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My Fresh Leaves collaboration with Levi's has been a long time coming. I've been really hands on since day one, working on the line from the ground up. We've poured a lot of time and thought into every piece of the collection... hope you guys are liking it! And if you haven’t seen it yet, go check it out. I MADE IT FOR YOU. 🍃🍃

Carrie Ferguson

a day ago

I'll wear it. I dont care it's for men. Lol just cause ... I will geek out if I see a Levi's store. Veronica Talbot

Esta Naomi

a day ago

Leviticus read that. make them 100 percent cotton, Amen

Carmen Sanchez

a day ago

growin up we would rub our kneees on the concrete to make the knees white.. or it happen playin. this new fabric they use, the knees break easy. pleaae bring back wear um down to white sturdy indestructable levi . not this fancy stuff that cant handle a ue collar day of work or play

It’s #TheLastWeekend to get out there and get involved! My absentee ballot’s in... make sure you GO VOTE on Tuesday!! Remember: NO voting booth selfies 😂

ナオユキ イシヅカ

10 days ago

Planning on voting in person with my 6 year old & 9 year old. Trying to lead by example for them the importance of voting.🤦‍♀️Hopefully both boys behave & don't act foolish!

Antonia Ani

10 days ago

They would probably do anything to get me back in Virginia. Esp. Since I was in protest of living there in the first place " I'm free" funny, thought. I have the DOJ on speed dial. Pineapples xoxo

Cole Brown

10 days ago

Actually threats were made in regards to both myself, my little one, and my son., Although cancer and parasites were mentioned, it was implied other that our health was at stake, and since receiving negative feedback, and negative experiences with the nurses at various health care facilities. I think it best to seek healthcare in another country. That will nix all of this.

Björssa Westerberg

15 days ago

Darrin Krumm awe this is cool! Next year we need to step it up 😂

Joana Aguiar

15 days ago

Awesome Family Costumes!!!! You guys are awesome. Hope Silas had a great Halloween!!! Oh and I hope Mommy and Daddy got some candy too!!!

Johan Powers

15 days ago

LEGO and being with your family while having fun. It's hard to find "hygge" better than that.

I won’t say it out loud (because I can’t) but I’m so excited this is hitting bookstores in 2 DAYS. If you haven’t already... get that pre-order!! #Hindsight

Pippo Horovitz

18 days ago

Christmas present me thinks.... reading Gary Barlow at the moment,sorry Justin😄did go to your concert in Birmingham tho 😷X

Reshell Peak Darity

18 days ago

I have got to tell you that my son looks identical to you. Want to meet him????????????????????????????????? He could be your back up, youve got to see him. get in touch with me.

Jeslene Moore

18 days ago

I'm looking forward to your new book Justin I think it will be existing to find out all the great things to read about xo 💓

Memphis isn’t an easy place to describe, but if you’re from there, you’re proud to be. I know I am. I write a lot more about it in my book. But since that doesn’t come out for another four (!) days.... here’s a pic of me as a TN kid. #Hindsight #FBF

Lorri Thornhill

19 days ago

Wow that looks just like tn. I often over look the beauty of our state cause I'm so used to it but it is beautiful

Kyla Obiditswe

19 days ago

To us you are still and will always be our boy with the broken thumb and a big dream. Seeing you reach the dreams and keep going at it on a personal and professional level only brings us pride, to ever had been able to meet you and talk to you and be - if anything- a tiny part of your journey. We love you Justin Timberlake ❤️ you and your whole entire team and family Lynn Harless 😘 #spaingirls #jtspaingirls #nsyncspaingirls you are a living legend!

Denise Melo Alves

20 days ago

Our family loves Memphis. This will be my fourth time going there this week. And my daughter goes Monday through Friday for her schooling. Our family loves all the music and all this city has to offer.

Naman Idrees

22 days ago

I can say from experience when he says he will make it up to you he will!! He had to reschedule his buffalo show a few years ago and when he came it was THE best show ever and he made al of the thousands of us there feel so special and put on an amazing show!! You do you Justin and for those that get to now see him on his birthday you are gonna be blown away guarantee it!!!

