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Connie Hurdle

16 hours ago

I like live version more.

Sally Kim

16 hours ago

Might as well Dance. Sing. NOT Steal Things. Love this so very much!

Gertrudis Velasquez

16 hours ago

❤️❤️❤️❤️ see you in Cleveland soon.

"Anyone who uses more than 2 chords is just showing off." - Woody Guthrie.

Thank you Woody Guthrie Folk Festival.

Ivor Rizmanovski

6 hours ago

Haha. Thanks Jason! Now I am going to get back into strumming! One chord at a time!

Andrew Evans

6 hours ago

Youre the best

Ben Riha

6 hours ago

I love youuu mr.mraz

‪"Have It All" is a song with a message of generosity; one meant to be paid-forward and shared. And in the spirit of "Have It All," we want to shine a light on some of the good that's happening in your town. Enter here >>‬

Saraban Tahura

2 days ago

Hope you can perform this live with the superband

Cookie Hill Kendrick

2 days ago

Ruben Bauer is probably one of the most generous person I know! =)

Piki Delgado

2 days ago

Live high, live mighty, live righteously...

ICYMI: Watch "Have It All" on Jimmy Kimmel Live! >>

Luis Angel Rod Swiree Rod

3 days ago

😍 Another feel good positive song he seems to easily provide us fans. I saw him on Maui & Portland. Was planning to see him again at Britt
Fest in Oregon but the tickets are pretty outrageous. Trying to hunt deals or giveaways!! Anyway keep up the good vibes! Aloha 🌺

Ilie Ioana

3 days ago


Juanita Gonzalez

3 days ago

I can NOT get this song out of my head. Listened to it when it first came out and it’s been stuck ever since!!

‪Tune in tonight! 11:35/10:35c
Jimmy Kimmel Live

Luis Angel Rod Swiree Rod

3 days ago

Try not to slip on Jimmy's tears.

Da'Shel Dionne Porter

3 days ago

Youre the best ^_^ love you Mr.Mraz

Alejandro Baxcajay

4 days ago

Can’t wait to watch!

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Douglas Garrett

6 days ago

I'll just leave this comment right here... We faintly hope for camouflage or undone being an official track, I remember one interview you gave where you said you would prefer to leave behind happy, uplifting songs, on an official album. How about some other mean than official album? 😃 Those songs are too touching not to be passed to the younger generations!

Josh Knight

6 days ago

Linda Korevaar, song staat op Spotify!

Ana Rosa Alvarez Garcia

6 days ago

I really love it <3 <3 <3 absolutely amazing

Listen to "Might As Well Dance" on Spotify's Contemporary Blend playlist >

Dominic Wolbert

6 days ago

I can't stpp to streaming this beautiful song from you <3

Rexen Sqhinzo

6 days ago

I share your youtube vids when..
Messaging friends and family. Sometimes on FB..because, it fits my journey for the
I Love youre wholesome good genuine spirit..Its Something Everyone can watch or listen to. Music from your heart & soul. Your music vids are always fun..inspiring or comes with a purpose for a positive change..self realization.
Many blessings to You, your beautiful wife family and friends. Another Awesome song my friend.

Margaret Gaines Sims

6 days ago

Waiting for your Asian tour 🙌🏻🙌🏻

Tune in today at 8:30pm BST. #WeAreListening

Sondra Winslow McKeown

18 days ago

Decades as a Psychiatric Social Worker has been challenging everyday, as I see the faces of those who struggle to live life and be happy! It is difficult to maintain my own sanity, your music and your philosophy keep me inspired, knowing I make a difference and am humbled by the people I serve! God Bless Us All, we need each other to survive!

Alice Toti

18 days ago

Can you give a shout out to my twin 5 yr old granddaughters they have loved you since they were two and you were on Sesame Street

Alice Ribeiro

18 days ago

Is it on this page should be on now

Having It All.

Rae-Keba N Harmon

21 days ago

Happy Happy Birthday to you! We have been fans since PB coffee house days. Will be in the cheap seats at Red Rocks with our girls Labor Day weekend. Looking forward to it!

