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So when you're standing in the rain again
You might as well be dancing
Why? 'Cause there ain't no storm that can change how this ends
So next time when you feel blue
Don't let that smile leave you
Why? 'Cause you have every reason just to
Sing, so the back row hears you
Glide, 'cause walking just won't do
Dance, you don't have to know how to
Ever since, ever since grace got you
Laugh, 'til your whole side's hurting
Smile like you just got away with something
Why? 'Cause you just got away with something
Ever since, ever since grace got you
Ever since, ever since grace got you
Grace got you

Marko Kukka

5 hours ago

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this song... in fact I cannot get enough of your whole new album Lifer!! Awesome! and so Fun! and inspirational. Love it!!!!!!

Edwin Ruijssenaars

13 hours ago

When I hear this song, no matter what I'm doing...i'v gotta rejoice in my hope and that hope is THE HOPE OF GLORY......JESUS, cause Grace Got ME!!!!!

Lauren Holzer

20 hours ago

Why did John Ruben’s part get cut from the radio version? I’m not a big fan of rap music but the song isn’t the same without him. I turn off the radio & put on the album every time. 💗

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View the show from the Fox News Plaza near 48th Street and Avenue of the Americas from 6am to 9am.See you there!
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Katia Elena Avilez Cordero

2 days ago

We have seen you preform several times in Ohio and will see you in Cincinnati at Spirit Song in a month! You have never disappointed! 🎶😎💆🏻‍♀️🎤❤️✝️

Arturo Perez

2 days ago

This will be the one and ONLY time I will watch FOX and friends. I do LOVE Mercy Me

Marcell de Bies

2 days ago

Will have to watch, June 8th is my birthday!!!!

This is the Last Week To vote! To cast your vote soon go to!

Nasro Arbeloa

3 days ago

The song "Even if"I really really say like it.Voted for you guys.God bless you all🙏🏾

Tamia Odom

3 days ago

I voted for you guys!!!!!!! I love your new album "lifer"

Ahmad D Dixon

3 days ago

I voted yesterday ❤️

So excited to have won Top Christian Artist at last night’s Billboard Music Awards​!!! Thank you!! #BBMAs​

Andreas Markus

4 days ago

Received tickets to see you guys for my birthday, I can hardly wait till Nov 2018
So thrilled to hear of your win, you all are spreading God's grace with your talent spreading God's message...will be inspiring to come to the concert...

Steven Shepard

4 days ago

You guys deserve it!!! I really enjoy your music. I Can Only Imagine is something we all need to feel if we are one of His children.

Bukky Emmanuel

4 days ago

Congrats guys! Your music definitely got us through some tough times! As you already know - and so do we - God is always faithful! So happy the music honor is yours!

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Youzarsif Ahiwa

9 days ago

I can't hear this song enough!! (Even If)

Grzegorz Makowski

9 days ago

Can't get enough of this track

Helen Pisek

10 days ago

I would love to see y’all. R y’all coming to arkansas.. love love the movie I can only imagine

Please go vote now at
#klovefanawards #MercyMe

Anne Robinson

14 days ago

I heard Bart's story about this a breast cancer survivor it always brings me to tears. Jeremiah 24:11 is my prayer always.

Angelica Chavez

15 days ago

100% got my vote for them all

Santa Luna Guerrero

15 days ago

They have cds ?

Hey California! We're looking forward to heading your way NEXT MONTH! We can't wait to join our friends Phil Wickham, Kari Jobe, Blanca, and more in Del Mar, Anaheim, and Concord! Will you be joining us? For details and more visit

Novita Sitompul

16 days ago

Yay! And come join us!

Mieka Ruffin

16 days ago

Hi. When are you going to be in Oregon. I go to First Baptist Church in Eugene, Oregon. Would love it if you ever played there.

Berdan Corleone

16 days ago

Come back to Boise Idaho!

We are proud to be nominated for the K-Love Music Awards. Go to to vote for us now!

Robin Hettick Webb

17 days ago

Oh man hard to choose love them all❤️

Karen McGinn Thomas

17 days ago

One of the very best Christian music groups ever♡♡♡

Fina Verdugo Sobrino

17 days ago

I love you guys! When you will be back in Washington state?

