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So as we roll into the weekend We’re gonna kick it off left of center!! Look behind the curtain and peep the details on all the SIDE SHOWS now at Juggalo Gathering Dot Com

A Fucking plethora of updates will begin raining down like diamonds on your shining Juggalo nuggets!! Whoop whoop! Prepare for WhoopStock, MAFAKAS!!! - KG

Fresland Kossa

6 hours ago

Why haven't you guys played Web Three demo for the demo contest. ;(

It wouldn't even be a competition if you guys play Web Three
demo that he sent in. Awhile ago. Still got a whoop whoop for you. Definitely disappointed though

Derek Powell

6 hours ago

Maaaaaaan fuck ya'll. Stingey. Fuck Red Fred Dead. Sell outs FROM DAY ONE Moonarch buttfuckin' chiggers. Ya'll made a gimmick out of comin' correct. This shit better manifest. Fuck time. Crow nose. Ya'll don't give a fuck about nothin.

Recep Koken

6 hours ago

Literally every post this page makes could be one sentence long but they pad it out into three paragraphs somehow.

‪#Gutterwater is upon us!! ‬

‪You can bottle it, freeze it, drink it, or boil it and inhale the vapors. But don’t miss it! ‬

‪The debut OUIJA MACC album is available NOW!!‬

Larissa Boland

15 hours ago

Not sure what I am listening to exactly... but, if u play it backwards it says “get hatchet man tattoo on my arm covered up!” Haha jokes *

It’s straight, good flow

Laura Gillam Niemi

15 hours ago

Bumping that all day!! Was skeptikal of Ouija at first but the more I listen the more and more about it I become.. Ouija macc brings the heat!

Tonia Rosa Simo

15 hours ago

Listening now on Amazon, I pre ordered a physical disc through amazon cause I am a cheap bastard with a kid to feed. What up with the July 13th release date?

‪Take one last look at these sauced like the boss pre order packs for the purveyor of #Gutterwater Ouija Macc!!

‪Snatch one up now because soon it will be Ghost! 🤘‬‬

‪ ‬

Jhon Arthur Fasabi Cumapa

15 hours ago

Y’all have destroyed what the hatchet stood for.
Psychopathic is dead.
The magic is gone.
The wicked shit is done.
Y’all have lost it.
You’ve let down the real juggalos, the real family!
This is a sad day.

Mark S Strong

15 hours ago

Mine was supposed to ship now i guess they don't have the Cds so i have to wait for it to even be shipped out I got a digital download that's about it tho!

Marco Maltese

a day ago

Sell outs. MNE is where the Carnival went. It left ICP. They could barely get a whoop whoop from the crowd at juggalo weekend here in vegas.


Grisilda Jackson

a day ago

Will definitely be there this yr wouldnt miss it for the world this will be my 4th gathering in a row... got VIP this yr an gonna get thextickets very soon but cant wait to see the fam again an meet new fam as well counting down the days an i an my husband cant wait an this will be our 1st gathering as offical husband an wife whoop whoop

Mable Kawooya

2 days ago

Definitely going to be there just would like some info to get hype to this next month so time will fly by

Laura Portillo

2 days ago

It's my first year I've been waiting 19 years to be able to make it.. I had starting having kids at 18 there always first! But finally I got the time and money to make it... so excited!! You guys are fresh as fuck for doing this every year for the FAMILY!

‪Gutterwater will be covering nearly the entirety of the surface of what you call Urf!‬
To prepare: ‬ We encourage you to pre-order the debut album by Ouija Macc or grab it when it drops this FRIDAY, May 25 on All digital platforms.

Share and Comment if you fuxx with Ouija Macc.

Haterz: crying reacts only fam.

😢😭💦 👓 🌲 🎤 📢 🔊 🎧 👄 💨 👻
Thursday night is about to get lit, wet, sauced, and shit we can’t really discuss in writing.

Kegan The Creep and his sexy friends Glo and Mackenzie!!!

The saucemaster and freak tweeker extraordinaire: Ouija Macc and the sultry and freak in the streets AND in the sheets AND when she hears beats :
Mallory Maneater

Don’t miss The Sex Files Thursday night at 8pm eastern and 5pm Pacific on Psychopathic TV
It’s finally here! Into The Echoside : Oracle Of The Three Rings Base Game and Expansion pack is available and shipping worldwide.. now!!

Game On!!

