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@ollymurs is just so good to me ! He really knows how to treat shower a girl !! Thank u babe !!!!! To sweet !!
Gettin a head start of all of you guys back home before u wake up in the morning ! @adamburrell @hairbymichellesultan @thevoiceuk
Just know you are blessed and highly favored !

Ronald Perry Xcx

15 hours ago

Beautiful, Jennifer Hudson. I'm so Proud of you. You look Fantastic, with that Gifted" Voice." I am a fan of you, and I love The Voice" Lovely

Sandra Nieve Weis

15 hours ago

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk He really does, I've also observed that.

Kathy Hudson

15 hours ago

While scrolling, I'm proud to say without shame, my heart skipped a beat or as Friday's Chris Tucker and Ice Cube would say in their voice ..."Damnnnnnn"...

When your sister send u a picture and u like I got to post this ! Young Jhud @juleyah (I’m sure u can’t tell ya apart on this photo) and uncle Tyrone ! Lord we done got old !

John Kennedy

15 hours ago

I see you...and love you.

Stephen Ledenbach

a day ago

Was Honored 2 B a part of this Fantastic Family. Gloria would B so proud. Keep The Struggle Alive!!

Anahi Magaña Torres

a day ago

🙏🙏🙏Family's Matter God is Good🙌🙌

So am I tripping @ollymurs and my stylist @karl_willett they look just alike to me . What do u think ?

Zachary Bakewell

2 days ago

Unique individuals but the nose looks similar.

Andre Black Monsta

2 days ago

yeap one looks taller than the other

Adhi Wiratmoko

3 days ago

Yep they do

@paulinebriscoe @hairbymichellesultan @karl_willett @thevoiceuk all yal got me right together over the pond honey!!! Great job guys !

Gakobo Mary

2 days ago

Very, very beautiful

Jr Reggie Patoukis

2 days ago

💓 so very lovely

Janelle Patton

2 days ago

nothing to say just love her....

@michelleobama makes me even more proud to be a woman ! #internationaldayofthegirl

Augustine Yasin Taylor

2 days ago

Still waiting for this collab to drop

Barros Américo Langa

3 days ago

Absolutely stunning women!

Alexandra Pollock

4 days ago

😍😍😍😍😍😍😍Your voice turns my world around😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Just cuz I’m with my@thevoiceuk family doesn’t mean that I don’t miss my @nbcthevoice family !! Can’t wait for Monday !

Suzzanna Weimer

4 days ago

Mommies who rock😍

Lupe RS Paredes Camacho

4 days ago

That’s right both beautiful ladies rock one love #the Voice

Bertha Obando

5 days ago

I can't wait either! Great show

I remember when I was just a girl dreaming up this dream that is now my reality ! Girls have dreams too! Yes we do!!! And we deserve to achieve them ! #internationaldayofthegirl @todayshow@michelleobama
I love singing for the babies ! @todayshow #michelleobama #internationaldayofthegirl
It’s always a pleasure to stand beside you @michelleobama and it’s always good to see you #internationaldayofthegirl
I hit the ground running everyday !! My next stop was to see @livekellyandryan here at #jhudproductions this shop will always sails on !!
It’s all about the ladies today !!!!! #internationaldayofthegirl @todayshow
I can never get used to hanging out with such fabulous powerful ladies !!!! @todayshow @michelleobama @kellyclarkson #meaghantrainor #internationaldayofthegirl perfect way to start your day !

Marisol Santiago Trejo

6 days ago

I loved this song 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽❤️

Mike Suriya

6 days ago

You bring the light.☺

Silvia Lögering

7 days ago

Family's Matters To Me.Never Give Up.God in Control With My Life.Amen Ms.Jennifer Hudson🎶🎤🎹🀄🔥🌟🌟🌟

I don’t care who team @kirk_jay is on ! He can sing !!!

Bllond Diamond Kiki

8 days ago

Mahalia Broxton this is who u missed

Vàl Soñ Æñdrïæh

8 days ago

Jennifer I just love watching you on the voice. It helps me see what a amazing lady you are, and you shine girl!!Gods light is bright in you!!!

Gabrielle Roether

8 days ago

Yeeeessss Kirk can !!!!❤❤

I stay fighting ! If it’s not worth fighting for it’s not worth it at all! @warren_diane #notoriousrbg
Good morning fromteam Jhud Sunday morning glam squad ! @shannonpezzetta @kiyahwright1 @rockdbyholly when women are around u know the job will get done !

