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My first show ever in Taiwan 🇹🇼! Incredible night!! Thank you!! #DarknessAndLightTourAsia

Thank you to all my Malaysian fans! We had a great night at Genting Highland!!! #DarknessAndLightTourAsia

Another wonderful night in Tokyo! Thank you so much!! 🇯🇵 #DarknessAndLightTourAsia

Thank you Tokyo!!! So much fun tonight!! #DarknessAndLightTourAsia

Morning view in Hong Kong

Thank you Hong Kong!!! Tonight was magical! #DarknessAndLightTourAsia

It’s a small world after all! #hongkongdisneyland

A beautiful night in Shanghai!! Thank you so much!! #DarknessAndLightTourAsia
Somebody enjoyed the show tonight. #DarknessAndLightTourAsia

RIP our baby boy Puddy. He would’ve been 10 next week. The first dog I ever had. We love him so much

Luna overlooking Shenzhen

Thank you, Shenzhen! Tonight was incredible!! #DarknessAndLightTourAsia

#JesusChristSuperstar 4/1/18 NBC

Issà Lwaar McCerdarm

23 days ago

People! This is a beautiful play that tells the story of Jesus and celebrates faith and by bringing it to a younger generation in an entertaining way may create new conversations. Embrace it!! Enjoy it!!

Tebogo Mpaneng

24 days ago

Beautiful and I am A Jesus Christ Superstar, fan. I have in the Netherlands, Holland, where I come from, this in live performances seen, in Amsterdam. All the music, I can sing this! My son, however and his girl-friend died, about 1 April and 2 April in 2015. They where boths 19,1/2. Difficult for our family!

Tatenda Primrose Munyoro

24 days ago

The thunder that will strike u from heaven is still breastfeeding..... Don't joke with God's name in terms of entertainment'

Learn how to make some delicious chicken wings (while sipping @lve_wines)! @GwynethPaltrow, @goop and I made this little video for you. Full video and recipe link in bio. Enjoy!

I spoke with the guys from Pod Save America Saturday night about criminal justice reform and the importance of voting in local and state elections (and how well I know my wife). Listen to it all here:

Jessica Mulford

a month ago

John Legend, thank you for your video and music including those from Standing Rock. LaDonna,friends and family mourn the loss of her husband today. Your video has and will warm many a broken heart and be healing and comfort to LaDonna and her soul mate,as he takes his journey home today. ♡

De Baron

a month ago

Love your political passion Johnny Legend! Keep speaking up & out!

Bengt Hagberg

a month ago

His opinion.... Is his opinion. It is not the last year that has harmed our country so very much, but the 8 years prior to that most certainly did.....

We The People have to find the courage to look at both sides and think outside of the box most of the media has tried to put us in ~~ Think, act on don't react to the hype.

Celebrated the incomparable @eltonjohn last night in New York. @gucci head-to-toe

It's almost Super Bowl Party time!Pepper and I stocked up on Stella Artois to help make our Super Bowl party matter. Every 12-pack = 12 months of clean water from for someone in the developing world. Help end the global water crisis and make your party count. Learn more Stella Artois #ad #1Chalice5Years

Jhonel Roces

a month ago

Christian Montero why do u look like John legend 😂

Angelo Ghigliazza

a month ago

make sure its the perfect temp. enjoY.

Constance Mahakane

a month ago

pacifico. u dont even know its going down so crisp.

Styled by @davethomasstyle. Assisted by Luna Simone

So proud of our film @monsterthemovie! It debuted to multiple standing ovations at #sundance this week. Amazing work by @amandler and our wonderful cast and crew! #getliftedfilmco

Lit up Las Vegas at CES with @madebygoogle the other night! Excited for what’s in store!

Lit up Las Vegas at CES with Made by Google the other night! Excited for what’s in store!

