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#tbt: 1984 #Animalize Which song from this album would you like #KISS to perform on the #EndOfTheRoad Tour?

Beaver Tanya

7 hours ago

Was there a good song on this album???😜😜🤪🤪🤭🤭🤭

Merel Brons

7 hours ago

Murder in high heels 👠👠 🔥🤩

Hozeyas Moreira

7 hours ago

Ive had enough & Thrills in the night !

First #KISS / Last KISS! Thanks for sharing, Chris! #KISSARMYROCKS!

KISS -Happy day! Got my KISS tickets for the #EndOfTheRoad in the mail. Remembered my first KISS show in San Antonio & only hope the guys know what an influence they have been over the years!! Almost 36 years to the day! - Chris Schwartz

Ankit Sharma

a day ago

My first Kiss concert was with my late dad and it was Kiss, Ted Nugent and Skid Row

Ndang Polyakov

2 days ago

It's not the same, but my husband and myself are taking our daughter for her 7th birthday! It is her Golden Birthday and she has been literally obsessed with KISS since she was a baby! It will be her first concert and last time to ever see KISS. This will be our 2nd time. Best concert EVER! We cannot wait to surprise her in March and see KISS in Moline!

Mujammel Haque Hasan

14 hours ago

This was my first KISS show as well, in San Antonio. Will see the End of the Road in Corpus Christi!

#GeneSimmons Talks #EndOfTheRoad & More with KTLA 5 News' Frank Buckley.

Visit for tickets now!

Doleo Cordell

a day ago

Please come to Alaska

Tanya Sevier

2 days ago

Van a venir a monterrey mexico??? nunca los e visto :(

David Ventura

2 days ago

Thank you for caring for our military, 1st responders and all who do so much for us. And thank you for the music.... and the memories ❤️ I am 49 and KISS has been a part of my life since I was little. I have my brother to thank for that. These past 3 years have been the hardest for me, but it’s the music that takes it all away and helps you to forget. It also is what will be remembered by my friends and family when I am no longer here. They will hear a song and think of me and vice versa. Thank you KISS❤️❤️❤️

#KISS Talks Final Tour & More with iHeartRadio Theater ICONS #EndOfTheRoad

Tickets for KISS' End of the Road Tour are on sale now.

Visit for ticket & VIP options.

B Daniella Martinez

2 days ago

Cant sell out what a shame

Judy Davis Proffitt

2 days ago

Just got ours in the mail

Darya Nagayeva

2 days ago

wow so great!!!

We’re celebrating the Rock and Roll Over Anniversary with a new bundle featuring an ALL NEW anniversary edition vinyl.
Shop now:
RIP Stan Lee. You will be missed! #Marvel #Legend
Finland! We are headlining The Rock Fest next year on our final tour ever. Get tickets & special VIP upgrades NOW on

Rahul Bansal

2 days ago

Still have the original with stickers

Fuji Teta

2 days ago

Ordered as soon as I saw it

Philippson Louis Philippe

2 days ago

Ordered it last week!!

#EndOfTheRoad! Greg Roure of Paris, France bought his ticket for the NYC show at The Garden!

What shows are you going to on our Final World Tour?

Full tour dates & ticket options at .

Leslie Parks

3 days ago

PLEASE !!!! 🙏

Chelsea Kay Makarechian

3 days ago

My first KISS show was in ‘97 In Buenos Aires, Argentina

Chantal Slabbert

3 days ago

They will Encore with Boyz to Men End Of The Road occopello

Don't miss your chance to meet #KISS one last time! VIP Meet & Greet Packages are on sale now for the End Of The Road Tour.

Visit for all information.
#KISSTORY: November 11, 1976 - #KISS released their platinum album, Rock and Roll Over.

When did you first buy the album?

What was the first format you owned it on? 8-track, cassette, LP or CD?

