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thanks MICHIGAN y’all made me feel at home 😈🤘🏽— Rap Devil finally available for streaming everywhere ‼️

Rita Golden

10 days ago

I love mgk’s music even before rap devil I also love eminem and always have done ,but doesn’t mean new talent can’t come into it, mgk is amazing and anyone that doesn’t give him credit for that is not open minded to new things and there loss! Especially when mgk is only sticking up for himself against someone he seen as his idol ❤️ Don’t hate appreciate them both 😂😂😂😂

Nqobie Nqobza NaMahlangu

10 days ago

Ok yeah you killed it but damn man at this point em doesnt even have to diss you. You just proved everything em rapped about in his album ..... Heres on of the many lyrics you are. Proving to be right....
"You mention me, millions of views, attention in news
I mention you, lose-lose for me, win-win for you
Billions of views, your ten cents are two
Skim through the music to give shit reviews"

You even made sweaters and shirts of one bad ass diss track .... Bro youre killing your own shit ... You should have just made the damn diss, and.sang the song in detroit Michigan and thats it that was enough ... Now its just sad

Alessio Marcolongo

10 days ago

Weird I'm a huge metal fan and my friend was telling me to listen to this and I was like no and rap isn't really my thing but when I heard this I needed to listen to it again, again and again. Mgk wow amazing.

Joshua Vickery

13 days ago

Everyone thinking MGK wrote Rad Devil after he heard Not Alike😂😂 he started working on most of that diss after he took subliminal shots at Em on Tech nine song "no reason" earlier in the year cause honestly how much of that diss made reference to Not Alike?

Marcus Walker

13 days ago

@MGK in your song rap devil "I know it's making you mad now all your fans have discovered me" 100% true, I wouldn't of known who you were if it wasn't for Eminem but I became a instant fan

Veer Đøyał

13 days ago

I always loved Eminem my whole life UNTIL I saw MGK. Eminem is a hypocrite, everyone go and listen to his diss son it's called "nail in the coffin" where he's dissing benzino. Eminem says "nobody wants to hear their grandfather rap, so put the mic down and walk away, you can still have a little bit of dignity". Well that's exactly what he should do

FUCK RAP GOD IM THE RAP DEVIL...good morning Eminem 👂🏽😈

Kim Ling Tse

15 days ago

So you had nothing to diss except the fact that he reads, he stays home, he's sober, he's mad that you called his daughter hot, and that he's old? lmao I didn't listen to the whole thing... he might be "old" but I bet by the time you get to 40 you're gonna be so burned out. Look at all your "fans" who are easily dissing you right back 😂 no one is doing that to Eminem because we love him and he is the 🐐 and well.. you're still just MGK.


Jose Manuel Patiño Castillo

16 days ago

By no means a rap expert, I just love reading comments on rappers pages. John the 45 year old white accountant from Wisconsin, vacuum packs his lunch and never used the word ‘dissed’ in his vocabulary in his life. But in the comments, magically transforms into an extra from ‘boyz in the hood’ like: ‘yooooo dawg! Em gonna straight up body that fool! Machines bars are tight doh sonnnn!’ I fucking love it!😂😂

Tina Laughlin Wrighthouse

16 days ago

Eminem- burnout
G-Eazy - popstar
MGK future Legend yall just cant get over eminem being old af these days

Michael Norris

19 days ago

Eminem just fired some nasty bars on mgk!

Tsutomu Kurisaki

19 days ago

Machine Gun Kelly and Maggie Lindemann you guys need to collab, both of you are deep af, or maybe fck the singing ,you guys need to hook up 🤣😂 love the both of you

Ronnie Stokes Sr.

20 days ago

If you think hes a sell out the yall haven't been around at all. I remember going to shows with like 6 people there 😂😂😂

KellyVision Season 7: the past eight months.

Andy Brown

19 days ago

Dont Beef With Em Please You 2 Are My Favorite. Everyone Stands Together. You 2 Make Life Livable. Make Music Together Not Hate ... Please

Mike Morningstar

19 days ago

Paddy Sjogren do we even like these anymore?

