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Celebrate Janis’ legacy with A Night with Janis Joplin, starring Tony-award winning actress, Mary Bridget Davies! Showing at the La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts near Los Angeles, CA from September 14 – October 7, celebrate Janis and her musical influences like Aretha Franklin, Etta James and more.

Tickets are on sale now→

Leyder Largacha

2 hours ago

Go see this she’s amazing!

Noemi Maresca

2 hours ago

Janis, la Grande !

Mathias Saint Bonnet

2 hours ago

Janis, la Grande !

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Tricia Ann Lords

5 days ago

Why no size chart?

Ли Джексон

5 days ago

Merri Anne!!! I need!

Revien Jay Javier Tenizo

5 days ago

Worked a show in Santa Rosa, CA back when Janis just joined Big Brother and the Holding Company, and I was blown away by her to share a pull of the gallon jug of Red Mtn. wine in the dressing room after the show with her and the band...was only a 17 year old kid at the time and was the "stage manager" for Golden Star Productions at the Veterans Memorial Building so was busy during the show with the stage lights and remember that the light show that was also there ended up putting a household extension cord from where I supplied power to them and then drawing a full 30 amps thru the wire and having it melt and short out....wasn't my mistake but there's that cut half the light show off ...had to reset the breaker after finding the melted wire..and the thing is they didn't even need it as the rest of the wires were of sufficient gauge to carry the current...but was a great show, even though I always like the Dead over Big Brother...and still do...

Lovin’ this sweet tattoo inked byIG user Nathália Corrêa (@nathaliatattoo) for Carla Veriano (@carlaveriano). 🌸

Share your ink with us, man! Use the #JanisJoplinTattoo on Instagram or Twitter + tag @JanisJoplin for a chance to be featured. - Team Janis Joplin

Angelo Villa

6 days ago

Doesn't look like her

Luis Panda O Simpático

6 days ago

That is awefull

Rita Leza Santoy

6 days ago

Janis screamsalot!!! Afff!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂

Check out this dazzling cover of Joplin’s “Piece of My Heart”! Team Janis is giving Beatriz Faustino all of our hearts! 😍

Four different artists have brought their covers of the 1967 Erma Franklin song to the US Top 100, including Sammy Hagar (The Red Rocker) and Shaggy. Janis’ and Big Brother and the Holding Company’s version placed the highest at 12th surrounding its release in 1968.

Send your covers of your favorite Janis Joplin songs to or post it with the hashtag #JanisJoplinCover on Instagram or Twitter for a chance to be featured! ❤️

J-io Jenny

6 days ago

What a joke

Fran Shelton

6 days ago

Many teachers in the comments! :) Before run, everyone must learn to walk. Anyway bad

Ja'Nilah Victorian Young

6 days ago

The diction is so bad...and I am Italian :( :)

Happy 4th of July, darlin’! 🇺🇸 🎉 As Janis once said in “Me and Bobby McGee,” “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.”

Stream “Me And Bobby Mcgee” on Spotify here →

📷: @coffeewaterlifestyle on IG

Emilia Marzan

12 days ago

Nothing left to lose is a feeling of hopelessness and depression brought about by drugs. Freedom is the ability to live your life and fulfill your dreams. I really liked Janis but she needed to be loved and did not know how to go about getting it realistically. Get a pet, work with children or the elderly, give of yourself, don't challenge everyone you meet to see how true their commitment is to you! Everyone has problems and no one wants to have their love constantly challenged. It's an old story, but with drugs and alcohol, it is almost impossible to outgrow or realize the truth. True love and compassion are easily overlooked when the need is so intense and twisted by the many damages of substance abuse. Be well, be kind and meditate.

Saaj Mullachery

12 days ago

Great words written by Kris Kristopherson!

Marian Parrish

12 days ago

Love your tattoo and so happy you got the feathers in Janis hair

“Why should I hold back now and sound mediocre, just so I can sound mediocre twenty years from now?” - Janis Joplin

Never settle for mediocrity! 💯 Fill your day with Janis’ excellence—blast the ‘Janis Joplin - Top Tracks’ playlist on Spotify:

Florent Boucher-padern

19 days ago

I like your style, Ms. Janis! 💜❤😉

DulceMaria Gutierrez

19 days ago

Janis joplan she had no love in. Her life. The rose

Carlita Navarrosa Onigo

19 days ago

She was authentic, free, beautiful, wild, Jane was everything .

