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It’s December 1st and we got your prezzies on lock! 👉🏻 How about...
🎄 A tree under a meta!
🎁 No gift wrap needed
☃️ Frosty toes never looked better!
Thanks Katy Perry Collections

Donald Barrick

12 days ago

Yes, definitely a poet. Jx

Still thinking about them.....far too femme. Ha. Jenxxxxx.

Sayaka Suzuki

12 days ago

if u keep talking about xmas im gonna ditch u

Y’all want a real #CozyLittleChristmas? Bundle up with some of these warm and fuzzies, all shipped to be under your tree by Christmas! 🎅🏻 🎁🎄

Xavier Sio

12 days ago

Release the song On apple music Please

Rita Markgraf

12 days ago

Ps. I don’t wear white...too puritanical and I drop my food. The red, definitely. Jx

Peter Aldridge

12 days ago

These are more up my street. Yes. Good for slogging. Definitely. By the way I don’t usually wear Christmas clothes, but hey, they look good for slogging. Definitely. Jenxxxxx

Proud to be able to do my part supporting the Malibu Foundation on Dec. 2nd at the #OneLoveMalibu Fundraiser. You can donate at to help those in immediate need after the Woosley Fires. 🎨 by Kii Arens

Valentina Muscas

13 days ago

Well hope its a cleansing and a better place .

Amy Colleen Shepherd

14 days ago

where in the world is she

Vale Monturiol Estrada

14 days ago

what do you want for christmas Katy???

I'm going to be on your radio 📻 Tune in this weekend for my list of #CozyLittleChristmas songs! 🎄Go to to check your local listings 🎶

Joey Mc Carthy

19 days ago

I would still prefer everyday is holiday

Arlene Francis

19 days ago

Katy Katy Katy
I would send you a present but there is nothing big enough to carry or fright this to you.
I’m looking at he most beautiful present 🎁 ever I have seen.
Enjoy with your friends and family.
Look for the name in Brisbane , snuggles for you and the boys.Queen Perry peace.the golden soul awaits for your next holiday or shoe 👠 feel the ground that’s your present goddess of love. Merry Christmas and Happy new year to your family friends and you🙏💕🌏🔥✌️☯️👑👑💫🌈🇦🇺🎁🌞⚡️👽🎄

MiNi Cacawette

20 days ago

When come out the video. .and in other platforms. .

Tryptophan got me like... 🦃🤤😴


📸: Nadia Lee Cohen

Alex Ward

20 days ago

As a DJ I would love to be playing this track for Christmas Parties, but don't know where to buy it. Not on iTunes :( - I Don't stream music I buy it!

Abel Seb

21 days ago

Katy, I’m so curious about your fetish for eyes. Did you grow up dreaming about becoming a optometrist? You wear one eye all the time, at your concerts your backup dancers wear one eye. Your concert in the pyramid, you wore some weird outfit with one eye in the center and your dancers wore eyes as well.
Has nothing to do with the occult, Satanism and the Illuminati does it?☺️ You just have this strange fetish for eyes just like most other celebs.

Fight for your dreams Katy, you can be that optometrist you always wanted to be. 👁 👁 👓 😂

Shannon Foote

22 days ago

Fun Fact: there’s actually more tryptophan in chicken🐓than turkey🦃

#FBF to Christmas in September 🎅🏻🤶🏻 Setting a vibe in the studio with Santa's helpers Greg Wells and Ferras ❤ Have a great weekend, and don't forget to check out #CozyLittleChristmas 🎁 🎶

SouAli Arsana

a month ago

wow the holiday season is upon the year goes by quickly

Freya Terry

a month ago

wow the holiday season is upon us

Dorée Razafiniary

a month ago

Good achievement..Indeed..🤗😘👌🏄‍♀️

#CozyLittleChristmas now streaming on Amazon Music

Emma Schroeder

a month ago

I think is a good Christmas gift for every Katycat😘💘..😜👌 I agree..

