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Hallowicked 25 Full Line Up Revealed!!!

Come join us at The Russell Industrial Center this Halloween in celebration of ICP's 25th Annual Hallowicked Clown Show!!!

All festivities begin on October 31st at 3pm and run until the early morning.

All events including the 25 Years of Fear After Party are included at one low price and all take place inside the Russell Industrial Center.

VIP Packages will be available soon.

Buy you tickets now at:
On October 18th 1992, Insane Clown Posse released their mighty 1st Jokers Card “Carnival of Carnage”. The world will never be the same....

Happy 26th Birthday Carnival of Carnage!!!

Sam Johnson

3 days ago

Somebody anybody explain why stitches is opening up for icp. They can't be getting that old and soft

Morgan Hoffert-Walker

4 days ago

I wish i could be there. Im still recovering from surgery and wont make it back to work in time to get my funds back up. Super sad 😭 but yall have the fuckin bezt year ever MMFWCL

Lena Ferguson

4 days ago

All I'm saying is Stitches is not going to be in Detroit that's a no-fly zone why even put him on the flyer and you know this mr. Bruce

For those who’ve never paid attention to the old school Shaggy Show videos, you might not know that your favorite serial killer clown Shaggy 2 Dope is an avid daredevil extraordinaire. From bungee jumping, to cliff diving, to jumping the polar ice caps on his mini bike, he’s pretty much done it all. Well this morning Shaggy checked another one off his list and jumped 17000 feet out of airplane mostly held together but paper clips and duct tape. Needless to say.... THE WICKED CLOWNS WILL NEVER DIE!!!

Melissa Kantola

8 days ago

Y'all acting like Shaggs did something out of his character with the kick. Its 2 Dope doing Juggalo shit...

Quentin Tombaugh

8 days ago

Thats one me and My dad wanted to do before he passed but never happened. Good job joey

Yerilin Sánchez Alpízar

8 days ago

Happy birthday shaggy 2 dope from skj609 serial killer juggalos 609 little egg harbor new jersey

Ouija Macc has released episode 1 of his BRAND NEW VLOG SERIES!!! TUNE IN! SUBSCRIBE!! We asked Ouija what we should tell you to describe the Vlog and he said: SLAP YOUR GRANDPA AND TELL HIM THE FUTURE IS HERE & WE WANT ALL THE SMOKE!!! YOUTUBE SEARCH: Ouija Macc Vlog!

Chuksiy Wisdom

10 days ago

I really hope this guy is like stupid smart and he just making dumbshit ironically.

Rafael Finol

10 days ago

Deleting comments guys?

Never thought I'd see the day, disappointing. Well, without shags side of the story there is only the video, which shows a pretty cowardly attack, inspired by nothing.

Bruna Mara Pereira Sobrinho

10 days ago

The wicked clowns are good but where do they find all these useless hacks that cds make good coasters.and dont get me started on how wack there names are

Come see us tonight at POP’S in Sauget IL. The only concert venue that never closes....
...Mr. X

Tony Kent

9 days ago

THT show was on point as usual!!! WICKED CLOWNZ NEVER DIEEEE!!!!

Kevin Axel Antunez

9 days ago

Pops has to be a cool place for h guys. It's cool for us watching. And the after parties at the jojnt out back!

Jade Matthews

9 days ago

That shit looked lit.


Tonight only @wake flocka joins the Wicked Clowns on their Traveling Freak Show Tour.

Live tonight only in Fort Wayne Indiana at @pieresentertainmentcenter

Tickets still available at the door and at:

Tonight only Waka Flocka Flame joins the Wicked Clowns on their Traveling Freak Show Tour.

Live tonight only in Fort Wayne Indiana at Piere's Entertainment Center

Tickets still available at the door and at:

Yatin Garg Fca

12 days ago

Drop kick him off the stage

Filisia X Filisia

12 days ago

Come back to South Dakota!!

Jessica Magalhães

12 days ago

Does happen to come to Alabama

Almost 25 years after its original release, ICP’s classic 2nd Jokers Card “The Ringmaster” is now available on DOUBLE VINYL!!! Get yours now on ICP’s Hallowicked Traveling Freak Show Tour. #murdergoroundbitchboy
Don’t be alarmed kiddies, they can not harm you....

Chaz Archuleta

13 days ago

So has hallowicked still not been announced?

Teresa N Stoodley

13 days ago

Excuse me, top fan coming through.

