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Thank you to all the Veterans!
This Veterans Day please join me in supporting @VeteransMatter, a not-for-profit helping to house veterans. Pledge any amount: text VETS to 41444 or donate at #Mission1000more

Vane Suazo

5 days ago

Proud to be born on this day

Stanley Uche

5 days ago

I think if there is a blue check mark next to their name, it is verified that it is legit..Maybe not HIM personally, but HIS organization

Chels Carasusan

5 days ago

Thank you. My brother is a veteran with PTSD I am glad there are places like this around.😍

Veteran's Day weekend sale on all Red, White and Blue items.Visit

Jena Buehre

7 days ago

I gotta get your attention this way it sucks

Mariana Oliveira

7 days ago

Not able to make your show tonight but I gave my ticket to my daughter and my wife and her sister and her son are going me I'm going to jack cancer up amen I believe

Ana Caroline Ferrassa

7 days ago

Sorry wasn't able to finish my orher response. Another tour that has come to an end. All healthy and safely home. What a blessing to receive for all your entourage. A time to rest , re-group, re-aquaint yourself with Kid Rock's favorite things.

Khaliq Bryant

22 days ago

Love them guy's....thanks for introducing them to me on CTM #8. Been going to shows all ove since then. Proud to call them my friends❤ Please bring them to Punta Cana????

Pernilla Smedberg

23 days ago

I saw them when they opened for Skynard. Lead vocalist came out and hung with the audience. An amzing sound. His vocals are off the charts. I knew then theyd make it. Thanks Kid you sure can recognize what thousands saw that night under the summer stars in Holmdale NJ. Kid for Senate

Lee Kandanes Bendel

23 days ago

I like their unique sound, very soulful and bluesy.... Is that even a word😳....I 'll go with it..haha... soulful, bluesy....good stuff🤗

Big thanks to the legendary John Schneider for coming out to the Fish Fry on Saturday and hosting the Hood Slide Competition.
Don’t miss him on Dancing With The Stars tonight!
Show your support and vote him through to the finals!
Direct link is
You Can Vote up to 11 times

Natalie Willes

a month ago


Firer Marshall Bill

a month ago

I got to see him do this hood slide, he still got it all the way around!!!

Terry Knouff

a month ago

Kid let’s see you on dancing with the stars ⭐️ then I might watch more !!

Don’t miss out on living the rockstar lifestyle with me at the all-inclusive Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana for Kid Rock's Chillin' the Most Flyin’ High Island Jam! Registration ends TODAY to get the 1st chance to book during the Pre-sale

Sanjit Roy

2 months ago

Looking so forward to chill THE most for the 8th time with the K I D and mo fo’s!

Neil Runge

2 months ago

Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it to your white supremacy party 😒. 🖕 kid rock

I hope I get on this trip this year! Still can’t wait for the fish fry coming up in a few days!!! ROCK ON Kid Rock😎🤘🔥🎸🎶🎣🐠🤪‼️

God bless the bandit!!

Yaakov Sharon

2 months ago

My Condolences to the family and friends.May God give peace and comfort to all his family and friends close to him. We loved you. You made me laugh alot. RIP Bandit!!!

Gerard Sarinas

2 months ago

Getting old kinda sucks but it's still better than the alternative. Live the best life you can you only get one chance.

Jason Mwande's

2 months ago

Just got thru watching "Smokie and the Bandit". After 41 years its still a Great movie. Jackie Gleason at his best !

RIP Jason Hairston

Will always cherish my time hunting in Texas with Jason and his Kuiu crew.Gonna miss your smile and friendship buddy.
My condolences to his family.

Rock on Jason, Rock on.

-Kid Rock

Donna Hudson-Scott

2 months ago

I don’t know if this is a sign that I contact you. I lost a special childhood friend a couple of days ago. Such a wonderful and gifted writer. She sent me some song lyrics and had you in mind to read them and possibly record . I live in White Lake Mi. If this is something you would and honor her request

Katia Glam Salomoni

2 months ago

Rest in Eternal Peace 🙏

Zoi Se Sas Bob, sorry for your loss

BillieandBob Simpson

2 months ago

The Texas outdoors is the best when you’re with the best. Rip JH

Jacksonville Love!

