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ICYMI: Keith performed his new single "Never Comin Down" at the Canadian Country Music Association Awards!

Robin Spaccamonti

12 hours ago

I didn’t regret to be at his concert.He sang this song on stage people went wild ! Never tired to hear him sing with his 🎸.He is the best artist ever in the 🌏.Thank tou Keith U. To make your fans happy to hear your awesome music!💖🇨🇦👍

Caroline Freeman

12 hours ago

One of my favorites!! Can’t wait to see you in Dallas! Started with you in St. Louis, 1/2 way to KC, ending it on Texas Time!!❤️

Houssam Alazawi

12 hours ago

Love Keith down to earth...saw him in Hamilton for the CCMA...he rocked the place

We had a killer time last week, and we can't wait to do it all again this week on the #GraffitiUWorldTour!

Paola Sanchez Jaimes

8 hours ago

Y’all rocked them in Moncton, Ottawa and London. Y’all are going to blow the roof off the next stops in your Canadian your #GraffiyiUWorldTour 🎶🎵🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Rhianna Dupla

19 hours ago

What an amazing show! Keith is an incredible performer! We enjoyed every minute of it. Can’t wait to see him again.

Andrea Pavlovičová

19 hours ago

I’ve seen Keith in concert twice! No words for how amazing he is! He really takes care of his fans!!❤️


Ana Laura Campos

3 days ago

I think it would be just as much fun hanging out and watching the crew do the set up as watching the concert. Keith Urban maybe someday you could offer a “real backstage/front stage” VIP experience contest. I’d be glad to be the beta tester for you... maybe we talk about it over a little jam session.

Ana Laura Campos

3 days ago

Concert was amazing. You put on the best show Keith. Come back next year please. You definitely rocked London.

Lucy Tabora

3 days ago

It was insane! I loved the concert and finally got a high five! Seems I am never in the right place at the right time but tonight I was! Loved your show!❤️

Keith is nominated for two People's Choice Awards, and today only your votes count for TWICE as much!

Molly Presley

5 days ago

Vote for Keith for the People's Choice Awards! Last day to advance @KeithUrban to the finals! You can also write in GraffitiU for best album & GraffitiU World Tour for best tour, & vote 25 times in each category. 🎼🎶🎤🎸

Tyler Osinga

6 days ago

Your concert in Moncton NB was amazing... loved every minute of it. You are the real thing Mr Keith Urban.

Amb Raymond S Ezue

6 days ago

Thanks for coming to Ottawa, 🇨🇦. I know it will be an awesome show. All the best of luck in your category

Keith is nominated for two People's Choice Awards! ✨
#CCMAawards ☑️
Now it’s time for the Canadian leg of the #GraffitiUWorldTour with Lindsay Ell!!! 🇨🇦

Anji C Him

8 days ago

Keith Urban should ABSOLUTELY win the entertainer of the year award. We just had the pleasure of attending his concert in Tinley Park, IL and he was awesome!

William Suber

8 days ago

I have been voting each and every day and I am also putting Keith's name in for "tour" and album and I hope everyone else is as well!! 🎶🎸🎶

Krystal Cress

8 days ago

Miss you and your family living here in Nashville
You wait in line like the rest of us...
You walk the red carpet with your hand out to each of us in the crowd watching....
Very much appreciate you, Keith

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Lety Ramirez Valdivia

14 days ago

Texas Time is my favorite on Graffiti U. I’m hoping that being close to Texas will inspire @KeithUrban to sing it live in NOLA @GraffitiUWorldTour.

Guillermo Mendez

14 days ago

I have loved this fella since 1996 when I first heard him play at a small fair. He hung out after the set, talked, gave autographs jokingly stating they will never be worth anything. Off we went on a beautiful 11 year photography adventure. To look at our collection of all the stuff he has given to us, most importantly his time, his friendship, his love. We will forever be fans, but most of all the memories we have are so precious to us. Thank you Keith! We realize you are busy, but drop an email. That hasnt changed in 25 years or more. Best Always❤🙏🏻

Keytlen Montiel

14 days ago

Great song! You’re so talented and smart. Putting the right people in your wheelhouse to create the best songs out there! Can’t wait...see you in Oregon in 22 days!!! ♥️🎸🐒🎼🥁


Bill McCallen

25 days ago

Keith is an awesome artist and he always puts on a amazing show he should be Entertainer of the year because he is the best Country Music Rock Artist in Nashville so a Amazing Wow he has it all and gives it all for his fans such a sweet man and so handsome also we are blessed to have him as our home town guy God Bless You KU ❤️💋

Marco Biondi

25 days ago

Surprised my spouse with tickets yesterday. We had the best time and had great surprises!! You are a sweet soul!!!! And YOU ROCK!!!!!!!

Luis Ponce Jr.

