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Michael loved to visit Africa. He once said “[Africa] is the dawn of our civilization. A lot of our bible history is right there in Africa. King Tut, all great civilizations, come from Africa. Egypt is in Africa! I go to Africa all the time. I love the cultures. I love the people. I love what they represent.” Photo: Michael visits Sun City, South Africa

Mari Sabino

3 hours ago

Hard to believe it’s been nine years already. RIP Smooth Criminal

Delia Cárdenas

3 hours ago

Great musician and artist, but those words make it clear that Michael was blatantly ignorant of history, as well as contemporary Africa; which is, by the way, just a landmass

Vik Domini

3 hours ago

Heal the world make it a better place for you and for me save it for our children

#Throwbackthursday: Michael practices some balletic moves on the set of the “Bad” short film.

Virve Kumpulainen

7 hours ago

Joe Jamison remember that time you came out with an outfit like this & knew all the moves to this video? 👏👏👏 #Who'sBad

Suvam Gotham Tiwari

11 hours ago

Wow the ballet scene not even 5 sec and he learned and practiced with a teacher even though he's a spectacular dancer??!!!??? Humble, perfectionist and hard worker.

Mahamad Jalil

a day ago

Me too a faraway fan of MJ and fond of his all dance moves even I practice of them. Specially, " Billy Jean, The way you make me feel n Jam ones. I also follow his vocal and songs. May I had an opportunity to sing with him. MJ may RiP!
Luv you. 😂😭

"I love to create magic—to put something together that’s so unusual, so unexpected that it blows people’s heads off. Something ahead of the times. Five steps ahead of what people are thinking. So people see it and say, ‘Whoa! I wasn’t expecting that!’ ” – Michael Jackson in Interview Magazine, 1982.

Nancy Zuñiga Bonilla

3 hours ago

He was a master at it, too.

Cory Myers

a day ago

Sei il mio dolce pensiero che porto ogni giorno con me Michael....I love you <3

Shaznay Khan

a day ago

Michael, a toujours su impressionner le public avec ses concerts fabuleux, en renouvelant sans cesse ses tableaux de scè ajoutant continuellement du nouveau , pour créer la magie dont il était le maître incontesté...! Wow...!

Did You know that “You Are Not Alone” is the first song ever to debut at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100? It also capped off a stunning run of 13 #1 hit singles.

Sharol MacArthur

a day ago

He was one of the all time best entertainers and creative talents. He is missed. Loved his music!❤️

Kaitlyn Rutherford

a day ago

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Mi Negro Velasquez

2 days ago

And it also set the record for longest period from 1st number one to another. 25 years from the Jackson 5 to this song...amazing.

A fan spotted this mosaic celebrating Michael in Madaba, Jordan last week.

Tommy Prchal

2 days ago

SO MISS MICHAEL !!! Such a TRUE TALENT and there is nobody who will ever be able to move like he did. He moved by the way he felt while in the moment RIP my friend ~

Bàè PY Lè Igh

3 days ago

He is everywhere! I am sure he would have been himself surprised to find his pictures , mosaics , charts in some places...he never even thought existed. One such is a restaurant, on BT Road, Sodepure, Kolkata, West Bengal, India!!! I was myself amazed!!! Wow!!! Michael lives on....he is immortal!

Letta Lansing

3 days ago

Its not what u look like on the outside its whatt is on the inside and he had a huge heart of love and he gave so much to everyone people seem to forget this what other artist has done this none that i can think of always in my heart love u michael

It don’t matter if you’re black or white.

Brandt Mason

6 days ago

A life that shared relevant messages through his music. This was his campaign against racism. We should all learn from his message. We are all from one race. It's called the HUMAN RACE. Michael Jackson was one of the GREAT ONES who will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN.

Ava Tee

5 days ago

M was tryna to warn humans from them years Its no sush thing as( Black) or (White) we Jackson's nu those sayings created N fifteen hunNed century from an by Does Brazilian slave masters . Q lyke that You All catch n on slo yet com n along great.

Dejayonsum Savageshit Hendrix

5 days ago

Hahaha...he sang this but at the same time he tried hard to get white....sick...but may he rest in peace now !

Name that tune: Who knows which track this costume/choreography combination belongs to in Michael Jackson ONE?

Find out:

Amber Dugmore

6 days ago

Just looking at this photo makes me hear the “shhh-u!” sounds Michael makes in the video during the dance

Hiroco Ishibashi

6 days ago

Ok...Now this how to party. What am I talkin about...I did this in my 20's. I guess you never get it out of your system.

