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Life throws you curveballs, but nothing should get in the way of completing your education past high school. Check out this video from Better Make Room and Michelle Obama, and you’ll see what I mean! #BetterMakeRoom

Diana Collins

7 hours ago

Life has thrown me every kind of pitch imaginable it pitched me a fast ball 125mlperhr fast truck into a tree 125 head on to stop pretty much instantly,,I'm grateful to be alive 17yrs after

Dave Holt

10 hours ago

Peace be de journey!!

Let’s chat! Have a question for me? I’m hosting a FB Live during The Maxx You Project workshop in New York! Join the group now and share your question there. Tune into the group on Thursday, September 20 at 5:30 pm EST to hear the answer.

Dina Tarek

10 hours ago

Always my hero...what do you do to remain in perfect shape Kelly?

Jamie Bazick

20 hours ago


Nathan Bernard

20 hours ago

You're just Beautiful!! Love Ya!! 😍💋

😊Happy Monday😊

Shon Juzme

a day ago

U famous folks pay attention to nothing......

John Henri B. Aniñon

a day ago

The talented one from Destiny’s Child

Martinah Mulewa

a day ago

It’s chooseday Tuesday now lol 😂😂😂I’m still happy though lol 😂😂😁same to u

Yesterday was EVERYTHING! Lowe's Home Improvement is renovating 50 Boys & Girls Clubs of America across the nation and having a safe and cool space impacts #GreatFutures! #BuildingGreatFuturesTogether

Francis RalTe

3 days ago


Dulce Gonzalez

4 days ago

Beautiful Kelly Rowland💘🌟Keeping Looks 20 of Age Gorgeous💄👠🔥A fan for life.You're so very Smart And Gorgeous Pretty Hair,Beautiful Skin That's Glowing Kelly R⚡⚡🌹👠🔥

Denise Banks

4 days ago

Right on Kelly. Keep on doing what you love doing . God Blessings Sister. Thank You for Caring An Sharing. One Love always. A fan for life.

When Titan first flashed his adorable little smile at me, my heart melted – and ever since then, I’ve been looking forward to all of his first moments; from the first day of school, to the first time riding a bike, I know that starting our days off with a clean home sets the stage for those moments to be even sweeter. #Ad

Andréa Lima

7 days ago

Stunning and beatiful

Kirk Gwazdac

7 days ago

While you describe and talk about Titan, I can't help but notice the Clorox on the counter, Is this an advertisement for Clorox or is it really about Titan, which by the way where is Titan ?? 🤔 Truth please, Kelly

Shavasha Smith

7 days ago

You look amazing Kelly , I love the way you carry yourself.

We can never forget this day 17 years ago. The way our country united with each other was powerful.

Do you have stories about today?

Diana Matias

6 days ago

I just remembered my school was on lock down for hours and my mom picking up my sisters and I from school and going home and watching it on the news. I was confused as to what was going on but I knew that it wasn't good. A nightmare.

Rosy Rosy

7 days ago

I 'm preying ‼

Fred Kataoyak

7 days ago

I was off the Pacific coast on board the USS John C. Stennis. I had just come off the flight deck, finishing up some maintenance. Once I got into the shop some others in the shop had an expression of disbelief on their face. My PO1, said "look at this sh@#t". I looked up at the TV and saw the second plane crash into the second tower. I remember thinking is this new movie or what. Minutes later our CO, Commanding Officer, came over the 1MC, to verify what we all had witnessed. We returned from sea trails 5 days before scheduled. We had 72 hours to get our affairs in order. We were the first battle group to respond in support of " Operation Enduring Freedom." I was 22 years old.


Cande B. Max Alex

10 days ago

I love kelly but Im in love with kerry #on life

Debbie Cirillo

10 days ago

Nice but LaLa dress is 🔥

Kimberly Gorman

11 days ago

I am Kelly Rowland in my next life :p

Back to school is emotional and sometimes a little chaotic, but so exciting! I love to prep for Titan’s school year by helping not just his teacher, but all teachers, get the supplies they need for a healthy school year, through This year Clorox is matching donations dollar for dollar so head over to to learn how you can help teachers and classrooms in need.

