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I'll be doing a special performance at tonight's CMT Artist of the Year Awards. Make sure to tune in!

Abhishek Chakraborty

4 days ago

Looking forward to it, need to makes sure I set the DVR just in case. Don't want to miss it either way 🙂

Deep Singh

5 days ago

all we do in London is wait wait and wait for your arrival one day, I guess its falling on deaf ears, x😪😪😪😪😪😪😪

Sheryl Mitchell

5 days ago

Sorry I missed it. How can you get this on the web. Maybe someone can post a link?

On November 18th my very own Food Network show, “Martina’s Table,” will become a reality! I've always had a passion for cooking and love to cook for my friends and family. Having a show on Food Network is a dream come true! Tune in on Nov. 18th and pull up a chair to “Martina’s Table.”

Kave Kave Kave Kave

5 days ago

Yey! Congrats! You join your buddy Trisha on Food Network, I hope you invite her as a guest and I am a huge fan of her show and her Halloween special. Do you and your family dress up for Halloween?

Laure N Olaya

5 days ago

Oh that’s so cool I have tried some of your recipes and enjoy your style of cooking
I love your music even more and your concerts

Jan Thyen

5 days ago

Great, we need some of those great Southwestern Kansas meals, like they made during the harvest and fed the Combine crews. You go girl! (by the way, you don't know me but I am Morea Bradley's brother in-law-)

TGIF everyone! Time to enjoy a Negroni! #MartinasKitchenMix

Linda Gertrude

9 days ago

I wouldn’t mind having one of those or two right now 🥃🥃 😜

Erica Bonaddio

9 days ago

~ just looks so 70's M., and I also know that only certain designers/artists can truly make you feel that you are back in another time or era!!

Laurie Rubel

10 days ago

'At'll work! Cheers!

New York! Come hangout with me this weekend at the Food Network & Cooking Channel New York City Wine & Food Festival. I’ll be doing a Grand Tasting culinary demonstration on Saturday on the North Stage at 2:15pm. Following that, I’ll be doing a signing at Table 1 at 3pm. Can’t wait! #MartinasKitchenMix #NYCWFF

Endell Gama

12 days ago

Wish I was in NY!!

Jeanie Cowan

12 days ago

Wow that would be Awesome

Ken Thompson

12 days ago

~ wish I could be there, would like to get your books and a signed photo that I can frame for my collection at home..

#tbt to making drinks for the crew at the photo shoot wrap party for my new cookbook #MartinasKitchenMix #comesoutoctober30 #whiskeysmash

Mhinda Domingo

18 days ago

You are the best inside and out. I'm so glad God blessed us with you.

Giovanni Proia

18 days ago

Beautiful, you are. I remember seeing you wearing an Oklahoma jersey when you came to OKC.

Chikako Takahashi

18 days ago

Such and one of the most beautiful women on earth

My heart was heavy yesterday as I thought about and prayed for all of the victims, families, and first responders. I took a moment of silence and Iprayed fervently for peace also for all the country music fans, artists, bands, crews, and personnel that were there. We come together in a concert setting to share, enjoy music and fellowship, and be with people who love the same things we do. We will keep doing this. But we will never forget.

Maria MommabearHicks-Rogers

19 days ago


Victoria Oliver

19 days ago

Thank you Martina and may God Almighty Bless you, your Family & Loved Ones, your Performances, your Voice. But above all your Health and Condition to endure. Have a Happy Life and be Blessed !!

Nashville WelcomeChannel

20 days ago

What's happened,?

If you live in or near one of the cities on my Christmas tour and you are doing something to make the world a better place,we want to hear from you!
Maybe you lead a wonderful nonprofit cause, volunteer on something amazing,or have an inspiring story.
Send your story to and be sure to let us know how we can contact you. You might get to attend a show and meet me!

Ann Lachlan Bennett

21 days ago

Fort Smith Arkansas Needs You Back Here For Christmas

Frade Abrameto

21 days ago

Love Martina McBride music. Hope to be in touch 2nd week of November no Joke

Gino Hernandez

21 days ago

And not one show near eastern Pa. Not fare!!!!