Alex Rodríguez

22 days ago

You waited too late in the day to tell us this!!!! And I know it’s due to the bomb threats. How about we traveled 2.5 hours to come to your concert and if we would have known this earlier, could have saved time and money. Not to mention the fact that there’s no refund. So we can’t do the 1/31 date and it’s basically like ... we’re screwed. “Sell your tickets on your own” <<< what kind of bs is that?

Scott Bender

22 days ago

I got the opportunity to go to five shows this summer in Europe. At the time Justin was battling an injury, had a sinus infection and was grieving over the lost of his grandmother. Not once, not a moment he disappointed his fans and kept going. Because he is an artist who truely loves his fans! He is touring since March, non-stop, so would you cut the guy some slack? Haters gonna say it's fake, TRUE fans will be devestated, butt also look forward to January! They support NO MATTER WHAT.

Levi's 10/4

Ann Ellis Cloyd

2 months ago

I guess you Justin never loves Britney genuinely, and it was almost over 10 years ago...and till now you don't communicate again with Britney, why..??. If we love someone we will strive and struggle to keep her/him, but you don't show it even once, Justin. First love is forever, but if you faked your love with Britney I'm sad to see that.

Stephanie Pruitt

2 months ago

Just noticed 777 shares 🌈 Lightworkers & Starseeds like myself giving out the love,same as you do in your wonderful creative ways are upholding the light & are ensuring that this world does again become a planet of love & peace & humanity is liberated. Heaven on Earth/Gaia will be my darling. Exciting times for us all indeed🙂 Thank you so much for everything JT,my angel, my shining star, my light, my heart,my love, my soul for eternity 💛🔥😘🕺keep spreading the love,our love, like you do babe. You make so many ppl, all your fans so happy 🎶🎶💖💖🕺🕺love in all its forms is all there is 🌈🌈🌈

Catarina Maria

2 months ago

I have never & will never until the day I die stop loving you Justin💖It’s so heartbreaking & tragic the way it went & that we are not together in the physical but I need you to know I feel your love deeply in my heart & soul & all your amazing songs to me, about me & our love story plays in my heart on repeat all day everyday & will do forever beloved. It’s too late it seems & you don’t know how much of an idiot I feel with the way I acted,the mistakes I made & how many regrets I have about it, I just wish I could start over cos I would have done everything so differently. I just had a lot of work & healing to do on myself first & foremost to grow & become the women I am today & of course it’s an ongoing process bettering oneself to be the greatest version you can be like you have always been,through unconditional self love first & foremost. Our story is typical of Twin Flames in fact #mirrors💛the journey has many levels so I’ve read & we certainly played out the whole runner/chaser scenario. I never ment to hurt you in any way & reject you, it was all all a reflection of how I used to feel inside about myself & was subconscious in fact & I couldn’t believe such a amazing man like you could even like me like that, it was real hard to believe & I was blinded by your love n stuff. It’s hard to even explain it as I don’t understand it & it confuses the hell out of me. All I know is your love for me played a huge part in my life for getting me to this place & I thank you with all my heart & will never forget that. I can’t apologise enough for acting in the ways I did & wish I could move on like you did but I don’t seem to be able too because my heart is with you & only you. It cuts deep.I love you sooooooo much & always will💔💙i’d love to be with you, there’s nothing on a personal level I’d like more & it would be the best thing that could ever happen to me but I know it’s too late & im making a fool of myself on here no doubt publically & everything but I don’t really care what anyone who doesn’t know me & reads this thinks. I am speaking from my heart & being real telling my truth which is the person I am through & through. Sorry for writing on here but I don’t know any other way to say what I need to say to you my love 😘💖

Millescent Lizares

2 months ago

Two great singers, almost like two generations. I love both of you 😃👏👏👏 wish you had him on tour with you in Germany.

