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Happy birthday to the incomparable Miss Patti LaBelle! Honored to call you my friend and fairy Godmother 💖💖💖

Jim N Cindy Ross

9 hours ago

This was the moment when she defeated Shania, Celine, Whitney and even Madonna for being Artist Of The Millenium! Madonna was shocked then 😉

Anni Berthelsen

13 hours ago

Love both of you! Happy birthday Patti LaBelle

Ruben Hay

a day ago

Patti Labelle 's song : " My love , sweet love " written by BabyFace available of original soundtrack album from the movie " Waiting to Exhale " ( 1995 ) with Whitney Houston, Angela Bassett .

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies in the land & of course my mommy Patricia Carey ♥️ Remembering this moment with "The maestro" Luciano Pavarotti!

Robert Bickford

12 days ago

❤️Hello🌼Mariah⭐I feel very happy to see this beautiful picture of the day about unforgettable meeting with your mother and Pavarotti.He is and will always be the best personality of true example and solidarity for the people and artists in the world that GOD brought on Earth to love the music more each day.We still miss him here close to us.I guess it will be hard to find another good blessed citizen of GOD as him that can give chance of old and young musical personalities to sing the songs by his side shouting that high loud voice of tenor cheering the crowds and clapping the hands satisfied by performance.GOD Bless you,I love you and Thank you.

Mussa Muhadjiri

12 days ago

Happy Mothers Day Mariah Carey, Ms. Patricia Carey and to all Mommies in the World especially to my Mother..😊🌸😘

Paweł Wójcik

12 days ago

My Moms 😇Name was Patty Jo .. close huh?? Love ❤️ this picture, was your mom excited to meet Pavarotti? Did she get a chance to sing with him?? Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day✝️💗🌷God bless you

Excited to headline Livewire Festival 2018 in Blackpool on Friday, August 24th! Tickets are on sale NOW! 🎙️🇬🇧2018 on Friday 24th August!

Limor Kretchmer

14 days ago

I love you 😍💫✝️✍🏼no kidding it’s incredible journey you know it!! Ok, todays was a Nevada Plate on a car 🚙 parked at my Grandson game , I noticed it when I left.. had to ask if it was a real plate ‘MJ.....’ just MJ. I’m happy to say I heard from my friend Angela and working on my dream!! Thanks 🙏🏼 God bless you

Christina Wortham

15 days ago

Its gonna be great event.

John Rajgarh

15 days ago

Mariah, please come to Brazil, dahhling!

Thank you Allure, this was fun! I won't be singing the make-up tune, but I have many surprises for you in my new #Vegas residency THE BUTTERFLY RETURNS 🦋! Tickets are on sale now!

January Christin

17 days ago

Mariah Carey still I'm waiting giving call to me and your east Africa community specially Somali land (north Somalia) loved you saying welcome our gold brown beautiful and ageless Mariah carey

Nicole Dawn Hartpence

17 days ago

I can’t wait for the Vegas show!!! Tickets bought and hotel booked! We’ll be flying in from St. Louis just for the concert 🤗🦋

Vinicius Alves

18 days ago

Zach Ian she’s seeming healthy and happy we stan

Ishola Junior

22 days ago

GO BACK TO THIS MARISH. THE REAL, FUN, HAPPY, ACTUALLY DANCING, MARIAH THAT WE ALL LOVE. ENOUGH OF L THE SPARKLY DRESSES AND GLAM BULLSHIT. I have been a huge fan of yours s ih nice I was 4. I'm now 26. I miss the old funny down to earth MariahCarey I love you! Ps.(get a perm)

Cesar Cervantes

22 days ago

My best Singer in all the times, the big diva, here from Brazil I always loved her since 1992 when I saw her for the first time with 9 year I already stayed in love 😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤

Logan Outlaw

22 days ago

I have been a fan since I first seen you and meet you when you were on the Arsenio Hall show in 1990 still love you now and always ❤

Lambily! Special fanclub pre-sale for THE BUTTERFLY RETURNS The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Vegas starts now! #thebutterflyreturns 🎙️🦋