If you’re going to do brunch…REALLY do brunch. #MartinasKitchenMix

Noelle Green

a month ago

Looks like that would be really tasty !!!

Laana Larson

a month ago

Martina McBride I'll be in touch within the first 2 weeks of November no Joke not being mean either enjoy your book and music tour

Jahiem Jones

a month ago

How nice is that

Louisiana, you sold out Paragon Casino Resort!! Thank you for the love & I’ll see you Friday 🤗

Arlinda Earleen

a month ago

Byron Stelly one of my dreams are coming true!!!! I can’t wait for tomorrow tonight ❤️

Aline Montfort

a month ago

Martina you my favourite see you on Twitter love you l am getting of Facebook

חגית גטאצו

a month ago

Birmingham, AL. When?

I'm taking Martina's Kitchen Mix on the road! Join me, starting October, for my official Book Tour! Can't wait to see you all and talk about one of my favorite things… food!! #MartinasKitchenMix

Frank Feagin

a month ago

How about the Lumberyard in Zenda, KS?😊

Rj Mugdho

a month ago

Wish you would come to NC for the book signing, but at least I’ll be there for the Christmas tour!!! 😊

Muman Verittoo

a month ago


Wish you were coming close (South MS)

I can't wait to take part in Food Network & Cooking Channel New York City Wine & Food Festival this October to Eat. Drink. End Hunger! I'll be performing at their kick-off event on 10/11. It's going to be an incredible evening of delicious food and beverages honoring some of the most influential women in the culinary industry, Giada De Laurentiis, Alex Guarnaschelli, Chef Carla Hall, and Katie Lee. Proceeds benefit No Kid Hungry and Food Bank For New York City. Tix available at:

Juan K Adam

a month ago

I have loved your music always since You were on Baywatch. I was watching the "Entertainer of the Decade show" and you knew all of the words to all of George Straits songs. I was impressed! Keep up the good work!

Trisha Meldrum

a month ago

i love you

Edgar Aldair Flores

a month ago

Nice of u

Packing a little extra sparkle for my CA shows!

Elaineyanna Brewer

2 months ago

Can't wait to see your show on Sunday

Jinelt De Los Angeles Ruiz Villegas

2 months ago

U got that right she don't need all that. She is wonderful without that

Sharon Evans

2 months ago

Can’t wait to see you in Atl for Christmas!

Cali! Can't wait to visit the sunshine state for 3 back to back shows! Snag your tickets before they are gone!

Javi Parada

2 months ago

I HOPE people get them quickly becouse there going to gone fast

Alina Man

2 months ago

Would love to come to Fantasy Springs since I live in Palm Desert but can't drive at night...too old! I grew up in Medicine Lodge and have the newspaper article when you were 15, competing in a contest in Wichita. My sister, Ada Mitchell and I came to your 4th of July fireworks show in Sharon 10 years ago! Ada and I were at The Barn a couple of years ago and saw your Dad.

Andi Walker

2 months ago

I thought Florida was the sunshine state??

The food photography in this new book makes my mouth water! Here's a sample. This is my Chili Lime Chicken Taco Recipe featured in #MartinasKitchenMix. #TacoTuesday

Lupe Baltazar

2 months ago

If you eat all that jenny Craig will love you

Michelle SanGregory Kramer

2 months ago

Looks great. Looking forward to seeing you in concert this Sunday evening!

Shannon Perry

2 months ago

That sure looks good .I could eat some of that now

When you're trying to be normal but you're doing a photoshoot and nobody else knows what's going on! HAHA! #MartinasKitchenMix

Niki Plánková

2 months ago

See u Oct 6th in Topsfield Ma.

Guilherme Cardoso

2 months ago

Martina someone from Nigeria is logging into Facebook pretending to be you. Just thought you should know. Police have been notified been working with them today

Lorraine Ve

2 months ago

When can I work as your photographer?

Thought I’d post these pictures of our Maltipoo, Mae, for National Dog Day!

Chelsea Austin

2 months ago

Or maltipoo Sasha with my granddaughter

Leslie Tsuchiya

2 months ago

No way I remember that dog from ur tour in 2014 in Midland Texas so pretty.

