what cute are

Just saw Mike Brbiglia’s new theatre piece THE NEW ONE at Cherry Lane Theatre. Brilliant, heartbreaking, and hysterical. Go see it!
“Palisades Park” Hartford, CT 8/15/18 “We got nothing to wear”

Merdis Harris

an hour ago

Lovin' that shirt!

Lisandro Esquivel

an hour ago

Do you “...need a raincoat”? Thanks for a fabulous show in Mansfield!

Marie Pitou

an hour ago

"Love is like angel dust, lovely sometime changes... sometimes not"
There is such a sad beauty in these lyrics.

Daddy’s home 🤪❤️🤟🏽

Daniel Erikson

2 hours ago

She’s adorable

Cecilia Steen

2 hours ago

She's so precious

Sam Yabo

2 hours ago

She’s sooo cute! ❤️

New Zealand are you ready? #wutang

Kevin Riley

3 hours ago

Please come to the UK.

Louis Armstrong first recorded ‘I’m Confessin’ in Los Angeles on 19 August 1930. It remained a favourite and this gorgeous version was when Armstrong performed it live on ‘The Frank Sinatra Show’ on 1 January 1952, with the CBS studio orchestra conducted by Axel Stordahl

Always great to be back @highfieldfstvl #highfieldfestival

Stunning. I read these poems over and over, rocks me to the core. #aliciamountain

Diogo Alvino

2 hours ago

Looks like a book about Obi Wan, written by Vader.

Ste Dean

2 hours ago

I have the high ground Anakin

Bernard Ulrick Velasco

2 hours ago

I have one too 😀

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Patryk Sagan

2 hours ago

Sure, I'm Ready, I'm Ready!

Walker Griffin

2 hours ago

Comunque, bello sarebbe che la facessero sorridere loro a Lei e non Lei a loro!😊!?

Cedric Pillet

2 hours ago

Bè,se non altro,almeno in sicurezza si è messa! Interessante!

Very few endeavors in life better develop an ultra alive Samurai warrior higher level of awareness like the mystical flight of the arrow! ThankU SALUTE to all our dedicated Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids charity volunteers & heroes like George Britton at Brittons Archery in Tarpon Springs FL!! Upgrading & saving kids lives everyday! Godbless you all! May your quality of life be as accurate & joyous as the disciplined flight of your arrows!

Zachary Hart

4 hours ago

I'm not sure how you measure it, Unka Ted, but it seems to me, going down in the Rock hall of fame pales compared to being remembered for the Humanitarian Hero of children and hope. That's music to my ears.

Diahann Martin

4 hours ago

Everyone needs to get kids involved in the outdoors, shooting, archery, hunting. If we don't do it now, you can bet your ass, there wont be much of anything in the near future.

Gïbüï Tröglödïïtäh Färäóh Skëëïnnïy

4 hours ago

Sweet! All my kids enjoy shooting in one form or another. Teaching them some awsome skills.

Denver tonight 😝‼️ Don’t blow my high‼️#dazedandblazedtour

Anjalie Peterson-washington

5 hours ago

What’s the word cuz thinking about simulating my mind to???!!!

Tom Dusaux

5 hours ago

Can't Blow Your High Dawg, I got My OG K#sh With Me !! :)

Lee Edward

5 hours ago

Nice doing khalifa don't blow my high hahaha

‪15 years down! 🎸🎶 #Indestructible ‬‬

Jennifer Markus Reid

40 minutes ago

Such a good album!

Dávíd Dúŕáń

40 minutes ago

RANCID ...Lars OxleyOxley ...Chicago 2003 warped Tour... circle pit.

Sasiphimol Tanun

40 minutes ago

Great album. Really helped me through a tough time around then. Still in my "regular rotation" in the truck, too. Standout tracks for me are "Start Now", "Fall Back Down", "Born Frustrated", and "Back Up Against The Wall".

She moves like she don't care
Smooth as silk, cool as air

Perla Tania

4 hours ago

The song to sing at karaoke bar.

Juliette Savio

4 hours ago

I absolutely love this song go mental at parties

Steffon Banks

4 hours ago

Played it just last night as part of our best of 90s party we held.

