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Admiring the sunset 🌄

Cheryl Ingraham

10 hours ago

Mariah it's great to be with your family while this sunset occurs. You are still beautiful and will always be and you are comparable to a sunset and sunrise brought together through your talent, dedication to your art (music) and through, most important, your personality and soul/heart.

Dulcinea Torralba

10 hours ago

fishing show over?😞.
trust me i dint even glimpse at fish throughout😋😋

Jhonny Santos

10 hours ago

Well we won't get any clevage complaints here will we ... well except from us because we like it come on 00 honey

#fbf one of my favorite songs to perform in Vegas was #CantLetGo 🦋🎙️ Which song do YOU want to see me perform on #TheButterflyReturns in September?

Jorge De Vallearizpe Videgaray

20 hours ago

Closing night... sing the whole butterfly album... do a 3 hr show... do something you've never done before.... I've been to vegas the first and closing night since you've started this vegas adventure... it costs me and deebo 5k each time we come... give us a reason to keep laying down that type of cash besides the fact that we absolutely adore you... give us freshness, rawness, brand newie.... make it EPIC

Bev Williams

10 hours ago

Don’t forget about us, For the record, Joy ride, Stay the night, After tonight, Bliss, Long Ago, Everything fades away, till the end of time, alone in love, so lonely.... I have so many!

Kathy Duane Kasten

20 hours ago

Through the rain, Melt Away, I stay in Love, Forever, So Blessed (💍❤️👰🏼), Petals, Circles, Looking In, The Art of letting go, I wish you well, you’re mine, H.A.T.E. You, The Roof, ...😍😍😍😍

Aretha Franklin. The Queen of Soul. The Icon. The ultimate singers' singer. The greatest singer and musician of my lifetime. The power of your voice in music and in civil rights blew open the door for me and so many others. You were my inspiration, my mentor and my friend. You showed me I could sing the songs I wanted to sing and bring God with me. You've inspired millions everywhere yet never left home, never left church. Today the entire world mourns your home-going and celebrates all the brilliance you left behind. I will forever cherish the moments I spent in your presence. Your indelible impact was earned not only by your incomparable voice but by your bigger than life personality, wit and humor. I say a BIG prayer for you. You will forever have all our RESPECT. Love, Mariah ♥️

Roxana Vera Arana

10 hours ago of the sweetest voice I've always loved hear. And still love her, from American Samoa Island, u were the greatest Aretha Franklin.

Peter Marshall

a day ago

Both you and Shania Twain stormed that stage that day better than anyone else. And of course you couldn’t be out there when Eileen was... There can only be one of you (IAH) ShanIAH hit that storm better than anyone with “You’ve got a friend!” -No comment

Karim Balloumi

a day ago

Very well said Mariah! That was beautiful! I can see how much she meant to you as a friend! She was part of your life and always will be. She'll be forever missed and remembered!

"Pose like Mommy!" 😎⛵👯

Angela Gianino

a day ago

I loved her music as a child growing up. Even with all of her snobbish arrogant ways. Seems to be a bit up on her high horse most of the time. But as a mother and having a child look up to you, especially your daughter are you going to teach her how to flaunt herself as you do? Don't start crying when she gets the wrong attention. As it wont be her fault. It will be YOURS Mariah Carey.

Максат Умаров

a day ago

Don’t get me wrong I really love her music but is there ever a pic of her fully clothed and nothing hanging out I understand it’s her body and her right but seriously with a pic of her child you’d think she would be more modest if that were my mom I’d be embarrassed

Raoul Bandera

a day ago

I saw that hair in a vision out of those pony tails the other day.. “Lovin’ you” Thinking of you!! You’re so thin anymore. You must be starving. I’ll eat for you.

Resting on the boat and counting down the days until #TheButterflyReturns comes back to Vegas! See you 8.31 😎🦋🎙️

Karla Soto

a day ago

She needs to grow up. She has so much more to offer us than these. This is actually a very sad commentary. I love her voice and liked her much better when she focused on that rather than the package.

Marcela Hollman

a day ago

I don't care that she has an amazing voice, she's an embarrassment to all women looking like a prostitute. So sad for her young children.

Lana Katarina Franović

2 days ago

She really must feel insecure about herself she always have to have her breast out or being very revealing you can be sexy you can be alluring without looking trashy and cheap...She just don't know any better..

Alex Tostado

4 days ago

I'm trying to find for Somali African words between vaca but sorry it's Latin words you have good fans supported and defined your decorating material picture I'm one of your extreme fans from East Africa listen to spiritual your magic tone to end after with coming years but still nice looking body nice hairs good uniformed my beloved Mariah Carey brown skin singer be ever strong we love you

Bob Garling

4 days ago

Mariah,how could you re-schedule and then cancel the Australian tour? It's not right for the fans,the "schedule conflict" reason you gave doesn't add up either. You re-scheduled it 9 MONTHS AGO and now you are too busy? Same thing you did the same cancelling Brazil in 2016,but then at least it didn't happen twice. Seems to me like it's related to poor sales,on the other hand Europe and Asia were not cancelled.