Matt Allen

7 days ago

I love u MJ where ever you are,

“Michael is so graceful he can transmute a ghetto handslap into a gesture of kinesthetic beauty. He’s so fast, he makes your eyes blur. His charge is so electro-ecstatic that he flickers with a weird vibratory aura. His most remarkable achievement is to make his body talk. In his dance soliloquies, the motions of his mind are projected like T.S. Eliot’s “magic lantern that threw the nerves in patterns on a screen.” – Albert Goldman in People, 1984

Andrea Castro

9 days ago

quando lui ballava accadeva un miracolo ,tutti cercano di imitarlo ma lui era unico era nato con questo "dono"perchè con tanti fratelli solo lui?........Grazie Michael,

Wayne Flie

10 days ago

He was is and always will be the best of all time no one will ever come close to such a genious he really does make your eyes blur and always made everything beautiful and always giving his best.He is the strongest willed man i have known even through his tough times he just kept hanging in there
I miss you michael jackson king of pop

Sarah Durand

10 days ago

Just one of the many greats taken by the Illuminati. All because he saw the light,but he saw it too late. RIP, to the GOAT😎

In 1984, Michael Jackson allowed “Beat It” to be used for an anti-drunk driving campaign. In recognition of his philanthropy, president Ronald Reagan bestowed the Presidential Public Safety Commendation upon Michael. Watch the ceremony here. How many song titles did President Reagan manage to integrate in his speech?

Girish Bhatia

10 days ago

I loved this amazing story in Michael's life :) Michael, you were very, very special 💕

Bryan Cerezo Palaganas

11 days ago

My angel , no one will be like michael jackson

Gertrudis Velasquez

11 days ago

Michael Jackson's The best!!! We just think that the Estate wouldn't think about Money that much And give the fans good projects such as Blu Ray of concerts of MJ. Celebrate the 20th anniversary of the History album in 2020! 30th anniversary of Dangerous!! 20th anniversary of Invincible!!! Ghost 25th anniversary in 2022!!! Thriller 3D and the making of on Blu Ray!!! Unreleased songs!!! Why not a deal with Netflix to release documentaries, Concerts etc... We deserve the best for the best artist of all time!!! Shamone the Michael Jackson's Estate!!!!

Can you name the Michael Jackson song just by looking at this silhouette?

Wlodzimierz Kasperek

13 days ago

Katie Hopkins call me crazy but I knew exactly where this was from just by looking at the pic 😍😍 And I had to tell someone ... mK out

Damaris Lemus

14 days ago

At first I thought smooth criminal then I saw there was no arm band and now I’m certain that it’s “dangerous”!!😍 my second fav MJ song straight after “baby be mine”

Romain Mousa Metz

14 days ago

Give thanks to Allah,for the moon and star,this is one of favorite song 🎶 in Michael Jackson life after he get Muslim

“Just riding through Harlem in the late 70s, early 80s, I would watch kids dancing in the street. Illusion dancing, I called it. I took a mental picture of it, then created from that, perfected it. It comes from Black culture.” – Michael Jackson on his inspiration for the moonwalk.

Mihir Bhati

14 days ago

Thank you for sharing your talent with us , a mesmerising performance it was ,such a beautiful soul gone too soon🙌🙌💓

Angela Becerra

15 days ago

nice version of billie jean. i have it in dvd. everytime i watch it, it seems to me like i am a spectator among with others, back in 1984. there are strong emotions and feelings. billie jean to me is a symbol of a classic , timeless song. there never have been, and will never be a super hit like billie jean. it's more than perfect in every aspect: voice, music, dancing, and even Michael's suit and shoes! i simply can' t get enough listening to it.

Drizzy Mpofana

15 days ago

MJ was actually taught the moonwalk by a lead dancer and choreographer of the time. Michael for all his talent did not create this iconic dance move.

“Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’?” The fourth single from 'Thriller' was unleashed in the UK on May 8, 1983. The famous lyrics “Mama se mama sa ma ma coo sa” which came from Cameroonian singer Manu Dibango are often heard in Dutch as “mama say, mama sa, mama applesap,” which loosely translates in English to “Mama apple juice.” This misinterpretation of the lyrics has spawned a phenomenon in The Netherlands dubbed “mama applesap” which refers to lyrics resembling Dutch phrases in non-Dutch songs.

Kyliee Kelly

15 days ago

in Billie Jean, the lyric "but the kid is not my son" sounds like "pero tu quieres una manzana" which is Spanish for "but you want an apple"

Wagdy Nakhla

16 days ago

England's astrologer, Chiero, had predicted in a book- only a saint (Rampalji Maharaj) born in latter half of d 20th century i.e.after 1950 would bring 'a new civilisation' in d world.
Must watch sadhana tv 7:30pm.

Edsson Auriazul Ramirez

16 days ago

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Russia celebrates “Radio Day” today, commemorating the first time that inventor Alexander Popov successfully demonstrated the radio! What was the first of Michael’s songs you remember hearing on the radio? Who remembers these Michael Jackson radios from 1984?

Steven Hunter

16 days ago

I heard " Thriller" for the 1st time on the radio late 1983
I felt in love inmediatly for his music , next for his dancing style & videos , then for his humanity.

Rayane Fernandes

17 days ago

#PredictionsAbout_SaintRampalJi The great chyren will change the whole world by spiritual knowledge and power.
He has a new constitution on the whole world ...
Everyone will follow him peacefully ...

