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#Repost @rexbrownofficial
The old Custom Fretless from Hell!! It’s all over this new record!! In fact, I dug up a bunch of Old Faithful’s for these sessions!! They sound just like new! #rexbrown #newtracks #studiotime #sessions #bassguitar #pantera

Bálint Cseh

35 minutes ago

That jam box though!

Becky Patrick Abraham

35 minutes ago

Last record was really good

fuck yea Rex

Das von David gestaltete Glücksschwein, welches ihr jetzt auf der Website von United Charity ersteigern könnt! Der Erlös geht an die José Carreras Leukämie-Stiftung
The piggy, created by David, is now for auction on the website of United Charity! The proceeds go to the José Carreras Leukaemia Foundation.

Yvette Rapp

5 hours ago

Молодец DG <3

Susan Niss

5 hours ago

I am just wondering, what salary you must have to buy this little piggy ... 🤓

Kathy Davis

5 hours ago

Skarbonka jest fajna pozdrawiam miłej niedzieli

Portland shreds

Katherine Moppin

10 hours ago

Thanks for the amazing show in Edmonton!! You guys rocked my balls off!! Jack Black

Manel Alba Aperador

10 hours ago

YOU GUYS shred ❤️

Marion Williams

10 hours ago

Come down to Australia dudes

Performing is my intimate conversation with y’all ; it’s how we share our love...can’t wait to love you long time✨💪🏾🙌🏾⚡️

Lucy O'Day

17 minutes ago

wish i was there omarion 💝

Christina Lynne

17 minutes ago

Yes making anothet jit song the stage

Bijan Saba

17 minutes ago

I see ya, Omarion been your #1 FAN for years. I love the turn over to AFRO MUSIC. I been listening. GREAT WORK👍🏽

That’s a wrap on the best 90 minute show that takes over two hours. See ya’ all next year!

Linda Schlabach

5 hours ago

I love everything about Reba!!

Jeralf Cinco

5 hours ago

you are amazing in concert!! Thanks for putting on such a good show- it shows how much you care about your fans and in turn they care about you!!

Crys Kula

5 hours ago

Saw the Vegas show for a 2nd time! Fabulous as always ❤️❤️

“Dream Team”

Mica and I rolled through #FFFAF representing @hapbeecompany and took this gem of a photo.
She’s the best. I’m lucky.

Thanks @fabfitfun for the invite! Great party!!

TJ Knott

9 hours ago

You are truly beautiful together...
Amo verlos juntos, amo su amor 😍💓

Angel Gonzalez

9 hours ago

I love it , your eyes !!! <3 :O

Robert Morris

9 hours ago

I'm really happy for you Ken :) I love you 💕

Con mi hermano Tito Nieves. We go way way back!

Marlene Gonzalez

10 hours ago

Saludos Dios y la Virgencita te bendigan y protejan siempre hermosa tú voz y canciones😗😍

Emma Nesbit

10 hours ago

Ur show was amazing tonight TY. Tito should've joined u on stage. GBU both

Լարիսա Հովհաննիսյան

10 hours ago

Mi bello,mi flaco amado descansa, duerme que te vez cansado que Dios te bendiga😗😗😙😚

THIS RIGHT HERE!!! Who’s the BAD HOMBRE’ now??!!#littletinybloodyhands#pleasehaunthisdreams

Sarah Hagemeyer

13 hours ago

She was already sick. Her dad lied and said she wasn't. She was given medical treatment, but it was too late.

Francesca Rattino

13 hours ago

Yes sir, the machine works to crush those whom deserve the protection of the wealthiest nation on earth.

Jacoh Mophiring

13 hours ago

Really sad and Utterly disgraceful that it's been allowed to happen

Last show before Xmas! Let’s do it right El Paso!
EL PASO! All we want for Christmas is for you guys to come jam with us tonight!

Get your tickets here:

Riv Sethi

12 hours ago

Awesome pic! Should make a Christmas card!

