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So excited to share that I’ll be making my Suits debut in the season premiere on Wednesday, July 18th at 9/8c. Can’t wait for y'all to meet Samantha Wheeler! To read more about what to expect this season, head over to Entertainment Weekly! #suits

Ana Luisa Aires Coimbra

4 hours ago

So. Very. Excited!!!!!!! Love the show and you’re a phenomenal actress so it’s just going to get better!!!!

Michael Harrison

13 hours ago

Great addition to one of my favorite shows.

Zina Zena

13 hours ago

Looking forward to viewing your work!

Remembering this “made my day” moment from last weeks #nbcupfronts with Sterling K. Brown and Kristin Chenoweth. Two people I am very very fond of both personally and professionally! Getting to say 👋 and gush about my love for them really did make my day! Wearing this beautiful and chic Maticevski skirt and blouse was also a big part of the fun! #suitsusa #maticevski

Scott Claudel

a day ago

Chenoweth is so short lol 😂😂😂

Alexandra Wilkusz

a day ago

Have a fun With owning Author Actress So beautifulness and Fantastic Pictured And Amazingness remembrance Owning moment's Of Days ... !!! WOW . Congrats .

Mei Geing

a day ago

David Yousseff
حبيبة القلب هاي 😂
تتزكر هداك الفلم 😂😂

“Truckloads” of litter. Literally! Thanks to your support, Independent Cat Society received 4.5 PALLETS of donated litter from Cat's Pride® Cat Litter. Wow. Help a shelter near you receive a truckload or two by nominating them at! #LitterForGood

Zeferino Barron

2 days ago

Our cat Holly is a rescue cat!! I don't remember the name of the shelter. They travel to different pet smarts. She's part Siamese and lynx

Angie Hernandez

3 days ago

Dios te bendiga.

Spent the weekend with family in Buffalo. Just a two hour drive from our home away from home in Toronto.
1. Wake up no later than 7am to watch the royal wedding with mimosas, bloody Mary’s and scones with clotted cream cause that’s what the English eat!
2. Nap at noon
3. Dress up in our fancy attire for dinner at the Country Club of Buffalo where we pretend we’re attending the royal reception!
1.Sneak into Aunt Deb’s candy closet and fill paper lunch bags full of candy.
2. Run around the glorious back yard looking for fairies and building them special homes.
3. Sit in our P.J’s chatting in the living room till noon.
4. Dress up in our fancy attire again for a very special party celebrating Deb and Larry’s granddaughters baptism!
5. Stay up far too late, have one too many ring pops and one too many glasses of champagne.
1. Recover... Thanks Aunt Deb and Uncle Larry for the most wonderful time!
#thoseheavenlydays are long weekends spent with your favorite people! ❤️

Johnny Gardner

3 days ago

Dear Kathe, then were do you live finally??? in USA or Canadá? I´m a little confused...

Mariana Popsor

3 days ago

You're such a proactive with your family and that's great!

Michael Bloem

4 days ago

Born and rise in buffalo as well as my kids

My Mother’s Day was perfect this year. Let me tell you why...because I told Josh Kelley and the kids exactly what I wanted and what I was expecting. That may seem a little... unromantic but it saves my kids and husband the stress of trying to read my mind, it saves me any disappointment that my mind was not properly read and it ensures my day is exactly what I hoped for!
#thoseheavenlydays is a perfectly spent Mother’s Day that started with cards, flowers and candy. Next a delicious brunch, then a little walk and picture taking among the apple blossoms with two incredibly photogenic daughters and one cranky son. Next came gelato which was enjoyed at Louboutin World while I picked out my gift from Josh. I chose the most gorgeous pair of pink sparkly Cinderella heels! Heavenly, heavenly, heavenly! ❤️❤️

Ron Reiss

8 days ago

Thank you so much for Showcase Fantastic day With owning mom's And Have a great . Mrs. Katherine Heigl. always is glamour .. Happy mother's day and Best Wish's regards . Fantastic photo's It's very perfectly . Gorgeousness .

Crystal Sud

8 days ago

I got....nothing to mothers day 😔

Deejay Ident

8 days ago

Ummmm can we talk about your boots!!! O M G!! If I didn’t have a broken ankle I’d be stealing them from you!! X

Thanks to your nominations and support, Last Hope Cat Kingdom picked up donated litter from Cat's Pride® Cat Litter, and it's already freeing up their resources to help save more kitties. Amazing! Have you shared to get more nominations for your local shelter?

