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Jose Cony Ramos

3 hours ago

A very beautiful picture of a lovely woman.

Larry Thompson

3 hours ago

On my way, where's my plane ticket

Araceli Ortega

3 hours ago

Give me a call I'll come thru! (442)226-6288

Ruevel Orcas Valmonte

5 days ago

you don't know how much i agree with you, Miley.... we have people that kidnap kids, we have a lot of nasty things, Miley to which i super do agree with you, Miley.....

Saving Grace

5 days ago

I find it ironic that celebrities call for gun reform when they have the comfort of being protected by guns basically all the time....

Ananda Arya

6 days ago

There exist peopel with harts cold and hard like stones, the search light and warm for there own heart sometimes the try to warm there hart and lighting it with bulets, it is so.

‪If this isn’t a definition of a “Time” i don’t know wtf‬

‪#AnEra ‬

Orlen Smith

7 days ago

I love you the way you were, now you're are something what others expecting and be from you, be yourself!!, don.t make your life a big lie for yourself. Love yourself Miley Cyrus, everything around you is a big lie!!

Opal Smith

7 days ago

Dark hair suits you Miley you should get it back I know blonde is sexy whatever but it also ruins your hair, when I made my hair go blonde it ended up falling off... 😳

Patinence Rain Sun

7 days ago

Isn't that special doing the texty text thing and still the rock star .

Happy B-Day Mommy Tish Cyrus!
& Happiest Mother’s Day to mamas everywhere!

Mammie, Mommy, & Miley ALL rockin #ConverseXMiley! HOPE ALL THE MAMAzzz OUT THERE HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DAY!

3 Generations of GO GETTIN’ WOMEN

Berman Santos

10 days ago

Hello Miley. It's your mom's birthday? Wow, Happy Birthday to your mom!
I was thinking Miley, that you are a huge inspiration to me. There are many people and things who inspire me, but right now, i think that you are the most inspiring to me. I like your spirit and your bravery. You do a lot of stuff that i would be afraid to do!
I am planning on returning to school at the University of Hawaii Manoa Campus to get a BFA in graphic design. Then i am planning to go to CalARts again to get a 2nd BFA degree in graphic design, and then at CalARts i want to get an MFA degree in graphic design. And then at CalARts i would like to be a teacher there at that school so that i may teach graphic design.
That is my big plan. I am not sure how i will do all of this, but i am going to do it. I love CalARts. I would like to give back to the school by me becoming an instructor there. I want to do good for the art community as well.
I live on Oahu and i am 45 years old. The erupting volcano is on the other island so i am safe on Oahu.
Thank you Miley for being an inspiration to me.
God first, family second, friends, then country. Thanks for letting me share on your platform. Thanks for reading, Miley.

Manuel Núñez

11 days ago

Happy Dearly belated "Happy Mother's Day.. Cyrus family

Manuel Núñez

11 days ago

How sweet mother and daughter are together hope your mom had a wonderful time on her very especial day and Mother’s Day. Just love watching you Miley you’re beautiful

‪Not killing animals is fucking hot! It’s so much cuter to NOT kill animals! ❤️‬

Crystal Williams

13 days ago

Women are much hotter when they are not a rich vegetarian and know how to light a grill and knew how to not be a lazy sleezebag and Go out to hunt for food Instead. Being. Vegetarian, doesn’t make you a princess

Anthony Salgado

12 days ago

I don't know. A medium rare steak is pretty sexy.

I also find the freedom of choice very sexy!

As much as I don't agree in everyone giving up meat. I do agree with something being done about animal farms where they are being kept in horrible conditions.

Michael Stevens

14 days ago

I agree, I also love that this COULD mean where you are at now is better than where you were during your Dead Petz album. Even though of course that’s still apart of you. Idk whatevs luv ya😘

Kiley Cyrushian

Casey Paice

14 days ago

Wow wwjd or feel the way all these nasty comments these are all gods children same as you and I he loves us all show more love for what our god created be thankful there is beauty on earth

Alka Singh

14 days ago

Get some plastic surgery, then call yourself a Kardashian. To me you're still just the beautiful & talented Miley 💜

Justin Brown

14 days ago

Well you really can see who is NOT 99 percent plastic and fake as BLEEP in this pic....god Kim and Kanye really are perfect for each other. Maybe ONE brain cell between the 2 of them! Stay as far away from these parasites as possible Miley, all they will do is ruin your career. And must be nice to be a teen mom with 3 nannies to raise the kid that you just treat as a fashion accessory like what Jenner does.