Pretty Crystal in #Somerton at the #TamakeFestival

Mindy Kincade

15 hours ago

Aww her dimples 😻

Meadow Hill

15 hours ago

Que linda Amigo

Krizz Kaliko - Spaz (Feat Tech N9ne) - Official Music Video

Drkest Nytemare

14 hours ago

Bitches still find this shit funny

Surfing Lirycs

14 hours ago

Awww shit! I haven't heard this one ina hot min! 🙌

Marie-Josée Livernoche

14 hours ago

Dope ass song.

Oh Snaps... Vlogmas Day 11 is here!! AKA my birthday and how I celebrated!! ;) Enjoy!! <3

Patryk Szreder

15 hours ago

Happy Birthday Tiffany Alvord God bless You ❤

Heshimu Wilson

15 hours ago

I love your vlogs! They’re the best! You’re the best!

Caitlin Campbell

15 hours ago

This vlogmas thing was awesome idea 😍😍
We get to see how you spend your day before Christmas 😍😍
So keep doing it ❤❤❤❤

3 strikes!! @4everbrandy @4evervaughn

Kay Johnson

12 hours ago

Ray J its is not cool not being with Breanna.

Khủng Long

12 hours ago

Beautiful! RayJ you are so Gorgeous and Sexy man!

Yelizabeth Cabezas

12 hours ago

Ws ie wow wozo skw wpspw dldlw e

THANK U MANILA ❤️ #Repost @manilaconcerts
Boyz II Men with Divas!
More photos from the show on our Facebook page! Congratulations and thank you @wilbroslive!
Photos by @krisrochaaa

Sam Presnell Jr

16 hours ago

Please come to Timmins , Ontario

Bilena AB

16 hours ago

Please come to Ireland

চৌধুরী মোঃ আবু বকর

16 hours ago

See you guys in 2 weeks! I can't wait 😁

Just landed and ready to perform for a private 50th birthday party in Texas!

Rosalie McGuire

11 hours ago

My very very favorite Rock and Roll couple! Love you two soooooooooooo much! Merry Christmas and a very Happy and Healthy New Year XOXO

Mlouise Doherty

11 hours ago

Season's greetings to you both!

Bill Slater

11 hours ago

Wishing you both a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. God bless you both, and Skynyrd.


What's your flavor of choice?!

Gen L Chance

12 hours ago

You can get them in Edmonton Ab finaly. There's some interesting flavours

Mario Alejandro Gamboa

12 hours ago

Is "shower" a flavor? Cause it just tastes so much better with a kick and some air

Rayans Igh Jr.

12 hours ago

For wearing - diet root beer
For drinking - jazzin blue raspberry. I haven't had it in over a decade.

All my people remember the name CHRIS DISTEFANO... blowing up - Checkout @chrisdcomedy tonight at the Houston improv @improvhouston

Renzito Alexis Davila D

14 hours ago

Mira, watcha Pinche Chingo alaverg ,asi esta el pedo, el Piche vato ese dile q se moche con los ticks mentiendes?Ah,watcha me boy, Quien?Chris , alaverg, y la entrada K?? No money chris

Holly Lynn

14 hours ago

Chris Distefano!!! That took me five times to spell cause I'm drunk. Gota check it out


Jason Church

11 hours ago

Rakim dat jiggy nigger my game.

Latoya Clark

11 hours ago

This was gold

Mia S Vroom

14 hours ago

From a Htown cat that sh*t go off my boy! 💯🤘🏾🔥

İssak Mohammed

15 hours ago

Save some energy Lionel

Neil Ozzy Hawes

15 hours ago

You need to retire Lionel lol😁
sunshine 😁

Anna Elizabeth Miranda

15 hours ago

You are a nice gentleman

3:49PM 🌏 ... No Molestar 💤🐾 Hombre Trabajando.!! @benitoelperrolopez @eldasa #benitospaws #benitoelperrolopez ✌🏻😁👌✌🏻🐾

Maria Esquivel

15 hours ago

Hermoso Mi Benito😍😍

Shelly Huff Mauldin

15 hours ago

Favor no molestar a @#benitoelperrolopez zona y hora d descanso. Anda Dasa por unos tacos y croquetas 😂😙😘🤗😋😉 está bello ese hijo tuyo.

