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See what final decisions Stella makes for her life tonight on The CW ❤️😭
When you realize there are only 3 days until the last episode of Life Sentence. 😭

Success Ogechi

7 days ago

I watched like two episodes.. it was really boring

Erika Castillo Juarez

7 days ago

Maxime ca a l'air pas mal

Angel Castillo Corail

7 days ago

Lucy.. dear... you are looking this PICTURE...💋

All suited up 💼

Randy Potter

10 days ago

Only you could make a suit look sexy 😊

Desi Allen

10 days ago


Irma K Grado

10 days ago

Your so most beautiful young women.

Thinkin bout u

Benjamin Ugbotor E

11 days ago

I love you aria I just started watching pretty little liars and your so beautiful. My best friend Actually named her daughter after u 😘😘

Nicoleta Lungu

12 days ago

Francesca mi sa che is thinking 'bout Ezra

Josim A Hasan

12 days ago

Very lovely. Beautiful smile. You are so cute and absolutely gorgeous.

When your real life hair magician does her thang 💇🏼‍♀️

Felicia Glass

13 days ago

Holy shit. I've watched her in a few things and never once realized she was in PLL. Lol

Susan Keeley-szklarski

13 days ago

You look so sexy with dark hair suits you so well

Abby Mikolaichik

14 days ago

Nice top
Kep postin differnt stylez of ur hair

Tbt- she sells sea shells

Sarah Lexer

14 days ago

Good...but see this heart 💗 point of me LH 👑 i just want to spend and sport with you the island.. Seychelles...there also together we can sell sea shells... if time permits...but i know... Very well that...we just can't sell any shells... why because...our scheme and schedule will be tight i right ? 🔅Love your face.

Defit Descending

14 days ago

You up do live left to on the floor

Henry Huimi Hungshi

14 days ago

Nice pic you are beautiful Lucy have a Nice week-end 🌹🌞

Cannot wait to get back to this babyboy tomorrow 👼🏻

Darlene Vettori Sikorski

15 days ago

* Owww X 2 ...! *

Elisa Lahn

16 days ago

ReeMa Obiedat كم الف لون صابغة صاحبتك ؟ 🐸

Alpha Ibrahima Barry

16 days ago

Hi Lucy how are you an Elvis luce are you both all okay ❤❤❤❤😘😘😘😘

📸: by the incomparable Alejandro MCB photo & film

Miguel Ayala

16 days ago

My to work for the rest Trap

Betty Redmond

16 days ago

Success should be as lonely as the north Pole


16 days ago

what about you things?

two tourists seen on the Seine

Daryl Vargas

18 days ago

Je ne sais pas si elle comprend le français. Mais elle vraiment très jolie.

Sharad Patel

18 days ago

Looking sooo pretty ❤❤❤❤❤❤

Anderson Rocha

18 days ago

Love that top 👌👌👌

Portrait mode 4 lyfe

Eid Wong

18 days ago

Stuning very attractif you are beautiful Lucy🌹💓

Ahmed Javed

18 days ago

I love your movie truth or dare

Anna Geffre

19 days ago

Lucy you are very beautiful amazing how much I love you so much you having beautiful such day 😘😘😇😇😇😇😇😇📿📿📿📿📿📿

Parisian Reunion❤️

Tita Kambala

19 days ago

Damn, lucy's really cute😍😂💗💗💘

Eden Alimojaned

19 days ago

Lucy, You look like kid.. Those guys are freaking tall😂🙆‍♀️

Clairism Rougtre

20 days ago

Please bring back pretty little liars it's just not the same on Tuesday nights!!

‪V V ancient‬

Alex DeFlora

23 days ago

Nice setting here with your beauty the highlight of this photo.

Bonnie Springman

23 days ago

Thanks for visit Angkor wat temple

Nancy Wyrick

23 days ago

What a wonderful place I love it.princess Lucy Hale you look beautiful too anyway 😉

Paulette Hancock

23 days ago

Wher u met em out

Ximena Rodríguez

23 days ago

Lucy beautiful friends and i love you so much Lucy you are very beautiful amazing how much I love you so much 😃😃😃😃📿📿📿📿📿😘😘😘😘😘😇😇😇😇

Joan Kadiri

23 days ago

You are very very sweet and great look.......good morning

Angels among us 🙏🏼 RipplEffect 📸: Carlos Mendez

Marek Šmíd

23 days ago

Please go to sisowath

Youhei Furuo

23 days ago

Lucy you are so beautiful amazing how much I love you so much 😘😘😃😃😇😇📿📿

Tracey Krulcik

23 days ago

Someone needs to give you an Astros hat!

