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The #GeneSimmons #LasVegas Vault Experience with Special Guest #PaulStanley is tomorrow, May 26th!

Casey Wilson

6 hours ago

Go live! This one should be good

Benjamin Speiswinkel

6 hours ago

I would love to...but a bit too pricey for me!

Latoya Williams

6 hours ago

Grace Vieira Silva

#KISSARMYROCKS! Thanks to Andy Darkh for sharing this #PaulStanley Starchild tattoo with us!

Kimberly Sara

6 hours ago

"Take my strong hand...."

Bobbie Mccarty

6 hours ago

Looks great until the arms. Sorry, but it’s hard not to notice.

Laurelle Nancy Pretty

6 hours ago

Omg! What happened with his arms?!!! 😱 Face looks good, but the rest.....🤦

#KISS Memorial Day Sale happening now!
#KISSARMYROCKS! #KISS Truck spotted in Nashville! Thanks to Jeremy Asbrock for sharing the photo with us!

Éva Vajnai Lászlóné

13 hours ago

KISS: Class of 2014 Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame. :P

Ingerul Noptii

20 hours ago

I tried ordering online before to Ireland and each item I added to basket was adding $40 to shipping so i havent purchased anything and got no help from customer care.

Don Anson

20 hours ago

So, everything is only 75% overpriced now? Sweet.

#KISSTORY - May 23rd, 1979 #KISS released the platinum album, DYNASTY.

When & where did you first get the album?

David Wooten

2 days ago

Undoubtedly the best kiss album my opinion great songs I was made for loving you blew everything off the radio back then great memories kiss is still the best even today

Neswen Layson Demesa

2 days ago

A friend lent to us late 79/early 80, first rock album i ever heard, my opinions aren't other people's opinions, to me this is a classic, love everything about it, the cover, songs, sound of the album.

Billy Æ Gomola

2 days ago

i got this album from my grandmother on my 10th birthday .. when i first opened it i was just a little disappointed because i hadn't seen this one before, and there were still so many i'd seen and heard that i still didn't have .. but you know .. mom tells gramma you like the band KISS you're lucky you don't end up with a "Kiss me i'm Irish" t-shirt .. so i listened to it .. it was so different .. not the KISS i had already rabidly fallen in love with .. but i added it to my KISS rotation and played it 'til i "got it" .. and continued filling in my collection from the flea market record vendor on Saturdays with my $2 wk allowance .. initially I was made for lovin you and charisma were my favorites .. 2000 man quickly followed ... it was a magic time .. little did i know i came to the party just before the magic ended .. i had 2 more years .. then the drama lol .. i'm patiently waiting a full length feature film based on Paul's "Face the music" .. what a ride

#KISS guitarist #TommyThayer received a doctorate of humane letters degree from Pacific University and delivered the commencement address at Pacific’s spring graduation ceremony on Saturday, May 19 at Hanson Stadium in Forest Grove, Oregon.

Tommy has served on Pacific’s Board of Trustees since 2005 and through his philanthropic leadership has helped the university generate more than $3.5 million for its NCAA Division III intercollegiate athletics programs directly benefiting thousands of Pacific student-athletes.

Photos - Robbie Bourland

Pedro Vinicius

a day ago

Congratulations, Tommy! That is a great accomplishment. 👨‍🎓👏

Jesse Orr

a day ago

Pensar que para muchos el metal, significa, asociación con el diablo... Adicción... Alcohol... Etc... Les aseguro que se equivocan... Aguante Tommy... Aguante el metal...

Darren Davlut

2 days ago

This is great. Here's an idea for anyone wanting to fund scholarships - there are a lot available out there for student athletes, not so many for some others not blessed with athletic ability. When I was a single mother with two daughters hunting for scholarships, there weren't a lot available for them. I was lucky that they were good students and could get small scholarships for good grades. They both had to work their way through college. Grants/scholarships for single parent students would be awesome! Just a thought. Congrats on the honorary degree and thank you for being a philanthropist.

NEW! #KISS Women’s tanks, just in time for summer. Shop now:

Edmir Linha Beterraba

2 days ago

Omar quiero uno! 😜

Abel's Dgs

2 days ago

There's my tanks!

Arnold Negger Sango

3 days ago

KISS: Class of 2014 Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame. :P

Michael James Jackson #KISS Fan Expo Q&A

Olivia Smario

2 days ago

Joe Beckwith...check this out...Eric's drum sound on Creatures starting at the 11min mark (also the 23min. mark). Great stuff.

