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Dreaming of fortnite victories.

Veston Harderson

a day ago

I had never seen anything so perfect😍

Jodi Eleatta Montagna

a day ago

Good morning hi super

Shinlat Tistet Tabitha

a day ago

Hi honey, I was interested in you, can we get acquainted a little? I am looking for friendships and maybe a dating. are you married? dating?

my grandpa said this to me yesterday, “Drunk on a Feeling is a dangerous song because when I listen to it, it makes it hard to breathe.”

Anthony Davila

3 days ago

You are the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen! You’re soooo sexy!

Shelby Von Busch

3 days ago

Together we can make not happen nut u have to believe. Believe in me.

Michelle Weatherford

3 days ago

Come too fox woods I'll get u on the showcase

I was in a pretty low place in my life when I wrote Drunk on a Feeling a couple years back. Emotionally I was running low on motivation. Financially we barely could afford to continue making videos for my Youtube channel.I also felt like I was missing a lot of important life events happening back in WI while being in LA.I had poured everything in me and more into achieving my dreams but I had little to nothing tangible to show for the more than 10 years I’d put into my work.I saw people all around me buying big houses and crazy sports cars and having beautiful babies while someone still running a full time business and for the first time in my entire life the thought hit me “am I drunk on a feeling... am I one of those completely delusional people... what if I’m sacrificing my emotional/mental state, financial state, my relationships, and putting off having kids for a dream that might never be realized... am I out of my mind”Then as I was driving down to Long Beach for this writing session, I started to feel my burdens and pressure melt away.I often say in LA people build lives and everywhere else people live and the further outside of LA I got the more I felt this.For more than 10 years I had unwaveringly believed in and perused my dreams and then for a moment, at a low point, I let doubt, fear, and other people’s opinions taint my beautiful dream. I wasn’t drunk on a dream.Dreaming is the most organic thing we can do.What I was was drunk on the LA lifestyle of having to have monetary things to prove the legitimacy of my dream.My favorite line from this song is “don’t wake me up cuz I want to know if we can meet in the middle through the eye of the needle” so what, maybe I am delusional but even if there is a slight chance that I might not be I will fight for my dreams because I believe in them beyond all reasonable doubt.

Alexis Sánchez Larios

4 days ago

Madilyn! Thanks for sharing this with us, as someone who has lived in LA all my life I totally understand how you the end of the day, nevermind where others are and the only fair is comparison you can make is how you were the day before! Keep in touch!

Janice Bazzy

4 days ago

I'm really sad Madilyn Bailey i can't stop crying until you reply me that i'm so cute 😭😭😭😭

Maria Rosaria Falsone

5 days ago

hunny everything will get better and you've done amazing😊😀😗 keep it up if you want to chat anytime just pm me on Twitter 😊😀😗

NEW VIDEO!! Hope you love it 😊

Cassandra Cumbis

7 days ago

eW i know the lyrics by heart already and I might have sung it all day long! I love your new single sm💘
- Marine from MBF

Goofy Jay

8 days ago

Love it so much

Ksenia Bär

8 days ago

<3 Love From Algeria ..

Laughing at people who think it’s Yanny when it’s obviously Laurel.

I heard with my laptop and it says really obvious Yanny but then I move to my phone and it says Laurel.

Chris J Bryant

9 days ago

My whole fam hears yanny, it's fucking laurel, but i understand only the best people hear it right lol

Bruno Saget

9 days ago

I heard Yaurel..?? 😂😂

let’s be friends.

Edwin Gutierez

10 days ago

Is this a subtle way of saying "I'm in Custody"?😊


10 days ago

Let's be more lol

Brian Vollrath

10 days ago

You can be a singer in Hollywood ♥ Madilyn Bailey

some exciting things coming your way this week!

