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Mahalo @hhsurf @radicalrp for getting me on a board for the first time ever!! 🌊 put together a little beach playlist for last days of summer 🌞ENJOY!

Listen here:

Yumiko Ruboneka

11 days ago

Loving you guys ❤️

Ruperto Diaz Peres

11 days ago


we are those tourists who play with sketchy stray cats in foreign cities and all the locals look at us weird😁 who wants to see videos of our adventures in Pakistan ???🇵🇰

Gary Eaton

a month ago

Love you Pakistan forever

Karen Garcia Meneses

a month ago

I want after hear that
Let's runaway
We could leave this crowd
Runaway at the speed of sound
If you need to breathe
I’ll be your remedy

Czwe Hlophe

a month ago

How about you just “RUNAWAY”.

yday @ billboard hot 100 fest🤘🏽😤 thx for rocking with us, we were ded tired before the set cuz we landed straight from Austria but y'all fueled us to rage thru 2 back to back sets last night . the Krew energy is real lmao thank u guysssss 😩❤️

Laura Lorenzo

a month ago

How's your experience in coke studio in Pakistan....

Dotah Ak Williams

a month ago

This is both adorable and badass at the same time. Love you Yasmine!

Rebecca Anne

a month ago

Come to Argentina ❤️ love you!!! ☺️

ein wilde fraulein frolicking with the cows 🐮

Frank Kosciow

a month ago

Luv Runaway thanks for that song luv from lahore

Kristi Magers Wooden

a month ago

Y krewella post about cokestudio performance yesterday 🤔🤔

Anna Constantin

a month ago

Your's episode is uploaded.. now you get ready to say welcome new comers from Ind Pak on your fb,insta,tweeter....

ISLAND KREW 🌴 first night sold we added a second one!

tix here:

Kata Horváth

a month ago

are you PTI?

Ethel Young

a month ago

one mounth one fuckin krew concert in the island of Honolulu HAWAI

Richard Meadors

a month ago

You have to come to wollongong

привет from Nizhnij Novgorod 🇷🇺!! playing a show at sunrise = best way to start the day 🌅

Michelle A Stickler

a month ago

Amy Likes wenn einfach deine fav artists in deiner heimatstadt sind aber nicht in ne gescheite deutsche stadt kommen fml. warum bin ich nicht in russland geblieben

Stephanie Cosby

a month ago


Janean Anderson

a month ago

The colors on that flag are in the wrong order, supposed to be red, white and blue, and its missing the stars!


Alicia Graciela Mlcuch

a month ago

Looking so Cute...

Michael George

a month ago


Stefan Rappatz

a month ago

Wearing Vans in Japan.

imagine spending a whole week eating nothing but bread & heaps of butter OH WAIT we did that.... Thank u @1k_paris for the beautiful stay in the Republique aka one of my fav neighborhoods in the city 😩✨

Jace Troen

2 months ago

She's gorgeous as much as their music 😎 I'll meet her one of these days...

Betsy Kook

2 months ago

my yasmine the most beautiful and gorgeous

Michelle Ircha d'Oliveyra

2 months ago

I love u both keep me moving at work.

Děkuji CZECH REPUBLIC!!! 🔥 already miss you guys 😭

Juliet Rioper

2 months ago

a epic moment in Prague

Vanessa Padilla

2 months ago

Damn, had no idea you would be so close.

Frank Morgan

2 months ago

Purfect show my grls! 😍😍❤❤🔝🔝 Krewella Forevor!

the krew summer eurotrip has been 🔥 in our mutter’s homeland Deutschland!!!🇧🇪 OpenBeatz & Parookaville dankeschön🙏🏽 now off to Tomorrowland lesssgoooo

Gabriele Krainer

2 months ago

Your set at Open Beatz was amazing 😍 enjoyed every second of it :)

Virginia Francischiello

2 months ago

See you in Czech Republic 😍🍻

Angie Brecheisen

2 months ago

love to see u in Coke Studio

Queen @krewellayasmine owning & honoring our ancestral roots 🇵🇰

Deizi Orbezo Ventura

2 months ago

Being your fan was the worst mistake of my life . . . .You can't be Kshmr to represent your background and people will support you👎👎


2 months ago

Waiting for your #cokestudio appearance and song #respect #love 😍😍

Kevine Gucci

2 months ago

Pakistan <3 <3

After you gamble away all your belongings, come rage with us and we'll console you!!! 🎰😁🌊

See you in Atlantic City on 7/15!!!