Let's support people affected by Natural Disasters with #CallforCode and use technology for good on #WorldHumanitarianDay. Show your support for @UnitedNationsHumanRights & @RedCross in their efforts to help the most vulnerable among us. To get involved, visit:
About last night! 📸: Doug McSchooler Photojournalist/ IndyStar

Alba Navarro

2 hours ago

They were amazing here in Toronto also

YHong Liz

2 hours ago

I love Cyndi te queremos en nuestro Chile 🇨🇱🎸🎙

Lacey Ritter

2 hours ago

Honor, where honor is due

Costa Rica su amor y hospitalidad me tocaron el alma anoche los quiero!

Greta Oquinn

2 hours ago

Wow Marc, after reading all the beautiful comments and seing all the love you get from all of us, I'm speechless you are definitely a true star that shines to gives us light and make our lives happier, you have cautivated our souls and completely won our hearts Congratulations to the very best Artist in the world God bless you always wherever you are❤❤🙌🎶🎵🎼🎶🎵🎼🎤💃💃 👑👏👏👏👏👏

Erynn Peters

2 hours ago

Demasiado mi hijo su mayor fan le dio una noche llena de emoción gracias por su entrega en el escenario es un gran artista

Michael Goings

2 hours ago

Fue mi primer concierto y estuvo demasiado bueno ,definitivamente eres espectacular 🇨🇷🇨🇷🇨🇷🇨🇷

Buffalo! Thank you! See more on

Francine Longpre

5 hours ago

how many children do you have are you proud to hve them

Brently Abshier

5 hours ago


Keith Sampson

5 hours ago

My favourite singer with Beyonce wow

Let's support people affected by Natural Disasters with #CallforCode and use technology for good on #WorldHumanitarianDay. Show your support for United Nations Human Rights & American Red Cross in their efforts to help the most vulnerable among us. To get involved, visit the link below

Deborah Hansen

4 hours ago

You are a good man
I love

Bruce Cartledge

4 hours ago

Mi ídolo 👌👌😍 todo lo que haces y sobre todo lo de corazón es genial !!!

Katy Duffell

4 hours ago

You're a person good 💗😍

Was a pretty gruesome scene to shoot... but that’s not to say it wasn’t absolutely delicious. 6/2/17 8:34pm

Luisa Fernanda Mejia

5 hours ago

😸 Looks delicious 😋 I must say that I was a little confused watching The Assassination Of Gianni Versace, but becausen of the channel I saw it on. I think they loved episode six and seven. They showed episode 1-5, 7,6,6,7,7,8,9. 🙃 I did know the real story before I saw the series, and I think everyone did a fantastic job. You can be very creepy. 😊

Liam Falls

5 hours ago

Incredible job, sir! Emmy award is well deserved!

Mohammed Yaya

5 hours ago

and the child is promoting !!!!;)

Let's support people affected by Natural Disasters with #CallforCode and use technology for good on #WorldHumanitarianDay. Show your support for United Nations Human Rights & American Red Cross in their efforts to help the most vulnerable among us. To get involved, visit:

Vanesa Anabella Nasci

an hour ago

Sad. That's crazy. Poor people

Михаил Чистяков

an hour ago

Beautiful picture of you my friend.

Check out our competition for the tour with Johnny Orlando. The winners will be announced by Charlie and Leo on Instagram live after the tour #bamxjohnnyorlando #johnnyorlandoxbam

หกห้า หกสูง เต็งหก

5 hours ago

Can't wait


5 hours ago

i so exitedddd, see u guys on ysf!

Marta Armanino

5 hours ago

Hope ur having a fun on your tour babies🖤Stay Safe Iloveyou

8.13.18 Sacramento, CA
📷: @frvnkdelgvdo
#deftones #thespot #guitar # writing #sacramento #knaggs #knaggsguitars #chinomoreno

Sarah Bard

5 hours ago

My favorite band in the whole world.

Wanda Ashmore

5 hours ago

Looking forward to Aftershock!

Abdul Punk

5 hours ago

fuck those 6 strings guitars. pull out the 8 string and chug on that LOOOW F#

Byron Bagwell

6 hours ago

You are so beautiful ❤

Fayma Zacharia

6 hours ago

Awesome. You touched my soul with your music. Sang with you so many times

Alexis Florez

6 hours ago

I just smile every time I see this face.

