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I'm so excited to bring the CAUTION WORLD TOUR to you, starting February 2019! ⚠ I can't wait to perform songs from the new album as well as some of our favorites! 💖 Special fanclub presales begin tomorrow! Public on sale this Friday, 10/26 at 10am. Visit for more details! 🦋🎵

Patricia Ford

8 hours ago

Thank you for not announcing west coast... i'm still reeling from buy front row for vegas... these prices ain't no joke... you sure smella isn't behind these prices GTFO

Samantha Celaya

8 hours ago

Announces “world tour” while still in Asia. International shows: Asia 😂 what about the other continents, Mariah?

Linda Hinson

8 hours ago

Kym Jones will be interesting if any Aussie lambs bother booking tickets after the last 2 cancelled shows!

Thank you so much Sony Music Asia Pacific for this honor! 1.6 BILLION?!?! Wow!!😮😮🙏🙏 Thank you to all of my amazing Asian fans for all the years of support. I love you and I'm so excited to be here on this tour! ❤️❤️

Jo-Jo Murphy-Thompson

a day ago

loved in asia, the amount of people I see trying to sing your music is unbelievable, them high notes are non existant outchere

Daniela Mihu

a day ago

I just mantra on Mariah Carey and compact discs I buy. I am not a fan actually, they are entertainers and I lol to them frequently. I just cannot understand how many fans spend their life savings to see the show or tour. I just buy some cds, make a selection of tracks and upload a compilation online for others to listen to or download.

Osbert Tumusiime Jr.

a day ago

Congratulations MC, you deserve it! i really happy on your achievements and i love your voice. sing and sing for us, please ❤❤

Less than 6 hours till you can pre-order #Caution ⚠ (+a surprise)!!!! 🔥 Sitting here looking at the beautiful book and shirt the Malaysian lambily gave me 💖 Thank you for a great opening night, I enjoyed ya! #MCLiveInAsia 🎶🦋

Ivan Bucic

5 days ago

Like u and your staff but you would touch my soul the most if you were worshiping god the through jesus christ, many souls would have been recourncilled to god through you and christ.

Clementina Zau

5 days ago

Love your new music and very happy you are doing life and your music the way you want, break away from the controllers and haters and fakers and encircle your life with light and love and your dreams. Prayers and love to you and your family.

Veera Koivulampi

5 days ago

Can't wait to see you in Manila, 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭 #MariahCareyPhilippines #IknowWhoYouAre #MCareyPH

Take a look at the making of the WITH YOU video! #WithYou💕 #BehindTheScenes

Stephanie White

5 days ago


Leon Thieme

5 days ago

mariah too cool to go this far in music say hi to jessica symphson ur 2 singers i will always adore

Yvonne DaleAshford

5 days ago

Wish you could show us more of this kind of vids. Take care!

Making dumplings in Taipei! See you at the show tomorrow!

Ryan Nicklos

5 days ago

Two little chefs awesome.

Dangkhoa Doan

5 days ago

Queen Mariah, & her two cutie pies cooking. That is so awesome.

Ananth Kumar

5 days ago

With special guest tonight? 🤔 Singing When You Believe? 'Ameizing'?

CAUTION 🔥 Pre-order 10/18 @ 12am ET 🔥

Athena Chang

6 days ago

This Album 🖤 gonna slay my life and snatch my wig far away !
I can't help it but think about the Britney Spears's in the zone cover lol !
!!Caution : you are in my zone !! 🤣

Low Raa

6 days ago

Your undying commitment to give your fans such great music is unparalleled. I'm simply amazed of what you've done in the last 28 years of your career. I'm simply waiting impatiently to listen to this Album!😍
-One of your biggest fans

Sophia Bella D'Adamo

6 days ago

Sing a song called stellar , mystery , vision , mystic , tender love , bruised heart , figure of speech , loser , i guess , floosey , sorry , limit , dance leaque , futuristic #sony #sonybmg # recordcompany #universal

Hiiiii 💖 You guys can pre-save my new album #Caution NOW and help unlock my album art! #CAUTIONUnlock 🔥

Lakruwan Chamara

6 days ago

Liz Ruddy November is the best month ever. Lol. YEAH BABY!

