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Relive the Adventures and check out our 'Good Old Days' playlist on @Spotify Kesha 🎷🎷

Anissa Villarreal Yeomans

2 months ago

Alex look what Facebook says I am 🔥

David Jackson

2 months ago

LOVE LOVE LOVE dis song!! and MACK!!!

Ayam Slosh Zamani

2 months ago

Love this playlist so much have it on nonstop

Very appreciative of this woman right here. One of the most genuine people I’ve met in this music industry, and someone I consider a real friend. From the moment we got in the studio to make Good Old Days, I felt her spirit. Our 2 month tour has finally ended, and it’s bitter sweet. It’s amazing to be back with my family before I head over to Europe to finish this cycle. So good to be back in the Seattle summer, the most beautiful place in the world. But I will miss the Adventures squad. The phenomenal fans. Her whole team. And her. The shows were magic. The love was overwhelming. And the memories will live on. I’d do it all over again in a second Kesha. Photo: Zoe Rain Photography

Wendy Quiroz

2 months ago

It was amazing to see the musical chemistry you two had on stage here in Dallas!! I was blessed to get to be there for my birthday and see you both perform!

Christian Simeon

2 months ago

you put on a great opening show ... she's lucky to have had you with her.

Mayyada Winters

2 months ago

Love you both so much! Can't wait to see what else is in store for both of you in your bright futures ahead much love ❤️

EPISODE 6 of the behind the scenes look at The Adventures of Kesha and Macklemore: T-Mobile #Ad

Irene Decena

3 months ago

Yes can't wait to see if there is an ATL episode

Keo Socheat

3 months ago

I love the peek behind the scene. We had so much fun at the Forum show!

Key Petallo Agno

3 months ago

Super lo maximo de lo maximo ojala algun dia la vida me permita conocerte, por que tu eres alguien importante en mi vida

The greatest party in America? Perhaps. Thank you HP and Intel for having Beeba and I DJ your party. We lived many dreams tonight, and I might still be dreaming. The evening will never be forgotten. I love you. 📷: Mike Greene #PanoramaHP

Juan Gabriel Solis

3 months ago

Te amo simplemente eso te amo eres lo maximo, solo dirr eso

Jhunior Faberman Rozquete

3 months ago

On a gagné la coupe du monde de foot, tu l'avais dit à ton concert en France (Normandie), merci 😘

Renso Lozano Perez

3 months ago

Samy Raman Colt Kucker holy shit what

The latest episode of the behind the scenes of the Kesha and Macklemore tour... check it!

Andrea Scanlon Lowe

3 months ago

she cant sing live ....

Called Mi Markson Tessy

3 months ago

The NJ show was amazing! your interaction with us, your fans, was priceless and those four girls that were brought on stage....that was made me laugh, cry and dance my ass off and I really appreciated it...(especially after 3+ hours in traffic and rain) 😊 Love, this hard working mom from NY

Koichi Nakanishi

3 months ago

Megan Ann you’ll love this

When the glam team isn’t sure of the look, you have to trust your inner goth child. I knew I looked fabulous and nobody could tell me otherwise. Sometimes it’s just staring in the mirror and saying to yourself “I am pretty, I am persuasive and my MAC eyeliner gives me life” (ad). How to Play the Flute music video out now: 📷: Jordan Nicholson

Tag someone you would feel comfortable doing this pose with in the middle of broad daylight while Mark Morrison plays softly in the background on a Beats Pill. How to Play the Flute music video out now. Link 📷: Jordan Nicholson
I will be getting this family photo printed on a Gilden T-shirt today at the mall. Pretty sure Sloane is gonna want one too. How to Play the Flute music video out now! Link📷: @jordanloveskats

Pauline Parchment

3 months ago

NektariaOsmanAleaMaya, schaut es euch einfach an, göttlich!

Renata Lopardo

3 months ago

Alex Péan
C'est un peu ta perruque et moustache préférée?!

