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#TBT To last Sunday’s Tony Awards with Sara Bareilles 📸: Shervin Lainez

Fabrizio Favero

2 days ago

Great, great show - YOU TWO NAILED IT!

Kayla Dunn

2 days ago

Can you really TBT for such a short temporal distance.

Des Tepase

3 days ago

With one unnecessary and vulgar remark made , it was a dynamic Tony Night.

TRAILER ALERT! From the creator of Monk comes The Good Cop, a new Netflix Original Series starring Tony Danza and Josh! Available September 21st.

Jesse Vanderpluym

3 days ago

Thanks Courtney Quail. You can come over and we can watch him together, like old times lol

Nathan Bottjer

3 days ago

Lin Roussel !! New Netflix show starring Josh?! We’ll have to check it out in Sept.!

Gurprit Bassan

3 days ago

Cool I will watch this when it come in September. I just got the Netflix streaming added to my DVD plan. I love it.

Watch Josh and Sara Bareilles' opening number from last night's Tony Awards!

Chase O'Hara

6 days ago

Josh and Sara did a "fantastic" job. They are both wonderful performers. I believe I have everyone of Josh's CD's. I so enjoy his talent and personality.

Steve O'Brien

6 days ago

My 3 year old daughter and I have been watching the signing and dancing portions of the show almost on loop now. Now have to find a local show because she keeps asking for “more broadway!”

Johnny Masca

7 days ago

I just finished watching the Tony's recorded, loved you two together. Love you separate but this was a treat! Lets see more. Luv ya Josh.

As promised! Another new song! It’s called Granted. Meant a lot when we were writing it. Means more to me every day. Watch the lyric video below and thanks to some awesome students from LACHSA for participating.
Get the song at

Jake Pedretti

9 days ago

As a faculty member at LACHSA we so appreciate everything you have done for our school. You are a magnificent ambassador for our kids. You are a role model to them and a great example of paying it forward.

Manon Jou

9 days ago

As usual ,another amazing song. I have been a fan from day one. You were blessed with an incredible voice.....and I am blessed to be able to listen to your music. 💙

Vanessa Holguin

9 days ago

Beautiful and inspiring. I teach High School and this will certainly be played on the last day of classes with my kids in 2 weeks! Thank you!!

Oh. Em. Gee.
#rehearsals #tonys #pullittogether #professional #cohosting #is #better #than #hosting with Sara Bareilles
Taking Questions from the Press with Sara Bareilles and getting ready for the Tony Awards!

Alejandra Aleman

9 days ago


Daniel Lloren

9 days ago

Working, so cannot even watch. I am a bit heartbroken. Have a great show, I know it will be great with you as hosts.

Kim Adams

11 days ago

OH Eem Gee fabulous..seems you enjoy the day!

More from CBS This Morning earlier today with Sara Bareilles!

Daniel Willis

11 days ago

She couldn't give up her phone for a picture SMH!!!!

Alyssa Gomez

12 days ago

My favorite performance of yours this week was in Richmond with Live Art! Love, with the SPARC kids. My dear friend, Jeri Cutler-Voltz, who started SPARC, was smiling and applauding from heaven. I'm sure of it! She's one of the dear ones I think of whenever you sing "To Where You Are." Thank you for blessing these wonderful children with your encouragement and music.

Ashley Bowes

12 days ago

Ladies & Gentlemen This Is the Voice. :) Love ya Josh.

Did you miss Josh and Sara Bareilles on CBS This Morning? Watch the interview here!

Fani Tzivelopoulou

12 days ago

My favorites doing my favorite show?! You best believe I'll be watching!! ❤️❤️ Break a leg, you two!!

Pamela Myers-Campbell

12 days ago

qué hermosos son!

Khrystyn Retiza

12 days ago

Fun stuff! Thank you for posting this.

Earlier today with Sara Bareilles on CBS This Morning! Make sure to watch the Tony Awards this Sunday on CBS!

Saffari French

11 days ago

I'll be watching for sure!😎

Cedrick Kongolo

11 days ago

Your eyes are too close together josh, you beady eyed freakazoid.

Heart Orquina

12 days ago

Might have to DVR them - I will be at the Jackie Evancho concert with my Mom 🤓

London! Manchester! Dublin! The Bridges arena tour is coming to you and I couldn’t be more excited. To be back at the O2 and to be playing venues this size in Manchester and Dublin is because you kept coming back and bringing 500 new friends every year for the last 10. Thank you so much, I’m gonna give you a good one. See you there!

