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#KISSARMYROCKS! Thanks for sharing, Diego.

#KISS - My beautiful jewelry! #KISSvintage Big hug from Puerto Madryn chubut Argentina! - Diego Sanchez

#KISSARMY - Do you still own any KISS cassette tapes?

Kristie La Russa

8 hours ago

The first time I heard KISS was the when a friend played the Dressed to Kill cassette. From that moment KISS became no 1. It was magic.

Jason D Landis

15 hours ago

I've got all up thru Unmasked on 8-Track. And all KISS albums on cassette and CD. I've got a weird version of the first album on vinyl where Nothin' To Lose is the live version instead of studio.

Soutsakhone Phoutpannha

15 hours ago

The Originals release in cassette form - outstanding

#KISSARMYROCKS! Thanks to Meny Hernandez for sharing his awesome new #GeneSimmons #Demon tattoo with us!

Vikalp Ashok Singh

8 hours ago

Marie-Hélène Pikard estce qu on se fair ca sur le mollet

Camo Delgado Aguilera

8 hours ago

It looks infected

Jason D Landis

15 hours ago

My cousin Shawn had one like this on his leg it was bad a

All for the Love of Rock & Roll! Thanks, Alex. #KISSARMYROCKS!

Never tire of listening to the Hottest Band in the World #KISS. - Alex McGreevy

Salvador Castro Becerril

15 hours ago

Gene Paul Peter Ace. That is was and always will be KISS. Period.

Panoz Geo

a day ago

This album and Sonic Boom were just albums they put out to fulfill contract obligations. This album was not good, neither was Sonic Boom or Psycho Circus. Sure, they had a song or 2 worth spinning but it was mostly filler. I am a huge fan of KISS in all forms but what they have now. Look, if you like the current line up, great! I have no problem with it but respect my voice regarding the original 4 and the line ups without make up. KISS should retire or replace themselves as Paul has discussed.

Lynn Williams

a day ago

I think it‘s a great album and as one of the theme nights on the next Kruise is Monster, I ‘m sure they ‘d play some songs of it.

#KISSNAVY! Thanks to Kat Marra for sharing her great #KISS Kruise VI "memories" with us. Looks great!

Joseph Andrevsky

15 hours ago

Imi plac toate postarile KISS.

Putri Ocktavia

a day ago

I Was There... KKVI

Joshua Lee Fisher

a day ago

Kat Marra! WOOOOOO!!,

#FlashbackFriday August 17, 1996 - #KISS headlined the massive #MonstersofRock music festival in Castle Donington, #England.

Were you there?
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#tbt: 1976 #KISS on top of the Empire State Building #NYC

Celinda Clay

a day ago

Remember it well, my brothers and me went, they took plastic bottles off you any gave you these plastic bladders which was fine until everyone started pissing in them any launching them into the crowd!

Alex Read

a day ago

Yes I certainly was, my one and only Monsters of Rock. Spent the first few hours at the Kerrang! stage and then Sepultura, Ozzy and the mighty Kiss 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

Alissa Elaine

a day ago

The day Sepultura died! Kiss we’re awesome! I spent most of the day at the 2nd stage though as it was a far better line up other than Paradise Lost, Kiss and Ozzy!

#KISS Fan Art! Amazing work, Cynthia! Congratulations on your ribbon! #KISSARMYROCKS!

Demon Colored pencil drawing of #GeneSimmons! It won a first place ribbon at our county fair art show. - Cynthia Casto
#KISSTORY August 16, 1979 - #KISS' "I Was Made For Lovin' You" single was certified gold by the The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

Do you own any KISS singles?

Martin Duckworth

2 days ago

Wow must have a print 😎

Matt Abbott

2 days ago

Fantastic artwork Cynthia! Drawn & coloured with pencil crayons, you go girl!!

Char Weich

2 days ago

There he is, that's the man, Gene Simmons. The man who- I'm not gonna say it, I don't need the hate mail.

#KISS Families Rock! Thanks to David Yardley for sharing his KISS quilt with us. His daughter had the quilt made of his KISS t-shirts along with two of his grand daughter's onesies & a bib that he got for her when she was born. Great 50th birthday present!
#AnythingForMyBaby! Happy anniversary to you both, Sean!

