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Carlos Alberto Peña

an hour ago

Thanks for the awesome concert last night in KC!!! You were amazing! You are just so real. Your concert was s birthday present from my daughter! Had s great time .

Cyrus Teague

an hour ago

Have considered this exact topic relatively often, but didn’t reach any results. 🙄

Yoshie Yokohama

an hour ago


Exciting news! Miranda recorded a duet with Jason Aldean called "Drowns the Whiskey" on his new upcoming album, #RearviewTown, out April 13!
Pre-order the album here:

Francesco Basile

2 days ago

can't stand him, but love her

Denise West

2 days ago

Can’t wait! They collaborated once before on a song called “A Grown Woman” which I also like.

Meljo Meljo

a day ago

the duet I've been waiting for!

It's time to get on #TheBandwagonTour with Miranda & Little Big Town..the pre-sale is happening now in select cities!

Join Ran Fans to get pre-sale tickets:

Phạm Ngọc Chính

3 days ago

Just 8 more days until I get to see Miranda live in concert in Winston Salem. It will be my first time so I must say I am very excited!!! I have listened to her music for years during chemo therapy. "Live" is going to be awesome!!

Marco Costacurta Blavet

3 days ago

Your a Beautiful Girl Miranda,Don't Ever Get Sad Over the past.Its Over But If Things Work out in your favor Then Godspeed My Beautiful Child.

Claudio Suardi

5 days ago

I would love to see Miranda! Ive listened to her for over ten years now. She is my favorite. I cant travel. What about Albuquerque NM?

Y'all The Bandwagon's getting bigger...excited to announce The Turnpike Troubadours The Steel Woods & Natalie Hemby are taking turns hitting the road with us this summer. And Tenille Townes will be out with us for the whole tour. Can't wait to see y'all!
#TheBandwagonTour #GetOn

Jason Curry

5 days ago

Houston or Dallas girls? 🤷‍♀️ Or, West Palm Beach. You choose Amy Charlotte 😘 xx

Evelyn Jones Hightower

6 days ago

Awesome love Steel Woods!!

Harlee Evans

6 days ago

are u guys coming up to pennsylvania at all. especially philly area,we will give you a great superbowl championship welcome.

Y'all The Bandwagon's getting bigger...excited to announce @turnpiketroubadours @thesteelwoods & @wruckestrike are taking turns hitting the road with us this summer. And @tenilletownes will be out with us for the whole tour. Can't wait to see y'all! Tickets: #TheBandwagonTour #GetOn

Me and my gal pals thank y’all Omaha, OKC, and Little Rock for a great weekend on the #livinlikehippiestour! 📸: @blusanders #myfriendblu

Pat Ull

8 days ago

Great Looking gals ! Sorry but my fave is on the far right. Lol ❤❤

Sharito Leon

8 days ago

Miranda you look great. Can’t wait till the 17th in KC. It’s st. Paddy’s. And we are going to party, with our Pink Sunglasses.

Yessenia Arguello

8 days ago

After going to every DFW area Texas concert since Billy Bob's, my heart 💔 having to drive to Oklahoma to support our Texas gals

Tools. #Texas #cowrite #happyhours

Tim Hatchell

11 days ago

Looking forward to seeing you in Orange Beach😁👏🏻👏🏻⛱

Angela Hawkins Haywood

11 days ago

Lone Star baby! Saw your show in Austin a few years back, love ya!

Emily Florence

11 days ago

Lone Star beers and capo’s...gotta be a song in there. Might be hard to incorporate graph paper in the lyrics though.

Knoxville, Lexington, Cleveland. Thank you for an incredible weekend. #pistolannies #livinlikehippiestour
📸: Becky Fluke

Belinda McKee Chapman

12 days ago

I see a paw in the upper left corner💙Go Cats💙The Lexington show was awesome!! Such a fun surprise seeing Pistol Annies!

Bilodeau Rita

13 days ago

The show in Cleveland was awesome. Was surprised when the Pistol Annies made an appearance. Thank you for doing what you do. You are great for country music. One of the best set list ever.