Tanamera Trinidad

13 days ago

Best album you guys put out and first album I ever heard from y'all

Come check out ICP live tonight at the Webster theater in Hartford Connecticut!!!

Karolina Hauck

13 days ago

Anyone got any videos from the Webster show please hmu

Azazel Le

14 days ago

Holy shit ICP and then Doyle on back to back nights. You guys got spoiled!

Justin Boissinot

14 days ago

Drop kick Joey can be the sequel to bazooka Joey

We’re here in Syracuse, NY at The Westcott Theater about throat punch some Faygos across this building!!!
...Mr. X

Lyseel Joy Paña Maximiano

15 days ago

Who were these terrible opening acts we seen last night? That damn DJ, what was that all about? The trio and the dude with the blonde hair weren’t so bad, but damn!!

Alex Junior Joseph

15 days ago

I remember when I managed downtown Toledo at the Asylum/Bijou and you played there... I'd never seen a rider that requested 30 bottles of faygo and 10 boxes of KFC chicken legs.... Good times back then...

Robert Brinquez Narciso

15 days ago

This is all well and good but don't let this distract you from the fact that 22 years ago today, Shooter McGavin blew a 4-shot lead on the back 9 of the Tour Championship to Happy Gilmore.

I less than one hour we’ll be hitting the stage at @rockallegiance
You bring the cups, we’ll bring the Faygo.
...Mr. X

Łukasz Walczak

15 days ago

No matter what Shaggs is fresh. He didn't give a shit about anything! He went out there and tryed to do something that all us wanted to do at some point in life and that is to drop kick Fred durst...🍺🍻

Vikrant Fernandes

15 days ago

You guys should have played on the main stage that's for sure. You guys always amazing. Jenafur Lambert Paul E Mealey we should go to an icp concert one of these nights when they play in philly. We'll see them better

Ray Lane

15 days ago

He has to change his name to shaggy too slow.🤣🤣🤣🤣

Just a sneak peak of some of the freshness you’ll see at the merch booth inside.
...Mr. X
Doors about about to open at The Rex Theater in Pittsburgh. Does anybody want some Faygo?
...Mr. X

Glenda Betts Talley

16 days ago

Is this shit hallowicked exclusive because it's almost worth spending the money to go buy it and hold onto it to resell

Scott Mcclain

16 days ago

Looks like everything they had last year...@icp y'all ever gonna make that "kickjazz documentary" you guys charged $250 for that one time at Clark park....?

Derrick Kong

17 days ago

On October 26th in grand junction Colorado you’ll be here that’s the drop date of the album will they be available at the merch booth

Packing the truck and getting ready to leave for the Hallowicked Traveling Freak Show Tour. Tomorrow we’ll be in Pittsburgh, PA at The Rex Theater. See you there Juggalos. Whoop Whoop!!!
...Mr. X

Chery Harrell

17 days ago

Need any CDL drivers I have my class a and all my endorsements :)

Angela Sabo

18 days ago

Wish I lived on the east coast so I could see a show

Tim Martinson

18 days ago

So does the Faygo truck just back right up to the touring truck? I gotta assume at this point ya'll have the system down pretty good.

VIP UPGRADES are available right now at

Meet & Great with ICP
Exclusive VIP Laminate Pass
Exclusive Fearless Fred Fury Bandana
Exclusive Halloween FFF Bag
Wizard Of The Hood Concert DVD

That’s right for the first time ever you’ll get to witness live from your living room....The magical, mythical, once of a life time performance of The Wizard Of The Hood album!!!! #still17n #insaneclownposse #fff #fearlessfredfury #wizardofthehood

Jake E. Altares

18 days ago

Q: How many piggies does it take to make a piggie pie?

Franco Jalettd Briones Fernández

19 days ago

Whoever’s getting the vip and has no intentions of keeping the dvd. Message me

Ana Paula Henriques

19 days ago

If my family isnt related to ICP...or gotten or given the ok to even use ICP...then there maybe a bit of a ruckus....cuz they be pretty insane...the rest is “natural“.

In this episode of Snake Busters... Ruby Bruce Lee (aka Quilla), and Violent J (aka Dad) take on slithery cosmetic companies for testing their products on cute and cuddly animals. Also probably ugly animals too.

Ashu Verma

23 days ago

This is great!

Estherprossy Nalukwago

23 days ago

I'm amazed at how divisive these videos seem to be.

Phumlani LarnIe Ntombela

23 days ago

Great video guys. Get them snakes!!!

