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Thank you Portland....Tonight was dope as hell. Amazing show from start to finish. Love u guys #irresponsibletour #comedicrockstarshit

Michelle Knight

4 days ago

I’m not joking when I say that after your show I had a headache due to lack of oxygen from laughing so god damn hard. You put on a great show, Kevin, thank you!

Also, mad respect for your professionalism and compassion. You made sure the “incident” got addressed but then picked right up after that and continued to be hilarious. If it’s possible, I love you more now. Even scraped your confetti hearts off that nasty ass floor to prove it. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ssali Reaganson

4 days ago

No rest for this man always busy;love his work.

Alba Lucya Alquinga

4 days ago

Thank you for making us all laugh! Hope to attend another one when you're in town!

Keep it going...

José Alvarez

13 days ago

Dwayne isn’t a rock

R.G. Troxel

13 days ago

Kevin ain’t got no Hart! 😂 Just joking Kevin! Let me live!

Jen Johnson

13 days ago

Ha Ha Clinton Dix isn't a comedian

Love how much he loves his little brother!!! #Harts #Generations #Brothers

Hannah Marker

a month ago

Michael Patrick Collins

Laura Talbot

a month ago

Too cute. Many blessings.

Kashish Khushalani

a month ago

Little Bro's outfit is too cute

Zo baby Flexing on em 😂😂😂😂

Khushbir Singh

a month ago

She looks like Janet Jackson my sister and Gabrielle Union my Daughter. Pappy's GrandBaby! From a Jackson once removed...

Mary Berlijn

a month ago

When your fat looks like muscle

Cameron R. Maiolo

a month ago

His bicep bigger than you Kev

All I can say is Woooooooow....I am blown away by the love and support from my fans!!!! I swear you guys are the best!!!!!MAKING THE WORLD LAUGH IS WHAT I LOVE TO DO...THANK YOU ALL FOR SUPPORTING ON THIS JOURNEY!!!! I LOVE Y'All #IrresponsibleTour #ComedicRockStarShit #Blessed
#TBT #Harts #iMissThatHat

JuanFer Adc

a month ago

I bought tickets for two different shows! I had a blast both times 😂

Charolina Nina

a month ago

Congratulations!!! Let me hold sum,,,just like a nigga huh😂😂😂

Karen Fite

a month ago

Can’t wait to see you tomorrow at the savemart center! #fresno

Allyson Cutimbo Alvarado

a month ago

He is handsome

Debra Hubbard

a month ago

Get some rest Kev. Family time is important

Sladjana Dramicanin

a month ago

Love y'all😘😘😘

#DopePic #ComedicRockStarShit

Tony Triola

a month ago


Stephanny Lauro

a month ago

We love you Kevin hart 🤣 #NealyFamily

Sherry Robbins

a month ago

Nice jacket, have a wonderful day! Always, buckle up! ✌ 💘

#irresponsibletour #comedicrockstarshit #DopePic

Otsuki Shinichi

a month ago

I love ur films

Ryan Takao

a month ago

Great show in Rochester💖

Jeza Ramos Muega

a month ago

You're so beautiful

Make sure y’all tune into Laugh Out Loud radio on Sirius XM channel 96 & catch a all new episode of “Straight From The Hart” at 4pm pst & 7pm est!!!!! We are taking over radio now people!!!! Let’s gooooooooo
Don't allow anything or anyone to take you off of your path to GREATNESS!!!! #DopePic #irresponsibletour #ComedicRockStarShit

Monique Louise

a month ago

Can't wait to see the DVD of this tour, I had great seats

Bergeron Jeffrey

a month ago

The show in Buffalo was off the hook gentleman, thanks so much and can't wait to see you next time!!

Shanta Ramadoo

a month ago

Nice Group Photo

#Family #BrothersForLife #irresponsibletour

Karen Blatt Binter

a month ago

Two & half men

Ryan Cruse

a month ago

Like a tweens! But a bro he's a bigger than ya ma nigga...

Zanele Njoloza

a month ago

the guy on the right looks like a black silvestre stalone

#HustleHart #NoDaysOffice #focused

Alistair Titus

a month ago

How about those 76ers?

