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Be sure to check out Janet Jackson with Daddy Yankee performing their new song "Made For Now" tonight on the show! #JanetOnFallon
Janet Jackson and Daddy Yankee perform their new song "Made For Now" tonight on the show - don't miss it!! #JanetOnFallon

Fhelipe Viegas

2 days ago

#DY 🇵🇷❤️ With one of the best #JanetJackson

Casey Smith

2 days ago

Daddy Yankee was awesome! Love the song!

Praveen Rathore

2 days ago

I felt she was kind of hard to hear like I know her voice is soft but I expected like a more powerful explosion of range for Her.

Tonight Show Music Break: Aerosmith rocks Studio 6B with "Mama Kin"!
Ariana Grande and The Roots perform "Natural Woman" in tribute to Aretha Franklin.

Bam BAm

3 days ago

About time you brought a rock star onto the show.

Dru Ann Singh

3 days ago

Amy Robinson Wheeler sorry, thought it was a video. 👎🏼

Δημητρης Καναβουτσος

4 days ago

They still got it

"USA Today just published a guide to help older people understand teenage slang..."

Virginie Marc

6 days ago

Lydia Hutchison we need to find this list.

Abdoel Ghofur

6 days ago

Miranda Lynch Daniel Briggs

Philippe Waelput

6 days ago

Dave Taylor We were just talking about USA Today.

Rhett and Link include Jimmy in their special three-way friendship pose.

Ahmed Hmaidi

5 days ago

good mythical morning you handsome bastards

Chahrazade Azhar

5 days ago

They are hilarious. My kid loves them.

Bree Bree

5 days ago

They are very strange. Are they a couple??

Ryan Reynolds shares his recent revelation...
Ryan Reynolds tried to use a white lie to help his movie idea get made...

Nguyễn Huỳnh Như

5 days ago

Jimmy gave a plug for Ryan’s gin venture and it’s probably doing very well!

Federica Conforti

6 days ago

I love Ryan Reynolds he is so funny and down to earth. I watch all his movies and interviews.

Jeffrey McManus

6 days ago

This was so funny. He has an uncanny sense of humor.

"The oldest living married couple has been married for 80 years..."
"Thank you, Arizona Iced Tea..."

Mae Delarosa Gutierrez

6 days ago

An Ho maybe this is what we need AHAH

Thantaph Sphamandla Mlambo

7 days ago

Joe Mauro, would work wonders for us 🤷

Mattis Miller

7 days ago

Marco - 1 down, 79 to go. It’s not like you pay attention to me now anyway... 😂

Tonight Show Music Break: Brad Paisley performs "Water" for Studio 6B.

Fran Castro

9 days ago

Can he stop with that song already

Regina Miller

10 days ago

it was fun watching him play with the Roots during the credits

Wesley Karanja Meel

10 days ago

Nice Crook guitar! Bill Crook is a pure artist!

"The University of Delaware was just named America's #1 party school..."

Donna Taylor

10 days ago

Marianne Hahn Theresa Tralongo jimmy Fallon with the shout-out!!! No turning back from going now

Lisa Keno Ost

10 days ago

lol Stephanie Arcizo, "Hi I'm in Delaware..."

Chris Passias

11 days ago

I don’t know about that...we regularly have crazy dance parties in our kitchen on random Tuesday afternoons. It gets wild up in!! 😜

Some tech news here...
Seth Rogen's dad is a style icon.

Alin Stavarache

12 days ago

Thank you, Amazon. Please keep all the humans out of my outside.

Mehdi Tlemcani

12 days ago

would be so keen to take the offer! 😂😂😂 (for a year only)

Wanderson Fernando

12 days ago

Stay home, order more! Adults are getting like children, they won’t go out to “play!”😄

"The dog must be using it!"

Rhea Cantonao Roturas

12 days ago

Chris Waite you might be in trouble!!