Hector P Alzona

4 days ago

I like this swagger and I call it beautiful and nice swagger. Keep shining. May God continue to bless you and protect you.
You are always my favorite singer

Thinking of Whitney on her born day. I miss you, friend ♥️ #tbt #WhitneyHouston

Dandrew Jordan

8 days ago

Rip whitney houston you will allways be on our minds we loved your songs

The greatest love. Of all) was my good song, whats about you friends?

Nelu Hexagon

8 days ago

‪Mariah respect your Australian fans and stop with the lies! We have lost hard earned money due to your “scheduling conflicts”.... buy a calendar!‬

Joni Dipp

9 days ago

Absolute Queens!

One of my few regrets is not going to Whitney's concert when I had the chance.

At least I got tickets to see Mariah in Tokyo in November ♥️

Strings session 🤫🎻
Mommy-daughter quality time 💞

Boris Stalf

13 days ago

Hi Mam, Mariah.I am your # 1 fan I love your very fantastic voice. With out you. I think I am lost. Always take care @ God Bless.Gudluck to all your concert. I hope that one day I see you in personal. Love you Mam.muaah.

Azulino Mateo Huamam Cisneros

14 days ago

That"s really good Mariah and her Strings I like this Photoshoot the best's now this is Wowzers.....................!!!!!

Katleho Kgotso Ramochela

14 days ago

You were at Universal Studios recently, I had, have a pass for that same time, I would've gave you a hug! Love Mimi

#tbt with @britneyspears. We need a new picture, Brit 😂😘

Novem Gallo Polido

21 days ago

A new picture , but for the same result , Mariah . You defeat Britney in the final of " The Ultimate Pop Diva Tournament " . Congrats !

Steven Mack

22 days ago

Mariah Carey is always so mature, so sincere and she can exalt another star. I have no doubt that there will not be another complete star like this. She and Britney Spears you are wonderful. Illuminated! <3

Mark Munro

22 days ago

Thats it..... Now you done crashed the net with all this beauty. Too much for one man to handle. I would LOVE to hear you 2 do a duet. The 2 most beautiful women on the esrth. With the best voices on earth TOGETHER??? That would be a rare treat. 😀👍

Girls night out ♥️

Delacruz Raymond

25 days ago

No era will be as great and compare with WHITNEY and MARIAH....❤❤❤❤❤in music history....ever....

Tasha Wilson

25 days ago

Look at this gorgeous girl! Just like her mamma!

Filip Šinko

25 days ago

Monroe is getting soooo tall!

Moments with Ms. Monroe 💖

Micky Hampl

a month ago

Omg she’s getting bigger . The more ms.monroe gets bigger the more Mariah gets older 😢😢😢😱😱. I know it’s life but omg 😱😱😱😱

Craig Stockwell

a month ago

One day one day I will pin you over my mantel so I can brag to my brothers I have realized and I have gained you in the game of Thrones

Bernard Ulrick Velasco

a month ago

Hello Ms. Carey, is that, yes it is, Ms. Monroe. However, where is the “Roc”? I would like to add Mom and daughter look lovely! Thanks for sharing.

Mood: #Summer ☀️👙

Angelina Trujillo

a month ago

Well, I guess, I'm trying to be nonchalant about it
And I'm going the extremes to prove I'm fine without you
But in reality, I'm slowly losing my my mind
Underneath the guise of a smile gradually, I'm dying inside
Friends ask me how I feel and I lie convincingly
'Cause I don't want to reveal that fact that I'm suffering
So I wear my disguise 'til I go home at night
And turn down all the lights and then break down and cry💙🦋💙🦋💙🦋💙🦋💙🦋

Javier Rivera

a month ago

throw your clothes....on the floor
I'm gonna take my clothes off too
I made plan to be with you
bIIm catch the eye MC

Farah Stephens

a month ago

Waawwwv Mariah you so beautiful. She is my favorite idola. You music I like it. My favorite song is One Sweat Day,Hero,Thank God I Found You dll.

#tbt to a magical moment in time with an incredible, inspiring leader who would have turned 100 yesterday. #Mandela100

Araiza Piñon Viviana

a month ago

QUEEN OF MUSIC all the way from South Africa we love MC and it's the place to be

Dogui Hurtado

a month ago

Mandela, he was so special!

Byron Burrell

a month ago

i love you Marian Carey #Philippines

Sharon Madison Thomas

a month ago

Mariah please do something different. You and JD have made incredible records, but also have done the same thing over and over and over. We need something new and fresh.

Dóra Boldizsár

a month ago

Gulity: I've been watching Mariah Carey videos for 2 hours. So sad I missed her July show.

Gina Tajra Santos

a month ago

Jermaine looks a little nosy? Lol you carry your music around. Woah. The music on a pieces of paper yes darling...

That's a wrap on the July shows of 🦋 THE BUTTERFLY RETURNS 🦋! Thank you so much to everyone who made it such a great experience - my team, all the crew at @caesarspalace and of course the incomparable #lambs! Can't wait to see you again in September!! 💖💖💖
📸 Denise Truscello #thebutterflyreturns

Mellisa Lopez

a month ago

I've been such a fan of your music since I was little, and I just wanted to say you sound so good, Mariah!🙂

Andres Fajardo

a month ago

Alicia Finn, we better get there before her residency is up!! When’s the grovey girls vegas trip happening?! Haha!

