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Last time I checked there was no song on “Let The Trap Say Amen” that required this expression. 🤷🏾‍♂️#BetterLateThanNeverTour
Life is war. Call in fire power.

Matthias Adegoke

17 hours ago

Bro... Preach is Littttt🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Peter Cox

a day ago

blessings on blessings on blessings.

Liza Bonet

2 days ago

“Yet” I suppose 😂😂😂

Today the world gained an incredible human being. Though you’re not here anymore your legacy lives on. We miss you DJ Official.

Kya Draper

3 days ago

Wow, was just thinking about him this morning. RIP.

Camila Vargas Pimentel

3 days ago

Always wanted to know what killed him

Barbara Douglas

3 days ago

His legacy lives on... Grateful to God for his life while he was here

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Cynthia Sims

4 days ago

Lacrae come to Malawi please

Alexey Fedichkin

4 days ago

Disappointed no FL appearances for this tour!? 😥

Maria Rosanna Taguinod

4 days ago -riverside

He can turn your mess into a masterpiece.

Liam Cardenas Roman

5 days ago

I am going to disagree and have to say that freewill can and does derail Gods plans sometimes.

Jun Olarte

5 days ago

Im sure suicide would disprove this statement.

Jean Leclerc

6 days ago

He can draw a straight line with a crooked stick.

Don’t measure your giants against your own strength. Measure them against Gods.
A big God means little giants.

Eusebio Ramirez

6 days ago

so sorry bro

Brent Look

6 days ago

What are trying to say?

Cara Leigh Whitaker

6 days ago

I'm curious is he allowed to say Christ in his comments and post in social media and on tv or podcast interviews. "Bring The regenerated Crea back" I miss him.

Tell the NBA I stay ready. 😝

We still waiting for you come and perform in Ethiopia 😍

Smaran Reddy

7 days ago

Draft Andy Mineo. Just make sure he can make that "Lay Up" lol!!!

Ashley Wojcinski

8 days ago

Stay ready for the potty! hahahahaha....go get'em champ!

Justin came thru drippin.

Samuel Chandra Kumar

9 days ago

Jesus did not come for those that already believed in him. He came for those that were lost. How do you ever expect to reach those that are lost if you only reach those who are already saved? The purpose of Lecrae’s music is to glorify God and show those that are lost that there is hope in Christ.

Karen Roberts

9 days ago

Glad he was in Grand Rapids, his fan girls however had my ears in pain 😂😂😂
Glad you came to cityfest Lecrae!
Your music and life lived is a bold witness to millions! Blessings

Cheryl Gibbings

9 days ago

But lecrae I could be the em to your dre...just give me a week hell give me a day, you could mentor a bit with a little work and play kinda like adopting a stray. I mean I'm pretty talented with a decent flow plus there's this guy we both know I'm pretty sure he helped us both grow told us of turning the other cheek rather than to go toe to toe I mean we both share the same glow mines just a little off white and yours is closer to snow......

I’ve been blessed to see the world! Where have you been? Where would go if you could?

Alisa Nagovitsyna

9 days ago

you can not denying where your originality comes from....this is where you were born even if its not you but your before fathers thats where your blood is coming from. ..but the reason why God had lifted you higher its because God wanted you one day to become like Moses so that you can rescue your people to the promise land......thanks alot

Jose Luis Ribeiro

9 days ago

Went to Israel this spring!
I want to go do mission and evangelism work in middle eastern nations!
They are hurting and need to see support from their family!

Maycon Rodrigo

9 days ago

I’m traveling to Edinburgh Scotland to study Science and Religion at the University of Edinburgh. Living out my dream! Thank you for your music. It is such an encouragement to me.

I went to 2 different middle schools 3 high schools. Almost failed 9th grade. Somehow I’m speaking at Yale. Say God ain’t real. Be who you were created to be not who they want you to be.@ Yale University

Marine Pasquier

12 days ago

Great Positive music
Crae you're just phonomenal

Vignette Fleury-Dixon

12 days ago

Schools need a lot more stuff u doing Bruv. otherwise by the time we wake students will be poisoned with that anti Christ drag

Gisele Jules

12 days ago

Heck yeah man, keep it one hundred!!! Ain’t nobody that can limit where we can, and can’t go. As long as we follow God we’ll be where we’re supposed to!!! Keep it up man!!!!