Natasha Bruce

17 days ago

"It's too high to get over (yeah, yeah)
Too low to get under (yeah, yeah)
You're stuck in the middle (yeah, yeah)
And the pain is thunder (yeah, yeah)
It's too high to get over (yeah, yeah)
Too low to get under (yeah, yeah)
You're stuck in the middle (yeah, yeah)
And the pain is thunder (yeah, yeah)" <3

May the Fourth be with you! Enjoy Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers at Disneyland dancing to “Beat It.”
Happy Star Wars Day!

Virginia Campanella

18 days ago

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Segis D. Avila

19 days ago

King of pop forever.Luckily nobody can't anymoore hurt him.Rest in peace.❤

Dan Keeley

20 days ago

Louie LaQuatra this combines two of our favorite things!

#Throwbackthursday: Michael Jackson met Michael Crawford backstage when Crawford was starring on the West End in London in The Phantom of the Opera.

Raz Gurung

20 days ago

There is no one alive or that will be born, that can follow in the footsteps of Michael Crawford!! Right Betty????💜💜💜💜

Sandy Ghodgaonkar Maruyama

21 days ago

I always wanted to go to the phantom of the opera 😍

Shirley Matechuck

21 days ago

Michael Crawford was not only an amazingly talented west end performer he was a fabulous comic!..

Will Smith recently shared an endearing story of the time he met Michael Jackson. Check it out:

Chelsey Curl

22 days ago

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Yeidis Diaz

22 days ago

Ahahah I'm screaming 😂😂😂😂😂 this made me laugh so hard 😆😆

Stephanie Miller Eade

23 days ago


Describe your experience at Michael Jackson ONE in 5 words or less. And GO!

Augustina Mphofe

a month ago

Is it just me or isnt his name being exploited?

Hung Tran

a month ago

Super man he cared for his world when he was here! RIP MJ

Andrew Robbins

a month ago

I hope to talk, & see, & also visit Neverland

#TBT: Michael on stage during sound check for the Bad World Tour.

Donovan Conrad

a month ago

He was one of the most gifted artist in my lifetime. So tragic that such a gifted and handsome young man was so troubled.

Tuija Udd-Manninen

a month ago

Singers will come and but a singer, dancer, writer etc like this will not happen again, legend among the legends, I seriously doubt songs like beat it and smooth criminal, and performance in bad song is invincible.

Kelly Tatiana López González

a month ago

I always thought the reason he was so popular in Japan during this era was because his skin was kind of an olive tone with black hair and he always wear sunglasses a lot I guess and maybe with the cosmetic surgery he kind of looks like Japanese sort of...did anyone else think this?

Who was in the audience at the Apollo on April 24, 2002?

Elvis Viskovic

a month ago

BUYERS BEWARE: It is vital that this GWS auction of fake Michael Jackson items is for sale………….”THIS IS MY OPINION”
Firstly, whoever the seller is, they are knowingly attempting to make financial gain at the expense of some unsuspecting fan by passing off these obviously fake items for sale. Secondly, for your information, at the bottom of this story is a summary of my own background and experience in regards to Michael Jackson.
1). This pair of loafers are not authentic, firstly due to the size. Michael had very slender feet and these ones are extra wide and would have slid off his feet while attempting to dance in them. Secondly, Michael never wore these to any rehearsal for his performance. In a YouTube clip it shows Michael discussing what he wants to do with his brothers/musicians for the performance. HE NEVER DANCED IN THAT RECORDING. In Michael’s own book “Moonwalk” by Michael Jackson, his autobiography, Michael states very clearly that he rehearsed at home in his own kitchen at Havenhurst the night before, as he wanted no one else to know what he was planning to do before his actual performance on the night of Motown 25 in 1983, other than which song he chose for the benefit of the musicians. The auction states that Michael’s choreographer had possession of the loafers because Michael gave them to him. The seller then “implies” that he obtained these shoes from the choreographer. Once again in Michael’s own book, he states clearly, that he did not work with any choreographer for Motown 25 and did his own choreography. Also Lester Wilson is not on the credits of Motown 25 as he worked with Michael Jackson on The Wiz years earlier. There are no photographs nor is it documented that Lester was even at Motown 25. Due to this, it’s impossible that the non-existent choreographer had the loafers in his possession to sell to another person. Furthermore, the authentic Motown 25 shoes are featured in Michael Bush’s book “Dressing Michael Jackson” (The King Of Style) on page 54. Subsequently, (as you can see from this picture) that the name Michael and #2 has not been written underneath them in blue marker. Someone has written this on the fake ones for sale and it certainly is not in Michael’s own writing regardless. I would trust Michael Bush and his photographed records of the real Motown 25 loafers over the shoes that are being offered in this auction. Michael Bush still has the actual Motown 25 loafers in his possession. Finally, due to all the information above, any certificate of authenticity provided in this auction, is therefore totally worthless and automatically invalid.
2). In regards to the crystal riding helmet from the Triumph Tour being auctioned, it is a replica. The original helmet was removed from Neverland Valley Ranch by Julien’s Auctions as it’s in their auction catalogues but was never sold. How can this one be real if Michael Jackson still owned it when he was alive?

