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Last night in Tulsa // Thank you Oklahoma!

Esa Pilarcitha Jimenes

11 hours ago

I was waiting for you at El Paso 😂

Gold Skull Clark

11 hours ago

Great great show!!!

Timothy Lucia

11 hours ago

Thank you Jack White for the Warstic baseball event Sunday, the no phone policy, powering through the horrific heat, and putting on another epic show. Thanks for showing Tulsa so much love. We 💙 you !!!!

Poster for tonight’s show in Tulsa // Art by Mishka Westell - Art, Design, Illustration // Printed by DL Screenprinting

Remy Jox

14 hours ago

The show last night was mind blowing. He's a genius.

Devin Perez

14 hours ago

Emma George how cool is this x

Brienne Nicole Coughlin

a day ago

Thank you for an incredible show Jack White and crew! Kind of melted my brain, but in a really, really good way...

Thank you Shreveport!

Adrian Ayala

a day ago

No, thank you. I cried at least 3 times because it’s refreshing to see great music being played live. So much emotion behind all of the instruments. You guys are amazing. Thank you for your hope. Thank you for your sheer love for music and history. Thank you for allowing us to experience it all! ❤️

Debbie Henson Allard

2 days ago

Phenomenal show! I just hope the a$$ that threw the water bottle at the stage doesn’t deter Jack White from returning to Shreveport.


2 days ago

I saw Jack White in Chicago (where I lived for 20 years) about 4 years ago at Midway Airport in the tiny elevator that takes you to the orange 🍊 line to go into the city. Needless to say there was no oxygen in there, I just stared at his shoes and didn’t say a word he looked like he could use some peace.
Then I saw him again on SNL(avid watcher).
He started Over and Over and Over. I said “Jack dun all growed up on me with a big band”. I tore my living room up with the wildest dance possible. I tried to wake my husband up and then started looking at concert dates. I see a lot of music so finding a date that would fit was only possible in Shreveport. Then it was a done deal. By the time the concert was rolling up I knew all of Jack’s music in all his different bands. So when I got there I was ready.

I liked his countdown video until the show started totally Jack! I had made 4 song request signs-(3 women, blue orchid, black bat licorice, ice station zebra)-tried a couple of times for 3 women and gave up. I just wanted to dance. I didn’t have signs for these but I really wanted to hear mind shaft, everything you’ve ever learned, catch hell blues, death letter blues, Ball and biscuit and the hardest button. I don’t think he would play Level but I love that one too.

I would like Jack to consider playing one Led Zeppelin song in his encore. First of all he would kill it, second of all everyone wants to hear it, Third of all we need to keep this music alive. As long as he doesn’t play Stairway or Kashmir he won’t ruffle any feathers.

Led Zeppelin - songs he would kill:
When the Levee Breaks- Jazz fest as a guitar sit in for one song at the late night small venue shows with (Worship my organ)-seasoned musicians

In my time of Dying
The Immigrant Song
Whole lotta love
Black Dog
Misty Mountain hop
In the Evening
The Battle of Evermore- (with the Peacocks)
Babe I’m gonna Leave you

The Shreveport show seemed short to me,but I don’t know if there was a curfew. I could have danced another hour at least. Next time I’ll go to NewYork, Chicago, Canada, London or Scotland. I feel like he plays to impress at these venues. Maybe they are bigger venues? Just guessing? I thought he preferred smaller venues?

It was a still a great show in Shreveport.

Poster for tonight’s show in Shreveport // Art by Robert Lee // Printed by METHANE STUDIOS

Angie Maeby

2 days ago

Show was amazing!!!

Ray Kaczynski

3 days ago

Awesome show last night!!!

Milagros Anabel Rodriguez

3 days ago

That was the last venue I saw you! You're a favorite! 💙

"Connected by Love" Live from the JACK WHITE: KNEELING AT THE ANTHEM D.C. live EP // Listen only on Amazon Music //

Cassandra Hahn

5 days ago

CONNECTED is the finale from BOWIE S live version of ROCK N ROLL SUICIDE --just listen

Sydney A. Stippler

6 days ago

Play in SANTA CRUZ!! 😭😫😍

Adilson Silvano

6 days ago

Beautiful stage and back drop! ❤️🙏

Come out and see Jack this fall // Tickets for all dates, including Regina, on sale now //

Philippe Gutierrez

10 days ago

2005 White Stripes concert. During Death Letter he laid that guitar down on the stage and played the hell out of it with the slide to where the strings were breaking. Coolest concert moment I have ever witnessed.