It ain't a gang sign... I just didn't know what to do with my hands.

Nafeeza Hussain

16 days ago

"Watching how I play you gonna miss your game, you're too busy trying to regulate"...Lecrae - Watchu mean....I love your music Crae

Quentin Benoit

17 days ago

I see a dove. Eating popcorn at the no not at the movies 'cause he don't want to drop $50 dollars in the please hater . hes watching Netflix and he's laughing watching a comedy. No no he's laughing so hard you see because everyone thinks he's a gangsta and he's just what he wants to be.. just a dove wanting some love..just a dove wanting some love---(insert Mic drop here LMHO)😂😂😂

Efie Kathrina

17 days ago

If you didn’t know what to do with your hands you didn’t have to photograph them. You’re trying to walk the line and be cool to both sides but the only one that matters in the end is when we belong to the One and this isn’t from a white evangelist critique. I’m praying for your ways Lecrae. You’ve changed and what you do shows you do care about man’s acceptance.

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Dayvison Vieira

18 days ago

Good thing I waited! 🧐 let’s see if I can grab something before I leave for Detroit.

Caption this...

Josh Elkins

18 days ago

Can't think of anything to comment so I'm just going to post a pancake recipe.
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1 ½ cups milk (plus more as needed)
1 egg
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
2 cups self-rising flour
¼ teaspoon baking soda
1/3 cup superfine granulated sugar
2 tablespoons butter, melted


In a bowl or 2-cup measure, whisk together milk, egg and vanilla. Into another bowl, sift flour and baking soda. Stir in sugar. Make a well in the center. Add milk mixture. Whisk until just combined. Batter will be thick (thin with a little milk, if desired; batter will get even thicker as it sits).

Heat a large nonstick skillet or griddle over medium heat. Brush pan with melted butter. Using about ¼ cup batter per pancake, cook pancakes 3 to 4 minutes or until bubbles appear on surface. Turn and cook 3 minutes or until cooked through. Transfer to a plate. Cover loosely with foil to keep warm. Repeat with remaining mixture, brushing pan with butter between batches. Serve.

Erick Jeffries

18 days ago

Not all fashion trends will age well.

Brit Donatin-Ritter

18 days ago

Crae: "Chile, you done grown up so much. You remember me baby?"

Zay: "Yes ma am"
(Looks at friends)
"Who is that?"

Warming up. See you on the road.

Emanuel Urenda

20 days ago

on the road to South Africa?

Marcel Marek

21 days ago

Warming up to drop a double album and rap double time on all dub-step having no producers just you rockin over beat-boxin by Doug E. Fresh? 🤔

Myles Thomas

21 days ago

Keep killin it! Love what u do! 💙

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Taider Didine

23 days ago

Nowadays this guy cant be trusted

Matt Boykin

23 days ago

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Taylor Cherene

24 days ago

What is the skeleton image about?

In Miami swimming with the dolphins. Im still with the Falcons tho! #RiseUp

Gail Little

a month ago

we need you here in uganda and africa so we are refunding our money

Quindre J Simon

a month ago

Go dolphins! wish we still had Landry

Ishimwe Rossy David

a month ago

not good to say not bad

Let the Trap say... What songs off me & zay project do you want to hear on tour?
Sky you inspire me. Keep letting God guide you. Be encouraged, every day you try is a triumph.

Don Nichols

a month ago

Get back right, Holy Water, Only God can judge me and By Chance and do some of your old stuff and something with Andy

Debbie Bickram

a month ago

Lecrae I’ve been critical of you in the past but I want to tell you that LTSA has been a huge blessing in my life...

