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I’m live right now!! I would love nothing more than for you to come say hi right now!!!
I’m live right now!! I would love nothing more than for you to come say hi right now!!!

Yoselin Ch Ch

6 hours ago

I watched but couldn’t say hi as I haven’t signed up to twitch. I also enjoy your streams though and watch when I can

Ruben Rodriguez

6 hours ago

Hi madilyn thanks for message earlier and enjoy the videogame

Charles Marshall

6 hours ago

Still natural and sexy please stay that way.

on my way to the ball 💃

Cory Smith

6 hours ago

Please say to me about me madilyn

Camilo Oliveira

6 hours ago

في طريقها للكره 💃
يلا نحجز الملعب بقا ⚽⚽ Hossam Ebrahim

Nichole Pham

6 hours ago

you my beast singer
love you so much

Hi!!!!! Come request a song for me to sing LIVE to you RIGHT NOW!!

Diana Jacobs Scholten

4 days ago

How does a moment last forever please❤️
U r looking amazing queen😊

Michele Atkinson

4 days ago

My baby looking Hot🔥 🔥
U r my love😘😘😘😘😘😘
Love you sooo much mah babe💖💖💖

Patricia Gallant

4 days ago

Tariq تعال كللها خل تغني قررت افرمت گلبي

I love my subscribers!!!! That’s why I want do something for you today! Come play with me right now -

Brooke Seevers

4 days ago

شويه توا انجي نلعب معاك ههههه

Brandon Jesina

5 days ago

Eyyy lab❤️

Hairs ❤️❤️❤️

Dominik Mania

5 days ago

When did she go from musician to gamer?

Hello meet Madilyn the introvert.Are you an introvert or and extrovert?? I love to be alone with my thoughts. I’m refreshed when my world is quieter. I love getting away to beautiful places that are sweet and simple and give my mind space to process and time picture the future! ✌🏻👌🏼🤟🏼

Pavlína Vojnová

5 days ago

I'm definitely an introvert. I love my alone time and sometimes get anxious in large crowds.

Maria Eduarda Rabello

5 days ago

Introvert but sometimes very extrovert ... Idk where that is coming from but the mix is good. I can enjoy my time alone because I need it. Sometimes I need the ppl around to stay sane too. ✨❤️🙈

Kirsten Krejcik

5 days ago

Introversion, a way of life for me.

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Regina NA

5 days ago

Badro DZ شفت لمشكل كي.كون عندك بيسي حطبة 💔😢

Piero Piazza

6 days ago

Hey madilyn i cried a lot

Thiago Santos

6 days ago

Abd Hijazy له يا عدو الله ابرز المعجبين لكن!!!

IM LIVE RIGHT NOW!!!! I dare you to come say hi to me 🙂

Emerson Galicia

7 days ago

عاجل يا اصدقاء ربحت ايفون من موقع Rob7ak 😍 انا ربحت هاتف ايفون 8 الجديد و3 من اصدقائي ربحو لتربح هاتف انت ايضا اكتب في🔍 جوجل Rob7ak وادخل للموقع الاول الموقع له مصدقية ☑ من جوجل ونسبة الربح كبيرة أانا حبيت افيدكم اكتبو في جوجل Rob7ak وادخلو اول موقع 🔥 الهاتف يصلك مجانا حتى المنزل .

Robert Sheppard

7 days ago

Imen Aouraghe do, y know Madelyn bailey?

Debra James

7 days ago

He I Love your eyes..take care see you soon Mike😴💋


Pascal Strauch

10 days ago

Do u nkw you a vry niceeeeeee
Ohh amyy gad

Kouki Tsuchiya

10 days ago

Have you heard of Mira Goto?

Robin Conaway

11 days ago

i miss you, 😑 will you come to indonesia? 🤗

hey you. yeah you.i want you to know that i love you and i’m thankful for you 💋

Marcos Araújo

11 days ago

Merci beaucoup beaucoup mais tu n'a pas encore fait la chose sur la qu'elle on a parlé

Mirza Malik Rahmanchodir

11 days ago

If only you could know how much am really in love with you!!!

Shay Oatis

12 days ago

Me too I love you so much❤

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Saif Ullah

13 days ago

Your voice is very good

လရိပ္ ႏြယ္

13 days ago

How can I win a holiday with you on a tropical Island?

Kola Moses

13 days ago

Im fall in love 😍😍

Hey You! Come hang out with me LIVE RIGHT NOW!!!

Ekaitz DL

13 days ago

All I can think about is you❤

Asten Marie Singletary

14 days ago

Hi good morning baby Miss u

Nadia Lora

14 days ago

Beautifull eyes you have

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Marco Vargas

17 days ago

"Scared To Be Lonely" by Martin Garrix ft. Dua Lipa ^_^

Dante Wngts

17 days ago

Am in love with you i don't know why 😊❤😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤😍😍❤😍

Dane Jovanovic

17 days ago

Bizzare love triangle by frente

come hang with me LIVE right now and ask me any question you want!!!