Claudio Tarter

5 hours ago

Where can I buy that BAG 😍😍😍

Force Mfana Dlamini

5 hours ago

There's the 'real you', I've been looking for again,good to see you out and about young lady.

Eden Leach

5 hours ago

It hasn't even arrived to my city yet :(
What a bullshit

Let's support people affected by Natural Disasters with #CallforCode and use technology for good on #WorldHumanitarianDay. Show your support for United Nations Human Rights & American Red Cross in their efforts to help the most vulnerable among us. To get involved, visit:

Mario Alberto Duran Lopez

an hour ago

Thank you guys, for being empathetic and caring! Love y’all!

David Alvid

5 hours ago

🍃wisdom in this . True Jesus spent time with all the people in town but he was strong in the soul and could resist temptation easily . He spent a lot of time
With those seeking more in life .
Minds affect our thoughts . Most people's personality options outside where their concept of self is

Is comprised by the 5 personalities they spend the most time with in addition to thier own .

Took 5 years because I always used Jesus lifestyle to resist control of what o thought was the church over my life ,

But eventually it did take almost all of who I was . And I was trying to help and bless people out of oppression but their ways swept me up .

They have elements of my lifestyle in them permanent but they are in my mind and light and soul to . 💙☁️
Choices 🙂☁️

Monique Davis

5 hours ago

I only understand this if , and ONLY IF...they are not good influences and try to lead you away from the Lord. No one is to abandon their friends because they want to be socially moving up the ladder, or because of whatever superficial "social" reasoning that has no Biblical basis. I believe friends who have problems ESPECIALLY should never be abandoned just because you don't want to deal with it anymore which, I have to say is the most uncaring and selfish reason I have ever heard!
Only say goodbye if they are leading you away from the Lord...period !!!

Loveth Sunday

5 hours ago

Might sound harsh to some , but it is the absolute truth. If your in recovery , you cant keep hanging around with your user "friends". Who probably in reality arent true friends.

Houston was wicked last night. Thanks to the 15,000 sweaty Texans partying hardcore.

Sarah Foran

2 hours ago

Awwwwww wish I was there!!!🙌🏻🙌🏻🖤

Christoph Meichsner

2 hours ago

Who is photographer? Damn they get the coolest shots!

Ro-Lyn Tabucol de Leon

2 hours ago

Felicia Ami Courvier memories!!! It was funny af when he mentioned the heat during the show 😂

can I runaway to somewhere beautiful where nobody knows my name?

Patrick Gigase

25 minutes ago

I don't think it could be Egypt cause all my friends know who you are ... you are the best ... and all and I love you and love your songs your songs are so perfect and it makes me happy I love you ❤

Martha Meza

25 minutes ago

Why you want do that? It's impossible for you haha 'cause everybody know you everywhere. I love you and I love your music too

Elliot Wilson

25 minutes ago

Yah go to remote areas of bihar or jarkhanad or odhisa...they are in India...nobody knows you there.camila..

Kathleen Peyer Motl

5 hours ago

I'm too broke to be spending money on going out all the time... But my bills are paid, I got retirement chips stacking, and my queen and I just purchased a 300k home. And, I spent 100 months in prison and only been home 4 years. Nobody gave me shit. Grown man moves.

Adam Fernando Blea

5 hours ago

Be about yo money sahab weather you still on the block or got a regular job.

Justeen Cinco

5 hours ago

Can't buy Love and it can't get you into Heaven...

Saying goodbye to another week like 👋 who’s catching us next weekend? We’re playing two shows in California! Comment below what one you’ll be attending👇

🎟: 8/24 Pechanga Resort & Casino

🎟: 8/25 Fantasy Springs Resort Casino

Ange Murielle Obindou

4 hours ago

Waiting for a atlanta date

Laney Jackson

4 hours ago

When are you going to play a show at Thunder Valley Casino Resort? I will be in the front row for that one!

Mario Alejandro Navarro Gutierrez

4 hours ago

When are you guys coming back to Atlanta..