Zermila la Zana

11 days ago

God love you for helping teachers dreams we need them and your powerful love. Thanks for sharing

Valentim Sacure

11 days ago


Karen Buelna

11 days ago

love u kelly plz come home tanzania

Vogue Australia Shoot

Criiss Lopez

16 days ago

tem que ser sem esconder nova lux da rainha de sempre valeu rainha kelly rowland voce e super de verdade

Chris Dodd

16 days ago

They Vogued u the wrong way!Boots🔥🔥🔥 though!

Marko Beltzer Pesonen

16 days ago

Kelly you killed it all girl .. You are the most fly babe around this century ❤️❤️😘😘👍👍🌹💐🌺


Austin America

a month ago

Love forever and a name on Her always on the slow run!💕💁🏽🙏God bless her stage here and forever with a new song waiting on the top!💕💋🙏😭🙏🙏🙏

Emmanuel Sterling

a month ago

Then say forever with

Gerardo Garcia

a month ago

Gone but not forgotten.... in our hearts you are still rocking

Kelebogile Moilwa

2 months ago

Damn u been shampooing with juices nd berries

Zuzia Fabiszewska

2 months ago

Is that her real hair because I love it 😍😘😘😘😘

Shaun Robinson

2 months ago

KELLY...that hair volumiser mousse xl...seems to be doing its job well.

Grant A Seaon

2 months ago


Chris Warner

2 months ago

I love it amazing beautiful"

Zack Chan

2 months ago

Kelly Rowland is so hot and cute 😀♥️💕💕

Colin Bassett

2 months ago

More pretty ... It is both silly and risky ...

América Rose Conti

2 months ago

Powerful photography you are the best. Thanks for sharing

Александр Стацук

2 months ago

She fine rolling so pretty

Jeffery Hernandez

2 months ago

Thank you for sharing!!! Kelly Rowland

Andre Ar

2 months ago

That's serious

Felipe Ochoa

2 months ago

Without it you have nothing.

Incredibly honored to featured in the August 2018 issue of Vogue Australia – on newsstands and online now!

Lisa Sciarini

2 months ago

Out of this world amazing😍

Dennis Joosten

2 months ago

This is a Dope pic yo!!🌻

Tapiwa Magama

2 months ago

Ms Kelly baby

“Put it in my bun just to pop sh!t!” Chun-Li

Maria Bjørnerud

2 months ago

I like it when you do that right there. Nice Style😎

Nancy Riccardo Dugan

2 months ago

These shoes make me wanna pull up my socks.

Edmar Aparecido

2 months ago

Thank you, this should be a poster...

the 🐐.Serena Williams

Bobby dela Torre

2 months ago

Serena Williams is a big Tennis women

Samuel Savard

2 months ago

You're Best tennis 🎾Player🀄🏆🌷🌷💗🙏👥👶

Ritvik Teeluck

2 months ago

Congratulations Serena Williams 🎾🎾🎾 Beatuiful Lady🎾🀄God bless you


3 months ago

Looking so beautiful , I always wish to see you there

Bobbie Michaels

3 months ago

This young LADY is always on point!!!!

Patricia Baur Fava

3 months ago

Black is Black , Meravigliosa Kelly . Buona settimana 👁️👁️👄💋🍀🥂🌹🌹🌹

A new staple in my morning routine is Schick Intuition f.a.b. – it makes shaving so easy in the morning, which is amazing when I have a busy work day! #ad

Billy-Jo Sorgi

3 months ago

I have no words. Amazing. Cute slim young lady. Nice dress. Beautiful curves. Keep it up Queen.

Ilia Chernyshev

3 months ago

Just absolutely stunning and extremely beautiful as always Kelly. Love your dress and those long sexy legs. Of course I love you always and forever

Maridaniela Rivero

3 months ago

Wish you would sing some more you are the best and the prettiest miss your music very much

Hugo Jesus Alvarez Hernandez

3 months ago

Beautiful Lady And Mother.💗😃🙏

Amber Williams

3 months ago

The red umbrella looks like giant red lips!

