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Lordy! The detail in this portrait of Janis by Andrea Brusadin is INSANE, honey!

Do you have a tattoo that you would like to share with fans? Tag us on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #JanisJoplinTattoo. We love seeing your designs!

Ron Jakubus

3 hours ago

That’s a badass tatt😜

Mark Jamie Rodriguez

3 hours ago

So beautiful what an artist

Irvin Kim

3 hours ago

Kathy Mccaslin check this ink out! 😎

Happy Birthday to one of the first accomplished female blues singers in history, Bessie Smith! Bessie was a major influence on Janis’ career.

To show her thanks, Janis and Juanita Green, who helped Bessie with housework as a child, paid for a gravestone, on a previously unmarked site where Bessie was buried, that read: “The Greatest Blues Singer in the World Will Never Stop Singing.”

Read the full story:

Mary Jo Barrett

4 days ago

EU vi um filme sobre a vida dela, pra mim era uma pessoa que guardava historias com respeito a amizades e convivências ,infelizmente ela (pra mim)usou o seu talento mediante a bebida na vida...lamentavél....,assim como a Janis ,se espelhou nela (como eu soube)e entrou na aventura de fazer de sua vida ,uma verdadeira anarquia ainda mais com as drogas e a bebida, uma pena!!!

Cecilia Rivas

5 days ago

In the 1950s my mom would listen to Bessie Smith on what were seventy-eight record. Bessie music was beautiful and soulful. My mother told me the tragic story how she died. Very sad. Happy birthday Bessie!

Laura Begg

5 days ago

I contend that this picture is not Bessie Smith. Does anyone agree with me?

#FanArtFriday: This pencil sketch of Janis is precious, honey!

We want to help share your talent with the world, just like Instagram user, @rago_illustration! Use the hashtag #JanisJoplinArt on Instagram & Twitter, and tag @JanisJoplin, to be featured.

Aretha James

6 days ago

Awwwww , such adorable tiny boobles.

Angel Santana

7 days ago

Wow, great pencil skills on display here! (y)

Tuija Salander

7 days ago

Very good caricature sketch....bravo!

Belt it, sister! 🙌 Loving this ‘Mercedes Benz’ cover by Chicken on the Bone. 🎤✨

We want to share your Janis covers with the world! Use the hashtag #JanisJoplinCover on Instagram & Twitter, and tag @JanisJoplin, to be featured.

Zack Ruboy

10 days ago

No soul ! No heart ! Wow, what a disappointment!
I expected something awesome after your header! 😞
I don’t want to insult this singer, but maybe she should sing someone else’s songs. This is not her cup of tea!

Nelia Lendel

10 days ago

Αλλά ηJanis Joplin καλύτερη !!!!

Ron Markese

10 days ago

No ... just no ...

Today is the birthday of Grammy Hall of Fame singer, Billie Holiday! Billie was one of Janis’ idols and inspired her throughout her career.

“Aretha Franklin, Billie Holiday… They are so subtle, they can milk you with two notes! They can go no farther than from A to B, and make you feel like they told you the whole universe…”
- Janis Joplin

You’ve heard Billie Holiday’s cover of George Gershwin’s “Summertime;” stream Janis and Big Brother & the Holding Company’s amazing version off the album ‘Cheap Thrills’:

Yeris Antonio González

13 days ago

Happy birthday Billie Holiday.

Laura Bri

13 days ago

My hubby' s birthday. How serendipitous!

Roland Jay Saligao

13 days ago

First Billie then Mavis Staples then Aretha ...... simple

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Îčë Qůėęņ Åķã Fŕøżĕñ

14 days ago

Whoohoo that is so awesome!! <3 I wish I could order one. I would hang it on my toilet I think.

Suzana La Boo Ilic

14 days ago

No but I have a war buck that was a dollar off the ticket to see Eric Burton and War in San Francisco.

Marwa Lm

14 days ago

Loved the family dog, I saw all the greats there. Miss those days.