Mafalda Lourenço

3 days ago

KISS: Class of 2014 Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame. :P

Asamy Saori Hirota

3 days ago

Along with Eddie Kramer and Bob Ezrin, MJJ is one of the 3 greatest producers of a KISS album. Always wished that they would have worked with him again after Killers, Creatures, and LIU, which were the best KISS albums of the 80s.

#KISSTORY- May 20, 2009 - #KISS rocked over 25 million Americans with Detroit Rock City and Rock and Roll All Night as the band was front-and-center on the American Idol finale show performing with runner-up Adam Lambert.

Frankie Mc Donald

4 days ago

The only time I ever watched American idol longer than 2 minutes !!!!

Kunihiko Ogawa

4 days ago


Nare Raesetja Abbott

5 days ago

I love Adam so much very talented.

#KISSTORY - May 20,1980 - #KISS released Unmasked, their eighth studio album. The artwork featured Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss, although Criss actually had no involvement with the recording of the album. Anton Fig (uncredited) played all drums on the album.

The album was certified Gold by the RIAA on July 30, 1980.

Brian Roberts

4 days ago

Was with the Unmasked tour that KISS had their first concert in Norway. One photographer from the Norwegian newspaper VG managed to get pictures of the band unmasekd when they got of their plain in Oslo. Shandi is also the KISS single that have peaked highest on the Norwegian single charts.

Yolanda Mansye

5 days ago

Love this album, my all time favourite Kiss album along with Dynasty , best era of Kiss and an amazing time to be a fan.

Christopher Phillips

5 days ago

Been a fan fan since 1974 and gotta day this album is pretty bad. Quite a few bad KISS albums out there ( Asylum,Crazy Nights)

#KISSTORY - May 19, 1992 #KISS released the critically-acclaimed gold album, REVENGE.

Name your favorite track.

C'estky Pring

5 days ago

Got this the day it was released. Loved the entire album!! Favorite songs are Unholy, Tough Love, Heart Of Chrome, and Thou Shalt Not. I also love that Carr Jam was included on this album. Eric Carr was always my favorite KISS member, so this was such a special tribute for him and the fans. ❤️❤️❤️

Rosa Reyes

5 days ago

Actually one of their best albums with or without makeup. Unholy is just an ass kicking song, Thou Shalt Not as well. Not a bad song on there. The timing of the album forced them to get a bit heavier as it was the end of Glam Rock. They did not disappoint.

Chris Tommy R Horner

5 days ago

This is my favorite KISS album. I love the attitude and the Gene songs are actually good. I'd have to say that "Take It Off" kicks the most ass but you can't really go wrong with any of the songs.

#KISSTORY - May 19th,1978 - #KISS performed a free concert at Magic Mountain Amusement Park in Valencia, California to film the concert scenes for the "KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park" movie.

Yajaira Caballero

5 days ago

Huge Kiss fan here...... WORST movie I have ever seen. When it came out, greatest film ever have it on DVD and can't even remember where I got it.

Coral Morrison

5 days ago

I was 10 years old at that time love so much the movie went i get older i was looking everywhere for that movie and one day i foubd did and now once a wild i make KISS movie night 😎👍👍

Bobbie Graham

6 days ago

Looking for this movie and if your a big fan they have 3 Kisstory volumes and it's in one of them along with the admit one ticket

#KISSTORY - May 18th, 1993 - #KISS' Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons and Bruce Kulick were inducted into Hollywood's famed RockWalk.
#KISSTORY May 18, 1993 - #KISS' gold ALIVE III album was released.

What's your favorite live performance on the album?
#KISSARMYROCKS! Thanks to Michael Mariacher for sharing his new #KISS Dynasty figures with us. The stage set up looks great!

Joanna Rodriguez

6 days ago

Bruce Kulick is the MAN!

Sue Noble Murtaugh

6 days ago

I was there.

Christopher Lee

7 days ago

Check my pictures on my timeline.

#KISSTORY May 17, 2003 #KISS closed KIIS-FM's massive annual "WangoTango" concert at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. The show drewover 50,000 fans.

Were you there??

Jay-r JayLou Athena

8 days ago

how sweet is kiss' voice

Lenny Ibizarre

8 days ago

Wango Ze Tango.

