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Vegas this weekend was insane, even with the rain! Rocking my new melloween hoody!

Lê Nguyễn Anh

20 hours ago

Cooooool EMA feel with it

Maria Bustos

20 hours ago

hii marshmello.....i like you......can you freindship with me...?

Jenifar Prantica Gomes

20 hours ago

New hoody is so cute and cool😎😍

MELLOGANG! So excited to be nominated for Best Electronic at this year's MTV EMA!

Vote for the #MTVEMA here:

Rquitta Abercrombie

2 days ago

More like "Worst electronic" lol trashmello

Dani Maya

2 days ago

I love your Trance music!
Make Trance gr8 again!

Celia Madera-Zambrano

2 days ago

Felicidades marshmello te apoyamos y amamos mucho tus mellogang's
Sin duda alguna eres el mejor dj del mundo o almenos para nosotros los que te amamos y admiramos.
Ojala y ganes

Fernandaa Hurtado

2 days ago

I love both the remix and song it's 🔥❤️😍

Megumy Ar

3 days ago

Blanke Remix for me best one amazing drop 😊

Deni Setiawan

3 days ago

it's perfect.i love this song so much and i also love u so much

No stylist 🌪

Edilia Castañon Jacinto

3 days ago

Ruan Paulo que fofinho

E anão a gente vai conversar ta bom ?

Damayanty Gandara

3 days ago

You will always look Perfect mello.

Dominik Mania

3 days ago

You are my fav! Considering going to we can survive on Saturday night just to see you♡

Alone has reached the 1 BILLION VIEWS CLUB! Thanks so much for the love and support mellogang! You're truly the best.

Sallie M. Goodwin

6 days ago

Alone is still in on 1st in my marshmello playlist. ×_×

Asheanta Elliott

6 days ago

I repeated to see the video for almost 5 times a day 😂

Sharyl Diaz de Leon

6 days ago

Approximately 1 millions views is mine😅❤️❤️

Check This Out music video dropping this Wednesday at 7am PST ❤️

Jahyeong Jackie Koo

7 days ago

Alright , Can't wait 😀😀😀

Ronald Kraft

6 days ago

I can’t wait 😊 ❤️

Mike Jason

7 days ago

Moshoo <3 I Love youu ^_^

When you let your dad come to a party with you

Katie Baumann

8 days ago

Alan Walker and Marshmello is the best Colaboration💪💪💪💪

Kim Stead-Walsh

9 days ago

"Alone" just ranked 1 Billion Views On Youtube!!!! Conrgatulations Marshmello!!!!!


Liis Kivirand

9 days ago

You are perfect 😍
I love you Marshmello ❤❤❤❤

Almost fell in right after this was taken lol

Tammie Stamper Abdy

9 days ago

Marshmello, you are the most handsome boy in the world 🔮

Immaculate Karungi

9 days ago

Welcome to thailand, land of smile, enjoy your time

Muls Kabouch

9 days ago

It's looks like you are in Vietnam, right ?

Andrew Michael Mona II

11 days ago

Do u know crishtopper comstock is th marshmello

Yashika Malhotra

11 days ago

I’m so alone nothing feels like home. Twing twing. I’m so aloooooone try to find my way back home to you 😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️. Ti ti ti ti ti ti tiiiiii!

Hayden Laudemann

11 days ago

Love you marshmello

We won the AMA tonight for best dance artist mellogang 🙏🏼 #amas

Mike Boyle

12 days ago

congratulations from Kenya🇰🇪...we are mellogang💪

Heidi Froisland

12 days ago

I wish you always Top mello🙌🎆🏆🎉😎😎😎😎

Elrix Ericlelson Gente Eeg

12 days ago

Thanks for hiding ur pinky and good job

Bayen Habeit is still #1 in the Middle East 🙏🏼 Amr Diab

Natalie Mcgarry

13 days ago

Mello has turned into such a garbage pop “collab”🤢 global sellout. Mo sure has developed Chris into a cash cow. His old future bass/trap Mello Gang days have been over for quite a couple years now. Don’t forget to buy all his merch kiddies...