Sherri Soper-Burris

4 days ago

Love this next gen wicked shit

Bosh Boceski

4 days ago

I'm such a hater!! 😭😭😭😭😭

Lmao. Cant wait!

Nadina Khalil

4 days ago

Looking forward to it

Whut up fam!

Here is your last chance to get the exclusive DCG merch that was available at this year’s Con!
If you have love for the Dark Carnival Games Con and what it represents, then the best way to show your support in lieu of its cancellation is to purchase some of this ultra-dope merch in need of a good home!

From zippos to game mats to shirts, hoodies, and everything in between!

Just go to the link below, scoop up some fresh swag while it lasts, and GAME ON maddafackoos!

We appreciate your love and support, ninjas! Share this with your family!!WHOOP WHOOP!

Coren Way

4 days ago

Got the oracle playmat sadly the 6 jokers was sold out. I couldn't miss out completely they are made amazingly

Tatyana Bakanova

4 days ago

Think it will take long to ship?

Rodrigo Carrasco

4 days ago

Not making another purchase till the Oracle pre orders ship. 5/11 has come and gone.

The R.O.C is a good man.... -VJ


Collin Routh

6 days ago

Can someone make up a hatchet man running with a meat mallet that reads 2018, year of squashing beef

Leonardo Andelieri

6 days ago

Let’s get the Family back together #juggalosforlife#dukeofthewicked is the man and will make it happen

Susan McInnis

6 days ago


One week from today! Ouija Macc is serving up BATHTUB sized servings of #Gutterwater

THE debut album!!

It’s not too late to pre order a SaucePack!!

Don’t sleep. Bring your own ladel!!!!

Elaine Carey

7 days ago

ill still never get over the fact when i first saw him in st pete florida he was lip singing 95% of his whole set really not worth giving this album the time of day

Brittany Tan

7 days ago

Whoop whoop family' yplay the wicked pumkin up i.n Here

Richard Yañez Villegas

7 days ago

I cant be the only one who saw this and thought it said "Butterwater" right..?

Whattap Doe Juggalos!!?!?!?

What are y'all getting into this weekend? Where's the fun and family at?

Jesus Garcia Barata

8 days ago

Gettin wicked at the Shania Twain show whoop whoop y’all!!

Gustavo Ruiz

8 days ago

Running mini stocks at KCRP Bakersfield Ca.
Whoop Whoop

Jonathan Lim

8 days ago

I'll be catching up on all the sleep I missed out on while being at DCG LoL💚💎💜


The Juggalo Show returns to Psychopathic TV as Jumpsteady, The Rudeboy Rudy Hill and ya boy KG KEVIN GILL will be discussing everything that happened at DCG CON!

This is a very important episode so please tune in and spread the word, ya heard????

8pm eastern.
5 pacific.

You tuning in?

Michael Snowdon

9 days ago

Props to you guys for handling that unforseen circumstance like you did. Way to secure another venue for the concert. Props for taking care of business

Carla Romañuk

9 days ago

Hey Insane Clown Posse why delete my comment??

Deborah Mullins

9 days ago

Hope to hear WEB THREE demo tonight.

What is it that draws you in?

This magic that compels you?

📷 #CherryBomb

Kevin Sullivan

9 days ago

Never had a chance to go why no ride i can't even drive never had a car I would have to learn how to drive first can't drive with no licence I wish but on my way be so afraid to get caught so I don't even bother driving so to all the juggalo fam whoop whoop

Noninahad Ahad

9 days ago

It's the insanity, the soda, the love, the mosh pits and the BEST PART is that it's over the BEST MUSIC EVER!!!!! #knowaboutit #juggalo #MCL #webelong

Vikram Vedra

9 days ago

You tricked me and youre not sorry! Woop woop!

The 2018Fowlarama World Champs are team Sex Files!!!!

Reno Rydaz took over the parking lot, and made logistics their side bitch!


Christine Richardson

11 days ago

Yup yup Robert and myself coming for everything

Frans Olyhoek

11 days ago

David and I will be winning from here on out

Ludmilla Hohenfeld

12 days ago

Just want to thank everyone at psychopathic and anyone else who helped make and keep this weekend so fresh. AINT NO BODY GONNA STOP OUR SHINE!

Lawrence, Kansas and area Ninjas!
New date will be announced Monday, May 14th!

Thank you for your patience and understanding.Whoop whoop and much mother fucking clown love.

Ashok Halder

11 days ago

went through that before. Huntington WV.

Andrew Ng

11 days ago

Almost 9PM and still no word... WHAT THE FUCK?!