3). As for the red Dior cardigan in the auction, already many fans have detected that the motif on it, is way smaller than the one seen and worn by Michael in public photographs. This has been observed by placing the photos side by side.

4). Who am I? For the last 49 years I have been a well-known fan of Michael Jackson and over these years have attained and earned loyalty and respect from the MJ community worldwide. Due to my dedication, in 2003 I was invited to his 45th birthday in Los Angeles as one of his 50 worldwide Ambassadors to represent the whole of Australasia, (Australia and New Zealand) at the party. For many years I have been a collector of his memorabilia, and have managed to acquire some of his personal belongings as well as many autographed items. Prior to making any such purchases, I have studied and researched intensely the personal belongings and autographs of Michael Jackson. My collection though neither the largest, nor the most valuable, is known worldwide. And I dislike anyone ever being taken advantage of by someone selling fake items.

Debbie Jackson
Auckland, New Zealand.

Trisha Stauffer

a month ago

Michael was a gentle soul, he saw beauty in all god's creations and we were so lucky to have him.

He showed that gentleness in his planet earth poem.

Evangelist Will

a month ago

Oh how I'd wish! But 2 months later I seen Diana for the first time live! Didn't expect that much and got blown away! Have seen both 3 times in concert in my life - unplanned matching. Atually I just realized at this very moment reminiscing!

“When we first went to Switzerland, I almost started crying. I really did. What touched you about that trip to bring about that emotional response? The beauty. It's like, oh, God, it's crying out in the sky. It's an incredible country and it inspires me to see these things - the mountains. The pictures don't do justice to Switzerland.” – Michael Jackson

Photo: Michael in Switzerland, 1979

John Vassallo

a month ago

Its true! I live in Switzerland and it is really beautiful hier!!!!♥️

Honey Hanewinckel

a month ago

Michael, the most beautiful man inside and out that ever walked this earth😊. I hope your in a better place where no one can ever hurt you again ❤❤

Rose Hite

a month ago

One thing different about my boy MJ & I've never heard any other artist say It's God's creation &-appreciate the beauty in God's work n Switzerland isn't Man made the mountains the beautiful sky the hills The Greenery the nun pollution state. He knew HOW 2travel.. Meaning go to any state across the world & get the mental nourishment of it, it was obvious it was therapeutic4 his mind stimulating his soul that was most definitely escapism for him, and he most definitely deserved it because he was one hard-working artist I mean he gave so much to receive so little in return. My heart is rejoice seeing Dat He's finally found solace on this trip.

Today in 1980, “She’s Out Of My Life” was released as a single. The song was the 4th top ten single from Off The Wall. Reportedly, Michael can be heard crying after every take – so it was left on the record.

Watch the video now:

Daeshun Green

a month ago

Dear Michael it's almost 9 years since you've been gone and its still cuts like a knife 😢 this song makes me cry. What a beautiful song by a beautiful man😘

Gerald Smith Coleman

a month ago

love the song it was a time in my life when someone truly broke my heart ive passed all that

Vanessa Lopez

a month ago

This is such a beautiful song! Michael’s music will live on 4ever! He was the greatest entertainer of all time⭐️

“Sometimes when you're treated unfairly it makes you stronger and more determined. I admire that kind of strength. People who have it take a stand and put their blood and soul into what they believe.” – Michael Jackson

Angela Weary

a month ago

so glad that when you made your last stand Michael, you won the battle of your life and cleared your name against the child molestation charges!!! but you failed your battle against your addictive which caused your own death. no celebrity really learns from another celebrity's mistakes. they are far too gone and so blind to see.

Kendrick Light

a month ago

The whole world loved MJ but now that he's gone ,no one even thought of him 😑😑😑but I still admire him even if he's gone or still alive😇😇😇😇😇but I wish he's still there in the world somewhere so the world can here he's amazing voice and performance.

Ritchel Dapo Tion

a month ago

Yes he was very different. Even Wierd BUT think of his life. He never had a normal childhood or teen years. He was in seclusion mainly. I never did believe the lies.

The “Black or White” short film is the second Michael Jackson short film directed by John Landis. Which is your favorite part of the film & what does the song mean to you?

Tama Matsuda

a month ago

σηκοστω ξανα, για τα αδερφια μας που βρισκονται ψηλα. Το πρωταθλημα κατηφοριζει Λιμανι τζαι το τροπαιο θα είναι τζαι για τα αδερφια μας που βρισκουνται ψηλα στον ουρανο. ΑΠΟΛΛΩΝ ΘΡΥΛΟΣ ΠΡΩΤΑΘΛΗΜΑ Στελιος Θεοφανους

Profion Monastário

a month ago

I like how Michael dressed in the rap scene. I actuallu like that scene. This song means that color doesn't matter and I should think the same way...whether it's a black man and white woman or anyone of any race.