Martie Liebenberg

2 months ago

UF just in this sunday well

Martin Aminger

2 months ago

Are you still alive 😆

Aisyah Lutfia

2 months ago

Sorry but it is affected what I feel , some of your song allow me to be able to deal whit this strange path of life, so you're beautiful and I respect you, thank you and yet sorry

post a photo in the comments and share this post, if u have the KREWLIFE tattoo 🙋💙

(ps. text 'watermelon' to +1(309)326-5739 if u want to hear the new song 🍉)

Chabas Chabas

3 months ago

I don’t have a pic on my phone and can’t take it myself but I have “Only human” on my arm

Max Chaudhary

3 months ago

So much meaning to me, if only you knew. Love ya Yasmine & Jahan!!!! Looking forward to the next live show

Tim Hatchell

3 months ago

Here’s my second Krewlife Tattoo: “enjoy the ride, love Krewella” handwritten by you beautiful ladies!

Spring Tour is over but we will look back on these days & nights with you with a smile forever!!! thank you for bringing energy that made these nightclubs feel like a non-judgmental place where we could all feel free and uninhibited. let's all keep up #krewmmunity effort IRL...supporting causes online is one thing, but the world needs more people on the ground immersing themselves in communities. you don't need to overwhelm yourself with setting the expectation to impact people on a massive scale. even if one person in need is affected, that is enough to create waves 🌊

Tell us your favorite memories from these past few months :)

Linda Lai

3 months ago

Met you two for the first time and had such a great time at your show in Montreal! Thanks for an unforgettable moment!!!

Valeria Angelini

3 months ago

Loved you in St. Louis!!!! Best time of my life. Sad i missed the #krewmmunity but i always have next year to hang with you gals! My friend and i came up with a river clean up called trash turtles. Cleaning up the banks of the Mississippi to keep the trash out of our oceans. Would be neat to have the #krewmmunity join us! Thanks for the bottle. Going in a special place!!!

Bella Freire

3 months ago

this is not the end mommys cause every photo every remember will be here forever

comin off of 5 amazing shows in China!!! greasy & jetlagged but ready for more 😏 New Orleans Friday / Miami Saturday + plus releasing a new cover remix tmrw🤘🏽 boyz n girls it's a big weekend letsgoooo

Todd Goodson

3 months ago

I love krewella

yeah mommys tomorrow is the fuckin day and the new fuckin song

Lucio Martinez

3 months ago

I am there already in New Orleans.

gettin ready to toss these battered up, sweaty ass headphones in the crowd....who wants them??
NEXT UP THIS WEEKEND: New Orleans and Miami!!!

Quinn Paton

3 months ago

Festin THICCCC <3

Szymon Mizerek

3 months ago

When is gratata coming out? It’s already June 😳

Bhagyesh Ravindra Sane

3 months ago

DAMN IT just in the weekend friday in Miami and saturday in New Orleans

Nihao from the club in Beijing!!! 🇨🇳 Crazy to think we started this ting a decade ago! And today its the anniversary of 6/08/10, which is when it became a full time gig for us 🎉. Couple thoughts running thru my head right now in my delusional jet lag state: As your careers blossom there are a lot of extrinsic, superficial things tempting motivations, but always try to tap into why u started. How the passion and motivation came from an intrinsic, authentic place . And, if you experience failure or rejection that means you are putting yourself out there!!! Remember that. This has been a hell of a ride so thank you to our TEAM & KREW FAM for being a part of it!! ❤️💪

John Lindley

3 months ago

You guys are awesome you’ve been such a huge influence in my career as an artist and it’s been incredible journeying with you guys so far 😊

Linda Myler

3 months ago

Can't wait to see you guys soon!