Erika Pescador

11 days ago

There will be no new date...the next date is the next tour

Sorry ninjas but do to a couple unforeseen bones, tonight’s Great Milenko Show has been postponed.

Stay tuned for more details.

Jaclyn Bowman

11 days ago

I was really wanting to see you guys. Home nothing bad happened or maybe in your car broke down. It was Mother's Day. I hope you reschedule soon.

Miyagi Ren

12 days ago

I’m out $350 for travel and expenses. We were in town, across the street when I happened to see the Facebook notification. NO official email until 5:00! That is the gold standard in shitty treatment of customers.

Mar Vincent Ragay Callo

12 days ago

Hey at least u got heads up we drove all the way to toys in the hood in Detroit which was like a week after twiztmas and a couple weeks before icp milenko to virtually no one showed up and they all bounced on us.

If you lose your nugget yo, hatchet ain’t responsible.

#DCGCon #DCGCon2018 #ForJuggalosByJuggalos

MAD LOVE TO Lyrikal Snuff Productionz SCUM and every Juggalo that makes it possible.

Ouija Macc might just catch a case for killing that set.

His album Gutterwater drops 5/25

#DCGCon #DCGCon2018

Darkness is always rendered powerless when confronted with Lyte

#DCGCon2018 #DCGCON #PhotoByKG

Karen Johnwell

12 days ago

J's hair is flat is he gonna grow some dread locks?!!!

Sandra Maria Cavalieri D'Oro

12 days ago

Seems kinda dry. No Faygo for the family?

Robert Watts

12 days ago

Magical light rays for cocks?.... me too

Tonight’s concert event has been moved to
The Roxy 2549 Welton Street in Denver.



YES, We will have Morton’s List, the new expansion pack, and all the exclusive DCGCON merch at tonight’s show.

Thank you all for your time, love, and respect.

First artist on stage at 7:30

MC Lars
Ouija Macc
Insane Clown Posse

Hosted by The Rudeboy!!

Jonathan Davis

13 days ago

Juggalo what's all the stuff going on with this page about people attacking each other

Caryn Siss-Ciciora

13 days ago

Grant Sinclair you know I'll be finding something like this to go to while im In America

Tomas Ignacio Gonzalez Geronimo

13 days ago

Roxy is gonna have a line passed cervantes of pissed off juggalos the room only holds 500

We will never die alone. JUGGALOS will carry on!

You can’t stop the glory and this movement can not be faded.

Tonight’s Dark Carnival Games Con concert with Insane Clown Posse will be going down.TONIGHT.At THE ROXY IN DENVER.

More details. Very soon.

Tonight doors will open at 7pm at The Roxy in Denver.

Sewerside. MC Lars.Ouija Macc. Lyte. Mac Sabbath. And Insane Clown Posse.

Show start at 7:30 so don’t sleep.

If you missed on on Morton’s List or any of the exclusive merch or the New expansion pack we will have it all tonight.

Thanks for your patience.Understanding. And Support.

Tell a friend.

Mizuta Kiyoshi

13 days ago

Insane Clown Posse I just wanna know if we gonna get that shaggy show card if we order online now??? I sent my dude money to cop it for me, the wife, n kids to play on family game night and he had to send me back my money bc shit got shut down😔😔😔

Coraline Ngoma

13 days ago

Insane Clown Posse I'm so sorry to hear about this. I hope things get better for you. BTW your Great Milenko show in Lincoln NE Thursday was amazing. MCL Whoop Whoop!!

Omar Perez

14 days ago

The movement ain't fading but yet it is in fact fading big-time. Look how it is now compared to when Shangri-la came out. I hate to say it but it's dying off cause all the dumbfucks don't get what it's about. WE created juggalo so the outcasts who are different had somewhere to belong cause we didn't fit in anywhere. Now you find poppy, mainstream bullshit in the underground and juggalo community. What the hell happened to belonging to the love and family aspect cause we all share the love for the same music. Its dying, that's what's happening. JMO