Due to high demand for October 26th's show in Independence, MO, we've added a second show on October 25th! Don't miss out, tickets are on sale NOW!

Mamudo Amido

23 days ago

See you in Salisbury Md. On October 19th. Saw you at D.C. fest a few years back. Really looking forward to it.

Ashley Glaudin

24 days ago

Can't wait to see you in Michigan!

Adelia Xum

24 days ago

Please come to Idaho!!

What a beautiful night in the Arizona desert with the good folks of Tucson!!!
Big thanks to the #PimaCountyFair for having us in and to everyone who came out and kicked up some dust with us!!!


Gladys Aguilar Ch

a month ago

Awesome night! Thank you for coming to Tucson.❤

Donatella Cardellini

a month ago

Glad you liked what I said Mercy Me Music may God bless you from Cathy of Jacksonville,Oregon 🕇

Furey Malone

a month ago

Amazing night... thanks for sharing your gift with us! 🌵

See you in a few hours Tucson...

Who’s coming out tonight?!?!


Fabio Cossini

a month ago

Ahhhmmazing night! Like rain to my soul💦

Carsten Murchner

a month ago

Thank you Mercy Me, from Tucson, Arizona.

Linda Davis

a month ago

Wished you'd come to Redding Caifornia

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Nishan Lama

a month ago

I love I can only imagine. I know the Holy Spirit guided you every thought word and note. I have seen Mercy Me three times. It's not enough!! Love your message..✝️✝️✝️ The best time I saw you was in Springfield Il at the Fairgrounds. Great huge crowd. You did Revolution!!! It was neat seeing the people on their handicap wheels fight for the best parking spot. Kind of funny, kind of not. They just wanted to get the best spot!!! There were a long line of them.

Matteo Sacchi

a month ago

When my sister was dying my son share the song I Can Only Imagine. my sister was diagnosed with early onset dementia it took a vibrant stunning woman into an unrecognizable old lady within a short time. The song I believe God sent me the most amazing song to get through it from Mercy Me the song Beautiful. I thank you for giving me something to believe her life was worth everything and now she's in a much better place for it.

Becky Dayton Williams

a month ago

You Reign is amazing!! Gives me chills every time. Also Word of God Speak is dear to my heart, because it helped my son through some very difficult times. All of Creation is also another favorite!! I just love you guys so much. Your music changed my life and my relationship with Jesus. ❤️
God Bless You!

*CONCERT RESCHEDULED* Friends in and around Oklahoma City, ​d​ue to the inclement weather forecasted for Saturday, April 21st, our concert at Frontier City has been rescheduled to June 9, 2018.
All tickets purchased or won for the original date will be accepted on June 9.​ ​We are so sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused​, but we are looking forward to ​an awesome night​ on June 9, 2018​!​​!​ If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Frontier City at 405-478-2140 or

Jaspreet Jimmy

a month ago

Congratulations!!!! ... just read this on Google home page 'Imagine This: MercyMe Hit Now an Official State Inspirational Song'

Kevin Cartagena

a month ago

Melissa Chamberlain Smith Meredith Smith we should go for Merediths birthday

Valentina Catalano

a month ago

Mercy Me is worth waiting for. They’re amazing! Your movie was beyond anything I can think of. Thank you for sharing your story
Beautiful 💕🌟💙

Forgiveness can be so difficult...but it’s something so important. Bart wrestled with forgiving his father, as you can see in the movie and his memoir, I Can Only Imagine. Try filling in this blank today: “Lord, today I choose to forgive ______.” #FreedomInForgiveness #ICanOnlyImagine

Jay Breexy

a month ago

Lord i choose to forgive everyone who hurts me.
Forgiven is the best way to release your self and to be free, walk with your head up high.

Amanda E Nelson-Caskey

a month ago

I chose to forgive without closure of whether he was truly sorry!

Joslyn Holguin

a month ago

As God has forgive us, we must then continue to instructed us thru his grace

We are SO honored to have 3 nominations at the 2018 @BBMAs! Don't miss the show, LIVE May 20th on NBC. #BBMAs

Pauline Garcia

a month ago

I hope you win for best movie because you deserve it. I hope you win in all categories. You're number one to me. ❤❤❤

Earlene Rardin

a month ago

Your music is REAL life, where the rubber hits the road. Each of your songs is so relevant to what we all go through. “I Can Only Imagine” movie & Bart’s testimony has really impacted my life.