Yago Santos

6 days ago

Somebody screenshot and post the cover I don’t have Spotify 😭😭😭😭

Yorgi Puertas

6 days ago

awww we tried to look for your album in the store few days ago but none available yet, didn't know you're just about to release it. Cant wait! love you Mariah ♥️🦋

My Asian tour starts tomorrow in Kuala Lumpur! 🇲🇾 Can't wait to see you 💖 #finalrehearsal
📸 @six7music

Gregorio Samsa

6 days ago

So talented backup singers!!😍😍 And Mariah is looking SO good!!💕💕💕

Carie Soto

6 days ago

Wow look at your longtime friends/back up singers💕💜👍🏽love you all

Stian Håkonsen

6 days ago

I like mariah but when she did lip sync i feel down for her

Jet lagged 😴 #tourlife

Brian Dean Farley

7 days ago

I don never forget yuo ring baterfly yuo look betiful guaaaaa welt yes baby yes give my ha kises the prices for my ok an boy y big hock abrazo ok take ceer corazon the melon bey

BJ Bizzie

8 days ago

Wish to see you here in the Philippines and sing with our own Mariah Carey her name is Katrina Velarde.

Nancy Perez

8 days ago

Hey Mariah. My girlfriend, Avril Chan is a huge fan and she's absolutely in love with both the new tracks. Please include them in your set tomorrow night at The Plenary Hall in KL.

Good morning, Kuala Lumpur! 💕

Juan Pablo Elizalde Cruz

8 days ago

Dear Mariah, Malaysians just really like to troll and membawang. Hope you are not offended by some of these jokes. Our jokes are sometimes brutal but we have warm hearts and nice food!

Tamia Bostic

9 days ago

Good morning maria minado!!!!..come to penang please... it's around 4 hours of driving from KL...i will bring u to the famous nasik kandaq here in wakanda i mean jelutong, and u will gain another 20 kilos of fat...who cares right?...just like old times...u and me and nasik kandaq....ok bebehhhh????

Rylee Thompson

9 days ago

omgs i thought her insta comment section was fire until i saw her fb comment section... we live for indo vs malay bulding claiming😂

On the set of the #WithYou💕 video with @kristoferbuckle 💖 #fbf

Daisy Christie-White

10 days ago

I think this performance at #AMA,s is lipped always Mariah makes lip sync but still best love you mariah

Ben Salah

10 days ago

Sweetie their trying to split up this union don't let them do it too much is at stake I'm worried babe you're not talking to me

Steve Zirnfus

10 days ago

Finally He was able to give you the right makeup 💄 He is the best . And I told him to keep this young look on you .

#tbt we shot this campaign in 2004 but the message is still relevant today. VOTE! Your voice matters. Register to vote now @

Aleksander Malesesev

10 days ago

Half you can't read that this picture is from 2004.

Matteo Alessandro Müller

10 days ago

I like that Mariah Carey hasn’t spoke against President Trump.

Sarah Dowell

11 days ago

It’s called tbt= throwback Thursday means old picture from 2004 that’s when this was taken... she is all natural an beautiful has been her life unlike some of these other female singers / rappers.. just saying lol some people today 🤦🏻‍♀️

Here it is!! My new video “With You” ❤ I hope you like it 😘 #WithYou💕

Maitala SunBaw

11 days ago

Hi Lambs! This is Patrique McMillan....I was in the 1st era of background singers with this highly talented and Beautiful sister.....I Am so proud of her strength and tenacity amongst this heart wrentching industry that judges more than promotes. I Love U Mariah 💘 Stay blessed and continue to conquer....Shalom friend.

Jennifer Crouch Baccari

11 days ago

Ya'll are trips... Seriously the people commenting on her new video and music being all negative Bye! She doesn't need to prove anything to anyone.... She doesn't need reinvent herself, nor does she need to come back to earth... Be grateful she's even making US music! Don't like it? Don't comment or leave her damn page!

Mariah Carey your TRUE lambs love it!! Keep it coming 💕❤️❤️💕🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶💕❤️❤️💕

Anusha Sandamali

11 days ago

Download Challenge - There are 20M who like this page. If each person listen's to With You on YouTube 5 separate times we can easily get Mariah 100,000,000 views in 1 day. You can also purchase the single 1 time, provided you are able too. Let's make this Mariah's 19th # 1. I know we can do it if we all work collectively!!!!!

Watch the exclusive video premiere of WITH YOU tonight on Entertainment Tonight at 7:30pm ET! #WithYou 💕

Isaac Kusi-ansah

12 days ago

love and respect, ma Queen!

SH Kamal

12 days ago

I love all of you Mariah from head to toes!