Ann Marie Boyer

2 months ago

You know what justin? You are so talented to be singing that song called until the end of time!! :-* :-*

Luma Day

2 months ago

Make an even bigger difference in the music industry socail media Musical note(stock) market hit me up 5854985811

‬ Feels good to be back. And... to kick off this leg of the tour, we just launched some new stuff. Heron Preston x #MOTWTOUR

Omar Guillermo

2 months ago

Hi JT, so we were suppose to come to your canceled show in NY in March. It was rescheduled for Oct 22. I am prego and due Oct 16.. I’m ready to pop any moment. & my sis is prego and due Dec, thats why we were coming in March!!! Is there anyway we can get tickets to another show?❣️?❣️?❣️ We ❤️ you and don’t want to miss you. Please let us know❣️ xoxo
Jianna T Sotiriou

Oluwamuyiwa Adebola Adedeji

2 months ago

If ur in MKE and staying the night let’s party. I’m new to this tiny town but I already have my influence all over. Hit me up let’s party 💪🏼

Brandon Wilson

2 months ago

Hey Justin! I can’t wait to see you in concert. I am cancer free for one year this month!!!! I would love to meet you because I listened to your music during every radiation treatment. It really help get me through some really difficult times. Even if I could meet you for just 5 minutes it would mean the world to me. Please help me make my dream come true.

We’re back 🇺🇸 See you tomorrow in Lexington. #MOTWTOUR

Grégorios Strunk

2 months ago

justin not sure if you see this page but i want to say what a nice well rounded young man you are, i love watching your skits on snl what a fun guy you are lol and my daughter is such a fan of yours that she once taped over family video of my kids to record you and nysync and she camped out in the rain in nyc for a chance to see you at the macy's parade, i hope you always remain who you are and that your life well exceeds your hopes.

Prince Phafa II

2 months ago

Missed your show! Have to catch it next time you are in Lexington! If you are still in KY, you should check out Natural Bridge! Miguel’s Pizza is awesome!

Steve Ross

2 months ago

Here for our 27th wedding Anniversary! Can’t wait for the show #ourseatssuck #nosebleeds #myhusbandhasamancrush #section232

Nancy Weddle Kerns

2 months ago

You both are beautiful people ty again & always for sharing a peice of your lives with us. PS Jessica is more beautiful ;) <3 love you guys always from Toronto /Aussie <3

Whitney Strobel

2 months ago

It never occurred to me that celebrities would need babysitters. I mean, yeah, I get that celebrities are people too, but who babysits for them? I wouldn’t believe it’s the neighborhood 16 year old who lives down the street.

Jhon Maro KapoRojo Attaquero

2 months ago

I just love these two. I love how they r just so real, some of these celebrities r so full of them selves but justin has always been real that's one of the things I love about him

Magnus Mårtens

2 months ago wife has a wish..a BIG wish and she has had it for a few golf with you. I know your are coming to Chicago in a couple weeks...any chance you would have time for a game? I figure it can't hurt to ask... I hope you will consider..

Amarilys Luna

2 months ago

wwwweeeeeeeeee hoooo looks like BEFORE SHERYKL CROW DAYS andn ights go bye but i love to hear you on the radio comforts me with music... babe ...

Monte Earp

2 months ago

Yeah great Man have an amazing time with your family!!I wish I could afford more vacations with my family , but we doing good. Love u and your music- way back when NSYNS

Fresh Leaves, October 4 @LEVIS

Farahnaz Shakourzadeh

2 months ago

Have any of you tried dipping a fresh, gooey chocolate chip cookie in hot nacho cheese? Dude...... It's the bee's knees

Gerald Felix

2 months ago

I wonder how bulky this jacket is. It looks warm! Might have to cop this for the brutal NYC winter coming up!

Teresa Brown

2 months ago

If this is also a poster I'd buy it and put it up in my bedroom. I don't care that I'm 60 years old!

Guys, Pilgrimage Music Festival is coming up! My man Chris Stapleton and so many others are playing in Franklin, TN!!#MakeThePilgrimage

Terezinha De Jesus Alves Moreira Penina

3 months ago

Guess who I was doing the BlacKkKlansman method on Pharaell Williams. Just checking... Just checking. It is funny ayye.