Deogratius Ephata

13 days ago

Honestly we was shocked in beginning because we thought it gonna be much much better
Hope to see new work with more creativity and updates
Some one told me it's a free beat from YouTube imagine how much you made from this track and how many fans you have in the Middle East so please be careful next time if you gonna deal in show or track
Every body knows me
Every body knows marshmallow ❤️

Greenie Vermione Verdura

13 days ago

Amr Diab Always the legend 👑❤️💪

Reona Raveendran

12 days ago

Mis 2 mejores estrellas como no estuve en ese concierto😭 Ubiera sido lo mejor que me uviera pasado los adoro #Marshmello_Y_Justin_Bieber

Sara D'Amato

13 days ago

Whaaaaat is this??❤🔥🔥🔥

Amy Crow

13 days ago

You are amazing 😍
I love it marshmello 😍❤❤❤❤

Can’t wait celebrate the holidays on the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball Tour! Get your tickets on Monday, Oct. 15 at 12pm!

Freya Bickford

12 days ago

Christmas with Marshmello 🎶

Daniel D Bushay

13 days ago


Nutchanon Juntiang

13 days ago

i love your all songs marshmello

Best caption wins ⬇️

Kaunang Anna

13 days ago

They see me rolling they hating, just drinking water from a mother bottle for sponsorship, so I can get that money, so I can get that money, so I get that money, cap-it-al-ism

Sarah Shultz

14 days ago

Mello with my car-llo?(I guess your car's name is CARllo(Carlo)(I'm stOPid
Please help me I don't know what I'm doing.

Nic Nieuwland

14 days ago

When you think you're just rocking Alone, and then roll down the window to fans saying # Iwantyoutobehappier

When you’re the only one in the room who didn’t vote for Marshmello at the American Music Awards...

Don’t let that be you. Voting ends at midnight!

Vote here:

Marianna Sarri

17 days ago

Marshello you winnner American music awards

Terry Newton

18 days ago

Don't forget to vote this november !

Damir Spoljaric Sp

18 days ago

Smart as mello I'm out of region so can't vote for you wish I could dude. Sorry X_X

Zaddddddys home
What did the grape say when I ate it? Nothing, it just let out a little wine ☔️

Renita Pinkney

17 days ago

Seri. Historico alan wualker y marshmello unieran grupo seria una gran esplosion

Alvin Avoyi

18 days ago

Amr Diab And Marshmello (In Love) 😂😂😂

Muggsy Webb

18 days ago

i'm waiting the time u take off this fashion

I want to see you smile ☺️

Mae Jude

19 days ago

I want to see you too. But it's not smile I mean (your face)😆😆
//Just kidding don't mind me please

Alex Southam

19 days ago

I can't I'm disappointed with my life🙃

Carlos Freitas

19 days ago

thats all your music which makes me a enjoying , happier and more energetic all the time i love u really realy very much #meLLO

I want you to be happier ☺️

Gene Van Hook

21 days ago

I absolutely love the video to the song Happier. It brought me to joy, tears and joy again. (P.s. getting a golden retriever puppy in November. ❤

Stacey Lee

21 days ago

I want the world to be happier.

Donna Tharp Murphy

21 days ago

It is strange to say but you can feel your smile, never stop smiling because that motivates many people. Greetings from Argentina.😊👏

Damn it feels good to be a gangster

Vali Negoita

21 days ago

This is gangmello not mellogang !

Wayne Rosenbaum

21 days ago

You would be a sweet gangster. 🍭I applaud standing, nice photo. Greetings from Argentina🙂.

