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Thank you Oklahoma State Fair for the memories! The Gypsy Vanner show, the Ferris Wheel, friends, family and my first time to see a real circus! The Zoppe Circus was amazing! The whole weekend was a dream. #OKC #gypsyvanner #FlyingPistolsRanch #OklahomaSky

Jeanne Plr

2 hours ago

It was great to see you and your team. You are always smiling, I love that. Happy Trails and see you again soon!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️🦄🦄🦄

Elisa Phillips

14 hours ago

Awww , you are so beautiful and an amazing animal mommy . You do much in so any ways . Come to Utah , I will show u around and how to get involved with the kill shelters .

Brandon Warner

14 hours ago

Oklahoma and Texas are where my heart is. I have family in Oklahoma and I lived in Texas. Both are home to me. You are one of my favorite musical artists as well.💗💗

My new clothing & boot line, Idyllwind Fueled by Miranda Lambert, is for all the Boss Ladies out there fiercely taking risks and breaking the mold.
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— Products shown: Moon Shadow Bandana Necklace, Runaway Booties - Round Toe and Wild Nights Fringe Dress.

Peggy Bailey-Neal

5 days ago

Miranda, girl your stuff is toooo expensive. More of us than not don't have the money to spend on high priced clothes and shoes.

Jamie Hernandez

5 days ago

I wish you’d consider a line, online, that’s less expensive. I’d love to purchase something but....continued success in all venues for you ma’am

Hector Salud Zarate

5 days ago

Hi Miranda this is Herman from Holland when do you come to holland on tour i d love to see you performing .your songs are great especially the song storms never last i listen to it when i have a tough time i am alone since my wife died at the age of 53 , when people ask me how i am doing i say "storms never last , and sad times are passed with the wind, then they know enough.God bless you Miranda

Congratulations to Miranda on being named a CMT Artist of the Year alongside this amazing group of talented artists!

Simonah Gottes Kind

6 days ago

Congratulations Miranda, very deserving, your writing is the best, meaningful and touches all our souls in one way or another. 🎶❤️🎶 Thanks for staying true to who you are and keeping it Country. ❤️

Fabrizio Dini Firenze

7 days ago

In 2016, artists of the year was Carrie, Chris Stapleton, FGL, Luke Bryan, Thomas Rhett. It is a show on CMT. The artists can sing their songs or ask another artist to sing. Great show.

Kira Mühlberg

7 days ago

This is not a new award, it is on a separate show every year.

On Friday, I got to see one of my favorite bands with some of my favorite people! Thanks Lake Street Dive for letting me saaaang with y’all. Such an inspiring night of music! #fangirl💗#freeyourselfup

Vickie Ramos Abajon

9 days ago

Miranda ,, please come to Utah or contact me ,,, I love your music and your determination to help animals . ...please message me ;)

Barbara Fox

9 days ago

Your a beautiful person inside and out Miranda , you go girl....If you decide to come to Utah and help with our huge shelter issues with many dogs and cats, hit me up girl. I would love to help out and meet you....

Kimberly Manton

9 days ago

I am in Colorado, wish I would have been able to make it, next time

Cheers Jason Aldean, we got us a #1! #OldFriends

Antonio Garcia

18 days ago

When the tour is over, Italy or British Virgin Islands. 1p days. My treat. Take your pick.

William Bellar

18 days ago

Saw Miranda in Toronto last week - great show. And looking forward to Jason on Sept 15.

Janet Mojica Rodriguez

18 days ago

Way to go girl. Anything with your name on it will go #1

My💗. Mac & Cheese. New additions to Flying Pistols Farm. #areyouKITTENme😂 #catmom #dogmom #horsemom #minihorsemom #19andcounting

Delores Brown

18 days ago

You have two great to see you are a Animal lover! They got you best friend look like! Seen you the first year you was out on Tour with Jason aldean, in Springfield Missouri. Thanks for your very nice Voice! Song's are Touching.

Author Essence

19 days ago

Oh and, I found The Missing Link supplements if you've not seen them on Doctors Foster and Smith, along with good Vetriscience treats,and great food like Max Cat cheap. Facebook also just showed me Fleas Leave, and My nephew found two nearly dead kitten in a log across from my moms house in the park and they are beasts now a year later. Sams Club has the best Makers Mark food for pennies in comparison to anything good on the market.

