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sue me video out now 🎀

Gucci Quavo Pello Guwop

26 minutes ago

This is amazing, and I love you so much Sabrina 💙

I loved the video, I love u so much!

Amburr Sue

26 minutes ago


Gala tonight wearing the famous Michael Costello 😝💞

Magalitta Liuzzi Fedele

an hour ago

Amanda looking a barbe Doll😍😍😍😍omg

Aleksandar Atanasov

an hour ago

Didn't care about gala or Dress Confused by the picture.

Kevin Arce

an hour ago

I believe god is a women now lol

Sandra Aguirre

33 minutes ago

Bringing back the 70s

Lucinda Robertson

33 minutes ago

"And then you slide it in and take it from there"

"And then, this little f***er, swooped down and pulled that toupee right off the President's head!"

Great night at the #CMAawards with the hottest mama EVER! 😍

Christina Hane

an hour ago

You both looked amazing!!💕

Salvatore la Monaca

an hour ago

Drowns the Whiskey should have won! 💖 I am sooooo upset! And you for Entertainer of the Year Award! Your performance was great!

Susana Zapata

an hour ago

So many trolls! Everyone has their own opinions! Music changes and evolves like everything else in life. They are country. Just because they have different styles doesn’t make them any less country. And half the artists you consider “not country” really grew up on the country and listened to old school country. So judgmental! Not everyone is going to be a Loretta Lynn or George strait. Everything and I mean everything changes doesn’t make it less of anything

These Boots Are Made For Walking!! #nuevaactitud #offwhite

David Shorty Sharpe

an hour ago

Beautiful kat Deluna 😍 😍 😍

Here we go! A Trace Adkins Christmas begins TONIGHT!

Akiko McCaskill

2 hours ago

I so wish I could be there to see this Trace. But unfortunately I won't be. Have a great show which I know you will. Love you Trace.

Logan Moore

2 hours ago

Wish I could be there!!!

Wendy Phillip

2 hours ago

Looking forward to seeing show Dec 9th. 🙂

Save 15% in the entire Evanescence merch store 11/16-11/18.

Karmen Howard

20 minutes ago

I don't have much money😭😭 ❤

Marika Berg

20 minutes ago

😭😭😭😭 I don’t have the money right now to buy anything on there

Arturo Ceinos

20 minutes ago

Poor pocket of mine.

It's finally here! Our brand new album, Only Jesus is available everywhere you listen to music! Take a listen and let us know what you think!!RD

Teresa Rodriguez

24 minutes ago

I’ve been singing “Only Jesus” in my car almost everyday. ❤️ Hope to see y’all in Binghamton, NY!

Abraham Martinez

24 minutes ago

It is an amazing, anionted, Holy SpiritSpirit-filled album!! All the song are phenomenal and they all speak to my heart and soul!!! Thank you so very much and can't wait to Worship with you in Bangor!!🙌🔥💕💃

Eric McManus

24 minutes ago

Been listening to every song as it came out. On of my favorite albulms yet!

Either Walmart gotta take their prices up or y’all gonna have to see a lot more shit like this. These onesies is the shit furrrrr sure.

Rose Mary

4 hours ago

Y u do dis

Camille Morlus

4 hours ago

Lucas Francis-Pugh

Mateusz Maxymillion

4 hours ago

What are those?

Lake Jackson TX we’re on our way

John Smith

4 hours ago

Good luck? You going fishing?

Hey Friends! I am excited to be heading back to Lagos, Nigeria to perform at The Experience this December! For more information, visit

I hope to see you there!

Tijana Todorova

2 hours ago

Can't wait for that day, A night of real worship

Mary Jimenez

2 hours ago

I'll watch it live on television sir,also I'll pray for the success of the show,see u there.

Carissa Steinborn

2 hours ago

Ohhhh Mr DON you are welcome to my country,God bless you as you come,Wishes you safe journey,LAGOS EXPERIENCE is the place!

Just another day when we ALL show up to sound check wearing plaid flannel.On the same page for 15 years.