Chris Anderson

13 days ago

Teo Rothman thank heavens you’ve got Google :)

Luís Lukanu

13 days ago

So funny..............More Trump jokes.......the best ever.........Stop paying your writers and just read the newspaper or the bathroom walls........So funny.............Is Jay Leno in the building?????

"Thank you, bagels, or as I like to call you: 'business donuts.'"

Jennifer Beattie

13 days ago

Did anyone see that one show where fallon bashed Trump? Oh wait, thats all the kid does

Jeanvei Delvalle

14 days ago

They’re not as sweet as donuts so more compatible with a diet plan!

Katie Suppa

14 days ago

Courtney Gehrke 😂 This makes me love bagels even more

Jimmy reads your funniest #MyWeirdBunkmate tweets.

Jacob Beltran

16 days ago

Samantha Cassivi the girl in Bali who slept with a teddy bear and sucked her thumb came to mind as soon as I saw the hash tag

Sandra Moore-Cheeseboro

16 days ago

Alicia this will be Vivie!

Bôûqãfă Śáìd Ĝ-b

17 days ago

Bradley Behrens
Brian Behrens
Seems like something that would have happened in your guys’ room growing up!

At the reception, people are gonna be like, "How drunk am I?!"

Useless trivia alert:

Legally, the children of each couple will be cousins. But genetically, they will be siblings.

Sanskar Gupta

18 days ago

My mom's sister married my dad's brother. As cousins we refer to each other as double cousins. We have the same grandparents on both sides. It was awesome! Made for a very close family.

Daniel Pitman

18 days ago

So if they are getting married separately, but having a joint reception... does that mean they won't be at each other's weddings?... and what happens if the reception gets too wild and the wrong wife goes home with the wrong husband.... then would possible future siblings also be cousins to Uncle Daddy?

Jimmy surprises Kenny Chesney with one of his high school football pictures.
Tonight Show Music Break: Kenny Chesney performs "Get Along" for Studio 6B.
Do you have a funny text from your dad? If so, we want to see it! Could be about anything! Email a screenshot of the Dad Text to

Jeanie Simmons

18 days ago

Jon was on the Tonight Show yesterday!

Corazon Dela Cruz

19 days ago

Greetings Jimmy Fallon. RE: PRINCE photographer, Allen Beaulieu, QUEST LOVE. We are in MINNEAPOLIS and are PRINCE Alumni. A Prince Photo Book signing (trying for- Flyte Tyme Studio (original Jimmy Jam studio) being torn down. Can QUEST LOVE com for a final party & book signing? Allen's photos are part of the Warner Bros. Prince album drop in the Fall in conjunction with the MN Historical Society. We will provide Prince's favorite cheesecake (+ a casserole!).FaceBook message me. Donna, Prince Makeup Artist.

Cj Clement

19 days ago

The ladies of the 80's agree. :)

"Alex Trebek is hinting that he might retire from Jeopardy in 2020..."
Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher's honeymoon was straight out of a National Lampoon Vacation movie.

Sharon Wright

20 days ago

I think it's time for him to retire.. He had a fabulous run but it'stime to enjoy travels with family..

Angie King

20 days ago

you mean he doesn't do that already?

Watts Mubaiwa

20 days ago

“What is...binge-huff potpourri.”

"Thank you, bouncers wearing shirts that say security..."

Paula Ross

21 days ago

Michelle Burrus or just wear a red shirt

Joel Anchieta

21 days ago

Sam Kazi Bahaha 😂

Laura Borrows

21 days ago

Rob Lautenschleger you need to shave your head! 😆

"A duck in Minnesota was recently photographed with 76 ducklings..."