Sufiya Karim

11 days ago

You are so cool i'm crying so much i cannot stop crying until you reply me saying to me "i love you" 😭😭😭😭

Andre Dookie

11 days ago

laugh and scroll -
Me:Nice dress
Maidlyn: thanks , i got it at 50% off
Me : i want it 100%off

Susan Ecocamel

11 days ago

Mahdi El 😢 iiihi lgamal daah

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there!!!!!! ❤️

Sdenka Machaca

11 days ago

Awww - - - I remember these people. :)

Matt Stokes

12 days ago

Très belle famille ❣️

Maru Guida

12 days ago

Belated happy mother's day to american moms I think of my late mum on all mother's days I am from Ireland our mother's day was a few weeks ago

don’t be fooled. i was actually standing next to a giant pile of trash just to get this photo. 🤢

Britnee Anderson

17 days ago

Mady please covering the greatest Sia

Eduardo Sartorelli

17 days ago

Always an angel when it comes to pictures 😍

Camilla Flodin

17 days ago

You are like gold always shining 💞

performed at Radio City Music Hall the other night 🤘🏼

Roaa Ibrahim

20 days ago

I'm in love with shape of u😍😁

Daguioan B Jayson

20 days ago

So u a goth now?

Lucas Pereira

20 days ago

Beautiful Madilyn! You almost look like Britney Spears in this pic!

thinking about that pizza i ate last night at midnight...

Jittar Sombat

23 days ago

hey got awesome shorts...... they fit like a glowe

Kirara Sama

23 days ago

Insaf WM after thinking she got that body

Lazarus James

23 days ago

i wanna be the pizza!Though i'm not so tasty!

Traian Gal

25 days ago

Can you plz do "Bad Liar" by Selena Gomez?😍

Ramon Castillo

25 days ago

يمه الناعم يمه 😍😍

Art Tyler

25 days ago

لعمه تشخ اندومي هي 😐


Baba Uki

a month ago

🌹 WOW! You soar with this song! 🧚‍♀️ 😯 ...your voice soars with this song!!! 🧚‍♀️😯 YES!!!!! :-) That's the voice that's been there in you! :-) This is the voice that was previously there in you! :-) My arms broke out in gooseflesh... So it was... I mean, I'm getting goose bumps just talking about it. :-) This is it!!! Huhh! WOW! 💓💋

Abbie Zielesch

a month ago

Hangod az nincs.

Matthew Mellman

a month ago

A true singer❤️

a girl and her pup

Piotrek Banasik

a month ago

But she isn't a normal girl ❤️❤️

Lisa Williams

a month ago

We want VLOGS!

David Fox

a month ago

واخد بالك يعيون البوبي Khaled Wessam

C Carrillo Ivan

a month ago

كيف تحضر مونيمر 💩 Mohamed Ali

Regina Adams

a month ago

Fancy like all Times 💜

Dohoon Kim

a month ago

بسم الله ما شاء الله اتشهرتي شويه وبقيتي زالخرا

MOM IM ON TV!!!! From a town in Wisconsin population 1042 to performing music I wrote on National television..... there aren’t words to express how grateful I am!!! Thank you for believing in me!! I promise I won’t let you down 😭📺🙏🏼🤯👻

Maya Robinson

a month ago

I have loved listening to your music here on fb and following your journey. What a beautiful soul you are. Love your music 😘 Congratulations

Melanie Atkinson

a month ago

Yay go u 🙌🏽 you're amazing ❤️

Mike Murphy

a month ago

Congrats!!! Proud of you! 💓

THIS IS NOT A DRILL! I will be performing Tetris live on The Today Show - April 19th!!! 😱🤯 Honored to be chosen as Elvis Duran’s Artist of The Month on @KLGandHoda @TODAY please tune in!!! 🤘🏼#edaotm

Lindsay Erkelens Stalter

a month ago

Wonderful news Maddy !!

Lothar Christian Waldbauer

a month ago

Seriously that is awesome, what time will she be live?

Lilly Berniard-Curry

a month ago

So awesome!!! Congratulations!!