Jheymi Matias

20 days ago

Great job at the last bandwagon send off concert in Tinley Park, IL. I see you are relaxing in just the way qe would all expect! Now I want mac n cheese! Muah!

Can’t wait for Seven Peaks Festival this weekend in Colorado with one of my oldest friends Dierks Bentley.
Get passes at

Marshall Smith

22 days ago

I saw you two at Cinti Gardens when you were younger. A great concert and I remember talking to your Dad Miranda at the T-shirt table.

Hans Boye

23 days ago

omg - I'm coming out to Co for awhile -sure wish I could get my sister and I tickets...…. I know this is going to be once in a lifetime event.

María Belinda González

23 days ago

Dang, so bummed I can't go to the concert. I would love to see you both, have a great time out there.

#thebandwagontour This says it all. One of the most memorable tours of my life. Friends celebrating music together. It doesn’t get much better than that. Thanks to everyone who came out to see us! It means the world! See y’all down the road! #musicismedicine #geton

Beshoy Randy

23 days ago

Hey hope this gets noticed but I got a message from someone claiming to be Miranda herself. Of course I never believe these things, but they also forgot to turn off there location in the messenger app. As Miranda is not in Africa. But anyway keep a look out admin.

Todd Mcelwee

23 days ago

Miranda...we are producing a show based on true facts about Texas history. Would you be interested in being part of it?

Haydn Watkins

23 days ago

My son made my dream come true! Concert tickets for my Birthday! Saw you in TORONTO - Best Concert EVER! Phenomenal Closing! Thank you!

7 years ago today...Miranda and Pistol Annies released their debut album #HellOnHeels!

listen here:

Pukpuk Ya Pukpuk

a month ago

oh boy. hell on heels. i can onlyimagine what thats like.i,d better stay away from this trio. lmao.yes. i know i,m up real late. have a big weekend of cancer drives and singing. nervous and can,t sleep.

Leonel Mendez

25 days ago

Any word on the new album? (RCA always waits until the last minute before they announce stuff!)🎶🤔🎶

Liz Perezz

a month ago

Was at your show in The Woodlands! LOVE LOVE LOVE that you brought the Pistol Annies to do a few numbers! Amazing surprise!

The greatest of all time. 💔 #arethafranklin

Alan Hidalgo

a month ago

Miranda, your tribute song to Aretha Franklin last night at Darien Lake was AMAZING!!! Would love to see you record it! You are a beautiful person inside & out!

Hilda Cruz

a month ago

Sweet lady ,, she will be missed and never forgotten

Manon van Spijker

a month ago

A true insperation to the human race God bless her

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Pickett Leon Rufus

a month ago

OMG Miranda my friend and I are having Mother daughter night and coming to watch you. I am so excited. This will be my second concert in my life time and I get the pleasure to see you. Hope to meet you it would be out of this world. Counting down the hours.

Esther Gustafson

a month ago

My fiancé and I were supposed to go to your show Tonight in Darien lake. But unfortunately she’s in end stage renal disease and ended up in the hospital today she’s devastated you are her all time favorite! We live in NY, but we are hoping she’s out of the hospital by Saturday so we can travel to NJ to see you 🤞🏻❤️🙏🏻

Motoki Murakami

a month ago

On my way from Canada to Darien Lake NY to see Miranda! Purchased tickets from Vivid Seats which are to be delivered to the venue. It’s 8:30 am , shows at 7pm and according to UPS my tickets are in Louisville Kentucky and severe weather delay is noted ...Cmon UPS...... hurry!!Dream show for me❤️

HOME. In every sense of the word. Thank you Texas. #footlights #spotlights #porchlights #thebandwagontour #musicismedicine

Noelia Araya

a month ago

The concert was so much fun ! Thank you for sharing your life with us and letting us send love your way !

Bob Bsgear

a month ago

Welcome home Miranda you brought the house down in Dallas saturday night, best concert i ever been to by far and cant wait until you come again, just wanna say Thank you for a awesome show and Texas loves you.