Lizzy Martinez

11 days ago

Happy Belated Mother's Day Katherine Heigl! Hope you had a good one.

Caleb Correia

11 days ago

thank you so much For sharing Owning times With Kitties So beautifulness and Have A fun Excellent nomination and Donation for Keeping our Kitties ...!! Nomination Of Success .

In NYC for NBCUniversal upfronts with Josh Kelley. We fully took advantage of not having the kids with us and snuck off for date night. I really just wanted an excuse to wear the gorgeous shoes Josh got me for Mother’s Day...I didn’t know it was possible to be in love with a pair of shoes...

Lucho Guardado

10 days ago

I got hit by lightning. I believe all consciousness life was created by lightning. Look at volcanic lightning. My page is nature United on fb.

Jody Perry

11 days ago

Those look like Louboutin's So Kate shoes??? Good thing you are sitting down- they are so hard to walk in! They hurt your feet but it's worth it for pretty shoes!!!!

Zuzana Zábranská

11 days ago

The best hubbies buy shoes #whatagirlwants

This is my mother. She is extraordinary. I’m not just saying that because it’s Mother’s Day and she’s my mother. It is the truth. Ask anyone who knows her. Nancy Extraordinary Heigl... extraordinary is her middle name. She has survived the death of a child, breast cancer, and a perforated ulcer. She laughs easily and with great joy. She never forgets to tell you she LOVES you. She never forgets to tell you her opinion on EVERYTHING. She never withholds a helping hand. Her compassion and integrity runs deep and wide. She still worries long into the night about each of her children’s well being. She believes in God despite being disappointed by him a time or two. She takes absolutely NO shit from anyone and even told Steven Seagal “Nobody f*#%s with my daughter.” She is fierce and tender and bold and loud and loving and kind and everything I hope to be someday. Talk about leading by example...Happy Mother’s Day Mom.

"As mothers and daughters, we are connected with one another. My mother is the bones of my spine, keeping me straight and true. She is my blood, making sure it runs rich and strong. She is the beating of my heart. I cannot now imagine a life without her."
Kristin Hannah

Dino Santoro

12 days ago

Katherine... your comments regarding your Mom are beautiful and spoken from the heart. You both are blessed to have each other.

Lee-jay Chitapson

12 days ago

She is a treasure♡ Happy Mothers Day♡

So Beautifully said, God Bless her and your family. Happy Mothers Day 🙂
Mothers day is Everyday for Real Men.......

We, the Kelley’s, declare this day Super Smoothie Saturday and on this day we will imbibe delicious, nutritious and filling for only 20 minutes smoothies together as a one.
#thoseheavenlydays are filling your kids bellies with spinach hidden in a fruity, creamy smoothie and shrugging casually when they ask why they taste salad...🤔😏❤️#freshiismoothies

Kayla Williams

13 days ago

That’s hilarious how they asked why the smoothies taste like salad🤣

Becca Peterson

13 days ago

More selfless celebrities like you should adopt at least one kid.

Hosnî Pmt Neandertalis

13 days ago


Sometimes morning snuggles include a baby fist to the face...but it’s worth it. #thoseheavenlydays are made by forcing your children to snuggle with you in bed. PS. I’m NOT topless. I’m wearing a tank top, you just can’t see it! 😳😊

Katarína Strauszová

14 days ago

No time for fear, dear in the headlights, getting ready for the fights, approaching the day in the light. Just trying to do the write thing, bringing to the table what I can bring you see I understand were all trying to make it in this crazy hate filled world and it isn't easy. You gotta be a busy beesy. You gotta get lucky and dream. Sometimes nothing is what it seems. I encourage everyone to take off their masks and be who they are. Everyone has mad skills and the ability to be a star, asset, help the race, end the hate, commit random unplanned acts of love, smile and lift someone up...............P

Alba Amaya

14 days ago

Fist in your face, or a foot....or if your really lucky a bum on your head 😂. Gotta love kids, you have a beautiful family!

Daniel Feitoza

14 days ago

Do you have a child with Seth Rogen?