Ekta Raj

23 days ago

Looks really nice there you look like you're enjoying yourself have fun girl you deserve it

Frank Jameson IV

23 days ago

Nature's beauty... And some trees

Nia Thomas-McCormick

23 days ago

Ooh look at you climbing barefoot 😜 cute

Hair tangled af

Lisa Spanier

24 days ago

So ayun, nagpunta siyang kep Ragnar Lothbrok

Caloy Gonzales

24 days ago

Looking good as always I could use one of those drinks right about now

Csabi Tancos

24 days ago

I’m coconuts for you 😊

‪When your fav human agrees to go on adventures 👫‬

Laura Takács

25 days ago

you are so gorgeous, my sweetheart

Alissia Zamorano

25 days ago

You are very very sweet and great mam

Suki Mon

25 days ago


In awe of this place 🙏🏼

Mamadou Oury Daillo

a month ago

Fodil Amirouche Loook! C’est là que je devrais être dans un mois et non pas chez moi ..... xD GOSH *-*

Rich Icon

a month ago

She's visiting my country 😍😍 what an honor 😇😇 #cambodia

Jill Ragusa

a month ago

Also visit india and meet me lucy hale❤️

This makes me miss being a hardcore brunette 👩🏻

Beata Makowska

a month ago

That's the way you look good

Idaris T. Cruz Alonso

a month ago

Hair Color looks great but that lip color is Amazing Lucy Hale!!!

Lisa Miller Bulow

a month ago

Stuning very attractif you are beautiful 💕💕💕💕🌹

Dodging seagulls. 📸:Mike Rosenthal Modeliste Magazine

Micky Pathania

a month ago

What a wonderful place&view😍😍,btw princess Lucy Hale 💐💐you look beautiful too like all the time 😘❤️

Thianchai Wangsukhee

a month ago

i love you

Joelle Toutain

a month ago

Well just be careful of them cause they can bomb at anytime haha. To bad you don't have handful of alka-seltzer with you haha. Anyway you look great and the place is beautiful too

Contemplating if I’d rather be named Yanny or Laurel.

📸: Mike Rosenthal Photography / Film for Modeliste Magazine

Laura-Ryanne Chadwick

a month ago

I just heard that Life Sentence is canceled. I loved the show and the concept. Sometimes I can never figure why shows that I really like are canceled. You get hooked on a show and then all of a sudden it is over. It makes me not even want to start watching new shows. Will miss Lucy.

Kelvin Benedict Moyo

a month ago

When you read the comments and realise half these people don't get it😂

David Blaizot

a month ago

That everything comes together for you

All about them Levi's last night 👖

Bhana Morar

a month ago

Kompár mi ez a haj

Rosa Carmina Solis Martinez

a month ago

"miss hale will prevail,beauty cutie,to all males,make ya stand in ya tracks,all who try, will surely fail!gooooo luce!

Anthony Ramirez

a month ago

Nice outfit Lucy hale, looking beautiful 😘😍😘

Modeliste Magazine - shot by Mike Rosenthal Photography / Film

Yangs Sarong

a month ago

wow you look amazing and gorgeous <3

Braeden Faraday

a month ago

I saw truth or dare yesterday in the cinema❤️🔐

Maria Maria Moreira

a month ago

You are beautiful Lucy love xxx

Thanks Modeliste Magazine for puttin me on the cover !!

Ricardo Montenegro

a month ago

Words don't do justice for how beautiful you are. That cover is breath taking.

Wendy Pinson Howe

a month ago

You make me speechless Princess(Lucy)& also of course you look corresponding in the magazine <3<3

Becky Davis

a month ago

Gorgeous photos! So sweet and pretty Lucy! Kisses my charming lady!

Living out my last few days as blondie 👩🏼

Diana Rose Fajanilan

a month ago

Blonde or brunette. Love you either way !!!

Marilyn Bohren Droukas

a month ago

beautiful , wonderful and Gorgeous lady 😚😚😚😚

Hailey Marie-Pier

a month ago

You look beautiful has a blonde so what colour are we going for Lucy love you will just has nice xxx

Grab the tissues and popcorn west coast because Life Sentence starts NOW !
East coast -tonight’s all new episode of Life Sentence is starting right now on The CW 💛

Ladie Betina

a month ago

Seriously the preview for next week says she's pregnant and the show gets canceled now? Omg!

Gustavo Soares

a month ago

I look a lot like you here 🙄♥️

Eel Retlaw

a month ago

Such a cutie!...

