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At Michael’s Diamond Birthday Celebration party on August 29, Giuseppe Zanotti announced the release of a limited collection of sneakers in tribute to Michael Jackson.The sneakers hit stores today so be sure to get your pair before they are sold out and be sure to check out the auction of “Number One” pair being auctioned on November 10 by Julien’s Auctions to benefit The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation efforts in Malawi. #GZxMichaelJackson

QueenElizabeth Owens

21 hours ago

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Sergio Lara

3 days ago

Michael jackson we danger , we miss you

James Mashburn

3 days ago

The tribute in red on the side threw me off..i think the shoes would've looked better without it.

“(Michael Jackson) was a bigger philanthropist than most people gave him credit for. ‘We Are the World’ marked what at that time was a high point in rich-world concern about poor people in the developing world. That sort of awareness helps to open the way not only for more effective foreign assistance but for other changes in policy, such as trade and migration, that can have a big impact on poor people’s lives.”- USA for Africa director Marcia Thomas and the Center for Global Development’s Nancy Birdsall.

Nick Barnes

4 days ago

Words can’t describe my love for him❤️ Love is infinite. It’s forever. I love this man with every single inch of my heart. He was truly and still is a king😭💞 Love you Applehead, miss you so much.

Monaheng Letsoa

4 days ago

Yes he seemed to be a genuinely caring person particularly with children and the sick . I pray that his legacy will be truley vindicated of the terrible allegations that were said about him for his legacies sake
He was a brave man in many ways

Kay Johnson

5 days ago

Michael always cared about the world, for helping and making a difference ... and he made it ....
I change thousands of lives, and I also touch thousands of hearts, with their talent and their disinterested help ....
Really a great person.
You were a blessing in this world❣️
I love you ! <3


One week from now, there will be an encore broadcast of the animated special by CBS at 8 pm on Saturday, October 20.Don’t miss it!

Connie Cypress

7 days ago

This special was a special kind of trash. I loved it. I was working as a MCO at a local cbs station when it came on and me and my mate were slackjawed at how awful it was. We made it into a running joke at the station lol.

Cryscylle Martinez Linab

8 days ago

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Валя Андреева

8 days ago

Would anyone be interested in MJ Leggings?! They are Curvy 14-20/22. It won’t let me post a pic check out my group
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On October 11, 1997, Michael was made an honorary member of the Bafokeng Ka Bakwena (People of the Crocodile) tribe in South Africa. Reportedly, on the way to the ceremony, Michael and his party saw two men fighting and covered in blood on the side of the road. Michael stopped the car, got out, and approached the two men to ask them why they were fighting. The two surprised men stopped fighting immediately.

Debbie Lee-Vail

10 days ago

Wow. He had a total disregard for the potential danger he was putting himself in. This man wielded power through more than just his music.

Kristyn Rodriguez

11 days ago

I really miss him. Compare to modern music it's totally different than when Michael lived, there were more values and messages.
And now only around nudity, sex, drugs, songs and videos are about nothing, they have no history. It's sad :(

Lanny Astral

11 days ago

Michael remembered he didn’t had any childhood, so he took care. What a wonderful human being he was ❤️❤️❤️

There is only one Michael Jackson, but he has influenced millions. Check out this cover of “Human Nature” by Florida High School student Ezekiel Hargrove.

Vicki Martin

10 days ago

Good voice but his finger snaps had their own groove😂

Šőhâg Ăhméd Wâŗfäžė

11 days ago

Wow!! Awesome, you should consider the Voice!! Pick Adam, I just heard a winner. Well done thanks

Gregory Canizzaro

12 days ago

Everybody likes to cash in these days leave his songs alone some songs are only meant to be sung by there original artists!! MJ forever 💕

Michael’s Diamond Birthday offered the opportunity for a global celebration of Michael. SoundExchange asked dozens of artists one of the hardest questions ever – which is their favorite Michael Jackson song? Enjoy the video and post your favorite in the comments…if you can choose just one.

Matheus Santana

11 days ago

So optimistic collage! It makes me smile! 😀 Too hard for me to choose... I'd rather not. (OMG, errata: I wrote choose with a single "o"...). Please, re-insert your appreciations... 😁

Mike Dirden Sr.

12 days ago

Most all MJ songs are my favorite, have most of them. Never get tired of his diversity in music and sound.

Abby Galaviz

12 days ago

I love them all, can't choose just one. But i listen very often "Seeing voices" because in this song he combines classic touch with a bit of musical. I would have loved to hear more classic songs composed and sung by Michael.
But those he sung by now will remain trough years as classic, i'm very sure of this.

Which of Michael’s songs do YOU include in your annual Halloween playlist?