MD Ridoy Khan

10 days ago

Book another for Nashville or Franklin tn pls!!!!!!!!

Gaius Godfrey

10 days ago

Hey I liked the show in San Diego last month!

Jack’s added a stop in Regina on his Fall Canadian tour // Tickets on sale Saturday at 10am local time //

Dave Richards

14 days ago

This is almost as good as the electric Jack one

Diego Aguirre

14 days ago

I wonder if anyone reading this are aware of someone using Mr whites name to scam his fans? I have tried to report this it's happened twice to me. B

Tim Built

14 days ago

Makayla want to go see Jack in Canada? Artwork is cool.

Tom Waits came to one of Jack’s San Francisco shows and made all the musicians in the band confirm and pay testament to their love of the religion of music.

A million thanks and tributes to Saint Tom from Jack and the band #tbt // 08.16.18

July Borges

18 days ago

Tom wears a hat mostly. It is raining here. Stop singing

Litao Luo

19 days ago

Tom Waits is starting to look like Kramer from Sienfeld.

Moisés Velázquez

19 days ago

Two of my absolute favorites - both very cool cats.

Thank you Vegas!

Linda Edge

23 days ago

Great shows rest enjoy your holiday. Watch it looks like something other than the a.... S has come in. Just say g.....l 3 tlmes

Jimmy Mowrer

24 days ago

Jack White, Thank you! I experienced the San Diego show, seeing you for the first time. Wow! Please come back soon.

Susan Estling

24 days ago

thank you, Jack White for sharing your talent and musical inspiration.🎶

Night one in Vegas with William Tyler // Back at it again tonight!

Oscar Erazo Guerrero

25 days ago

You see William, even with the phone free shows, now you got your picture that not only you were on tour with Jack White but you also jammed with him on stage. He must've heard you in San Diego too, huh?

Jon Cluney

25 days ago

I dream of being there....

William Saberdo

25 days ago

Gpi al cotorreo

Last night in Phoenix // Up to Vegas for a couple nights

Jānis Vīgants

25 days ago

This was an incredible show... So many things to make it a perfect night... Thank you for being an inspiration.

Alisa Loredana

a month ago

Jack is a true talent. The drummer was amazing. The sound was clear and just great. What is up with the video and lighting??? It just sucked... still good show.

Queckel Linares

a month ago

Lucky enough to get two shows! (“That was all that I needed”) San Francisco and Phoenix! Phx was great! So fortunate to get a spot near the rail (that was all that I needed)in the PIT and full view of Jack, All of his guitars, pedal board, watching - hearing- feelin’ Jack!! (That was all that I needed) One of the most brilliant musicians EVER!! I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to experience this- Thanks Jack! Great musicians all around! Please come back and give us back stages passes! (That’ll be all that I need!)

Poster for tonight’s show in Phoenix with William Tyler // Art by Mark McDevitt // Printed by METHANE STUDIOS

Krystle Avens

a month ago

Did anyone catch the names of the others in the band?

Linda Horowitz-Rosenthal

a month ago

Thanks for sharing your amazingness with us, Jack. Sorry the crowd was so lame. You deserve better.

Alan Romero

a month ago

You gave Phoenix the best time, thanks again!

Thank you San Diego! // Crossing the desert to Phoenix tonight

Jane Morris

a month ago

You were incredible...AND Jack White!😁

Rosa Gomez

a month ago

I'm so bummed I missed it. I had my ticket happened. I'm so heart broken 😭

Jesus Garcia Barata

a month ago

The show was awesome and I loved the phone free environment. Felt like going to a show in the 90's again. Thank you.

San Diego with William Tyler tonight // Poster art by Greg Ruth // Printed by DL Screenprinting

Anastasia Wl

a month ago

I got mine‼️💙

Mike Downing

a month ago

Aaron another print for the bedroom 😏 lol

Akbar Bagheri

a month ago

Nicholas Lynch this is reminiscent of some of your work.

A clever take from the Peabody Conservatory's Dr. Mark Janello

Wadime Antonio Garcia Nuñez

a month ago

Punk's dead once and for all. 😂😂😂

Teresa Jump

a month ago

I love how sinister it sounds!

Taty Tiger

a month ago

Check the dynamics version reggae ska of seven nation army 👏✌️👌💪

Last night in Santa Barbara // See you tomorrow San Diego!

Mary Smith

a month ago

Raquel Davies are you and Dan going? Saw him in Austin a month or so ago, he puts on an awesome show!