Beautiful DCG art. Beautiful DCG minds. Beautiful DCG hearts. Juggalos...we love you. We appreciate you. And we acknowledge all your wonderful work and creativity in making DCG a Dark Carnival blessed and beautiful space that was truly For Juggalos, By Juggalos. However, due to circumstances that are beyond our control, the DCG Con Conventiion Hall has been shut down, to the tears and heartbreak of our wonderful 100% Juggalo-run staff and amazing attendees who put their hearts and souls into making this space for our beloved Juggalo Family. This was COMPLETELY out of our hands, ninjas. We here at Psychopathic Records apologize and we are with you, we will be here in the hotel, and we love you more than you will ever know. More details to come, but here is what we can do right now as a FAMILY: Enjoy Denver TOGETHER. Enjoy our time TOGETHER. Enjoy gaming and fresh times with EACH OTHER. Because DCG isn't about the flashing lights, table cloths, decorations, and high-flying ultra fresh carnival setup of the closed down convention hall. Not at all. All that is fresh, for certain. But at the end of the day--It's about US. OUR time together as a FAMILY. And as long as we are TOGETHER as a Family, in our minds--The CON IS STILL ON! Stay tuned for the full rundown from the man himself, Jumpsteady. But for now--just know. As long as we are Gathered here, can't nobody stop our shine. BBQs, game nights, and adventure awaits. It's up to you, ninjas! Let's keep this party going like we knowin, with clown love and karma! It's up to you to accept the challenge and make this Con truly #ForJuggalosByJuggalos

Thomas Maier

13 days ago

Thanks to Big Hoodoo for cheering up my 12 year old who was devistated upon the cancellation of DCG. You were her favorite act last night and easily her favorite on Psychopathic. Thanks so much for making her laugh and taking a picture with her! You are great human being sir!

Maria Valentin De Arellano

13 days ago

It smells fishy to me like a a certain label wants to keep the gang label....... right MNE?

Cleidiane Cruz

13 days ago

everyone should know by now that Denver gets crazy. nice try but we should just remember this is why after Peoria the gathering moved to private property

Shaggy 2 Dope and DJ Clay closing it out for night one of #DCGCon #DCGCon2018 #FO #FTFO

‪Tickets for Rock Allegiance are ON SALE NOW!!!!‬

Tyler Reid

14 days ago

I brought this with me Thursday for Shaggy to sign but I didn't want to risk it getting taken or damaged since the security guard said no bags allowed inside yet I saw a woman bring one in. Maybe next time homie.

Marieke Beelen

14 days ago

Shaggy 2 dope did it again And I'ma tell these bitches how they life gonna end!!!

Dj clay needs to produce more hatchet albums his hard ass beats never disappoint!

Dario Rocco

14 days ago

Damn live video for events like these would be nice. You guys used to always record cool dvds of events like this but no more?

Real talk from Violent J:

So my 7th grade English teacher got told to "Frick Off" by a pissed off, embarrassed, young Joe Bruce who didnt fully cuss yet. This happened after I flunked out of a spelling bee contest for misspelling the word "Flabberghasted".

I told that bitch that word sounds dumb as fuck anyway and there will never be a day in my life that I will need to use a ridiculas, stupid ass sounding word like "Flabbergasted". I said that word sounds like it'd be describing the condition of my ass after digesting a pastrami sandwitch... Flabbergasted!

Well, low and behold ninjas, here I am 33 years later and what is the ONLY word I can use to correctly describe my current state of mind after walking through the Dark Carnival Games Con in Denver?

FUCKIN' FLABBERGHASTED!That bitch was right. I actually need to use that word.

Yet I was kind of right in a sense also, because The DCGC left my mind just like my ass after 10 pastrami sandwiches! Totally blown out and blew away... VJ


Debbie Parr

14 days ago

Woop Woop you put on a good show in Columbia wendsdays night my first time and I had the best time of my life thank you so much

Merrie Kernan

14 days ago

I use that and poppycock because thats what it sounds like when I blow loads on the floor, popcorn bustin out my weiner hole...enjoy.

Jackie Anne

14 days ago

Lol. If she was a real teach she’d forgive you within a day. I’ve gotten told all kinds of stupid shit and still love the little frickers 😆

‪Juggalos are u ready 4 dcg con?‬


Adriana Ayala Avalos

15 days ago

maybe next year 3Shot will make an arrival

Weronika Szwed

15 days ago

Up in the motel room waiting for you guys to let us in whoop whoop

Roberto Tarenzi

15 days ago

Is that a Dragon Bouncy house?!? 😱 or a snake?

Anybody Killa is in Denver for DCG and tonight he’s setting it off at the pre party with the homies from LSP and Whitney Peyton!!

If you are in or around the Denver area come out and represent the Native Warrior tonight!!!
The hardworking #DCGCon crew took a little break and decided to sample the local agriculture and to stimulate the local economy!!