Deb Jennings Eaves

21 days ago

I made a video of photos for my sons 1st birthday with have it all and Facebook has muted it, because i obviously don't own it, im not trying to sell it.... give me permission!!! haha so i can dispute it, its so fitting!! haha (big hopes here)

Amadu Wurie Sowe

21 days ago

Happy birthday! My husband and I Love your music! We can’t wait to see you in Cleveland July 27th!!! Front row , whoot whooot! 😍

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Zene Robleto González

a month ago

Love his positive vibes

Souzan House

a month ago

Love love love x

Siriki Bakayoko

a month ago

Melony Odland listen to his new song

Shazam our performance of "Have It All" on Live with Kelly and Ryan for a chance to win a trip to New York City to see us live in Central Park!

Claudia Moseley

a month ago

Can’t wait until the album comes out (August 10)❤️

Nate Saumell

a month ago

Will be nice! A concert in Central Park

Berna Silab Lama

a month ago

Breath of fresh air. . .

10 years. Still Yours.

Robin Nutley

a month ago

For me, listening to this song has always been equal to a kind of awakening. Courage, freedom, hope, love of life and people. All these stuff in one of the greatest song of all time. Grateful for it.

Davide Minosa

a month ago

Loved seeing you in Williamsburg. I walked down the aisle to your cover of "At Last" and you were playing when our son was born. You are very significant to our family, not only for your lovely music, but what you stand for as an even more lovely human being. We love you!!!

JoAnn Goodin

a month ago

I had loved the song since the 2005 demo that you recorded during Mr. A-Z. It's still my favorite version. I was hyped that it ended up being the first single off the next album. Around the time it came out, I made a new friend named Lauren. The first thing we bonded over is a love for your music. We only see each other once or twice a year these days, but this year, we're celebrating 10 years of friendship by seeing you live for the fourth time together at Merriweather. ❤

If you believe it then anything can happen.

SPARC - Youth Performing Arts
Turnaround Arts

(Photo by Eric Morgensen Photography)

Duy Anh Quoc Nguyen

a month ago

I hope you can come to Mexico 🇲🇽, I raeally love your music bro.

U Than Htike

a month ago

It was nice to finally meet you last night after the show Jason. Thank you for all you do for SPARC!

Keith Ross

a month ago

Go, go , go!

LIVE ART LOVE IS LIVE. Text SHINE to 243725 to donate to SPARC - Youth Performing Arts and help us keep this extraordinary program thriving. Amazing Pics by Eric Morgensen Photography.

Amy Patten

a month ago

Great Show!!! The kids also did a great job!

Emmanuel Success

a month ago

nice gr hanny v d berk from lelystad holland n l

Noel B. Banual

a month ago

Another amazing event!

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Karoliina Jürgens

2 months ago

Shared with delight. Jason Mraz 😉. XO

Maviel Fonseca Souza

2 months ago

My season is not over! Still have lots of Fallbrook Hass avocados 🥑 ! Morro Hills pesticide free grove!

Kholofelo Molokomme

2 months ago

Ya Way awesomeness! Yum!
TY4shining Love&Gratitude...

Josh Groban can sing. And play. And give. Over the weekend I had the pleasure of performing with the man to help raise a mountain of money for arts education programs. #WeSing #WeDance #WeHealThings Find Your Light Foundation

Hillary Baker

2 months ago

I want to see the two of you do a duet of Kanye's tweets. That would be epic ;-)

Bruno Nunes

2 months ago

Two gorgeous men with Gorgeous voices wow awesome

Maria Ysabella Baldera Musayon

2 months ago

Happy Birthday Jason Mraz!

Thank you Las Vegas & Sands Cares for INSPIRE, a concert to benefit two important local youth organizations, The Marty Hennessy Inspiring Children Foundation & the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth. Happy to sing. Happy to serve. Do good = Feel good.

Pic by Jeff Coffman Film

Tatiana Maccanti

2 months ago

We were there! Awesome concert!

