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Hey BFamily! Check out what happens when Gracie & I ask each other questions while strapped to a lie detector test... 😬Watch HERE:

Ian Symes

3 days ago

You’re so funny on camera and I wonder if you’re that funny when you’re not in front of a camera

John Hill

3 days ago

I really really enjoyed this video

Ernst-Lothar Mauser

3 days ago

Cute couple and can you subscribe to my YouTube channel Queen gymnastics

‪new vid coming tomorrow with this girl Haschak Sisters

Heather M Foellmi

2 days ago

I love your songs Gone, friend zone, blue skies and on my own

SirDawda Jatta

3 days ago

I can't wait for this video and you are the best singer my friend....

Laura Charpentier-Chollet

3 days ago

#MattyBRAPS Hey MattyB It's Chris I'm a Big Massive Fan OF Your Music and It is Super Cool That You are Recording Great Exciting Music and I Enjoy Them The Most I Think MattyB Is The Best Coolest RAPPER In Music and I Like His RAP Very Much I Think It is Great and Exciting and it is Entertainment Christopher Pavia

just got home from lax practice. wyd?

Hew Sutherland

6 days ago

You are the coolest guy I love you want to meet u

Leanne Ross

6 days ago

I'm glad you're in a sport you enjoy playing

Zacek Mercado L

6 days ago

Cool I love you with all my heart and chilling at home

my brother

Jennifer Berberick

6 days ago

I hope to meet u guys again!!😘❤️😍

Maëlle Habasque

6 days ago

Why has Justin not been on Funflix lately ?

José Ojers

6 days ago

I think they are both cute

Sunday ⛪️

Αλεξάνδρα Δήμητρα Αραμπατζόγλου

8 days ago

I love your style, I like your smile.

Sarah Wyrwas

8 days ago

Nice pic😊👍 ur so hand Some Mattyboy, be a goodboy always.☺.keepsafe😉Godbless u and to your family😇👼🙏🙏🙏

Miriana Stragapede

8 days ago

Happy Sunday Matt stay good and healthy and look for the one you love

‪💎 Diamond Drop Alert 💎 #10MilClub 🔥‬

Kittayod Chanthawong

9 days ago

Nanou Nany Do you know what you have to do now? 😂😄💎💎💎

Sheridan Escobar Hernandez

10 days ago

Congragulations swthrt.#BFamily

Ruth Valentin

10 days ago

Cool photo MattyBRaps

‪Here it is! You voted, now check out the results in this week’s “Instagram Controls My Life!” 😬

Liz Corbin

10 days ago


Melanie Lovelace

10 days ago

“Apparently y’all don’t wanna see me get a good summer body, I’m not mad just disappointed”😂😂😂😂 also it’s gotta be blue I swear ily weirdo 💙💀

Marie Ellis

10 days ago

You deserve every last one. Keep up the good work

🎮 who’s tryna play?

Dana Vann

10 days ago


Dominique Patterson

11 days ago

Looking good Matty looking good. Everytime you post a picture every time I see keeps looking hotter and hotter all the time

Rati Ratiani

11 days ago

Eliza Hammond he's tryna play with my heart that's what!!! Mathias why aren't you dating Gracie??? 😫💔

summer nights

Mar Fuentes

12 days ago

Hey i am your games person and u are cute

Tegan Brooks

12 days ago

MattyB looks nice but the girl doesn't

Emina Kai

12 days ago

guys are so cute togther

hope you guys have a blessed Sunday

Chris Irish

14 days ago

I Think MattyB is The Coolest World Wide Talented RAPPER in Music and He is Certainly The Best Extraordinary World Wide Successful Recording Artist in Music and I Think His Music is Amazing and Brilliant And I Believe That all Of His Official Music Videos are Incredible and Sensational Plus His BMusicals as Well and I Think Brilliant and An Amazing Artist and also His 8 Years on His Music i Congratulate Him on that as Well and that is Remarkable and Extraordinary and i Send Him My Congratulations For Doing Great Official Music Videos I Think He is Outstanding and The Best Coolest Excellent Successful RAPPER For This Year in 2018 I Think His RAP is also Great Entertainment Because it is Very Meaningful and Powerful Plus it dose Come From The Heart as well and That Makes His Music More Entertaining Keep The Music Coming Christopher Pavia #MattyBRAPS2018

Christelle Willemain

15 days ago

You too😍😍❤️ Love you so much 💕 #ForeverMattyBFan

Edith Blanco

15 days ago

I went to church with my mom and then went to work!