Anabel Cheluca

3 months ago

Justin, we want u performing there too

Eli Sanders

3 months ago

U look sharp guy's keep Rockin does
Tune away xo 💓

3 weeks out! Check out the Pilgrimage Music Festival 2018 lineup ––#MakeThePilgrimage to Franklin 9/22 + 9/2

Manoela Silva Celeghin

3 months ago

Thank you for an amazing MOTW concert on Wednesday night I’ve never seen my wife so happy before, she can’t wait for your next concert in Manchester. Once again thank you your simply the best.👏👏

Ro Naulls

3 months ago

Is it a boxing match? Yellow and beige are fighting hard 😂

Christopher Castro

3 months ago

These are some nice looking shoes!!!

This is the face of a young man who couldn't believe he was actually singing with the GREATEST OF ALL TIME. Thank you, Ms. Franklin for blessing us all with your incomparable gift. Honored to have shared the stage with you for even a moment and to be inspired by you for a whole lifetime. Always bowing down to you. #QueenofSoul

Johnson Jovellano

3 months ago

Thank You Both For Your Gifts To The World With Your Talents. Her Strength Paved the way . THANK YOU !!!

Eve Jmnz

3 months ago

It never seizes to amaze me how this southern gentleman is so eloquent with his words and humble as always. He has graced the stage with just about every artist possible and yet is honored and somewhat star struck himself. I adore this man, always have, always will. God Bless Aretha Franklin...thank you for the music we will continue to love long after your legacy.

Scott Flaugher

3 months ago

Legends never die, they only multiply, As a Legendary blessing to you and yours Justin, Rest In Thee Sweetest Peace Aretha Franklin

Guys, I have some news! I've been working on this for a while now and I am happy to finally give you a first look at my first book, #Hindsight. I’m looking forward to sharing these pictures and stories with you. It's coming out October 30th! Special thanks to @SandraBark, @MBierut and HarperCollins for making this happen.

Nataly De La Fuente

3 months ago

Hi Justin congratulations on your new book that's incredible news I'm sure it's going to be fantastic you are a very talented person and I make huge fan of yours and I always will be. I feel like I have a connection with you and it is always been my dream to meet you someday. For you see I was a patient of Shriners hospitals for children in Portland and they're the reason I'm alive today I feel the connection with you because of the money you gave to shriners. I'm sure they appreciated that they need that money to help kids with disabilities. I know I appreciate it so that is why I feel this connection with you and would very much like to meet you. I need your help in order to make this dream a reality. I understand that you are very busy man I know you and the Tennessee kids are coming to Portland in November for your man in the woods concert. I would very much like to get in touch with you. My name is Melissa Halstead from Portland and I have cerebral palsy myself. Here is my personal email address I'm also a huge fan of your wife so if she gets weirded out by this let her know that I am a fan that admires you and has a deep respect for you and for what you do. You are a wonderful person who is so talented just like me.

Ели Димова

3 months ago

I am so proud of you & the lessons that I've learnt. I am so proud & so confident. I never been so proud in my life. With my life's work.

Mágica Luna

3 months ago

I’m a Memphian now living in Florida. You have always been good to the 901 & we are proud of your accomplishments! You are awesome!

Detrick Stanford

3 months ago

All my congratulations to you Barack Obama,Happy birthday to you and all the best wishes for you ,say hello to Jason Derulo from me

Ray Campbell

3 months ago

JT probably didn't lose his job, house or life savings like millions of us did under his reign which the press conveniently didn't report.

Nina Mendenueta

3 months ago

To Mr Obama happy birthday and to your beautiful wife looking forward to seeing you running for the presidency #whorunstheworld #girls

Mercedes Mendoza Montaño

4 months ago

Challenge for the children. Back in the day! Vegas baby. Great memories. Edna Carrasco

Cindy Cha

4 months ago

Many years ago I saw you playing basketball in Berlin. It was with many celebrities. The backstreet boys were also there.😂👍

Leandro Eidman

4 months ago

Carol Guy Rossetti Justin - you are in Pittsburgh Sept 13th for a concert - our local Pittsburgh Hoover Elementary School is having a Fall Family Night celebration on September 14th from 6 to 8. Stop by for pizza and say hi to over 250 students and their families who love you!!!

Thank you Spotify! SOULMATE. #newmusicfriday...