Arely Naranjo

a month ago

ඔබටත් ඔබෙ පවුලේ සැම ඔබගෙ ඇගට සරිල ලෙස අරනර්ඝ නිමවකින් යුත් යට ඇදුම මසවා ගැනිමට හා පිටරටින් ගෙන්නවා ගැනිමට අදම අප සමග සම්බන්ධ වන්න. නිල්වලා යට ඇදුම් මහන්නො හා බෙදාහරින්නො.

මෙම මාසය තුල අප හා ගනුදෙනු කරන ඔබට 20% විශේෂ වට්ටමක්.

මෙය නිල්වල ජංගි (Pvt) Limited විසින් මුදල් නොගෙවා බලහත්කාරයෙන් ප්‍රචාරය කරන ලද්දකි.

PA RI S Wapsin

a month ago

Come to Nigeria bro

It's showtime Rochester NY...Lets gooooooooo. P.S It's Not over until it's over....We are still in it Philly....Keep your heads up fellas. Put this game behind you and come back Monday ready to WIN!!!!! Let's gooooooooo #PhillyUnite #TrustTheProcess #irresponsibletour

Ed Mejias

a month ago

Abdoůł Al I think u should move earlier

Becky Gervais

a month ago

It’s over

Dene Wells

a month ago

It's over

Sweat suit Saturday’s .... #DopePic #LilSwag #comedicrockstarshit #IrresponsibleTour

Kyaw Zaw Htun

a month ago

Will be at your show tonight

Eric Coffey

a month ago

no mames pinche caloron

Evan James

a month ago

I wish it was sweater weather in dfw

Mommy x Zo sending Daddy happy vibes before I hit the stage!!!!! 😂😂😂😂 #Harts
It’s Showtime Halifax NS.... #LilSwag #IrresponsibleTour #comedicrockstarshit #DopePic ....Operation destroy this arena with laughter is now in session people!!!!

Chad Primus

a month ago

He look just like Kevin 😂😍😍😍

Alejandro Gamarra

2 months ago

Omg those little chubby cheeks!! He’s sooo adorable!! And your wife is stunning!! Such a beautiful family ❤️❤️

Alejandro Gamarra

2 months ago

Pretty and cute

Stay tuned.....

Kayl Holsbergen

2 months ago

Enjoy your freedom Meek.

Lucas Montgomery

2 months ago

Go live

Hunter Hall

2 months ago

Why is ur criminal friend throwing up gang signs. So sad.

God is Good with a capital G...Had our first serious Airplane scare today. Our planes tire busted on one side as we were landing and shit got real for a second. No body was harmed...Our pilot handled the situation perfectly. Once again God is GOOD!!!! #Blessed ....P.S you Can tell that spank is still shaken up by the way he is posing 😂😂😂
#tbt #Harts

Ivanilson Amorzinho

2 months ago

Shame and forgot to thank the pilot.

Nina Arnaudovska

2 months ago

Thank god ya all are safe

Chris D Townsend

2 months ago

Damn .!
God bless u all.!

Make sure y’all tune into @bigboysneighborhood this am with @bigboy ....yours truly will be on air talking Tour/Career/Life

Sandra Cika

2 months ago

Jesus Christ is the Lord

Märcïä Dä Ërcïlïä

2 months ago

I gotta watch this after I watch the T.I interview on #BreakfastClub

Phạm Tuấn Anh

2 months ago

Blessings Kevin Hart

WOOOOOOOW.....2 billboards sitting across the street from one another for 2 different things. God is truly amazing. LA I am performing at the LEGENDARY "Hollywood Bowl" on June 7TH...GET YO TICKETS DAMN IT!!!!!Also be sure to watch my show "What The Fit" on YouTube people.... #HustleHart #comesicrockstarshit
Long talk with this little big jackass last night about the business & how hard we work & setting new goals for ourselves and also making 2018 possibly our biggest year yet. He got so excited because we started talking about Jumanji 2 & doing another movie together that I had to pop him in the mouth and tell him to shut the fuck up! The bottom line his that Kids will be Kids....I’m taking him to Disney land today to apologize. Good morning world HAPPY TUESDAY 😂😂😂😂 #HardestWorkersInTheRoom #MyGuy #TheInternetIsUndefeated

Christian Velasquez

2 months ago

Yea need a new # tired of #dopepic lol

Weizi Teh

2 months ago

I don’t see any dope

Dana Ibarra

2 months ago

Hold by the stem if the wine is chilled. That way, your hand doesn't warm the drink. Reds are rarely chilled, so its okay to cradle the vessel in your hand.