Shey Kandagor

19 days ago

These venues get booked by artists a long way, sometimes years in advance & are very expensive to hire. The fact that these dates are available in only 6 months time is great. I'm lucky, I'm near to the O2 London & I know how very disappointed I'd be if I couldn't get to a venue on the limted number of dates but I'm pretty sure that Josh will be back soon to a wider choice of venues & locations with ticket prices to suit.

Cyndi Breivik

19 days ago

The tix prices are suoer expensive in america too. Ive loved Josh since day 1 and i think he is forgetting the 21 yr old young man on Oprah, humbled at this opportunity. Josh was awesome cause he was not a diva. I am going to the concert in america but I am actually wary....I havent loved his albums since the awake one...hoping this one is better than the last ones

Ginger Pacaldo

19 days ago

I'm beyond excited to be going to the O2, December can't come soon enough but first, Hyde Park in September!! X

Thanks Stella McCartney for these siiiiick sneakers! Comfy as heck!! If I knew anything about modeling I probably wouldn’t be pointing right at them but I am as God made me.

Benita Miley

a month ago

The sneakers are pretty cool Josh and God did just fine. Don't you worry. What we may not have in looks, we make up in talent.

Alfonso Ocelotemok Araujo Diosdado

a month ago

The shoes are okay i guess but you are the sky's the limit!!

Eze Christabel

a month ago

Hi Josh..have you see the wedding from Harry and Meghan? Wats your opinion..dit you like the music in the chapel formidabele? It was for me verry nice and wen y see Meghan y must thinking off you..she is zo can be yours lady!! But???? To late for you. Thanks for all the music from you.

Our 3rd annual Find Your Light gala benefitting arts education was a huge success!! Thanks to our brilliant performers, Jason Mraz and Wé McDonald along with Oaktown Jazz Workshops, San Francisco Opera Scouts, Young Musicians Choral Orchestra and our honorees Marcia and John Goldman and Alfre Woodard...we raised over A MILLION DOLLARS! So many kids will be given the gift of arts education because of all these incredible people and our incredible donors and volunteers including UBS our lead sponsor and Cindi and Curtis Priem for totally underwriting us giving us 100% profit for the kids. Thanks to everyone who has supported FYL. So much love. Onward and upward!! So happy. 🎨🎬🎤🎷🎺🎸🥁🎻 (📸 @lysi_ & Schuyler Helford)

Ulf Häggberg

a month ago

Congratulations. Love the black and white photo.

Brett Solesky

a month ago

Hooray! I love hearing this. Continuing teaching the arts is very important!!!💕🌺🌹🎶🎶🎶

Patty Nisbet

a month ago

Thank you Josh! Especially for supporting organizations like Mosaic Detroit!

A friendly reminder for #ColonCancerAwarenessMonth. Visit to learn more and thanks @katiecouric for being such a leader in this cause.

Today TJ and Big Tony shot their final scene of the season. We hope there are more because we just had too much fun. I learned so much from @tonydanza on and off the screen and it was a privilege to be tv father and son. Can’t wait for you all to see #thegoodcop on Netflix.

To anyone who says I’m not an absolute press darling...

Change is in the wind today. To everyone who marches and everyone who supports in every way they can, your desire to be on the right side of history is inspiring. The lives of our youth and the protection of their future and of their right to grow up in peace is our biggest priority. I stand proudly with everyone old and young today in support.

Something new for you. I wrote this with my wonderful friends and collaborators @bernieherms and @tobygadmusic. It’s special to me and I hope you enjoy. Lyric video in bio. Also available for stream everywhere else.

I'm beyond excited to share my new song "symphony".Watch the lyric video below and get the song here

Josh your amazing..I love all your songs and this one is no different except for the fact that I think it pulls at the heartstrings of those of us that have that exceptional bond between our loved ones. I listen to this and your words to music express all the feelings I have towards my husband.

Geannette Williams

3 months ago

Such a different style than you usually sing, but I love it. Just shows that you can sing a variety of styles and excel at every one. You are my favorite singer, not only because your music is beautiful and touches my soul, but also because you are so genuine and caring❤️❤️

Meghan Ruigrok

3 months ago

I love this song. No it’s not your “usual” style that some people here prefer, but it just speaks to your skill as a vocalist. As far as I’m concerned, you could sing the dictionary and I’d be happy! Can’t wait to hear the new album. 💕

Miss Josh on Live with Kelly and Ryan? Check it out!

Lilianeth Soza Sequeira

3 months ago

He looks so happy and refreshed. So glad things are going great for him.

Gemma Liverio

3 months ago

Josh, glad you shared this video clip. I had no idea you were on Kelly and Ryan. I was working so this was the only way for me to see it. I am very busy and don't get to watch alot of tv. You are so intelligent, funny and a very talented actor and singer.