Jeffrey Asante

a month ago


Sue Ann Hackney Allen

a month ago

oh now u tryna play it safe smh

💔we’re gonna get through this baby💔

Ingrid Casperson

a month ago

Did Kristen Bell reunite with her mother ? post from the 8th said she was looking ?

Nuno Gonçalo Pinto

a month ago

It’s been very heartbreaking here in California we have so many fires burning

Lauren Gentile

a month ago

Hi, Katy. Is there anything I can do for you and the great state of California? I've never been to California but have always wanted to go. I can come to California and provide emotional support. I love you.

Said in vocal fry, “Trenta, no foam, five shot, half-caff, pumpkin spice latte at 210 degrees“ - #katyperry #makeupbymanthony #americanidol #pink #nude 📸 @manthony783

Alina Smith

a month ago

Looking stunning as usual Katy Perry. Seems so long ago since you were here in Australia. Loved the shows by the way! See you next time xx

Giorgos Sartabakos

a month ago

I keep dreaming of celebrities. Katy Perry was the big one the other night. 😂I like her. 😁

Ebony Holmes

a month ago

Did everyone see the #nude 😂😂

did it for the sticker...amongst other things... #IVOTED🇺🇸 📸 @manthony783

Ionut Giurgea

a month ago

Hi, Katy. I learned your song "Long Shot". I'm going to record it and send a copy of it to you. I would love to meet you. Here is another song. I love you.

Anna Benke

a month ago

Gun powder in his back tatoo? Astroid field blew his arm off right hand? Had to change Leftie

Jodi Gray

a month ago

So disapionted with this look she has now yes still nice looking but she was so much nicer looking with her old look pity she has to try and look like someone else

A transformative song by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul for #DearEvanHansen Produced by the wonderful Greg Wells! Available digitally everywhere now. May you not feel so alone my angels ❤️

Kaitlyn Holtgreve

a month ago

Lovely information and also Decency <3

André Vizcarra Cuellar

a month ago

If Maybe ,please create a music video for this!💝

Edita DIzon

a month ago

Kelsey Seiler woh. Ive been listening to this soundtrack for a while now.

teen idol/american idol@ 21c Museum Hotels

Quentin Denhez

2 months ago

The very first song I listened of yours was Wide awake.... Still brings back my teenage memories when I listen to this song now...feels like i am back in 2012

Precious Ibe Kalu

2 months ago


Máté Kovács

2 months ago

Happy birthday momma! Today is 25/10, a day to celebrate the birth of the most beautiful, beautiful, strong and wonderful person in the world. I love you from the bottom of my heart, even if you do not know me, I love you unconditionally, and there is nothing that will stop me from being your number one fan. It was so many moments that we spent in this era, that we can not forget that you was a very strong person and managed to rebound, so I and his millions of fans love you. Thank you for existing, you are very important to me.

In “The Battle of AmfAR” documentary, Liz Taylor said “Bitch, do something!” Last night, I took those words to heart when I had the honor of being given The Award of Courage from @amfar, who has certainly been doing everything they possibly can to end HIV/AIDS. Thank you, AmfAR for all that you do. Thank you Mayor @EricGarcetti for the very kind words last night. And special thanks to @alexismabille for helping bring my mother’s nickname for me, Feather, to life 💙 📸 @gettyimages@ Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts

Gabriel Turron

2 months ago

Great Job You,, And Looking Great as Usual Doing it,, Rock On Pretty Girl,

Bob Bryant

2 months ago

when she come bacck? i miss her songs and long hair

Debbie Gutowski Zavatkay

2 months ago

Hello Katy can you help a French family HugoetEmma un combat pour la vie see Facebook page they family need 4 millions euros money
For a treatment to save their 2 children from a rare disease and start a therapy
Thank you

Back at it with @americanidol looking for...her 🎤💫 Circa early 2000’s

Syed Qasim

2 months ago

i meant that i will go to the lake of fire in their place...(for satan and the angels)Or...was crucified for them. Perfect love at the beginning AND at the last. Our story, our song. Do You understand what im saying here? Im very serious and i mean it.