Foti Kondov

19 days ago

Seppe Noels drinken allemaal uit hun schoen hahaha

knees. 😵📸: @tjdstudio

Serena Lau

20 days ago

Kells I comment on alot of your stuff idk if you read it or not im your biggest fan, I got a portrait of you with the joker paint on tatted on me, please like this if you have read it. Please do something with Ohio natives kid cuddi or lil Johnnie #ESTxXx

Jack Morales

21 days ago

You make me weak in the knees... haaa corny pun 💀great shot !

Caroline Sorato

21 days ago

Bc hes absolutely perfect from head to toe....and his hands are incredibly sexy dear god

hi mom. 🤷🏼‍♂️🖕🏽📷: @ounzezilla

Corinne West

22 days ago

Is that caskey? I may just be loosing my eye site but damn that must have been one dope time right there.

Della Sullivan

22 days ago

Hi mgk i am only your biggest fan in known myanmar?I am very like your,say something dialogue for me.please.

Jessica Beam

22 days ago

Doobie yela caskey mgk that would probably be the dopest collab ever if that happens my life will be complete lol 😂

Princes Alonso

a month ago

Travis Grubbs guess what word popped out at me

Nadine Tchobanian

a month ago

Where the feat with kid Cudi lms that by end of Oct u know you wanna

Carine Soufnenguel

a month ago

Fucking love this guy dude MGK ur music so so amazing bro fuckin keep doing what ur doing love u man

the MANIA tour with @falloutboy starts in a week. ⚠️🚺 📸 @stretchd_34

Nana Anokye Kusi Appiah

a month ago

If only fall out boy was in syd with him you might have enjoyed yourself Gabrielle Murphy

Tyler Bishop

a month ago

Tayah Giles Kenzie Ann Davis Gerardy if he doesnt come here we going to the closest bitches idc

David Stivens Bedoya Gil

a month ago

On some real shit... COME 2 DETROIT G.A NO SEATS..#PITLYFE

WHICH ONE SHOULD I TAKE ON THE FLIGHT TO PHILLY!? ✈️👀 i have 3 favorites in this stack. 🐐

Betzaida Quixtan

a month ago

Pretty sure YOU should write a graphic novel, my students would love it! And maybe you and I should hook up in a writers workshop...I'd love to bounce ideas for a memoir

Becky Lewis

a month ago

who fukin cares......what r u? starved for attention MGK...bring a mirror so u can look at ur self......fukin poser

Jill Light

a month ago

OMG... Please don't tell me the in plublicity so it looks like your into comics, because you took that deal and you got your own comic coming out... Please kells say it ain't so!!!!!!

my favorite set list was this weekends fEST V set. @estfestohio 🍄🖤🤘🏽 my boys @slimxx @bazexx @rookxx @himstonedxx killed it. hold up tho, @monsterenergy @monsterenergy that stage set up was insane. THANK U for bringin it to the woods!! and @bryanhearns with my favorite fEST outfit yet. u rock my friend.

Dylan Martin

a month ago

mgk has some of the most amazing lyrics. his lyrics have saved so many lives its unreal. keeping doing what you do kells your music changes lives 💝

Clarisa Gomez Gusay

a month ago

Amazing photos!!! I hope to catch a show soon!!

FrancÏsco TeMpo

a month ago

I cant wait till you xome through okc. I will be on the local crew for production. Keeping my fingures crossed i get show call as well!

brought some new faces to the @estfestohio stage this year 🤠👹😈🏍 truuuuuuuuuuu #fESTV

Frances Wolfe

a month ago

I didn’t get there til 11:30 Friday because of all the traffic and parking errors but I enjoyed the dome party and Saturday was fabulous had a great time

Gerry Regan

a month ago

So many haters. This year was a blast. Stop being so damn ungrateful ab the artists that were there. We are lucky he even does this for us.

Lillian Diaz Serrano

a month ago

Best weekend of my life! I miss my fam already!!! ❌❌🖤

LOCO. ⚠️🤪 out now for streaming. produced my brothers @slimxx + @bazexx — we been rockin since day 1 and this is the first official single we released that they produced. congrats!!!! y’all spazzed so crazy on this beat 😩🤑🙏🏽

Reyna Hernandez

a month ago

Maybe this comment wont be important for the majority of people here. Some of you will ignore it, most of y'all wont bother to read and it'll go unnoticed along with other comments maybe some of you will continue reading this because its important and it might change ur life in the future or maybe I'll be criticized for this but i just want to let y'all know... I'm selling weed

Y’all are trippin. This is his best track in a while.