#KISS - My wife rocks! Got this from her for our anniversary!! Vintage Gene Mego Figure - Sean Kelehan

Maria Fermoselle

2 days ago

Looks cool. But way to destroy 9 shirts

Michel Dixie Rebel

3 days ago

Well,that’s one way to recycle old tshirts!!
10/10 for originality!!
Would be a crime to use as old dust rags!!

Rosario Rosas

3 days ago

Awesome my song favorite phycho circus


We were saddened to learn of the recent passing of our friend John Laurent. Our deepest condolences and thoughts go to his family in these difficult times.


(Cadillac, MI) – John Laurent passed away on Friday, August 10, 2018. This marks a sad day in the history of the KISS Cadillac story. John was the Cadillac High School principal in 1975 when KISS came to Cadillac. He was instrumental in the decision making that led to the visit and became a legendary figure in the continuing story over the years. Without John's support the 1975 appearance of KISS in Cadillac would never have taken place.

KISS Cadillac fans will remember two of John's favorite remembrances of the KISS visit. In one he remarked about his efforts to unite different groups within the student body. He stated: “I had been trying to bring the student body together for a couple of years. KISS did that in one day.”

John is also remembered for a request he made before the 1975 concert. Knowing that Cadillac was a conservative town, he asked Gene Simmons to drop the blood spitting segment of the show. “Gene,” he said, “could you leave out the blood?” To which Gene replied: “Anything you want, John. No blood.”

John Laurent was 86 and was a KISS fan. More than that, he was a KISSTORY legend.

Sheila Bailey Paxson

3 days ago

Thank you for remembering John Laurent, and paying tribute to our long time school administrator and community member.

Mr Laurent contributed a great deal to the Cadillac community. He will be sorely missed.

Rest in peace and power, big guy.

Stephan Padilla

3 days ago

So sorry for the lost of a person that had a part in Kiss history.

Charlon Franklin

3 days ago

Greg and Dave, your dad was a great man that always was kind and friendly. I remember him always being fair in treating his students. When cut, he bled Blue& Gold a true CHS Viking..🏈🏀

#2018 #KISS Picks! #Spain #Portugal
#KISSTORY - August 14, 2007 - #KISS released #KISSOLOGY Volume Two: 1978–1991 (3 DVD Set).

Did you get a version with a bonus disc?

Brandon Weaver

5 days ago

Those look soooooooo incredible.

Michael Robinson Arias Lazo

5 days ago

How was Paul's voice?

Rodriguez Nicolas Valverde

5 days ago

Why does a drummer have a monogrammed plectrum, surely a drumstick is more appropriate ?

#DetroitRockCity movie trailer

Keisha Miller

4 days ago

She’s different in Castle Rock. Samantha Heras same girl. I love this movie!! Great songs 🤘🏼

Camila Pulido

5 days ago

Alex Gayón tienes q verla

Harry Kopot

5 days ago

Hell yes they make Porn movies like that!

Calling the #KISSArmy! Download the official #KISS Lock Screen App and buy this amazing KISS Vintage Keypad

Ruben Pina Jr.

4 days ago

Not compatible with Samsung S7.

Peggy Creech

5 days ago

No thanks, the last kiss app I brought never worked.

Jamira Williams

5 days ago

Cannibalism Restaurant found.
Help me! I'm an artist. I'm in trouble. I discovered a Cannibalism Restaurant here in Brazil. Now, there's an agency of espionage torturing me.
Can you help me? I need espionage help. Please, I'm suffering.

#KISSTORY - August 13, 1999 - DETROIT ROCK CITY opened in US theaters.
#KISSKIDS Rock! Thanks for sharing, Grant. We will see you two in 2019! #KISSARMY

#KISS - My 4-year old nephew William is a massive fan of KISS (as well as his uncle)! He loves #GeneSimmons especially! Hoping to take him to a live show soon.... - Grant Jeffery

Brigitte Bätscher-Tobler

6 days ago

Fredrik, vad mycket den här filmen lärde oss om livet och om hur det är att växa upp och mogna! <3 Plus att alla filmer hädanefter borde börja med "I Stole Your Love",

Geraldine Salas

6 days ago

It's definitely not dazed and confused but it's still a pretty good coming of age film. It's not a cheap money grab version of dazed and confused with a twist of Kiss either. It was made right.