Reginaldo Amado Fombe

12 days ago

please Mariah Carey sell your beauty secret to us why you are staying young and beautiful and timeless

#WithYou💕 #AMAs

Orly Plaza Clemente

11 days ago

All the would, coulds and self proclaimed know it alls, have a seat and thank Mariah for continuing to put out great and timeless music. WTF people 🤦🏻‍♂️
It was a great and beautiful performance. We don’t know the back story
or big picture as to why she and her team chose certain decisions. It’s not our business. She showed up and she delivered. Be grateful for the blessing she is to us all 🦋
In these dark times, you really want to dim down the Brightest of Lights? #GTFO
I’m #WITHYOU Mariah Always 💕😘
A #Lamb that’s loyal, loves and respects you unconditionally. 🙏🏻😘🎶

Md Noman Hossen

12 days ago

Wow, this is beautiful, I love this cat, even if you knew I was cute, although I do not speak English. ... I hope she
answer me

Keith Nagel

12 days ago

Since I saw I heart radio performance of Mimi I was really happy for her, I mean she's really making a statement that hey! She's a vocal superstar.......I really like #gtfo also ....and now this single #withyou....I was amazed by her voice on this new song......Mimi is iconic! I pray that this song sky rocketed on the billboard charts!😘😘😘😘😘

Backstage with @heidiklum singing GTFO in my after show robe lol
TONIGHT! I can’t wait to perform the world television debut of “With You” on the @AMAs 🎶🎉 Tune in at 8/7c on ABC! #AMAs #WithYou 💕🦋

Tanya White

12 days ago

I love u mariah all the best

Audry Guzman

12 days ago

My Mariah you ageing so well like a maturing wine

Carlos Gregorio Vargas

12 days ago

Dear Mariah Carey;I love the dress you wore for the With You performance last night. However, I believe that you should have stood on a mechanical flower that opened to let the dancers out and on the screen there should have been pink smoke.
My email is Knowing your love of remixes, I have an innovative way for you to do remix. I believe that the GTFO video did not respect your diva image and have the perfect way to ensure that the video is a classic. Please email me to inquire more about my other plans for your catalog. I am also a very talented songwriter who is seeking to shop a song to Britney Spears that I believe will be her biggest hit.
My linkedin is:

Much love to the iHeartRadio fam! Watch my performances of "Emotions" and "Always Be My Baby" tonight during the #iHeartOnCW special at 8/7c on @TheCW 🎵😊

Katherin Ramirez

14 days ago

Mariah pls rerelease migrate as a single!!! Its going to be a hit!!!

Hantie Kruger

14 days ago

I really love the new songs

Chit Kaung

14 days ago

Mariah Carey Love for Life! Forever "Emotions"

Stream #WithYou 💕on @Apple Music 🎶

Brayan Gutiérrez

15 days ago

The fact that we don't have a title or album date has me feeling the art of letting go vibes :(

Victoria Laudani

15 days ago

I’m disappointed at your last two singles Mariah. Your music isn’t what it used to be. It’s lost it’s depth.

Justin Eu

15 days ago

LOVE this song ! Been on repeat and stuck in my head all week !

🎶 I'm in love, it's true 🎶 #WithYou💕 available to stream & buy everywhere 😘
Surprised the lambs on Wednesday night with a listening party!!!! Thank you to my amazing #lambily for your eternal support, I couldn't be happier to share this new music #WithYou😍😍

Melikenur Taşlı

16 days ago

No. No. No. why can’t you sing in full voice? You literally whined your way through the whole song. Is there no one in your camp that dares to tell you how bad it sounds?

Maril Olivia St. James

17 days ago

I love it so much! 💓💪 Appreciate your music since 90s :) I LOVE YOU SO MUCH Mariah!!! 💓💪

Prince Lubosi Ngombala

18 days ago

On A Vynil what the days please

“With You” is officially out and I am so excited for you to hear the Premiere of it on @iHeartRadio #WithYou💕

Courtney Susedik Garcia

18 days ago

The song is hypnotizing, it has a powerful and subtle meaning... LOVE, true love.
Why asking for “classic ballads”, when she offers fresh new classic treasures like this.
I mean, i’m sure I’m not a good singer, but when I sing along with Mariah, I feel a rush in my heart.
And right now I’m singing .... “shots of Remy, playing Confessions and our bodies blendin’” 🎤🎼
There’s no need of another #1, it‘ s a GREAT SONG.