Erika Lillard

14 days ago

It was an amazing show and the hilight of my night was when i got to see Ashley Monroe too! You both are my favs. I just wish ya had done some pistol annies since she was there anyway, that woulda been awesome but it was an amazing show

Knoxville, Lexington, Cleveland. Thank you for an incredible weekend. #pistolannies #livinlikehippiestour 📸:@bfluke

Lexington, KY we’re here! And our friends from @lexingtonhumane came to see us and brought some smiles! Go visit and adopt some cuties. #livinlikehippiestour @thesteelwoods @jonpardipics

Congratulations to Miranda on her FOUR ACM - Academy of Country Music nominations!!

Chris Moreland

16 days ago

I really hope she wins I've known since I saw her on 1st season of Nashville star she was gonna rock the country world!!😍

Valentina Smith

16 days ago

Wahoo so proud of you Miranda you sure have worked hard for this. You deserve it. Can't wait to watch the
AMC awards ceremony.

Keeley Brie Russell

16 days ago

Tin Man should definitely win some awards, hauntingly beautiful. The release was also perfect as to where I was at in life at that time. Please keep making beautiful, real music <3 :)

My best friend is a bad ass. I ❤️ you Ashley Monroe #hippieannie #bff #soproud

Listen here:

Jessica Adinarain

20 days ago

Hey Ashley Monroe very nice photo of u .jeremy

Stephanie Schwartz

20 days ago

Although attractive, I find Miranda so much more pretty, and Miranda has that kick butt take no names attitude.

Chris Moreland

21 days ago

I love Miranda, but don't care for Ashley. So glad Miranda forgave her cause I for sure wouldn't have. Ashley would be an ex friend and gotten the hell beat out of her.

Co-write....#tailsfromtheshower #maybepistolannies💗 #writingalonetogether

Connie Geiger

21 days ago

Wonder if this is the shower she caught her (Sweet Bama Boy) in giving her dog a bath.....Heard her tell about it in interview.

Bilodeau Rita

21 days ago

Amanda Broan I think there might be a new album in the works?!

Yvonne Winegar

21 days ago

Wow that is a great idea...just need to get me a bigger shower lol. Have to fit a guitar in there too

Co-write....#tailsfromtheshower #maybepistolannies💗 #writingalonetogether

My Texas soul sisters inspire me so much @JunkGypsy. @WandaTWanderer • • • • #repost @junkgypsy we've been hard at work the past few months on an airstream makeover for @MirandaLambert .... y'all check out episode 1 brought to you by @hgtv...and let us know what you think!! (Link in @junkgypsy profile 👆). 📺🎥💕✨🛠💪🎸🚌💨💨 #mirandalambert #hgtv #airstream @airstream_inc @wandatwanderer #livinlikehippiestour

Finally home after 24 days on the road. The Livin’ Like Hippies Tour is well underway and I’m loving it! But I’m so thankful to be home for a few days with my babies! 💗#furbabies #muttlove #roadlife

Keeley Brie Russell

23 days ago

I am an animal lover too!! I have a 6 month old pitt that came from a bad home you could see ribs and when you rubbed his back you could feel is bony spine. N now he is fat and happy as ever!!! N I couldn't be happier with him!!

Barbara Byrnes Dean

24 days ago

Just got your autograph picture in the mail today I could not thank you enough I'm a huge fan and have been since I was 5 this made my entire life

Ivan Ägere

24 days ago

Glad you have them, we have a rescue dog Belle, we love her so much. Have a great time off,but remember to relax. You need me time.

Thanks Ontario! We love y’all. We’ve put on your drankn’ shoes! Sparkling all the way to Phoenix! #livinlikehippiestour @gwensebastian

Thanks San Diego. Hello Ontario, CA! #haircutsandhangovers #livinlikehippiestour #bandfamily #famdamily

Don Ramirez

a month ago

I’ve been going to Miranda Lambert’s concert for many years . This time a payed close attention of her stage presence and how avoids any interaction with fans . I can speak for myself She must have be able to see or even recognize the same people that go time after time in the front rows or in the crammed it pit . But she don’t acknowledge them what’s so ever . She’s change a lot . I’m not playing some pity card here . But she plays as she can’t wait to get it over and get gone . And notice she’s should try being more real I know she’s show . But I kinda think she thinks she so much better then anyone else . But one thing I have in common with her is rescuing Dogs cats horses it’s a great rewarding cause shes great and a good person for what she does and how she cares.

Patricia Jeffery

a month ago

One very beautiful beautiful lady. From Lorain Ohio. Hopefully one day see you down here rocking on a river I will be 1st in line to see you.

