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See you next week, Singapore! Join us for Good Vibes on Saturday, October 27.

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Ally Fortin Logan

6 hours ago

see you next week, JASON MRAZ! 😍

Reece Gendron

6 hours ago

Jason, you home? If so, swing by my house in Carlsbad tomorrow and sing a wedding song to my daughter who adores you. Please 😘

Hannah Bittermen Terry

6 hours ago

Spread that good vibes in Manila, Ph.

Hey Life Rolls On, Thanks for inviting me to host & play the 14th annual #NightByTheOcean gala. Next year I wanna be the auctioneer. Big love to the Molly Miller Quartet for playing a great set and making me sound good. Thanks also to Southern California Sound Image Inc. for providing the killer sound waves! xo

Mohammed Sayud

18 days ago

Love the New Music, Already bought the cd. My Love and I have tickets for your Albuquerque show and cannot wait!!! Thank you Mr. Jason Mraz for adding to our holiday season!

Renee Martinez

18 days ago

When daddy sings he's an auctioneer, auctioneer.

Ioka S Opetaia Taualeoo

19 days ago

Looks like it was truly a beautiful event full of lots of Love and Light!! Congrats on 14 years Jesse Billauer!!! I hope lots of money and awareness was raised and continues to be 💜

I'm thrilled to be hosting Night By The Ocean to help raise love vibration and dollars for Life Rolls On. Come early for some friendly competition in the silent auction. Big thanks to Taylor Guitars for donating my new favorite guitar to the cause, the Academy Nylon, of which I've given some new color and pizazz. :)


Dalton Aurelie

23 days ago

SO wish we would have seen this earlier!!! We would have been all in! ....saw him 2 weeks ago 2nd row in santa Barbara! Amazing!

Asif Ali

24 days ago

On top of all the concerts you're doing you do all these amazing things also I love to seeing you in Berkeley and Reno you're amazing hurry back to California please

Amber Morris

24 days ago

This is such a lovely idea!!! Love the designs!!! 💙💜

Bravo to the many thousands of you who donated your old shirts to become new shirts for a zero-waste, closed-loop, sustainable system of Good Vibes!

More info:

Fran Green Vezina

25 days ago

Ahhh next time I shall donate lots for sure x)

Joe Thanutas

25 days ago

I love his music, but concerts are way too expensive now! I miss the 70's when shows were affordable!!

শ্রাবন্তি টপি

25 days ago

I already have some picked out for the St. Louis show in December! ❤🧡💛💚💙💜

Happy. Thank you. More please.
(Photos: Jeff Coffman)

Pete Lukaszewski

a month ago

Unfold is such an amazing song, so happy you have played since 1999

Sarah Clark

a month ago

Philippines again, please!

Gabriella Lynee Rodriguez

a month ago

Keep spreading the good vibes!

My friend MC Flow deserves a mic drop for her performance at Red Rocks. She eloquently unleashed her intelligent rhymes to a sold out crowd last Sunday night in Colorado. Flow has been a huge inspiration to me for more than a decade. Her encouraging words and ideas have landed in many new and unreleased songs in the last few years, including Work In Progress, You Do You, and Undone to name a few. Thanks to Flow, I am rapping again, both on Know. and in the new show. Fun fact: Flow appears on I'm Yours in the party vocals that big-up the end of the song. She is a constant source of Good Vibes and a joy to have on the team. Get to Know MC Flow.

Angie Baney

a month ago

I can’t wait for an album with these songs!!!! I’m hoping it’s not too far out. I keep listening to them on YouTube for now but I really want them on an album. And I’m really hoping you will have MC Flow in Irvine!!!!! Please!😘love you guys

Alf Palle Palm

a month ago

I LOVE MC Flow!!!
I laugh, I cry, I dance!!

Stefanie Salmon-Scheppler

a month ago

Thanks for sharing this, Jason Mraz, about my new friend, MC Flow! She is a wonderful artist, wife, mother, human, and cannabis advocate! #GettoKnowFlow #McFlow #JasonMraz #veronicamitchellwriter

Thank you Big Bud Press & AfterBurnt for the vibey summer steeze.