Meike Berlin

3 months ago

I love you Kelly Rowland..!!!!! Hail Destiny's Child..!!!! All the way from the Philippines..!!!!

Youzarsif Ahiwa

3 months ago

U 🐝 playing with that pussy for a minute

Quith Johannes Cyrus Zenos

3 months ago

Perfect Profile Pic!

Monik Yadira

3 months ago

Baby u are looking so Gorgeously Beautiful...

Nonhlanhla Natacia Khoza

4 months ago

I am speechless, i miss words because i don't know how i could qualify this beauty.

Tee Cudi

4 months ago

Love this pic and your dress. You look fantastic and beautiful as always Kelly. Love those sexy legs and you of course always and forever

Joe Shimamura

4 months ago

Kelly is the total package. Forget Beyoncé.

Enjoying this beautiful day! I use Schick Intuition f.a.b. for days like this so that my legs look + feel amazing! #ad

Charlene Marie Gunning

4 months ago

Your legs look smooth and good no doubt about it


4 months ago

Whatever you are doing it is working cause you are Beautiful and Super Sexy!!!!

Landry Wills

4 months ago

Black is very beautiful and sosexy women

Slithering through 🐍

Garrett Stroginis

4 months ago

KR you always look very beautiful,gorgeous,cute,pretty through the years and especially right now you rock KR you is on fire and still a beast and you still the stuff girly girl love you bless you KR

Godsbeautifulgiftalicia Goodman

4 months ago

tonight on CNN at 9 there will be original series on 1968 look back at the
turbulent year in United States history

Larry Curtis

4 months ago

Absolutely stunning and always very beautiful. Love my Kelly always and forever.

Fun night out with my team! Tune in tomorrow at 7.00 for Round 2 of The Voice Australia Live Finals!

Eno Hajoh

4 months ago

Nice get r done!

AdeNa Iblish La'natullah

4 months ago

Maybe I can find it on the kangaroo channel.

Cath Meadows

4 months ago

Have a fab weekend!❤️❤️😀😀🙏🙏

Rocio Guzman

4 months ago

I LOVE MY sisters, but this girl in her Destiny Child days was having a book signing. I stood on line for hours to show support and Love for my Queens. Miss Jelly was very nasty, Told me "oh you got the book why didn't you get the CD??? Excuse me I had an option and I make my own decisions. Hopefully she has matured and humbled, cause that attitude was HORRIBLE! LOVE you girl.

Ethan Oliver

4 months ago

Hello beautiful how are you doing how's the family I hope you had a beautiful Mother's Day

Nafila Izazaya

4 months ago

When Love Takes Over. Its Something You Can't Deny...

First live show of The Voice Australia in the bag and it was everything and more! Thank you so much for voting and keeping all of #TeamKelly in! ❤️✌🏾💎

Elizabeth Abiodun

4 months ago

babe...i'm watching you...yur de bezt!

Felipe Hernandez Jr.

4 months ago

Break new thresholds! Rock the soul!

That is a very Awesome and Super Unique and Beautiful Outstandimg and Wonderful and Amazing Photo Picture Kelly Rowland. :-* :-* :-* :) :) :) and <3 <3 <3 XO XO XO

iconic. inspirational. beautiful. legend. miss Jackson if ya nasty. happy birthday Janet Jackson. you continue to inspire.

Manoanku Raswitha Ceetha

4 months ago

Happy birthday Janet! I am your number one fan!

Thomas Kirste

4 months ago

Happy Birthday Janet. May God Bless you with many more. You are s legend. I love your music. Enjoy your day.

Yun Yung

4 months ago

Happy Birthday Janet Jackson

Rhea Cantonao Roturas

4 months ago

Okay. fan for life! If you give me your number, I won't tell.

I'm not trying to get with you. Just for the record.

