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🖤🖤🖤/ Randall Slavin

Maloba Geleng

19 hours ago

Las mujeres que van al Gym son lo mejor del Planeta.

สุนิษา สวนสนิท

a day ago

She got the look! 😀

Nathan Jamison

2 days ago

Beautiful! Beautiful Lucy hale!!!

waitin on 2019 like - Randall Slavin
Cmon let’s get #TeamLucy back to first Cheerios. Blown away by how many of you are donating ❤️Keep it up!

Amarilis Calderon

2 days ago

sexy and sublime😍

Mike Dreaden

2 days ago

Most beautiful woman on earth.

Ian Crank

2 days ago

Love the pants

📸: Randall Slavin

Soso Bianchi

3 days ago

Wow. Beautiful hair, a sensual look and a superhot pose. Every day less clothes on. I'm looking forward what is coming next with even less clothes on.

Lynda Cooper

3 days ago

I want her to really indulge herself for Winter. I want more Meat!!!

Kate Sundie

3 days ago

Very artistic and emotional. Great work

if you find my shirt, you can keep it - 📸 Randall Slavin

Elisa Barrio Cantero

4 days ago

I Don't want to your Shirt ... I Want to marry with you my Dear Lucy....😘😘😘😍😍

Frederik Blom Mikkelsen

4 days ago

I like your super hot body.

Marcia Cain

4 days ago

Amr El Khawaga Karim Mahdy .. اوعدك حدور عليه ولو لقيته .. حشيلهولك عندي 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

power suit 🤘🏼

Megan Steinberg

6 days ago

Looking serious and beautiful at the same time!! 😊😍❤️

Diana Acosta

6 days ago

You look beautiful princess Lucy Hale and great with that suit 😉 miss you so much! 😞

Dammika Kumara

6 days ago

Lady In White! Not bad not bad at all! Greetings from Finland! :)

I’m writing my letter to Santa today and hope you will, too! Today is National Believe Day, and Macy's will double their donation to $2 per letter up to an additional $1 million to Make-A-Wish America for every letter to Santa dropped off at Macy’s or submitted online. Let’s all help Make-A-Wish grant more wishes to some amazing kids! Write your letter #MacysBelieve

Shae King

8 days ago

Just wrote my letter to Santa 🙊💞 this literally is the easiest way to do good!

Kayleigh Grove

8 days ago

Single female painter, who can read?

Cristian Flores Zerega

8 days ago

You're a pearl Lucy !

•you really suit me•

Américo Robles

9 days ago

You really sweat meeeeee :)

Kanwal Hussain

9 days ago

Los hombres amamos por qué sabemos que alguien querrá todo el amor del hombre y cuando lo tengan el resto de las mujeres del planeta tratarán de acabar con quién logré ese amor

Mudha Haries Wana

9 days ago

Always chic and classy 🔥

you’ve gotta be kitten me

William Hesmith Lafosse

12 days ago

Hola my name is Garfield! I am gentle and sentimental....😇🕴

Kacey Piff Loll

12 days ago

Love is not a strong enough reaction for all that's going on here

Alessandra Falemoa

12 days ago

OMG Lucy! That's a GINORMOUS kitten! ;) 🐈

Berry Blonde - also, sos need a lint roller.

Roxana Oniga

13 days ago

You look beautiful in any hair color

Gabriel Vitta

13 days ago

That’s the color of my hair now! I use to be blonde as blonde could be!

Deon Lane

13 days ago

I love you with Brown Hair

•fbf• to last year for Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve 🎇 so thrilled to be asked back for a 3rd year. Also, can’t wait to see what look Kristin Ess Hair / Kelsey Deenihan/ Alyssa Sutter come up with ...

Kate Keegan Schafernak

15 days ago

I can't wait!! You look really Beautiful as always!!

AaCsh Radadiya

15 days ago

Very beautiful Angel as Always! Luv ya from Chicago Illinois When you coming to visit??? Be safe out there ok! 💘

Iyanna Small

15 days ago

Im still watchin ur movie TRUTH or dare i cnt stop!!!

💡🖤 James Lee Wall Photography

Charles Humphrey Sr.

18 days ago

You are the most beautiful woman of the world!! ❤️❤️😍😍

Kristina Hawke

18 days ago

Hello there thinking of you!!

Natalia Silva

18 days ago

Wow . you are of significantly beautiful and fantastic!