Nombulelo Lelo Scotchley

15 hours ago

Jajajaja quien como el💕💕

"During much of the 40th Anniversary tour, Tom and the band would launch into a kind of hurricane of noise and feedback at the end of 'American Girl' that often culminated with Tom knocking over his mic stand as Mike swung his guitar over his head. I got some great pictures during this moment each night, especially of TP. Sometimes he’d sneer at me, or kick at my camera, or poke at me with the fallen mic stand. It was always a lot of fun.

On this particular night in Berkeley (August 28, 2017), I was behind his amp line taking some wide shots of the stage and crowd when TP spotted me. Slowly, Tom dragged his guitar behind him across the stage, and when he was about five feet away, he swung it up and began jousting me with it.

Except this time, I’d gotten too close.


The butt end of Tom’s Fender Electric 12 met my Nikon 14-24mm lens. It’s the only time it’s ever happened to me.

Startled, I stumbled back behind Tom’s amps into Bug’s world as Ferrone pounded his cymbals, ending the song. The band took their bow and exited the stage, and as I was packing up my cameras, I looked over the lens, expecting it to be damaged. To my surprise, nothing was broken.

About 15 minutes or so later, my phone rang.

'Did I break it?' Tom asked with a laugh when I picked up. I told him that the lens had surprisingly survived. 'Wow, glad it’s ok,' he said. There was a short pause and then more laughter. 'I bet you got a great photo!’ "

- Andy Tennille, Photographer. #pettyforever

Now available as either a lithographic or fine art print! For details and to order:

Stephanie Tankersley

13 hours ago

That's the kind of man Tom Petty was; always concerned about everyone around him. The man was a gentleman. A real, true, gentleman. And I miss him every day.

Mar van der Bent

13 hours ago

Definitely worth the risk!

Ossosswa Ephram

13 hours ago

Love the commentary and love that he took time to call about the lenses

There are two tweed amps in this photo, both from 1954.Can anyone tell me why one them is extremely rare... whilst the other one (cool as it is) is not? 🤔😎👍

Robert Grube

13 hours ago

I see one with controls and one without, it's all I can say.

Johnathan Sullivan

13 hours ago

is the one on the right an extension cab?

LaQuita James

13 hours ago

The two with the beer stains


Photos: Jonathan Rach

Prints available tonight near outdoor merch tent.

Donna Branham

16 hours ago

Has anyone that pre ordered received it? I was on the 7th and have not heard of my delivery 😔

Tiffany Sage

16 hours ago

2 of the best shows I’ve ever seen!

Javier Juarez

16 hours ago

I was there in Nashville and Chicago! Front row in the pit and it was amazing! Their the best live! I love NIN! Can't wait too see them again😍

It’s your last day to enter the special SEX, DOPE & CHEAP THRILLS giveaway! 😱Three lucky winners will receive a copy of CHEAP THRILLS on CD + vinyl, the newly-released SEX, DOPE & CHEAP THRILLS with rare and unreleased recordings on CD + vinyl, AND a Janis Joplin t-shirt.

Don’t miss out! →

Leonel Michaud

15 hours ago

Choose not to support Janis's "family". They took away the annual Jani's Joplin birthday party from the city of Port Arthur and the her fans. It was a small event put on by volunteers. I attended it through her 50th birthday. We love you Janis even if your family didn't!

Patricia Rojas

16 hours ago

Porque Dios se lleva las mejores personas? :/

Amina Niang

16 hours ago

Nice t shirt

We are the soul in the machine.

Paul Bessiere

5 hours ago

LOVE the LYRICS and this song!!! And love this pic!! 🎶🎸💙🎶

Konstantina Konstantinou

5 hours ago

Beautiful beautiful song!!!❤️

Ioana Dragunea

15 hours ago

love love love love love love that song!!!!!!! ❤❤❤

Don’t tell me it can’t be done. #StillMovin Link in bio🔋

Alicia Hale

13 hours ago

Your shop seems dope. Too bad there ain’t one in FL

Ossayd Quraan

13 hours ago

It can't be done!

