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iHeartRadio Music Festival // Las Vegas // September 21 //

Anh Nguyen Thuc

4 days ago

Iv missed Jack every time he's come to Columbus! Even won VIP tix once and found out days later!!! My life and music career basicly dont exsist!!!!

Kelsey Bey

4 days ago

Can any one of you send iTunes card to me

Jami Eiler

4 days ago

I miss the White Stripes. Maybe you guys will do a reunion tour sometime before the world ends?

Jack White x Icon // Out in Italy and on select international newsstands now

Randy Sollars

8 days ago

This is how a real man dresses and behaves boys 😉😎

Elena Alekseevna Suchkova

8 days ago

It’s not what your wearing , But how you wear it ,But mainly WHOS wearing it , yum 😋

Sean Pollard

8 days ago

He could rock a potato sack in my opinion, but I prefer his choice of garb. He makes plaid trousers absolutely hot. I don’t know of anyone else that can do that.

Thank you Toronto!

Lyndsey Wanich

9 days ago

Ways amazing.please dont sell out to evh guitars while they ate slightly above what u were playing u have way better options suhr prs gibson and god forgive someone of your talent endorsed KIESEL.

Haikal Az

9 days ago

This was a mind blowing evening! Jack you had the crowd up on their feet.
I danced my ass off and you played everything I could've asked for! You never disappoint! Until next time!!!

Cleo Sibongiseni

9 days ago

It was a great show. In spite of the horrible no phone policy. Can't wait to hear the backlash when you show up at a restaurant, theatre, art gallery or your kids school play to be told that the person you have paid to entertain you,, has decided you cannot use your phone. Oh no, I didn't get junior's performance as Jack and Beanstalk. I can hear the parents freaking out already. I don't need Jack White telling me how to behave at a concert.

Poster for tonight’s show in Toronto // Art by Sara Deck Artwork // Printed by DL Screenprinting

Lea Blandine Monkam

9 days ago

You Aunt Sally
Red brown red
Junkies hoot hoot
Says hey
Nice and green in these island
No biggie I got all day

Espen Viken

9 days ago

Remember Neil Young...This one's for you!

Stephanie Hernandez

10 days ago

Show was absolutely amazing. Unreal. Band was spot on. One of the best concerts !

Last night in Lewiston! On to Toronto tonight // View and download photos from all Jack's shows on the tour at

Karin Ehresmann

10 days ago

Youre so beautiful 😭😭🙌

Bianca Kohl

10 days ago

Lewiston was an amazing performance. Great energy! Incredible artistry as always. 🎸

Ali Reaganon

10 days ago

It sure would be nice to see a WHITE STRIPES REUNION TOUR!!!

Poster for tonight’s show in Lewiston // Art by Christopher Everhart of The Silent Giants // Printed by Lady Lazarus

Freddy Gibson

10 days ago

These show posters are incredible!!!

Frits Slagwater

10 days ago

Love me some Jack. However, this poster is just creepy.

Cerys Phillips

10 days ago

Is their any way to order one of these posters?

Thank you, Rochester // Over to Lewiston tonight

Susan Mew

10 days ago

This was probably the best concert I've ever been to.

Chris King

11 days ago

Great show! Your voice and guitar were astounding!.Connected by love gave me chills! So glad I was able to see you in person.

Milagros La K-nelita Consentida

11 days ago

God I can't wait does August!

Poster for tonight’s show in Henrietta // Art by Christopher Everhart of The Silent Giants // Printed by Lady Lazarus
Thank you Cleveland! Back to New York for a couple days upstate tonight

Hassan McKeever

11 days ago

I was so sad the posters were all sold out last night at the Rochester there any way to get one anywhere?

Judy Ortiz

12 days ago

Are the poster's available for sale at the shows? Going to see Jack White in Toronto tomorrow!

Max Gibson

12 days ago

Radkey was an unexpected delight. Hope they sold enough shirts to buy tacos!

Poster for tonight’s show in Cleveland // Art by Christopher Everhart of The Silent Giants // Printed by Lady Lazarus

Henrique Leal Reis

13 days ago

Excited to see the poster for Saturday in Toronto!!!

