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No, you're not

Jo Bertuzzi

4 hours ago

This was before I became such a big fan of your Music. I hated you in this Movie😂. My Nece is Married to Jamie Presleys Couisn from Kinston NC. Looking back I dont know how I could've ever hated you lol.

Zuzanna Poturalska

4 hours ago

There is one line that I have blocked out of my mind that he says because he's wrong.....Def Leppard doesn't suck!!!!

You’re awesome, Rock, but, you know I gotta do this:

HEY! You’re talking to my guy all wrong! It’s the wrong tone! Do it again, I’ll stab you in the face with a soldering iron!

Before anyone freaks, I quoted Christopher Walken! It’s in the movie!

So I poured one more, and went home drunk again

Bavani Red

4 hours ago

Please, i am look for information on how to get my sister in law to meet Kid Rock. She is 48 and has 9% kidney function, she can no longer have Dialysis so we are trying to fill her bucket list. First on the list is Kid Rock. We managed to get her a box set for Raleigh North Carolina Sept 1st event. All she wants to do is tell him high and how his music has help her through all the hours of setting through dialysis. How can we help or make this happen i can prove this is not a hoax this is not a joke she does not have long and i will do anything to fill her list. Please someone help with information.

Rosales Martinez

4 hours ago

I wish you were at Jamboree In The Hills again this year. That would be amazing with Brantly Gilbert Gretchen Wilson and Travis Tritt!!!

Hahaha!yep,you'll find her one day,,,,you too busy anyway!!focus on songs,about the one that got away,haha ha,
Just Kiddin ,kid,..take a shot,'ll be fine,like a cool
glass of. Wine,take time.....

Like if you're crazy

Friday Hakuri

2 days ago

You got to be crazy to live in this crazy world that we are praying for hoping to find love and peace drop all the hatred that killing the races all of it love it Rock on

John Garza

2 days ago

3 ticket stubs same day 3 different yrs ( I tell everyone it's gonna be our wedding day someday ) January 29, 2006, 2008 & 2011.
8 of the 9 chillin the most cruises, 1 Indy 500,
2 rock on the range...
3 riverbend,
1 Columbus (opened for rolling stones),
1 Taft theater. I have so many t shirts, shorts, a throw blanket, bandanas, hats key chains, beach bags, coolers, bathing suit tops, several pictures people have drawn of him for me, Xmas bulbs spell kid rock on my 🌲.. A friend has me listed in her phone as kid rocks ol' lady. This all added up clearly makes me kid rock crazy.

Mike West

3 days ago

Like nobody's business!! If I had an opportunity or an invite to literally meet you and hug you, I would be more than ecstatic!!!!!!

Ride at night cause I sleep all day

Kimberly Soberalski

4 days ago

Yo kid let me know when coming to Iowa. I will drive you around and nobody will know it is you. Lol. Take care

River Monkeyy

4 days ago

Rest & stay healthy everyone. In the line of work you all do it's very important. Traveling & performing can be very exhausting, not to mention the crowds of adoring fans wanting autographs. God be with you all. Kid Rock & Robert James & Bobby Ritchie & Keith Graves & Jimmie Bones & Herschel Boone & Stacy Michelle & Shannon Curfman & Kelly Mckenzie & Crystal Schaefer

Stoney Je Getta

5 days ago

On all social media platforms, if it doesn’t have a verified blue check mark, then it’s an imposter.

Randy Roesel

6 days ago

Yall wanna hear some funny shit ... My ex used to get upset when I'd turn on kid rock an once told me no woman wants to hear this shit an I believed her until I got on FB one day an decided to follow kid rock ... Boy was I surprised to find out kid rock has an insane amount of female fans

Serghie Paul

6 days ago

Bobby i love that you did it all your way the record companies didnt know what to do ..ha ya ..

Jose Camarena

6 days ago

I am 66 years old and I love Kid Rocks music. I would love to see one of his shows in person. He’s such a patriot.

Kentucky Derby

Hector Zavala

7 days ago

Good man right there! A good friend of mine helped keep u safe Bob while you enjoyed the Ky. derby. #millionairesroll
Hope you had a great time in the "ville". Can't wait til u come back to the yum center. #greatestfuckinshowonearth💪

Dora Gillmer

8 days ago

I no longer like kid rock , he faked a campaign to run for political office to promote his album, I feel like he is just another celebrity who is trying to take advantage of a crisis to help himself ,, he is a good musician but I feel he what he did was not right

Tammy Marks

8 days ago

Let's guess love horses like i do they getting fed don't ya just love the way there all ways there for ya win ya need them so eat you little bitches at's the way they love me maybe your licks better than I'm

Debbie Smith Gundel

8 days ago

U can get a lot of stalkers being a good barista in case you were wondering. They fall in love and follow you around like a lost puppy🤷🏻‍♀️I try not to talk to to many people. 😬

Bokamoso Thato Tue

8 days ago

U know those ball sets that they sell for stress and thinking that you roll around in your hand? That’s what husbands are for 🤷🏻‍♀️plus they have a shoulder to put ur head on.