Quid Tour

3 months ago

So excited to see on Netflix the good cop with my favorite singer Josh Groban😀

Bridges Tour: Presale tickets are available now for Citi cardmembers! Tix & more info at:

Tayah Kaylee

3 months ago

Got tickets!! Taking my daughter!!!! We love Josh.. his music has got me though my stroke and recovery!!

Cornelia Kainz

3 months ago

I have heard he is releasing a new studio album. I hope this is true. Way too long between recordings!

Ariel Priestley

3 months ago

Why not call it "Only the East Coast. Matters" tour. Never comes to Oregon, Washington, California area.

TOUR!! DATES!! VENUES!! TICKETS!!! ARENAS!! NEW SONGS!! OLD(er) SONGS!! F’ING IDINA MENZEL!! This is gonna be very special outing and I hope you can make it. Link *now* in bio for allll your information needs. Staring contest, you and me. It’s why I come up here.

Hey everyone! I'm thrilled to let you know that I'll be hitting the road this fall. Joining me will be my supremely talented friend, Idina Menzel! I'll be playing some favorites and some songs you are yet to hear that I hope you love. Check out the dates below and I can't wait to see you all out there. -josh

OCT 18 | Infinite Energy | Duluth, GA
OCT 19 | Bridgestone | Nashville, TN
OCT 23 |Toyota Center | Houston, TX
OCT 24 | American Airlines Center | Dallas, TX
OCT 26 | Talking Stick Resort Arena |Phoenix, AZ
OCT 27 | The Forum | Inglewood, CA
OCT 29 | Vivint Smart Home Arena | Salt Lake City, UT
OCT 30 | Pepsi Center | Denver, CO
NOV 2 | Xcel Energy Center | Saint Paul, MN
NOV 3 | Wisconsin Entertainment and Sports Center | Milwaukee, WI
NOV 6 | United Center | Chicago, IL
NOV 7 | Little Ceasars | Detroit, MI
NOV 9 | TD Garden | Boston, MA
NOV 12 | Wells Fargo | Philadelphia, PA
NOV 13 | Blue Cross Arena |Rochester, NY
NOV 15 | Capital One Arena (Verizon) | Washington, DC
NOV 16 | PPG Paints Arena | Pittsburgh, PA
NOV 18 | Madison Square Garden | New York, NY

3/13 - Friends of Josh Groban Pre-sale & VIP Pre-Sale*
3/13 - Citibank Members Pre-sale
3/16 - General On-Sale

*Meet Josh Groban and attend the VIP Bridges Lounge to take advantage of open bar & appetizers! Josh will also get the party started by selecting the tunes you hear throughout the lounge. VIP Pre-sale starts March 13 @ 10AM local time. Get all the details at

Adam Homburger

3 months ago

Congrats on the new tour schedule Josh! So, I have an embarrassing confession to make...
When I was little I thought you were a hobbit.😂😂 BTW I loved you in Kid Snippets lol.❤️ “Why ya lettin’ them in?!”

Rachel Kathleen Mallory

3 months ago

Have been waiting for your tour schedule. Very sad that I will be in Scotland when you are in Atlanta (Duluth) on October 18th. Hurry back, I need my Josh fix. Have a great summer and tour.

Janice Anderson

3 months ago

I ❤ you, Josh. Your voice takes me to my happy place. Looking forward to seeing and hearing you in Milwaukee!

Be my bonobo baby #Repost @natgeo with @get_repost ・・・ Photo by @FransLanting The boundaries between apes and us became blurry when I saw Lana, a female bonobo, play with an infant not her own. She balanced it on her feet in a game every human parent can relate to. Compared with chimps, bonobo brains are more developed in areas assumed to be vital for emotions like feeling empathy and sensing distress in others. I worked with a captive bonobo community to document intimate behavior impossible to capture in the dense jungles of the Congo Basin, the only place where they occur in the wild. There may be fewer than 10.000 bonobos alive and their survival depends on our ability to apply the same kind of compassion to them that we cherish so much in ourselves. Follow me @FransLanting and @ChristineEckstrom for more images of bonobos that show how different they are from chimps and how close they are to us. @natgeotravel @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #BonoboConservationInitiative #Bonobos #Chimps #Apes #Play #Compassion #Empathy #Naturelovers #Wisdom

Build me one please. #Repost @historyphotographed with @get_repost ・・・ Baby cages used to ensure that children get enough sunlight and fresh air when living in an apartment building, ca. 1937

#Repost @bbcnews with @get_repost ・・・ Students from the Florida school where a gunmen shot dead 17 people have played a concert at New York's famous @carnegiehall. They had been invited to play with other school bands prior to the mass shooting. The students chose to follow through with their performance. One young musician said the music "soothes all the pain." #music #carnegiehall #floridashooting #parklandshooting

I noticed whilst brushing my teeth that my hair is doing a Killmonger thing and I wish to keep it.