Chattanooga Choo Choo/ Polar Express Day with the family! All Aboard! #lookingfortomhanks! @ Chattanooga Choo Choo
Had an amazing time playing some original Christmas songs on The Ryman stage last night! Thank you, Opry!!

Ädrián Rs

11 hours ago

The Chattanooga Choo Choo is such a fun place to visit.

Fabrizio Casini

11 hours ago

Merry Christ Mas!

Josue Andrade

13 hours ago

It’s very enjoyable seeing a man and wife who truly love and care for their family !

How far would you go for someone you loved? Watch #PIMPMovie this weekend on these digital platforms: Amazon Video, VUDU, Google Play, Microsoft Movies & TV, Sony Playstation, Redbox On Demand. Available on Cable & Satellite providers: Comcast, Cox, Charter / Time Warner.

LINK to iTunes here -

Maribel Cleofas

18 hours ago

Dont forget showbox

Brenden Santos

18 hours ago

Pretty good movie. Can't wait to see what's next to come!!!

Lindoh Ganoh

18 hours ago

Good movie but the end could've been different

“[On] ‘Touch Me,’ The Doors appeared to be boldly moving into previously undiscovered musical areas – even while retaining the sensual power of their best work.” - Ultimate Classic Rock

50 years ago, The Doors rocked the house on the ‘Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour’ with their newly released single “Touch Me” with B-side, “Wild Child.” The single would be included on the band’s fourth studio album, SOFT PARADE, and peak at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Watch the magic happen right before your very eyes.

Jordan Gruber

12 hours ago

this was his last public appearance with the young lion look... w/in 3 months or so there would be the miami performance & then implosion. like at the pbs performance they did of soft parade about 6 months after this. he literally looks like hes aged about 5 years in it compared to here.

Dani Wilcox

12 hours ago

Sheer, raw amazing talent, singing and playing LIVE on TV....imagine that!!!!!!!! Love the 10 piece brass and the 4 strings, real full sound, this is how real music was done, no dancers, no big production and showy lights, just a guy named Jim singing his heart out with his legendary sound..........

Milen Dimitrov

12 hours ago

I watched this when it originally glad I kept all my vinyl.

I’ve been on the couch playing this game for 3 days straight and I still don’t feel like decorating🌲

Amos Victor

9 minutes ago

Amigo lovely Christmas Days and Funky 2019 with family love ❤️ & dear friends gaming

William Barry

9 minutes ago

Austin is a Best of the world. I am your fan ♥️

Cristian Jesus Ferreyra

9 minutes ago

Very eye-catching lime green Beanie

You can still get the perfect gift from Luke’s official merch store! Order TODAY and get it in time for Christmas morning. Shop here:

Martha Hartling Riley

14 hours ago

Merry Christmas to you and your family hope you have a bless Christmas god bless y’all love y’all

Wilma Mattisson

14 hours ago

Sure u can send me Luke Bryan

Alfonso Guerra

14 hours ago

holiday giving?... boycott animal research charities. see my facebook facts, & march of dimes quote.

i like hot sauce on my chicken

Carmen Bellitto

17 hours ago

I don't know what to recommend

Vanessa Villamor Taghoy

17 hours ago

I like mushroom sauce on my steak..😉

Nadine Pecora-Sansone

17 hours ago

It’s no need to sauce if the chick it’s hot . Don’t you ..? 😂

We're 10 days from Christmas! What are you hoping Santa brings to you this year?

