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“I introduced Michael and the fans went crazy. People were jumping over barriers. We had to stop the show.” – Illusionist Siegfried on a memorable night at one of their shows in Japan.

Photo: Michael with Siegfried and Roy

Kerrie Janissen

3 hours ago


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Tatiana Remadji Samina

17 hours ago

Michel, malas noticias, tú hermana ya canta reggaeton, yo creo que si resucitas te vuelves a morir del susto

Olivia Aiko-Robinson

17 hours ago

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On August 16, 1969, the Jackson 5 supported Diana Ross & The Supremes at the Los Angeles Forum, as Diana helped introduce the group to the world.

Eze Loko Chack

20 hours ago

Amazing I'm Proud Of Jackson 5.I love MY Michael Jackson so very Much ❤❤❤❤❤❤💋👄

Kiril Serginov

20 hours ago

People commenting about what would've been better. I have got to say we've been losing Icons,Legends day after day. Not a post can be remembered forever but the things they do for humanity should be remembered.

Karen Roberts

20 hours ago

Just enjoy and remember this great moment in time..yes if course Icon RIP Aretha, so sad.. we will always remember her powerful music and a voice that could move mountains💗💗a legend in her own time.. 2 people lost too soon, love u👍 forever

“Don’t ever impose your thoughts on the music. The music will tell you what it wants to do.” – Vincent Paterson remembering advice given to him by Michael Jackson

Photo: Paterson, Michael, and dancers on the set of the “Smooth Criminal” video

Michael Delianides

3 days ago

Como me gustan los videos de Michael Jackson;no hayo cual escoger como favorito,pues todos me gustan;y sobre todo la facilidad con la que Mike podia matizar muy bien su voz al cantar,de hacer notas graves ,con facilidad hacia notas agudas,pues tenia mucha facilidad en su voz;pues era contratenor,mezcla de tenor con baritono.Mis respetos para Michael Jackson como cantante y tambien como bailarin;y todo eso lo aprendio en su ninez.

Fernando Salaices

3 days ago

İ love this song !
You've been hit by , you've been struck by a smooth criminal ;)
Michael , you'll always be the best , i'm so proud of be a moonwalker❤️
Love you so much❤️

Reem Saber Shona

3 days ago

Vincent Patterson is one if not THE best choreographers 😍 his work with MJ was phenomenal but his work on Madonna’s blond ambition tour is sublime especially the keep it together ending 🤗

What’s the first Michael Jackson song you like to listen to in the morning, and the last one you listen to before you go to bed?

Chandan Kumar

4 days ago

God, that picture is jarring to me. It's like this snapshot of a moment of innocence and peace before the whirlwind that was MJ's life really began. It puts our world into perspective in a really radical way. Like, for how famous MJ was, he was still human. Any number of things could have derailed his success early on, and he could have just been some moderately attractive ex-performer working as a manager at a grocery store. Our reality could have been just as unreal to that MJ as his is to ours.

Waheed Commando

4 days ago

Black or White always gets me motivated, or Off The Wall. On the night that he died the last song the Dj played on his radio slot was “one day in your life”. It made me cry then, and it still does now. There’ll never be another one like him 😢

Kelli Amador

4 days ago

In the morning Man in the Mirror would be the best: getting more intense little by little, good message to remember.
At night I've often gone to sleep with Music and Me.

Happy Birthday, Whitney.

Chenesai Christine Mpanduki

8 days ago

Two amazing and talented artists.......wish they were both still wit us today......Happy Birthday Whitney, your music 🎶 makes me so happy, thank you forever.....

Rohit Raven Felix

8 days ago

Happy birthday will forever be in our heart even though you gone, your personality and music lives

Babuan Arjun Singh

7 days ago

I miss them a lot...😢😢
I love you MJ...Never can forget you...You were my first celeb crush... Trust me...He is older than my late father...but still I loved him...Sorry,still love him n respect him....
And,at last "I'll always love you" Whitney....
And most sad thing is that I never ever can meet them again....😭😭😭😭

"A lot of the issues he shed a light on were issues that no one felt comfortable talking about at the time, like AIDS. He wasn’t the guy who would jump on the bandwagon. He led the band.” – Howard Bragman on Michael’s philanthropy. What are you doing to be a leader in your community?

Photo: Michael donates $600,000 to do the United Negro College Fund

Galot Josh Flores

11 days ago

The side of Michael that is rarely talked about because many are more entertained talking about the tabloid stuff . Michael had a heart of gold .

Ricardo Rodríguez

11 days ago

Remember the Time we fell in love, so you remember the time when we first met. I betcha. Remember.

Wendy Huayllani Huaman

11 days ago

Michael Jackson genius, Gone too soon. Loved. Missed. I'm glad his music lives on.

Katelyn Ohashi’s championship gymnastics performance to a Michael Jackson medley demonstrates how Michael continues to inspire new generations to be the best they can be.

Prisacariu Naomi

13 days ago

Jesus was a bright and morning star of revelations and then lucifer was of isaiah....14....two deities in christianity? Then Buddha learned wisdom from Bright and morning star? Was Jesus satan or something?

Lindokuhle Dlamini

13 days ago

Omg she is great! Michael would have love to see this ... #KingofPop

Prince Maicon Jr.

13 days ago

I love love love it!!! Go on gurl...Michael keeps on inspiring- keeping his talent, music alive just like he planned it. So proud of you Michael!!

“[Michael Jackson] was a romantic in an unromantic age. His influence on my generation was like mass hypnosis.”
- Donald Urquhart, artist Michael Jackson: On The Wall #MJOntheWall

Cathy Liu

15 days ago

I love and miss you, Michael Jackson!!