Γιάννης Παπαδόπουλος

2 months ago

I feel I’m the one who is getting licked on 0:47-0:48 in the music video. #EST19XX #XX 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

LOCO video out now!!! 🤪🤪🤪🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽

Lori MDos Santos

2 months ago

The music was eh, but my question is why was Pete in it? Also as an upstate by native why didn’t you show off more of Syracuse? It has plenty of great areas! Could have gone to the empty Shoppingtown mall and had some fun! Lol

Churro McNevan

2 months ago

Glad u enjoyed ur stay in Syracuse, New York!!! Come again soon!!! And u bought that car off my boys baby mom for 8k lol

Ibrahim Mirza

2 months ago

Should of left Pete whoever with his 90s Eminem hair out of it. He just gave the video a very akward vibe...

LOCO music video at midnite. 🤪🤪🤪 it’s the hottest shit droppin this week idgaf 😈😈

Khadijah Bell

2 months ago

Wonder if G-eazy is going to dye his hair purple now 😂

Jes Jessica

2 months ago

I was watching catfish and he was co hosting and i looked him up and damn his music was awesome. Love what he does, love his music and damn hes fine as well

Roger Juarez

2 months ago

Paint it black ;D
I tryed to change my hair colore after black paint. Nothing happend :D
I don't wonna shave on zirro

just rehearsed what i think is gonna be our best live set yet. see u this weekend at @estfestohio ⛺️🌲🥃🤪xx

Raid Radwan

2 months ago

I'm so broken about not being able to go this year fr I went for the first time last year and it changed my life... Always next year tho. Rage on for me!

Suzanne Boyden

2 months ago

Couldn't make it work this year.. I assure you next year I'll be there for all of FEST, and with it being my first, it will be f*cking glorious.

Marissa Cusack

2 months ago

Been dying to go since you started FEST . Thank you for being you . Have fun fam and be safe ! ⭐️🦋🙏⚡️watch out for one another we are family after all . Lace
Tf UP!

💧📷: @rileyrobbinsfilm
just wrapped 🎬 goin home to sleep. 4 movies on the way now...BUT new music this week??? 🤐😈🤑

Jean-Luc Lavallée

2 months ago

MGK.... "NO REASON" ...

Petra Molnár

2 months ago

Man U R Great singr
An we LOVE U
But lve this Bad Things !

Kris Caswell

2 months ago

Sharnie Dernehl god wouldnt forgive me for what id do to him

a month away from the start of tour with Fall Out Boy 🤘🏼 make sure to get your tickets if you havent already --> see yall soon!!!

Samantha Kent

2 months ago

Can't wait to see you and fall out boy in Ohio 😊😊 💙💙

Lili Coustillac

2 months ago

Very excite, bought tickets to see you all back in January for Hershey 💕 hopefully I'll get to see you on the US leg of the Bloom tour as well 😉🙃 once you take a break from being a movie star 😋

Ellie Marie Rogalski

2 months ago

I dont see Toronto!!! Bro you could sell out!!! Budweiser stage. Leave it open for General Admission an imma get Laced up for a lit time!!!

Can't lie. Been ready AF. @estfestohio⛺️ 🔥 🔊 ✌️ #ESTFEST

Giuseppe Peritore

2 months ago

More ready than I should be. Should be..never mind. You know what, Rollin up this weed, thinking about life, I'm good. Home? Lol miss you est. ;)

Darren Neville

2 months ago

Is there any in Chicago, I wunna see !you!

Jerson Nayangga Boctoy

2 months ago

I'm ready to rap with you mgk #ESTFEST

big time adolescence. day 2. 🎬 📷: @marcusrussellprice

Mia Bertram Schrøder Jensen

2 months ago

Can you come to auburn please omg I’d die of excitement getting to meet you!!!!!!