Sispho Leslie Joseph

2 months ago

we had a grey miniature for many years that loved to chase balloons most of all...

Tickets to the Joy of Christmas Tour are now on sale! See you soon for a truly magical night! Tickets available here:

Sanyika Karim

2 months ago

Come play closer to Michigan. Kalamazoo would love to host you! Met you outside the arena in Battle Creek when you opened for Hank Jr around ‘95 or so. I think your album My Baby Loves Me was just announced Platinum that night if I remember right. Come on back!

Jane Jacinta Ndagire

2 months ago

I Was Hoping You Would Had Come Back To Fort Smith Arkansas Again This Year For Christmas I Had A Blast Last Year Meeting You

Lacie Smith

2 months ago

Omg! My husband and I had our first date in your Christmas concert in Georgia in 2002. Amazing! I would love to see you in Nashville!

I have some late bloomers in my garden! Wanted to share. Have a great day!

Tionna Jones

2 months ago

Fried green tomatoes! They look very healthy!

Stephenie Bates Gross

2 months ago

I'd have a mess of fried green tomatoes!!!!

Sarah Rocha

2 months ago

I love fried green tomatoes Martina!

Christmas goodies are now available for pre-order! Enjoy shopping!!

Tsunato Saito

2 months ago

I would like to buy the CD please!

Onyeocha Abbah

2 months ago

Can’t wait to hear it!!

Alisha Bodyk

2 months ago

I need this ornament!!

I could not be more thrilled to finally announce that I have a new Christmas album, Christmas tour, and a new cookbook all coming out this fall! (Pre-orders available here: recorded "It's The Holiday Season" with a full orchestra and a big swing band to create something truly special. I'm so proud of this album and I can’t wait for you to hear it. Once I recorded the album I knew the tour had to match the “big band sound” so every date on "The Joy of Christmas Tour 2018" will feature a symphony orchestra backing me on every song! We will be doing songs from both albums as well as a few hits. You don’t want to miss it, we’re going to have so much fun! Finally my second cookbook "Martina's Kitchen Mix: My Recipe Playlist for Real Life" is completely finished and coming to a bookstore near you! I’m going to be doing signings all over the county so stay tuned for dates! These projects have truly been a labor of love and I’m so happy to share them with you this holiday season!!!!Click the link to see more! Love - Martina

Renee Naranjo

2 months ago

Oh my goodness, this sounds amazing! Your beautiful voice accompanied by a full orchestra. I hope you will be in my area so I can see the concert!! Will definitely buy the CD!!

Råúł Ørøpêžå

2 months ago

When are tickets going on sale ? I can't find info on it .

Grit Weinstein

2 months ago

Your first Christmas album is my favorite Christmas music to play, your voice is just incredible! Can't wait for this new one to come out!

Last night in Oklahoma. Magical.

Linda Reiske Stearns

2 months ago

Please come to Iowa!

Piico Rondan

2 months ago

I wish you could sing one of my original songs.

Fred Colombo

2 months ago

I love Martina McBride! Seeing her in concert is on my bucket list.

Thanks for a sold out show Oklahoma! Can’t wait to hit the stage!
Visited my mom and dad yesterday and got these tomatoes from my dad’s garden. Ain’t no tomato like a Kansas tomato! #nofilter

Kigen Samaeru

2 months ago

Sure wish i could have been there in Tulsa Watching you Martina McBride, But I;m just po' old Kansas boy ain't even got a car or truck to get there any ways! but that's all right, cause sounds like a lot of folks had a time of their lives last night watching you Martina McBride?😁😊😉 Thanks for the great music Martina McBridehave a good evening ya'll.

Kevin Williams

2 months ago

Matt you should be celebrating she hasn't killed you in those 27 years she must really like u and her cooking is good even the soup. Congrats u two.

Liiz Mariel

2 months ago

hi I am such a big fan of you and your music.,from TURKEY ,(istanbul)..I wish I was in Oklahoma ...Almost everyday I listen to your music day I will be in your concert in States...

These lovely friends took me out for a belated birthday dinner last night and I had the best time! What a great night! Love you guys!