Charisse Procter

13 days ago

Århhh den er ellers fin Diana

Donna Smith

13 days ago

Love your creativity! Not to mention those killer guitar licks! Break a leg!🎵💘

Poster for tonight’s show in Columbus // Art by Todd Slater
Thank you Bunbury Festival!

Gabriela Sciarra

16 days ago

Looks like it belongs hanging in the haunted mansion at Disney World

Lisa Jung

16 days ago

Xfest saturday he was amazing those who are waiting to see him perform your in for a treat

Geru Wakat

16 days ago

Slater kills it with the textures. Great poster!

Jack was honored to receive the keys to Cincinnati today at the rescued King Records site from Mayor Cranley and legends Otis Williams, Philip Paul and Bootsy Collins.

Plum Jayna

16 days ago

Best friends from beginning to end and all the joy y’all bring to all of us in the middle!!! This journey we are following is perfectly amazing!! With love from a lifelong fan!!! 🎵💙

Briana Lawless

16 days ago

#jackwhite,check out knaggs guitars will be impressed they are as fly as you

K.M. Ryan

16 days ago

Thanks for taking the time!

Pittsburgh last night for 105.9 The X’s XFest. South to Cincy today // Follow Jack at @officialjackwhitelive on Instagram

Mia Bertram Schrøder Jensen

16 days ago

Jack ya need to come back to Tulsa!!!!!

Boy Sleepy

16 days ago

How 'Bout an encore?? Should have played two more songs. Schedule said 9:30-11 and show was over at 10:50. Not so cool, Mr. White. Good show. But even for a festival, we should have gotten two more songs.

Micheal Arrington

16 days ago

he never plays the same thing twice...thats nice!

Thank you The Governors Ball Music Festival

Robin Bailey

16 days ago

SAME BOY YOUVE ALWAYS KNOWN 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️ Soooo happy you’re playing that live! Hopefully I’ll hear it in Salt Lake!

Fernando Aragon

17 days ago

Memories of how many years ago? Kelly Patti Robin ❤️❤️❤️

Heather Booker

17 days ago

“Every time I'm doing what I want to
Somebody comes and tells me it's wrong
Whenever I'm doing just as I please
Somebody cuts me down to my knees
Yeah, somebody cuts me down to my knees”

Catch Jack's performance on The Governors Ball Music Festival livestream today at 9:15 PM ET and on air on SiriusXMU // Watch here:

Akash Bhandari

18 days ago

So awesome at one point the performance broke the internet.

Letizia Delicato

18 days ago

Great performance! Too difficult to be there with my kiddies so we got to watch at home on the big screen. Was like a full concert!

Imani King

18 days ago

Is there a link for catching the replay?
Thanks a lot!!

Thanks Woodrow Wilson High School // Washington, DC // 05.30.18
First night at The Anthem // See you again tonight, DC.

Catherine Bradley

20 days ago

so much envy for those guys who have enjoyed Mr.White in front of their school 😍😱

Julio Vazquez

20 days ago

Seriously...this made my day. You are a great human. And the faces on those kids say it all. Way to bring it Jack White and your phenomenal band. Love to y'all!

Crislane Carvalho

20 days ago

So excited you did this. Was just talking with my friend Kathy about how The Who played Southfield High outside Detroit back in the day- this will be remembered forever. And, you and you band gave us a wonderful, wonderful show tonight- thank you thank you thank you!!!

Jack White x Relix // On newsstands now

Melissa C. Cain

21 days ago

I wished I was that magazine cover. Lol

Isa González Flores

21 days ago

Driving 6+ hours to Rochester to see him next week soooo excited.

Meghan Sapp

21 days ago

Meghan I just realized the faces Jack makes are the faces I give you when you're trying to wake me up 😂

Night 1 in Washington DC tonight // Poster by Matthew Jacobson.

Keelyn Olson

21 days ago

T-Shirts pleasssse
I would love it in blue.