Kuame Kidi

4 days ago

Those meet and greet are a 5 second in the room wave as they pass by the room you sit hours waiting. / no way

Marilisa Cinquantaquattro

4 days ago

The band should pay the fan for the meet & great. A Kiss cover band at your local is far better value and the bloke with Paul's makeup is at least hitting all the notes he attempts.

Sarah Capon

4 days ago

I’ve been a KISS fan for over 24 years and I’ve met them many times even back when Ace and Peter were still around and that cost a hell of a lot less than 7500$. I’ve done multiple meet and greets with very well established bands with almost the same exact perks and it was way way less than this. Again I love KISS and it’s not new by any means but their greed is showing more than usual

#KISSARMYROCKS! Thanks for sharing your tixs with us, Martin Schupfner.

Martin is ready for the #EndOfTheRoad Tour in #Germany! Are you?

Christophe Leroy

4 days ago

We still want ace back with the makeup not thayer

Yesenia Resulero Pérez

5 days ago

Still using Ace to promote, c'mon. It's bad enough you're using his identity.

Vivian Urquizu

5 days ago

Notice the Ace Frehley Guitar......

Pre-order the KISSONLINE Exclusive Limited Edition Rock and Roll Over orange vinyl bundle now in our #EndOfTheRoad shop - .
#KISSTORY - November 10, 1981 - #KISS released The Elder album.

What is your favorite track on the album?

Wilvens Zoe Wayne Hcs

5 days ago

One of the best parts of the cover is the colors...who in the hell would want a shirt without the colors?

Erica Kahl Holton

5 days ago

$85 Bucks no thanks ill stick to my old vinyl i got

Lucian Dinu

5 days ago

If this was a picture disc Id buy it in a heartbeat

#KISSKids Rock! SO GREAT! Thanks for sharing with us, Mz.Wetzel.

My son taking his Turkey in disguise project to school today. He ❤️ his @genesimmons #KISS turkey! #proudmama - Mz.Wetzel

Bernardo Casas Crespo

5 days ago

wow kiss for kids a great idea!!! 💯 💯

TapAsh Ðas

7 days ago

Trinnie Velasquez Robert Velasquez Eric Saucedo

こじま しゅり

7 days ago

The beaver singer thats funny oregon hero thayer if he wouldnt be Ace Demon Patch Puppy.

#KISS Fan Art! Thanks to Alex Ruffini of #Italy for sharing his great #GenesSmmons artwork with us. #KISSARMYROCKS!

Livia Coats Pierce

7 days ago

El grupo más popular, Kiss

Kabba Alimamy

7 days ago

Really enjoyed The Gene Simmons band at Cannafest in Grand Forks BC🇨🇦 this past August

Rebecca Rice

7 days ago

Pato Flores manda el tuyo

Amazing #KISS cake & candy display on The KISS Kruise VIII. Thanks to Sixthman& Norwegian Cruise Line for being such great supporters of us!

Michael Trainor

6 days ago

Got a question that maybe all u kiss fans may know. But why is it everytime i google the song, she lyrics. Its always rock bottom lyrics?

Ronnie Thomas

7 days ago

Where’s Ace Frosting and Peter Cakes?

Frances Marie

7 days ago

Kyle... Gene Simons is at the point with the band where "if it works, leave it" he's getting ready to pass it off to another group so he can make his money without having to work any longer...
Don't get me wrong I love Kiss...Gene has proven that he's unwilling to give the fans what they want... It's always been what he wants

#KISSTORY Nov 8, 1980 - We performed our first-ever #Australia concert in Perth opening 11-date Australian / New Zealand leg of Unmasked Tour.

We'll see you again for the final time 39 years later in Nov-Dec 2019! #EndOfTheRoad

Kabba Alimamy

7 days ago

I assume you are going to this Wayne Smith 😉

Armando Camacho

7 days ago

I can't wait!! I saw you guys 2013 in Perth with Motley Crew and this time I am going to meet you all as well. You Guys are Rock Legends to me xx

Gina Pereira

7 days ago

KISS in Japan and Australia too is ALWAYS something Special (y)

KISS Kruise VIII - #PaulStanley Painting Class Highlights

Thanks to Mike Brunn for sharing the clip with us!