#JanisJoplinHistory: It was 52 years-ago—on June 24 & 25, 1966—that Janis & Big Brother and the Holding Company performed one of her very first shows in San Francisco, with Quicksilver Messenger Service - Band, at the Avalon Ballroom!

You can own your own copy of the famous ‘Zig-Zag Man’ poster, from these concerts, as a limited-edition lithograph—available only at the official Janis Joplin store:

Vláďa Blažev

20 days ago

I saw them twice,QSMS

Jerry Stewart

20 days ago

Ginga Corrin-bell cooool xx

Greg Kizito

20 days ago

Janis was the best. I am glad i saw her in concert. Seattle Wa.

Chester “Chet” Helms: August 2, 1942 - June 25, 2005.

Today, we remember Chet Helms, founder & manager of Big Brother and the Holding Company and the man who first pushed Janis into the limelight. It was while hitchhiking through Texas that Chet met a young Janis...

“When I first heard Janis, my first reaction was, ‘Jesus Christ, these people are yapping about roots all the time. If these people could hear this, THIS is roots.’ Anyway, I pretty much told her how I felt. That I thought that if she came to California, she would knock people in San Francisco on their ass, because this was something they had imagined but not experienced...
She decided to drop out of school and hitchhiked to California with me.” - Chet Helms

Arland Diaz

20 days ago

And the rest is history! 💜

Santiago Villaseñor Jr.

20 days ago

I am glad she did.One of my favorites is Janis Joplin.No one like her <3

Lautaro Alfaro

20 days ago

Janis was a force of nature

Thanks to Facebook user, Joana Morais de Carvalho, for sharing her #JanisJoplinStyle! You look FANTASTIC, honey! 🤗

Channelling your inner Pearl? We want to see! Post your photos on Instagram or Twitter—using the hashtag #JanisJoplinStyle, & tagging @JanisJoplin—so we can feature you! - Team Janis Joplin

Daniel Panaligan

a month ago

Tem cara de ser brasileiro. Pra ser mal feito assim lol

MJ Hanson

a month ago

Laura Calandrino I dont think it would be hard to recreate at all get a wig a boa that you can easily find in dollar store or any toy department and the round sun glasses and Janis was always wearing jean and I think a tie-dyed shirt and Lots of jewelry and there would be your tribute to her I knew a girl that dressed up like her for Halloween one year. how cool is that.I loved her music and her style.

Besir Esati

a month ago

A Janis Joplin es imposible imitar. Nada podría llegar a su altura porque fué un ángel que volaba muy alto y se perdio para siempre en los cielos. Sus recuerdos siempre quedarán a quienes la amamos.

Have you signed-up for the official Janis Joplin newsletter yet? Well, what’s stoppin’ you, darlin’? ✨

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📸 by Boom Baker.

Laxman Verma

a month ago

My blood pressure went down just looking at this photo.👍🏻

Nipun Wijesinghe

a month ago

Great pic...she looks so at ease and happy. I wish I had known her, as I've always felt a connection to her, like how she lived her life fearlessly. Her voice and talent were priceless.. #Gonetoosoon #LoveJanisalways.

Beatriz Alvarez

a month ago

I loved Cry Baby in the beginning of the song when she screams, no body else was like that in the 60's and 70's. It was so primal. Loved me and Bobby Magee, she was one of a kind, even now no one sings like her.

#JanisJoplinHistory: Today marks the 52nd anniversary of Janis’ very first performance with Big Brother and the Holding Company!

According to the band’s bio, they came roaring into the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco, CA, on June 10, 1966, with a whole new attitude: “Big Brother had been a loose, ramshackle, experimenting ensemble and now, with Janis, the music became more structured, and the band became a family.”

Relieve the first album by the new family:

Denise Summers

a month ago

Janis and Big Brother were practically the house band for the Avalon

Jolicia Chin

a month ago

It’s not possible to “relieve” anything.