Earlene Rardin

a month ago

Well deserved you guys are amazing I hope you win on all categories, thank you for your music for the message and thank you for the movie I went twice to watch it I cry more the second time good luck 🍀

New MercyMe "Imagine" Merch, added to the online store!

Mark Kuczara

a month ago

Didn’t there used to be guitars and VIP meetings in the store? Are they still available?

Stephanie Snapp

a month ago

Have both and love them ♥️♥️♥️♥️

Cricket N Earl Neace

a month ago

You were my first Christian concert thank you for the awesome show


Thankful for safe travel & now the final show of the tour!!!


Sahir Khetani

a month ago

Stay safe out there on the roads, some states are still pretty dangerous. May our good lord watch over you guys through your traveling and everyday. Stay safe always and God Bless You always

Emily Snyder

a month ago

The concert was amazing. I think the most moving part was the message about juvenile diabetes. My nephew Micha was diagnosed just a couple of years ago. He just turned seven. It was life changing for us all, but especially for his parents and older brother and sister. It is truly a 24 hour a day mission for them. I am going to definitely share your words with my sister. We are working on the JDRF walk. It will be in Sioux Falls on April 28th. This is our third year walking for a cure. The first year the walk was two weeks after he got diagnosed and out of the hospital. God bless you all and safe travels home.

J-m Weiss

a month ago

Thank you for a great show. Great way for me to celebrate on the day I got Baptized 23 years ago. May you all be blessed and have safe travels home. God bless you

Duluth came to party tonight!!!
You guys win for best dancers of the tour!!!

Plowing through some snowy roads tonight to get to Sioux Falls...pray for clear roads!!!

Paul Airey

a month ago

Wish I could have come, but I was praying for you guys. Safe travels, I think you got outta town just in time!

Clécio Ferreira Diniz

a month ago

We drove from Minneapolis to Duluth to see you! It was the best concert ever, we love you guys! Thanks for braving the weather!!!

Farhan Saleem

a month ago

Travel safely everyone. Would love to be there. Thank you mercyme for your beautiful music it has lifted me up so man y times Gods richest blessings be with you all at tonight's and God bless you from south Africa

When your hometown hockey team is in the playoffs but you’re on tour, your crew guys make it happen!!!

Let’s go @predsnhl

Wong Wai Keung

a month ago

I Saw that while waiting for Doors... You were in the right place if you went to do a concert and a just could Hockey Game break out at any moment.

Robert Conner

a month ago

Boooo go Avs! See you in Sioux Falls!

Nadia Hosking

a month ago

Sorry. Three peat for the Penguins. Maybe that is why you guys dance around Pittsburgh on tour all the time!! LUV Mercy Me!

So many of you showed up tonight!!!
THANK YOU!!! Hearing you guys sing tonight was incredible!!!


Dulcenea Hamester

a month ago

Loving watching your tour unfold. Amazing. I'm a teacher in Rhode Island and recently found out that I have to step away from teaching Kindergarten in June due to medical reasons. My heart breaks, but your music inspires. My Young Kindergarten class will be performing your song "Grace Got You" on June 6th with some dance moves to the music at their End of the Year Assembly. They love the song and the minute I put it on in the class they break out in dance. I will try and post a video when I can. Thanks for inspiring me and so many others to take the TIME to glide, sing, dance, laugh...

Asaboro Tejiri

a month ago

What an amazing concert you put on. So beautiful! Here is a pic of my friend Beth Laktash & I at the concert

Zach Hoffman

a month ago

God chooses, then He bruises, then He uses.....Bart's story in a nutshell. Thanks so much for coming to Des Moines! You all were such a blessing ! People laugh because I saw "I Can Only Imagine" 4 times in 2 weeks. God spoke to me differently each time. Thanks for your ministry :)

Test your knowledge on the story behind "I Can Only Imagine"! Take this quiz to find out if you can spot the differences between the “I Can Only Imagine” book and movie! Find the quiz here: #ICanOnlyImagine

Lucky Errorko Jr.

a month ago

Oh I luv the book , the details of Gods hand on all of them , luv the movie to can’t put it all in the movie ,, luv the movie .