‪Been in this together since the beginning! Love ya sister Katy Perry

Gerald Allen

14 days ago

Ya necesitamos una maldita colaboración
Ha pasado más de 10 años y no sé que esperan para hacerla.

Jezer Rodado

15 days ago

Hey great .. many many compliments for the piece you sang of the Sinatra ... it was better than the original! You had great courage because they were ruined by many trying to sing that song ... it's very difficult. But you are fantastic!

Jabe Lopez

15 days ago

how beautiful you are together, you look like 2 sisters who want so much, so well ... in short ... a little incestuous ... 💖💝

‪Thank you Stella McCartney for having me as your date & shining a bright light on sustainable non violent fashion! ‬

Lidy Johanna Hernandez

15 days ago

I've seen spectacular dresses...your getting screwed. That in my guess would be a side chick who took 1st place dress.

Surubangtan da Bighit

15 days ago

Hey great .. many many compliments for the piece you sang of the Sinatra ... it was better than the original! You had great courage because they were ruined by many trying to sing that song ... it's very difficult. But you are fantastic!

Khadija Mubashar

16 days ago

Why are these disgusting men on Miley's page talking crap if they don't like her? Oh that's right...because they are internet trolls who probably live in mommy's basement and have nothing better to do.

Kathleen Menke

17 days ago

Sooooooooooo absolutely gorgeous ♡ ♡ ♡

Ijeoma Okikechi

17 days ago

Not funny mocking the church!!!!!!!!

Carmen Hidalgo

17 days ago

David Sutherland I would die over and over and over again to look like her 😓😓😓

MET with ALEXANDER WANG a few years ago!

‪Punk ball! Babies first MET! Marc Jacobs 🍒 ‬

Pamela Maurice Williams

17 days ago

Alexander Wang,yeah , I thought it was DICK DRUMMER ?

Sarah-Louise Boyle

17 days ago

Yeah , I decided not to, but still, I'm in love with No. 2

MhMd Been Kassem

17 days ago

So beautiful with her punk rock style and long legs.

My CONVERSE line is suppppper cute, you should totally swoop!!!! #ConverseXMiley

Bouz Khalifa

19 days ago

I thought once you go black you don't go back miley or is it once you go white you gone get some act right lol

Alicia Soderquist

19 days ago

Hello Miley. I just wish that you were my Sweet Babboo.

Hannah Turner

19 days ago

Happy day mammyzzz!!!, *^ _ ^* d (present some to your really young Fans they cannot buy a new ones... :) )

my #ConverseXMiley CONVERSE collection is out NOW! to get em!!! 🚨🎉💖

Penta Koesumo

21 days ago

Vale Vea Mi sembrava giusto avvertirti!! Poi faccia lei!🤗

Jeff Price

21 days ago

sorry miley but no one buy you're converse!

Bautizta Mari

21 days ago

How i miss the old days when all you needed do was stick out your tongue.


Roxie Lewis

22 days ago

Orane Boudil T'as vu comment elle me nargue en bas à droite ? Avec ses pieds de 3cm là !

Bethany Milburn

24 days ago

This Girl is Member of illuminati 😌

Ella Dickinson Youngblood

24 days ago

These are all such beautiful shots on this poster. You truely look not a day over from when you where young. Stay strong girl. Your beauty radiates off the pages of whatever it graces.

my bad ass fans modeling my CONVERSE collection!

if you’re in La meet @ nordstrom at the grove at 6! #ConverseXMiley

Steven Silvestro

22 days ago

Madison Lewis Can you buy me Miley Cyrus?

Slavo Slavko Katarina

23 days ago

Miley Cyrus I’m so obsessed with you. I’d kill for those shoes 😩😭

Brito Elizabeth Mary

24 days ago

There's something really evil with millennials? I can see it in their eyes. A darkness shining through. Once you get past the plastic smiles, a putrid entity controlls everyone and everything like a video game.

LA... Who’s headed to nordstrom at the grove later day?? see you there around 6 😉 #ConverseXMiley

Rodney Dale Reese Sr.