Josh Whorton

18 days ago

So proud of our one and only Queen 🦋🙌🏼
This song is everything and more. Just a beautiful, peaceful ballad/bop. My car ride in busy traffic was awesome thanks to #WithYou🎶
Can’t wait for the video
Mariah 😘😘😘💕💕💕🎉

Lila Maxx

18 days ago

Mariah, keep it simple next time and don’t add too many layers at the end. And take out the finger clicks, it’s cheesy! 🤮

“With You” is officially out and I am so excited for you to hear the Premiere of it on iHeartRadio #WithYou💕

Nathan Josh

18 days ago

Loving the lyrical content and the climactic vocals at the end. I give it a 8.5 out of 10.... mind you, I'm giving this score compared to a MARIAH 10, not just a 10 in general. Which means it's like a 9 in general.

Charlotte Tyler

18 days ago

The song is hypnotizing, it has a powerful and subtle meaning... LOVE, true love.
Why asking for “classic ballads”, when she offers fresh new classic treasures like this.
I mean, i’m sure I’m not a good singer, but when I sing along with Mariah, I feel a rush in my heart.
And right now I’m singing .... “shots of Remy, playing Confessions and our bodies blendin’” 🎤🎼

Faith Chepchumba

18 days ago

I love it! She has nothing to prove to anyone anymore so she can do what she pleases. I am so excited for MC15!

WITH YOU 💕 is finally here! 🎵 Available everywhere @ ❤💙💜

Ilham Alamsyah

18 days ago

For a lead single, and build up from GTFO, this is lackluster. I am a HUGE MEGA fan so I say this from the heart. I am not sure if the issues are vocally you need a more whisper tone (understandably since your hits require a lot of technical ability); or if you just choose to put out music that puts people to sleep (sorry). We need vintage VOCALS Mariah!! If this is the tone of the album then I’m really sad. After waiting 5 years, and all your posts on being in the studio, then Mariah it’s time to get new producers and a new sound. 🤨😞

Utku Metin

18 days ago

Omg I wish people will get over it Msriah does Mariah and being true to her art is why we love her the song is YOU and we love it 🖤}i{

Lillian Graden

18 days ago

“Ever since that Bone Thugs song, you ain’t gotta breakdown you’re too strong”. Yes! My fave collab and one of my favorite Mariah songs from the 90’s. I’m feelin this new song💕

WITH YOU ✨ 10.4

Jo-Ann Napier Esposito

20 days ago

I cant wait for the release. Does anyone else notice something where her hand is? The hand holding the jacket looks like the back for her hand rather than fingers or something grasping the jacket.

Kitts Lucky Joels

21 days ago

Great song,great vocal,and i like it,but somehow i prefer the original version,recordered much before your version.

Terri Kessler

21 days ago

Hola corazon de melon am happy yuo are happy bad thad most import for us is the kids i dont care yuo doing bat am steal love always ok melon sed hai every one for my bey

I’m using my voice for peace. What will you do? Join me in celebrating #PeaceDay with iHeartRadio and share the love.

Kristal Lynn Hixenbaugh

25 days ago

Let mattel design a few clothes and miguel aka tyrone marshall design a few gown and items ask for ty for videos and personal and outings like award show like american awards

Jessica Campbell

25 days ago

Sing a few fun songs in new album and one serious and one fun song with sa singer jimmy nevis and another sa singer female #sony #bmg let me sing with mariah two songs and miguel two songs all artist too

Kevin Doyle

a month ago

I often use the BUTERFLY álbum to fall aslepp... Still my fav and give me so much peace!

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. McDonald! ♥️👰🤵🏻💍🎉

Aloha Esther, I enjoy asking Abraham-Hicks to enjoy manifesting with all World Citizens, & my devoted marriage partners & I. I love enjoying devoted partnership with friends that I am easily enabled to Treasure Forever. I am in Joyful Love with Knowing that People I Love & I are being assisted. I am in Joyful Love with Knowing that People I Love & I are Eternal. It is very comforting to know that there is no shortage of time that is important time. I am excited about enjoying our Joyful Friendship. I am very joyful knowing that I am always Joyfully Addicted to Love. :) J <3 <3 <3 <3

Gabriel Gonzalez

a month ago

Why do these beautiful talented women date their backup dancers I don't get it a man would have to match my income ladies we have to do better the world is big their are so many decent well established men she better learn from that Brittney Spears & Kevin Federline 🤣😅

Svein Oddvar Johansen

a month ago


Thank you for having me iHeartRadio! I enjoyed ya 😘 #iHeartFestival

Oleg Ronjin

a month ago

why are they introducing Mariah as the best selling female artist of all time (over and over again as if people were made to do so) while all the countdowns, including the latest ones by billboard confirm that this is not true ?

Kelly Burger

a month ago

I love you mis carey😍😍😍i can't wait to see you here at araneta collisium manila philippines...i love you sooooo much mimi...

