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Meet Karl Lee. Coming soon.

Look what I found! @portermagazine 😉🛒
TGIF ❤️ @voguemagazine 2009 #stevenmeisel

At least my office is blooming 🌷

I Got You @theashleygraham 💜

"Today, and every day, we will continue to fight for those things that are right. We will continue to fight for common sense. We will continue to fight for our lives. We will continue to fight for our dead friends. There will be no faltering, no pauses in our cause. Every moment will be dedicated to those pieces of legislation ― every march, every meeting, every moment. We are not here for bread crumbs. We are here for real change.” @DelaneyTarr is one among millions whose lives have been irrevocably changed because of gun violence. #notonemore #marchforourlives
Load minds, not guns. #marchforourlives

Broghan Schlicher

7 months ago

Beautiful Photo Klossi

Pooria Lesani

7 months ago

The puppies grow up sooner or later and sometimes they also become so

Moi Marlboro

7 months ago

If I had to choose between you and the dog..I'll choose you cause you can give everything I want which the doesn't can

Don't tell Joe 🤫 #NationalPuppyDay

sNOw days off ⛄️

A weekend in the most magical place celebrating my sisters 23rd birthday 💕 Thank you @waltdisneyworld🍦

Extra! Extra! Read all about Kode With Klossy in the The New York Times

Jeremy Testerman

7 months ago

NAVRATRI -( 9 days of DIVINE MOTHER)- from My Nation

You do good job to help girls, Karlie, in these nine days India holds Tradition to Worship Girls,

Divine Mother be with all!

Lance Wood

7 months ago

Good Morning, karlie how are yuo? Fantastic top model i love yuo❤️❤️❤️

Lisa Wade

7 months ago

Karlie hmu when your home. Inbox me

Extra! Extra! Read all about @kodewithklossy in @nytimes 🗞

Catch us on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon with our favorite, Jimmy! Sisters Valeria and Kyara took their Kode With Klossy education and started weekly computer science classes at their public library. I'm unbelievably proud of these scholars, and what the future holds for so many more!

Iasmina Roxana

7 months ago

Great work Lady Karlie!!! 💋 Because you’ve introduced “Kode with Klossy” to 1000 girls in 25 cities all over the United States of America!!! 🇺🇸 Roughly 15% of Computer Science roles are filled, the rest of the roles go unfilled. Lady Karlie your efforts should not go unnoticed, as you’ve attracted more girls to major in Computer Science but you need to try to do the same in the European Union 🇪🇺 too. All in all you’ve done a great job Lady Karlie!!! 💋

Shanika Jackson

7 months ago

Sanjna classes @ de library

Trevor Wilson

7 months ago

I do think the KwK is a great idea; so much of the software we all use, the interfaces the concepts and so on are created so often by men, I've worked in software and engineering for nearly 30 years now and it's such a cock-fest, I find it frustrating. Anything that can help shift the balance can only result in better software, better engineering and tools that make more sense to everyone.

Shouting from the rooftops!! @kodewithklossy

@KodeWithKlossy 2018 is HERE. We are growing to 50 camps in 25 cities teaching 1000 girls to code. Join us this summer and help create the change you wish to see in the world. APPLY! 👩🏿‍💻👩🏼‍💻👩🏽‍💻👩🏻‍💻

Back in my favorite green room 💚

Sofia Allaband

7 months ago

How long does it take you to shave your legs couple days

Margarita Rodriguez

7 months ago

Bells looks great with your height and figure. :)

Sharon Madison Thomas

7 months ago

Tip Top Karlie Kloss

Tomorrow night... ✨✨

Back in my favorite green room 💚

You lookin’ at me? 👀

Lyann Penagos

7 months ago

Always,My Beautiful Dear.Always ;) .