Alex Jaques

21 days ago

This picture is from my home town!! It’s an amazing city and the lake this picture was taken on is beautiful and people have basically built the city around the lake. It’s also where Paul Bunyan and Babe are from

Joanna Król

22 days ago

coming to minnesota Haeree Park

Danny Asking

22 days ago

Seventy-six little ducks
Went out one day
Over the hill and far away
Mother duck said
"Quack, quack, quack, quack."
But only seventy-five little ducks came back

Tonight Show Music Break: Greta Van Fleet performs the TV debut of "When the Curtain Falls"

Rosa Maria Averanga Alvarez

23 days ago

Not my thing at all. They sound like they are copycatting Led Zeppelin. They need to find their own thing otherwise they are just a cover band. But that is just my opinion. Cool to those who like them. To each his/her own!

Alessandro Russolillo

24 days ago

Not a fan, get your own sound, trying to sound like Led Zeppelin. No way is that his natural singing voice. Heard them on Eric Zane Show, didn't like when I heard them, now that I've seen them, they look like a joke.

Timo Weber

24 days ago

These guys have been rocking it around mid Michigan for a couple of years. I hear through friends that they are great young guys. Way to represent Frankenmuth Michigan

Jimmy shares your funniest #MyWeirdFear tweets!
"You can now buy a Lego version of the Hogwarts castle..."

Cody Ryan Baxter

24 days ago

I always rush to get in when someone holds the door for me, like if I take too long they are going to slam it in my face. But really I guess I don't want to inconvenience someone too long who went out of their way to help me

Lina Molfetas

24 days ago

When I’m walking on the sidewalk, I avoid those electrical covers. I don’t wanna get electrocuted and die. ⚡️⚡️⚡️😵

Will Miedel

24 days ago

Im always hesitant to kill spiders because I think that at any moment they’re going to jump at me, so I always ask someone to kill it for me #myweirdfear

"Yelp is going to start showing what restaurants scored on their health inspections..."

Shawn Mease

24 days ago

believe me, I do want to know how a restaurant did before I eat there.

Shane Fromm

24 days ago

Emmi Owens your new lifesaver

Ramos Malú

24 days ago

I don't know if its the same today but 30 years ago when I worked in a couple restaurants you knew when DHEC was coming to inspect. So the kitchen was abnormally clean. I bet more than 50% of restaurants wouldn't get an A back then.

Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman hilariously duke it out on Making It.

Jo Butler

25 days ago

Benjamin Bontrager If Amy Poehler thinks it’s the lowest form of comedy then IT IS.

Richard Maillot

a month ago

But they weren't puns! I had such high hopes for that vid, but nope.

Priscilla De Leon

a month ago

I love them both so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so much!!!

Tonight Show Music Break: Ashley McBryde performs "American Scandal" for Studio 6B.

Rodrigo Julie Buifort

25 days ago

LOVED her song!!👍💝🎸

Randy French

a month ago

Ashley McBride famous Ashley McBryde! Close enough 😛

Diego Vasquez

a month ago

Christine Antonette We saw her at the concert. Random.

Happy #NationalTequilaDay!

Далибор Ѓорѓевски

a month ago

We're having elections tomorrow

Lawrence Hessinger

a month ago

Robert Hines how mad will you be if I show up tonight for margaritas

Michael Smith

a month ago

Kelli Smith whenever I see something about tequila, I think of you! ☺️❤️

A simple scene in Mission: Impossible led to Tom Cruise breaking his leg!

Mikael Öström

a month ago

I still like Tom's movies! He still can entertain us , yes I know with CGI, but I think he still has it and will for sometime! He is like Dick Clark he never gets old!

Trevor Suter

a month ago

He is a great actor,but has poor father skills! On the other hand maybe Katie Holmes doesn’t want him around Suri because of his religion!🤔😏

Kyla Nyman

a month ago

Love how the focus is on his “crazy” religion. Some of you are probably religious yourselves meaning you believe in an imaginary being in the sky. That’s also crazy.

"The U.S. Census Bureau found that couples often lie about their incomes..."
"Thank you, paper ketchup cups..."

Monika Polienko

a month ago

Who is Jay Z?

