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If you haven’t yet, check out the video for “My Defender” on YouTube! #IWillRemember

Eves Karaliyska

20 minutes ago

That background has reminded me that I want some sour gummy worms!

Luka Ninković

20 minutes ago

3:7 Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets. Amos

Eric Christopher Jacinto Husin

11 hours ago

Amen to that one 🕇

The same power that rose Jesus from the grave lives in us.

Ashlynn Detrick

4 days ago

Wow great picture!!! You just exude the Lord !!!!

Tina Chavers

4 days ago

You are an amazing man of Christ Jeremy, your music is insanely powerful. Keep it up...

Laura Angela

4 days ago

You r so amazing & so talented. I listen to your music daily to keep my spirits up! You r also on my bucket list to see u in concert. Doc says I am going deaf just like my grandparents. Idk what I would do w/o my music.

Joandrea Patrick Meriez

6 days ago

2:3 For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry. Habakkuk

Christopher Charles Romero

6 days ago

Please everyone be safe during this storm. Praying that everyone is safe and unharmed.

Christina Sweeney

5 days ago

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all!

I’m in love!!!

Dominic Robles

12 days ago

I remember waiting in line for the San Bernardino show that 24 hours was recorded at. Young girls were talking about how "attractive " Jeremy is. I said" and isn't it awesome that his fiance is here with him!" She said "Why did you have to say that?" I said "because I'm so happy for him, and it's God's will!" 😎

Elliana Ferreira

12 days ago

We enjoyed celebrating her birthday at Bethesda in Michigan. You guys are awesome!

San Gyi Aung

12 days ago

I miss Benjamin Gate. She made good music with them.

“He caused the storm to be still, so that the waves of the sea were hushed.” - Psalm 107:29

Mike Hargis

13 days ago

amen and amen, just what i needed

Janae Salmons

14 days ago

God bless you

Jody Wilson

14 days ago

Amen....God bless you!

If you look closely in this picture you can see my sweet daughter Bella on her knees during a worship night at Bridgestone arena with @mwsmithofficial and many Pastors and leaders from around the Nashville area praying for our nation. It was a time of repentance and desperate cries for more of Jesus. There is no greater joy than to see my children walk in the ways of the Lord. THIS is what matters.. not any other worldly treasures.. but the treasure of the free gift of salvation that only comes from Jesus Christ.

Cassie Taylor

18 days ago

Truly is what we pray to see in all of our children right?! Total surrender and passion for Christ, repentance & seeking God’s comfort & guidance, not just for themselves but for all others! So beautiful 💜

Joel Madsen

19 days ago

Praise God. What sweet heart she has and her love for God♥️

Nate Schrader

19 days ago

Praise God from whom all blessings flow...! Look forward to praising God in November with you here in Omaha Jeremy Camp ... many blessings to you and your family .🙏🙏🙏❤

“And I will trust You when it seems that there's no hope
And I hold tight to the promise You have given
'Cause this I know and I am confident”

Anne Niekamp

21 days ago

You're my defender

Skulboi Turner

22 days ago

My man, God's man, Jeremy Camp!

Charles Prochazka

22 days ago

You my defender...💘🎙

Be still and know the Lord is present.

Nickolai Nordsmark

25 days ago

Reminds me of the song "I still believe"

Daniela Ivanov

25 days ago

Amen thank you

Titus Marchez McTerry

25 days ago

Thanks for the reminder Jeremy!

This pretty much sums up his personality. Fun loving, spunky yet Compassionate. Happy 7th birthday Egan! Love you so much and am so proud to be your Dad!

Sansão Sousa

a month ago

Awe he LOOKS so much like ur wife Jeremy happy 😃 seventh b. day Egan!!!!

Antonella Zambrano

a month ago

HAPPY Birthday, Egan!!!!!!! God bless you&family :-)

Ems Valentin

a month ago

Awe, He looks so much like you Jeremy! ..Happy 7th BirthDay, Egan! 💙

“I know that you are for me. I know you will not fail.”