Mary Dilbeck Hicks

2 months ago

Musictoday ii , LLC CROZET is the e-commence who is doing Jason official store got bad reputation from trustpilot that you might only get charged but never send you what you ordered

Omlita Harrylall

2 months ago

Chillin in Breck for a few days for my birthday and finishing the week off right at Red Rocks with you!

Celeste Sydney

2 months ago

I am planning on asking you if I could be your cat sitter once I catch you on the other side.

"My name is Camila Castillo. I am 10 years old and fighting AML for the second time. I will be getting a second bone marrow transplant. Please keep me in your prayers. If you could, please ask your fans to sign up to become bone marrow donors." I sure will Camila. Thank you for being so brave and inspiring. xo

Please sign up to become a bone marrow donor at Be The Match:

Crystal Everett

2 months ago

My husband had a bone marrow transplant from an anonymous donor through Be The Match 2 years ago this week. Donation is an amazing, priceless gift❤️

Bush Xrosso

2 months ago

I already sent my saliva sample. I hate that there is a need for donors. However, I would gladly donate if I match someone in need.

Elaine Carroll

2 months ago

Truly inspiring 😍 what a brave young lady.

Curious about our gear? Go behind the scenes of the #GoodVibesTour with front of house engineer Ettore Dedivitiis & monitor engineer Matt Kornick:

Maria Stoian

2 months ago

Thanks for making the trek to the Bluestem last night. When I attended my first concert there three years ago the first thing I said was “Jason Mraz needs to play HERE!” I asked and I received and it was fantastic. Thanks for helping me get through the hardest times in my life. You are so awesome and inspiring! ❤️

Donna Pelletier

2 months ago

wish I were part of this nice crew...

Jose Gregorio Rodriguez

2 months ago

I'm wondering about the dynamics of miking a sitar? One of the great moments of the show, as far as I am concerned.

Good Vibes for Good Deeds! Nominate a good deed-doer from your community here:

Randall M

2 months ago

Can I nominate you? I love the community work you do - for the children, the arts, the environment, etc.

Amirsafa Gheissari

2 months ago

I nominate James Kramer always being helpful and kind to others❤️

Juanito Becerra

2 months ago

The concert in Jacksonville florida, amazing, go to my page for pictures and videos....

On tour & live in stereo with Toca Rivera this fall… and you could win tickets!
Enter here:

Ville Tatum

2 months ago

Jason Mraz Can I get some front seats for the Hershey Pa Dec 2nd. Show? I went to the one at the Mann Center in philly and the sound wasn't the same. I know you were having issues with the mic but in general the sound quality was not on point. Maybe I was missing some saxophone/trumpet.

Katende Zaha Denis

2 months ago

Would love a UK acoustic tour. Seems a lifetime ago the duo or trio days

Eric Doshier

2 months ago

“Toca, take it away....”

Join me at 9pm ET on Twitter for the Know. listening party and Q&A:

Tanya Young

2 months ago

Love the album! Lyrics and music are awesome .

Rodrigo Ledesma

2 months ago

The climax was mom's question. 😆

Michael Madamba

2 months ago

Reported all those crazy comments from the same guy.

Announcing: An acoustic set with Toca Rivera plus very special guest Gregory Page – November 27 in Red Bank, NJ at Count Basie Center.

Fan pre-sale begins Wed, Aug 15 at 10am EDT. Visit for tickets & more info.

Truffle Butter

2 months ago

I need go to this...but it’s on a week day 😮😢😖😣☹️😞 Jason come to DE or back to Philadelphia so I can see you again 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

David Benavides Rodriguez

2 months ago

The best Mraz live experience is Jason + Toca unplugged

AmirReza Alimohamadi

2 months ago

Come back to Michigan!!!💚

Tonight: I'll be listening to Know. at 9pm ET and answering your questions on Twitter using the hashtag #KnowMraz. Join me and play / stream along!