Shelby Lawler

2 months ago

Shout out from Cincinnati!! Saw u in Detroit in September of 2017 now will be seeing you this Saturday in cincinnati!! Best damn show ever!! Were front and center again and can not wait!! This 1,000 was well worth it as it was last time as well!! Ppl think were crazy but hard to come across real music at this point especially with meaning!!

Jorge Luis Contreras Leal

2 months ago

I'm a Jacksonville girl! Skynyrd is sacred here. We love our hometown boys. To have Kid Rock there, helping our boys say goodbye, was AMAZING! Kid Rock was on stage when they made us all leave our seats due to lightning, I thought that would be it, that Kid was done...he came back and finished his set, and totally rocked! Thank you!

Tina Tian

2 months ago

Still my favorite concert. I was blown away and walked away with an entirely different respect for him. He isnt just a singer he is a show within the show.

Release Date Sept 21st!

To Pre-order... Click below!
Another musical hero gone.

Thank-you Ed King.

Thank you for your one of, if not the, the greatest guitar progressions ever written.

-Kid Rock.

Lynyrd Skynyrd

Scott Harden

3 months ago

Well Kid Rock my husband & I planned our vacation around your concert at Sturgis.. We arrived in South Dakota a day before your concert did some sight seeing its a beautiful state, btw did I mention I'm from Galveston Island. We spent the day walking around checking out vendors at Sturgis we had never been before it was awesome.. As the day went on & we waited for 10:30 that evening with much excitement to see you again we became ill could not figure out what the hell was going on, well we both had altitude sickness very bad so bad that I landed in the ER with a serious headache & dehydration damn the luck we only was able to stay for the opening of the concert & the first song.. I'm still upset with my self... We both are devoted fans as well as half the world, hope you come back to the Houston Rodeo,, or for a concert down our way... We love you Kid Rock keep it real as you always do & Roll on Roller Coaster... Gods Bless...:)

Lindsay Allen

3 months ago

Hay Kid I was going to see you in Missouri but I am unable to get tickets. Have a great show love you Kid

Nofar Tzur

3 months ago

Why?? Greatest hits are for when your careers over, hopefully dead. Why do this? Kid been hanging around with Kiss or something? The selection is shit too.... Why couldn't it just be a live DVD like everyone been wanting for years? Instead this, cheap cash in between album's... lame.

"Oregon… I Missed You Too!”-Kid Rock

Roll on over to Instagram @KidRock for more pics from the show.

Jayne Mountford

3 months ago

Dude, amazing show. Thank you so much for coming, you have always been on that country/rock border and now country is catching up to you. Born free is one of my favorite songs, and really shows your country music side. If you ever get offered to come back to the willamette country music fest, please do. Your love for this nation and our troops is as big and bigger than most country artists these days. Thank you again for the amazing show and blessing us vets with the only thank you of the weekend.....COME BACK SOON

Josiah Gibson

3 months ago

You effing killed it!!!! You had Brownsville so Amped! 3rd time seeing you and always a kick ass show! Much love and cant wait to see you rock again!

Dominik Dvořák

3 months ago

Just something I wanted to say:
I enjoy your music and am always open minded. BUT you posing on the cross was just a bit disrespectful. I may have been buzzed up but it really made me sad! 😇🙏 Just a comment from a fan.

“It was 20 years ago today!!”

Devil Without a Cause was released on this day 20 years ago! Holy Shit!!

What a ride it has been!

To all the fans, THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU!

To all the critics still talking shit…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Thinking back about all the crazy times we had promoting that album whilst still in rock n roll boot camp, packed into an old RV with a Uhaul trailer making laps around the country, and especially all of the great memory’s with Joe C!!!

“20 years now, where’d they go? 20 years now, I don’t know…Sometimes I wonder, where they’ve gone."

Looking forward to starting the west coast run tonight in Auburn, WA!

Kid “Paw-Paw" Rock

PS: “I’m goin' platinum!!"

Thomas Barnhouse

3 months ago

Kid Rock,

I went to your concert in auburn the other day and it was so far the best f**kin concert I’ve ever been to lately. You put on hella good concerts! It was a great experience. Thank you for coming to Washington!!

Sheila Wilson

3 months ago

Bad Ass concert at the White River Amphitheater last night! My fiance and I had awesome seats, row 13! We went for our birthdays!!!!! Thank you for the music a d all the feels of the lyrics and your heart felt kindness and caring for the working man, our military etc. Thanks for being an American BadAss Kiiiiid ROCK ROCK!