Liz Tarbet

a month ago

You are always my favourite. I like your golden voice. Keep shining . Nice one my sister from another mother.

It’s show time! Watch the #iHeartFestival right now on 🦋💖

Dirk Taljaard

a month ago

any hot boy like sex?? today mornig I do the sex with 5 young boy, my sex video link (any boy like sexx?)

Csilla Major

a month ago

Love you Mariah Carey big hugs & kisses to my good heart you were good my dear friend ❤️

Jesper Harala

a month ago

U SLAYYED last night I'm SOO proud of u LOVE U MARIAH 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🔥🔥😁🐑👑

Tonight’s the 2018 iHeartRadio Music Festival! I’ll be performing later so make sure you watch it on at 7:00pm PT! #iHeartFestival

Sarah Barragan

a month ago

I saw Mariah's performance and it was so fantastic from start to finish love ettt dahhhhlings 😍

Patrick Greathouse

a month ago

break a leg Mariah Carey we love you

Eduardo Martinez

a month ago

bring some old and less performed song Mariah

#tbt When I only owned two dresses - one pink and one black. I met @willsmith on the night of the pink one! LOL

Maxine Noble

a month ago

I hear you happened to me too not to many cloths . but any way, you very beautiful all Natural and talent .

Hannah Aaron

a month ago

I thank God for the life he gave you and the opportunity of you becoming a mega star of our generation which you are today

Rebecca Isabelle

a month ago

U are soo gorgeous and young after u meet Will Smith 😍❤️

Happy anniversary Butterfly 🦋This is still my fave album and always will be♥️

Hunter Thompson

a month ago

My faves are Music Box and Memoirs. Memoirs has some of the most lyrical songs ever. So sad it didn't take off. Its my life written by someone else! 💕💕💕💕

Pedro Solis

a month ago

Spread your wings and fly
Still I feel like a child as i look up the moon
Maybe I grew up a little too soon.....🎶🎹

Cristina Soares

a month ago

My favorite album too, alongside 'Daydream'!! I love the urban sound of this album!! I am glad I met Mariah around the release of this album!! A very memorable moment in my life!!!!

#GTFO 🦋 8am ET Tomorrow

Anaitalal Ananamiraotokar

a month ago

I'm so excited, I can't wait to hear your new song. I listen to all your songs daily, they give me strength. I'm happy to say almost home saved my life from overdose. I'm 5 years sober today..

Duvan Zapata

a month ago

Wow😊 you look so amazing! Mariah, recently someone used your name and chatted me as if she was really you. I was so happy that she said you have read my comment and it feels so amazing. Unfortunately, it was all scam that she asked for money😌. However, even if its all a lie still can't explain the feeling that it was the real you. I really love you Mariah. Despite of that nothing's changed. Although I really cried😌😌😌. You still my idol. I can't wait for your new music videos😊. Kisses from here in the Philippines. Love lots.😘😘😘

Alonzo McGowan

a month ago

Get your coins ready for the new era! I'm predicting a COMEBACK on par with/or EXCEEDING the Emancipation of Mimi Somer Jimeno 🗣️ Mark my words

#Lambily Love ♥️

Emmanuel Mwape Chitangala

a month ago

i dont mean to make you feel old but i was born in the 70s! i have loved you since Emotion. BEAUTIFUL

Lawryn Hayes

a month ago

No one loves Mariah Carey like I do. I know the lyrics of more than 60% of her songs. She is just too musically good. Much love dear

Dan Faber

a month ago

Love the Hello Kitty you're holding too!

It's a wrap on #TheButterflyReturns in 2018! Thank you so much to everyone who came to the shows, I hope you had as much fun as I did 😄💝 See you again in February 2019! 🦋

Jakki Able

a month ago

12. Six in July and six this month. The next run will be in February.

Adriana Moreno

a month ago

I love you Mimi
Thanx for being my inspiration since i was 13 years old Now i’m 38.
Here in Mexico u have lots of lambs too
I went to see you in Monterrey on November 2016. And i can’t wait to see u again.
I hope u can come back to mexico soon again .

Sofia Papageorgiou

a month ago

Lora Palermo ok we can plan to go next year..... Todd T Toner Juan Garcia Mariah fans? Hint: saying no is not an option.