Catina Coleman Ford

15 days ago

Algo me dice que Michael Jackson sigue vivo
1 Juan Gabriel ya murió uno suben nada
2 pero con Michael Jackson es diferente sí sigue vivo pues bien

Maxy Mckinzie

16 days ago

Miss u alot MJ ...u r one of the most talented person that a mankind ever had....really luv ur voice ur dance moves ur passion ur dedication towards art....luv u from the core of my heart....may ur soul rest in peace....Miss u alot...

In just a little under ONE MONTH, fans will converge in Las Vegas for Michael’s Diamond Celebration. Plan your visit now!

Judy Connerley

17 days ago

I was able to watch this last year of summer 2017. A SPECTACULAR SHOW, indeed!

Timothy Pendarvis

17 days ago


Brian Newcomer

17 days ago

He is the king and Will be the king nobody better than the one and only Michael Jackson love HIM ❤️

The “History / Ghosts” single was released around the world in July, 1997. It reached the top 10 in the UK, Italy, Belgium, and French charts! #MJFacts #charttoppers

Kay Thomason

18 days ago

Elle est à toi la photo Chris ? Ils auraient pu dire à qui elle appartenait non ?

Henryk Szubert

19 days ago

Yes My Love. You Are The Best MY Awesome Husband. I'm With You Always MY Love. My Love For You Will Never Die. To Love You Is To Give You Joy And Happiness Baby 💘💘❤❤💋👄

Gas Stew

19 days ago

Two really great songs!!!!! That's awesome to hear.
I love you Michael!!!!!💖

The July 29, 1988 cover of Bravo Magazine featured Michael.

Hellin Yajaira

21 days ago

Michael was very loved by Bravo readers, I never read any gossip on him. The reported had a good rapport with Michael and delivered impeccably professional news articles on him. Cheers Alex Gernandt @ the Bravo for maintaining journalistic integrity.

Stephen Reese

21 days ago

Beautiful Missing You So Much Michael. I Love You So Much My Love
Now And Forever 💘💘😍😍❤❤👄💋

Camille Aribaud

21 days ago

For the first time in my life, I’m happy Michael Jackson is not alive so he has to see the state of our nation

The wait is over! There is all new merchandise in the official Michael Jackson shop. Visit now!

Tom Meints

23 days ago

Beautiful. I'm Impressed Baby. Missing You So Much My Love. I Love You With All My Heart ❤❤💘💘💋👄

Dustin Jensen

23 days ago

Still making money on his dead body, and with cheap merchandising. Sad. Very sad. Not even the right logo :/

Kara Stark

23 days ago

YES!!!!! TY, Finally 🤗😍Magnificent 🤗👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👍🏼

In July 1981, The Jacksons performed a benefit concert for the Atlanta Children’s Foundation in response to a spate of kidnappings and murders that had plagued the Atlanta area for months. The concert raised over $100,000. Michael said, “we are doing this because we care.”

Renato Moser

24 days ago

Yes he was so.caring about people at every level

Linh Hương

25 days ago

Where ia blanket and what is he doing? Can we have some update on family as well?

Monica Lisa Stevenson II

25 days ago

Michael was a Jehovahs witness, his mother Katherine still is, the only active witness in the jackson family right now in the present. I knew them. Michael was a really nice guy!

FriendlyFriday: Famed Director David Lynch with Michael Jackson. Lynch directed a promo for 'Dangerous: The Short Films', which was initially run in movie theaters.

Milos Djordjevic

a month ago

We all love u Michael.. the way that the media tortured the most kind, beautifull and pure soul in this entire universe is just horrifying. We all have so much respect for u, not only as a artist and celebrity but also as a person. U stand trough all these nonsense cases that u took advantage of a child is so ridiculous. Only the real moonwalkers know the real Michael Jackson and know his pure soul. We all love u Michael, i hope u found a peacefull life in heaven now. God bless the King of pop, dance and everything thats good. Love u ❤

Nikitia Brooks

a month ago

Saw yesterday Michael Jackson in the backstage of the blu ray of Red Dragon

Casey Burns

a month ago

Michael Jackson fans say nothing but I love you and I miss you, I don’t mind It, but talk about his music, what’s your favorite or something

Happy Birthday, Nelson Mandela! “Madiba,” as he was known to his people, would have been 100 today. In 1996, Michael attended the South African president’s birthday party on a break from the HIStory world tour.

Donna Herold-Hadjis

a month ago

Nelson Mandela the great legend of Africa

Billie Chandler

a month ago

It's funny to see the post of a deceased person congratulating the birthday of an another deceased person
Please let them where they are and rest in peace..

Estefi García

a month ago

si alguien me puede desarnar en un tema como michel dicen que era de raza negra que hizo para quedar asi como en la foto de color blanco algo hace mucho habia escuchado pero es cierto o truchean las fotos no lo puedo creer o no era negro del todo me parece muy curioso

On August 29, Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas is the place to be for Michael Jackson’s Diamond Celebration. As in years past, there will be special activities to mark Michael’s birthday.

Giovanni Mariano

a month ago

I will celebrate Michael Jackson's birthday party. And I will dance to it. Billie Jean. :-)

Samantha Ann Bonilla

a month ago

I share a birthday with Michael Jackson!!!!! He was born in 1958 and I was in 1985!!! Aaahhhhhmazing artist!