Chihiro Watanabe

2 months ago

What is God calling you to do? Do you hear his whispers or see his handwork? You are one of his masterpieces. Be still and know that he is God.

Isaac Dayero

2 months ago

Media pass for her in Toronto working for a wire service

📸 @ronyalwin 💘 @ New York, New York
🎀 pink it was love at first sight 🎀
Putting my best foot forward in The Memphis by @katyperrycollections at #FFANY’S 25th anniversary benefiting breast cancer research 🎀 @ New York, New York

Silvia Alejandra Ramirez A

2 months ago

Whose wells the deepest!

Daniela Maciel de Almeida

2 months ago

I don't think I will need a cassie, ashley, amber!

Andrea G. Aguilar

2 months ago

Remember witnessing me in Michigan at Auburn Hills, FINALLY. Finally what. thanks for ear plugs. I C the first message to you was a game of cover up with your old bobby pin. Watch out for that governing push in front of that train. What a Doll Face Europe and Black Women and white girls. Scar Jews and Hispanics. With all Chinese contradiction, this is how we do, boo. you wanna know why that birthday in ohio made that cake. You wasn't it the moment Matt Damon came on for india and told them the woooes about water. Can't wait to see bloody Cat doll! O why was that limo in Auburn Hills locked when it was their for me or cover up your worst regret!

T-minus one hour until I’ll be on QVC showing off my Katyperrycollections shoes (or you can watch right here on Facebook)! 👠👡👟 AKA ONE HOUR UNTIL YOU CAN SEE ME LIVING MY DREAM! 💃🏻

Taylor Stratton

2 months ago

Beautiful and you look so comfortable in it

Heather Gnidrah

2 months ago

I love you Katy Perry !Come back to Quebec City please!

Illidan Stormrage

2 months ago

I thought the clothes were cheaper.

Incredibly moving and authentic ❤️Congrats friends @ladygaga #bradleycooper

Doug Jenkins

2 months ago

Frank Angel Sisters supporting each other. 🎤🎤

Racheal Gill

2 months ago

People don't realize yet how witness is a ground breaking album it takes time for people to catch up katy is teaching you all things to come just as JEsus did all the pieces will come together when Eliza joins Mack two whole come together they've both put the work in emotional rollercoaster they go back to their original roots and they see who they are

Mahlatse Moldau

2 months ago

Witness is absolutely brill the story is amazing if you can read between the lines I understand it well it's for me

Kameshia Cissy Hill

2 months ago

I’ve been in a lot of pain from reality. It’s tuff. I miss being able to smoke herb so freely and now I can’t even hardly find any. Thank God for herb.

Matheus Bruno Lopes

2 months ago

Try to vision why,

And humor me by answering this,

For me,

A Humming Birds turns it's head so violently?

(A*) Depesche Mode


In love with you,

Katy Arè

Abdoullahi Ibrahim Abdou

2 months ago

Try to visualize,
And humor me,

And tell me why,

Why does a Humming Bird turn its head so violently,

(A*) Depesche Mode

PROUD to be a covergirl for Footwear News as the face of FFANY Shoes on Sale, and even PROUDER to announce 📢 ❗I will be on QVC THIS WEDNESDAY, 10/10 at 10p ET, all for a GREAT cause and a STEP (I did that) in the direction of finding a cure❗📢 Shop a sneak peek here: 😩❤😩❤😩 Katy Perry Collections

Pawan Kumar

2 months ago

OMSeriousG! Those Christmas boots are a must have. They’d go perfectly with my Christmas dress I made❤️💚❤️🎄👢

Pepona Herbert Meraz

2 months ago

which is a Indian cricket tournament I saw u there and I was so happy and excited...from that day I wished whenever I will go to heaven I would live with u and share my life with u. KATIE you are my favourite and will always be...