Nikka Sitchon

4 months ago

When do you go to italy for tour concert? In Milan or Verona

Alinda Benoist

4 months ago

Such a good song! It’s been stuck in my head all day today.

I love JT and just saw him in Phoenix. But this song bothers me. If you meet your soul mate, it isn't just for a night.

Bahama Sessions - “SoulMate”, written: June 26th, final mix: July 3rd.

Madison Baughman

4 months ago

I love it man. Keep up with the good work. Been a fan of urs since Mmc with jc and growing up the guys too. I support u guys.

Victoria Walpert

4 months ago

Love this new song!!!... Love you in San Jose California💗🎉

Prixx B. Monera

4 months ago

Yaaaaassssssss!!!!!! Memphis is killing it :) keep wearing those glasses JT :) show those eyes :) happy 4th of July to you, Jessica and the whole Timberlake/Beil Squad ;)

Rozalia Colciar

4 months ago

The dignity of man is vindicated as much by the thinker and poet as by the statesman and soldier. Dr James Bryant Conant. Happy 4th of July. Mypink gel higliter was stuck to the back of this book like a magnet. Weird have blue too. Doing Jesus words in Holy Spirit. Going to attempt to read Bible like that you tube private.

John Young

4 months ago

what a wonderful song, my love, you're incredible, thank you for another song to brighten my heart, I love you

Suki Gallegos

4 months ago

Summer starts now...more like 2018 was the year of Justin Timberlake. I love how just when u think there is no come back and throw down. Your a constant surprise from your musical sound to your delivery. This is why you truly are one the greats Justin. This is why I am a #jtdayones. Gonna wear my t-shirt proudly at the October concert!!

JJ Watt bro, you could really use a trip to the gym. Congrats to the 🚀!!!

Tania Rostam

6 months ago

Mybf only went to school up to 2 nd grade. He went to school later when he was married learn how to read and write. He lived ona ranch.

Natley Miller

6 months ago

I just learned that Justin Timberlake went to Clear Lake Hospital to visit the shooting victims of the school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, last week. What a guy!!!

Fulya Oktay

6 months ago

JT bringing back the all denim again

I should have put this thing on silent...

Mara Sartorio

6 months ago

Anybody sitting up in the higher seats couldn't see you because your set kept blocking our view. Didn't need to be so elaborate...we only wanted to see you.

Eugene Johnson

6 months ago

#manofthewoods #PSUWEAREFILTHY

Yulissa Flores

6 months ago

Belle I wonder if he’ll take our phones. 🤣

Three out of the four of us are moms! Celebrating my MVP’s today and everyday. Happy Mother’s Day! 🏆

Man Lamar

6 months ago

JT just saw your Phoenix concert! SO awesome! Your wife is a lucky 😉woman & your Mom must be amazing since she raised you 😊

Ana Beatriz Vieira

6 months ago

Justin Timberlake, Hope you enjoyed Orlando despite the rain all day. Looks like Florida isn't giving you pretty weather this week. Hopefully you'll get better weather in Texas? :D

Ashley Marra

6 months ago

Stigmata bird my friend event when I try hard not to it happens. Motion laughing memory bird found that's not real heaven song heaven concordanance look

Honored to be up here with my brothers today. Thank you #WalkofFame for the star...and thank you Ellen DeGeneres and Carson Daly for presenting us with (mostly) kind words 😂

Amanda Giselle

6 months ago

It was supposed to be live but it crashed because so many people were trying to watch it. But I did get a chance to see it. Congratulations to all of you. IT WAS ABOUT FLIPPING TIME Y'ALL GET A STAR.

Natalia Ferreira

7 months ago

Still have the image in my mind of Justin under waterfall with his bleach curls, shirtless and huge Jt chain. By far my fav poster as 13 year old. Now im 30. Had great times in my middle school years listening to nysnc. Hey every now and then hear them on oldie station will bust a move or twob hahahaha. Congrats Jt

Allen McKee

7 months ago

What a week! Saw you in San Jose on Wednesday and got to see all 5 of you on the live stream today. Still feeling the high from your show with MOTW on repeat on my car stereo, today was a perfect day to celebrate all you’ve done these last 20+ years. Congrats Justin and the boys.