Nkululeko Elemento Independence

a month ago

"Like Michelangelo would have this huge piece of marble from the quarries of Italy, and he’d say, ‘Inside is a sleeping form.’ He takes a hammer and chisel, and he’s just freeing it. It’s already in there. It’s already there.” - Micheal Jackson.
These are words from a perfectionist, the greatest entertainer of all time, an inexplicable je ne sais quoi, his music was timeless, limitless, divine; he was from another planet and he came to entertain the world. RIP. MJ.

Good luck to all the World Cup finalists this weekend! #soccer #football #WorldCup2018

Mariah Alexandra

a month ago

Als Michael noch lebte und viele durch Ihn viel Geld verdienten war er in aller Munde und seit er Tot ist interresiert sich keiner mehr für ihn, es geht immer nur ums Geld der Mensch dahinter interessiert keinen, für mich war Michael ein Idol den ich nie vergessen werde, er hat einen festen platzt in meinen Hertzen egal wie andere darüber denken.

Jason Nicoll

a month ago

Got to see his sister Janet in concert last Wednesday. Sad i didnt get to see him. He was my fav. Resting easy with his dad now. #MJISLIFE

Ale Toselli

a month ago

I think it's weird how they are still trying to keep him alive. Like releasing songs with him in it or making posts like these that make it seem like he wrote it.

Ciao, Italia! Today’s #ThrowbackThursday photo features Michael with Italian singers Eros Ramazzotti and Gianni Morandi.

Nevena Tubic

a month ago

He was the most loving entertainer,Michael Jackson

Sarah Vegas

a month ago

Love from Italy but I'm not sure this is MJ....

Philip Eric Andiva

a month ago

I would have loved to see a line of boots designed by Michael..he had to have worn some of the most beautiful pairs ever.❤ #KingofStyle

Michael was featured on the cover of Popcorn Magazine in Germany in July 1988.

Sylvia Finger

a month ago

Does that look like wing dings keep forgetting that the fan base is weird this is a good game I'm gonna be more like Sans

Bill Lockhart

a month ago

Your social network approach needs a new direction. A little forethought is required, fans can help you, you are not listening to us. :-)

Perry Liestman

a month ago

There were 3 major teen music magazines in Germany, Popcorn, PopRocky and Bravo. Popcorn wrote indulged in gossip alot. The Bravo in the contrary had personal relations with the musicians. The reporter dedicated to Michael was Alex Gernandt, who met Michael several times for interviews n delivery of artist of the year award. It was thanks to his and the magazines fair-minded journalism that made me wanna be a journalist.

Looking for something to read this summer? How about adding some of Michael’s favorite books to your list? They include Peter Pan, by J.M. Barrie, The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway, Rip Van Winkle by Washington Irving, and works by Ralph Waldo Emerson.What’s on your list?

Darby Cedrick

a month ago

like other legends,he was left alone in life and celebrated in death.what a shame.
For always in my heart

Altagracia Pujols

a month ago

This guy died EMPTY,man. Quincy Jones told Dr.Dre that Michael could also play 12 instruments. yikes! No wonder he failed so bad at HATING. R.i.p M.J

Kate J Porubski Patrick

a month ago

“The Magic Mountain “, Thomas Mann. “I, robot “, “The caves of still “, Asimov . “War and Peace” “Resurrection” Tolstoj , “The great American novel “ P.Roth , “Il fu Mattia Pascal” Pirandello and many others ... 🙂love you Michael !!! 💖

“Love Never Felt So Good,” Michael’s 2014 hit with Justin Timberlake was written by Michael with Paul Anka in the early 1980s and was actually first released by Johnny Mathis. Michael’s version was only released on Xscape, 30 years later!

Gago Lazyan

a month ago

Love this song! I really do I wish it would’ve appeared on the bed album however, I absolutely love it

Gladstone D Pralem

a month ago

Ok, To be couple At music But we love mj.that is only him the great art and completly Magic. Mj no one else To compare the king of all kings.

Moises Silva

a month ago

Awesome! I saw this post while I'm listening to His "Love Never Felt So Good" Original version of MJ 😍😍😍 awwww.... 😖 I miss MJ, love you much much in and out.

IN MEMORY OF JOSEPH JACKSON: "My father did always protect us and that’s no small feat. He always tried to make sure people didn’t cheat us. He looked after our interests in the best ways. He might have made a few mistakes along the way, but he always thought he was doing what was right for his family." – Michael Jackson (Moonwalk)