It’s time once again for the gathering of the dead......

Juggalos and Juggalettes we present to you, The 25th Annual Hallowicked Clown Show!!!

This Halloween, October 31st, live at the Russell Industrial Center in Detroit.

Tickets available now at:

...Mr. X

Alexandra Demetriou

a month ago

I miss the State Theatre...and yea.

Linus Adhikari

a month ago

If anyone else is flying in solo and wanna split hotel cost with me .. hit me up

Brad Rowson

a month ago

If mr. X can go ahead and return that last email please and and thanks 😂

Gabriela Hernández

a month ago

carnival of carnage mixed with ringmaster mixed with jackalbros mixed with the mighty deathpop

Jacqueline Janosky

a month ago

make 3rd bazaar album, use exclamation points!!!, or 3's

Doudley Chuppy Hyppolite

a month ago

Please tell me Ouija is NOT on this album!?!?!?!

Hey bitch boy..... It's your happy friendly carnival freak show pal Mr. X back with some freshness from Hallowicked past. In 2014 we asked the Juggalos so send in their renditions of our Hallowicked song "Red Moon Howl". We took those drawings and turned them into a crazy fresh video for everyone to enjoy.
So in the spirit of Hallowicked peep out Red Moon Howl and get your eyeballs schooled bitch!

...Mr. X

Angelo Caviezel

a month ago

My name is in the credits like 3 or 4 times. I'm so thankful that I was able to be apart of this. Much love from Auburn and the 785.

Yaya Schaal

a month ago

Halloween on military

Larry Gantt

a month ago

FFF better not be corny...smh....i know it will be tho. L😆L...fml. Mcl tho

Guess who’s coming to your big town?

It’s the Wicked Clowns BITCH!!!

Tickets and VIP available now at:

Aslan Aslan

a month ago

Awh man Vegas shooting scared y'all away? I wanna see y'all come back! I actually had tickets for that show...

Richard Chiaramonte

a month ago

How about maken up the shows you missed in western canada a wile back

Diane Swanstrom

a month ago

I hope you come to Louisville Ky.

It’s here! The “ASTARI” video from Ouija Macc’s debut album! Watch this Psychopathic masterpiece from Ouija Macc while you’re at it!!!! Listen to the future!

Robyn Swallow

a month ago

Only made it to the 5th or 6th song before chuckin it out the window on a burn cruise. Not my psychopathic. Lazy, uncreative, unmotivated writing. What a disgrace. #Downsince96

Jules Benedic Riche Card

a month ago

From the comments it looks like the era of people loving everything Psychopathic does is about over. Nothings really changed though, the roster has always been top heavy, I first listened to ICP over 20 years ago, first seen ICP over 20 years ago, most things Juggalos are all into I never liked that much. Here's a bunch of unpopular opinions, ABK isn't great, Hoodoo is the best artist on the roster now but gets looked over and is held back due to having to conform to the "Psychopathic Artist" style, Blaze was under appreciated and under used, the last good ICP album was Bang Pow Boom and I don't expect FFF to change that, Ouija needs to be more about the music as opposed to the show, 80% of the Psychopathic roster hasn't been good for 20 years, ICP is still making their living off what they released from Ringmaster to AJB.

Ramon Almeida

a month ago

Waste of space! And life really. They need to set their standards a little higher when signing people.

VIP Upgrades are now available at

Mary Arth Daughrity

a month ago

Rip off. They rush you onstage and then right off. Don't waste your money.

Morgan Schwartz

a month ago

In down kuss I travel so far from bumfuck south Dakota 2 Detroit every year so when hallowicked tickets getting sold??

Israel Reinhardt

a month ago

Come to Pac NW We wanna tell you Dope Clowns the FUCK OFF!

FITE BAAAAACK! The dawn of a new era is upon us. The time is nigh for Juggalo Soldiers to stand tall and ride! Fearless Fred Fury calls upon the forces of the Dark Carnival to stand up and FITE! Our time is NOW, Juggalo Family. FITE BAAAAACK! 665!!!! The worldwide carnage begins...October 26th. Do you have what it takes to survive and join the rampage? SIX! SIX! FIIIIIVE!

Fannie Downs

a month ago

Imagine being so bitter that you spend your free time doing opposite promo. Instead of going out into nature or creating something amazing, you spend your time on the internet trying to bring people down and de-promoting what you don't like. GOD that must be a miserable fucking existence :(

PROMOTE WHAT YOU LOVE AND IGNORE WHAT YOU DONT! That fucking simple to be happier.