れぎね ダイアら

8 days ago

PETER CRISS real legit original member. thayer fake gene chaim paul Stanley assholes,s stanley bert harvey eisen moron.

#KISSTORY - May 16th, 1975 - #KISS headlined Detroit's Cobo Hall for the first time. The show before a sellout crowd of 12,000 plus was part of the seventy-two date Dressed To Kill tour. It was also the first of five shows that KISS recorded for their classic album, KISS ALIVE!

Armandina Duran

9 days ago

I was at the concert.. Main floor isle seat about 20 rows from the stage.. still have the ticket stub around here and a piece of a big black balloon that had KISS on it. The concert was awesome and loud as hell.

Topaz Sipho Chauke

9 days ago

Saw in 1979 tickets were 8,00

Andres Felipe

9 days ago

Detroit will always be considered the HOME Of Rock and Roll 🎸!
This biggest concerts were consistently in Detroit Rock City.
Cobo was the place back then.

May 26th Gene Simmons Las Vegas Vault Experience with Special Guest Paul Stanley!!
#KISSARMYROCKS! We love it! Congratulations, Hayden!

#KISS - What do you think of our wedding cake? Made by MyprettycakesUK - Hayden McDonald

Carollyn Smithh

9 days ago

I went to their second farewell tour....Yeah right.

Marlene Gutierrez Sanchez

9 days ago

I miss know the Real musician.

Sebastian David Ruiz

9 days ago

Faryal Hashmi-Drury

#KISS / ARMY OF DARKNESS Comic #4 out later this month!

Coincidence that I’m watching Ash vs. Evil Dead.

Tirthankar Biswas

10 days ago

hay en castellano??

Marlo Garrido

10 days ago

Michel Therrien Océane Therrien

Wishing all our #KISSARMY Moms a wonderful Mother's Day!

Shalin Garcia Dela Cruz

12 days ago

Mum still rocks the hairstyle on the right Sharon Atkinson😁

Abhishek Ramath

12 days ago

Luis Fernando Padilla Jiménez Diego Alejandro Padilla García Mafer Pg

Matt McCorkel

12 days ago

LOOK at my page name its funny

TOMORROW! #GeneSimmons Vault Experience visits Chicago with special guest Shannon Tweed Simmons!

Wail Gued Jali

13 days ago

When are you coming to Massachusetts my bf Keith Souza is a huge fan of your Gene Simmons

Deborah Pannell

13 days ago

Fyi f y f i

Rogelio Trejo

13 days ago

Come to niagara falls NY please

#KISS Fan Art! #GeneSimmons meets the Phantom of the Park. Thanks for sharing with us, Rene Lafontaine. #KISSARMYROCKS!

Joris Z. Apostl

14 days ago

That is awesome

Tony Reijbroek

14 days ago

Parece echa por Toei Animation

Patrick Furlow

14 days ago

Looks real cool 😎

The real #KISSARMY rocks "Detroit Rock City!" Awesome!

Band's name is “Riser Burn.” They are attached to the 82nd Airborne Division in Fort Bragg, NC.

Drums-Specialist Ashton Milliken

Bass-Specialist Blake O’Brien

Keys-Specialist Gina Stafferi

Guitar-Sergeant First Class Kevin Quinones

Guitar-Staff Sergeant Gunnar Kallstrom

Vocals-Sergeant Rachel Watson

Vocals-Sergeant First Class Christopher Stone

Sound and light crew:

Specialist Chris Deroche

Sergeant Brian Bouchard

Sergeant Pat O’Hara

Sergeant First Class Tyler Goodwin

Video credit:Tom Ferguson

Yetunde Lawal

14 days ago

That’s awesome! Crazy cool! You rock!

Birungi Anderson Shakirah

15 days ago

82nd Airborne Division

Aaron Werner

15 days ago

John Stephens, Chuck Filkohazi

#KISSARMYROCKS! Thanks to Johan Carlen of #Sweden for sharing his #KISS Alive 35 Tour pick collection with us!

Staci Harris

14 days ago

i want all KISS guitar pick
KISS Rock!

Ozkhar Rahkzo

14 days ago

Tengo la de Paul 94 en obras y la de gene 2012 en river !!!

