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I'm giving up on love ❤️

The People I Used To Know❤️

When the stories of your past can finally be heard. 'Fuck Your Man' from my new album Kimberly : The People I Used To Know out NOW !

I know it was u calling and hanging up. Saying you wanna fight me. You and I both know.You would lawyer up. "I should just fuck your man" 😗 Dec 8
❤️Ghetto girl, with table manners. Will jump a gate and slap a bish, but I garden in my spare time. Get you somebody that can do both. Ha❤️

TOMORROW NIGHT! The rebirth of Kimberly! My album release concert in NEW YORK at Highline Ballroom i'm singing a little of everything. New Show. I'm bringing the band, the dancers, AND two ladies that I respect in the game right @Kashdoll and @lyricaanderson It's called real talent! Be there with me to celebrate my 4th and last album. Kimberly: The People I Used To Know comes out Friday Dec 8. ❤️ R&B is me. Never forget.

On the way loves❤️
Better be glad momma raised me, better than that cause if she didn't, he would be right here. "I should fuck your man" From my new album Kimberly: The People I Used To Know🎯 This Friday

Have you been to my new restaurant @puffandpetalslounge ? Its a little piece of heaven! New locations comings soon.

Happy Holidays from @puffandpetalslounge Come grab a drink!!!!!!!

Dec 8 ends an era and starts a new. Feeling very grateful and accomplished right now. Kimberly:The People I Used To Know❤️❤️❤️

Now Playing: Wish I could be a Kardashian so I could be black! Get it today on iTunes, Spotify,Tidal, and all other streaming services!!!!!!! GET YOUR NOW!

@fashionnova you got me cute! Honestly the only jeans I can actually wear. My favorites. I swear curvy girls order you a pair today!!!

New York, Dec 7 i'm live in concert at the Highline Ballroom. Get your tickets now on their site!!! Then Dec 8 my new album Kimberly:The People Used To Know comes out! Pre-Order Now❤️

I just wanna make looooove! That damn @erika_lapearl_mua

Highline Ball Room Live Dec 7. New show. I'm singing every fucking thing. A little of 4 albums and 2 3 mixtapes. I'm singing songs I've never sang before! NY it's been a minute and this is a tradition!!! Tickets on sale NOW at Highline Ballroom's website. It's what you call good music! What should I sing????? Comment below! AND i'm having a private Rebel AFTERPARTY!

Headed to @bet New show "Black Card Revoked" ready for some fun. I had to rock my real hair

Kimberly:The People I Used To Know!DEC 8 #preordernow video:@eddyonetake_

I'm celebrating album 4 on Dec 7 in New York at Highline Ballroom!!!! Celebrate with ME When the clock strikes twelve. New Show, and I'll be singing songs for all 4 albums oh and I can't forget a little mixtape K! See you there!!!!! Tickets on sale NOW at Highline Ballroom's website❤️

We are nuts. Smh❤️#ny

It's your "Birthday" ❤️ Birthday is live now on YouTube and other outlets. This is my tribute to the culture and the arts! Check it out❤️

Mood asf❤️ Alert: from my new album Kimberly:The People I Used To Know, available Dec 8

You're Invited ! #Birthday I 11.08

"It's your birthday baby, what you wanna do ? #Birthday | 11.08 "

Sorry my costume sucks huh? A for effort!

I'm paid because I prayed! Took nothing and made something out of it. Honestly, You have to remain focused even after your at a happy financial place. See the key is taking the money and flipping the money. Your street knowledge should never leave the conference rooms, your street ways not so much. I see a lot of my ladies just flipping ass. That gets old. Stop waiting on somebody to save you, because they won't! Know how to "Have Fun" and "Have Funds" at the same time "Kimberly:The People I Used To Know" is available now for pre-order. SEE YOU GUYS JAN 13 in Charlotte to discuss this more!!!! Grown woman talk is what we are on!

"Kimberly: The People I Used To Know" Dec 8. I never let y'all down on the music😏❤️ Pre-Order available NOW!

"Make This Song Cry" ❤️available now!

Friday❤️🎧 (get the official)

I'm a proud member of Beta Alpha Delta Sigma Theta, and this weekend I got to "Be Owt"with my bruh's at Tennessee State University's homecoming. I'm a proud GRADUATE OF AN HBCU! Florida A&M University!