Noelle Alexa

a month ago

Dat ass :3 okay I just wanted attention 😂😭

Brittany Lockhart

a month ago

I have seen Jack all over the US over many years and that Santa Barbara show was one of his best solo shows. The crowd & venue were amazing. He played an insane setlist and truly fed off the energy of that fire crowd.

Poster for Santa Barbara with William Tyler // Art by Mathieu Bitton // Printed by DL Screenprinting
Thank you, Bakersfield! // Over to Santa Barbara tonight

Craig Cushman

a month ago

Stevie wonder/as/. past time paradise/I was made 2 luv her

PrincessNessa Katoucha

a month ago

Awesome show tonight! Thanks!

JoeAnn Keller

a month ago

Gpi a Santa Bárbara

Bakersfield tonight // Poster art by DKNG // Printed by DKNG Studios
Double A-side 7'' featuring "Ice Station Zebra" and "Corporation" out now //

Tri-color 7" available exclusively at Third Man Records Detroit and Nashville storefronts.

Mario Italo Seminario Asmat

a month ago

There's 1 lock 7 keys if u open the lock u can have my p...y!!!

Jean Campos

a month ago

Can I buy one of these posters? @DKNG

Sreejith VS

a month ago

Waiting for you in Lithuania! Šiaurės miestelis ❤️❌🔴


“It’s been a thought of mine for a few years now that I would love to do a free concert for the employees at the Fremont factory. I am a huge fanatic and supporter of everything Tesla has been doing since day one.”

Adrienne Raquel

a month ago

I’m starting to think the company is a bunch of hype and won’t hold up to “real” business practices. Great ideas do not a business make.

Xavier Galarza

a month ago

Don't let em tell you the futures electric
Cause gasoline's no measured in metric
Thirty thousand wheels are spinnin'
And oil company faces are grinnin'
Now my hands are turnin' red
And I found out my baby is dead

David Lippert

a month ago

I speak as a proxy for the common people of this world who can't afford luxury goods: the unemployed, the homeless, the materially bereft.

Second night of the two night stand at the Bill Graham // Thank you San Francisco!

Rick Njk

a month ago

So rockin! Amadeus of our time.

Tammy Byrd

a month ago

He played Apple Blossom and Blunderbuss and he was brilliant. 💙🖤💙

Keeron Vickers

a month ago

Please come to the hills of Appalachia/Eastern Kentucky 🙏♥️

Halifax! See Jack live at Scotiabank Centre on November 14th.

Tickets available here:

Night two in the Bay Area with Olivia Jean.

Art by DKNG // Printed by DKNG Studios
Stopping by Adam Savage Industries yesterday // 08.15.18 // 3:30pm

Robert Hernandez

a month ago

You and Olivia brought it in Portland the other day!

Cosmin Deac

a month ago

the posters on this tour are so amazing !!!! waw

Thomas Thomas

a month ago

Great artwork and a genuine fantastic musician

Two night stand in San Francisco with Olivia Jean starting tonight.

Poster art by DKNG // Printed by DKNG Studios

Pamela Previti

a month ago

Jack White last night you put on the greatest rock and roll show I've ever witnessed. It's the third time you've done so. Pun intended, you always seem to top yourself. Thank you.

Ressano Haizel Niko Mookamedi

a month ago

Just hung mine up at home. Slick poster.

Franco Leveque

a month ago

W. O. W!!! Future islands/like the moon. L... YOU

Watch Jack do “Love Interruption” live from Lollapalooza and catch him at one of the last few dates on his summer North American tour //

Argye DG

a month ago

Jack makes the best versions of his own songs!

Tricia Tanimura

a month ago

Oh Jack White...He's like my brother!

Tadri L. Edmonds

a month ago

Caution! Genius at work! JACK!

Thank you Seattle! Down to California tomorrow for the week.

Russell Williams

a month ago

Lauren Boling check out the guitar

Natasha Mahoney

a month ago

So no proper Los Angeles gig again! Two album tours in a row only playing album release show in very small venue (and this tour big all day festival). When will you play the Greek, Forum or regular size venue so the average person can see you live.

Diana Gomez

a month ago

Looking forward to San Francisco tomorrow night!!!

Seattle tonight with Olivia Jean // Poster art by Rob Jones // Printed by DL Screenprinting

Vincent Lee

a month ago

I had a blast at the Seattle concert. I was on the floor, front and center. I thought he sounded amazing. I love the new music, much better than a recording. Plus saw Olivia Jean rock the stage. It was a great night. Loved that I didn't have to pay $300 or more for the pit. Everyone had an equal shot to get up close. Amazing pumped up Fans too. 💙✌🤘💙

Marine Da Costa

a month ago

Amazing show in Seattle! Your energy, talent and love for music is unreal!