Ray Narciso

6 hours ago

You guys are simpatico.

Kathi Gonti

6 hours ago

I’m just glad it’s all different coloured plaid 🤣

Molly Collier

6 hours ago

You should do an album about felling trees.

look I’m in a snow globe

Hannah Roberts

an hour ago

So pretty, Debby ❤️❤️

Giorgos Zartilas

an hour ago

So the aliens put you in a snow globe, and you'll end up on a mantlepiece on some planet in another galaxy.

dang! you keep getting prettier and prettier!😍😘

2019 - For the first time we're performing a crossover concert in Prague/Czech Republic! The O2 arena is reserved for UNLIMITED - Greatest Hits Live on
1st October 2019! We're so excited to be there!
Tickets are on sale now:
2019 - We're back in the Baltics with UNLIMITED - Greatest Hits Live!
09 October 2019 - Vilnius Siemens Arena
10 October 2019 - Riga Arēna Rīga (Arena Riga)
11 October 2019 - Tallinn Saku Suurhall
Tickets go on sale today!

Yusmerly Lopez

4 hours ago

Wow.. Na, heute werden ja die Termine rausgehauen.. 😁😁

Mauricio Romero

4 hours ago

Australia please xx

Radamanth Irdener

4 hours ago

Why do you never come to the US anymore?

Hoy Represente con orgullo a mi País. 🇲🇽 En los @latingrammys Hoy fue un Gran Día de esos para Recordar toda la Vida..!!! #eldasa #elhijodeldesierto #seguimosavanzando .... Hoy Disfruto Y mañana Comparto Mas De esta Gran Noche de Música Latina.!! 🌏🤠👌🌵🎙🇲🇽 #Animooooo .!! Cerré con broche de Oro. Le entregue un Grammy a un Orgullo de MEXICO @calibre50oficial ✌🏻👌🤠

Damon Goodlow

4 hours ago

Hola vupo como esta

Lyman Green

4 hours ago

Buenos dias saludos

Lene Hoffmann Binder Andersen

4 hours ago

Qué pasó pendejo

Rodrigo Poblete Muñoz

5 hours ago

Love me best man 2Chainz

Gurinderjit Singh

5 hours ago

Not true at all

Trevor Nash

5 hours ago

if you hate 2chains consult a therapist

The Dark Sentencer (Live)
•From our recent tours of Canada and The UK.

Crystal Sheppard

4 hours ago

I was front row at St Louis and it was a Awesome show. The Dark Sentencer, Unheavenly Creatures, And The Gutter all were Awesome Live

Hasan Neel

4 hours ago

This is why you’re my favorite band. Writing is stellar, songs are long AF and you shred on stage for us 110%

Shinga Hove

4 hours ago

Any plans on coming to Seattle? It would be my fifth time seeing you guys live!!

You don’t want to miss the #NewsboysUnited tour! Thanks for having us, Boise!
📸 Caleb Cook

Andrea Mennell

5 hours ago

Welcome to Kenya my favourite bad I use present your songs every Sunday

Scott Elwood

5 hours ago

Hope to see you in the uk one day xx

Evengelist Consolata Adhiambo

5 hours ago

See ya tonight In Kent, WA!

Gold Lemonade just curated a brand new sound with their new single “Count On Me”, executive produced by Jackie Jackson under his record label, Critically Amused. Stream now👉

Happy birthday to the best big sister in the world @carson.rose 🎂There’s no one else I’d rather share a mom with ;) 📸: @mh_schneider

Vanessa Jones

34 minutes ago

Happy Birthday for her 😍😍💖

Jason Bradley

34 minutes ago

I Didn't Know You Had A Sister! :O
Well Happy Birthday Carson!
I Hope You Have An Amazing Day!

Perla Anguiano

34 minutes ago

Happy birthday Carson Rose 😍💖

Time to stock up on STRANGE MUSIC INC merch! 50% off most items on! GO GO GO!

Devi Bürger

11 hours ago

It's because it's Tyna Robinson's birthday, huh?