Lee Frost

3 months ago

Kesha and Mackle staying in Harrisburg PA, at the Sheraton Hotel. Pretty exciting

If you can’t get naked on a beach with an axe and ask one of your homies to take a picture of you on their Android phone, are you really living your best life? How to play the flute video out now:

Angela Holford

3 months ago

The only thing is.... apart from the exaggerated pixelation of the penis ... you, the axe and the tree stump were NOT on the beach when this picture was taken....😂😂😂
Pity you didn't photoshop the shadows aswell... 😜👌

Chelelo CV

3 months ago

Did the friend also photoshop your picture onto a real beach?

Ana Soares

3 months ago

Maybe the worst tattoo layout ever

Almost time for the Adventures to begin...Can't wait to see ya'll this summer. Tickets at 🦅🥒

Eileen Barney

5 months ago

Max Sellers Bristow, so probably Jiffy Lube Live

William Thomas

5 months ago

Think of all the things you could buy if you had a job.

Marlon Lapiad

5 months ago

If only you could come to Québec, Canada 😞

When you wear a sequin/bedazzled cacti shirt you know the night is gonna be magic. Much love to Kesha T-Mobile Billboard Music Awards and you all. #AreYouWithUs 🦅

Shanmuga Vm

5 months ago

Great collaboration love love love ❤️

Jane Kelly

5 months ago

Macklemore and Kesha-my sister and I are flying from Australia to Miami in August to see your concert!!!!!

Floresita Hernández

5 months ago

you need this sweater Jeremy Michael

⛰Himalayan mountain mode ⛰ Photo: @rjmckinnon
Shout out @snipesshop for having me be a part of their Spring 2018 campaign.... #snipes #snipesknows
Taking in the magic. Dublin, 3 Arena. Night 1. 📷: @rjmckinnon

Shout out SNIPES for having me be a part of their Spring 2018 campaign.... #snipes #snipesknows

Jesus Frank Sangama Tamani

7 months ago

Schwarz Weiß Blau

Minesh Bora

7 months ago

That’s a fruity ass haircut you’re rockin there champ

Yvonne Sherry

7 months ago

Frieda Merz Snipes 😄

Shout out @snipesshop for having me be a part of their Spring 2018 campaign.... #snipes #snipesknows

GLASGOW SCOTLAND 🔥🌎... Gemini World Tour. 📷: @rjmckinnon

Just out here experiencing Glasgow Scotland. 📷: @rjmckinnon

When you got the #1 record in the UK and decide to show some calf .... WE DID IT @rudimentaluk @dancaplen @jessglynne 📷: @rjmckinnon

This summer bout to be 🔥🔥🔥 @iiswhoiis

Manchester sleep deprivation... BUT WE MADE IT TO EUROPE BABY. 📷: @rjmckinnon

Ayyy! "These Days" getting close to #1 on the Official UK Charts! @rudimentaluk @jessglynne @dancaplen 🎷🎷

Honored to be a part of the Spring ’18 @snipesshop campaign. Had hella fun shooting with their team. #snipes #snipesknows

Elephant ears on deck. We at Puyallup this year for @WAStateFair Concert Series. Pull up 🤘🏼🔥

Ballet class 🌹

Happy to be bringing Dave B Dan Caplen Nick Beebe on the GEMINI Europe and U.K. tour starting this month... see you all soon 🎷🎷

Julie Hunt Jones

7 months ago

Ella Hauptsache den Letzten hat Macklemore aus versehen markiert, das ist irgendein ganz normaler Typ 🤦🏼‍♀️😂

Brenndo Frangipane

7 months ago

What even Nick Beebe 😂 don’t forget about me when you’re famous

Lisa Pittrell

7 months ago

Marie-Léa Muzerelle sa tête elle te dit pas qqch ? On l'a pas déjà vu qql part ?