Nathalie Mariot

15 days ago

KISS: Class of 2014 Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame. :p

Mother’s Day is Sunday, but don’t worry, Amazon Prime is here to help. Shop Now:

DebbieandTerrence Clark

15 days ago

Hernandez Lucci mira una uwu

George Siwy

16 days ago

hey to all guitarists
the first string from you is the thickest?
from godess view to

Diego Vasquez

16 days ago

Joe Demattia , buy a shirt.. i'll sign it...

#KISS Sighting: Diamond Ballroom in Oklahoma City. Thanks for sharing, Mike! #KISSARMYROCKS

Found KISS at Diamond Ballroom in Oklahoma City. - Mike McGrath
#KISS Families Rock! Thanks for sharing this moment with us, Eric!

KISS - Euphoria! My teen daughters in complete KISS glory at a show in Grand Rapids, MI during Freedom To Rock tour. Thank you Paul, Gene, Eric, & Tommy for giving me such a terrific moment to cherish forever. - Eric Alberty
#KISSTORY May 9, 2008 - #KISS kicked off massive Alive 35 European tour with a SOLD OUT show at König Pilsener Arena in Oberhausen, Germany. The KISS Alive 35 European Tour stopped in 30 cities, drawing over 500,000 fans!

Were you at a show on the tour?

Tracee Porter

16 days ago

My Favorite warlock.

Leticia Bonia

16 days ago

I was there oberhausen and Arrow rock Nijmegen .
But i see kiss in Utrecht hollsnd long time ago and in Arnhem holland

Christopher Bomani

16 days ago

why would you put up with half assS kiss kiss lol

#KISS Sighting: Paul Stanley banner at Heaven & Hell Festival in #Mexico. Thanks to Diana Thayer for sharing her photo with us. #KISSARMYROCKS! #KISSisEverywhere!

Riya Biswas

17 days ago

what an absolutely lovely gorgeous view!!! and the banner is not bad too

Gabi Papay-Ene

17 days ago

Does anyone know where to get that shirt at???

Jason Quickle

17 days ago

Tom Paul Stanley is on the phone

#KISSTORY - May 8, 2004 - #KISS opened their Rock The Nation Tour in Perth, Australia.

Did you catch a show on the tour?

Weathers Baker

17 days ago

Mansfield, MA. The start of Paul's vocal decline. Happy that Eric and Tommy were there and not the ones they replaced.

Georgiana Draganescu

17 days ago

Yep front row Perth, cold wet and windy night, Gene didn’t fly due to bad weather, but was a great show,drove home after the show, 440kms, this was us when we got home
Umm sorry can’t add pic

Michael H. Wright

17 days ago

Bought the CD of the concert. Awesome souvenir!

Just Announced! #GeneSimmons Portland Vault Experience with Special Guest #KISS guitarist #TommyThayer!
#KISSARMYROCKS! Thanks for sharing the medals with us, Irma! #KISSisEverywhere!

#KISS - Picture of the San Antonio fiesta medals 2018 😃💯 - Irma Sanchez

Jordan Moses

17 days ago

Can’t wait to se you in Beauce Québec this summer !!!!!!!!

Anagha Dharmarajan

17 days ago

Nobody really cares which one.

Werner Tschernko

17 days ago

Please come to Las Vegas!

#KISSARMYROCKS! Now that makes dinner time extra fun! We love the table, Maria!

KISS - Check out my new #KISS dining table 🤟😊 #rockandrollover - Maria Jyrkäs

J-j Miñoza

17 days ago

10k likes or emoticons 2,503 shares supposedly some hundreds comments this aint music its from an album yes I think Kiss sold out at this point i do like Fox, ankh Ace and Peter eric2 tommy have confused me to if i should like Ace and Peter one hundred percent yet i have a distaste for thayer, singer

Leeah Irizarry

18 days ago

when its time for dinner does your wife say_"calling"?

Mardi Honaker Berry

18 days ago

Diego Paiva, a próxima reunião da Rotta tem que ser nessa mesa. Temos que decidir quais músicas da Legião Urbana ainda tocaremos. 😂😂😂😞

Sweet treats for The Demon! Check out these wonderful #KISS cookies given to #GeneSimmons at the #Toronto Vault Experience. #KISSARMYROCKS!
#KISSARMYROCKS! What #KISS Vinyl do you have? Thanks for sharing these, Mickey!

I got some new (old) #KISS vinyl from Christina Ryan - so there’s at least that, then, for today. - Mickey Ryan

Jan Rigney

18 days ago

I want KISS cookies!