Lisco Nicodemus Lokosang II

a month ago

I luv the movie and the book , it was great, as he said can’t put it all in a 2 hour show , but oh my to see the hand of God in his life and those around him , leading and guiding and trusting God , and in the book ,sharing and be honest ,oh I luv them even more and Amy Grant to, so thankful they did the movie and the book , Bless those who travel with musics and away from there family ,can be really hard on every one , and minsters can be very lonely even thought your around folks , Thanks for sharing your life your music with us .The Lord bless you and keep you,!!!

Kelly Moore

a month ago

Loved the book and the movie!

This weekend!!!

Des Moines, IA
Minneapolis, MN
Duluth, MN
Sioux Falls, SD

Hope you’re stretching to get ready to #HappyDance!!!



a month ago

Praying that you have safe travels this weekend....see you in Minneapolis!!!😊

Angie Sánchez

a month ago

I will be at your concert in Minneapolis and cannot wait!!

Kelly McDowell Dunn

a month ago

Praying for a miracle that the snow storms aren’t affecting your tour.......we will see you in Sioux Falls Sunday night!

Don't Forget to go vote for the K-Love Fan Awards!

Anuj Jain

2 months ago

Yup. I voted. Blessing and hope you win 🙏🙏😇😇

Herbert Marcoe

2 months ago

Voted!! ❤️.. can’t wait to see you guys in October 🤗

Radhesh Kumar

2 months ago

Voted! Good luck.

GRAND RAPIDS!!!! Look at how many of you there are!!!

What a way to end the weekend!!!

Thank You for spending your Sunday night with us!!!

Raphael Mercier

2 months ago

Looking forward to seeing them in Duluth, Mn. this weekend..bringing a couple who aren’t familiar with them...are there lyrics on screen during the performance?

Joana Soledad Veron

2 months ago

Wish you were coming to Toledo. I love that song. I can only imagine. I wanna sing that at my church. I've also ordered that on e bay and I'm still waiting for it.

Helio Junior

2 months ago

Amazing concert! Tenth Avenue north and mercy me music is always so uplifting!

Missouri was so good to us tonight!!!

So grateful to you guys for singing & dancing with us tonight!!!
We had a couple seats open up at our show tomorrow in Grand Rapids. Come and get em. #MMLive18

Jeff Haynes

2 months ago

What a wonderful night of worship. It was my 6 year old sons first concert. Coincidentally MercyMe was also my 10 year olds first concert 3 years ago. God bless you all for continuing to spread the gospel!

Diane Brillon

2 months ago

Awesome concert Mercy Me! Enjoyed your humor, your faith filled words that lifted my heart and soul.
a beautiful evening. Thank you for coming to St Louis! god bless

Denyse McIntosh Smith

2 months ago

That was so thoughtful of you guys to come to St Louis to sing to me on my birthday! 😉😁
Awesome show; it was a wonderful time of worship. Thank you! God bless all of you and your families. ❤

Love this shot!!!

Thanks @lacerr14
Tulsa... it’s been too long!!!
We can’t believe so many of you showed up tonight!!!

On to STL...hope they treat us even 1/2 as good!!!

Fernando Forero Ibañez

2 months ago

Awesome concert!!! Loved being there the night of my daughter’s birthday who is in heaven, I can only imagine what that would be like ❤️🙏

James Roy

2 months ago

Columbus Ohio. 2/17/18

Veronica Martinez Navarro

2 months ago

Thank you for an amazing night in Tulsa! I took my daughter as we remembered her dad who she lost April 6, 2016. Wasn’t sure how she’d handle I Can Only Imagine. There’s only one way...

Emily Leahey

2 months ago

Winner of the least orange orange juice awards!

Wladimir Ramiz Mendes

2 months ago

It’s that all natural gluten free kind.

Jonathan Sangi Kingwaya

2 months ago

Oh my....they’ve really pulled the wool over your eyes. I’ll bring a real glass of orange juice Sunday!