Juan Mosquera

9 days ago

I LOVED YOU B4 Jenny Craig!

Itz Pweedi Ter Boo

9 days ago

Shout out to you Jennifer Hudson I just wanna take the time out and tell you that you’re absolutely beautiful and amazing and that I’m really a big fan of you and I love you music and it’s coming all the way from Nassau Bahamas😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

Anel Dugina

10 days ago

That is one beautiful picture of you take care and have a wonderful blessed day

Thanks @princessofsoul for letting me know . I wouldn’t have known. It’s such an honor and great company to be in and thank you @billboard awhhh , I made it to 8th place in the top 100 .
So Honored to be in that number !

James Delos Santos

10 days ago

I know that's right congratulations and God bless you sweetie you're the best you're awesome

Fridens Hernandez Olivas

11 days ago

My daughter loves this movie 🎥

Eric Bernardo

11 days ago

Congratulations JHud , great movie .

Why,I think it’s time for a Jhud spa day! If u work hard , u shouldplay hard ! That’s what my mama use to say! And I say well in that case,I should never stop playing !!!! happy Monday everybody !

Erick Dublok

15 days ago

Yes ma'am Jhud

Hania Litwińska

16 days ago

I got the perfect massage for you just give me a call you know what time it is Facebook me it's best massage in LA County

Nadine Eßr

16 days ago

We have the same flooring 😲

I just like this !!! @people @nbcthevoice

Fatma Musa

18 days ago

I need you here for me if it's not asking too much of you. I've been following you for over almost two decades and I'm deciding to turn my life over to God and i know where you came from and what you've been through. Just asking. I know you have allot on your plate so i figured you might would make an acception for me. Love you always.

Cheryl Kendall

18 days ago

Watched you again in. Dreamgirls. One of my favs. That movie had so many layers. I never tire. And. I am telling you. Im. Watching you and. The rest on the voice

Timothy Lay

18 days ago

Yes I love it

Everyday,I hit the ground running ! Mama hud got work to do! Goodmorning team Jhud !

Olivo Belez

18 days ago

Jennifer ntombi umuhle ungayifakile makeup.... Look at me I am changing

Love your work oe

Janele Norling Rono

18 days ago

Hi, you are even pretty without the make up!

Mónica Ávalos

18 days ago

Hi! Gorgeous you looks beautiful have Blessings Day Jennifer 🎤🎶🎹🎸🀄🔥🌟⚡🏡🌹💄👠LOVE YOU Sister👚👛

It’s been such a fun exciting week and a lot going on ! I almost can’t keep up but glad I got to stop by and see @theellenshow I wonder what she gone have me do next time ! Oh lord ! Thanks for watching yal ! God is so good !!

Kevin Zawilinski

20 days ago

Hello👋jhudson good seeing you again lady😘💕😇

Walter Blennis

20 days ago

Love you JHud💄👠Stay Blessed Stunning Lady💘💘💕💞💕💞💕💞💝💟Amen

Siboniso Nqina

20 days ago

I Love takes Picture Went Going Places.For Leave my House.Going To Church And Park to.

Y’all,if I don’t do it ,
It won’t get done! But somebody got to do it and I’m so grateful, that I can ! And I must say , that I do it well!I just Finished singing my way home ! Oh but I made it !

Armen Karapetyan

24 days ago

JHUD U R an awesome female artist+actress of all🕐 still bad still a beast still the best still beautiful+gorgeous still on 🔥 💘 U JHUD U 🎸😍😘😚😎💋💗❤💖💓💞💕💯👑🙌💐👏

Nick Dean

24 days ago

Jennifer you are Pure Awesomeness!!!

Iain Chettleburgh

25 days ago

Hi I have funerals yet very broke and sick ...I will need a loan to be paid later , open for me a foreign bank Account , give me some money ,WhatsApp or mobile telephone number +254712836225 , or

#TeamJHud is coming back to @TheVoiceUK yal!! See u soon @ollymurs @RealSirTomJones @iamwill #TheVoiceUK
#TeamJHud is coming back to The Voice UK yal!! See u soon Olly Murs Tom Jones #TheVoiceUK

Cherie Johnson

25 days ago

😭❤️ I so wish to meet you one day❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙌

Axell Beck Brooks

25 days ago

I am rooting for Team JHud!