Michele da Silva

15 days ago

mama sherly ''learn madarine hua wen ar????? body act and speak along the video YES COME FROM MY BORE so i saw enought I START WITH CHILDREN HAAAAA HAAAAA

Jullianna Dgmfk'ila

16 days ago

Hey young one's.....I consider each and every creature everywhere to be my friend at all time's......I love you each....I am a parenting and friend like figureene to all creature's everywhere! Just say Hi! And you know I am your friend at that key point...for I learned this way of living from Jesus, Buddha, and myself Michael Jackson....I time jumped from 2018 to 1989 to shape shift to look like I do in the profile picture right then! Growing old as another person!

Daniela Ferri

16 days ago

Don't celebrate Halloween so it's perfect that I don't have to hear Thriller. Never liked that album and it was truly the beginning of the end for Michael. Loved mostly all his other work. I also feel Ghost beats Thriller hands down. The dance to 2Bad out does it for everyone. No one can move like him. JMO though!

'Off The Wall' “invented modern pop as we know it,” said music critic Rob Sheffield. What are your favorite albums that would have never existed without Michael’s influence?

Vina Nina Purba

17 days ago

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Don Mugus

18 days ago

from 1979 to 1982 there was no album with the same quality album off the wall except after the presence of the thriller album

Adrian O'Mahoney

19 days ago

24K Magic by Bruno Mars

Throughout the month there will be celebration of the tracks that reflect Michael’s love of Halloween and all things fun and spooky.

First up: “Blood On The Dance Floor”

Gsotu Apple James

20 days ago

Hope All Right friends yes our love Michael Jackson

Maxine Loots

20 days ago

#Wacko Jacko, still hes a King of Pop music

Whats next?a valentines edition michael jackson album?its a shame you didnt include "money" on this compilation

Every element of Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil is designed to bring Michael’s art, vision, lyrics, and philosophy into an immersive environment. Step into a universe that only Michael could have inspired at Michael Jackson ONE.

Natasha Steffany Cárdenas

22 days ago

Lastima que este show esté solo en Las Vegas. Hay muchos fans de Michael que nos encantaría verlo.

Rossana Florez

22 days ago

Michael Jackson was one of a kind. I am still sad he is not with us any longer. Thanks for reviving his songs and shows.

Scott Brown

23 days ago

Everything what he does Michael Jackson it was amazing,😢😢😢😢😢😢

Today is the International Day of Peace. The messages in Michael’s music continues to encourage us all to heal the world and brings us together as one. Do something to bring peace into your life today.

Francis Martinez Rodriguez

a month ago

we need to spread the peace in america and to everyone we don't know so give it up for michael jackson

Aleksey Varlamkin

a month ago

That's because Michael was a beautiful human being who had nothing but love and generosity in his heart.

Michael Moore

a month ago

He was such a cutie and so very talented and he had amazing unreal and cool and a awesome dancer RIP Michael u touched so many and u r loved by so many to .❤😘😘😘

In September of 1993, Michael performed two concerts in Israel as part of the Dangerous World Tour. Among other things, he also visited two hospitals in the Tel Aviv area between his shows to cheer up cancer patients. In all, Michael performed to over 170,000 people and touched the lives of countless others with his generosity.

Alhaji White

a month ago

to me micheal u wil alway be remember in the world 4 ur generousity over the helpless children,we al love u (M J)

NaTasha Dennis

a month ago

I love Michael cause his so generous. And he heal the world with his song.... Heal the world, what an amazing talent.

Karen Lee Iden

a month ago

That's because Michael was a beautiful human being who had nothing but love and generosity in his heart.

“I Just Can’t Stop Loving You,” the first single from Bad, hit #1 in the US on September 19, 1987, the first of Michael’s outstanding run of #1 hits from that album.
In an interview with Ebony/Jet from that time, Michael revealed some extra information about the recording of the sensuous intro of the song. “I was in bed when I was doing that. Lying under the covers and everything,” he shared.

John Roscoe-Jennings

a month ago

I and my boys at a check point this afternoon, I know your prayers got our back, Thanks for your concern and your time praying for us we truly appreciate you all..Amen..

Jessica Medrano

a month ago

It has this intensity that grabs you and pulls you in. Powerful.

Janet Mensah

a month ago

I think this song like many others he wrote is with reference to the "Love Of His Life"...Diana Ross!
Shame she didn't feel as deeply for Michael as he did for her ...
she unfortunatley broke his heart !! Shame he didn't find someone who really loved him! ... he would of been so happy & it would of made such a difference to his life 💔😢😩❤ Xx

“People ask me how I make music. I tell them I just step into it. It’s like stepping into a river and joining the flow. Every moment in the river has its song. So I stay in the moment and listen.” – Michael Jackson

Benjamin Miller

a month ago

Beautiful! Love you forever and always, Michael 💝

Marta Azpilicueta

a month ago

He was more then a music, and entertainment legend. He used music to try to heal the world. Sadly missed by many. He was a genius. He will live on forever for the legend he was. XXX

Izabella Vasconcelos Gleeson

a month ago

No one like him... he was a true musician, an awesome artist. It should be an inspiration to many performers we have today.....