Becki Richardson

2 months ago

I’ll never forget seeing Joseph Jackson smiling and laughing on the tv, promoting his albums, while he was getting so much attention from everybody, all the media, two days after Michael died. Cuz when Michael died all eyes went on his family, and they were in the spotlight for a bit. He took the opportunity excitedly to brag about himself and the things he was doing, barely even mentioned his son. Katherine was standing by his side, you could see just from her face she was completely broken. I wonder to this day if Michael would have still been on “good terms” with his father if he could know about that...( uh, NO.) I’ve never seen Joe care about ANY of his family. I know a lot of you are saying don’t have so much “hate” and that saying anything other than praise is so rude and horrible, etc. But a lot of us know how bad he really was. I give credit to him only that he got his kids to be a success, but the cost was VERY dear... Michael was so sad about how he spent his childhood and was visibly and very openly scarred about it. Joseph didn’t even want to be called “daddy”, he told his kids, “Call me Joseph, understand?” when Michael tried to call him daddy when he was a child. His father continued to torment Michael and hound him for money, all his life... Or tried to get Michael to do something lucrative “for the family”, talking like it was MJs responsibility to constantly be the money making machine for his entire family, and this is after Michael already had kids and a family of his own to worry about. Joseph severely beat and mocked his children, he constantly cheated on his wife.... Basically abandoned his daughter he had through an affair... He partied to the end of his life in Vegas, arms wrapped around young girls and posing for pictures, trying to act like he was somebody important cuz he’s Michael Jackson’s dad. Like I’m sorry I don’t see how I’m supposed to pay any respects at all, and a lot of others feel the same way, especially today, because everyone here is acting like oh, he was such a great dad....this is so sad etc. I’ve read that Michael forgave his father and made peace with his tormented past and everything, but he wrote that stuff so long ago, before so much more went down.... Especially Michael didn’t see how his father was acting after he died, I bet he would have been completely crushed, I know my heart broke watching it, just watching him not care at all that his son had literally just died. I watched Joseph laughing and smiling, for real it was just two days after MJs death, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was like, “He’s not even sad at all...” What parent could ever act that way two days after the death of their own child? I can’t really ever have respect for him ever, after that, bc I’ve literally never seen anyone act that low in my life. So I’m just saying to those who wanna get angry at the people “hating” or “being so disrespectful” well.... honestly those people “hating” have every right to feel angry. And frankly they are also annoyed to see so much praise, talking about Joseph Jackson like he’s father of the year, and remembering him so fondly, for a person who never did anything but hurt and abuse everybody around him and only care about himself. I honestly don’t feel like he ever did anything for his kids, he did it all for himself and was using his kids as his vessels to get what he wanted. That’s why he yelled at Michael and completely lost it when MJ dropped him as his manager and went solo, that’s why he pushed him to do the Victory Tour and the Pepsi commercial (great idea, Joe...), that’s why he would storm Michael's house acting like he had a right to have authority over him, that’s why he beat him and called him names, made fun of his “big nose” and constantly told him he was ugly when Michael was just a young teen trying to deal with growing up and being famous at the same time - because it was always about HIMSELF, Joseph NEVER cared, and I’m not gonna care about him right now, ESPECIALLY not give any kind of praise! It’s a joke to me to ever say Joseph Jackson was a great dad, he was an absolutely HORRIBLE dad. Michael made every effort possible to be the exact opposite of his father when raising his kids, he wanted nothing to do with his dad towards the end of his life, and that says a lot. So if you wanna get angry at the “haters” well... don’t be so quick to judge... and just try to see it from their perspective. Honestly they do it OUT of love for MJ, if anything they’re doing it BECAUSE they respect MJ, and care enough to call out bs when they see it, all this praise for the guy who ruined MJs life and his entire family’s lives. They’re angry, bc this praise is a JOKE, and they don’t have to feel respect for this kind of person. They are not haters.... trying to be nasty, or mean, or rude to anyone... they’re just trying to tell it how it ACTUALLY was, and they’re gonna be honest about how they really feel.

Penny Jo Kyle

2 months ago

Abuse or neglect during the developmental years has severe and catastrophic damage to a child. He made them all famous but does that really matter? He should have worried less about success and more about loving and nurturing his children and family. Michael was magic but was it worth it for him to die so young. He had everything and nothing. 😪🎶

Tshepho T Bones Ebineng

2 months ago

I need to say this, to the people that have written such negative and cruel comments that I have read about Michael's Father. Do You really have such a cold Heart that You write such things at this time, the very day that the Jackson family lost Joe Jackson??? Michael himself had forgave his Father for any wrong doing, so as MJ fans why am I seeing so much hate at this time? Why if You all call Yourself a MJ fan express such a thing in this most difficult time for the entire Jackson family? Michael's Father is no longer with us and to express such hate is beyond my understanding. Its cruel and Heartless... This is a time of loss, grief and Heartbreak for the entire Jackson family. Michael is the very one that experienced what had occurred himself, so in the forgiveness he has given, who are any of You as fans to express what is so disrespectful and the cruel words of MJ's Father? Michael believing in forgiveness and unconditional Love, yet I see the complete opposite. Each and everyone of us are entitled to our opinions and feelings, yes.. but now??? Rather stay silent about it if not only for Michael Jackson and respect to him and his family. Loving Michael is also having the Heart and knowledge of what causes him to be hurt and what breaks his Heart. I am going to say, if MJ himself read these ugly comments about his Father, You all are hurting him and breaking his Heart Yourselves, that I know. Do You wish to cause MJ more Heartache and his family? Well, this will do it. So, to all those people that claim to be MJ fans, I am very disappointed in the hate You all have shown. We have no right to cast judgment and condemnation on anyone. You must understand Michael Loved his Father.. isn't that enough to show respect for Michael and his Father, and his entire family. You all that cant even maintain respect for MJ and lack understanding of him and his family. Keep Your negative feelings to Yourself. How would You all feel if You loss a parent or family member and read such things Yourself about Your Loved one??? You all need to put Yourselves in MJ's shoes and his families. This is not what a Loving fan does or acts like at all...Michael believing in Love, empathy and compassion for others and seriously all this is extremely upsetting and disappointing to witness and makes me angry. This is Heartbreaking to read what some of You have written.... Such ugliness and cruelty. Shame on You ...

On June 27, 1999, Michael performed in Munich, Germany for a concert billed as “Michael and Friends.” The concert raised money for refugee children in war-torn nations. The lineup included Luciano Pavarotti, Ringo Starr, Andrea Bocelli, Slash, and more. #Todayinhistory #MichaelJackson #Philanthropy

Patty Chavez

2 months ago

Micheal Jackson, I miss you so much

Pascal Numadzi

2 months ago

I was there!! Amazing show. Went with the old UK fan club MJNI (sorely missed!) and had one of the best adventures of my life.