Lindsey King

25 days ago

We’re ready and excited too Jenn!! You better win this year!!

And just like that my job is done ! Well at least for tonight !

Sachin Patel

25 days ago

Jen Took me by surprise. I was tempted to come over and watch TV. I had no choice but to take you off messenger.
I was getting friend requests from all over the world.
Can't figure out a way to give you my phone number with out the whole world knowing it.

Sandy Porter

a month ago

Yep lay it down when a real playa come around

Jája Jenjá

a month ago

time to chill

Oh my @harrywinston with your chandeliers in my ears and diamonds on my neck ! What lovely diamonds! Still feels like my birthday !

Janette Hall

a month ago

😑😑😑tooo much weight lose

Maya Yamato

a month ago

JHudies gotta love this African queen ayt here. I say, she da most beautiful n I still got love for her music to date😋😋😋

Ranee Hestia

a month ago

You look fabulous girl!

Team Jhud is back baby! This week on @nbcthevoice sept 24th ! I’ll meet you there ! Let’s go team Jhud ! This gone be fun!!!!!

Rebecca Walton

a month ago

I am a huge fan, i love to hear you sing and watch you perform. I love to sing, i am terrible but it lifts me up, good music does that to a person, to me, its so important. I have just watched Kennedy Holmes Voice audition........i want, no i need to go see this girl in concert, i cannot wait. So moved, tears in my eyes, had to watch it twice, please look out for, protect and nurture this amazing talent, mentor or not this girl is sensational and needs somebody with your experience of life and the music industry to have her back xxx

William Calzadilla

a month ago

Can’t wait, lots of love and Happy Birthday

Fernando Alaniz Jr.

a month ago

Love The Voice.

And the bday celebration continues on! Lord more cake! Don’t judge me ! Thank u to my band , Hudsonette’s and crew! Yes I’m officially old as hell!

Lucero Salgado

a month ago

HBD. Love you and what you bring to much. You look great. Enjoy.

Brendan Ting

a month ago

Jen I just turned 41, last Sunday! God is good. You are as old as you feel hun❤️😘 enjoy the years you are blessed with, they really do go by fast💕💕

David Roth

a month ago

Happy Birthday Jennifer Hudson, You are a wonderful person, and May God continue to Bless and keep you in his care." Waiting for The Voice" I love you girl."

Thank u guys for having me ! Your energy was beyondamazing !! #musicforbrainhealth #onemind

Lisa Linnell

a month ago

Jennifer Hudson - spotlight

Nathan Ehrisman

a month ago

amazing u are truly a stone # black girls rock hbd

New Neck junk for Napa !

Tara Serfass

a month ago

Is that sliver or white gold?

Zlatko Zlatanov

a month ago

Nice Neckware but the Lips though......

Chloe Flanigan

a month ago

That's nice jennifer

Yep Some of my favorite sayings!My mama use to say “If you think you’ve seen it all just keep on living”My favor comes from my faith , my mama use to always say , “if you want something done right , do it yourself “ , If you don’t like it , Change it. One of my favorites I remind myself of everydayI refuse to let your ugly , mess up my beautiful ! That’s just a few ! Can u fill in the other three slots ??? Steve would say ,ok we asked team Jhud what is jennifer’s top 8 favorite sayings ??? Three spots still left on the board ...

Lisa Allen Porter

a month ago

Another one of my favorite is never let your left hand know what your right hand is doing!

Joseph Bouley

a month ago

Today is the tomorrow you were afraid of yesterday.

Laquitta Marie

a month ago

My old saying : I lead you to it I love to do it.

I love u guys , team Jhud! Oh but I made it !!!
Oh but I made it !I don’t need a lotand I don’t ask for much andI’m so grateful for everything I have and I thank God for another year cuz lord knows days don’t come as easy as they use too!
Those who know me know I love some @familyfeud ! so they got me a family feud bday cakethis year ! Thanks team of team Jhud @juleyah @starrahsmom @wallybean1 @jenvyno1@lightnlovely2
Ok Bday recap !

Kyle Saunders

a month ago

Very Unique...that's Love!!!