Aurora Grohman

a month ago

Just saw you in Phoenix, you are spectacular!! I love your wide open heart!! Peace and love girl, you are an inspiration!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

We’re here San Diego. Thanks to the San Diego Zoo for treating Mom and Dad and all of us like family! See y’all tonight! #livinlikehippiestour #momanddad

Amanda Yearling

a month ago

You were great Miranda, you made me cry, smile and feel wonderful.
But boy am I tired at work today.

Holly Brice

a month ago

You were amazing! Thanks so much for the great show!

Elizabeth Mae Heyer

a month ago

On my bucket list! Hope you had a great time!!

We’re here San Diego. Thanks to the @sandiegozoo for treating Mom and Dad and all of us like family! See y’all tonight! #livinlikehippiestour #momanddad

You can't buy love, but you can rescue it! Join Miranda in showing your love for your mutts this week with the new Miranda Lambert's MuttNation photo frame.

Donate $25 or more to become a save a mutt & become a MuttNation Citizen here:

Bret Whiteside

a month ago

she does so much good

Melinda Ford

a month ago

Keep it up and you could actually get me paying attention in the long run as well. 👏

Joe Waldvogel

a month ago

Thank you pretty lady love you keep up the good work you're doing

Sacramento, Fresno, and LA... thank you so much for a great weekend. #LivinLikeHippiesTour
📸: James B.

Ashley Webb

a month ago

Thank you for such a great show!

Missy Madill Knight

a month ago

We LOVED you in Sacramento on Thursday. You were absolutely AMAZING! We took our 13 year old daughter to her first Miranda concert, finally, and she had so much fun. Sang every song and danced the entire night.

Tahnee Shurtleff

a month ago

Disappointed. Paid 165 for my Tacoma show ticket. Didn't get to see you because I got the flu n pneumonia. I should have just went anyway.

Sacramento, Fresno, and LA... thank you so much for a great weekend. #LivinLikeHippiesTour 📸: @minimalistapproach & @leggy0308

“I do this thing called whatever I want”

Kathy Thompson McKinney

a month ago

I love you too Miranda. I had my son's buy me the weight of these wings. I loved the way you wrote all the songs in. Everyone should be a hot. I want so much to come see you in person but I am in the poor house and at one time I know you and your family has been there. That is why I love you and all your songs.

Lolo Gammon

a month ago

It was amazing meeting you today at Buttercup Pantry!!! I hope you read this because I got off in time and made it to your show!!! You are so nice to really leave me tickets at the door!!! Great seats and a really fun show!! Thank you so much!! I will never forget yesterday!!

Kelly Neils

a month ago

i hope u didn,t have any tours up here in the philly area. we all recovering from participating in one hell of a superbowl moment.crowds have been everywhere all week and completely nuts.

“We wanted to celebrate the record and the people that made that record happen.”

Check local listings here to watch Miranda’s full PBS Front And Center episode:

Sharon Smith

a month ago

Grand Ole Opry needs to sit up and take notice! Multi award winner, humanitarian and founder of Mutt Nation. She needs to be right beside Alan Jackson!

Kathy Thompson McKinney

a month ago

Come on March 16th. Coming to see you in St Louis

Amber Michelle

a month ago

I love music. I didn't realize how much work it took to write a song. I feel that is what I like about country music. It is real life moments. I love that kind of expression. What someone experienced could be the samething you have gone through. I liked vice on the guitar. It does sound nice. I like the used record sound and the use of words. What someone can put you through in the middle of the song. In the end of the song where there is a. 4 way open road. I like how the music picks up at the end. To me it feels like hope.

I've got a lot of friends on the road with me this year making great music. Y'all check out our road family playlist to hear some of their songs here:
#listeninlikehippies #roadfamily

Brenda Koski

a month ago

Miranda I was hoping since you were from tx, just maybe you might help by spreading this young teenager information & picture in hopes of this young lady can finally get her name back. Please share this!

With each passing year, our ability to finally know Who Was Walker County Jane Doe becomes more difficult.



1980 - Huntsville, Texas

On November 1, 1980, a truck driver found the body of a girl about 16 years old, lying face down and naked on an embankment aside northbound I-45 in Walker County Texas, about 3 1/2 miles north of the Hitchin' Post truckstop, and a half mile south of the FM 1696 exit near Huntsville.