Julie Thaxton Newton

2 months ago

Ich konnte auch noch später ...zu[m] FolgeKonzert in München
n i c h t kommen. Ich war schon "unterwegs" im Dezember ... weiss nicht welches Jahr 2005 [?] als überraschend der Schneesturm kam in der WinterZeit, machte das Wetter und Glatteis unmöglich eine Autofahrt nach München ; sicherheitshalber verzichtete ich auf den
"gewünschten" ticket und fuhr zurück ... durfte mir
zum späteren Zeitpunkt eine CD Musik KonzertPlatte kaufen ...
Vielen Dank für viele interessante Emotionen und Erlebnisse musikalisch gesehen aus Musik, die in der Luft war/ ist ... So wonderful! so .. beautiful ... thank You ! ...

"What one wishes is to be touched by truth and be able to interpret that truth so that one may use what one is feeling and experiencing, be it despair or joy, in a way that will add meaning to one’s life and hopefully touch others as well. This is art in its highest form.” – Michael Jackson

Samantha Rectenwald

2 months ago

One of, if not THE most meaningful set of words I have ever come across in my lifetime. It resonates with me on such a deep level. I love you Michael. I find great comfort and bliss in you, because you speak my truth and put my feelings into words; you and your expressions set me free. You inspire me. With your love. And give me the courage to create, and live, and love. I owe you everything.

Vera Schilling

2 months ago

Billy Jean ist the only Song of Michael Jackson, that I like. Idon't like the other Song of Michael Jackson, because they are uninteresting. 🙂👍😐

Henrik Wahlberg

2 months ago

If only I could've gotten the chance to sit with him and have him talk to me about the arts... Though I would've been stoked and nervous like crazy, I still would've liked to have him give me his pearls of wisdom. ❤💜💙💖💕

“You want what you create to live, be it sculpture or painting or music. Like Michelangelo, he said, ‘I know the creator will go, but his work survives. That is why to escape death, I attempt to bind my soul to my work.’ And that’s how I feel. I give my all to my work. I want it to just live.” - Michael Jackson, 2007

Šárka Kuklová

2 months ago

"And if you feel alone, I'll be your shoulder
With the tender touch, you know so well
Somebody once said, it's the soul that matters
Baby who can really tell,
When two hearts belong so well..." I miss you Michael Jackson 😢

Ronilo Arciga

2 months ago

June 25th 2009. I was 12 years old on the internet like usual and I went to yahoo to check my email & my dad yells from upstairs “Michael Jackson died!!!” And I just laughed and said “good one dad” then I looked at yahoo and it said “Michael Jackson dead at 50” 😞😞 horrible day I’ll never forget as a young girl. I love Michael Jackson so much

Winston Blair

2 months ago

We all loved and respected MJ❤️
Michael Jackson may you continue to RIEP whilst the rest of the world learn to figure it out and start accepting what we all need to do together in our lives and learn to live life with love in our hearts ♥️ JG🙏🏽⏰💯🎉🎉🎉🌈🌟🌟🌟

#FBF: Michael Jackson visits Hitsville, U.S.A. with Esther Gordy Edwards and Stevie Wonder.

Tena Stillstanding

2 months ago

Michael, I know you are in heaven right where you belong. You did what God asked you to do while you were upon the earth. I'm so glad you are in peace now in heaven with Jesus.

Mamudo Amido

2 months ago

OMG!!!! I would give anything to stand in her place and get a photo between these two. Plus I live less than an hour away from there! GODS

Adela Hernandez

2 months ago

I love Michel Jackson my is King stevie wonder

Congratulations to last night’s Tony Awards Winners! Take a look back at some moments with Michael and Broadway stars over the years. #TonyAwards

Tanya Cain

2 months ago

rumour has it that he is still alive.

LaValley Lois Richey

2 months ago

Always in my heart I love u Michael Jackson

Katie Gibson

2 months ago

Michael is the greatest

#TodayinHistory: June 6, 1997, Michael plays the second of two shows on his HIStory tour in Bremen, Germany.

Kat Largent

2 months ago

The photo is not from the second concert in Bremen, it belongs to the concert in Nice, France in July of that same year .....

Sana Nosrati

2 months ago

Yesterday i had an MJ craving.. watch all night long all the video's and concerts i have on my HDD. All the tributes, Motown Billie Jean performance, all his MTV appearances, videoclips that he made, moonwalker, Yokohama & Budapest concerts... It's amazing how he was such an innovator in that time.. Never seen anybody do that since. I hope something special will be done next year.. it will be 10years without his magic! I wanna see a lot of MJ tributes next year!

Paul L. Bogle

2 months ago

the best that may already exist. your lack today is great. if there is a complete artist this is Michael Jackson, King of Pop. my unconditional love for him.

“Those were probably the funnest sessions I’ve ever had in my whole career, working with Michael.” – Rodney Jerkins on working with Michael Jackson

OaNa Cosmina

2 months ago

They need to release more material from the Invincible sessions!