This pic was taken two years ago for a post I did on a DIY basket of goodies to give your mama for Mother’s Day. It’s so crazy how short my hair was! Even crazier is that I was about six weeks pregnant at the time! It’s insane how much your life and hair can change in just two short years! To see what’s in the basket and get some last minute DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas head on over to the blog: #thoseheavenlydays

Susana Gariboglio

15 days ago

Happy Mother's day to yu Katherine , hope you get spoiled by your loving family . Best wishes and Enjoy your day on the Sunday .🎁🎂🎉💐💕🍷

Alessio Murrone

15 days ago

Love this <3 just started watching greys because of you and now I'm a month into it and your gone :'( love you and everything you do!!

Rihaan Ansari

15 days ago

Love your crafts and knitting projects.

Got off work on Suits early and was able to steal Josh Kelleyaway to have a leisurely lunch with me at a gorgeous rooftop restaurant in Toronto. Josh is not a giant fan of selfies so it’s kinda hard to get through one without cracking up. I’m not sure which of these I like better...the cool couple version...or the can’t keep it together one. I guess I don’t really have to choose. I can love them both!
#thoseheavenly days are all about savoring a late afternoon lunch with your sexy husband! #kasamototoronto

Anke Lerche

16 days ago

Dylan Moffitt told u there would be another season of suits! Katherine is going to take Megan’s spot for sure!

Azim Abdusa

16 days ago

Nice to see you looking happy and enjoying those heavenly days

Onavi Islam

16 days ago

Selfie or not- you two are perfect together and a beautiful couple!!

I love everything, everything about this moment! Except that I’m standing over them taking a photo instead of laying down to nap time.
#thoseheavenlydays include a Sunday afternoon nap on the floor with your totally adorable 9 year old!

Donna Tomlin

18 days ago

Nothing better than Sunday naps, much needed and priceless moments!

Rens Zeebregts

18 days ago

Good👍👏 night🌙🌃🌉🌚🌑 all XOXO

انمول علی انورعلی

18 days ago

Aww how cute

Josh Kelley and the girls arrived yesterday afternoon. I cried. It has been far too long since I held my perfect, beautiful girls and my heart burst wide open the moment they fell into my arms. This divine family Josh Kelley and I have created has defined my purpose, grounded my existence and filled every nook, cranny and corner of my souls with the most profound love. I wish I had an even bigger word than gratitude, perhaps grace. Either way my cup runneth over.

Renne Evans

19 days ago

Fantastic Photo's ..!! Excellent Shoot With A lot of Exciting feels With our Kids So Beautifulness And Moments Of Graceful .. Have a fun .!!

Octavio Ortega Alvarez V

19 days ago

I love that you are so grounded. You have such a beautiful family!

Erinn Fernandez

19 days ago

And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. 2 Corinthians 12:9 KJV

The girls made a pit stop in D.C on their way to Toronto and Josh Kelley got this great shot of them at the Washington Monument. It says everything about their personalities! Naleigh tries to hold it up while Adalaide tries to push it down! I love everything about this pic and these girls!! ❤️❤️

David Emiliano Martinez

20 days ago

welcome to Canada girls , our weather is warming up , enjoy family time together

Amo você e sua família linda.....

Kazuya Shimohigshi

20 days ago

So close to my home in Va. Are they on their way to meet you in Toronto? Too bad you weren't with them. I'd drive in and see you. :)

Can you tell I just had a manicure? 😏
I am so deeply in love with this super nude gel polish I just had to show it off! So in love in fact I may just rock it all summer long! #camouflagehardgel #opiPutInNeutral
#thoseheavenlydays are a gel manicure you can live with for two weeks...or more!

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Stavros Karampinis

21 days ago

Hard to notice anything other than those signature brown eyes of yours. :)

Geraldine Zapata

21 days ago

Awesome make up XOXO

Charlène Major

21 days ago

And loving those lashes...looking sweet

Twisted my ankle at work a couple of weeks ago...trying to walk down stairs and text at the same time. Let the fact that I’m still icing this sucker be a cautionary tale to all you obsessive NOT walk and text, drive and text, talk and text, run and text, workout and text, drink and text...basically just don’t do anything else while texting! Thanks Keith Follett for the genius quote, so so so true!! 😏🤕

Anna Barabadze

22 days ago

Stay off it as much as possible ..take tylenol too.get well!

Kristian Short

22 days ago

Lesson learn the hard way, sometimes bite ya!

Annie Mae Taylor

22 days ago

Sara Hope Bradley look, stars are just like us lol Katherine Heigl feels your pain!