Ejaz Ahmed

19 days ago

I want to kiss this cookies 😍

Aleksandra Paduch

19 days ago

Erin Jean make these for mike.

#KISS Portugal Concert Commercial

KISS will rock Oeiras Municipal Stadium in Oeiras (Lisbon), Portugal on Tuesday, July 10th!

Thanks to Ângelo Costa for sharing the spot with us!


19 days ago

Tu peux venir quand tu veux avec ton veau et ton vault espèce de petit enculé de merde. Satan nique la mère des fils de putes.

Nicole Mastrangelo

19 days ago

Can someone explain me how the concert is dividev? Does the megadeth only open the exibition of Kiss?

Jasmin Kelly

19 days ago

4 shows in spain and 1 portugual Im sure these hemispheres stratusspheres will forget kiss......

#KISS Sighting: #GeneSimmons KISS display at Hard Rock Amsterdam. Thanks for sharing, Danil!

KISS -Cool back lit Gene Simmons Punisher Bass hanging in the Hard Rock in Amsterdam. - Danil Adamsky

Alfredo Castillo

19 days ago

Stefan Ehrenreich da seid ihr auch gewesen 🤗

Sharon Taylor

19 days ago

Sabrina Versteeg die weten we te hangen haha

Manuel Haro

19 days ago

Average 4 string bass blah.

#KISSKids Rock! We think we know which band. Happy birthday to your nephew, Rob!

My 6 year old nephew wanted his birthday party to be themed around a certain Rock band. Can anyone guess? - Rob Proffitt
#KISS FAN ART! Looks great! Thanks for sharing, Soné de Jager!#KISSARMYROCKS!

#KISS - Not only a pastry chef and cake artist, but also a painter.. my favourite painting from 2008 - Soné de Jager

โก๋ โอเพ่น

19 days ago

Feliz cumpleaños gato ..

Carolyn Hendricks

20 days ago


Angelina Perez

20 days ago

This kid has got awesome parents!!! Happy birthday dude!!!

#KISSTORY - May 4, 1990 - #KISS opened their Hot In The Shade Tour in Lubbock, Texas. KISS performed over 130 shows on the Tour, their last with Eric Carr.

Here's "I Want You" from the Detroit stop on the Hot In The Show Tour

Ellen Lovelady

20 days ago

Was on the local crew during the week of rehearsals in Lubbock. Greatest band ever!!!

Shannon Nicole

20 days ago

Should have been my first KISS concert in Saskatoon, Canada. Ads were in the paper and on radio, but it was cancelled a few days before tickets were supposed to go on sale due to Eric's illness.

Darren Kurtz

20 days ago

Seen them at 4 stops on this tour and met them in Allentown Pa ! This lineup was the best live and this tour had an amazing set list ! Great memories!!! Really can’t believe it was 28 years ago! Seems like yesterday !

NEW! #KISS Song title collection on Amazon. With Prime you get free 2-day shipping!

Thomas Forsgren

20 days ago

Need one that’s says “ you pulled the trigger on my love gun “

Lissy Oviedo

20 days ago


Heather McCoid

20 days ago

I was made for loving you baby ✌

TONIGHT! #GeneSimmons rocks Foellinger Outdoor Theatre in Fort Wayne, IN at 8:00 pm.

Akhil Nellimarla

21 days ago

The concert was great!

Kiss is a GLOBAL BEAUTY products company KISS that wants to put stanley and simmons out of business your not essential to the worlds survival.

Agus Permana

21 days ago

new music KISStanleySimmons performinglol

#KISS Demon #GeneSimmons cheesecake in Saint Charles, Illinois.

AT Maxwell

21 days ago

new music whats thiis

Matt Tucker

22 days ago

Cool c'est dommage de le manger

Brandi Belote Key

22 days ago

Very Celebrity Deathmatch

Fan-filmed clip of #GeneSimmons band performing #KISS' "I" last night at Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, IA.

Izaiah Garcia

21 days ago

I filmed him doing World Without Heroes that too. Pretty awesome to hear those songs

Christine Blachowske

22 days ago

Loved every minute of the show.

Jarod Hackenberg

22 days ago

This is better than Kiss. Deep cuts, good voices, hired guns who are who they are...