Diana Laura Giselle Galindo

2 months ago

Katie this has come straight from my heart...first of all congrats for coming on the cover photo of the magazine...second thing I want to share with u is actually I m an Indian one's u came in india to perform in the Indian premier league...

Why didn’t the fettuccine go out for Halloween?

It was too alfredo. 🤷🏼‍♂️ 📸 @manthony783

Austin Borzash

2 months ago


Jesus Fernando Ludowieg Vargas

2 months ago

Katy is beautiful .....she also has a great personality . I would love to see her in concert ! ♥️

Eduardo Moraima Briss

2 months ago

This make up it’s incredible!!!

#TBT to when I got to ✔ another one off my bucket list and sing with the LA Philharmonic, conducted by the living legend @gustavodudamel to celebrate their 100th season 🎇 @ Hollywood Bowl

Imam Rosadi

2 months ago

Katy Perry it was an amazing performance. 😍 My son and I we're there, he's not really a fan but I think you won him over with your rendition of "Bicycle Race". 😉😊

Glaideer Rojas Salazar

2 months ago

Loved it! And LOVED the Bicycle song!! So much fun!!

Van Cung Hmun

2 months ago

Loved the show. But wish she had sung California Girls! More than 3 songs...

👁 Nothing evil about this! 👁 Head to @katyperrycollections for The Geli 💙
@tomford for #montecarlogalafortheglobalocean 🧡

P.S. big congratulations @orlandobloom on your award and continuing to shine your spotlight on the environmental and humanitarian needs of others. Your kindness is incomparable 🙏🏻 @ Monte-Carlo, Monaco

Amelia Oram

2 months ago

So I told John Mayer to write a song about Katy Perry’s Feet!..❤️🎸 has many licks & peddles with harmonics!..❤️

Renato Lima

2 months ago

i bet you dont know that your roots are from where you take picture , 😀 i can tell you by the shape of fingers that show us roots

John Reeves

3 months ago

Ilove u My katty , swish swish 😘😍 here is a pico for tour😘 eyes ...lluminati 😕 not but, seriously ,those are some gorgeus toessss☺😊😀

TODAY is National Voter Registration Day!!! Need to register to vote? Check your voter status? Find local volunteer opportunities or sign up to get reminders for voting/absentee ballot dates and deadlines? I got you! Text CHANGE to 788-683 or go to
The power of the people is greater than the people in power and we prove that when we vote. Sups easy, let's do this fam 🤝

Albert Perez

3 months ago

Love you katy you are the best friend😍😘😘😗

Alexandra Richards

3 months ago

I'm sharing with you my impaths old souls & introverts talent throat tongue VOICE molecular couple M.M. her ROCK D.T. crying out in wilderness mad duck death planet surface Earth middle realm devils playground recess bell ring Maria SAND 6th. elephant trumpet sing pond fog lady mice workers bumble bee machinery proud fam orange LAMP floating ball advanced alien technology unit come map lost treasure chest infinity 8 silver bracelet shield of armor ruby red rose laser light saber dragon parent cupboard🛸⛵🛸⛵married mission pink + blue PRIZE winner song***^V^flag*ship Cmmander stream total 15 tribal council sea & cloud ruler parallel 3 hollow graphic pics. postcard sent from home🗼⚓💙👁️💋😻Ambassador talent.. happy answers amen are have all Abrahim-her respected be..

John FK Mulbah

3 months ago


At that my friends is the cherry on top of a wonderful era. I see you and I love you ❤️🧡💛💚💙😴

Wendy Frey

3 months ago

@katyperry my Queen! We LGBTQ+ brazilians are facing dark days in our country where hundreds of us are daily killed. There is a candidate running for president that is openly racist, homophobe and misoginist and he is first place in the race. We beg you to publish the hashtag #EleNao and help us to maintain our rights and our lives 🏳️‍🌈

Ronae Sammons

3 months ago

Love you too...See you in the next era ❤️🌈

Jerry Cobble

3 months ago

My love katy I love you so so so much😍😍😍😍

💚 KAABOO 💚 📸 @shearerphoto

Don Williams

3 months ago

I'm glad MY parents don't dress me like that. WEIRD!