I LOST THE AWARD BUT I DIDNT LOSE MY FUCKING SWAG BIH!! This woulda been my speech if I won tho Latin GRAMMYs

Christine Bongalon

11 hours ago

Dat hair tho 💆🏻‍♂️

Alex Holbrook

11 hours ago

You are a winner for us your fans viva Dillon francisco

Mark Kroeger

11 hours ago

Your Spanish album was BADASS!!!!!!!

Hung out with two legends tonight: Marty Stuart and his wife, Country Music Hall of Fame member Connie Smith. Marty and I turned on the official holiday lights of Elvis Presley's Graceland.
Visited Elvis Presley's Graceland today with Gabi, my band, crew, and manager. This was Gabi's first visit and my second. Always inspiring. There will never be another like my hero ELVIS PRESLEY.
Earlier during this week of CMA Awards activities:

(photo 1) -I surprised my producer and frequent co-writer Frank Rogers at the ASCAP Awards when he was honored for "Five More Minutes" (I was honored at the BMI Awards the next night).

(photo 2) - While at the ASCAP Awards, I met its President and Chairman, who also happens to be legendary songwriter (and actor) Paul Williams. Among the songs he has written are "Evergreen" (Barbra Streisand), "Rainy Days and Mondays" and "We've Only Just Begun" (Carpenters), "Rainbow Connection" (the Muppets), "An Old Fashioned Love Song" (Three Dog Night), and so many more.

A great night celebrating songwriters!
In the midst of a busy CMA Awards Week, a man’s gotta eat.Enjoying some pizza in the Pizza Hut Lounge at the CMA Radio Remotes earlier this week.Thanks @javis_dason and Getty Images Entertainmentfor the photos.

Alexa Ortega

2 hours ago


Nna Emeka

2 hours ago

so Glade to see Marty Stuart and Connie....

Natolotra Liantsoa

4 hours ago

You were amazing. I enjoyed watching you on livestream

(new music)

Kevin Hermansen

6 hours ago

Are you guys offering VIP at the Ace of Spades? It didn’t give me to opportunity to purchase. We got the tickets for the priority line but that’s it😩

Barbara Parsons

6 hours ago

Different style but I still like it :D

Lorinda Sanders

6 hours ago

Uhhhh....that slowed down bit really kills the song.

Mi genteeee #ADICTO con Marc Anthony ya salió!!! 🙌 Escúchenla, vean el video y déjenme sus comentarios aquí 👇

Gary De Micco

13 hours ago

Mis sueños Latino 💕🌺🙆🏻

Павел Довгань

13 hours ago

Hermoso tema!!! Cómo siempre .éxitos 😊#prince Royce

Kent Brewer

13 hours ago

Me encanto!! Dos grandes de la musical!! 🙌🏼

'001_love' EP - out now. part one of our debut album. hope you all enjoy ❤️

Gloria Davis

3 hours ago

Its on repeat 😊

Barney Green

3 hours ago

been listening to it like on repeat.

Esta fue la primera vez compartiendo el escenario juntos...pero definitivamente no será la última!¡ME ENCANTO!Gracias, #LatinGrammy! @ MGM Grand Garden Arena

Jalil Antonio

4 hours ago

It was a great performance Latin Grammy I love the whole thing last night was a great performance God bless You guys

Jd Molina

4 hours ago

Es una lastima ver a dos grandes artistas como tú y Marc Anthony tengan que cantar con tan poca cosa! Bad bunny es una escoria de la música!

Victoria Rigdon

4 hours ago

Who's that clown on the left? How deep can you go for money? Do you understand the lyrics of what he yells??? The way he expresses about woman? C'mon Will. Jada will send you to the sofa.

Megan Airx

11 hours ago

Permanent Good Bill Of Health

Leegh Washington

11 hours ago

PURPLE (Do pink and blue make purple? I dont remember. Lol.... good health and an end to these dangblasted student loans!!!)