Michael received the “Michael Jackson Good Scout Humanitarian Award” on September 14, 1990 from the Boy Scouts. The award was created and named for Michael in recognition of his humanitarian efforts.

"Michael Jackson is a good example to youth, helping us keep kids off the streets by supporting Scouting," said Ray Martin, chairman of the board of Los Angeles Area Council Boy Scouts of America.


Sãnäe Chöûkrï

a month ago

My grand salute to the Legend Michael Jackson. ❤️❤️

Gertrud Gosnik

a month ago

MJ risked his sales by producing songs for humanity and a better world ..and also songs for motivational purposes .. no superstar could that ! never

Haroon Rashidi

a month ago

I would give anything to have him with us again. The world is just not the same without him. He truly made a difference!

“Blood on the Dance Floor” has the vitality of an intelligence that refuses to be placated…It is a throwdown, a dare to the concept of innocuous Black pop.” – Armond White

What does that record mean to you?

Marie Fe Bacas

a month ago

I remember being a kid, and that record came out. I asked my dad to buy it for me! I loved that album since day one!

Allen Mastros

a month ago

A very personnal album. My favorite track is '' morphine ''

Henry Vant Voort

a month ago

I love no no no
For the life of me I can’t believe it didn’t end up on dangerous but thankfully it still saw the light of day

In my top five for sure

Michael launched the BAD tour in Japan at Korakunen Stadium in Tokyo on September 12, 1987 to a sold-out crowd of 38,000. One of the fans who attended, an 18-year old named Ikuko Yamamoto, told a reporter “Even if I don’t understand the lyrics, his melodies go straight to my heart. He’s magic.” The headline of that New York Times story? “Michael conquers Tokyo.”

Breanna Frenzel

a month ago

Bigger than Godzilla! Michael when are you coming back? We all know that was you in disguise with Larry King!

John Paul del Rosario

a month ago

Le titre me plaît beaucoup : " Michael conquiert Tokyo !" Fantastique...! Je dirai la même chose que ce fan... : < Même si je ne comprends pas les paroles, la musique me plait et me va droit au cœur > (y)

Natascha Gmeiner

a month ago

He was in Joyopolis too, a huge indoor arcade / theme park in Tokyo I have a picture of his signature on a hallway wall but it wont let me post 😕

Behind the scenes: Captain EO is one of Michael’s most beloved projects. Did you know that it was originally called “Space Knights?” Captain EO first debuted at Disney World’s Epcot Center in September 1986.

Kerrie Swant

a month ago

I LOVE Captain big sister would take me to see EO everytime we went to disney california adventure but we R not sister's anymore cause of my favorite Idol-not MJ some other person.

Those who did not witness the world united in love for his music in the 80s missed a lot. When he passed away, he united the world one last time in grief. I said back then that this will never happen again for any artist.

Peggy Holland

a month ago

I still rock my captain eo shirt at Disneyland when I go

Any fan of Michael’s knows how much he loved to read. This recent article in The Guardian examines why it’s important to take the time to do so. Be like Michael: read a book and share your favorite books in the comments for other fans to explore.

Sharon Courtney Chappell

a month ago

Grew up listening to him as a baby and child with my momma, still listening to him today. MJ was and still is her favorite...
Momma isn’t with us anymore, she passed from Lupus in May of 2015 but every time I play MJ, it’s like she’s right there next to me again.. I feel her all the time but to have that feeling amplified 1000 fold due to MJ’s beautiful music,
is one of the best gifts his music has ever given me. Miss and love you so much Julia Villegas Phelps
Can’t wait till we’re listening to MJ together in Heaven😔🙏🌹🌹🌹

Melonie Harris

a month ago

To Kill A Mockingbird
Wuthering Heights
The Hobbit
If On a Winter’s Night A Traveler
Where the Sidewalk Ends
Love Medicine and One Song
Haroun and the Sea if Stories
Owl in the Family

Shaana Shambi

a month ago

The Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. Great classic scifi book. I think Michael would have laughed reading it. 🙂

#TBT: What an amazing event last week in Las Vegas for Michael’s Diamond Celebration. If you were there, feel free to tag yourself.

Valencia West Kay

a month ago

Thrilled to have been there with other fans who are also personal friends. It was a great occasion.