Werner Pfeffer

a month ago

LOVE Janis Joplin

Just can’t get enough of all your creativity, loves! 😍

Keep sharing your artwork with us—use the hashtag #JanisJoplinArt + @JanisJoplin, on Instagram & Twitter—and we’ll keep sharing ‘em! 👨‍🎨 - Team Janis Joplin

Instagram Credit: @motormarcart, @sister_scorpio, & @tresfresart

Shyla Feltham

a month ago

Why a cigarette in the majority of pics ? 🤔

Shikay Cantos

a month ago

Siempre con su puchito mi Janis 💙

Melina Da-Ros

a month ago

Hola Hermosa Janis Te Deseo un Bello Y Feliz Fin de Semana, Y Feliz Dia, Y Muchas Felicidades Buenas Tardes

If you’re in the greater Los Angeles area, now’s your chance to see the show that Variety calls: “Electrifying! A celebration of the blues and those beautiful bruises they leave on the singer’s soul.”

A Night with Janis Joplin comes to the La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts, Sept 14-Oct 07.

See what audience members from the recent run in North Carolina had to say then order your tickets, while they’re still available:

Mely Gonzalez

a month ago

I wish, I love that lady.

Asia Marie Adams-Thomas

a month ago

It is a FANTASTIC show

John Walsh Jr.

a month ago

I saw this show 2 times. It was awesome both times.

Happy Birthday to Janis’ friend and bandmate in Big Brother and the Holding Company, Peter Albin!

Celebrate Albin’s big day by turning ‘Cheap Thrills’ all the way up, man:

Lidia Santiago

a month ago

Happy Birthday Peter Albin

Andrea Aguilar Aguilar

a month ago

Mayana de Mattos

Bia Campos

a month ago

Happy birthday Peter.

Show the world you have STYLE in this tie dye vintage-inspired Janis tee by MadeWorn! Every garment is cut, sewn, distressed, and finished entirely by hand, making every piece unique and completely one of a kind - just like you:

Alesia Butler

a month ago

I’d buy it if it wasn’t SO much because I do love it. But it pisses me off how they think they can ask that much. Only for the rich. 😞

Bethany Ng

a month ago


Derek Blake

a month ago

Where gets the money ?

Lordy! What a major day in #JanisJoplinHistory. On June 4, 1966, a fresh Janis Joplin arrived in San Francisco to join Big Brother and the Holding Company! 🙌

The group’s first show together, with their new vocalist, was just a few days later on June 10, 1966. After that, the rest is history… 💫

Larissa AV

a month ago

Queen of Rock'n Roll!!!😎

Diego Lassich

a month ago

Really? A dead woman has a facebook page now. Be ashamed. You're besmirching, you know that, right? This is what good drinkin can do. I needs me to listen to some ACTUAL Janis. You go hang your shameful head.

Camelia-eleonora Luscalov

a month ago

So love Janis Joplin 🥀✌️🥀 RIP u bad ass bitch!!! No offense to anyone who likes her! Bitch in my book is Bad Ass💜 my ultimate favorite ✌️

This must have been one wild dinner party! 🍽

From left: Paul Morrissey, Andy Warhol, Janis Joplin & Tim Buckley, at Max's Kansas City in New York, NY, 1968.

Büşra Nur Alkan

2 months ago

This page is administered by Pearl's family not Pearl herself

Letty Serna Miller

2 months ago

What a scene!

Guada Lupis

2 months ago

Y sobre todo interesante.. .

Lordy! Such a lovely Janis design by artist A.K. Ray (IG: @moonbeam_illustration). 💜

We want to see your Janis Joplin artwork! Send it to us using the hashtag #JanisJoplinArt on Instagram & Twitter, and tag @JanisJoplin, to be featured. - Team Janis Joplin

Jeretitia Abrahams

2 months ago

Second thing on here this week that looks nothing like her....first was tattoo think these artist never saw her

Happy Birthday to legendary musician, Bob Dylan! 🎊

Once, before she was famous, a young Janis Joplin brashly approached Bob Dylan and told him that, one day, she too would be famous.

Flippantly, Dylan replied, “Yeah, we all gonna be famous.”

After proving him right, in 1969, Janis would record a cover of Dylan’s “Dear Landlord” while in the studio working on her album, ‘I Got Dem 'Ol Kozmic Blues Again, Mama!’

Stream her take on Dylan’s classic:

Shannon Scott Bond

2 months ago

the Suns not yellow its chicken happy birthday Bob Dylan I didn't know if I should duck or run so I ran

Quiana Lawrence

2 months ago

Bob, may you stay forever.

Anna Buncová

2 months ago

Genius, poet, mind blowing song writer, folk God.... And keep going! Dylan is one of a kind, they don't make those anymore!

