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Matheus Pereira

4 minutes ago

Great pic. These guys knew what rock n roll was.

Tharindu Jayasinghe

4 minutes ago

I'm fuckin glad your not broken ...hope to see you in Montreal Quebec 🙂

Jason Lucas

4 minutes ago

Handful of grease in my hair feels right...

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Aye Myat Soe

2 hours ago

❤ add e Với

Jonathan Friesen

2 hours ago

Wow u look great!

Alli Murphy

2 hours ago

Hey sexy ms.Tiffany Evans do needs a real man to hold you down.......

Melissa D Brown Revelle

2 hours ago


🇩🇴🇩🇴 de a pura sepa

Chinedu Marcel Richard

2 hours ago

kat deluna one more time

Maria Siekkinen

2 hours ago

I love you!!!!

Cassandra 'San' Franklin

2 hours ago

Hey looking good love the new banger!!!!!


Anna Tannhäuser Pohůnková

an hour ago

I saw that you are in Florida. Yes!! I am jealous! Something about the ocean is healing and peaceful, but scary. I went to Cocoa Beach about 4 yrs ago. I had not been, nor had seen the ocean for 37 yrs. My dad took me there when I was 18 yrs old, when I graduated from high school. My husband was supposed to go with me, but he backed out at the last minute. So, alone again, I changed my transportation plans. I had a terrific time.

Mike Primm

an hour ago

Mandisa, Just so you lovely bride of 32 years can't sing a note. But that doesn't stop her from trying to sing 'Unfinished' through tears while doing her daily routine. Your work makes a difference. Thank you.

Hi LA friends, posting this again because you really should go see @blackmanwhitebaby’s show.

Evelyn Leguarda Mangin

3 hours ago

I really wish I was on the coast this weekend, or I would!!

But before I left I had to get a few good pix in and a quick hit of a shopping spree ! Ok guys , now I’m ready to go !!!

Rosa Serrano

an hour ago

Nice Picture Family

Danielle Gallegos

an hour ago

Clean and sharp!

Simon Climaco

an hour ago

Have a nice day both of you

Bday recap - I have literally been celebrating my birthday every night since Oct 8. Kicked it off in LA super blessed and grateful!
Bday recap... my hittas!!!

Jenna Lee

2 hours ago

Ayyye #LIBRASGANG share the same . ♎October bday do your thang 😘😍🔥🔥💃💃💙

Carmen Pareja

2 hours ago

Beautiful & bad dress📸

Jar Jarecki Rem

2 hours ago

I love you.

Idaho!!! Muchas Gracias 🔥🔥🙏🏻🤠
San Antonio!!! SHARE! SHARE! SHARE! - 100% proceeds to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Tickets Available Next Week

Fabio Angulo

8 hours ago

Moises Manzano best of luck with intocable..u will be missed in Zamorales

Leanne Nunning

8 hours ago

It was awesome!! Safe travels!!

David Figueroa

8 hours ago

Val Castillo III


Artroute Helen von Dupy

4 hours ago

#Truth ...eventually you will walk right on by yourself 💝 💝 💝#JaniesFund #ImASurvivorAWarrior

Julian Kom Felton

4 hours ago

❤ Thank you for your encouraging words! Respect that Steven is never afraid to share his opions and is so proactive! Love this guy! So inspiring!

Hinnata Garcia

4 hours ago

Steven,you are amazing,LOVE!!! ❤️🇨🇿️

What an incredible night in Rome, GA! Thanks so much! ~ T

Stoner Onemic

39 minutes ago

Incredible concert!! You were as amazing as the first time I saw you in 1995 at the Omni in Atlanta when you rode your Harley out on the stage!! It’s been 17 years since I have been able to see you perform. I use to go to your shows all the time so I was super excited to be back listening to you rock the house. Your daughter is amazing! I found a couple of pictures of you holding her at one of the shows I attended. Wish you both the best and keep putting some drive in your country!! 🤠 #travistritt

Sarah Nadeau

39 minutes ago

I’ve seen you countless times and you ALWAYS put on an outstanding show!!! Last night was no exception...very cool that your family and daughter were there with you. She’s extremely talented as well. Finishing with “Homesick” like in the old days was the icing on the cake. Thanks for another great memory!