Martinez Rulas Jose

a month ago

Is there any place to purchase Posters for any of the tour stops?

Thank you Vancouver! See you again in November, Canada

Kelly Owens

a month ago

Spectacular show - Mr White was brilliant along with an amazing drummer ... Rock musical at it's very best 🎙

Keith Casey

a month ago

Please I Want to go see this show with my family we are all fans but the limit is 4 tickets and I need to buy 5 tickets for London Canada Nov 8 please change the limit. "We are Connected By Love" don't make us sit in separate seats.

Vanessa Cadion

a month ago

I had an absolute blast at the show and wish it could have gone on forever!! Carla killed it! The rest of the band was amazing, and Jack as always (maybe even a little more) was superb!! It was the Jack white concert I've been wishing to see since I became a fan after I saw it might get loud!! It was a shame it was shorter but I totally understand. My family was the only four in my section standing up and rocking out!!😓 I'll have to somehow get tickets to see the calgary show!! Rock on and dont stop killing it Jack White!!🤘🤘

Heading back to the Great White North in November // Tickets for Canadian tour on sale this Friday 10am local time //
Poster for tonight's show with Olivia Jean

Art by Justin Erickson of Phantom City Creative // Printed by Seizure Palace Screen Printing

"Curse's"! " poppies, poppies, now they'll sleep! "Totto too?" Totto too." Cool poster! Fun play with Jack Whites shoes!

Mihaela Daniel

a month ago

What about Glacé bay again? The Savoy Theater show in 2007 was amazing.

Aïcha Belabbes

a month ago

Lainey Pires I love how his Canadian tour poster features his Canadian shoes!

Last night in Portland // Up to Vancouver tonight!

Wilma Faye Bearden-Breeden

a month ago

Great show, our family had a wonderful time. Tickets to your show were one of our gifts to our soon to be 16 year old :-) He LOVES your music just like his parents!

Erica Tredgett

a month ago

Wow, that was a powerhouse of a show!! Thank you for stopping in Portland, dude! Not all bands do... Also, I really think you've caught on to something amazing with this phone-free concept, keep it up!

Alex Arendt

a month ago

Such a great show, thank you Jack! Loved watching it sans cell phones. Wish more artists would do this.

Starting a run through the West Coast tonight in Portland // Art by Mark McDevitt // Printed by METHANE STUDIOS

Nate Skogen scored this last night.

Ayoub Morchid

a month ago

These posters are off the chain!

Susan Machado

a month ago

The show was excellent. Thank you Jack White!!

Thank you Utah! // Keep up with Jack on tour on

Nathan Allen

a month ago

Got it w.o.w. great pic of the seeing the MAGIC EYE!!! L... YOU

Sandra Horton

a month ago

Jack, thanks you so much for sharing your artistic talents with us. If you ever come back, PLEASE PLEASE play at a different venue?! There are so many better options in Salt Lake, and your management group selected what is arguably the worst in the entire state!

Patricia Johnson

a month ago

Even though you cancelled El Paso, I still love you

Salt Lake City tonight! // Poster by Mark McDevitt // Printed by METHANE STUDIOS
Listen up if you want to hear...

'Ice Station Zebra' b/w 'Corporation' 7” available 08.17.18 // Tri-color available 08.18.18 only in Third Man Records stores


Julia Schmelzer

a month ago

i wish he would come to zanesville ohio.

Ada Jatkiewicz

a month ago

Thank you, thank you! The show was stupendous and Tyler Childers was great with his tight band. I can't wait to see you again! Unfortunate venue, especially for those of us in wheelchairs. Not accommodated at all. Maybe catch you in Vegas!

Brenda Jankowski

a month ago

Great show! Bad venue. Most people couldn’t see and had to stand for 4 hours. Dirty, no air conditioning..... but you and the band rocked.

"I don't know where I'm going from here, but I promise it won't be boring." - David Bowie

Denver // 08.08.18 // 9:30am
See you tonight Colorado!