Tonia Scape Photograpy

a month ago

All I want to say - You were simply amazing! I adore you since I was a little child. Now finally after so many years I have seen you in person. You are a true star, diva, The Queen ! I had tears in my eyes. You didn’t disappoint me a bit. On the contrary I was ecstatic. I can’t believe some people would dare to criticize you. You look amazing and you sing amazing. And you are a great mother to your beautiful children! I wish you only the best, be happy and stay just the way you are!

Back in the lab with @jermainedupri 🔥 #workmode #pondestudio

Brittany Morgan Jones

a month ago

" Back in the .............( lab ; no) day we were in love ; We 're not in love anymore ; But some days i sit and wish ; We were in love again .............. " ( Candy Bling ' song from MEMOIRS OF AN IMPERFECT ANGEL )

Rayden Huerta

a month ago

Say, Ms. Carey, I know that you're hard at work in the studio, but, could you please, please, please, do a collaboration album that includes young soap opera starlets and heartthrobs who are as musically talented as you are? BTW, did you know that some of those soap opera studs are professioanl rappers? It's true! :) Don't want to sound like a broken record, but, I thought as a suggestion like mine could be good for your crediblity. :)

Kar Kar Russell

a month ago

Miss Mariah Carey I love you, I love your music, since I was a 10 year old little girl, you have been a huge inspiration in my life, my whole life! There has never been a day that you have not been a part of world, my heart, my dreams. I have grown up to you and your music, and followed you every step of the way. You are a truly gifted woman, and an inspiration to all of us. I love you always. #L4L

Night off... #pondestudio 🎤

Collab with Nicki in the works?

Lidia Leticia Bernardo

a month ago

Always looking so delightful - have a great Summer.

Bilal Majid

a month ago

wtf i can’t even see you you’re so skinny !!!!

#tbt Charmbracelet tour in #Vegas 🎉

Lívia Vitória

a month ago

For the first time I saw her in media on my magazine... on my mind...I must buy her album (cassettes) first whatever conditions...Vision of Love was on my mind!!! Thank you sooo much Mariah Carey for the music..hope we meet in your concert in my country Indonesia!!!!

Joey Castillo DjBoogie

a month ago

The charmbracelet album was amazing ,so underrated I don't understand how people didn't appreciate fully that masterpiece.

Julius Erdmann

a month ago

You look great Mariah!
You still sound like how you did back in the 90's when I first heard you on the radio.
Forget your haters, and carry on.
Very talented lady & gifted!
Also I can't help but share, I was diagnosed with bipolar 1.
So I know how it is with that bipolar situation.
Love u girlie!

I am so grateful to my fans, my #lambily, for always being there for me! Seeing you during and after the show is everything to me 🙏💖 #L4L, MC
Now following #LambilyMoments... share yours!
📸 Cashman


a month ago

Sadly enough this is the only thing left on my bucket list. Getting a picture with the queen, but the way I am set up, if I ever met her I legit would have a heart attack! She makes my heart race

Denis Onița

a month ago

So lovely to see!..the ultimate diva with her fans..😍😍😍 can you pls.sing to us the song "WHEN I SAW YOU" by yours 'coz it's really fit to your tone now..🙏🙏🙏🙏

Acuario Flores

a month ago

Rhonda Breeze wish we could have met her at The Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour! Xx 💃🏼

#TheButterflyReturns 🎙️🦋
📸 Denise Truscello

Isabel Sanchez

a month ago

Wow about 2 pm! you give a show!Really you re strong till night!I love MARIAH CAREY.MY GREETINGS TO YOUR KIDS.THANKS A LOT.I VE BEEN THINKING ABOUT YOU....

Jessica Morris

a month ago

She Not Rude Lady Belyova .You Said That You Wouldn't Go to See Her if they gave you a free ticket you're A Lie.You're Rude!! iN Your Face💋💜🎩

Daytona Daytona

a month ago


#TheButterflyReturns 🦋 #Vegas 🦋 Thank you for another great show 💖 See you on Tuesday! @caesarspalace

Sylvia Beard-Stephens

a month ago

Was there sat night up in the front rows sorry to say I was extremely disappointed 😓 to make it short n sweet she was a 10 before and now she’s maybe a 3ish smh, wasn’t singing any of the songs completely through probably avoiding the high notes and singing everything at much lower tone . Her voice sounded thickish and rough 😭 she did however look a whole lot thinner and radiant 🔥 the best part in my opinion was when her babies came on stage for a bit, other than that save your money people 🤷‍♀️

Juan Miguel Duarte Ibarra

a month ago

Why am I so obsessed with your music these days Mimi?? I guess it's because you are THE VOICE :-* I literally have your songs on repeat all day long!

Captian Ron

a month ago

I love Mariah but she sounded husky vision of love was terrible

#tbt #honey A picture of my bad side I kind of like! (Quite the rarity! 😂)

Belkys Navarro

2 months ago

I love that her 'bad side' is her left side like me, gosh we just have soooooo much in common 😜 Jackie Hall Chloe Jukes also her legs are 🔥🔥🔥👌

Joyce M. Souza

2 months ago

Gurrrl! theres no bad side, only bad photographers 😉 it didnt become your "bad" side until that stupid photographer made that comment! keep slaying 😘

Deborah Ann Card

2 months ago

I don't think you a have a bad side at all. You are flawless from all sides. I love you Miss Carey. Always and forever.