Robert Bickford

39 minutes ago

Awesome high energy show

Thanks so much guys were AMAZING!!!!

#mmlive18 #mercymemusic #livemusic

Laura Boucher

9 hours ago

Thank you for taking your God given talent and sharing it with all of us. Truly a blessing! Awesome concert you guys rock!

Ana Aguilar Martínez

9 hours ago

Awesome concert! This is the fifth time I have seen you guys and you just get better and better!

Petros Brailas

9 hours ago

an amazing concert full of awesome music as well as great testimonie. I was there floor right row w and had an amazing time singing praises to the father!

Are you willing to boldly go where no one has gone before? #interiordesign #moderndesign #startrek

Gianna Nebbia

13 hours ago

Too modern for me.

A Catillo Guarinda

13 hours ago

WoW!!!!..Very Nice!..Drewy! :)

Madutza Deea

13 hours ago

Like everything except the patterned wall

Always an honor to attend the amfAR gala each year ♥️ This organization is making incredible strides in their work to end HIV/AIDS. You can learn more about them and donate at 🙏🏼 #amfAR #BeEpicEndAids

Huda Aftab

3 hours ago

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you are so much beautiful my Victoria Justice and your beautiful black eyes are so much beautiful, and I so much love you, and I so much want to kiss and lick you <3 <3 <3

Rosaura Gomez

3 hours ago

Ahhhh you're so beautiful 😍✨ always happy to see you helping out with a good cause 😊

Marcelo Paredes

3 hours ago

Victoria Justice Am A Fan Of The

Amal Ortega

5 hours ago

Laura Teegarden heh heh

Jarrad Li

7 hours ago

Baby I like you come here I got a surprise too

Brebenar Corneliu

7 hours ago

Tanisha Martin love you <3

Duke city 505, thank you for having my back ever since the “what’s really” DVD WITH MY BOY @babybash‼️🙏🏽 its a dream come true to be rocking a casino in BURQUE‼️🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 GRACIAS

Riley Van Andel

9 hours ago

Would have like to go to tomorrow

Godwin Okas

9 hours ago

I want tickets but can't find them

Sarah Dinkelman

12 hours ago

You have a vaby face ,laughing does you good!

Look at how many people we fit in this selfie my sis Becky G & I took with my #LGV40ThINinQ!!LITTTYY 🔥🔥🔥 Thanks for coming out to see me perform with LG USA Mobile New York!! #LGPartner #ShotOnLG

