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See you tonight Vegas! Round 2.#MOTWTOUR

Fumitaka Tomura

7 days ago

Amazing show last night! Got to see you up close. First time seeing you in 17 years, was well worth the wait!

Yash Vivekanand Thakur

7 days ago

Justin, would you happen to have an extra ticket? Heading out to visit my dad and would love to see your show! #Justintimberlakefan

Noel Djaomazava

7 days ago

Curtis Relf look what just came up in my newsfeed 😭😭😭😭😭

Dario Lopez

13 days ago

I want to go to your upcoming concert in Orlando but dont have the funds :( Im your biggest old person fan ♡ you are brilliant Justin Timberlake. My husband and I Would love to meet you sometime. Thank you for all you do :)

Roy Edmonston

13 days ago

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Manon Plante

13 days ago


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Magda Zejdler

17 days ago

That's the back side of the LA Public Library and I remember picking my mom up after she got off work. She had 30 yrs with the LAPL! 😁

Hung Thach

17 days ago

happy birthday pharrell...and today is my birthday!

Luis Alberto Reyes Gurrusquieta

17 days ago

Happy birthday to my birthday soulmate Pharrell Williams 💕

A MOMENT. Had no idea @kingjames was jumping on stage tonight. Thanks for celebrating with us, Cleveland...cheers!

Thank you Cleveland for the very warm welcome last night, and congrats to @kingjames for reaching another unbelievable milestone. Excited to see you all at the Q tonight, LET’S GO.

Pilgrimage Music Festival tickets go on sale today! See you there? #MakeThePilgrimage

Jennifer Habisch

23 days ago

Parker Hale this would be a blast

Dave Penner

23 days ago

Andrea Hoffmann your Brandie Carlile will be there!

Allison Tyrer

23 days ago

Why isn't JT's name on the list?

Big day. Because... 1)@PilgrimageFestival tickets go on sale today 2) My man @ChrisStapleton is headlining 3) Our LIVE version of #SaySomething is out now. RIGHT NOW. Link 🔝

Hey @thealineagroup, seriously...y'all wanna go on tour?

Thank you so much, Chicago. Round two, tonight. #whatsheorder

Legends never die

Marlena Mbieme

a month ago

The show last night was nothing short of amazing! Thank you for all of your hard work put in to your performance to make one hell of a show!! You showed up and you delivered dude!! #bucketlistgoalaccomplished #motwtour #jtfan4life

Hiro Kobayashi

a month ago

Yesterday at dinner before the concert, I saw some girl wearing a light purple shirt (I think it was long sleeve) with a white design on it that said “Montana” and I THINK it said Man of the Woods below it. Does anyone know what shirt I’m talking about and where I could find one? I should’ve just asked that girl when I saw it 😩

Tai Tran Anh

a month ago

My daughter is so excited to see you in concert in Detroit. This is her very first concert. It's a special treat for her 8th birthday.

Get too close to the stage, and I might steal your phone...#MOTWTOUR

On the road with The Shadowboxers for #MOTWTOUR and they just released their debut EP APOLLO. Check it out / put it on loop...

Mateusz Bednarczyk

a month ago

We are raising money for a cancer study through the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. Would you be willing to donate tickets to your concert in Omaha for an auction item? I already have my tickets. Can’t wait!

Greg-Shanan Johnston

a month ago

Sorry but after 30 minutes of a dj, NO ONE wants to suffer through an NSync generic before your show. #notsorry

Jenna Saranpää

a month ago

hit like if u think Justin Timberlake is most beautiful singer in the world....!!!

This is the future. So proud to see you all using your voices and marching today. #NeverAgain #MarchforOurLives

I love you, New York. @TheGarden never gets old...See you back here again soon!

Hey everyone, I’m sorry to announce the show tonight at Madison Square Garden has been POSTPONED due to the snow. BUT we’re still on for tomorrow, Thursday 3/22. Don’t worry: we are working to find a new date for tonight’s show. So hang on to your tickets...and stay tuned! And be safe!

I’m so inspired by the #MarchForOurLives students out there owning their voices. We need to demand action. Get out there and join the march this Saturday — more info in my bio.