Denise Tentori

11 hours ago

Permanent good bill of health💜💜 my health and strength is way more important than anything else I have babies to live for

Yayyyy! Get ready for the lyric video TOMORROW!! #INBYG 10am PST. "I'll Never Be Your Girlfriend".

Subscribe so you don't miss it: <3

Belén Peralta

4 hours ago

I can’t wait to watch it

Magnus Guran Hillman

6 hours ago

I can't wait 😁😁

Carlos Galindo

11 hours ago

I’m so excited!!! I might be a little late because I need to work at 930am but I’ll definitely be there! I love it already!

🦃 #Food is #Life 😋 agree or nah ?

Marjorie Vion

7 hours ago

Making all the leftovers into different dinner's for the weekend

Marie Braden

7 hours ago

My parents and I want to wish you a wonderful thanksgiving! From our family to yours! May God bless you always! 😇🙏🏻 see you next weekend in the 915!! 😁💖

#TBT Hace dos meses cuando mi pequeña princesa Kenzi Evangelina aún era recién nacida. Gracias a las bellas fotógrafas de Birth Unscripted por tan hermosas fotos. Me derrito cada vez que las miro! Mis hijos son mi mayor tesoro en este mundo. Gracias Señor por mis dos milagros!
#TBT two months ago when my little princess Kenzi Evangelina was still just a newborn. Thanks to my girls at Birth Unscripted for such amazing photos. I melt every time I look at them! My babies are my greatest treasure in the world. Thank you Lord for my two miracles! #NewbornPhotography #HappyMomma #MiracleBabies #Blessed

Ellow Joe

3 hours ago

Hermosa familia. Dios los bendiga grandemente y proteja siempre

Francesca Joy Borally

3 hours ago

Es idéntica a su papá. Dios les bendiga.

Carrie Pheasey-Hudson

3 hours ago

Dios Bendiga tu hermosa familia! El chico se parece mucho a ti pero la nena (sorry) es pura padre!

So much fun at 92Y screening & Q&A in New York tonight. Major Shoutout to my director & friend @neil.burger for doing this with me!!!!!

Mitchelle Hernandez

8 hours ago

OK now sexy

Roberto Poggi

8 hours ago

That's a dangerous look Kev

Eveline Kälin-Steiner

8 hours ago

Love ur jacket 😊

Excited to share my new video for “I’ll Fight” from RBG- I love making music with the iconic Diane Warren!

Emily Goodman

4 hours ago

Stream "I'll Fight" now!

Luis Augusto

4 hours ago

Beautiful Jen I luv ur music!!!

Geri San Filippo

4 hours ago

When do we get a UK tour? 🇬🇧

Carb up and takin’ these sexy pizzas 🍕 to pound town.
Before our big action scenes for HOBBS & SHAW, I get that glorious text from my strength and conditioning coach @daverienzi that says, “for your big scene tomorrow we need to fill you out more.. need you to eat pizza tonight and shoot me pics from the gym in the morning” — it worked.
Muscle bellies are full, dense and striated.
Achieving and maintaining a certain aesthetic for months while filming is such a crazy science that requires constant strategy and a surgical eye from a great coach.
As scientific and intellectualized as this process can be - when you strip it all down to brass tacks, it basically means you gotta be fucking nuts to constantly commit to this discipline.
Eh, I am what I am 😉🤷🏾‍♂️👊🏾
#HobbsAndShaw #CommitToTheCharacter #HobbsForTheWin #PizzaPoundTown

Flor Beatriz Lopez

12 hours ago

"I need you too eat pizza tonight" that's literally dirty talk in 2018. Get in ma belly

Vinoth Messi

12 hours ago

you get to eat pizza and still be jacked up? sign me up for that diet please!!!