Check out Ivory Layne’s new EP!
What’d I tell you about getting too close to the stage? #hideyourphones

Elsa Schenk

7 months ago

Not crazy about it

Maiko Yagi

7 months ago

Nice tune nice voice & its on point...feeling it ❤️🎶

Maricka Gandy

7 months ago

i am poor need charity only $ 5000 i will be thankfull to you ever my life please sir don,t ignore my message help me sir help me as you can thanks alot i am waiting for you response

RSVP GalleryX JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE X @HERON PRESTON POP-UP LIVE NOW. Exclusive collab merch by RSVP and tour merch from me & @heronpreston are available exclusively in the Los Angeles store 🏕🦅🏔 905 S Hill St, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Magdalene McCaffrey

7 months ago


Nanda de Carvalho

7 months ago

I can twist my tongue into 3 loops this bird cracked me up making funny noises. Animals used to be vegetarians. Adam Eve no belly button.

Angelica Avitia

7 months ago

Justin timberlake i want u to play the piano at my wedding plz this been my dream since i was 8 im your biggest fan justin

New videos up TODAY on my Spotify playlist This Is: Justin Timberlake. Check it out:

Jake Breezy

7 months ago

You are looking Good! I'm so happy for you that your making your dream happen, you bring magic to everything! Xo

Nenos Bhnan Pano

7 months ago

Why you looking so much older ??? You can be sexy in your 30s

Weronika Szwanc

7 months ago

Yeah man digging Spotify 👍❤️I had an account before ages ago but never really used it, it seems to have got a lot better as well so thanks for giving me the idea of getting back on it 👍😊The mirrors performance at roundhouse is the best one I’ve seen you do of that song, so much emotion💛it struck my heartstrings😍Very powerful!! 💖Defo one of my fav songs 🎵❤️💃🕺wish I’d gone to that show. I love you so much Justin😘😘💖🌈🔥🎶

What’d I tell you about getting too close to the stage? #hideyourphones

Pj Palso

7 months ago

Praying for a selfie on round 2 in october. I got video of him serenading me and my sister in March... But not the selfie. I will be patient. My selfie must come. 😍😍😍

Leah Sitar

7 months ago

Hi Justin Congrats to you & your NSYNC band mates on getting your star on the Walk of Fame on Monday. I'm so happy for you guys. Better late than never

Beniamino Baladeva Sulfaro

7 months ago

I loved every part of the show Justin Timberlake!Come to San Jose more often... you gotta love the bay baby!!

See you tonight Vegas! Round 2.#MOTWTOUR

Fumitaka Tomura

7 months ago

Amazing show last night! Got to see you up close. First time seeing you in 17 years, was well worth the wait!

Yash Vivekanand Thakur

7 months ago

Justin, would you happen to have an extra ticket? Heading out to visit my dad and would love to see your show! #Justintimberlakefan

Noel Djaomazava

7 months ago

Curtis Relf look what just came up in my newsfeed 😭😭😭😭😭

Dario Lopez

7 months ago

I want to go to your upcoming concert in Orlando but dont have the funds :( Im your biggest old person fan ♡ you are brilliant Justin Timberlake. My husband and I Would love to meet you sometime. Thank you for all you do :)

Roy Edmonston

7 months ago

Talking listening to God is majorly through the Bible. Talking prayer listening Bible reading repeditly habit of devotions. Number one spot. Reproducible with evangelism. Same with spouse friend. You can do this with family group of friends. Church!

Manon Plante

7 months ago


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Magda Zejdler

7 months ago

That's the back side of the LA Public Library and I remember picking my mom up after she got off work. She had 30 yrs with the LAPL! 😁

Hung Thach

7 months ago

happy birthday pharrell...and today is my birthday!

Luis Alberto Reyes Gurrusquieta

7 months ago

Happy birthday to my birthday soulmate Pharrell Williams 💕

A MOMENT. Had no idea @kingjames was jumping on stage tonight. Thanks for celebrating with us, Cleveland...cheers!