Joyce Ho

2 months ago

Please come to germany :'(

José Caroj

2 months ago

Actually leaves me with this strange hollow experience, just may not put a finger on it. 😖

Graham Mills

2 months ago

And we just said what happened to Jason mraz music Toyia Patric lol

Shah Ongmin

2 months ago

My niece, graduated from college today, I sent her the lyrics to this song. I really do want her to have it all!!!! Jolie Perry

X-more King

2 months ago

Come to South Africa again please! Gotta see my role model live 🙌

All rise.

Last night, the halls of the Library Of Congress rang and reverberated with joy and excitement as SPARC - Youth Performing Arts students (from the Have It All music video) joined me for a teary-eyed and laugh-filled performance at the 10th annual We Write The Songs event hosted by the ASCAP Foundation. The students, who are a part of SPARC's groundbreaking LIVE ART program, helped me tell the origin stories to a few of my most popular songs. The audience of legislators gave the students a standing ovation, a good sign of support for the new Music Modernization Act. The Act will update laws to help tomorrow's creators earn a better living.

Charlotte-Jay Valentino

2 months ago

I want you to have it all!!!!! ♥️

David Chavez

2 months ago

So proud of you all❤️

Vella Sakib

2 months ago

Wonderful news! Congrats to all. You look like you had so much fun! Wow, take a look at this, Mike Shoeman!

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Noelia Cervera Jordán

2 months ago

Mándame unas a México 😭😍😭😍😭😍😍😭

Hayrunnisa Demez

2 months ago

May I from Chile ?

Kristi Burton

2 months ago

aaah! es un dulce

I used to feel guilty for choosing music as a career. It's too fun. I can't possibly deserve to get paid for this!? But American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers (ASCAP) reminds me I am my own small business with my own little inventions. And we got each others back... and while ASCAP protects my assets, the ASCAP Foundation helps me pay the gratitude forward. Thank you ASCAP. (Pic by Salvador Ochoa)

Kevin Barnard

2 months ago

Nice my brother,,,,

Chrissy Peterson

2 months ago

9/11/18 Reno Events Center! You are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

Tracy Thompson

2 months ago

The same ASCAP that sues local coffeeshops for playing music on the speakers without cutting a fat check to the suits?

When Raining Jane isn't busy making me sound good, they are hard at play making life sound good to new artists. Visit Rock n' Roll Camp for Girls Los Angeles or to learn more about how you can help make the world a better place through music education and radical collaboration.

Cherie Teed

2 months ago

You wonderful human beings are musical perfection!❤️

JimLinda Mueller

2 months ago

Love this! Awesome!

Isabel Sanchez

2 months ago

Is the Vegas concert acoustic or with a band? Thanks, I love you!

Dream gig. #puppetsforpuppetry

Bonobo Génial

2 months ago

Is the Vegas concert acoustic or with a band? Thanks, I love you!

Yash Prince Kushwaha

2 months ago

Jason Mraz ! I am so jealous that you are hanging out with Muppets !

Jaydeen Deaver Wohlers

2 months ago

I love Big Bird! I always wanted to help him, that's why I support the Yellow Feather Fund he started.

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Victor Zdor

2 months ago

My Mother is 63 years old . Four years ago She had a massive stroke she lost all motor skills on left side. She was the best Mother growing up. Hard working, dinner before 5pm, Loving Caring... house always clean! Mom is having her moments with this disability. This past January Mom broke her hip. My daughter Angelique cares for Mom when I’m at work. My Daughter is a blessing to my Mom as well to Me.Not many 26 year olds will stop there life to help a grandmother. My daughter was trying to plan something special for my Mom and Me. I think my Mom & I need to take my daughter out.. I believe Love shines through any circumstance. God has blessed us with the time we have with Mom. The best part is Even through toughest of time We our getting To bond through out it all. We laugh ,We cry, I act goofy just to get that smile from her... Because she is my Mother. Happy Mother’s Day 💐💐

Laura Souza

2 months ago

Wish my mom Lois were here to get something like that. Hope the mom who gets it enjoys.

