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Gooood morning. Squeezing in some Pilates this morning before I leave to Texas. Spending the weekend there for a wedding! (Ps thanks for all the #AskMegan questions you sent in, I filmed a video yesterday answering some of those😃)

Edward Calderon

a month ago

Greetings from germany

Grace Mirafuentes Vios

a month ago

Hubba hubba omggggggg

Katinka Karolina

a month ago

Beautiful Megan You are so cute I love you ♥

Ask me a question...#AskMegan 💕

MzMonnie Favor Rolle

a month ago

I loved your collaboration with Lindsey Stirling it a really fun song and cool video featuring two of my favourite ladies in music. How did it feel for you collaborating with her.

Bustos Marina

a month ago

Do you think there is mandala effect?

Kimbirin Hee Barry

a month ago

What kind of music do you like sing to the most?

Matthias Radakovits

a month ago

Awwwwww😭😭😭😭 stay blessed

Yesica Arceo

a month ago

I love your voice😍 its make me so #Happy

Karenina Espinosa

2 months ago

Rui Zhong its been real rui

New music! I collaborated with Cash Campbell for an acoustic version of his song "Don't Wanna Think About It" and it's out now!

Watch it here

Erik Bermudez

2 months ago

soooo beautiful, love it!! 💜💜

Rachael Harrison

2 months ago

It's beautiful😍

Angel Rojas

2 months ago

bluetifool you are !

Nariman Sami

2 months ago

You are so beautiful and cute Megan ♥

El Fattir

2 months ago

I love your blue hair and it matches your dress. Love your singing voice

Just gonna leave this one here. The girl with no athletic bone in her body, clearly,by the way that bat is being held 😂 #throwbackthursday

Saida Chowdhury

4 months ago

What a cute photo! I played T-ball & softball when I was younger. My dad wanted my siblings & I to have fun as well as learn to work & play as a team. And he did a good job, too! ;)

Stephanie Holiday

4 months ago

looking so adorable & cute megan😘😘

Pam Farley

4 months ago

I play baseball

WeiChen Huang

4 months ago

You are so beautiful and cute Megan ♥♥♥

Brittany Cummings

4 months ago

Where you are .! Miss u

Varun Vighneswar

4 months ago

Is this costume for another vedio song?

Happy Mother's Day to my sweet momma. You truly inspire me to be a better woman. Your gentle heart and love for people challenges me to love better and to actively pursue my faith. You show me what it means to be strong and tell me I can do anything I set my mind to. I'm so thankful for you. Love you lots mom ❤️#happymothersday

Zack Shannon

4 months ago

Omg she‘s so sweet and beauty, you both! 😳😍 how old is she? She seems so young..

Iki Ichi

4 months ago

This your mom look tooo young ONG

Ahmet Günesen

4 months ago

I don't even think that she's your mom haha she looks like your sister. btw Happy Mothers Day mom <3

Happy happy 🌸

Kyle Guy

5 months ago

maturnuwun.. mugi² sak konduripun..

Matteo Berra

5 months ago

Wow Megan Nicole I love your outfit you look super gorgeous 😍😍😍😍

Tina Mayes

5 months ago

I am Elvin charisma beach security guard.

Betz Girouard

5 months ago

ciamiiik tenan koe yu... hehehe..

Ivana Stajković

5 months ago

Wow wow!!! So cute :*

Kyle Saunders

5 months ago

Beauty behind the beautiful

A little "get to know me" with AwesomenessTV

Mike Rodis

5 months ago

Video extreme cool 😍😍😍 vlog un you Chanel please

NEW VIDEO! I finally covered Jonas Brothers ❣️

Anna Leonova

5 months ago

VVanessa Guzmán Przybylska!!!

Ferran Pérez

5 months ago

Nicolle THAT ENDING !!!

In case you missed it, our wedding is featured in the Spring issue of Inside Weddings 💕check it out if you see one!
Wedding Day #throwback #tbt

Deborah Smith

5 months ago

tall and short, perfect combination 😉

Isaiah Gloality Alvarez

5 months ago

Got my copy!!!!!