Happy to announce a new show on my Asian tour this fall in Shenzen, China! 💖 I'll be at the CR Shenzen Bay Sports Center Arena on October 22nd!🎙🦋
More details @

Yan Morasse

2 months ago

Hi mariah I hope if ever you have a concert here in the Philippines. Can you pls have a duet song with our Asia's Songbird Miss Regine Velasquez. I wish I can see that before I leave this world. 😢😢. If you guys don't know who's Regine Velasquez you can YouTube & Google her. Thanks love you miss mariah carey

Winnie Nyiash

2 months ago

welcome to China, sweet babe~but i have to correct you it's Shenzhen i/o Shenzen. Bon voyage!😍

Christian Annmarie

2 months ago

Woman of the world 🌎 This picture is nice💫😇im out of ink but printing to mail dream come true.. oy vey maybe I will be dancing next week?!?!😘✝️☮️thanks for everything

It's a strike baby! Well, almost... LOL 😂🎳

Elizabeth Cropanese

2 months ago

Glad your living life having real fun!!! Now I wish I didn’t have to worry about $$$ but that’s life All moms don’t get the sweet life🙏🏻for me and my daughter who gets treatments every month last 13 yrs You r blessed too

Wyatt James

2 months ago

A strike aint easy to achieve, but since you are Angel sent it comes naturally Miss Mariah Carey💜Love you so much, listening to the late and Wonderfully Blessed Mr Luther Vandross tonight, such a Blessing He left us...

Alli Milligan

2 months ago

Yesterday, I bought a ticket 🎫 for your show in Paris on Friday December the 7th . I hope I could come .

Congratulations Jermaine Dupri on getting inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame!! See ya in the studio to continue making magic 🦋🎧📀 #WeBelongTogether #Honey #AlwaysBeMyBaby #ManyMore

Gavster Flip

2 months ago

Aww congratulations Miss Mariah Carey, you never cease to amaze me in millions of ways..oh is that the paparazzi saying about new material coming at The Speed of Light ...🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 7 stars for record/music production like ASAP..pretyy please

Keidy Milagro Moreno Arvelo

2 months ago

Congratulations Jermaine!!!!....."Wont-You-Be-My-Sweetheart"? ....what a proud moment favourite feel good song to this day.

Emma Sandrey

2 months ago

I know this is totally off subject of your post about Jermaine Dupri, but I just wanted to take this chance to tell you that your one of the queens of R&B and ever since I was a young girl dancing around in my living room and singing into my hairbrush, I've loved your music!! And I just have to say that when you were a judge on American Idol I enjoyed watching the show so much! I felt so bad that you had to deal with that trashy Nicki Minaj that doesn't have any talent or any class whatsoever and only has popularity because she is tied to Lil Wayne and for the fact that she has a outrageous fake butt and huge breast implants and appeals to men for that reason only and as a mother it makes me sick the way she talks like a total hoar and this is the kind of woman that young girls are seeing and being influenced by. Natural beauty is more than just your outward appearance and hard work in the gym is the way young girls should be influenced to change their body type if that's what they want to do to make a change. Women like Nicki Minaj are only influencing young girls to behave like trash and look like trash when every girl is beautiful inside and out and should never be influenced to think other wise. I have a lot of respect for you and how you show women that you can stay true to yourself and that you don't have to act like trash to be successful. Watching her constantly argue with you on American Idol it was clearly obvious that she was extremely jealous of you because of you natural beauty and you amazing talent and oh my goodness, when she called you Miss Carey on the show and you replied ok Miss last name I can't say because there are children watching, I almost died laughing!!!! I was laughing for days about what you said!!! You completely shut her up, it was hilarious!!! But oh my goodness, when that girl came into sing for all of you in the audition and Nicki had the nerve to tell the poor girl that she was going to vote no before she ever even had a chance to sing because she was wearing the same color eye shadow as her!!! I could't believe what I was hearing!!! Its so sad that girls everywhere are being influenced by women like her.... But I just wanted to stop by your page and tell you how much of an amazing artist you are and tell you how classy it was the way you dealt with that childish hot mess of a "rapper" on American Idol 😂 I hope you and your family have a blessed year!!!

VEGAS! Catch me as I perform at the #iHeartFestival this fall! Tickets available now during the Capital One pre-sale:

Gomes Joana-elena Mateo

2 months ago

Todavia tengo la entrada del recital que teoricamente ibas a dar en argentina.....

Ian Claughton

2 months ago

Mariah's like molten metal hottt, on God🗣️🕺🔥🔥🔥🔥

Jonas Mahmood

2 months ago

Should I go to the butterfly tour at Caesar’s Palace or this? Decisions, decisions! 🤔

Watch me tonight on Jimmy Kimmel Live at 11:35pm on ABC! #thebutterflyreturns 🦋💫

Edith Grimaldez

2 months ago

'All I've ever wanted' is for my mother and I to hear is, "make it happen" and that was OUR song...yet, before she passed away & before we had a chance... We got to got to the Christmas 2 concert in L.A. @ Orpheum, seeing M with her mother made us melt....and she (mommy) passed- hoping we could witness a concert like this LIVE with Our song, "make it happen." its all we've ever wanted...and with her first grand daughter on her way....I only pray to finally see... #thebutterflyreturns #fan4life #mc4ever #mc4l #lambily #l4l #Vegas

Eray Karakaya

2 months ago

I still don’t know what the show will be about after watching. I highly doubt you’ll take random song requests, but I’m all in. I’d like to hear “I Wish You Well” just in case. Anyway, I’ll be there. Lol

Johanna Contreras

2 months ago

"even though I try, I can't let go" of the fact that I tried SO VERY HARD to get tickets to the Kimmel show.. then to find out, that Mariah gave away tickets to the audience members, for her Vegas show. 😭 Why Universe, WHY?!?! Am I not lamb enough??? I've only loved her since "Love Takes Time" and listen to her almost everyday of my life..