محمد القره لوسي

a month ago

FREAK'N AMAZING!! I can't believe you surprised us with PISTOL ANNIES!! Miranda....thanks for a wonderful nite and you singing with LBT was FABULOUS!! We were prepared with our PINK SUNGLASSES😎!! The collaboration of songs were prefect and singing along with all my girlfriends was great!!! THANKS FOR A MEMORABLE NITE!! I think we started with a little .....DAY DRINK'N!!

“I don’t remember when the liquor started kicking in...” #UglyLights

Cindy Fling

a month ago

And I don't try to justify
The reason I'm not living right
I wear my sadness like a souvenir
I drink too much to fall apart that's how I fight this broken heart
So what, if I feel comfortable in here

Denine Wilson Coffman

a month ago

Actually you, today, and Tanya Tucker, years ago, are the only two female country artisit I would pay money to see. Guess that kind of gives my age away. LOL Thank you for a wonderful concert

Alexandra Nunes

a month ago

This is one of my favorite songs on this album- along with Bad Boy and Smoking Jacket

Having some fun with my band before the show in Indiana! #TheBandwagonTour #GetOn

Ana Flores

a month ago

Miranda, we r so flipping excited for Saturday night in Dallas Texas!! Can’t wait for the Bandwagon Tour show!!! My granddaughter is 6 , this will b her 1st concert! Ready to rock it out in my cowgirl boots!! Love you!!!

Deanthony Doinbetter Hughes

a month ago

It was a awesome show that night in Indiana

Khan Afsar

a month ago

I would love it if some day you could come to Canada, Saint John New Brunswick ....I'll never can ever be able to afford a trip to Nashville .Your a great person & Artist.....👍🐴🐕❤️.

Saturday then Sunday. Night & Daydreamer. #singersongwriter #confessionsofadogmom #barndance #meandlouise #geton

Karim Zehani

a month ago

I love you Miranda you're always giving all what we you

Fanni Szabó

a month ago

This is how we make a broken heart. Pbbbsssstttt!!!

Jasiel Orenday

a month ago

Love you Miranda Lambert and all your songs, great voice and great storytelling

“I’m bent, but I’m not broken
I’m stronger than I feel...” #KeeperOfTheFlame

Ibekwe Chidinma

2 months ago

I would give anything to get to see you tonight in WEST PALM! I don’t get to go! I wish I could do “this thing...anything I want” too! If you need an extra helper tonight... it would be the perfect excuse to put on my pink sunglasses!

Chris Matthews

2 months ago

I just want you to know that you are so awesome precious and I love you so much! Sometimes it's good to know that we really are stronger than we feel. May you make another platinum song with those feelings! Write it out! <3

Erika Aguilar

2 months ago

This is one of my all time favorite!! I wish the radio stations would play it!! Can’t wait to see you in DALLAS!

Saturday night in Texas.Mama , Daddy and my soul sister Amie.#livemusic#💙🎶 🇨🇱

Háta Háta

2 months ago

You have been Blessed with wonderful parentsGuess what more are on the way ,because of that beautiful heart you have.Love you Cowboy UP!!

Kimera Juliet

2 months ago

Hope she took mom and dad to meet my Okla. cowboy Evan.Miranda you have been Blessed with a wonderful mom >dad.More Blessings are on the way for the beautiful heart GOD gave you.Evan has that same heart.Love you both so much.Thank you for sharing with us.

Herman Østby

2 months ago

Miranda, awesome parents, awesome family!!! Your music only gets better, you only get stronger, pay no attention to FB paid haters.

Get your weekend started with The Bandwagon Jukebox playlist featuring some of the songs you'll hear on Miranda & Little Big Town's #TheBandwagonTour!

Listen here:

Samantha Burlack

2 months ago

Been seeing bits and pieces of your concerts onYouTube what I have seen is Great looks like one big party.They showed nothing on TT cowboys and that upset me .Why did they not come in closing with the rest?? Love my cowboys.Keep UP the AWESOMEshows.

Masako Tobita

2 months ago

So sad we’re going to miss this!!

