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#KISSARMYROCKS! Thanks to Brian Reda for sharing his cool #KISSARMY/ #KISS Icons tattoo with us!

#GeneSimmons is headed to #Australia with his band to treat the Australian #KISSArmy to a special run of concerts in February 2018!

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Barrie Thomas

a day ago

i dont have any of thats stuff but i do have the pick board off pauls guitar from the 1980 gig at Western Springs Stadium Auckland New Zealand .

Another great #KISSMAS Tree! Thanks to Jason Maher for sharing his tree with us! #KISSARMYROCKS!

Gene Simmons: the Fortt Knox Podcast interview, with Jon Fortt

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Tim Merrill

2 days ago

I've read that the initial logo concept was indeed Ace's, but since Paul was the only experienced artist in the band he then took over the design and perfected it.

#KISS Car! Thanks for sharing, LocoCerveza. #KISSARMYROCKS!

That was taken just before a #KISS concert last year. My buddy had a car decked out with #KISS logos and even a 8-track player.

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#KISSARMYROCKS! Thanks to Jordi Ballera for sharing his great new Paul Stanley tattoo with us!

#KISS Sighting: Gene Simmons Elf in Santa Claus Parade in Toronto! Thanks to Jody Hewston for sharing with us! #KISSisEverywhere!

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Alexander Talkington

4 days ago

Glad to see KISS doing things like mobile apps. Way to keep up with the times, Ill definitely be checking this out. Right after I play KISS Rock City! \m/

Lene Lundstrøm

also shared about KISS

Happy birtsday to you Max
Look at him a real Kiss kid , looking a bit scary but you are sweet . I like your tast of rock Music , so go rock this World sweet boy , sending big love from Denmark to you and many hugs

#tbt December 7, 2013 #KISS rocked Alice Cooper's 13th annual Christmas Pudding benefit in Phoenix, Arizona. The event was a benefit for Alice's Solid Rock Teen Center.

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Sherry Faust

5 days ago

KISS will always be here LONG after we are all gone lol but in our afterlife we can still rock out to their music lol

Gene Simmons in London discussing the Vault… the perfect gift for the holidays!

#KISSARMYROCKS! Thanks to Burkhard Zöllner for sharing this ticket from his first #KISS concert in Dortmund, Germany 1980!

#KISSARMYROCKS! Great #KISS wall, Dave!

KISS- LOVE! My Band! Can't stop Dreamin about KK7! - Dave Kinney

#KISSARMYROCKS! Thanks to Elmar Göbel of Dortmund, Germany for sharing his great #KISS tattoo with us!
#KISSmas shopping done right! 'Tis the season! Stuff stockings with pins, patches and luggage tags! A backpack and collectable lunch tin will be perfect under the tree.Target is a one-stop shop for the KISS fan on your list!

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Scott A O'Ferrall

7 days ago

Sad part is that had this album not broke, there's a strong chance we wouldn't be talking about this band today. At five years old (yes I said five) I took to this record like a fish does to water. Now years later,the Kiss obsession returned with a vengeance. I listen to all the old records on YouTube. The first one through Dynasty sound so amazing and really have aged well.

Eike Menzel

also shared about KISS

Very good all Time Great, i got it since Christmas eve 1975, it was the First Full Album of my life, my Mom bought it because i owned 3 KISS-Singles ... And it is the only Album, if i Look Back, that Satisfies me over 42 Amazing Years ...

Nic Rood

also shared about KISS

it was supposed to be aug of 2001 at comerica park with aerosmith. but the night before show was night the eastern seaboard lost of power. detroit also lost power. and the show got rescheduled to sept 7 2001. when i found out the show was canceled. i was so pissed. i had waited 15 years to see aerosmith. and i was just a casual fan of kiss. and show made me truely a fan of kiss. you become a fan when you see em live.

#KISSTORY - Dec. 4, 2012 - #KISS released the "Casablanca Singles 1974 - 1982" Box Set.

The set features 29 Seven-Inch Vinyl or 29 CDs housed in a beautiful die cut shadow box with a limited edition etched silver metal plate and ribbon pull magnetic closure custom KISS 45s box with 26 collectible picture sleeves from original single releases around the world, including Japan, Germany, Holland, Spain and Britain.