Lordy! Love seeing how Janis has inspired you! 😍 Keep sending us your pics — using the hashtag #JanisJoplinStyle on Instagram & Twitter, and tagging @JanisJoplin — and we’ll keep sharing them on Janis’ feed

La Chapiz Rodriguez Garcia

14 days ago

Oh yes love ❤️ it yes,

Happy Birthday to the father of Chicago blues, Muddy Waters! 🙏 Janis once told Dick Cavett that she felt all alone growing up in Texas, until she discovered the blues:

“Playing is just about feeling. Playing isn't necessarily about misery. Playing isn't necessarily about happiness. …That’s the only reason I can sing is because I just close my eyes and let all those things that are inside just come out.”

Without Muddy Waters & that feeling from the blues, who knows if we would’ve had the Queen of Rock & Roll!

Johan Sepulveda Aviles

15 days ago

Janis told me personally that her favorite singer was Otis Redding.

Bobby King

16 days ago

many concerts and memories. saw him with johnny winters at beacon theater in N.Y. Just the 2 of them. WOW.

Swetha Suresh

16 days ago

Watching Janis Joplin on Axes TV... What a loss for the music industry ... She is the best...🤩

Paul Rothchild: April 18, 1935 - March 30, 1995 Today, we’re remembering Paul Rothchild, Janis’ friend & producer, whose work on 'Pearl' was legendary! — #PaulRothchild

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Ariel Marie

21 days ago

I think Kris Kristoferson might have something to say about that.

Steven Hogan

22 days ago

she's so cute (:

Luisa Marchesano

22 days ago

Vanessa kind of shirt

Janis Joplin is a fashion LEGEND! 💃 Scope out some of her top style moments - what are your favorites, honey? 🌸 — #WomensFashion #JanisJoplin #StyleInspo #Fashion #1960s

Happy Birthday to the legendary @Aerosmith front man & Janis fan, @IAmStevenT! 🎁🎊Celebrate Steven's big day with his rendition of ‘Piece of My Heart,’ honey! 🎤 — #Aerosmith #StevenTyler #HappyBirthday #Birthday #PieceOfMyHeart

Happy Birthday to the legendary Aerosmith​ frontman and Janis fan, Steven Tyler​! Celebrate his big day by watching his rendition of ‘'Piece of My Heart,’ honey! #HappyBdayStevenTyler

Martha Sanchez

23 days ago

Janice owns that song,I conic,can`t come close to original so why bother

Terry-Theresa Pasloski-Theiss

24 days ago

Melissa Etheredge did a better job.

Casey Byrne

24 days ago

Ugh, Steven Tyler. One time I went to an Aerosmith concert, and all he did was dry hump his guitar player. Disgusting. The worst concert I've ever been to. 😒🤢 paid over $500 just to see him dry hump the guitar player. Disgusting!!!! The only good thing about the concert was Lenny Kravitz for the opening act.

“Billie Holiday and Aretha Franklin, now they can milk you with just two notes!” - Janis Joplin Happy Birthday to another Queen & one of Janis’ idols, Aretha Franklin! 🎁🎈 — #ArethaFranklin #HappyBirthday #Birthday #Soul #RnB

Rafa Márquez

a month ago

Un feliz cumpleaños para una grande idolaaaaa !!!!

Cecy Felix

a month ago

Happy birthday Aretha Franklin, I love I say a little prayer for you ( one of my early memories ,when I met my lovely Husband)Thank you

Amalia Estilong

a month ago

Happy Birthday to the Queen of RESPECT...LOVE IT... ONE OF MY FAVS TO SING!🎤🎙🎶🎵

A very special Happy Birthday to Luis Gasca, trumpet player for Janis’ Kozmic Blues Band! Share your birthday wishes in the comments! — #HappyBirthday #Birthday #LuisGasca #KozmicBluesBand

Tiger Tiger

a month ago

Happy Birthday Luis Gasca.

Cian O Shea

a month ago

Documentary on Janis tonight PBS here in FL.

Hakuna Matata

a month ago


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Jxckalmhe Strongman

a month ago

Well I thought I was going to want the girl but again too late lol

Netu Ştefan

a month ago

Just constant spam.

William AJ

a month ago

Who Gives a rats ass if Janis didn't wear anything like this. It's got her logo. That's all. I. Care bout
Plus. It's a cool top

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Mohmmed Abdailkrem

a month ago

Quiero una poleeeeeera....!!!!!