Best seats in the house. See you there tonight DC! #VZUP @Verizon

Judy Besson

a month ago

I'm stuck selling my tickets & feel so heart broke. Music is what keeps me going & has gotten me through so much. You are such an inspiration & going to your show would mean being able to forget about life for even a short time & maybe a new hope that things will get better. I can't go but know what a true inspiration you & your music are to me & that all the way back to *NSYNC, that you have got me through so much. ❤️😔

Daniel Andres Diaz Agxilera

a month ago

Sometimes when you write stuff it isn’t clear what you mean. Just wanted to say of course I’m a huge fan of yours..your no.1 fan of course but it’s got a different edge to it my fanship init. I reckon I’m your no.1 fan too & I ain’t even in the industry 😂😂😂love you justin ❤️💜💖🎶🎶🎶🕺🕺💃💃😍😍😘😘

Moss Moss

a month ago

I just see someone that kinda looked like you but I very much doubt it was..was it?? If you are here just come round if you like. Just ring on my door..this is an open invite in fact for whenever. We are friends anyway so it’s cool & I’m not gonna actually message on here anymore as it is sorta becoming a bit obsessive for me now so if you want to chat as I said email me. I hope to here from you soon. Much love as always ❤️💖🎶💃🕺✨😘😘😍😍

THANK YOU to everyone who kicked off the tour with us last night. Back here again tomorrow! #MOTWTOUR

Aubrey Weedman

a month ago

Wish i could afford to come see you! Love the CD. So does my 3 yr old....her fav is Flannel!
Keep making great music!

Clarese Sawyer

a month ago

We must be patient; I will be going to this concert on the 24th of August at the Gelredome Stadium Arnhem, The Netherlands with my daughter Nadine Nieuwdorp

Mike Critchley

a month ago

The light effects at the start, specifically at FILTHY, is extraordinary! Wanna see u on the stage! That’d be remarkable!


Goin’ on tour. #MOTWTOUR

When you remind your friend he’s another year older. Happy birthday Timbaland — love you brother!

Tosha Sims

a month ago

You and Timbaland are like Dre and Snoop. Each is talented in his own right but fire when yall collaborate.

Faith Maritim

a month ago

I don’t care what any of ya say Pharrell did a good job with him in Man of the Woods! I love that song Midnight Summer Jam!

Don Cresus

a month ago

Why are you people hating other people? Don't be jealous and judge others. You need to work on yourself and your self-respect.

When you remind your friend he’s another year older. Happy birthday @Timbaland. Love you brother.

#MOTWTOUR countdown. Coming for you Toronto...

Was a honor to share the stage with my brother Chris Stapleton at the BRIT Awards last week.

Full performance of #SaySomething and #MidnightSummerJam👇👇👇#MOTW

Anja Neumann

2 months ago

Just a good idea when ur doing ur Orlando show welcome NSYNC on stage and just sing one song maybe girlfriend that would be so awesome

Ania Nowak

2 months ago

Wooowww... goosebumps all over. I loooove the second song sooo much. Sandy and Saskia looking forward to the concert 😁😍

Irene Dagiakas

2 months ago

Good .... Justin I am very much your fan, congratulations for the album "Man of the Woods" great as always!

After the show it’s the afterparty. Good times Spotify #AboutLastNight The Tennessee Kids

Meghan Waugh

2 months ago

I don’t understand how he does some European cities twice and completely forgets about Spain. And what’s with those prices?! Wow. I like Justin but that’s ridiculous. 🙄✌️

Paulo Vitor Rangel

2 months ago

I like Justin Timberlake, he's a very talented artist. However I'm disgusted at how much tickets to his concerts are. How can a working class person afford to attend a show that at minimum is $200 per ticket? And God forbid that person has children who would love to see JT perform. Taking a child to the show would be at least $400 and that puts you in the nosebleeds. So it breaks my heart to tell my nephew that I can't afford to take him to the concert. Whoever sets the price for these shows should be ashamed of themselves. I understand that JT don't set the price, but I find it hard to believe he has no clue what's being charged. It's a shame that someone who already has money has no problem taking money from the average everyday person who doesn't have money.

Omar Hakeem

2 months ago

Hi Justin, my dream is to make a movie in Hollywood 'faucet'. I wish you could help me.
I can send you the written story if you are willing to help me. Thank you.