For some it’s medicine, for others it’s for fun.But either way it’s 100 percent legal here in the mile high and it was trip to visit all these thriving businesses, and some of them even have JUGGALOS working there. Whoop whoop!!

There are tickets available at the door, so if you’ve been on the fence there is still time to hijack a hover board and get to DCG con!!!

Ps- I’m familiar with the magic blunt. But the golden J? This may require additional investigation.

Jo Alcock

15 days ago

So just ABK?

Is ABK ever gonna do a NEW album?

Bebi Birhanu

15 days ago

Wiked Wood! Dubs up. Y'all Yeti?

A message from Jumpsteady!!

Whaddup Juggalos!

We are super excited to share our game with you at the DCG Con this weekend!

It came out level 10 fresh, better than expected!

I want to take a moment to officially thank the dope crew of super ninjas who put this together--Louis Simpson, Tom Wood, Rachel Paul, and Michael from the manufacturing company!

But most of all I want to thank the JUGGALOS who inspired this game and are working together to make DCG Con a reality!

See you in Denver ninjas!

Whoop whoooooooooop!

Hideki Synth

16 days ago

You're going to Spain today, right?

Besnik Pukaj

16 days ago

"Save me from the darkest corner"

Brent Underwood

16 days ago

Waiting for mine to ship

New Jersey And Philly Juggalos!!!
Saturday October 6th! Witness the Wicked Clowns bring the Faygo Fueled circus sideshow mosh pits to Rock Allegiance!!!!

Tickets go on sale THIS FRIDAY at NOON EASTERN!!!

You will also get to witness Avenged Sevenfold, Limp Bizkit, Papa Roach, Skillet, Bullet For My Valentine, FOZZY!! GWAR, and our Slamfest Homies Sylar plus a whole lot more!!!!!!

Whoop Whoop!!!!!!! See you In Camden!!!!!
Team Morton’s List has arrived at the massively mega-sized Clown Plaza Convention Center !!

There is no letting up from the team that’s setting up and this is the hugest, dopest, and most pimped out venue we’ve ever had the opportunity to deliver you flavor inside of!!

For Juggalos By Juggalos is how we get down with the clown!! It’s mini gathering flavor in XXXXL proportions!!

What’s the best medical relaxation place we should check out when we take a break??
🌲 🌲 🌲

Diane Sutton

17 days ago

That's the day of my husband's birthday. I figured why not ? HAPPY BIRTHDAY we are going.😊🤘

Ariana Brito Sanchez

17 days ago

Tessa Son, Skillet w/ ICP, Gwar, and many others.. lol gotta love it. And I missed Papa Roach, Limp Bizkit and Avenged Sevenfold, ugh, how could I have not seen them... This concert is gonna be one for the ages!

Joyce Morrison

17 days ago

Nic Collins Corey Johnson insane clown posse with avenged an limp bizkit how awesome woukd that be!!!!

‪Gathering Update! ‬

‪Sparklingin the night sky like Queen Dawn, the winner of the 2017 Miss Juggalette pageant, it’s the complete breakdown of competitions and prizes going down at The Gathering!! ‬

Prepare your mind for the mental mind warp that will occur upon learning of more details!!

Peep the details.Study the prizes and picture yourself winning them all!!Beat the DJ! Lingerie Contest! Texas Hold Em!! Into The Echoside! Faygo launching contest! Wet T-shirt contest!! Costume contest! Morton’s List! Flow master rap battle!! JUGGALOS Against Sanity!!

And mad more flavor !! Peep the details and get schooled my fine ninja.


Yanneth E. Garcia

18 days ago

Remember when the miss juggalette contest was about hot chicks doin freaky shit? Now its fatties sayin respect my juggle 😂😂

Adamo D'Antonio

18 days ago

Insane Clown Posse, I bought my ticket and Carr pass for the gathering , I have both conformation numbers. However, I didn’t receive a confirmation email for the car pass, will this be a problem or mean the order didn’t go through. Thanx.

Collyne Bgx

19 days ago

There's a pretty juggalette contest? What happens to not giving a fuck, scrub lyfe and embracing your unique freak self? Shame on you for hosting a popularity contest. That not what it's about.

Who's down to play the BEST Juggalo Party Game EVER in Denver next weekend! Getting ready for the DCG Con Juggalos Against Sanity tournament like...

Sanquinetta Sanford

19 days ago

Dope ass game right there , Madd support and many blessings

Deneen Heim Glennon

20 days ago

Excited for dcgcon

Sãî F Mâs

20 days ago

Hey hope y'all having some extra fun for the ninjas who can't show! Woop woop!

