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Grab your best friend and tune in... west coast episode of @americanidol is on now! 🙌🙌 #americanidol

Not sure how to take this in... 😂 @lukebryan @katyperry #americanidol #icanseeitinyourfro

Grab your best friend and tune in -15 min. till the next episode of American Idol on ABC!

Naty Briones Salvador

32 minutes ago

I watched you guys last night. You are humble, kind and funny also the best. Nice picture with your friend. Blessings always. Lionel xx.

Vanessa Le Bonhomme

32 minutes ago

Good morning god to see in what city stay récord

Erika Ibuna Cadapan Nelson

32 minutes ago

We saw you last night in Las Vegas Lionel!! You were MORE than I ever dreamed of..and trust me I’ve dreamed of you! Lol. are funny. Kind. Humble. The best entertainer..and you just seem to be a nice man. I love that!! You have been my number 1 forever..I was so blessed my husband took me for our anniversary to see you!! You are AWSOME!! God bless ..

Shaquetta Heath

32 minutes ago

You’re absolutely right I love you so much. God bless you always love M.T.

Abdou Kader Moustapha Dada

32 minutes ago

Angel Velarde more words of wisdom from Lionel!

Julianne Faye Corpuz

32 minutes ago

Oh, Lionel! I love your songs. When are you coming to Rio/Brasil? XO

More laughs, tears, hugs and of course gold tickets... TONIGHT on @AmericanIdol! 8|7c on ABC 🌠🎶 #AmericanIdol

More laughs, tears, hugs and of course... gold tickets✨
TONIGHT on American Idol! - 8|7c on ABC

Tony Young

31 minutes ago

Get rid of Perry !!!

Tarciso Prado Mendes

31 minutes ago

Dear Mr.Richie ,
Your Hugs to these guys was amazing that shows what a great Human being you are . True soul true heart . Lots of respect and love 👍

Monia Simpson

31 minutes ago

Hello Lionel Richie, I've been ready since yesterday .... ❤️

Great to see you my brother 🎶... @treysongz 🙌 #allnigtlong #vegasbaby #trigga

see you there @phvegas.... Ohh hey! 👀 Is that you @kevinhart4real ✋🏾 #lasvegas #allnightlong

American Idol on ABC Tomorrow! 👩‍🎤👨‍🎤✨

Who's watching with me? 🙌

Lynn Guy

16 hours ago

As we are blessed with more and more years, more and more of this do we understand about ourselves and how true it becomes....

Esha Bug

16 hours ago

Read this Charlotte Phillips. Take a moment . I lov u so so much for where u hav got to. Miss u xxxxxxxxxxx


Ready to make even more dreams come true? Watch @americanidol Sunday & Monday at 8|7c on ABC! #americanidol

Diogo Gustavo

31 minutes ago

Experience gives free lessons, learing the challenge and the strength to continue to a chieve our goal . Thanks for sharing , God Bless ...

Kent Beh

16 hours ago

That's very true, and the tests are soooo painful.

Alona Shaked

a day ago

Experience is the best teacher - otherwise we would all have listened to our parents when they tried to save us from learning on our own!

Charles Whitley

2 days ago

They have not experienced any of those things

Ova Cyuse Indri

2 days ago

It's exactly what I thought that would have happened like your lovely music's bring people together. I am entirely for love, peace and harmony. Thanks for sharing, for me it's a pleasure Lionel .

Miriam Greene

2 days ago

Sometimes I think it may have to do with how a person was raised as a child. I know some parents that have been abusive or neglectful and the children were not loved, they may have to gain that emotional feeling along their life path. Some are able to love and trust others some do not and remain angry and bitter. I praise those family members/friends who stick by those that are angry and bitter sometimes it makes a difference. Everyone needs to feel loved.❤️

Fan Fridays! Erick Sanchez & Johnny Galvin dressed up as my debut and sophomore album covers and came to my M&G in Vegas... I could not stop smiling. 😁💚

Aldo Montes Hernandez

a day ago

They look like Mr Kotter, not you!

Cormari Van Den Heever

a day ago

Lionel Richie
I set my fiancé a challenge to deliver you a wedding invite whilst he is in Vegas...
He handed it to the Planet Hollywood Events Box Office last night...
Would be awesome if you could let us know you received it?

Miguel Angel

2 days ago

Please come to do a concert in Hawaii!

Wonderful sunrise in Lake Matheson in Fox Glacier, New Zealand!Photo by Rach Stewart.

Chester Mbonani

16 hours ago

So beautiful I love it so much, you so Bless, because people sharing this beautiful moment with you . Thanks

Ruth Micah

a day ago

"É através da fotografia que os instantes deixam-se ver tal como são."

