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Ophélie Michel

3 days ago

Dear Lucy - my name is Ingrid Todt. I am the Wish Director for The Rainbow Connection ( We make dreams come true for children in Michigan that have been diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition. I recently met the most amazing young lady - ALICE! Her only wish in the ENTIRE WORLD is to meet you. She recited some lines from Life Sentence that gave her the strength to fight. It was just a phenomenal thing to see. Please know we would cover all costs to her her wherever she needed to be to make this happen. I appreciate your time and consideration. I can be contacted at: Thank you!

Mary Kersten

3 days ago

Beautiful picture of you again! :) Greetings from Finland! :)

Ketty Ky

3 days ago

You are all natural exactly how God made you to be on the outside! But the best part is the inside of your Heart and soul sweetie! Seriously Amen

Decided to leave my humble abode last night and be social. thanks Showtime Networks for the evening 🖤 also, thanks to my brow queen Kelley Baker Brows for fixin me up yesterday.

Wendy Amador

5 days ago

You've also been social! May be you did have a lot of time to show! Now it's period of more freedom and emancipation and confirmation too! Look beautiful in this dress! Kind of class, flexible and urban fashion!

Giuseppe Lencioni

5 days ago

WOW! Lucy you are blessed! I am very proud of all your accomplishments you have worked so hard all these past years!! Yup never let negative people or haters out there ever bring you down! Stay strong Love!!! I love your Heart & Soul! Espeacially your kindness for helping people who suffer from an illness like cancer etc... I wish one day I could have a women like you in my life to Love!!! God bless you always! when you coming to Chicago Illinois??? Gerardo Silva

Roslyn Pleasants

5 days ago

So sweet and pretty Lucy! Have a fantastic day dear! Hugs and kisses!

My first and only time in Brooklyn. I wanna go back.

Dom Tom Coz

7 days ago

Hi beautiful Lucy, why you don't like Brooklyn? It is'n nice?

Delia Jodie

8 days ago

I see ur profile after watching truth or dare. ☺

Chaiyapat Sangjun

8 days ago

Why are you so beautiful?? You are incredibly beautiful!!

📷: Cibelle Levi

Ermeline Vicaire

9 days ago

A love your look and your hair you are so beautiful my friend

Sidney Samuel

9 days ago

Your very beautiful

Chrisdaboss Almaguer

10 days ago

One of your finest pics I have ever seen.

find your light ! Figuratively & literally 💡

Brenda Mercer

12 days ago

Say wow ur beauitful spirit light on u, u are ur beautiful skylight the dream u amazing lucy !

Linda Taylor

12 days ago

Lucy I want to tell you I love and Thila very much and I miss you a know matter what I just want you and Thila to know I love both feel free call the # is 312-312-9013.

Fanny Rathy

12 days ago

I just wanted you to know I had know knowledge you were born please for give me? That's all I can say.

more smiles with teeth.

Laine Nap

13 days ago

So happy looking smile! Greetings from Finland 😄

Héloïse Quoniam

13 days ago

Beautiful as always babe!!!

Jermaine Dale Keffers

13 days ago

Your smile is everything ❣

living meme. another case of “what do I do with my hands?”

Kenneth Toroba

16 days ago

I Love you.
But you look better with long hair

Angelina Nguyen

17 days ago

what do i do with my life

Yvonne Ramos

17 days ago

Have a wonderful day 😉 it's good to see you back princess Lucy Hale 👏🏼

After much discussion, we’ve decided this color is burnt sienna 🌅

Lisa Henson

17 days ago

You still have it very well, but my I let's be charmed with the color of your photo of profile. 🌹😍😘

Serena Snyder Kerr

17 days ago

call it what you want, but no doubt u look gorgeous 💟💟

Che' McCrary

17 days ago

Your beautiful green eyes are more interesting.

so long summa

Edie Rock

18 days ago

where is the whole image?