Emerson Brysa Bruno

8 days ago

I would never want silicone boobs 😏that was the point wasn’t it....keeping it real and molding what’s there into what’s desired?*shrug*

Marta Ciechanowicz

9 days ago

So many ideas for this pic:
-deep in thought
-a moment in prayer
-working through the lyrics
-time to pause

Martin Kasper

9 days ago

You're the man Kid Rock Let's jump on the Harley Davidson riding in the wind I got one waiting for you when you get to Owensboro take care of Brother by

Ness Hsn

9 days ago

Have been a fan for a long time wish the grandma could afford a ticket yo his show coming up in October in Florida. Last one I went to was his birthday one in Detroit my daughter brought me to still have the .40 hoodie not bad got a 70++++ grandma

JUST ANNOUNCED: Kid Rock at FivePoint Amphitheatre in Irvine, CA Aug. 22nd and Darien Lake Theme Park in Buffalo, NY on Sept. 28th. Tickets on sale Friday.

Mkamba Chow

11 days ago

Where is my presale code? I'm going to miss out, dammit!

Christian Ulcuango

11 days ago

Well there wentt my next question guess i have to wait and see if he comes this way. Ibe heard of he plays here out west we're lucky to get him here. Lord knows its warm here!

Damyan Magnoroby

11 days ago

Tell every to never talk to me again! I told U i was having a bad day yet they still blocked me from my private diary! I hate you all!!'

Ten out of ten baby you’re perfect

Briana Vieira

11 days ago

I wasn’t home schooled Robby. I grew up in a big city. I just didn’t have tons of friends they called me square Trash. I didn’t get invited to parties even though I hung with the smokers because I didn’t use drugs and the smokers were the only ones that would hang out with me....the rich kids were snobby. I helped my friends with their homework and made them food when their parents didn’t leave anything in the kitchen at their houses for them to eat (their parents used drugs) what do I care if anyone liked me? I read like 5-20 books a week sitting all by myself drawing, writing poetry, listening to music or playing my violin. I’m totally used to being alone.

Cyn Reynolds

11 days ago

You are my Johnny Cash. Listen to your music daily to get through this harsh world! You wrote the songs that brings meaning back to the USA just wish peoole would really listen to the words so we could be a stronger nation with respect to ALL!!

Carla Jamell

11 days ago

That is fun....couching surfing has a different meaning when u have a husband😹grind until it goes soft and falls out then meow as u lick up the mess. 😋it’s fun! I want a husband that likes letting me have fun✌️

Now through 5/13: spend $50 and get a free Sweet Southern Sugar poster. Shop now:

Laura Suess

13 days ago

Don’t act like that’s slutty😏we learned to do that in high school parenting class so we could sneak it into the boys and not get pregnant again.

Mariella Perez

13 days ago

U want these? There are 3 they came free with my order. I ain’t gonna use them and in general I wouldn’t buy lubed condoms anyway as they taste gross when i put them on my husband with my mouth 😏

Lauren R Gering

13 days ago

Does the poster come signed by kid rock

New phone, who's this?

Christian Salazar Marin

14 days ago

I love your music and so did my brother When he died suddenly we played Cold and Empty at his funeral.That was just one of his favorites. I love it when you sing straight songs with out all those dirty words.Could you write more.Thank you so much.

Ian Warren

14 days ago

No Dan you don't hv a clue about Bobby aka kidrock he is so talented and so much more.his tickets are cheap damn what's wrong with u man

No Te Olvido

14 days ago

lol good luck with that I just got a cell phone a month or so ago for a road trip back east,I should have learned how to work the GPS first,but so thankful a really kind very busy on his phone gentleman helped me out, I think God had his hand in that <3 <3 <3 that gentleman was right & I did get lost I rushed off cause I was afraid he would get hit by a car in the road trying to help me,Love to Thank him

Marleni Escobar

17 days ago

I freaking love you! Ive been to so many shows, and its always my greatest night of the summer! I think you are more than talented, your music has gotten me through some bad times! I even have my 9 yearold in love with your music! Trying to get tickets for Chicago this summer! Keep Rockin

Kita Goree

17 days ago

Love your music! Wish I could hear it forever....not my case...loosing my hearing I get older due to hyredatery factors...hearing aide not helping much as time is ....really wish you would play Dayton last time before I go completely deaf