Antonia Maria Sanchez Perez

3 months ago

I think I live through your experiences. You have such a fun filled life!!🙂

Patricia Rodrigues

3 months ago

You and John look great Martina! You will always be loved and missed in Wichita, Ks. Happy Birthday to you!

Bruce Uphus

3 months ago

Your birthday is not around Christmas, so what gives here?

Tonight I join the America's Got Talent crew for the night! Tune in on NBC at 8/7c! #JudgeCuts

Edna Silva

3 months ago

So Martina who was your favorite singer last night . I cannot think of his name the young Asian Boy ( no disrespect) . He is so awesome . You did a fanatic job last night . You are the best female country singer . And George Strait are the only ones i listen too . Todays country just isn't country

Silke Hein

3 months ago

You are the best love you and your music is the best I got so happy to see you in the most beautiful talent show

Sergio Clavijo

3 months ago

America's Got Talent, right ! The name is Martina McBride ! :)

Can't wait for you guys to see the newest America's Got Talent episode 🎊🎉 Mark your calendars… tomorrow on NBC at 8/7c!

Renaca Hicks-Haskin

3 months ago

im glad you on there

Tammy McConaghy

3 months ago

you are beautiful, many successes in the program

Avery Stevens

3 months ago

You look amazing Martina!!

There is officially one week left to help! If you haven’t had a chance to participate or weren’t aware, I have partnered my charity Team Music Is Love with Balsam Hill to help give back this month! All July we will be using engagements from these posts to donate back to Team Music is Love and it’s many initiatives. All it takes is a like, comment/share to help donate! Balsam Hill will donate $.50 for every like, $1 for each comment/share. If you would like to hear more information about the campaign, click here:

Shane Iron Wing

3 months ago

Martina does a lot of great work for charities . And she’s also a good egg.

Andy Lulla

3 months ago

Wonderful, that you and balsam hill are doing this

Andy Owen

3 months ago

I commend the country singers for donating to different charities across America. Love you Martina, your music is great. I have almost all your cd's

Tuesday, July 24th I’ll be playing 2 sets at the Grand Ole Opry ❤ Come show some love Nashville!

Mona Passignano

3 months ago

I know you will have a good turn out for the shows !! I seen you in Forest City Arkansas a few years ago , great show you have a great voice , keep singing!!

Alexandra Angermeier

3 months ago

Ola Martina como estas muchas grasias por la invitasion puedes mandar unvideo mas largo grasias tedeseo mucha salud para ti y todatufamilia

Bianca J L Imbrailo

3 months ago

Cool. Tomorrow's my birthday wish I was there !!!

Thanks Manchester, IA! You rocked it!

Alexander Hernandez

3 months ago

Martina McBride wow what a set of pipes!!

Martin Dugas

3 months ago

U coming to Richmond,Va or anywhere near anytime soon?

Karungi Faith IMa

3 months ago

Mary Klemme and Peggy Kluver, I think I found you in the crowd!

My charity Team Music Is Love and I have partnered with our friends Balsam Hill for a wonderful charity campaign this month! To celebrate Christmas in July, they are giving back to Team Music is Love to help grow funds for its many important causes. You all play a huge part in this and through your engagement we can continue to grow that fund! You can donate by liking, commenting, or sharing on this Facebook post. Balsam Hill will donate $.50 for every like, $1 for each comment/share. Learn more here:

Weronika Skowronek

3 months ago

Could I just do this through your page, and share with my friends?

ยุทธกานต์ อุอะนันต์

3 months ago

One of the finest humanitarian organizations anywhere ,always helping people!!!

Papera Wharepapa

3 months ago

Some say Charity is love, some say Charity is the name of an angel. Some say Charity begins at home. I might add that Charity will make right what is wrong. Charity may help the spirit more than the flesh. Perhaps you think you choose Charity but Charity chooses her own guests. Charity is certain to change the hardened heart with her song because Charity knows whom to bless. x ;)

I have teamed up with my friends over at Balsam Hill this entire Christmas in July to help give back to my special charity, Team Music Is Love! We are so excited to continue to bring awareness and outreach to our various causes, and one of the most exciting parts is that YOU have large role in making this campaign successful. To help raise money all it takes is a like, comment, or share on this Facebook post to donate. Balsam Hill will donate $.50 for every like, $1 for each comment/share. Learn more here:

Joey Williams

4 months ago

Another reason I am a huge fan of Martina McBride. You are such an inspiration giving your gift of amazing music to make a difference for others!