Prepare to get festive, Lambs! My 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' tour is coming to Europe this December!! 🎙🎅Tickets go on sale Friday, June 8. Fan club pre-sale starts tomorrow @!🎄

Nina Hilden

2 months ago

Say, Ms. Carey, since you're going to tour almost all over Europe this holdiay season, I thought I could postpone my All My Children plans with you from December to January 19th, so you can become a musical guest for the longstanding, nostalgic sudser in April, allowing a young Pine Valley stud to sing a duet with you. :) Wouldn't that be wonderful? :)

Jarmila Kučerová

2 months ago

Really hope to be able to get a ticket for the show in Belgium; two years ago it was cancelled so I'm really hoping to go this year. Been a fan for such a long time

Miranda Guerrero

2 months ago

Stoney G, gaan ons dalk die Stavanger optrede bywoon???!!! 🤣🤣🤣 Tot ‘n maand en ‘n aand gelede het ek nie eens geweet die plek bestaan nie! Wat sê sy? Saal sy solank die reindeer op??? Hierdie sy bellaps solank vir Farfar om slaapplek te reël... Ilze Eksteen

Happy Pride Month!! 🏳️‍🌈

Kei Katoh

2 months ago

mariah i bought your first album where i live at RAINBOW RECORDS AND THEN YEARS LATER YOU HAVE A RAINBOW ALBUM TOO

Kelsey Pujdak

3 months ago

Love you so so so so much!!!! You're my inspiration, you're my all and I can't wait for your new album to come out 😘😘😘😘

Cambria Mourn

3 months ago

I LOVE YOU QUEEN OF THE RAINBOW , SKINNY LEGEND extraordinaire!!!!!!!!! The queen of the people (and also queen of wig snatching!) we love you for helping us love ourselves through your music and being who you are! ❤️🌈🌈🌈🌈

Tune in on Wednesday to hear me tell Jimmy Kimmel Live about my new Vegas show #thebutterflyreturns and more! 🦋

Kristen Leaa

2 months ago

The DVR is set for Tues.. & Wednesday.. not a care in the world..are you excited I’m getting ready to record story for you? And very exciting news I believe I found Corrie brother and so I can try to be friends again or at least see how she is these days.. can’t wait to share Kat dream .. the ‘Anytime you need a friend ‘ post brought it to surface.. so cool 😎 I mean , so Smooth looking at all the pictures along the journey. My thinking is get this mailed and back to work-outs block out insecurity. Wish you all the best!! Return Butterfly 🦋 thanks 🙏🏼

Pulla Pilya

2 months ago

they had good food always ur fan g gerald ur fan always with my 8 yearl old son we keep it gggg just me and him no girls can chill with us i stay in a property of 150 apartments real talk always ur fan gerald have a goo nite

Michael Emmcee Ikeakanam

2 months ago

hey mariah carey hey hi ur fan aka peewee or if u got a nick name for me went too goo see little rob in the san bernardino and ashanti was going too preform it was dip lots of people food the security let us in just wen i say us me and my 8 yearl old son lol please tell the girls wen they charge on events to charge more lol hahahahaha naw just kidding i tell them i got no money just cuple 50 this dollares nuts lol hahahaha ur fan g gerald

🎶 Anytime you need a friend... 🎶 #tbt #aynaf #anniversary

Alexander Jennifer

3 months ago

Salem for you k goo day passet her in smil great well spantan modestless miss art's modern's , good lyk for ever in work news him

Kevin Wideman

3 months ago

You are the pureste heart and Nobel soul, miss Mariah 😉 so you are to sweet and adorable, so a bit scard of been a dick in front of you or if we meet one day😊 you are a unik miss Mariah, There are some female In the music and the movie industrien There are in that Also Nobel and pureste heart, 😊 hav a lovely day miss Mariah 😊

José Manuel Jimenez Valente

3 months ago

Aloha my Joyful Angel, & Friend, "Mariah". I am enjoying inviting all World Citizens to assist you & I with knowing if we function best as devoted joyful marriage partners. I am very grateful that we both love knowing that we both belong to all of Source. I love knowing that we both belong to joyful devoted marriage partners, that we are both easily & effortlessly enabled to joyfully love forever. I love knowing that Plural Marriage is our Joyful Legacy. I believe that you also love knowing that Plural Marriage is our Joyful Legacy. I am in joyful love with knowing that you & I, & all World Citizens, are being assisted with our joyful manifestation endeavors. I am very grateful that you & I, & all World Citizens are being assisted. I love knowing that I need your assistance. I enjoy asking you to assist me. I am hoping that you enjoy working with Abraham-Hicks, & Bashar Communications. I love staying focused on my Joyful Personal & Planetary Visions of Love. I am a very joyful marriage partner. J <3