Francine Tolliver

2 months ago

Talia Ivil when are you in the states? 😍

The Bandwagon Tour continues! And Pistol Annies stopped by last night! 😉This weekend Jones Beach NY, Hartford CT and Boston! #geton Little Big Town The Turnpike Troubadours Tenille Townes
📸 Becky Fluke

Iveta Kaincová

2 months ago

I'm not a big country music fan, but after reading about you and your love for rescue dogs, I adore you, Miranda Lambert! Keep up the great work! 🐶🖤💜💛💚💙❤

Alyson Wolff Gottlieb

2 months ago

Any chance you will be in Nashville mid November? I am passing through there at that time! Would love to see you in concert 💗

Khanit Santiprayoon

2 months ago

It was an amazing surprise! One of the best concerts ever Miranda and LBT!!! 💃👩‍🎤🎶🎵🥂

“Always makes the world look a little bit better, in my pink sunglasses .....”

Check out Miranda’s performance of #PinkSunglasses on Late Night with Seth Meyers!

Hasibullah Ghaforov

2 months ago

South Florida when and where!!!!!! Miranda I have some amazing pics of you in Daytona 2017 you have to see where can I send????
Sent as Eve but reply here! You’ll love them

Rita Villanueva

2 months ago

It's a fun song to many of us :)

Jon Michael Smalley

2 months ago

Love the album and love your dress! At least you're not falling down on stage ;) Can't wait to see you for my second time in Toronto, August 23rd!

Tonight! Stay up a lil past your bedtime to catch Miranda on Late Night with Seth Meyers!!

Kristen Dussault

2 months ago

Sorry..cant watch any of these late nite shows ..Horrible tv....I will see you in concert next month Miranda

Eric Alexander Cuevas

2 months ago

Can't stand the show, will watch with remote in hand only for Miranda's airtime

Transitory Atkinson

2 months ago

Would love to see Miranda, but he is a puck

Cincinnati OH! #thebandwagontour #geton ❤️
📸: Becky Fluke

Sue Ball-bibbyLipadallaslindermann Coleirwinbessonmendes Jones-herronparker

2 months ago

I only wish I could attend one of your concerts, it would be a privilege of mine, love you Miranda Lambert and of course LBT, you guys rock

Ernesto Salazar

2 months ago

Lights hit the stage and you just show us heaven on Earth...Ain't no moment like holding on to you!!!

Ruslan Salikhov

2 months ago

I sure wish you'd bring this wagon WEST.... Like West Coast..... You and LBT...that's a ticket also worth going east for......😊

The Bandwagon Tour kicked off last night in Charlotte NC. A night I will never forget! Y’all were on fire! See ya tonight Cincinnati! 💗 Little Big Town 📸: Becky Fluke #geton #thebandwagontour

Jacqueline Bunks

2 months ago

Would love to see one of her shows. Tried to get tickets for her artist in residence at the CMA theatre in September, but sold out! 😭

La Chapiz Rodriguez Garcia

2 months ago

I was there last night in Cincinnati Ohio and you all were AMAZING!!! Miranda, You put on one Hell of a concert! It was my first time seeing you, Definitely won’t be the last!

Ketty Amato

2 months ago

One of the best concerts I’ve ever been to! You were amazing!! ♥️

If you're headed to #TheBandwagonTour this summer, be sure to bring a donation of pet supplies to be entered for your chance to meet Miranda!

Together, everyone can make a big difference for local shelters!

Martin Vatter

2 months ago

On our way to riverbend! Miranda Lambert the $30 im spending on lawn seats are all I need to make my cool little dudes dreams come true! He’s autistic and is ur biggest fan!!! He even wears your wedding ring !!! #weloveyouforyou!!!

Suzanne McCaslin

2 months ago

Thanks for all you do for the fur babies!

Alonso Sánchez

2 months ago

I wish you were coming to Kansas City!

Miranda is going to be the 15th Artist-in-Residence at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum & will perform two one-of-a-kind shows on Sept 19 & 26!

Tickets for this special event go on sale Friday.
Get info here:

Lucia Cupova

2 months ago

I would love to attend one of these shows

Marcia Dugaqua

2 months ago

Wish she would play one of her headline shows in Nashville! Every since the Platinum Tour she has only played tiny venues like this in Nashville and it is impossible to get a ticket without paying $100s over face value from scalpers to get in the door.