Rollin Ressegieu

21 days ago

You are the best 😍😍and you still always the best 😎😎👍👍👍👌👌👌🙌🙌🙌

When the person you like doesn’t like you back

Anthony Daniel Silva

23 days ago

When the person I love don’t ever exists

Neal Anderson

23 days ago

I love you Mello <3 Marsh Mell is mine B-) Don't touch him 3:)

Rochelle Ann

23 days ago

That's the beautiful part of life, not having what we want

Nothing like putting a smile on a young mellos face 🙌🏻

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Lucas Perrelle

25 days ago

My sons going to be marshmellow for Halloween. Hes 21/2 and absolutely dances to any of your songs and I love it. I'm currently obsessed with "Friends" and my son loves it too. Cant wait for new music to be dropped by you❤

Sarah Parker

25 days ago

Beautiful looking pictures mashmello 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Push me to the edge all my friends are....DJ’s

Melisa William

25 days ago

what do you do up there do not see that I fall and we are without mello

Lori Leonard-Faux

25 days ago

I'm a friend of you make me a top DJ like you X_X

Niels Kotsch

25 days ago

Hermoso!!! Vella vista desde las alturas pero no tanto como tú <3 :v . El mejor marshmello , i love you <3

Riichi Sawano

25 days ago

Mello, I love love love you to another Galaxy and back. You make my days so much better! You are an inspiration! You truly are! I love who (even underneath your beautiful mask)! <3😍👄🌹

Omkar Bhaidkar

a month ago

Haha Alan Walker and marshmello are Change profile

Josh Treasure

a month ago

Bayen Habit "In Love" is a fantastic song and all of us are waiting on fire to watch it as a clip 😍😍😍😍 Amr Diab Fan From Egypt ❤❤❤🇪🇬

Made a playlist to my life for Teen Vogue! Which song on it is your favorite?

Tori Emie Mokonzi

a month ago

Paralyzed and happier of course

Reyezs U Szalazàr

a month ago

I really like stars,Happier,Alone,Fly and silence

Cody Crane

a month ago

Marshmello is freaking awesome

It might not look like it but carnage wants you to be happier ❤️

Caleb Walz

a month ago

carnage seems way way more fatter and thumper

Chris Hermes

a month ago


Sandra Rivera Villegas

a month ago

You are all projects and have ghost producers 😉

Trying to find my career...

Acuario Flores

a month ago

You won’t find it in there that’s for sure. You need to reach for and search up among the stars!! Thanks for the most amazing audio arts the world has ever needed!

Olivia Norman

a month ago

What? JAJAJA look elsewhere, you're great :3

Rod Britt

a month ago

OMG. Mello why are you so awesome, like this. #GotSoMuchLove4UDawg So much.

Happier music video coming this Monday at 7:00am PST ❤️❤️

Pavlína Vojnová

a month ago

Não ao fascismo #elenão

Gabriel Enntar

a month ago

I'm in need of a savior, but am not asking for favours, i feel like a burden and i hate this lyfestyle i am!

Debbie Lefebvre

a month ago

Real marshmello XD 😢


Current mood 🙋🏻‍♂️

سوتومايور زيجارا ياميل

a month ago

I'm getting sick and tired of all these fake posts with PS pics. So yes the truth ~ the real Marshmello is actually Asian and has two brothers, and I'm one of them.

Kate Manning

a month ago

Some day marshmello will takeoff his helmet for real and people will think he is still foolin them 😂😂😂😂 that’s where this is goin. marshmello why u do lik that?

Kevin Price

a month ago

Marshmello is said to be the Stig of music.

“Some say...”

Stars music video coming tomorrow at 7:00am PST ⚽️⚽️

Ellen Vieira

a month ago

Nice Huaraches tho 👍👀

Shawn Walton

a month ago

Marshmello my brother and he is not my friend😍😍

Shubham Shaurav Singh

a month ago

Marshmello you can go be a soccer player!