Janet Irwin

18 days ago

😣 I do not expect your answer for this question, Do you read all our comments, or just read some of them?
Be honest..!!

Allanlee Allan Ali

18 days ago

Can you sing more song
Love your voice

Shaolin Queen

19 days ago

So nice originally looking for baby doll


Cesar Cervantes

19 days ago

What's that real feeling you felt in that time

Narcis Draghici

20 days ago

madilyn,you look great

Sebastián Leiva

20 days ago

Hi madilyn i love you so much!

Come request a song for me to sing live right now!!!!!

Donna Tomlin

24 days ago

You don't answer to me 

松熊 さつき

24 days ago

Like am gonna love you

Josh Malek

24 days ago

I love you and i love yor songs i love you am every day listen for you songs i love youuuuuu 😃💚💚💚

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Johnny Zell

a month ago

Madilyn Bailey love you and your family 💖

Dondré Levaãr Robins

a month ago

wow a heads up would have prevented me from choking on my coffee... really lovely nonetheless. Lol 😍

Anthony Whitfield

a month ago

As big as you are
You don't still have breast

hey loves.have a good day 💕

Ryan Vay

a month ago

Thanks so much! hope you too have a great day!!

Karl Dickson

a month ago

You are beautiful

Tara Rosselet

a month ago

Thank you Madilyn have a nice day!
I like the Calvin Klein you make it very sexy...

Come hang out with me right now!!!! can’t wait to chat 💋

Dilek Adaklı

a month ago

How was your day...

Lynn Carlson

a month ago

She is beautiful. 🌹

Jody Wilson

a month ago

come in Morocoo in my cite Tangier

tell me something good.

Alexandru Mihailov

a month ago

In one word Ms Bailey, you...

Batskhem Surong

a month ago

I love you so much ❤
You're so beautiful 😘😍

Edizitho Guayas

a month ago

Stop wearing too much 😂😂✋

live right now!!!! Come hang with me:)

Robert Vides

a month ago

Iam a big fans for bants😜😜

Vickie Scheerhoorn-Totten

a month ago

the most beautiful ever💙💙

Matthew Leech

a month ago

Like a moon❤😍 💜💜💚❤❤💙

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Greg Green

a month ago

Any song of Justin Timberlake?

Kahn Phillips

a month ago

very very beautiful

Maryam Laleh

a month ago

Little mix...Power

HAPPY FRIDAY! I’m live right now!! Would love it if you’d come by and say hi to me:) —>

Christian Kästel

a month ago

غنا ايه ووجه قلب ايه انتى لسه صغيره يا قلبى ع الكلام دا ، انا موجه لغه عربيه وعندى فدانين كاكا مرتبطه ؟؟

John Doyle

a month ago

A blessed Friday and I love my songs

Joëlle Joey

a month ago

Ahmed Abd Elhars دي بتقول جمعه مباركه هي 😂 اسلمت ولا ايه

Hey loves! Come hang with me live right now!!!!

Tracy-Evelyn Ludmer

a month ago


حبيبتك خوش عيها فخاذ🙁🐸

Keven Whitfield

a month ago

You’re absolutely beautiful sweetie de 😉😘

Jay Myers

a month ago

Wooow madilyn you're so pretty cool!

why don’t you just meet me in the middle

Sydney Caplinger

a month ago

I'm losing my mind just a little 🙋❤

Akash Sharma

a month ago

I'm on of ur first fans and I will be the last as could I can 💓

Natalia Buczkowski

a month ago

u r my dreamgirl Madilyn I like u...

I’m LIVE right now doing nerdy things:) come hang with me 💋

Marsh Quijada

a month ago

i like blond hair

Shawn Panahandeh

a month ago

how much this celphone

Diego KronoMan Carvajal Garrido

a month ago

بختتت ايفون x

singing your song requests live for you right now! :)

Alicia Nel

a month ago

anna zak prodby henree

Alistair Bolton

a month ago

Eu amo titanium !!

Verónica Mayordomo Pérez

a month ago

You are the best 😘

LIVE RIGHT NOW!! Playing with subscribers :)

Jeffry Antonio Migo Simbolon

a month ago

I am ur great fan....

Trudie Roth

a month ago

لابسة بنطلون ابويا ليه

Allen Baldwin

a month ago

Gorgeous ❤ as always 😍

how do you say ‘hello’ in your language?? I wanna see how diverse this family is.
I’m LIVE now!! Come hang with me 💋

Ingrid Martz

2 months ago

In Bavaria we say Servus or Griaß di in Germany in general Guten Tag or more informal Moin or Hey/Hi/Hallo are common.