Shanghai Disneyland 🐭

Pedro Alejandro Torres Correa

a month ago

Wow Defconn in the back

Thiago Camara Gontigio

a month ago

Michael McAteer 😂 the boy in the pram looks older than us

Fredd S. Reyes

a month ago

You are the best😍😍❤

getting ready to play for you tonight CHINA!! 🇨🇳💋
made it to China! Hopped off the plane and went right to soundcheck‼️‼️

Elizabeth Baber

a month ago

When you coming to NZ Queenstown Madilyn...?

U Lay Min Myat

a month ago

I don't know if I'd agree to perform in China.

Robyn O'keefe

a month ago

i love your voice.. 🇲🇾

up in the studio rehearsing for some upcoming shows 😝 can’t wait to see some of you there! ! !

Maggie Margaret Phelps

a month ago

😠😠😡😡 Really I hate this kind of the hand sign, if you think that the hand sign means ("I love you") you are Wrong, it is the devil's calling card, maybe you underestimate of these things, or maybe saying that I'm a crazy one and that's amusing stories, believe me it is not a fun thing.

Take care of yourself.

I love you more than you expect, I am Egyptian💚

Haleemah Dutton

a month ago

You always the best in the photos.
If you are change your songs because some people hear your songs and I just think that. why are you sings pop? Because everyone hear pop

first or second picture?!? 😝 I’m up in the studio right now rehearsing for some upcoming shows, can’t wait to see you there!!! 🤘🏼🤘🏼

Miguel Barrientos

2 months ago

هاكزا تنظر الملائكة 😍

Michelle Roach

2 months ago

Great shot MB

Al Kittelson

2 months ago

خرة بعمار الحكيم شكد احبج😍

Sweet, I took a really good picture... damn now I have to come up with a really good caption too... what do I look like a word smith..? #duh #imasongwriter (I literally come up with creative ways to say things in songs every day but captions really stump me 🤷🏼‍♀️)

been working really hard on this one like everyday bro... this is for all you paulers out there ✌🏻

uhhhhh I could use a vacation right now, take me back to Big Bear 🐻 ☀️ Who needs a vacation right nowww?

Betty Brezovan

2 months ago

Oh, we've got snow now... ❄️❄️❄️
I'm waiting for your new video 😘

Madhel Malabanan de Vera

2 months ago

Getng day by day hotter.'( Muzammil Rafiq

Oscar Rodriguez

2 months ago

I love you Madilyn Bailey so Music amazing and sing very nice voice

it was this exact moment that I realized I had forgot my coffee before leaving the house. How could I??? 😫

Tetris was added to @spotify Fresh & Chill playlist!! SO EXCITED! 😵 Click the link in my bio to listen. Also, if you share the playlist link you may just end up with a DM from me ❤️

when you’re hangry and waiting for your food to come

Alex Godinez

2 months ago

you r one of a good singer so l love u anyway reply to me sth please

Janet Surace Ricci

2 months ago

No, we don't all look so flawless when we are hungry and waiting for food to come, Madilyn.

Alicia Castaño Sánchez

2 months ago

خخخخخخخخ احا ، هو ازاى الاكل قدر يتاخر عليكى ؟ يعنى جاله قلب و مسك نفسه ازاى؟!!

Are you really taking pictures of me while I’m waiting for my burger at veggie grill... don’t mess with me boy 😂 #hangry

Derrick Kounty

2 months ago

ill not let you downi will support you more .togeather we make the road for visioin of futuer seen.forgevin from mircy but immoitioin will not ignore.

Debby Gamarra

2 months ago

Beautifully captured looking beautiful

Vicky Caceres

2 months ago

انتي جكمه غير المكياج ساتر عليجج

The lady in the elevator said “ooooh your shoes are fire” 🔥👵🏼🔥

Yes, this pic was taken in Paris. Yes, I want to come back. And yes, that wine did taste amazing. Thanks for asking 😊

9 years, 173 videos, 730 million views, many sleepless nights, many moments of doubt, but many more moments of unbelievably amazing highs, and yet some how today I am left absolutely speechless... WE HIT 5 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!! It’s a little like my baby is all of a sudden all grown up and I have no idea when it happened. I’m deeply honored to call you my fam and even more grateful that you will always be the first people to believe in me. Thank you doesn’t hold nearly enough sentiment for this moment but I’ll say it anyway... THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!!! So many amazing things to come this year... we are only beginning!! My whole heart and all my love is with you!!! 💛

Henry Busby

2 months ago

Im proud to say that i belong to those people who view your video many times just to show our endless love and support..subscriber here since 2013. Lets all support the new single of this artist the Tetris and also her previous album which is wiser.