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Latasha Hinton

24 days ago

Dear marri a molti Friends of mine, specificatamente Umberto Revello Michelle Di Santo e la Wizzy ci sono rimasti very sad due to your bad comportamento. Several times ti abbiamo fatto i birthday wishes in english pure perché non parli il lenguage dei caruggi e well, passi pure this cosa che non speak zeneize anche se è really important che tu lo conosca. Poi ti ho mandato un second message ma te not even the Dick (manco per il cazzo). Ora mi sto asking why continui ad ignoring my amicizia. Non si do dai, sta very very bad fare like this. Anyway sei sempre invited a cena. Se you want, e non vuoi mangiare trenette with pesto, non c'è problem! Qui nella Repubblica of Genoa abbiamo also farinata di farina di ceci, focaccia (che fidati è delicious), panissa che è also good, special pasta chiamata testaroli ma solo in Sestri East, se no, se ti vuoi sentire in your American house ti vieni a mangiare un fantastic hamburger dalla taverna di umbi che Donald Trump go away. Ti waiting so much. E poi adesso che fa anche la bella season ti posso anche portare alla bay of silence a fare il bagno ma gasoline e highway la paghi tu perché qui siamo alla very misci sparati e poor in canna. Facci sapere che abbiamo già le pans sul Fire in taverna. Stammi good e reply al message che siamo in ansious status. Ciao blonde

Russell Ballew

24 days ago

Meagan when will the maddness stop😂😂

Καλλιόπη Μπίλλη

24 days ago

Mariah Carey, please, bring the 🦋 show to Europe too. I am sure thousands of 🐑 including me would ❤️ to see you again. That would be a dream come true. Much love always 💕

Lucky 7️⃣🎂🎊🎉🎈♥️#demkids

Shaton Eubanks

25 days ago

My kids cuidalos ok is feel lake an feeling thos my bat cuidalos a late am always cuidarlos lake am the father bey amor am her whet yuo ok bey this mexico bey

Adam Pettengill

a month ago

Happy birthday gorgeous twins God bless the both of you with love and humanity and most if all love one another and your one and only Miss Carey cheers to another year .

Louis Caston

a month ago

Them kids will never work a day in their lives or learn about structure and discipline and have a normal life, dem fake kidz

Pon de lab 🎙️🦋

Ssivun Bolivar

a month ago

lady sings the blues and gives us a beautiful sound to those hard to handle emotions.. or gives us smiles when those (dance like Nobody’s watching) upbeat songs come on.. what Mariah song got you through your worst times? Or was the sound of your best moments?

Steve Penrose

a month ago

Can’t wait to hear your heavenly voice on record again!🎵😍♥️🎶🦋🌈🎼”You got the best of me, and I just keep on coming back incessantly!”

Dani Green

a month ago

Hi Mariah I know u know we all luv u mine is a special luv 4 u, ur music from the beginning has always been my inspiration in my life I always brag about u whether 2 co-workers or family members they all no how much I luv u and ur music I'm a 62 yr old young guy that'll luv whatever u do thank u 4 making our lives better and the world 4 that matter with ur beautiful voice luv Hanky

Carrie Bauer

a month ago

So glad to see you Mimi and Bryan stay stronger and happily together than ever😍Time to get married 💍💍Blessings with much beautiful love to you two cuties made in heaven 😍😘

Santos MarSantos

a month ago

Is this the guy she banged when she was engaged to what's his name and wouldn't have sex with him until marriage? Classy.

Ritu Sahare

a month ago

You look great Mariah...and happy..will you still be doing your reality show.. the first part was can put some of your spirituality in it, you are truly authentic.. love and blessings..💕🌴

Phạm Vũ

a month ago

I wonder if the head tilt in every photo is a habit or is it about getting the best angle? Still a doll nonetheless!

Eva Whittimore

a month ago

Damm she’s fine as heck man I wish I had a woman beautiful as this I mean wow can’t hardly put her beauty in words she is that beautiful god bless her all day everyday

Thorty Montana

a month ago

Oozing with sex appeal!ooooh my mariah!

Thank you for reminding me about the anniversary of My All! It was my only video directed by the late legendary Herb Ritts and remains one of my favorites to this day. RIP Herb Ritts. #MyAll 🦋

Thi Ha Kyaw

a month ago

Find your comfort zone hun. Events change you, let things change you to make you stronger. Character building is what you go through, not just reaction. You have had many tough episodes you have turned into a similation of education. Won't go through nothing you can't handle. People always hold feelings in, and although it doesn't seem to effect them at the moment, builds in thresholds, bringing characteristics in the space TV shows that isn't them. Changed in the way the atmosphere patterns with the humans and other life in played in the projector and channels streaming in the pixelating microbursting of frequencies. Influenced momentous energy are in movement inside the human fielding time spaces. Altering feeling, leading to actions, building processes. You should be proud of your accomplishments, even in the mistakes, and especially thru the hard times. Be strong in the time period. The healing process is one of the best in time, regardless of the event. Saying hello. Updates with Presidents and world on climate change and things. Appreciate your past running of the all sky stringing convecting across the planets magnetic fielding movements to the people across the world. You are a blessing to the Earth time space. I'm sure heaven misses you when gone. Your hard work is much appreciated. Your music soundtracked a lot of my sets. Thank you. Feel better. Peace and love.