Susie Brownsey

4 months ago

Thank-you Martina for having such a big heart!! I have followed you for over 20 years. God Bless You!!!

Heather Lynn

4 months ago

So special. Thanks Balsam Hill and Martina! Great work.

I'm so excited to not only be performing, but also taking part in a food demo! This is going to be fun…and delicious! Hope to see you there!

Stan Reyes Serilla

4 months ago

Do you have a cookbook out? I am a lover of your music and I collect cookbooks. I was in the front row of a concert you did here in Phoenix with George Strait. I love you!

Tony Pimental

4 months ago

Must be so yammie

Haji Franklin

4 months ago

do you know what day your going to be there, i couldn't find you listed on the schedule

In NYC for Book Expo. We revealed the cover and title of my new cookbook and I'm so excited to finally share it with you! More details soon!

Stephen Jordan

5 months ago

I'm still hoping for the autograph,I've been trying since 1993 LOL,see you in Lancaster Ohio,make sure to bring some cookbooks

Rachel Henson Goett

5 months ago

Well if she can cook as well as she can sing, I willing to marry her!

Juan Jose Cruz Velazquez

5 months ago

Congratulations, Martina McBride!! Can't wait to see it on bookshelves!! <3 ☺️🤗🤗

So proud of my girl Delaney. She’s worked so hard and made top notch grades to graduate yesterday as a massage therapist. This one has always had a bright light within her and she’s using it to help and heal others and make the world a better place. I love you DKM!

John Jairo Pelaez Perez

5 months ago

Way to go Young Lady! I know Mom and Dad are so proud! Great Photo, also. My son just had a 50th birthday after just having a triple bypass. Since surgery he has been working hard at a Power Plant, too hard. He completed a two week course yesterday and did very well on it. He plans on going back to being a security guard. He has done anything rather than go on the "Dole" like most would do. You can see why I'm so proud of him! Love your music Martina. If I may call you Martina?

Jessica Isabella Betancourt

5 months ago

Congratulations...well done!!!!

Dawincy Santos Santana

5 months ago

Congratulations, I tell ya when you have healing hands like that, it is a relief for alot of people that are always in pain!

You got this! Go be fierce!

MJ Riley

5 months ago

Sounds like Billy S. was familiar with the ex wife's family tree.

Jameson Burgess

5 months ago

That’s my daughter! Little and fierce, love her for the way she is!

Tryquarious Williams

5 months ago

Someone still writing in cursive!!! That's wonderful to see...

30 years ago today I walked down the aisle toward my future. I could never have predicted the life we have made together. I just knew it would always be interesting! This husband...makes me laugh everyday, supports and loves me unconditionally, and is the best partner and friend I could ask for. Happy Anniversary John McBride. #30th

David McMillan

5 months ago

Absolutely love your wedding photo! Happy Anniversary! Martina thanks so much for sharing and John thanks for sharing Martina with us!

Kuldip Gurjar

5 months ago

Laughter is the best thing in one of the best things in life! Keep laughing together for many more years. Love your music Martina. Happy anniversary to the both of you!!!

Rick Ramos

5 months ago

So happy for you! 1988 just before the Garth explosion! Saw you several times gave you a clock you wind up and saw you again (Cedar Rapids, Iowa at Red Stallion that’s no longer there) before your first child born and gave you a toy clock for her. Always loved your songs! Congrats to you and John!

My upcoming summer shows are officially less than a month away! Can’t wait to see all of you lovely people on the road!

Jothya Rashmini

5 months ago

This woman (Martina) is amazing ! 30 years of marriage, 3 daughters, excellent cook (her husband's opinion, I wouldn't know) and still she has the time to go on tours ! Plus she is fifty ... oops ! I mean twenty something. :D Congrats !

Lanny Astral

5 months ago

Wish you were coming to Mississippi

Barbara Mills Rubio

5 months ago

Come to Quincy Illinois.