Cris Crystal

a month ago

Love you to

Samuel Savard

a month ago

Happy Birthday Jen

This is a true example on how God works !if u take one step ,he will take two . Why should he do for u when u won’t even do for yourself God helps those , that held themselves ! Look what God can do ! Remember that his steps is much bigger than yours ! Congrats #geffreyowens #tylerperry

Azhar Dilbar

a month ago

Amen and Thank God. Geoffrey Owens is an example of what need to be exemplified in the black community. So excited for him and his family. Look at God.

Emmanuelle Vermande

a month ago

And I'd like to thank the tv show that showed him working at trader Joe's what you meant for evil had been turned around GOD got the glory

Krissna Kris

a month ago

Things happen for reason, God a loud Geoffrey Owens life to happened the way it happen , just like in our lives thing will happen to chance your whole life, and God will use others to get us there, I dare you to look back on your life and see how God move mountains though people and situations,so it’s not sad or bad, whatever this guy went through in his lifetime and ended up at Trader Joe , afterward being seen and this happen make me understand LIFE

Fun fact .... did u know that all the#dreams-girls are All Virgos ! @beyonce sept 4th , #anikanonirose sept 6th and me Jhud sept 12th ! Happy bday month to my dream girl Virgo sisters ! I hAve yet to get my bday cake . It’s almost here !

Madison Swick

a month ago

Happy birthday girls, mine is today

Toby Lewis

a month ago

This is her real hair and I love ❤️ it

Bäd Mëëts Ëvïl

a month ago

Happy birthday Beyonce🎉🎈, mine was also on 9/4☺💙🎉🎈

Find your own peace ! I know,I did ! Hope u had a great Labor Day weekend too ! Now let the dragging of the face begin even more !
Congrats to the amazing cast of “Ain’t to proud” trust me yal don’t want to miss this show !

Bob Bryant

a month ago

Cat lady C Dick is so funny.😘😘😘😘. And yes he is very handsome and she is beautiful as well. Awesome looking couple!!

Saffrinn van B

a month ago

Sometimes it just does nt work
Go Jen !
I Always wonder why some women can t move on ... Or man ... They will sit around and wait thinking the other person THEY Love is going to change and come back ? their not ... Move On !
She looks so happy

Chris Walker

a month ago

I need u to know that u did an amazing job at Retha long azz fune. But I stayed watching bcuz I refused to leave until u came out.

A friend of mine always told me u have to create your own peace ! Sometimes that means letting some folks go!

Ayla Richards

2 months ago

Some loss of friends are the will of God. God test your will your faith. Stength of your faith and wisdom to know the different in a friend and a foe. Everything is a test and God is the school teacher.

Gotze Vini

2 months ago

Lisa Brock didn’t you just say something like this!!

Such a beautiful woman. I love you so much Jennifer. Peace my sweet lady. Peace babydoll. I love you.

Thank u @createcultivate for having me tonight ! Felt so good to be surrounded byA room full of powerful woman !!

Edson Jacinto

2 months ago

Hi darling your voice is so heavenly xx

Iradukunda Cynthia

2 months ago

Hi Jennifer....I really like that long wavy hairstyle on you...and the color too! ☺️

Malena Prado

2 months ago

That's awesome. Blessings

It’s almost that timeagain ! anybody ready for @nbcthevoice sept 24th team Jhud is back !

Dominika Masztalerz

2 months ago

You are the most beautiful woman in the world and My favorite best singer Jennifer Hudson)👩🎤🎶🎶♥️♥️

Silvana Flore

2 months ago

Not feeling her new look a bit much, lets clean it up some. Her voice is always on point.

Wayne Stuart

2 months ago

What will they think of next??? Ruin Pantyhose!!!!💰💰😀😄

Omg I can’t believe I’m writing this as I’m writing itbut all I can say is heaven must be preparing something even greatercuz yet again another one is gone ! #craigzadan was not only a great producer but a great great man ! Breaks my heart to say it but u will be missed . Wow!

Edward Johnson

2 months ago

Stunning picture Jennifer. So sorry for your loss.