Renee Sosnoski-Fanning

21 days ago

See ya tonight Jack! ❤️

JamesCharish JaylenJesha Miller

21 days ago

If anyone wants to trade a black poster for a blue one, I’d be down for that trade. Really like the blue version but they only sold black N1.

Thank you Cooperstown! Down to DC next.

Gomigov Monik

22 days ago

So hot! I saw JW in New Orleans and just couldn’t get enough so i am headed out to Chicago for Lollapalooza! I can’t wait! That’s a lot of travelling for a girl from Quebec Canada. I must really ❤️❤️❤️ Jack White! I can’t wait!

Paulina Ramos

22 days ago

Amazing show! Wish I could see him again...

Abiruzzaman Pulock

22 days ago

Thank you so much for another incredible show! I had a blast singing and dancing and getting soaked in the mud and rain! It was definitely a night to remember 🙂

Brewery Ommegang tonight // Poster by Alan Hynes.

Erick Olivares

22 days ago

I love my banner. Every time I look at it I smile!

Kicked off the second leg of the Boarding House Reach tour at Boston Calling Music Festival last night. See you in Cooperstown tonight.

Valeria Betelu

23 days ago

Really wish I could have been there!!!


23 days ago

Still dreaming about getting to Phoenix, Az. Ya some peoples dreams..It's gonna be hot and well It's phoenix, az Phew!! Many Miracles but I haven given up hope yet.

Vladimir Melara

23 days ago

See u in Cleveland next sister Donna and I will be the CRAZIES up front !

ICYMI, catch Jack’s Saturday Night Live episode re-airing tonight // 11:30pm/10:30pm CT on NBC
“...On this tour, I want to take three guitars that were designed by other guitar players and add my own twists to them—my own accoutrements that make sense for what I’m trying to achieve.” // Jack for Guitar World

📷 from left: a Gibson Jeff "Skunk" Baxter Fort Knox Firebird, St. Vincent's signature model for Ernie Ball, and an Eddie Van Halen Wolfgang.

Cương Nguyễn

24 days ago

RU feeling blue? :-)

Familia Pineda

24 days ago

I want that shirt

Monik Garza Garza

24 days ago

Can't wait for the concert June 9th. Steven Matthews ❤️❤️ it's gunna be amazing ! This rock god !!

Jack White x Guitar World // On newsstands now

Cristian Gomez

a month ago

See you at Hammersmithappollo again !!

Blanca Koller

a month ago

Jack looks like he’s channeling Marc Bolan more and more!!

Rebecca Dias

a month ago

He is not indie LOL he is Rock n Roll and undefind <3

Honoring Interview Magazine by throwing back to Jack’s cover in 2012 //
Jack and Margo Price at the Ryman Auditorium for a surprise performance of “Honey, We Can’t Afford to Look Cheap”
📷: Chris Phelps

Jacqui Cooke

a month ago

Jeffrey Miller why does he look just like Robert Smith?

Can Şenol

a month ago

it was the time of his life that everything had to be blue

Revitha Gannasen

a month ago

Family is the only real wealth Barnabas

October 2018 European Tour // Tickets on sale May 25th at 10am local time. Special Third Man Vault pre-sale begins May 23rd at 9am BST //

Lee Gallaugher

a month ago

Stewart Gilmour ever fancied going to see Jack White?

DebrahandJaime Alamillo

a month ago

October 1 - Tallinn, Estonia. October 3 - Riga, Latvia. October 4 - Vilnius, Lithuania etc. Schedule that would make sense :)

Sam De Sciglio

a month ago

Such an amazing line up. Looking forward to the photos on JWIII.💚

Jack talks how he discovered music on QuestloveSupreme on Pandora

Ana Itzel Ibarra

a month ago

Love this series of interviews!

Paolo Cireddu

a month ago

The club was in the city off Bagley, the door to the apt bldg was red, but the biscuits were homemade on Alexandria! #CassCorridorBackInTheDay 😉

Ashraf Karim

a month ago

Dang I thought Jack White was going to be talking about the isorhythmic motets of Guillaume Dufay based on the title of the video.

Thank you BAND-AID Brand for appreciating Jack & Stephen Colbert’s extension of your jingle and saving us from future hot tub mishaps.