Vikas Sharma

3 months ago

Niii haoo maaaa!

surprise surprise...a pic of me cheesing super hard 🙄

Andrae Allen

3 months ago

You guys may have just blown a speaker in my car ;)

Kenn Perez

3 months ago

I love you two today,yesterday and forever

Jordan Gruber

3 months ago

Cassandra Demasi remember krewella? They so cute

teleporting ourselves to China 2night from this scummy green room shower so if u dont hear from us after this moment then its cuz we got transported to a different planet or dimension.
JK its actually cuz instagram is blocked in China but maybe thats for the better since we're all developing cognitive behavioral issues from excessive social media use ok bye, love u guys, take care of ur mind/body/soul

Gerardo Lopez

3 months ago

you guys are so sweet in each other😚😚😚😚 love ya..

Czibere Norbert

3 months ago

En ese baño les daría :V 😘👌

José Ávila

3 months ago

or maybe is Ramadan :p

this might be the first time ever someone can legitimately make the krewella deville joke

Nany James Peter Payne

4 months ago

you look amazing in everything

Bethany Pook

4 months ago

Haha oh the irony

Louisa Beyer

4 months ago

Both on their prime ❤❤❤

was this pic taken before.. or after the show? 😜

Susan Janet Penney

4 months ago

Stopped in between song five for a photo! =]

Nathaniel Richardson

4 months ago

Before the young show ya feel me

Joyce Hudson- Johns

4 months ago

After. Cause even my hair after doesn't look this polished. Unless....its a trick and yall combed it down after a show 🤔

channeling my inner @jumpman23 😎😎

who gon catch me huhhhh????😏

Olya Liuchek

4 months ago

R u in Clearwater FL? Where..

Ann Spies

4 months ago

I got you!

Thomas Victorio

4 months ago

a encounter in Montreal with DEORRO

when u barely have tits so u can wear ya shirt wide open and it’s all g 😎😎

Julio Ivan Rivas

4 months ago

Brittany i don't think you can get away with this

Charlene Cloupeau

4 months ago

Love me a woman with small breast they are by far the best in many ways.

Janice Bembry

4 months ago


this new haircut = j as a savage goddess vigilante roaming the streets n saving souls

Sandra Violeta Velazquez Nonato

4 months ago

I love your haircut, you look awesome.

Selvin Duarte

4 months ago

I love her so much <3 <3 my Bean!!

Grace Fronda

4 months ago

That's a long name for a haircut

Music has been the most comforting company for me on sleepless nights since I was a teen. Staring at the ceiling at 3AM is where I have fallen deeply in love with the special records that ease my mind & cradle me into a dreamlike state. For almost 15 years of my life, I have been collecting these songs, and I revisit them when I'm struggling to drift off. I finally curated them into a playlist called "Songs For Insomniacs" on our Spotify, in hopes of it being a magical, middle-of-the-night soundtrack for anyone who desires stillness for their restless minds.
Lmk if u have any soft/sappy/pathetically emo songs to add to the list:) DREAM WELL! Xo jahan 😴😴

Listen here:

Ronald Arnott

4 months ago

i dont know jahan i have been had insomniac since 2016 in january UF until now still being as boss of the night more better as a wolf any sleep all the night listenning your music mommys and other electro music sometimes SOMETIMES rock in these cases system of a down with toxicity and when angels deserve to die but the other days listen more your music never never tired me with you until the dead

Raynae Fields

4 months ago

I just want to hear again the incredible music they do, like dubstep, hard style, etc. What is hurting me is seeing that they are trying to be fashionable with music and it is not bad, just that the trap is already something repetitive, there is nothing like the genres that were from 2012 to 2016 I am your fan since I was 10 , please do not change your gender from before ...:'( I love You Krewella... 3

Clarice Sharp

4 months ago

Amazing. Glad I’m not the only one.

soo this selfie was taken with a disposable camera and i promise to post the outcome when i finally get this film developed in 3 years lmaooooo😜📸

Colleen Gerbandier

4 months ago

Dorks 😝 love youuuu

Анжело Шимонов

4 months ago

Shared a flight with you guys from Tokyo to Bali a few years back. How are you two doing?