One of the most intense feeling song ever made. Thank u so much DIVALICIOUS 4 all the higher spirituals moments u gave us in every single word, note, octave...etc it's true; my all means MARIAH CAREY.

Hailey Holm

a month ago

it was a great song too lol lots of hits back in the day...when's the last time you had a hit on the top 40? I think it's high time you make a new hit MC

Just announced 🎙️ New dates in Malaysia, Macau and Singapore! More details @

Katie Flanders

a month ago

Trời ơi . Trả tiền vé cho tui. Tui mua tóc giả đội lên rồi nhep. Nghe y Chang luôn :)

Taylor Lucio Martinez

a month ago

So wait a minute, I take it Stella didn’t tell you everything? The poster? The untitled Entertainment updates?? I love this!! If you get time this yr I love it.. maybe you still have my number .. cracks me up.. it’s all good .. God bless you .. come back to San Diego please!! Do you remember Universal City Walk performance when the Simpsons ride opened?? My kids heard you were going to be there and of course turned to me, “Mom, did you hear that?”😇💎✨memories are irreplaceable

Latia Brown

a month ago

Ahhhhhhh, so tempting to think about being in Asia again! I’ll put it on my wish considerations list.

Sven Markert

a month ago

I'm sorry Maraih, you have the talent and amazing vocals but I have no respect for you as a person any longer so you have lost me and my whole family as fans. Maybe if you realize you're not some goddess but just a woman and maybe even a sister you will realize that people and especially family are more important than whatever you think is important right now.

Unai Martin Aramendia

a month ago

I really wish you would address the "situation" with your former manager with your fans and let us know you are ok. Stella is toxic and I'm glad you got rid of her. When people sue you I notice you get very quiet and then it goes away which to me means you settle with them. If you keep settling lawsuits then people will keep suing you to get a quick payday. Sometimes you need to stand up for yourself. I hope you do. God Bless.

Luann Carr Schroeder

a month ago

Thank you for your bravery, tenacity, talent, and beauty of heart and soul. You are a true inspiration to all. Blessings to you.

I've been hard at work, feeling inspired by each of your stories and uplifted by your overwhelming support. Let's continue to encourage each other on our journeys.

Ricky Tizcareño

a month ago

I was just thinking, Mariah you were the soundtrack of my life through the 90's.
I too am bi- polar, and I think you for expressing yourself through your music. It has helped me cope. When I couldn't express myself or understand what was going on inside myself I could always turn to your music to find a release, an escape, an understanding of what I could not express.
Thank You, so much for opening up and sharing with us. It makes you seem more real, and down to earth. Like now I can understand the real Mariah even more. I love you and what your music has done for me more than you could ever possibly understand.
Even now while facing a very stressful time in my life, a time full of high anxiety and insomnia. Listing to songs like Make It Happen, Hero, Almost Home, I Understand, Triumphant, Heavenly ( No Ways Tried/Can't Give Up Now) just to name a few, helps me deal. So again thank you, for being brave enough, for being strong enough to be a voice for all of us who understand the struggles of living with bi- polar. I know God will bless you even more for all you have done for us. Xoxo

Daniel Dela Cruz

a month ago

You've helped all of us through your music so of course we're gonna support you. Hero, Looking In, Petals and Close my Eyes to name just a few songs which have helped me though tough times. Bless you Mariah and keep strong ❤

Ruth Mary Hansen

a month ago

I love u mariah, I have severe mental issues, I was diagnosed with "Borderline Personality", and to be quite honest, it's gets very difficult at times, I love your music, I think your a amazing artist.

I'm grateful to be sharing this part of my journey with you.
Read more:

Martha Elizalde

a month ago

Mariah is a survivor.