25 days ago

So I haven't really gotten into the Nashville music scene since moving here 3 years ago. Went to the concert last night as a gift to my wife... I truly can't even put into words how absolutely blown away I was. In one night I've gone from 'meh' toward country/pop music to wanting to follow Keith's tour around the world. The level of talent, musicianship, and genuine engagement with the audience was simply amazing. I don't exaggerate when I say that, at pushing 40 years old, I've never seen a greater performance. Thank you for giving so much of yourself to your craft.

Check out the music video for Keith's brand new single #NeverCominDown!!! 💥

Jennifer Lopez

a month ago

now the video works. I think it's great, the other too, are all great Keith. ❤️The alcohol is not so suitable, but is ok for me. Keep it up. You make such great music that goes to your heart and you can dance and dream well afterwards. That's what counts. I would be glad to see you live in my life only once.😘

John Griswold

a month ago

Love it! This is exactly what I would picture a video for this song to be, different people from all walks of life letting loose and having a good time!

Gina Berrones

a month ago

The album is one of my new favorites..I am not a country music fan, but love great music like you and Carrie perform.
Reminds me of the music I usually listen to(beatles, paulmccartney etc) Yourconcert in va beach was close to the top of my list of favorites! Thank you!

Kelsea Ballerini is taking over Keith’s Instagram Stories from tonight’s #GraffitiUWorldTour stop in Cincinnati! 🎤 Check it out:

Maria Jose Lao Siguenza

a month ago

Wow that is awesome pictures!!!! Would love love love to see this in person. Please please please come BACK to FRESNO, CALIFORNIA!!! Oh and you can send me two front row seats. Hahaha please come back.

Daniel Gold

a month ago

Absolutely AMAZING!!! Your AMAZING....first time seeing you and was looking forward to this night for years and was not disappointed!!! I love you!!!

Evelin Arroyo

a month ago

An amazing night💙 Thank-you for dedicating “Blue Ain’t Your Color” to Maya. It truly meant the world to her family and to us. I know she was looking down with that huge beautiful smile. 💙

Jillian Jacqueline, I loved singing on
If I Were You - thx for the invite - and here’s to the whole album!!!!!!! - KU

Ruben Antonio Macchi Guillen

a month ago

Beautiful collaboration of two amazing voiced!! Keith your voice blends so beautifuly with all other artists!!❤️❤️

Shantaia Myles

a month ago

Your voices complement each otber so smoothly. Love the song!

Lisa-Marie Lewerenz

a month ago

Love the harmonies, can we hope for you both on tour over the pond if we say pretty please? 🇺🇸🎤🎵🎼🎶🇬🇧❤️

Thank u BRISTOW VA!!!!!
AWESOME FREAKIN NITE....!..... now, time for CAKE!!!!!!!! - KU

Melinda Scheuneman

a month ago

Oh my that cake looks almost as good as you! Thanks for the meet and greet, and hug it sure made for a good night for me too. Can’t wait to see you again. Come back soon please. Maybe capital one next time in DC you could sell out an arena no problem. Please come back soon🙏🏻

Jill Bennett

a month ago

I have never seen a concert like this one, and I’ve been to many. Just never Keith!!! I LOVED it, you played long and so many hits.. I’ve never seen anyone ever move to the lawn to play.. you’re awesome and I enjoyed every second. Just wish I could have been a little

Ibrahim Halil Deniz

a month ago

Absolutely amazing show!!! Your concerts are always the best!!! Our Special Needs son loves your music and he was so excited when you walked by us, and Mom (me) was pretty excited too that she got to touch your hand!!!

Thank you, Cleveland!!! We'll see you tonight, Bristow!

Ali Shwari Kea

a month ago

Great show in Cleveland!!! Loved when you brought the 2 young ladies up at the beginning...

Regina Seltzer

a month ago

Keith Urban is my favorite!! Wish I would of got tickets to come see you in Ohio--its not too far from Michigan! Your concerts are so full of energy and singing, <3 your music!!

Rodney Kauten

a month ago

Such a great show at blossom loved it. So energetic thanks for a great night

Keith is performing TWO songs off of #GraffitiU on #CMAfest TONIGHT! 🎤 Don't miss the The Music Event of Summer at 8|7c on ABC!

Lori Smith

a month ago

My fave Aussie! oops wait there is another 1/2 there the lovely Nicole please Keith do an album with your wife! She can sing too!

Patricia Richardson

a month ago

If only I could Win the Lottery, I would go to one of Keith's Concerts. CD's are as close as I can get.... Love Keith

Sukuna Ueda

a month ago

Really love Keith Urban & the entire CMA-fest shoe tonite!! Great job by all! Just saw Keith last month at South Lake Tahoe! Awesome!