Joey Avery

a month ago

Baby , lets go to a concert of his one day and after get a hotel room and munch out on food 😭😭😭💖💖💖💖❤💖❤ Devina Yarbrough

“When Ms. Franklin sang “Respect,” was never just about how a woman wanted to be greeted by a spouse coming home from work. It was a demand for equality and freedom...”
REST IN PARADISE QUEEN. Aretha FranklinMarch 25, 1942 – August 16, 2018

Brian Osborn

a month ago

Legend her music was good to the soul

Pearline Mapes

a month ago

Rest in peace Aretha.

Marlon Salita

a month ago

I always loved that song. R.I.P., Aretha!

I’m 6’4.@benwasher is 6’6. @mpj is wearing flip flops. 😑

Angela Gail Bates

a month ago

His chanclas are too small lol

Rosie Galindo

a month ago

Giants in the ministry!!!!

Sibusisiwe Karen Mawandla

a month ago

Being tall is the devils work!!!!!
I am no longer a 116 fam!!!
Illuminati confirmed.


Kimberly Crane

a month ago

Planning to add Cameroon to the tour !!!

Brandon Klassen

a month ago

Happy Wordsplayed is letting you guys do this. Fantastic Guy.

Jan Tauš

a month ago

And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward. Matthew 6:5

Don’t quit your daydream.
Jesus LOVES me. Any additional LIKE is a bonus.

Kyra Fernandez de Torner

a month ago

When you search your heart, and you find yourself apart; deep down within, ask Him to forgive your sin, and He'll give you a fresh start. Don't worry, nobody is perfect, I should know, but I also know its worth it. God is good, faithful & loving. His grace is a gift, you can't earn it. Ask and you shall receive if you believe. He'll never leave you, cause He's never left me. Don't let the weekend be the only time you seek Him. Let Him seep in, deep in-side your heart, let Him be a part, of you, in everything you see, say, and do. This I know is true: If you remain close to Him, He'll remain close to you.

Andrea Zaimé

a month ago

After the show, after the set,
After the music stops what's next?

Eric Maxim Choupog-Moting

a month ago

Except they don't make Js for wide feet. :-(

Fav MJ song?
Mine is “Rock With you.”

Ian Biallas

a month ago

Man in The Mirror
And one can be separate in heart and soul from this world and still acknowledge the fact that we live and exist within it....
Love your music Lecrae....keep inspiring!!!

Adina Marasoiu

a month ago

What the heck I was not expecting a comment section like this in such an innocuous post
Doesn’t everyone love MJ??
I can’t decide but I’ve been into that somebody’s watching meeeeee song that he features on lol

Rose Stokes

a month ago

I thought I would be inspired by craez page and understand the God,as in be inspired but am disappointed sorry to say it,let me leave his page,on to unfollowing it

Ravi keeps my mind sharp. Sanj keeps my shoe game sharp.

Kim Prather

a month ago

Ravi isn't sharp enough not to fellowship with Word-Faith teachers, Mormon cultists,and Roman Catholics. That's not leadership to follow.

Kim Cooper

a month ago

Matthew Al-Sakka

Tony Lanala

a month ago

Where can i watch this

Don’t be ashamed to tell your story. God wrote it.

Troy Duverglas

a month ago

Snakes gotta watch em
I can't let them block my blessings

Craig Riffle

a month ago

Lecrae music is becoming too wordly, there is nothing bout God any more as his old music used to be. It's all about life, or him. Jesus should still be the center of it all. He's collaborating with mainstream rappers. He thinks he's helping them but they just go back to whatever they were doing before. No change. Lecrae is slowly slipping towards mainstream.

Antonella Cherubini

a month ago

rev 12:11 . and they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony!! tell it crae. haters gonna hate!!

Kicking off the #BLTN Tour in September with Andy Mineo. Who's got their tickets? 💀Link: https://vip.sup ply/

Nombulelo Ngoqo

a month ago

Feeling sad here in South Africa, waited for you but we keep getting our hopes up for nothing...I'm especially sad for my 12 year old who has saved her pocket money all year to see you 😢

Sissi Olive

a month ago

Where is the tour going?