Madison Garrett Galyon

7 days ago

Paul Stanley Painting = distraction to cover lip synching at KISS shows.

Tosin Michael

8 days ago

I wonder if Paul fakes his painting the same way he fakes his singing?

Dety Escudero

8 days ago

I don’t know how this man keeps going. I hope I have half of his energy at that age.

#KISSNAVY! Thank you for another amazing Kruise! You always make us proud! See you on The KISS Kruise IX!

Iesha Thorpe

8 days ago

Un petit concert à Paris serait super

Hutts Huckerbee

8 days ago

Do the next one from Australia after the EOTR leg

Akash Darjee

8 days ago

Wish I could afford this 😔

Happy Birthday to our favorite lead guitarist, #TommyThayer! Enjoy your big day!

Asu Njambi

8 days ago

It's my birthday today too!!!
Happy birthday Tommy!
I'm 50, celebrating 40 years since I discovered The Hottest Band In the World!

Yamir Purnell

8 days ago

Ace fan here wishing Tommy a Happy Birthday..must be tough filling the boots of most fans fave band member..I think that burden would have been lightened considerably if Paul & Gene didn’t insist on Thayer taking Frehley’s persona..both Tommy & Eric should have had their own look..Like Carr & Vincent..I think the fans would be far more accepting if that was the case..regardless, I’m coming to see you all in July..I just hope you can shelve your differences and have all who have played a part in this great band participate in some way for the End Of The Road..go on Kiss..SHOCK ME 💙

Chadapa Kunnarach

9 days ago

Happy Birthday Tommy! Love seeing all of the Ace-groupies whining lol.

Tomorrow! Meet #PaulStanley Monday, Nov. 5 from 7pm - 9pm at #Puma store Miami Design Destrict!

Yangjun Nam

10 days ago

Personally, I think the shoes are ugly and I don’t buy leather, but this is by far the cheapest option to meet and get a photo with Paul so it’s a great opportunity for those who are in the Miami area. I’m envious!

Peter Voorzanger

10 days ago

Please bring KISS to do a show in Brazil🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️

Nancy Golec

10 days ago

Leopard & zebra????
Nope....... Rock’em more like “BOX THEM”

Everybody’s got to rock and roll! News anchors across America dressed up to celebrate #EndOfTheRoad 🤟

StAr BWoy

13 days ago

Please come to Alaska

Glenn Moran

13 days ago

end of the road.... LOL.... why not just call it .... OUR LAST CASH GRAB....

New Jamz

13 days ago

It's sad not even the original 4 members thank goodness I seen the original 4 members in 1996

This is the End Of The Road. Tickets for our final tour ever go on sale TODAY at 10am local:

Gerardo PB

13 days ago

Not paying that much for someone I've seen plenty of times already . Only ticks left for MSG are 100 bucks & up if you include fees . They're not worth that . It's not like they're Black Sabbath or Rush for example .

Krzysztof Machnacki

13 days ago

Been a fan since the beginning since seing Kiss on the cover of Circus...ticket prices are outrageous...Will have to pass...wish I could have taken my 10 year old twins...sad

Suzanne McRae

13 days ago

This is ridiculous how expensive tickets were and sucks how quickly people purchase and resale for a profit.

Legendary rock superstars Kiss surprise two super fans and the reactions are priceless!

Diogo Olliveira

13 days ago

I could go on kiss kruise

Farhad Bhatti

13 days ago

Solar Airplanes Solar driverless Cars sensors. we need still stop lights right with sensors???

Stefanie Pollock

13 days ago

fans BBB is on Twitter!!! and Facebook contact them as many as they have BBB has one twitter now their main one!

Watch #KISS rock The Late Late Show with James Corden!

Ashley Sofía Abarca Camacho

15 days ago

Sounds good....people need to quit bitching about lip synching....its called LIVE TELEVISION TAPE want lip syncing to watch the super bowls for that....gzzz

Sven Lee

15 days ago

Sonia Marmo... still sound awesome!!