24 days ago

I love you. Buy me a Harley Davidson

Cynthia Clarke

24 days ago

As if Kelly Rowland's better than Miley Cirus.I mean....See u there bae

Mary McAuley

24 days ago

I am happy for you but we don't have one

Татьяна Ларина

23 days ago

Good luck from Synergy Press. I finally finished my choice "give" and proved their passion "take". Best Buy wanted it the other way around. Too bad.

Matthew Mellman

24 days ago

Hi Miley it been a long time don't get me wrong l was very buys on my own hope you have a wonderful summer spring sunset enjoy Miley Cyrus<<<

Ella Dickinson Youngblood

24 days ago

I miss you miley and hoping have concert in manila 😊🙏


Fuck YOU #10yearsago

Bob Ellis

24 days ago

Miley is no longer Disney, no longer Hannah Montana, get over it. Sure she has done some risque things but oh well that's behind her now. Grow up and get off your high horse and stop using that role model argument.

Sheila Carter

25 days ago

I love You, Miley! I think you are a great role model. My 2 girls are 16 and 21. We grew up watching you. They learned they can be themselves. They have learned that sexuality isn't shameful; it's empowering. They know how much you do for others, especially animals. I miss you on The Voice. You were my favorite. I think you are an amazing human being; and thank you for everything you do ❤❤❤

Today's headlines...tomorrows Fish n Chip wrapping paper.
Miley they probably had a slow mews day.
If we all were reminded of all are faux pas over our life time we'd never show our faces in public ever again.
Like at many actresses talked into ...semi nude publicity photographs...why? ...because it causes sensationalism, and scandal and so sells more news papers.
Kim Kardashian recently went totally nude. It went all around the world how disgraceful it all was she had exposed herself...Later revealed she was having a full body cast done...for a perfume bottle to be made. That would contain her newsest perfume fragrance.
Miley you are older and wiser, you now make wiser decisions... Don't let this cause you upset.
Good publicity...bad publicity...its all publicity.

Antonina Qymaen Jai Sheelal

a month ago

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Amber Beam

a month ago

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Nieves Magaly

a month ago

real girls msg me for fun. ....its will be secret

Partyin w Lykke Li
Bringing her some cons as a “fuck yeah bad ass record” present

Last night w big sis was LIT Alicia Keys

Natálie Šimsová

a month ago

That because Im alive yet

Hakim Nwar

a month ago

They bandits of literature llolololool

Lachae Lawton

a month ago

Its truth, baby. My ideais are aroand the woirld , there´s no way to show , my book, because , nobioby wants to translçate that to english.

‪Happy Sunday! Have fun and get as me$$y as my hurr!‬

Ida Olsson

a month ago

dear ''miley'' love you..i have recorded 2 country billboard ''hit''songs,id like for you and possibly ''jamie lynn spears'' ''miranda lambert'' to sing on them,we'll split the money no bs! miley swear to GOD,i have to figure a way to get them to you! ill amaze you,love you sooooo much,cool elvis shirt! great song,love that video!

Barbie Aparicio

a month ago

That is ok, Miley. Your hair is perfect. You are still pretty and full of energy with a beautiful voice. No complaints. Perfect the way you are.

Shirley Rothwell

a month ago

Bono. Don't tell my heart. Think it's mad. What kind of opertunists in used fortunate namesake. Samenstine thanks yet

Check out my reimagined cover of ‘Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me’ taken from REVAMP an album celebrating the songs of Elton John & Bernie Taupin. #EltonREVAMPis Out Now!

Mitchellen Jesalva

2 months ago

C.K shoot comming up need help ps patatoefile

Sabrina Boyd

2 months ago

Sorry Miley, there’s a misprint on that letter I just sent and the thing won’t scoll down for me to edit. I hope the world hasn’t hurt you too badly. 🌟

Patric Morand

2 months ago

hi miley my frend is in vagas now hiltton hotel would yo like to meet him famoue brian gunn parm reader if you cn fine him we are may be going to live togever later when i can get vecer nd money he siad i can stay a wile iley i have on my post some films whith my family girl of 10 hows noah miley i like noah a lot leon is going to right me songs i sold 300 albums in 2 weeks i got 2000 my record nigels time will get to nomber 1 i think lots of peple like god bless miley we are family you no related to dolly you no on mums side iam very luck becouse no one ells as played drums for dani williams at 16 in orcastra like me pleas miley could we make record to geveril put my album on lewis cyrus one miley stylie one for you have you seen behined candelabra good film about liberrachy