Erica Bernadette

5 months ago

Was a beautiful wedding!!!!! 💜

Our fluffy children. Zlatan wasn't feeling taking a picture 😂 #nationalpetday

Here's me trying not to ugly cry and mess up my make up 😂😂🤣here's to the real moments with you sister. Love you! Happy #nationalsiblingsday 📷by: Ether and Smith

Stephanie Bennett

5 months ago

last time my sisters boyfriend came to our house and asking consent to our parents for matrimony. I was at school that time. and then when my mom told me that I cried but she didn't see me cause I don't want they seen me crying about that. But I realized that I think it's time for her to be happy and just worry about herself because she came abroad for us. for us to finish our study and have a good life. I love her so much! she's my number 1 idol. I wanted to be like her someday! I think when she get married all I will do is cry cry cry.

Douglas Argueta

5 months ago

Love the 2 of you!!💜

Marjorie Camargo

5 months ago


I covered #NoExcuses by Meghan Trainor! New video posted on my YouTube. Watch now 🏵️

John Buendia

5 months ago

Love you cover 😍

Cyndi Devore

5 months ago

😍😍 ΐ love your voice

Petr Ganev

5 months ago

You are so beautiful and gorgeous Megan

Gianmario Papetta

5 months ago

umahhhha love you megan #leave a love react#

Jia-feng Hon

5 months ago

I love your music.

May 1 @ 8PM ❤️ Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles


Shahd Alisawi

5 months ago

I'm fans you from indonesia

George Knifton

6 months ago

You are so beautiful and gorgeous Megan

Daapuk Ale

6 months ago

I in México 😥😥💔💔

Happy day 🤗ps, new video for you this weekend. It's a cover, any guesses?

Ulrike Jursa

6 months ago

But your all covers is good 😍😍

Taylor Millard

6 months ago

😍😍Hold on by Ananya Birla (cover Megan Nicole) i just guess😆😆

Bárbara Guerreiro

6 months ago

Baby One More Time Brittany Spears?

LA! Come hang out at @thehotelcafe with me May 1st. Show is 21+ and I've got a link to tickets in my bio, can't wait to see you ❤️

Hi there. Have you seen the music video for #MyKindofParty yet? What was your favorite look? 🐼🍕🍾

Me trying to be a cool lifestyle blogger ☕️

Good morning ☀️ on my way to Nashville today. By the way, did you know I released a new music video? Check it out (link in bio) #MyKindofParty

1 year today 💍 crazy!

Cheesin' because the MY KIND OF PARTY MUSIC VIDEO IS OUT! Check it out if you like pandas or pizza (Link in my bio)



Mihir Bhati

6 months ago

Eres la mejor!!❤

Pier-Olivier Deblois

6 months ago

Me encanta! Espero que haya video musical para "Nothing"🎶🙃

Jessica Marie Harris

6 months ago

It's not weird Megan Nicole it's just fun cool and amazingly well done I love it and I love you too 😘😘💖

TOMORROW! #MYKINDOFPARTY on things get a little weird, dancing panda and pizza weird 🍕🐼🍾

Coming this Friday #MyKindofParty 🐼

welcome spring 🌺


6 months ago

You are so beautiful and stunning,Megan I love you

Adam Meisenheimer

6 months ago

Wow so beautiful

Iris Akue

6 months ago

Have a superb spring!

welcome spring

#MyKindOfParty music video coming your way very soon! Here's a photo taken on set.

Paul Giller

6 months ago

Give your number so I call you :) There are no such phones or telephones anymore in Finland :( Do I have to read you a fairy tale?

Shonda Johnson

6 months ago

Beautiful stunning Queen Megan

Fiona Leathley

6 months ago

on this moment I'm listening my kind of party 😀😁😋

Coming soon... #mykindofparty music video🐼

Chris DeVol

6 months ago

Most well come

Lyn McClymont

6 months ago

I have several questions 😂

Donna Tessier

6 months ago

Tan linda , mi sueño de amor megan

Coming soon... #mykindofparty music video🐼

#MondayMotivation 🍩

Miguel Sanchez

6 months ago

Hello Megan Nicole! 😃 I wish you a very nice new Week!!! 😃😃😃 You are so very Amazing and Beautiful!!!! 😃😃😃😃

Chrisnelly Johnson

6 months ago

Happy summer for you beautiful young woman <3

Freddy Kjlkjlo

6 months ago

Pepsi MAX :D

Thinking about what to have for dinner... Other than a quick shoot this morning, I've been Saturday-ing so hard. Playing the new Kirby game and omg it's the cutest thing ever 💕

Not wearing green today, but our last name is Green so that counts, right? #happystpatricksday 🍀#throwback

Our wedding is featured in the Spring 2018 issue of Inside Weddings (on newsstands now) Thanks #InsideWeddings!