Baba Traore

2 months ago

😭😭😭 soooo close to me. 😭 cant wait to see ya again in buffalo

Robin Tihon

2 months ago

Looks like y’all getting ready for you’re next clan meeting

😈🌪 it’s festival season 🖤. u know what’s next 🚌 —> ⛺️🌲 see u at @estfestohio ‼️

Daulton Finlayson

2 months ago

I wish I could be apart of this.. it looks like craziness😎

Mika Paris

2 months ago

Music is beyond inspiring! This is the kind of shit that makes the blood in your heart pump through your body, and gets you through the days when you didn’t think there will/should be another day. This is what music is supposed to do, truly inspiring. Makes you feel alive and not alone in this world of chaos. ❤️

Abel Rodriguez

2 months ago

Machine Gun Kelly, you are John Lennon reincarnated, bruhh on God 💯💯 #justsaying #est19XX #doubleXXgang

crazy that it’s been a year today. one of my heroes man. definitely my favorite voice. fuckin sick frontman.great person. we still blast u everyday homie 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🖤🖤😢😢😢 rip Chester
This is what we look forward to every damn summer #ESTFEST I'm just hype

Matthew Potter

2 months ago

Can't believe it's been a fukn year only feels like a few months crazy how time flies by so quickly cherish every moment peeps life's to damn short

Sheldon Dockins

2 months ago

At least you are still alive MGK :) You are enjoying life to the fullest, living n breathing the air, above the ground, I enjoy your 1st show in New Zealand at Bay of Dreams, but miss ya Wellington shows in April:/ maybe see ya show in the states, drink with ya in Cleveland.

Yusuf Mesut

2 months ago

Love you Chester, you may be gone but never forgotten. My favorite band to ever live, I would go to school jamming to your music.... god I miss you Chester. RIP. You always be remembered

Definitely looking forward to the energy at EST FEST! If you've never been, are we really friends🤔

est-fest.comtickets are getting low! #estfest

Rafael Rosado

2 months ago

i wished you could come to laredo texas im 19 your my favorite rapper and i hope one day we meet and hangout ill even cook for you ❤❤take pictures so i dont forget that special day your songs have helped me in the toughest situations i really hope you come to laredo texas much love to you❤😍😘kells im geting my first tat of you on my leg i also love converse 😍💖if i meet you ill take a picture with you and you can sighn my converse too so i wont forget about that special day i love you kells❤❤❤

Wacky Garrido

2 months ago

I've been to all 5 kells we arent friends we are brothers

Anel Méndez

2 months ago

I want to go more than anything in this world 💯💯💯

we bite. 🐍
our stage always looks like a date nite, thank u loves for all my roses 😊🥀🌹very very happy we made the “bloom” album ... xx
the only signs i obey are from the universe. 🖕🏽🍺🤮📷 @j_wozy

Jody Narraway

2 months ago

And it's venom!💀

Semih Uslu

2 months ago

We will see you at RoverFest this weekend!! It will be my son Adams 10th birthday and his very first concert!! It would make his whole DECADE if you sent him out a quick Happy Birthday Saturday!! Break a leg (not literally please haha)

Linda Shoup

2 months ago

Hell yeah! Ready to hear that new album!

'Lift Off' off Mike Shinoda's album 'Post Traumatic'

Mutesi Betesi

2 months ago

Damn kelz you getting back into rapping?

Lynne Washington

2 months ago

Ivan vidi ga stari chino s naočalama i dalje baca vlagu <3

Josiah Gibson

2 months ago

The first time I listen to the song, I thought you and Mike sound the same. The second time I listen to it, I learned the difference between your voices. :)

Name the ONE song you need to hear at EST FEST...I wanna see something real quick

Niinii Edward

2 months ago

Stereo is one I HAVE to see period! The gunner, demons, half naked and almost famous, so many more. Hold on shut up and I wanna see let you go bc it’s so fun. Love you Kels

Brittney Langer

2 months ago

I wanna go in October but i don’t wanna see fall out boy. I just wanna go to only your concert and I’d wanna hear kiss the sky!

Gaël Minois

2 months ago

But I can't go even cause I am all the way on the other side of the world wishing I was going to be there but ...
I am determined to make it there next year now that I know you have a festival god damn Kells

Idk if y'all heard who is hitting our EST FEST stage this year but........


Leila Rodrigues

2 months ago

Ylma Jamer dat dit zover is 😭 ik MGK en jij AA..