I’m not thankful that Drew can’t get out of my light but I am thankful for friends who feel like family when I can’t be with mine ❤️

chung kwok yi

22 days ago

so Beautiful and Lovely

Robyn Smith

22 days ago

Great Happy Thanksgiving everyone yes

Madinga JOngte

23 days ago

Very nice all people

loved the east coast, but so happy to be home ☀️

Michael Nitro St Denis

a month ago

I am #TeamLucy on the #Cheerios .

Michael Nitro St Denis

a month ago

And surprise surprise you have a coffee in your hand 😂😂 I don't blame you, I'm like that too!! 😂😉❤️

Eliana Neiva Duarte

a month ago

Yummy morning coffee ☕️

#fbf to our faux pixie 🤘🏼

Diane Desempara

a month ago

Man... there are some fuckin pervs that comment on here omg. It’s bad

Laura Nyga

a month ago

Words Falling Short Again To Describe This GORGI...Keep Shining My Superstar ....Love U Forever ❤️

Laura Kiss

a month ago

Ohhh, Snow White live-action Movie please? 😁🙏

🌴 heading to Fantasy Island🌴 Jeff Wadlow / Blumhouse / Sony Pictures

Lisa Bramwell

a month ago

Yes congratulations Lucy!

Carmen Moran Rodriguez

a month ago

Look forward to seeing it.

Estella Poole

a month ago

Congratulations Lucy Knight 🎶💃

Today we wrap up A Nice Girl Like You. I’m constantly grateful for where life takes me, the stories I get to tell, and for the people I get to create alongside. Thanks to everyone involved on this film and for bringing it to life. The Brothers Riedell / Nick Riedell - you two the real MVPS. ❤️🎻 Although this photo looks very serious, I hope this movie makes you laugh your ass off.

Jennifer Ward

a month ago

you do that? from

Diana Ciobanu

a month ago

This looks amazing!😱

Chad Cowart

a month ago

U are butifuld

🎥 a nice girl like you 🎥/ Nicholas Grayson

József Tiger

a month ago

This photo is so fall-y and cozy, love it😍💓

Kasun Binuka Bruce

a month ago

📣📣 BORCU OLAN KİŞİLERE SESLENİYORUM 📣 📣 Arkadaşlar Yardıma İhtiyacı Olan Öğrenci Arkadaşlarımız Borcu Olan Memur Arkadaşlarımız Yedisinden Yetmişine Paraya İhtiyacı Olan Herkesin Bana Mesaj Atmasını Bekliyorum İyi Günler ✔ ✔

Kim Min Seok

a month ago

I know you're still filming but I already wanna watch the movie!!

olaplex 3 appreciation post. Ladies you feel me ?

Audrey Andy Sanhan

a month ago

Only a real man only can feel a real lady...than ladies😜 ... dear Lucy baby...I can double feel you in this particular picture.. yes and thankyou🙏♥️>>🏡>>JJ.

Alejandro Garcia

a month ago

Sweet Angel from heaven! Yup Be safe Luv!!! 😘😘😘 from Chicago Illinois

Tamira Shields

a month ago

Really love this hair colour 😍


Leasha Jones

a month ago

Been trying to hard for my top fan badge where is it

Sabrina Offner

a month ago

Y are the most amazing person in this planet 🌎 🌎 🌎

Cortez Dominguez

a month ago

Such eyes you have very beautiful and fantastic

🎥 a nice girl like you• 📷: Nicholas Grayson

Surajit Sen

a month ago

Interesting activities. Lucy you are unbelievablely beautiful even at work and Casual. I love the sweater..👌

Terry A. Gudde

a month ago

thank you so much for sharing these lovely pictures of you today I am back from church delivering a long plastic table for our Christmas bazaar that we're having on Saturday from 9 to 3 at the First United Methodist Church on the west coast of Aberdeen Washington and boonie town where on the shore before you get to Seattle we are sitting up this afternoon for our Christmas bazaar right now I am watching my grandson who was in a car accident the day after Halloween his mother is at the doctor she was stampeded by a stampede of herd of cows 9 cows coming at them and it almost killed them but it killed the van instead and I am grateful that I'm not burying this week my 8 month old grandson who's Kenny and my daughter who's Angela with an e please have a blessed and wonderful day I appreciate this lovely page and these lovely pictures I'm sorry ladies I am also going through chemotherapy at the right time at this time and 8 weeks which will be the day after Thanksgiving I go for a few injections and both my arms to keep the muscle moving what you do everyday I'm losing I have been losing my arms are been broken for the last 10 years by Bank of America I used to be a corporate processor for them my insurance was never paid but I won my case all by myself I was awarded my disability on 113 thank you for sharing this lovely page of yours today with us me and my grandson he was only 8 months old or gagging so thank you again and please have a blessed Thanksgiving everyone yes🏡👩👶🌲🌲🇺🇸🌈🌏👤💐💐🌹🌹💕💕💕💌👋