Franzi Grinsekatze Krumhaus

2 months ago

He was a gem no one will ever surpass him

Natasha Foster

2 months ago

I really absolutely totally positively love Michael Jackson so much with all my heart, soul and all my joy. And I really definitely love his cutest picture post ever of Michael Jackson along with Rodney Jerkins who worked with Michael Jackson on his album invincible. And it’s definitely one of my favorite albums . And my favorite song on his album is you are my life. And I really definitely love the romantic beautiful love because I really definitely love the acoustic guitar that he played in the background of this lovely pretty love song. We love you Michael Jackson forever our greatest king of pop. Peace we all love you Michael forever our greatest king. Yours truly Tonya Robinson a forever Michael Jackson fa,

“What’s important about Michael is his dedication. He’s innately gifted, but also totally disciplined.” – Nelson George

Lisette Hernandez

2 months ago

Michael was such a mesmerizing entertainer. He was also a wonderful humanitarian giving his full heart and soul into everything that he did in life. He is dearly missed. King of Pop forever. 💙

Swornim Barahi

2 months ago

Sorry if this has been addressed - Anyone know what is going on with the MJStore on Michael's website? First it was under construction and now when you click on the store it takes you to this (see pic - if pic gets deleted it takes you to shopify and says "this shop isn't available"...):

Edu Benjamin

2 months ago

الله يرحمه ويغفر له ويحسن أليه قتل بسبب أعتناقه الأسلام وأعلن قبل وفاته بأنه يتمنى أن يغني بجوار الكعبة فاغتالته يد المنظمة السرية شأنه شأن الأميرة الراحلة ديانا ومغني الريقي الشهير ب بوب مارلي وتوباك عمر شاكور وآخرين كانت وفاتهم أكثر م غامضة بسبب مواقفهم الخيرة والأنسانية النبيلة ف جنات النعيم جميعا يارب العلمين.

What a wonderful celebration of Michael. Last month, a Dutch school teacher organized over 1100 students to dance to “Thriller” and sing “Heal the World” in order to raise money for charity. #MichaelsLegacy

Anna Skibba

3 months ago

That’s wonderful! I’m so glad they’re helping out the world like MJ did (I can tell he would be proud)

Céline Traini

3 months ago

Boy michael still has lots of fans.Too bad he suffered so much at the end.He could of had it all if he would of had someone that cared enough to look after him.Even though he was a grown man.Sill need lovin.

Mickael Tayeb

3 months ago

It will be August before you know it.😢 I wish those of us who Believed in Michael could have let him know it. He didn't have to PERFORM for us. He could have just been himself...beautiful & free.
I like to think that knowing he had REAL FRIENDS, not just fans may have saved him. R.I.P. MJ. Not all adults were bad

“In the Closet” peaked on the Billboard Hot 100 on this day in 1992. Did you know that the short film featuring Naomi Campbell was originally banned in South Africa due to its provocative imagery? Don’t worry, you can watch it around the world now:

Lynda Pandozzi Fischer

3 months ago

I discovered that the pain I feel in my chest and sometimes makes me cry is really missing you! Michael, I love you <3

Rza B Mgallou

3 months ago

Its not provocative imagenary at all..i dont think so..for me its a awesome song with a magical dance steps of MJ..Love him always..

Nikki Mandehr

3 months ago

Wow Interesting. I Didn't know That My Love
Missing You So Much My Darling Michael Jackson. I Love You With All My Heart 🙏🏻😍❤👑💋👄

Today in 1996, Michael arrived in Bremen, Germany, as part of the HIStory World Tour. Were you there?

Angela Taramina

3 months ago

Yes 😊 I‘ve been there, was also in Bremen during the 1992 Dangerous Tour. Great memories from both shows 😎😍, show was on May 31st 1997, not 1996 🙈😇😉

David Castillo

3 months ago

No. I missed all of Michaels live solo shows. I had a ticket for This Is It but that never happened. I was able to attend the 30th Anniv Concert in NY where was able to see all the brothers perform. I wouln't have missed that for anything. That was the ladt time yhey all performed together. Great show.

Emil Franchini

3 months ago

Michael would have survived if he had lead a holy peaceful, happy family life with one wife, own son, daughter
The Bible tells us to lead the whole life with one wife. When start to disobey the roads of the Bible daily, we destroy our life.Devil spirits give us too much temptations of divorce, separation, illicit affair, changing mentality to choose girl or boy friend, too much fame ,for too much money and outward look. Devil spirits will say us,"Oh these famous people are divorcing for twice or thrice but why you won't divorce. So devils ' tendencies destroy our life. We want to make a war against divorce, separation, brute sense of separated biological son or daughter. Because of divorce, separation our own son, daughter become deviated from study, drug pill addict or even may commit suicide

This week in 2006, MTV Japan honored Michael with the Legend Award. During his short, poignant acceptance speech, he said “most of all, I’d like to say to the Japanese people, from the bottom of my heart, I love you very, very much.”

Oscar Diaz

3 months ago

God bless you Michael, people of the Philippines loves you very much! We will never forget you and in my heart you've always here. I was 2 months old when you visited Manila, Philippines for HIStory Tour in Dec. 1996, I'm so proud of you Michael. That tour has downloaded on my phone and I always watching it. :-)

Quan Nguyen Minh

3 months ago

He wasn't a man of his time, because he never was able to say anything inappropriate, always kind and well-behaved and if he had a form of diplomacy, it was a very well headed, because it was combined with sincerity.

Tonya Brown

3 months ago

I am happy to believe he is watching from above and alongside, all the love people have been pouring out to him posthumously. I imagine he’s fulfilled to see just how much he was and still is, truly loved and appreciated.

Michael loved to visit Africa. He once said “[Africa] is the dawn of our civilization. A lot of our bible history is right there in Africa. King Tut, all great civilizations, come from Africa. Egypt is in Africa! I go to Africa all the time. I love the cultures. I love the people. I love what they represent.” Photo: Michael visits Sun City, South Africa

Nia Petty

3 months ago

Michael is very kind and polite to every children. I like the way he behaves with any kind of people even if they are greedy or not , but it does not matter for Michael because he always wants to spreed love aroun d the world 👍❤👍💖👍💟💞💕

Nicole Krieg

3 months ago

C'est merveilleux de lire ces commentaires...! Personnellement , je n'ai jamais été en Afrique, mais je suppose que ce doit être un pays magnifique ! Que vos séjours répétés dans cet endroit prouve la beauté et le plaisir d'y aller...!