Daddy duties 😂 #Harts

Paulina Gumuła

2 months ago

Ahhh...nothing like baby drool on your shirt

Gerald Master Bean

2 months ago

Why is that child's head shaped like a Minecraft block 😂😂😂

Katesolina GreySkyland IsabellaBaker

2 months ago

Its politically correct to type here that , that's the most beautiful baby. But that's not the Case!!

This weekend was amazing....Major thank you to Peoria IL, Kansas MO, Little Rock Arkansas & Louisville KY. Thank you all for supporting me on my "Irresponsible Tour" .....I appreciate the laughs people!!!!! #irresponsibletour #comedicrockstarshit #MakingTheWorldLaugh

Chandra Washington

2 months ago

I wish Kevin Hart was my father.

Hnin Mar

2 months ago

Wanted to get tickets to see you at the bell centre in Montréal !
All sould out :(
Hope to wach your tour soon on tv ! !

April Joy Sarmiento

2 months ago

Im a give you what you want

The Internet will forever be undefeated 😂😂😂😂😂 This is hilarious as hell 😂😂😂😂😂

Heloisa Cristina

2 months ago

Jonathan Pagé i can rest in peace now 🙏🏻🙏🏻😂

Britnee Lloyd

2 months ago

Oh my lort. Send it back.

You guys are crazy funny!!

#DopePic #LilSwag .... Photocred @kevinkwan327

Tonya Taylor

2 months ago

I Love You Kevin

Erika Benitez

2 months ago

Wine is fine.but Liquors quicker .

Barbara Popovich

2 months ago

Like that dope picture
Doing it big Kevin
Happy Sunday night
Enjoy 😃

#Harts #HappySunday

Loretta Clark Gray

2 months ago

Good looking Doberman

れぎね ダイアら

2 months ago

Love these dogs. 😍

Jennifer Kate Harrington

2 months ago

Look at cutie pie

#LittleSwag #DopePic

Isabel Mestre Caudeli

2 months ago

Look like you bout to do the BroMan off Martin walk 😂😂😂😂😂

Nicky Smith

2 months ago

Why are you holdin your dick? 😂

Homauon Soltani

2 months ago

Where those shoes come from?

#DopePic #irresponsibletour credit @kevinkwan327

Lucecita Olvera

2 months ago

Kevin Hart is a hood 🐀!! 👌

Kayla Lubenau

2 months ago

Kevin Hart your beard taller than u

Charlie Rhodes

2 months ago

All your pics are dope😍

Caption this 😂😂😂😂 #IrresponsibleTour #ComedicRockStarShit #DopePic

Mariia Larionova

2 months ago

J Cole - Kevin's heart

Stanislav Kratochvíl

2 months ago

When you "drop the mic" but you're so funny you already got your spare!

Juliet Jackson

2 months ago

I hit d a$$ like hmmmmm!

I love my FANS....Thanks for the love Kansas City MO #DopePic #IrresponsibleTour #ComedicRockStarShit #MakingTheWorldLaugh #ReadTheReviews #PeopleAreLovingThisTour #GetYourTicketsNoooow
Major thank you to @avenlove for this amazing painting. Your talented as hell...I appreciate ya #DopePic #IrresponsibleTour #comedicrockstarshit

Yuliani Twibies Jakarta

2 months ago

That is Amazing.....

Federico Antonetti

2 months ago

Aagman Gupta new standup

Mickey Weister

2 months ago

Salute! Keep winning.

Peoria IL thank you so much for the love last night & thank you for raising a comedic ICON. Had to stop by Richard Pryor street & pay homage. #irresponsibletour #comedicrockstarshit #DopePic #PeoriaIL #MakingTheWorldLaugh #RichardPryor
Compete against yourself....YOU are the only person that can stop YOU. Be better than who YOU Were yesterday....Have a better year than YOU had last year. Let's gooooooooo #HappyFriday #Motivation #ComedicRockStarShit #Inspiration #DopePic

Juan Carlos Lopez

2 months ago

soul plane 3 is in the works.