Okechukwu Ibenye

a month ago

♥️ Just be real and always Honest is the key 🔑 to open all the blessings that God has for you!!! Amen luv ya Lucy Hale from Chicago Illinois. 😘😘😘

📷: Randall Slavin • ⭐️•

Adaeze Njaka

a month ago

Happy baby Friday Lucy. Baby Friday means it's nearly Friday.

Bálint Berecz

a month ago

I love your smile, Lucy❤
You are always perfect.

Nancy Magali Martínez Sosa

a month ago

U are all beautiful..that smile whaa..shit I'm speechless

•this weekend has only consisted of me lying to annie about how far we had to walk. “Only 10 minutes left” = 32 minutes. She’s leaving with broken feet & a full heart 😂•

David Fox

a month ago

I'm sure she feels relieved every time you said , " just 10 minutes " . A little mind trick to ease the mind

Faton Pecii

a month ago

You look very stunningly beautiful and she got some extra steps walks.

Rodrigo Pauseiro

a month ago

O no baby. By the way looking beautiful. Be happy. Most welcome. I think world most beautiful, Kohinoor.

when nature got the memo 🍂

Karla Peterkin-Williams

a month ago

R u ready for thankzgivin

Rana Yeğin

a month ago

You so blend in with the awesome scenery. Both are so very beautiful🤗🤗😍😍😍😘


a month ago

ya'll matched. goddess of nature

party of one 🖤/ 📷: James Lee Wall Photography

Sharon Baird

a month ago

❤ you look awesome lucy! Have a wonderful weekend xx 💟

Laura Harms

a month ago

Yup sure I will join you for a drink anytime babe!!! 😘😘😘 looking great and free spirit to enjoy life and smile!!! Be safe Lucy Hail

Curtis Jenouri

a month ago

Star Lunar her fashion is amazing

•a nice girl like you• 🎥

Francisco Villa

a month ago

Congratulations, Lucy, for your new movie!! You deserve it!!

Cadú Borges

a month ago

you always look amazing no matter what outfit you decide to wear.

Fukasawa Masashi

a month ago

Smash the pumpkin 🎃 ?

•new moon, where u at?•

Laca Böngyi

2 months ago

I'm right here waiting at home?

Loup Coudray

2 months ago

The new moon is so beautiful

Katie Garrett

2 months ago

Now that’s magnificent. Lucy you are fabulous. Lovely.

dream in colors that don’t exist

Rasika Dissanayaka

2 months ago

You look gorgeous in this black and white photo Lucy <3

Albert Galvis

2 months ago

All natural like God made you is Perfect!

Josh Rothenbuhler

2 months ago

I love Lucy you so beautifully😍😍😍

fbf w/ InStyle & my love ⚡️

David Martin

2 months ago

Beautiful and stunning outfit you have on. I love the hat as well and you look flawless Lucy. :)

Ravi Teja Peralla

2 months ago

A like your look Lucy hale you are so beautiful

Krystal Martinez Guzman

2 months ago

Looks like Boy George :=)

🔅apologize for being an asshole, apologize for your mistakes, but for the love of everything, do not apologize for your feelings, emotions or heart. The gift of being in tune with emotions is incredible. Own it, love it. Remove anyone and anything that gets in the way of this. Happy Friday 🔅
tbt to filming DUDE w Awkwafina - when someone forgot to turn the pool heater on and we were deadass frozen all day. All for the memz. And Yes I’m wearing a bra.

Shawn Hawk

2 months ago

I don't read .. I say yes for anything you write 😍😍

Mauro Sergio Gregorio

2 months ago

I feel like sh!t, sorry

Lëbrøn Jems Khälifä

2 months ago

Ugh this is why you’re my favourite 💁🏻‍♀️ telling them how it is girl!! Love you❤️

sometimes you get the best light from a burning bridge 📷: James Lee Wall Photography
missing my son. he’s probably throwing parties while mom is away.

Floriane Laffon

2 months ago

I love that picture!! Beautiful as usual, Lucy!!

Tawana Burke

2 months ago

Well how things going o before I forget wish mother happy birthday for Oct. 22 I hope you had very great day .A who loves you baby😍😍😎.