Trish Holliman

a month ago

Quit being cheap fucks everytime its runs down hill to the shit storm like the gathering not being at cave in rock no more orrr the many things us juggalos can think of that we got the bone n didnt need too!!!

Johnny Murtagh

a month ago

If this album ain't more like the original sound I'm done...the last good album was killjoy club and they apparently scrapped the 2nd one...dumb move...or maybe Paul and Crunchy are fed up with them too...

‪Ohio and Midwest Ninjas! ‬

‪Please spread the word and keep your eyes peeled to help find Paige Robinson!

Please share! ‬‬

Elish Osmanov

a month ago

Hope she is found safe

Harley Parkes

a month ago

When you click the link it says ‘Page not found.’ Haha

Davide Petralia

a month ago

you should check for her lungs on the deepweb

Celebrating 25 years of Hallowicked Clown Shows…

Insane Clown Posse present…

The Hallowicked Traveling Freak Show Tour Silver Jubilee!!!

Hosted by the one and only Clownvis Presley

Prepare your eyes to be Amazed, Disgusted, and Astonished as you witness…. Live on stage…. The Last Actual Traveling Freak Show on Planet Earth!!!

Tickets are on sale now and going FAST!!!

Fri 10/05/18 – Pittsburgh, PA @ The Rex Theater

Sat 10/06/18 – Camden, NJ @ The Rock Allegiance Music Festival

Sun 10/07/18 – Syracuse, NY @ The Westcott Theater

Mon 10/08/18 – Hartford, CT @ The Webster Theater

Tue 10/09/18 – Kent, OH @ The Outpost

Wed 10/10/18 – Ft Wayne, IN @ Piere’s Entertainment Center

Fri 10/12/18 – Sauget, IL @ Pop’s Nightclub

Sun 10/14/18 – Dallas, TX @ Gas Monkey Live

Tue 10/16/18 – Austin, TX @ Empire Control Room

Wed 10/17/18 – Laredo, TX @ Ethos Live

Thu 10/18/18 – Lubbock, TX @ Lonestar Event Center

Mon 10/22/18 – Sacramento, CA @ Ace Of Spades

Tue 10/23/18 – San Diego, CA @ Brick By Brick

Wed 10/24/18 – Anahiem, CA @ The Grove

Fri 10/26/18 – Grand Junction, CO @ Mesa Theater

Sat 10/27/18 – Colorado Springs, CO @ The Black Sheep (Outside)

Sun 10/28/18 – Aurora, CO @ The Stampede

Mon 10/29/18 – Lincoln, NE @ The Royal Grove

Randy Grubbs

a month ago

JUST finished watching AHS freakshow and this would be so perfect in my life right now. POPs, Sauget. See yall there

Sony Lehal

a month ago

You gonna add any more dates or is this the final list? I mean, I'm goin anyway but I just wanna know when/where

Cynthia Michel

a month ago

Piere's lol, that's a bar!! They have came along way from doing all age shows, in big venues, to a dive bar.

Juggalos across the Atlantic and around the entire PLANET!

Fearless Fred Fury 10/26
Flip The Rat EP 10/26

New Jersey Juggalos:Saturday 10/6 we will see you at ROCK ALLEGIANCE!!

What y’all doing this weekend??MCL!-kg

Theresa Wentzel

a month ago

I bet there are more Philly juggalos there then jersey juggalos!

Wendy Sutton Oliver

a month ago

I love the tom wood art. I use his renditions of the cards as the art for the 2nd set. It helps give it a fresh vibe.

Patricia Crawford-Wilson

a month ago

Anything after The Mighty Death Pop is garbage. Their is maybe 2-3 good songs on Lost and Found. But let's see how this one turns out...

Whoop whoop!!!

Rumors are swirling that the dark carnival is taking the wagons on the road. If these rumors are true.... what city and state do you want to see Insane Clown Posse in???

Mostafa Hosseini

a month ago

Pittsburgh Yinz are already got that covered, Thank you. I'd really like 2 see Yinz play in New Castle Pennsylvania again only happened once back on 5/1/03. But I'll catch up with you Ninjas on 10/5 in Pittsburgh thank you Whoop Whoop!!!!

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA (I mean we was SUPPOSED to be first on the last tour but, other things came up. So, I mean Indianapolis, Indiana... Well, we kinda deserve it and we all know it.)