Omaha!!! What a great 1st night back from our little “Hollywood Hiatus”
Felt sooooo good to be back on stage where we belong!!!

You made it a night to remember!!!

Jonathan Sangi Kingwaya

2 months ago

Wonderful and uplifting concert! Love you MercyMe! Can’t wait to see you in concert again! Movie was also excellent!

Lovely Shaday

2 months ago

Thank you - Thank you - Thank you !!!! Your movie, book, music and seeing the crew in concert has touched my heart & soul beyond words.

Noel Petrolati

2 months ago

THANK YOU! I've been a fan for more than 15 years and derived hope, motivation and direction from many of your song lyrics! The Omaha concert was the first time I've seen and heard you perform live. I was moved by both the music, it's talent, skill and artistry, and the honest testimony Bart shared. Very difficult to escape our less than Christian behaviors at times but knowing that our constant pursuit of a relationship with God, having new opportunities every day offer hope when things may seem hopeless. THANK YOU!

Omaha!!! What a great 1st night back from our little “Hollywood Hiatus” Felt sooooo good to be back on stage where we belong!!! You made it a night to remember!!! #mmlive18

Pumped to be hitting the road again this weekend... Who’s coming out?!? #mmlive18

Furkan Erke

2 months ago

Looking forward to praising God in Omaha with you. This will be my 7th time! 5 years ago a virus attacked my heart and I almost died. The power of prayer is so great. So many people prayed for me. God is so wonderful. See you soon!!

Adam Mikael Tibbott

2 months ago

Well??😊 All I'm doing in Arizona in just praying. Prayer warrior here. 🙏🙏🙏

Bill Ruble

2 months ago

Would love to catch you sooner, but if I don't, see you in Dollywood in late August!

We are honored to be nominated for K-Love Fan Awards for Group/Duo of the Year, Song of the Year for "Even If," and Artist of the year. Please go to @klovefanawards to learn how you can vote for us. Voting is open now! #klovefanawards #MercyMe #EvenIf #Lifer #ICanOnlyImagine #icanonlyimaginemovie

We are honored to be on the list to be nominated for K-LOVE Fan Awards for Group/Duo of the Year, Song of the Year for "Even If," and Artist of the year.
Please go to to vote for us. Voting is open now!
Think you know the story behind "I Can Only Imagine"? Take this quiz to find out if you can spot the differences between the “I Can Only Imagine” book and movie! Find the quiz here: #ICanOnlyImagine

Deidre P Lewis

2 months ago

I voted for you all! Even if has helped me through difficult times it deserves Song of the year !! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Diego Saldivar

2 months ago

Just now voted for you guys and want you to know how much Even If has meant to me and my family going through some really tough times...may God continue to use your gifts to bless others ♥️

Susan DeMill

2 months ago

Oh yes!Thank you Bart and Mercy Me for such an awesome God inspired movie.CongratulationTeam!😉😊☺

Jesus changes everything!!!


Janet L Gress

2 months ago

Saw the movie on saturday with my wife and daughter. Just wow. Powerful life story. Thank you for sharing it with the rest of us. It was a strong trigger for me but God is faithful to comfort and sustain us.

Andy Rivera

2 months ago

Went to the movie on Easter Sunday. To say I loved it would be an understatement. I lost my Dad in October and was looking for something different to do for the holiday. The movie was moving, gripping and inspiring. Thank you, Bart, for sharing that story.

Gunhild Dahlberg

2 months ago

He is indeed!!! I can only imagine!! Fabulous movie, go & see it!!!🎥🍿

Jesus changes everything!!! #OhGraveWhereIsThyVictory #OhDeathWhereIsThySting #HappyEaster #HeIsRisen

The message of Easter is one of redemption...yet it can be so hard to do that in our own lives. It was something Bart struggled to do with his dad, which he opens up about in his memoir “I Can Only Imagine.” Who can you choose to forgive today, even though it may be hard? #FreedomInForgiveness #ICanOnlyImagine

Sphesihle Tolbadi

2 months ago

Saw the movie today......cried almost all the way through it.........We only had two weeks with my only concern was for his soul.......he was saved before he passed........that is where I found forgiveness because he never expressed it to us......