Jennifer Davis

7 months ago

i'll check you out next week sometime girl Take care

Bethany Doiron Haywood

7 months ago

You look so gorgeous Karlie

You lookin at me? 👀

Stop whatever you're doing and tune in to #MovieNightWithKarlie on Freeform with my cohost and bffs Joan Smalls Amber Valletta ❤️💋

Ken Anderson

7 months ago

Curti o programa so mulheres q passa a verdade n q fala por isso q e um sucesso bjs e abraco mulheres linds 💙✌😘

Cleo Tavares Prates

7 months ago

Lucky dogs, get to hangout with Karlie !!! lol

Jennifer Sabin Woodmansee

7 months ago

nice friend hi sxse

Messing with Texas #SXSW

Kresha Parker

7 months ago

Dear Karlie,we missed us in Paris by one day.Glamour was your brand again?In Salzburg I tried everything to calm the heated air.Human rights were a constant matter.But abroad I am without leverage.Yours Johannes Kodric

Anne-marie Perret

7 months ago

WOW!! Yall' look!! That sign must be like 100 ft tall.Look how short Karlie looks.Now let's put it on a stick and let Casey Neistat Fans hold it in the 30 mph winds with one hand from the ground. Yeah give a shot for about 7 and one half hours tough guy lol I Love You Karlie and I'm going to be nice the rest of the night lol WORD I'm saying since it's so funny to all your lil' rich boy friends I want to watch them try it!1

Jeronimo Terife

7 months ago

Austin loves you, let me take you to a taco place.

Messing with Texas #sxsw

May we know them, May we raise them, May we be them. Happy #InternationalWomensDay (today and everyday!) ❤️


Marquis Mignon

7 months ago

Way two Pink she's Got..........

Joey Dutches

7 months ago

Us men need shoutouts....where are they karlie

Thomas Dürmoser

7 months ago

Love your 'Good Girl' ad, it's like a mini film 🎥 😍👍

SHOUTOUT TO ALL MY... ♥️ #internationalwomensday

Headed home ❄️🇺🇸

Vickie Clausell

7 months ago

More I grow, More I find nothing can be beautiful as much as human heart , which is shared by all...outside beauty can be just an indication to study the inner beauty.

Bartelonio Téo

7 months ago

Dear Karlie,yesterday ,I was at the lawyer.He was interested in my story but I don`t know anything more yet.Now,I go to Paris.Great pleasure!You are in my heart Yours Johannes Kodric

Surjan Singh

7 months ago

Linda curtiu muito a viagem bonita beijos e abraco bom descanso linda bela manha gata 💙✌

Headed home 🇺🇸❄️

✌🏼out #PFW! 💋

Congratulations @nicolasghesquiere on another stunning @louisvuitton collection. ❤️👏🏼 Merci for the best seat in the house!💋 #PFW

Sur la Seine ☀️

Sunday afternoon at Valentino 🖤

🤖 the day that robots, and lesbian will rule the world...

Miroslava Liptakova

8 months ago

And I need a favor Karlie Kloss Ineed you to take all that make-up off your face and bend over looking in the mirror and let Me bury My FACE in your ass lol

Niako Devrishadze

8 months ago

My bad Karlie Kloss honey! They are the ones speaking all the shit how tough his paper champ is.Yeah btw I'mn home baby!

Sunday afternoon at @Valentino 🖤

Sunday morning at @Balenciaga ❤️

Stair-ing contest @derekblasberg

Caught up in the Santa Ana’s 🌬

Yadhira Mariana Patala Pozo

8 months ago

KARLIE KLOSS is really absolutely Very Awesome,Very Gracious,Very Fantastic,Very Superbe,Very Sensual,Very Marvelous 💝💝💝💝💝and more.The two Pictures of Her are really Very Excellent .

Marion Fussenegger

8 months ago

Come to Madrid please

Patrick Bransholm Schou

8 months ago


Caught up in the Santa Ana’s 🌬

It’s a cocoa kind of Monday 😊 excited for a great day at Media Slopes!