Ermelinda Estrada

a month ago

CIB, you should buy that for me for my birthday. I wish I could, but I'm on a FIXED budget

Margie Boyd

a month ago

I love buying all this stuff, boy do my knees hurt.

Look at this incredible tattoo done by Sammie (@sammiestattoostudio) of Janis’ Porsche! Do you have a Janis Joplin tattoo you want to show to other fans? Post a photo or video of the tattoo using the hashtag #JanisJoplinTattoo to be featured! — #Tattoo #Tattoos #Ink #Porche

Today in 1971, “Me and Bobby McGee” became a No. 1 hit single in the U.S. for two weeks! @RollingStone called it one of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. Have you performed a cover of the song? Send a YouTube link of your performance to for the chance to be featured on Janis Joplin’s social feed! Hit the bio link & stream the iconic hit now. — #JanisJoplin #MeAndBobbyMcGee #RollingStone #CoverSong #1971

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Beth Spencer Scheele

a month ago

I used to have the Zig Zag Man t-shirt. 5 color hand screened. Still have it stored with my Woodstock t- shirt.

Ili Naqellari

a month ago

That was before Boris got gray hair

Angela Wroblewski

a month ago

Big Bamboo s cheech & chong cover jacket.

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"There's no denying [Janis'] laissez-faire, toss-it-on style has infiltrated the runways." - Vogue

Lordy, from the big glasses to the feather boas, Janis sure had STYLE. Show off your Janis-inspired fashion by posting your photos on Instagram or Twitter using the tag #JanisJoplinStyle. Show the world what you've got - participants will receive a discount code to the official store!

📸: Insta user @christi.michelle.myjourney

Lathara Forte

a month ago

I’ve studied her life some and watched a documentary that her brother made and all in all she just wanted to be loved. 😋 Sad, that EVERYTHING IS ABOUT THE WAY WE LOOK ON THE OUTSIDE! So wrong!

Kaci Reed Johnson

a month ago

Jej kawałki mnie motywują.☺She was excited😉

Chuck Oaktree

a month ago

Fake Janice alert.

Today is the birthday of Janis’ friend, originator of psychedelic rock, and founding member of @JeffersonAirplaneOfficial, Paul Kantner. Happy Birthday, Paul! (Reposted from Jefferson Airplane) — #PaulKantner #PsychedelicRock #HappyBirthday #Birthday #HBD

"I'm not really thinking much, I'm just trying to feel." - Janis on performing.

What is your favorite song by Janis and how does it make you feel? - Team Janis Joplin

Inga Eleuterio

a month ago

So hard to pick one but I guess it has to be Cry baby because you can feel every single emotion in each note... aaaw Janis you rock us all former and beyond!

Tiffany Straight

a month ago

I can't find out, what is the favorit song. Cry baby is so emotional, it hurts, Summertime is power and feeling, piece of my heard is full of love and Mercedes Benz ist is Great. Nobody can say what is the best and greatest Song.

Ruth McNair

a month ago

I sing Bobby McGee to honor her memory-I sing Mercedes Benz when I drive-I sing cry baby when it hurts and take another piece of my heart now babe when I think of my loser love-I saw Janis in Woodstock NY driving from my hometown Leonia NJ and since then there has been no other goddess singer

Wow! This watercolor by fan, Alex, is too good! Have you made Janis inspired art? Use the hashtag #JanisJoplinArt to be featured just like Alex!

Alida Gasanova

a month ago

Maryann , I want one. Acrylic is fine.

Ramon Almeida

a month ago

What is that she’s holding? A bike?

Rae Sanchez

a month ago

She is so beautiful in every light.

“In a world full of Kardashians, be a Janis✌️🌸.” - Erica Gail (@ericagail), fan. Amen, honey. Tag a friend who needs some Janis in their life, and hit the bio link to stream “I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama!” on @Spotify. — #FanFashion #JanisJoplinStyle #Spotify #FlowerChild

“In a world full of Kardashians, be a Janis✌🏼🌸.“ - Erica Gail, fan.

Amen, honey.

Tracy Olaniyi

a month ago

There's no comparison 😂
Janis my love 💖💕
In a million years we will be singing Janis, no matter what. The Kardashians? Apart from their business skills, they have nothing.