Music, was never based in the color of our skin or the mistakes of your past. There's a whole world of people who desire something that can heal your being and mood. A soul core. Headphones over Humans🎧

The happiest I've been iNside of music in a minute. A moment I'll never forget. The music was actually music. The music I grew up in. The music my parents thought I lost my mind 2. The only album I ever wanted as a little girl was THE JUDDS. My mom said either she's off or special. 😂 What you think it is now mamma? Love you, for embracing the difference from the start! Best concert ever Mr.Stapleton. I don't believe Atlantic Records thought I could get it done. Can't wait to head to Nashville and work on this EP with you guys!!!!!

Evolve. PreOrder Now. Kimberly:The People I Used To Know 🌻

Country Music Hall of fame is awesome! #thesims

I honestly know that there is a GOD. I had no idea today i would be meeting and singing for my favorite artist @castapleton He was everything I imagined. I told him how i'm not being allowed to sing Country Music, because i'm black. And he said Bull Crap. I cried to him and his wife @morganwithane and the amazing @prattprattpratt (kastan was there holding me down also)Very cool time! This moment was needed and happened for a reason. More to come. In the words of Chris Pratt god put me in your life to tell you With that voice there's no better time than now.

I don't need no preacher man to come around. Mr.Stapleton sang the song. Ohhhhh

My new tune "Make This Song Cry" truly is amazing! Weather you like or not I make the music! Get yours now on iTunes and stream it on Spotify ❤️

I can't make this up. It's people with no food. People with no homes and you have the nerve to send me mess like this ass busy as im.
Look guys, Many of you know I choose two random fans to pay their bills for the month. You would think it's a good thing but we find some of the most entitled and ungrateful people. I told one girl I would help her with tuition she really text us back and said she needs more and if I don't give more she can't go to school. Look. I didn't have shit for school and that real. I still went and made a way for myself. I wish I would turn down someone's help because it wasn't the amount that I wanted. Then I get these random letter from just selfish idiots! No i'm not paying for your plastic surgery! No I can't fly you and your friends to Miami for your bday! Or like this lady no I cant upgrade you yo to a two story house when it's people out here without shoes on they feet. I've been very quiet about this, but no! If you dm me anything thats stupid and not truly a help to you or you're family i'm blocking you. Your wasting my time and I don't have much of it! Don't come over here with that small minded mess. I'm trying to pay it forward and help flood victims and kids without school supplies. I'm not your man, momma, job, or friend. I'm not paying for you hair fix, your birthday weekend, your plastic surgery Stay out my dm's so I can truly help some people. You should feel foolish! And i'm blocking the ignorance. ILL TAKE THE SHIRT OFF MY OWN BACK FOR A PERSON, but I can't take common sense out my brain. Then there's the ones that just take advantage of your kindness. I give once and you are that comfortable you ask me again. I don't like that! No you can't have my shoes, my bags, bed. I really got out here and worked hard for my things. Stop asking! I'm here to help seriously though not trick off. This started off for an album promo 2years ago and I just keep doing it. Why not? It isn't going to hurt me one bit, so I promised God if he gave me another shot I was going to help change myself and the world. Don't take advantage of me! I'm completely blocking you. It's sad you can't even do right by people and it's still never enough. This lady really dm'Ed tonight Ask for an upgrade on her two story house. Mam are you out your FUCKin mind?

"Make This Song Cry" is available NOW on Spotify and ITunes! Enjoy my loves!

Cryyyy it all out! Make the song Cry is AVAILABLE NOW! On iTunes and Spotify! Pow❤️😩

I just woke up to my Rebels jamming to some real R&B! #6 yall like this song I see!!!!! "Make This Song Cry" is available now!!!!! iTunes, Spotify EVERYWHERE❤️

AVAILABLE NOW! "Make This Song Cry" new tune from my new album @thepeopleiusedtoknow ❤️❤️

Sacramento, I'm coming you TOMORROW! I don't think I've ever been there. So im super hype to show up!❤️❤️❤️
❤️Song Cry at Midnight❤️

Hey @urbaninformer you rocking in bmore! Love u! I say Smash. Got you a special remix coming to Baltimore tomorrow❤️💅🏽😎