Watch Jack’s The Late Show with Stephen Colbert appearance //

Princess Asma

a month ago

They are savages with their jokes!

Rahul George

a month ago

I’m traveling from Saratoga NY next weekend to work at Boston Calling just so I can see you, Jack White!

Scott Schaub

a month ago

That is both awesome and hilarious!!

Jack chats about his recording process for Boarding House Reach on QuestloveSupreme on Pandora

Rohan Hari Kumar

a month ago

Harmon Ferrett recording fun

Jean DiCarlo Sciortino

a month ago

Thanks for the youtube link. Really didn't want to subscribe to another music player app, but wanted to see this. :)

Carmelo Barlas Villarena

a month ago

Can’t wait to see your set at the Santa Barbara Bowl in August!!!

Hear Jack and Stephen riff on a few famous jingles on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Juan Cedres

a month ago


Gonçalo Margalho

a month ago

Loved it!!! JACK you're the man😎🤘🎸

John Lenhart

a month ago

That was great 😄

Watch Jack do "Ice Station Zebra" on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Shana Nelson

a month ago

Get out, why did I not know about this?? Thanks for posting it. Awesome performance!

Tomoko Yoshida

a month ago

HELL TO THE YEAH - that performance and footage was fire 🔥⚡🔥

La Reyna

a month ago

One of the best live shows on late night ever

Jack and the band are stopping by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert this evening at 11:35/10:35c on CBS

Shameka Ellis

2 months ago

I will not watch Colby. If he was on Conan, I would watch!

Md Kuser

2 months ago

That watches That shirt That bass
I've been thinking this meet on a pool 😱

May Jutamas

2 months ago

He was amazing on the show!!! So funny!!! Can't wait for the performance, end already commercials!!! 😍

See you soon, Austin.

Posters for tonight’s show from Alan Hynes and a limited lino print from Mishka Westell

Ader Torres

2 months ago

Excellent performance last night! Thank you Jack White for visiting Austin again. Everyone on stage killed it last night. Truly unforgettable moment. And thank you for banning cell phones.

Tiken Gurung

2 months ago

You don't spell Australia like that Jack !! 🤔🐝

Bibi Plasencia Carballo

2 months ago

What happened to the armadillo? Live in San Antonio so I just assume too late 😢

Round one in Houston done. See the rest of you tonight. // Posters by The Silent Giants

Scarlett Bullard

2 months ago

Two awesome nights! Keep locking those phones up!!

Jonny FobMania Bloom

2 months ago

So much musicianship and cool posters thanks Jack and all the band!!

Heidi Sorgeloos

2 months ago

Thank you for the two awesome concerts! Houston is with you! Wishing you much happiness Jack!

Thank you Dallas! South to Houston tonight.

Set list playlist updated //


2 months ago

The show in Houston was so awesome! You were wonderful, of course, thank you for the experiance!

Vero García

2 months ago

The Cain's is up North in Tulsa, you missed it. 😐

Lena Ferguson

2 months ago

That venue sucked!! Tickets are $$, i would have liked to actually seen the show.

Dallas, round two tonight // Poster by The Silent Giants

Cristina Salazar Treto

2 months ago

Why does Dallas get two rounds and Jacksonville zero? 😭😭😭😭

Eren Kantarcı

2 months ago

I got this poster. The show was SO good! We got really close stage left. It was shorter than I expected, but SO good!

Jaime Garcia

2 months ago

Are y'all checking out the videos on Instagram

Night one in Dallas. Who’s with me tomorrow?

Darren Cleary

2 months ago

Jack, I cannot think of a great enough Adjective to describe Friday night at the Bomb Factory. I hope you saw the sign I made. I was stage Right.
To the fans...I feel Jack is so in his zone that he doesn't capture the audience even in a of the reasons I find this man a musical genius.
Someone wrote on the fan club page that they were so upset @ one of the tours...that Jack didn

Yesenia Aguilar

2 months ago

Friday night was an absolutely phenomenal show! Best energy in that room!!