Hani Louis

3 months ago

You were great last night! Drove 3 hours with my son to see you. Still love you brother!!! Won't ever miss you when you come around. I may have pissed you off when you went after Penn. I hope you understand like I do after seeing you again that we're all brothers and sisters we love our country. I hope you see this but more importantly I hope you feel it. Love you Bob!

I will forever cherish my time spent with Aretha. Her grace, dignity and SOUL was a force this world will never forget! My favorite memory will always be performing with her and her son Teddy at Radio City Music Hall. The producer that day came up to me before rehearsals and said Aretha told him, “I like Kid Rock but I am not gonna be up on this stage with him if he is gonna use those curse words, I am a woman of the church!!” Of course I know she was, I did not, and I thought it was a wonderful performance of my favorite song by her “Rock Steady” - and it always brings a smile to my face when I think about it. God bless you Aretha, condolences to Teddy, the rest of your family and all your fans all over the world. Kid Rock

Hannah Nalder

3 months ago

My repect goes out to kid rock. His tribute says it all. Kid Rock you said it all.RIP Ms Aretha your music will live on will your faith. Kid my hearts thought and prayers. Are with you her friends family and fans. Prayers .lifted.

Letty Marak Nokrek

3 months ago

My ole time favorites. R E S P E C T and that Rock Steady performance!!!
Aretha, you will be missed , but never forgotten.

Margaret Williams

3 months ago

Very well said Kid... Elvis Presley died on this same day in 1977... The King and Queen of music exits this life on the same day !!! ❤🙏

Sending lots of love and prayers for Aretha. Truly a woman god has his hands on. All of my RESPECT - forever. Kid Rock

Nobert Aleti

3 months ago

Most of us old school people grew up with Motown music. Detroit Michigan has produced a lot of singer's. Aretha Franklin will be remembered for Respect.

Jonathan Kinney

3 months ago

You got a kind heart Rock. Always thinking of others. No wonder your so cool. Not only do you write awesome songs you also know what to say when someone is bad shape God speed✌🏻❤️

Diego Arana Mesa

3 months ago

I seen her last night on TV while watching the Blues Brothers, She was singing the 1967 song respect , God bless you Aretha Franklin and your loved ones.

Anna Thomford

3 months ago

Standing behind the American Badass can't never be shot down or be touched you will always be#1 in my book Robert james

Petergay Collins

3 months ago

🇺🇸🎼💗I LOVE U And This Song Reminds..Me Of My Marie auncles One Wounded 3Times Vietnam😥at 18 yrs old Survied later passed on at 40 Massive 💗Attack Real Solider.🇺🇸

Abigail Shrope

3 months ago

U wouldn't think it was funny if u had to wash fully clothed in the river at a popular swimming hole....u can't just take them off to dry them!

God Bless Saturday

Gianni Carlucci

3 months ago

Old 55 year old fat chick in Bangor absolutely LOOOOVVED every second of the show. Thank you. How was Judy's?

Timothy Ltizo Fortuin

3 months ago

Went to the "GREATEST MOTHERFUCKING SHOW ON EARTH" Friday August 3rd in Bagor Maine !!!! What an amazing show, thank you!!!!

Cyril Fromont

3 months ago

Just saw this..How does Sunday grab you?

Robert Napier Le-Coeur

3 months ago

Hey I ordered a "00" Fucks given jersey. Send it back for a new size. Still a year later have not gotten it back. I'm a Michigan girl and I have moved recently so will probley never receive it. That sucks!! I've spent a lot of money going to your shows and buying your stuff. I Still love your music. Rock On Kid!

Alfred Kellner

3 months ago

Fucking awesome show last night in Bangor, ME. It was hotter than balls but as usual-you fucking rocked it!! Couldn't have asked for better for my daughter's first concert!!!

Aleksys Bartlett

3 months ago

He goes in his house and puts on this button up shirt with little tiny red solo cups on. So small they looked like polka dots for my birthday. Probs cuz he heard me listening to that solo cup song.