Carl Flecker

a month ago

I love this black or white theme, in this song Michael Jackson talks about how tired he is that they speculate about his skin color, without knowing the reasons well, that no matter the color and race, we are all the same, in a certain sense he refers to the tabloid press and the people with absurd prejudices ... Unfortunately the strange or unusual things always cause controversy, many people have unnecessary concepts of the unknown, they only repeat what others say without analyzing things well, or realize if they hurt Someone speaking to speak, ignorance is daring.

#TBT: The Jackson 5 earned the cover story with an illustration of Michael on this April, 1974 issue of Look In.

David Guetta

a month ago

The best entertainer in the world for decades, it will take a while before someone like him comes around again, RIP

Somshubhro Roy

a month ago

RIP king of pop,the best singer in history,smooth criminal Michael Jackson 💕

Iclal Yılmaz

a month ago

I like michael Jackson n his dance, song. He is the best entertainer in the world.... Luv u michael❤️

“'Heal The World' [from the Dangerous album] and 'Stranger In Moscow' from the 'HIStory' record are, like, the makeup of Michael. I think he's taken on the responsibility to make changes in the world. He's the only real superhero. Think about it.” – Dallas Austin

Robert Simpson

a month ago

This 70 yr. old cracker loves Michael, my older wife even more...long live 'the eternal pop lord' amen.

Alexia Maroni

a month ago

The world leaders need to take a leaf out of michaels book and heal the world he was the only one that took the time to take notice of the people of the world love u michael

Ryan Ravic

a month ago

"There is a place in your heart and I know that it is love... " magic lyric for our soul and heart. I love this song as much as Michael Jackson <3

#MJTrivia: “One of the unreleased demos included on BAD25 was identified by Bruce Swedien as one of his favorite Michael songs.Do you know which one?”

Manman Manman

a month ago

It's "Don't Be Messin' Round" :D Love it too <3

Kathy Crawford Ladner

a month ago

Bruce Sweden probably mentioned it to me last year but I can't remember the title.

Bertha Hinojosa Castillo

a month ago

One of my favorite songs from that era that is not on the bad album or any other known micheal album is cheater for powerful and very grovey. Not sure what yhe bruce song is guess streetwalker

On April 9, 1984, Michael granted the wish of a 14-year-old boy named David Smithee who was suffering from a terminal illness. Smithee’s one wish, which was granted through Michael’s work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, was to meet Michael.

Rafa Croft

a month ago

Michael was a great musician and person. He was generous with his time as well as money. Unfortunately some people took (or tried to) advantage of this and in the process tarnished his name. He wasn’t given the benefit of innocence until proven guilty. RIP

César Jacobo

2 months ago

coromoto suarez: ¡lo que es la vida! hoy en día sabemos cosas de los famosos, que ni por asomo hace más de 40 años no lo sabíamos porque no había estos medios de redes sociales. Me alegra saber de buenas noticias que existían en otras épocas. Para que luego no digan que todas las noticias eran malas.

Wagdi Ibrahim

2 months ago

MJ was born to be a star,there is no one human being around the world who didn't know him and his music, and i believe there will be no one single singer, musician in all the world to be known and succesed like he was, until the end of time.

“I am committed to my art. I believe that all art has as its ultimate goal the union between the material and the spiritual, the human and the divine. I believe that to be the reason for the very existence of art.” – Michael Jackson, Ebony Magazine, 1992

Christina Baron

2 months ago

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Amanda Britt Hudgins

2 months ago

What's to get out of that; that he (himself) being nothing but a witness when it comes to the act of understanding the divine power's possessions and for that even with him; for that's what being in question!!! Very nice to try to explain...

Tammy L Jones

2 months ago

I am so glad Michael talked about love and spirituality so much in his entire career span. Michael used all sorts of platforms or what in spiritualism we call mediums to deliever his messages to the entire world. even if one ear listens to his words it would cause emission and expansion of all the required frequencies and vibes that would heal the world. his contribution has been the most effective and efficient in raising consciousness of the third dimension.
For a celebrity to talk about spirtualism was, is and will continue to be rare.
can't thank you enough.
love you Michael for reminding us what and how vast Love is.

“I am committed to my art. I believe that all art has as its ultimate goal the union between the material and the spiritual, the human and the divine. I believe that to be the reason for the very existence of art.” – Michael Jackson, Ebony Magazine, 1992

Today in 1990, Michael made his second trip to the White House to receive the award of “Artist of the Decade” from President George H.W. Bush. The President honored Michael for his charitable works as well as his artistic output. The honor would be the second of three earned by Michael; the first given by Ronald Reagan and the third would be bestowed by President Clinton.

Lee Murray

2 months ago

I Love MJ but too many people judged this man and never understood him...may be it was because he talked and reasoned differently...but that was because he had True Love in his HEART. God bless his soul. Live on MICHAEL JACKSON....

Martin McFly Pöter

2 months ago

I miss the King of Pop. One of the best performers of his time. Off The Wall and Thriller album is my favorite albums from Michael. His other albums are good too.