Stars music video coming tomorrow at 7:00am PST ⚽️⚽️
Fast like a nascar

Aaron Blacc Reaves

a month ago

It's funny in hungarian language because Mellé means a missed goal :)

Justin Willhoft

a month ago

I love Ü...<3
Vem pro Brasil, se não eu te dou ovo sem fritar

David Off

a month ago

×_×I Love Marshmello FC Marshmello×_×

Congrats on an amazing fight brother! Well deserved Canelo Alvarez #vivamexico 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

Rosa Idaly Umaña Mahecha

a month ago

Lol i told u he was a famous dj

Fungu La Kumi

a month ago

Marshmello i love you, hermano cada vez mas mecicano!!!

Daniel Engleder

a month ago

I love marsh Mello it's my idol

🇲🇽 ❤️

Vincent Bolak

a month ago

Marsmellow is Hispanic!!!!!

Dave Temple

a month ago

Thank you so much mexican power #VivaMexico

Josh Tucker

a month ago

hey bro u need a bigger hat 🤔

Banana splits

Amanda Hebert

a month ago

You can be the first ever dj in earth, who have different aspect of his character. You, want to spread the happiness among us all, your music is amazing, breakout star of last few years. You have great number of fan following in YouTube and other social media sites. And, you never dropped your class since you appeared on the scene. After, #Avicii, I can call you the best dj of the current time. Many, of you don't agree with me, you may have various opinions about this argument. I can bet that in the future your progress will be more higher and the guy behind the mask, #Marshmello going to tear the roof down, with his amazing skill of sound making, and people then may stop their foolish argument that electronic dance music doesn't requires talent thing.

Linda Labbe

a month ago

Good nice can you give me your phone number

Yasmin Sharef

a month ago

Its cool how everyone writes a love comment

Becoming Murricas favorite NASCAR driver... brb

Angel Villalobos

a month ago

First Ninja Warrior now this?

Mal Lay Mal Lay

a month ago

Is there anything that could stop a walking marshmallow? Nothing!

Evans Masombuka

a month ago

If you crash you will become a marshmallow😂😂♥

The Mello Monster...what’s your favorite car?

Evans Masombuka

a month ago

every mustang on this earth.

Mado Balboné

a month ago

my favorite car is porsche 911 turbo :)

Beatriz Carvalho

a month ago

Melloghini (if it's exist)

Whole lotta gang ❤️

Sandra Bujnarowska

a month ago

I want to join too 🙁

Thula Ntuli T-jay

a month ago

#mellogang I also want to be with them

Aby Medina

a month ago

Always happier with Mello in my life! 😍❤️

Sometimes I can make flames appear

Thato Matsheka

a month ago

What bottom did you push and knob do turn to make those flams?

Mont Blanc

a month ago

Marshmello do u have face I want to see ur real face

Geralyn Dempsey

a month ago

Ironic.. Marshmello is a pyrokinetic 😂😂 is marshmello suppose weak on fire😂😂

Haters will say it’s photoshopped

Dawna McMillan

a month ago

So, how did you get that little man to stand on the broomstick?!

Wendee Luman

a month ago

Mega haters will say you're death eater

Carmelo Ilardo

a month ago

Nobody will say its a photoshopped pic actually you should have been in the harry porter movie series instead of daniel redcliffe.😁

Wishing all my mellogang celebrating Rosh Hashanah⁠ ⁠an awesome new year! May it be filled with good health, happiness, peace and prosperity ❤️

Laura Hernandez

a month ago

Rûbâ 😂ماحد بيفهمنا يلا نفضفض اتوقع هو بيعايد المسلمين اوشي بس اش علاقه الصوره😂😂😂😂😂

Valentina Ishkina

a month ago

Flashback was amazing bro keep doing songs like that...

Kévineuh Todé

a month ago

I support you you're the best music producer in the world

Mellogang!! Take a photo at the #Happier mural in NYC at 323 Broome Street. Tag me and #mellomakesmehappier I’ll pick my 5 favorites to repost and send some happier merch too!