Check out this fab tattoo, done by Carrie Viger (IG: @carrieviger), of Robert Crumb’s artwork from the Big Brother & the Holding Co. ‘Cheap Thrills’ album cover! ⚡️

What’s your favorite song on ‘Cheap Thrills?’ Give the album a spin on Spotify:

Share your Janis ink with us! Use the hashtag #JanisJoplinTattoo on Instagram or Twitter, & tag @JanisJoplin, to be featured. - Team Janis Joplin

Janie Figueroa

2 months ago

Well if it's his style he should not put the name Janis Joplin on it because it looks nothing like her it's demeaning and insulting to her name!!

Philippe Legrain

2 months ago

Where's the lazer had the album got ripped by some low life know the drawing guess the artist was a little high when he done this but hey if the wearer likes it happy days

Vraja Rivera

2 months ago

You people who say it doesn’t look like Janis have obviously never seen the album cover for “Cheap Thrills” and know nothing about the artist R. Crumb. Educate yourselves

This cover of “Cry Baby” by Maia Malancus & Andrei Cerbu is FANTASTIC—that girl was made to sing the blues! 💪👱‍♀️

Send us your covers, using the hashtag #JanisJoplinCover on Instagram & Twitter, and tagging @JanisJoplin, for the chance to be featured! - Team Janis Joplin

Jim Clark

2 months ago

I can't bear watching her 😖

Sornsri Wirana

2 months ago

Michele Mario Gigliuto ti prego ascoltala è micidiale. Ma lui è fantastico ahahaha

Kirl Marfreben

2 months ago

Don't like Janis's covers. She is inimitable. His music came out of his heart.

La Mirada, CA: ‘A Night with Janis Joplin’ is coming to the La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts—September 14 through October 07!

Don’t miss your chance to see the musical that The New York Times says, “Rocks the house!”

Order your tickets now to see the story of the Queen of Rock and Roll come to life onstage:

Going tomorrow in Raleigh NC. Can't wait.

หนุ่ย มีฤกษ์กิจ

2 months ago

Love me some Janis.

Reno Raines

2 months ago

Janis is dead..and every female singer, who wants to sing her songs can be only a copy of Janis. Janis herself is unreachable and she cannot be copied in the way she was. I know the songs of Janis only by record, she once was in Germany for a concert, but I wasn´t there, I couldn´t be there to see her live.

Such a lovely cartoon of Janis, submitted by @jlpsx on Instagram! 🎤

Share your artwork with us—using the hashtag #JanisJoplinArt on Instagram & Twitter, and tagging @JanisJoplin—to be featured.- Team Janis Joplin

Kenzi Jacob

2 months ago

I have Janis Joplin art but no Instagram or Twitter 😔

Moslim Beeg

2 months ago

My wife thinks that would be a nice tat for her.

Team-Eka GH

2 months ago

wauw pretty good!!Were can I order that?

Do you have your copy of Janis Joplin’s 'Greatest Hits' yet? 🎧 Which of her hits, featured on this 8x Platinum (😱) album, is your very favorite?

This compilation, available on black vinyl for the first time in 28 years, contains classics like “Ball And Chain” & “Try (Just A Little Bit Harder)”—a must-have addition to your record collection! Order yours today:

Laure Adam

2 months ago

Have it on cassette and CD. CD also has Maybe & Mercedes Benz on it!

Clark Witt

2 months ago

I'm going to Newcastle and taking it back!!! All these years and I still mourn it's loss

Robert Delaney

2 months ago

I have cassette tape n cd. But my dad has all her albums;) N way 2 many favs...!

Think you know all the words to “Get It While You Can”—make sure with the official lyric video!

Did you know that “Get It While You Can” was originally written by songwriter duo Jerry Ragovoy & Mort Shuman; and was first made famous by soul singer Howard Tate, just a few years earlier than Janis, in 1967?

Nana Yaw Junior

2 months ago

Gina Mont Plata otra publicación que no puedes perder

Jonilo Delfino Cabadsan

2 months ago

Kimberly Hendrickson-Claxton Jessica Hildebrant Hendrickson Stephanie M Patton yeah baby yeah!!!!

Veronica Hernandez

2 months ago

Yeah yeah get it while you can
Need it want it hold it while you can

Darlin’, you’re the spitting image of a young Janis. 😍 Thanks to Molly Smith (IG: @mollysmith0219) for sharing this ADORABLE photo of her daughter!