Hector Dejesus

2 months ago

I absolutely adore the design/ heart. I need that shirt! ♥️

Mary Robinson

2 months ago

It said when I bought the ticket to the movie on line that it came w a free down load of Know, how do I go about that?

Oomg Kokohtay

2 months ago

Wife, son and I just saw you this weekend in Philly. Great show, awesome music. Thanks

Know. Out Now on Amazon Music:

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Rosaly Marrero

2 months ago

Loving Better with You.. have it on repeat repeat repeat! <3

Miguel Jimenez

2 months ago

Fave: Let's See What The Night Can Do and Love is Still the Answer

Brian Williams

2 months ago

Waiting for it.💚

Listen to "Let's See What The Night Can Do" on Spotify's New Music Friday:

Know. Available Now:

Phyo Lone

2 months ago

See you tonight in Philly!!!! I hope the rain holds off!!!

Serge Roche

2 months ago

You know Jason Mraz, it was your I'm yours song that was stuck in my brain forever when visiting NZ. To this day it gives me chills with happiness like a light at the end of a really messed up tunnel of my life.

Thank you.

Tonya Brickner

2 months ago

This is "that" song of this album. I hope Philippines would be part of your tour, too. 😭 We miss you!

Know. Out Now on Apple Music:

Hear "More Than Friends" feat. Meghan Trainor on Apple Music's The A-List: Pop Playlist:

Fathima Zaz

2 months ago

Sleeping to dream version is nice but you’ll never top the amazing version on Tonight not again. That is simply amazing.

Thomas Dobbelaere

2 months ago

Sleeping to dream! Best song ever! Thanks for bringing it back!!!!! Beautiful album!!!!!!!!

Jamil Hounshell

2 months ago

Got it Jason! Thanks 😃😃😃😃

Let it be Known. Know. is out now.

Buy / Stream:

Gorkey Roy

2 months ago

I was at a fireworks festival in Japan last week, sad about something. One of your songs played. Siri had helped me figure out who you were. Had to know whose song cheered me up out of a funk. Thanks!

Paula Parent

2 months ago

I just Saw you in concert last weekend and then preordered Know. Thank you for singing songs that make me feel good and smile 🙂

I am an older woman. I hadn't seen you before this morning's Concert on The TODAY Show and now I am a fan. I am going to keep in touch with your Shows and where you will be performing.

Peneli Mbe

2 months ago

watching.... beautifully magical, and I'm only on the 2nd song🎶🎵💗💖💖

Zuzka Jarolímková

2 months ago

Enjoyed this so much!

Christine Campos

2 months ago

Will this album be available on google music?

Announcing: Good Vibes in Copenhagen, DK!

Fan pre-sale begins Thu 9 August at 9am CEST. Visit for tickets & more info.

Kaitlyn Tozier

2 months ago

Shannon Beatty it’s too bad this isn’t closer to our trip!!

Oscar Hernández

2 months ago

You're welcome in French Polynesia (Tahiti). Maybe one day ;)

LaToya S Lewis

2 months ago

John Kold Knudsen now you can go to a Jason Mraz concert 😂

Pre-save 'Know.' and follow me on Spotify for a chance to win one of 10 autographed vinyl test pressings of the album!

Cândido Jackson Gabriel

2 months ago

Already did! Saw you at Mohegan you were amazing! I lovin’ loved it!

Lisette Hernandez

2 months ago

“I F*n did it “ !

Tristen Henderson

2 months ago

Pre-ordered a while ago, including the cassette version ❤️❤️

Tune in tomorrow, August 3 at 9pm ET/PT for a special live performance on Audience | DIRECTV 239 | #AUDIENCEmusic

Sneak peek! Watch "Let's See What The Night Can Do" on PARADE Magazine:

Sofia Alvarado

3 months ago

CONGRATULATIONS Jason!!! 👏👏👏 Your song Have it All is no 1 on the Algoa FM Top 30 (dd 4/8/2018) South Africa!!! Sooooo freaking happy for you 👏👏👏📻🎶👌😊👍💗😘 Whoop whoop Happy Dance!!! 👏

Melinda Gál

3 months ago

Admin HeLP???