She had been brutally beaten and sexually assaulted before dying by slow strangulation. Her face and body were covered with bruises from the beating and there was a human bite mark on her back near her right shoulder. The autopsy revealed she had been sexually violated by a blunt instrument, and that she had been strangled with a pair of panty hose.

When the murder was reported in the local media, several people came forward and said they'd seen a teenager matching her description the day before her body was found. One witness, the manager of the now-defunct South-End Gulf Station at the corner of Sam Houston Ave and Old Phelps Road, recognized the victim as a girl who had been at the station around 6:30 p.m. Halloween night. She had been dropped off at the station by a white male driving a blue 1973 or 1974 Chevrolet (possibly a Caprice). She was wearing blue jeans, a yellow tee shirt, a white button-up sweater with big pockets that hung below her waist, and was carrying high-heeled sandals in her hand. She looked disheveled like she had been traveling and perhaps sleeping in her clothes. She asked the gas-station manager for directions to the Ellis prison unit near Huntsville, and then left the station, walking north on Sam Houston avenue.

Later that evening, a waitress working at the Hitchin' Post truck stop said the girl came into the restaurant. Again, the girl asked for directions to the Ellis Unit, saying she had a friend there. The waitress asked the girl how old she was, and the girl responded 19. The waitress, thinking that was an obvious lie, then asked the girl if her parents knew where she was. The young girl replied, "Who cares?". The waitress asked the girl where she was from. She replied Aransas Pass/Rockport, (i.e., a small community near Corpus Christi).

Authorities interviewed every inmate and employee at the Ellis Prison Unit, and none of them admitted to having known the girl.

Extensive inquiries in the Aransas Pass/Rockport area have been unsuccessful, and she does not appear in any of the high school yearbooks from the Aransas Pass/Rockport area for that era.

Authorities don't believe that she had been living on the streets for very long, as she appeared to be well-nourished and her teeth were well-cared for.

She was between 14 and 18 years old, stood 5 feet 6 inches tall, and weighed 105 lbs. She had wavy light brown shoulder-length hair and brown or hazel eyes.

She had a vertical scar about 1½ inches long above and to the side of her right eye that transected her right eyebrow.

She was wearing a necklace with a rectangular or square pendant with a smoky stone. (There has been conflicting information as to the shape of the pendant (square or rectangular), the color of the pendant (gold or silver), and the color of the stone (blue, reddish, or some other color),

She is buried in the Addickes addition of the Oakwood Cemetery in Huntsville under a marker that reads simply:

NOV 1, 1980

It has now been 37 years since this girl's fateful trip to Huntsville, and "Walker County Jane Doe" is still UNIDENTIFIED.

Gina Duggan

a month ago

Can’t wait to see you tonight! Already first in line at the East entrance to be right in the front of the pit! 👑🎀🐴

Samantha Vaughn

a month ago

Miranda Lambert, I would love for you to make a real, unique Christmas album. I have been reminiscing a lot lately, and I recently bought a Christmas album by Loretta Lynn that I grew up listening to . I wish you would consider making a Christmas album that featured fantastic old songs like her "White Christmas Blue, Good Ole'Country Christmas,and To Heck with Old Santa Claus". You could pull it off, and it would be refreshing to hear a Christmas album that didn't include all the same songs as every other Christmas album. Elvis has some oldies but goodies, and I also heard one by Louis Armstrong called "Zat You, Santa Claus?". What about Rosemary Clooney's "Susie Snowflake"? Just a thought from someone who loves Christmas and would love to have a few of the older songs brought back to life with a fresh voice.

We are here Tacoma. Our friends at the Humane Society for Tacoma and Pierce County brought us smiles. Cute dogs ready for adoption! Y’all go visit them! #livinlikehippiestour

Gina Duggan

a month ago

I give up!!!! So annoying. I just wanted to post something about the UC Davis Vet School needing support (getting the word out) to begin building a larger teaching hospital!

Joan Vannah

a month ago

Does anyone know where I can get one of the black zip up hoodies that alot of the crew was wearing? They weren't selling them at merch and they aren't on the website 😔 I really want one.