Sand Butaye

3 months ago

Rhys Whale 😍 look at the green!!!!

Princess Kate

3 months ago

You are Hot and Beautiful all in the Same. My Alien Angel!!! :-*

💗 KAABOO 💗 📸 @shearerphoto

Brad Rowson

3 months ago

Katy Perry Like This Photo

Joyce Holanda

3 months ago

Valentines the video

Carla Reed

3 months ago

All the best always best wishes everyone

🖤 KAABOO 🖤 📸 @shearerphoto@ KAABOO Del Mar
♥️ KAABOO ♥️ 📸 @shearerphoto

Naoki Fukuda

3 months ago

Hey boo I miss you Katy so much that Mr. Bloom can't imagine love and kisses kaboo

Luis Rios

3 months ago

Amazing work, with my love🎶💓🐕

Etsuko Kawase

3 months ago


😂 کابۆ یان بێجامە

Omw @kaaboodelmar 💚 Meet me at Sunset Cliffs 7:30pm 📸 @manthony783

Ivan Sirakovski

3 months ago

"My dearest friends,
I am writing to ask for support. I am part of a self-organized network of women who are campaigning against a sexist, intolerant and misogynist presidential candidate in Brazil. This network is not in favor of a specific candidate, but against this one person who we believe represents backwards ideals and stimulates intolerance between different groups of people in my country.

The organizers of this network are under attack. Their personal data have been published online and they are receiving threats, as well as their families. This type of behavior isn't one I want for the country I'm trying to help build for the future. I am here to ask for your help to spread the voices of these women, who are under attack to be silenced.

We started a campaign online, using the hashtag #EleNão (#NotHim) #EleNunca (#NeverHim) as a way to increase awareness that we, Brazilian women who live in Brazil or abroad, are not supporting such ideals.

We do not believe that beating up a gay child will make them straight, as he said. We do not believe that if you see a couple of men kissing on the street they should be attacked, as he threatened. We don't believe women should earn less money than men because they get pregnant, as he defended.

We believe that our country needs more love and union, and we want to elect a President who can get our country back on track and help it move into a bright future. Bolsonaro is a threat to that, and therefore my vote goes to any other candidate, #NotHim.

Please help us spread this message and get support. The more people support and pass on our message, the stronger we'll be. #EleNão #MulheresContraBolsonaro #WomenAgainstBolsonaro"
(Créditos de ajuda na revisão pra minha colega Cláudia Mello Belhassof.)
Fernanda Weiden

Mary Troyer

3 months ago

I love katy so muche you are the best

Eddy Baltov

3 months ago

She was the Green Manalishi with the 2 prong crown

⚪️⚫️PEEK-KAABOO⚫️⚪️ See you soon San Diego... link in bio 🖤📸 @manthony783

Parfait Ouedraogo

3 months ago’s it going? Kinda wish I was in SD. I’m not too happy where I’m at but I’m chillin for a minute.

Nichole Ramey

3 months ago

love the colours (breastssstaking)...

Luciano Sousa

3 months ago

Bummer I moved from San Diego to LAUGHLIN NV. COME see us here Katy PLEASE

What’s the difference between a piano and a fish? You can’t tuna-fish 🤷🏼‍♂️

GiGi Giardina

3 months ago

Groan... deboners knives for hands?...I can play with the tounge..duet?...sure!🙂too entitled ( _pimento)

Susan Omondi

3 months ago

Ah but a sling blade style Dodger for fishing can be tuned for the specific speed you are going. This is done by bending it and observing the action it has in the water.
Wait a sec howd we get to fishing. Lol
Your freekin awsome. 🥂

Peter Kennelty

3 months ago

You look so much better in your last picture post. You are Beautiful when your Natural!!! But just a opion!!!

name a more iconic duo... I’ll wait

Miho Oono

3 months ago

If I didn't see who posted this I wouldn't even know who the person in the photo is so.... I would say at this point just about any other Duo is more recognizable??