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Another great #KISSMAS Tree! Thanks to Mike Labadie for sharing his tree with us! #KISSARMYROCKS!

#KISS Fan Art! So Cool. Thanks for sharing, Andie! #KISSARMYROCKS

Any day I get to draw #KISS a good day, I think! :D - Andie Scott

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Ibew Anthony

9 days ago

Please put the makeup on when in public. Whoever is telling you. You have a face for the camera is lying to u. U look like the back of my balls

Mark Antosiak

also shared about KISS

Duck face, get a new wig, and lose the shades. You look horrible for a guy earning hundreds of millions of dollars . If that doesn’t work, put the makeup back on.

David Hack

also shared about KISS

take your own advice, when you make millions daily you dont have to be good looking like he has always said, look at your wife looks like a liberal pig off the view compared to his and you both are vile disgusting fat pigs

Thanksgiving has come and gone, but #KISSMAS is around the corner.

Make sure to order by Dec. 15th, so your loved one gets their #KISS gift in time!
#KISSARMYROCKS! Happy Birthday, Mike! Thanks for celebrating your big day with us!

#KISS - 50 isn’t that old right......rock and roll all night and party everyday!!!! - Mike Tamerius

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Mark Sulecki

10 days ago

This is aweful, seriously!!!! Paul's "Live to Win" album is so much better and probably the last time he could sing. The lyrics are lame and his singing is weak even w/ studio help.

Geo Bennett

also shared about KISS

I love all the people on YouTube bitching about the lyrics being cheesy and simplistic etc. You have listened to KISS before, right? This song is more similar to "classic" KISS than anything else on the Monster record except for All For The Love Of Rock n Roll and maybe Hell Or Hallelujah. Sonic Boom and Monster both suffer because of some really crappy Paul songs and too much modern recording tech.

Fans shared about KISS

Dominick LaGrutta Jr

11 days ago

Yup, awesome show. Still looking for my wife and I in the crowd on the DVD. What a great night, KISS puts on one of the BEST live performances ever. Would go see again in a heartbeat.

#KISSARMYROCKS! Thanks to Gilberto Sintoni Junior of Brazil for sharing his amazing #KISS room with us! Awesome!

#KISSARMYROCKS! Happy birthday, Craig!

#KISS Sporting some awesome socks today! Perfect birthday gift.- Craig Eddy
#KISSARMYROCKS! Thanks for sharing, Mike!

25 years ago tonight, 2nd row for #KISS 'Revenge' tour. I still feel slightly bad for the chaos that ensued when Gene Simmons threw me this pick, but I was not leaving the building without it (sorry, person next to me!). -Mike (HornsToTheSky - Twitter)

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Shay Jansen

13 days ago

i wonder what my mother thinks about me listening to you guys now let alone if I could decorate my tree like this....I was about 10 when I first heard you .....the devils music she called it and was not allowed to listen to it despite my cousins were ( I was sneaky) Love the collection Tom

Shane Ohmsolo Apsey

also shared about KISS

Won't let me share a pic of my Gene ornament but he's already spit a flaming star upon our family tree as he does every year

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John Paul Smith

14 days ago

Ace, paul, gene and can put the mask on a different cowboy but it isn't the same lone ranger. Nothing against the other guys, they have great talent but you got to give it to the originals for starting and creating what they have :)

AndyandMary Gonzalez

also shared about KISS

Starchild is KISS. He is the loyal band member to KISS. Plus he's responsible, credible guitar player, song writer, performer and producer. Even though his voice is not the gem it used to be, his songs are rock and roll anthems. I know Demon has his songs, but Starchild has more. Long live KISS.

Wayne McKinnon

also shared about KISS

Ace has always been my favorite.. I won't get into the politics...glad the original four have survived the rock n roll many haven't..

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#KISSARMYROCKS! Thanks for sharing. We love him, too, James!

#KISSTORY Love my god of Thunder .. Happy Sunday everyone.... Keep rockin. - James Todd

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Paul Stanley on cover of latest issue of #KISSARMY Sweden's DESTROYER fanzine. #KISSARMYROCKS!