Brendon Ndlovu

2 months ago

Fucking killed it in London tonight!!

Mateusz Maląg

2 months ago

Bruh that's AA 😍

came from oodles of noodles now we eatin 🦐🖕🏽!! welcome home @meekmill
How many days until we get back to EST FEST?! Bringing all my friends to the forest to rage and vibe out, don't miss out or say I didn't tell you!!

Herma Wati

2 months ago

Amazing show last night in Ottawa at Bluesfest! Thanks!

Alex Travers

2 months ago

And I’m still laced up, tell the world that’s nothing changed
Till it’s hundred dollar bills in my pocket, then nothings change
If my team ain't with me, then I don’t wanna thang
Tell them I'll go broke before I run out on my gang
EST over everything
100 thousand plus, cult fan base yea that is us
My songs tattooed on they body troubled youth, we bad as fuck
And, what?
Nobody gave a shit about for broken mirrors
So I care less about appearance
Just as long as they can hear us
We’re fearless, we’re stupid, we’re dealers, we’re losers
We’re killers, we're orphan's, we’re addicts, we’re stealers
We’re shooters so kill us
We are what they say we are until conformity hits us

Jamie Whitworth Serrano

2 months ago

Mean muggin in the background David Firth

Yo what's your favorite memory from EST FEST? I want to hear them👇🏻 Can't wait to top them all with this year though !

Luis Orlando Herrera Rangel

2 months ago

This wasn't at EST FEST....PCB at Club La Vela....we want to go to EST FEST so bad now!!! Maybe one day....def on my bucket list.... EST til I die!

Kobby Robinson

2 months ago

Asking the guy next to me where I could get bott h20 at n he hands me 2 bott
So dabbmom tries to pay it forward a couple times with a dab n after 3 attempts asking he finally he takes his back stage pass out n sez mabey after the show
I’m the guitar player for mgk /AJ lol
At 53 n it was my first
Can’t wait for aug 2n
Dabbmomtory in teepee this year est 19xx 🔥❤️🔥❤️

Emmanuelle Duclair

2 months ago

So you, mod, slim and the crew were walking around camp, it was so dark! Plus I was talking to a girl that I had just met because she was having a breakdown about her piece of shit boyfriend. 🙄I had a light behind me in my tent so when everyone was walking I just saw Mod so I said hey, everyone said what’s up and then everyone keep on walking. You got five tents down from me and the guys tent down there was lit up and you stopped there, THEN I FUCKING SAW IT WAS YOU AND MOD AND SLIM AND THE WHOLE DAMN TEAM JUST WALKING AROUND TALKING AND SHIT! I cried I was so happy. So happy that you actually have the freedom to walk around and play games and eat cheeseburgers with your fans! I just love you Colson, you are the best! I hope you get to walk around Camp City again this year. Then the second one was when the drunk dude climbed on top of the dome at the dome party and it caved in. He made me drop my LAST beer and all my glow sticks!

i know im supposed to be giving y’all hints about the album comin this summer but...🎬🤐💨 @petedavidson 💯💯

Steven Selmon

3 months ago

I dont understand why people like a page as a "fan" and then troll these pages just to tear people down. Mans living his dream and probably providing a hell of a life for his little girl. Anyone who says they wouldn't do the same is lying. #keepkillinit #EST

Kenneth Coldplay

3 months ago

Jayden Long " coming this summer" 😍 aka our winter

Ronald Sayasa

3 months ago

why can't we be happy and proud of him? there is no permanent in this world except change and his doing fine exploring his talents... bless you GUNNER 🙏💯💪

pulled up on @interscope last nite to let em know its album time. bang bang. 😤😈💿💿

Brandy Soule

3 months ago

Look, this love’s killing me, literally
Every time I start to pick you up, you finish me
Used to love waking up in the mornings and feeling you
Now I’m just ashamed wearin long sleeves concealing you- LEAD YOU ON

Galeot Tamez

3 months ago

Finally man i need some new stuff you know I'm out😏❤️

Magdda Hunter Yañ Esc

3 months ago

Wtf you hating fans of his talkin about? Fools Bloom was great MGK is the great'EST!!! 🌹👊✊

first couple names announced for our @estfestohio line up 😈 see y’all at the end of summer, get tix now 🌲🔥 #fEST

Sabrina Hinton

3 months ago

Jennifer Brown I only care about 3 on this list lol but we should go see MGK 😍😍

Süŕæj Śûběďý Ďhíţæĺ

3 months ago

I should be on that list! MGK, you should come check out my show tonight at Kilby Court! Lol

Dorothy Drikow

3 months ago

Soooooooo... Machine Gun Kelly these tour days for the Fall Out Boy Mania Tour.. are you actually going to be playing a lot of is it mostly fall out boy.