Ostrich Rusangiza

2 days ago

ang sarap pagmasdan parang panatag ang kapaligiran a cup of coffe and silent strum of guitar ohhh what a life

Neva Ann McMillen

2 days ago

Love it. Lionel you were one favorite artist growing up. When I down or depressed you made me feel better. You are amazing and true to everything you do. Love you alway Mich

Ari Perttula

2 days ago

Lionel I like this photo mybe 25 years ago handsome boy

Annette Donadio

2 days ago

Rocking big hair Lionel as we all did in the day! Remember it well and loved the group, u are like fine wine getting better with age, u Rock! Xo 👍🏻❤️

Rose Jackson

2 days ago

Great message... always Good Know this.

Kitty Jones Fearing

2 days ago

Thank you just what I needed to hear

Neva Ann McMillen

2 days ago

Thank you for your healing music that brought me through...

In case you missed it... Watch me on Jimmy Kimmel Live again TONIGHT on ABC Television Network - 11:35 | 10:35c 🙌

Jennifer Burket Doubleday

2 days ago

Beloved!You is the Best

Michael Lefler

2 days ago

I am right here in front of my TV 📺 getting ready to watch you Lionel Richie at 11:30pm ....Lights, camera, action 🌟🌙💫

Christie Ly

2 days ago

i watch it

Night time looks amazing in Lofoten, Norway!Photo by Kyrenian.

Sandra Yroba

3 days ago

This is true

Cathy Hochhalter

3 days ago

If you are connected when you leave you live forever!! Have a nice day!!

Cory Van Ark

3 days ago

Woooow que belleza, eso es lo que quiero ver , ha de ser increíble poder estar ahí .

Gustini Manurung

3 days ago

Hello was our song but now she just ignores me...

Freshian Arjy L. Fabiolas

3 days ago

I hope God sends me the right key.

Nayeli Cortina Gomez

3 days ago

O believe we have to try Always. Try again and again! Never give up, because live is fantastic. A blessed day for you, my Love!!! 💋💋💋💋

Michael Andres Villada Echeverri

4 days ago

Hey Lionel, Are you a prospect with the blue Brothers’s or just a hang around ? Either way we love you, thanks for sharing some of the best music ever. Be safe.

Polyvalan Xtra

4 days ago

I bet you will be putting some mileage on that ride.

Jako de Jamwash

4 days ago

You be safe!! Where is your helmet?? And love police 👮🏽‍♀️ now.. Beauty.. motorcycle 🏍.. God bless you

Had to share this stunning shot of a unique pool formation in RoyalNational Park, Australia!Photo by @tscharke.
Time for The Talk!
Tune in to CBS 🔜 2pm ET | 1pm PT/CT
From a past show in Kingsholm!

Stephanie Sandkrüger

4 days ago

Ladies ❣️love this song so much

Monica Wagner

5 days ago

Australia really is a beautiful country.

Marcia Filipas

5 days ago

Beautiful place and I love to see more beautiful colors and beautiful view like that. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful view.❤️🧡💙💞

That feeling when you’re hanging out with @jimmykimmel! 👉❤️ See you tonight on @jimmykimmellive 11:35 | 10:35c on ABC! #kimmel #jimmykimmellive
Some may say I have a “big head” but this is ridiculous 😂 15 min countdown until west coast airing of American Idol everyone! 🙌

Noah Van Nest

6 days ago

Just a country girl...

Laura Wiegers

6 days ago

You were Awesome,I loved it!💝

Dean Oshiro

6 days ago

Sail on down the line...

Some may say I have a “big head” but this is ridiculous 😂 15 min countdown until west coast airing of @americanidol everyone! 🙌 #americanidol

Catching up with the ladies of The Talk...

Tune in tomorrow3/13 - 2pm ET 1pm PT/CT - CBS!
Just wait until you see tonight’s episode! I applaud all these contestants for being so brave. ❤️👏 American Idol

Michell Ponce

5 days ago

Love them all .great job girls.

Ruben Rubiano

5 days ago

Love me some Lionel Richie

Daniel Bhekani

5 days ago

The show should be great with you being there. Also it seems that those ladies love you. Take care and God's bless you. Amen.

When a tour bus stops in front of your house and you say HELLO... I think I scared them .... 😳😂

My ♥️ heart smiles hearing these contestants share their songs and stories... so much passion, attitude and life, it's not easy to stand in front of the world and share your work...See you again same time tomorrow @AmericanIdol! What did you all think of the contestants so far?! #AmericanIdol
My friends, let's get this party started 🎉🙌... less than 15 min. countdown to premiere of American Idol!!! Tune in 8|7c ABC Television Network

Davide Minosa

7 days ago

When folks ask me how I am, I say “I’m breathing which is better than the alternative.” Then we have laugh.