Daniel Kulisic

6 months ago

Ashley Bennett what

Dominick Poulain

6 months ago

So pretty, Megan!!!

แพท สายล่อ

6 months ago

Was a Beautiful wedding and you were stunning!!!

How I sometimes feel being married to someone a foot taller than me 😂😙

Da Carlos Leonardo

6 months ago

Brandon Campbell when I walk with you, I feel like ... lol

Sarah Pederson

6 months ago

You could have a 6 ft. daugther! #MEGA Nicole. lol

Mbonayo Toussaint

6 months ago

I know how you feel. My boyfriend is a foot taller than me too. 😅

“Take Me Back” lyric video is now up on and it features lots of cute kittens!

Domerick S. Morales

6 months ago

I'll take you back to my love <3

A lot of cuteness coming your way tomorrow 🐱Catch the lyric video for "Take Me Back" off my mini album #MyKindofParty tomorrow on

Waiting to share the #MyKindofParty music video with you💕 But first, I have something else coming your way🐱 #MeganNicoleMKOP

Always thinking of a caption 🤔

Junior van Dodewaard

6 months ago

Ps what the hell is that Australia we just make a milk shake lol. That looks like it got flowers in it.

Vicky Guinoo

6 months ago

1st date drink and flowers. I got ya both. :-p

Morgana Grácio

6 months ago

You're such an awesome singer, Megan!

How I sometimes feel being married to someone a foot taller than me 😂😙

Thinking of a new video for y'all 🤔Leaning towards doing a little throwback song for a cover. Happy Saturday💕 📷: @creabyjulie

Let's play a game: Comment below the name of the song using this lyric (hint, it's a song from my mini album #MyKindofParty 😛) "You got that type of something, I just can't stay away. So we'll run around in circles it's my favorite game."

Michael Venter

6 months ago

For sure "My Favorite One"

Oona Martinet-Gauly

6 months ago

That person will always be your favorite one

Miquel FD

6 months ago

Love you too much much much......

Hanging with @whatispopular last night ☁️

Happy #internationalwomensday aka every day. Thankful for all the strong and beautiful women in my life who inspire me. Here's a little #throwback from my wedding day when some of the ladies I loved most came to be extra with me.
Blue skies ahead☁️

Luis Pires

6 months ago

i Love this photo Forever 😋😋😋😋😋😋

Jeanine Harper

6 months ago

A ho rw teso vane tyo cute nanu haru sanga Chiknalai setting milaidena mero budi megan mw lastai sick vaxu k Mero LaDo lastai Ranakw Ranakw vaxa k tini sapai cute nanu haru lai and talai pwni autai Bed ma rakhera ssss oo ss aa ss ssssssss 😋😋😋😋😋😋20 25 Din samma nangai vayarw majjale majjale Chikxu 😋k nanu Megan Chikna lai setting milaide hai lutututw lutututw luaaam ki luaaaamma Chikxu xito kura milaide hai mero budi megan😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

Morten Kvehaugen

6 months ago

You hot Megan Nicole

Happy #internationalwomensday aka every day. Thankful for all the strong and beautiful women in my life who inspire me. Here's a little #throwback from my wedding day when some of the ladies I loved most came to be extra with me. Photo taken by boss lady: @emmaandthecamera

Cool if I post one more pic from the 7 magic mountains? Cool. Let's play a game: Comment below the name of the song using this lyric (hint, it's a song from my mini album #MyKindofParty 😛) "You got that type of something, I just can't stay away. So we'll run around in circles it's my favorite game."