Liza Salton

12 hours ago

Ok you have been my idol since I was in 1st grade... but I thought you were eating your pizza with a fork for a second... and my heart dropped 😂😂😂 I thought I could no longer look up to you lmfao... whew close one 😅😅

you guyssssss !! chat with Alexa and say “alexa, follow camila cabello on Amazon Music” 💜💜 Amazon Music

Alfred Bautista Pajel

32 minutes ago

Aveces me pregunto si Sinu lee nuestros mensajes y por eso no deja a la niña sola 😐 prometemos calmarnos, suegra. amonos

Chad Hopfner

32 minutes ago

DEJASTE AL MATEO POR ALEXA AHHHHHH [Inserte el meme Camila gritando de emoción] esta vez ya no tienes banda que salirte 😉 salte del clóset, mariquita

Vanessa Grey

32 minutes ago

For the second i thought Alexa thr friend of Lauren J. Lol

🥁🥁🥁 Travis Barker

📸 Fog Again
It’s our last weekend at Pearl Concert Theater at the Palms. 🎸🥁😎 DON’T MISS OUT!! 🔥💥⚡️

Thomas Lackey

8 hours ago

Dont be frank sinatra get tom be the rat pack lol

MHelene Da Costa

12 hours ago

I want to see u guys sooo bad

Mary Bezirjian

12 hours ago

The best drummer! 😃

On my way to the screening of Queen America tonight! So excited 😀.
Did my own make up tonight! U like? 😜

Ronald Cotton

7 hours ago

Beautiful Girls Victoria Justice 🎅🌈🖐 Hello Armando 🌈🖐🎅

Rob Mason

8 hours ago

Always gorgeous Victoria Justice!

Porsche King

8 hours ago

Yes, it's nice. Thank you for sharing (Y)

Be a part of an exclusive VIP experience at one of our shows on the #PTXChristmasIsHereTour! 🌟🎶 You can purchase your exclusive VIP upgrade right now at *Our VIP Upgrades do NOT include a ticket to the show
The Greatest Showman is taking over Beats 1! Listen tonight as we chat about our cover of #TheGreatestShow on the new album 'The GreatestShowman: Reimagined' with Brooke Reese! Tune-in on Apple Music: 11PM LA / 2AM NYC / 7AM LDN #TGSReimagined
We're excited to be heading back to NYC to take part in the tree lighting ceremony at Rockefeller Center this year!!🎄 Tune-in to see our performance on 'Christmas in Rockefeller Center' at 8/7c on Wednesday, November 28th.

Mel Hogue

12 hours ago

Leslee Anne Wodrich Jamie Berry

Matt John Wilson

12 hours ago

Heather Clark-Tingley !!!

Adam Kavanagh

12 hours ago

Molly Foltz Hubbard

Viene 🚀🚀 @Anuel_2blea. #EllaQuiereBeberRemix #BillboardHot100

Eileen Bridget Slavinski

2 hours ago

Jackie Chan de Tiesto y Promises de Calvin Harris es mucho mejor. Romeo no es para remixes al menos no con estos artistas de poca categoría.

Doble Alfa

2 hours ago

Romeo, xq no estuvisteis en los Latin Grammys

Aiko Wong

2 hours ago

Romeo you are the best

The times spent with you and your family over the years will be treasured. Rest in power Kim Porter. My condolences to the Combs and Porter families.
Dois Cariocas #tbt Anitta

Denni'z Milengó

39 minutes ago

Sorry for your loss. Prayers for you and her family 🙏🙏

Valerina Petritaj

39 minutes ago

May she fly with Angels!!!

Chris Kedish

39 minutes ago

So sad. Sympathies to her children.

GIVE BACK 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Wednesday before thanksgiving 💯💯😂

Mari Azucena Felix Suárez

15 hours ago

Anabel Rodriguez Mauricio Rios asta ramon Ayala tiene frio

Nick McKay

15 hours ago

Berenice G. Duarte

Dilynn Theresa

15 hours ago

Graciela Fuentes Claudia Maya 😂

happy meal
"all the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of today"

Leonie Februarie

2 hours ago

Why don’t you go to McDonald’s and get yourself a wamburger and French crys...def leppard sux!

Adrian P. Brunaga

7 hours ago

Imagining Snow getting her girl like LaLa from End Of Watch...