‪Check out my tumblr for BTS pics from my Easter shoot!‬

Camille Maraval

2 months ago

Best lady in the world

Marjolaine Venet

2 months ago

hi miley one of my frends ws talking to yo on privit and he said you are jelouse my my girl frend yorke ha ha wy iam not whith her now shes on my post shes 16 iam to old for her but i have new one faith on my post leon cale likes my singing iam doing well miley you look loverly in that dress i adour you mileyxxxxx

Victor Huger

2 months ago

The sexual things I wanna do to u mmmmmthats bad

Anuda Indipa

2 months ago

Yes ...Anna...all the perverts! ....Said the single Mom with three kids...You mean men who like pretty women? ....Seek can overcome your bitterness.

Winnie Kanyomozi

2 months ago

Your so beautiful miley i love 💘 how your always being yourself. Your so down to 🌎 and your definitely obe of favorite and will alwayzzzzz Be u Rock🎸........

Dúlcïdïo Tïmänë

2 months ago

Degrading yourself is coming quite naturally lately huh? This is just disgusting, all of it! Your daddy and everyone else looking at this! Wow Miley, I used to like you but you have gone way too far taking this religious holiday and turning it into smut You are unattractive to everyone i know and the people who think you are actually okay are looking at you for the pornographic reason!!

Marta Vargas-Machuca

2 months ago

These photos are so much fun. Man, I wish I could do photo shoots like this. What fun. You look beautiful too.

Newmarko F. Vlašić

2 months ago


Mirta Ipša

2 months ago

I'd do very filthy things to that 😉

Vogue magazine Easter feature!

Frimpong Benedict

2 months ago

If you cant respect yourself as a woman and show yourself as a respectable intelligent entertainer than how do we as women demand respect for women in all areas. Like, work school harrasment at home. As mature women we should not contribute to women dusrepecting themselves.

Daniel Cease

2 months ago

Beautiful set💚💚. Always loved your music but these modeling photos are fire!! #NewRespect

Robin Kraling

2 months ago

People are reacting about how Miley Cyrus "sexualized" Easter Sunday... But have you ever asked your self, what is the real origin of Easter? No, because y'all just go with the flow and just do it for the sake of tradition... Easter is a Pagan practice which celebrates fertility and sex... Look it up, this is a fact that y'all should know... So I think Miley's photos is how you really portray Easter...

Keep the faith! It’s all about the climb! ❤️

Look at how beautiful everyone in this crowd is!!!! Singing with all their heart! Makes me so happy and honored to be apart of this moment / movement!

I will never forget this moment..... don’t lose this feeling of unity we had the joy of experiencing yesterday.....they’ve tried to steal our “shine” but it IS The Climb and yesterday we proved we’re family and stick together when times are hard! We put HOPE on our open wounds , on all our hurt , anger and resentment so we can heal and be stronger than before! It was a beautiful day to experience.... that stage had the most incredible view .... felt like I was looking at an infinite rainbow! We’ve definitely felt the rain but the sun is coming out! ❤️

Never Again! Gonna post pics from DC on my tumblr ! ❤️

Proud to be apart of the March For Our Lives ! #NeverAgain #SHINE

So happy Brandi Cyrus is with me for such a special moment! #MarchForOurLives

PS I Love DC! Such an amazing city with incredible Vegan options! Getting fueled up!

Oliwia Małka

2 months ago

Our Father which art in Heaven, Hallowed be thy name, thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done, as in Heaven, so in Earth. Give us day by day our Daily Bread. And forgive us our sins; for we also forgive everyone that is indebted to us. And lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from evil. 🔥🙏🍭🤗💒☮️💝🌈✨💞💫🕊

Rebecca Duran

2 months ago

All celebs wanting gun control
does any of ur security carry guns? Are you gonna have them stop? I bet not!!

Thanh Phước

2 months ago

Thats what our Second Amendment Constitutional right to bear arms and defend yourself is for SELF DEFENSE FROM SOMEONE SEEKING TO HARM US. Don't give your CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AWAY. IDIOTS.

Millennials taking over! 🖤 #MarchForOurLives

Surrounded by heroines! Lucky to be here at this moment in history with the ones I love!

These lyrics mean more to me now than ever. I won’t ever give up & neither will the millions that march with us today! #EndGunViolence

Shine! Check out MileyCyrus.Tumblr.Com for more pics from tomorrow’s #MarchForOurLives in DC! 💖 honored to be performing!