8 months ago


Even you slience is making people KLOSSY,
I and Mr Morrison had a friendly rapping game today,
He becomes really crazy of you,
And since we guys just banged your post,
You reserve full rights to dislike us.....but we know you are a NICE girl...

Thomas Abraham

8 months ago

Had to break and take a smoke because that west coast clown just choked on his own toke!1

Jacky Ou

8 months ago

John continue face off,
You are talented speaker writer,
Only follow yor heart,
This face off is yo art.

It’s a cocoa kind of Monday 😊

After a great week of meetings out west, soaked up a little California sunshine and sister time 💜👯‍♀️✨

Mubin Sehka

8 months ago

We have us a pair of Kalifornia Krushes. :)

Priscilla Tam

8 months ago

God bless your joyfulness

Charinrat Tangsiricharoen

8 months ago

That's awesome Baby. You are funny and sweet.😘❤️

💥🥊 #createdwithadidas


Ahmad Aqil

8 months ago

Karlie Kloss is a super model.Her skin has no blemish as far as my eyes can see.

Danyssa Bea Descartin

8 months ago

Your Very Beautiful my dear,One fact is My Uncle is 6/2 as Well.I've Never been with a woman Taller than myself,My ego never before allowed but I look at You And It kinda Excites me Baby..Have A Blessed Night Dear.. :) :) ...Sweet dreams K.K..;) ..

Marypaz Anda

8 months ago

Ouais ouais ouais !!!!

On a panel with Pharrell Williams Damian Lillard and ALEXANDER WANG in 🖐 tune in.
Join me ALEXANDER WANG, Pharrell Williams, and Damian Lillard for a panel at 6pmPST tonight.

Dana Khairy

8 months ago

i love you mi love ajjaja😍😍😍😍😍

Mohammed Khan

8 months ago

I'm so short I come up to ur waist!

Fleur Lilas

8 months ago

You look beautiful Karlie!

Three stripe life 🖤

Janie Chan

8 months ago

Now you know it. So what you gonna do?

Abby Lendvai

8 months ago

Karlie is a nice girl, she is loves everyone, and teaches the same to everyone

Aron Cardmortz

8 months ago

4 walls and stripes does not a prison make. :)

3 stripe life 🖤

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I love all 1,800,000 of you!

Jimena Tapia

8 months ago

So basically what your saying is that you don't love like 68.000 people that have taken the time to like your page. I'm offended for them. Lucky I haven't liked your page. I just come here from time to time to leave stupid comments. When I'm bored

Sara Domi

8 months ago

Thank you for giving us the Chinese New Year's blessing to the fans yesterday. I also wish you good health and career advancement for the New Year! Expect you to come back to China!😘😘

Landy Jonathan Tasik

8 months ago

KARLIE KLOSS is really absolutely Very Awesome,Very Charming,Very Fantastic,Very Glamour,Very Sensual,Very Marvelous,Very Sensational,Very Splendide,Very Fabulous,Very Superbe,Very Intelligent,Very Nice,Very Funny,Very Sexy,Very Sublime,Very Cute,Very Magic,Very Smart,Very Adorable and more,Very Enjoy Happy Valentine's Day KARLIE KLOSS 💖😍💖😍💖😍💖😍💖😍 I adore you forever .

Roses are red, Violets are blue, I love all 7,190,000 of you! ❤️

@calvinklein ❤️

When you meet your girl crush irl 😻 Millie Bobby Brown

Ania Koper

8 months ago

She must be joking a little bit. Millie is 13 years old.

Emily Yu

8 months ago

Where would I rather be than here?

Svetlana Nita

8 months ago

It's valentines Day and i'm sitting in the library trying to talk with you

When you meet your girl crush irl 😻

Congratulations @CarolinaHerrera on an absolutely divine show. I am beyond inspired by you in every way. It was an honor to have been part of such a special evening celebrating you and your amazing work over the years! The collection was beautiful and spoke to the grace, class and elegance that you exemplify.