Vika Slupko

2 months ago

My Mama should have it all because she does it all! She is always thinking of others, is an excellent mother and grandmother! 💗

‪Three months of Fridays from today it will be TODAY!‬

‪Today Show #JasonMrazTODAY‬

Angel Martinez

2 months ago

I’ll put that on my calendar 💙

Earline Lewis

2 months ago

Heather bday gift for you! 🎂🎵🎤😍

Niklas Cvijanovic

2 months ago

Cool man, can’t wait. Will be at your show in MD that night as well...any chance we can come backstage? 🎸🎼👍🏼 thanks for continuing to always bring it man...have it all 🍻

Listen to "Have It All" on Spotify's Pop Rising playlist >

Cari Paton

2 months ago

Every song is amazing, so positive and uplifting x

Mark Kroeger

2 months ago

Congratulations it is such a great song. Love the YouTube video! Many thanks for sharing you incredible talents.

Lilibeth Gomez Contreras

2 months ago

I can't stop listening this song :D

This screenshot has it all.

A: It's the first time I ever double dutched thanks to!

B: You can see the apartment we used in the background. We literally just knocked on the door and asked the owner if we could come in. Richmonders are nice.

And C:

Watch the Music Video:

Franz Heinrich

2 months ago

💜 the message!!just beautiful. The vid at the end😊melts my heart.Ty brotha AZ😘😙😗

Michael McCaul

2 months ago

I absolutely love anything Jason & Raining Jane do together!

Angelina Sarah Abraham

2 months ago

This reminds me of vh1 pop up video. For people who don’t know; they would explain all of the details of a music video while the video played.

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Gabriela Maliszewska

2 months ago

She’s a giver-of time, of good vibes through reiki, of thoughtfulness, of assistance to friends and those in need, of gifts to kids who have less, of her talents to make the world a better place.

Walmar Alexandre

2 months ago

I think i would deserve it because I am an awesome mom!😍

Katy López

3 months ago

Simply leaves me with this hollow experience, just may not grasp it entirely. 😛

When I was 16, I used to make music videos with my friends, and this one, Pam Turner was my Jazz, Tap and Ballet teacher. 24 years later, not much has changed. Thank you Pam.

Watch the Music Video:
Download / Stream:

Regina Bond

3 months ago

Well Pam, still going full of energy !!!! We love you!!!!!

Denise Eye

3 months ago

I love this song and music video so much! It makes me all kinds of happy

DucknAna Stinson

3 months ago

Way to go, Pam Turner! Jason, those of us who studied under Pam sure did learn how to move (and sing at the same time!)!

Listen to "Have It All" on Amazon Music's Brand New Music playlist >

Mariana Esther Campos

3 months ago

Any chance you will be in the RVA on June 9th?
Mine and my fiancé song is lucky (by you and colbie)
Any chance I can hire you to sing it at our wedding?!?!

Pretty please!!!!!

ToniPutt Bozicevich Rodriguez

3 months ago

Katie...absolutely love 💙💙💙

Sena Karaca

3 months ago

As always your music brings joy to my day. Any time I’m feeling blue I put on some JM and my day is immediately better.

Here's to the good times we're gonna have – tune in tomorrow! 7am PDT | 10am EDT

Igor Fligel

3 months ago

So disappointed. It´s another american-musical-styled-probably-trying-to-write-a-smash-hit-so badly-wanting-to-make-fun music from you Jason Mraz. Where ist the amazing singer-/songwriter, the storyteller, gone?

Alex Greg Haoson Yumul

3 months ago

I looooooooove it!!!

Anju Gurung

3 months ago

Cherie Holcombe Windham 9am Friday morning (today) ... I guess it's on fb? If not there should link to wherever in the morning!

Photo: Justin Bettman

Ayla Richards

3 months ago

See you in Detroit 🙂 love the new song

Kevîn Ronaldo

3 months ago

One of my favorite singer songwriters performer and all around great person.