These guys... Regram @takashipom @virgilabloh

Thanks for having us @brits! 🙌 @thetnkids @chrisstapleton #MidnightSummerJam #SaySomething

Excited to be here #Brits

Nina Maline

2 months ago

We love you You in Indy JT! Ticket prices are out of control though so when you come to Indy in December 2018 not sure we can make it 😥

Salma Bn

2 months ago

So let me get this straight....more dates are added to the European 7/8 more and yet still none in Ireland where there is a huge fan base. 7/8 in Germany alone. You have fans in Ireland also! 😓

Jimena Llaveria

2 months ago

It was great to see you back performing..brings back so many great memories! you still got it JT!! Maybe one day I will be lucky enough to see you perform live !😍🤩😍

#britawards tomorrow night... I’m the one in the beanie.

Chris Yi Pine

2 months ago

I can't wait to see you in Pittsburgh in June.We got our VIP tickets.Im so excited

Jen Glasky

2 months ago

Hi Justin Timberlake I just saw where you will be in Kansas City on December 10th 2018 . I'm going to see if my Granddaughter will bring me to see you. We lost our Mom this past year on December 10th . She was 96. Also it was my birthday that day. Sure hope I can talk my Granddaughter into it. I would have my husband bring me but he is visually impaired. Think you are 1 great entertainer. Sure hope i get see the concert. Bucket List would be to meet Justin Timberlake . Thank You. Have a great day.

Irene Dagiakas

2 months ago

I just went to live nation to see what tickets were available to your New Orleans show. Prices are as high as $1,700?! How do normal people have an opportunity to see you perform? That is crazy...

#MOTW collection pop-up NYC. @lucchese

Last day of #MOTW collection pop-up NYC. @bestmadeco

New #MOTW Collection merch designed by @heronpreston only available at 138 Wooster St, NYC.

@heronpreston MOTW Collection Pop-Up Collection opens tomorrow at noon. 138 Wooster St, NYC Is it still my birthday?

@levis MOTW Collection Pop-Up opens tomorrow at noon. 138 Wooster St, NYC

@jumpman23 MOTW Collection Pop-Up opens tomorrow at noon. 138 Wooster St, NYC

#ManoftheWoods out now!

Gina Margineanu

2 months ago

Man I gotta say that I was not feeling this album at 1st I mean I sure do love my man but I was looking at him like WTF! But after listening to it for the past couple of days I fully understand the greatness that is Man of the Woods! There's so much creativity and just differentness in this album that has never been done before and I definitely see his vision and where he was going with this! This album is something INCREDIBLE and I'm loving it! ❤❤❤❤❤

Alexia Batchily

2 months ago

I luv your new album! Breeze off the Pond is my fav song. I also like Montana, Livin' off the Land, Waves, Supplies, Say Something, Higher Higher, and The Hard Stuff. I thought your performance at the Super Bowl was amazing! Wish I could see u live, been trying to do that for 20 yrs!!! 💖

Angellemay Barrientos

2 months ago

Albums fantastic, unfourtunently the ticket prices to this concert are sinful. Ticketmaster should be ashamed. I'm surprised you aren't more concerned about this JT. 🤔

@thetnkids and I are amped to see you on the MAN OF THE WOODS WORLD TOUR #MOTWTour! I reserved some of the best seats in the house for @verizon #VZUp members. See link up 🔝. See you there! 🙌

The Tennessee Kids and I are amped to see you on the MAN OF THE WOODS WORLD TOUR #MOTWTour!
I reserved some of the best seats in the house for Verizon #VZUp members. See more in the link below! LET’S GO! 🙌

Linda Smith Miller

2 months ago

I love me some JT, but those prices were not acceptable. How can you ask people for that much money? You’re an artist, don’t you think you could perform for your fans at a reasonable rate? Very disappointing.

Meysam Firouzi

2 months ago

I’m a die hard fan since NSYNC. Traveled wherever I could for concerts. And your FINALLY coming back to Orlando. Heart broken I won’t be able to attend due to ticket prices being so high. 100-160$ each just for up high seats is way to expensive being a mother of now 2 children.

Susie Kahnke

2 months ago

So freaking disappointed that i didn't get the free tickets and I waited for the count down...stopped working just to try to get a pair for me and a friend. Hopefully next time

Thank you, THANK YOU #SBLII @nfl @pepsi! Congrats @philadelphiaeagles🏆! We out! @thetnkids #PepsiHalftime 🏈

What a night!!!! Thank you NFL Pepsi

Alexia Batchily

2 months ago

Justin. I’m an old guy 😉 of 55. I found your performance to be creative and entertaining. I think those who didn’t enjoy it, especially the tribute was lost on these people. Prince would have been honored. Your cover of his song had many of my friends and I thinking how cool it would be to have an album of his songs done by you. I think most people missed the city lighting with his symbol incorporated into was overlooked by many. Not lost here. You keep doing what you do. I love your music and see your maturity in your music as well as yourself. Keep on with your sexy self.