Tanner Husted

17 days ago

To Kid Rock, my name is Robert, I'm in the mountains of Colorado, Colorado Springs if you're a veteran don't come here! I am a veteran number on early discharge veteran disabled veteran, they don't have much handicap parking here, I've had my right foot the two toes amputated so it hurts to walk but that's all you do here is walk or drive everything is 5 to 10 miles away and you can't get any body to help you with fuel or food. Or shelter I went to the Salvation Army when they denied me shelter and food because they said I'm disabled and I couldn't climb up to the second bunk, which I said that I could client and I'm not going to fall they said well it's our liability insurance if you do fall so we're not taking that chance you need to hit the road or will call the police on you. I know Jesus has a plan for you, here's a picture of my invention it's patent and so none of you punks can copy it without infringing on my patent. Live to ride ride to live was my modo. I like your song cocky the unrated version. I went to a Shell station and tried to use the bathroom in Colorado Springs and the night manager told me no. I take care of my macaw, his name is Tuki. He's a majestic creature. He's smarter than a dog and he's Miy traveling companion. I've been here 5 months now. I love all creatures but people are mean and nasty. Some are nice. But I'm a homeless veteran trying to make it home with no funds, I make sure all my friend and companion Tuki has food and water and his cage is always clean. You rock Kid Rock. I have a PO Box in Fort Collins Colorado, 273 208 zip code 80527 good night.

Shut up if you ain't

Júnior Escobar

21 days ago

Shutup i haven't even said nuttin yet...great gonna go to the drivein..who and hoo...EXECUTIVE MANS CLASS FER U...go seriously i could hide in the backrow and shoot spitwads at the brim of your hat..oh the fun I would have...see its the little things that give me the most pleasure...both roads that lead to kitty meow are closed now they are working on both bridges at the same time...poor Mr kidrockerage...looks like yer STOPERAGE.. kitty go meow meow...UGH...

María Calizan

22 days ago

It looks like haters be hating! And you all know that you wish you were like Kid Rock! You ain’t never met a Mother $$$$er quite like me! ❤️

Mica Barrios

22 days ago

I read everyone’s comments.., there are some misguided and misunderstood people in this world! However if you don’t like Kid Rock??? Why you on his page??? No need for spurring evil!!!! Just saying!!!!’

Hanging with Gary Player at the Bass Pro Shops Legends of Golf Celebrity Shootout

Katelyn Hopper

23 days ago

WAnna know what made the stalking the worst? When I told Pat what my favorite thing would be in my preference for my next husband....letting me just u know do the tt rub suck thing if he’s not busy just cuz we passed in the hallway n if I made it hard would he use it *shrug* problem I’m not interested in being like that with random dudes just with a husband or it’s gross 😏
🍓’s cuz we passed in the hall? Idk I’m sad that I’m gonna be alone and it’s sort of a crime against nature for someone like me to give fun stuff up so completely but tis what it tis

Tammy Camp O'Connell

23 days ago

U do realize that I’m not gonna play footsie with the military men even though I asked the hospital that hurt me to spend the money they owed me in the lawsuit on giving this tech to military men and women so they could stay close with their spouses while deployed.
(I met this girl from high school at the reunion in 07’ who had had that bariatric surgery so had gotten skinny who was cheating on her husband who was deployed...she had a loneliness excuse but it seemed more to me like she was being disloyal and enjoying skinny girl attractiveness then needing the could she😔)

Alex Axel MacGregor

23 days ago

I wonder how practical it would be to put a helicopter landing pad in a cruise ship😏guess it depends on who wants to come and go as the cruise is so close to the airport strips 🤔

Lucica Hotca

25 days ago

I think the FBI is listening but they told me years ago they would not peep on me in the potty 😏cops didn't have that much integrity

Rosa Pesantez

25 days ago

I wish Kid Rock read these, I have been a fan, but not thrilled with his last few albums. I want him to rock more and be less country (or just change his name to Kid Country :) although the moniker "Kid" has been outgrown). The last album I liked was Rock & Roll Jesus.

Kathy Grady Ragins

a month ago

Kid rock I’m coming to see you on Saturday, September 15.
I just want to tell YOU THANK YOU helped save my
In 2011 my brother Captain Peter Tice
Killed him self he came home from Iraq in 2009..
And suffered so much so much that he took his own life... he killed him self for January 7 of 2011
Just when I was trying to figure out what happened our mother got a headache on April 25 and April 29th I took her off life support so she could go be with Peter... then I had a nervous break down. I didn’t want to live ...but I did wanna die either ...I just didn’t know how to live without them.
Up until that point I had purchased every CD that you ever released.
I think you are so talented and such an amazing entertainer.
I have always loved your music which is kind of odd specially early music because I’m really a country
There’s just something about you that I’ve always loved..
In January 2012 my daughter gave me your born free CD.
I was so sad I didn’t even want to watch TV or listen to music I didn’t even leave my house for months at a time.
Your CD set on my dresser for a couple months.
I had to take a day trip in my car so I grabbed your CD...
Your voice is so calming... I put the CD in and started to drive.
The song
When it rains....
I feel like you wrote that just for me. Every verse was exactly how I was feeling.
I must’ve listened to that song 100 times that day.
And I started to feel the music again and I started to dance.... and for the first time in a long time
I could feel the sun on my face and the wind in my hair.
And I knew I was going to be OK.
I know that Peter and my mother would want me to find a level of happiness.. and I think I have..
I’m living again...I’m back at work ....I’m going to your concert ...I’m living

Thank you kid rock your music has helped me so much..