Sarah Kamal

6 days ago

I love how each kid has a personality that reflects the alter ego of the members of the band. Watching the movie, I was like ooh, this is the Gene kid, here's Peter's kid.

#KISSARMYROCKS! Thanks for the photo, Emilia!

#KISSisEverywhere! Greetings from Golden sands, #Bulgaria! - Emilia Dimitrov
Rock & Brews Restaurants! Thanks for the comments, Jeff! #KISSARMYROCKS!

Great food and even better atmosphere!!! - Jeff Leng

Teresa C. Villanueva

6 days ago

Tru that.....If it’s too loud, you’re too old! Went over well to our teachers in middle school.

Rasmus Kuber

6 days ago

Disa Sood huomen pitäis sit meidän spottimme näyttää tältä siel kreikas 🤘😍

Dayang Datu Subol Jalaluddin

6 days ago

Need Mia YB

#KISSARMYROCKS! Thanks to Petteri Korhone for sharing his #KISS Alive! Original Steve Glantz Productions 1975 concert posters with us!

Mizzklemish Dondada

7 days ago

Ace gives head. I am shocked.

Tammy Butler

8 days ago

I Have That Poster !!

John Rivera

8 days ago

Those look amazing. :-)

#KISSTORY August 11th, 1999 - #KISS was inducted into Hollywood Walk of Fame. Family members, friends & fans stood by as KISS star was unveiled at the intersection of LaBrea & Hollywood. Hollywood's honorary mayor Johnny Grant proclaimed it KISS Day.

Ryan Henning

7 days ago

Original KISS is the only KISS!

Matthew Hockett

7 days ago

The "newer" members should have been given the choice of who they wanted = not just made to wear the Spaceman & Catman makeup!!

Dennise Sánchez

8 days ago

I'm amazed that they never fell off their shoes lol I would have broke my neck the first time wearing them lol

#KISSKIDS Rock! We love seeing photos like this! Keep them coming, #KISSARMY.

Sergio Garza

7 days ago

Fantastic, Beautiful the little KISS 😉👅👅👅

Showtiam Lee Lee

8 days ago

Come to Brazil Kiss please 🤘

Jessica Davis

8 days ago

They look so awesome so cool rock on little KISS munchkins 🤘🤘🤘❤️it

#KISSTORY - August 10, 1973, - #KISS auditioned for their soon to be manager Bill Aucoin at the CrystalBall Room of the Hotel Diplomat in New York City.

Bill Aucoin: When I first saw KISS at the Hotel Diplomat in 1973 they didn't have much of a show. They had the red beacons, a couple of amps. They were wearing black jeans. No one could afford leather. The show was just a regular rock 'n' roll show except they had spontaneity. They wanted to do something different and they wanted it very badly. That kind of devotion is worth more than anything. It's so special and you start picking up on it. I saw that magic in them.
#KISS #LoveGun 12 Inch Action Figures Series 9 in retro-style boxes are available now! #KISSMerch

Lise Pedersen Pedersen

8 days ago

And the rest was KISStory....

Samuel Cano

8 days ago

Podrán imitar a Kiss pero jamás igualarlos. Son únicos

Konner Everett Dent

8 days ago

Wow !! I was just 2 !

#tbt: 1974 Check out this March 1974 New Musical Express that a fan brought to a recent #GeneSimmons Vault Experience. Wow!
#KISSKids Rock! 🤟🏼 Thanks for sharing, Bill!
My daughter only cares about her favorite band #KISS Rock & Roll Hall of Fame - Bill

BrownEyes Pearson

9 days ago

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Siphuthando Ngwenya

9 days ago

Thanks Kiss who released my Kiss Cover, that makes me very proud. Greetings from Germany Holger Schlusche

Sooraj Bayalkoti

9 days ago

Back in the 70's sometime or another that was the picture my brother an I used to paint him up with.He had some kinda party at the school.I helped make his platform shoe's,they were Kool,so after he was made up they delivered him in a casket,to the party in the back of a pacer hatchback,wish I had some picture's'cause he looked just like you

#KISSTORY - August 9, 1999 -#KISS performed at the #DetroitRockCity Movie premiere party in Los Angeles.

Joebel Florida Hernandez

9 days ago

I was an extra in the making of the movie.