Nikolaj Filippov

3 months ago

Your a good man Kid Rock you done a lot of good i think the big man will for give you,,,lol let you slide right on in,,

Susan Dibley

3 months ago

Love to have a drink with you!! Hot, sexy, yeah! ❤️❤️ This is how I get rid of stress when nothing else works!! Finished off the Jack Daniels first! Lol!

Valeria Simoncelli

3 months ago

Now we have one of those jokes that we can still laugh about in b4 I bout my ex glasses and he said "look at those sheep" (they were bails of hay) lmfao "did u poop today"?

Kicking off the Red Blooded Rock ‘n’ Roll Redneck Extravaganza tour:

Izzeldin Addarda

3 months ago

Middle school rocks bob . Boy comes out of the bathroom you gotta come see my turd man...drags his mom into the bathroom.

Tadeo De la Rosa

3 months ago

Bob has asked us to quit asking him if he pooped today or he's gonna start posting pics of his dump on instagram Matthew Shafer lmfao I triple dog dare him to! 😂

Ernestina Enriquez Vargas

4 months ago

dear sir, on friday in Gilford my cousin Carol Whitcomb Barton will be front row center, with her son Kenny Barton, she won the tickets at work, her husband Jerry Barton, Marine veteran passed 5 years ago on friday from cancer, Kenny Barton his son just beat his own battle with cancer, friday is the anniversary of his passing, they are beyond excited as one of your songs has special meaning in the passing, just thought you should know, Thanks for ALL you've done for this country! Kid Rock for President!

Best Night Ever

Mohibur Rahman

4 months ago

We I looked for you everywhere tonight in Bangor Maine!!! I NEVER get out!! I will be helping number the seats tomorrow for the show and then I will be out and about in Bangor looking for you. I hope you are out in Bangor Maine looking for us!


4 months ago

I’ve never been to a concert but if I every got the chance, it would be to see Kid Rock!! Love his music!

Ňy Tõükii

4 months ago

I'm trying to find out when the next Kid Rock Cruise is coming up and where it's going when I can get tickets?💜❤💙💛

The Simpsons

Amanda Estrada

4 months ago

Jesus, para que estudar teologia se Deus é anor se o mel é Deus quem é fiel

Bj Jasmin

4 months ago

Things are getting worse please don't turn on me

Arturo Bojorquez Castro

4 months ago

You really want pa pa bad huh LMAO morning 🌟❤️🖕

Are you scared?

Chenelia Rhodes

4 months ago

Hell no, let's ride out, you ever in Woodbury I would like for you to come by love to party with you just one time, hell yeah with the kid

Joshua D Kittles

4 months ago

Actually you look like a time traveler in ...that roadster...just sayin. I got the submission form for the show today... haven't filled it out. Just sitting here...I can't move.. I am scared..that they are going to just take it...

Angelina Ganzeboom

4 months ago

To be scared is a state of mind that passes. We all fear something, it’s how you deal with the fear that counts.

Side car on my glide, so Joe C can ride.

Betty Blanco

4 months ago

Dude you've had crabs b4 #gross we catch them from the ocean and eat them if we're clean Jim Bailey 😹

Jessica Armenta

4 months ago

That was so kid of you to take JC under your wing and made this so wonderful. Thanks JC for stopping in for a visit we've all been Blessed by your presents RIP n Thank You Bobby for taking us there 💔 live by example thank you so much. God Bless

Charisse Delgado

4 months ago

Ya know why would some one go see someone in concert like you when I gave you no reason to now they broke my back you destroyed my life and if you compare my looks to hers there's a real big difference didn't think you were ever the type guy to do this to ME! HOPE YOU LOSE YOUR ASS ON THIS ONE

Phumzile Majozi

4 months ago

Showed Nadia and she said NO I will send ya a photo of our painting extravaganza. granny had to send her one day to playcare I screwed up somewhere..and logged a 369...I adore the American Badass... work at what I asked please. We don't let each other down no matter what. wondering if ya made it in that place in my heart friend LONG AGO ;)

Hazel Ford

4 months ago

Bobby is just one of the most talented guys out there. His voice is ridiculous, his lyrics are BAM, and he's found a sound that blends so many styles that you can't help but LOVE his albums!! Never heard of him until a friend in Korea was zinging out some tunes next door in our military dorms. Fell in love with his music back in 2001 and has been my absolute favorite since then. Until then, my favorites were little bands like Boston, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, KISS, and some others most people never heard of (sarcasm obviously). Everything rock from the 70s, 80s, and a little of the 90s, but just don't like current stuff until Kid Rock. Gotta give huge shout out to his buddy Uncle Kracker as well!! Everyone else can keep their Katy Perry, Boy Bands, Beyonce, and all this weak hip hop. Kinda looking forward to his kid knocking out some charts as well.