JUST ANNOUNCED: Keith will be Blake Shelton's battle round advisor on the new season of The Voice! 🎤

Sierra Napier

a month ago

Well no comparison who's the real SEXIEST MAN in my book here!!! I sooo wish you were back on idol Keith!!! Show em how it's done most talented, humble hottie....with your humor & class!!!!! 💙🎸🎤

Yinna Gomez Mendez

a month ago

Oh wait a minute no no no wait a minute Keith Urban Blake Shelton in the same room?!!!!😍😘💥🔥☄️⚡️well somebody get me a garden hose and spray me down cuz I’m running a fever and I think it’s about to get really Hot in here.......😉🤣❤️😂ooooh la la.....😍💧💦💧💦🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Alain Mat

a month ago

Is Jennifer Hudson still going to be on as a judge? If so I will not be watching!!!!! Sucks because I love the show , just cant tolerate her.

Spend tonight rockin' out with us at #iHeartCountryFest! 🎸 The party starts at 8/7c on FOX!

Rebeca Manzo

a month ago

Loved the whole show, you ending the show was phenomenal! But I'm a little jealous, there was confetti at the end. I miss the confetti at the end of your shows. #loveyoutothemoonandback

Kathy Pine

a month ago

Watched it this morning.😊

Nikola Wessels

a month ago

Missed the first half, but seen you at the end "Wasted Time" you were so great as usual! All that confetti coming down--wow --you must have been covered in it completely lol--You were the best <3 awesome performance

ICYMI: Keith and Julia Michaels performed #ComingHome on The Today Show this week! 🎤

Anissa Mohammed

a month ago

I wish you and your band all the best for your tour dear Keith. Greetings from Hamburg-Germany. <3 I envy the fans who can experience you live, a dream. <3

Brad Owen

a month ago

So sad that the tickets start at $400 in the bleachers for his Feb 2019 concert. Way out of the reach of average fans ...sad 😭

Zitsia Celritz

a month ago

Julia michaels sounded like she had a sore throat. She was off key a couple of times. She sounds better than she did that day.

The Big Apple has never been sweeter - to the core!! Thank u for ALL the love today!!!!! - KU

Bruce Southard

2 months ago

Absolutely fantastic performances! The Q&A was great too. Watched you on my TV in Texas. Been a fan since I first heard "Love Thing." We miss seeing you in Texas!

Micheal Scott

2 months ago

Urban Legend!! Great performance! Wish I was there! I love how the crowd already knows all the lyrics to songs that haven’t been released yet!! You are loved by so many🎶🎸🎶

Nelda Victoria Carreño Jorquera

2 months ago

I'll be seeing you tomorrow night in Camden, NJ. I'm probably your oldest fan. My daughter's are taking me for my 68th birthday. Please sing Sweet Thing, one of my favorites. Alice

JUST ANNOUNCED: Keith is bringing his #GraffitiUWorldTour to Australia with special guest Julia Michaels! 🇦🇺


Ibza Talz

2 months ago

Perth and Adelaide usually miss out because we have smaller populations. You don’t see many concerts going to Darwin, Canberra or Hobart either for the same reason.

Marsha Bailey

2 months ago

Wow I’m amazed at the comments here I live in the US but he rarely comes to my city or even my state if I want to see him I have to travel! Really surprised at all the nasty comments from his Aussie fans. Did y’all ever think perhaps Perth, Adelaide & other areas were missed because the venues in those areas couldn’t accommodate him during the time frame he has available??? Perhaps the needs of his own family and venue availability are the reason he could not make it to those cities....he cannot be everywhere he is only one man!!! I’m sure Keith Urban didn’t intentionally “skip” the cities. There is probably a good reason his family or to be specific Nicole’s schedule (what movie or tv show she is working on). If you all jump ship that leaves more Keith for us!! He didn’t come to my state for 3 years and when he did come here I had other obligations so for three years I saved and travelled to see him the next year!!! Best live performance of my life!!! Keep the faith maybe it just didn’t work out for him this time around!!

Patrício Emerson Paulo

2 months ago

I live in kalgoorlie. I travel 6hours by car to get to perth.$200 in fuel. $180 pn for accommodation. Last concert i travelled to Melbourne because you didn't come to perth. Cost $800 for the ticket
$1100 in flights
$400 in accommodation.
Thanks again for making it so hard to go see you keith.
Been hanging out for these details.
So so very disappointed.

"It’s only one call away, but it’s not the same…"

Conchi Guzman

2 months ago

Keith.. Pretty sure you don't read this.. But i would love to write the words to your song. I write so many poems that should be put to your music. I'm a huge fan and have seen you several times in aus and will be at your next..