🌻 cannabis cup today michigan 🍋 im tryna be green by the time im off stage 🤢🌲🔥💨

Steven Allen

3 months ago

I took my son to ur show at Myrtle Beach Speedway and u took him on stage! We flipped our car 3 times that night goin back to Georgetown and when he got out the car he was perfect, not a scratch or tear, smiling ear to ear and he looks at me and says “I love u mommy. This is the best night of my life and ur the best mom anyone could ask for.” He’s 9 years old. Thank u so much for giving him that memory and for helping me be the best mom he could ask for.

Isabella Martinez

3 months ago

Thanks brother for sucking on my genetics!

Jackie Minns

3 months ago

Lemon Head 🍋 Sour Patch Kid 😜 totally off subject, but you just made me think about a conversation I jus had. 🌠

win or lose — Cleveland is the motherfuckin City. 💯

Franck Sindk

3 months ago

What about your sister, Cleveland? Mans.....field. J/S ;).

Fathima Zaz

3 months ago

Love you kells. I’m from Cleveland. I don’t have that hometown love though. Was born in Ashtabula to Pittsburgh natives. My colors are black and gold all day but it’s still my city in way.

Brian Pérez

3 months ago

I'm a lebron fan and honestly I hope he leaves. He kept his promise and got the land a championship, now let the man go be great somewhere else

the A/C broke. ♨️ interview with @tingslondon out. side note — im covering some of these tattoos. on to the new. ⚡️⚡️ 📷: @justinrcampbell

Shary Junco

4 months ago

I was at your concert in Springfield... No AC... Standing in heat for 2 hours then waiting for you inside for 2 hours.... Worth every fucking minute.....

Miguel Vega Avendaño

4 months ago

This guy's was everything to me but what he has done to him self in the past has put him here now and yet he wants to cover it up, those old basement songs are better then these "new" studio ones..

Sofia Roteño

4 months ago

What happened to your music bro? Was 🔥🔥🔥 when you first came out now its 🏳️‍🌈

Cmon bro! Ya making kids music these days. Remember 100 words and running? Go back!!

public nap master. ✈️💤🖖🏽weekend: Springfield for the show tonite at The Shrine + Rocklahoma for the Tulsa folk. bloom bloom bloom 🥀 XX

Martha Nunez

4 months ago

Hey kells, i was at your show in springfield last night. Prolly the tallest chick in tha pit lol. You was amazing! I had the best time ever. I respect u as an artist, as a father, an a person. Keep doin wat u doin. I hope to see you again. Luv u kells. Peace

Anna Marková

4 months ago

Cant wait to see the performance tonight at Rocklahoma!!!

Dionisia Comparato

4 months ago

The reality of what it's like to be on tour

recorded two songs yesterday. stepped out for a drink. routine all summer until tour w/ @falloutboy 😈❄️🔁

Otaka Maiko

4 months ago

......... FALLOUT BOY ? really? who's opening and who's head lining i just wanna know if i show up early or late so i don't have to dance.... dance

Austin Miller

4 months ago

Seen him 5 time's and he was only 17 at the first show,it's crazy watching kells grow the way he has musically and just as a person overall,those 5 shows were some of the best night's of my life and I'll never forget them,but god damn kells you be going to hard for that peso😎 i swear your on the road like 300 day's a year,,,,every year you deserve all the success in the world#laceup#19xx

Laurie Doty

4 months ago

You use to be sooo cute now you look beat up and tired. Maybe you need a break to recuperate and the fashion thing your trying 😑 no lol. What happen to mgk Cleveland????