Sup 😏 - 📷: James Lee Wall

Christine Nicole Luevano

a month ago

Wow Lucy !! So casual, yet very stylish and your exceptionally beautiful Miss Hale. <3 <3 ;)

Debbie Melvin

a month ago

Lucy, you have a lot of 'splainin to do.

(I'll bet you've never heard that one before)

Debbie Melvin

a month ago

LOVE what you're wearing! 😍 looking beautiful as always <3

Just got the sad news that Life Sentence will not be coming back for a second season. I was emotionally attached to this story and to everyone involved so I’m a little shell shocked right now, but I feel fortunate that we got to tell a really beautiful story. Sometimes things don’t resonate with the audience and shows just don’t work, but I’m so proud of what we accomplished & for the experience I had. Life sentence was a show that a lot of us needed and I am beyond grateful for those who gave our show a chance. Somewhere in the universe the Abbotts will continue their dysfunctional lives & Stella will continue to be a manic pixie dream girl. That chapter is closing before I want it to, but taking this as a life lesson. Things don’t always work out in our favor & it’s up to us what we do with it. It’s been a helluva last year for me and I want to give a huge thank you to the support I’ve been shown! Love love love to all of you. We created something important and pure and no cancellation can take that away ❤️

Jay Diaz

a month ago

This makes me so sad too Lucy. Survivorship is a real post-cancer phase of life. In many ways, you do have a second childhood, teenagehood, and adulthood as you adjust to a new life. Anyone who has been there or is there now was rooting for Life Sentence.

However it may be a case of “if you haven’t lived it, you don’t understand the nature of it and therefore the appeal of the show.” I do remember in June of 2014 when Chasing Life premiered after Pretty Little Liars, I said to myself “I’m not going to watch this.” (Strangely enough I was diagnosed with leukaemia 1.5 years later.) I never did watch Chasing Life, although in retrospect I did look the show up to see how it ended.

The only critique I had of Life Sentence was that a diagnosis like Stella’s does not become magically cured, with only one survivor of a clinical trial... but then again Jane Villanueva also would never have had a pap spear done as someone who was not sexually active either and the whole premise for Jane the Virgin also would not have happened. The CW is weird like that. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Ernesto Solis

a month ago

Just wanna say that I'm so sorry to hear the news about you and all involved in the show won't be coming back next season as the show is cancelled. We're here for you and know there are better things for you in the future so keep your head up.

Melissa Jade Jordan

a month ago

I liked this show, but I thought it had been done wrong out of the gate and am nonetheless sad to see it go. Really would've liked to have seen the various surprises in Stella's life - basically the lies her family spun for her benefit when she was sick - trickled out. Seemed the audience got told everything in the first episode... Otherwise I just didn't find it very believable... But it'll be interesting to see where Lucy pops up next.

Tree trunks as tangled as my necklaces 🌳

Tina Marie Trisvan

a month ago

Mmmmmwwwwwwwaaaaaaaa looking beauty inbox me your digitx lucy

Krishn Agarwal

a month ago

I hate that so much. I just want to wear two necklaces at once without them tangling up. Is that so hard?

Marina DS

a month ago

that tree looks scary aweslome

Your turn west coast ! Life Sentence is happening NOW on The CW ❤️
Family goals. East coast- turn on The CW for a brand new episode of Life Sentence right now!

Deli Lopez

2 months ago

Will this be on Netflix for the uk to watch? 😘

Megan Lynn Colburn

2 months ago

I will be binge watching it this weekend to catch up. 😀🔥

Jannie Myers

2 months ago

Finally get to see; I got CW on Amazon. Wow, I didn't know it is part of my prime.

All new Life Sentence tonight at 9/8c on The CW ! You’ll get to see why I look like a wild animal about to attack some prey …

Forte E Leale

2 months ago

You are always an academy award actress. Eventually they will recognize it!

Bardy Fetia

2 months ago

Cute my awesome lioness

Raunak Dragneel

2 months ago

Look very funny

‪Lioness Pants 🦁 ‬

‪📷: James Lee Wall /styled by Sofia Karvela‬

Annette Fice

2 months ago

I though those lions were pizzas

Shaelie Burgess

2 months ago

It must be warm there. It's freezing in Birmingham with a long sleeved T-shirt. Although warmer earlier.

Cris Abdelhak

2 months ago

Gorgeous, you look great in yellow.. Absolutely radiant looking.