My greatest joy and biggest privilege in life is getting to mother these three amazing girls. God has truly blessed me.
Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day.

Gabriel Troops Tunusiime

5 months ago

And you did a fantastic job too. God bless you, my friend.

Jean Julien

5 months ago

Hope you had a great Mother's Day!

Randy Lindeman

5 months ago

Did you ever read the lyrics to the song I gave you at Music Tent, Cohassett Ma, “When you really love someone”?

Have you tried Menu’d yet?!
Tell me what your favorite feature is in the comment section below for a chance to win a signed copy of "Around The Table". We’ll pick one winner at random!

Natalie Willes

5 months ago

such a clean image for great times in the kitchen -- I do love cooking but so many other things as well, perhaps unfortunately!!

Raúl R Fresneda

5 months ago

I want to try the meatloaf when the android version app works.

Chris Duru Brown

5 months ago

Can I have a signed photo Martina?

My charity initiative @TeamMusicIsLove is excited to sponsor this year's Nashville Diaper Dash 5K run/walk. It happens on May 19 at Shelby Bottoms Park & helps provide diapers to babies in need. What a great cause! Register to walk or run at

Lisa Ross

6 months ago

The Diaper Dash at Shelby BOTTOMS park!
Who is laughing?

Veronika Tavadyan

6 months ago

This post is beyond confusing! Is this baby or adult diapers because there is no way that butt picture is of anyone under 50! 😂😂😂

Steffen Kroggel

6 months ago

that's nice that they do that , here your family does that , and stores take up school supplies at beginning of the year , nice

I've been working on something for a while now and today is the day I get to share it with you! I'm so excited to officially launch my meal-planning app, Menu'd!
Download here:

Menu'd saves time, stress, and money when it comes to planning dinner. Listen, we've all rushed to the grocery store at the last minute with no list and no idea what to make for dinner. Or we stare at the fridge hoping something will just magically appear. I've been there so many times! When we're hungry and stressed we tend to reach for the quickest thing we can get our hands on. This is when we cave and go through the drive-through or order in. Which is perfectly fine....once in a while.But not only is that way more expensive than buying and making fresh food, it usually is food that is high in sodium (hello bloating) and fat. I'm a big believer in moderation and balance in life. I don't deprive myself if I occasionally crave something that's a little on the questionable side of healthy. But I also am a believer in "you are what you eat", and most of the time I try to eat food that gives my brain and body nourishment, prevents disease, and just makes me feel better. I want to help you do that too. And don't worry, healthy eating to me isn't all just rabbit food. Actually the recipes I submitted are recipes I cook in my real life, so there's a mixture of healthy, and some that we've modified to be healthier, but you still get recipes like Creamy Tarragon Chicken and Steak Fajita Bowls with Garlic Lime Rice! And there are plenty of vegetarian options and most can be made vegan as well. So let's do this! Download my app from the app store, follow me, and you will see recipes that I actually make in my kitchen (I'm telling you, these are some of my favorite recipes). You will get new recipes and meal plans each month! Once you choose and pin your recipes we willpush all the ingredients to a grocery list for you! How easy is that? I've waited a long time to do an app. I wanted to find something I was really passionate about. Well, I found it in Menu'd.I want to help you! So let's get this thing started!

Παναγιώτης Μουζάκης

6 months ago

Hey Martina McBride I have been a fan since Independence Day & Time Has Come, Came out, I love all your music & I know you are a born again Christian, Your music has healed and inspired me for many years. I was just wondering Are you in works of a New Album yet? I am really wanting to hear new material from you, Maybe A Christian Album? I love all of your music. :) Also My Birthday was Sunday the 22nd & for a late birthday present I would love some new music! <3 You are a gift from GOD & you are making a differnce in the world through your music, & through your charities. May GOD continue to use you & you bring Glory to His name. Love Marlord (One of your biggest fans.)

Zandra Rodriguez

6 months ago

Guess who know which platform our Martina prefers.....c'mon Android. So I can join the fun. 😜😘😜

Michelle Andrews

6 months ago

My favorite singer now my favorite app!!