#KISS Sighting: Gene Simmons #TheDemon at Melt Bar And Grilled restaurant in Canton, Ohio. Thanks for sharing, Kim Parker! #KISSisEverywhere! #KISSARMYROCKS!


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Jesper Petrusma

18 days ago

Two of my greatest idols left 26 years ago today.
R.I.P. Eric and R.I.P. Freddie.

May your music create joy for many generations to come.

David Richter

also shared about KISS

Rightly or wrongly I will forever associate all the non make-up stuff with Eric Carr!! When I think of KISS without make-up I instantly think of Eric Carr. He was cool.

Sal Genestra

also shared about KISS

Eric Carr is by far my favorite KISS Drummer. I am lucky that I got to see him in concert a couple of times. RIP, Eric.

Fans shared about KISS

Joey Mills

19 days ago

How about coming to Manchester to replace the gig that got cancelled in the wake of the bombings? Lots of English KISS Army missed out on seeing you!

#KISSARMYROCKS! We love it, Nicolás!

#KISS - My first and only tattoo - Nicolás Niño M #KISSARMY

Fans shared about KISS

Esther Reyna

19 days ago

I am a true die hard fan , THAT IS NOT THE CORRECT USE OF LETTERING!!!!! Can anything be done to change it???? Thanks for what y'all did...

Carmel Maree

also shared about KISS

I know!!! Brett and Donna took my partner and I there a couple of weeks ago and it was the first thing I said.
They really need to allow KISS fans to organise this sort of stuff.

Joe Kahla

also shared about KISS

Luckily you have fans that’ll do this and save you on the cost to have it done.
Stars don’t get maintained otherwise.

#KISS "Sweet Pain" indoor show #1 The KISS Kruise VII. #KISSNAVY

Happy 42nd birthday #KISSARMY!

#KISSTORY Nov 21, 1975 - Indiana natives Bill Starkey and Jay Evans founded the legendary KISS Army after a local radio station refused to play #KISS. During KISS' 1975 show at Hulman Civic-University Center in Terre Haute, Starkey was brought on stage and honored with a plaque from the band!

#KISSARMYROCKS! Very cool, Gustavo!

#KISS Paul Stanley -you made my dream came true. - Gustavo De Filippo

After this epic Kruise we framed our memories again! We had a blast on KKVII! Thank you #KISS, Bruce Kulick, Bob Kulick, Sixthman, etc. and all KISSbuddies from all over the world who were on board and made this trip unforgettable! See you on KKVIII.- Patricia & Peter Dammeyer from Bocholt/Germany

Fans shared about KISS

Aleister Blacke

21 days ago

I don't own the guitar case version, but do own the boxed set. They could of put far more unreleased stuff on it than they did, and if they had been smart, they could of released a series of boxed sets covering specific time periods or albums. Imagine a boxed set of just Destroyer - Original mix, remix, demos, live versions, unreleased.

Jesse Sandoval

also shared about KISS

I still remember the day that my mom gave me this as a Christmas present back in 2001! One of the best presents by far! 🤘🏼

Lee Heydon

also shared about KISS

The mini guitar case was a pretty shocking price as I remember, ended up ordering mine on import from the States for less than half the UK price, and only a few quid more than the UK standard edition (exchange rates were good in those days!)

Did anyone buy the ‘ultimate’ full size guitar case with the gold disc?

#KISS Family! Great parenting! So cool, Jerreed. #KISSARMY

#KISS - A family that rocks to KISS together stays together! - Jerreed Ivanich

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Ricky Markwick

22 days ago

Your better off buying Todd McFarlane's set off eBay. They are better as far as detail goes. Theses look like clay models to me.. but don't get me wrong. The Dime, Zakk, Randy, slash etc are cool.

Craig Lee Berteit

also shared about KISS

I keep telling them they need to do a EVH, early years w/ Bumble Bee and one w/ Frankenstrat as well as one of Billy Gibbons....time will tell on those....

Fans shared about KISS

Nicole K. McKinney

22 days ago

My 5 yr old daughter <3 s KISS Rock & Roll Mystery. I played it for her as an intro to Scooby Doo & ended up turning her into a die-hard KISS & Starchild fan. :)


No tree should have just one #KISS ornament...- Jim