I was at the Vermont good vibes show on Wednesday the 1st.

I bought my wife a shirt for $30, and she put it on for the 1st time today and there is a rip in the seam.

Can anyone point me to person to help me get one mailed please?

Gregory J Fears

3 months ago


I was at the Vermont good vibes show on Wednesday the 1st.

I bought my wife a shirt for $30, and she put it on for the 1st time today and there is a rip in the seam.

Can anyone point me to person to help me get one mailed please?

Soon to be on CBC's Q with the great guitarist & producer Bill Bell. Canada's interview shows are always deep and thoughtful. I was sad to have our Toronto show canceled, but glad I still got to visit. Canada has Good Vibes. Canada for President. xo

Dana Lorenzo

3 months ago

That is awesome, Jason!
He has been with you since you were younger!

Mazigh Azzi

3 months ago

Jason Mraz....seriously man just thank you. I was able to get my hands on a pair of tickets for the ATL show as a belated birthday/early 14th anniversiary gift for my wife. We are stoked to get to see you. Now back to the thank you. you see when Waitin for my rocket came out I was just meh about it (I know strange way to start) but I was in the Army and way to cool for the school you were bringing (or so I thought). Then I met my wife, who was obviously really into your music, and as she got me to listen and more rather admit that I liked other than the "cool" music I listened to she opened my eyes to many other artists. but none really paralled us quite like yours. From giggling along to geek in the pink to listening to sleeping to dream over the phone while I was in Iraq to cruising around Germany singing along to Lucky. You have seriously been a frequented artist on the soundtrack of our life. Can't wait to get to be able to enjoy this with her....just dont take it personally if I am staring at her during certain songs instead of watching you up on stage.

Prinmikans Knune Muangjuntre

3 months ago

Thanks! Real recognize real...😂

New York! We’re celebrating the release of ‘Know.’ on Aug 8th at YouTube Space NY. Enter for a chance to attend >>

Ana Ramos

3 months ago

Should be open to other countries, we love your music up here in Canada too! Then again I'd have to go to the states so nvm 🤣

Lone Binne Hansen

3 months ago

This would be so amazing! I’ve seen him live 11 times, and he and his Super Band are, by far, some of the absolute best performers!

Kim Banks Waters

3 months ago

Fernando Napier GO ENTER

Cleveland's got Good Vibes. And great dance moves. Thanks for the amazing pics Jeff Coffman Film.
Pre-add Know. on Apple Music >
Listen to "More Than Friends" feat. Meghan Trainor on Spotify's New Music Friday playlist >

Roberta Morgan

3 months ago

My first Jason Mraz concert and not my last!! Such an awesome and positive show!

Phiwe Mnguni

3 months ago

Great concert, Jason. If it's possible, I think your voice is even better! Wow!!!!

Shirley Young

3 months ago


The Good Vibes Tribe volunteered at the Greater Cleveland Food Bank today. Tonight, bring a donation of a non-perishable food item for a chance to win a front row seat upgrade and a signed guitar. Thanks for the good vibes Greater Cleveland Food Bank!

Eva Maria Adan Alcala

3 months ago

That is what it is sbout

Karolína Baginská

3 months ago

Ozang Cabugos Pacatang dara ohhh panghatag guitar

Jocelyne Pelayo Ruiz

3 months ago

Sean Russel Dispo the reason why i love jason mraz even more ❤️

‪“More Than Friends” feat. Meghan Trainor – out tomorrow. Listen now on People >>‬

Noemi Virgen

3 months ago

Two fantastic voices could not be anything but a hit

Eleni Maria Filippidi

3 months ago

I think Jason is going to do it again and release another album where every song is just an absolute tune. 👌

Brad Wright

3 months ago

What happened to the live version???...