Myat Yine

7 hours ago


Ernestine Nicol

7 hours ago

سلام عليكم حالة مستعجلا خوتي
راني شفت واحد حالة تقطع قلب وملقيتش باش نعونها منغير نوصل صوتها ومعنات ديالها حيت باقي ناس لي فقلوبهم رحمة واحد سيدة عندها جوج وليدات مكرفسا بزاف معندها لي سعدها ساكنة في بيت صغير بزاف ولله حتى كاين حشاكم لي داير قدو غير طواليط كطيب فيه وتنعس فيه ومافيه حتى شرجم هاد سيدة تكرفسات بسباب رجلها مدمن مخدرات حشيش كبف معجون جميع انواع مكيصرف مباغي يخدم غير ناعس وخرجت مسكينة تخدم فديور وصحتها على قد حال مكيبقى ليها وقت حتى وليدتها هي هزات مصروف ولكن رجلها كيضربها كيهرس ليها اي حاجة درتها فدار مخلات مدارت معاه وكيخوف وليدتها حتى هربت من دار ودات وليدتها ودفعت ورقة طلاق ولكن معندها فين تمشي ولا تجي ابنت عروبية لي بغا جي حتى عين مكان شوف اش واقع نجيبو وسول عليها جيران كلشي عرفها مسكينة مكرفسا خوتي عفاكم عونوها لي معندو قليل كثير او دير ليها شيحد شي مشروع بسيط عندها وليدات كيقراو مزيان وغادي تكرفسو وهاهي دب شينهار سبحت مريضة شكون ايخلص ليها عاديك جوج ميترو ‘ورجلها مشا عند مو بلا حس بلمسوؤلية عائلتو وكتشكي منو خوتي لله جعلها ليكم أجر في ميزان حسناتكم تساعدو مع هاد سيدة راني واخا حكيت بختصار تسمعو معناتها اتأثر فيكم بزاف انا ماشي انقولك انا بغيتكم تجيو تشوفو بعينيكم ولله خوتي هاد سيدة حتى مكرفصة بزاف وقراب تشردو وزنقة مكترحمش لي بغا رقم تواصل معايا عفاكم ولي مقدرش عاون دير أب طلعرمنشور ناس محسنين حمد لله مزال خير فبلدنا ديرو برطاج فكروبات

Lisa Maria Kanczuga

7 hours ago

French ,, Haaaaah... Morocco

In “The Battle of AmfAR” documentary, Liz Taylor said “Bitch, do something!” Last night, I took those words to heart when I had the honor of being given The Award of Courage from @amfar, who has certainly been doing everything they possibly can to end HIV/AIDS. Thank you, AmfAR for all that you do. Thank you Mayor @EricGarcetti for the very kind words last night. And special thanks to @alexismabille for helping bring my mother’s nickname for me, Feather, to life 💙 📸 @gettyimages@ Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts

Margaret M. Doyle

4 minutes ago

Bravo katy pour ton engagement qui par notresolidarite et nos convictions on donne de l espoir a tous les laisses pour compte dans ce monde trump ise

Paige Bennett

6 hours ago

Congratulations Katy Perry I'm sure you done alot for all. God and I love you. 😍😇😻😻😻

Rudi Riots

6 hours ago

Oh my god I love katy so much🍧🌹💌💒💐

Read my T Shirt.... Yup!!!! 🙏🏾🤷🏽‍♂️💖😎 HARD WORK and NEVER QUITTING = DREAMS COME TRUE!!! = FREEDOM ✌🏾
Just met my NEW BABY... new addition today... she aint ready to come home from the Hospital for 4 weeks tho... she sure is pretty just like her daddy!!! She needs a lil work done before she’s ready to hit these streets... that’s her Uncle Tyranny in the background... 😎✌🏾Vroom Vroom 💨💨💨💨💨 (my Ferrari has a girlfriend to make out with in my garage).... DREAMS and GOALS COME TRUE!!!! 🙏🏾😎💖

Rooyki Bahadoersing

2 hours ago

Shemar, it looks like you do not want to meet me. Then I thought you were saving for a private jet. It looks like I will never get off the street when you are only investing in cars. This is a depreciating item and I am looking forward to us going to India to buy 500 acres of industrial land so you could have your own golf course, university, businesses and much more. Shemar, why are your hands itching you so much.

James Miners

2 hours ago

Nice! Looks beautiful there, it snowed this morning here in Newfoundland, Canada so I’m catching up on my S.W.A.T.!

Erica Rheaume

2 hours ago

The car sure looks nice next to it's beautiful owner shemar.... Just be careful.🏎🏎... Huggs from Philly.

Living this tour life. #StillMovin

Jennifer Villegas

4 hours ago

Thats one hell of a roster

Addison Shay

4 hours ago

That show is gonna be fucking lit!!!!!

Emma Valcárcel Santafé

4 hours ago

Thars a nutty line up

just your usual fiesta of balloons.