J.r. Andy Herrell

a month ago

Just want to thank you, John, for having LaDonna and her husband on your video, it will be very healing to those who are mourning a loss. It will be especially heartwarming for LaDonna, since her Warrior made his journey home today. Much respect and love. ♡

Lalo's Bear

a month ago

Será que tem algum brasileiro que saiba me dizer quando John Legend vai voltar ao Brasil? Ou será quando sairá o próximo trabalho dele? Pois estou ansiosa. Obrigada à quem me responder.

Pearl Parker

a month ago

Great voice 🎶
Otherwise soooo dumb ✌

Last night! Thank you @theartofelysium for a wonderful night!

Hey guys, this is it! Last chance to join me in LA for an incredible night of music, art and food. It’s The Art of Elysium’s Heaven event, curated by yours truly, and I want YOU to be my special guest. Enter to win HERE:

Aslı Numanoğlu

a month ago

Boo...a fan no more...stick to singing. I think people of all colors have given you a very nice life. Move if you find this country & HALF of the people in it so, John are a voice of division ..not cool.

Vanya Gomes

a month ago

Crying on stage. There I ruined the surprised.

Jeremiah S. Kwaku Hadzide

a month ago

You've got a lot of people fooled don't you? 'Elysium Heaven' $100,000 table 👁

Merry Christmas!!

It’s your last chance to be my guest for a night of incredible art and music! Heaven only knows the amazing time we’ll have together at The Art of Elysium’s Heaven event. Don’t miss out—ENTER:

Van Dayan Washington

a month ago

Hey you!!!! could you be Memphis Depay's brother or something? You need to ask your Dad because i think you are.

Anna Smith

a month ago

Butterflly shirt...little child with butterfly eye, ultra? We are on to you son..

Jorge Luis Marin Romero

a month ago

John Legend is a chronic liar!!!!
"my head's under water but am breathing fine".
What rubbish is that?
I tried that shit today and almost died.

Bless up. I'm playing Jesus Christ in #JesusChristSuperstar Live! coming to NBC this April!

Зоя Матева

a month ago

Could also put your trampish wife in the role of Mary.

Ann Queene

a month ago

Sorry John....I knew Jesus Christ and you are no Jesus Christ

Elsie Peniel Nani

a month ago

I know you have millions of fans, but, I just wanted to know how you got thru Xmas with infertility? Its hard on me today, and idk why I thought to ask you. I have great respect for you and your wife.. Merry Christmas to you and everyone..!

I hope you're ready to watch a once in a lifetime performance because tonight is the night! I will be performing #PenthouseFloor from the roof of the Roosevelt Hotel on @JimmyKimmelLive and you won't want to miss it! #Kimmel

More than 2.7 million children in our country will be apart from a parent this holiday season. Together with FreeAmerica and Sesame Workshop, I was able to speak to some of these children about what it’s like to have a parent in prison or jail. For more information, visit

Aslı Numanoğlu

a month ago

John Never going to be a Legend schmoozing with the likes of a has been Cher and The HIlldog at the Grammy's, what a joke!

Federica Di Renzo

a month ago

You are the racist. Thank god for trump. Finally the economy is going good. No thanks to odumba. I used to like you as a musician. But now can't stand to see your face.

Wong Keun Thai

a month ago

It must suck sharing a brain with your spouse especially considering she doesn't have one..... you are both idiots.

I hope your schedules are cleared for tomorrow night because Jimmy Kimmel Live is something you won't want to miss! We're taking the #PenthouseFloor to new heights with a live rooftop performance above Hollywood.

Ralph Matthews

3 months ago

John you know can't miss you performance my Brother I hope to also hear from you soon I'm working some music film projects I like to work with me with Musicians and signed / unsigned Artist's contact by email [email protected]

Susan Ward

3 months ago

Dont know if i can stay up that late?

Mpendulo Mona

3 months ago

I love john legend's voice and his touching lyrics...