I just think we could be friends. 😎

Adry Mahone

4 months ago

Very sexy and hot beautiful lady I love to do

ခပ္ၾကမ္းၾကမ္း လူဆ္ိုးေလး

4 months ago

Stil one of the sexist divas in the game😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍💙😍💜💜💜

Melissa Von Ruden

4 months ago

Amen and Happy Mother's Day!

Andrés García Araujo

4 months ago

That's cool but I wanna hear from you not Jessica☺

Lauren McKenna

4 months ago

Happy Mother's Day you Best

Let’s get ready to Battle on The Voice Australia tonight at 7.00! #TeamKelly

Mia Huerta

4 months ago

I love you so much you have inspired many across the globe especially young people

Happy Mother's Day to you and your mom and my mom may they RIP , and you look beautiful as always.🍾🎈🌹🎉👍🏾😘🙌🏽🙏🏽

Andrea Morgan

4 months ago

Beautiful Kelly Rowland HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY.

Feeling confident with an easy shave from Schick Intuition f.a.b. and my unstoppable beauty routine. #ad

Milly C. Morissette

4 months ago

I Used that to Schick very nice.

Jeffery Beranek

4 months ago

That what she need ha cute

و'شو أصيل البحري

4 months ago

Kelly Rowland 💕💞💙💚💛💜💙💚💛💜Gorgeous💙💚💛💜

Alriiight Australia, it’s Knockout time! Don’t miss The Voice Australia TONIGHT at 7.00 on Channel 9! #TeamKelly

Angel Cobb

4 months ago

Cool Australia nice people

Ben Stahr

4 months ago

Kelly man you are most beautiful angle from above wow.

Jim Moon

4 months ago

Always cute! I wish I could be their to hug

We’ve got our game face on for the Knockouts tomorrow on The Voice Australia. Do you? #TeamKelly

Maria Nelson

4 months ago

God love you all.

Thaís De Sousa

4 months ago

Wow thanks for sharing

Χρήστος Μανωλάκος

4 months ago

How ya doin🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐✌✌✌✌✌✌

Thank you Michelle Obama and Better Make Room for having me! Had a blast celebrating our future leaders on #CollegeSigningDay!

Kouiti Okada

5 months ago

I was so happy to see you guys on college signing day👏🏽👏🏽❤️😍😍

Wenney AC

5 months ago

The most beautifuliest photo I ever seen. Like daughter meeting her biological mother for the first time😍😍😍😍😍💜💙❤️💙💜💗💗❤️👍

Maayan Berkovich

5 months ago

I absolutely love Michelle Obama! She is a huge inspiration and such an upbeat positive woman.

The woman who does it all and wins it all! Don’t miss the premiere of Serena Williams docu-series TONIGHT at 10PM on HBO! So proud of you mama! #BeingSerena

Roberto Samano

5 months ago

Wonderful episode. Can’t wait until next Wednesday!

Karen Jones

5 months ago

K e l l y

Eliana Runyon

5 months ago

Awman,that would have been kinda cool to see,sorry that I missed it

Congrats to the ladies of The Real on their Emmy win. Well deserved!

Chad Harris

5 months ago

Kelly!! #GodivaBarbie #SoFly

Jolene Trzicak

5 months ago

hit me back up blater 13474327048

Doris Lane

5 months ago

Brilliant and awesome

Australia, me and my girl Delta Goodrem have something for you tonight at 7.00 on The Voice Australia!

Philly Jo

5 months ago

You have killed it ladies

Nicole Ting Wei Fen

5 months ago


Neerdhi Goswami

5 months ago

And you're looking bootyful!

No one does it like Janelle Monáe - freakin’ loving her new album #DirtyComputer. OUT NOW!!

Laura Yucra

5 months ago

explicit stunning ladyz

Tatyana Burachevskaya

5 months ago

Never bought albums she does a poor James Brown

Donatella Pintér

5 months ago

K.C. bred baby!💯

Kimberly Burgara

5 months ago

Look like you guys are having a blast like old times. It's good to see you guys together no hate just love. Stay beautiful and together.