Johnston Vanessa

5 hours ago

Nigga u still alive?

Kingston, Ontario!! Weed is legal here now, so Peanut looks normal! Thanks you guys! Awesome night! 4th time here, and we’ll look forward to the 5th!

Colleen Flannery

4 hours ago

Awesome show. So glad we were able to go. We laughed so hard my stomach still hurts. Thanks for coming to Kingston.

Amanda Kremmer

4 hours ago

Ohh i really hope that you have a show in Canada in august or september next year 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😃 i going over there to visit some family ☺️

Nichole Price

4 hours ago

Can only say great show Jeff Dunham. New friend Larry was awesome. Lawrence IS long for Larry.

kicking off the wknd like...👠

Annette Hicks Williams

3 hours ago

Hello Beautiful!!! 😘😍Are you still working on your next album? 😇😇God and I love you. 😍

William Manuchakian

3 hours ago

I love the colour ur shoes

Luis Rivera

3 hours ago

yééééééééé la deuxième a vendue mes secret dehors l,enfant de amamn helene es deja luiiiiiiiiiiiiii .. chutttttttttttttttttttttttt bon weed end +44

u know Martha Stewart has been droppin gems on me for years, but i got some secret recipes of my own !! only a few more days to preorder your copy !

Ellsworth Hall

3 hours ago


Audrey Pinto

3 hours ago

you are very cute snop and l like you so much

Karen Balle

3 hours ago

Tina Staton you may need this for your collection of cookbooks! Lol

Can’t Tell me this don’t look like a old
New Edition album cover 😂😂😂
#IdBeMike #InternationalDrip #DimeTrap
Officially off the grid... On some whole other sh*t!!! #InternationalDrip #DimeTrap
Diversified Vibes... #DimeTrap

Kyle Kirchoff

4 hours ago

Curious minds want to know where you are.

Francisco Sebastião Banze

4 hours ago

So did you all hike into the Canyon?

Marsha Smith

4 hours ago

that's what I usually do with the homies

See you next week, Singapore! Join us for Good Vibes on Saturday, October 27.

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Ally Fortin Logan

7 hours ago

see you next week, JASON MRAZ! 😍

Reece Gendron

7 hours ago

Jason, you home? If so, swing by my house in Carlsbad tomorrow and sing a wedding song to my daughter who adores you. Please 😘

Hannah Bittermen Terry

7 hours ago

Spread that good vibes in Manila, Ph.

We see you! 👀 Back 2 bizness. #RBRM

Fanuel Cossa

4 hours ago

Hell of a show last night here in Dallas! Wish y’all would have done more songs though!

Julian Johnson Holt

6 hours ago

Enjoyed you guys last Saturday at the Smart Financial Center in Sugar Land, Texas 💕💕💕💕

Sabrina Barrera Robles

6 hours ago

I love these guys, they are eternal, young, positive and fresh at 50+. I have their age and still following them. Pure brotherhood despite break-ups and reunions, they still love one another. Long life guys

You have to expose yourself to new experiences if you truly want to grow. Find out how easy it can be to shake things up at

Sukece Mores Jagger

6 hours ago

Hey Steve, I like your show.But,i have to disagree with you about 1 thing. When it comes to women. And that is about men and money And here's the problem i have you,make up your mind. Does a man need to make a lot of money to impress women.Why can't a man have a job he likes?Do men need to impress women with money? What happens if the economy collapse and people lose their? So.women need to move on to the next guy with money is SAD Men and women need to change their minds about this.And there is 1 thing i'm surprised no expert ever thought of that counts more.Than looks,money,personality,it's how people handle adversity?Do you agree or disagree? I can punch holes in some of the advice you give.Example looks,and chemistry are tops with women.My question is what happens to the chemistry when it fades? Have you seen something called the New Rules for dating and Sex check it out on Youtube with Pastor Andy Stanley