From racial discrimination, to failed marriages, to record label woes, physical and emotional breakdown, and now battling & surviving BIPOLAR DISORDER - INCREDIBLE HIGHS and INCREDIBLE LOWS - But they dont know Mariah.

Mariah, as always, found strength within herself, forged ahead and lived life to its fullest.

Jesus Lomeli

a month ago

Many people have bipolar. The thing mostly to remember is find a treatment that works, be aware, and don't forget your meds. I have lived with this disorder for more years than I want to remember and have gone thru the ups and downs that go with it. Don't stop taking your meds once you feel "normal" again. This is a life-long disorder and there is no shame.

Carol Kipp Sidle

a month ago

Respectfully, pull toxins, balance hormones, balance intestinal flora, eliminate toxins from your environment, it is all easily repaired, you just need to heal , accumulations of toxins and deficiencies are what culminate to be called "disease" or "disorder", you are not the total of your diagnoses, you just need to give your body what it needs.

Just added two more concerts in Asia this fall! Can't wait to see you #Lambily 🎙😊🦋

Abdelrahman Ahmed Mohamed

2 months ago

To attend and watch you perform is one of my greatest dreams.. listening to your music makes me feel inspired and positive that everything can happen. I hope I can meet and greet you at your concert in Manila..💭😍 Been your fan since i was 12, now im in my mid 30s.. and will always be a lamb! 😘 Thank you for your music and for being an inspiration to all of us 🙂

Claire Mather Vazquez

2 months ago

Mariah Carey we are still in shock! Coz it is a surprise for us lambs for the third time you'll perform here in the Philippines, Hoping for Meet and Greet drama this time:) We are all excited! We are the biggest Active fanclub of yours in Asia! Mariah Carey Philippines

Monroe Vanessa

2 months ago

I love you Mariah Carey I just wanted to show you some good love to my bottom of my good heart big hugs and kisses to my good friend 😊

#tbt what's your favorite song from #Daydream? 💖🎶

Bellita Diaz

2 months ago

All of them! Depends on the day! The whole album is timeless! My mom bought it in 1995 when I was 8 years old and we’d always listen to it together. Now I’m 31 and it’s still one of my favorite albums of all time

Khan Sanzu

2 months ago

It's my FAVORITE album period.. but if I HAD to choose just one, Looking In was a song that helped me get through some hard times. Helped me realize that I don't have to be what I think the world wants me to be or believes me to be. It was almost like a prologue to "Can't Take That Away"

Raymond Philip

2 months ago

all of them!! 😭 favorite Album!! it deserves a proper Anniversary Celebration (nothing happenned in 2015 for it's 20th!)
Underneath the Stars is magic, the entire album is A R T !!

50 years ago on April 4th Dr. King’s life was cut short but his dream still lives. Share your dream in the comments or post your own video. #DreamStillLives

Me & demkids pon the trampoline ☺️ The Easter Bunny is about to come! 🐰

Thank you for all the anniversary wishes! #L4L

Visiting dembabies' classroom.. the only way to get me back to school 😂🦋

#TBT #HappyAnniversaryWBT
🎶 When you left I lost a part of me,
It's still so hard to believe,
Come back baby please,
#TBT #HappyAnniversaryWBT 🎶 When you left I lost a part of me, It's still so hard to believe, Come back baby please, ‘Cause...

Sabrina Carnegie

2 months ago

She ruled the 90’s , in the 2000’s she only needed that special song to make her huge for that decade so 2 decades in a row .. now for this decade 2010’s please Mariah give us the 19th #1 we are all craving for !!! But this time it isn’t about redeeming yourself , it’s about you showing your true colours once again to the world!!
When I listen to old school mixes and songs from 20 years ago they still sound so current which means u were so ahead of time or I should say u change the way music is heading!!
Love you for ever !!


2 months ago

And then A Hero comes along (me) with the strength to carry on, because I'll be there, just call my name and I'll be there 😍 ♥️ Mariah

Krisztina Koródy

2 months ago

As I was singing "Vanishing" one evening while waiting for her to look through the jewelery and trinket cases, she came up to me and said "That's beautiful! Did you write that"? I said "No, Mariah Carey wrote it". That was the first time she ever said it was beautiful.... vocally and lyrically (I was feeling it) so on that note and in response to your post, I thank you. "So" yes, "You'll always be a part of me...". Give Nick my regards and tell him thank you for befriending me way back then on Myspace.