Guy Anderson

15 days ago

You wanted some lip got some lip synching!

#KISSKruise VIII was rockin' last night!

Tickets for the KISS #EndOfTheRoad Tour go on sale tomorrow at 10am local.

Fedi Zouari

14 days ago

I’ve purchased GA 1 tickets to attend the Sydney, Australia concert on Tuesday, 26 November 2019 with my best mate Adrian Adrianna Cook. We’re looking forward to celebrating with the Kings of the Nighttime World one more time. #KISS #KISSArmy #HottestBandintheWorld 🤟🏻🎤🎸🎸🎸🥁🖐🏻

Jackie Sanders

14 days ago

The very last show should be done with all four original members in makeup

David Huezo

15 days ago

does anyone have a Kiss Kruise presale code for the tour? Will buy even if it's used. Send a message and we can talk.

#KISSARMY rocks Halloween! Presale for End Of The Road ends tomorrow at 10pm. for all info

Fernando Rodriguez

15 days ago

Very upset no south florida dates

Céline Latour

15 days ago

There's no option to buy tickets only to buy membership for the kiss army 😢

Careenz Dkhar Nongrum

15 days ago

Emily Youngerman phoenix costume next year, lol

Happy #Halloween! The #KISSArmy presale begins today at
Tune in at 11:35/10:35c to watch us rock The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon #EndOfTheRoad #FallonTonight

Jennifer Furze

15 days ago

does anyone have a Kiss Kruise presale code for the tour? Will buy even if it's used. Send a message and we can talk.

Karen Alejandra Mayoral

15 days ago

The closest venue to me has the bad seats starting at $172. I bought 4 tickets to their last concert for under $500 for all and the seats were real close. To buy the same seats now is $432 per seat. What a way to say thank you to their fans. Sorry to say I will miss this concert.

Rozalia Isaeva

15 days ago

Soooo excited!! Got tickets to Tacoma and then again for Pittsburgh. Just gotta fly from Alaska to both places. But I’ll worry about that later 😁

Don't miss your chance to meet #KISS one last time. #EndOfTheRoad VIP Meet & Greet Packages are on sale TODAY starting at 10AM local. Visit for all information.

Ryan Curley

16 days ago

Very upsetting seeing these ticket prices. I started seeing KISS in 1974 for $6.50....saw them many, many times since. But these End of the Road💰 prices are sky high.

Kathleen Manning

16 days ago

You all seem to have short memories... they did a farewell tour years ago with a show at Carrara Stadium on the Gold Coast.
They’ll be back.....
I’ll probably go to their next farewell tour 😂

Shawn P. Sherman

16 days ago

I cant afford it. costs way too much for a teacher from Mississippi. would love to see them and meet them and get a picture. but I can't go in debt just to see them even though they are my favorite band

Don't miss our #EndOfTheRoad Tour 2019! Exclusive Meet & Greet VIP presale on 10/30 at 10am local time. Choose any ticket when you also buy a Meet & Greet VIP Package. More info:

Hunter Eisenhour

16 days ago

I love KISS. My first album was "Destroyer". I have seen them live several times. I am not planning on going this time. The last 3 times I have seen them has been pretty much the same setlist. Unless they are planning to do something to celebrate the band's history by including all of the past members, I'm not interested. Plus Paul's voice is shot. That was obvious the last two times I saw them. I would much rather they live on in my memories from the wonderful shows I have seen from them in the past.

Ashley Fae Dailey

18 days ago

So I purchased a shirt in order to get a presale code, but they arentt coming to HOUSTON on this leg.....bullshit! I want my money back in the shirt!!! This is so jacked up!!!!

Erick Oneil Gonzalez

18 days ago

Looking at all these posts , I love kiss , but without Seeing Ace on this tour , not worth my memories of seeing them live with originals , especially ACE !!!
Yes I seen bruce Vinny , Eric , Mark St John , 1979 first concert seen farewell and reunion !!!
Seen Ace and Peter bad boys tour , dam they kick ass
And seen Ace by his self and Peter , so much energy !!!
Look at video Ace and Paul did , fire and water , watch the vaults with Gene , the majic is there , chemistry !!!