Happy birthday to the incomparable Miss Patti LaBelle! Honored to call you my friend and fairy Godmother 💖💖💖

Jim N Cindy Ross

3 months ago

This was the moment when she defeated Shania, Celine, Whitney and even Madonna for being Artist Of The Millenium! Madonna was shocked then 😉

Anni Berthelsen

3 months ago

Love both of you! Happy birthday Patti LaBelle

Ruben Hay

3 months ago

Patti Labelle 's song : " My love , sweet love " written by BabyFace available of original soundtrack album from the movie " Waiting to Exhale " ( 1995 ) with Whitney Houston, Angela Bassett .

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies in the land & of course my mommy Patricia Carey ♥️ Remembering this moment with "The maestro" Luciano Pavarotti!

Robert Bickford

3 months ago

❤️Hello🌼Mariah⭐I feel very happy to see this beautiful picture of the day about unforgettable meeting with your mother and Pavarotti.He is and will always be the best personality of true example and solidarity for the people and artists in the world that GOD brought on Earth to love the music more each day.We still miss him here close to us.I guess it will be hard to find another good blessed citizen of GOD as him that can give chance of old and young musical personalities to sing the songs by his side shouting that high loud voice of tenor cheering the crowds and clapping the hands satisfied by performance.GOD Bless you,I love you and Thank you.

Mussa Muhadjiri

3 months ago

Happy Mothers Day Mariah Carey, Ms. Patricia Carey and to all Mommies in the World especially to my Mother..😊🌸😘

Paweł Wójcik

3 months ago

My Moms 😇Name was Patty Jo .. close huh?? Love ❤️ this picture, was your mom excited to meet Pavarotti? Did she get a chance to sing with him?? Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day✝️💗🌷God bless you

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Limor Kretchmer

3 months ago

I love you 😍💫✝️✍🏼no kidding it’s incredible journey you know it!! Ok, todays was a Nevada Plate on a car 🚙 parked at my Grandson game , I noticed it when I left.. had to ask if it was a real plate ‘MJ.....’ just MJ. I’m happy to say I heard from my friend Angela and working on my dream!! Thanks 🙏🏼 God bless you

Christina Wortham

3 months ago

Its gonna be great event.

John Rajgarh

3 months ago

Mariah, please come to Brazil, dahhling!

Thank you Allure, this was fun! I won't be singing the make-up tune, but I have many surprises for you in my new #Vegas residency THE BUTTERFLY RETURNS 🦋! Tickets are on sale now!

January Christin

3 months ago

Mariah Carey still I'm waiting giving call to me and your east Africa community specially Somali land (north Somalia) loved you saying welcome our gold brown beautiful and ageless Mariah carey

Nicole Dawn Hartpence

3 months ago

I can’t wait for the Vegas show!!! Tickets bought and hotel booked! We’ll be flying in from St. Louis just for the concert 🤗🦋

Vinicius Alves

3 months ago

Zach Ian she’s seeming healthy and happy we stan

Ishola Junior

3 months ago

GO BACK TO THIS MARISH. THE REAL, FUN, HAPPY, ACTUALLY DANCING, MARIAH THAT WE ALL LOVE. ENOUGH OF L THE SPARKLY DRESSES AND GLAM BULLSHIT. I have been a huge fan of yours s ih nice I was 4. I'm now 26. I miss the old funny down to earth MariahCarey I love you! Ps.(get a perm)

Cesar Cervantes

3 months ago

My best Singer in all the times, the big diva, here from Brazil I always loved her since 1992 when I saw her for the first time with 9 year I already stayed in love 😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤

Logan Outlaw

3 months ago

I have been a fan since I first seen you and meet you when you were on the Arsenio Hall show in 1990 still love you now and always ❤

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Latasha Hinton

4 months ago

Dear marri a molti Friends of mine, specificatamente Umberto Revello Michelle Di Santo e la Wizzy ci sono rimasti very sad due to your bad comportamento. Several times ti abbiamo fatto i birthday wishes in english pure perché non parli il lenguage dei caruggi e well, passi pure this cosa che non speak zeneize anche se è really important che tu lo conosca. Poi ti ho mandato un second message ma te not even the Dick (manco per il cazzo). Ora mi sto asking why continui ad ignoring my amicizia. Non si do dai, sta very very bad fare like this. Anyway sei sempre invited a cena. Se you want, e non vuoi mangiare trenette with pesto, non c'è problem! Qui nella Repubblica of Genoa abbiamo also farinata di farina di ceci, focaccia (che fidati è delicious), panissa che è also good, special pasta chiamata testaroli ma solo in Sestri East, se no, se ti vuoi sentire in your American house ti vieni a mangiare un fantastic hamburger dalla taverna di umbi che Donald Trump go away. Ti waiting so much. E poi adesso che fa anche la bella season ti posso anche portare alla bay of silence a fare il bagno ma gasoline e highway la paghi tu perché qui siamo alla very misci sparati e poor in canna. Facci sapere che abbiamo già le pans sul Fire in taverna. Stammi good e reply al message che siamo in ansious status. Ciao blonde