Sheldon Francis

2 months ago

I will watch for your next adventure 💯👸🏻💯

Lisa Davis

2 months ago

Hi Lucy I like your two songs .I can bless my self and a no mountain high enough

Raphaël Perez

2 months ago

I totally wanna take her to taco bell and buy her a 5 box dinner would be fun

‪New Hues 🌞‬

Paulo Charraz

2 months ago

Looking pretty good I like your hair styles

Elias Atto

2 months ago

Thank you for wearing my fav color

Emily Söllner

2 months ago

I think you are gorgeous blondeLucy

West coast friends - Life Sentence starts now on The CW! 💛
Here we gooo east coast! Grab your tissue box and tune in NOW for Life Sentence on The CW !

Mykeshia Waugh

2 months ago

So sweet and pretty Lucy Hale! Have a wonderful weekend dear! Kisses!

Raquel Souza

2 months ago

Lucy! I saw Life Sentence, for the first time last night, I am hooked, Love your new show! Also I Love your New;🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 Chic & Sleek BOB! Wear it Straight! My best, Jackie Jacks Smith, near the Galleria Dallas!🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

Marie Fircz

2 months ago

The ep was sooo good I really liked it! Great job 💓👊🏼

I’m knots about you ➿

Wilson Silva

2 months ago

Well, I'm mind over matter about you ! (Does this make sense ?). Anyway, I love Lucy !!!!- ♡♡◇◇

Michelle Alledan

2 months ago

Hi Lucy Hale you are really count me 😘thanks not fun me

Gianluca Pettinati

2 months ago

beautiful... I love you Lucy Hale

Stella and Wes are back and ready for action tomorrow at 9/8c on Life Sentence ❤️

Cherilyn Carroll

2 months ago

Was the show on hiatus?

Realizing there’s still 4 days left til Life Sentence comes back 😐 In the meantime... binge all 5 episodes now and we’re back on our new night THIS FRIDAY at 9/8c on The CW !
When you’re the 👯‍♀️ emoji AF (accidental matching w/ Janny. Like always )👯‍♀️👯‍♂️👯‍♀️👯‍♂️👯‍♀️👯‍♂️👯‍♀️👯‍♂️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♂️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♂️👯‍♀️👯‍♂️👯‍♀️👯‍♂️👯‍♀️👯‍♂️👯‍♀️👯‍♂️👯‍♀️

Yasr Daas

2 months ago

I feel like I've been waiting forever!😬

Carolyn DeFiore

2 months ago

Taylor Newsom well this explains a lot lol

Mitzi Granados Rivera

2 months ago

I need u to know that Dude caught my ass off guard A LOT. Def. Wasn't expecting to see THAT much of u. Awesomely wierd ass movie! U kick butt! However, I don't think I want my hubby watch it now. Lol. - Dana

Just gonna leave this one right here 😳😭❤️
‪Mornin New Yawk 🍎
- hair & makeup by kween Kelsey -‬

Caleb Romberger

2 months ago

Makes me wonder maybe she’s in on the dirty work with Clinton. 🧐
On her insta she closed the comments so no one can comment on this photo.

Terri Jackson

2 months ago

I can’t stand Hillary but beating up on Lucy because of her political views or anything of the sort is ridiculous and petty. Lucy I love you to the moon and back, don’t listen to the fake fans and remember how beautiful you are inside and out ❤️❤️

Luke Hood

2 months ago

Hey, this woman is better than the dumpster fire running the US right now. 🤷‍♀️

DUDE -out now on Netflix ! A movie ABOUT women , MADE by women and FOR women... although we gladly accept all dudes out there :) This film was written and directed by a fearless woman, Olivia Milch.She is a force to be reckoned with and is a badass feminist who I’m lucky to call a friend. It was produced by women, our DP was a woman, and a lot of the crew were women. We filmed DUDE a few years back before a lot of the female driven movements happening right now, and it’s awesome that this movie is coming out at the time it is. We break the gender rules and codes and I’m so proud to present you this. Women can be Dudes too :)

Mia Forsberg

2 months ago

Just finished it. So good!!

Rohit Ram

2 months ago

I watched this movie yesterday, I loved it <3

Julio Cesar Cuarezma

2 months ago

Watched it last night I liked it 🙂

For the last week I took a solo trip to Arizona. (FYI -if you want to feel spiritually recharged, Come here.) I spent my days hiking, meditating, and spending time with myself. I’ve never done this before because I used to feel that putting myself first was selfish. It’s not. Not only is it healthy, but it’s necessary so that you can be the best for everyone else around you. I know this happens in other industries other than the one I’m in, but it’s incredibly easy to get sucked into the vortex of worrying about the next job, the success of a current one and what others think of you. This trip was a beautiful reminder that my health and happiness is crucial to the life I want to live and in order to be the best for my career and my loved ones, it’s necessary to do really nice things for yourself. SO, I highly recommend treating your mind, body and spirit right (and taking a solo getaway). Thank you Arizona, I feel so refreshed 🙏🏼

Alla Solowjow Sorn

2 months ago

I plan on visiting every state - over half way there - haven’t gotten to Arizona yet thought

Brayden Edwards

2 months ago

When good abounds, the weather is perfect. When hate abounds, the weather gets nasty.