Michelle Shaw

10 days ago

I love this movie so much. Freaking hysterical.

Darmecia Flournoy Cox

10 days ago

Siempre veo esta pelìcula, muy buena!!! excelente!!

#KISSARMYROCKS! Thanks to Kenneth Lawrence for sharing the #KISS quilt his wife made him with us!

Has anyone every made you a special KISS item? Who & what?

Chessley Atchison

9 days ago

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Wow that was inspirational. Wonder what mine shall look like🤔

Xena Thorp

9 days ago

i dressed up as gene for Halloween a couple times

#GeneSimmons Band headed to #Australia with special guest #AceFrehley!

Full details at .

Lulu Elya

10 days ago

Bring back Ace! If and when he shows up too drunk to perform, they will still have Tommy under contract. What could go wrong? Next thing you know, they'll sign Axl Rose to help Paul sing.

Alisha Scott

10 days ago

Jody Turner see how he is holding his hand? I don’t care what Dee says

Melissa Kyllönen

10 days ago

Bring this show to Phoenix, Az please

#KISSARMYROCKS! Enjoy, Brian! #KISSsoda

#KISS found these great beverages this afternoon. Bought two to drink and two to keep with my KISS collection. - Brian

Йоли Матеева

10 days ago

My daughter bought me one for my birthday!!

Sandy Thoms

11 days ago

I want more KISS soda, I really want it so bad

Steven Altendorf

11 days ago

Moneybag$ root beer is better...thanks, Gene!

#KISSARMYROCKS! Thanks to Christopher Roberts for sharing his #KISS guitar collection with us. Awesome!
#KISSNAVY! The KISS Kruise VIII Activities announced!
#KISSARMYROCKS! Thanks to Dirk Segers for sharing his #KISSWORLD stick, picks & pass framed collection with us! Looks great! #KISS #KISSARMY

Stephanie Slade

11 days ago

nice faces.. nice faces,... nice faces..

Victor Lugo

11 days ago

Did any Kiss member ever play a Carvin instrument? Perhaps in the 80's?

Trần Thanh Tú

11 days ago

I'd be happy with just one of those!
Better yet, to actually be at a KISS show!

Original artwork by Paul Stanley is now available at the new Wentworth Gallery - Hard Rock Atlantic City! Call 609-300-5095 or Email for more info.
#KISSARMYROCKS! Thanks to Mike LaFew for sharing his #KISS #CreaturesOfTheNight concert memories with us! So great!

Ronald Fonseca

12 days ago

My favorite band n the word kizz

Sandra Williams-Butler

12 days ago

That's one ugly designed guitar

Christian Gonnsen

13 days ago

Leanne Smith MooneyMaree Anne

#KISSARMYROCKS! Thanks to Scott (Twitter handel scottgolfsuper) for sharing his #KISS #Destroyer shower curtain with us!

Gladys LainTodd Kelley

12 days ago

Hey when is the kiss toilet or the kiss handcuffs shown in the scooby doo kiss cartoon movie gonna be available? I would buy those.

Syeda Smith

12 days ago

You've left a destroyer in there!
Nice shower curtain too!!!

Mpumelelo Tar Mkt Toto

12 days ago

I’ve had one for years. Glad that I found one available.

#KISS Fan Art! These rock! Thanks for sharing, Mike (Twitter handle@MidnightJury)!

Some mashups are just amazing. -Mike #KISS #KISSarmy #Horror #Classic #Universal #Monsters
Meet #GeneSimmons in his Suite On The KISS Kruise VIII! Full details on The GS KKVIII RockStar Experience: #KISSNAVY
JUST ARRIVED! Here's Paul Stanley with his Limited Edition The KISS Kruise VIII Commemorative Ibanez at the #KISS Warehouse. These beauties & other #PaulStanley guitars are available now at . #KISSNAVY

Gontse Zane Carti

12 days ago

Dracula and the bride for sure.p

Elsa Quispe CHoque

13 days ago

The monster mash in kiss style

Chicco Aqram Hernandez

13 days ago

Joe Hope didn't know Bella was a kiss fan 😂

#KISS Families Rock! Thanks to Ron Whitmore for sharing this wonderful photo with us. #GreatParenting #KISSArmy

Jeff Rhoden

13 days ago

Better be official KISS tooth brushes

Justin Johnson

14 days ago

Aw, father and child brushing their teeth in rhythm to songs about anal and oral sex. How adorable.