My vlogs are 🔥🔥🔥

Hmmm. One seems more fun but one has no bear. Decisions decisions.

Best thing I ever got for my birthday was when I was 4 and it was a baby brother. Happy birthday @mr_groboto (pictured, enjoying Chuck E. Cheese’s sea of balls), the kindest most selfless most driven most talented. He’s the most on toast. 🎉

My dog is auditioning for The Revenant 2. Why am I in the snow? Why am I wearing a giant white helmet? All will be revealed on #thegoodcop

I love these stories because they show how deep emotionally animals can be, ones we usually just think of as salad toppings in our society. So sweet. Look at the little legs running!!! I can’t. 😭

Spending Valentine’s Day with Bob Saget was the opposite of romantic but hella fun. Can’t wait for you to see his guest spot on #thegoodcop

Bradley Earl Johnson

4 months ago

Would be great to have a Josh Groban calendar with monthly photo and iTunes free download, wouldn't it? Heck with Bob Saget! Worst actor on the planet!

Iveta Mayerova

4 months ago

What?? I never thought the day would come and chop off the curls ☹️But Josh looks good with anything really... right now he looks 20 years younger! I still prefer the longer hair, so let it grow please 🤗

Carol Long

4 months ago

Hello Josh x fancy a trip to Nottingham Uk x you can be sure if a big welcome from your fans here x love you beard, clean shaven, warts and all xx fantastic voice xx

Hi everyone,

I’m so excited to announce that I’ll be back on the road this fall!

I’ll be playing many of your favorites and a bunch of new music that I can’t wait for you to hear.
Hope to see you out there!

We’ll be hitting these cities:

Salt Lake City
Minneapolis / St. Paul
Washington, DC
New York

Please stand by for details!

Mateusz Ostrowski

4 months ago

No thanks. You lost me as a fan for the last 15 years when you posted that nasty stuff about being anti hunting.

Karen Peterson

4 months ago

I have never had the pleasure of seeing you in person and am SO happy you are coming to Milwaukee. By hook or by crook, I'll be there. May have to dip into our 401K but it will be worth it.

Ruth Payot

4 months ago

Would love to go to another one of your concerts!! Hope I can go to Detroit as there are no Canadian cities listed.

Join me all day on Amazon Music's Today in Music!
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For more info visit:

Pramudio Pakerti

4 months ago

Thank you Josh for having such a loving relationship with a very lucky person to inspire you to write Symphony. It's absolutely beautiful. 😘

Kathy Winterle

4 months ago

Lovely song, Josh, and lovely sentiment. Well done. 😁

Deborah Nalevanko

4 months ago

Good news! I will certainly get to the D.C. One and a couple of others. No specific dates yet? Hope Josh brings his long curly hair back for the tours.

She gets me. 💛

New Online Store Arrival! Get Yours Now:

Tiffany Arianna

5 months ago

you are my fav artist, and maybe I could wear that, but my husband maybe don’t feel well about it :v

Joan McGee

5 months ago

Are you kidding me? The narcissism of thee entertainers is sick.

Gina Scherzo

5 months ago

This is creepy. Maybe for fans that are 12, but, no. Who approved this?

Loren Westlund

6 months ago

What in the world would we do without our Angels with fur?

Tony Willis

6 months ago

Wow a pooch with a Wi-fi booster!

Roxi Mason

6 months ago

Too cute Thanks for sharing a smile

Happy Holidays from Josh, Kelly Clarkson and Kacey Musgraves! Tune In Tonight to CBS at 8PM/7PM Central to watch ‘Home For the Holidays with Josh Groban.’

Abby Maynard

6 months ago

Leilani McVea Maynard...just adorable.

Join me tonight (Tuesday Dec 19) as I host and perform on CBS' Home For The Holidays special! We all did our best not to bawl our eyes out while taping. The stories, and families who made those stories, are inspiring to say the least. A great show for an epic cause: the magic of adoption. 8 pm/7pm central!

Nang-Ja Willis

6 months ago

Jamie Willis. I have to watching this tonight while wrapping gifts. You have no option but to join me 😀

Linda Hager Bolen Hess

6 months ago

We have two adopted children! Adoption is for anyone who has some love to give away but much more love to receive.