18 days ago

Yes, but soon it will be cuddling in front of a fireplace.

Pablo Bergamín Guzmán

19 days ago

After,llong,time,,,,,,I saw,,,,lucy ,,,to ,u ,&,feel ,,,relax,,,,,,,😁🌷🌷🌷🌷

Anyone tryin to cast some sisters?

April D. Fields

20 days ago

She's so cute. 😍😍😍 Somebody cast her in something I need more Lucy!

Madison Fournet

20 days ago

you are so beautiful miss Hale much #Respect from Pakistani fan boy

Soy Dara

20 days ago

You are amazing lady dear Lucy! Happy new week my charming actress! Kisses!

I’ve always talked to imaginary things anyway 🤷🏻‍♀️🐻

Kathy Chandler

22 days ago

Is this in bangkok?

Eduardo Marques

23 days ago

Where was this at looked like fun

Rosa Carmina Solis Martinez

23 days ago

Beautiful and sweet Lucy! Happy Friday dear! Kisses my charming lady!

My GPS ❤️
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Nilda Silva

25 days ago

So beautiful Gps

Andreas Fuchs

25 days ago

A love your smile Lucy

Ricardo Romo

25 days ago

hi lucy looking beautiful 🌹❤️

Flash⚡️back Fri - SmileTrain 🙏🏼

Jacqueline Vazquez

a month ago

You are very kind princess Lucy Hale and you are very special for me😳 that's why i love you so much!😉📸

Mark L French

a month ago

Very kind and special. You are a wonderful person Lucy.

Sherry Wilson

a month ago

So adorable! I love her so much.

Hey guys! I'm doing a livestream with BuzzFeed right now... tune in now to ask your questions

Rana Faizan

a month ago

I saw the live 🤩 I need a lemonade too 🍋😂❤

Amber Speedy

a month ago

wow so nice....\

Aurora Cassidy

a month ago

wow so nice one we love it..

A Morning spent w my sense of humor spirit twin. She also painted my mug.
The face of someone who is THRILLED (tbh I really am)

Elisa Marangon

a month ago

Girl you need to just let me hit it!! I mean for real.

Kim Collins

a month ago

Best face In the world

Rana Faizan

a month ago

you so naic

*hums the jingle to Doublemint gum*

Kriszta Szerencsés

a month ago

Mi amor Lucyyyy

Robby Smith

a month ago

Babe you are so beautiful young women.

Samaria Gonzalez

a month ago

So sweet Lucy! Have a fantastic day dear! Kisses!

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Jasmine Harper

a month ago

wow so hot..

Beth Cooper Caruth

a month ago

we love it and you are my friend frover..

Carrie-Mae Stankiewicz-Grycel

a month ago

Contact me if you are really clever Aquarius, highly charismatic Gemini, totally socially Libra, honest Sagittarius or determined Aries-Woman

Are you faux (fur) real ?
Seriously considering making this an oil painting. 🐶

Georgia Childs

a month ago

Looking ,like,,,,fox girl ,,,,,,lucy

Lauren Sheehan

a month ago

Wow always gorgeous

April Levingston

a month ago

you look so relaxed miss Hale xx

Introducing my new “Do It for the Babes” tee! Every shirt purchased supports the amazing work of St. Jude, which holds such a special place in my heart. ❤️Get yours:

That is wonderful I will get one; and I will tell my daughter. I hope there is extra small. 💖💚⭐️

Radek Kochan

a month ago

Your beautiful women who has prettiest clothes on you my queen forever honey I love you too much my princess.

Elizabeth Baker

a month ago

very sweet girl

I call this “A Portrait of Dave’s hands”

Edna Amil

a month ago

Very beautiful eyes for a beautiful woman

Alberta Daniels

a month ago

Loving the eyeshadow only your beauty could pull that off. The aqua illuminates your hazel eyes. I look forward to seeing the finished product. You have a fantastic day.