Happy to be bringing @d.aveb @dancaplen @nickbeeba on the GEMINI Europe and U.K. tour starting this month... see you all soon🎷🎷

Yakima fashion week 🔥🐴

Can't wait to start the European tour end of this month! Luxembourg - we just opened a few more tickets. London - only a few tickets left for the second show. And there are still a few early entry VIP upgrade packages (including a signed hand drawn lithograph by me) available at ALL net proceeds of the VIP packages go to charity.

Yoselin Villalba

7 months ago

Hi there, I'm selling two standing tickets for the April 6th concert in O2 Academy, Brixton, London. PM me if interested. Cheers! Petra

Délcio Maconguista Dgz

7 months ago

When will you pay a visit to Hong Kong?I have been waiting you for ages

Neny MelBa

7 months ago

Lisa Wu leider ist in Deutschland schon alles ausverkauft aber mit DIR wäre ich gerne hin gegangen 😍 #altezeiten 😃😘

Getting this merch off since the late 80’s

Beyond lucky ❤️... #happyinternationalwomensday

Always stings when the homies get traded. But this one is different. Thank you for everything you did for our city. You made our team better, of course. But what I admire most is what you brought off the field. The community. Thank you for using your platform. For standing up for the truth and what you believe in. Thank you for inspiring me and countless others to speak up and use their voice. I know this is just the beginning. Cheers to the next chapter bro. I’ll always be a fan. @mosesbread72

New look for the Gemini European tour. 📷:

Can't wait to hit the road with @iiswhoiis this summer. Tour starts June 6th! Tickets available at 🎷🎷

Can't wait to hit the road with Kesha this summer. Tour starts June 6th! Tickets available at 🎷🎷

Kazuma Sagoh

8 months ago

Super disappointed y'all are skipping over Minnesota! Went to the first concert and swore I would go to the next but I can't since you won't be here. Even with the shootout in your song too made me so sure you'd be back. I think y'all need to fix that and add another location to come here. You won't be disappointed at the turn out!

Xanadu Alvarez

7 months ago

Um...where's Washington State?! YOU'RE FROM HERE! That's straight bullshit 😡

Lorenzo Bonanno

8 months ago

hell yeah macklemore always starts his tours with AZ as first show.

Coconut water in my cup... 📷:

Raising the youth to never dap with the left hand

Young Robin Hood with the bowl cut. 📷: my mama

Throwback Thursdays... 📷: @baba_g

These Days. Live at Abbey Road.

Kazuma Sagoh

8 months ago

Tadeo Guerrero Ledezma esa es la canción que quiero <3<3

Rossella D'Amato

8 months ago

Susan ❤️ Happy Birthday... I hope you love this song ❤️

Martin Tima

8 months ago

I love this song so damn much. I've probably listened to it 200 times and I never get tired of it. I still get choked when watching this video 💚💚

Nothing has changed...IM STILL OUT HERE BRUH

Newest members of @massive_monkees? 📷: @rjmckinnon

This is why I love touring...All 2018. GEMINI. 🎥: @rjmckinnon

The face you make when realize you got hella tan....but simultaneously realize you’ll be back to a shade of translucent winter honky in 5 days. 📷: @rjmckinnon

Tour squad roll call.. @war.same @d.aveb @krameroriginals @benjaminjangles Terrill @budo @eric_in_american... 📷: @rjmckinnon

Fear and loathing in Australia... 📷: @rjmckinnon

Australia and New Zealand, I’ll never forget this tour. Every night was magic. Truly a remarkable part of the world with such good people. Thank you to everyone that made it out and celebrated with us. Tough places to leave... ❤️. Photo: @rjmckinnon

Tapped in... 📷: @rjmckinnon

A candid moment captured at the office... 📷: @rjmckinnon

Melbourne with @krameroriginals on the trombone... 📷: @rjmckinnon

Melbourne night 2... 5,000 deep 🙌🏼🇦🇺. Photo: @rjmckinnon

Pre-show pondering human evolution and how it relates to the career trajectory of Boy George... 📷: @rjmckinnon