Bren Doe

2 months ago

After 2 years of intensely trying to be with you, also in the common interest of resurrecting records, I'm taking a break since 2016. Ok? I think it's all floating at yours. At the end of 2015 I was at a point to hold speeches about why the number 3 is so beautiful. They tried to send me to psychosis rehab here 😂 3 sounds like free in English.

Thank you St. Louis!

Download photos from each show on the tour for your own collection at

Guilherme Alves

2 months ago

Great show the no phone policy was actually a great idea no one holding phones up in front of you on the floor.

Susanne Claussing

2 months ago

People who attended! How does the service works for the phones I’m just curious. Was it a madhouse leaving the show?

Brian King

2 months ago

Well, they may call you a sycophant. But everything you're doing to establish the Cass Third Man Records Cass Corridor. I'm behind you 1000% percent. There were some tough times in those alleys, they weren't mine, but I shut them down best I could. Glad you continued that baton Jack White. Nice to see you on the big stage. xo ee

St. Louis tonight!

Follow the whole tour at @officialjackwhitelive on Instagram.

Thoughtless Apurbo

2 months ago

Great show as always. Took our son. No phones (the future?)

Claudia Vanessa Carter

2 months ago

The best show I've been to in years. It was like a religious experience.

Ře Şh Mã

2 months ago

Last night’s show was AMAZING! Jack was on fire for the crowd. The new songs are absolutely mind blowing live!!!

Come see Jack take the stage soon on his US tour. Head to to win a pair of tickets for your city.

Antoine Casimiri

2 months ago

Saw Jack White last night in Kansas City. First time watching him perform and it will not be the last!!

Dimas Dimas

2 months ago

anyone know who the opening band was in Omaha? they were great!

Jaime Del Real Moran

2 months ago

Great gig last week in Detroit! New LP is awesome!! Hope to see you again near the end of the tour if we can!!!

The Boarding House Reach tour playlist is updated with last night's set list from Milwaukee.

Listen and follow along the tour //

Tammy Yessica Cuadra Esparza

2 months ago

Great show, I really felt like the crowd got him back for Seven Nation Army, can't believe the energy there!! Now considering Lolla just to see him...

Kristin Shaw

2 months ago

Is that a real f**king taxidermy zebra? If so, I’m so over this guy!

Barbara Parsons

2 months ago

hoping so much to catch a show,,

Jack kicks off his #BoardingHouseReach tour tonight in Detroit. Follow Amazon Music’s Instagram story (@amazonmusic) for additional photos and videos from the show.

Marta Myśliwiec

2 months ago

Such a great show last night! Love how your momma graced the stage. Keep rockin' Jack White. Detroit loves you!

Cristian Samuel Callsaya

2 months ago

I have 2 GA tickets for Sunday April 29th at The Bomb Factory in Dallas... paid $170 for both. I’m willing to bargain, just don’t want them to go do waste. Got tickets for the 27th instead.

Son of Detroit!! Any man who brings his mama out on the stage and sings and dances with her is a keeper for sure.That moment almost brought me to tears. GREAT show Jack!!!!!!

Montreux Jazz Festival // Montreux, Switzerland // July 10th

Czapáry-Martincsevics András

2 months ago

Great guy 👍 Excellent booking! This guy will give your mind thought and he 🤟😛🤟

Futa Saito

2 months ago

Ti stai avvicinando sempre di più all’italia, vedi di muovertiiiiii

Chibwe Kelvin

2 months ago

Yes on a Les billets !!!!!!

Catch Jack’s special ‘Wedding Toast’ on Saturday Night Live, which was cut for time, but available to enjoy now.

Raffi Ahmad Dahlan

2 months ago

I'm so sad I can't watch this video cause I'm in Brazil... :(

Harby Manegeng

2 months ago

What?! This was the best skit I DIDN'T see that night! Awesome! Ya know, I remember when you could get at least 20 of 90 mins of funny bits from this show. Now it's just awful start to finish. They shot themselves in the foot leaving that out!