Russell Ballew

4 months ago

Meagan when will the maddness stop😂😂

Καλλιόπη Μπίλλη

4 months ago

Mariah Carey, please, bring the 🦋 show to Europe too. I am sure thousands of 🐑 including me would ❤️ to see you again. That would be a dream come true. Much love always 💕

Lucky 7️⃣🎂🎊🎉🎈♥️#demkids

Shaton Eubanks

4 months ago

My kids cuidalos ok is feel lake an feeling thos my bat cuidalos a late am always cuidarlos lake am the father bey amor am her whet yuo ok bey this mexico bey

Adam Pettengill

4 months ago

Happy birthday gorgeous twins God bless the both of you with love and humanity and most if all love one another and your one and only Miss Carey cheers to another year .

Louis Caston

4 months ago

Them kids will never work a day in their lives or learn about structure and discipline and have a normal life, dem fake kidz

Pon de lab 🎙️🦋

Ssivun Bolivar

4 months ago

lady sings the blues and gives us a beautiful sound to those hard to handle emotions.. or gives us smiles when those (dance like Nobody’s watching) upbeat songs come on.. what Mariah song got you through your worst times? Or was the sound of your best moments?

Steve Penrose

4 months ago

Can’t wait to hear your heavenly voice on record again!🎵😍♥️🎶🦋🌈🎼”You got the best of me, and I just keep on coming back incessantly!”

Dani Green

4 months ago

Hi Mariah I know u know we all luv u mine is a special luv 4 u, ur music from the beginning has always been my inspiration in my life I always brag about u whether 2 co-workers or family members they all no how much I luv u and ur music I'm a 62 yr old young guy that'll luv whatever u do thank u 4 making our lives better and the world 4 that matter with ur beautiful voice luv Hanky

Carrie Bauer

4 months ago

So glad to see you Mimi and Bryan stay stronger and happily together than ever😍Time to get married 💍💍Blessings with much beautiful love to you two cuties made in heaven 😍😘

Santos MarSantos

4 months ago

Is this the guy she banged when she was engaged to what's his name and wouldn't have sex with him until marriage? Classy.

Ritu Sahare

4 months ago

You look great Mariah...and happy..will you still be doing your reality show.. the first part was can put some of your spirituality in it, you are truly authentic.. love and blessings..💕🌴

Phạm Vũ

4 months ago

I wonder if the head tilt in every photo is a habit or is it about getting the best angle? Still a doll nonetheless!

Eva Whittimore

4 months ago

Damm she’s fine as heck man I wish I had a woman beautiful as this I mean wow can’t hardly put her beauty in words she is that beautiful god bless her all day everyday

Thorty Montana

4 months ago

Oozing with sex appeal!ooooh my mariah!

Thank you for reminding me about the anniversary of My All! It was my only video directed by the late legendary Herb Ritts and remains one of my favorites to this day. RIP Herb Ritts. #MyAll 🦋

Thi Ha Kyaw

4 months ago

Find your comfort zone hun. Events change you, let things change you to make you stronger. Character building is what you go through, not just reaction. You have had many tough episodes you have turned into a similation of education. Won't go through nothing you can't handle. People always hold feelings in, and although it doesn't seem to effect them at the moment, builds in thresholds, bringing characteristics in the space TV shows that isn't them. Changed in the way the atmosphere patterns with the humans and other life in played in the projector and channels streaming in the pixelating microbursting of frequencies. Influenced momentous energy are in movement inside the human fielding time spaces. Altering feeling, leading to actions, building processes. You should be proud of your accomplishments, even in the mistakes, and especially thru the hard times. Be strong in the time period. The healing process is one of the best in time, regardless of the event. Saying hello. Updates with Presidents and world on climate change and things. Appreciate your past running of the all sky stringing convecting across the planets magnetic fielding movements to the people across the world. You are a blessing to the Earth time space. I'm sure heaven misses you when gone. Your hard work is much appreciated. Your music soundtracked a lot of my sets. Thank you. Feel better. Peace and love.

One of the most intense feeling song ever made. Thank u so much DIVALICIOUS 4 all the higher spirituals moments u gave us in every single word, note, octave...etc it's true; my all means MARIAH CAREY.

Hailey Holm

4 months ago

it was a great song too lol lots of hits back in the day...when's the last time you had a hit on the top 40? I think it's high time you make a new hit MC

Just announced 🎙️ New dates in Malaysia, Macau and Singapore! More details @

Katie Flanders

4 months ago

Trời ơi . Trả tiền vé cho tui. Tui mua tóc giả đội lên rồi nhep. Nghe y Chang luôn :)

Taylor Lucio Martinez

4 months ago

So wait a minute, I take it Stella didn’t tell you everything? The poster? The untitled Entertainment updates?? I love this!! If you get time this yr I love it.. maybe you still have my number .. cracks me up.. it’s all good .. God bless you .. come back to San Diego please!! Do you remember Universal City Walk performance when the Simpsons ride opened?? My kids heard you were going to be there and of course turned to me, “Mom, did you hear that?”😇💎✨memories are irreplaceable

Latia Brown

4 months ago

Ahhhhhhh, so tempting to think about being in Asia again! I’ll put it on my wish considerations list.