Good Vibes.
(Photo by @jeffcoffmanfilm)

Samuel Estrada

3 months ago

We are so excited for your show! We'll be there celebrating our 10 year anniversary with you in Guilford,NH! ❤️

Mìřă Bəĺĺă

3 months ago

Please come back to Toronto sometime soon. We had tickets for the original show on Sunday and were disappointed that it was cancelled. 😔

Nadia Y. Lopez

3 months ago

Tomorrow in Cleveland will be epic!

Announcing: Good Vibes in London, UK!

Fan pre-sale begins Wed 25 July at 9am BST. Visit for tickets & more info.

Ben Horter

3 months ago

Oh my goodness! Just can’t believe his coming to London!!!


3 months ago

OMG that would be a dream (one I will leave for his next tour or later in tour as crazy few months ahead! Xx

Mojiey Mcs

3 months ago

Margaret Ryan would you have nialls for a night if we went to see him next year?! 😬

Absolutely Zero Waste! My commitment to a cleaner planet for sustained fun continues this summer with our new recycled t-shirt program thanks to OrganicSoundofficial. Drop off your old tees at our special recycling bins located by the merch booth and we'll create an entirely new fabric from the garments donated during the Good Vibes Tour!

Doing good equals feeling good. Thanks for being a part of this. See you on the road!

Miriam Michines Ascanoa Travezaño

3 months ago

"Doing good" also means not appropriating other folks culture. You are not Two Spirit. That is our word. Not yours.

Parul Verma

3 months ago

does it have to be an old jason mraz tee or any old tees are ok?

Salvador Jose Garcia

3 months ago

There's a song by Jason Mraz called Absolutely Zero

We want to shine a light on some of the good that's happening in your town! Nominate a good deed-doer from your community here >>


3 months ago

You are my one biggest inspiration ever ! I love you

Juan Ignacio Fernandez Villalonga

3 months ago

Julliene Garcia Escoreal

Andres Suarez Cabrera

3 months ago

I Humbly ask your kind heart and knock the door of your wisdom to take Mark Salazar into your show. With all my respect to your firm. I gladly thank you! : ) here's the life that you gonna change!

Good News: Good Vibes is going to Europe early 2019. We're headed to the Netherlands, Austria, France, Germany, Denmark,* and the UK!* We'll also make a happy visit to Singapore on October 27 for a special night at National Stadium. Visit for the latest tour and ticket info.

*Stay tuned for dates and details soon.

Uriel Alfonso Villota Rivera

3 months ago

Third time's a charm, I hope! First time we got tickets, I endured a double leg fracture so couldn't go, second time a few years later had a massive flu. Keeping my fingers crossed for this 3rd attempt! :)

Juri Olsen

3 months ago

trying to buy presale tix for Amsterdam....i am a member of where do i get code needed to buy presale?

Christian Wixarika Lomeli

3 months ago

Buy Tickets for Amsterdam is the only date not available at the exact time they were supposed to go on sale. Wat up wit dat?

Spread the word. Might As Well Dance is now available wherever music is seen and heard.

Molly Harding...if you have a chance check out this video and the video for "Have it All"!! Great new music from Jason!

Connie Hurdle

3 months ago

I like live version more.

Sally Kim

3 months ago

Might as well Dance. Sing. NOT Steal Things. Love this so very much!

"Anyone who uses more than 2 chords is just showing off." - Woody Guthrie.

Thank you Woody Guthrie Folk Festival.

Ivor Rizmanovski

3 months ago

Haha. Thanks Jason! Now I am going to get back into strumming! One chord at a time!

Andrew Evans

3 months ago

Youre the best

Ben Riha

3 months ago

I love youuu mr.mraz

‪"Have It All" is a song with a message of generosity; one meant to be paid-forward and shared. And in the spirit of "Have It All," we want to shine a light on some of the good that's happening in your town. Enter here >>‬

Saraban Tahura

3 months ago

Hope you can perform this live with the superband

Cookie Hill Kendrick

3 months ago

Ruben Bauer is probably one of the most generous person I know! =)

Piki Delgado

3 months ago

Live high, live mighty, live righteously...