Jacqueline Jones

3 months ago

Batman and robin
Iron man and war machine
Rocky and apollo creed
Abbot and Castillo
Brooks and Dunn
Steve Roger's and Bucky barnes
Superman and super boy

Alwande Cubic Ah

3 months ago

I feel like we can be more iconic duo in this beautiful world. I'm half of myself when without You. Also big clouds are above me. When I 'm with you every dark energy disappears, also happiness is shining. I need You as earth needs a sun ☀ and like humans needs air. I realized that long ago but now is the time to say this here for You. I can pretend that i'm independent but true is that I miss every part of You and this incredibly beautiful energy above the world.

Couple O’ rugrats 🐶Nugget N’ Mighty🐶

Beatriz Veronica Prado Guerrero

3 months ago

Não sei se é pq estou com fome, mas logo que vi , achei q fosse frango empanado.🤣😍😍😍😍😍

Leo Licuanan

3 months ago

i need to be put down i have bug termite problem just myself

Irfan Ahmed

3 months ago

You're so cool and these dogs are cute

Well I’ve penciled in MY birthday plans 💅🏻! SO excited that two of my favorite bbs are hitting the road together! 👫 Catch my lil sprout @cynthialovely & @yearsandyears this fall at a city near you! 🔜

Maisa Petrova

4 months ago

This is such a brave Ambitious

Carolann Gunby

4 months ago

I Paused My Game to be Here - Men Women T-Shirt (Amazon)............Inbox Me

Nomsa Ruth Banda

4 months ago

Perfect, this is beloved

#Repost @katyperrycollections
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Coco Hennissen

4 months ago

Mira ja no tenim que demanar taxi!!!! El portem als peus Eva Grabalosa Mendez

Shannon Glen

4 months ago

Jena Kelsey these shoes remind me of you

Paul Wolfgram

4 months ago

Victoria Bell these made me think of you!

JUST ANNOUNCED: Katy x #CitiSoundVault -September 10th at The Theatre at Ace Hotel DTLA in LA! Register now for tickets:

Lian Pii LZ

4 months ago

#BuyWitnessOnItunes 👁
#BuyRiseOnItunes 💪
#BuyChainedToTheRhythmOnITunes 🐹
#BuyBonAppétitOnItunes 🍒
#BuySwishSwishOnItunes ☄🏀
#BuyHeyHeyHeyOnItunes 👊

Mirror Perz

4 months ago


Masami Nakagawa

4 months ago

I dont have a citi card but my mom does am i allowed to buy the tickets with her card but go by myself??

🎵San Diego, I’m coming with a larger than life show for you! New set, new costumes, MEGA drama! I’ll be there to perform on Sunday, September 16 at 7:30 pm. Get your exclusive Katy Perry Cares pass (benefiting @musicares) to KAABOO for only $89 to see my show! Purchase your pass at🎵

Andrés Quiroz Muñoz

4 months ago

I know its good to change and all, but i want the old katy back...

Diego Stradivarius

4 months ago

Jacob Hittinger I may have to fly over from NY for this

Gregory A Corrie

4 months ago

Hi Katy Perry it's Jr from Arizona I love your music

One of my favorite moments on this leg is being able to FINALLY visit @LunaParkSydney and bring my tour 🤡 I have looked out the window of my various hotel rooms for over 10 years dreaming about this place, the rainbow of glittering color in the middle of mundane grey business buildings... it looked like it was frozen in time, a simpler time. I love that it feels like you’re taking a time machine back to an authentic, incredibly preserved, corporate free, fun factory! I heard they are trying to destroy it and so I just wanna post that this smiling face has kept me smiling from across the water for over a decade... please don’t take my smile away! 😔 #savelunapark #historicalnostalgia@ Luna Park

Augie Vega

4 months ago

I love this place too!