❤️ Simple joys are the best! ❤️

#thoseheavenlydays Are full of easy laughs and simple pleasures!
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Kaung Min Set

23 days ago

He looks like you.

Kayla Moore

23 days ago

Great smile, love those teeth.😁

Stephany Gómez

23 days ago

Such a happy little man

Every dollar shelters save can go directly towards helping more cats. Since you've already helped us donate 1,039,000 POUNDS of litter, just imagine all the lives you're helping to save! Look for the green jug of Cat's Pride® Fresh & Light®, and let's keep this going!
Learn more about Litter for Good™ at!

Nihal Yousef Esmail

24 days ago

Save animals that are going extinct.

Jeremy Zakrajsek

24 days ago

You are good

Adrienne Bergman

24 days ago

Dear, Katheriene .
You're looking forward it's very BRILLIANT.
Couple of time 😊 💑
Nice Livery 😊
incredibly proud .
Have a fun with green jug 🎈.
Fantasticality photo 📷

Being a boss!
#SmanthaWheeler has a badass office that I am thoroughly enjoying pretending is mine! Suits #girlswithgumption #anythingyoucandoicandobetter

Crystal Rogers

25 days ago

Looks like ur ready for my job interview. I'm a people person.....

Ruben Alonso Suarez

25 days ago

Gabrielle Pignolati vou dar mais uma chance para Suits, só porque é ela que vai integrar o elenco... 💁🏻‍♀️

Yoshimasa Ezawa

25 days ago

Hello Catherine I love you so much I am Ahmed from Egypt and admire all your works of art 😍😍

Touring Toronto with my girl Tasia W Steffensen. We’ve had the perfect weekend imbibing lots of pink drinks, hitting up the shops in Yorkville and indulging in lots of long chats! Doesn’t get much better than that! So grateful to all my girls for making their way to Toronto to keep me company until the rest of my brood gets here! Thank heavens I don’t have to do life without you!!!
#thoseheavenlydays are so much sweeter when I get to spend them with my girlfriends! ❤️❤️👯‍♀️

Frank Garcia

a month ago

Stop surgery please you re so beautiful !!

Richard Bolton

a month ago

Absolutely brilliant did you have a good time XOXO

Nimzaj Segundo

a month ago

Preety pic looks like lot fun

When your iPhones face recognition feature won’t work just cause you’ve got a mud mask on...
#thoseheavenlydays include taking a moment to pamper your skin! I’m using @eminenceorganics Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment to combat breakouts and boy did it do the job! Follow Those Heavenly Days and check out weekly finds that make my days even more heavenly!

Ryker Huizinga

a month ago

You look better with that mud mask on than most women look without it. 🙂

Verlena Turner

a month ago

Oh my God! ... it's probably me from the inside🤔

Linda Marsack Flaherty

a month ago

Looks like Vegemite also made from natural ingredients but we eat it in Australia lol xx

I have such great kids...which is why I bought myself this mug. 😏
#thoseheavenlydays are all about parenting with confidence!

Justyna Roman

a month ago

My kids gave me a shirt and a matching cap that says, " I Belong To My Kids"....I thought that was neat.

Jan Di Geun Suk

a month ago

Fantasticality photo 📷
Excellent confidence it's very Standard
incredibly proud .
So Gorgeousness .
Katherine Heigl. ALWAYS OF GLAMOUR

Dennis Renee

a month ago

I think you are The Best in general Katherine

Just had a soul renewing long weekend with my high school girlfriends. A few were missing and they were deeply missed, but I am so incredibly grateful to my girls that came! It was a long trip for most of them and they had to brave customs, airports, flight delays, city traffic and leaving their families just to spend a couple of days with me in Toronto. There is nothing, and I mean nothing, like spending time with women who know the depths of your soul and love you anyway! Some of us have stayed in touch these last 20 something years and some of us have raced off on our paths post high school and lost contact but we have all recently reconnected and the weirdest most beautiful part of that reconnection is how the love, laughter, loyalty, trust and sacredness of what we started 20 years ago hasn’t changed a bit! Maybe we have...just a little...but our sisterhood remains beautifully, profoundly intact and I could not be more inspired by or grateful for these extraordinary women! This quote by Brené Brown means more to me now than ever!
“Connection is the energy that is created between people when they feel seen, heard and valued. When they can give and receive without judgement”

Thank you for making me feel seen and heard and valued without judgement! I love you guys, always forever. Near and far, close and together!