Joyce Ann Araracap

a month ago

I never tell the truth when I get a political poll.

Tynisa Dorsey

a month ago

Thank you Jimmy Fallon writers for exhausting the same setup for all your corny punchlines to the point they arent funny anymore.

Jimmy Fallon will be sitting down with Tomi Adeyemi for a LIVE Q&A! Submit your questions using #TonightShowSummerReads and join the live conversation on YouTube and Instagram this Tuesday!

Nicole I don't know if you saw this, but I remember you talking about this book. The Q&A is this Tuesday.

Gerardo Medina Ga

a month ago

Kim Chance Totally remember this book in one of your videos

Agata Borecka

a month ago

What a great book! Can't wait for the next one <3

Jimmy chats with members of the studio audience and The Roots freestyle songs about them.

Thitinun Wattanasiriwat

a month ago

Love JImmy Fallon! Write some more "thanks you" notes!

Cedric Rodrigues

a month ago

I found it funny when the woman was asked to describe her love life and she said, "Oh God" and the Roots were able to add that in as a song lyric. LOL! I love Jimmy Fallon. He's hilarious!

Juanita Ik

a month ago

Tariq Trotter and Bingo from the Banana Splits tv show have the same smile!😁😄

"A new study looked at how much air is inside different bags of chips..."

Rebekah Wortman

a month ago

Very similar to one my mom made. My daughter's,granddaughters and myself all vied for anything she made. Not just for how beautiful they were, because she made them.Good memories in an Afghan or quilt.💞

Océane Pieren

a month ago

Actually we buy air and get free chips

Pochy Luman

a month ago

Monica Villoch asi te imaginé con tu investigación

You guys brought your A-game with your funniest #WorstSummerJob Hashtag tweets.
Amanda Seyfried & Cher's friendship started off with a misunderstanding!

Ramzi Khellaf

a month ago

I spent a summer walking around my city dressed as Waldo in 90+ degree heat for a program we were doing

Bryanna Derderian

a month ago

No we hired “models” for the front and “operational brand reps” whatever manager made that is ignorant and didn’t follow company policy... that’s how they get a bad reputation...

Erica Bryan

a month ago

Hooters, I was told, won't hire you if you sit on their stool and your thighs go over the edges of the stool. 😒

Lily James couldn't help but freak out when she met Meryl Streep on the set of Mamma Mia!
Tonight Show Music Break: Charlie Puth brings "The Way I Am" to Studio 6B.

Michelle Dunaway

a month ago

Ayesha Syed this woman is Harry Potter's mother and father!

Harvey Heath

a month ago

Marla Grace c deborah.. 😍

Pamela Chai

a month ago

Oh GOD, she acts like it's the SECOND COMING. Think it's time to STOP worshiping movie stars and start worshipping GOD!
AND, according to Miss Streep that would be Harvey Weinstein!!!

“I just want photo cred.” - Jamie Foxx on Michael B Jordan's Black Panther look

Isaac Mata

a month ago

Pretty sure we're can all agree that there was one who rocked that style better than both of them, ohtay?

Cecilia Pille Pille

a month ago

Relax 🙄 he was obviously joking around. People are ridiculous

Duy Long

a month ago

I think it was a joke people...

"You can now buy high-heeled Crocs..."

Hodgin Serrullo

a month ago

They are nice but doesn’t last 2 month. I bought one from crocs page and like I said didn’t last, I was so mad and frustrated.

Lisa Faith Rawls

a month ago

High-Heel Challenge to Jimmy: Wear 3" heels everyday for one week. You'll be begging for those high-heeled Crocs.

Lúçífér Lüçïf

a month ago

If Deadpool wears Crocs, they're good enough for me. (Disclaimer: I only wear them to take the garbage out or walk around in my unfinished basement. They're basically outdoor slippers haha).

Your favorite artists perform covers backstage in the Tonight Show music room!