Share your #JanisJoplinStyle with us on Instagram & Twitter, and tag @JanisJoplin, to be featured. 🌸 - Team Janis Joplin

How about a little live Janis to spice up your Tuesday? Check out this clip of Janis & the Full Tilt Boogie Band performing “Cry Baby” in Toronto, Canada in 1970.

This footage was from the all-star ‘Festival Express’ train tour—where Janis performed alongside the Grateful Dead, THE BAND, Buddy Guy, The Flying Burrito Brothers, Ten Years After - Band, Delaney & Bonnie, Eric Andersen, and Ian & Sylvia—across Canada. 🚂🎵

Stream the studio version of “Cry Baby:”

Sherif Gabr

2 months ago

One of my old time best singerof the 70

Mike Flow

2 months ago

J.J. je la kiffe depuis son apparition incroyable à woodstock!!

Fátima Moreira

2 months ago

I was at this show, she was transcendent.

"Onstage, I make love to 25,000 people - then I go home, alone." - Janis

Part of Janis’ enduring appeal is the raw emotion that she shared on stage. Stay connected to everything she stood for & sign-up for the newsletter today. 💕


Kevin Clay

2 months ago

Janis gave all here best years for us <3 and we stil lisses to her :) songs and She woud be happy :) so sing out load she cane hear yea :*

Karina Barroga

2 months ago

This woman was the best of the female singers in the planet.

Jennessa Kaufman

2 months ago

Loved you Janis so sad that you never felt Loved 💜♥️💕LIKE so many of us do!

Oh, honey! 💕 This cover of “Me And Bobby McGee” by 13 year-old, Lauren Mckenzie (IG: at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum is to die for!

Share your Janis covers with us by using the hashtag #JanisJoplinCover on Instagram & Twitter, and tagging @JanisJoplin, so we can share them with the world!- Team Janis Joplin

Kelsey Wilde

2 months ago

Lauren is very talented. She has a musical sensibility way beyond her years.

Dennis Koch

2 months ago

What an honor! Lauren, you rock!!!!

Dham Toretto

2 months ago

You have a good voice for 13 years n your cover is cute. There have been a couple of amazing singers who did Janice Joplin cover songs and were pretty near perfect to the iconic singer--one if Pink. But keep it up n find your voice that is yours first! 👍🏽👍🏽💕

#JanisJoplinHistory: Janis’ photographs taken by Richard Avedon for the May 1968 issue of Vogue (US).

“[Richard’s] fashion and portrait photographs helped define America's image of style, beauty and culture for the last half-century." - The New York Times

How has Janis inspired your own style? Share your #JanisJoplinStyle & show us! 💃

Francesco Saleh

2 months ago

Beautiful pictures of my janis" I love her music😎

László Németh

2 months ago

I named my daughter after Janis and my cat was JJ

Adam Bothma

2 months ago



Be the first to rock this brand new tee, found exclusively on the Janis site:

Eric Bond

3 months ago

Alicia Gutierrez Rojas

Erin MacArthur

3 months ago

yaaaaas!!!! I've never seen this pic before ❤️

Thibaut Caillaut

3 months ago

Yeah Cotton — Egyptia.

#FanArtFriday Swimming in watercolor boas with @littlepeach_art! 💐

Share your incredible designs with us — using the hashtag #JanisJoplinArt on Instagram & Twitter and tagging @JanisJoplin — we’d love to show them off to fans!

Abou Khabele

3 months ago

In high school I painted a pic of Janis on canvas I think I traded it for something🤭

Sunil Chaudhary

3 months ago

woow this is the reall deal jannis looks :)

Lordy! This cover from Brazil is definitely ‘good enough for me and my Bobby McGee!’ 💕

We want to hear your take on Janis - send us your videos, using the hashtag #JanisJoplinCover on Instagram & Twitter, and tag us at @JanisJoplin, to be featured!

Pauline Glynn

3 months ago

Timeless, always will 😍 love

Christian Enogo

3 months ago

Bobby McGee my favourite, great songwriter Kris

Patrick Welsh

3 months ago

But I do prefer Kosmic Blues....

Lordy! The detail in this portrait of Janis by Andrea Brusadin is INSANE, honey!

Do you have a tattoo that you would like to share with fans? Tag us on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #JanisJoplinTattoo. We love seeing your designs!