Rolando Jr Cristobal

a month ago

sorry, please, please, love, solace. life uncovering the USA? intelligent man ????????????💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜🙏☺☺☺❤

Today we created a new color - Rorange- 🍎🍊

Stanley Siu

a month ago

Wen is season 2 of life sentence coming?

Idalia Ivy

a month ago

Tu rostro ese color de ojos tan bello resalta mucho ese vestido

Charity Pauley

a month ago

Lucy I am going to travel to USA to visit to my family. It wanted to know, to take something with you. Without commitment I say it. Kisses friend.😘🌹🌹

I almost inserted a John Mayer quote here but stopped myself ...I still might.....

Ariyana Ramos

a month ago

I Love you unconditionally of course. This way no except actions. How's that!!

Amanda Day White

a month ago

Natalia Bek AH I’m so excited for our interview!!!!😭😭 my heart kills

Natasha Shavrikova

a month ago

Damn! i love ths Lady
i like a" cinderella once upon a song"

Showing off my 4+ years of orthodontic work plus my 2 years of Invisalign 😬

Aaron Montalvo

a month ago

Hi Lucy I'm new follower to your account , I want to ask you (truth or dare?)

Katie Won

a month ago

Wish I had a couple grand to do this.

Ruth Chai Aninon

2 months ago

Beautiful and sweet Lucy! Have a wonderful day dear! Kisses!

Dressed up like Snow White today 🍎

Anton Leo Snällfot

2 months ago

You totally look like Snow White!

Mike Mohrbacher

2 months ago

It is snow white and very beautiful person Lucy hale 😘😘😘😘😘😘

Lina Figueroa

2 months ago

Great snow white look. Gorgeous

Kinda missing the blonde version of Lucy 🤷🏻‍♀️

Emma Menke

2 months ago

You're beautiful in any version. Lovely picture. My only suggestion is think hair health. 😉

Luiz Miguel

2 months ago

I miss her wearing black. Black jeans with cowboy boots untucked, buckle black belt, tucked black shirt, with black leather jacket is what I love to look at her wearing.

Ankeet Tamang

2 months ago

My daughter wanted to make her hair like yours for the first day of school 🙂 she loves you so much!

My take on menswear 👔

Yvan Olinga

2 months ago

Nice picture of you my favorite friend.

Vida VandeSlunt

2 months ago

Looking so beautiful!
You are amazing lady dear! Have a fantastic day! Hugs and kisses!

Dobrawa Świder

2 months ago

Smoking hot Lucy 😍♥️😘

Another trip in the books with my main

Alex Thomas

2 months ago

What happened to you? Why are you so skinny? In 3 seasons "Pretty little liars" you had a good figure and pounds.

Rivera Jenny

2 months ago

Pls come to India it is a beautiful place .. you will love it.

Deceil Marie Jackson

2 months ago

fun in the sun ☀️ 😎

Jose Lopez

2 months ago

Nice picture of you again and u r beautiful! :)

Jear Humphries

2 months ago

Bit of Bleach,attitude,already got the vocal chops.......hmmmn can really see you Rockin' Blondie in a Biopic :)

Thierry Leroy

2 months ago

Your so cool pictures of you my friend.


Fabiola Guzman

2 months ago

Karli Hyde I thought that was abbi

Marf Anthony Atizon

2 months ago

Cute best friend swimming in a swimming pool have a blessed weekend everybody happy Saturday🏡☕☕👒👓🎀💐🌸🌸🌸🍀🍀👋

Sandra Williams-Butler

2 months ago

Nice picture of you all.

Chillin out maxin relaxin all cool

Andreas Johansson

2 months ago

I don't like your open dress.i respect you.