Phil Brummitt

a month ago

I 100% agree! I adore the strong women in my life. We lean on, cherish, adore, laugh, cry, and play together. Unconditional sister love!

Gerald Burns

a month ago

Katherine,your look its so fabulous,your smile so incredible,words are useful to describe the beauty of a women like you,i wish you a fantastic start of week,kiss,beautiful.

Spenser Dalin

a month ago

Beautiful Friendships are hard to find , making Great memories together . ☺😙🍷💐

My two favorite fellas just landed in Toronto and I’m peeing my pants with excitement!! It’s been too long! TOO LONG!! Thank you Josh Kelley for being brave and bold enough to travel to another country alone with a 15 month old and alllllllllllll his gear! You are my hero!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Beads Correa

a month ago

Josh is decidedly a keeper. Impressive! We expect female-level know-how for that sort of activity!!! 😉

Xavier Lui

a month ago

Enjoy toronto 😊 make sure to go to the aquarium and the CN tower 😊😊

Natalia Fernandez Fernandez

a month ago

They both look excited to see you too

Robert Robertsunwhaa Garcia

a month ago

Ahh ❤️ I love this
You’re by far my favorite actress. I’m squeamish but im tolerating the gore of Greys Anatomy to watch ya! Please don’t ever stop acting.

Marcela Keber

a month ago

Such a beautiful woman inside and out

Tobias Sieberg

a month ago

Wow Katherine Iike always you look so cute and pretty

Amazing! After Tennessee River Rescues received donated litter through Cats Pride's Litter for Good program, they were able to spay and neuter over 40 animals with the money they saved. I've nominated my favorite local shelter. Have you?

นาง สาว ระริกระรี้

a month ago

Ok so what is the running count of animals you now own?😂

Marcela Keber

a month ago

What a beautiful cat thoses eyes are just amazing.

Bea Negra

a month ago

Fantastic Photo .. !! Excellent shoot have a nice location so Beautiful and Have a fun with funny cat's .

All by myself...don’t wanna be all by myself anymore...🎤🎶 Oh me? I’m just the freezing
Good news is Josh Kelley is bringing me my baby tomorrow and the girlies in a couple weeks and I WON’T BE ALONE ANYMORE!!! Oh by the way, new post up on the blog detailing Josh's deliciously easy and decedent homemade biscuits! This cold rainy weather makes me crave them for some reason. If you’re in the midst of an endless winter too or just in the mood for some biscuit goodness (sorry that sounded a little naughty) then head on over to for his YouTube tutorial and the recipe! #thoseheavenlydays include a baby, three gorgeous girls and a hot husband who bakes!

Tricia Maria

a month ago

What are you filming or can you say?

Emma Plagge

a month ago

Hard being the breadwinner and momma... You only have your babies.....for a blink of the eye... good you have a helper to find your balance...

Lorie Penny

a month ago

Sometimes being away from your family allows you to appreciate the little things they may do that make you happy.

Missing this beauty so hard right now...thanks Josh Kelley for the gorgeous pics of my little model! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Mary Batziou

a month ago

I miss you Izzie on Grey's Antomy! 😭

Tabitha Dominguez

a month ago

She is gorgeous!!

Danny Pines

a month ago

What kind of Hair products are you using on her hair? Her locks are so well defined😻

So I forgot to mention I’ve got a new post up on the blog. Its all about the transition I’ve had to make recently from stay at home mama to working mama and how this transition effects everything from my personal life to the blog. I get pretty personal so forgive me if you’re not big on oversharing! #thoseheavenlydays sometimes require a little bit of compromising...or sometimes a lot!

Brian Garcia

a month ago

Thanks for sharing Katherine- you are clearly a wonderful actress and a devoted mom

Mark Dale

a month ago

Because you are so beautiful and talented, I know your fans expect to see you in the limelight, but you are a loving, caring, compassionate Mother and Wife, and the little ones seem to grow up overnight and need you too, now that’s a hard decision/ I’m sure you can find a balance and not feel like you are spread too thin. You are AMAZING!!