Arnoldas Zolbas

2 months ago

Just got 3rd row tickets!

My friend Ellie and I spent some time appreciating the colors of summer in Tennessee this weekend. She teaches me something about myself every ride. She is the inspiration behind Idyllwind Fueled by Miranda Lambert. Strength. Kindness. Sensitivity. Beauty. Fire. Power. Happiness. #horsepower #summertimesaddletime #newstuffcomingsoon💗

Ernesto Barrera

3 months ago

Just moved to South Tennessee...miss riding and the smell of horses. Love your music!

Emily France-Jensen

3 months ago

Love that you live in Tennessee! Love my land and the solitude of my mountain!

Edoardo Drago

3 months ago

No hour of life is ever wasted that is in the saddle! (Churchill) My best hours these days are spent on my lesson horse! I love it too!

The official music video for Jason Aldean's new song featuring Miranda is out now! Check it out. #DrownsTheWhiskey

Gay Jackson

3 months ago

Wish I had the talent to write a song like this.

Martina Dunn

3 months ago

wow, it is amazing, amazing, I guess why these songs work is because there are people who know exactly what it is like to sit there drinking as Willie says 'but you are on my mind", and this will be a classic as well, your memory drowns the whiskey, damn shame love hurts.

Jose Saldaña Rojas

3 months ago

Good job! It actually sounds like a country song.

Colorado. I got my smokey eyes and sparkle tights on! Let’s do this! #beastmode #lateshow #10:45pm #coffeethencocktails

Dulce Maria Flores

3 months ago

YOU are my weakness and my strength! My guilty pleasure and my treasure! -dang! That's a song right there! Lurve ya, hope to catch a show one of these days, sigh....❤️

Martin Dennis

3 months ago

You are great looking but you would be drop dead georgous if you would clean that stuff off your face. You don't need any of it. Love your work also.

Angie Scott

3 months ago

My God ur a goddess! Lol if I wasnt so far away in mountains would love to see you in concert! You and Dierks we're awesome at fiddler's go kill it lady!

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Patricia Imping

3 months ago

Pick out your new koozie Frank Polly! 🤑😂😂😂

Elaine Wheeler

3 months ago

It is great, humor gold actually. Haven’t jeered this hard for decade at least. 🐧

Barbara Fox

3 months ago

Dallas Texas is ready for you Miranda... AND so am I.... Whoo hoo

I fell in love with the pups from Nashville Humane Association that’ll be up for adoption at #CMAFest this year, but I already have 8 dogs so it’s y’alls turn to adopt! Check out to see pics of the dogs that’ll be there this year
📸: 3 Dogs & a Cat Rescue Photography

Marc-Andre Stiegler

3 months ago

Had to eat my fan club pre sale tickets due to a parental emergency......will adopt dog for more tix and do shots with you. WCW

Ananda Aya

3 months ago

Miranda, keep holding on to your sweet dogs. The people need to know that you rather help dogs than to help children dying from cancer and cystic fibrosis. I was a big fan of your but not anymore.

Júnior Maxias

3 months ago

You are a wonderful woman with 8 dogs. That is alot. You are blessed to be able to love and care for these dogs. And you are a lovely woman. I pray for the people to give to the humane society. If I could I would have a large yard and dog/cat house and keep them coming.

For the little pilot lights waiting to ignite, like fireflies in the rain...
The #KeeperOfTheFlame video is out now!

Antonio Puente Soria

4 months ago

This is awesome 2.54 into the video it showed my 68 year old dad in a yellow hat and my daughter with pink sunglasses on her head.

Thalia Silva

4 months ago

Why don’t more female artists have videos like this? Big concerts, big fans, big songs? We see male artists videos like this all the time but I think this is the first female video like this I’ve seen. Way to go, Miranda!

Vicky Ayla

4 months ago

I love every song on The Weight of these Wings. I can sing the whole cd word for word. Thank you Miranda for being an old soul and s terrific singer

Feelin’ floaty!🦄 #pistolannies #workplay #WeWereWritingIPromise 📷: Ashley Monroe

Félicia Gagné

4 months ago

See you July 21st and 22nd Miss Miranda! Love you, your music, and your energy. By far my favorite. Would make my life to meet you!