Mindy Secakuku

a month ago

We got are tickets VIP for Oct can't wait IN LA listen to lecrea know manolo

Dropped some heat with Andy Mineo 🔥Might have to perform it on tour 🤔 #BetterLateThanNever Link below
https://vip.sup ply/

Bapbgirl Mina James PayneHoran

2 months ago

Something must have been shlappin in the studio for smiles like that !

Steve Strader

2 months ago

Aw yes ok can’t wait this concert is gonna be flames 🔥

Tonia Taylor

2 months ago

You both are awesome! Praise Our God for what you do in his name!!

The whole squad Coming In Hot! 🔥Go check out all the new heat on the ‘Summer Eighteen’ playlist! 👇Link below

Yoav Matcovitch

2 months ago

Will do! I’ve heard you are a Veteran and have ties to Texas. Please encourage your battles in the South Texas area to explore and ensure they are receiving the full extent of their benefits from the US Department of VA? I am the Minority Veterans Program Coordinator for our Region. I will be providing an in depth educational briefing at the American G. I. Forum Convention, July 25-27, Wyndham Hotel San Antonio Riverwalk. All are welcome. Oh and of course I love your music brother, LOL! Peace.

Mark Anthony

2 months ago

The whole squad? Where's Trip?

Ana Alex

2 months ago

why oh why, trip lee is'nt there, why why why???

y'all are in for a treat tonight. 👀Andy Mineo

Teresa Blair

2 months ago

From listening to the song they're saying do your best in this life because it comes to an end and you answer to the King. These bodies decompose and that's whats left. Hair and bones

Camille Chuks

2 months ago

How do I get "Top Fan" above my name?

Nick Ivan Zaytsev Koch

2 months ago

Blessings guys
God the bones too.

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Raymond Wongye Realer No

2 months ago

If I hadn’t just bought some let the trap say amen gear, I would get this 😂

Theresa Flaminio

2 months ago

Can’t wait to see u October 11th in midland Texas

Fabio Galeotafiore

2 months ago

I did research on this nigga there a chance that he could be a fake nigga in Christ with his christian music there a chance he could switch up there alot of fake christian these days he not the only one

The concert will be flames but....Eschatology, Substitutionary Penal Atonement, Theological implications of Angels and a debate on if birds are really dinosaurs with feathers will be discussed in VIP. Tickets on sale now.Link in bio.

Ally Vega

2 months ago

I don’t see your Sept 28 Seattle concert in the Events option on your page???

Karen Colquit

2 months ago

Milwaukee, cincy, cbus, indy.... Sharée Beam Josh Hutton Paul Michael Hutton

Román Ðarío

2 months ago

Why the skeletons thooooo???

With the homies.

Catherine Moguilewsky

2 months ago

That's it. I gotta get an autograph now!!

Carlos Ferreira

2 months ago

Having fun! Enjoy

Yach Illu

2 months ago

Now where's KB?

Took us a while...but Better Late Than Never.
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illustration and lettering by rion barcena @rionism
“One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” - Hebrew Proverb

Kelsey French

2 months ago

James Scott this should be lit.

Anthony Vansteelant

2 months ago

Freddie Flawless Jenkins midland, San Antonio, Houston, or OKC

Mithinga BoRo

2 months ago

Aaahhhh bought our tickets today!! Can’t wait!!!!!

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Naps Naps

2 months ago

I'm excited! I just booked my Houston VIP ticket! @lecrae @AndyMineo

Mai Shigemura

2 months ago

Victor M. Garcia George Calderon Santana road trip to Memphis or Nashville???

Apex Sabido

2 months ago

Yesssssssssss!!!! Los Angeles!!!!

Took us a while...but Better Late Than Never.

This fall. Better Late Than Never Tour. Me x @andymineo with special guests @wordsplayed x @nobigdyl x @whatuprg - get your VIP tickets tomorrow and all tickets available on Friday!

art direction and design by alex medina @mrmedina
illustration and lettering by rion barcena @rionism

La'Fayette Jackson

2 months ago

I might could pull this off!!!