I dont even know you
And yet i miss you
I havent held you close
Not even kissed you

But already i know
That i want you near
Your arms around me
To hold me dear

You're tall and brave
Tough and strong
Wrap your arms around me
Hold i belong

Kiss away my worries
hold me close against my fears
Cuddle me and hold me
And kiss away my tears

Erick Larapaiz

2 months ago

Cant Wait To See You in YOUNGSTOWN Again Never Missed A Show in Pittsburgh Your Second Time In Youngstown In OCTOBER 🎸🎶🎶🎶

Gündert Krisztina

2 months ago

Do you even read these posts Keith Urban?
Someone tag this man!
If you do read these comments my school friend from back in the day is your #1 fan.
I can’t tell you how many of your concerts she has travelled to...she just saw you last night in concert in NC...she was the lady with the sign saying...
I just got my first tattoo.
She’s traveling to DC to see you in 2 weeks.
•For the love of God call this pretty gal on stage and make her dream come true.
Karen Gorski Wiles

Looking for the perfect way to commemorate seeing the #GraffitiUWorldTour?! 🎤
Now you can customize a 3D Souvenir Ticket: 🎟

James Pringle

2 months ago

I have ordered mine, I think this is a great idea!!! <3

Debra Lynn Johnson

2 months ago

I have memories and a nice warm hoodie to wear all winter 😊😁🇨🇦

Hemanth Athota

2 months ago

If you don't believe me my lawyers have evidence how did I find out about Billy wearing wires in San Diego that's my grandfather's Son by the way

“So many places, but there’s none like mine..."
✨ 3 DAYS ✨

RoXi Rox

2 months ago

2 PIT tickets available for Keith @ Mohegan Sun on 9/8/18. Message me! I am unable to attend this show.

Habi Shmurda

2 months ago

Maree and Kelli I feel a need to see some urban!!!

Lettie Tovar

2 months ago

Sorry about that have a good weekend

"I gotta get back now to the ones who love me..." 🎤

Adrian Bickle

2 months ago

We love you in Buffalo, NY , and we’ve been waiting for you to “get back to us “ for at least 4 years now... please put us on your tour schedule !!

Britta Sander

2 months ago

🤔🤔🤔 Keith Urban/ADMINISTRATORS there is someone impersonating (really bad I must say) Keith trying to get us "to tell him about us" it apparently comes from a phone in Africa and his profile is Urban Keith. I reported to FB but you guys need to be aware.

Don Chukwuemeka

2 months ago

Cant wait for ya in a few months,you n your band are gonna tear the roof off Vancouver,stay safe til then...cheers Keith

"There's a place that I know where they all know me..."

Andreina Romero

2 months ago

Australia is his first love ..that accent is whats cool .his singing is amazing .God picked up this little boy and turned him back to Him by lifting him out from nothing to somebody because he chose God and not his own way .thats why he wrote By the grace of God ..he understood without God s love by Jesus there is no future .and God raised Keith up to understand that and spread that knowledge.a mission through his songs ..God bless him ..and his family forever ..montreal canada loves you .cmon back ..

Rejz Ghie

2 months ago

And we love you Keith. Saw you first in Caboolture at a Hotel with The Ranch. Bought the CD and loved your music ever since. Have been to 2 Melb concerts.

Shelley Kay

2 months ago

Sorry Keith. NZ will always be home. So proud of you and what you bring to the world. USA are lucky to have you ....and Aussie back off.... LOL

We want to know which NEW songs from #GraffitiU YOU want to hear on tour this summer! 🎶 Tell us in the comments!

Andres Almodovar

2 months ago

Definitely Horses, Coming Home, Female, Same Heart, Parallel Lines from Graffiti U . I know I keep asking for this one, but if we good get to hear For You, as a shout out to Military members, past & present and to also acknowledge the support that our families give us, would be totally amazing. If there is a copyright issue with the movie, which could be the reason why you cannot play it, perhaps we could be informed. Thank you for seeking our input and we look forward to our Aussie Dates being released soon. ❤️

Joe Canepa

2 months ago

Top Drop Down, Texas Time, Comin Home, Gemini.....but really anything Keith!!! There are too many songs to list that I would love to hear; with your amazing talent anything sounds brilliant! I can't afford tickets to your show in Mansfield, Massachusetts (wish I could), I can only close my eyes and pretend I'm there......hearig you make unbelievable music your guitars, the sound of your soul in your voice, the crowd going crazy with excitement, and seeing your face feeling all the love in your heart from your fans who truly love you and your music Keith! I wish you safe travels as you do what you love to do! And thank you for all the amazing talent that you share with everyone - time away from your family so you can bring your love of music to your fans! The true definition of what an Entertaner is - your heart, soul, and love shared through the talent you are blessed with Keith! xo

Laca Böngyi

2 months ago

Not gonna lie, my favorite song from last nights show in Tahoe was when you sang Raining on Sunday with my husband #travisrush! 🙌❤️🎶 You are an incredible person, Keith Urban. I can’t thank you enough from the bottom of my heart. It was a night we will remember forever. And your entire show was absolutely fantastic. So glad we could be a part of it. #graffitiu #rainingonsunday #notplanned

Keith performed his single #ComingHome on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon! 🎤

Wenche Riber Hamre

2 months ago

Too bad it's lipsynced though and the music is pre-recorded

Mia Mangrum-Barrett

2 months ago

Unfortunately, I'm still waiting for my LP to arrive. It's been over two months now and still nothing.