Henri Lemponen

14 hours ago

I hope that my sisters and my brother have a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year and my mom to be happy and healthy and for me a new car all I can do is pray

Sara Veltre

14 hours ago

For my house to be put back together because of water damage and for trace to come to Cullman alabama for rock the south I would be in heaven lots of love and merry christmas

Rolando Reyes Hernandez

14 hours ago

No snow on my birthday which is the 29th

In case you didn’t see my story, we’re doing another contest because tbh I just wanna FaceTime u guys all the time!!🖤 Add #Mysterious to your Spotify playlists & enter for a chance to win a Skype date with meee!!🤗🤗🤗 PICKING 3 WINNERS!! Click here to enter!!!💕

Sarah Meyer

11 hours ago

Great picture Andie, but phone blocking your beautiful face

Everytime i see a new picture from you .. you look better everytime .. you go girl x

Anid Salazar

11 hours ago

I added to every playlist I have.

Who wanna ride 📸 Estevan Oriol

Noe Garcia Noria

14 hours ago

Wow what a hero 😀😀

Yvan R. Nzassi

14 hours ago

Yes please.. bring it on to ATL!

Diego Dml

14 hours ago

i want the doorknob

We did this together!! Thank you familia and thank you Billboard. 🙏🏽

Jeff Polipol

17 hours ago

You are so beautiful

Asg Jessy

17 hours ago

Ok but we want an album, AN ALBUM, A-L-B-U-M.

Bosh Boceski

17 hours ago

You are cool

The legendary Charlie Daniels joins me on this weekend's episode of #HonkyTonkin! See where & when you can tune-in:
The Charlie Daniels Band

Elisha Underwood

12 hours ago

Hello Tracy..this is one of the Bailbonds agents who you met in Memphis back in May in that little bar you came to after you had played in Tunica. Just wanted to say hello, you and your family have a merry Christmas!!

Ling Liey

12 hours ago

Good old country boys

Jasmine Taylor

12 hours ago

I would certainly love to meet you sometime

‪Haaaaappppy holidays glam! ❤️🎅🏼‬‬Brad Goreski

Katerina Radkova

16 hours ago

Beautiful and sexy baby

Candyce Hepner Rhead

16 hours ago

Happy for you that you have found love Again, you have bettered yourself this time around steve looks like he has a kind soul like you.. all the best . !

Nikki Cantrell

16 hours ago

Stunning😍😍😍That outfit is gorgeous on you!!!!😁😁😁

feliz SÁBADO!! #nuevaactitud #santodomingo #dominicanrepublic

Pauline Cerveau

8 hours ago

Gourgeus beautiful nice

‪12 Days of Papa Roach ‬
‪Christmas 🎄 🤘🏼 On the 8th day we’re giving away a $75 bundle!! To enter, share & reply with shirt size and favorite line from Elevate. ‬
‪If you want to buy one, go to ‬



Carra Johnston

18 hours ago

my mind ain't a prison, I won't succumb to these villains, Large

Christopher Nieva

18 hours ago

Size 4xl who do you trust

Try Cool

18 hours ago

I swear to God I might just be the death of me.

Size- XL

A statement from Bruce on tonight's closing of Springsteen On Broadway...

Dulce Guerreiro

15 hours ago

Springsteen on Broadway and Hamilton in the same year! “ How lucky we are to be alive Right Now” Thanks Bruce 🙏

Norman Lane

15 hours ago

Thanks for an incredible year of amazing fan moments!!! I was privileged to be able to attend and cannot wait to see it again on Netflix! Really looking forward to the adventures down the road!!! Thank you, Bruce!!!

Chelsea Rusev

18 hours ago

I still can't find the words to describe my feelings after seeing this show. It was truly a magical evening

Tommy Lee, Blowing minds in '87 - Who saw this live?
#motleycrue #getexcitedforthedirt

Grace Herron

18 hours ago

I saw the Crüe at the Hollywood Sportatorium in 1987 with opening act Guns N' Roses. It was a hell of a show.