Antonella Principe

2 months ago

I am a JT fan since Nsync and although I love him and consider him an amazing performer and artist, I couldnt help but feel disappointed with the performance...for me it missed that wow factor that most Half time shows have, either an awesome duet (not a video) or some sort of "stunt".

Anette Lozano

2 months ago

I wasn't crazy about the outfit, but figured I'm, new album is Man of the Woids, maybe that's why the camouflage?!? And the orange bandanna I thought Tennessee kid, thus the orange?!? Guess I was kinda right! Go figure! Fashion is weird these days, camo & leather both in! he was rather fashionable based on current trends. Not my fav, but I got it!

About last night… The Tennessee Kids and I just added more US and Canada #MOTWTour dates. Europe and UK announced!

Els Neleman

2 months ago

C’mon all of you have nothing better to do with your lives than sit back in judgement of Justin Timberlakes performance at the Super Bowl...granted...I am a huge fan...but this world so consumed with such negative energy that you don’t know how to enjoy some positive energy anymore? Sad...feel sorry for all the haters! Life can be good...if ya let it!. all the fun posts tho!!!! Guess the rest just don’t get it!

Planchon Sylvain

2 months ago

Justin thank you for an awesome show at the Super Bowl - and for including Prince into your show. As a Minnesotan it was a nice tribute, many of miss Prince very much. It was a classy touch! I think one of the best halftime shows of all time!

Tiffany Vo Goodwin

2 months ago

Why are you doing more shows in the same cities? You need to come to more states other than the same bigger cities! I'm disappointed that you are not coming to Iowa see we Iowans have to go to big name concerts like you to surrounding states which mean more money to spend traveling! You are one of my favorite artist but disappointed in your tour cities. Not that you will ever read this comment at all....

The Tennessee Kids and I brought #Supplies onto The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon! ⚠️ Limited merch as seen in video available now for only 24 hours. ⚠️

Joanne Cook

2 months ago

I thought his half time was good, and the Price Tribute was good too. JT don't listen to the haters. But the outfit tho, I admit was not good.

Tracy DeSoto Hauver

2 months ago

life is taken so seriously but on the other hand the most influental people are entertainers :) advaita

Tiffany Vo Goodwin

2 months ago

Would be nice to just for the availability to only purchase the shirts. Already got the digital album with TK fee.

@thetnkids and I brought #Supplies onto @fallontonight! ⚠️ Limited merch as seen in video available now for only 24 hours. Link 👆 to shop.

I feel like @djkhaled right now!!! NEW SONG ALERT! Birthday vibes! Thanks everybody for the bday love!!! And the cut @nellichristine.

Man of the Woods is out Friday. And yes, this is how cold it is in Minnesota right now 😉

Paula Welbig Blake

3 months ago

Welcome to our frozen MN home! If you need a hot meal, I'll cook you up some amazing Minnesota Hotdish! We love having you here. 👍🏻 I will be watching your halftime show from across the street, working at the hospital all weekend.

Sylvia Carver

3 months ago

Minnesota is cold but the people there have the warmest hearts. 😊. Good Luck on the halftime show! I don't watch football so hoping I catch it.

Lindsey Hawley

3 months ago

Makes me sad!!😔😔😢

Super Bowl Goals. #SBLII

Jules Makingchanges Remington

3 months ago

JT please come visit us at Ike's Food and Cocktails in Minneapolis while you're in town, we would LOVE to have you!
Can't wait to see you on Sunday!


Lindsey Beeman Bunting

3 months ago

Welcome to our frigid twin Cities! We may have unbelievable cold weather, as I’m sure your wife can attest to. At the same time most of us are the epitome of warm hearts. I’m sure you don’t need suggestions of things to see but if you’d like kid-friendly ideas from a teacher I’ve got some ideas. Hope you enjoy your time here and look forward to your 1/2 time performance and tour stop? Good luck! 👍🏼🍀

Patty Martinez

3 months ago

They predict that this will be the coldest Super Bowl game in history with 11 degree weather. I predict that it will be the coolest half time show every! Looking forward to an unforgettable show.