Ann Gepfrich Martin

2 months ago

Hey There Jennifer It's your boy Derek Alexander. Not sure if you remember me but years ago we did a show together in Lincolnshire IL : Big River My Mother , Lenetta 80th Birthday is Sept 21st we are throwing her a party at the Martinique She would be ecstatic if you could send me a personalize video of you wishing her a Happy Birthday. I know you are very busy but if you could do this I would be eternally Grateful You can send the video to my email

Jitendra Jadav

2 months ago

Keep jennifer off the voice she is a terrible judge self centered personality

What he said @blakesheltonmy buddy when he comes along singing a song ! My buddy ...
Thank u #teamjuju and to all the beautiful hearts out there who helped outat #hatchday ! Have a good school year kids and see u at our annual Christmas toy drive ! Be blessed chicago ! @juleyah

Tammy Isaacs Demo

2 months ago

Please help us jennifer

Melvin Gallegos Muñiz

2 months ago

Friends In DA CLUB

Ken Carbayar

2 months ago

We need you to come through and sing for Queen Aretha Franklin 💔💔💔

I’ll let the baby tell u! We had a good time ! @juleyah #hatchday was a blast !
Happy 17thbirthday Julian and happy Hatch day to all the kids of chicago ! @juleyah

Ng Su Hui

2 months ago

Happy Birthday Julian little angel

Suzzanna Weimer

2 months ago

If a kid falls asleep in the middle of eating an ice cream cone, all I can say is job well done! Baby down and out!! So cute.💖😂💖🤣💖😅💖🤣

Pam Lyall

2 months ago

DMS 866 L if he can know that just know is over .....caught that on tape....we can played a million times...imani found the light

It’s hatch day !

Anson Tse

2 months ago

Hi! Beautiful Jennifer 💕💞💋💗🌷💘💐🌺👸

Frankie Ballungay

2 months ago

May he rip and his spirit soar 🙏🏾❤️

Karen Neid

2 months ago

Thinking of you all in St. Louis. Xoxo friend

Tomorrow 🙌 !! Hope to see you all at #HatchDay 🙏 Visit for full details.

Flávia Mutima

2 months ago

Hey about time u post something u think u two cute for me...where u whats up

Majie Williams

2 months ago

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ALe Marquez

2 months ago

I’ll be there

Love is your color !

Euvijenia Vy Silva

2 months ago

Hope you can come to Hawai'i soon! Would love to show you our islands! Aloha, Michi

Craig Riffle

2 months ago

Nope. It looks like a rat's nest. Go back to how you had it!!!

Onde Onde Isi Kurmoo

2 months ago

No matter're beautiful. Just know, God didn't intend for everyone to be thin. Be healthy. Be the you, you were created to be.

I didn’tknow what pix to pick or what song to choose to help remember u on your day , becuz u gave us all so much ! Happy birthday #whitneyhouston
Hope to see u all at #hatchday !

Tabitha Rausch

2 months ago

Then remember me then will u baby

James Zagwazatha Chichitike

2 months ago

I believe she would be alive today if her mother could accept her for who she was.

Haidar Sufiani

2 months ago

You're my best and my everything. I can't quit thinking of you and the joy you gave me through your lifestyle and songs . Rest on my beloved. Happy Birthday

Before I save someone else , I got to save myself!

When I saw you in dream girls, I understood a new star was born. Jennifer you have a magical voice and a presence that's amazing. Whatever you are going through, you have my support.

Ifeoma Gloria

2 months ago

If you’re not rooted in Jesus and stay in Hollywood long enough you won’t recognize yourself even when you’re looking in the mirror!

Ewerthon Legion

2 months ago

We sing about him, we talk about him, we shout about him but sooner or later the real truth about how you serve him will become apparent! Serving Jesus is a lifestyle and a sacrifice! It’s not just words but in deeds!

Rocking my @adamlevine bling today !
This made my day ! How can u walk pass the color purple in a field and not even notice it ! It warmed my heart !

Christo January

2 months ago

Dam bae u looking like a snack n im ready to chow down. But this dijuan n guess what even doe things failed with us but i still pick ella mai-trip
N really i love u so i aint gone worry bout it n when u worry u make urself look older.

Neil Hatchard

2 months ago

You look gorgeous with or without the bling😎😎I get it’s Adams 😘😘

Rose Salamone Misischia

2 months ago

Jen, you are a natural Beauty, and I love to see you perform. You are a Person with Beauty inside and out. May God always Bless You, and Lead you in his path. The lady with the Voice!!! You look Amazing"

I can’t believe it almost that time ! It’s coming like a train ! Hatch day is on its way ! #Hatchday

Tony Lzz

3 months ago


@apresnoir thank u for having me be apart of your dinner ! you all were wonderful ! Fun fact , did u all knowthat my traveling career started right herein Toronto Canada and I’ve been traveling ever since !