Kemajl Ramic

4 months ago

Looked great then,,,looking great now!! Thank you for all the great music you've given us KidRock. Thank you for all you do for your country and our servicemen. Keep on plugging away with what you're doing for Detroit. God Bless you and keep you always out of harm's way!


Kaitlin Welch Friedmann

4 months ago

When is he coming back home to clarkston or Detroit? We are dew a special concert like a fish fry or something like that!!!! KID ROCK KID ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monik Ivanovik

4 months ago

I am ready for you to be back in Oklahoma or at least close! Just been 5 months since the last time I saw you but I am needing to see you again!

Linda Ke

4 months ago

He will be in Indy I believe on my 50th Bday this year 9/21 an im for sure gonna get up there😉😜 Just Love Me Some KIDDD ROCK😘 always playin my cds in the car!!! You are the Man😉😘 just saw him here in KY this year!!!

Leonel Palacios Reyes

4 months ago

Please never stop writing Kid, with TP gone, your one of only a few that has that magic and ability to structure a gem👍🏻💙🇺🇸

Enzo Marci

4 months ago

Hey man......are you going to record one of my songs off Outlaw Gospel.... that's what I heard...... Did Noel Haggard play it for you ...I'll be at your next show in Dallas.... Jimmy Lyle Kennimer come on Peckerwood. Just listen I got your campaign song on it! Remember Billy Joe & Waylon!

Ashok Pandhre

4 months ago

think boys round here started saying to they new wives when they couldn't come home !

Jodii Lee

4 months ago

Only if youre playing your old school stuff from devil with out a cause to id say..rock and roll jesus after that nooope trash

SP Johnson

4 months ago

Laura hall Hamilton sorry 😐 to see a an angry 😡 . You appear to be a sweet looking girl. It’s not Kid Rocks music that I had an issue with. I love ❤️ his music as I’m sure you do. It was his statement that I felt was uncalled for & arrogant & I’m not afraid to speak my mind. If you offended I’m sorry I to am offended at your offense so now neither of us are happy 😊 are we. That being said most people do find me to be fun to get along with. I suspect that you would be a lot of fun to & we might just get along. Ok then love ❤️ & hugs 🤗 for you party 🎊 on girl. 😊

Adriano Nobile

4 months ago

If this was from the Jones County Fair in Iowa, then it likely needed to be said. For whatever reason, no matter who is singing, the folks on the track will not shut up. I will no longer go and stand on the track anymore because the din from people talking is so loud. Eric Church, Blake Shelton, a previous Kid Rock show, it doesn't seem to matter the folks who go to Jones County have not been taught manners or they choose to disrespect their raising. In a different time, a few years ago, my Dad would have removed us if we talked when the music played and I'm not talking about singing along, that was always encouraged. Respect needs to be with you wherever you go!

Ronald Hartmann

4 months ago

hi shoud of came with u and hank in texas 1979 tex city tex gave u a cig.on side of road yeah and my preg. kefa.a but name was.ketha its wasent mine she thout i was rich some day have a nice day

Donna Parsons Bennett

4 months ago

Yea great photo American bad ass but is that a scooter lol you seem you would be on a four wheeler or dirt bike is all

Cosmin Sandu

4 months ago

We Rock magnums. Semi auto. Kid is the greatest ever in his genre. Always will be. DEVIL WITHOUT A CAUSE he went platinum.

Jon Deets

4 months ago

does he not have a right to an opinion?? He keeps it out of his concerts... he is person, with a right to express his opinion. Can't wait till he comes to Bangor Maine!!!!! :) sorry if any one is offended (not really) love kid Kid Rock!!!!!! Go man!!

Ivana Prp

4 months ago

cant wait for you to come to cali next month - i am so excited and you are going to a red county not doing LA which is great because LA doesn't deserve to see you - make those who care ... drive to see you!!!