Antonia DeSantiago

3 months ago

I just listening your new song today "Have It All" and i love it thank you 😍

It's a Big deal to be honoring Caroll Spinney at this year's Puppets for Puppetry event (benefitting Center for Puppetry Arts) – May 5th in Los Angeles! Tickets & info at

Wanda Thomas

3 months ago

Have contemplated this exact topic somewhat, but did not reach just about any final thoughts. 👏

William Frentz

3 months ago

Kate Jackson McCarney

Rohan Verma

3 months ago

Went and saw the Jim Henson exhibits last year. Really neat!

Yes we are. :)

Sophia Gabbei

3 months ago

Red Rocks counting the days I see you at the most amazing venue ever. Front row Center with a friend who's sister has bad cancer. It's on her bucket list to see you. There traveling from Minnesota!!! Terry Thoreson

Opah Kirsten J Burks

3 months ago

Lectures at San Diego Universities Spotlight Human Organ Trafficking in China
November 19, 2017 | By a Falun Dafa practitioner in San Diego

(M The International Coalition to End Organ Pillaging in China co-hosted panel discussions at two large public universities in San Diego, California earlier this month. The events aimed to raise awareness of China’s massive organ transplant abuses and support a resolution introduced by State Senator Joel Anderson in the California Senate condemning human rights violations in China. The resolution, SJR 10, was pulled from the Senate floor after threats from the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco.

Panel members at San Diego State University, November 1, 2017, (L to R): Ms. Grace Huiying Li, Dr. Shizong Chen, Senator Joel Anderson, Hon. David Kilgour, and David Matas. California State Senator Joel Anderson (center) speaks about the importance of getting SJR 10 back on the Senate floor. He said, “We cannot tolerate interference from a communist foreign power with the state legislature.”

Approximately 200 students and faculty members attended the event at the Parma Payne Goodall Alumni Center at San Diego State University (SDSU) on the evening of November 1.

A second event took place the following evening at the Price Center Theater on the University of California San Diego (UCSD) campus.

Among the speakers at both events were Senator Joel Anderson, former Canadian Secretary of State Hon. David Kilgour, and international human rights lawyer David Matas.

Mr. Kilgour and Mr. Matas co-authored the book Bloody Harvest and two investigative reports on forced organ harvesting from Falun Gong prisoners, the main victims of this crime.

They spoke about their investigation over the past decade, in particular, their 2016 updated report which estimates that the Chinese regime is performing 60,000-100,000 transplants per year, as opposed to 10,000 per year, as Chinese authorities claim.

“I was a prosecutor for ten years, so I know something about evidence,” Mr. Kilgour said. “Our investigation found evidence of large-scale organ seizures from unwilling Falun Gong practitioners. Their vital organs, including kidneys, livers, corneas, and hearts, were seized involuntarily for sale at high prices, sometimes to foreigners, who normally face long waits for voluntary donations of such organs in their home countries.”

As a result of the overwhelming evidence of the illicit organ trade in China, Israel, Taiwan, Italy, and Spain have passed laws to stop their citizens from receiving illegally-sourced human organs. In June 2016, by unanimous consent, the House Representatives of the U.S. Congress passed House Resolution 343, expressing concern regarding persistent and credible reports of systematic, state-sanctioned organ harvesting from non-consenting prisoners of conscience in China, including from large numbers of Falun Gong practitioners, as well as Christians, Tibetans, and Uyghurs.

Lara Pavlič

3 months ago

VANCOUVER, CANADA, we wait for you, before Nov 1 tho. Then we leave for Mexico winters........ come on now....... we wait patiently like good Canadians.......

everything is sound

Roger Metaruhisu Jr.

3 months ago

Thank you. My "Mraz" routine helps me "keep on-keepong on".I completely appreciate your ability to help me "center "

Michael Davey

3 months ago

Just quick question
You probably get these all the time If you had few months ahead of time would you go to warped tour this last warped tour we’ll just wanted to ask ahead of time

Angel Mendoza

3 months ago

You don't need a vacation when there's nothing to escape on!! :)

Volume up. #mrazland @billygalewood

Surprise for your ears! An official new music video is released today. Enjoy!