We've gone higher than the Penthouse! Set your alarm, set your DVR - tomorrow night, Dec 13, on Jimmy Kimmel Live watch me bring #PenthouseFloor to the roof of the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood - this hasn't been done in YEARS. #Kimmel

Zawad Samatta

3 months ago

I am proud of you John coz u are series in yr work and my favourite is all of me I like that song

Kathryn Ervin

3 months ago

This really is great, humor gold perhaps. Haven’t chuckled this hard for centuries. 🐧😛

Noncedo Juba Rodolo

3 months ago

Hopefully it will finally show in our channels here in South Africa

Will you be my guest at Heaven? It will be a night of art, music and food while surrounded by incredible people. Best of all, you’ll support The Art of Elysium when you ENTER through my bio link or at

Will you be my guest at Heaven? It will be a night of art, music and food while surrounded by incredible people. Best of all, you’ll support The Art of Elysium when you ENTER:

Candi Lalsingh

3 months ago

Some people just want to see and hear you, visit Grenada please.

Fufu Caraballo

3 months ago

Please bring back #theunderground

Shayla Lacher

3 months ago

All I want for Christmas ❤️

Streaming LIVE today at 1:45pm EST/10:45am PST, the Nobel Peace Prize Concert! Make sure you're tuned in here: #PeaceIsLoud
Tune in NOW to watch me perform at Nobel Peace Prize Concert! #PeaceIsLoud

Christer Bjälkenfalk

3 months ago

Jag brukar sjunga "All of me" på karaoke 😎

Soraia Almeida

3 months ago

The favorite..

Soraia Almeida

3 months ago

The favorite

Everyone has their own interpretation of Heaven... and I’m inviting you to mine. Come meet me for a night of art, music and food at The Art of Elysium’s Heaven event and support their incredible work. ENTER:

Nori Hall

3 months ago

Where is THeArt of Elysium"s Heaven Event.

Laura Tomlin

3 months ago

Thank you darling , was wonderful to hear you this year in NYC , will never forget 😀

Michelle Manuel

3 months ago

Loved your show in Cape Town South Africa was the best live show I ever attended and yes if I were in America I would have loved to hear you sing live again. Love your music and I must say I admire your love and respect for your family.

Thank you Bank of America for donating to FreeAmerica on my behalf. Make sure to check out my cover of “Woodstock” exclusively on Spotify: http://44d.inf o/tpqhv

Ok Mluyakalua

4 months ago

#love me now😍😍😍

Montenegro Dario

4 months ago

John you are the best best

Deborah Beysthefield

4 months ago

Thanks for sharing ALWAYS beauty in

Thank you @smithsonianmagazine for the American Ingenuity Award. We had an amazing time last night! So inspiring!

1. Mayor Khan meets Luna in September. 2 Mayor Khan names his adorable new dog Luna. Coincidence?

Happy Thanksgiving!!

If you haven't yet, be sure to listen to my cover of "Woodstock" by Joni Mitchell on Spotify's "Echoes of Vietnam" playlist: http://44d.inf o/tpqhv

Darlene Chavez Caruso

4 months ago

John leggand is the best singer wedding love songs

Kathryn Ervin

4 months ago

This is pretty boring next to the standard stuff.Has left me on this mountain of hollow feeling, just may not put my finger on it. 😇

Winwin Macmillan

4 months ago

Excuse me Mr Legend, don’t nobody wanna listen to any song until we hear about that Bebe, lol!

Ending mass incarceration in the U.S. begins in local jails. I'm with the MacArthur Foundation
and The Safety and Justice Challenge to learn how to #RethinkJails.

After this chat, join me in my new Facebook Group, FREEAMERICA, where we will continue to discuss how we can transform America’s criminal justice system:

Lori Crisp Matuscak

4 months ago

Chaun Archer agreed. But my point is in that if you don't break the law then you wouldn't have to be in jail or prison and hanging around the wrong crowd will get you there. Of course there are people of innocence in there because like everywhere there is crooked judges, but the majority are good judges.