Anthony Daniel Silva

a month ago

Courtney Barnett hands down

Belén Peralta

a month ago

Jimmy& the Roots are GREAT🤗☺😉😊❤

Mike Walker

a month ago

Kesha and #TheRootsCrew!!

This summer's biggest trend will be throwback #WorldCup hairstyles!

Elliottbangalee Ezomo

2 months ago

you may look blond but I not going to like you, where is my Goodys.? Jenny from bronx, I am a du. not a girl.

Alecksandr Alecksandrov

2 months ago

Andrea Walther Der Typ ist einfach geil, vielleicht könnten wir seine Videos im Englischunterricht anschauen und drüber diskutieren 🤨

Mary Reyes

2 months ago

Sehr schön.......😂😂 our Tante Käthe ( our Aunt Käthe .. is his real nickname )

Jimmy turns viral World Cup photos from the week into memes.

Rashaun Rogers

2 months ago

Eric, Kirk, Marc thought you guys might think these are funny too!!! 😆🙃

Karina Sotito

2 months ago

Sarah-Anna Gross eine Möglichkeit dich bei der WM zu beschäftigen :D

Nishan Lama

2 months ago

Gaby Anderson Palomino im the top one when my phone got in the water and still worked

"ESPN's annual 'Body Issue' comes out this week..."

Hideaki Matsuoka

2 months ago

Casey McCaskie me watching the VS fashion show hahaha

ญิ๋งกวาง หงษ์ทอง

2 months ago

How dare Jimmy Fallon talk about the things he wants on his own show!

Andre Leeted

2 months ago

haha love him !

What do you think is the answer to Questlove's question to Shaquille O' Neal and Jimmy?

Ratan Singh Rathod

2 months ago

It's .Gif since the first word is graphic. How did y all mess this up?!

Miguel Contreras Leon

2 months ago

I think we are saying the same thing, here.

Deirdre Danielson

2 months ago

The originator pronounces it Jif, but that is a delicious peanut butter. It's not a 'jiraffic', it's a 'graphic', so gif.

Keith Urban performs his song "Coming Home"!

Idil Saputra

2 months ago

Sandra: I pay $143.00 a month to watch that TV. I expect to be entertained for that kind of money not insulted...... Oh, I'll change the channel alright, but not with the remote... I intended to "change the channel" with a shit storm of letters and support from myself and other like-minded viewers! ... Yes, Mr. Urban will read my Novel......

Bertha Rios

2 months ago

Keith would rock a remake of The Outfield song “One Hot Country”. Make it happen Keith Urban! #Keithurban

Coralie Abad Gubler

2 months ago

He is truly a great performer and entertainer!!!

Armie Hammer reminisces about filming Call Me By Your Name!
Rupi Kaur shares a poem from her second collection, The Sun and Her Flowers.

Paula Lukey

2 months ago

Italians do it better 🇮🇹😎

Dean Retzsch

2 months ago

He looks like Trey Parker

Ana Carolina Batista

2 months ago

Good point Rosary! *call him by my name 🤣

"Thank you, sunscreen..."

Heather Covington Brazel

2 months ago

Ours was clearly the useless kind Austin 🙈

Katie Dalton

2 months ago

Used to watch every night but ya made it clear you don’t care about real Americans 🇺🇸

Yevz de Guzman

2 months ago

Allina Janelle i guess your spf is useless 😂

Seth Meyers' toddler is already a high-level reader.

Lindsey Keyes Ellis

2 months ago

Big dad fail. I would kill my husband if he published such a private photo of our kids. They may be kids now but they won‘t be forever.

Manda Elizabeth

2 months ago

Jesus Kevin Gardner, does every conservative have their head in the sand?

Michael Tanner

2 months ago

Seth is a loser. He’s never funny even though he tries so hard. At least he makes himself laugh.

Tonight Show Music Break: Christina Aguilera performs "Fall in Line" for Studio 6B.