Me and my friends was going to go and then I got grounded and couldn’t go anywhere... I was trying to find enough shoe strings in my room to hang myself from the ceiling fan but I wore Vans slip onsI was a diehard CRUE FAN! Lol. Not really but I’ve told that story about hanging myself every since missing that concert! Long live the CRUE, you guys got me through my youth! 🤘🏻😝🤘🏻

Gail Macato

15 hours ago

My 1st concert. My sister got me tickets and we went to Huntington, West Virginia. Tommy Lee wiped the sweat off his face after playing piano on Home Sweet Home tossed the towel in the crowd and I caught it. Still have that towel to this day with my ticket stub attached.

VEGASSS!!!! Come party with YOUNG WEEEPA 🕺🕺 Marquee New York for NYE!!! 🥂🍾🍾🎰

Siti Nidia Cahya M

10 hours ago

Wish I could be there😢🥺

Anita Sarmiento

14 hours ago

Ven a chile😍

Speed Fonk

14 hours ago

My heart My heart, my lovely rapper !

Lyne Adety

15 hours ago

Happy Holidays to you and your family be safe and bless. Be bless.

Rachel Sheehan

15 hours ago

Such a talented man love Chris

Nell Regis

15 hours ago

My everyday crush but I love royalty more she's soo cute

Mickey and Minnie = #couplegoals
#holidaysbeginhere #disneyland
Fake social accounts impersonating myself and Jonathan Silver Scott seem to be ramping up. Please beware & always look for verified check mark badges next to our handles on all socials. We would never ask anyone for any personal or credit card info ever, especially on socials or via DMs.
Please know we take this seriously and do all we can to combat the issue. Please help us and others by reporting these accounts when you see them and if you’re ever contacted directly.

Angel Martin

14 hours ago

Aww! Very cute!! Have fun Drew! 🥰

Greg N Dawn Wahl

14 hours ago

o amor é lindo parabéns

Jason Efkovich

17 hours ago

Go for Gomez and Morticia. :)

The Henrie men wishing you a blessed Christmas.

Christine Brooks

36 minutes ago

Wishing you all a wonderful year!

Donna Acosta

36 minutes ago

Merry Christmas .....David.....may god bless you🙏

Gerson David

36 minutes ago

Merry Christmas David ❤️

¡Es la época de dar regalos y nosotros en Triunfaras queremos obsequiarle un libro con su compra de un ejemplar para que lo regale y bendiga la vida de alguien! — Visite este link🎁

Renaldo Jones

20 hours ago

Vous l'avez en français 😄

Méèd El Harfane

20 hours ago

Hola Pastor Marcos! Dios le bendice. Ya está disponible en Argentina?

David Lane

20 hours ago

Amén. Dios es Bueno.

Excited to announce that we'll be doing a Holiday Pop-Up Shop before our holiday shows in Chicago and Milwaukee! Just like last year, we'll be collecting canned food donations for local charities. So come on out, bring some cans to donate, and check out what we've got for you this year!

Jessica Acuna

16 hours ago

Excuse me please come back to England so I can relive my childhood days of getting drunk underage in the 02 academy wearing my boner t-shirt and wishing I could marry Jack. It’s been 5 years since my last all time low gig, no longer underage but I still have the boner top and I’m still down to marry Jack if he’s cool with it.

Josh Randolph

16 hours ago

Anyone have any clue what this is? Is it a meet and great? Something else?

Betty Odom Lambert

16 hours ago

Mollí Siobhán Power lucky bitch

“Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” 🖤 Brian Newman

Nicole Kirch

17 hours ago

Stop it already! This caps off my transformation journey. I’m believe I’ve made it. Wow in record time . . . 8 days. I’m sure there is so much more to unfold but I made it through. Signs, signs everywhere signs! Onward!

Diego L Mateo

17 hours ago

I'm just a soul who's intentions are good?

Daniel Wilkes

17 hours ago

I've been listening to Brian's album non-stop! It's fantastic!!!!

🙏🏽🎁 the real gift of the Season #repost @catholic_teen_posts
Lord 🙏🏽 I pray that you comfort the soul of this lil angel & her family, they paid the ultimate price in hopes of the American Dream.🇺🇸 Padre Nuesto, té rogamos, óyenos! 🙏🏽💔 #MCMagic