Lori Shuren

6 months ago

Can’t wait to watch this tonight. We adopted our precious little girl this year after she had been in Foster Care with us for 538 days. She had blessed us beyond whatever we could gave expected. Merry Christmas!

Go behind the scenes of Josh recording “White Christmas” from ‘Noel (Deluxe Edition)' the perfect soundtrack to your holidays! Get it now at
Watch The Behind The Scenes Video Now on YouTube:

Stella Trabert

6 months ago

Wonderful voice, personality, good looks, all in one package. That's all I want for Christmas

Diana Aboud

6 months ago

Lovely song ❤ i love Noel album

Betty Tucker Herring

6 months ago

This would be a great cd for Christmas..😇

Watch CBS Tuesday Night (December 19th) at 8PM/7 Central to see Josh’s Holiday special alongside Kelly Clarkson, Kacey Musgraves and Kane Brown. For more info visit

Annie Drelles

6 months ago

Lauren Patten Ott omg we should double feature this with Steve Lund!

Lisa Steffen

6 months ago

This will be a wonderful Christmas Special to watch Julie! 😊

MsLongtin L Jules

6 months ago

I need to remember this is on.

Love Josh’s version of “Christmas Time Is Here?” Check out the behind the scenes of recording the song! Noel (Deluxe Edition) Is available now at

Ashlee Martinez

6 months ago

Your so amazingly talented!!! Love it 💕

Gisselle Gomez

6 months ago

Tan bello! 😍 in this song he have a romantic tone of voice. 🌺💋💕 love it 😍

Thuky Sedan

6 months ago

Cada día que pasa y "siento" y "escucho" a la voz de Josh Groban me siento como si hubiera descubierto la Música!

Just in time for the Holidays, check out Josh's new video for "Christmas Time Is Here" featuring the one and only Tony Bennett. 'Noel: Deluxe Edition' available now at
Watch Full Video on YouTube:

Darius Montel Buckley

6 months ago

Girl, how about you chunk out a Broadway album, two world tours, and a Tony nominated run in a successfully innovative musical. When you do all that, then we can talk sis. Josh is resting up, what you doin’? Eating chips on the couch. Goodnight wig.

Donna DiPoce Detore

6 months ago

Love it!! Made me smile!!!😄

Linda Williams

6 months ago

I'm astounded by what Sophie Kopsar has written & also hope she's joking otherwise how can anyone be so rude. Wonder what she does for a living that makes her think Josh is such a lazy performer. Hasn't he just finished a theatre run in the States, not an easy job. (By the way, I'm in the UK).

Love the music video for Happy Xmas (War Is Over)? Check out the behind the scenes look at the making of!
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Agnes Pabich

7 months ago

Your performance is perfect! I love this song.

Gina Frontino

7 months ago

Love this Josh and you are handsome

Lorraine Thelma Griezel Wilford

7 months ago

I need to get this CD ASAP

Full of “first day of camp” excitement and gratitude. Amazing table read today with Tony Danza, Isiah Whitlock, Monica Barbaro and the cast and production team of The Good Cop! Honored to be part of this project!! Now the work begins!

Paula A. Hatfield

7 months ago

So happy for you Groban. You deserve it, you work hard and share much of yourself/talent. Enjoy every moment!

Noah Grayson Herbert

7 months ago

Please tour in 2018

Gina Frontino

7 months ago

Looks like fun Josh and can't wait to see more photos and videos from the preparations for this show

Cozy up by the fire and get in the holiday spirit with this virtual Yule Log video, featuring songs from Josh's new deluxe 10th Anniversary of Noël!

Ada Esther Quintana

7 months ago

Gracias Josh Groban ! Maravilloso!!❤️

Pam Brown

7 months ago

❤ this...Happy Christmas 🎄🕇❤👑

Joanne Buckner

7 months ago

this is lovely, thank you.......Have a very merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

Happy thanksgiving!! Grateful for my supportive loving family, my friends who send me funny memes on the reg, my fans who let me make noise, and to all the selfless humans in this country, our service men and women, our doctors and nurses, our teachers, our mentors...everyone doing what they can to make the world a better place when nobody is watching. Also, thankful I still have a face under all that hair. RIP Pierre. Nice to meet you, Tony Caruso Jr. Eat yummy things today please 🍁💙

Check out Josh unboxing and discussing his new book “Stage To Stage, My Journey To Broadway” – get your copy now at

Mariko Yamada

7 months ago

Megan Bly it's a box O' Josh!!!

Priscilla Schacht

7 months ago

Dear Santa Patty Simko Schacht please

Kaye Hanson Galloway

7 months ago

Lindsey Tom
They have arrived!
Happy Early Christmas!