Melissa Rathe

4 months ago

And then savages trailer court in Ocean City Maryland also had a little store we used to go up there us kids and buy candy I can still hear that Screen door open and close to this day it just reminds me of the beach

Ruben Federico Castro Palacios

4 months ago

I totally wish I was that float. I would love to fish and hunt with you forever while listening to your voice and drooling over your beautiful face and rockin body.

Three generations of grit and glitter. Happy Mother’s Day to the keepers of the flame. #WandaLouise #BeverlyJune #MirandaLeigh #nofilterofanykind

Rachael Olivia

4 months ago

What a wonderful time this is! I met my great grandmother. I remember being told how very rare that was. It is a common blessing now. The rare feat is meeting your heat great grandmother. It does happen! How really fantastic.

JennySue Barrell

4 months ago

I searched for the house that built me but all i found was an empty lot. I was trying to learn more about my mama who i lost when i was 11

Nick Tivonyuk

4 months ago

Thank you everybody! For the likes and the comments! Very much appreciated! 'Happy Mothers Day 'To all of the moms on here! And to all of the moms in your families!

Exciting news! Jason Aldean announced that his new single is going to be his duet with Miranda, #DrownsTheWhiskey!

Christopher Anderson

4 months ago

I love this song but I really wish Miranda was in the song more! She has a beautiful voice and I hear her in the background of the song but I really would love it more if she had a verse of her own in it!! That would be awesome!

Marius Virtosu

4 months ago

It wasn’t bad, but I was expecting for her to have a part to tell the women’s side of it. She just sang back up. I think with some small changes like that would have made the song better.

Danny Mason

4 months ago

Yeah not really a duet but good song, just when you hear Miranda and Jason you think it’s gonna be a barn burner and it’s good but expected more.

“Chi”- tos. There may or may not have been a Sunday funday. #leftovers
#CHItosandTitos #CHIhuahua

Juju KrazyWorld

4 months ago

My dog loves Cheese Puffs and at age 16 she gets what she wants.

Brendon Dukes Ndlovu

4 months ago

Love you so much!! To me you are the best country singer out there. Just such a good heart and so honest! Just love you so much!

Lily White

4 months ago

She looks like my Liberty (Libby). I rescued her from jail at the Escondido Humane Society. She will eat and drink just about anything even coffee. Coffee is harmful to dogs kidneys if large doses are consumed. The clue was an empty coffee cup and urinating spontaneously. She is okay now. Just thought I would let you and your fans know. Buy the way I am so impressed with your writing or co -writing your songs as well as performing to perfection. I was fortunate to see you several years ago at the Harrah's Rincon Resort.

We had us a Monday funday! #musicianssaturday #galpals #DoNoHarmButTakeNoBullshirt #junkgyspystyle #trailerparkglamour

Carl Wesch

5 months ago

1973 <3 2 <3 ~ Blue Eyes are for Me. Nothing that You didn't See. Making Love under that Old Tree. Forgetting about what 1973 have done. All awhile cussing the Sun. Blue Eyes are for Me. Licks from my Dog because he was warned. Laughs from the Fam because I was bored. 1973 I was born. Reading into Elvis from birth. Blue Eyes are for Me. But being born in 1973.

Sam Sullivan

5 months ago

Don’t ever let anyone’s opinion other than your own make a difference in your life. YOU know the truth! I’m with you all the way Miranda. I’m 71 and know BS when I see it, read it and hear it. You go girl and enjoy every minute you have 😘

Michael Ballard

5 months ago

will never listen to her music again...she has no respect for women and relationships

Home. 💗 Happy Tuesday! #muttsandmillerlite #airstreams #wandathewandererishome
I can’t get enough. Thank you Brothers Osborne. I needed this. We all did. 💗👏👏👏 #portsaintjoe

Anderson Martinez

5 months ago

Well Ran, rag mags got me curious, so I hit up YouTube to find out who these Turnpike Troubadour were about.