Linda Smith

a month ago

We are so excited to see you in Lexington Ky next month!!! We would love to bring you some Bath Bombs for your fur baby!! Here’s our link so you can check us out! Candy Crafters Bouquets. We have listened to you every night when we work on our products! We also wear our PINK SUNGLASSES 😉

Chicago.... “And All That Jazz”! #NYC #work/play #broadway #lovedit❤️

Jenner Kraatz

a month ago

I think celebrities are talented ppl that are rich. Only sucks is most of them came from rich families to afford it.

Shane McBurnett

a month ago

You know when they look like that how could you just walk up to someone and recognize them. Look like regular people. !!

Bill Nowlin

a month ago

I wanna know when ur in Oklahoma Miranda Lambert! We've both been jaded and my daughter thinks you stole "Tin man" from me because that is our night time lullaby because I've sang it to her before she was born!

Um I just arrived to this warm welcome in my hotel room! I was so sad to leave them today. This made my day!💗 #NYC #mymutts

Alli Rubenak

a month ago

I am in awe of How much you do for the mutts. I'll be sporting my Muttnation t-shirt tonight as I watch you in concert at the Golden One Center in Sac town!!

Robert Gonzales

2 months ago

You have a great heart for the animals u help. How can i help. Send me info

Renee Hudson Pruitt

2 months ago

I miss my dogs when I go to work everyday! Lol I hate leaving them and I am gone only eight or nine hours

The place I find peace and strength. My happy place. Last weekend off for awhile. Back at it next week. #livinlikehippiestour #farmlife #recharged #unicornkingdom

Sherre Johnson Mullins

a month ago

Hello, just saw your tour is coming into our town. I would love to donate some food for your cause.(scraps) If your schedule permits I am also sending out a VIP invite to tour our tier 3. If you are living like a hippie, take a tip-toe through our garden.

JoAnne Bousquet

2 months ago

She has helped me deal with so much heartache in life as well; including a daughter that I have been so afraid of losing <3 Prayers for your girl Tara.

Mary Ell

2 months ago

Saw you at 4 bears Casino years ago, it was to be You and the Pistol Annie's, they didn't show and you didn't cancel because of them! Classy as ever, and a great concert! Beautiful Happy Place! Enjoy❤️

Gypsy Vanner’s at golden hour.
#sophie #leiani #farm #nofilter
I sing (and write ....and drink) in the shower. #andsoitbegins #music #maybepistolannies💗 #songstarts #acoustics

Daniella Stefanski

2 months ago

They're like tail socks for the mane to keep it clean and tangle free

Fred Beanblossom

2 months ago

I love your horses are beautiful and so are you I would love to get an autograph picture of you that could happen my address Fred Beanblossom PO Box 115 Bennet Nebraska part Cherokee I love Indian ponies

Nina Pollo

2 months ago

iranda I see the love you have for your animals I should have been a animal....hahaha 😍

In 2015, Miranda established the 'Women Creators' scholarship to honor a female student at Belmont University pursuing her dream of working in music.

Everyone give Caroline Watkins Music a big congratulations for being selected as this year's recipient of the scholarship!

Joni Hutchens

2 months ago

God bless you on your exciting journey. :)

Caroline Watkins

2 months ago

thank you so much!!!

Laura Moore

2 months ago

My niece is a graduate from Bellmont 💗 love that you pay it forward. Women Empowering Women, lift each other up girls! Learn from her...

Thank you Greenville, Orlando and Atlanta for an amazing first weekend of the Livin Like Hippies Tour! Singing country music is all I’ve ever wanted to do. You all make it possible. #livinlikehippiestour #firstweekend #countrymusic! #dreamersanddrinkers

Michele Seifert Tuttle

2 months ago

I've liked you , ever since you were on Nashville star , But stop dissing your Ex, It's not very grown up.

Linda Simoneaux

2 months ago

Thanks for an Awesome Concert in Atlanta. It was an Awesome Surprise to meet you in person and have you sign my boot. Enjoy the rest of your tour.

Michelle Pelts Dunn

2 months ago

Awesome show in Atlanta...really enjoyed it!