ICYMI: Watch "Have It All" on Jimmy Kimmel Live! >>

Luis Angel Rod Swiree Rod

3 months ago

😍 Another feel good positive song he seems to easily provide us fans. I saw him on Maui & Portland. Was planning to see him again at Britt
Fest in Oregon but the tickets are pretty outrageous. Trying to hunt deals or giveaways!! Anyway keep up the good vibes! Aloha 🌺

Ilie Ioana

3 months ago


Juanita Gonzalez

3 months ago

I can NOT get this song out of my head. Listened to it when it first came out and it’s been stuck ever since!!

‪Tune in tonight! 11:35/10:35c
Jimmy Kimmel Live

Luis Angel Rod Swiree Rod

3 months ago

Try not to slip on Jimmy's tears.

Da'Shel Dionne Porter

3 months ago

Youre the best ^_^ love you Mr.Mraz

Alejandro Baxcajay

3 months ago

Can’t wait to watch!

Listen to "Might As Well Dance" on Amazon Music's Brand New Music playlist >

Douglas Garrett

3 months ago

I'll just leave this comment right here... We faintly hope for camouflage or undone being an official track, I remember one interview you gave where you said you would prefer to leave behind happy, uplifting songs, on an official album. How about some other mean than official album? 😃 Those songs are too touching not to be passed to the younger generations!

Josh Knight

3 months ago

Linda Korevaar, song staat op Spotify!

Ana Rosa Alvarez Garcia

3 months ago

I really love it <3 <3 <3 absolutely amazing

Listen to "Might As Well Dance" on Spotify's Contemporary Blend playlist >

Dominic Wolbert

3 months ago

I can't stpp to streaming this beautiful song from you <3

Rexen Sqhinzo

3 months ago

I share your youtube vids when..
Messaging friends and family. Sometimes on FB..because, it fits my journey for the
I Love youre wholesome good genuine spirit..Its Something Everyone can watch or listen to. Music from your heart & soul. Your music vids are always fun..inspiring or comes with a purpose for a positive change..self realization.
Many blessings to You, your beautiful wife family and friends. Another Awesome song my friend.

Margaret Gaines Sims

3 months ago

Waiting for your Asian tour 🙌🏻🙌🏻

Tune in today at 8:30pm BST. #WeAreListening

Sondra Winslow McKeown

4 months ago

Decades as a Psychiatric Social Worker has been challenging everyday, as I see the faces of those who struggle to live life and be happy! It is difficult to maintain my own sanity, your music and your philosophy keep me inspired, knowing I make a difference and am humbled by the people I serve! God Bless Us All, we need each other to survive!

Alice Toti

4 months ago

Can you give a shout out to my twin 5 yr old granddaughters they have loved you since they were two and you were on Sesame Street

Alice Ribeiro

4 months ago

Is it on this page should be on now

Having It All.

Rae-Keba N Harmon

4 months ago

Happy Happy Birthday to you! We have been fans since PB coffee house days. Will be in the cheap seats at Red Rocks with our girls Labor Day weekend. Looking forward to it!

Deb Jennings Eaves

4 months ago

I made a video of photos for my sons 1st birthday with have it all and Facebook has muted it, because i obviously don't own it, im not trying to sell it.... give me permission!!! haha so i can dispute it, its so fitting!! haha (big hopes here)

Amadu Wurie Sowe

4 months ago

Happy birthday! My husband and I Love your music! We can’t wait to see you in Cleveland July 27th!!! Front row , whoot whooot! 😍

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Hear "Unlonely" on Jason Mraz Essentials by Apple Music >
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Know. Available August 10. Pre-order now.

Zene Robleto González

4 months ago

Love his positive vibes

Souzan House

4 months ago

Love love love x

Siriki Bakayoko

4 months ago

Melony Odland listen to his new song

Shazam our performance of "Have It All" on Live with Kelly and Ryan for a chance to win a trip to New York City to see us live in Central Park!