You got this! #mondaymotivation

Rey Manongsong

6 months ago

I'm posting this in my office for teens!

Sophia Jeevan

6 months ago

I have been not so happy & you know
where I'm coming from dear I know
to do the following for me to see as you do in business where you are their in my space as a star

Fukkn Haley

6 months ago

When Focus Goes,'s time to take a nap.

Gorgeous day in Nashville! Happy Spring!

Florence Parsons

6 months ago

Enjoy!!! love your city!!!! Wish I was there!! Winter wont go away here in MN :(

Claudia Greenhouse

6 months ago

Gorgeous in Virginia and Maryland today high of 85.Love the tulips and mostly Love you and your music. You are the best singer and entertainer ever.

Žigmund Nikolas

6 months ago

It is really cold here in Illinois

These photos are a little blurry but I wanted to share them for #throwbackthursdayMy Dad always sang Waylon songs and actually looked a bit like him. My younger brother and I loved our dad’s Waylon records, listening to them over and over. When I got to open a show for Waylon and told him that he reminded me of my dad he was really kind and gracious and took this first picture with me after the show. It must have been 1993. The second picture is probably from 1998 or 1999 (I’m just judging from hairstyles and that blue velvet top I was wearing, which had blue velvet pants to match...I loved that outfit). It was backstage at a show we were doing for RCA for Country Radio Seminar. He remembered me and we took another picture. I didn’t get to spend any time around him other than these two brief meetings but I’m happy to have these two pictures. Happy Thursday!

Rosemarie Caudilla

6 months ago

I always sang Hank Williams songs with my Dad when i was 3rd grade they pick guitars and banjoes Friday nights at our house i love singing Patsy Cline my moms favorite

Susan Ledbetter

6 months ago

Love to see u again last was in Wisconsin. Iowa is cold and rainy. Have some picture to send u of ur dad and grandma

Jeffrey McDougall

6 months ago

I remember that blue velvet outfit well!! You did love it!! Me too! 😀
Wonderful memories and cherished photos. Thanks for sharing the backstory with us!

I count myself blessed to be chosen to be a part of this beautiful tribute to Dr. Angelou on this special day. Being around her was powerful and inspiring and I am forever grateful for the time I got to spend with her. #GoogleDoodle #StillIRise #sponsored

Isaac Narh

7 months ago

She was my absolute favorite poet and I had the honour of hearing her read in person when I was in college. It was one of the most fulfilling experiences in my life....along with meeting you, of course.

Florise Romain

7 months ago

ha ha she was tuff

Daniel Burgarelli

7 months ago

wow, a real doctor!

Happy Birthday to my sweet Emma. You came into this world and changed my life forever...for the better. You have always had big dreams and an even bigger heart and I’m so proud of you for following both. It seems like yesterday that I was holding you close in this photo. I hold you like this every day in my heart. I love you. #20

Rogerio Baena

7 months ago

I was talking to someone the other day about my son being 19 3/4 inches long when he was born.....seems like yesterday but almost 33 years ago now. Sometimes hard to imagine. I hope Emma had a wonderful birthday!!

Garn Atchasai

7 months ago

Happy Birthday Emma !!
I hope you have a wonderful day . I know how you must feel Martina , they grow up way to fast . I know it seems like not long ago that I saw little Emma once at your studio back in 2004 . It's hard to believe its been that long ago and she is now 20 .

Jaquelin Yasarett Hernandez

7 months ago

Happy birthday Emma. Being friends with your Dad, I've watched all you'll grow up into fine young adults.

Happy #nationalpuppyday to this little nugget. #mae #maltipoo

Christian Wolf

7 months ago

Awwww we should have a play date!! They look like brother and sister! #Jagger #maltipoo

Shelly Franklin

7 months ago

We have one little girl just like that....malte poo Mitzi...

Emma Dolhanty

7 months ago

Love my Maltipoos Hunter & Remington

Last night’s dinner. My sister-in-law cooked and Emma set the table (everyone got a house, a car, and a pet). With amazing food and lively conversation, a great time was had by all. #florenceitaly

Dhat Cutegal Tracy

7 months ago

Awesome looking meal an fantastic job loving it

Shellia Satterfield

7 months ago

Someone is trying to Scam Matina Fans with Fake Profile, use Caution

Aihtnyleb Ross

7 months ago

Good times spent with family...Ohhhhhhh yeah!