Emi Nakamura Chacon

a month ago

I hope u will have CD's for sale this weekend at the Crusade

PK Charmin

a month ago

Love it

Brittany Alexis Shanahan

a month ago


When in Rome.. well actually it’s Bend Oregon.. but it sounded good. #familytime#whatisthisthing

Suski Haukijärvi

a month ago

So fun! You all need to come ride it again in Louisville's (KY) water front park sometime! Lol We did it with our 4 boys one saturday, so fun!😊👍

Nicky Wesseling

a month ago

Jeremy Camp That is a Surrey bike. Living in Jersey all my life, I’d recognize those things anywhere because you can rent one in most of the towns at the Jersey shore & ride them on the boardwalks. Reminds me of Ocean City whenever I see one! They’re fun to ride!

Daisy Mukorombindo

a month ago

sorry we could make it this year but we have seen you for years and have watched you grow i picked up my sign language book again when i still belive came out and you met me and my chuck norris look a like husband named chuck. Hope you jhave a great summer and i am glad you enjoyed your trip here Blessings❤️🦌🦌🌲⛸️ come back for some Ice Skating!!!

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a month ago

Yes I need a new pop socket!

Ruşen Osman

a month ago

Frances Martar Griffith

Mary Achieng

2 months ago

Whats a pop sockit?

Here it is! The new single, “My Defender”. Psalm 119:114 says “You are my defender and protector; I put my hope in your promises”. With everything happening in this world today I truly hope you find the truth and peace that Jesus Christ is our defender in all our circumstances no matter what you are going through! #mydefender

Samir Sanharib Shibah

2 months ago

Your voice just keeps getting better!! I love the part that says ‘saved by the blood’!!! Amen, thank you Jesus!!

Dario Lauretta

2 months ago

Amen! Thank you Jeremy, this is another awesome worship song I love on your new album! It was a great blessing to see you here in concert on The Answer tour in April!

Lori Bair

2 months ago

This like my favorite song on the Album

So great being back in Ohio! Until next time!God Bless you guys! Photo: Push Focus Productions #summerlightstour2018

Bud Scully

2 months ago

What a wonderful time, was such an awesome time meeting you and the others. And worshiping with you all. Love the fire of the Lord that you and Mathew have for Jesus. Thank you for coming out here.💖 hopefully see you & Mathew again soon 😇 God bless all of you 🙏📿

Ali Abdelmaksoud

2 months ago

That is where I was born! Wish I could have been there! Now I'm living in Utah. Love to all & God bless!

Bosse Gennestad

2 months ago

Where in Ohio? Would have love to seen time!

Baltimore, tonight was insane! The Holy Spirit moved in a mighty way tonight!!! Thank you Jesus!! So glad we got to be a part of tonight with you guys!!

Ramesh Ramola

2 months ago

First time seeing you and Matthew West in person. My husband and I loved every minute of your amazing concert. God bless you

Cauchy Masikini

2 months ago

Amazing concert. Two of my favorite artist.

Emily Ford

2 months ago

come to Canada I would be there

All I want for chri”th”mas is my two front teeth.

Schfield Viera

2 months ago

Adorable and cute! He looks like you when you were younger!

Sandra Taylor

2 months ago

oh honey you are too cute, you overflow with cuteness

Lee J. Lavallee-Cothran

2 months ago

Very cute looks like you amen

Second week of Summer Lights started off tonight!! Virginia Beach thanks for singing along!!

Momen Moner

2 months ago

Washington State needs Jeremy to come to this unreached wasteland. There were lots of Christian concerts in Colorado, California, etc, but we're starving for Christian concerts up here No Christian artists ever venture up to the Northwest.

Dara Lavoie

2 months ago

I was there and it was the best thank you so much I can't wait till another jeremy camp concert which is close enough for me to go!!

Larissa Tabosa

2 months ago

Thank you for throwing in a snippet of "Take My Life". 😁🤘🏼

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Laura Boggs

2 months ago

Its sad that these things are so outrageously priced that only people who wealthy can afford them. Yeah some people can actually save but some like us its takes everything just to have a good life. I thought serving God wasn't about money. When it cost so much it seems more about money than about God. Its sad. If it were really about Christian counseling, it would seem that the prices would not be so outrageous. I know I have priced cruises that were less that half this prices and I am sure are just as extravagant almost seems as though this cruise is saying if you want a godly cruise is godly people you will pay more! Like selling God 😢. I just don't see the real true God and Jesus in these cruises. I see money!!!

Daveman Boyer

2 months ago

Would be absolutely wonderful. Unable to go. Maybe someday! I love worship music 🎶 and Praising my wonderful Christ Jesus! May those who do get to go, see God in their lives more and draw closer to His plans for them. May they burst with the happiness and Joy of the Lord. We serve a Merciful and Awesome God! God is Good all the time!