Tihna Gaby Carelse

2 months ago

I know my town is off the beaten path, but you might do Vegas sometime, there's a lot of people need to hear the word the way you put it down....

Neztor Axel

2 months ago

Haley Rose were not doing anything on the 19th right?

When we pause from comparing ourselves to each other we can find contentment. Sit in God’s presence and you’ll be content. Not because of the things He gives, but because we know He accepts us despite ourselves and there’s nothing we can do to make Him love us less. You are less satisfied with your situation when you’re constantly comparing yourself with others. God made a lane just for you. You’re fully satisfied when you run it with Him.
(This pic is unrelated but I love the jersey.)

Gina Santiago

2 months ago

"Nigeria Tour" will be great, there are lots of Nigerians who are blessed with your music, and to some you are a role model, looking forward to have you here in Naija. Bless you

Maritza Martinez

2 months ago

I'm sorry Lecrae I have judged you, please pray for me. Praying you preach the Gospel to those who need it most!

Jason Muse

2 months ago

GREAT JOB BROTHER...HERE IN UGANDA WE ARE AXIOUSLY WAITING for your drop of anointing.i have been natured by a touch of your lyrics ...your deeply ministering to oursoulz

Wait is over. That new Zay & Crae is here. What lyrics Are you diggin?
“They wasn’t ready for the song let alone a whole project!” We had to do it for the culture. #LetTheTrapSayAmen

Hediyah A. Bullen

3 months ago

By Chance is one of my favorites!

Luana Barbosa Miranda

3 months ago

Me n my 11 year old daughters fav verse... "bottles on bottles on bottle on models on models on models on dollaz on dollaz but that don't help me when my soul tryna Holla, when I'm feelin the pain and and dealin with drama, that's too deep, guess I better fall back, naw get this work, shoulda wore a hard hat!"

Natalie Dragna

3 months ago

Get back right.....lost my dirt on my shoes......

Crew Love.

Cristian O. Quito

3 months ago

Lecrae You become so ugly after you start getting your hair braided. Why do you have to be like them. "Say I won't why ya scared to be different" that's your song.

Clarissa Hernandez

3 months ago

Heard this Brother Terry's story last night. On Facebook that's crazy!

Hemendra Kumar Prajapati

3 months ago

Lecrae You Got Him Touched!! 😂😂

“Ridin thru the valley with the Fear of God on me.”
AMEN.@ Los Angeles, California

Nantege Jolly

3 months ago

Where are you going?

Mandi Slaymaker

3 months ago

What's his shirt mean?

Vlad Caba

3 months ago

Amen! God bless bro!

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Erica Mae Garcia Mateo

3 months ago

got a real plug
It never let me down!! Lecrae keep blessing!

Vicente Canuto

3 months ago

Love the message in Plugged In. “Invest in real estate instead of gold chains.”💪🏾

Greg Greenwald

3 months ago

Keep it high in there

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Valerie Tressler

3 months ago

I would rather have lyrics of blessings track

Nancy Dimas

3 months ago

Might as well start making trap music like everyone else. Can't tell the difference now until you hear the words

Amine Achour

3 months ago

'Always come thru when I need it neva seen a drought!'


Rosy de Sandoval

3 months ago

Yay, for Black Panther references. (We're big fans in our house!) Hooray, for wildlife encounters. (We also have enjoyed similar experiences - so incredible!) But some of these comments make me want to quote the immortal Mater (from Cars), "Tractors is s' dumb!" (in case they, the 'tractors' are wondering, I DO know that Mater is a fictional character and Radiator Springs is a fictional town.) To commiserate in being amongst 'tractors'; my son got a referral at school for flashing his 'Wakanda Forever" salute to a friend across a classroom. Why? The teacher interpreted it as a 'gang sign'. Yep. Tractors.

ᘗᓾᒪᓏ ᓍᗳ

3 months ago

Wakanda (/wəˈkændə/) is a fictional country located in Sub-Saharan Africa created by Marvel Comics.[1] It is the most prominent of several native African nations and home to the superhero Black Panther
In the MCU,
Wakanda is located just north of Lake Turkana, at a point bordering Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, and South Sudan.