Please ignore the fact that I need a manicure. But do notice that I started this book in the bathtub and I couldn’t even wait until I got out to post a picture. To all my loves, please, please, please read this book. I’d love to buy 100 copies of this book and hand it out to everyone I encounter. It’s wise. It’s funny. It’s inspiring. It’s necessary. No matter where we are on our life journey...especially our creative journey...we all need to have the wisdom and support of this book. Thank you Elizabeth Gilbert, for writing this. I’m so grateful I decided to read more books in 2018. And grateful that I stumbled upon this in a bookstore at LAX. I should mention I’m only on page 31! I can’t wait to see what the rest of the book has in store. xoxo

Sybil MacLeod

8 months ago

Hey!!! I miss hearing from you! Thanks for your input! You’re such an inspiration. So thankful that your music is in my life. I hope to see you again soon! ❤️

Mark Humphrey

8 months ago

Love to get a copy for my wife but can't pay $50 for a book these days....

Robert Latham Jr.

8 months ago

Martina McBride, I will still have to go read this book now! Maybe it will be one of the things I do over my spring break. With a bunch of university stuff going on right now, I don’t have as much time to read it I would like to. Although just wanted to say as well seeing you last summer was amazing! Hope to see you again someday! Make God bless you and keep you. And oh well, so what you need another manicure, it’s all good you’ll get one eventually but until then it’s OK, I manicures and the most important thing, enjoying life reading good books and having fun are the most important things enjoying what you do as well.

If you’re cooking tonight I’d love to hear what’s on your Valentine’s Day menu! Let me know in the comments. We have a whole chapter dedicated to this day in my book Around The Table if you need inspiration! And don’t forget the music! Here are a few retro playlist ideas for ya!

Tony Marin

8 months ago

My 'single' Valentine wasn't so bad to spend the day to myself. 😊👍I didn't make anything special which I'm not a professional cook. Though, I did spent my morning with a cup of coffee while watching CSI: NY. 😄 I was hoping I get my movie from the mail this week to post what I'm watching for Valentines Day - Suburban Gothic; ghost movie.👻 It may not be a romantic movie and I was like, "Hey, what not." 😉
P.S. I would like to hear your inspiration.

Robert Latham Jr.

8 months ago

My husband took me out for dinner. Even though I have a featured foot and have to wear a therapy boot. He said I was really beautiful. I thought of your song. VALENTINE. It's my all time favorite love song!

Michael Robbins II

8 months ago

My Niece & her Husband surprised & took Me, Uncle Rich out on there Valentines Day event with there 2yr Son to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Well the day after, I had my honey glazed pork chops today with my roasted red-bliss potato's that I used Olive Oil Garlic-salt Rosemary seasoning, perfect. And Broccoli with a touch of butter & garlic salt. This is dedicated to my Mother, 10yrs watching Dementia take her away. She fought like an Irishman until the end as I held her. Its been a little over 2yrs ago. That's why my Niece took Me out for Valentines Day I think.. Remember Family Care Givers every day with love & honor. And Thank you Martina McBride, my mother loved your Music. And I loved You & Pat Benatar singing together took my breath away, just got a DVD of that event. I wish I could see you in concert its just not meant to be. Just keep singing ;)

‪Found these videos of these amazing girls singing along with me in the car! Happy Monday indeed! #CarpoolKaraoke ‬

Cecilia Delgado

8 months ago

Here’s one from Norway last summer. Car standing still though. My 11 year old, Emilie, loves your music! 😊

Adelina Laher Kildea

8 months ago

Like I've said a million times,Martina could sing a phone book and still sound amazing. Had the pleasure of seeing her live in Las Vegas many years ago.I was lucky enough to win the tickets to the Girls Night Out Tour.Incredible voice and I listen to all music practically.

Miyairi Yasuhiko

8 months ago

Saw you twice last year in Kentucky you we're awesome both times. Love you and hope to see you again soon. Kentucky loves martina