Dina Feliz

4 months ago

Musicwise, I'm iffy about ya nowadays. Since it doesn't feel the same as Devil Without a cause or Bawataba.. Politics wise, I'm not even gonna say anything. Since, whatever I'd say won't change your mind and vice versa.

Sun's out...

Alan Darling

4 months ago

I am sure BOB had Tim and Faiths cell phone numbers . don't think he gets into other peoples BIZ unless undisputed FACTs are presented then maybe. IDK?

Hafizh Maulana Zayyan

4 months ago

Where ya at Rock. Where ya at. My wife and I just pulled into Nashville, wish you were around.
Stay true, stay real

Jacqueline Wilson Palma

4 months ago

This happened :) so I thought I would share with all you lovely people, as I am absolutely delighted with it!!!

Who's coming out to 🤘this weekend? Tickets:

Joy Lynch

4 months ago

If and when you finally come to Alaska, you can guarantee I'll be there. Until then, I just can't afford both a concert ticket and a plane ticket to get to the concert.

Gloria Ramirez

4 months ago

I am coming out in 2 days to a sold out show in Monticello IA ;) been counting down since January I can't wait ;) ;)

Cathy Watson

4 months ago

Canada please . Edmonton Alberta to be precise
PLEASE SIR . I would love to take my son before all the good ones are gone

Agustin Rinaldi Pasini

4 months ago

Bobby...can't wait for the show in Minnesota...wanna go fishing? How bout going out and checking bear baits(season opens beginning of September) hell we could just hang out shoot stuff! Your choice!

Jason Mair

4 months ago

Love your music Kid but like Ted Nugent we are on opposite ends of the political spectrum. But you know what? That's okay because we are Americans & we have Freedom of Speech along with Freedom of Choice. America is where we can be free on wherever we are politically. I respect you flying the flag in everyone's faces while I choose not to & don't advertise myself. I've done my duty & served my country for almost 25 years. I'm Retired Army & a Disabled Veteran. People here say you don't like Socialists but we are already here. Every single Veteran who uses VA services is a Socialist & we don't care. Social Security & Medicare are also Social government run programs. American Socialism is not bad. When it becomes Communism then we got issues lol. Rock on Kid Rock.

Nakagawa Tubasa

4 months ago

The Democrats are trying to repeat the past

Fan art 👍

Flor Herrera

4 months ago

Nice there all pretty imaginative ... But you know dang well I do this every day so I'm not in this one sorry babe I love you more than air. Morning 🌟

Dung Nguyễn Đoàn

4 months ago

I can't believe y'all left me here like this. Twice last summer they did it. I'm too fucking old for this shit Bob!

Jürgen Reichertz

4 months ago

Great job in the art to who ever did this

Her'nash Draxler Krg

4 months ago

My parents had dementia. U get pissed off for no reason n sound insane. N I would just make my mom have to laugh and smile then she would give me n angry look pinch her lips together n go sit down.

James Patrick Pingol

4 months ago

Just don’t die ok. N don’t let anyone who isn’t worth it steal another moment of however long is left if the rest of ur life.

Victoria Musenge

4 months ago

I have contacted 2x from ppl the were people not Americans. I asked him was ur sister was, & he said Jill. They I ask how old is JR & the youngest. He immediately. Hung up. I hate this rally kid rock. Can u make me fell better & write few lines, this my be good combo. The name of “The new south. And the last wanted

Maria Castro

4 months ago

U R Awesome! As long as we are ubove ground ,battles are fought whether,worldly,personally or political and spiritually. We fight!

Melissa Hagen

4 months ago

Courage give you strong mind and believe

Renae Thomas Morehead

4 months ago

Have the courage to resist Trump.

Dino Honyghan

4 months ago

This was the worse the presale ever! Why have a membership If the public can get VIP packages the same time as fanclub? Everyone had the same code which causes issues as well. Many long time fans were not able to get tickets for the first time.

Maria Velasco

4 months ago

All proceeds to the Trump Organization?

Ju Lii Go

4 months ago

I would love to have you on my line.


Jet Ortega

4 months ago

I wonder what it’s like to be tested nice with no ulterior motive. I know it was about hiring me for u but I think some people besides me must actually treat people nice. I can’t possibly be the only truly nice person on earth. By the way u suck ass 😔

Marques de Sade

4 months ago

Looks like your a little bored Kid. Why not come up to ROCKFEST in Cadott, WI this week? Or CountryJam in Eau Claire, WI next week?