Lynn Owens

2 months ago

Felicitaciones para Michael Jackson,''El Rey del Pop'',cantante que sigue y seguira siendo admirado y muy querido,su talento nacio desde su ninez,hasta ser un cantante muy famoso.

Marge Hinman

2 months ago

Que fotos tan bonitas del homenaje a Michael Jackson,ha de haber estado espectacular,como Michael Jackson se lo merece,pues por su talento se convirtio en ''El Rey del Pop'',un cantante muy famoso a quien seguimos escuchando ,recordando y admirando,✌️👑👑🎂🎵🎶🎤🎧🇺🇲️.

In honor of the Michael Jackson Diamond Celebration and Michael’s trailblazing legacy in both music and fashion, the brand BOSS released an updated version of its white suit worn by Michael on the cover of Thriller, as well as an exclusive set of three t-shirts. Check out the story of the collection for yourself at


Leonardo Sousa

2 months ago

Not sure Michael would approve being associated with a nazi... 🤷🏼‍♂️

Kelly Godée

2 months ago

You can buy better ones on redbubble for alot cheaper

Darko Plecas

2 months ago

I want every Michael Jackson fans to buy Thriller again, will you do it?

On September 4, 1999, Michael Jackson attended the Kora All Africa Music Awards in South Africa to receive the Lifetime Achievement award. After receiving the award, Michael presented Nelson Mandela with a check for 1 million rand for the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund. Michael generated the funds with his MJ & Friends concerts earlier in the year in Seoul and Munich.

Debby Topper

2 months ago

M.J donated for the children and it was big hearty effort. But why M.J separated his own, helpless ,little innocent 2 son and daughter from their own birth giving mother. It was a terrible thing. We donate a lot ,sing for humanity but we do not carry out the Bible daily in our life and as a result we destroy our valuable life.

Rebecca Farias Depew

2 months ago

Nowadays he´d be chased out by Julius Malema and his ´Brown-shirt´ brigade for White appropriation of Black sovereignty...

John D'Angelo

2 months ago

I'll never forget the day MJ died. It left a hole in my heart that nobody else can fill. You were loved by so many and you united cultures. You brought light to this world. You're forever in our hearts beautiful Michael. Xx

Michael loved to be out in nature. He wrote: “When I see the clouds whisked away from a snow-capped peak, I feel like shouting ‘Bravo! Nature,” the best of all magicians, has delivered another thrill.” Who will be spending time outside this weekend?

America De La Roca

2 months ago

Michael was so amazing so talented , he could sing and dance his moves where unreal mine blowing he will be miss by many RIP MJ u will never be forgotten 💙😘

Heather McCoid

2 months ago

Right.. now that i've read this, i will probably think of him shouting "Bravo Nature!!" everytime i look at the sky to watch clouds go by! 😂😊💕

Martin Barroso

2 months ago

MJ was a saint , he had respect for nature and humans and that's why i adore him 🖤

Happy Birthday, Michael! On this day of the Diamond Celebration we hope all fans around the world will join in celebrating the immortal Michael Jackson and his legacy of astounding artistic achievement and his philanthropic and humanitarianism efforts wherever he went.

Sunita Khan

2 months ago

Happy 60th Birthday to Michael Jackson in Heaven!!!! The Greatest Entertainer that ever lived! He was so nice and so sweet! An amazing singer and a great actor! A true legend, an icon and a wonderful person! Thank you for all your wonderful music and movies! Thank you for all the love and happiness you gave us for all those wonderful years! Your legacy will live on forever! You will be missed! May God always bless you in Heaven! Love you and miss you very much!🎉🎊🎁💖🎂🎈🌹😘

Michelle Ellis-bedenbender

2 months ago

Happy Birthday my love! It hurts you're not here to celebrate you , but i know you're in a better place .... you are always in my mind and will always be in my heart , you change my life and my way to see the world with your music, your kindness and humanity. There will never be another human being as talented as you were, you're one of a kind. Love you Michael 💜💜💜💜💜 and as every year on your birthday non-stop Michael Jackson music and videos for the day💜😘

Rashidah Razzak

2 months ago

Once again,i wanna tell you'll always be the best artist of all times,the best one ever,the one and only King of Pop,unique and inimitable.You're still alive for me and i'm your fan for life.Very happy,happy birthday,dear Michael <3 <3

According to Mark, working on Michael Jackson x Mark Ronson: Diamonds are Invincible “was such an amazing, awe-inspiring and insanely intimidating task to put this together." Listen here:

Philip Boey

2 months ago

Nice.But just another homeage to Michael.They should stop making things like that and leave his legacy alone.Please.

Arlene Lewis

2 months ago

Michael Jackson I love you so much this music and more them songs thriller album off the wall
Dangerous history past president
Future book 1.