Adelaido Morales

2 months ago

I really like your music, but coming home was disappointing. Some of the strange background instruments didn't go well with the lyrics.

Keith is performing on the Today Show in NYC in August! 🎤
Sign up for a chance to be in the audience:

Ivan Sparrow Jr.

2 months ago

First time I saw Keith live was in south Florida and he was backup singer with Brooks and Dunn. Toby Keith was there too! I remember saying Keith stole the show!

Brenda Barrett

2 months ago

Too bad it's on the Today Show, yeah won't be doing that!

Céc Îles De Rêves

2 months ago

Already made a note to self to DVR this! Then, 2 days after live in Mass...all I can say is Silver!! Gold was all sold out so I made to Silver pkg...just saying...cheers!

Would you rather have an elephant-sized puppy or a puppy-sized elephant?

Sathvik Edmire

2 months ago

you are going to jail for molesting your kids and harassing me for four yrs! Unless somone kills you first God approved

Abood Escobio Alsadoon

2 months ago

"Going to jail was nothing like I ever imagined it was going to be. First of all, I was given no preferential treatment at all except they didn't detain me with the general population. I was arrested, I was searched, I was handcuffed, I had my wallet and my phone and they took my belt and shoelaces and it was put into a plastic bag. It was totally life-changing."John Schneider

Srikanth Sai

2 months ago

Katie Cox he wants an elephant sized puppy with an ironic name. No wonder his music seems to be made for me.

DENVER, CO • #GraffitiUWorldTour

Desi Justin

2 months ago

Thanks for the guitar pic Keith urban but when I grabbed your hand I wanted the guitar I thought you said yes too the guitar in Bloomington iL

Guadalupe Avalos

2 months ago

As always; it was an amazing show! One of these days I'll get front row seats! You're such a gracious entertainer; always thanking the crowd and going the extra mile for your fans!

Noe Gomes

2 months ago

First time I’ve seen you in concert and was not disappointed!!! Can’t wait to see you again!! You’re so incredibly talented!!!


Bruce Rojas Zepeda

2 months ago

I have seen him in concert and he has helped my spirits so much over the years right now he is the only one I listen to

Juan Flores

2 months ago

Thanks for coming to Salt Lake it was the best concert it was my nine-year-old granddaughter's first concert and you high-fived her hand now she says she's not ever washing her hand, you inspired her to play her guitar more she says she wants to play it just like you, bthanks for being so friendly to that crowd, great sense of humor and I love your Texas Time song great song

Kionnis Bell

2 months ago

I've never been at a concert that I enjoy as much as yours. The music is awesome!! I love the stories your songs tell and how you communicate with your audiences. Thanks so much for coming back to Utah but please don't wait so long to come back to us. Be safe! :) 💥🎸🎸❤️

Are YOU coming to rock with Keith and Kelsea Ballerini on the #GraffitiUWorldTour this summer?! 🎸🎤

Norway Bikern Barg

2 months ago

Yes!! In October in MN for my Mom's 70th Birthday!! We can not wait!! I am So excited!! We saw you in MN in November of 2016!! Keith puts on an awesome Show!! We want to win Backstage Passes of country radio!! We love Keith Urban!!

Maria Gonzalez

2 months ago

I feel so blessed. I will see Keith 7x on the GU tour. Thank you KU for your amazing music and passion. You put joy back in this world. Love to the whole band and safe travels.

Aseka Smith

2 months ago

I got my seat for the Vancouver concert...can't wait!! First Keith Urban concert and I am sure its gonna rock...Every night its like a Keith Urban concert in my room...but surely the actual concert would be infinitely better. 😁

Get ready! 🎤 Keith is performing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon TONIGHT! 📺

Jose Lopez

3 months ago

I thought I would send Keith Urban a message:

Dear Keith Urban and crew:

I thought I should write and apologize to you... I saw you were going to be on Jimmy Fallon, last night, so my wife and I tuned in to watch......The beginning of his show insulted our President so much, we had to turn it off. Very Sad. Jimmy Fallon is such a talented guy and thought he would have dropped this distasteful rhetoric by now..... Most Americans strongly oppose the Hate Trump crowd and my wife and I are two that are tired of it.... I really don't care what your beliefs are, not my concern... You have been a great entertainer through the years and I appreciate your non-partisan presence in today's music......... One of the greatest entertainers that walked the face of this Earth was Groucho Marx, hands down... He was a very Liberal man, yet never revealed his beliefs... His first concern was to entertain.....This is good policy......Sorry I couldn't hang in there and watch you on Jimmy Fallon last night, you are a great entertainer. I will but a ticket one day soon..... With all this anti American B.S. on late night TV, I can now understand why Elvis used to Shoot at his Television! Take Care, Jack Shaw, Keith Urban Fan..