Doing Gracie's Prom Makeup 2018! #IguanaWarrior

Raquel Medrano Tapia

17 days ago

I am impressed about you guyz ,with the song title cannot bring me down. Keep it up.

Josh Lee

17 days ago

Awesome my bro 😘😘

Sher Kenneby

17 days ago

Your makeup skills are amazing Matt 😉

Thank you #BFamily for 8 years of love & support on YouTube. Excited for the future!

Claudio Faraone Russo

17 days ago

Ur wlcom dear en in ds we à 2gether as#Bfamily

Fabiola Becerril

17 days ago

I love You Matt and i will support you forever!!!! I will shake the haters off for you!!!😃😃😃

Sean Overend

17 days ago

Happy 8th anniversary on your YouTube my friend MattyB... I am very happy for you ☺☺☺👍✌

💥 if you’re ready for tomorrow’s vlog

Naho Leroy

17 days ago

Lol i just came here to see the comments lmao

Marissa Weber

17 days ago

beautiful photo mattyb nice

Vic Sagitario Sagitario

16 days ago

Don’t be scared I have special needs myself

Day at the beach with Gracie the Iguana Warrior #ComingFriday

Apaa Richard

19 days ago

They are cute and perfect match couple

Chucho Cavazos

20 days ago

Please announce summer tour dates soon! I need to know when I will be seeing you again ❣️❣️

Harris Alonzo

20 days ago

Have fun Matty! Make sure you stay between the flags when you're swimming though, I'd hate to lose you

my favorite pic from tonight’s meet and greet 😂


21 days ago

That's a great picture MattyB hope you have a great day

Your very handsome boy matty.... i like you very much matty your the best singing american young boy ... im the one fan ever in philipines so please come ..

Chris Ceulemans

21 days ago

MattyB the picture is very nice and cute ☺☺

Florida you all were amazing!

Diana Schwalbe

21 days ago

Yes! I see them! I held Yzi up and out of the isle on purpose 🙌🏻

Lyon Jordan

21 days ago

I show you how pleasure u have

Bruna Cora de Andrade

21 days ago

Miriam thank you

Check out Madison's reaction when I copied the Haschak Sisters Instagram photos! 😂

Seng Lego

24 days ago

i miss the old matty braps

Bin Huwel

24 days ago

mattyb sexy picture of the girl why? you are boy not a girl ha ha ha

Terri Laffey

24 days ago

Mattybraps hamdsome my idol

Enoque Chitsungo

25 days ago

Justin Bieber jk but he is as fam as he is Lol love u😍😍

Toh Kok Wai

25 days ago

Prank call my friend here is his phone number 206-293-0130

Mikael Lindqvist

25 days ago

Hi Bro MattyBraps i am your no.1 fan Bro I Hope You Rerly This message Bro

staying focused

Karel Ruing

a month ago

I'm love you friend you very nice boy sex boy I'm like u..

Dawn McLeod

a month ago

Stay focused stay on the path you wanna live and always have your friends and family and fans

Tony Guest

a month ago

Got to stay focused to reach your goals. Keep up the good work

all love #bfamily

ก้อง เกียรติ

a month ago

MattyB, We love are family and friends too... ☺☺☺

CijiPaul Martinez

a month ago

Be love the family only with another’s friends 😍😍😍😇😇😇

Jean-Michel Comte

a month ago

Hey maty u r so cute iam a big fan of uuu

Constantin Bouiche

a month ago

Matt nice pix of everyone, take care and God Bless.

Valeria Liceaga

a month ago

Oh hhh nice you Are Legend bb

Marli Tur Machado

a month ago

wher ar you matt ???