Jaclyn Brazeal Beals

2 months ago

kev just now readin the comments left on the last post. smh

Ida Cobo

2 months ago

When you're reading a long ass paragraph bae sent and then somebody talks to you 😂😂😂

Just want to take the time to tell my friend/brother @dwyanewade that he is a legend. Love u man.... #Legend #HallOfFamer #Flash
It's showtime Peoria IL...Lets gooooooooo #IrresponsibleTour #ComedicRockStarShit #DopePic
#MogulMindset #DopePic

Eric Lowdermilk

2 months ago

i was there 🙋🏼‍♀️

Love u chocolate drop I enjoyed the show 😘

Alexayed Omegapower

2 months ago

Still not speaking to Kevin....too soon😒

Lights camera action....Caption this. 😂😂😂😂 #comedicrockstarshit

Михаил Шевстусев

2 months ago

The background great love hearts

Chris Brennan

2 months ago

"I'm Kevin Hart.... let me see the trophy"!

Chris Austin

2 months ago

Think like a little man

Diana Cotoman

2 months ago

Dope song, dope video, so yea, dope pic 👌🏾

Vicki Leasa

2 months ago

I was about to say I didn’t know J Cole was so tall then I looked again and released he’s not. It’s just you beside him.

Timothy D Little

2 months ago

I can relate!

Doing promo for our new movie "Night School" at CinemaCon with my co star @tiffanyhaddish .....September 28th we will be in theaters everywhere. #NightSchool #ComedyAtItsBest
I'm better because of you....Thank you for simply loving me. #WCW #WCE

Matthew Andrew

2 months ago

Damn needs to start looking at cast members shorter than you! Devito’s about your height? Keep slaying pa!

Paulo Gasparini

2 months ago

Lmao at his hands in his pocket

Moizinho Matusse

2 months ago

Damn Sept tho, sheesh #cantwait

Back like we never left....Welcome home @meekmill ....Lets gooooooooo Sixers #PhillyStandUp #CityOfBrotherlyLove

Audrey Pae

2 months ago

Someone was eating good in jail

Afif Julit

2 months ago

You'll best frans?

Ap La I-Hok Kharshandi

2 months ago

Welcome home meek that's my boy!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Meek Mill is Frrrrreeeeeeeee ....I just left from seeing him in jail with @michaelgrubin and we were just told that he is being released. Woooooooow......Stand Up Philadelphia!!!!!
We have a bond that will never be broken...I love this little girl so much. #daddyslittlegirlforever #Harts
My wife & kids had a ball last night.... #Harts

Lucas Chartier

2 months ago

Damn. That means that the 76ers are not winning.

Zack Johnston

2 months ago

Eric Calhoun think he fr?

Akhim Sharma

2 months ago

Good tired of this nigga crying already

If your going to relax I personally recommend doing it in quality & comfort. My new line of @tommyjohnwear is coming soon people. Stay tuned damn it.... I'm a Investor/Ambassador/Owner #TommyJohn #QualityAndComfortAtItsBest

Dann Smith

2 months ago

Mr. Heart, you're an inspiration...

Francisco Pittigliani de Carvalho

2 months ago

Damit is right🤭

Bruno Benzaquêm

2 months ago

Where can I get that shirt though?!?!?

Congrats to my big bald unattractive friend @therock on killing the box office 2 weeks in a row with his new movie "Rampage"....Im happy as hell for you man. I know how hard you work and how much effort and energy goes into your craft. Continue to strive for greatness jackass....You are a inspiration to us all. Make sure y'all go check out "Rampage" people! #Brothers #BoxOfficeKillers

Ahzíé Tæé Líñdséy

2 months ago

Hi kev.. U got yo no1 fan right Here from Nigeria

Natalia Coakley

2 months ago

This movie was Great...The Rock is a good actor love all his movie's

Priscila Gouveia

2 months ago

That man is sexy hush your face.