Bhaskar Joshi

14 days ago

Awwe sooo cute!!! 😍

#KISSTORY August 4, 2008 - #KISS rocked over 50,000 in Sturgis, South Dakota. Governor Mike Rounds declared it KISS Day in South Dakota!
#PaulStanley of #KISS touring East Coast art galleries this fall

Fernanda Laura Fernandes

14 days ago

Basil your favourite band^

Attila Szasz

15 days ago

Best live band ever!!! Hey guys am new on here trying 2 make some new friends and a good relationship

Abdias Lopez

15 days ago

Best live band ever!!! Hey guys you can just add me up trying to make more friends

#FBF #KISS rockin' The KISS Kruise V #KISSNAVY

Alejandra Galeana

14 days ago

Não existe banda mais perfeita do que o Kiss.
Impossível AMO todos eles♥️

Natasha Makhanya

14 days ago

Kiss looks like thay rock n rolled all night forever In Detroit rock city with Beth and the god of thunder it makes me want to shout it out loud has anybody seen my black diamond

James Hitchens

15 days ago

Gene staat altijd links op t podium <3

Just released! Editions #1-10 (out of the 150 edition collection), and ONLY 10 limited edition artist proofs. Shop Now:

Brito Elizabeth Mary

15 days ago

Soy la única que habla español aquí y quiere que KISS vengan a México

Shelly Osborne

16 days ago

There better not be any fake Ace and Peter. Seeing other musicians in their makeup is a travesty.

#KISSARMYROCKS! Thanks to Dave Kay for sharing his framed #KISS "memories" with us! Awesome!

Jude Hood

15 days ago

Love Kiss no matter what member is with them..That's the TRUE Kiss way

Jefferson Bartels

16 days ago

That looks amazing. :-)

Evan Lewandowski

16 days ago

Greatest rock band ever


Darius Spears

15 days ago


Vincent Roselló Hagerup

16 days ago

One of them

Charisse Balance

16 days ago

That would have to be the worst song he's ever recorded

#tbt: 2003 #KISS & Aerosmith

Noémie Sene

15 days ago

Kiss was awesome, and fans wanted Kiss for a encore. Aerosmith when they got done, no one was was wanting them back on stage.

Max Rigdon

16 days ago

Saw this disaster at Jones beach. Sorry but Kiss just blew them away in the worst way and I loved it! I actually resented that Kiss opened for them and should have never agreed to that! Me and my wife left about halfway through Aerosmith set like everybody else!

Jimmy Schrecongost

16 days ago

Was at this tour when they came to the Chicago area. Kiss was the opener (why, I don't know). They played great, as always! They played longer than Aerosmith too. Every song Aerosmith played was way too fast. They played only 45 mins! Kiss played and hour! Seemed like Aero couldn't wait to leave! People leaving were talking about how bad and fast Aero sounded! Of course Kiss got a great response when they played! I like Aero, but was disappointed in them that night, especially that being my first time seeing them live. Like I said earlier... how was KIss not the headliner on that tour?!!

The #Demon, the #Starchild, the #Spaceman & the #Catman have landed on caseable to give all your devices the bold rock look they deserve. “Shout it out loud” folks! #rockthecase
#KISSTORY August 2, 2003 #KISS opened their World Domination Tour with Aerosmith at the Meadows Music Centre in Hartford, Connecticut. The 60-date co-headlining North American tour drew over 900,000 fans!

Did you see a show on this tour?

Soriano Tadije Raphaela

16 days ago

I need a gf

Fabbio Blaster

16 days ago

Aceito de presente

Toshiya Maeda

17 days ago

Those look amazing. :-)

Limited Edition Collectible #KISS #Destroyer figurines. Hurry before they sell out!
#KISSARMYROCKS! Thanks to Chris Howe for sharing his #PaulStanley dice portrait with us. Wow! Thousands of dice.

رضا نور

17 days ago

Pretty cool, but who has the money to buy all 4 at once. Individual available?

Milagros De Jesus Astorga Verdugo

17 days ago

Someone find a pic of Ace with a Black LP and Paul with a Silver Explorer during that time. You can't. And Black Boots? I'm a KISS fan and have my share of items, but put something out realistic to the period.