Hey BFamily! Check out this behind-the-scenes look at my new #ShouldaCouldaWoulda music video! Watch HERE:

Jacqueline S Estrada

a month ago

I’m on my grandmothers iPad but I’m naya
Ur awesome

Tonyy Montañez

a month ago

You both are great ...We really love that song ...
And thanks for two vlogs in this week

Samuel Wesley

a month ago

Hi Mattyb. Pls Do The Kiss Challenge(Part 2) With Gracie Haschak #MattCie(Matty&Gracie)Couple

‪Congratulations to Madison Haschak who just graduated high school!Haschak Sisters

Petra Brucker

a month ago

Congratulations Madison for graduating High School and hope that you have a great time in College. You have to get prepared for what you are going to face in the future. You have to do lot’s of more reading and mostly Math, so get ready to face college. Love you Madison. Bye

Saul Loquito

a month ago

Congratulations Madison I know that you are a wonderful person and a warrior and I will do a lot of wonderful things becomes you are so sweet and great , don’t forget that the most important thing is be happy

Emmanuel Salazar

a month ago

Congratulations! Madison Haschak💖😚Keep up the good work😊
-a fan of haschak sisters💖😚

Ready for summer!

Elizabeth Grace Snyder

a month ago

Wow great you have some summer good luck to your wonderful day in summer and be careful for your summertime w/ your family

Mary Ibarra

a month ago

You have a great smile and I love your color of your eyes

Collin Tewalt

a month ago

Matt Why Are you so Handsome...😍😍❤️
Notice me pls wbu !

Hey BFamily! Hope you enjoy this #bmusical acoustic version of my song #Gone to kick off your week! Watch HERE:

Ayumi Yoshikawa

a month ago

Eirka Boesch grle Ferndy thke about
Love you

Ajith Krish

a month ago

Hey MattyB It's Chris I like This Live Acoustic Song Gone i Actually Like it Very Much and it is Super Good and Amazing I always Liked Your Music and Your Cool Extraordinary RAP as Well Because i find That Your RAP is Very Meaningful and also It Dose Have The Meaning into Your RAP and it Makes it Sound Successful and I Find It Heart Touching and it is Entertaining as well I Do Believe that you are One of The Best Coolest Incredible Recording Artist in Music and all of Your Other Official Music Videos Will Go World Wide and also Global I Hope You Will Still Do More of Your Acoustic Live Musical Vlogs Because They are Extremely Cool and i Enjoy Listening To Them The Most and I Like Your Official Music Videos as Well Christopher Pavia You are a Talented Outstanding World Wide RAPPER Christopher Pavia #MattyBRAPS2018

Felix Amadeus Flick

a month ago

Wow my friend mattybraps :) so amazing video :)

Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for everything you do for me. Love you!

Ime Ketelslagers

a month ago

Happy mother's Day Matt's mom..Thank U for guiding Matty For his Wonderful Talent.. I love Him So Much of you know.? 😌💞

Guillermo Burgos Diaz-Maroto

a month ago

MattyB, Happy Mothers Day to your mom !!! And the picture is very nice ❤❤

Brenda Barnes

a month ago

Happy mother's day and GOD bless you forever, and greateen Matty.

lacrosse, friends and family this weekend. wbu?

Steve Hambly

a month ago

#MattyBRAPS Hey MattyB It's Chris I am a big Massive Fan of Your Music and also i think that you are the Best World Wide Best RAPPER in Music and also The I Believe that MattyB is The Best Coolest Successful Recording Artist in Music i actually Like His RAP within Music and he is a Sensational Brilliant Solo Artist and The Music is actually Really Special and I Think MattyB is Super Talented World Wide RAP Hip Hop Solo Artist and I Think MattyB is Certainly The Best Solo Singer i Like Listening to his RAP Because It Makes it Sound Rather Meaningful and also Powerful and That is the Way of Recording Great Incredible Music and that is Extraordinary Talent Right There and to me i See him as the Next World Wide Great Outstanding RAPPER and he is Certainly The Best Christopher Pavia PS The RAP That He dose is also Great Entertainment

Libby Zoltrow Huguley

a month ago

Nothing much
But you are looking good ...

Mario Alberto Perez

a month ago

Hanging out with my fam went to friends dance competition and hung out with my friends

Hey BFamily! This week, Kate came over and watched my new #ShouldaCouldaWoulda music video ft Ashlund Jade!Yeah, so just ignore the end & enjoy! Link:

Jose Millan Spears

a month ago

Hey mattyb Emma here I'm a big fan can I talk to you plz

Joy Podolsky

a month ago

So funny. Have a good night MattyB

Walter Alzate

a month ago

Its all about a big welcome👌

👀 if you’re ready to watch us react to #ShouldaCouldaWoulda in tomorrow’s vlog?