Noah Hickman

2 months ago

Miss Lucy Hale you have the cutest bottom xx

Gabriela Gomes Macedo

2 months ago

You are very beautiful amazing person Sweetheart

The Hale twins decided to venture out last night ♊️

Blanka J. Adamco

2 months ago

Yeah I can see the resemblance

Walmar Alexandre

2 months ago

You look so gorgeous in your outfit baby!💞😍😘

Eve-Marie Bilodeau

2 months ago

Twins? What dace moves we could pull off the three of us. Helocoptor and more....

By : Randall Slavin - black & white 4eva

Pao Reyes

2 months ago

I wish you my sister Lucy Hale but instead I have to be honest I would like to you treat you like my sister

Miranda Payne

2 months ago

Hi Olivia or Lucy I am your fun on Philippines I hope you notice me

Margaret Turner

2 months ago

Beautiful and sweet Lucy!
Have a fantastic day dear!
Hugs and kisses my charming lady!

The ying to my yang since 2010

Zoltan Broncz

2 months ago

Here you look exactly like jess conte 😍

Hailey Bird

2 months ago

I like you so much lucy you rock your so pretty too me im from oregon

Maddy Seth Sharma

2 months ago

Still looking beautiful

The Hansen Celebrations 🎈 You sure are loved Jan- and have made me reconsider my favorite Hanson/Hansen. Obviously you’re at the top. 🧜🏻‍♀️

Cameran Neumann

2 months ago

I would love to see some of your photos. Other than selfies. Photographer since 1972. Mostly film. Fine arts. CHARLES WINGATE PENSACOLA,Fl

Joni Vejeesh

2 months ago

Beatiful <3Come to Monterrey, Mx :)

Leticia Turner

2 months ago

You are beautiful Lucy I miss u

Noriko Norwood

2 months ago

I need a pet lucy hale for my birthday!

Raven Jordan

2 months ago

Lucy you are smoking hot absolutely gorgeous 😍

Erin Cothron

2 months ago

Younes ElJjouaoui omg ca peut pas etre une coincidence !!! :o regarde au dessus de la photo 🤣😂😂😂😂😮😍

📸: by ultimate babe Zoey Grossman

Emily Suzanne Pu

2 months ago

I wish you hangout with me one day beautiful girl

Antoinette Kincaid

2 months ago


Aman Singh

2 months ago

Love you infinity JANEMANN 😍

Henry Huimi Hungshi

2 months ago

Like you in that dress.

Neelke Hinrichs

2 months ago

Hi very beautiful

Adam Trembath

2 months ago

Your beautiful women who has prettiest long hair an prettiest clothes on you my friend.

✌🏼 & ❤️

Mely Oliva

2 months ago

Omg i saw your new movie truth or dare

Elton Almeida

2 months ago

Ok estos no entiende cundo un hombre es el más rico del mundo para ke vengan apresumir ropa y cosas keno son de oro tengo dinero para comprar medio México y estos presumen unas cositas de como de dos mil pesitos

Dustin Dyer

2 months ago

Sorry Miss Hale but you can do without the hat

hums California to herself all day while dodging scorpions in the backyard ☀️

Lesley Stuck

2 months ago

Hi sexy Lucy Hale my hot dream girl I love you a lot

Maxeans Coubronne

2 months ago

Wow, amazing ur beauitful lucy ! I say Hi Lucy !!!

Adi Cardenas

2 months ago

Hey baby will you be my girlfriend? You can get back at me at 1-865-951-3270 o.k. I love you baby.

Shoutout to Kristin Ess Hair luscious head of hair 🧜🏻‍♀️

Yannik Dürgrgr

2 months ago

So gorgeous. I really hope to see a lot of her on the screen or hearing her singer. Very talented beauty. Best wishes. 💖

Gio Lahnìm

2 months ago

Pleaaaaaase fight for Life Sentence!! It is such a great show and everyone on the Life Sentence page is begging for Netflix to bring it back. This show is SO good and I think a lot of the viewers it could need is on Netflix. I don’t even watch cable tv shows anymore besides Grey’s and that’s because it’s been on for years and I already binge watched all the seasons on Netflix and wait for the next season on regular cable now. Please please please do something about this!! We want more!!