Erin Barnes

2 months ago

Is this really Michael or is it just a "contribution to a public interest debate"? eg could this actually be a One Direction remix?.

Shane Snowdin

2 months ago

OMG! I was up yesterday the other night up to 2am, just watching Michael Jackson concert clip. Just sad that I never get to be in any of his concert. Whatever they say, he makes my heart happy

Jada Mida

2 months ago

Michel is greatest man.... at least he know how be famous and still keep his clothes on while performing or off stage..sad can't say that for everyone else who dying to get 1st place.... I miss Michel rest in peace..

Thom Dav

2 months ago

Michael Jackson :

Spike Lee’s annual tribute to Michael takes place TOMORROW in Brooklyn. If you’re in the area, head over and celebrate.

Location: Do The Right Thing Way - Stuyvesant Ave. Between Lexington Ave. And Quincy Street

Bev Pask

2 months ago

In asmuch as I cannot go and join the fun celebrating our beloved Michael’s 60th b-day I wish everything will be okay and everyone will enjoy

David Landry

2 months ago

Peace and blessings always late information day of or day after who post these things 🎧

Nidia Beatriz Bacigalupo

2 months ago

Thanks to spike lee
I love you michael 😍
Your lagecy live forever king😍❤

In honor of The Michael Jackson Diamond Celebration, a special limited-edition storage box has been created to hold the Picture Disc Collection, all of which is available tomorrow! Do you have yours yet? Post your unboxing video with #MJDiamondCelebration

Need a copy? Order yours here:

Hope Jackson

2 months ago

Dont know how much this costs but although i adore MJ ive got all these on vinyl and CD just dont see the point ! but if you have just got in to his music and dont have the albums then this is a must have ! i really wish they would release THE FULL VERSION of GHOST which i love but have never been able to get it.I am nearly 55 yrs old and MJ will always be my hero love him always ❤🌹

Karen Spooner Spilman

2 months ago

Maybe I don't believe it. The first foreign star I knew was MJ, who was about four or five years old at the time. The space walk really surprised me.

Rafael Custodio

2 months ago

In honour of Michael Jackson Really?! This is just another money making scheme and really makes me angry, you people drained MJ while he was alive and you're still doing it now, real fans would like to hear all the music which wasn't released, surely we're worthy of that!! 😡

Everyone dances to Michael at some point, but few can recreate his iconic moves. Which of Michael’s most famous dance moves do you have the hardest time mimicking?

Jenni Castillo

2 months ago

Artistes like Usher Chris brown Jason derulo have all imitated Michael Jackson in the spinning moonwalk robot dance but non will do it like he does His energy his passion when performing those moves is sky rocket high thats why he is the Legend he is the King

Noelia Basile

2 months ago

Michael era unico nadie puede hacerlo como el y no habra nadie que se compara con el en la vida. QUE DIOS TE BENDIGA EL REY DEL POP PARA SIEMPRE. Yo te voy a querer hasta al final de mi dias.TE QUIERO.

Henry Emilio Matzar

2 months ago

Um....all of them?😂 I can’t dance but for the life of me, I just cannot figure out the moonwalk. Even listening to him break it down step by step, in my socks on the kitchen floor, nothing! Oh well, I’d rather watch the master do it anyway.❤️❤️

“Most of my dreams seem to come true, and I’m so thankful that they do. I don’t know over what period of time, but I have lots of dreams and they usually come true, and I’m so glad.” – Michael Jackson

Jonathan Gutierrez

2 months ago

Michael, you're a gift to humanity... To me. I love you and will always do. When I sing, I feel am you. Though I couldn't master your dance steps even though I tried. But I got the voice.... Thank you

Angela Lipe Denton

2 months ago

I am so glad all of his dreams came true!!!!!! I think we all got really lucky to be alive to witness his PHENOMENAL TALENT and EVERYTHING he accomplished while he was with us!!!! Peace and Michael always!!!!! I love you Michael!!!!💖

Okpe Emmanuel Okpe

2 months ago

He was so adorable at this stage of his surgeries. He needed to stop then. Looking freakish contributed to his being treated the way he was.

RIP Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul. Aretha had a voice filled with such power and emotion it not only made her one of the world’s most beloved artists, it also served as an important voice for civil rights, echoing across the movement for decades to where Presidents would continue to call on it to inspire generations. On the eve of President Clinton’s inauguration in 1993, Aretha and Michael joined some of the world’s most renowned artists on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to sing “We Are the World” and “America the Beautiful” in sending a worldwide message of hope. While Aretha’s irreplaceable artistry, kindness and class will be missed, her spirit lives on and continues to inspire.

Parthavi Jariwala

2 months ago

She had a great voice but she was a crook never pay her taxes or the workers who work for her that's a shame!