Dimo Bubi Dimo Bubi

3 months ago

Se todos pensassem como ele
O mundo seria melhor. MJ é
Uma pessoa maravilhosa, simples
Humana,o meu sonho era conhecer
Ele pessoalmente, I Love yuo.

#Throwbackthursday: Michael practices some balletic moves on the set of the “Bad” short film.

Christy Ann Price

3 months ago

Shane Park one of my oldest memories of you was when I came over to stay with you and the boys. You took me for a cruise and turned and asked me what music I listen too. I was like everything and your like do you like Michael Jackson? And popped open your glovebox with the who's Bad album ! Maa brother lol

Don Nizer Seven Smoke

3 months ago

Every movement was perfection, his body perfectly aligned so that if you took a snapshot he never looked like he wasn’t on point!.. Every dancer aspires to move this way achieving it takes hard work and dedication.

Emilie Buch

3 months ago

Michael Jackson is the greatest pop Musician. This bad video of this great entertainer is mixed ballet and pop choreography

"I love to create magic—to put something together that’s so unusual, so unexpected that it blows people’s heads off. Something ahead of the times. Five steps ahead of what people are thinking. So people see it and say, ‘Whoa! I wasn’t expecting that!’ ” – Michael Jackson in Interview Magazine, 1982.

Nancy Zuñiga Bonilla

3 months ago

He was a master at it, too.

Cory Myers

3 months ago

Sei il mio dolce pensiero che porto ogni giorno con me Michael....I love you <3

Shaznay Khan

3 months ago

Michael, a toujours su impressionner le public avec ses concerts fabuleux, en renouvelant sans cesse ses tableaux de scè ajoutant continuellement du nouveau , pour créer la magie dont il était le maître incontesté...! Wow...!

Did You know that “You Are Not Alone” is the first song ever to debut at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100? It also capped off a stunning run of 13 #1 hit singles.

Sharol MacArthur

3 months ago

He was one of the all time best entertainers and creative talents. He is missed. Loved his music!❤️

Kaitlyn Rutherford

3 months ago

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Mi Negro Velasquez

3 months ago

And it also set the record for longest period from 1st number one to another. 25 years from the Jackson 5 to this song...amazing.

A fan spotted this mosaic celebrating Michael in Madaba, Jordan last week.

Tommy Prchal

3 months ago

SO MISS MICHAEL !!! Such a TRUE TALENT and there is nobody who will ever be able to move like he did. He moved by the way he felt while in the moment RIP my friend ~

Bàè PY Lè Igh

3 months ago

He is everywhere! I am sure he would have been himself surprised to find his pictures , mosaics , charts in some places...he never even thought existed. One such is a restaurant, on BT Road, Sodepure, Kolkata, West Bengal, India!!! I was myself amazed!!! Wow!!! Michael lives on....he is immortal!

Letta Lansing

3 months ago

Its not what u look like on the outside its whatt is on the inside and he had a huge heart of love and he gave so much to everyone people seem to forget this what other artist has done this none that i can think of always in my heart love u michael

It don’t matter if you’re black or white.

Brandt Mason

3 months ago

A life that shared relevant messages through his music. This was his campaign against racism. We should all learn from his message. We are all from one race. It's called the HUMAN RACE. Michael Jackson was one of the GREAT ONES who will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN.

M was tryna to warn humans from them years Its no sush thing as( Black) or (White) we Jackson's nu those sayings created N fifteen hunNed century from an by Does Brazilian slave masters . Q lyke that You All catch n on slo yet com n along great.

Dejayonsum Savageshit Hendrix

3 months ago

Hahaha...he sang this but at the same time he tried hard to get white....sick...but may he rest in peace now !

Name that tune: Who knows which track this costume/choreography combination belongs to in Michael Jackson ONE?

Find out:

Amber Dugmore

3 months ago

Just looking at this photo makes me hear the “shhh-u!” sounds Michael makes in the video during the dance

Hiroco Ishibashi

3 months ago

Ok...Now this how to party. What am I talkin about...I did this in my 20's. I guess you never get it out of your system.

Matt Allen

3 months ago

I love u MJ where ever you are,

“Michael is so graceful he can transmute a ghetto handslap into a gesture of kinesthetic beauty. He’s so fast, he makes your eyes blur. His charge is so electro-ecstatic that he flickers with a weird vibratory aura. His most remarkable achievement is to make his body talk. In his dance soliloquies, the motions of his mind are projected like T.S. Eliot’s “magic lantern that threw the nerves in patterns on a screen.” – Albert Goldman in People, 1984

Andrea Castro

3 months ago

quando lui ballava accadeva un miracolo ,tutti cercano di imitarlo ma lui era unico era nato con questo "dono"perchè con tanti fratelli solo lui?........Grazie Michael,

Wayne Flie

3 months ago

He was is and always will be the best of all time no one will ever come close to such a genious he really does make your eyes blur and always made everything beautiful and always giving his best.He is the strongest willed man i have known even through his tough times he just kept hanging in there
I miss you michael jackson king of pop

Sarah Durand

3 months ago

Just one of the many greats taken by the Illuminati. All because he saw the light,but he saw it too late. RIP, to the GOAT😎

In 1984, Michael Jackson allowed “Beat It” to be used for an anti-drunk driving campaign. In recognition of his philanthropy, president Ronald Reagan bestowed the Presidential Public Safety Commendation upon Michael. Watch the ceremony here. How many song titles did President Reagan manage to integrate in his speech?