Daniela Vega

2 months ago

Thank you for telling us all your story. It's like telling my story of my child hood. Some things are different. God does forgive us sinners , no matter the sin!

Shaleeta Smith

2 months ago

Forgiveness is not for the person being forgiven, it is for the forgiver ❤️✝️❤️

2 New T's added to the MercyMe shop, more coming soon!

Chris Ryan Moreno

2 months ago

Awesome!!! ooh how i get one

Nana Banson

2 months ago

I already have the red one! Bought it at the March show in Lowell.

Dorothee Boitel

2 months ago

Glad Grace Has

Happy Friday! Y'all @icanonlyimaginemovie has been the #2 movie for the past 2 days! CRAZY! Keep spreading the word. Easter's coming and we have a story of forgiveness and redemption to tell!

Have you gotten your copy of I Can Only Imagine (the children's book) and I Can Only Imagine: A Memoir? Grab yours any where books are sold! Info at: #ICanOnlyImagine

Daniel Genzola

2 months ago

I got the I can only imagine Memoir Praying that when you come to Pima County fair in Tucson I will be able to meet you and have you sign my book.

Daniel Genzola

2 months ago

Read the book in one day. Loved the film. Getting the kids book. Bart you are amazing.

Michelle Jenkins

2 months ago

I loved your book Bart! Thanks for sharing your life story with us. Movie was wonderful. We only wished their would have been a sing along of "I Can Only Imagine" at the end of the movie. We sang it as we were leaving the movie!!!! 💙💗💙

We can't wait to hit the road this October and November with our friends @tenthavenorth for the Imagine Nation Tour! The pre sale is happening NOW through Thursday 10:00p (local time). Use the code: IMAGINE to purchase your tickets early! Tickets at General on sale is this Friday at 10a. Imagine Nation Tour: 10/4 - Indianapolis, IN 10/5 - Milwaukee, WI 10/7 - Ypsilanti, MI 10/6 - Bourbonnais, IL 10/11 - Jackson, MS 10/12 - New Orleans, LA 10/13 - Tyler, TX 10/14 - San Antonio, TX 10/19 - Salisbury, MD 10/20 - Charlottsville, VA 10/21 - Charleston, WV 10/26 - Independence, MO 10/27 - Wichita, KS* 10/28 - N Little Rock, AR 11/1 - Newark, DE 11/2 - Utica, NY 11/3 - Portland, ME 11/4 - Bangor, ME 11/9 - Greenville, SC 11/10 - Greensboro, NC 11/11 - Johnson City, TN** *Tickets on sale to the general public Saturday, March 24th. **Tickets already on sale.

We can't wait to hit the road this October and November with our friends Tenth Avenue North for the Imagine Nation Tour! The pre sale is happening NOW through Thursday 10:00p (local time). Use the code: IMAGINE to purchase your tickets early! Tickets at General on sale is this Friday at 10a.
Imagine Nation Tour:
10/4 - Indianapolis, IN
10/5 - Milwaukee, WI
10/7 - Ypsilanti, MI
10/6 - Bourbonnais, IL
10/11 - Jackson, MS
10/12 - New Orleans, LA
10/13 - Tyler, TX
10/14 - San Antonio, TX
10/19 - Salisbury, MD
10/20 - Charlottsville, VA
10/21 - Charleston, WV
10/26 - Independence, MO
10/27 - Wichita, KS*
10/28 - N Little Rock, AR
11/1 - Newark, DE
11/2 - Utica, NY
11/3 - Portland, ME
11/4 - Bangor, ME
11/9 - Greenville, SC
11/10 - Greensboro, NC
11/11 - Johnson City, TN**
*Tickets on sale to the general public Saturday, March 24th.
**Tickets already on sale.

Yesenia Aravena Cruz

2 months ago


Anne Nurmi Vidal

2 months ago

So you know, if you click on tickets for 10-6-18 it sends you to the link for tickets on 10-21-2018. I bought 8 tickets thinking it was for the Illinois show and I actually got West Virginia tickets 😞 and they won’t refund it. Sad day.

Hannah Sarraf

2 months ago

ty ty ty got my tickets and am soooo excited! I know my family will be so blessed!