Thank you Cleveland for the very warm welcome last night, and congrats to @kingjames for reaching another unbelievable milestone. Excited to see you all at the Q tonight, LET’S GO.

Pilgrimage Music Festival tickets go on sale today! See you there? #MakeThePilgrimage

Jennifer Habisch

8 months ago

Parker Hale this would be a blast

Dave Penner

8 months ago

Andrea Hoffmann your Brandie Carlile will be there!

Allison Tyrer

8 months ago

Why isn't JT's name on the list?

Big day. Because... 1)@PilgrimageFestival tickets go on sale today 2) My man @ChrisStapleton is headlining 3) Our LIVE version of #SaySomething is out now. RIGHT NOW. Link 🔝

Hey @thealineagroup, seriously...y'all wanna go on tour?

Thank you so much, Chicago. Round two, tonight. #whatsheorder

Legends never die

Marlena Mbieme

8 months ago

The show last night was nothing short of amazing! Thank you for all of your hard work put in to your performance to make one hell of a show!! You showed up and you delivered dude!! #bucketlistgoalaccomplished #motwtour #jtfan4life

Hiro Kobayashi

8 months ago

Yesterday at dinner before the concert, I saw some girl wearing a light purple shirt (I think it was long sleeve) with a white design on it that said “Montana” and I THINK it said Man of the Woods below it. Does anyone know what shirt I’m talking about and where I could find one? I should’ve just asked that girl when I saw it 😩

Tai Tran Anh

8 months ago

My daughter is so excited to see you in concert in Detroit. This is her very first concert. It's a special treat for her 8th birthday.

Get too close to the stage, and I might steal your phone...#MOTWTOUR

On the road with The Shadowboxers for #MOTWTOUR and they just released their debut EP APOLLO. Check it out / put it on loop...

Mateusz Bednarczyk

8 months ago

We are raising money for a cancer study through the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. Would you be willing to donate tickets to your concert in Omaha for an auction item? I already have my tickets. Can’t wait!

Greg-Shanan Johnston

8 months ago

Sorry but after 30 minutes of a dj, NO ONE wants to suffer through an NSync generic before your show. #notsorry

Jenna Saranpää

8 months ago

hit like if u think Justin Timberlake is most beautiful singer in the world....!!!

This is the future. So proud to see you all using your voices and marching today. #NeverAgain #MarchforOurLives

I love you, New York. @TheGarden never gets old...See you back here again soon!

Hey everyone, I’m sorry to announce the show tonight at Madison Square Garden has been POSTPONED due to the snow. BUT we’re still on for tomorrow, Thursday 3/22. Don’t worry: we are working to find a new date for tonight’s show. So hang on to your tickets...and stay tuned! And be safe!

I’m so inspired by the #MarchForOurLives students out there owning their voices. We need to demand action. Get out there and join the march this Saturday — more info in my bio.

Best seats in the house. See you there tonight DC! #VZUP @Verizon

Judy Besson

8 months ago

I'm stuck selling my tickets & feel so heart broke. Music is what keeps me going & has gotten me through so much. You are such an inspiration & going to your show would mean being able to forget about life for even a short time & maybe a new hope that things will get better. I can't go but know what a true inspiration you & your music are to me & that all the way back to *NSYNC, that you have got me through so much. ❤️😔

Daniel Andres Diaz Agxilera

8 months ago

Sometimes when you write stuff it isn’t clear what you mean. Just wanted to say of course I’m a huge fan of yours..your no.1 fan of course but it’s got a different edge to it my fanship init. I reckon I’m your no.1 fan too & I ain’t even in the industry 😂😂😂love you justin ❤️💜💖🎶🎶🎶🕺🕺💃💃😍😍😘😘

Moss Moss

8 months ago

I just see someone that kinda looked like you but I very much doubt it was..was it?? If you are here just come round if you like. Just ring on my door..this is an open invite in fact for whenever. We are friends anyway so it’s cool & I’m not gonna actually message on here anymore as it is sorta becoming a bit obsessive for me now so if you want to chat as I said email me. I hope to here from you soon. Much love as always ❤️💖🎶💃🕺✨😘😘😍😍