#PaulStanley at Wentworth Gallery on CNBC (Full Interview)

Mirko Trulli

21 days ago

44thnew music whats thiis

Bogdan Nikulin

22 days ago

as KISS approaches their 46th year as a band,i see that MORE than ever that they definatly need that breal from one another to venture out and do otheer things that may or may NOT be a KISS thing.this is a band that dont need to prove themselves with countless albums(ALTHOUGH IT WOULD BE NICE TO SEE ANOTHEER ALBUM OR TWO BEFORE THEY STOP).As GENE does his solo tour band and his VAULT tour, PAUL does his painting tour and his SOUL STATION band with fellow band mate, ERIC SINGER.KISS never will TRULY retire cause wheen the albums and world tours stop, KISS will STILL get together for special events and benefits. KISS is going beyond their 50th anniversary and they will not FULLY retire...i think the KISS KRUISES will continue every year until they get arthridus in their hands.. SORRY FOR THE BAD SPELLING......KISS RULES AND IT RULES WITH ALL 10 MEMBERS AND TO THOSE WHO DISAGREE.....KISS MY ASS AND😤

Anna Graham

22 days ago

Indeed, excellent interview and I like the painting as well ... hopefully I can go to a performance... thank you Paul... 💙

#KISS your way into Wednesday with KISS sodas at Rocket Fizz Rocket Fizz!

Ofentse Lesesa

22 days ago

We need the KISS tonic make a Cold Gin & tonic

Zishan Khan

23 days ago

I'd buy that for a dollar!!!

Hiroyuki Matusita

23 days ago

Does the store in Philadelphia have the cola with the "K" yet.

JUST ANNOUNCED: #GeneSimmons live Friday, September 21 at 8 p.m. at Turning Stone Resort Casino. Tickets on-sale today, May 2 at 10 a.m. at and the Turning Stone Box Office at 877.833.7469.

Vanessa Vanessa

22 days ago

Got to come to Connecticut

Lindo Makhanya

22 days ago

I wish I can see the whole band of kiss . It’s nothing against Gene Simon’s it’s a great guy but with out Paul Stanley and the rest of the guys it’s not the same

Carina Ojeda Flores

23 days ago

esta bien fea esas señora

#KISSTORY - May 1, 2010 #KISS opened their Sonic Boom Over Europe Tour in Sheffield, England.

Did you see a show on the tour?

MaRy MaKo Trantafullidou

24 days ago

Manchester, my first and so far only KISS gig. Hope I get to see them one more time before the "End of the Road"

Taufik Akim

23 days ago

Alison, the real Miles Kane’s first KISS concert.

Beniamino Baladeva Sulfaro

24 days ago

When are we going to get some new music? They have been touring on the old stuff for years. I'm bored with the set list.


Kethlande Kronk

24 days ago

El hecho de que a los pibes de hoy en dia no les agrade KISS demuestra lo muy mal que le va a la industria de la musica hoy en dia. AGUANTE KI⚡⚡

Fumiya Aizawa

24 days ago

All my children will come to love Kiss, and go see them in concert, regardless of the lineup

Kenrick John

24 days ago

Lol who's the guy rolling on his head?? LOL funny, some of their comments are hilarious LOL kids this was cute

#KISS will rock Oeiras Municipal Stadium in Oeiras (Lisbon), Portugal on Tuesday, July 10th!

Cindy Schoultz

24 days ago

Love KISS, love Portugal - dammit, I can't be there for the show.

Nayeli Aguilar

24 days ago

I'm gonna see you for the very first time! I'm already counting the days left! 😊

Vicente Ramos

24 days ago

Fantastic news!
Dont forget all songs and more popular #80Forever✌😜

#KISSARMYROCKS! Thanks to Margriet Buisman for sharing these Dutch #KISS Army members' photos with us!
Great Parenting! Sounds like a fun time - Stratman5150! #KISSARMYROCKS!

KISS - Listening to some classic #KISS vinyl w/ my 7 year old. - Stratman
SEVEN HUNDRED amazing people visited the Wentworth Gallery Short Hills NJ last night. Five hours later all that was left were picture hooks and sculpture stands. I THANK EACH OF YOU FOR OUR TIME TOGETHER! Wentworth Gallery, Atlanta Phipps Plaza is next! June 16th 5:00pm – 8:00pm - Paul

Patricia Vazquez Camacho

25 days ago

Eric de Boer waar ben jij😂😂

Lue Ann Whitten

25 days ago

Space Ace is at the Morrison hotel

David Wbd Hein Jr.