Lee Loving

4 months ago

Sweden doesn't beat their inmates, they actually focus on rehabilitation and life outside prison. They have very little recidivism.

Lori Crisp Matuscak

4 months ago

Audrey Clarke and here comes the race card. Smh. 😳

Join me tomorrow to learn about jails in America.I’m speaking with the The Safety and Justice Challenge about their efforts to #RethinkJails LIVE on my Facebook at 11:30AM ET
MacArthur Foundation

Joselyn Jolivet

4 months ago

If a citizen does not survive his or her jailhouse or incarceration experience. (and trust me some don't), then the family of the incarcerated has a right to sue the state on his or her behalf for civil rights violations. If the suit is won, the victim's family will receive a monetary reward. experience

Joselyn Jolivet

4 months ago

We as citizens of the United States have constititional rights to life, liberty, and happiness, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, etc. We have a right to due process underthe law (14th and 5th amendments). Jail and incarceration diminishes these rights. Jailers (state agents) often are to blame as well as county officials. Citizens are able to obtain an attorney and sue the state (county) for civil rights violations which occur during incarceration. measures.

Pherome Frazier

4 months ago

Which #Citizen Are You?
look at how we continue to build their empire and Nation

Nov. 1989


Richard McDonald

(PP) Date Line - America

What kind of citizen are you? Are you a 14th #Amendment
#federal citizen, or are you a Citizen of the several States, as
described in the Constitution as it was originally intended by
the Founding Fathers? Are you aware that there exists in this
Nation two separate and distinct classes of citizenship?

To begin with, I must define what the definition that the
Original Constitution used when it referred to the "Citizens."

The phrase "Citizen of the United States" had a specific
meaning in the Original Constitution for the United States of
America (1787), the definition and intent of the Constitution was
that it described a "free born Citizen of the several States."
The 14th Amendment added a second (2nd) distinct meaning to this
phrase. So now, the phrase "Citizen of the United States" has
two separate and distinct meanings which are not compatible with
each other and indeed in a later issue will be shown to be at
odds with one another. They are:

1. A free born White State Citizen in the several States,
is an individual whose inalienable rights are recognized,
secured, and protected by the various State Constitutions against
State actions and against federal intrusion by the Constitution
for the United States of America(1787).

2. The 14th Amendment federal citizen, who is a second
class citizen, a juristic person, a citizen of foreign or
interstate commerce, one who has congressionally granted
privileges that are almost equal to the White Citizen. I say
almost because these privileges are secured against a debt of
submission to the morality legislated by Congress (including
Income Tax). These individuals are subjects of Congress (alieni
juris), under their protection as a "resident" of a State, a
person enfranchised to the Federal Government (the incorporated
United States defined in Article I, section 8, clause 17.) The
individual States may not deny to these persons any federal
privileges or immunities that Congress has granted to them. This
specific class of citizens is a federal citizen under admiralty
(International Law). As such they do not have unalienable common
rights recognized, secured and protected in the Constitutions of
the States, or of the United States of America (1787), such as
allodial rights to property, the right to inheritance, the
unalienable rights to work and contract, the right to travel,
life, liberty and happiness among many others.

Thus the federal citizen is a taxable entity such as any
other corporation, and is subject to pay an excise tax for the
privileges that Congress has granted them.

The White De Jure Citizen is a State Citizen by birth and
race (the Common Law) first, then as a consequence of his State
Citizenship, he is a "Citizen of the United States of America"
second. He owes his allegiance to his State of Domicile first,
and then to the Union of the several States.

The 14th Amendment citizen is a de facto citizen, a "citizen
of the United States" (corporate citizen of the District of
Columbia, its territories, and federal enclaves per Article I,
section 8, clause 17) first, as a consequence of this
citizenship, he is allowed to be a resident within the several
States. For this and other privileges he owes his allegiance to
the United States (corporation per Article I, section 8, clause
17) first, then to the State of his residence.