Deny Junior Fróes

2 months ago

Zainab Ibrahim come back to Iraq 😂😂

Shadow play 📸: Randall Slavin

Michael Lots

2 months ago

those lips and eyes are so damn beautiful!!😍😍😃

Jesus JuJu Velazquez

2 months ago

One of my favourite PLL episodes! You made it rock, along with Sasha, Troian, Shay, Ashley, Janel, and the whole team! 🙂

Martijn Kamphuis

2 months ago

Please filming to Truth or dare 2!!!

Crouching Lucy, hidden dragon 📷: Mike Rosenthal Photography / Film

Jeff Alexander

3 months ago

Meu amor eu consolar love 😍😙😀👜meu P selincio 💕💕💕

Kudo Keigo

3 months ago

Truth or dar

Reddy Marri

3 months ago

I say wow amazing, i say tell u i say u are very beautiful lucy, i say Hi ! I Look u good ur photo u look ur beauitful Lucy !

Lookin back at the waiter with the bread basket ...📷: Randall Slavin

Adrian Prtgs

3 months ago

I bring you the bread basket, if you wait in that outfit for me.

Paola Moller

3 months ago

Lucy Hale is a very sexy young woman love ya sweety

Junior Pak

3 months ago

Love the caption!! You are so beautiful, Luce😘

See what final decisions Stella makes for her life tonight on The CW ❤️😭
When you realize there are only 3 days until the last episode of Life Sentence. 😭

Success Ogechi

3 months ago

I watched like two episodes.. it was really boring

Erika Castillo Juarez

3 months ago

Maxime ca a l'air pas mal

Angel Castillo Corail

3 months ago

Lucy.. dear... you are looking this PICTURE...💋

All suited up 💼

Randy Potter

3 months ago

Only you could make a suit look sexy 😊

Desi Allen

3 months ago


Irma K Grado

3 months ago

Your so most beautiful young women.

Thinkin bout u

Benjamin Ugbotor E

3 months ago

I love you aria I just started watching pretty little liars and your so beautiful. My best friend Actually named her daughter after u 😘😘

Nicoleta Lungu

3 months ago

Francesca mi sa che is thinking 'bout Ezra

Josim A Hasan

3 months ago

Very lovely. Beautiful smile. You are so cute and absolutely gorgeous.

When your real life hair magician does her thang 💇🏼‍♀️

Felicia Glass

3 months ago

Holy shit. I've watched her in a few things and never once realized she was in PLL. Lol

Susan Keeley-szklarski

3 months ago

You look so sexy with dark hair suits you so well

Abby Mikolaichik

3 months ago

Nice top
Kep postin differnt stylez of ur hair

Tbt- she sells sea shells

Sarah Lexer

3 months ago

Good...but see this heart 💗 point of me LH 👑 i just want to spend and sport with you the island.. Seychelles...there also together we can sell sea shells... if time permits...but i know... Very well that...we just can't sell any shells... why because...our scheme and schedule will be tight i right ? 🔅Love your face.

Defit Descending

3 months ago

You up do live left to on the floor

Henry Huimi Hungshi

3 months ago

Nice pic you are beautiful Lucy have a Nice week-end 🌹🌞

Cannot wait to get back to this babyboy tomorrow 👼🏻

Darlene Vettori Sikorski

4 months ago

* Owww X 2 ...! *

Elisa Lahn

4 months ago

ReeMa Obiedat كم الف لون صابغة صاحبتك ؟ 🐸

Alpha Ibrahima Barry

4 months ago

Hi Lucy how are you an Elvis luce are you both all okay ❤❤❤❤😘😘😘😘

📸: by the incomparable Alejandro MCB photo & film

Miguel Ayala

4 months ago

My to work for the rest Trap

Betty Redmond

4 months ago

Success should be as lonely as the north Pole


4 months ago

what about you things?