Jesus Rafael Perez Fernandez

17 days ago

Dont bring anyone back, they were nothing but problems in the past and they will be problems now (Bruce is not in that category obviously) Ace ,Peter and Vinnie caused to many headaches with their unprofessional behavior before

Barbara Easley Campbell

17 days ago

Looks better with Ace and Peter. You started together, you should finish together.

Samuel Moises Moises

18 days ago

I would love to see Ace and Peter Criss come back for this. But this is all about Paul and Gene saying goodbye to the fans.

#KISSTORY - October 28, 1978 - #KISS Meets The Phantom of the Park airs as the NBC Movie Of The Week.

Zachary Pletcher

18 days ago

I was 13 back then and I couldn't wait to see this movie cause I was such a BIG Kiss fan ( still Am ! ) & Kiss was Huge in the 70's . Growing up , I saw how ridiculously bad this movie is but I still have my VHS copy and it's part of the Kissology DVD set now . Good memories .

Abilson Dos Santos

18 days ago

I waited, it seemed like, forever for that night. I was in my spot in front of the t.v. for at least an hour before it aired. My mom even made me a t.v. dinner (that was a treat back then) and let me eat in the living room, which was unheard of! About 20 years ago, I was at Shopko and saw a man holding a VHS tape of the movie. I walked up behind him and said "are you going buy that?". I scared the 💩 out of him. He said "!" then handed it to me. I was so excited. I found 3 more that night and bought them all!

Güleser Temel

19 days ago

my buddy and I knew a couple of girls that wanted us to come by and watch it at their apartment. We arrived to find some dynamite gumbo they had made for the occasion. with some grea wild turkey. Needless to say it was a great night watching kss and getting fed and bred all the same night.... live on KISS

#KISSKids Rock! So cool! #Spaceman

Simone Piazza

18 days ago

I love reading the positive comments! Makes this momma proud. I take pride in making this costume and doing his makeup. Although, it wasn't my best that time. This is my son from last year. That is his real hair (spray painted black). He is super excited about (hopefully) seeing KISS next year. He hasn't decided who he will dress as yet. 😍🎶

Rosângela Santos

19 days ago

Back in the new york groove.

Jimmy Barber

19 days ago

One of Aces' long lost grand-children?

#AceFrehley makes his first-ever appearance at KISS by Monster Mini Golf at The Rio Las Vegas this weekend,

October 27th & 28th! Q&A, photo and autograph options are on sale now!

Neesa Curzons

19 days ago

I’m there can’t wait👍🏻

Play the guitarr buddy yeah

Elizabeth Avila

20 days ago

IDK Tommy Thayer is pretty damn good. I’ve always liked Ace Frehley but he had his chance

#KISSKids Rock! #DressedToKill. Thanks for sharing, Megan!

My 4yo Halloween costume this year!! - Megan Asay
#tbt:1979 #KISS #Dynasty #JudasPriest

Tim Flicker Sr.

21 days ago

The cuttest thing ever! 😍😍😍

Juan Carlos Rivera Mendoza

21 days ago

Αφροδίτη Παρτσιλή για του χρόνου ετοιμάσου!!

Nongwla Sukasem

21 days ago

Seu filho, Renan Paes Moreira! Me chama pra ser dinda! hahahahah :D

Nothin’ to lose 🔥 purchase a #KISS vintage edition tee & get a code for first access to #EndOfTheRoad presale tickets here →
#KISS Sighting: Teachers Dress Like Rock Stars At Northridge Middle School #KISSisEverywhere!

Photo by Gary Cosby Jr / Tuscaloosa News

Full story at

Della Petties

22 days ago

It's funny how many of KISS T-SHIRTS today still has Ace and Peter on them.So this is their tour and t-shirt of it.But it's Ace and Peter on it.Not Tommy and Eric.And any real KISS fan can tell the difference in the two.Especially Tommy with his smashed in looking face.