Desi Opalenik

2 months ago

RIP Aretha. You are a very special woman and I know you grew with the whole group including Michael and Diana Ross and Stevie Wonder and so many other wonderful performers. I will miss you very much and I hope you and Michael are singing and dancing in heaven together. Also with Whitney Houston too. ONLY THE GREAT ARE GOING TO HEAVEN YOUNG!!!

Michelle Williams

2 months ago

Ahhh. ...I guess anything is possible..if just believe.... ahhhh . ( made me laugh 😃😂) I was thinking the same thing!!!

“I introduced Michael and the fans went crazy. People were jumping over barriers. We had to stop the show.” – Illusionist Siegfried on a memorable night at one of their shows in Japan.

Photo: Michael with Siegfried and Roy

Chris Hewitt

2 months ago

I would have jumped over the barriers too! I always say, he is the ONLY person in the world I would have considered paying my monthly salary for to attend one of his shows... lol. A LEGEND is a LEGEND.

Kerrie Janissen

2 months ago


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Tatiana Remadji Samina

2 months ago

Michel, malas noticias, tú hermana ya canta reggaeton, yo creo que si resucitas te vuelves a morir del susto

On August 16, 1969, the Jackson 5 supported Diana Ross & The Supremes at the Los Angeles Forum, as Diana helped introduce the group to the world.

Eze Loko Chack

2 months ago

Amazing I'm Proud Of Jackson 5.I love MY Michael Jackson so very Much ❤❤❤❤❤❤💋👄

Kiril Serginov

2 months ago

People commenting about what would've been better. I have got to say we've been losing Icons,Legends day after day. Not a post can be remembered forever but the things they do for humanity should be remembered.

Karen Roberts

2 months ago

Just enjoy and remember this great moment in time..yes if course Icon RIP Aretha, so sad.. we will always remember her powerful music and a voice that could move mountains💗💗a legend in her own time.. 2 people lost too soon, love u👍 forever

“Don’t ever impose your thoughts on the music. The music will tell you what it wants to do.” – Vincent Paterson remembering advice given to him by Michael Jackson

Photo: Paterson, Michael, and dancers on the set of the “Smooth Criminal” video

Michael Delianides

2 months ago

Como me gustan los videos de Michael Jackson;no hayo cual escoger como favorito,pues todos me gustan;y sobre todo la facilidad con la que Mike podia matizar muy bien su voz al cantar,de hacer notas graves ,con facilidad hacia notas agudas,pues tenia mucha facilidad en su voz;pues era contratenor,mezcla de tenor con baritono.Mis respetos para Michael Jackson como cantante y tambien como bailarin;y todo eso lo aprendio en su ninez.

Fernando Salaices

2 months ago

İ love this song !
You've been hit by , you've been struck by a smooth criminal ;)
Michael , you'll always be the best , i'm so proud of be a moonwalker❤️
Love you so much❤️

Reem Saber Shona

2 months ago

Vincent Patterson is one if not THE best choreographers 😍 his work with MJ was phenomenal but his work on Madonna’s blond ambition tour is sublime especially the keep it together ending 🤗

What’s the first Michael Jackson song you like to listen to in the morning, and the last one you listen to before you go to bed?

Chandan Kumar

2 months ago

God, that picture is jarring to me. It's like this snapshot of a moment of innocence and peace before the whirlwind that was MJ's life really began. It puts our world into perspective in a really radical way. Like, for how famous MJ was, he was still human. Any number of things could have derailed his success early on, and he could have just been some moderately attractive ex-performer working as a manager at a grocery store. Our reality could have been just as unreal to that MJ as his is to ours.

Waheed Commando

2 months ago

Black or White always gets me motivated, or Off The Wall. On the night that he died the last song the Dj played on his radio slot was “one day in your life”. It made me cry then, and it still does now. There’ll never be another one like him 😢

Kelli Amador

2 months ago

In the morning Man in the Mirror would be the best: getting more intense little by little, good message to remember.
At night I've often gone to sleep with Music and Me.

Happy Birthday, Whitney.

Chenesai Christine Mpanduki

2 months ago

Two amazing and talented artists.......wish they were both still wit us today......Happy Birthday Whitney, your music 🎶 makes me so happy, thank you forever.....

Rohit Raven Felix

2 months ago

Happy birthday will forever be in our heart even though you gone, your personality and music lives

Babuan Arjun Singh

2 months ago

I miss them a lot...😢😢
I love you MJ...Never can forget you...You were my first celeb crush... Trust me...He is older than my late father...but still I loved him...Sorry,still love him n respect him....
And,at last "I'll always love you" Whitney....
And most sad thing is that I never ever can meet them again....😭😭😭😭

"A lot of the issues he shed a light on were issues that no one felt comfortable talking about at the time, like AIDS. He wasn’t the guy who would jump on the bandwagon. He led the band.” – Howard Bragman on Michael’s philanthropy. What are you doing to be a leader in your community?