Aniello D'antonio

a month ago

there is an awesome new outdoor venue in pocatello idaho called the Portneuf Health Trust Amphitheater . would be awesome to finally go to my first show seeing as how i been down with the clown for 20 years now.


‪Tonight don’t miss HIGH TIMES Midwest Cannabis Cup featuring live performances by ICP!!Nas!!TRICK TRICK (and more)‬

‪Faygo Armageddon x THC = 🤯‬

Karl Paulo Ramos

a month ago

It was a great show! 🤡

Lilia Pantiga

a month ago

Did Nas open for them?

Jose Campo

a month ago

So where’s the rescheduled dates for western Canada?

What happens when High Times hosts the Midwest Cannabis Cup in Clio, Michigan and invites ICP to perform along with NAS and TRICK TRICK?

Find out tomorrow!!!!


Ursula Fuery

a month ago

come have it in Vancouver because after October 17th weed will be legal here.
Come on get with the times ,the high times

Silvia Erica

a month ago

They don't even smoke....SMH

Esvin Rumpich

a month ago

Icp and nas whhaaatttt??????

Juggalos!!! THIS WEEKEND in Clio, Michigan the #HighTimes Midwest cup is going down and everyone is gonna be lighting up!And Dabbing! And Vaping!!

In addition to seeing rap legends like NAS and TRICK TRICK, plus MIKE JONES! And DEMRICK:We are GEEKED as hell to announce that Insane Clown Posse will be performing LIVE THIS Saturday September 8th!!!!

This event is danker than 100,000 of your dankest memes COMBINED so come forget about the low times and celebrate the #HIGHTIMES Midwest Cup!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!!!!


Yves Emmanuel Diyonga

2 months ago

I wish Psychopathic would sign Mike Jones, I don't know why but I do! I remember him being popular as fuck when I was in High School.

James Mike

2 months ago

ICP are more rap legends than mike jones. how in the hell did mike jones get on the performance roster? nas, yes, he's a legend. trick, trick. detroit legend but mike jones? who? mike jones? lol, no really, mike jones?!?? who gives a crap about mike jones, who? mike jones lol

Annie Haubert Sigurdson

2 months ago

I wanna come but I work till 5 you guys go on at night?

Britta Uzatis

2 months ago

I believe it was a gentleman named Shaggy 2Dope...

Amber Hancock

2 months ago

Who the fuck cares you guys owe Toronto big time down for life but what do they say I'm not mad I'm just disappointed

Rana'z Ou'mar

2 months ago

Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J were bored and started talking about it and decided to go ahead with the plan ! 😘😘

‪Sincere thanks and love to every Juggalo in Canada and the USA who came out to see us and Eshamon the #MilenkoAndFriends tour and to all the homies at Starrcast ‬

Now it’s back to the lab for J and Shaggy! ‬

#FearlessFredFury #FiteBack

Santiago Terceros Miranda

2 months ago

guelph was the MF shit! me before the show and after faygo armageddon (you can see the confetti on my shoulder from "let's go all the way"

Cherie Valdez

2 months ago

was so excited to finally meet you guys at the winnipeg show
theee heck guys ):

still down with the clown though
till next time

Wolfgang Spieß

2 months ago

It surprised the fuck outta me that they played in Kingston Ontario. My wife and I have driven to Rochester NY for the BPB and the Old Shit tour. When I found out they were doing a show at a sports bar 5 minutes from my home I couldn't believe it.

The world likes to pretend that Juggalos are zeros..but we all know that Juggalos can be heroes.... Thank You Robert Ward! #CannibalStyle

Samanta Izquierdo

2 months ago

Showing there's light where others have cast shadows down on

Bendicion De Dios Faviana

2 months ago

Good media attention Thanks you James MCL and whoop whoop!

Krista McLaren

2 months ago

Haha good shit man keep up the good work 👌

ICP at Starrcast! Photo by WrestleZone on Mandatory

They wrote: “Icp proclaim their BloodyMania shows at the Gathering do not get enough respect. "Its not about making profit, it's about putting on the best sh*t we can"

Pyae Phyoe Aung

2 months ago

Yah fuck the money do what you love and you'll survive

Samantha Peter

2 months ago

I wanna see the little guy pick up the big guy. And also better timing and story/act "acting"😎

King-Ferdinand T. Garcia

2 months ago

Been trying to post this pic to you page, but nothing seems to happen. So ima drop it here. 😀

Insane Clown Posse here is a picture of my rat Juggalette. It's her clown mask that got her that name. 😀


Whattap Ninjas?