Sho Yoshida

a month ago

Janis was a creative artist with her own style her personal problems were something else look beyond the booze etc to the creative spirit amen

Harry Bowers

a month ago

For the ones who didn't understand this. The point was to be yourself. Janis on stage was same as in private life.
Kardashians are all perfect in our eyes,but God knows what's behind closed doors.

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Remembering Ron “Pigpen” Mckernan: September 8, 1945 - March 8, 1973. Today we’re thinking of Ron “Pigpen” Mckernan, a very close friend of Janis’ and original member of the @GratefulDead. - Team Janis Joplin — #Pigpen #GratefulDead #SanFrancisco #HaightAshbury #1960s

Happy International Women's Day! Join us in recognizing Janis Joplin & all the amazing #WomenWhoRock, and let's continue to #PressForProgress. Hit the bio link to celebrate the day with a @Spotify playlist of inspiring women! — #IWD2018 #InternationalWomensDay #Music

Ron "Pigpen" Mckernan: September 8, 1945 - March 8, 1973.

Today we're thinking of Ron "Pigpen" Mckernan, a very close friend of Janis' and original member of the Grateful Dead. - Team Janis Joplin

Listen to Janis join the Grateful Dead on stage to sing "Turn On Your Love Light" in the late 60s:

Elise Abraham

a month ago

What a great blues singer, but Janis to much drugs, booze & the needle -What a waste

Christopher W. Britt

a month ago

Mitch Muller doode is that a tbt of your boy james?? 😂😂😂

Amir Avax Avdic

a month ago

I do remember pig pen ...early 1973 ...I saw him with the grateful dead....

Love the Janis art! Share your work at #JanisJoplinArt & we might post it to the feed! This piece was sent by @SaraGummy, a young illustrator from Spain, who will be showing it in Madrid as part of the “Women In The World of Music” exhibit by @SomosDemasie. Great work, Sara! — #FanArt #WomenEmpowerment #SheIsMusicPill

There’s no such thing as enough Janis Joplin. Sign-up for the official mailing list for sneak peeks on sales, contests, exclusive news & more. Subscribe at the link in her bio. — #Update #Newsletter #1960s #ClassicRock

There's no such thing as enough Janis Joplin. Sign up for the official mailing list for sneak peeks on sales, contests, exclusive news and more:

Love that woman and her music so so much.xo

Lolita Christina Hoffstead

a month ago

I loved every song she played, she's the best

Kevin King

a month ago

Her voice is calling, “Play Me!”.

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Uffe Fufu

a month ago

What a beautiful singer like as beautiful as xxooxxoo missing

Congratulations, Linda Tripoli, you have won a 'Pearl Sessions' CD!

Linda was nominated by Joanie LaFemina for being a positive role model for women, just like Janis, and for being fearless, passionate and a friend to all. Linda lives life on her terms and gives selflessly to her family and community. A pearl like no other, Linda shines her light for all to see! Keep doing your thing, honey!

Sebastian Reisinger

a month ago

Love this photo of Janis so beautiful1

Walmar Junior

a month ago

Love that album and miss and Love Janis.

Vicente Dos Santos Souza Souza

a month ago

There will never be another Janis Joplin..what a shame she is no longer here..this generation really missed a true musician and advocate for humans rights..She sang not only with her heart but deep within her soul

Happy Birthday to Richard Bell, Janis’ dear friend and pianist in her Full Tilt Boogie Band! Watch as Janis, Richard and the rest of the band perform “Move Over” on the Dick Cavett show in 1970. Link In Bio. — #HappyBirthday #MoveOver #Janis #LiveBand #DickCavett

Today we're honoring the life of Jim Murray, guitarist and harmonica player in Quicksilver Messenger Service - Band, and a good friend of Janis' from the San Francisco scene.

Photo: The bands that started a revolution - Big Brother and the Holding Company, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Jefferson Airplane, the Grateful Dead and The Charlatans in 1967.

Carmen Chaboudet

2 months ago

Glad I was there at that time in my life.

Anushik Abazyan

2 months ago

Oh my, This is when music was amazing and full of soul and meaning. The best of the best

Carlos Eduardo

2 months ago

5 bandas californianas, de SF.......A cual mejor; psicodelia a tope...