Poster for tonight’s show in Broomfield // Art by Rob Jones // Printed by DL Screenprinting

Marion Perzl

a month ago

thank you for coming to Denver, the show was amazing. Absolutely loved watching and listening to all of you. ❤️❤️

Linda Smith

a month ago

sorry....bored by his post White Stripes music...though I did enjoy his live performance supporting Blunderbus back in the day

Elise Séhou

a month ago

Gee who knew David Bowie was sòoooo controversial...
poor Jack he does get beaten up emotionally by some fans.
Ah the problems of stardom.
Guess you can't pick your fans.
I think they are were people who moved in a multitude of creative directions as an artist I must support. B

Last night in Minnesota // Out west to Colorado tomorrow

Add photos from the show to your own collection to share at

Ricky Farouk Ma-subron Zanda

a month ago

Great show. I have been to hundreds of concerts and you were top of my bucket list. Thanks for making the wait worth it!

Kennie Bynum

a month ago

Happy birthday to your son Henry

Alma Villagomez

a month ago

Colorado awaits you! ❤️

Poster for tonight’s show in Minneapolis // Art by Matthew Jacobson // Printed by Baker Prints

Naveen Naik

a month ago

Is Jacobson doing 1STBank? Or maybe Jones? I'll be there tonight, but I'm sleepy and want a poster.

Saidy Castellanos

a month ago

In search of!!! Will pay $$$ PM me

กิตติภพ จิรเจริญจิตต์

a month ago

Jack put on the best show I've ever experienced in Detroit. Like most of you, it felt very personal to see him perform live. Amazing and rare talent.

Thank you Chicago!

Watch a replay last night's Lollapalooza set at 11:40am CT on

Matt Angeli

a month ago

It must have been thrilling playing to that backdrop.

Gretta AndtheFoals

a month ago

Am I the only one having problems viewing photos on the website from the Lolla show?

Jan Smeby

a month ago

Phenomenal. I didn’t get to go, but watched the entire set live online. So, so, so great!

Hear Jack’s set from Lollapalooza on SiriusXM Radio at 8:30 CT // Download the app to listen free at
Watch Jack's performance from Lollapalooza tonight at 8:45 pm CDT //

Fred Scott

a month ago

Not able to listen to in New Zealand. What's up with that Jack

Carina Runeskjöld

a month ago

Live feef das great

Rita Markgraf

a month ago

Thank you for this weekend Jack! Phone down, memory forever! 💙🤘✌🤟

Metro Chicago last night before hitting Lollapalooza // Grant Park tonight at 8:30pm

Joe Haeick

a month ago

I’m still reeling from Jack and the band’s incredible performance both Saturday and Sunday. True artists pushing music beyond the expected. This is why you’ll forever be my favorite, Jack! 💙💙💙

Shannon Mainwaring

a month ago

Is that reverse headstock firebird?

Audrina Micheals

a month ago

Stoked for Aug 13, Seattle.

Poster for tonight’s show in Chicago // Art by Jay Ryan// Printed by The Bird Machine

Lizbeth Vargas

a month ago

Animals from the ark.!!! Look at 2nd picture with GRACE and the little people in the shape. Light at the back of the head, ETHERS and K. O. H

YuenYi Kon

a month ago

Where can we buy this? Sold out quickly at the show

Max Gagnon

a month ago

Would love to have seen you but my old ass can't take the heat (or that many people) anymore.. 😘

Pilgrimage Music Festival // Franklin, TN // September 22nd

Priscilla Jane Wright

2 months ago

How to I get a request in to Jack White to play Would You Fight For My Love in Vancouver in August? It’s my hubby and I’s anniversary and we really want to hear that song!

Pamela Howard

2 months ago

You will never find me at this rate

Danchez Dantez

2 months ago

Come to costa rica please ♡

Lollapalooza Aftershow // Metro Chicago // 08.04.18

Tickets on sale at 12pm CT. Special Vault presale starts at 11am CT //

Dennie Shaw

2 months ago

Lissa Lamarche is a super fan and does nothing buy talk about jack white & see his shows. Plz a ticket for her!!!

Reda El Toufaili

2 months ago

Yes, I have to agree with letting Lissa Lamarche in. She’s the biggest fan! She even made her son looks like you... 😆😆

Liz Murphy

2 months ago

Please allow my Cousine -Lissa Lissa Lamarche to get into the after hours show! There is no bigger fan. This is her 2nd show this yr & she is from Canada 🇨🇦

“Corporation” music video out now everywhere // Who’s with me?

Clive Thompson

2 months ago

Enough violence in the world...why taint music with it

Crystal Williams

2 months ago

Corporation or cooperation. Surely u need a nod from the Boss first. Remember GRACE is with U.THAT GUITAR. UNIQUE video n song. Luv u.