Alberto Mino Barale

17 days ago

There way to expensive and the OUTFITS are totally wrong, if your going to put something out at least get it right.NO THANK YOU.

#KISSKids Rock! Thanks Scott Borsky for sharing your son's photo with us. He looks awesome! #GreatParenting!

Jennifer Van Dyke Winters

18 days ago

Are they gonna say its the demon character he's dressed up as instead of Gene Simmons lol! Remember Kiss members can be replaced right?

Sylvester Sylvester

19 days ago

Que hermosa Nena!! La adoro.

Dongo Marc

19 days ago

should have stuck out the tongue

#KISS Fan Art! Thanks to Nobuya Tamaki of #Japan for sharing his awesome #TommyThayer artwork with us! #KISSARMYROCKS

Aliran Pelangi

18 days ago

Saw Tommy on stage for the first time back in ‘03 in Bristow,VA. It was the KISS/AEROSMITH TOUR. The man’s a consummate professional and did a fine job!! 👍🎸😎

Rebecca Villa

19 days ago

I do not criticize Tommy or Eric. They are two very good artists, and they do their job very well. But, they could have their own identities and not take them away from the originals. They should make their own characters like when Peter was replaced by Eric Carr, or when ACE was replaced by Vinnie Vincent. There is only one CATMAN and one SPACEMAN.

Adina Asphodel

19 days ago

Anyone that accepts tommy Thayer as a proxy spaceman is not a true KISS fan

#KISSARMYROCKS! Check out these fan-made #KISS #Dynasty busts. Great work, Tim Frentzos!

Erik Walter

19 days ago

Hello ! Thanks everyone for the nice comments ! I appreciate it very much ! Please let me know if anyone is interested in having a KISS bust made . Takes a few weeks to make . Thanks again !!! Rock on ...

Mohammed Lucho

19 days ago

3 are so amazingly done and look like them. Ace looks like the kind you find in stores, looks nothing at all like him. I'm confused as to how this happened.

Patricia Hall

19 days ago

OMG I see Gene Simmons to buy them and trademark it for merchandise selling. They looks amazing.

#KISSNAVYROCKS! Thanks to Heather James for sharing her #KISSKruise V #PaulStanley collections with us. See you on KKVIII!

Denisa Camelia Tirnacop

19 days ago

are some for sale? you do not have any extras

Lisa Ray

20 days ago

Those look amazing. :-)

#KISSKids Rock!

#GeneSimmons - I Can't wait to see you in a few week at #Cannafest. - Jonah
#KISSARMYROCKS! Enjoy, Sarah! Rock & Brews Restaurants

#KISS - Loving Rock & Brews - ABQ, New Mexico - Chery87110Sarah (Twitter handle)
The KISS Kruise is SOLD OUT! However, cancellations do occur and we have a Waiting List to determine who gets offered those cabins.

Join the waiting list at

Jenn Kneup-De La Ossa

20 days ago

Coins today, dollars tomorrow. That’s how Gene sees it.

Mary Lynn Wells Parker

20 days ago

You should probably re-think that hashtag tho

Zulema S Prisbrey

20 days ago

My parents were old school ....Tore my kiss poster up ...and it was the patriotic one with the flag ...Mom was religious and i think the devil spooked her ....lmao ...I made it to their concerts at msg 1977.....

Own a stage-played #EricSinger snare drum on #KISSKruiseVIII!

Full details at

Jennifer Simoni

20 days ago

I’d love that snare!!! Tell ya the truth I’d love the whole mirror ball set! Love all his setup through out the years. My favorite was the Red pearl that he played his first kiss tour.

Anwar Ahammad

20 days ago

This is something that will go on forever, whatever your opinion keep it to yourself (at the end, who cares) and there will be no more arguments

Tylete Hardin

20 days ago

fucking lame. no snare drum is worth $3000 even if it was played by jesus Christ.