Girish Bhatia

3 months ago

I loved this amazing story in Michael's life :) Michael, you were very, very special 💕

Bryan Cerezo Palaganas

3 months ago

My angel , no one will be like michael jackson

Gertrudis Velasquez

3 months ago

Michael Jackson's The best!!! We just think that the Estate wouldn't think about Money that much And give the fans good projects such as Blu Ray of concerts of MJ. Celebrate the 20th anniversary of the History album in 2020! 30th anniversary of Dangerous!! 20th anniversary of Invincible!!! Ghost 25th anniversary in 2022!!! Thriller 3D and the making of on Blu Ray!!! Unreleased songs!!! Why not a deal with Netflix to release documentaries, Concerts etc... We deserve the best for the best artist of all time!!! Shamone the Michael Jackson's Estate!!!!

Can you name the Michael Jackson song just by looking at this silhouette?

Wlodzimierz Kasperek

3 months ago

Katie Hopkins call me crazy but I knew exactly where this was from just by looking at the pic 😍😍 And I had to tell someone ... mK out

Damaris Lemus

3 months ago

At first I thought smooth criminal then I saw there was no arm band and now I’m certain that it’s “dangerous”!!😍 my second fav MJ song straight after “baby be mine”

Romain Mousa Metz

3 months ago

Give thanks to Allah,for the moon and star,this is one of favorite song 🎶 in Michael Jackson life after he get Muslim

“Just riding through Harlem in the late 70s, early 80s, I would watch kids dancing in the street. Illusion dancing, I called it. I took a mental picture of it, then created from that, perfected it. It comes from Black culture.” – Michael Jackson on his inspiration for the moonwalk.

Mihir Bhati

3 months ago

Thank you for sharing your talent with us , a mesmerising performance it was ,such a beautiful soul gone too soon🙌🙌💓

Angela Becerra

3 months ago

nice version of billie jean. i have it in dvd. everytime i watch it, it seems to me like i am a spectator among with others, back in 1984. there are strong emotions and feelings. billie jean to me is a symbol of a classic , timeless song. there never have been, and will never be a super hit like billie jean. it's more than perfect in every aspect: voice, music, dancing, and even Michael's suit and shoes! i simply can' t get enough listening to it.

Drizzy Mpofana

3 months ago

MJ was actually taught the moonwalk by a lead dancer and choreographer of the time. Michael for all his talent did not create this iconic dance move.

“Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’?” The fourth single from 'Thriller' was unleashed in the UK on May 8, 1983. The famous lyrics “Mama se mama sa ma ma coo sa” which came from Cameroonian singer Manu Dibango are often heard in Dutch as “mama say, mama sa, mama applesap,” which loosely translates in English to “Mama apple juice.” This misinterpretation of the lyrics has spawned a phenomenon in The Netherlands dubbed “mama applesap” which refers to lyrics resembling Dutch phrases in non-Dutch songs.

Kyliee Kelly

3 months ago

in Billie Jean, the lyric "but the kid is not my son" sounds like "pero tu quieres una manzana" which is Spanish for "but you want an apple"

Wagdy Nakhla

3 months ago

England's astrologer, Chiero, had predicted in a book- only a saint (Rampalji Maharaj) born in latter half of d 20th century i.e.after 1950 would bring 'a new civilisation' in d world.
Must watch sadhana tv 7:30pm.

Edsson Auriazul Ramirez

3 months ago

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Russia celebrates “Radio Day” today, commemorating the first time that inventor Alexander Popov successfully demonstrated the radio! What was the first of Michael’s songs you remember hearing on the radio? Who remembers these Michael Jackson radios from 1984?

Steven Hunter

3 months ago

I heard " Thriller" for the 1st time on the radio late 1983
I felt in love inmediatly for his music , next for his dancing style & videos , then for his humanity.

Rayane Fernandes

3 months ago

#PredictionsAbout_SaintRampalJi The great chyren will change the whole world by spiritual knowledge and power.
He has a new constitution on the whole world ...
Everyone will follow him peacefully ...

Natasha Bruce

3 months ago

"It's too high to get over (yeah, yeah)
Too low to get under (yeah, yeah)
You're stuck in the middle (yeah, yeah)
And the pain is thunder (yeah, yeah)
It's too high to get over (yeah, yeah)
Too low to get under (yeah, yeah)
You're stuck in the middle (yeah, yeah)
And the pain is thunder (yeah, yeah)" <3

May the Fourth be with you! Enjoy Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers at Disneyland dancing to “Beat It.”
Happy Star Wars Day!

Virginia Campanella

3 months ago

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Segis D. Avila

3 months ago

King of pop forever.Luckily nobody can't anymoore hurt him.Rest in peace.❤

Dan Keeley

3 months ago

Louie LaQuatra this combines two of our favorite things!

#Throwbackthursday: Michael Jackson met Michael Crawford backstage when Crawford was starring on the West End in London in The Phantom of the Opera.

Raz Gurung

3 months ago

There is no one alive or that will be born, that can follow in the footsteps of Michael Crawford!! Right Betty????💜💜💜💜

Sandy Ghodgaonkar Maruyama

3 months ago

I always wanted to go to the phantom of the opera 😍

Shirley Matechuck

3 months ago

Michael Crawford was not only an amazingly talented west end performer he was a fabulous comic!..

Will Smith recently shared an endearing story of the time he met Michael Jackson. Check it out:

Chelsey Curl

3 months ago

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Yeidis Diaz

3 months ago

Ahahah I'm screaming 😂😂😂😂😂 this made me laugh so hard 😆😆

Stephanie Miller Eade

4 months ago