Cherie Teed

3 months ago

How does this guy even host a show with so many haters🤔🤔... he can’t be that bad as Keith & Nicole have been guests on there numerous times!!

Ruby Soho

3 months ago

Hey Keith, I caught you on Jimmy Fallon show tonight. Amazingly I went the distance and was not disappointed, Great song Keith, band and Julie. See you in Nashville in concert August 24. Very excited about the trip.

12 years of celestial synergized soul dancing. Happy anniversary Babygirl!!! I love you SO much. - KU

El Emiliano Eto'o

3 months ago

May your marriage be filled with every ingredient that sustains marital union: love, understanding, happiness, romance... Happy Anniversary and happy married life. Regards. MPG🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

Silvia d'Eufemia

3 months ago

Happy Anniversary Keith & Nicole! My husband and I are celebrating our 30th Anniversary today. You are my favorite artist and have been forever. You are so down to earth and so engaged with the fans. Wishing you and Nicole all the best and many more years of happiness! 🥂🍰

Mercik Simona

3 months ago

Happy anniversary to both of you. You are an inspiration to many. Keep giving us all the best example to succeed in a world where it is so easy to call it quits when things get tough. We see too much of that where people would rather just end a marriage instead of trying harder to keep it together. Thank you both for the beautiful music you make. It shines through your souls.

The setlist is finalized, the trucks are loaded, and we are ready to hit the road! 🙌 See you tomorrow, St. Louis!

Elisabeth Deyde

3 months ago

Please come to Melbourne, Australia Keith. I missed your last Oz tour but I won't miss this one. Looks and sounds amazing

Lazzy Yzzay

3 months ago

Wooooo Hooooo!!!
For those who haven't seen Keith live yet....look out!!! ONE OF A KIND!!
We're waiting for u in Canada KU!!

Raiderson SN

3 months ago

So.. Excited for you Keith, you have worked so hard getting Graffiti U world tour ready for us!! I love all your music and when I was sad, listening to your music made me happy and put a smile on my face. Good luck and may God watch over you and your band and team!

ICYMI: We're taking you behind the camera to see how the #ComingHome video was made! 🎬

Juan Gamez

3 months ago

Love this song!!!

Emily Florence

3 months ago

Your having too much fun. I know you pack a good time! Have Fun on your tour. Wishing you were coming to Tampa. 😚


Carlos Q Rock

3 months ago

Wish i could see u in concert Keith, been waiting 28 years for just one night with you. I woud give anything to meet you Keith. You and your music saved my life and i just want to say thank you. I like this pic. I hope Nicole really knows how damn lucky she truly is. Love u always Keith.

Shamaiporn Pladao Panthu

3 months ago

An why couldn't you wait till we get there,?? Lol love to catch up with you an Nic for a coffee, All the way from you're home country 🎤🔊😎😎

Melissa Thornhill Fitzhugh

3 months ago

What a great photo!!! This is why I will never believe those trashy mags with all all their crap about these two lovebirds. You can’t fake that adoration!!! Rock it hard Keith!!😘😘😘

Take a behind-the-scenes inside look at the rehearsals for the #GraffitiUWorldTour! 🎤 Will we see YOU out on the road?!

Suraj Apturkar

3 months ago

Thanks for a peek behind the scenes. Lots of work just setting up the list of songs to be played. Good Luck with everything.

Michael Wright

3 months ago

Thank you for sharing your amazing gift of music and all that goes into putting together your tour I can’t wait until September to see you in Eugene, Oregon! ❤️🎸🎤

Shaylen Hannah

3 months ago

A truck load of thanks for sharing the video on the behind-the-scenes inside look at the rehearsals for the Graffiti U tour.
It is interesting seeing all the planning and mental energy that goes into organising a tour.Simply sensational.
Your music is bringing a smile to my face while I’am at home recovering from a nagging head cold in cold,wet Sydney.

There's nothing in the world that feels like #ComingHome! ✨ Check out Keith's brand new music video featuring Julia Michaels on YouTube!

Kerri Carpenter Tricarico

4 months ago

Amen! Loved it! Good to see Keith without a guitar.

Kelly Ryan

4 months ago

Love the new cd!! Looking forward to seeing you in Bangor Maine, again!!!!!

Verna Teasley

4 months ago

Fantastic video you walking in this sunset in the middle to nature is absolutely wonderful.God bless you Always dear ku🌻🌻🌻🌿🌿🌼💙🎸🎶✌😊🌷🎸🎸🎸🎹🎸🎸

Spotted at #GraffitiUWorldTour rehearsals! 🙌🎤


Emily Smith

4 months ago

I think my 6yo grand-daughter is Keith Urban’s current biggest fan. I purchase d a CD player for her to use when she is sent to time out along with some nursery rhyme cds for her to listen to. She somehow got hold of one of her mother’s Keith Urban albums and that is all she listens to and sings (at high volume I would add). Ive since given her some more of Keiths music and now they are on repeat!! LOL. She lives at Tiaro, near Maryborough and Gympie, so would love to see Keith LIVE

Mairsile Drennan

4 months ago

Can’t wait...See you in Bangor,Maine on August 5th...It’s been a while since you’ve played our neck of the woods..🎫🎤🎸💕

Kaiden Tyler

4 months ago

We’ll be there Keith!!!