Sven Markert

4 months ago

I'm sorry Maraih, you have the talent and amazing vocals but I have no respect for you as a person any longer so you have lost me and my whole family as fans. Maybe if you realize you're not some goddess but just a woman and maybe even a sister you will realize that people and especially family are more important than whatever you think is important right now.

Unai Martin Aramendia

4 months ago

I really wish you would address the "situation" with your former manager with your fans and let us know you are ok. Stella is toxic and I'm glad you got rid of her. When people sue you I notice you get very quiet and then it goes away which to me means you settle with them. If you keep settling lawsuits then people will keep suing you to get a quick payday. Sometimes you need to stand up for yourself. I hope you do. God Bless.

Luann Carr Schroeder

4 months ago

Thank you for your bravery, tenacity, talent, and beauty of heart and soul. You are a true inspiration to all. Blessings to you.

I've been hard at work, feeling inspired by each of your stories and uplifted by your overwhelming support. Let's continue to encourage each other on our journeys.

Ricky Tizcareño

4 months ago

I was just thinking, Mariah you were the soundtrack of my life through the 90's.
I too am bi- polar, and I think you for expressing yourself through your music. It has helped me cope. When I couldn't express myself or understand what was going on inside myself I could always turn to your music to find a release, an escape, an understanding of what I could not express.
Thank You, so much for opening up and sharing with us. It makes you seem more real, and down to earth. Like now I can understand the real Mariah even more. I love you and what your music has done for me more than you could ever possibly understand.
Even now while facing a very stressful time in my life, a time full of high anxiety and insomnia. Listing to songs like Make It Happen, Hero, Almost Home, I Understand, Triumphant, Heavenly ( No Ways Tried/Can't Give Up Now) just to name a few, helps me deal. So again thank you, for being brave enough, for being strong enough to be a voice for all of us who understand the struggles of living with bi- polar. I know God will bless you even more for all you have done for us. Xoxo

Daniel Dela Cruz

4 months ago

You've helped all of us through your music so of course we're gonna support you. Hero, Looking In, Petals and Close my Eyes to name just a few songs which have helped me though tough times. Bless you Mariah and keep strong ❤

Ruth Mary Hansen

4 months ago

I love u mariah, I have severe mental issues, I was diagnosed with "Borderline Personality", and to be quite honest, it's gets very difficult at times, I love your music, I think your a amazing artist.

I'm grateful to be sharing this part of my journey with you.
Read more:

Martha Elizalde

4 months ago

Mariah is a survivor.

From racial discrimination, to failed marriages, to record label woes, physical and emotional breakdown, and now battling & surviving BIPOLAR DISORDER - INCREDIBLE HIGHS and INCREDIBLE LOWS - But they dont know Mariah.

Mariah, as always, found strength within herself, forged ahead and lived life to its fullest.

Jesus Lomeli

4 months ago

Many people have bipolar. The thing mostly to remember is find a treatment that works, be aware, and don't forget your meds. I have lived with this disorder for more years than I want to remember and have gone thru the ups and downs that go with it. Don't stop taking your meds once you feel "normal" again. This is a life-long disorder and there is no shame.

Carol Kipp Sidle

4 months ago

Respectfully, pull toxins, balance hormones, balance intestinal flora, eliminate toxins from your environment, it is all easily repaired, you just need to heal , accumulations of toxins and deficiencies are what culminate to be called "disease" or "disorder", you are not the total of your diagnoses, you just need to give your body what it needs.

Just added two more concerts in Asia this fall! Can't wait to see you #Lambily 🎙😊🦋

Abdelrahman Ahmed Mohamed

4 months ago

To attend and watch you perform is one of my greatest dreams.. listening to your music makes me feel inspired and positive that everything can happen. I hope I can meet and greet you at your concert in Manila..💭😍 Been your fan since i was 12, now im in my mid 30s.. and will always be a lamb! 😘 Thank you for your music and for being an inspiration to all of us 🙂

Claire Mather Vazquez

4 months ago

Mariah Carey we are still in shock! Coz it is a surprise for us lambs for the third time you'll perform here in the Philippines, Hoping for Meet and Greet drama this time:) We are all excited! We are the biggest Active fanclub of yours in Asia! Mariah Carey Philippines

Monroe Vanessa

4 months ago

I love you Mariah Carey I just wanted to show you some good love to my bottom of my good heart big hugs and kisses to my good friend 😊

#tbt what's your favorite song from #Daydream? 💖🎶

Bellita Diaz

4 months ago

All of them! Depends on the day! The whole album is timeless! My mom bought it in 1995 when I was 8 years old and we’d always listen to it together. Now I’m 31 and it’s still one of my favorite albums of all time

Khan Sanzu

4 months ago

It's my FAVORITE album period.. but if I HAD to choose just one, Looking In was a song that helped me get through some hard times. Helped me realize that I don't have to be what I think the world wants me to be or believes me to be. It was almost like a prologue to "Can't Take That Away"

Raymond Philip

4 months ago

all of them!! 😭 favorite Album!! it deserves a proper Anniversary Celebration (nothing happenned in 2015 for it's 20th!)
Underneath the Stars is magic, the entire album is A R T !!

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Me & demkids pon the trampoline ☺️ The Easter Bunny is about to come! 🐰