Well the only thing I’m hoping for is that maybe during the concert some your sweat will hit me because that’s how close I’m going to be to you...

Cheers to the weekend.

Diana Gamisonia

a month ago

Cheers to you Mr. Kid Rock!! Have a drink for me. This is actually a very good photo of you. Love the look. Enjoy your rockin' weekend and I will enjoy my workin' weekend. I have a drink in the midnight hours.

Didier Basque

a month ago

Me too.. i Work hard .... every.. f.. day.... To reach the week and.... but why.... monday comes sooner then the next Friday.. loll.,.. pfffff.., so what... that's life i guess..xx .. have a great week end .. xx i know i'll do the best of it..

Kamil Krzaczek

a month ago

You needed to be in the country at our bonfire... Birthday party, moonshine and horse shoes, Waylon, Kid and even some old Elvis ... Its still "on" at the farm. Wish you where here 😘💕

Cincinnati! Don’t miss The Red Blooded Rock N Roll Redneck Extravaganza Tour coming your way, Sept. 8 at Riverbend Music Center. Tickets on sale May 4.

Sheryl Elaine Mick

a month ago

I love kid rock I will be there🍻👏🏻😘

Tytti Haaga

a month ago

I'd go. I'm from Cincinnati & may not live near there anymore but I wud love to see him again. Ive met him here backstage yrs back I wrked security & got his autograph & a hug & we talked. Nice down to earth. Not just cuz gotten to meet him but cud tell he was genuine I may be 7 hrs away for where he will be but can make it point to go see him in concert

Mado Magdelene

a month ago

Love you Kid Rock...cant wait to see in October!!!! TAMPA READY TO PARTY

#TBT Studio

Lorena Montenegro de Brienzo

a month ago

I really need to stay in the Mansion in october at fish fry 4.. But i can't find any info.. Someone help

Metance Serigala

a month ago

I WONDER if he's aware of his naturally charisma just pouring from his soul and looks so freakin natural at his art and other talents!!! LOVE THIS PIC! @kidrock Grass@ameicanbadassbeer

Jessica Crane

a month ago

Omg that man is tbe sexiet man alive thats his era about his pants at least his whole ass isnt exsposed i love him spo dont ever bash his style again Kid Rock is the shiznit

Jody Hunter Leavitt

a month ago

His finger isn’t on the trigger. You can clearly see the inside of his forefinger in the pic which if he had it on the trigger you would see the back of it. I wear readers and even I can see that.

Kira Scullark

a month ago

What the hell are you doing with a gun on a plane??Even if you're stupid I still love your music and you're not that bad looking

Michelle Palma

a month ago

Oh wow what's the big deal so he has a gun you have to have one just about everyone owns one now js Love Kid Roke!!!!

Don't give a damn what the world thinks of me

Indra Jaya

a month ago

I hear ya Kid however!!!!

Don't let this distract you from the the fact that in 1966, Al Bundy scored four touchdowns in a single game while playing for the Polk High School Panthers in the 1966 city championship game versus Andrew Johnson High School, including the game-winning touchdown in the final seconds against his old nemesis, Bubba "Spare Tire" Dixon.

Sharon Disador

a month ago

Took my 16 year old son to your concert in Phoenix was his first concert it was amazing during your senate speach were you were talking about single moms and dead beat dads he looked at me and gave me a big ass hug I been a single dad for 11 years his mom has had no contact yes dead beat moms are out there to. you touched something in my son with your words thank you so much that was one of the most rememberble moments of my life

Oronde Ronnell

a month ago

Well I admire you.Youve come a long way.Both personally and professionally. I love the Humanitarian in you.And your fame and money has not gone to your head.
And the fact that your sexy as hell is a bonus.My daughter and I went out and bought T-shirts that say FOAD.We had them made.
So Mr.Rock keep doing what you do best.
Love always

God bless 🙏

AnnMarie Hongach

a month ago

americans under paid heres a hint buy some healthy food and stop eating all that junk and u will have more money but yeah i actually do agree some people have billions and billions of dollars just sitting in accounts gaining interest

Tina Gray

a month ago

Underpaid,worked in health field and that s underpaid!
U can always learn bout not getting paid...eventually gonna have to raze hell!

Alejandra Rybarczyk

a month ago

Under what payed. You give money away but when some one Wonts to sell you something that make you money you say f that but you give money to women never no returned

Daniel Kaseumsouk

a month ago

Oh my man can jump so high !! I love Kid Rock!! He has got so much talent and yet still so humble, always will be my fav❤

Irma Martinez Rodriguez

a month ago

Would like to see you when you come to New Hampshire but damn the prices start at over 100 and go up to almost 350. The cheap ones are considered lawn ( meaning way back and if you are short tough)!! Will be there if I win the lottery.. !!