With my baby girl 😊💖

Andrea Bastianello

a month ago

To me Mariah Carey has one of the best vocal voice in the music industry hands down born with a special gift lots of admiration for her and her success

Rosie Doran

a month ago

A-D-O-R-A-N-B-L-E! Hi M, remember me? We worked togther on HSN presenting your Jewelry and Apparel Collection, you must be one proud mom. Hope all is well! Best, Bill Green😍

Brendan Bartholomew

a month ago

Will you just have "Hero", as the new nu-metal, rockabilly, and synthpop-oriented version, entitled "Hero 25", with or without Todd Carey as part of the new anniversary album, "Music Box 25" officially starting October 15?

Come see my last two Vegas shows of the year! #TheButterflyReturns at @caesarspalace tomorrow 9/9 and Monday 9/10! 💖🎶🦋

Cynthia Burrow

a month ago

I come to see you in February in vegas !!!!!! 😍😍 i hope to hear you sing "do you think of me " 🎶🎤"la la la la when the night are dark and cold , do you think of me do you think of meeee " 🎻🎷🎹🎶 omg I'm so excited !! 🦋

Juanita Jimenez Rubio

a month ago

Mariahhhhh come to the flamingo pool today!!! We gone be there and seeing u tonight!!

Mariusz Jakub Woźniak

a month ago

Hope afther this, we get finally new Music. Need some. Want wait anymore longer 😁

#tbt With the great Luciano Pavarotti #Hero

Luisella Battocchio

a month ago

My dearest Mariah Carey with your lovely kids,
Your photo very beautiful

Hannah Mink

a month ago

Aloha Esther, I am very grateful that I am easily enabled to communicate with you, & friends that are excited about assisting with ensuring my Unlimited Joyful Global Success. I am in Joyful Love with Manifesting a functional Global Business Enterprise. I will be using this New Global Business Entity to assist individuals with remembering, & honoring the decisions that individuals manifest when they are blessed with flawless unity with their Nonphysical Whole Enlightened Self. I am very excited about assisting individuals with manifesting joyful devoted unity, when they are 11 years of age, or better. I am excited about assisting individuals with manifesting the devoted partnerships that they prefer to manifest. I understand that the Group Abraham, may prefer to simply allow Law of Attraction to assist individuals, as is needed. If the group Abraham is not wishing to assist me, as is needed, I am trusting that a different group of our Nonphysical Friends will step up to the plate, & assist me, as is needed. I am trusting my Nonphysical Self to assist me with organizing a group of Nonphysical Friends that are excited about assisting me. I feel very good about asking all World Citizens to assist me, as is needed. I am hoping that Abraham-Hicks prefers to work with me, as is needed. I also understand that my preferences may manifest through friends & avenues that I am not yet knowing of. I am deeply appreciative of the helpful mentoring that Abraham-Hicks enjoys manifesting. I am hoping that a Joyful Partnership with Abraham-Hicks and my New Global Enterprise works Joyful Miracles for all World Citizens, & Friends I Love & I. I am very grateful that I am blessed with very Joyful Personal & Planetary Visions of Love. I am very grateful that all World Citizens are blessed with Abraham-Hicks, & I. J <3 <3 <3 <3

Zach Bowers

2 months ago

Mariah Carey your very sexy i love you

Can't wait to see you all tonight! #TheButterflyReturns 🎙️🦋 plays at the Colosseum @caesarspalace at 8pm! Click on link in bio for tickets 💖

Gwendolyn Nabors

2 months ago

Can't believe I was in Vegas in August and you were on holiday! I was gutted! Next time I hope you will be there, and so will I! XXX

María José De Anda

2 months ago


Jenica Cayanan

2 months ago

Gorgeous Mariah Carey😍😘😎🙏👊Singers On Classy Lady👸DIVA

Help me decide on the dress for my #TheButterflyReturns opening number! Fuchsia or Metallic? 💃✨ See you on 9/5 at Caesars Palace! 🎙️🦋

Leonardo Farias

2 months ago

Fuchsia! I love you Mariah! I've been listening to your music since your first album and its helped me through a lot of tough times! Mariah I really am your biggest fan!

Charlotte Tyler

2 months ago

I’m no help! I love both! 😂 Ok. I’ll try. I think the metallic compliments you more, but the fuchsia really pops! Go with the fuchsia! A beautiful pink lipstick and gloss would be a nice addition as well. Love you Mariah! I wish I could be there! 😢

Daniel Emma

2 months ago

Hot pink! Makes you stand out and look even more beautiful! Wish I could be at your show. Would have loved to have heard more of your songs when you were in Atlanta with Lionel Richie.