Nada Bela

2 months ago

The word is gotten that's it.

This is your very last chance to get my “Do It for the Babes” tee! Every purchase supports the incredible work of St. Jude, so do it for those babes and get yours here:

Lauren Urban

2 months ago

You not only beautiful lucy but you have such a good heart too Lucy Hale love & miss you so much 😭

Sue Kraus

2 months ago

I love you Lucy Hale !!!

Rodney Gatlin

2 months ago

Lucy I give each month.

manifesting living in nyc one day. 📷: James Lee Wall Photography

Mario Flores

2 months ago

I am sure you can make this manifest. You're a very talented and capable lady.

Rayan Khaled Namour

2 months ago

I am looking for a job in NYC !

Shawn Olsen

2 months ago

U r beautiful lucky hale and so handsum

Live your truth. #WontBeErased

Lucas Rodríguez

2 months ago

God made male and female

Jason Ruttley

2 months ago

If you who are moral and civil walk with respect and keep a circle of those people and things that you grow to like and learn to know and trust, and are ethical in heart, then I wish unto you that whatever choices you do make in life and whatever feelings that you may have about them, that you disregard what the bitter say, and instead always find your way to be surrounded by those whom love you for being wonderful you! Happy Holidays & Safe Travels!

Vinsentto Angdev

2 months ago

Thanks hunnn live all you trans and wonderful humans out there

🌃- 📷: James Lee Wall Photography

Denisse Morales

2 months ago

You look Amazing Lucy Hale, can't wait to see what Your next Project is!!!

Yohanna Marte

2 months ago

So sweet and sexy Lucy! Hugs and kisses my charming actress!

Augusto Portillo

2 months ago

Gorgeous as usual!! I love especially your eyes on this picture!! 😊❤️

self love. that’s the greatest kind 📷: James Lee Wall Photography

Sandi Tibbs

2 months ago

I love the outfit; and you are rocking it. Very beautiful. 💕

Jorge Saavedra

2 months ago

That is true Lucy, self love is the best love and you look stunning.

Becky Houchin

2 months ago

You are always full of love 💕 and always so grateful for what you have! I just love that about you! You never take anything for grant! 😘💕

‪V V Grateful.‬

Tatsu Nohara

2 months ago

Alex vitality, v for victory mdrrrr

Michelle P Delpeche

2 months ago

Always be grateful for all the blessings God has given you Lucy hale yup luv ya sweetie

Kern Faubion

2 months ago

Grateful that my roommate introduced me to Life Sentence

‪low quality photo for a high quality sister 🤳🏻👭‬

Angelina Mish

2 months ago

This your 👩‍❤️‍👩sister don't machine

MJ Relatos Liva

2 months ago

Two beautiful ladies 💚

Michele Ciano

2 months ago

Lucy you look great thanks for the photo it's a great photo?😎😍.

The newest member of Kings of Leon

I love this picture!😍
I cant believe I am a Top Fan now 😍❤️


2 months ago

oh, so u r in fan club , or are you singing with them (hope)🤪

Francisco Sandino

2 months ago

gorgeus as usual

Just Peachy 🍑

Hussain Ali

2 months ago

I love peach everything, color,scent

Jesse Shoemaker

2 months ago

Very beautiful lucy

Tracey Vasquez

2 months ago

Lucy is always just perfect and beautiful ❤

Roxanne Hall

2 months ago

Lucy Mills babe you look great in this

Mohammed Bouye

2 months ago

I just want you and Thila to be happy and you're mother

Daniel Obara

2 months ago

All I got to sey is I just want you and your sister be happy Love baby that's I have for both of you girls?

Cereal aisle diaries. 🐝 Hadn’t put this one on my vision board but, goodness it’s kind of surreal. AND it’s for an amazing cause. Link in bio to join a team & help out some amazing charities. Thanks Cheerios for this crazy cool opportunity. ASPCA

Ivette Zaragoza Torres

2 months ago

You look so beautiful in that picture but you look beautiful all the time

Lengyel László

2 months ago

So true to many cereal in the supermarket

Jason Stocker

2 months ago

You get more lovely every day.