Tacoboy Sanchez

2 months ago

Well I live in England so : Hello, hey , hi !
But my family are Scottish so in my native gaelic it's: halò :)

Betiana Gonzalez

2 months ago

In Hungarian : Szia! , Helló! , Haly! or Hi!.......

You are very dangerous in this picture! ( This is a slang in Hungary :
"You are very dangerous"....This means:: you are hottie! ) 🙂👍

Come hang and chat with me!!

Slugg AllBlue Braddy

2 months ago

You are so so beautiful madilyn😘💙💫

Donna Lee

2 months ago

ليش عرقانة ؟❤

Ashley Bledsoe

2 months ago

Its beautiful حبيبة قلبي 😍😍

María Renée Santos

2 months ago

Hi Madilyn Bailey i'm crying a lot please gift me a kiss 😭😭😭

Marcos Oliver Pietro

2 months ago

So bad.. Plz don't make me hate sha

Agnieszka Siemińska

2 months ago

She’s gunna forget us youtube fans from back in the days now that she’s gotten big 😭

Literally woke up last week and decided to stop making decisions based off of fear... I can’t believe I haven’t been doing this all my life 👌🏻

Cody Eshay Hargraves

2 months ago

Best songs by Liki

Vincent Campagnola

2 months ago

صدرج طالع عيب

Said Mtz Landa

2 months ago

دخيل قلبك انا ياولللااااااه

Bakari Emmanuel

2 months ago

Good morning my beautiful Madilyn Bailey 🌹🌦,️🌞🌝☔ Blessings ;)

YoShi KuRomi

2 months ago

عيد فطر مبارك

Kenia Salem

2 months ago

You are so beautiful🌹🌹

I’m now LIVE and will be competing for $1 Million shortly!!!!!

Rick Chin

2 months ago

Hope you win

Brianna Sceviour

2 months ago

😣🙏😣🙏 Don't forget me when you win 1 million$ 😂😂.

Surely I'm praying for you to win this.

Paulo Charraz

2 months ago

Is that Ali-A ??

Sherry Janes Burky

2 months ago

Would love to hear you sing the new Sam smith song - think it’s called everyone prays (or something like that!!)

Mischa Link

2 months ago

Wow you look really beautiful like a rockstar

Ant Jimenez

2 months ago

Hey i love you hope you have a great day you are so sweet!!


Tara Cochran

2 months ago

I love your voice!!!!Dope😍😍😍😍

Ashley Eileen

2 months ago

😒 😒 😒 I hope you stay shining in my whole life Maddy, you are still number 1 in my eyes with all respect for other singers.

Love you so much 😘 .

Hugh Patrick Daverin

2 months ago

I love this video madilyn i'm gonna cry of love i'm too sad 😭😭

Live-streaming right now!! Come hang out with meee :)

Laurent Joerger

2 months ago

wow i love you very very much😍😍😍 and i love your voice you is my favorite singer

David Giroux

2 months ago

do you mary me

Omar Carmona Gonzalez

2 months ago

Wow so sexy

do you believe in fate?

Zoraida Salih

2 months ago

Ch Aymen ForTnite 😉🖤

Belén Noriega

2 months ago

I think u only can song but not believe u can playing it the game

Vickie Gerbo Boteler

2 months ago

Wow do u play fornite

tell me something good.

Juanito Bohol

3 months ago

Be strong, yeah its excellent for archive, what seround you.. keep the hard work going..all the best for you..

Maria Clara Guerrero Angulo

3 months ago

Bad news - the world is gonna end soon.
Good news- not before us.

Judy Murphy

3 months ago

I am from India❤️ this is best

love you Grandma 💕

Lauren Holland

3 months ago

Your grandma is a warm-hearted, wonderful woman....I wish I could know her personally. I wish I could see her personally....I wish I could get to know your grandma personally. ❤️

Mike Mabry

3 months ago

Very sorry for your loss, Madilyn. She sounds like she was quite a woman.

Carly Cyc

3 months ago

Hey you are so cool i love you!

Dreaming of fortnite victories.

Veston Harderson

3 months ago

I had never seen anything so perfect😍

Jodi Eleatta Montagna

3 months ago

Good morning hi super

Shinlat Tistet Tabitha

3 months ago

Hi honey, I was interested in you, can we get acquainted a little? I am looking for friendships and maybe a dating. are you married? dating?

my grandpa said this to me yesterday, “Drunk on a Feeling is a dangerous song because when I listen to it, it makes it hard to breathe.”

Anthony Davila

3 months ago

You are the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen! You’re soooo sexy!

Shelby Von Busch

3 months ago

Together we can make not happen nut u have to believe. Believe in me.