Lucy Menjivar

3 months ago

Alvin Bhengu Nkululeko Bhengu😂 tjo , lecrae thinks everywhere in africa is wakanda

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Marcus Wroten

3 months ago

Since all things works together let the trap say amen..LOVE UR MUSIC RECRAE

Lovisa Johansson

3 months ago

Seth Manley

Annette O. Kerubo

3 months ago

Will there be a hard copy released???

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Benyam Belai

3 months ago

First time seeing a post from Lacrea and not hundred's of people commenting.. Interesting...

Seen a post yesterday in Christian rap group saying lacrea is not raping christ anymore sold out.. 😂😂😂😂😂

I laught hard at that... I been a fan since day one.. One of your broke fans.. Who can buy album but not much else.. But I still love your music and I see the growth.. Keep doing you... Much Love and blessings..

I couldn’t explain my mama to y’all if I tried. Grateful.

Alisha Ryan

3 months ago

Looking just like her! Xoxoxo

Agyiri Kwasi

3 months ago

Sweet happy fun lady

Ли Джексон

3 months ago

Peace and Blessings In the Motherland!

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Čheła Đrůciłła

3 months ago

I will forever be jammin' on my commute to and from work listening to your music. I am indeed a fan. Thanks for the good music. It goes to show that great music can be made without all of the cursing.

Dalymar Nazario

3 months ago

Will there be physical copies?

Jeff Holmes

3 months ago

Rayshaun Truveil Clark

Took my mama to the motherland.

París Villano

3 months ago

This is secret little place in Guinea Bissau.

Stephanhy Reynoso

3 months ago

This is so awesome 😍😍😍

Breesy Goon Mpunzi

3 months ago

This is great wit mum....nice

Patrick Hesse

4 months ago

Are tickets still on sale?
If so,how much and where?
FYI, I live in Uganda

Nikki Mack

4 months ago

Propaganda and Sho Baraka are in S.A. on the 24th (Cape Town) and 25th (Joburg) of August, please don't schedule Lecrae to clash with those dates 😱

Sarah Aluel Mawien

4 months ago

OO noooo.... but PLEASE still come to Lagos, Nigeria. We are waiting for you here and will give you an amazing experience! Kabelo-Chokes Lekala

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Giulia Toscano

4 months ago

👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️ he never fails me!!

Jacob Newman

4 months ago

Bring us that heat Crae

Kendra Patterson

4 months ago

You rock!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥you never disappoint

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María Isabel Ramírez Marroqín

4 months ago

👐can't wait no more..we ready😎😎

Martyna Frączek

4 months ago

🙌🏾 ready, can't wait. When will you do a concert in Zambia 🇿🇲?

Lynne Johnson

4 months ago

Mwewa George Bwalya II there we go!!!! #LetTheTrapSayAmem

“Sunday service or Sunday servin.” Click the link to see the exclusive with @djbooth #letthetrapsayamen June 22nd

Sarah Lawkin

4 months ago

Awesome. Lecrae is the only person I've known to have such great faith for positivity in trap life and the hoods.

Benoni Emmanuel Sotomayor

4 months ago

Lecrae I read your book and admire your heart for this "lost" world. Please don't remove all "Christianese" from your songs. My own brother began his close walk with the Lord because of Christian hip hop. He needed the hard core message of those songs to minister to him. They brought GOD to his life in ways traditional gospel didn't. GOD bless you!

Nomsa Ruth Banda

4 months ago

#LTTSA 💿💿💿
u don't know what I mean right?

Let The Trap Say Amen. 6/22

Jhaypant Carsido

4 months ago

Excited for some new music! NOT here to waste time arguing over nothing

Khadija Kh

4 months ago

Lacera is now a worldly rapper, I don't know but why @zaytovenbeats

Ale Dlcm

4 months ago

But why can't you leave this page if you don't like Lecrae. And all the stuff he's doing. You waste your time coming here and just criticize. Gwt a life please. Smh