Yanique Nedrick

a month ago

Get High? Dude it's 420, quit playing that shit off like it's about your height in jumping...... Do it Cheech and Chong Style Hoss... You know thats how we are rolling tonight and what we are rolling up.... So, I am Twisting, smokin, trying to free my mind..... 420 bitches.!!!!.....

Excited to be headed back to Big Cedar Lodge / Top of The Rock to tee it up for "The Legends of Golf Shootout" and defend my and Jack Nicklaus’ title! (Yes that is still very surreal to me as a crappy golfer!) Thank you to Bass Pro Shops, and Johnny and John Paul Morris for having me again. One of my favorite spots to visit in the world! If you have not been, you should put it on your bucket list!

-Kid Rock

Cindy Hayes Clement

a month ago

Thanks for all your performances, n awesome music.. My bucket list is filled with meeting you kid Rock.. God bless n keep you.. Love ya💜💜

Buhle Khoza

a month ago

Hmm I think I like golf all of a sudden 😒 I said AMEN...

AF Tesoro Cosinas

a month ago

The thought of seeing Kid Rock GOLFING makes me laugh. 🤟🏻 Kid Rock Rules!

JUST ANNOUNCED: Lynyrd Skynyrd, Kid Rock and Jason Aldean will co-headline a day of music and fun on Sunday, Sept. 2 at EverBank Field in Jacksonville, Fla. as part of Lynyrd Skynyrd ‘s Last of the Street Survivors tour. Tickets on-sale 4/30/.

Nicole Mccullough

a month ago

Why, why..Jason Aldean???..that just Sucked all the Cool, Skynyrd and kid rock will Always be cool...but , COME ON NOW, Jaon Aldean,, ??? Really.??🌻🌺🌹💮🌸🌸

Robert Rodrigues

a month ago

Please bring this to Ohio, Kentucky, or Indiana please i want to see this bad really bad this is the perfect 3 people and band to play together Kidrock

Julia Manning

a month ago

If Jason Aldean plays first then I might think about going only to arrive late after his performance. Or let him perform last so we can all empty the venue after the real artists perform.

No kiddin', gun slingin', spurs hittin' the floor.

Monica Proença

a month ago

Gorgeous...saw him in Charlotte, and have tickets for Raleigh. Fantastic shows every time. Love me some Kid Rock.

Clint Walker

a month ago

I wanna come to see the Sturgus South Dakota concert ! I think it’s the closest to me 😳 whewwww I know what’s it’s like there just traveling 90 that week lol

Oyinz Pante Imperial

a month ago

The most down to earth real man rocking.Keeps the prices down so fans can come see him in these outrageous priced days! Plus he puts on a great show !!

Baby you've got to lay it on me

Chris DeSilvia

a month ago

Does it feel weird to you that thousands of strangers know what u ate for dinner, where you walked to the park and what kind of freak sex you’ve been having? I’ve given completely up on privacy. So I say Robby/Kid rock so they don’t think I’m playing with Robert the Trimet cop🤷🏻‍♀️locals what r u gonna do? He’s a nice cop though. He cried when he talked to me last summer

Bradden Ford

a month ago

You know it's funny how every time kid rock comes to town there are no tickets left. He is good. Love him. But tired of scalpers jacking prices 3 x the original. It sucks. When we went to Detroit it didn't happen. So why is it ok in st louis ?

Agnes Andrasi-Pinter

a month ago


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Attending meetings and keep minutes
Receiving and screening phone calls and redirecting them when appropriate. DM me now for info ..

God Bless our Troops. USO

Rachel Bochantin

a month ago

The red stands for blood blue stands for the veins it flows through and the white symbolizes purity God please bless our troops and America 🇺🇸❤️🙏👍💙USO is there only if you care.

Phyo Lone

a month ago

Did u watch that one porno with that girl who was crawling towards five different men? She should have been meowing instead of crying. I don’t think they are doing it right 🤔😂🤷🏻‍♀️😿


a month ago

I don't support serial killing personally. I hope they abandon they're murderous ways. But seriously great job evolving our enemies and leaving our children worse enemies to fight. I'm sure that helped a lot of people. You antibacterial soap

Happy Friday the 13th. It's bad luck to wait to buy your Kid Rock tickets: Brantley Gilbert Wheeler Walker, Jr.