Chad Elliott

4 months ago

One if my faves too Luna!!!. As an an aucklandish singer can we meet for two minutes. Your video with Celine is devine and we all need our heros or how do I become part of your entourage. I have had past health issues and am going to sing. Can I coillaberate with you and DJ. I can produce also

Giovanna Maekawa

4 months ago

Just For Fun!

✨👁God is in the details👁✨ 📸 @timsek@ Park Hyatt Sydney

Amber Davis Castorena

4 months ago

Writer wrote "God is within us and all around us not just in bldgs of wood and stone, split a piece of wood and you will find me, lift a stone and I am there" hence God is the details. I would love too hear I do, to say...i do... make homes, do shows babys born to bring with and teach what God has gifted... oh yea just a dream.

Grant A Seaon

4 months ago

Stop trying to be like Miley Cyrus. She lost that short blond hair cut look. I missed your long dark hair look.😢

Jacob Flores Olivares

4 months ago

Reevaluate your life. You've went off the deep end, the new miley. Smh. #CopyKat Used to love Katy, until she started being way out there.

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Emily Lallave

4 months ago

We just wanna see where you get it.
Could be a zillion things.

Christina Wortham

4 months ago

Well whatever it is. Let me know so I can update my collection of katy tats as well!!!!

Altea Kule

4 months ago

The Super Eye, I Love You Katy.

Just a couple of lemon drops 🍋💦 RG: @brookesstylediary @katyperrycollections

Hero Miyazaki

4 months ago

Totally SUMMER FUNKY we love that in a Sexy Girl KATY Funky Design.

James Ramsay

4 months ago

I have the watermelon 🍉 sandals 👡 👡

Hector Zabala

4 months ago

Me encanta son hermosos y todo bella:33 , pero pues yo sugiero que saques más Singles😍😍😍😍 y sigue así que para todo eres muy BUENAA

‬You know I love a 🚲 ride to a show...Already starting my post tour plans with a big 💯th celebration back home in LA! 🎉Excited to join @gustavodudamel and the @laphil for the Open Streets Festival & Celebrate LA!, a free concert at the @hollywoodbowl ‪on Sun, Sept 30‬! Tickets are available via an online sweepstakes ‪beginning Aug 20.‬ Learn more at ‪‬ #LAPhil100 #CelebrateLA

Leslie Wilson

4 months ago

Love Katy Perry and Hollywood bowl

Hanna Jloanhy Sanz

4 months ago

I LOVE YOU KATY! We can't wait to have you back at the Hollywood Bowl for our centennial concert :) #celebrateLA

Lhyrhex Addison

4 months ago

I can’t wait for to go at Hollywood Bowl Katy Perry

“One shoe can change your life” -Cinderella @katyperrycollections@ Sydney, Australia

Robin Deal

4 months ago

Personally, I prefer my shoes in pairs but whatever floats your boat. For the haters - that was a joke.

Ankit Singh

4 months ago

God is woman and her name is Katy Perry ❤️ gosh why you are so perfect? I love you mom 💖

Jayson Paul

4 months ago

You got it wrong. The correct quote is " a pair of shoes can change your life"

BRISBANE! I’ll be swinging by the Westfield Carindale before my show tonight! If you’re nearby around 2pm come say hello to me and my 👠...and if you’re not nearby, we’ll be doin’ this one LIVE on the @kpcollections Instagram! 💁🏼‍♀📲 📸 @timsek@ Westfield Carindale

Linda Hungerford

4 months ago

Do I need any repetition cos I've said it all on Twitter? Do i LOVE her? "I think i LOVE her."