Yohann Godec

7 hours ago

Since when did she get a new gf 🤔 lol

‪Gracias al ballet Yollotli por su arte y por el regalo de las lindas calcetas 🧦 ‬

Christine Washington

10 hours ago

Hermosa mi Lila Downs gracias por cambiar mi vida con tu musica

Stephen Leftwich

10 hours ago

Pero no te las pusiste Lila!!🧐

Edith Angeles

10 hours ago

Color y belleza!!!

Make sure your house is safe, clean and inviting during the holidays. Learn 10 maintenance tasks to do before guests arrive at #ThursdayThoughts
Marjorie and I were invited by Her Excellence, Neo Masisi, the first lady of Botswana, to participate in the “W” Summit. We discussed the importance of women in leadership roles in Botswana. I was the surprise guest and as you can tell from this picture, I JUMPED at the opportunity. Thank you for having us.

Ranell Musil Trantham

14 hours ago

All this is common sense 🤷🏽‍♀️ I was hoping for stuff I didn’t know. 😰🥺

Katherine Parker

14 hours ago


Kirk Govern

14 hours ago

Ink Steve you funny

Milwaukee's show is coming up soon! Catch the Independent Grind Tour at The Rave / Eagles Club on Nov.29th! BOU LOU will be served at this venue!

Get your tix and VIP packages at!
Hit up to get half-off select items for a limited time only!

DEC 6TH - Lincoln, NE
DEC 7TH - Lawrence, KS

Tix and VIP available now at STRANGEVIP.COM!

Chelito De la Cruz

13 hours ago

Jackee Swenson looks like you'll be able to try bou lou

Zara Jordan

13 hours ago

Need a show added in Louisville!!!

Brittany Hobart

13 hours ago

What a waste of money

Let's pray for each other ... add your prayer request in the comments and like someone else's comment to show you're praying for their need. #wearefamily #fighttheelements

Satish Gholap

5 hours ago

Prayers for my son with depression and anxiety. Also, the struggling addict.

Mony Parra

5 hours ago

I pray my nephew, struggling w mental health and drug/alcohol addiction.

Lang Heath

5 hours ago

Please pray for my dad. He has cancer and has been having difficulty with the effects of chemo and radiation.

Tonight. Vinyl Livestream. Shiny and Oh So Bright Vol. 1/LP: No Past. No Future. No Sun. Glow in the dark vinyl.🖤12am EST / 9pm PT.

Benis Hassan

6 hours ago

Best Pumpkins Album since Machine.... Woooow....

José Ramón Salgueiro Pérez

6 hours ago

Bello bello lo prendo all'inizio della settimana prossima

Yolanda Adams

11 hours ago

Listening now! 'Travels' is my favorite so far.

RIP Kim....Your were a beautiful person inside and out. My prayers go out to the entire family. @diddy you & your family are loved by so many...You are God's child and he will see u and ur entire family thru this. Stay strong man....Nothing but love for u.

Gino Koreman

8 hours ago

So sad, my heart aches for her children and family

David Franiek

8 hours ago

R.i.p my prayers goes out to the family

Mathias S Kristensen

8 hours ago


Sia, Annie Hathaway, Gary Oldman and more performed at our Fall Formal in 2011 at the Orpheum. 'Twas an evening of song and dance, short film-making and comedy. I'll always treasure it.

We turned that night into a collection of art, available here:

Federico Martinez

5 hours ago

Great actors and singers I loooooove Sia since Zero 7

Daniel Geller

5 hours ago

I remember watching it. It was so fun. I really wish I could have been there.

Claudia Martinez

5 hours ago

Sia, Oldman and Gordon-Levitt? Wtf was I? Three of my favorite people that I would never expect to see together. That's. Rad.


Tonya Pfau

3 hours ago

Love ur vlogs

Rafael Prates

3 hours ago

Still love seeing your Vlogs. Thanks for taking the time to share with us. 😊❤️

Rubén Rodríguez

3 hours ago

Love the Florida cracker kitchen hat!!