Let's support people affected by Natural Disasters with #CallforCode and use technology for good on #WorldHumanitarianDay. Show your support for United Nations Human Rights& American Red Cross in their efforts to help the most vulnerable among us. To get involved, visit:

On UN #WorldHumanitarianDay, use technology for good + help those affected by Natural Disasters with #CallForCode. Get involved - show your support for United Nations Human Rights + American Red Cross in their efforts to help the most vulnerable among us:

Sherita Thomas

3 hours ago

Aconteceu comigo também , más Jared não pode fazer nada somos nós que devemos fazer denúncia a direção do Facebook! Eu enviei o número dele , as conversas a direção do facebook , quanto mais provas tivermos vamos por um fim nisso. Aquele que falava comigo era um Nigeriano mas vive no USA, porque o código de telefone era +1, e Nigeriano porque ele ao me enviar o numero esqueceu que eu tenho Watshap automaticamente encontrei o watshap dele , tinha um rapaz negro e a bandeira da Nigéria lá na parede do quarto. Eu disse para ele você prefere que eu envie Naira ? Naira=dinheiro da Nigéria, ele me disse sim podes , meu agente esta na África você pode me enviar , Lol. Que idiota!!! Ate para ser bandido ele não consegue. Kkkkk. Meninas "DENUNCIEM ".

Ryna Ndung'u

5 hours ago

Aconteceu comigo também Jared um falso Jared Leto querendo se passar por vc pediu até para eu adicionar take care!!!!!

Claudia Imery

5 hours ago

#standwithkerala Kerala flood 🙁


Darije Dado Savić

3 hours ago

is that the dancer guy ? i can't remember his name but he has mad love for Mariah

Keith Zainal Richard

3 hours ago

Estephania si no supiste amar, ahora te puedes marchar

Ana Clara

6 hours ago

I cry every time i hear your songs! especially ``Love takes time`` and ``without you`` I love you so much!

Bristow VA last night #WhatMakesYouCountryTour

Karla Katie Li

3 hours ago

That was my first concert and you did amazing job. You are my favorite singer. You are very good at what you do. I hope you never stop making songs. I love country music and I can never get enough of it. Your songs make me happy when I’m feeling down or just not having the best day. You performed so well.

Kelly Loane

3 hours ago

Thank you Luke for another wonderful show at Jiffy Lube last night. It was great to see it sold out! I think we have been to all your shows there and have loved every one. You are the best!!

Brittany Stroud

3 hours ago

Great show last night as always! Third year straight making amazing summer memories with my family and Luke! ❤️

Help us wish this fella a happy birthday, Mr. Josh Rand!

Espinoza Diaz Adolfo Tadeo

13 minutes ago

Happy birthday Josh! It was so exciting to see y'all in concert!

Johanna Flenner

13 minutes ago

Happy birthday have a great day

Fabian Turco

13 minutes ago

Happy Birthday, Josh!!! Keep rocking :)

Do not conform to the pattern of this world.Romans 12:2

Afrikot Afrizr

7 hours ago

Yes! Thank You! Jesus! Amen! Thank You! God Bless Everyone in the World!

Romona Nicole Vas

7 hours ago

God bless you all

Craig Breetzke

7 hours ago

Amen, it's surprising how even Christians accept so many worldly things like contraception, abortion and homosexuality.

Pick up the new issue of Decibel Magazine

Michael Kenkwo

9 hours ago

Fucking Haunt's taking over the world 🤘

Lori Hamlin

9 hours ago

Magazine? WhAts that lol

Chyneathea Davis

9 hours ago

This guy has been having his "final tour" for 20 years now. Give it up already! Just fucking tour!

Nos vemos HOY.! Portland Oregon Yo Subo a las 4 Pm Al Escenario.! #eldasa #ElVato #ElHijoDelDesierto.!!! 🎙✈️🤠✌🏻🌎 @931elrey !