Julian Herrera

6 hours ago

Steve Harvey I want to tell you how much God has used you to reach me. I came home from prison 08-17-18. I heard you and I have changed I've sold drug's most of my life you help me see that I am a man a husband a father and I get up for work every day now I only get to hear your show for the first 15 mins but it helps me be a better black man for my family. Thank you and God bless you Steve. My name is Antione Lovelace

Mandisa Yoliswa Simelane

4 hours ago

juss release the album , i think im done waiting for you

Marina Bukelić

4 hours ago

Your eyes are so beautiful

Andrei Andrei

4 hours ago

Dollar Sign waiting that album with my red eyes and Thanks for 2pac shirt more love

Este fin de semana nos vemos California, Salinas, en el Sports Complex el sabado 2⃣0⃣y el domingo 2⃣1⃣ en San Fernando en el Lienzo Charro El Orcas no falten #ReguloCaro #EmilioGarra #ElLujoDeTenerte 🐎🎙️🎶
Me sumo junto con mi equipo a la #FuerzaRosa en apoyo a todas las mujeres que siguen en la batalla #DiaInternacionalContraElCancerdeMama 💪🏻🎀 #EmilioGarra #ReguloCaro

Siska Dwi Oktaviani

5 hours ago

El mejor sin duda 😍

Shellie Honer

5 hours ago

Te deseo mucha suerte ídolo..!😊😘😍

Karolina Vera Pizarro

14 hours ago


This is soo cool!! Thank you Spotify! So grateful for this playlist cover feature 🙏🏽 Honored to have been one of the first artists invite to perform #VivaLatino Live in Chicago! We put together some exclusive behind the scenes and performance videos for you guys!! Watch it here 🔥
Ohh hey Joss Favela funny seeing you here on the cover of Spotify's DUETOS playlist too lol 👫 #PiensoEnTi

Sonja Bedon

an hour ago

God you're the most beautiful in the world. I am soooo in love with you

Dionnisios Spiropoulos

12 hours ago

🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉💋💋💋💋 Joss favela y becky G

Mariah Gragg

12 hours ago

Te amo Becky ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

let's talk about it

Jasmine DeBoer

36 minutes ago

Lets talk about why you toured every major capital city in Australia except for Adelaide. What a joke

Highme Calpe

8 hours ago

Oh no in my time it should be 12 pm but at this time I'm already in my dreams :o that's how it goes when your baby wokes up 100000x in the night since his whole life (16 months) qq

Orlando Saura

8 hours ago

Will you be doing the Q&A from Frisco?! I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW!!!! You'll be in FRISCO, TX and I'll finally get to come see you live! Y'all will love Frisco! And Dan Reynolds it looks like the rain will cease for your arrival and it will probably be too hot for you on stage so feel free to take whatever shirt you have off and throw it my way! ❤️😍😘😂🤣😆

something in the works... can't thank you all enough for the love and support on 'Silence' ❤️ just the beginning

Adamo Cristiano

12 hours ago

We would also like to thank you guys for creating good music. We love you. Don't stop until you radiate :*

Manina Wilson

12 hours ago


Emmanuel Nkemneme

12 hours ago

Can’t find a mirror to see what I see in you but I will follow you until you see it too I know I can’t help but love everything you do but you can’t see that and girl I like that

Listo para esta gran noche.!!#RodeoSantaFe 🍻🇲🇽🎉#GerardoOrtiz #ComereCallado #Egoista
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Hoy el mundo se viste de rosa #DiaInternacionalContraElCancerdeMama 🎀 #GerardoOrtiz

Jeremy Yankevich

12 hours ago

Mucha suerte y q dios te bendiga

Russell Dawson

12 hours ago

Me encantas!!!! Dios te bendiga y proteja siempre 🌷

Chrissy Snook

12 hours ago

Suerte y éxito mi amor Gerardo Ortiz yo te veo el 1 de noviembre en el festival de la calavera 😘😘😘

PTX Week in Review: NYC! 🗽 #FBF

Anna Helene Volpi

8 hours ago

Come to Brazil, please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Cynthya Misquez

8 hours ago

My lover's 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Lizzie Reza

8 hours ago

You should add an Oklahoma stop to your Christmas tour!!