Francisco Hernandez

5 months ago

I Love Destiny's child these three Women has really graced the world with such great music now we are waiting for you guys to reunite and give us a Blazing Destiny Child Reunion Tour.
Come on Ladies the World full of your fans are waiting.

Kelly is the most beautiful among girls

B’ Mornin 🌞

Lidia Ula Danyluk

5 months ago

No offense, but at first I thought it was a cosplay for Samara Morgan 😂😂

Faith Swart

5 months ago


Michael Tramel

5 months ago

I want to meet you Kelly

facing my fears while ascending to new heights.

Gemini KB Red

5 months ago

Bubba can fly to Byxelkrok. Urban Hurban can fly to Haiti. Mister Zoom can fly to the moon and Frog Successful can fly to Pluto. I am the king of plays. TKOP.

Dave Westgarth

5 months ago

Your soaring sistah! just hold on to God's unchanging hand and he'll take you to Heights unimaginable.

Thaiane Dêgelo

5 months ago

not safe, come down here! women, jeez!!!! wait, need Apple in dat left pocket! DC!!!!!!! I'm scared, come down!!!!!

Feels so good to be back! Tune into The Voice Australia to catch the first round of the Blind Auditions TONIGHT at 7.00 on Channel 9! May the best voice win! #TeamKelly

Amanda Pope Steenken

5 months ago

Wow! There she comes again! What an absolutely melodious and a ravishing performances!....I was like unconditionally blown away and felt like 10, thousand fit over the Pacific...I hate you young lady just becouse you made me with no choice but to make me under your captivity of a charming job and to be a loyal servant to worship you on ur expansive stage acting darlling!!! You are so ferociously dangerious with ur pretty sick dancing profession!

Ann Rhodes

5 months ago

come to australia kelly please your cute

London De Mesa Cariñosa

5 months ago

That hair is giving me Diana Ross vibe. Beautiful

‪I can’t wait for you guys to join the winning team on this season of The Voice Australia which premieres Sunday 7.00 on Channel 9! So excited. #TheVoiceAU‬

Ian M Muir

5 months ago

Very cute kelly

Jorge Flores Dvg

5 months ago

My no 1 hahaha mwaaas

Alisha Kamara

5 months ago

I had Just asked myself Where is Kelly? That's RIGHT!

#TeamKelly is coming for the crown! The Voice Australia starts Sunday 7.00 on Channel 9!

Jennifer Elizabeth

5 months ago

Your messager is been hacked claiming I am a prize winner

Capes Derick

5 months ago

You deserve it ms beautiful Kelly I absolutely love you

Alexanne Anglehart

5 months ago

I am wishing you all best

Donna Stapleton

5 months ago

An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere

John Paul JP

5 months ago

I'm just going to let the cat out the bag.......I BELIEVE THAT JESSE JACKSON HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH MLK'S MURDER!!!!!!!!!

Rogério Schutz

5 months ago

I would love to see you live to Kelly Rowland

Today I stand in solidarity with all of those Marching today! 🤟🏾✊🏾👊🏾 I support you with my whole ❤️ and being!

What are your Spring goals?

Zoë Flatley

6 months ago

Meeting you Kelly eheheh

Rickardo Aguirre Ü Iguano

6 months ago

To keep my chocolate smiling.

Rivo Järvsoo

6 months ago

Never thought about it. Be thankful and aware.

To be seen in green.

To be seen in green.

Mickilee Vieregge

6 months ago

Keep on as is and you might actually have me having to pay attention in the future as well. 😍

Anette Gomez

6 months ago

Egy nagyon csinos, jó alakú anyúka vagy,aki napról napra csinosabb!!! A hajad az szuper jó!!! Nekem tetszik! További szép ☀️-ot kívánok neked hölgyem!!!

Renae Hassall

6 months ago

Does dat means Africa vibes iz
like military theme, Idnt get it # DOPE