Reilly Jay Ambler

a month ago

You are so cute together❤️Love youuu💕💕💕 #ForeverMattyBFan

Katharina Arnold

a month ago

I already watched that video.. Its nice🙄😊

Ellen Lechner LeBoeuf

a month ago

This my girlfriend with Meghan trainor I love it 🙃❤️💕😌

Hey BFamily! Check out the Official Music Video to my new single #ShouldaCouldaWoulda ft Ashlund Jade! Watch HERE:

Megan Ferrigno

a month ago

FFrançois KomaCCharles Hss T'as vu elle est trop bonne sa meuf !

Hunter McAnally

a month ago

I just watched the video . mattyb is cool and a good singer

Hélène Egwa

a month ago

Beautiful kiss very cats

new music video coming tomorrow

Özge Sarıca

a month ago

Pretty good bud, keep up the good work

Ruby Soho

a month ago

You have a girl friend and ya how old are you tell me and your gilrl friend duh

Darleen Scott

a month ago

I love you so much MattyB

Excited for summer and new music!Comment 🔥 if you’re on summer break 🙇‍♂️ if you still have a few more days

Jack Dando

a month ago

I love you so much mattybraps ❤️❤️❤️

Jamie Peyton

a month ago

I have about a month left of school

Love you

Alessandra Valentino

a month ago

I get out June 4th. I have about 20 days left of school.

Hey BFamily!Check out this #NeverHaveIEver ft Ashlund Jade! Watch HERE:

Deborah Zeka

a month ago

Am I a part of the b family, MattyBRaps?

Alejandro Martinez

a month ago

Matty B you on YouTube I see you and my name is danieel

Itu Lucian

a month ago

See I was right u do have a girlfriend

🎥 filming my new music video this week featuring... 🤐

Alexia Oroz

2 months ago

I can't wait to see it!!

Katerina Papagianeas

2 months ago

I can't wait for it, I love you

Muktar Chauhan

2 months ago

I can't for it I love yoy

Metro10 Champs!

Alice Jhuang

2 months ago

Why so cuteee matt ? Im still listening on your music video here in the philippines..Hope you reading this all comments for you...I love you so much...#BGirl #BFamily #MattyBRaps

Holly Durfee

2 months ago

Congratulations Matt I'm so happy for u👏😍💕

Jamie Marshall

2 months ago

You are so handsome i want to marry you baby 😑

God's plan is always greater than we can imagine #blessed #bfam

Lanese Dean

2 months ago

That is true Matty, GOD bless you.

Tarerk Tara Davis

2 months ago

Hello MattyB do you know
I always pray to meet you in person and to hug you and please notice me MattyB I know its is impossible but please notice and I wish you will see this comment thank you I love you MattyB as my IDOL😍😍😍

Laruche Coco

2 months ago

God bless you matty always wonderful words hugzz 😊 💗

no regrets

David Cabrera

2 months ago

MattyB the picture is very nice and cool ☺☺👍

Patti Guarino

2 months ago

Thats awesome no regrets I love you ❤❤❤❤

Joe Moore

2 months ago

Hey Matt can you do a challenges with your sister little gummy vs big gummy

Hey BFam! This week, Gracie took the L in our first ever #DanceBattle 🤣 are you #TeamMattyB or #TeamGracie?

Camilla Flodin

2 months ago

You both you I think you both are good dancers

Nancy Nancy

2 months ago

Hi Gracie and MattyB you guys look so pretty and beautiful it is me Dorothy or you call me dorotea why is a Natty B versus Gracie that's so weird that's why because I'm so pretty so pretty good so pretty you are so so so so so pretty you are so pretty you guys look so pretty together together you guys look so pretty together together and I come from Africa and I'm here in America thank you

Sonya Washington

2 months ago

We are team mattyb raps all the way.

never let anyone tell you what you cannot do! #dreambig

Denis Brisson

2 months ago

Agree bro, noone tell us what to do.

Nick Barnes

2 months ago

Hi matt thank you for that and you always inspires me .... .hehehhe

Brittney Lottinger

2 months ago

Matt great wisdom come from great mind, always be truthful to your self,family&friends take care be thankful for what you have, respect your elders & your parents and be humble take care Chow.