Hey Atlanta. We’re here and some special friends came backstage to visit us! Y’all go see the sweet folks Furkids Animal Rescue and Shelters! Some great Pups up for adoption! See y’all to tonight!!
Orlando. Night 2. #fringefanatic#LivinLikeHippiesTour
📸: Becky Fluke

Rachel Collazo

2 months ago

Thank you for the meet and greet passes in Orlando! We loved meeting her and you girls. What a great cause. 😻

Rhonda Locke

2 months ago

will you be doing this at the Oklahoma concert also? I can get a big head start on supplies if so. Cant wait to see you again, just maybe I will get lucky for a meet and greet, fingers crossed.

Pam Paresky

2 months ago

I guess this isn’t too bad Want to see a lot more fresh uploads 👏

Livin Like Hippies Tour night 1! Let’s do this Greenville, SC. @brent_cobb @jonpardipics #workbootsby @oldsmokeysboots

I can’t work insta story. Shit! But here is my story for today. #snowday #snowedin #livinlikehippiestour #gettheshowontheroad #seeyasoongreenvilleSC #nomakeupsorry

Ellen Jett Wilson

2 months ago

Fifteen years ago I bounced my colicky first born late into the night while falling in love with Miranda on Nashville Star. Tonight, I am taking that baby and her younger sister to the kickoff of “Livin’ Like Hippies!” Abby Wilson

Catherine Smith

2 months ago

Bless her heart!!!!!!!

One Country

2 months ago

This is some of your best work. And you sound like Adele! LOL.

Y’all....It does take “All Kinds of Kinds” to get a show on the road. 3 more days till kickoff in Greenville SC! #livinlikehippiestour #giddyup #rehearsal

Brad Shelton

2 months ago

Wish you would add more dates . Like Edmonton Alberta. WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOU.

Greg Johnson

2 months ago

See ya in Atlanta! Did I win the ran fan pass? ✌🏽🕊💜

James Bickel

2 months ago

See you in State college PA in March!

Livin’ Like Hippies Tour fitting today. My friends Tiffany Gifford and Aubrey Hyde killed it. Custom made fabulousness! Kicking off next weekend💗 #Livin’LikeHippiesTour #hillbillysuperhero #weshouldbeFRINGE

Katlynn Elmes

2 months ago

I'm still googling for a top even halfway close 😞

Xtina Zam

2 months ago

I love your fringes, last concert in Kelowna , I was feverishly googling where did you get that awesome fringe top? Now I know!!

Joe McGaugh

2 months ago

Keep on rocking Miranda Lambert and love your songs and your songwriting and you are the best in country music and looking great.

Loved watching this Hottie Anderson East on the Today Show! #happyalbumreleaseday #🔥 #Encore

Kimberly Vitols

2 months ago

thank you Pauline. These jerks with the negative comments should post their pictures so they can be judged. You’re a good One Pauline

Patty Sherman

2 months ago

Shallow, superficial people never find true love or happiness. I feel sorry for you.

Pauline Goguen

2 months ago

Right on Girl

Y’all come #geton the bandwagon this summer with me and Little Big Town!#TheBandwagonTour
For tour dates & info go to:

Billie Dial

2 months ago

I wish you were coming back to the AMP in Rogers AR ... this would be amazing to see but I work too much to travel very far

Kath Bond

2 months ago

Australia! Let alone New Zealand!!!! Please come !!

Penny Cota

2 months ago

When are you going to venture east of Toronto to Kingston or Ottawa? Both of you are on my really want to see list but I'm not willing to drive 3 hours, figure out and pay for parking plus a hotel. I will wait until you offer some of your shows east of Toronto.\

This song💗👏👏👏👏. Anderson East's new record comes out Friday. Y’all get ready! I can’t wait. #badass #he’staken #encore
Tomorrow. #GetOn

Hunter Robinson

2 months ago

thank you for sharing hope you Christmas & new year was a wonderful one full of joy & happiness..

Sable Ash

2 months ago

He's Hot Hot Hot!! Girl put a ring on that man & have some talented Children. Love you Lady!!💜💜💜💙💙💚💚💛💛💛❤❤❤💜💙💚💛❤💗💗

Carmen Bennett-Durkin

2 months ago

I love it!! Very catchy! Kinda reminds me a the guy version of Joss Stone.

Cheers to 2017 and bring on 2018! #HappyNewYear - Team ML

Barb Keegan

3 months ago

New Years Pix of you and AE please we are all waiting and waiting and waiting

Lynn B. Howland Gould

3 months ago

Happy New Year to y’all! Thanks for all you do to help Miranda, and keep us fans in sync!! Much appreciated!!