Jackpot! 🎰 The Colosseum at Caesars Palace
Reflections... 🦋

Eric Kobel

2 months ago

Mariah Angela Carey i have lived in vegas for 4 years now and every chance i get i walk through Caesar's Palace in hopes to see you walk by or something why can't I ever see you!!!-

Hammer Rrihana

2 months ago

That’s so cool. I wish I could have there to see your new show, game and especially to meet you. You are such an inspiration and wonderful artist. Your music has helped me so much, thank you 😁

Pandikz Dikz

2 months ago

She is one of the greatest music singers I know. I was at a casino last night I could have left feeling like a winner, if I had seated with the longtime beautiful Mariah Carey or hit on the jackpot.

Feeling the love of the #lambily ♥️🐑 #TheButterflyReturns @caesarspalace back again tomorrow! 🎙️🦋

James Brown

2 months ago

Love you Mariah...
The Brazil Love you...
Kisses legend.
Queen !!! 💎🎼🎶👊❤❤❤❤❤🇧🇷

Jean Richardot

2 months ago

absolutely a gorgeous woman with an exceptional voice.

Mary Beau

2 months ago

I'm not no lamb I can think for myself but your still gorgeous😉

Happy anniversary #MusicBox 💝 #fbf

Milomir Jovanovic

2 months ago

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite albums by Mariah Carey!! Yes, Music Box was highly formulaic and safe, but it also represented growth. Mariah toned down her vocals, and her increased influence is obvious in the production quality and feeling. Those trends continued with the brilliant Daydream and Butterfly albums. Music Box spawned some of her biggest hits, which stand out as timeless classics in an album of polished, classy filler. I enjoyed the Billboard article, and I agree Everything Fades Away should have been on the album. However, I absolutely love All I've Ever Wanted, and I am grateful for its inclusion. Whether adored or maligned, this is an important album. #MariahCarey #MusicBox #Album25Years #LambSinceDay1

Fedry Frima

2 months ago

Wow! How time flies, right? Well, for me, "Hero" and "Without You" are among my favorite songs; and I'm currently listening to this iconic album on Spotify. Happy 25th Anniversary to "Music Box"! ☺😊😀😁🙌📻💿🎧🎤🎼🎵🎶🎉🎊❤ #MariahCarey #MusicBox #MusicBox25 #HappyAnniversary

Michelle Lynn

2 months ago

I got the album since I was about 11 years old.I remember playing my aunts CD since I became a big lamb of your best selling album in the world your first to went Diamond.Its the masterpiece.Happy 25h Anniversary Music Box.My favorite was Anytime You Need a Friend and my favorite hits is Hero and Dreamlover.

Happy #nationaldogday !! 🐶🐶🐶

BeMadd ImKing

2 months ago

I missed this yesterday ☺️👍🏽ah I love dogs 🐶.. did I tell you about the Emotions And a castle I gave to my friend to break through?? Yes.. check this out.. another amazing 🚘MSJXSN... wild 😜.. can’t wait til your new music 🎼 another good one today ‘H8 W8NG’

Mawero Rabat

2 months ago

My favour song that coming from you are Hero and One Sweet Day but I listened to you music since your debut Vision of Love song

Alexandra Rabensteiner

2 months ago

Her dogs name is Jillie , coincidence ? I think not Milana Anne

Friday #Moments ✨

Любовь Баранова

2 months ago

I Love you Mariah very excited to see you for the 3rd time to perform and sing all your Greatest Hits her in Manila, Philippines May the Good Lord Bless and keep you and your family always and Forever Amazing!!! :)

Duke Gopal

2 months ago

Go back to fantasy and the roller blade days. Just saw a snowboard video big bear transworld. Got my head going again and spinning.

David Horton

2 months ago

Tygress is in my plates😊🙌🏽✨I woke up at 3am sweating a lil down and a lot of highlights are posted that remind me how much I love your journey ✝️😇 my musical life is starting to pick me up again . Praise the Lord.. God bless you omg . And you are amazing 😉

#tbt Bringin' on the Heartbreak
Vocals night🎙️#focused #inspired
Less than ten days until I’m back in Vegas for #TheButterflyReturns! Can’t wait to see all the #lambs in the land, it's been a minute! Who’s coming? 🎙️🦋

Joshua Bishop

2 months ago

Charmbracelet. I remember when I was 12 yo and bought it and i've been listening many times day till now

Ashlee Chow

2 months ago

💖For my birthday Mariah gifted me and my Mom 2 front row tickets to Caesars Palace ($5,000 a piece) Then she sang with me!! She is amazing and humble. I will always be LAMBILY! 💖

Brenda Kittleson

2 months ago

Hi Mariah
I think the Lord has been good to you so far. Would you mind moving to His direction and start doing praise and worship songs?