Natha Haller

2 months ago

Why Hawaii? I guess unless your independently wealthy or maybe a musician you can dish that kinda cash for a "getaway". Are we making (christian) musicians into more like idols than leaders of worship? Think about that.

Love being home in Nashville!! Thank you guys for an amazing night! Honored to get to do this for a living! Thank you to all my friends I have the privilege to work with for coming out tonight!


2 months ago

God bless you more my brother in Christ, you did a great job for God's kingdom.

Sneha Rajput

2 months ago

2:3 For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry. Habakkuk

Shun Maruta

2 months ago

Jeremy, you should really stop wearing skinny jeans, it looks like your pants are trying to choke your ankles.

Well that was fun Kansas! Sweet night singing with you guys! Thanks for coming out and hanging with us!

Alicia Rawson

2 months ago

Beautiful pics. God bless you and your team

Mario Meirsman

2 months ago

I wish i went to this instead of Kenny Chesney concert. Everyone ruined it for me

Julia Teirau

2 months ago

24:46 Blessed is that servant, whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing. Matthew

Illinois, thank you guys for worshipping along with us tonight!Sweet, sweet night!God Bless you guys!!

Wendy Fox

2 months ago

Love your music! Hopefully you'll come to Las Vegas soon.

Shivam Sharma

2 months ago

We give you all the glory honor and praise JESUS!!!!!!!!!

Velimir Antonić

2 months ago

It was an amazing show! I came from Milwaukee to attend with Chicago-area friends. It was a drive, but so worth it!

Sterling Heights, MI that is how you start the Summer Lights tour. Amazing when you get out of the way and allow the Holy Spirit to move what can happen through the body of Christ!Honored to be a part of tonight!

Amanda Milner

2 months ago

We have seen you in concert 3 times and have bought your "live" CD's for a few people. Wish you would come to NC!!

Erna Canencia Monisit

2 months ago

It was an amazing concert! Your music is so inspiring and powerful.

Alexis Gonzalez

2 months ago

Had an amazing time last night. You could truly feel the holy spirit in that place. ❤

This beautiful woman of God isone of the most incredible mom’s and a wife that I know. So thankful you were born my babe! Happy Birthday my Love!

Vickie Skidmore Rose

2 months ago

Happy Birthday Adie, God Bless you and this your special day with Family.

Mathieu Reeves

2 months ago

Happy Birthday Adie! what a great life this is. the small town of PE to now!!!

Andria Bizzarro

2 months ago

Great concert in Michigan last night! Thanks for sharing your heart... the Spirit was definitely present

Well.. that was fun. Was getting offstage after the show last night in Minnesota,and sprained my ankle really bad backstage walking off one of the ramps. Ughh. Still an incredible night though :)

Kaelan Jamal Dennis

3 months ago

Father God, cover my Brother in your healing power. You are working through him and will be a blessing to many. Thank you Lord for your servant Jeremy, bless him and his family in Jesus name!✝️

Samarypa Pestaña

3 months ago

Jeremy sorry to hear about this I was unable to attend decision America in Redding vs where I heard you were also due to having a hip replacement but I should know over 9000 people were there that's phenomenal for Shasta co.I am so grateful you have of your heart so generously and I pray the Lord heals your injury as soon as is inhumanly possible and as only he can much love and respect

Angela Winter

3 months ago

Just went to your concert in Bakersfield just recently it was a great concert plus I like Franklin Graham speaking I hope you heal quickly I know you enjoy doing your music

First festival of the Summer!Absolutely AMAZING!! Thank you 98.5 KTISfor having us! Was an honor to worship with you #joyfulnoise2018 thanks @marylfox for the photo!

Haley McClure

3 months ago

Thank you for your amazing music and leading us in worship!!! My boys and I had a blast praising God!

Elisa Jgr

3 months ago

Indeed... from the post I read a few moments ago regarding your ankle... it was a trip. 😕

Silas Persian

3 months ago

The Trinity was definitely in the house last night! What a night of worship!

Abu Musa

3 months ago

That is an awesome reminder

Laura Luyo Narsiso

3 months ago

Amen. But sometimes bad things happen to us to test us and keep us grounded.