Jules Sassie Bittle

a month ago


Katsuyuki Aoyama

a month ago

Those are some feminine legs you got there

Wahid Gull

a month ago

I’m going there in November for my birthday! Can’t wait!

You on 🔥 sis Jessie Reyez

Aketzali Rodriguez

2 months ago

Jessie reyez mi favorita😍

Kyle Newman

2 months ago

I love your new helmet

Florica Apostu

2 months ago

F R I E N D S?

New music video for Flashbacks coming tomorrow at 6:00am PST ❤️

Vaishnavi Pawar

2 months ago

Nice! back the original music of flashbacks whooo!!!!

Corina Cernat

2 months ago

I already saw it was great brother I admire your music continues like this

Mike Farace

2 months ago

Pablo estos podriamos ser marshmello y yo pero no me hace caso :'v

One of my best glam days Selena Gomez

Kambra Johnston

2 months ago

All you need is plastic wrap lol jk.

Thompson Alva

2 months ago

Marshmello has become a full blown clout chaser. Shame, his music is good.

Henrique Leite

2 months ago

Do you just leave Anne-Marie to date with Selena Gomez :))

Living my best life ✌🏼

Ricky Awan

2 months ago

Tell me how u walk around with that bucket over ur head?

Ρενα Ιμιρτζηδου

2 months ago

مارشميلوا حب كتييير 💜✨
marshmello i love you so mush 💋💋

LaKimbra LaShelle

2 months ago

My life is more a lot of hesitations hahaha

Masuk pak eko

Katie Marie Conner

2 months ago

Bodo amat lu pada Mao bilang apa yg penting i love you beb😚😚😍😍😘

Chris Mckissick

2 months ago

Mello sering niru trendnya orang indo:V
dulu juga iya, om telolet om
sekarang malah Mash000k Pak Ek000

Federico Sosa

2 months ago

Can you put the helmet off please!!!

When you try to make bae happier

Arthur Durkee

2 months ago

you are make me happier today Thank you, Lord, for your grace 💙💙💕😍 grateful 💙👑👑👑

Duane Sherrie Rubink

2 months ago

I want you to be hapleir

Christopher Eduardo Molina

2 months ago

I am happy make me happy😍😁😁😁

What an amazing night New York! Thank you ezoo ❤️

Bảo Ngọc

2 months ago

This is what success looks like. Mellogang!

Elisabete Souza

2 months ago

Love you mello <3

Marie Alaina

2 months ago

[x_x] Hello Chris doctom ;)

I want you to be happier 😊 if you’re in New York stop by the happier mural and send me your pics! Going to be reposting them. The address for the mural is 323 Broome Street, NY Bastille Gemma Gené #MelloMakesMeHappier

Mitaka Mitkov

2 months ago

Roberta Alves Machado to bem triste ! me leva pra New York 😭

Jonathan Humphrey

2 months ago

I hope Mello puts some of that dotcom back in the music

Magdalena Iileka

2 months ago

I love you marshmellooo! your the best dj! in thr worlddd 😍😭💖 i wish i see you in personal 😭

Scan the snapcode below to unlock the Happier lense on Snapchat!

Luana Stewart-Abram

2 months ago

Thanks for the lens Mello😊👍

Mark Williams

2 months ago

wow el mejor dj en esnapchat
love you marshmello
i'am fan #1 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Shawn Wilmoth

2 months ago

Wao!! Increible que este en Snapchat,el mejor dj del mundo I LOVE YOU MARSHMELLO!! <3

LA! You won't want to miss the Ookay show this Saturday at Fonda Theatre. Tickets:
Sicko mode

Matt Shirley

2 months ago

Sorry I'm late😍😍😍😍♥🔥

Nedi de Lazaro

2 months ago

Ookay is sick

Ximena Naranjo

2 months ago

Ooo genial marshmello!!!! El mejor dj que tengas mas exito I LOVE YOU!!