Janet Martin

2 months ago

If you're starting to find the name of a international mad fan of Sir Michael Jackson, then my name Mehedi Hassan Jai will be there in 1st of that list ✌

Jack White credited Michael Jackson’s writing style for inspiring him in a recent interview. “It's just unbelievable how talented Michael Jackson is, but when he was talking to the band he would say, 'No, the bassline is like this: d-d-dd-d-duh-duh, d-d-d-d-duh', humming the bassline and beatboxing at the same time….So I thought 'Well let me try to do that. I've never written songs like that, where I write the melodies first and add the lyrics later', and I did that with many of the songs on the record."

Chauncey Mosley

2 months ago

I don't like to remember Michael Jackson cos the memories are so personal to me...and you would just wish he was still living but that is all part of mere wishing. it is so sad that he died in so much pain and can never live again. I love and hate memories of him cos the reality remains that he is gone...even those loving memories makes me sad....

Gabriel Clarito

2 months ago

Actually I like it how Michael spoke about the music he’d hear & go through every single instrument in the composition & what it sounded like & the different layers of vocals too. He pretty much sang a tune that hadn’t been hear before by ear & told those who played the actual instruments what it sounded like.
I think it cool that even though Michael didn’t play an instrument (could someone confirm if he did or didn’t please. I haven’t found anywhere that says he did) he still had a musical ear. In This Is It, Michael vocalising the tune to the guy on the keyboard doing the intro of TWYMMF & the girl with the electric guitar & helping them where there’s the slightest bit of being out of tune.

Sue Jameson

2 months ago

Michael had the beats in his head, trending to his voice. Some people play by ear. He had the plays in his head, that's special. 😎💥👨‍🎤💖👏✌️

"It was exciting to finally see Michael Jackson in person... his talent and charisma was so huge that even Giants Stadium, where this shot was taken in 1984, couldn't contain it!" – Photographer Rob Pistella on this never-before-published picture of Michael on the Victory Tour. Photo © Rob Pistella

Ingrida Vaitkevičienė

2 months ago

YESSS.Michael was a very charismatic gentleman.He was a huge bright lightcon stage.His performances wer always very powerful and phenomenal❤️🙏😍

Melba Stephano

2 months ago

I saw him in the orange bowl 65000 people lucky I was on the 10 row on the ground (victory tour) he did it for me... that is how I felt he was the best.. I miss you Michael..

Dawn Cleveland Gouldman

2 months ago

Yo tuve la inmensa suerte de verle en el concierto del 88 y en el del 92 en Barcelona, indescriptible, espectacular, algo que siempre estará en mi memoria.

“Michael is very involved and on top of everything that he’s ever put his name on. He’s shy and sweet, considering all he’s accomplished, but he’s a prankster. When I was doing the video, we had water pistol fights.” – Naomi Campbell #AprilFoolsDay

Way Yan Way Yan

2 months ago

If one would stop stitching or gluing these fake hair to one's scalp, one will be much more original than a prankster!! R U running out of cash? Too bad!

Émi Schott

2 months ago

All the negative comments in the world from the past to eternity will never take away Michael's greatness and uniqueness. It is done, set in stone, Done!!!

Jennifer Louise Doroz

2 months ago

What a fake !!!!!.. Micheal Jackson was a MK-Ultra victim his song were given to him while he entered a mirrored box read to him on the outside by his Handlers.. I know because I am the real author.. Of Beat it, Liberian Girl, Dirty Diana, Torture...those who know the industry you only have a few years to make a claim on intellectual theft.

"There was a time when these genres were very exclusive to their fan bases and I think that in an overall sense – I hate to get too spiritual about it – but I think that putting something out there that's inclusive that all people can relate to was almost in its own way a movement of spiritual connectedness. Just because you're a kid who’s into guitar doesn’t mean that what we’re doing isn't for you." – Dave Navarro on Michael Jackson’s crossover between pop and rock, particularly on “Black or White.”

Émi Schott

2 months ago

For me his all songs are best bcz his voice and energy so awesome that's why he was and still the best
Nobody can touch his charisma and talent
He was amazing
His voice sounds like an angel
I love it
He was a god gift for us
I love u michael

Idalia Ixtacapan Moreno

2 months ago

MTV refused to play music by black artists until this record was made and Sony records boycotted the channel.
That's why they hired Eddie van Halen to play the guitar on this single, to appeal to the white rock fans

Tarcio John

2 months ago

Pop, rock, R&B, Reggae, hip hop, every genre of music is related. It is the instrumentation that makes the difference. In Jamaica, reggae music reigns. The Marleys are the music icons. You say pop, I say reggae. What difference does it make the category you label it as long as its great music. 🎶 🎶

“I think people have always admired black music since the beginning of time, if you want to go back to Negro spirituals. Today, the market is just accepting of the fact that that's the sound. From Britney to 'N Sync, they're all doing the R&B thing. Even Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees he always tells me [imitating a British accent], "Man, we do R&B." I say, Barry, I don't categorize it, but it's great music. I understand where he's coming from. I love great music - it has no color, it has no boundaries.” – Michael Jackson in an interview with VIBE, March 2002

Eric Christiny

2 months ago

I like MJ. He is my favorite dancer and singer. I miss his song and his dance. I try to dance like him.😊😊😊😊
I miss u lot MJ.