Mariana Garrafa

3 months ago

This was my scripture for the day when I opened up my bible app to read. WOW!! Just his way of keeping us reminded WE ARE NEVER ALONE no matter what. AMEN!! Thank you God! 😍

Jesus’ name rises above the rest 🙌🏻

Jana Marie

3 months ago

Amen to that one thank you for sharing this and God bless you 🕇

Meredith Duke Mobley

3 months ago

No other name....Jesus❤

Simon Hurst

3 months ago

Jeremy we want a live concert here in Livingstone Zambia,we can't wait.. to have you here!

The @summerlightstour starts in just 6 weeks! Come out and escape the ordinary with me, @matthewjwest, @rendcollective and @korynhawthorne this July! Tickets and details at

Mariana Drew

4 months ago

Jeremy Camp is coming to Medford,Oregon August 1for the Franklin Graham crusade at the Jackson County Fair Grounds i think the cost is free 🕇it is at 7:30pm this in Central Point,Oregon hope you can come tell everyone and keep it in prayer that many will come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior 🕇

Konstantin Knude

4 months ago

Come to Tampa Florida PLEASE!!!!

Kenyel Taylor

4 months ago

Hi and 😊😊Good Evening Jeremy!!
Cool !!! And I will be here praying for you and your family and band. 🙏🙏🙏

What a beautiful night here in Bakersfield Ca. We’ve seen hundreds of people make decisions to make Jesus Lord and Savior on this @franklin_graham and decision America tour.It’s the only reason why we’re out here, to proclaim the hope, peace,and love of Jesus. Grateful and blown away at what God is doing. I’m desperately in need of Him every day and He remains faithful through it all.

Edmond Doc

4 months ago

Heavenly Father YEHWEH, in the name of Yeshua and by the power of your Holy Spirit I beg you for healing for Amarah. Take that terrible disease far from her, cleanser, fill her with your Holy presence, give her new life. Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit please pray to the Father on behalf of this precious child. Ask Him to bring her immediate healing. She needs His Miracle Healing. Thank you Father that you hear our prayers. Amen

Stefano Gobbato

4 months ago


Nayaâ Mendy

4 months ago

Watched it Live from Home. It was beautiful. Thank you for sharing the ministry to everyone. Thank you, Franklin. His message was wonderful. God Bless!

1 Pet 5:7: Cast all your anxiety on him, because he cares for you.

Maxim Gavrilenko

4 months ago

This is one of my favorites!!!

Shielar Dangu

4 months ago

Amen to that one thank You Jesus 🕇

Paulo Martins

4 months ago

Question for a Christian!
How do you surrender your life? Every time I go to do something the Holy Spirit convicts me of do I spend time with Jesus instead? I want to know how to die to myself so Christ can live in me.

In His name we praise. 🙏🏻

Isao Yamamoto

4 months ago

My family and I were there and you were amazing! We really enjoyed your performance and I do think you could make the GQ list. :D.

Max Hövelbrinks

4 months ago

I'm here praying for you Jeremy Camp 😊🙏🙏🙏

Ariana Glory Mcintosh

4 months ago

Chronicles 7:14 my saying ( if my people will pray for Hawaii ....

This kid and his imagination... #igotmyeyeonyou 😂

Chuquillanqui Jennifer

4 months ago

Very crieted and cute!

Tshepo Molete

4 months ago

He got his eyebrows lined up as well....hahahaha!

Erlie Rhlsn

4 months ago

AYE ! --- a pirate EYE!!!!!

I never want to take the days we have for granted. Life is short and an incredible gift.
Let’s keep #SanteFe and the people of Texas in our prayers.
Jesus, we need You!

Delores Dorsey

4 months ago

Jeremy Camp...SF, TX needs Worship Revival with your presence. 🙏🏼❤️

Rick San Nicolas

4 months ago

I pray for Santa Fe High School that that Jesus would bring peace and comfort to the victims families and I just have to say the please Jesus, we need your spirit now and we need your love and presence immediately because our world is suffering severely and we need your awesome love and power to keep Satan wiped out for good and we as a nation will raise the name of Jesus So much higher than any other name.🙏🏻❤️😇

Gerson David

4 months ago

Let's pray!

The cross is the answer to all of your shortcomings, and it will point you in the right direction.