Have you heard Keith's version of Little Big Town's hit "Better Man"? 🎶

Lalo Mango

4 months ago

"Better Man" has been one of my favorite Little Big Town songs since its release. With Keith's spin on it I've come to love it even more. Thank you Keith for all the wonderful music you keep giving to your fans. #ILoveYouToTheMoonAndBack

Said Mtz Landa

4 months ago

That was awesome!!!!!! I hope and pray I get to see you in August in Virginia I am a blind lady and my mom is trying to get tickets for me because I love live music and I always wanted to see Keith Urban. Keep on rocking Keith you are awesome love all your music

Martial Abega

4 months ago

Interesting. I was actually quite afraid of the man portrayed in the song and quite disliked him, but when you portrayed him in your version you made me feel sympathy for him and think maybe he should be given a second chance. Nice job you did there:)

Forest City, IA • 5.26.18 • Tree Town Festival

Patricia Fields

4 months ago

Amazing music and super entertainer. Love to your beautiful wife Nichole and children. So wonderful you share your heart and gift of writing awesome music with us. 😍.

Deep into training for the GRAFFITI U WORLD TOUR!!!!! - KU

Kim Saucedo

4 months ago

I'm deep into the countdown until the Pittsburgh's only 25 more days!! I'm so excited I'm already thinking about what song I'll request backstage. I think I've got it narrowed down to my top 15 or so. Hmm.... 🤔 🎸💕👏

Candace Briley

4 months ago

Please come back to Cheyenne Frontier Days in the next few years. I missed you last year because I didn't want to go alone, and I dearly regret it! You're amazing. BTW, my cousin's wife was visiting me today and heard rumors of you and Nicole on the outs. Please tell me this isn't so. Y'all can't be separating!

Rohit Vyas

4 months ago

Looks like heaven to me!!!!! I'm available if you need poolside assistance..sun screen, ice cold drinks of fresh fruit water, a towel maybe????

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MOM- and for Moms everywhere!!!!!!! - KU

Pablo Ricardo Silva Guadarrama

4 months ago

Happy Mothers Day Mrs. Urban...& thanks to you & your husband, we have this incredibly talented, humble, sweet, soulful, handsom man in this world!!!! I was hoping you both had the chance to get together for your day. I always thought it was so AWESOME how you were there to support him throughout his career, being his date at so many awards shows, & there in CA when he filmed his video & made you nervous on that roof top. For some reason I never forgot that, or you peeking in when he was recording with Dan Huff. Yes, die hard fan of your son's that doesn't forget a whole lot of those "moments". I think your pretty fantastic! And I'm gonna guess Sunny & Faith made you the necklace your wearing. 😊 So glad to see you both together!!!!!

Hadi Tri Nugraha

4 months ago

Happy mothers day for your mum Keith urban,and i expect see you at live in concert in toronto finnaly in day 30 June,thanks good i will realize my dream this its why i came to toronto,one of the reazons its for see you at live k.urban

Quinton Coetzee

4 months ago

Oh, how I would love to meet Keith Urban. You are s Diamond. I love your music. I saw you in Biloxi, MS, and you were phenomenal. Happy Mother's Day to your mama and to Nicole. John 3:16

It's finally the weekend! Time to let your horses run. ✨

Sabrina Delorge

4 months ago

I love all of the songs in Graffiti. U album. And this "Horses" song is one of my favorites. Even though my zodiac sign is a Capricorn, I love the song "Gemini".

Chris Airlie

4 months ago

So I guess we’ll never hear a guitar solo again... you can’t imagine how much I admire you, but this and the past records are not what you are... shame on you Keith Swift or Taylor Urban or what ever you become!!

Evangelist Abijah Mola

4 months ago

I posted this song on Derby 🐎 Day... love it... live in the horse capital of the world 🌎 Lexington, Kentucky

Love you and all your music! God bless you and yours!!! 💜

ICYMI: Keith performed his new single "Coming Home" on The Ellen DeGeneres Show! 🎤

Clifford Groenewald

4 months ago

I hope you aren’t calling this country music!! There is not one thing country about it....sad!!!😢

Patti Reardon

4 months ago

Wouldn't miss seeing Keith on Ellen, it seems to me that Keith is more at ease when he is one her show. Maybe because she is a fan of his too. Always love when he's on her show, you never know what silliness she could have planned. It was fun seeing the old Phoenix commercial they did. Laughed just as hard this time as I did the first time I saw that. #loveyoutothemoonandback

Isaiah Anderson

4 months ago

Another great song!! Love, love, love Coming Home, home is where love is.