Serenity Yamamoto

2 months ago

Truer words never have been spoke Michael. Great music has no colour, it has no boundaries and that's what I'm always thought. We need to immerse ourselves in various✌️😎🤗 music, including classical so much diversity.

Elaine Lainie Lyle Zambs

2 months ago

In my opinion, Michael Jackson is the best. His music has no color and there is no boundaries around the world. I follow Michael Jackson, since when he began his course of life like musician. I love you Michael Jackson.

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Alicja Jas

2 months ago

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Paula Torres Ribas

2 months ago

I saw an mj show at mandalay bay...wasn't that good...not sure if it was this one..think it was part of the immortal world tour...hmmm.

Mary Tillery

2 months ago

Best show in Vegas hands down. I’ve seen it twice

#FriendlyFriday: The Jacksons goof around with Muhammad Ali

Ümit Ariduman

2 months ago

That's pretty cool!!!!!! I love you Michael!!!!💖

Ornelia Balao

2 months ago

Yes ,i like Michael Jackson more than u do ,he is still present R. I.M KING OF POP!!!!

Aryn C'rain

2 months ago

Two legends in single frame world miss both of you 🙏😢

#ThrowbackThursday: Michael rocked the cover of this March, 1985 issue of Rock & Soul

Andreina Flora

2 months ago

Quinton Shange, how do you know that Michael is in hell, except if you have been there 'cause that's where you simply belong

Martha Kantún

2 months ago

Michael made the hits, charitable donations and has known to bring the world together because of skills and talents. He dedicated his whole life to his fans. He is extremely valuable to the world.

Meaghan Vidrine

2 months ago

He is the best ... and he will remain forever ... NOBODY is compared ... ❣️😍
A person with a natural talent, humanitarian, kind, beautiful .....

"Remember the Time" was certified gold on March 16, 1992. What memory do you most associate with this song?

Jooter Cano

2 months ago

He rehearse this song during the dangerous tour but never performed it. I always wanted him to do the breakdown dance live. Fatima really did her thing with the choreography. This is off my favorite album. Gosh I miss this man.

Ted Patterson

2 months ago

Sou apaixonada por Michel Jackson desde a época dos Jacksons Five. Deu q ñ deu vejo postagens dizendo esta semana completa tanto tempo q ele nos deixou e sempre c as datas mais variadas. Esta data tenho marcada por vários momentos pessoais. Foi a data de casamento dos meus pais e tbm momento q estava passando o último DVD no cx da loja americanas no shopping d guaratinguetá e a moça do cx disse ele morreu, achei era brincadeira mas infelizmente era real. 25/06/2009

Stacy Hosea

2 months ago

Every film clip he did was so extraordinary, but I always enjoy watching the behind the scenes, and this one was particularly funny with Eddie being his usual comical self! And it was always a joy to see Michael laugh, he had the most wonderfully cute laugh!!

Caption this photo:

Tyler Patton

2 months ago

"There are 3 things I want to achieve in my life: be an Angel who spread L.O.V.E. Worldwide, become the best Dad ever and work until perfection so my fans will remember me as the King Of Pop. And believe me: until This Is It, the best is yet to come!!"

Lucy Pineda

2 months ago

"All you rude insensitive people have zero respect,and aren't fit to lick my boots." thats the caption.

Camilo Delgado

2 months ago

The cut and join of this pic is sickening. Can't comprehend the look, size and structure of the hand especially the last 2 fingers to the size of the head of Micheal and the size of the uniform to the person of Micheal.

Which is your favorite classic arcade game?

Which is your favorite classic arcade game?

Faith Locklear

2 months ago

When you say Classic, how far back are we going? When you say Arcade game, you mean video game? Arcade games include things like ring toss, knocking over bottles with a baseball, throwing darts at balloons. Pinball and skeeball machines. Ringing the bell with the sledge hammer. Those are arcade games too and some have been around for about a century or more.

Jo Anne Warren Rauton

2 months ago

You know you're old when the question reads, "Name a classic arcade game...." and the answers provided still seem new to you. I was an Atari 2600 kid. We had 2 bit graphics. 8 colors max. To hear answers like Moonwalker and Double Dragon knowing that I played arcade games some 10 years before that, yeah, You know you're old. LOL

Robin Jackson

2 months ago

Michael Jackson’s was The Best At The Singer And Dancer And So Kind And Sweet Person His Moves In Danceing Was The Greatest And His Songs He Was The Best Know Matter What He Did Miss You So Much👍👋😇👌❤️Aldana Lane.

“I always tell my children, You don't have to sing, you don't have to dance. Be who you want to be, as long as you're not hurting anybody. That's the main thing.” – Michael Jackson

"I always tell my children, You don't have to sing, you don't have to dance. Be who you want to be, as long as you're not hurting anybody. That's the main thing." - Michael Jackson

Florentina Tapalagă Stanciu

2 months ago

I like this picture of Michael Jackson and his children that he loved and took care of until his death and even after then..........RIP Michael..thangs just ain't the same......