Sharon Schmitt Googins

3 months ago

Happy New Year 2018 Miranda Lambert from Winona Mn. Have a great year

Lots of great memories from 2017! Thanks to everyone who joined Miranda on the journey this year!

Pamela Britton Pool

3 months ago

Happy New Year! My daughter's and I have seen you twice. Last year in Rockford Illinois... you put on a wonderful show .. I always take my girls to see you ....❤❤❤🎉🎉🎉

DeeDee Beeler

3 months ago

Thanks for The Weight of These Wings ;)

Melissa Thornton

3 months ago

I saw you in Gilford NH back in june, my second Miranda Lambert concert. I saw you first in Manchester NH on your Platinum Tour! I love your music, your a class act Miranda, I connect to your beautiful music, so real, so me.

#TBT to a year of great live performances by Miranda.
Share if you see one of your favorites!

Chaundra Hornsby-Knick

3 months ago

I haven't seen you this year... I'm having withdrawals! I was seeing you before you were super popular! Loved Miranda from day one!!!❤️❤️😘

Jean Jennings Reney

3 months ago

Love Miranda Lambert!
She’s the BEST Female artist in country music.
Keep up the work Miranda and give us more songs.

Tamara Council-Williams

3 months ago

Gosh, I love this woman. She speaks directly to my heart in a way no one else has. Thank you Miranda for your willingness to share your talent in a way that touches my soul.

Sometimes you gotta Improvise. I guess I need to ask for a rollin’ pen next year! 🍪🍷#dessertwine #winenot #sugarbuzz

Barb Allen

3 months ago

It's free advertising, that girl Miranda, she sure is a smart cookie! 😂

Jamie Lyn Davis

3 months ago

Jesus turned water into wine. Proof that Christians drink is right there in the bible

Cindy Lou Who-gan

3 months ago

I have been using a wine bottle for years. The best part is when you head out the door and 10pm and someone asks where you are going. You can legitimately say you are heading out to by a new rolling pin. Bake on, Miranda Lambert!

“Won’t take nothin’ but a memory, from the house that built me...”
#TBT to Miranda’s #AHomeForTheHolidays performance last year.

Karen Rathell

3 months ago

I absolutely love this song so much! I would really love to go to my old house that I first started out in! So many memories! Every time I hear this song it makes me think of my first home as a little girl! Love you Miranda Lambert! XOXO

Toni White

3 months ago

This is one of my all time favorite songs. Reminds me of the home we built and raised our kids in. Everytime I hear this song I can envision the build the decorating and the move in. Great memories of the house that built me from a young mother, to a mother experiencing the empty nest. It's all good !!

Amy McIntyre

3 months ago

Great song.. just went back to my childhood home and sat and visited with the owners.. who the wife is actually a childhood friend.. I love that they love my house like I did. My mother would be so happy to know it's cared for.

Is anyone else obsessed with this record? The whole thing? I mean it’s up there with Mariah “All I Want For Christmas “ which has been my #1 since ‘94! @siamusic #Siaisabadass #💗🎁❤️️

Sandy Dickerson

3 months ago

Miranda Lambert no, she is NOT you. Can't get into her music.

Guy Smith

3 months ago

It's a good one- pretty much all the songs🍭

Carol Ryan

3 months ago

just downloaded it Miranda...heard it at my puppystore, bentleys and WHOA killer album love Sia

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Emma Billingham

3 months ago

Mrs James, come and get your fella.

Pete LeBlanc

3 months ago

And your not coming to Massachusetts because? Love ya Miranda!

Cheryl McGilton

3 months ago

I like Miranda Lambert, but I am very disgusted to see one of her guitar players wearing an unbuttoned Marine Corps Dress Blue Jacket.

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Diane Samp

3 months ago

Same to you Joni Hutchens...thank you 😊💖🎄🙏

Anna Mexico

3 months ago

I just started buying the pans are the first thing so I don’t think I will be buying any more!

Joni Hutchens

3 months ago

Diane Samp , <3 and prayers. God bless.

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Alyce Wendling

3 months ago

Hope she does not mind...we named our new baby donkey after our favorite singer Miranda Lambert!

Hannah Dowell

3 months ago

Deb check it! :)

Johnny Shilt

3 months ago

That's Amen!