This Friday ICP will be doing a meet and greet, a storytellers session, and a Stranglemania video event at Starrcast in Schaumburg, Illinois!

Then on Sunday September 02 we will be back in Indianapolis Indiana at The Emerson Theater to make up a date we have to reschedule previously.

Whoop whoop!!!

Dawn Johnson

2 months ago

It's all about hallowicked in the 313

Cass Peacemaker

2 months ago

Still needing the Saskatoon Milenko action 😉

Sue Arbogast

2 months ago

See ya at starrcast and Indy #juggalolove

I’d like to send a warm embrace and a special shout out to The King! Or perhaps The Cling! The Legendary Clownvis! Yes it’s true, the fascinating and phenomenal Clownvis... brothers and sisters of the Juggalo Family... Clownvis... Has... Arrived! ....VJ

Asuka Yasuno

2 months ago

Gabriel Gibb we are in this! Mostly you 😋

Lilian Rodriguez

2 months ago

Awww. Bummed I missed his set.

Lilibeth Ang

2 months ago

Clownvis is hella fresh..


Family today we remember the life and legacy of a Juggalo Hero: Thomas "Cannibal" Cottingham. Be good to each other today, Family! Raise it up for this ninja that we know we'll be seeing up in Shangri-Leeeeezaaaay! Happy Cannibal Day! Whoop Whoop!

Mary Gracia Huerta

2 months ago

Still have no idea who this dude was or why people "love" him so much.

TiTi FoFa

2 months ago

Death happens so much the older you get !

Nancy Abigail Lopez Hernadez

2 months ago

Super blessed to have met this angel!!! Rest easy😇

‪This Friday Night!‬
‪As part of the STARRCAST weekend celebrating ALL IN!! ‬

‪Check out www.Starrcast.Com for more details on this, and other appearances by Violent J & Shaggy 2 Dope this Friday near Chicago (Schaumburg, Illinois) at Starrcast!‬

Jared Foster

2 months ago

Wish they would come to gallup new mexico 😢

Oomg Kokohtay

2 months ago

Damn meet and greet is sold out

Nathan King

2 months ago

Hallowicked is so far away

Canadian Ninjas Rejoice!!

Tonight it’s ICP in Guelph!!

Tomorrow it’s ICP in Kingston, On

Monday in Montreal!

Tuesday In Ottawa!!!!!

Mary Kolb

2 months ago

Awesome fucking concert last night!!!

Juliana Reyes

2 months ago

Last Night show was so fresh, i wanna goto the kingston and Ottawa shows now. 1st tyme seeing them Was last night in guelph. It was even better I've imagined

Samantha Stitten

2 months ago

I’m not rejoicing been waiting since 94’ to get the chance to see them and lost my only chance due to the concert being canceled


When the Milenko and Friends tour hit the Canadian border, we ended up having issues with half of our crew not making it across the border!! This caused us to have to take a step back, as we figured out a way to deliver the flavor up north.Guess what?

You can’t keep the Wicked Clowns down!!

The Milenko and Friends Tour is on the road, and the INSANE CLOWN POSSE is BACK on the sonic ATTACK!! Hitting up the following cities in Eastern Canada... and BEYOND!!

Saturday 8/25/18
Guelph, ON
Guelph Concert Theatre

Sunday 8/26/18
Kingston, ON
Overtime Sports

Monday 8/27/18
Montreal, OC
Les Foufounes Electriques

Tuesday 8/28/18

Wednesday 8/29/18
Ottawa, ON
Bourbon Room

Thursday 8/30/18
Windsor, ON
IMPERIAL (Ticket Link Coming SOON!)

Friday 8/31/18
Chicago, IL

Saturday 9/1/18

Sunday 9/2/18
Indianapolis, IN
Emerson Theater

We did everything we could do, and then some to make the date in TORONTO happen and we could not find a venue that would be willing to have the show, SO we will be bringing the Milenko and Friends tour to nearby GUELPH, Ontario instead!!!

Sadly, we were not able to make it happen this time around for Quebec City! Please know that we love you, and we are working on concert dates for western Canada!!!!!

We also have a make up date scheduled on 9/2/18 in Indianapolis for the Juggalos who got the bone on the rescheduled show!!

Whoop Whoop!

Nicole Smithey

2 months ago

See you guys in Windsor again! Last time was my first ICP show.

I've seen close to 300 different bands/musical acts and it was one of the funnest concerts I've ever been to.