Shiqualla Wright

2 months ago

Good for u! I love you! Ur the best! I love ur new show life sentence it’s so inspirational! I hope it doesn’t get cancelled! Ur so inspiring!

4/20-DUDE makes its way to Netflix

Audra Magee

2 months ago

Jennifer Guillemard j'ai commencer la série y a 30m lool

Keto Kurdovanidze

2 months ago

I love you sow much that I can't explain what to answer you if I was ask from you if I would of watch repeated show cast like movies an sow , my answer is yes I would of

Edith Ruvhera

2 months ago

I plan on watching it tomorrow morning

For those asking, Life Sentence isn’t on tonight but we are BACK on Friday April 27! Until then - binge the episodes on the cw app!

Olivia Holloway

2 months ago


Andrea Mennell

2 months ago

I'm loving Life Sentence. Well done Lucy! Would love Stella to be with Will though 😉

Edgar Omar De La Rosa

2 months ago

Lucy Hale, why there’s lemons behind you?

beautiful things all around us 🌼 (I can’t believe I took this 🤙🏼)

Tony How

2 months ago

sometimes I feel like your twin but with long hair!

Darshil Chaudhary

2 months ago

Ist bei dir noch
In 🇦🇹 blühen schon die Kirschen☺☺☺

Clau Vázquez

2 months ago

Yeah spring is coming fast...:)

DUDE is coming to Netflix 4/20 !

Sun Rodd

2 months ago

No freaking clue what this is but since Lucy hale is on it m Gona give it a go😂❤️❤️❤️

Trevor Hoff

2 months ago

Cian Hennessy more Netflix goodies

Faith Rosario

2 months ago

Tess Folkers weer wat om te kijken

‪Looking back atchu 👋🏼‬

Whitney Davies

2 months ago

Mikel Jackson 'ill be there!!!

Asenath Espinoza Allen

2 months ago

Beautiful young women who has prettiest clothes on you an your beauty Lucy Hale.

Marc Puryear Jr.

2 months ago


Some more from last night 🦇 Truth or Dare OUT IN THEATERS RIGHT MEOW. hope you have fun 😈

Hector del Razo

2 months ago

Sigourny Paimo die look is echt stunning! Nice heh 😀

Apii Solomon

2 months ago

Loved the movie, Lucy! Great ending and I'd never seen the friendship theme used in a horror flick before.

Kerstin Hagedorn

2 months ago

Mandy Gutierrez I liked it, just not the ending

‪Morticia vibes tonight ☑️‬
Had some good laughs with Tyler Posey and Steve Harvey at #SteveTvShow 💙

Ashlyn Garrett-Galyon

2 months ago

Beautiful, Sexy, Gorgeous,. I love that lipstick. You look like a goth beauty queen sweetheart.

Xeldrin Sakib

2 months ago

So sexy, beautiful and gorgeous hair, eyes, lips, spectacular dress!!!!!!!!!

Zavalza Alex

2 months ago

هاي شطالعه بنت القندره 🖤

Pink you very much 🌸 Kristin Ess Hair used her Rose Gold Temporary Tint (available Target )

Monicayjuan Aviles

2 months ago

Trisha Miller I’m thinking of this color

Samantha Elizabeth Burke

2 months ago

Nicole Cazares can i do this color???

Carmen Temo

2 months ago

🌹 It looks very beautiful on you Lucy. 🌹 A perfect choice. 🌹😊.

Tune in to me and Tyler Posey's Facebook Live from the Truth or Dare page TODAY at 2pm PT !!
I’ll be right here 🌞

Luz Hernández Mayí

2 months ago

I dare you to give a longer and sweeter kiss to your female counterpart!... 😉

Carlos Dickson

2 months ago

Damn I missed it

Imtiyaz Pasha

2 months ago

Courteney Jade Clayson

Well, got to meet another idol of mine today 😭 Reba y’all!!! Thanks for being so gracious Reba McEntire

Gino Hernandez

2 months ago

I thought you’d be guest starring one at a time
But I’m happy to see all of you simultaneously
Love you Lucy!

Gift Mkhize Dopekid

2 months ago

Hermosisimas y sexys estan las dos porque asi como salen me encantaron besitos y abracitos

Cary N Aldito Rojas

2 months ago

So fun seeing you on the show with REBA!!!!! 💗💗