Suzette Braun Caffey

3 months ago

This is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE! I so want a variation of this! Jenni, David!! Just WOW!

Helen McKinzie Berg

3 months ago

Brilliant, stunning, amazing ink work, bravo x10000000000000!

Alana Efg

3 months ago

Now that's a Great Tattoo

Happy Birthday to one of the first accomplished female blues singers in history, Bessie Smith! Bessie was a major influence on Janis’ career.

To show her thanks, Janis and Juanita Green, who helped Bessie with housework as a child, paid for a gravestone, on a previously unmarked site where Bessie was buried, that read: “The Greatest Blues Singer in the World Will Never Stop Singing.”

Read the full story:

Mary Jo Barrett

3 months ago

EU vi um filme sobre a vida dela, pra mim era uma pessoa que guardava historias com respeito a amizades e convivências ,infelizmente ela (pra mim)usou o seu talento mediante a bebida na vida...lamentavél....,assim como a Janis ,se espelhou nela (como eu soube)e entrou na aventura de fazer de sua vida ,uma verdadeira anarquia ainda mais com as drogas e a bebida, uma pena!!!

Cecilia Rivas

3 months ago

In the 1950s my mom would listen to Bessie Smith on what were seventy-eight record. Bessie music was beautiful and soulful. My mother told me the tragic story how she died. Very sad. Happy birthday Bessie!

Laura Begg

3 months ago

I contend that this picture is not Bessie Smith. Does anyone agree with me?

#FanArtFriday: This pencil sketch of Janis is precious, honey!

We want to help share your talent with the world, just like Instagram user, @rago_illustration! Use the hashtag #JanisJoplinArt on Instagram & Twitter, and tag @JanisJoplin, to be featured.

Aretha James

3 months ago

Awwwww , such adorable tiny boobles.

Angel Santana

3 months ago

Wow, great pencil skills on display here! (y)

Tuija Salander

3 months ago

Very good caricature sketch....bravo!

Belt it, sister! 🙌 Loving this ‘Mercedes Benz’ cover by Chicken on the Bone. 🎤✨

We want to share your Janis covers with the world! Use the hashtag #JanisJoplinCover on Instagram & Twitter, and tag @JanisJoplin, to be featured.

Zack Ruboy

3 months ago

No soul ! No heart ! Wow, what a disappointment!
I expected something awesome after your header! 😞
I don’t want to insult this singer, but maybe she should sing someone else’s songs. This is not her cup of tea!

Nelia Lendel

3 months ago

Αλλά ηJanis Joplin καλύτερη !!!!

Ron Markese

3 months ago

No ... just no ...

Today is the birthday of Grammy Hall of Fame singer, Billie Holiday! Billie was one of Janis’ idols and inspired her throughout her career.

“Aretha Franklin, Billie Holiday… They are so subtle, they can milk you with two notes! They can go no farther than from A to B, and make you feel like they told you the whole universe…”
- Janis Joplin

You’ve heard Billie Holiday’s cover of George Gershwin’s “Summertime;” stream Janis and Big Brother & the Holding Company’s amazing version off the album ‘Cheap Thrills’:

Yeris Antonio González

3 months ago

Happy birthday Billie Holiday.

Laura Bri

3 months ago

My hubby' s birthday. How serendipitous!

Roland Jay Saligao

3 months ago

First Billie then Mavis Staples then Aretha ...... simple

Only a VERY limited number of this Dollar Bill lithograph were produced by Stanley Mouse, Alton Kelley, & The Family Dog. Do you have one?

Order your limited-edition print today:

Îčë Qůėęņ Åķã Fŕøżĕñ

3 months ago

Whoohoo that is so awesome!! <3 I wish I could order one. I would hang it on my toilet I think.

Suzana La Boo Ilic

3 months ago

No but I have a war buck that was a dollar off the ticket to see Eric Burton and War in San Francisco.

Marwa Lm

3 months ago

Loved the family dog, I saw all the greats there. Miss those days.

Lordy! Love seeing how Janis has inspired you! 😍 Keep sending us your pics — using the hashtag #JanisJoplinStyle on Instagram & Twitter, and tagging @JanisJoplin — and we’ll keep sharing them on Janis’ feed

La Chapiz Rodriguez Garcia

3 months ago

Oh yes love ❤️ it yes,

Happy Birthday to the father of Chicago blues, Muddy Waters! 🙏 Janis once told Dick Cavett that she felt all alone growing up in Texas, until she discovered the blues:

“Playing is just about feeling. Playing isn't necessarily about misery. Playing isn't necessarily about happiness. …That’s the only reason I can sing is because I just close my eyes and let all those things that are inside just come out.”