Sheila Silverman

4 months ago

You guys always look like you're having so much fun!

brb going to the rave 🔮

Gail Thomas

4 months ago

Not gonna lie. Yasmine's perceived height, along with her feather wear in this picture makes her look like Madam Maxime from Harry Potter XD

Jeanne Marie Kelly Anderson

4 months ago

I love Jahan's shirt. <3

Lizzy Martinez

4 months ago

Stilll these queens can't dress after 8 years of filling that closet

Summoning the Gods of the Moshpit 💀

Goldwings drops tomorrow ⚡️⚡️

Gehika Hinano

4 months ago

Krewella vs deadmau5 who is the best?

Petra Ibele

4 months ago

I was literally right in the middle of that trying to take pictures and nearly got trampled! Fucking great show though...

Laura Zavala

4 months ago

Cameron Kasel 10/10 would definitely go to one of their shows no question 😍

who wants it?? text "pickle" to +1(309)326-5739

Khaanh Huyyenn

4 months ago

Www.Diamond find away to get them to Justin.netvetDragon “Dragon Go 5 Bucks”

Bridget Róisín Ivers

4 months ago

see you friday!

Carol Long

4 months ago

Mike Ebanez try do this. I did.

just wanted to shout out Dallas for being so fucking energetic last night and literally screaming along to every one of our songs, whether they were from 6 years ago or 6 months ago. lowkey might've been in tears THANK UUUU GUYS SO MUCH 😭❤️

Rheeah Bravo

4 months ago

My favorite pic from that night! It was epic!

Ruth Barrios

4 months ago

Www.Krewlla Paycheck.netpaycheckTrillion “Trill Go row”

Alaina Kerr

4 months ago

#KrewllaReal I got 5 Justin’s on tour right now ones X Games do you want to give me you and Justin Arrieta music my System gose On every planet

this would be krewella if we released our folksy ballad demos in an alternate dimension.....too bad u get the troll version of us IRL 👹

Alexis Rose Handeland

4 months ago

just do it

Strong M. Gonzales

4 months ago

never is too late for something ladies

Mari Avila

4 months ago

Yasmine, my baby, you look stunning af and I love you so much

who's your daddy?
#TBT last time we played at Beta Nightclub, Denver. the rowdiest kids come out here!!! can't wait to be back TONIGHT!!!

Brandon DG

4 months ago

Any day of the week, any minute of the day 🖤

Charles Hueston

4 months ago

Does anyone know she is Pakistani or not?

La'Trece Fisher

5 months ago

Jannat JAHAN hai !!!


Text us at +1(309)326-5739. Please only send JUST the #city you want to attend:
Ex: #Texas
If you have already texted us, please resend!

What’s up guys! We are doing a #KREWmmunityService event in every city on tour and want you to join us!
Due to the limited # of spots for certain organizations, please follow the instructions below to sign up for a spot (this will be based on a first come, first serve basis):

We will send you a special link to register with all the specific information leading up to the event. See you soon!

5/3 - #Denver
5/4 - #LosAngeles
5/5 - #Dallas
5/11 - #Sunnyvale
5/12 - #Chicago
5/24 - #Washington
5/25 - #NewYork
5/26 - #Montreal
5/27 - #Clearwater
6/1 - #Austin
6/2 - #Houston
6/15 - #NewOrleans
6/16 - #Miami
6/21 - #Philadelphia
6/22 - #Boston
6/23 - #StLouis

Tayane Furtado

5 months ago

See you sexy Bitches Thursday night

Linda Su

5 months ago

#NewYork Cya soon !