🎥 coming friday 🤣

Sarah Dockery

2 months ago

Gracie it's the best girl in the world!!! <3 my queen <3
#Macie is the best couple !!!! <3

Linh Chi

2 months ago

MattyBRaps is always so cute, pretty, beautiful, handsome, sexy, , funny as hell, has a beautiful soul, is a top-notch singer, is a top notch dancer and a ton notch actor

Vinod Jaiswal

2 months ago

MattyBRaps is always so cute, pretty, beautiful, handsome, sexy, , funny as hell, has a beautiful soul, is a top-notch singer, is a top notch dancer and a ton notch actor

excited to collab on my next song with someone.who do U think it is?

Kari Meshak

2 months ago

I Think It is Gracie Hashack?

Kenneth Imus

2 months ago

I think k it's probably gonna be girl like Kate I'm sure

Lisa Goldade

2 months ago

So beautiful my baby matty I love you so much and you is so important for me ♥😭😍❤❤

‪in the stu. comment 🔥 if you’re ready for some new music.‬

Esly Alarcon

2 months ago

Matty b rap can you come my home please tomorrow

Dominik Lyth

2 months ago

always ready just for your music

Pl Pogba

2 months ago

I'm always READY and I am so EXCITED

working on new music this week.hope u guys have a great Sunday.


2 months ago

wow I wander what song it could be i watch all of your song and I love your new song little bit a lot i also had a great sunday I went for a movie hope you reply matt

Alexandra Haubner

2 months ago

Keep up the good work MattybOy..👊👍☺😉Godbless u and to ur family always😇👼🙏🙏🙏

Fransmith Carla

2 months ago

Hello matty your song its so nice song little bit i love it......😄😄😄

game night

Ammaar Ansari

2 months ago

Want going out today see you today want come to my happy birthday on May 31 st

Victorien Kenke

2 months ago

u guys really think Matt loves Gracie or Kate just because they took photos together or something like that???????

Joseph Ventura

2 months ago

Coz ur post s bringng division in Matty family!.

‪Hey BFamily! Check out the first episode of my new original webseries #TreasurePark! Watch HERE:‬

Sara Hagana

2 months ago

I was literally scared at first 😂

Isis Cato

2 months ago

My Love <3 MattyBRaps..Thank you For making more Videos For Us... Ilysm.#Thankfull #PROUD

Mike Murphy

2 months ago

Wow another talent 4rm my besty!!!It s realy fantastic...

comment 🙇‍♂️ if you have a test this week at school too

Eliza Protsyuk

2 months ago

Hi MattyB Pls notice me I like u so much so so much💗✨💕

Sean Bell

2 months ago

Yes matt test in the wekend lo ve you

Hilal Helal

2 months ago

No I have not test but I have work 😁🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😏😏😏😏😏😏

do what you love.
love what you do.

Kylie Schumacher

2 months ago

Mat ok let me get things straight l ❤ you so much , in your toppest fan so please can you follow me I've also subscribed and liked all of your videos too 😘

Mark Bernardo

2 months ago

yes I love youe I whent to your carnseart

Assyfa Avicenna

2 months ago

I am more than MattyB in music my voice is better than MattyB search for Chinmay Dusey on YouTube and watch my profile of FB and watch I black video which is cover of 'Down To Earth' Of Justin Bieber

Sunday morning church with my fam

Terri Odin Granstrom

2 months ago

You rap right? If you rap, then maybe you know Marshall. Don't mind this cause I love everyone who rap😍😂

Angelina Ganzeboom

2 months ago

I love you so much❤️❤️😍 #ForeverMattyBFan

Tang Lai

2 months ago

that has gone well friend with his family😛

Kate & I reacting to our old cringy videos! 🤣 Watch HERE:

Tony M Vargas

2 months ago

Everyone just because he makes videos with her doesn’t mean kattyb is real

Alexandra Belkina

2 months ago

You both Are cute
So 💗 awesome💗

Cristina Curiel

2 months ago

DONE...Keep up the good works !!!what the...hahaha

been working on new music and vlogs.what are you doing?

Juan David Maya

2 months ago

Matty i love your arthur t shirt.i love the show my fav charactors are arthur. Binky barns.and mr ratburn.ok i like buster too. Whos your favourite.and yes i still watch the show

Nichole Huddleston

2 months ago

I LOVE YOU Mattyb So nuch 😗😗😗😍

Terrie Hetrick

2 months ago

Looking so lovely ...Very good abd Beautiful singer ...