Randall Gallup

a month ago

*affects 😬 Sorry, I couldn’t help myself! I feel like a nut job for correcting a celebrity. Anyways, hope all is well with you! 😃☀️🌸

I’m a day late and a dollar short but I HAD to post in honor of #nationalsiblingday and let the world know my sister @meg239ct is the BEST sister in the whole wide world! Thanks Meggy for being a safe place to land, a shoulder to cry on, a friend to laugh hysterically with, and for never ever letting me down or giving up on me! I love you more than I can even properly express and you are one of my deepest and biggest gratefuls every day! Love you always and forever!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Elvira Colima

a month ago

awww so loving

Martinez Leslie

a month ago

Brothers and sisters are the biggest

Minoti Goswami-Choudhury

a month ago

She’s pretty special!

Day 2 on the set of Suits getting my hands wrapped for a kickboxing scene. My character #SamanthaWheeler is no shrinking violet! She’ll kick your a#* in the ring and in the courtroom! Love playing a girl with gumption! #AnythingYouCanDoICanDoBetter #GirlsWithGumption

La Gatubela Jimenez

2 months ago

You look good right there nice photo

Deborah Rogers

2 months ago

Love Suits and love your acting!
Can’t wait to watch.

Mitchilin Jaguitutor

2 months ago

And you do it so well! Looking forward to seeing your sweet face on one of my favorite shows!

It is this extraordinary creatures birthday. Adalaide Marie Hope Kelley is many many wonderful and perfect things! She’s all fire and feistiness. She’s warm morning snuggles and late evening cuddles. She is a fierce and bossy lover of animals, her sister, her cousin and her little brother. She will stone cold shut you out if you cross her but be the first to smile in a staring contest. She laughs at all her own jokes and twice as hard at yours and would eat nothing but sweets all day if I let her (saying no to skittles earns me one of those stone cold shut outs!) She asked for nothing but baby dolls for Christmas and her birthday and spends hours fussing over all of them like the tender hearted mama she is in her soul. She has brought me an abundance of joy, laughter, love and purpose. She has grounded my life and my path with her fire and passion her love and loyalty her courage and glee. I’m heartbroken that I was not home to celebrate with my girl today but I will close my eyes now and picture her wrapped up in my arms and hope that my out of tune FaceTime Happy Birthday song stuck in her heart and filled her up with all my unconditional love on her very special day! I love you peanut! Like...A LOT!! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 🎁 ❤️❤️🎉🎂😘

Jennifer Sapp Timko

2 months ago

She's a happy girl. Her dad have postet a video.

Josim A Hasan

2 months ago

Oh bless her happy birthday Adalaide

Victoria Amorim

2 months ago

What a wonderful post about your child. God bless y'all.

My Easter Crew! I miss this bunch like crazy but am incredibly grateful for FaceTime! Though little man doesn’t understand yet that when he leans into the phone for a kiss it’s not gonna feel quite the same as an in person 💋Happy Easter to those celebrating! Here’s hoping you’re kissing your loved ones in person and not through a phone! 🐣🐰

Douie Fullante

2 months ago

Happy Easter #Katherine

Blanca Martinez Vela

2 months ago

Happy Easter Katie !

Melinda Tinajera Streeter

2 months ago

Let me put like this my Religious persuaion won't allow me to celerbrate but simply acknowledge the person whom Jehovah's occupied use as a vessel to attempt mankind's salvation once again. For good of All and the good of You and the good of Family (fam) hope what Jehovah has intended, as long as its not harmful to others and self (Beautiful), will be achieved. lol easter to yo
Luck is only what you make it you can be but ones self around many or as many that be of only one. Love is all that matters are you satisfied with who you love yo beautiful.

#suitsfans guess where I am!!!! Geeking out in #LouisLitts office on the set of Suits in Toronto!! I’m pretty damn excited to be here!! Rick Hoffman I might steal a small this picture...don’t be mad! 😏❤️

Patrik Ondreáš

2 months ago

Yay, I didn't know, can't wait to tell my hubby! I certainly hope you are as beautiful inside as you are outside and as beautiful as we think of you. Hope that made sense!

Bertha Mendez

2 months ago

Omg! Are you going to be on that?!!! It’s awesome!!!!! Go team litt

Marivic Mondejar

2 months ago

Are you working on the show? I must confess that I've not seen it, but if you're going to be on, I will find a way!