About last night... #pondestudio #newsong #workation

Nathan Herchenroder

2 months ago

About last night "obviously, procrastinating just to be close to you a little longer now" . Love it mc xx

Engr Mason Godswill

2 months ago

Hey Mariah is me Jamin from New Orleans Louisiana we spoke before when you was in recording sessions you have to finish the record CD give me a call when you're all done when you get back home here's my telephone number

Hiromi Matsumoto

2 months ago

Yay Queen #newsong can't wait!!!!! ILYSM!!!!! #queenofinspirations

Anyone care for a ride? 😉 Off to the studio!

Michael Dancy

2 months ago

Your face changed step by step and five years changes biological Mariah Carey you are famous singer in world wide so try to changed your talent music thanks

Noise JackDaniels

2 months ago

Fenella I need to pose like this the next time someone/a traffic cam takes a photo of me in a car.

Nitin Sonwani

2 months ago

Mariah Carrey je travaille tout la journée puis bonne journée à toi😊☺️😚😉😘🙂👍😀💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋Charbonaire


Terry Labarre

2 months ago

Love u Mariah! I loved you from day one when I first saw you when I was like 8 years old. Now I am 35. You did it all! ALL with no help and no fng guy to have to take care of you, like how 90% of women are! You are on top of the world. I really admire u and I strive to be able to do it all and be on top too! I know I will get there! I am almost there! Don't ever stop being #1!! Always and forever!

Brenda Torres Velázquez

2 months ago

Put a straight bang wig on and other look ur long curly hairly make honey blonde put shades on with it for next vid #mariahcarey

Niomi Gruber

2 months ago

Omg !!! My 20 year old son is flying to Vegas by him self to see Mariah .. I’m so upset he’s going by himself ... I can’t talk him out of it .. he loves her so much ... my nerves are a wreck .. my son is from a small town in Nj .. omg !!!!!! I can’t go with him cause I work .. I hope he’s safe .all this so he can sit seats away from her ..

Sunscreen dahhling!☀️

Carine Whiteberry

2 months ago

Meu grande amor/ somos dois barcos felizes/ que navegamos sempre em ondas fortes /porque seguimos rumos diferentes/ um vai pro sul/ o outro pro norte/ pra onde vamos não existe porto/ no mar da vida somos clandestinos/ dois condenados a morrer de amor/ a tempestade do fatal destino /estou perdido e você também/ estamos os dois a chorar de saudades/ não adianta navegar pra longe/ se está tão perto a felicidade/ más o relógio do tempo / marca a felicidade para sempre...

Phyllis Alnswick-tobias

2 months ago

Now all I need is a master plan... how’d Nick at night do it🤔🤫🤫🤫

Eddie Soto

2 months ago

The mma ke kopa go jola le wena polisi , ke itse dipina tsa gago hela tshothe , Bo touch my badi ,

Admiring the sunset 🌄

Luis Alvarez

2 months ago

Beautiful picture of you and your children God bless you and your family, I'm your lifelong #1 Fan forever Marian Love everything about you Beautiful Woman inside out!

Lilly Maree White

2 months ago

Love the ensemble dahlin. Looks very loverboy.. singing. I want him I want him I want him I want him I want him I want him I want him I want him I need him I need him I need him I need him. I got myself a lover..... Love you Mariah.

Shannon Price

2 months ago

Thanks for cancelling your concert, just got Cher tickets with the refund. Cher

#fbf one of my favorite songs to perform in Vegas was #CantLetGo 🦋🎙️ Which song do YOU want to see me perform on #TheButterflyReturns in September?

Patricia Cahill

2 months ago

Slippin Away
Always be my baby
We Belong Together
Yup I know Mariah Carey songs. Saw you in LA..planning to see your concert in Vegas hopefully soon...Was probably one of your biggest fans back in the day & still a fan!!!!

Jorge De Vallearizpe Videgaray

2 months ago

Closing night... sing the whole butterfly album... do a 3 hr show... do something you've never done before.... I've been to vegas the first and closing night since you've started this vegas adventure... it costs me and deebo 5k each time we come... give us a reason to keep laying down that type of cash besides the fact that we absolutely adore you... give us freshness, rawness, brand newie.... make it EPIC

Bev Williams

2 months ago

Don’t forget about us, For the record, Joy ride, Stay the night, After tonight, Bliss, Long Ago, Everything fades away, till the end of time, alone in love, so lonely.... I have so many!