Without Muddy Waters & that feeling from the blues, who knows if we would’ve had the Queen of Rock & Roll!

Johan Sepulveda Aviles

3 months ago

Janis told me personally that her favorite singer was Otis Redding.

Bobby King

3 months ago

many concerts and memories. saw him with johnny winters at beacon theater in N.Y. Just the 2 of them. WOW.

Swetha Suresh

3 months ago

Watching Janis Joplin on Axes TV... What a loss for the music industry ... She is the best...🤩

Paul Rothchild: April 18, 1935 - March 30, 1995 Today, we’re remembering Paul Rothchild, Janis’ friend & producer, whose work on 'Pearl' was legendary! — #PaulRothchild

Oh man! Get the perfect Janis Joplin inspired tee just in time for spring:

Ariel Marie

4 months ago

I think Kris Kristoferson might have something to say about that.

Steven Hogan

4 months ago

she's so cute (:

Luisa Marchesano

4 months ago

Vanessa kind of shirt

Janis Joplin is a fashion LEGEND! 💃 Scope out some of her top style moments - what are your favorites, honey? 🌸 — #WomensFashion #JanisJoplin #StyleInspo #Fashion #1960s

Happy Birthday to the legendary @Aerosmith front man & Janis fan, @IAmStevenT! 🎁🎊Celebrate Steven's big day with his rendition of ‘Piece of My Heart,’ honey! 🎤 — #Aerosmith #StevenTyler #HappyBirthday #Birthday #PieceOfMyHeart

Happy Birthday to the legendary Aerosmith​ frontman and Janis fan, Steven Tyler​! Celebrate his big day by watching his rendition of ‘'Piece of My Heart,’ honey! #HappyBdayStevenTyler

Martha Sanchez

4 months ago

Janice owns that song,I conic,can`t come close to original so why bother

Terry-Theresa Pasloski-Theiss

4 months ago

Melissa Etheredge did a better job.

Casey Byrne

4 months ago

Ugh, Steven Tyler. One time I went to an Aerosmith concert, and all he did was dry hump his guitar player. Disgusting. The worst concert I've ever been to. 😒🤢 paid over $500 just to see him dry hump the guitar player. Disgusting!!!! The only good thing about the concert was Lenny Kravitz for the opening act.

“Billie Holiday and Aretha Franklin, now they can milk you with just two notes!” - Janis Joplin Happy Birthday to another Queen & one of Janis’ idols, Aretha Franklin! 🎁🎈 — #ArethaFranklin #HappyBirthday #Birthday #Soul #RnB

Rafa Márquez

4 months ago

Un feliz cumpleaños para una grande idolaaaaa !!!!

Cecy Felix

4 months ago

Happy birthday Aretha Franklin, I love I say a little prayer for you ( one of my early memories ,when I met my lovely Husband)Thank you

Amalia Estilong

4 months ago

Happy Birthday to the Queen of RESPECT...LOVE IT... ONE OF MY FAVS TO SING!🎤🎙🎶🎵

A very special Happy Birthday to Luis Gasca, trumpet player for Janis’ Kozmic Blues Band! Share your birthday wishes in the comments! — #HappyBirthday #Birthday #LuisGasca #KozmicBluesBand

Tiger Tiger

4 months ago

Happy Birthday Luis Gasca.

Cian O Shea

4 months ago

Documentary on Janis tonight PBS here in FL.

Hakuna Matata

4 months ago


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Jxckalmhe Strongman

4 months ago

Well I thought I was going to want the girl but again too late lol

Netu Ştefan

4 months ago

Just constant spam.

William AJ

4 months ago

Who Gives a rats ass if Janis didn't wear anything like this. It's got her logo. That's all. I. Care bout
Plus. It's a cool top

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Mohmmed Abdailkrem

4 months ago

Quiero una poleeeeeera....!!!!!

Ermelinda Estrada

4 months ago

CIB, you should buy that for me for my birthday. I wish I could, but I'm on a FIXED budget

Margie Boyd

4 months ago

I love buying all this stuff, boy do my knees hurt.