Raina Thomas

4 months ago

Oh my gosh that's not what you were really saying at all your a jack ass !!! I'll see you soon babe love you !!!

VIP tickets on sale now! All tickets on sale Friday. More info:

Daniel Layton

4 months ago

Are there VIP tickets left. I'm in a small town with crappy internet. I would love to do this for my big 40 birthday. That is actually in August but are tickets for both days

Julia Covelli

4 months ago

Lawn tickets can mingle .smoke around...and your still a fan you dont hsve to have a VIP ticket..though I tried whole pay room for a night and lawn tickets are priceless to me.

Misty Stanley Edwards

4 months ago

Got mine.....not one for complaining but I've been to all 3 previous and it's shocking how much prices go up on everything each year. For example the first year VIP was 150.00.

Just Announced: Kid Rock's 4th Annual Fish Fry on Oct 5th and 6th at The Woods at Fontanel! More info:

Sergey Kyrlytsya

4 months ago

Decker Beard Shane Lyman if you were going to hit Nashville in October this would be the weekend....

Don Navarro

4 months ago

After an hour of TICKETMASTER issues once again we were finally able to get good seats, our 3rd consecutive fish fry!

Prince Roy

4 months ago

Why can you only purchase separate tickets for the two individual days, instead of a ticket package for both days? If I go it would be for both days. Shouldn't have to purchase two tickets. I'm too old, I'd probably lose one. lol 😉

My name’s Cucci, Cucci Galore

DeMario Mcdow

4 months ago

He can put on a great concert. I wish he’d come back to West Virginia, but I can’t see that happening 😪

Sammirah Gascon Juarez

4 months ago

I'm really not your fan but my mom likes his music

Aga Fran

4 months ago

Everybody wanna make it with a playmate,
Everybody wanna drive trough the front gate,
In a jet black Lamborghini,
Leapord print fur line,

Your new favorite hat just arrived! + Spend $45 and get Free Shipping in the official store:

Bernd Walter

4 months ago

Are all your products made in the USA?

Tim Percifield

4 months ago

The Hat is $15 Bucks.. Read the Details

Zita Tari

4 months ago

I still have that unworn Kid Rock for Senate hat!

Jonathan Nilsson

4 months ago

Have had those by my bed for years!! Still....NO Bobby!! Trying Jim Beam and cigars this year y'all!! 😂😂😂

Rosa Criollo

4 months ago

Kisses luv happy forth your little sister need to remove or replace certain ones not safe personalities! Understand boo!

Jeannie Litton

4 months ago

you could come and guard the new bridge they just laid the black top we dont want amish wagon wheels going over it when its soft or state regulations is they will have to tear it all up and relay it...just fireworks though guns won't be I have off brand whiskey but you can taste and can say this is swill...and I will respond OH WHATEVA...I seen you take oh shutup good get points if I can say OH SHUTUP BOB..without the after ass beatin...

USO Tour 2007

Dzidula ChorDs

4 months ago

Man I'm so proud of Kid Rock he has come so far. thanks for all that you have done and keep doing. You are awesome.

Boris Bähni

4 months ago

Any chance that Kid Rock could please come to Tennessee to help my fraternity raise money for the USO, too? We want to make a difference, and coincidentally the USO is our partnering philanthropy. (Also any up votes to get this noticed would be much appreciated.)

Diana Otero Ancajima

4 months ago

I'm sure the troops appreciate his efforts and support. As well as everyone else who participates in these tours

it was june of didn't focus on your own you helped a old sqwau out remember...your a f*cken GIVER sometimes...things are happening here. I be there though as blemished as I am if you needed me to be there. know tonight someone needed me just to listen and I did.

Raquel Gilbuela

5 months ago

That’s obviously true, but with our country in it’s current state, we ALL have an obligation to focus on OTHERS. How did you get here? To the U. S.? I personally know that my great grandparents came on the Mayflower. So I am an immigrant. As we ALL are. Stop aligning yourself with him, PLEASE. You are better than that.