Amaya Darby

a month ago

I was born on Friday the 13th.di

Mario Venancio Sitoe

a month ago

I bought mine for August 24th, 10th row excited for my 4th Kid Rock concert

Tammy G Skelton

a month ago

Im sure it will be a night to remember

We're on a boat motherfucker!! Miami sail-away show. Kid Rock's Chillin' the Most Cruise

Sid Neighbours

a month ago

Fucken weather is beautiful now enjoy the cruise people

Marcos Zaracho

a month ago

Would love your support for Raft Off 2018! Trying to take title from Kentucky's 2010 win. Can I get some help from Michigans favorite Rocker? Call me Kid! We would be honored to have your backing!

Yu Yoshiwaka

a month ago

Dude, when it's that size, it's called a ship, not a boat. Hope you decide to do a tour stop in Birmingham.

TOMORROW Kid Rock's Chillin' the Most Cruise

Jar Jarecki Rem

a month ago

Would love to spend the day just cruisin with u guys. I hope you guys have a great cruise. Keeping it Real ......

Nunu Samuel

2 months ago

Have fun everyone,enjoy. Hey kid, smash it like you always do cowboy.will catch up with you one day .luv ya. Flying high.xx

Artur Netto Souza

2 months ago

Kid rock you owe me a camping trip in tents , not your rv lol

Congratulations to Kid Rock on his induction into the WWE WWE Network Celebrity Hall of Fame this weekend during #WrestleMania.Dedicated to Joe C.

Rossella Dolcini

a month ago

Congrats Bobbie!! U work hard, you deserve everything. But I'm so mad that I can't make your cruise. Fell down my basement steps. I'm all messed up. Dont want to miss it.

Enrique Jarrin

2 months ago

He deserves it all , he’s amazing and genuine. I’ll always be a fan , I can’t get enough of his music only thing I play in my car .

April Spencer

2 months ago

Nothing this man can't do!!! Kid Rock is the Shit!!!! One of a kind, He's in a league of his own

2 days until we sail to Redneck Paradise Kid Rock's Chillin' the Most Cruise

Fanii Novoa Cazarez

2 months ago


Emil Mathieu

2 months ago

There is a fake Robert Ritchie commenting on this thread. It is not the real Kid Rock! Report his profile to Facebook!

Jim Fulton

2 months ago

Would love to go on one of those cruises,love to meet you Robert James Ritchie aka Kid rock. Your gonna have to do a show over here in england&I,'ll be the first in line. Keep rockin cowboy,&flying high.xx

Hitting the high seas in 3 days! Kid Rock's Chillin' the Most Cruise

Schoolboy Abuchok

2 months ago

Just took a spring high ride in my Chevy cranking some kid rock LAY IT ON ME like a bang gong,,,phew peeps heard you ...

Gabriel Carvalho

2 months ago

Brandi Baros next year lets roll!!!!!!!!!! Omg how fun!

Drake Rousseau

2 months ago

Oh one day me Grandma gonna make this one

JUST ANNOUNCED: Red Blooded Rock n Roll Redneck Extravaganza Tour 2018. See all dates:

Avni Sulajmani

2 months ago

If you’ve never seen kid rock you’re missing out!!! And I’ve seen Brantley 5 times. He never disappoints. So I can only imagine the show this will be!!! Lort I needa go!!

Brendan Bassett

2 months ago

So grateful Kid Rock is coming to Auburn WA. I was wanting to see him Brownsville OR because that was the closest to me and I was trying to figure out how that would happen for me. Now that he’s coming to Washington I’m pretty sure I can make it happen. Thanks for coming to my State 😄💕💕💕 Love You

Ayumi Peloghitis

2 months ago

I’ve seen him 4 times and I have to admit he puts on one of the best freakin shows. He’s super talented (for those of you commenting on him Not being a True Rocker) I’ve seen oringjnal Van Halen, Aerosmith 10 xs, Skynyrd, Metallica, Rush, AC/DC, Guns n Roses, with Axel, Neil young, Bowie, n I can go on n on...... Kid can stand right up there with the best of them. Completely talented, plays every instrument during concerts, awesome lighting, sound quality top notch, he is Great on stage and I believe a humble man as well.... he can be cocky all he wants, he’s worked for it...... can’t wait to go again!!!!!!! The Kid kicks ass!!!!!

Earlene Edds McCool Craft

2 months ago

I joined a vent club titled "Kid Rock vent club" today. I did more hyperventilating than venting after seeing this picture. My Lord Almighty. Do not let me close enough to smell you! Heaven forbid it... Deborah Jean

Yugoslavia Zepeda

2 months ago

Yeah, Yeah, ok, I won’t tell if you won’t tell, but still, I wouldn’t mind being caught up in between that guy there...and that guy over there, or shit, somewhere in between? I mean, how bad could it be honestly...can you imagine being stuck between a Rock and a Rock? I don’t know, (wouldn’t know, would I?) But it sounds like a win-win. Maybe I should quit, and I’ll get a HEADset and talk to myself. C size for ultimate battery & operation instructions (include me)🤘🏼🙏🤞🏽

Carl Hufton-Straw

2 months ago

Wait till you see this beatiful photo of elvis. I dont know anything about it or the artist but i know that you should have it