Ryan Nigel Phankon

7 days ago

Totally enjoyed the show..must say I have watched Idol since day one and you 3 judges are the best ever..and Lionel my daughter and I went to your show in Boston that was my best Birthday present ever..hope you come back....lots of love...

Shehreen Bonamally

7 days ago

Que eu tenha hoje, e a cada diaA força dos céusA luz do solO brilho da luaO resplendor do fogoA agilidade do ventoA profundidade do marA estabilidade da terraE a firmeza da rocha." .·´✿Oração Celta

My friends, let's get this party started 🎉🙌... 15 min. countdown to premiere of @AmericanIdol!!! #americanidol

The day is finally here! Watch us inspire the next generation... @AmericanIdol premieres TONIGHT on ABC 8|7c #AmericanIdol

HEY! are you reaaaaddyyy....?!! 🙌🙌 @americanidol 🔜 Sunday March 11 #americanidol #AlltheHitsVegas #allnightlong

Tomorrow it all begins! Can’t wait for you to see the talent we found. What an amazing experience this has been 💫 @americanidol premieres 3/11 - 8|7c #americanidol

Let’s do it all again tonight! 🔥The Vegas fiesta is heating back up at @zappostheater in @phvegas... see you soon! #AlltheHits #LionelRichieVegas #AlltheHitsVegas

Lives are about to change! ⭐️ Excited for the journey to begin tomorrow! Make sure to set your clocks forward an hour… 🙌 @AmericanIdol premieres TOMORROW , 3/11 - 8|7c on ABC! #AmericanIdol

Time to rise and shine... 💫 🌟 American Idol premiere tomorrow!
Beautiful views!

Yanik Dumas

7 days ago

I have been waiting to see you again. You are one of my favorite singers. Anxious to watch you!

Rachel Bailey

7 days ago

Great You will be there, can't wait to see you. You are the best!!!

Madalyn Picassob

8 days ago

Already have it on a timer to record! Have fun!

Wait, what .... Penny Lover ?? 😂 #myband #allthehits 🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴 @davethomasstyle

Diana da Silva

8 days ago

thank you very much, love that xxxxx

Simon Werker

9 days ago

Sick of everything going on here,but the power of god keeps me going!

Christine Medine

9 days ago

Iam thankful l survived the cancer and l Enjoy every moment of my life !!!

Flashback to filming American Idol and now we're 2 days away from the premiere! Who's watching this Sunday?

Shari Bunce

8 days ago

Not me...not having Those channels over here...😞..but Will You Tube it later☺☺☺.......x

Denise Smith

9 days ago

" SOOOOO Excited for You Dearest Lionel " <3 :)

Debbie McNiven

9 days ago

Baby you are so beautiful and I love you so much. Take care youre self. God bless you always 💋❤️❤️❤️

Wonderful views in Boquillas Canyon, USA!Photo by Taylor Burk.

Ron Morton

9 days ago

It is beautiful scenery.

Cain's Ballroom

9 days ago

Stunning photo . Wow wow wow ❤️💋❤️❤️💋💋

Erick Avila

9 days ago

Sublime photo de mon fans de tout les temps , que dieu vous bénisse longue vie a toi , jus'qua l'âge d'or amen.

Oooh Flashback Friday!

Sabatha Zabon Mabaso

8 days ago

Nice Picture Mr Lionel Richie Bless

Kaibigang Puno

9 days ago

What a fantastic picture. You don't look any older Lionel Richie. What's your secret?🙂

Everaldo C Garcia

9 days ago

Oh Yes... that’s the flashback into the moment when I fall in Love with You 🔥😘

I'm all in for Vegas TONIGHT!

My ALL THE HITS Vegas residency is back at Zappos theater. All dates on sale now! -

Maurice White

9 days ago

Sitting in audience right now!!! Cannot wait x

Marjan Žagar

9 days ago

🎶🎤"All night long...🙏✨👋💞

Kelly Northey

9 days ago

Have a great time! Keep Smiling!

VIVA LAS VEGAS ⭐️ My friends ...I’m back ...🙌 See you at 8pm @phvegas #allthehits #allnightlong

My brothers Jimmy, Brian & SLJ I TRULY appreciate you guys being a party of my celebration the other day 🙏❤️.... Love you so much ! #friendship @jimmykimmel @briangrazer @samuelljackson 📸 @alansilfen

I can’t believe we’re 3 days away from @americanidol premiere! 😯 March 11 You ready?
I can't believe there's only 3 days left until American Idol on ABC Television Network premieres! Tune in this Sunday, March 11, 8|7c!
This is beyond my wildest dreams...
I was the kid that grew up in Tuskegee and every time they poured a sidewalk somewhere I wanted to put my hands and feet and my name in it. And every time I go back I realize they tore that sidewalk up... so this time I know my hands and feet will be here for quite a while. Just like you've all been there for me. So happy to share this with you all 🙏❤️
Here's an amazing shot of Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand by Rach Stewart!