Today in 1971, Pearl hit #1 on the album charts! @npr called it, “One of the top ten greatest albums made by [a woman].” Know someone who needs Pearl in their life? Nominate them to win a copy of “The Pearl Sessions” on CD by emailing and tell us why they’re special to you. A winner will be announced March 5th! #JanisJoplin #Pearl #WomanPower #TopTen #Today

@pink has said, “Janis was fearless with her pain and with her truth." Watch this clip of P!nk paying homage to her icon by covering “Me & Bobby McGee” in Berlin in 2017. If you could cover any song by Janis, what would it be? #JanisJoplin #Icon #Pink #Cover #MeAndBobbyMcGee

P!nk has said, "Janis was fearless with her pain and with her truth." Watch as she pays homage to her icon by covering "Me & Bobby McGee" in Berlin in 2017.

If you could cover any song by Janis, what would it be?

Leif Rathleff Jørgensen

2 months ago

She did me n bobby mcgee years ago already! Lol

Karen Ivonne Vera Poblete

2 months ago

Pink can NEVER cover Janis...

Alessandro Babbuzzi Galante

2 months ago

Janis Joplin Reincarnated:

I Ruin Creation

Since I am a true slave to Satan, I have no free will.
I am not allowed to choose other then to kill
you and your soul.
A murderder became your idol.

Because Satan won’t let me die.
All He does is let me fry.
I want to die.

Now I have to write.
His soul I cannot fight.

He has full control over me,
and doesn’t let me go, you see.

A true slave to God. The slave master He is.
Kiss. Kiss.

Check out this amazingly colorful painting by fan, Ellie Paisley! Do you have a work of art inspired by Janis? Post it on Instagram or Twitter using the tag #JanisJoplinArt for a chance to be featured like Ellie!

Au Gré du Boulonnais

2 months ago

Adapearl Seymour

Mariano Gutierrez

2 months ago

That's really great. Beautiful!

Giacomo Menzietti

2 months ago

And what if you don't have Instagram or Twitter? I have a piece I did of Janis

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Feel the love from 1969 in 2018, honey:

Julio Salazar Camacho

2 months ago

Laura Freire olha essa camisa

Ken Lamb

2 months ago

i love too

Cristina Gabriela Rusu

2 months ago

......too funny.... girl is wearing a shirt from the year AFTER I graduated HS....there may be hope for music still. #Lovejanis

"I always thought there was an honesty there that a Peggy Lee [type] was lacking. You know? [Blues] was always a kind of music I had an affection for." - Janis on her infatuation and love of the blues. Watch this rare interview of the Queen of Rock and Roll.

What was the first song that ever pulled at your heartstrings? Leave it in the comments.

Bryan Daryapayma

2 months ago

Oh Lord want you buy me a Mercedes Benz

Adriana Higareda

2 months ago

Oh she is definitely the best xx

Thomas Matthews

2 months ago

Work Me Lord. I love Janis, and all her music.

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Rubén Reyes

2 months ago

America:In Gun We Trust. :(

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Singer/Songwriter Brandi Carlile made a playlist of her Top 10 Janis Joplin songs:

What are your top songs by Janis to play on repeat?

Josep Machí Espuny

2 months ago

Pièce of my heart-summertime-kozmic blues-little girl blue-me and bobby mc gee-i need a man To love-coo coo-ball and chain-maybe-move over

Sandra Rissi

2 months ago

Me and Bobby
Piece Of My heart
A woman left lonely
Light is faster than sound
Ball and chain
One night stand
Mercedes Benz
Cry baby

Mauro Ortega Barragan

2 months ago

Summertime, just love to play that loud sitting alone in the room when it is getting dark or at a summernight outside and relax <3 <3 and A Woman Left Lonely, Kozmic Blues, Cry Baby, Move Over, Piece Of My Heart & Ball And Chain

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Rodrigo Pires

2 months ago

Who could say she's not beautiful. Her voice puts her over-the-top over-the-top... We all love you Janis... Your music will always keep you alive.

Daniel Mihai Raduca

2 months ago

One of my favorite.ung song nya na me and bobby mcgee classic..may version si pink napakaganda din.

Lonnie Ray Pierce

2 months ago

Janis Joplin cantora excepcional. Parabéns.

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