Jennifer Rosales

2 months ago

I just love this song 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

Hasan As'ary

2 months ago

The queen is back! :)❤

Davide Tabacchini

2 months ago

She can sing 🎼👏💪

Jimmy sings your #DinoSongs tweets!

Wandalyn Gillis

2 months ago

Hello am real....single man looking for serious relationship you can message me.

Jorge Pablo Llorens Corral

2 months ago

Alexis Anderson thought you'd find this funny. #jurrasicpark

DJordaine Jack-Kino

2 months ago

When are you going to have Hollyn Heron on your show? You have read several of her tweets!

"Uber is working on a new feature..."

Carl Agulo

2 months ago

Baisan Carol 5 mins later .. هو الاسانسير ال 3 الفردى مينفعش يركبه 2 ؟

Mary Batziou

2 months ago

LOL but why else call an uber at night??

Rami Grover

2 months ago

Helena De Costa never touching my Uber account again 😂

John Travolta shares what it was like to return to the Saturday Night Fever pizzeria!

Erick Larapaiz

2 months ago

Anyone else feel like he's morphing into a Baldwin Brother??

Evelyn Compton

2 months ago

È’ un grande ma perché non resta pelato ??? Sta anche molto bene ... così è’ patetico con quel parrucchino o trapianto che sia 😰😰

Sarah Levy

2 months ago

I have loved you since I’m 14 years old John Travolta!
I’m 52 now!
I made a scrap book of you from birth all the way thru and swooned to yours and peter framptons albumn.
Love you so much! Keep on keepin on!

Marlon Wayans thinks the Golden State Warriors are a lot like Space Jam...
The Smashing Pumpkins perform their new song "Solara"!

Alberto L. Venegas

2 months ago

Brian Tafoya
Tafoya Mace
Tafoya Adriana
Golden state won the play offs!!!

Tammy Browning

2 months ago

It’s a meh from me.

Shérine Boudahmane

2 months ago

Tommy Romo See!

"Thank you, the phrase 'it's not the heat, it's the humidity,' for basically meaning, 'This weather sucks, but not for the reason you think it does.'"

Jahaziel Gonzalez

2 months ago

I live in the south and when I go somewhere with no humidity it’s still freaking hot and I feel like a raisin having all the moisture being sucked out of me till I die. I will stick with the humid thank you!

Gary Lescota

2 months ago

Visit South Texas and you'll see the difference. It's like stepping out into a super hot sauna, takes your breath away.

Chiara Vallese

2 months ago

In Houston (my hometown)... July, August & September is like sitting in a wet sauna on the surface of the Sun. No lie. 😕

Jimmy + Ariana Grande = NBD!

Lizette Durandt

2 months ago

Travis Sorensen I about spat out my drink when I glanced at this title 😂😂😂

Sifiso Sibiya

2 months ago

This is a good replica of the iconic Penelope skit from SNL

Xanthe Rangel

2 months ago

OMG! too funny

Jimmy and Justin Timberlake get you in the summer mood with their performance of "Africa" by Toto at Camp Winnipesaukee!

Judit Fernandez Marciel

2 months ago

Connor Ullrich will this be you?

Rick Davis

2 months ago

Helena Teodora Bitelli November plans. (Is this the sort of thing that’s recommended to do with a newborn in the house? We’ll find out.)

Cynthia Fleck

2 months ago

Mash next time we’re sharing a room we are so having a sing-a-long!

Jimmy Fallon and a few members of The Roots perform “At This Moment” by Billy Vera & The Beaters in a new Cover Room

Regina Kee

3 months ago

This was amazing!!! Love, Love Jimmy Fallon ❤️❤️❤️

Marie Johnson

3 months ago

It's been said, but nice job, guys!

Sahil Darunde

3 months ago

This has been one of my favorite love songs ever since Alex P. Keaton had his heart broken by Ellen while they danced to this song. #FamilyTiesForever