Helen Lucky Alex

2 months ago

"and we are working on concert dates for western Canada!!!!!"
*crosses fingers for a make up show in BC for the one that was cut short* (if they can get through the fires again...) 🤞🤞

Stephen Curling

2 months ago

All the bitching for what??? a week and they fixed it and brought the tour back...... icp stay fixing problems......and juggs stay complaining about the problems they ain't fixed yet........
Be glad they didnt send y'alls asses to Ashnevada lol

The Southwest Strangla emerges!
Dope photo by @murd3rurface #Juggalos #InsaneClownPosse #Shaggy2Dope

Danilo Salvi

2 months ago

why did you guys cancel the toronto show

Amanda Sherman

2 months ago

Shaggz 2 Dope, cereal killa, axe murda boy, wig cap peala!!!

Jeannine Andreoli

2 months ago

Is the toronto show still happening then?


Photo by #RottenPix

Hoàng Nam Nguyễn

2 months ago

You guys formed who I was in my teenage years. Finally being able to see you on stage was incredible. Keep killin it can’t wait for you to come back to Vancouver. WHOOP WHOOP

Juan Esteban Chavarriaga Jimenez

2 months ago

Hello friends, please come back to Canada. Touring here is cheaper in the winter. Thank you for your time.

Samantha Benner

2 months ago

This was most likely a scheduled post set in advance before the tour was postponed. Most likely not intentionally posted just to piss us off, just bad timing. What's the point in being pissed off about it? Like yeah it sucks, but what if Violent J has something serious medically happening? Are you still going to be pissed off you didnt get to see your show? These are still human beings we are talking about, shit happens.

‪The homies at ESPN counted down the five craziest moments in#Summerslam history!‬

‪article in comments!!!!

Claude Chen

2 months ago

That's cool whoop whoop mfcl

Matthew Cottier

2 months ago

Would anyone know if that same thing Violent Jtalks about in Behind the Paint about calling in and the meeting behind st Andrew that was what I found when I bought the different faces on Jeckyl brothers and put all three inner sleeves together and when I bought milenko I new that Shangri la was the sixth jokers when I listened to the intro

Percy Plüs Ramirez

2 months ago

ICP, there are nobody in the same league as you. I really truly love you both for 20 years!!

Ashland, Oregon!

Get ready to feel the Faygo spray on your face and your brain being captivated by the bass.

Milenko and Friends tour is in town tonight!!!

Insane Clown Posse and Esham
Don’t miss the show!!


Fearless Fred Fury drops October 26th! #FiteBack
📷 by #CelestialDarkness

Edson Morais

2 months ago

I should try to sleep then maybe I can make the van show tomorrow, hope u can pay at the door

Oscar Vidal

2 months ago

So sad i had to miss this
Yall need to come back to portland OR
1whoop whoop7
Rip City Rydaz 503

Magda Kurek

2 months ago

What about the Indianapolis show ??

Shoutout to the incredible Jordan Kinnear for this mind blowing photograph from #InsaneClownPosse #ViolentJ live at the Iron Horse Sturgis!!

Don’t miss #MilenkoAndFriends your on the road, right now!!

All tour dates on InsaneClownPosse dot VIP

Mark Dow

2 months ago

what fokk y didn't i know bout this ??😥

Adria Franzini

2 months ago

It’s was a awesome concert at Iron Horse

Nasērr AbouLoun

2 months ago

When are you coming back to naptown

‪As the sun sets over Salt Lake City tonight..The Juggalos stand loud and proud awaiting entry into the #MilenkoAndFriends Show with INSANE CLOWN POSSE and ESHAM!! ‬

‪Whoop whoop! ‬

‪See you Tuesday night in Spokane!! ‬

Photo by : Mysterious Benefactor

Juichi Itou

2 months ago

Saw them in Sturgis at the Iron Horse saloon. Awesome as always

Juan Garcia

2 months ago

I hope you guys do a show somewhere in Europe again. I don't have the ability to travel all the way to the US to see the show. So I'm hoping 2019 is aiming for that. I wanted to go to one of your shows since I was 14, I'm 25 now.

Sandy Silva

2 months ago

Where are the other pictures from salt lake?

Sturgis was off the chain no doubt.

Had to be a smoove 8K up in that piece. All I was missing was something female, young, warm and soft afterwards. I’d of settled for an old ass, fat, stubbly, buck tooth, big, biker mama that smelt like leather, whisky and Winston’s... no luck.