Photo: Michael donates $600,000 to do the United Negro College Fund

Galot Josh Flores

3 months ago

The side of Michael that is rarely talked about because many are more entertained talking about the tabloid stuff . Michael had a heart of gold .

Ricardo Rodríguez

3 months ago

Remember the Time we fell in love, so you remember the time when we first met. I betcha. Remember.

Wendy Huayllani Huaman

3 months ago

Michael Jackson genius, Gone too soon. Loved. Missed. I'm glad his music lives on.

Katelyn Ohashi’s championship gymnastics performance to a Michael Jackson medley demonstrates how Michael continues to inspire new generations to be the best they can be.

Prisacariu Naomi

3 months ago

Jesus was a bright and morning star of revelations and then lucifer was of isaiah....14....two deities in christianity? Then Buddha learned wisdom from Bright and morning star? Was Jesus satan or something?

Lindokuhle Dlamini

3 months ago

Omg she is great! Michael would have love to see this ... #KingofPop

Prince Maicon Jr.

3 months ago

I love love love it!!! Go on gurl...Michael keeps on inspiring- keeping his talent, music alive just like he planned it. So proud of you Michael!!

“[Michael Jackson] was a romantic in an unromantic age. His influence on my generation was like mass hypnosis.”
- Donald Urquhart, artist Michael Jackson: On The Wall #MJOntheWall

Cathy Liu

3 months ago

I love and miss you, Michael Jackson!!

Catina Coleman Ford

3 months ago

Algo me dice que Michael Jackson sigue vivo
1 Juan Gabriel ya murió uno suben nada
2 pero con Michael Jackson es diferente sí sigue vivo pues bien

Maxy Mckinzie

3 months ago

Miss u alot MJ ...u r one of the most talented person that a mankind ever had....really luv ur voice ur dance moves ur passion ur dedication towards art....luv u from the core of my heart....may ur soul rest in peace....Miss u alot...

In just a little under ONE MONTH, fans will converge in Las Vegas for Michael’s Diamond Celebration. Plan your visit now!

Judy Connerley

3 months ago

I was able to watch this last year of summer 2017. A SPECTACULAR SHOW, indeed!

Timothy Pendarvis

3 months ago


Brian Newcomer

3 months ago

He is the king and Will be the king nobody better than the one and only Michael Jackson love HIM ❤️

The “History / Ghosts” single was released around the world in July, 1997. It reached the top 10 in the UK, Italy, Belgium, and French charts! #MJFacts #charttoppers

Kay Thomason

3 months ago

Elle est à toi la photo Chris ? Ils auraient pu dire à qui elle appartenait non ?

Henryk Szubert

3 months ago

Yes My Love. You Are The Best MY Awesome Husband. I'm With You Always MY Love. My Love For You Will Never Die. To Love You Is To Give You Joy And Happiness Baby 💘💘❤❤💋👄

Gas Stew

3 months ago

Two really great songs!!!!! That's awesome to hear.
I love you Michael!!!!!💖

The July 29, 1988 cover of Bravo Magazine featured Michael.

Hellin Yajaira

3 months ago

Michael was very loved by Bravo readers, I never read any gossip on him. The reported had a good rapport with Michael and delivered impeccably professional news articles on him. Cheers Alex Gernandt @ the Bravo for maintaining journalistic integrity.

Stephen Reese

3 months ago

Beautiful Missing You So Much Michael. I Love You So Much My Love
Now And Forever 💘💘😍😍❤❤👄💋

Camille Aribaud

3 months ago

For the first time in my life, I’m happy Michael Jackson is not alive so he has to see the state of our nation

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Tom Meints

3 months ago

Beautiful. I'm Impressed Baby. Missing You So Much My Love. I Love You With All My Heart ❤❤💘💘💋👄

Dustin Jensen

3 months ago

Still making money on his dead body, and with cheap merchandising. Sad. Very sad. Not even the right logo :/

Kara Stark

3 months ago

YES!!!!! TY, Finally 🤗😍Magnificent 🤗👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👍🏼

In July 1981, The Jacksons performed a benefit concert for the Atlanta Children’s Foundation in response to a spate of kidnappings and murders that had plagued the Atlanta area for months. The concert raised over $100,000. Michael said, “we are doing this because we care.”

Renato Moser

3 months ago

Yes he was so.caring about people at every level

Linh Hương

3 months ago

Where ia blanket and what is he doing? Can we have some update on family as well?

Monica Lisa Stevenson II

3 months ago

Michael was a Jehovahs witness, his mother Katherine still is, the only active witness in the jackson family right now in the present. I knew them. Michael was a really nice guy!