Αμαλια Τσατσουλη

4 months ago

Hallelujah! God's love is shown at the Cross

Evelina Ivanova

4 months ago

I know the answer o every question. The one solution to every fear. I know my help and where it comes from. Jesus. You're the answer.

Michelle Mayho

4 months ago

Jesus is the best thing that ever happened to me

Great news! If you have Amazon Prime, you can now listen to my album “The Answer” anytime you want via Amazon Music. Check it out, Prime users!

Jeanderine Almeida

4 months ago

Love this song

Francisco Molina

4 months ago

I listen to your Amazon prime station every day at work so I've been listening to this ever since it became available. Absolutely Love it!!!. Thanks for sharing your talent. ☺

Jacqueline Cortorreal

4 months ago

Already listening on Amazon Prime! You've got another great album!

My bride!! Date night, well.. kinda sorta. Playing at the couples love song getaway together and gonna rock a sweet meal.

Rufus N Dupuy Jr

4 months ago

Blessed that you guys are fanning the flames in your relationship. May God deeply and richly bless you with sweet unity and joy!!

Terrie Marklinger Sampert

4 months ago

What a Blessed couple, God Bless you both Always.

Carol Thomas

4 months ago

It was a great night. You guys are a wonderful couple. Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing with us at Love Song Couples Getaway

Looking forward to performing on #SummerLights2018. What song do you want to hear?

Génesis Ventura

4 months ago

Defender, one of many of my favorites!!

Stefano Bossi

4 months ago

says, "Take My Life" because that's the very first song I happened to hear of yours after being diagnosed with PTSD, in 2003. The other most fav' song "JESUS Saves", a theme song after I made it sucessfully to the state of NY, with my eldest daughter, in 2009. We're both thankful to still be alive."

James Cheers

4 months ago

Can you play all of your earliest ones???

Hey Friends! Have you checked out my newest album, “The Answer,” on Spotify? Just search Jeremy Camp to find it. And don’t forget to check out my Ultimate Playlist--a mix of some of my older songs and some new ones.

Eliane Roman

4 months ago

Porque los.tatuajes

Muktar Ameer Abkr

4 months ago

Loved hearing you at Women of Joy in Pigeon Forge!

Paul Lattimer

4 months ago

I love this CD Jeremy.

I can’t wait to join my friends @matthewjwest, @rendcollective & @korynhawthorne on #SummerLights2018. Tickets are on-sale now at . See you there!

Jillianne Imperio

4 months ago

Adrienne Lee No dates in our area. 😔

Tyler Holcom

5 months ago

Kierstin Marie Lanham here it is!

Brittney Diaz

5 months ago

Please come to WA state!

So excited to join Franklin Graham for 10 stops on the Decision America: California Tour.For more info, go to

Ninda Kauldhar

5 months ago

May 20th in Escondido

Rock Kwame

5 months ago

God knows our motives. If we are not doing better for the Kingdom of God, it is better to pray than Murmur - public Gossip.
1Corintians 10:
6, to 10,11.
Sing, Worship God Jeremy. 💕

Florian Rüther

5 months ago

I love your music, Jeremy, but I’m slightly disappointed that you’d sing for Franklin Graham. He such a polarizing and political figure, and your music transcended all of the nonsense today. God bless you, regardless.

Chattanooga! Last show! Thank you guys for being with us on the last night of an amazing tour!Thanks to Micah Tyler for being out with us! To all our crew who worked amazingly hard, thank you! To the best band in music, thank you. And to everyone who came to this tour, thank you!! #theanswertour

Nancy Mestanza

5 months ago

Wow! Looks like Armageddon in the background!

Kathleen Harden

5 months ago

Great concert. I am so glad Chattanooga was included in the tour.

Raina Thomas

5 months ago

It was an awesome night of worship last night, Jeremy. I love your music. I have been a fan of you since 2006.

My wife just sent me pics of our new puppy. I have to admit she’s pretty cute! #goldendoodle

Casea Dickinson

5 months ago

who the pup or you wife? 😁 Animals are do nice to have with family.

Kristi Gable Haverfield

5 months ago

Awwwh! So cute!
I didn't get my dog till she was several years old already but I love puppies! And I like this picture of her because she smiles!