Yadira Castro

10 days ago

Can’t believe there’s only a few weeks until your Melbourne concert. I hope you don’t reschedule again Lionel. Been waiting months.

Diantika Rindam Floranti

10 days ago

Really am so proud of you Mr LionelRichie.😘😘😘

Lyle Cantley

10 days ago

Your life is rockin' high happy for you!

Hollywood..... 👐👣 it’s official #hello #hollywood

This is beyond my wildest dreams... I was a kid that grew up in Tuskegee AL. And every time they poured a sidewalk somewhere I wanted to put my hands and feet and my name in it. And every time I go back I realize they tore that sidewalk up... so this time I know my hands and feet will be here for quite a while. Just like you've all been there for me. So happy to share this with you all 🙏❤️

Beyond excited to share this moment with you! 🙌

Watch LIVE below starting at 11AM PT as I put my handprints and footprints in cement in front of the TCL Chinese Theatres or follow along on my instagram @lionelrichie for a behind the scenes look at the event!

Walter Whitehouse

10 days ago

I wanted to go see you there! I missed it.😞

Cindy Martinez

10 days ago

Congratulations Lionel, again and again

Carina Persson

10 days ago

Didn't work when I tried to view this x

👐 👣 IT’S HAPPENING TOMORROW! So honored and excited to be putting my handprints and footprints in cement on Hollywood Blvd. at TCL @chinesetheatres wed. 3/7 at 11am PT! 🌟 photo: @hunterandgatti
Amazing shot of Iguazu Falls in Brazil by @Michu Travel!
From a show back in Abu Dhabi!

Nicola Maslin

12 days ago

be the change you want too see in this world and it starts with you

Sahl Hasheesh Sungate

12 days ago

Over due job well done and deserve God keep U.

Kate Yang

12 days ago

Congratulations to you. You deserve it. .... all those lovely songs you gave us to sing along and dance to. Makes us feel like we're in heaven. And I still love them

Sir Elton John my friend, what a fantastic night..... ⭐️ Miley Cyrus Ricky Martin
Loving this shot of Valais, Switzerland by Senna Relax!

Jessica Dobson-Webb

11 days ago

Truly, amazing easy like Sunday Morning picture. Hello, I just thought I'd let you know. Hope you were dancing on the ceiling, all night long

Ivan E Honores

12 days ago

Lionel: you say it right!! Sir Elton John you did fantastic last night's show and have a blessed day to you and your family!!

Doreen Henderson

12 days ago

I can't afford the price for tickets for the Toronto, Ontario Canada Show, way over priced by dealers!! :( Big Disappointment after I posted on his site years ago to come to Toronto, Ontario Canada! :( :( 😠😠

From back in Rome!

Andrea van Impelen

13 days ago

Lionel, I’m a fan of your beautiful music and I can’t wait to see you as judge of American Idol. All the best to you!

Nastia Vasileva

13 days ago

One of my greatest dreams is to spend some time exploring Italy. The icing on the cake would be to see my son perform there. 🎼🎷

Carrie Ferguson

13 days ago

So wonderful. I will never get to see Rome in my lifetime. Only photos!

Sir @eltonjohn my friend, what a fantastic night..... ⭐️ @mileycyrus @ricky_martin #eltonjohnaidsfoundation

Alan Keith Baggett

14 days ago

🎶Nothing you can do that can be done🎶, 🎶 nothing you can sing that can't be sung🎶. 🎶Nothing you can say but you can learn how to play the game. It's easy🎶!

🎶Nothing you make that can be made🎶,
🎶Nothing you can save that can't be saved🎶
🎶Nothing you can do but you can learn how to be you in time. it's easy🎶

🎶All you need is love🎶

🎶All you need is love 🎶

🎶All you need is love, love🎶

🎶Love is all you need🎶

- John Lennon, The Beatles

Ollie Batchelor

14 days ago

There are so many different kinds of love besides romantic love. Romantic love does not always last. However family love does Last and good friendships do last.

Jennifer S Hall

14 days ago

Isto é a mais pura verdade! O amor está em tudo na vida. Amar tudo e todos que estão ao seu redor ilumina a vida, trás a paz constante! Como você é profundo e toca na essência do ser humano! I LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!!!