Kike Nava

2 months ago

That was great! It should've made the show

Jack does “Connected By Love” on Saturday Night Live //

Shirley Sheppard

2 months ago

This is my favorite...though it sounds like he's talking about god or something, not a relationship...who knows


2 months ago

Jack White playing a St. Vincent guitar.. got to love it

One Country

2 months ago

Aimée ElizaBeth Swank, Isabel Raine Jungclaus, OMG!! In case you didn’t catch this last night, required watching/listening!

In case you missed it, watch Jack’s performance of “Over and Over and Over” from Saturday Night Live.

อมรเทพ แซ่เห่ง

2 months ago

I love this song. I am so tired of people saying "This isn't the same Jack White I loved 15 years ago." Wow. Someone is still stuck in 2003....and it's not Jack White. You can still appreciate an artist without loving everything they do. I would hope most people could respect that an artist wants to branch out and experiment with different sounds.

Máté Jónás

2 months ago

I really like his music. Over and over I like more and more each time I listen. It's a lot in your face but you can't take your eyes off him. I think he's great. I really liked his album with Loretta Lynn. So different. Be open!

Martin Foy

2 months ago

Please give us Canadians a link to the skit jack was in. I can’t find a Canadian viewable link to it... please

“Connected by Love” // Saturday Night Live
“Over and Over and Over” // Saturday Night Live

Hansel Montes

2 months ago

Aaww missed this last night caught the other song cant wait to see you in Toronto mr. White 💜

Tenika Crook

2 months ago

Seeing Jack live in 10 days for the third time!!! Great performance tonight as always!💙💙💙

Sphiwe Pat

2 months ago

no-thanks....won't bother with ANYthing on that POS show.

Tonight. Saturday Night Live.

📷: Rosalind O'Connor

Christian Hildebrandt

2 months ago

Years ago this was a great show with great comics. Apparently there is a huge shortage of truly funny people out there anymore.

Vanessa Memeti

2 months ago

90 minutes of mindless Trump bashing and two three minute bits from Jack.
Not sure it's worth it.
Call me when you're on ACL.

Becky Thompson Mann

2 months ago

I cannot wait! I’m listening to him now trying to get hyped up for his performance later!! He’s the most talented person I’ve ever seen live on stage. 👍🏼

Part two of Jack's sit down on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon!

Alexis Santis

2 months ago

Nice to see an extremely talented musician like Jack getting a lot of exposure this day and age. The way it should be.

Joe Abramczyk

2 months ago

this is the first music I liked since i was 13 which was bowie Connected by love- is my current pain Im going through great song- I am on this wave

Andy Taylor

2 months ago

Great to see Jack White..he was very entertaining.. Jimmy Fallon...too much of a mumble mouth for me. I couldn't understand half of what he was saying.

ICYMI - Watch Jack's chat on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night

Sharon Grace

2 months ago

Nice to see you laughing and smiling and not looking so serious! :)

Rony Raymond

2 months ago

Jackie Larena watch!!!

Elisa Albertini

2 months ago

He’s wearing stripes! Hidden message there.

Jack’s sitting down to talk Boarding House Reach on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon tonight // Tune in 11:35pm/10:35c on NBC
Jack launches his 2018 Boarding House Reach tour with a bill that only could have been made in Detroit.

Hometown legends Negative Approach and Craig Brown Band open this incredible show paying tribute to the history and future of Detroit's Cass Corridor.

Fernie Ferreto

2 months ago

Saif Faraj me waiting for you to finish pissing in the OGGB toilet, cold bc the AC is fucking popping, bothered because pre-med students in front of me are crying

Omkar Varvadekar

2 months ago

I’m watching you right now and when you said you couldn’t listen to other music while you were recording your new album because you didn’t want to emulate it and have it effect it is so real and I can completely relate. You’re amazing thank you!

Parthiban Dev

2 months ago

I can’t believe he didn’t sing. You have such a talent like Jack on your show and not allow him to sing? So disappointing

Look out for the Third Man Rolling Record Store joining Jack on tour.

Márlón Vásquez

2 months ago

Kansas City <3

Rhonda Copes

2 months ago

What about Stockholm😬

Sammi Mortimer

2 months ago

Oh man this is so cool