You’ve gotta be sheetin me 📷: Cibelle Levi

Stanka Packova

3 months ago

I would like to be there too lucy

Vanesa Torti

3 months ago

Not bad, not bad at all, beautiful picture of you! 😀

Cindi Staber

3 months ago

Lucy Hale why did you cut you hair? I think you look better with long hair. You still look beautiful... I love you in pll, a Cinderella story once upon a song, and life sentence!!!♡♡♡

When I first met Bailey back in 2014 she had such a sparkle. Thanks to St. Jude’s incredible work, she’s doing even better today. You can join me and help kids like Bailey when you get my “Do It for the Babes” tee that benefits St. Jude. Give back and get yours here:

Eric Webster

3 months ago

Look very nice in the picture

Christina Matos

3 months ago

I do not do Saint Jude you okay and the reason being is I've been an orphan since I was 4 years old I do not have cancer I've given to the Red Cross and the blood Society Carter blood bank and I've walked for the March of dime for babies that are not born yet and when someone is put somebody on here to solicit them for money please don't do that on my Facebook I do not allow that we don't want people coming on here trivia doing to something that I do not appreciate right now on my Facebook I give to the Red Cross for more than 56 years how about you👷👷👷👷👷💉🌈🌏💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💌

Eeva Lauri

3 months ago

You're my favorite TV girl after Jennifer Garner & Barbara Streisand.

📷: James Lee Wall

looking beautiful Lucy.🌹❤️

Sogodogo Safoura

3 months ago

Absolutely beautiful Lucy ❤

Soichiro Aoyagi

3 months ago

I'm waiting for you to do sessions with Cole Sprouse, it's my dream.

Special Agent Vibes ✖️

Stephen Parks

3 months ago

you are beautiful

Madelyn Boutte

3 months ago

Good morning my sweet Lucy! Have a fantastic day dear! Kisses!

Whane Plandes

3 months ago

looking sweet Lucy.❤️🌹

🚺 / 📸/ James Lee Wall / Kelsey Deenihan / Lacy Redway Hairstylist / Sofia Karvela

Ophélie Michel

3 months ago

Dear Lucy - my name is Ingrid Todt. I am the Wish Director for The Rainbow Connection ( We make dreams come true for children in Michigan that have been diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition. I recently met the most amazing young lady - ALICE! Her only wish in the ENTIRE WORLD is to meet you. She recited some lines from Life Sentence that gave her the strength to fight. It was just a phenomenal thing to see. Please know we would cover all costs to her her wherever she needed to be to make this happen. I appreciate your time and consideration. I can be contacted at: Thank you!

Mary Kersten

3 months ago

Beautiful picture of you again! :) Greetings from Finland! :)

Ketty Ky

3 months ago

You are all natural exactly how God made you to be on the outside! But the best part is the inside of your Heart and soul sweetie! Seriously Amen

Decided to leave my humble abode last night and be social. thanks Showtime Networks for the evening 🖤 also, thanks to my brow queen Kelley Baker Brows for fixin me up yesterday.

Wendy Amador

3 months ago

You've also been social! May be you did have a lot of time to show! Now it's period of more freedom and emancipation and confirmation too! Look beautiful in this dress! Kind of class, flexible and urban fashion!

Giuseppe Lencioni

3 months ago

WOW! Lucy you are blessed! I am very proud of all your accomplishments you have worked so hard all these past years!! Yup never let negative people or haters out there ever bring you down! Stay strong Love!!! I love your Heart & Soul! Espeacially your kindness for helping people who suffer from an illness like cancer etc... I wish one day I could have a women like you in my life to Love!!! God bless you always! when you coming to Chicago Illinois??? Gerardo Silva

Roslyn Pleasants

3 months ago

So sweet and pretty Lucy! Have a fantastic day dear! Hugs and kisses!

My first and only time in Brooklyn. I wanna go back.

Dom Tom Coz

3 months ago

Hi beautiful Lucy, why you don't like Brooklyn? It is'n nice?

Delia Jodie

3 months ago

I see ur profile after watching truth or dare. ☺

Chaiyapat Sangjun

3 months ago

Why are you so beautiful?? You are incredibly beautiful!!

📷: Cibelle Levi

Ermeline Vicaire

3 months ago

A love your look and your hair you are so beautiful my friend

Sidney Samuel

3 months ago

Your very beautiful

Chrisdaboss Almaguer

3 months ago

One of your finest pics I have ever seen.

find your light ! Figuratively & literally 💡

Brenda Mercer

3 months ago

Say wow ur beauitful spirit light on u, u are ur beautiful skylight the dream u amazing lucy !

Linda Taylor

3 months ago

Lucy I want to tell you I love and Thila very much and I miss you a know matter what I just want you and Thila to know I love both feel free call the # is 312-312-9013.

Fanny Rathy

3 months ago

I just wanted you to know I had know knowledge you were born please for give me? That's all I can say.