Prolly should of rocked my leather Wranglers, studded chaps, Harley vest, shirtless, with my black Nugent hat.

And if I’d of gripped my sweet ass, 87 Hog 450, with the quad pipes and exploding gaskets??? Shit would of been OvER!

Not to mention Shaggy pimpin in the side car, rockin’ his slick leather helmet with the iced out button on the chin strap and the stunningly hot 1940’s goggles like only he can? Whhhheeeww next year baby.

Next year we comin!... VJ

Justin T. Surratt

2 months ago

Damn thats a huge crowd.

Liz Meinert

2 months ago

As a juggalo that lives in both worlds, it's impossible to describe in words how super fresh this is, I hope Psy can get to Daytona bike week in the future.

Gibson Aniebiet Carter Jr.

2 months ago

thanks for letting us. inside thats real juggalo love

Ninjas don’t miss this freshness!
This isa must see!!World premier!

Explosion within ya forehead!
This Saturday!!!#VanillaIceProject
ALL NEW SEASON on #DIY channel at 10 PM ET
DIY Network ... VJ

Chisomo Mkwara

2 months ago

How many years has it been since we where told we'd be getting a Vanilla Ice CD? And if im not mistaken it was going to be via psychopathic records. I think over a decade ago but I can't remember it's been so long ago. Bummer

Yana Suryadi II

2 months ago

Still can't believe this dude funned death row blows my mind.

Brandon Perkins

2 months ago

please keep this guy as a classic the only thing he knows is ice ice baby better keep em like led zeppelin 😂😂

Tonight in Sturgis it’s a free show featuring INSANE CLOWN POSSE,CKY, and JellyRoll!!!!

Then Sunday it’s Milenko and Friends with Esham at The Complex in Salt Lake City!

Whoop whoooop!!!!

Gülüm Sürmen Ötenel

2 months ago

The concert was pretty great, esham even put on a not planned set for the people tonight before ICP

Anne Kristine Jensvik

2 months ago

They're getting closer 😊

Fhayne Fard

2 months ago

Whoop whoop! Hell yea Clowns tearing down the town!
Dark Carnival coming soon to a hood near you





Amir Choudhry

2 months ago

i don't know of any other band on their grind more than ICP. All the events they do amazes me but when I saw them live in '98 and that amazed me. Anybody who says that ICP is not ART needs to be referred to "hallelujah" and "under the moon". there are many more but those are the 2 that converted me.

Loren De Schepper

2 months ago

I wish y'all would come to the tiny towns in East Texas. Like Shelby county and nacogdoches county. I'd asking work if I could actually get to a show! Lol 👍👏🙏

Eddie Rice

2 months ago

Germany is quite ready, too btw ;)


‪USA and Canada!!‬

‪Milenko And Friends!!‬

‪All dates and tickets at InsaneClownPosse Dot VIP !!!! ‬

‪Whoop Whoop!!!!!!!!!!!!! ‬

Thunga Bali Jr.

3 months ago

Can't believe they are playing Kingston Ontario. Really small venue. Should be fun though.

Katrina Claveau

3 months ago

Come back to Santa Cruz cali we miss you out here and we need some more fun out here

Евгений Маковский

3 months ago

Im beyond stoked for ESHAM in Canada... Been following for years too ICP over 20 years

‪Who is ready for Ouija Macc's #WATERDAMAGE release? It unlocks the full element #GUTTERWATER and although they are lethal separate... combined... their potency is an omnipotent concoction!!! ‬


‪But Gutterwater is available NOW!!!!!

Erika Sepulveda

3 months ago

Dropping the ball on the new kill joy club was a bad move only thing I was looking forward to

Priscilla Sumpter

3 months ago

Put out more myzery that new 20th anniversary album is awesome best thing to come from psychopathic in like 6 years.

James Milius

3 months ago

To all the Psy haters: Psy only has one wack artist. Most all of MNE is wack.

Still, bring back Blahzay Roze. She can spit fire.

Friday October 26th not only marks the release date of Fearless Fred Fury (LP) but also is the date that the 8 Song Flip The Rat EP will be released.


Jorge Luis Lardone

3 months ago

Look I'm looking forward to this however I truely hope there are shit talking tracks towards Twiztid and camp. It's toxic enough and I want you ninjas to be above it

Isamar Carrillo

3 months ago

Really tried givin a damn though.....

Marycon Salas

3 months ago

Can we get The other
DARK LOTUS albums on CD? 😀