2018. 📷: @chadmartel

Nana Nana

4 months ago

I remember you opening up for tech n9ne in kc! Now look at you!

Hamo Felicia Toomata

4 months ago

Keep killing it kells!!! Your such an inspiration to so many, I've got so many people in my network to give your music a listen and I quote your lyrics on my page regularly!!!! Some day id love to have a real convo with you, hear your story and i would love to take it back to share with my network!!! I live to inspire others and I can only imagine how many people it would inspire!!!

Amelia Arno

4 months ago

Your a good rapper...rock isn't your thing...go back to the rap

Emme Marjorie

4 months ago

How I wish I could afford to see you in concert 😞. Being a single mom with too many bills and living in poverty makes it impossible but I love your music! It has gotten me through some really difficult times. I’ll keep watching on TV! Thank you for inspiring the world! Love you Machine Gun Kelly

Amenan Kouame

4 months ago

Speechless this photo gives me goosebumps & butterflies I can only think about all the times I’ve seen you live and met you & I can’t wait to see you again & again this summer see you in Hershey Park est fest 4 life 😘😘😘😘

Karen García

4 months ago

after 13 y .. the dreams come true keep the fire on ..!

fire in the rain. 🔥☔️ @rollingloud 📷: @jayohh_@ Miami Beach, Florida
not saying i did it first. but in this generation, i did it first. 🐍👑😈💯 @rollingloud #MicStandMightBite ☺️📷: @jpaluzziphotography@ Miami Beach, Florida

Johanna Maakanen

4 months ago

Love u.. #Boss

Katrine Jensen

4 months ago

You shut down my personal Machine Gun Kelly page? Not Cool.😭😭😭

Raven Forsythe

4 months ago


confirmed landing ✈️. Rolling fucking Loud today. Audiomack Stage 6:25pm. go mad. 😈⚡️🤘🏽xx@ Miami International Airport - MIA

Samara Byer

4 months ago

What just to stand there and try and work out what he’s singing lol

Matthew Losco

4 months ago

I was literally just in Miami this past weekend. Fml.

Nicolas Sanchez

4 months ago

Sometimes he looks so much younger its weird

happy first birthday to my favorite album. 🥀🎂 #bloom [ favorite track?? ]

Jenna Willett Nelson

4 months ago

I'm in love with all of the songs off this amazing album really, but my favorite is go for broke, feat. James Arthur. I just love the message. 😍
You're an amazing rapper, so all of your songs are great. I look for meaning behind songs, not a lot of rappers have that nowadays. 😘😘💖💖

Roger Blomberg

4 months ago

Kells it's time I thanked you for inspiring me to gather up my soldiers and clean up the drug filth in this town. 💞 I'm gonna be pumping Machine Gun Kelly from my Subaru Impreza as a warning to all who thought they could take advantage of my kindness as a weakness pfffft clueless germs.
We all royalty 🙌
It's gotta be Habits that is most relevant but also Go For Broke and 27 is too good! 🤘
It's on tonight MidNorthCoast Australia! We've got the worst ICE problem here and it ends tonight!
I'm cleaning house 💯
You've made me remember who I really am from thirty years ago. Luckily I'm an Army brat with an anarchist soul and was blessed to be part of the ska/skin/punk back in the day when it really was a brotherhood and an uprising!
I'm with it again 🙌 so much love
Let's start a revolution with global consciousness.
You're not just my saviour, tonight you'll be inspiration for my conviction to do what the good people and police force can't do!
A queen doesn't need cash she creates riches and wealth for her people 👑

Julie Talovic

4 months ago

I love every song on it. its definitely helping me cope with the bullshit ive been dealing with. probably my favorite album of yours just because every song seems to be me. I love all your shit though so that doesn't say much. this is by far the most meaningful album. up on par with some of the songs cudi put out. I can respect a great album like this.

😢😪🙏🏽 wtf...i feel like i just lost one of the most kind, supportive, happy friends i have in the blink of an eye. to anyone in Cleveland or around the world that ever met Alex, ur better for it, he was a great soul. can’t believe u won’t be at fEST with us this year bro...except, u will be — EST 4 Life. XX

Melissa Lollis

4 months ago

My homie, until we meet again...