Illuminate Cosmetics is now available at Blushington! ☺️

Víctor García Pérez

6 hours ago

God you're the most beautiful in the world. I am soooo in love with you

Morine Stafford

6 hours ago

Pray for me I'm cured I lose two tunor near the esophagus for prolonged life

July Marquet

6 hours ago

I love you !!!! <3

Okay! So if you don't know which of my shows to get BOU LOU at, just hit the link below! It's all right there!!!! 🍍🍍

Ephraim G. Dytianquin

4 hours ago

When you gonna mass priduce it so i can get some when i come home next month to NC cause i needs it in mah life

Emiliano Tis

4 hours ago

Get that shit here in Australia brother !!

Bessie Harris

4 hours ago

Ahh Fresno isn’t going to have any BOU LOU 😑😔
Valerie Renay Julian Martinez

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR LEADER, DARTH HELMET!! This is what he looks like without his helmet, if you see him out and about tonight be sure to buy him a beer!!
You never know what mask spy #5 will be wearing! Who will be the next CHEVELLE Spy? Pre-order your autographed copy of Chevelle’s latest release ‘12 BLOODY SPIES’ on CD or Vinyl available only at .

Abubakar Mahmud Myg

2 hours ago

Happy birthday Pete keep it up bro I love you guys music one of the best bands around 🎉🎉🎉🎉

Tatiana Amelia Pennino

2 hours ago

Chevelle I love your music but if I happen to run into you or one of you or whatever buy me a beer instead... cuz you can absolutely afford it

Missy Lowell

11 hours ago

And Happy birthday!! Libra kids rule ... My birthday is tomorrow.

It’s the weekend!! Cheers!! 🥂🥃 Luc Belaire Bumbu Rum #AD

Aleksey Varlamkin

15 hours ago

DJ Khaled .. In South Africa we dont receive true Hip Hop like Rell Jerv produced on The Four... Please do Hip Hop a favour and promote him where music is still a force for change ... Regards ... LP ...

Susan Puckett

15 hours ago

⛅🗽I just wanna see the sun shine tomorrow diamond label vision of before life the source of success is illuminati face the new order de future not history EMEN! Mafia Life Dream Chases Washington D.C. United States of AMERICA is Loyalty illuminaty we some success God bless UNITED STATES. We bless être dad God #Baphomet Shemhamforash! 🙏🏾#FreeMeekMill🤘🏾

Ito Ainut Mie

15 hours ago

tìm,,,người,,,tâm,,,sự :* 💙 :O

Ya'll be sure to watch Hallmark Channel USA's "Countdown to Christmas" tomorrow night! 🎄

Thorek Celis

6 hours ago

Clara Nicholson Bailey, Ruth Towler, I know what we all be watching tomorrow night.

Jan DeJonghe Hoffman

6 hours ago

You know I will 😊😍

Lisa MacDonald

6 hours ago

Debbie Jackson I am sure you will be watching😍

Netherlands!We will be at Tattoo Easter Fest 2019! Brandon and I are friggin' pumped to see Vicious Rumors play the godly Digital Dictator album in full!

Linda O'Dell

6 hours ago

I'm stoked for TBDM!

Gina Paixao

6 hours ago

I dunno if I can make it by 1ste Paasdag.