Note that "Domicile" and "residence" are not synonymous.
See Black's Law Dictionary, 5th Ed.

The Internal Revenue Code's definition of the term "citizen"
is identical to the wording of the 14th Amendment, and can only
apply to the subjects of Congress. The Social Security Number
(SSN), a badge of slavery, is the main registration number of the
de facto 14th Amendment citizen, so Congress can tax their
subjects (slaves) wherever they are resident.

NOW, which citizen are YOU? a White State Citizen or a de
facto resident? You must decide -- this is a personal decision
-- and notify the appropriate government officials of your status
with respect to them. Be prepared though -- the United States
(District of Columbia) does not want their slaves to escape. If
they did, the profit of the Federal Reserve would dry up and you
might lead the Exodus out of Egypt.

#Repost @spotify: Experience #JohnLegend's incredible cover of Woodstock by #JoniMitchell. Now streaming on Echoes of Vietnam, in association with @BankofAmerica #pbsvietnamwar

I am so inspired by these [LRNG] Innovators in Brooklyn, who spark passion and engagement in the classroom through video game design. Learn more about our mission to #RedesignLRNG:

Mrzb Booker

4 months ago

Something about u , don't cheat on your wife,just leave

Garret R. Jordan

4 months ago

I’m listening to this right now 🙌🏾

Leona Murray Ellis

4 months ago

This man is just all-around awesome. Talented, handsome, generous, and kind-hearted. 🌞❤

Happy Halloween! #copacabana

So happy I could stop by One Saturday to #DreamFearlessly for a surprise performance for the Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Twin Cities. Thank you American Family Insurance for the opportunity to inspire the next generation of dreamers.

Linette Smith

5 months ago

Thank you Mr. JL for all that you do! The world is a better place with you in it!

Rosa Diaz

5 months ago

Meraviglioso mi piace la sua musica

Sbay Saman

5 months ago

You are amazing Kurdish people love you

I will be on Instagram Live tomorrow at 10AM PST answering your questions! Submit some ahead of time with #AskJohnLegend

Sandi Quick

5 months ago

#AskJohnLegend would you hook me up with a supply of #Hint . It has helped me kick my pop habit. 🍉 is my favorite! ❤️😊

Deborah Beysthefield

5 months ago

Thanks for sharing ALWAYS beauty in words

Rocco Raimo

5 months ago

#AskJohnLegend Why you didn't come to Italy whit the Darkness and Light Tour? We miss you!

Proud of Centennial High School (Columbus, Ohio) for supporting each other’s creativity and self-expression during AXE #SeniorOrientation. #AXEpartner #FindYourMagic

Stephanie Willis

5 months ago

every man should be that happy

Dr Smiles

5 months ago

Love the excitement and beautiful smiles you have!

Tina Cegala

5 months ago

Thank you John Legend for being a positive role model for our kids!

Headed back to high school! Centennial High School (Columbus, Ohio) coming to you with Carlos Andrés Gómez & AXE #SeniorOrientation to celebrate inclusivity & self-expression among students. #AXEPartner #FindYourMagic

Beverly Burdess

5 months ago

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Phornprapha Kaew

5 months ago

You were cute when you were a student but you are so handsome when you are John Legend right now. 😍😍😍 but I love all

Laura Wear

5 months ago

You should come to Cambridge High school and watch our band.

Have you been to the #PenthouseFloor yet?Let me know what you think of the new video!

Martin Eyres

5 months ago

I'm amazed at the love between you, and your wife is so rare, and precious. I don't see many couples like yours! <3 John Legend

Melissa Tatiana

5 months ago

Not feeling this at all!

Cody Ousmane

5 months ago

Your voice is fantastic! I ve missed you when u were in Barcelona few days ago. Love it!

Barcelona was so much fun tonight! Thank you so much!! #DarknessAndLightTour