Paweł Kałuszyński

5 months ago

Come to India krewella....

Bangkok link w the bro bro Ookay -- S20 we had so much fun, khob khun kah 🙏

Kelly Cole

5 months ago

for a second i thought that was rainman

Tania Audisho

5 months ago

DAMN dont know him anyway collabo the three please

Estela Tacam

5 months ago


Krew! We're still looking for community service options in the following cities:
5/12 - Chicago, IL
5/26 - Montreal, Canada
5/27 - Clearwater, FL
6/1 - Austin, TX
6/22 - Boston, MA
6/23 - Philadelphia, PA

Please text us +1(309)326-5739 or tweet us (@krewella) with your ideas, along with the hashtag: #KrewmmunityService

We will be announcing the full list soon! Can't wait to hang with you all!! 👫👬👭

Florence Haokip

5 months ago

PAWS Chicago - Adoption Centers because Pets Are Worth Saving!

Jeferson Dotta

5 months ago

Krewella it would be so dope if you considered doing the Bay Area in California. But regardless, such a cool thing you are doing!

Kimberly Charmaine

5 months ago

What about Moscow?

New Years festival in Yangon last night! 🎉

Maxine Todd

5 months ago

U said u see me in the crowd 💯🔥❤

Gary Ellingson

5 months ago

I'm deployed in Yangon and you two completed my life that night! Imagine the surprise when I found out I could see Krewella during the water festival. You are so incredible!! Thanks for the memories.

Regina Snyders

5 months ago


we look like 2 handsome lads inside a winery about to take u on a tasting tour but there’s secretly a dungeon in the basement and it’s not what you think at all GET UR MIND OUT THE GUTTER you get to meet our DRAGON she’s a fiery beast named Helga yes, after the Hey Arnold character who else???? and i’m done, that was your mid-week rant HAVE A GR8 DAY

Grimberg Garcia Garduño

5 months ago

you two are positively crazy

Yamileth Ordoñez

5 months ago

Helga, intresting name for a dragon. What kind of dragon is it?

Luisa Lulu Cavagnis

5 months ago

something style of the 90s

RUNAWAY. Wednesday.

Shubham Goyal

6 months ago

ey i love you girls

Erica Martinez Martinez

6 months ago

Mary Miglis they dnt fkn quit do they

طارق صالح الصادق جامبو

6 months ago

Samuel Houle espérons que ça soit bon parce que leurs dernières sont pas incroyables 😕


Rohit Konwar

6 months ago

Many Krewella blessings and many successes in your career and all the good vibes of the world

Deborah Flynn

6 months ago

You are awesome krawella i am from pakistan and i wanna see you in real please come Pakistan we love you alot your songs are awesome

Nivedita Mandari

6 months ago

Your smile is my life Yazzy!!🖤🖤🖤

as International Women's Month comes to a close, we wanted to share this picture of a mom diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer halfway through her pregnancy. this is the definition of not only love & strength, but the power of a determined woman. she had one breast removed and underwent chemo while carrying her miracle baby. induced at 36 weeks in order to receive more treatment, her baby boy latched on to her remaining breast all on his own and the room erupted in so many emotions. the photographer who was present documenting this childbirth says of this moment; "breastfeeding is such a sacred bond, and this one just makes my heart break and swell at the same time."

Alberto Gazzola

6 months ago

Salute to her...

Sahil Desai

6 months ago

Mothers love 💕💞
Great woman 💪🙏

Gaudia van Sommeren

6 months ago

Good blessed her

SO honored to be featured in Billboard with these incredible women!! 2 weeks ago we did a photoshoot and interview with them and had to leave at a certain time to film the bitch of the year music video but ended up staying overtime because we couldn't leave the insane conversation we were having. the stories we shared, the pain and progress we talked about -- it was empowering to know we were supporting one another's breath and words throughout it all. thank you endlessly to Dani, Lauren, and Billboard for the beautiful experience.