You guys have made #icanonlyimagine #1 in presale tickets on & this morning...EVEN OVER THE AVENGERS!!!

The entire band & movie team are absolutely blown away...THANK YOU!!!!

Luiz Nunes

2 months ago

Everytime the movie had a quiet scene for a moment all that I heard were sniffles (my family included) you have done something so amazing and beautfiful here. I believe that many people will leave the theaters changed. Forgiveness is the first step in opening your heart to God. We are a family of believers and we all could not stop praying for all the hurting hearts that need this message. We all benefit from this movie in one way or another. For me, still healing after years of hurt and I have God so for anyone that doesn't let me just say the hurt heals in a more complete way when your walking with Jesus.
Congrats MercyMe Music, you have just changed the world of Christian movies. May God continue to bless us all with messages just like this one. Stay safe guys, God's nowhere near done having you do the important work you do with this Ministry of music.

Angela Crew

2 months ago

An Amazing testimony of your life. I enjoyed every moment. I cried through the whole movie. God is so good and his plans for our lives come together for his glory. Thank you for sharing your testimony of faith, love and to never give up on your dreams. Even in the storms of life. God has a plan.

Alil Abduloski

2 months ago

I have anticipated this Movie, since seeing the First Trailers many months ago. Praise God for Bart opening up & sharing his story! Praise God for the Erwin Brothers transferring the story to Film. Praise God for Salvation, Grace, Forgiveness, Redemption & so much more!

THIS IS INSANE Y’ALL!!!! You guys have made #icanonlyimagine #1 in presale tickets on & this morning...EVEN OVER THE AVENGERS!!! The entire band & movie team are absolutely blown away...THANK YOU!!!!

Cannot thank everyone enough, but we'll try.

We are excited to announce we'll be hitting the road this fall with our friends Tenth Avenue North for The Imagine Nation Tour.Tickets go on sale this Friday, March 23rd.Come see us this fall!

Aditi Brooke

2 months ago

It would be awesome if you could come to Australia. I loved I can Only Imagine the first time I heard it, and have pretty much all your CDs. Saw the movie the other night, and have been wanting to see a show for ages. Please come?!

Birginia Knd

2 months ago

Just purchased tickets for Oct 6 at Olivet Nazarene — saw you there 2 yrs ago, and in Peoria last year. FYI, the early purchase link had me download Bandsintown app but then took me thru Ticketmaster — Which didn’t list that date or location. After an hour of arguing with my phone, I Finally had my daughter help me — she went thru iTickets and did it in minutes. Whew! Looking forward to it!!

Jason Sandoval

2 months ago

Praying for your tour! Saw the movie last night it was so good! What a story of forgiveness! We will miss you in Florida but hoping for next tour here in the sunshine state!!


I Can Only Imagine has partnered with YM360 - YouthMinistry360 to create some amazing resources for your youth ministries to take students deeper into the themes of the film! Learn more here:

Patti James

2 months ago

I love this!

Cathleen Brown

2 months ago

One of the best films I've ever seen!!!

Sue Edwards

2 months ago

The movie was incredible!!

Currently top selling ticket on Fandango. Yikes!!!!
HOLY COW GUYS!?!? @icanonlyimaginemovie is currently trending #4 on @movieticketsdotcom!!!

You guys are amazing!!!

Keep spreading the word!!!

Md Mosharop

2 months ago

we havent had much we have been willing to pay to see

Andreas Apelqvist

2 months ago

Great movie! I had the privilege to watch last night. I will be watching it again with the entire family when it comes out. Grab the tissues.

Monica Estrada

2 months ago

This is going to be so big. Just wait and see. God is working in your favor reaching millions through your music and this movie!

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I Can Only Imagine, the children's book, comes out TOMORROW! Get it everywhere books are sold. More info at:
WOW WOW WOW!!! Never have we seen dancing like tonight!!!! Thank you Newark!!!
Tune into to @foxandfriends tomorrow morning for an early morning performance!!!

Marco Schmidt

2 months ago

Ordered for my 6 yr old son. Already got the memoir can't wait to read it.

Adrienn Katona

2 months ago

Definitely going to see the 🎥 🍿 movie!

Jake E. Altares

2 months ago

Is a 16 month old.too young? She loves books.

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