Gilmar Virginiano

22 days ago

How come all shirts are $50 now. I hope they aren't going to fleece fans on the price for the last tour.... 😩

Sharon Michelle

22 days ago

I would be buying tickets for the last tour ever.. but what's the point if the guy who got me into all this, Ace Frehley... Isn't going to be there? Granite he said nothing is off limits but come on......

#KISSTORY - October 22, 1974 - #KISS released their second studio album, Hotter Than Hell.

What's your favorite track?

Joanne Shea-Cirasella

24 days ago

One of their best albums ever with a sensational grunge tone. Best tracks include Watchin You, Parasite, Goin Blind, and Strange Ways. Lachlan Hilder Belle Hilder

Dyrue McGee

24 days ago

Got to choose. However, the production on this album is horrible. It should be reproduced and remastered from its original tapes and resold. It would sell tonnes and finally lay the terrible originally produced effort to bed.

Cindy Thayer

24 days ago

Parasite fav song but love Watchin You and Strange Ways. Ace's lead work is excellent throughout. If stranded on an island with only 3 kiss studio albums, this would be one of em

#KISSARMYROCKS! Getting ready for #Halloween! It's getting hard to pick one... Greetings from #Bolivia in South America. - Miguel Poclava

Justin Casey

24 days ago

En esta ultima gira... vengan a #BOLIVIA !!!

Kobe Gelles

24 days ago

KISSWhen will the tour dates and locations be announced?

Raffy J. Agusila

24 days ago

Ailton Oliveira já pensou usar uma dessas em 2h de show kkkkk

Freestyle artist Kay Seven Tka gets #KISSed! #KISSisEverywhere!

Gresly Cervantes

24 days ago

Did not see the guy in the corner with the ball cap on. Sorry I called y'all a bad word. The demon was all ways there. Another duh moment for me.

Yazzyeigh Pena

a month ago

This makes me like kiss a little less

Stephanie Mullens Webb

a month ago

But the demon must went back to hell. He will be back.

Video: #PaulStanley talks legacy, ex-band members and final tour with FOX 29 - Dave Kinchen.

Norm Pybus

a month ago

Two words...Bruce Kulick

Lazaro Francisco Arce Martinez

a month ago

Amazing classy unlike his bandmate.

Neise Zolie

a month ago

Maybe it'd be better talking about tour dates?

#tbt 1985 #KISS #Asylum

Kevin Endres

a month ago

Lived the eras kiss army rocks still got the enlistment forms for us Aussies.

Chaelly Fahrenholz

a month ago

First album I bought with my own money when I was a kid.

Cari Paton

a month ago

I Liked their album Asylum but their Glitzy outfits made me Laugh - especially Gene !

Getting ready for #Halloween with #KISS! Thanks for sharing with us, Kutter.

We love seeing your KISS Halloween pumpkins & displays, #KISSARMY!
Get The Firehouse! Awesome. We love it! Thanks for sharing Josh McGillivray. #KISSARMYROCKS

Angie Beu

a month ago

First one gives a it away- !

Julliana SG

a month ago

For your daughter Sean Paine

Rafał Nowak

a month ago

Are these submitted fan photos

#KISS Sighting: Monday Night Football Packers vs. 49ers. Thanks to Rich St Van for sharing with us! #KISSisEverywhere! #KISSARMYROCKS!

João Cesar Guimarães

a month ago

I was gonna take a pic of that too!

Hikmet Mammedzade

a month ago

Where's paul i just see gene/ace/peter

Lucy Carter

a month ago

Death to the Pack.

#KISS Families Rock! Thanks Fábio De Nardo Moura for sharing your wonderful photo with us. We will see you & your family on the #EndOfTheRoad tour in #Brazil! #KISSARMY

Tilly Sanna

a month ago

Só vem Kiss!!!!