Ronces Libo-on

2 months ago

You are the queen of your environment project and aspirations do not let them use you and aprivechen your image as they have done many in those who have believed by these circumstances lock your image and continues to win doll BEAUTIFUL ORCHID OF THE HUMAN GARDEN. I love your image, your voice and everything you are.

Brenda Peavy Chandler

2 months ago

So pretty! And I do believe this is the first post in forever of you and the Little’s! Great to see all is well, and they’re looking cute as ever! 🙂

Kurt A Scott

2 months ago

Thin in the face, small in the waist.
She eliminated the one thing they could talk about.
The one thing holding her back at her age, and she fixed it for the camera.
And what?
There is such a thing as haters.
But they can't do it like this.

#327 ♥️
Anniversary celebrations at the most festive place on earth! 🎉🎉 #disneyland #327

Anniversary celebrations at the most festive place on earth! 🎉🎉 #disneyland #327

Amanda Lippy Costagliola

2 months ago

You still look hot Mariah! "Hero" truly helped me heal after my dad's passing and "Through the Rain" when my mom passed....your music transcends time!

Francis San Jose

2 months ago

And happy Birthday! I was at your proctors concert that aired as a thanksgiving special, up in the front row at the stage, got to touch your hand as you reached down to us fans and went down the stage. And my bff and I are in your videos hero & without You! 😍

Gerardo Gomez

2 months ago

Happy belated Birthday Ms.Mariah Carey i love you so much😘😘 and may good blessings shower in the future 🎉🎉🎉and im proud to say that im a Lamb And been a fan since i heard your music your music brings joy to me even the rough days made smoothly because of your music🎵🎶🎤🎧and BTW Excited for your new song..Happy 48th Birthday Ms.Mariah I love you so Much💕💕

March madness! What's your winner? 😊 #327

Kon'nichiwa Japan! Pleased to announce I will be coming to Osaka Chuo Gymnasium on 10/29 and Budokan on 10/31 🎙😊 I really hope to see you all there!

Happy birthday to the fabulous Miss Ross! Much love always!! 😘♥️

Mark Hollis

2 months ago

Happy birthday to you Diana Ross great day to you🎂🎂🎂🎂

Pedro Henrique Silveira

2 months ago

Wish your happy birthday to you Dear QUEENS

Noluthando Samkeh Khumalo

2 months ago

Happy Birthday Diana Ross Can’t Wait for yours tomorrow 🎊🎊😁👑👑❤️❤️

Happy Birthday to the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin!! We ♥️ you!

Kevy Evy

2 months ago

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Florencia Castro

2 months ago

I wonder if mariah will post a picture of celine dion on the 30th of march as it is celine's birthday as well and vice versa. A lot of talented singers were born this month. Aretha, mariah, diana ross and celine.

Diane Soto

2 months ago

She is the best for sure
What a powerhouse!
Have a listen to "Jumping Jack Flash " on YouTube she is simply amazing!!

Happy Birthday to the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin!! We ♥️ you!

Sending my support to the Stoneman Douglas students and everyone around the country supporting this important cause. #MarchForOurLives

#fbf my best friend 🐶♥️ #NationalPuppyDay

Marvin Wright

2 months ago

Tomorrow is my birthday 🍀 My birthday and Mariah's birthday are the same day! ️ I am proud! Let's make it the best birthday ⭐︎

Gabriel Borges

2 months ago


Sydney Larson

2 months ago

Jack brought so much love into the puppy world of Mariah and her #lambily
Still the love shows with da rest of dam babies!!!

#fbf my best friend 🐶♥️ #NationalPuppyDay

Okay, so it's 5 am.. pon de booth! 🦋💖

Heather Fryer Lambert

2 months ago

“And I still can’t sleep. Took medicine but it’s not working in someone’s cleaning to me and it’s bittersweet because he’s head over heels but it ain’t that deep I finally change my number got a different pager then last Saturday your cousin called to say you’re trying to reach me probably because you see that I’m with someone new”

Karri Talat

2 months ago

through sadness comes love and through love comes happiness for love is joy the love has been given do not let it pass you love is patient it is waiting for you

Yong Ki Lee

2 months ago

Im fine with whatever shes working on cuz no matter what its always amazing i really hope she captures some good new sounds n inspirations for this album

Pon de studio 📝 Happy St. Patrick's Day! 🍀😘❤️

JoAnn Beltrame Holden

2 months ago

Mariah, sweetheart, please let your voice rest for a couple years so it can return back to a form of what it once was. Your voice used to be immaculate but now you struggle to get through your hits live. I'm not saying retire but I am saying that you should take a couple years to yourself. Just relax. We want you back at peak form. Please!