I love my job.... #Blessed #irresponsibletour #ComedicRockStarShit #hamiltonontario #DopePic cred @kevinkwan327
It’s showtime Hamilton ON....Let’s goooooooo!!!!! 17,000 people that came out to laugh their asses off tonight. I swear I love Canada....Let’s make tonight special damn it! #irresponsibletour #comedicrockstarshit #DopePic #MakingTheWorldLaugh
Keep shining @bensimmons ....Congrats on 1 of many monumental moments in your career!!!!!! #Philadelphia #Sixers #TrustTheProcess
Let’s GOOOOOO SIIIIXXXEERRRSS!!!!! Stand Up Philadelphia!!!!!! #PlayOffs #Sixers #GameTime
He's already working on his Left hook 😂😂😂😂😂 #ZoBaby #Harts

Mariah Stock

2 months ago

🤣 looks like you just sharted ur pants

Rosimeire Cavalcante

2 months ago

Best comedian,stunin swag

Ngọc Anh

2 months ago

Love those vopors

#DopePic #comedicrockstarshit #irresponsibletour
Backstage trying to calm nervous ass @joeywells5 down before he goes on stage 😂😂😂😂 It’s showtime London ON....Let’s goooooo #irresponsibletour #DopePic #comedicrockstarshit #MakingTheWorldLaugh

Bryan Lee King

2 months ago

CAPTION:#1) "Real funny help me down!"
#2) " Laugh all you want...that was a big ass SPIDER! "

Sarah Duvauchelle

2 months ago

Did you hear jcoles song. ? Lolll

Kaiésha Llōyde

2 months ago

Careful..thats the equivalent of a 10 foot fall for you

Wheels up people....The comedy train continues. My Irresponsible Tour is hitting London ON, Hamilton ON and then Manchester NH this weekend!!!! Let’s goooo #irresponsibletour #comedicrockstarshit

Lynette Patterson

2 months ago

Looking good!! Kevin!!

Elizabeth Hughes

2 months ago

Will be seeing you in Hamilton!!! Can’t wait

Bryan Washko

2 months ago

Yeah can't wait for tonight Show 😁🙌🙌

Date night with this Beautiful woman.... #Harts
Even tho I didn't make it to Miami I felt the need to make my presence felt....Swipe thru my pictures and look at the banner that I had flown across American Airlines Arena....I just wanted to let @dwyanewade know that I'm everywhere 😂😂😂😂 Let’s goooooooo SIXERS!!!!!!Major thank you to my @mountaindew family for helping me pull this off last minute!!!!! #Philadelphia #Playoffs #MountainDewKickStart

Hunter Jones

2 months ago

She looks happy. He looks like he just had a root canal.

Shannon Decker Kelly

2 months ago

I got to see your star on Hollywood Blvd today 😜 very cool! Enjoy your date night 😃

Franciely Debovi

2 months ago

You 2 deserve it

Shooting season 2 of my y’all show “Cold As Balls” #NeverNotWorking #ComedicRockStarShit #ColdAsBalls

Slavica Hinić Mijatović

2 months ago

Omg that looks cold a friend recommended me to do that for my ache and pain 😳😬it’s ok I’ll use Ivey hot 😂

This an old spice commercial?

Myria Saunders

2 months ago

you doing a new Olympics movie or what

Major thank u to my stylist @ashleynorthstyle for doing an amazing job on my tour jackets...each patch was hand stitched...The patches on the jacket represent the things that I’m most proud of in my career. It has all of my Comedy specials on it as well as my book/My company and my network. I was blown away by it. Thank u thank u thank u!!!!! Super Dope!!!!! #irresponsibletour #comedicrockstarshit #Motivation

Christine Clark

2 months ago

That jacket is dope! I want one!

Victor Manuel Maya Miranda

2 months ago

Not gonna help Philly beat Miami tomorrow night!!!

Angela Ortega

2 months ago

Nice kids jacket from stitches

In the kitchen cooking up something really special for you guys with “Mountain Dew Kickstart” #DopePic #ComedicRockStarShit #HustleHart #NeverNotWorking

Carolyn Childs

2 months ago

Am waiting for that Meal...#ComicRockStarShit#NeverNotWorking#SalDexigner

David Coady

2 months ago

I’ve been looking for who stole my Hot wheel when I was 10

Sandy Alibasa Arastam

2 months ago

Don't make Dwayne Wade mad again lol

#DopePic #philadelphia #CityOfBrotherly #LetsGoSixers

Darrell Gilbertson

2 months ago

That shirt is DOPE AF

Maranatha Osa

2 months ago

Don't get as lit as the Super Bowl #philly

Larry W Davenport

2 months ago

The token black guy from that 70s show...