Anne Barron Serna

a month ago


Crystal Sthefany Carhua Ponce

a month ago

LMAO at how Peter was replaced by Eric in that shirt


Emilio Gasca Rico

a month ago

‘Denderen’ ( Essence of Stefflon Don & KISS ) Dyb / Dyb / Dyb / Dyne / Dromme / Dromme / Denderen / Denderen / Kunstner / Kysse / Kysse / Dyb / Dyb / Kollidere / Kysse / Kysse / Kat / Koje / Kaerlighed / Dyb / Dyb / Dyb / Dyne / Dromme / Dromme / Denderen

( Chorus )

Dansen / Dansen / Denderen / Dansen / Dansen / Dichteres / Dansen / Dansen / Detroit / Dansen / Dansen / Dessert / Dansen / Dansen / Dutch’n Don / Denderen

Deh Deh / Deh Deh / Dukunu / Deh Deh / Deh Deh / Dis Yah / Deh Suh / Dutchie / Ku Deh / Ku Deh / Kaka Rass / Kiss Mi Rass / Kunk / Kunk / Slam / Slam / Dyb / Dyb / Kollidere / Kysse / Kysse / Kit Kat / Koje / Dromme / Dromme / Denderen

( Chorus )

Dansen / Dansen / Denderen / Dansen / Dansen / Dichteres / Dansen / Dansen / Detroit / Dansen / Dansen / Dessert / Dansen / Dansen / Dutch’n Don / Denderen

Vaulta malts vault fault hault halt halter not falter.

#KISS Guy Rocks #Austin, TX! #KISSARMY

Durell Ding Hai

a month ago

Kris, remember this guy??

Mixtli Landeros

a month ago

Except he didn't played at least one KISS tune.....

Guillermo Giuliani

a month ago

I doubt everywhere

#KISSTORY - October 14, 1977 - #KISS released their double platinum ALIVE II album.

What is your favorite live track & what is your favorite studio track on Alive II?

Valery Tsypushkin

a month ago

Great album!I Was 5 yrs old and this was my first Rock album ..My introduction to Kiss and to Rock ..there was no more listening to moms Kenny Rogers and Abba albums any more ..I unfolded that album with gene spitting fire and the flames and I was hooked !!My favs on the album are Shock me,I stole your love ,All American man and Rocket Ride .

Ty Rupard

a month ago

Always been partial to Ladies Room and All American Man.That was the first Kiss album I got from my mom when I was a kid and I wore it out.

Julie Bond

a month ago

Shock me and I stole your love from the live songs and Rocket Ride.!!KISS ALIVE 2!!1977.!So great that Livealbum that makes KISS to the hottest Band in the world.!!


#KISSTORY - October 13, 2011 - #KISS and the #KISSNavy set sail on the first ever KISS Kruise! Over 2500 fans hailing from 26 countries around the world boarded the 'Destiny,' for a KISS event like none other!

Were you there?

Tony Schweigert

a month ago

My family was there,great time.We did 3 all together.

Chris Flores

a month ago

A life changing adventure. Been on all 7 KISS Kruises! (So far)

Dheerendra Mishra

a month ago

Still the best kruise ever!!!

#KISSTORY - October 13, 1982 - #KISS released their gold album Creatures of the Night.

When did you first buy this album?

Marcos Viejo

a month ago

I remember going to L'don where the band was doing a record store signing... :) Was hoping that we might have got a UK show... Maybe one day after the 'end of the road' the band can do one off Lp gigs just playing the albums in sequence & any b-sides to singles etc. Filmed & recorded for release / stream / download with monies going to preferred charities... I'm doing something similar with bands / artists here in the UK.. Kiss would be my ultimate band.. or even Gene / Paul / Ace / Peter solo albums... xx

Jkimberly Caesar

a month ago

I don‘t know where I bought it. But they played the title track on my favorite after-school-radio-show. I was blown away, it was so heavy. Big drums. The album has its ups and downs (like every Kiss album) but there are some great tunes on it.