I was hooked with the first song Gin Smoke and Lies. I get it girl. A keeper of the flame needs to keep it authentic. And these Turnpike guys are true blue authentic country. Something I haven't heard on the radio for a really long time. And he sure is easy on the eyes sure enough.

So don't pay any mind to Mr Hollywood tweets. He's just mad. You keep doing you.

Amarildo Cassani

5 months ago

Alas. You certainly deserve to have a nice cool beverage. Hard working woman....but...playing around on my phone and looking into your supposed new beau unless he's sobered up....has a drinking problem. It's great you love to party.....but is this really a positive for you???

Elmer Worms

5 months ago

What? No selfie w red lips, red fake nails, bleached and sprayed hair and plastered pan makeup? Imagine that... a real pic of a real girl. 😎👍

Ash you are an inspiration. I’m thankful to have you as my best friend and my band mate. I’m so proud of you Ashley Monroe. Thank you for this beautiful art. Happy album release! #sparrow

Dawn Ream

5 months ago

She out did her self on this album it is truly a very beautiful album. Thank you Ashley love you!!

Nkosingphile Jssjs Shisingi

5 months ago

Love album had it on repeat all weekend!!❤️🎵✌🏼🔥👊🏻

Andy Dale Cole

5 months ago

My daughter is Ashley I call her Ash.

The ACM - Academy of Country Music Awards are TONIGHT at 8/7c on CBS! Who's tuning in to watch Miranda perform?!

AH Damica Zr Suting

5 months ago

Great show !!No politics Just good fun and way to go Miranda !! u held your head up high even with the ex and his girlfriend there....Noticed u never looked to your right to bad u should have stared him straight in the eye.....And Reba McEntire u looked great in your red dress as well in all of them !!!

наталья клингенберг

5 months ago

Congratulations 🎈🎊🍾🎉
Your my favorite and I am always crossing fingers and praying it is your names they call!!! You deserve the best of everything this world has to give.!!
You also have the biggest heart I have ever seen, never stop being who you are. Keep saving puppies and people!!
Sending lots of love your way ❤️

Sophia Lanai

5 months ago

She's hard to like as she always seems distant and no personality....Get happy Miranda! I am a country fan and most of the others smile and have fun.

20 of Miranda's biggest fans on Spotify are being mailed a signed copy of #TheWeightofTheseWings coffee table book as a thank you for listening to hours and hours and hours of her music. Can't wait for y'all to get them. #SpotifyFansFirst

Gonzalo Viera

5 months ago

Omg I would love this!!! I have listened to Spotify when I work out to it!.#SpotifyFansFirst #theweightofthesewings
#iamonthatbandwagon. #pit
See you at Orange Beach Miranda Lambert

Alireza Lotfi

5 months ago

What if you’ve been to 5 concerts and bought every cd on hard copy and on iTunes? By the way, can you come to Atlanta more often?

Aaron James

5 months ago

My 3 year old daughter Sadie will not ride in the car without pink sunglasses on repeat! Hours and hours of her rocking out to her favorite song over the past year! I wish I could upload a video of her singing along with her pink sunglasses it is hysterical!

"We’re just thrilled to death that we were chosen to represent Elton and Bernie, and what they stand for."

See Miranda perform on the "Elton John: I'm Still Standing" TV special TONIGHT at 8pm on CBS.

Kevin Cozby

5 months ago

Miranda you were awesome on the show! You rock!

Dustin Vang

5 months ago

This was an OUTSTANDING show. I got out my Elton CD's and played them on the ride to work. Tumble weed Connection!

Kyle Zilkowsky

5 months ago

You sang that song so well!

Junk-o-Rama Prom ,Round Top Texas with my gal pals never lets me down! Junk Gypsy Company#antiquesweek #Texas #madhatter

Blake Lutge

5 months ago

I was in Round Top this weekend, but sadly had to miss the prom. 🙁 But, truly enjoyed the hospitality of your sweet friends there. Junk Gypsy is a must stop. I shopped while sipping on your champagne- loved the hint of almond! Found several fun items and returned later for the vintage camper tour ❤️
Great memories made.
Your Austin Fan 🤘

Twila Okaipa

5 months ago

This really is pretty dreary next to the typical stuff.Simply leaves me sitting with this hollow experience, just cant grasp it fully. 🕶

Ravi Mandar

5 months ago

We really enjoyed prom this year. We saw you from a distance, hope you had fun! Hated to watch you get “swarmed”. ❤️

Saturday night with my boys... who snore and steal the covers. #bellamy #waylon #bestfriendsFURever

Sian Fey

6 months ago

Love your dogs miranda,thay are jyst like family. Love your music, hope to come to a concert this summer.thanks jerry

Fabio Franciosi

6 months ago

I have lost both of my dogs this last year and loved to snuggle with them!! That unconditional love is something to live by!