A little old school #vinyl for a Saturday afternoon. #KISS #Destroyer was the first album I ever bought. Way back in grade 5! 😁 - E. Paul Zehr, PhD

Kelly Lindke

20 days ago

I saw a guy with the t-shirt on last te year and i think to my self "omg its 40 years since i saw them in Gothenburg "..😆

Bibi Chichi

20 days ago

I think I paid $6.00 Back in the Day when it came out , new Kiss Alive 1 was my first and the Rest Followed

Eduardo Luis Dignef

21 days ago

My first KISS album was The Originals! From there, it was all good up to Love Gun. The last album all 4 original members played the majority of the music. After that, it was Anton Fig, Bob Kulick and Vinny Vincent. Thing against them just the beginning of the end of the original line up

The #Demon #GeneSimmons #Spain July 2018.

Leyla Çelikel

20 days ago

Was it worth flying over Atlantic for just a few Spanish gigs???

Lewis Rutter

21 days ago

Unforgettable show in Córdoba, now you are a part of this city's history.

Matt Lewis

21 days ago

When r u coming back to Brazil?

Join #GeneSimmons out at sea with the The KISS Kruise Vault Experience this Fall!

For more information, go to .

Danny Ferreira

21 days ago


Cristian Rocha

22 days ago

Kiss songs that made it to the album are not that good, imagine the crap that got cut, who wants that

Paul Dosaav

23 days ago

Throw that vault overboard. 😂

#KISS Fan Art! Thanks to Congroy Padilla for sharing his #GeneSimmons #Demon painting with us. #KISSARMYROCKS!

Maddy Johns

23 days ago

This is so cool, early Demond

Eliangely Rodriguez

23 days ago

Cool 😎great job

Allison Pheatt Skinner

23 days ago

Awesome pitcher i have on my Kissanthogty so i can watct it over n over again😁😎

#PaulStanley Limited Edition #KISS Kruise VIII Commemorative Ibanez guitars on sale now at

Paula Herrada Arancibia

22 days ago

Todd Kaulay what ya think?

Bernd Froebe

23 days ago

We couldn't get on the kruise, it was sold out before I got an email saying booking had opened!

Jonathan Hardnick

23 days ago

I know it’s more about the memory of meeting Paul and all, but that guitar is fugly. Lol

#KISSArmy! NEW limited edition, collectible #KISS Destroyer action figures available for PRE-ORDER now:
#KISS Sighting: Destroyer era costumes from Psycho Circus/ Farewell Tour spotted at the new Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City. Thanks to Kevin Hackney for sharing his photo with us. #KISSARMYROCKS!

Jonasitaliano Santos

23 days ago

Man I really wish KISS would work with Todd McFarlane again, these new figures all look so cheesy!

Not the best, but I still want em.

Dorothy Shaw

23 days ago

Yeah cos we all remember ace and his black boots with the destroyer outfit.ffs

#KISSARMYROCKS! Awesome! Thanks for sharing, John.

Celebrating the 39th Anniversary of my first #KISS show.7-25-79 complete with pictures from the upper deck using my aunt's telephoto lens we hid in her purse. - John Schaefer
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Ibou Diop

24 days ago

Thanks for sharing!

Roseane Mendes Deud

24 days ago

That was my 2nd KISS concert
Tulsa Assembly Center, Tulsa, Ok October 29 1979

Tammy M Milligan

24 days ago

AMAZING! thank you for sharing!

#KISSTORY - July 25, 1980 - #KISS played their first-ever concert with #EricCarr at the Palladium in New York City.

Were you there?

Alusine Serry Kamara

24 days ago

How did Peter's unique approach to those songs not impress you drummers? If you put 100 guys in a room and asked them to play 'King of the Night Time World', none would come up with that beat. IMO, everybody after him was a ham-fisted, 4/4, pounder. I bet 90% of their show now (if not more) is Peter era songs..... That's GOT to mean something!!

Tolick Nechie

25 days ago

I saw them weeks later in New Zealand..15 years old one of my first concerts, they were tight and rocked a crowd of 20,000 in Wellington.

Alex Futter

25 days ago

Yes, I was there...Fantastic!!!

#KISS tattoos spotted at #GeneSimmons Vault Experience in #Frankfurt, #Germany. #KISSARMYROCKS!

Serge Brun

25 days ago

That's a true KISS fan when they get a tattoo of KISS on their body.

Pimquette L'ange Noire

25 days ago

Awesome tats luv it🤘

Jessica Morris

25 days ago

Ow my god 😱😱👏👏👏👏