Alicja Lewicz

a month ago

Solid album..eric carr’s drumming did justice to both gene and paul’s songs especially i love it loud, war machine, saint and sinner, i still love you (which would have been weak if not for eric’s awesome drum fills n who have thought double pedals on a slow song..awesome!!!)..i think gene prob structure his songs somewhat around eric’s just fits on this album

#fbf 1980 #KISS #Unmasked magazine ad.
#KISSARMYROCKS! Thanks for sharing & congratulations, Tommy!

Newest addition to the KISS room! #bestweddingpresentever - Tommy Gibbons

Anderson Bimpe

a month ago

First time i heard this was on my uncle’s Lp..and then bought in on tape n cd..i would say Ace frehley’s songs on this album rocks than the rest..paul’s drifted too far into pop direction albeit some catchy tunes and gene’s lost somewhere out there..overall ok bt not even close to dynasty n way off rock n roll over/love gun stuff

Sally Tooley

a month ago

This is my favourite Kiss album of all time. Love the album, love the costumes, loved the stage show, loved the era.

Brianna Baker

a month ago

Love the songs especially Is That You, Naked City and all 3 Ace songs. Never understood why Tomorrow had to be released as one of the singles?But all in all a very good production like Dynasty the previous year.....

#KISSTORY - October 11, 1983 - #KISS opened the Lick It Up Tour in Lisbon, Portugal. This was the first-ever KISS show without makeup.

Did you see a show on the LIU Tour?

Sabelo Sylvestor

a month ago

My first Kiss gig at Glasgow Apollo. I still have the programme and ticket with Vinnie Vincent's autograph. I met the whole band and even caught Gene' towel. What a great night.

Jane Wood

a month ago

I won tickets from wbcn Radio in Boston on my mom's birthday to see them in February I still have the T-shirt I'll never forget had so many kids from school calling the main house number because it will listen to bcn and saying was that you on the radio

Marwane Samack

a month ago

First gig ever at Queen's Hall Leeds on this tour. Had the programme but don't know what happened to it. I was 12 at the time. My dad took me and still has the ticket stubs.

#KISSTORY - October 10, 2012 - #KISS rocked"LIVE ON LETTERMAN!" to celebrate the 50th webcast of CBS Interactive's award-winning live webcast concert series.The band tore through a scorching 10 song set at the legendary Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City. The concert was streamed live and on demand on and VEVO.

Maura Bridarolli

a month ago


Chirag Nayak

a month ago

Release the tour dates already. The build up and hype is getting a bit much now.

Nora Syikin

a month ago

NO NO NO you don't!!!!

#KISSTORY - October 9, 1975 - #KISS celebrated KISS Day in Cadillac, MI!

Marcelo Carvalho

a month ago

Stopped by the monument this past August. Awesome.

Sinaye Tshali

a month ago

Sad I wasn't there !

Ethan King Dreizehn

a month ago

I’ve read all 4 biographies and still reckon this is one of the best kiss stories!

#KISSTORY - October 9, 2012 - #KISS released 'Monster,' their 20th studio album.

What is your favorite track?

Xochi Ramirez

a month ago

I think I listened to this one once or twice maybe. The song titles seemed silly at times and it sounded just like something from the 80's. I really wish they would have made a new album with this tour announcement with a really great producer (and brought back Ace Frehley).

Rrm Trump

a month ago

I actually like Monster but im not too thrilled with the production..Its like they laid the tracks down then Paul turned a few knobs and said Good enough! Is it me or does Wall of Sound sound like a demo then Tommy added his solo? Poorly recorded compared to the other tracks but theyre some good songs on this ..i enjoy Sonic Boom more ..but wait around 10 more years and ppl will be saying how damn good this Monster album is ! I give this an 8 ! Mostly because Tommy shines on this and Paul's songs are solid as hell

Yeasmin Haque

a month ago

This is actually a good album. If it was released in the seventies it would be considered a classic.
It doesn't hit you like the albums from the seventies did because you're not twelve anymore.