Esther Miozzottys Moreno Zarate

2 months ago

i llike u sooo much . your songs so magnificent and you're very beautiful i hope u sing more songs from u like wiser 😍😍😍

Drew Gee

2 months ago

5M? If you have at least one person genuinely supporting you, you are blessed. You have 5M, never mind, 500M then 5B will come gradually.

Just try to take the smallest step, but in the right direction, believe me, that will end up being the biggest step of your life.

9 years, 173 videos, 730 million views, many sleepless nights, many moments of doubt, but many more moments of unbelievably amazing highs, and yet some how today I am left absolutely speechless... WE HIT 5 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!! It’s a little like my baby is all of a sudden all grown up and I have no idea when it happened. I’m deeply honored to call you my fam and even more grateful that you will always be the first people to believe in me. Thank you doesn’t hold nearly enough sentiment for this moment but I’ll say it anyway... THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!!! So many amazing things to come this year... we are only beginning!! My whole heart and all my love is with you!!! 💛

Tina Tippery

2 months ago

So Wonderful and Lovelyless can see You in this action p

Yoshikazu Oshiro

2 months ago

This girl is so awesome, we're gonna have to redefine the word.

Alex Ebert

2 months ago

Happy St Patrick's day Madilyn Bailey have a fun one

tell me all your secrets👇🏻

even if it’s rainy all you ever do is shine

hanging in the studio with @iamleroysanchez and it turned into us singing Teenage Dream 💫

what songs are you listening to right now? Tag the artist.

Δέσποινα Σ.

3 months ago

حطي كيلو غوا تاني

Jean-Louis Darmanin

3 months ago

Your my inspiration

Adrianna Grzelak

3 months ago

احبج والصدر

Thank you for all of the love on the Tetris music video already! Click the link in bio to watch 💋

Chelsy Thomas

3 months ago

Madilyn Bailey look like real life doll

Innow Baja

3 months ago

I love you veri Nice madilyn

Seung Guri

3 months ago

I love u so much ummmmmah on your lips

tomorrow comes and goes before you know, so I just had to let you know...

Ayushi Das

3 months ago

اشتهيت مرة تطلعي عالكاميرا 😠😠

Vặŋ Děțțặ

3 months ago

Love you madilyn bailey🤗😘😘💋

Kamila Chmielewska

3 months ago

I Love You😍😍

Tetris music video out now! 🤘🏼 click the link in my bio 💋 comment your favorite part if you’ve seen it and tag a friend who should watch

Tetris music video out now!!!

Mohamad Syahmi

3 months ago

very nice madilyn i love you so much 😍😍❤

José Bispo

3 months ago

I like your video♡♡ love madilyn♥

Leena Tarar

3 months ago

Ummm Just keep going! Each step may be harder than before.
Never stop, because the view is more beautiful from the top.

TETRIS MUSIC VIDEO IS OUT NOW!!! Click the link in my bio to watch!


William Dye

3 months ago

All of your songs I love and all have a distinctive feeling You are the best singer in the world In my opinion I love you so much

Saidul Islam Johnny

3 months ago

Ãbdêlrähmâñ Fáyâd هي صاحبة الغنية يلي قلتلك عليها حلوة 🙄😍

Nadine Caldona

3 months ago

wow I'm waiting

TETRIS MUSIC VIDEO COMING TOMORROW! Make sure to click the link in my bio to save my new track “Tetris” to receive a special surprise from me coming ‪3/16‬!!