😂😂😂😂😂😂 I love how much she loves being a big sister to both of her brothers....please look at Zo’s face 😂😂😂😂 #Harts
Make sure y’all tune into Laugh Out Loud radio on Sirius XM channel 96 today at 7pm est & catch a all new episode of “Straight From The Hart” featuring Me & the plastic cup boyz!!!! That’s right people....we are on the radio now damn it!!!!! Make sure y’all tune in!!!! #StraightFromTheHart #LaughOutLoud #PlasticCupBoyz

Juan Pablo Ceron Rojas

2 months ago

I’d like to watch the footie (Soccer) in peace, so I ain’t smiling but this little lady is 😆

Javier Torrico

2 months ago

Love her exuberance

Ana Cassiele

2 months ago

beautiful family kev

Wheels up...On my way to philly to watch my sizers when game 2!!!!! Let’s gooooooo #ComedicRockStarShit

Shannon Unkenholz Voss

2 months ago


HENNYTHING is possible

Fransisco Paul

2 months ago


Thepza Phalali

2 months ago

He's drunk 😂😂

The best way to achieve GREATNESS is to surround yourself with it....Examples of what I'm talking about are people that want the most out of life, people that know the benefits of Hardwork, people that dedicate themselves to a craft, people that have achieved success in whatever it is that they do....People that simply inspire or encourage you to do more and want more. Michael Jordan is one of those people to me....It's a honor to be in the United Center & soak up some of your greatness. Thank you for being an amazing INSPIRATION to me on so many levels!!!!! #Motivation #Inspiration #irresponsibletour #comedicrockstarshit #TryingToCreateMyOwnPersonalGreatness

Giuseppe Di Girolamo

2 months ago

Welcome to Chicago.

Bless Bless

2 months ago

U still rubbing hand sanitizer on ur hands

Krisha Showback

2 months ago

Chicago loves you Kevin heart...

All I can say is I TRULY LOVE AND APPRECIATE ALL OF MY FANS & SUPPORTERS. My agent just called me & told me that we have just crossed the 800,000 mark in ticket sales for my “Irresponsible Tour”....I am blown away right now. I put my blood sweat and tears into my craft and the biggest reward is your support. I still can’t believe that this is real life at times!!!!! I swear I’m just getting started and that I am nowhere near finished. This just makes me want to work harder and do more!!!!! #DopePic #irresponsibletour #comedicrockstarshit #makinghistory #MakingTheWorldLaugh #LiveLoveLaugh

Tim Connor

2 months ago

We just seen you last night in Chicago you were great Kevin! We love you 😍

Scott Dodgens

2 months ago

Kevin hart you are amazing

Ulls Mora Enciso

2 months ago

Alyssa Nicole McMillan Adrianna Michelle can't wait

The Kid from Philadelphia has entered the building Chicago ....It's showtime damn it!!!!! #DopePic #irresponsibletour #comedicrockstarshit

Shirley Lima

2 months ago

Kevin Hart the watch taller than u

Angel López Gomez

2 months ago

the 76er's lmfao go heat

Zack Douglass

2 months ago

Have a great show chocolate nugget 😂😍

Taking a moment to simply thank GOD on this beautiful Saturday...Im in Chicago on my "Irresponsible Tour" performing 2 shows at the United Center this weekend....I will be performing for over 25,000 people and it made me take a walk down memory lane and appreciate where it all started. "Zanies" was the first comedy club that allowed me to headline in Chicago & the "Chicago Theater" was where I performed my 1st New Years Eve comedy show as headliner. This city is beyond special to me. Thank you for rocking with me for over 10+ years Chicago....Also major thank you to my 1st college booking agent "Bass-Schuler" who were the first booking agents to ever give me a shot who are also based here in Chicago. The sky is the limit for all types of success....I am living proof of it. Keep pushing and never give up... Everything will come together when it's suppose to. #HaveFaith #KeepGrinding #HumbleBegginings #DreamBig #HardWorkAndDedicationBringsBigRewards #IrresponsibleTour #ComedicRockStarShit

Hàlá Sy

2 months ago

Welcome to Chicago Kevin!!

Elena Ringelhan

2 months ago

Beautiful Mr.Hart!!!💗💗💗💗💗 Do ya thing!!!

Elena DelGar

2 months ago

I can't wait to see you tomorrow!