FriendlyFriday: Famed Director David Lynch with Michael Jackson. Lynch directed a promo for 'Dangerous: The Short Films', which was initially run in movie theaters.

Milos Djordjevic

3 months ago

We all love u Michael.. the way that the media tortured the most kind, beautifull and pure soul in this entire universe is just horrifying. We all have so much respect for u, not only as a artist and celebrity but also as a person. U stand trough all these nonsense cases that u took advantage of a child is so ridiculous. Only the real moonwalkers know the real Michael Jackson and know his pure soul. We all love u Michael, i hope u found a peacefull life in heaven now. God bless the King of pop, dance and everything thats good. Love u ❤

Nikitia Brooks

3 months ago

Saw yesterday Michael Jackson in the backstage of the blu ray of Red Dragon

Casey Burns

3 months ago

Michael Jackson fans say nothing but I love you and I miss you, I don’t mind It, but talk about his music, what’s your favorite or something

Happy Birthday, Nelson Mandela! “Madiba,” as he was known to his people, would have been 100 today. In 1996, Michael attended the South African president’s birthday party on a break from the HIStory world tour.

Donna Herold-Hadjis

3 months ago

Nelson Mandela the great legend of Africa

Billie Chandler

3 months ago

It's funny to see the post of a deceased person congratulating the birthday of an another deceased person
Please let them where they are and rest in peace..

Estefi García

3 months ago

si alguien me puede desarnar en un tema como michel dicen que era de raza negra que hizo para quedar asi como en la foto de color blanco algo hace mucho habia escuchado pero es cierto o truchean las fotos no lo puedo creer o no era negro del todo me parece muy curioso

On August 29, Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas is the place to be for Michael Jackson’s Diamond Celebration. As in years past, there will be special activities to mark Michael’s birthday.

Giovanni Mariano

3 months ago

I will celebrate Michael Jackson's birthday party. And I will dance to it. Billie Jean. :-)

Samantha Ann Bonilla

3 months ago

I share a birthday with Michael Jackson!!!!! He was born in 1958 and I was in 1985!!! Aaahhhhhmazing artist!

Nkululeko Elemento Independence

3 months ago

"Like Michelangelo would have this huge piece of marble from the quarries of Italy, and he’d say, ‘Inside is a sleeping form.’ He takes a hammer and chisel, and he’s just freeing it. It’s already in there. It’s already there.” - Micheal Jackson.
These are words from a perfectionist, the greatest entertainer of all time, an inexplicable je ne sais quoi, his music was timeless, limitless, divine; he was from another planet and he came to entertain the world. RIP. MJ.

Good luck to all the World Cup finalists this weekend! #soccer #football #WorldCup2018

Mariah Alexandra

3 months ago

Als Michael noch lebte und viele durch Ihn viel Geld verdienten war er in aller Munde und seit er Tot ist interresiert sich keiner mehr für ihn, es geht immer nur ums Geld der Mensch dahinter interessiert keinen, für mich war Michael ein Idol den ich nie vergessen werde, er hat einen festen platzt in meinen Hertzen egal wie andere darüber denken.

Jason Nicoll

3 months ago

Got to see his sister Janet in concert last Wednesday. Sad i didnt get to see him. He was my fav. Resting easy with his dad now. #MJISLIFE

Ale Toselli

3 months ago

I think it's weird how they are still trying to keep him alive. Like releasing songs with him in it or making posts like these that make it seem like he wrote it.

Ciao, Italia! Today’s #ThrowbackThursday photo features Michael with Italian singers Eros Ramazzotti and Gianni Morandi.

Nevena Tubic

3 months ago

He was the most loving entertainer,Michael Jackson

Sarah Vegas

3 months ago

Love from Italy but I'm not sure this is MJ....

Philip Eric Andiva

3 months ago

I would have loved to see a line of boots designed by Michael..he had to have worn some of the most beautiful pairs ever.❤ #KingofStyle

Michael was featured on the cover of Popcorn Magazine in Germany in July 1988.

Sylvia Finger

3 months ago

Does that look like wing dings keep forgetting that the fan base is weird this is a good game I'm gonna be more like Sans

Bill Lockhart

3 months ago

Your social network approach needs a new direction. A little forethought is required, fans can help you, you are not listening to us. :-)

Perry Liestman

3 months ago

There were 3 major teen music magazines in Germany, Popcorn, PopRocky and Bravo. Popcorn wrote indulged in gossip alot. The Bravo in the contrary had personal relations with the musicians. The reporter dedicated to Michael was Alex Gernandt, who met Michael several times for interviews n delivery of artist of the year award. It was thanks to his and the magazines fair-minded journalism that made me wanna be a journalist.