Ellen Okimoto

5 hours ago

Hola dasa aca te esperamos y solo por corregir no es portland, es salem😀😊

Keri Pulley

5 hours ago

Todo el éxito del mundo, mi Rey !😍❤

Wilmar Gabriel Pérez-Mahecha

5 hours ago

Yo quiero ponerle tu nombre a uno de mis nietos como vez DASAAAAAAAA

Today is #WorldHumanitarianDay so let’s join together and #CallForCode to support those affected by Natural Disasters. To show your support for United Nations Human Rights & the American Red Cross visit:

Rico Diego Magdaleno

6 hours ago


Jay-r Alo

6 hours ago

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@23management you bout ready to drop this?!? They’ve waited long enough

BettaLife Fish

7 hours ago

Bring it on hommie...we ready

Jay Morgan

7 hours ago

What's up

Tim Wright

7 hours ago

When does the album out ??,WE have been waiting for long

Corpus Christi, TX! Are y’all ready for a great show over at Brewster Street Ice House on 8/24? Tickets available here:

Alejandro Collazo

an hour ago

Have fun it’s your day . And be safe out there

Guenter Theurer

an hour ago

Happy Birthday Clayboy! Maybe next year I'll leave off the boy part. lol 😉🤔

Patricia Stokes

an hour ago

Happy birthday Clay!!

where would you like to see me perform next?
P.s. new music video coming very soon

Somano Miello

4 hours ago

MADRID, SPAIN!!! You have thousands of followers here!

Jessica Snider Garza

4 hours ago

والله اذا بتجي ع سوريا منكون من الشاكرين❤❤❤❤

Janeth Campos

4 hours ago


Early AM in Indonesia...

Rabin Priest

7 hours ago

Evening in my place...

Peter Wöchtl

7 hours ago

Beautiful. Mt Bromo? Have you ridden the horses across the ash-field to the volcano yet?

Imac Batts-White

7 hours ago

Jhalyn, Indonesia daw oh, san banda to?

Have you seen this!? Huge thx to ECHELON OF UKRAINE for this incredible Rescue Me inspired mural!!

David Buys

6 hours ago

That's pretty amazing. Lot of work from a true talent ❤️

Azteka Campos Campos

6 hours ago

Wow! People are amazing!!!!!

TheDreamer KoRe

6 hours ago

Теперь LETO , обязательно должны приехать и сфотографироваться на этом фоне!)

Alexandre Hideki

4 hours ago

So true! When you hear the word cancer you find out how strong you really are!

Beth Bennett

7 hours ago

Three months in a hospital, proved me strong~~I did come back and stay strong~~~Take care~~;-)

Des Beyers

7 hours ago

Absolutely Spot on Kenny, been there, done that, and it sure made me strong, and stronger as the years past since 1981. Yes it was the only choice I had, I'm now 65, Happy as.

8.15.18 - Hartford, CT - XFINITY Theatre

Vern Hill

an hour ago

Came up a bit short. Rough start and only 1 hour 15 min set no encore. Weak

Mark Reece

an hour ago

So sad to have missed out this year 😥😥😥

Owen Pickering

an hour ago

This was just a phenomenal show! I've been to a ton of shows and was a big trader back in the day, and this one was so powerful. Easily in my top 10.

Tonight we're in Zurich Switzerland at Dynamo!

Pedro H. Álvarez Rodríguez

5 hours ago

See You tomorrow in Milan \m/

‘This week I’ve been spending time up at my family cabin with my family! 😊 I’ve got to spend time with the newest edition to the family, baby Claire, & she’s the sweetest! 😍 ahhh goodness, CANT WAIT to be a mom one day, ☺️ (but also CAN wait, calm yourselves) btw im not sure if I ever properly announced that Cecily (who travelled w/me for a bit to Asia/was dating my brother) is my sister-in-law 💍(has been for a year!!) and I’m so grateful for her! ❤️ wohoo! More girls in the family!! 🎊 We need all the girls we can get (w/6 brothers + 4 nephews already, the girls need to stick together 😜)
Side note: in the second picture, the reason why Cecilys leg is photobombing is because we were attempting to show that they had matching army pants!!! Isn’t that the cutest!?! 😍❤️😭 my heart. is weak. 👶
Incase you missed it, I posted a new video of “no brainer” on YouTube!! Check it out 😊 ❤️

Alina-Lacramioara Marcu

7 hours ago

when will u travel asia again ?

Jennessa Kaufman

7 hours ago

ahhh haha my family is opposed to yours girls more than boys just dad is man dont know when we can welcome new members

Shola Williams Aruwayor

7 hours ago

so lovely baby girl like her aunt