Can you feel it?! 🎶 Watch Keith perform "Never Comin Down" from Graffiti U on Late Night with Seth Meyers!

Ante Perko

4 months ago

I don’t care for this song yet, maybe it takes several times to hear it, lol!!!

Champainge Rucker

4 months ago

Yes, I sure can feel it! Takes me right back to all the "feels" of being at your live shows! 🎸👏 😍 The only problem is, it makes it harder to wait until the next one! 😉

Felix Staubmann

4 months ago

Love this song!! I clap my thighs or hands to it, awesome track. Great to see how you do it live with the band. When are you announcing your Australian tour? Major cities & CMC Rocks in March KU?!! Pretty please!! 💓

The #iHeartCountry Festival starts TONIGHT! 🙌
Tune in on AT&T's Twitter at 8/7c to hear Keith perform new songs from #GraffitiU!

Lê Khánh

4 months ago

Keith you’re music is great as always love everything you do and so are you just gorgeous. 💋🌹

Matt Angeli

4 months ago

Thank you, Keith Urban. I needed that.

Duane Rains

4 months ago

I may, not have seen you there in concert, but hearing it on the radio out love in me.

Keith performed "My Wave" from Graffiti U on Late Night with Seth Meyers! 🌊

Tara Smith

4 months ago

Simone Foster wish he would hurry up and announce his concerts!! Received t shirt and album package in mail this week. Bummed I was in Sydney last week as he is going to be on sunrise this coming week!

Ralf Godzik

4 months ago

Love the new album, this song is definitely my favourite. Can't wait for you to tour Australia 🇦🇺😍

Hiroki Koizumi

4 months ago

Just got my GRAFFITI U and I love it! Keith Urban you always deliver!!! Thank you!

Hear Keith talk about the making of "Coming Home" at his iHeartRadio Album Release Party! 🎶

Christopher O'Brien

4 months ago

A few good songs, but not my fave album of his.

Gosia Osiecka

5 months ago

So amazing...from the heart...keep on smiling its contagious..😉💝

Frankie Lira

5 months ago

Love all the songs on GraffitiU...thank you Keith

Catch Keith performing songs from #GraffitiU on Late Night with Seth Meyers TOMORROW! 🎤

Mary Walker

5 months ago

Ok here goes hi I’m a huge country music fan have been all my life grew up listening and I play a bit and have a huge family that some play and sing I have a 16 year old nephew who is awesome there are videos on my Facebook page but I’m writing this cause we live in a small community we are part of the Manitoba metis federation and members in our little local we have very little members and some are getting older we volunteer every year for all events we have to raise money for our building up keep and monthly bills every year we have our metis days in the community pasture where our ancestors grew up we get right of passage for this event every year it’s been held out there for just about 30 years but it has been declining over the past few years we are trying really hard to get it back to what it used to be but it’s hard not having much funds for activity’s we hire bands every year try hard to have fiddle in the band cause we are big jigging fans as a tradition I’m not looking for money I’m not sure what exactly this message will do if anything but this year I had the privilege to talk too a Manitoba lady who’s following her dreams of making it big in Nashville and she now lives there she’s from Winnipeg Manitoba she is very willing to come and perform at our metis days on July 21-22 but has a show on the 20th of July in San Jose and would not be able to get here till late Saturday nite to perform I have no problem with that but members probably wouldn’t cause we are paying for the flight plus I would have to pick her up in Regina at airport at around 4:30 pm Saturday 21rst and wouldn’t get back to metis days till late I know we cannot change flight times or anything but would love to be able to do something to get her here at a decent time I’m sure just advertising her would Bring the people I don’t know how the airline things work I’ve never flown but any input would sure help I was wondering about a connecting flight please please help us get her here

Hannah Earley

5 months ago

Will mute show ‘til KEITH....then will blast the sound up! Loving GRAFFITI U! Love the man and his music! ❤️🎸🎶

Karina Davila

5 months ago

you always loved this one M8...Ill check you out tonite!😉

"The same heart
that loved you's still beating
in this chest hard..." ♥

Jonathan Luis Soto Rosales

5 months ago

Dear Keith i put my headphones on..havin a bad day..walking by the river to your new album and i was full of goosebumps as i felt like i had lived many of ur words. I really could relate to your songs and i always do. Thank you.

Angel Mae Celestial Agapay

5 months ago

I Love this new album and him, such an awesome man!!!! Has any one else notice the scarf’s he’s been wearing? I hope it’s a fashion thing!!!

Jonathan Spielberg

5 months ago

I love graffiti u , it’s all I listen to ! Die hard Keith Urban fan he could sing the alphabet and it would be amazing . Love you Keith Urban 😍