(Bunny by Lifeofmill)

Fany Zamudio

3 months ago

Jason Mraz I laughed so freakin' hard! I love her harry arm reaching for your photo! Thank you for this little gem! Keep being awesome!! 😂😂😂

Mac Antony Yamba

3 months ago

One of my favorite songs! The video was hilarious! It’s nice to see someone with a great sense of humor! ❤️

Lior Brosh

3 months ago

“Why is music so powerful? Is it not because rhythm and harmony find the way to the most secret corners of the soul, carrying grace in its movements and making the soul generous?” My favorite Star ✨♥️

Little Rock. Last show. Everything must go. Find Jerry (and Dad) in the Lower Lobby Level. :)
Thanks Jen.

A trivial pursuit with @billygalewood. #mrazland

To everyone who came to the shows this month, I thank you for your gift of time, love, and listening. I am me because you are you.

(Photos: Sonni Nichole Reese)

Dianna Howell

4 months ago

Loved your show in Corpus Christi! We came all the way from Winnipeg, Canada to see you! Planned our Spring Break trip around coming to see you! I hope you’ll come to Winnipeg sometime!!!

Break Stuff

4 months ago

Went to your show last night in Tulsa, OK! Was so excited to see you were finally coming to OK! You fed my heart and soul and I totally fell more in love with you! Didn't know you were so funny! Was disappointed that I had to dance while seated, so I apologize the crowd wasn't up and moving. I couldn't stop moving! Was hoping to hear Butterfly 🦋. Hopefully you will be back and I'll definitely be there again! Thank you for sharing yourself and your 🎶!!!

Yanni Perez Chavez

4 months ago

Best concert I’ve been to was Knoxville’s acoustic show at the Tennessee Theater! Killed is Mr. A to Z!

To everyone who came to the shows this month, I thank you for your gift of time, love, and listening. I am me because you are you. (Photos: @sonninichole)

For the past few weeks I've had the pleasure of touring the country with my Dad. Since I began touring in 2003 he's wanted to drive the bus, lay cable or sell t-shirts; wherever he can be helpful. I insist he relax and enjoy being retired but... that'll never happen. Thanks for doing all the work, Dad. I love you. #mrazland

Your Bald Man Around Town reporting live for #Mrazland. (Video: @billygalewood)

Tour time is our time. #mrazland

Thank you Shreveport LA. That was fun.

When the people lead, the leaders will follow. -Gandhi

Quiequ Kent II

4 months ago

Can you set up a match for all the ignorant parents who claim they had no idea what their kid was involved in? Or a march for the people who are killed every second due to drunk driving?! Guns don’t kill! People do!!!

Devon Bergqvist

4 months ago

Jason can you get these teens to stop texting and driving? Teens texting while driving is responsible for more teen deaths every day than are guns. Why is No one marching to get these phones out of the hands of teens driving? Yes we need common sense gun control but why is texting while driving taking a back seat to guns when it's the more deadlier of the two problems?

Nancy Miller

4 months ago

Up until 30 or 40 plus years into the 20th century, street minstrels and stage actors weren't really held in very high esteem, and that's to say the most concerning their chosen vocation. Even the greats, like Mozart, Beethoven, Shakespeare...etc, (to whom Mraz couldn't hold a candle) dragged along financially with moderate to mediocre success.
Why are they and their opinions worth so much now??
Jason Mraz would be a low life, panhandler prior to 1930. I honestly don't see anything in him, that would make his political opinion more relevant than my own...or anyone else's political opinion. Ditto for all the rest of the mostly, mush-brained entertainers, to whom the public pays too much attention.

Love is still the answer.

Welcome to Instagram VP @algore. #2020? :) @climatereality

I love my fans. & @billygalewood. #mrazland

Thank you Ft Myers, FL. Happy Bday Leslie.