1 WEEK Motherfuckers!!! Kid Rock's Chillin' the Most Cruise

Jamell Clark

2 months ago

Have love Robert James Ritchie since the spiked hair and grits sandwiches. I'm now 71 and still love him. Guess I'll never be lucky enough to see him perform so I'll be content to love him from afar..GOD BLESS💗

I’ll make it next year, already been to two impeccable, fly ass concerts of this beautiful man..since September. Gonna get rich swiftly so I can party with the crew that just don’t stop

Dairo Garcia Garcia

2 months ago

Im ur forever and biggest fan in Modesto, your so fuckin hot someday we will rock the boat. Be safe and look after my future hubby😉

Who knew the Kid would be
Everything from old George Jones to Jay-Z

Renee Larson

2 months ago

I did know you are able but leave out Jz he is a Spirit cooking freak . Plus I truly do not get it in my opinion neither him or Beyonce are talented. Seriously just don't see it

Him-Chan Oh

2 months ago

never mind my age, but if were taking numbers, 15 MILLION SOLD MOTHERFUCKERSSSSSS! they say im cocky and i say whattttt

Tabita Hayato

2 months ago

Oh kids alittle bit of everything !! ❣️💯🦅our all American Badass to Lovin Jesus with Bocephus ❣️my favorite artist !

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Gary Tucker

2 months ago

Robert send me a free one for running on page .1125 12ave so nashville tn 37203.

Miguel Angel Pino Oliveros

2 months ago

Please do not use Ted Nugent as your opening act at your concerts

Give back to him what he gives to you he gives it his all kudos to Bobby AKA Kid Rock

Shane Begay

2 months ago

Well. You did it again Bobbie. Great song, lifts my spirits and makes me feel like I want more. Remember my name. Denise Wright. We will meet one day. Till then keep on rockin us.

Deidre Marie

2 months ago

There are 3 singers in history that have crossed over music from many different genres, Country, Rock, Rap & Blues... They are Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and Kid Rock!

Salome Plaza

2 months ago

I have waited YEARS for him to be close enough that we could afford to see him. When I found out he is going to be performing 20 miles from my home I told my husband I would be COMPLETELY happy "giving up" any and all birthday, Christmas, Valentine's day, 1st anniversary presents and our "real honeymoon" ( my husband's term not mine, we were going to go New Orleans or a cruise) for tickets. With trying to save to buy a house and him needing VIP tickets (he is a disabled combat veteran) I didn't think we would be able to go. But he surprised me with VIP tickets for Valentine's Day!! To say I am thankful and BEYOND words excited is an understatement! Can't WAIT till August!! I am one HAPPY sammich maker!! *does a HAPPY dance and shakes her booty*

2 WEEKS Kid Rock's Chillin' the Most Cruise

Oronde Ronnell

2 months ago

Who dont Love KID ROCK. He's The Best of the Best EVER

Malena Ubidia

2 months ago

Looking good KID ROCK But you always look good

Masashi Sano

2 months ago

That’s one cruise I would Love to go on..Have fun! You and the #TwistedBrownBand deserve a break! Safe travels #KidRock and don’t Rock the boat to much😍

Nicolò Attardi

2 months ago

In 2006 I went to his concert and had to have the shirt with dreadlocks. I ran all over Excel Center. But been to many more concerts all have been wonderful and fun. My Daycare kids ran around singing I want be Cowboy baby!! Love the music then and Love the music now.

Megan Million

2 months ago

I miss my Kid Rock! I wonder if any of the one's that messaged me were actually the real Kid Rock !?!

Bridgette Gilmore

2 months ago

Love Love Love this!! Saw you in Baltimore!! There was a guy that was a dead ringer for you. Luckily I have friends with me or I would have given him a ride for his money....LOL

Detroit Red Wings

Margarita Naranjo Arenas

2 months ago

Red wings? Ugh. I work 10 minutes from Sharks stadium. If only my friends would catch a hockey game with me.

Judy Daniels

2 months ago

Kid..Bobby. I am from Rockport, Tx the town that was directly hit by hurricane Harvey. Our house sustained 61,000 in damages. My insurance policy is not covering it all and her dead beat dad walked our on me n our10yr old daughter leaving me to deal with this. My daughter, Zadianne listens to your music with me and we both Love it! She at this time is so heartbroken that she can't eat, sleep, consintrait , focus and doesn't even want to go to school. I am begging if you could in some way contact directly by either thru Facebook or my mail: Adrianne and Zadianne McBurney, 1162 Hickory Ave,. Rockport, Tx 78382 or by phone call: 1-361-790-2863. I know this seems a little drastic but I am willing to try and make my daughter happy even if it's only for a few minutes but I know this will make her heart feel as though somebody cares and understand what she's feeling. I am not on welfare but am disabled due to mental abuse from that dead beat!Please in some way respond and help me make this little Angel experience a once in a lifetime miracle!!Also would I be able to apply towards your foundation for help? I hope you understand our sadness. Please make us happy.."for just one hour"...from one of your songs. Our secret saying is "You can't buy cool' Help save my daughter!!!With much respect and love to you and your music...I will await your response..Thank you..