Oh yeah, I remember, I'm gonna have to join Instagram someday, at you + P!nk's request, but not now. I really, really LOVE you, Katy. That's why I'm giving up my self-ostracism of Instagram, all because of you, baby giyah

Maria Fernanda Benitez Alean

4 months ago

Oh my Gosh!! You were close to me yesterday 😱😱😱

Rwest Akanahis

4 months ago

Alana Bednar we might have to be at Sydney before 2pm just incase she goes to a mall 😹

Face it - it's always a good time to put your best foot forward
@katyperrycollections@ Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Josephine Sandalo Rosel

4 months ago

I liked the pants as well.....!🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️

Jackie Mziray

4 months ago

Collections look great, Miss Katy Tha Entrepreneur

Maria Ramirez Jimenez

4 months ago

I kept saying that same thing to myself when I was in highschool before I got a hoop pierced on my lip.
I kept saying face it to myself.

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Sara Worley

4 months ago

Michelle Gionfriddo Chrissie Gio you guys are coming with me right?!? September 9th!!!!

Kris Harris

4 months ago

Awww, I wish this had came out when I was younger.

Sameer Thakur

4 months ago



María De La Cruz Basurto Pérez

4 months ago

What a privilege. Celine in the audience. She is a living legend. We love her ❤

Sele Musty

4 months ago

Michael Celine’s my new skinny legend, sorry Mariah 🙌🏾

Imani Muchangi

4 months ago

Katy please grow back your raven hair!

tour tour tour@ It Takes A Village

Anderson Garcia

4 months ago

Do you mind if i do a little laundry Katy?

Susan Getchell

4 months ago

I Love You Katy , Sorry I Could Not Be There ,We Will Surely Find Solution Soon , You Write Some And I Will Write Some To Finally See You And To Be With You.

Mae Frances Holmes

4 months ago

Let me put my hands on you in your skin tight jeans 😘

thought i looked cute but I might delete@ Adelaide, South Australia

Carole Humphreys

4 months ago

Spend less time worrying about what you look like and more time thinking as a role model how much more you could be doing.

Giuseppe Borgo

4 months ago

Your a legend Katy doing what you did tonight for a young little fan and her family going through what no one her age should be going through, you’ve restored my faith in humanity, bless you 😘❤️

Hanna Gomez

4 months ago

Travelling 10hours(bus/train) to Melbourne tomorrow to see you in concert thurs night in the Drop Zone! Amazing as financially all odds were against me making the journey but after sacrificing selling off some of my things & despite having to rough it for a while..I’m finally getting to Witness you!! 👁Hopefully a M&G that would be extra special🙌💖 Katy Perry

just in case you forgot im still on tour and tonight was show 100 #witnessthetour

Jeff Ennis

5 months ago

Hey Katy - fancy coming back to the UK - Ipswich specifically - and doing another concert? I missed your one recently as I had a kidney infection. I was soooooo looking forward to it and am really sad I’m going to miss the tour now. My daughter went without me and said it was fab. I’m gutted as we always go to your concerts together. Anyway, have a think about it :-)

Tina Tlapek

5 months ago

Thankyou for your Perth concert 24th July
It was amazing
Think you said it was concert number 97
Congrats and i love witness, the songs are even better live

Iroid Isweezy

5 months ago

Are still on this? I mean really? It's a flop accept it. On the other hand let me sprinkle salt on wound , Taylorswift Reputation tour is breaking all records 😎

i’d like u to kno murray smelled like a spa cause he eats eucalyptus leaves all day 🐨🌿 #clelandwildlifepark

Gustavo Fernandes Corrêa

5 months ago

Hi miss perry! So nice to see you again! Wow 😳 you look more beautiful than ever before! Cool 😎 kowala bear too!😍😍👍

Ashlyn Singh

5 months ago

Que bonica,
i tendra,

amb aroma,

"Tip Top"

MiltonLiam Recaido

5 months ago

did he have clyamidaia?