Your Lambily

Alicia Racquel Camille

2 months ago

Mariah, sweetheart, please let your voice rest for a couple years so it can return back to a form of what it once was. Your voice used to be immaculate but now you struggle to get through your hits live. I'm not saying retire but I am saying that you should take a couple years to yourself. Just relax. We want you back at peak form. Please!

Your Lambily

Ñävèéñ MøkShâ

2 months ago

Beautiful legend she was my inspiration my one and only idol....I always listen to her music since I was a child until now....I love her so much I wish I could meet her in person for once in my life its my ultimate dream my queen mariah

Pon de studio 📝 Happy St. Patrick's Day! 🍀😘❤️ #happystpatricksday

I'm a wee bit Irish! ☘️☘️ Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Jose Fguillen

2 months ago

I'm 100% Irish Mariah. And same surname as yourself. Maybe we are distant cousins. When are you going to come and sing in Ireland? Would love to see you Live. 🇮🇪 🇮🇪 🇮🇪 ☘️ ☘️ ☘️

Devendra Rai

2 months ago

Okey hapy so in the team dream the celtic rhyme for the hapy days repet you ways you hapy ways see lucke dhroopy wooy you gat hapy kiss you

Patricia Palmerston

2 months ago

Beatiful dog and you also i am searching really Mariah Carey i love you too Mariah Carey since 1990 write me please 😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

I'm a wee bit Irish! ☘️☘️ Happy St. Patrick's Day!

V Magazine 🦋 On Stands Now

#tbt Happy International Women's Day!!! #MissMonroe #GirlPower 💕💗💕

Jennifer McDonald Miessau

3 months ago

How adorable ty for sharing

Christian Kaiser

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Zii Maezii

3 months ago

Mariah Happy Intenational Women's Day.

#tbt Happy International Women's Day!!! #internationalwomensday #MissMonroe #GirlPower 💕💗💕

V Magazine 🦋 March 2018

𝓥 Magazine 🦋 March 2018

MaAn Abellana

3 months ago

such a great face....and curvy body....i love. lol. my fantasy concert some year....? i hope vegas some night soon....mariah. i have followed you since, you first sang on the grammy's in 1991??? i was sold and in love. lol. truth be told.

Tim Young

3 months ago

Im not happy for this pic so sad hu hu hu what happened my love riah can see the eyes of hell in your photo inside the mirror hu hu hu :'( :'( :'(

LadykAth Balayo

3 months ago

Wazzup mariah? dis nigga is saying dat he luvs yur music and yur lovely smile, u are one of d best female singer!

Miss Monroe and mommy on a spa night! 💅💕

#tbt #breakdown #lovingitsincethen ☺️🦋🎶

"it was a stone groove!!" 🎉🥊🎉🥊🎉🥊💙 #Repost @iamjamiefoxx ・・・ About last night Happy bday champ. @floydmayweather @mariahcarey what a night!! #undefeated #tequila #andstill. Why my pinky out like that 🤔🤔🦊🦊

Jewelyn Lanurias

3 months ago

Please Mariah, be like the Mariah in Debut album, Daydream album, Butterfly Album, Emancipation album, and E=MC2 album... IDC if you collaborated with rapper as long as it's a hit!!! and always being promoted by your label... We need a 19th, 20th and 21st #1 Hit!!!

Raluca Rus

3 months ago

Fans have the right to complain about songs they don’t like, show their likes and dislikes. We can’t be blind and stupid just because we appreciate some artist. I’ve been a Mariah fan since the very beginning and her songs have been the soundtrack of my life for many years, until the Daydream album. I can’t lie, the following ones have some great tracks, but her last one is really disappointing and boring. I dream that she’ll make a new “musicbox” or “daydream “ style album! No more rappers, low notes songs, please!! You can do much better!

Mhamad Younes

3 months ago

Whatever album you make I'm there for it god bless you, your a wonderful writer I've always been a fan rather it's rap or not. Just want you to be happy

🎶 "As we lay upon the grass..." 🎶 #UnderneathTheStars #tbt

❤🎶"I'm in heaven with my boyfriend..."🎶❤ #HappyValentinesDay 📸 Bill Boatman