Maggie Mumbi

2 months ago

The Best thing about the Kid is he is 1000% American made and He Love's Our Country!! and Yes he is Good looking sexy and I wouldn't change one thing about him Except he needs to hang out with me more!!!!Oh shit gotta love it!!!! Keep the long hair!!!

If you can't see my heart you must be blind.

Omar AL-Bar

2 months ago

Bad ass show in Phoenix last night. Thank you for your continued support of great music, our country, God, our service men and woman and standing up for what is right. Your support of the Young Marines last night was wonderful. It was truly an amazing show, so glad I got to see The Greatest Show On Earth last night. ❤

Ewdokya Anna Pycroft

2 months ago

Thanks for the "pose" and standing still for one moment during last night's show 😃 I tried to resist taking too many pics and video, just enjoy the show, but it is all so Damn good!

Rowan Wiles

2 months ago

During the hardest darkest days, your music literally saved my life.I mean that.when I couldn't hear anything or anyone I heard your music.Ty, MUCH LOVE ,Bobby Ritchie/Kid Rock

Michah Mithun Saha

2 months ago

I'm the J-O-E to the C ho
Call me Joe C got more game than Coleco
I'm a freak ho call me sick
Three foot nine with a ten foot dick
The ladies pick, I'm a crazy hick
And rake through kind like a bum through wine
It's my time so I'm gonna shine like glass
Old as piss, but small as ass
Watch me cash smoke some hash
You're raking grass while I'm raking cash
High-ass voice just like Aaron Neville
And I'm down with The Devil

Patrice Mitchell

2 months ago

There's a place in🇫🇷 France, where the naked ladies dance..... Lol 🎼🎹🎶 there's a hole in the wall....🤑😬where we can see it all... 💃🦄

Sabien Declercq

2 months ago

R.I.P. Joe C. I was very bummed when you played Bogarts in Ohio in 99 because Joe wasn't there. You announced he was sick. He didn't make it long after. At least he got a taste before he left. You gave him that. That's why you ROCK!

The American Rock and Roll Tour is heading into its final nights!! We want to thank EVERYONE who has come out to rock with us and can’t wait to see the next few!! Denver is in the books, now into Phoenix and Vegas! The shows and crowds have been better than ever! Thank you to fans old and new! #kidrock #americanrocknroll (photo by @phiercephoto 📸)

Seeing double at last year's Fish Fry. Madame Tussauds Nashville

Abraham Hernandez

2 months ago

I tell you what when you come back to Nashville and after the show you'll probably go to tootsies and uptown if I catch you up there I tell you what I'm not going to seduce the hell out of you I am really going to do my best and if I can't do it I'll get my sister to so buy one of us we got to get you it's a date LOL

Joyce Hocog

2 months ago

Come on baby let's roll on roll on roller coaster and then I tell you why I like to ride a cowboy baby and I like to play with you and hadn't seen the sunshine in three damn days you know I'm not kidding he he he he

You like to play pranks right? Find a live double and prank the hell out of people!!! Im a drinker at heart but cant cuz I manage my Type 2 Diabetes by a strick diet but I'd pass out!! Cuz there is only 1 of you and seeing 2 would put me on the ground!!!!

Doin what we do!! #Repost @yelawolf ・・・ On Bobs private jet .. pistols , beer bottles .. no problem. This is fuckin @kidrock were talkin bout !! .. thank you brother for showin us an amazing time
Watch the official video for American Rock N Roll:

Gina Garcia

2 months ago

Miss u in Michigan Detriot City THE HOME OF ROCK&ROLL has Bob Seger says

Linda Cornock

2 months ago

Im the queen of nothing at all .

Mickeyann Faith

2 months ago

Saw him on 3/9 at the Prudential Center in Newark NJ.....It Was Awesome!!!!!

Stars and stripes.

Celia Hernandez

2 months ago

You rocked my face off once again. Thanks for always bringing it Bawitaba to Chicago- and waving back to me! Can’t wait to chill THE most.

Nubia Estephani Castellanos Juárez

2 months ago

Yes Kid you do Rock !!!!!!!! ❤ 💙💛💙💛💙💛💙💛
Michigan Rockers are Real about our Music !!!. 💕💕

Alex Alejandro Cedeño

2 months ago

Would love to see one of your shows! You rockin’ it as usual!! Where’s Jesse James been?? I don’t see much of him??

HAPPY ST. PADDY’s DAY!! This is a LepROCKun! Here’s to everyone celebrating today wether you’re Irish or not!! ☘️ #kidrock #stpatricksday