Michelle Weatherford

3 months ago

Come too fox woods I'll get u on the showcase

I was in a pretty low place in my life when I wrote Drunk on a Feeling a couple years back. Emotionally I was running low on motivation. Financially we barely could afford to continue making videos for my Youtube channel.I also felt like I was missing a lot of important life events happening back in WI while being in LA.I had poured everything in me and more into achieving my dreams but I had little to nothing tangible to show for the more than 10 years I’d put into my work.I saw people all around me buying big houses and crazy sports cars and having beautiful babies while someone still running a full time business and for the first time in my entire life the thought hit me “am I drunk on a feeling... am I one of those completely delusional people... what if I’m sacrificing my emotional/mental state, financial state, my relationships, and putting off having kids for a dream that might never be realized... am I out of my mind”Then as I was driving down to Long Beach for this writing session, I started to feel my burdens and pressure melt away.I often say in LA people build lives and everywhere else people live and the further outside of LA I got the more I felt this.For more than 10 years I had unwaveringly believed in and perused my dreams and then for a moment, at a low point, I let doubt, fear, and other people’s opinions taint my beautiful dream. I wasn’t drunk on a dream.Dreaming is the most organic thing we can do.What I was was drunk on the LA lifestyle of having to have monetary things to prove the legitimacy of my dream.My favorite line from this song is “don’t wake me up cuz I want to know if we can meet in the middle through the eye of the needle” so what, maybe I am delusional but even if there is a slight chance that I might not be I will fight for my dreams because I believe in them beyond all reasonable doubt.

Alexis Sánchez Larios

3 months ago

Madilyn! Thanks for sharing this with us, as someone who has lived in LA all my life I totally understand how you the end of the day, nevermind where others are and the only fair is comparison you can make is how you were the day before! Keep in touch!

Janice Bazzy

3 months ago

I'm really sad Madilyn Bailey i can't stop crying until you reply me that i'm so cute 😭😭😭😭

Maria Rosaria Falsone

3 months ago

hunny everything will get better and you've done amazing😊😀😗 keep it up if you want to chat anytime just pm me on Twitter 😊😀😗

NEW VIDEO!! Hope you love it 😊

Cassandra Cumbis

3 months ago

eW i know the lyrics by heart already and I might have sung it all day long! I love your new single sm💘
- Marine from MBF

Goofy Jay

3 months ago

Love it so much

Ksenia Bär

3 months ago

<3 Love From Algeria ..

Laughing at people who think it’s Yanny when it’s obviously Laurel.

I heard with my laptop and it says really obvious Yanny but then I move to my phone and it says Laurel.

Chris J Bryant

3 months ago

My whole fam hears yanny, it's fucking laurel, but i understand only the best people hear it right lol

Bruno Saget

3 months ago

I heard Yaurel..?? 😂😂

let’s be friends.

Edwin Gutierez

3 months ago

Is this a subtle way of saying "I'm in Custody"?😊


3 months ago

Let's be more lol

Brian Vollrath

3 months ago

You can be a singer in Hollywood ♥ Madilyn Bailey

some exciting things coming your way this week!

Sufiya Karim

3 months ago

You are so cool i'm crying so much i cannot stop crying until you reply me saying to me "i love you" 😭😭😭😭

Andre Dookie

3 months ago

laugh and scroll -
Me:Nice dress
Maidlyn: thanks , i got it at 50% off
Me : i want it 100%off

Susan Ecocamel

3 months ago

Mahdi El 😢 iiihi lgamal daah

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there!!!!!! ❤️

Sdenka Machaca

3 months ago

Awww - - - I remember these people. :)

Matt Stokes

3 months ago

Très belle famille ❣️

Maru Guida

3 months ago

Belated happy mother's day to american moms I think of my late mum on all mother's days I am from Ireland our mother's day was a few weeks ago

don’t be fooled. i was actually standing next to a giant pile of trash just to get this photo. 🤢

Britnee Anderson

3 months ago

Mady please covering the greatest Sia

Eduardo Sartorelli

3 months ago

Always an angel when it comes to pictures 😍

Camilla Flodin

3 months ago

You are like gold always shining 💞

performed at Radio City Music Hall the other night 🤘🏼

Roaa Ibrahim

3 months ago

I'm in love with shape of u😍😁

Daguioan B Jayson

3 months ago

So u a goth now?

Lucas Pereira

3 months ago

Beautiful Madilyn! You almost look like Britney Spears in this pic!

thinking about that pizza i ate last night at midnight...

Jittar Sombat

3 months ago

hey got awesome shorts...... they fit like a glowe

Kirara Sama

3 months ago

Insaf WM after thinking she got that body

Lazarus James

3 months ago

i wanna be the pizza!Though i'm not so tasty!