Find out how Cat’s Pride® is Changing Litter for Good®, helping shelter cats across the country. Watch this video with me and Dan Jaffee, head of #CatsPride: #LitterforGood
Find out how Cat’s Pride® is Changing Litter for Good®, helping shelter cats across the country. Watch this video with me and Dan Jaffee, head of #LitterforGood

Roger Luo

2 months ago

Fantasticality photo 📷 •
Have a fun 💃 with cat's 🐱excellent changing it's very good•
Across country and fantasticality video 📼•
Enjoy watch•

Miguel Martinez Martinez

2 months ago

Nice what you do with animals. 😍

Ocaen Pagan Torres

2 months ago

Great Katherine. I love animals too.

I know it’s a bit last minute but... #happynationalpuppyday from me and my besties!
#thoseheavenlydays are full of puppy love!!! 🐶❤️❤️❤️

Yohann Bouty

2 months ago

I’m watching now the (under siege2)
You are very cute in this movie 🎥 😍😍😍😍

Dan Courville

2 months ago

at first glance,i thought you shaved your head and i was being inspired!

Benny Chang

2 months ago

Beauty & perfection specially with your so cute son

I know it’s a bit last minute but...#happynationalpuppyday from me and my besties! #thoseheavenlydays are full of puppy love!!! 🐶❤️❤️❤️

Sharing is caring! 😳😂 #thoseheavenlydays include a loyal companion made even more so with cheese bribes!

Ok so here’s another look I put together for my trip. I adore this kate spade new york #madisonavecollection coat but I’ve paired it with dark gray Mother Denim jeans, an old cobalt blue sweater I’ve had forever and amazing navy blue velvet Gianvito Rossi knee high boots. Too much blue?! What else do you think I can pair this coat with?! I’d love some suggestions!!

Keith Orr

2 months ago

did you try a white top?

Ines Ouni

2 months ago

Love this ensemble and you look fabulous!

Margarita Aguilar

2 months ago

I think it looks good the way you paired it. Red top would also look good if you’re worried about too much blue.

Ok so here’s another look I put together for my trip. I adore this @katespadeny #madisonavecollection coat but I’ve paired it with dark gray @motherdenim jeans, an old cobalt blue sweater I’ve had forever and amazing navy blue velvet @gianvitorossi knee high boots. Too much blue?! What else do you think I can pair this coat with?! I’d love some suggestions!!

Spent the weekend putting together looks and trying to pack for an upcoming work trip to LA and then straight to 6 months in Toronto. I don’t know why but I always feel the need to try everything on and photograph it so I don’t forget what I pulled. Does anyone else do this or do you just throw it all in a suitcase and call it a day?! I’m a chronic over packer and think if I put together looks I’ll be more judicious with what I never really works out that way though. I still pack waaayyyyy too much! I’m really kind of digging this monochromatic look with the @madewell polka dot blouse. I was VERY uncertain about it before trying it on but it ended up being far more flattering than I anticipated...the @motherdenim light blue jeans look better than I thought as well, usually lighter jeans tend to make me look heavier but I think these are working. What do you guys think? Should I try a darker denim or stick with these?! Thoughts?! #thoseheavenlydays are all about a cute outfit that makes you feel confident and sassy!

Iŋɗʀɘsʜ Mɩsʜʀʌ

2 months ago

nah ,, go with the flow ,, do what u feel like ,, thats what i do ,, and besides toronto has some great shops ,, buy a few ! ,, and show US off ok??

Pam Friend

2 months ago

Dear Katherine, if you really want to break this habit, go learn how to ride a motorcycle and then take yourself on a trip for about a week. You cannot pack all that much when traveling by motorcycle, there by this will force you to minimize what you take. You will have to. You will only have your saddle bags and a large backpack, and that’s for everything. Don’t cheat now and pull a trailer with you. 🤔
My overpacking was tamed after this experience. It was something unexpected that came out of the trip.
May I suggest the southwest?
Wishing you good luck.

U-riah Lindsey

2 months ago

Denim is always safe and interchangeable it's up to you , or hire an Assistant Lol this look is good however I like dark denim too .

A couple of my favorite smiles ❤️❤️ Josh Kelley #thoseheavenlydays

Theodore Lewis

2 months ago

Love baby's little teeth !!!! Sooo darn cute!

Kshitij Sagar

2 months ago

What a beautiful picture of Happiness!!!