Pablo Valenzuela

3 months ago

Loved his music ...legend king of pop up there with queen of pop miss Whitney Houston....loved them and still do ....amazing talent 💕💖💕

Morquecho Judith

3 months ago

Michael Jackson always be my remembered and my heart , I love his voice and everything about him.
Yes...King of Pop! :-)

#ThrowbackThursday: Michael graced the cover of the UK's Blues and Soul Magazine March, 1980

Tyler Ingersoll

2 months ago

Black became white, full body surgeries, this and that, who cares? Hum? How about you who, used your power to rape me. Yes I'm desperate for food and clean water does that give you the right to abused me? OK I'm little infant I can't speak for myself,but remember, what goes around comes around.

Melodie Thiriez

3 months ago

Michael out did himself with Ghosts, short film. It deserved international recognition.I mean this so much that one of Ghosts' pics is my profile pic. Way cool!!✌️😁

Emmanuel Dube

3 months ago

And don't ever forget disco. Michael's Off The Wall included disco. Case in point, Burn The Disco Out. Dig it? Cool!!✌️🎶😎😎

In addition to all of Michael's great music featured in the show, Michael Jackson ONE reflects Michael Jackson's love for imagination and fantasy, show stopping dancing, and his message: That we are ONE. Get your tickets now:

Cameron Tate Benedict

3 months ago

I saw this show and the best part for me was when the Billie Jean song came on ❤️

Baba Dembele

3 months ago

Went to see this in Vegas recently and it was beyond amazing! I'd pay to see it again and there was not a bad seat in the house. The journey into the show was equally amazing with lots of MJ memorabilia on display🌟

Bakary Bako Sangare

3 months ago

the estate of MJ and cirque it's perfect for them!!2 différent shows immortal/one 100,000,000$ total budget and 800,000,000$ income

“Human knowledge consists not only of libraries of parchment and ink - it is also comprised of the volumes of knowledge that are written on the human heart, chiseled on the human soul, and engraved on the human psyche.” – Michael Jackson, Oxford Union, March 6, 2001

Nguyễn Hồng Thúy

3 months ago

There will always be haters. Michael Jackson is the best!

Eureka Smarty

3 months ago

Such pure soul combined with such immense talent will never come across this universe twice. It was once and it was called Michael. Purely missed!

Cheryl Allen Curtis

3 months ago

Michael Jackson.Smart and brilian man..!

"Billie Jean" began its 7 week run atop the singles charts on March 5, 1983.

Stacey Ethridge

3 months ago

Olvidarte jamas siempre en mi corazon hasta el dia k me muera grande y jamas seras igualado TE AMOOOOOOO MI GRAN IDOLO 😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍❤💙💚💛💜

Michiaki Mitsutake

3 months ago

Love the thriller album,u can listen 2 any song Michael and it still is amazing still gets me all the time,I miss u big time Michael, my lve grows stronger,everyday I listen 2 any of ur albums and still get emotional thinking about u Michael, ur special in each and everyway and all ur family 2 so special my lve to all the Jackson family big hugs

Helal Uddin Sumon

3 months ago

i remember getting the album in Wimbledon London dec 82 and loved Billie but my fav back then was baby be mine such a ride for Micheal after that Motown thing in may 83 him and always inspired to be better.... iron will

'Dangerous' was certified five times platinum in the United States on this day in 1993. It was later re-certified at seven times platinum (over 7,000,000 copies sold in the United States). As of today, the album has sold over 30 million copies worldwide. When did you get your first copy?

Frank Jaron Aedo Ochoa

3 months ago

I love the whole album, I still have the original cassette in my collection. “Who Is It” is the best song & was truly underrated. Also I wish he would’ve did a short movie video for “Dangerous”.

Pankaj Thakur

3 months ago

My brother found an original cassette copy outside a closed record store near our house back in 93'. That's the first original cassette we ever owned at the time and the begging of a music journey that never stopped till this very single day. MJ is still one of the main captains leading the way. It also started moving my hips too.. :)

Alison Michelle Prieto Lopez

3 months ago

My dad brought home a copy of the CD first day of release in 1991 as I waited anxiously for it after school. I remember the gold-coloured plastic lining, putting it on and hearing Jam for the first time, exploding out of the speakers. Was taken by surprise as I might have been expecting something more akin to Black or White, but I loved it nonetheless and still listen to it to this day.

"Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel-do whatever you need to do here. Sky's the limit." - Michael Jackson on advising his musicians on how to play when recording 'Thriller', according to Toto's David Paich, who played on the album.

Magali Lopez

3 months ago

Toto members contributed to 5 out of the 9 tracks on the Thriller album. Human Nature is a Toto song with MJ singing. <3 <3

Endell Gama

3 months ago

Because Thriller is basically Toto with Michael Jackson as lead singer.

Cristina Henríquez

3 months ago

i Miss You Michael The Legendary King Of Pop I Miss youuuu So Much😢😭❤❤