Suman Khadka

2 months ago

Hmmm. O.k. I'm going to have to watch a few times, disturbing and interesting.

Jack recently joined author Malcolm Gladwell for an episode of his Revisionist History podcast to discuss the genius of Elvis Presley. Tune in now to hear their discussion and Jack’s impromptu performance of Elvis’ “Are You Lonesome Tonight.”

Listen to the episode at

Michelle Vahle

2 months ago

This is a great podcast. Jack White singing this Elvis song so carefully. **sigh**

Stacey Berghorst Carvell

2 months ago

THANK YOU JACK FOR LOVING ELVIS!!!...the electrifying mr positive of detroit radio !!

Charlotte Poole Chaney

2 months ago

Wow what a great listen this.

Last night at Ilosaarirock Festival // Thank you Finland!

John Carlo Fuentes

2 months ago

Always & Forever until the end my friend !!!

Jodi Johnson

2 months ago

Hello hello is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me Just a little pin prickJACK WHITE IS MY KINDA DOPE !!!😘😘😘

Colleen Beach

2 months ago

I hope you played Icky Trump! (Please do so when I come to see you in Vegas!)

Thank you Portugal!

Up north to Finland for Ilosaarirock Festival tonight, 10:15pm

Aaron Libby

2 months ago

I was soooo there ! Thank you! Come back soon!

Pamela J. Powell

2 months ago

Thank you Jack, you are the grand master❤️

Kathy Rice Peterson

2 months ago

My granparents' homeland. Love you Jack and Finland!!!! 🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮

Mad Cool in Madrid last night // Lisbon for NOS Alive tonight// Palco NOS Stage at 21:05

Bright Nhlane

2 months ago

Fuck Mad Cool. What a shitshow of a festival. NOS Alive > Mad Cool

LeaAnn Johnson

2 months ago

Last night was great Jack! Come to Portugal more often, we love you!

Graziella Volpato

2 months ago

How bout you come be Mad Cool in Miami 😩

Thank you Festival Cruïlla!

Over to Madrid for Mad Cool Festival tonight // Madrid Te Abraza Stage at 22:05

Basa Viktória

2 months ago

Tim Robbins looks different

Hellen Terrazas

2 months ago

Tim Burton plays Guitar?!

Eden Gordon

2 months ago

Starting to look like Bob Fossil.

Montreux Jazz Festival last night // Thank you Switzerland!

Ransom Comfort

2 months ago

J.w what's the matter. Aaliyah and timberland.We need a resolution

Daniel Colic

2 months ago

Hahahaha! Je croyais que les photos était interdites durant le concert. ;-) Une prestation vraiment exceptionnelle, sans mobile phone, c'était parfait.

Nonstylist Boy Effan

2 months ago

"Steady as she goes" made me hope you to write a new album with The Raconteurs. Thx for the show.

Last night in Lyon // Over to Montreux Jazz Festival tomorrow

Nathan Robert Palmer

2 months ago

Archangel mickael was supporting you jack, thanks a lot

Lauren Benson Robidoux

2 months ago

that was such an amazing shooooow <3

Steffi Reinhardt

2 months ago

Jack, watch that schedule! You've got back to back gigs as a single vocalist (for the most part) all over creation - a little concerned. Take time to rest! Don't want to sound like your Mother or anything (just a concerned fan) but is your agent a little bonkers? Every song, every detail, every show is a huge display of musical genius, energy, passion, commitment, and can be downright exhausting. Just be careful..That's all I'm saying. I know, I know - a Seven Nation Army can't hold you back. Your eyes are telling me to just leave it alone. So I will. Good luck on your tours! God bless and stay safe on the trail - from one Catholic to another. Oops, almost forgot -- Happy Birthday from Milwaukee!!!! XXX

Thank you Rock Werchter! // Lyon tonight for Festival Les Nuits de Fourvière - Officiel

Crystal Stai

2 months ago

15 years waiting for this moment ! And I really hope there will be more somewhere else in the world. I remember when I missed your show in Guadalajara in 2005. Finally it was Werchter (another difficult city name to pronounce). Blue and explosive, smart and perfectly done, artistic and seriosly profesional, what I chance I had past night at Wetchter. Thank you for giving your self at the stage !

Seydouba Massaly

2 months ago

Happy b day to the hilarious,musical genius,And all around cool guy Jack white sorry I don't remember his real name

Tracey Rowlett Oaks

2 months ago

Happy Birthday, you look timeless!