Marinica Pascu

6 months ago

الحب و النفط 😂

Dana Dickens

6 months ago

You are so beautiful 😱♥️♥️

Brent Newton

6 months ago

Love u krew

i was worried snapping a pic in front of a shower curtain was gonna look shitty but damn it doesn't even matter cuz J is a goddess 😩✨

Erica Gresham

6 months ago

jahana is looking so much beautiful from side pose

Marisol Gordillo

6 months ago

Love the hair, style, Jahan...gorgeous - Kenny

Justus Cross

6 months ago

Fine! Yes, I’ll marry you.

Protect kids, not guns! Use your voice, share this photo and march in your city tomorrow. #IWillMarch #MarchForOurLives

Register to march here:

Jomar dela Cruz

6 months ago


Marius Serediuc

6 months ago

I love you girls
#Fan from Sudan

all this gloomy weather in LA has me thinkin about how our Dadi Gi used to say... "the weather is inside you" ⛈⛈

Beatrice Adams

6 months ago

So if the weather is inside me, then it's cold and snowy? I LOVE SNOW <3

Liliane Kengnenokam

6 months ago

ALLAH bakhshay Dadi g ko.

Marcin Szczepaniak

6 months ago

Abeer Ahsan i love them so much

during the pre-show clip that tells u to stfu & turn off ur phone at the movies, I recently saw a brown couple for the first time just being hella normal and cute and on a date eating popcorn at the theatre and my heart did backflips. is this what representation feels like 😅❤️🙌🏾

Dingluaia Chhakchhuak

6 months ago

Matt Berg, looks like Krewella is not color blind, and either cannot read what she wrote or she grew up in Davenport and is really shocked by her experience.

Bianca Frances

6 months ago

Lol oh boy here we go...

Wendall Meidinger

6 months ago

Tu comprends arabe ???

tickets are now open to everyone for the spring shows!!!! see yall soon✌🏽️🔥


Remedios Fabregat Gonzàlez

6 months ago

Bring back rain man!

ハイ エイジ

6 months ago

will want you to perform in India as you already very courageble about india and you all also know very well that Delhi is the heart of India waiting for your consort in delhi.....hatts off to you team Krewella

Bradley Clarke

6 months ago

Thomas Buroker Colin Ralston round 2??

i'm prob gonna drink some wine and cuddle my dog tonight wbu 🌝

Vicky Fergison

6 months ago

I like to read, drink tea, listen to music, or meditate. =]

Patricia Martinez

6 months ago

smoke some weed and cuddle with my cat

Petr Ganev

6 months ago

Me and my weenies are about to cuddle up ;)

DAMNNNN!!! been missing our Krew too much! gonna be DJing in a bunch of cities in North America & Canada this Spring!

pre-sale tickets available now at:

Allensido Lai

6 months ago

Please come to Pakistan also... Waiting for you guys ❣❣😭😍

Faith Rosario

6 months ago

I'll see you girls again in FL. Can't fuckin wait

Chris Leserab

6 months ago

Uuggghhh why are you coming to Saint Louis the same weekend that I will be at electric forest :( which also is my Bday weekend

what gave jahan a boner?? 🍆🌽🌶🌭

Rita D'hondt

6 months ago

Dat shirt tho

Paula Keskula

6 months ago

The Fl Studio god gave her that boner so she can fu*k with yasmin

Miguel Moura

6 months ago


We assembled this Spotify playlist of some of our all-time favorite tunes written and performed by women in a multitude of genres for #WomanChampionWednesday!

featuring @wolfaliceband @princessnokia @miamatangi @070shake @tonightalive & many more!!

Ermiyas Lozano Barrero

6 months ago

Sweet, I love me some M.I.A. too

Nishan Rai

6 months ago

Im im be there im be there
Allows I listen on my phone all the tim I wesh if I be apart of your lives krewella ilove you soooooo mush #fan from Sudan

Petr Ganev

6 months ago

I love you