Andre' Carter

2 months ago

Your great, wonderful and lovely couple

A couple of my favorite smiles ❤️❤️ @joshbkelley #thoseheavenlydays

“Hi!” 👋
Happy Friday Friends! Part two of my favorite baby finds is up now on check it out if you’re expecting, know someone who is, or just like perusing baby stuff!
#thoseheavenlydays are having everything you need to welcome your baby to the world!

Pratyanch Jain

2 months ago

It goes so fast. Enjoy every single second!

Chelsey Bufton

2 months ago

He sure looks like his Mommy!!!!

Matheus Santos

2 months ago

Cute pic. They grow up so fast.

We celebrated our last night in Mexico with a white party on the lawn overlooking the ocean. What a truly spectacular way to end an extraordinary vacation. Laughing, cocktailing, indulging, and savoring with the people I love. Now home in wintery Utah the whole trip feels like just a dream.
The beauty of the experience, and there was a lot of it, but the one beauty in particular is that it reminded me that no matter where I am in the world or what I am doing, I am happy and at peace when I am surrounded by those I love. Yeah sitting on a lawn overlooking the ocean with a splashy sunset makes feeling joyful pretty easy. But last night sitting on my old couch buried under kids and dogs watching a movie felt pretty damn blissful as well. Sometimes you need to get away, take a breath and remember.

José Martín Núñez

2 months ago

Beautiful pics, beautiful family and friends. So glad you had such a wonderful time in Mexico Kat. It’s been snowy, windy and cold here in Pa. Something tells me you’re happy no matter where you are so snowy Utah will be wonderful!

Octavia Smith

2 months ago

Have safe travels home. Have drink for me.

Tony Smith

2 months ago

So beautiful!!! Katherine Heigl you are my favorite actress! I have always looked up to you!!! Awesome pictures!!

That time I rode in a green van and nearly adopted 30 cats. 😍 Check out this video with me and Dan Jaffee, head of #CatsPride #LookForTheGreenJug

Reva Phifer

2 months ago

LOVE YR WORK..hugsx frm a rescue cat owner of Australia x

K.w. Poon

2 months ago

so cool and yay for you! want that van and the brown black tabby right around the 1:00 mark! 💚 looking fab in that yellow dress.

Parker Rom

2 months ago

Life changes when you blink. Things change for the better when you think. Hate and anger make your ship sink and does stink. Love is cool and a connection of the heart is a stitch, and when you think you love someone, scratch that itch and don't let love end up in a ditch, and sometimes in love things go wrong and there is a glitch, but love is abstractly rich and everywhere, I swear and when I write I like to share because I care irrespective of the fact that I have no hair, but you see I profoundly care and let me unequivocally and most humbly state, love kill hate, gives peace a positive energy fate..........P

Every parent has a few favorite baby products they just can't live without... and I'm no exception! Items that make life just that little bit easier - bringing peace of mind, saving precious time or simply bringing joy! I've shared a few of my "must have" essentials in my latest post on Check it out! #thoseheavenlydays save you time you may not have and worry you can not spare <3

Tyron Johnson

2 months ago

I love all the new stuff they have out now. I am seriously not impressed that I did not have some of this stuff when my kids were babies - my oldest is 22. Much more fun to parent babies now 😊

Kristina Dwi Heruwati

2 months ago

Adorabili guance, adorabile viso 😍 tutto da mangiare di baci

Michael Luecke

2 months ago

WOW .. !! So true Relation With her kids Too Much Safe and Excellent Shot BEST WISHING LONGER IS LIFE"S WITH HER KIDS And Much Too Safe . !! Favorable Moments With Fabulousness Memories With Kids .. !! CANT LIVE WITHOUT THIS SPRAY! 💃❣️. FANTASTIC PHOTO .. Fabulousness Times

Every parent has a few favorite baby products they just can't live without... and I'm no exception! Items that make life just that little bit easier - bringing peace of mind, saving precious time or simply bringing joy! I've shared a few of my "must have" essentials in my latest post on Check it out! #thoseheavenlydays save you time you may not have and worry you can not spare. 😍

Mis Amores...❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Luis Caña Ascencio

3 months ago

Hello, what are your care for your face? Looks like it does not age. Give us tips.

Samuel Mujula Ntambue

3 months ago

I always enjoy your photos. You have a beautiful family Katherine!

Kelly Allen

3 months ago

I absolutely LOVE how real you are! What a beautiful family too ❤ Vacations sure go by way too fast!!!