Valerie Gutierrez

4 months ago

Alex was the perfect example of chasing your dreams. Great friend and a better person. He has touched so many people in this world. We are going to miss you buddy.

Alissa Maldonado

4 months ago

Its touching to always see nothing but positivity and enlightenment in your posts man. I'm sorry for your loss

‘last day of tour’ starring my coffee cup and the city of Perth. see ya tonite for the finale xx

Phyllis Elithorpe

4 months ago

Sam Wright I was stood outside the place last night while it was happening. Why would I not buy a ticket ???

Jimmy Hert

4 months ago

Your music has inspired me & helped me overcome so much. You're extremely talented ! Much love! Stay blessed♡

Marie Kemp

4 months ago

Yo do u know that your the most sexiest rapper out there come to Greece respect from Greece have u ever been here? If no then u should come and tour up with my boy that's host's hiphop live here in Athens city Greece called noiz art, hit me up of your interested, even ice cube camed and onyx, BTW I'm Penny happy belated birthday my lovely taurus, always smiles and love, your music is dope and pure fire fire keep it up,

generation xx 🙏🏽

Thomas Deil

4 months ago

I like how it was drawn. Most people get realistic portrait tattoos. But this one looks cute and nicely done.

Anel Monroy

4 months ago

Double X we the baddest

Skye Sluka

4 months ago

U should make your skate board or bike video game machine gun skaters .the face of that drawing fits that animation .skate board over tour bus challenge etc work wit me

dear Australia: don’t ever make me drink out of my shoe again. ☺️🤘🏽🍻 thanks for the platinum plaque in my dressing room!! 3 more shows to go down undaaa ✔️✔️✔️

Agner Campos

5 months ago

Machine Gun Kelly you are awesome! Much love! Can't wait to see you in Little Rock! Its going to be a DREAM COME TRUE! finally. Keep up the good work!

Thanos Solomos

5 months ago

Why is it that he never comes to Austin ?😭😭 im just trying to marry this dude. Kara Jones

Marc Lallement

5 months ago

WTF.... You Cleveland METAL AF <3 <3 i Miss the shit out of you.

i wrote “rehab” on my acoustic in our tour bus parked outside a strip club in denver. it was crazy to hear how loud they sang it in New Zealand last night. wtf. 🥀 @ Auckland, New Zealand

Sholly Cole

5 months ago

Anyone who went to that concert knows how fucking epic it was. MGK is the real deal, met him at the airport and went to both Welly/Akl shows. Til I die, rehab and 27 went hard asf. It just sucks because no show will compare after seeing that now. Went to eminem q couple of years ago and MGK blows him out of the water, not even comparable, coming from an eminem fan too. EST, LTFU Seamus K Adams Leon Kennedy Adams

Carlos Gregorio Vargas

5 months ago

I will remember that night forever! #EST please come back again soon x

Angela Harris

5 months ago

Auckland show was fucken epic guys!!! Thanks so much for an awesome night! Been day dreaming about it since 😍 got ya albums on repeat even more than before!

my friend had something in his nose 👉🏽👃🏽☺️🎨 nice work @relentless_nz

Meleah Peavy

5 months ago

Christchurch show was awesome

Alexander Estupiñan

5 months ago

Auckland show was sick dreams can come true

Anastasija Trifunova

5 months ago

You're one of the best rapper ever! :)

WAR READY 😈🔪☢️ welly smashed it. auckland tonite 🥀🤘🏽 sick flicks young @j_wozy@ Auckland, New Zealand

Yoga Pratama

5 months ago

Can't exxplain how insane this was to see you live!! Hands down have so much love for you and music 🎵🤘.Thank you so much for the invitation to drink with you maddest experience Thankyou!!! 🖤

Michael Ochsner

5 months ago

Was such an epic concert thank you mgk, EST 19XX TILL I DIE

Gerald Smith Coleman

5 months ago

hey ya heedbanger, you've been an influence and inspiration to so many and i got mad luv homz! EST for life

good morning. ☀️✌🏽 @tingslondon

Douglas A. Ross

5 months ago

I need to see your dick, please...

Jalene Pryor

5 months ago

Damn he fine and look at that third leg😅😅😅

Norma Michaud

5 months ago

Churrrr mgk ,last night was insane