Pao Hernandez

3 months ago

Wow, to me, you will always be Ms Chicago. Hugs and kisses from Chicago Illinois.

Øyvind Aor Johansen

3 months ago

Looking beautiful and sounding fabulous darling xx

Charles Tillman

3 months ago

Looking so Beautiful Jennifer, You are a Natural Beauty, with a nice face. I love your outfit. You look Stunning" May God continue to Bless You and that Gifted Voice.!!

I don’t know no other way to be

Deborah Ann Card

3 months ago

That's how you should be

Gabriela Teeka-Singh

3 months ago

home with me sweetie

Nolungelo Nkhwazi Nyoni

3 months ago

Boss lady fits you because you are one hard working sista!! You learned from the best though!!

5....4....3 2 1 lets get it ! #levelup ( @ciara ) let’s al level up as a nation.

Jigar Patel

3 months ago

is this Jennifer's real Facebook page?

Tom Mašanauskas

3 months ago

Jennifer Hudson, are other nations invited to join in and #levelup as well? 🙂

Kimberly Lozano

3 months ago

Wow ...jhud...sister... I think we have make a brake through 2010 casr...see the FBI...the bros will update you

#Levelup , she said it @ciara

Kerron Bromley

3 months ago

I love her v much xem💋❤

Jb April

3 months ago

Kassey Levels....from american idol....came out with this song and concept in 2015

Mendzi Mzee Lambert Geldenhuys

3 months ago

Jennifer you're a blessing and a phenomenal inspiration to me. Keep wishing your fellow artistes the best, God will always bless you more. Regards to Wally. #ProudHudsonette. Love from Uganda, East Africa

I realize some people just want to take your life and do what they want with it ! Did u want what I just said .... read it again ! Nope , it’s my life !! It’s not gone work the same for u ! Work youown !

Geko Halder

3 months ago

Hi Jennifer I'll see you in that spotlight you look very nice I haven't heard nothing about you lately what's up. Is you're trying to make something happen cuz I'm waiting to hear it LOL talk to you later Jennifer take care love you girl

Debby Kerr

3 months ago

I receive this message in your post AMEN!!

Shelly Muehlbauer

3 months ago

You right, work you. Get your own! God gave you many blessings! Stay strong.

@tyrese u took me back to this one #shame what yal know about that ?! I@think@that song need a Jhud response ... what yal think?
What artist do u know that flies in and shows up to a soundcheck one ...and then at 1 am in the morning ..... ahhh ....@iamjhud Bosslady got work to do! Who got time to sleep , when u busy living your dream

Melanie Colvard

3 months ago

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Enrique Hector

3 months ago

girl you know you gonna kill it like you killed purple rain on the bet's

Marilyn Bolus

3 months ago

I say go get your sing on bbes, We gon love it regardless

And congrats to @nbcthevoice on what.... 9 Emmy nods ! So glad to be apart of @nbcthevoice and #nbc family !

Mya Rios

3 months ago

you talk like someone is chasing you Relax every one is smoking ganja from the apart ments

Anwar Grimes

3 months ago

The show was my favorite til jennifer hudson became a judge and i couldnt stand to watch her she is to much into herself please bring back alicia

Joe Chamberlain

3 months ago

You are the only reason I watched...Love how you supported the constants.💗

My mama use to say If u work hard , u should play hard ! Well I guess I should never stop playingas hard as I work !

Kiyoshi Somer Lee

3 months ago

idk but something dug deep inside me about this photo sorry if it offended or sounded creepy that was my first thought then my after thought was Luther Vandross album creep creep creep just my imagination carried away with me its the beach you in the back drop just took my back made me react

Vincent N Liz Martinez

3 months ago

Dat part babe

Justin Johnson

3 months ago

Thats how it is at times

Ok now what’s next ....... here at Jhud productions this ship will always sail on ! Thank u all!

Christina Avril-Dieudonné

3 months ago

Please dont bring her bavk on the voice she was terrible

Jane Okeeffe

3 months ago

Concert in the UK?! X

Andressa Gonçalves

3 months ago

And I will follow!

And I love my fans ! So happy I could give u something !! A show u guys have been waiting for foralong time ! Thank u for loving me ! I love u back !

Marwin Dalogdog

3 months ago

We love you so much

Iram Saleem Elahi

3 months ago

We love you too in south africa

Rudi Rahmansyah

3 months ago

I Love you too 😘😘😘