I’m on set working on my directorial debut episode 603 #bellator #lecheminduroi

Ally Johnson

2 hours ago

It didn't quite matter to me what has continued to enjoy a level of continuity and dominance over my life until I began to realize how empty and separated I was fast becoming over some ideas.. And so for the love of books, I sought for asylum in Daddy's library (the richest room in our apartment). But Daddy's few words this morning registered an impression on the capital city of my life (the mind). He came right into the room to pick up a few documents for their company's board meeting and was attracted to the sight of the three newly bought books I cornered for my reading pleasure. He adjusted his reading glasses as though he usually would gain a better view from that kind of adjustment.. "this is from Brock Lesnar, DEATH CLUTCH.., the UFC, WWE Superstar", he said and I nodded in affirmation. "And this one is from who?" He held it out to me. I looked over it at once. "Oh! The 50th Law.. a combo of Robert Green and 50 Cent" I noted with ease. "And this is Trevor Noah's Born A Crime, that wonderful South African comedian who's gone international already following his shows and creative ingenuity" I nodded with a feeling of importance that was beginning to gather somewhere around the thickest corners of my brainy skull. Daddy heaved and gently placed the books on the table. He softly robbed his well jellied palm against my neatly combed hair which I've been struggling to maintain and make provision for a very strong support system against dandruff and said, "Son.., KEEP READING BECAUSE WE'RE ALL HOUSING AN EMPTY BRAIN..."


Kathleen Vaneyen

8 hours ago

50 helpe me J needing mony ' J am from Algeria.

Chad Riley

8 hours ago

I'm already impatient of wait* it figure out

Voting ends tonight! Vote #CarrieUnderwood as 2018’s People's Choice Awards #TheCountryArtist! #PCAs

Waisze Wong

4 hours ago

Gorgeous in looks, personality, and a down to earth person.

Sophia Ysabel Capilitan

4 hours ago

Voted for Carrie a lot again

Tami Emerson

4 hours ago

JessLee should be nominated for this award

Figure 4 (x4) ✅

Jessybell Martinez

15 hours ago

Everytime another song starts on your CD I say "I love this song" I say that ALOT!

Aaron Alvarado

15 hours ago

I really hope you guys come back to Saratoga Springs NY it was a great and awesome show!

Abbygaile Holmes

15 hours ago

Pleeeeaaaaaaase come to Montana!! 😍

Marilyn Payton

7 hours ago

My 4 babies from left to right... King Atlantis, Princess Sprinkles, Sir Hendrix of York, and BobCat Marley Duke of Jamaica.

Clint N Dafe

11 hours ago

I just wish Ellen would say hello to me !!! I love your Show !!! And everything you do to make people happy and smile !!! BE SAFE AND GOD BLESS !!!

Megan Busch

11 hours ago

My feral kitties snugglin’ with my cat Mr. Bigglesworth (the white and grey)

The Newsboys UNITED tour is in full swing.We truly have a blast with Peter Furler, Zealand Worship and Adam Agee performing old and new hits.For tickets and info check out
📸 Caleb Cook

Vicki Hewitt

4 hours ago

Can't believe it's been 6 months since we saw the Newsboys United in Worcester, MA.

Gabi Spilker

6 hours ago

You all need to support these groups folks and get the word out to the lost folks! Life changing music 🎶
Gregory Smith

Denise Williams

9 hours ago

Your show in Normal, IL was epic!

10.18 | ATLANTA

Shelby Lambert

3 hours ago

Wow. That pic!!!

Jonathan Irdor

3 hours ago

Wish I could be there. Love the music and he message!!!

Arda Korucu

15 hours ago

Argentina <3 plissssssss !!!

Marcelo Vasquez

4 hours ago


Leon Schouw

4 hours ago

My ex took all the best and left me with the worst of the rest, he broke my heart and tried to steal my soul but now I look back I am the one who is still whole, he may have all off 20 years in belongings but for him he has left me longings, I am sad and hurt for the time I have given, just for it to be thrown away, but I will come out stronger , soon one day, I do not wish him harm or any bad wishes, just wish I could take back almost 20 years of love and kisses

Carmen Garcia

4 hours ago

I do...and they have, keep believing everyone ❤ xx