Maxime Bricøteau

6 months ago

Mine does the same but wouldn't want it any other way❤ danced to your songs this am while cooking Easter dinner. Your the best!!!

Saturday night with my boys... who snore and steal the covers. #bellamy #waylon #bestfriendsFURever

"If you ever felt one breaking, you'd never want a heart..." #TinMan #ACMs

Diedar Omer

6 months ago

This song makes me cry because five months ago I had to leave my fiancé and I would hear this song in a rest area building and so every time I hear this song I cry cause it brings back that day 😢 (I was in a car accident and had to come back home )

Veselin Veselinov

6 months ago

finally back on YouTube. Spectacular performance!

Abigail Braziel

6 months ago

Nathalie Das müssen wir irgendwann mal wieder in Angriff nehmen... Wir zwei und Miranda live. 😉 #Tacoma2015 ist schon drei Jahre her. 😔

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Icing Wiz Liker Tz

6 months ago

Dagnabbit...How could she skip out on South Carolina??? I Dont go to concerts, but this would be one I would absolutely have to go to, even if it would cost me 2 paychecks lol😘

Jorge Ho

6 months ago

Last show first round and this time we'd be at the first show! Pretty cool huh Anita Hammonds Cheyenne Lashmit

Tamara Tomuta

6 months ago

Are you coming to the UK? Please, you both have so many fans here, all the country music fans would come to the concert! 😘

Last night was our last show on the #livinlikehippiestour. Y'all made this run amazing. Thanks to everyone for spending your hard earned money on country music.
Last night was our last show on the #livinlikehippiestour. Y'all made this run amazing. Thanks to everyone for spending your hard earned money on country music.

Michael William Denis

6 months ago

Miranda, Thank You for an amazing concert. My first time buying pit tickets and now I know it’s the only way to go. Newark, NJ concert. PLEASE ,PLEASE come back with Little Big Town💕💕💕

Nana Qwesi

6 months ago

It was my third time seeing Miranda Lambert in concert and I can say each time I’ve seen her she’s put on one heck of a show! We love you here in Lexington Kentucky!

Fedi Zouari

6 months ago

You rock the house in Little Rock , so glad I got to see another concert of your #1 Ran Fan

That’s a wrap! Livin Like Hippies Tour 2018. Thank you to the best Band and Crew on the road! 💗 #family #livinlikehippiestour

Miriam Lazzari

6 months ago

What a GREAT show I waited 2 yrs to get to see u. Memories for life. thx u so much. ❤

Andrew J Buddz

6 months ago

OMG!!!! Awesome show last nite in Winston Salem!!! <3

Iksha Lingden

6 months ago

Wish you woulda done Tulsa!!!

Giddy up! Thanks The Oak Ridge Boys for saaangin with us last night! The sweetest guys! Love y’all! 💗 #elvira #livinlikehippiestour

Gabriela Salazar

6 months ago

I didn't knows the Oak Ridge Boys where so white anns old. He haws. Hey its in The Rolling. Stones Magazine as mmm Don't get old on me yetsss. Maranda who ?? Its not Shelton no mores mmm ward Lambert. N he haws mmm

I had seen that hippie and holler were joining lonestar at some shows and i was excited for that but oak ridge boys coming on stage was a once in a lifetime happy i was there

Volkmar Weller

6 months ago

Good damn picture in Miranda and the guy to Big Bear looks like hippie Outlaws I love it then it good t have a great night that's what I call country music hippie style

Giddy up! Thanks @theoakridgeboys for saaangin with us last night! The sweetest guys! Love y’all! 💗 #elvira #livinlikehippiestour