25 days ago

Kiss is it, period.

On the day in #KISSTORY - April 29, 2015 - Dave Grohl Presented #KISS with the prestigious ASCAP Founders Award at the 2015 ASCAP Pop Awards in Los Angeles.

Hugo Gimbert

a month ago

Gone to soon😪

Steve Brennan

a month ago

I felt like crying with his speech. We've all been there

Norma Madrigal

a month ago

did they deserve it

TODAY! #GeneSimmons Cleveland Vault Experience.

LaShana Davis

a month ago

Melina Gilbert you going?

Jenny Bates

a month ago

Rolf Sturm Sciolla

Laurene Stigliani Soper

a month ago

KISS: Class of 2014 Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame. :P

Paul Stanley Limited Edition #KISS Kruise VIII Commemorative Ibanez guitars are on sale now at

Becky Thibodeaux

a month ago

Steve Thompson I found your cruise

Danillo C. Souza

a month ago

Wow $3500 for a $900 guitar what a rip off . I know it's up to each individual how they spend their money but that's one big rip off .

Jessica Magalhães

a month ago

KISS: Class of 2014 Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame. :P

Happy Birthday Ace Frehley!
Latest #KISS cover: #GeneSimmons on new issue of Spain's LA HEAVY magazine. Thanks to Javier Rueda Moya for sharing the cover with us.

Михаил Шевстусев

a month ago

Ace you're getting BETTER every album! KISS lacks your 'SPARK' that made kiss UNIQUE! Hope it rocked like your new song!

Lara Maria

a month ago

Happy birthday Ace! You are the reason I bought a Les Paul Gibson and learn to play. Keep doing what you're doing!

Martina Passaro Arroyo

a month ago

Ive always loved that i share birthdays with an original (& always) KISS band member!! Happy birthday Ace.. & a happy 40th to me!!

#tbt #KISS 1979 #Dynasty
#KISS brings #KISSWORLD to the WiZink Center in Madrid, Spain on Sunday, July 8th!

Charles L Webber

a month ago

i got news for all you KISS haters i would like to see you to what they are still going on the have a KISS cruise and when it comes to the end which i hope that it doesn't but it will cause they made their money and more i heard that they are going to have a free concert and i would like to be there cause I'm a die hard KISS fan👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Semirah Muhammed Salau

a month ago

You can said what you want! But Dynastie Album give the powerfull power that the band need. They was colorfull, the music sound like a bit Disco, but the rock was this on them. The out stage fit was outrageous, don't ever blame them. In our live we always on the age try to find us...they try and for me , and only for me They was great and still on.. the costum and make up don't sing and don't play music, never forget!!!! Love you from french Canadien who try to fit with the age and the modern time

Omar Alvarado Estrada

a month ago

I've been reading the books by John Elder Robison, who says he designed Ace's flaming guitar back in 1977. Good reads, and great job finding him!

Latest #KISS magazine cover: Paul Stanley cover & feature story in latest The Aquarian Weekly.

Paul will be at Wentworth Gallery Short Hills, NJ this Saturday, April 28th, 2018 from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

Diego Perdomo

a month ago

What, gloves to paint, really? I never thought Paul would be afraid of getting a little paint on his hands.

Laurie Clarke

a month ago

Samuel Gravel Maxime Allard

Valerie Auntmama Cannon

a month ago

🌟 paint a 🌟 lol


#KISS - Got this beauty today. So much love for this album. Rediscovering it on vinyl here tonight. Cheers! - Terry Vere-Holloway

Nellie Luna Facio

a month ago

Although not one of their best, I had a soft spot for it. The whole 70s era bands (Sabbath, Zeppelin, Kiss, Stones, Queen) seemed to be going through a weird time, or had major lineup changes at all his time.

Beth Bergman Hatfield

a month ago

This was the begining of the end
I only liked Shandi the rest of it was pants. This was the tour I saw them on in England I just missed their 75 tour.why didn't they continue with the vibe of the tracks on side 4 of ALIVE 2☹

Courage Faith Strength

a month ago

It's my favorite KISS album... KISS-pop... the one I listen to the most of all of them... as with anything, some are gonna love, it some are not. This is the one where I love to surprise people that it is KISS...