Alisha Scott

5 months ago

Ah Jeremy how cute. I love painting pet portraits. Check out brushwithwhimsy my FB page. (If that's not being cheeky) love your music too. X His Bless all you do. 🙏

TN!Speechless!Women Of Joy. #theanswertour

Ilost Mah Mind

5 months ago

Your music and your testimony uplift others and spread the good news of God’s great love. Thanks for all you do! Great concert!

Ezmeralda N David Yanez

5 months ago

I wish I could hear you in concert but, I am newly married and don’t have a lot of money

Jason Michael Golladay

5 months ago

You were amazing this weekend!

Hiawassee, Georgia was the place to be tonight!! Loved it!!Thank you guys for coming out! #theanswertour

Evo Powell

5 months ago

What a great concert and night of worship!!!! Can't wait till your next tour schedule comes out so we can book a date close to us again next year!!

Let Let Huna

5 months ago

You and Micah gave us a fantastic show! Keep doing what you do for the glory of the Lord, and be safe going down those highways!

Vivian Rios

5 months ago

We loved having you guys in Hiawassee! Awesome concert. Please include us in future tours!

LET’S DO THIS!Would love to have you join my wife, Adie, and me on the Love Song Couples Getaway to KAUAI!For all the details, go to → Early Bird ENDS 5/3.Give me some ideas, what’s the best thing to do in Kauai?

Sabinesh Tp

5 months ago

Evan Sennett, wish we could afford to do this!

Jada Walker

5 months ago

The canyon is an absolute must and the scuba diving there is supposed to be awesome. You also need to eat shave ice. It’s unlike any “snow cone” outside of Hawaii.

Alissa Vasquez

5 months ago

My husband works for blue dolphin charters and wanted to let you know that if you wanted to go on a boat tour of the napali coast, he could get together information on booking a boat tour for the event.

4th and final weekend of The Answer tour!

Linda Clarke

5 months ago

See you tomorrow Jeremy.

Joseph Sabalvaro

5 months ago

I will be there! Bought tickets back in January.

Tommy Xiong

5 months ago

Wish I could go.

Milton,PA! Amazing day in your beautiful city!Thank you so much for coming out tonight. I never ever take for granted what you guys do in coming to these shows. God Bless you guys!#theanswertour

Nadine Böer

5 months ago

You did an awesome job god has blessed you with great talent. I left there so uplifted. Great worship as well!

Oliviah Obua

5 months ago

Sandra Roberts Croll...He played in Milton, PA!!!!

Julee Moskowitz

5 months ago

Tiffany Marie Duncan

Social Media ALERT! Any celebrity that does not have this blue verified check is a FAKE account. Please do not interact with other “Jeremy Camp” accounts unless you see this. Thank you!
I love having my family out with me! Couldn’t get any better.

Suwilanji Sichula

5 months ago

Thanks for letting us know!

ဇီဝ ဇိုး

5 months ago

Yep! I have seen fake accounts for Jeremy and others. Here are a few that I have seen lately...Danny Gokey, Chris Tomlin, Mandisa and Donny Osmond! Don't fall for any of them!!!

Sarai Agua De Luna Rivera

5 months ago

Does the check have to be accompanied by those guns? I'm jealous. What? Bicep curls and whey protein? A t-shirt one size too small? Help me out here.

High five Pennsylvania!! That was such an amazing night! Thanks for coming out to hang with us!God Bless you guys!! Photos: @davidesforzant #theanswertour

Raul Morales Mendoza

5 months ago

Great night of amazing worship. Thank you!!!

خالد سولدير

5 months ago

It was such a blessing, as a Jeremy Camp concert always is!!! Stephanie Chamberlin Horgos 😃

Julissa Luciano Bueno

5 months ago

God is so good. The Holy Spirit was definitely moving!

Thank you New Jersey!! Worshipping with you guys was an honor!

Jovana Jovanovic

5 months ago

Jeremy - the concert last evening in Morristown, NJ was awesome! My 8th time seeing you and it was by far one of the best. So appreciated the acoustical section of the concert w some of your oldies....that was the best! Thank you for sharing the Gospel and please continue to use your venue to bring others to the Lord. Prayers and blessings to you and your beautiful family 💙🙏💙

Collonte Adi Teacha

5 months ago

Came to your show. So excited to be there. Unfortunately, we had to leave by the 3rd song, strobe lights cause migraines. I'm sure it was wonderful.

Hayley Martin

5 months ago

So sad I could not see you perform Jeremy Camp. Love your worship music! Powerful and awesome voice!