Brittani Hatch

5 months ago

Let's ride the great winds of changes

Raise your hand if you're a badass

Tomas Espejel Gutierrez

5 months ago

Well where can I start I started thinking and then started drinking I guess I've been there done this done that I haven't learned a damn thing good morning by the way

Maria Ines Mercado

5 months ago

Meow meow milk the cow 👏❤️😍*rolls eyes, puts on heels and a maid outfit n speaks with a french accent* "oui master" u know the rest and it's a real way to live life everyday! Why get married again if I can't play n have fun until death do we part?

Matteo Bucciol

5 months ago

Why would I want another baby Bob? Like serious I spent my 20's being the perfect mom, wife, friend and designated driver...responsibility was so strong and stressful I just wanna relax and play with a husband and call him baby!

Alexis Luna

5 months ago

Whats that song... You aint ever met a mf quite like me.. ! And it aint cocky unless you can back it up! ❤

Luis Davila

5 months ago

If you missed Germanfest in Fort Wayne, you missed one hell of s good time! Food was awesome, beer was great, music and traditional dances fun!

Viviane Tanizaki

5 months ago

Kid needs yo money. Donate you little gangstas.

You get what you put in and people get what they deserve.

Alex Kakoma

5 months ago

Still I ain't seen mine, no I ain't seen mine, people get what they put in and people get what they deserve. A good song as a young Kid Rock knew before most, a humble man, even now! I often wonder, myself though do we get what we deserve......? Some things that occur seem much too difficult for the heart to take. Bless Kid, me and the rest of us Lord as we travel the road of life✝️ Amen

LeaAnn Johnson

5 months ago

Life is equal parts hard work, luck, and perseverance. That ye may be the children of your. Father which is in heaven: for he maketh. his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.

Caleb Beede

5 months ago

I would personally like to invite you to deerastic classic in Cambridge Ohio first weekend in August. It's an outdoor event, no one under the age of 18. Best part is that the money that this education center does for kids who don't have a guidance or the money to learn to fish, hunt archery. I love it for the kids. You must really check it out. It's amazing. About 500 kids benefit from these events. Only God knows why.

All summer long...

Tom Stienstra

5 months ago

Traverse City/Interlochen in 2 weeks doing the same thing on Duck Lake. Catching perch from the dock etc....

John Monsolino

5 months ago

Try barefoot skiing, start off slalom gently move your back foot out, gently push your heal in water, then step out with other foot !!!! Not kidding, after your feet are bruised!💞

Lillian Cornette

5 months ago

I used to love to water ski till i broke my back. Ive had 4 back fusions since. But i still love the water and boating. :) great pic Bobby!

Qsn Ög Flěx

5 months ago

Some people are so begging..wanting something free using people to get something for nothing..
Try giving away things that you love to someone that desperately needs will feel better about who you are..
Do you really love?
Do you really need?
.......Peace Out..🤘

Thomas Malone

5 months ago

I like it!
I actually would love that(KidRock) beer..cover!
I may just have me one made..or order of they are avail
And a jersey
For our Bonfire nights

Nicolas Bighetti de Flogny

5 months ago

Got anything in a V Neck for me? I like the charcoal bundle and I wouldn't mind a Sweet Southern Sugar Tee. I would rock that shirt! Girls like V neck Tees Kid! Make it happen! JS....hint hint!

#TBT Esquire

Nadia Butt

5 months ago

Just be ok Robby. Life isn't fun for all people. It's a difficult thing place to exist for some more then others. We just keep trucking on. ✌️

Austin Delap

5 months ago

Oh my Lord, help me. When I first glanced at this post I thought it was a mug shot or quite possibly a monster! Then I saw a familiar look in those eyes. Yep that's the Rock, my favorite celebrity, song writer, singer, entertainer, man of integrity and humility. I care, yes I do, I care. Deborah Jean

Jessica Patrick

5 months ago

Awe you’ve been seeing her for how long n u need to hint hunt lions to find excitement? Awe bruh live happily ever after ur sooo cute’

You can add that to my checklist ☑️

Steph Smith

5 months ago

My advice is: every time you start thinking you want another baby get a puppy! That will change your mind real quick and remember u can put a puppy in a cage when u need to. If you do that with a child you will get arrested. 😂

Ruslanas Sum

5 months ago

Being a wife is fun...u getta sneak outta bed to bake something and make coffee then be a 🍓alarm clock. *sigh*

Daniel Chaston

5 months ago

Awe your not a low life … your just livin' life and hopefully lovin' every minute of it, that's what it's all about . Shine on