Claudia Moseley

4 months ago

Can’t wait until the album comes out (August 10)❤️

Nate Saumell

4 months ago

Will be nice! A concert in Central Park

Berna Silab Lama

4 months ago

Breath of fresh air. . .

10 years. Still Yours.

Robin Nutley

4 months ago

For me, listening to this song has always been equal to a kind of awakening. Courage, freedom, hope, love of life and people. All these stuff in one of the greatest song of all time. Grateful for it.

Davide Minosa

4 months ago

Loved seeing you in Williamsburg. I walked down the aisle to your cover of "At Last" and you were playing when our son was born. You are very significant to our family, not only for your lovely music, but what you stand for as an even more lovely human being. We love you!!!

JoAnn Goodin

4 months ago

I had loved the song since the 2005 demo that you recorded during Mr. A-Z. It's still my favorite version. I was hyped that it ended up being the first single off the next album. Around the time it came out, I made a new friend named Lauren. The first thing we bonded over is a love for your music. We only see each other once or twice a year these days, but this year, we're celebrating 10 years of friendship by seeing you live for the fourth time together at Merriweather. ❤

If you believe it then anything can happen.

SPARC - Youth Performing Arts
Turnaround Arts

(Photo by Eric Morgensen Photography)

Duy Anh Quoc Nguyen

5 months ago

I hope you can come to Mexico 🇲🇽, I raeally love your music bro.

U Than Htike

5 months ago

It was nice to finally meet you last night after the show Jason. Thank you for all you do for SPARC!

Keith Ross

5 months ago

Go, go , go!

LIVE ART LOVE IS LIVE. Text SHINE to 243725 to donate to SPARC - Youth Performing Arts and help us keep this extraordinary program thriving. Amazing Pics by Eric Morgensen Photography.

Amy Patten

5 months ago

Great Show!!! The kids also did a great job!

Emmanuel Success

5 months ago

nice gr hanny v d berk from lelystad holland n l

Noel B. Banual

5 months ago

Another amazing event!

‪Hass Avocado season is almost over. Follow Mraz Family Farms for avocados, coffee, and kind words.

Twitter & Instagram: @mrazfamilyfarms‬

Karoliina Jürgens

5 months ago

Shared with delight. Jason Mraz 😉. XO

Maviel Fonseca Souza

5 months ago

My season is not over! Still have lots of Fallbrook Hass avocados 🥑 ! Morro Hills pesticide free grove!

Kholofelo Molokomme

5 months ago

Ya Way awesomeness! Yum!
TY4shining Love&Gratitude...

Josh Groban can sing. And play. And give. Over the weekend I had the pleasure of performing with the man to help raise a mountain of money for arts education programs. #WeSing #WeDance #WeHealThings Find Your Light Foundation

Hillary Baker

5 months ago

I want to see the two of you do a duet of Kanye's tweets. That would be epic ;-)

Bruno Nunes

5 months ago

Two gorgeous men with Gorgeous voices wow awesome

Maria Ysabella Baldera Musayon

5 months ago

Happy Birthday Jason Mraz!

Thank you Las Vegas & Sands Cares for INSPIRE, a concert to benefit two important local youth organizations, The Marty Hennessy Inspiring Children Foundation & the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth. Happy to sing. Happy to serve. Do good = Feel good.

Pic by Jeff Coffman Film

Tatiana Maccanti

5 months ago

We were there! Awesome concert!

Joyce Ho

5 months ago

Please come to germany :'(

José Caroj

5 months ago

Actually leaves me with this strange hollow experience, just may not put a finger on it. 😖

Graham Mills

5 months ago

And we just said what happened to Jason mraz music Toyia Patric lol

Shah Ongmin

5 months ago

My niece, graduated from college today, I sent her the lyrics to this song. I really do want her to have it all!!!! Jolie Perry

X-more King

5 months ago

Come to South Africa again please! Gotta see my role model live 🙌