DCG Con is For Juggalos, By Juggalos! Mad love and respect to all the ninjas involved in the DCG Trike Raffle, who presented this sweet hologram-chrome Shangri-La blue beauty to Psychopathic Records so that the Fam can ride in style next weekend in Denver, CO! We are so hype about the DCG Con, ninjas! See you in Denver!!! Mad love goes out to Jimmy, Zack, Mankini, Big Zane, Rachelette, Jenna, Aarika, Lady Marrs, Vinnie the ICP Kid, Todd, Big Sherm, Tom Wood, Hilary, Rob, Hazin, Dani 2 Dope, and Jon for such a wonderful gift! Whoop whoop!!!

Sexy ass bike!

Sylvia Ramirez Stokes

21 days ago

Tricycle life-fro

Marcos Paulo Bernardes

21 days ago

Oh if only..... ♡♥♡

‪#MayThe4thBeWithYou ‬

‪Check out Shaggy 2 Dopes latest and greatest tattoo...‬

‪Mr. E.T. ‬!!!

Whoop whoop. See you next week on tour and at DCG CON!!!!!!
Who's ready for Whoopstock? The 19th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos is going down July 18th to 21st. We present to you the official "treasure" Map of this year's GOTJ--with the "treasure" being the clown love and dope experiences we bout to share with the Famillllaaaay! Where you campin? Represent your section and cop yo tickets today! Keep shinin like diamonds homies! Juggalo love! #Whoopstock #GOTJ

Christine Walbaum

20 days ago

some people might not agree with me on this but i think this tattoo is pretty fresh. LOL

YIsrael Emmanuel Chibuzor II

20 days ago

I feel like this was a joke. What would happen if MrT and ET had a baby. Mr. ET “I pity the fool who phone home”

Lydia Resto

21 days ago

Kirsty O'Neill this could be my first tattoo??

‪Tonight! 8pm east! 5pm west!‬
‪The world famous Juggalo Show returns with DEMO JAMS!!‬

‪Someone’s winning a performance slot at The Gathering Of The Juggalos!! ‬

‪Check out Facebook.Com/PsychopathicTV‬
Just added to The Great Milenko shows!!

The first act to ever sign with Psychopathic Records Flint Town Legends and Wicked Shit Icons.. Project Born!!!!

5/8 Milwaukee
5/9 Columbia, Mo
5/10 Lincoln, Ne
5/13 Lawrence, Ks

Whoop whoop!!

Tickets at www.InsaneClownPosse.VIP

Ponchai Kongkhiao

22 days ago

Page isn't found wth

Erick Oshioma Nicholas

23 days ago

I know I'm out of the loop but will the milenko shows come to the West Coast?

Jason Gatica

23 days ago

Dang ICP got my Lincoln ticket,i wanna do the VIP thing,shoot what the hell man damn been knowin yall forever 51 yo

‪One week from tonight we are rolling into Columbia, Missouri to deliver THE GREAT MILENKO.... LIVE!!‬

‪Plus Lyte spitting hot bars like a monstar & Ouija Macc letting your girl know he’s a Ghost... 👻 ‬

‪Tickets AND VIP option at www.InsaneClownPosse.Vip ‬

Romina Bellamy

22 days ago

Mhmmm mhmm mhmm mhmm ha ha ha ha!

María José Sequen

23 days ago

Can't wait!!!

Doris Richardson

23 days ago

Can't wait so excited for my first icp show

9 days away, from the DCG CON!!!!!
We've doubled the size of the obstacle course, and we've added a GIANT DRAGON, as well as a Castle and a Slide.. WHY??? BECAUSE WE CAN!!!!! This is FOR JUGGALOS. BY JUGGALOS.

Catch The Fever like an infected beaver!Grab tixx online tonight or at a retail store or at the door!!!

Photo By Hazin

Jeff Hostetler

23 days ago

Come see me Saturday y'all, I'll be the one telling you to take off your shoes

Ryan S. Szymanski

23 days ago

Actual footage of Scott Donihoo being born.

Santiago Martin

23 days ago

How the fuck old are you ?!?! hahaha

‪One week from tonight, the freshness unfolds like a 2000 foot long banner that says “fuck you, I’m a Juggalo!”‬

‪Milwaukee! ‬
‪Columbia, Mo!‬
‪Lincoln, Ne‬
‪Lawrence, Ks‬

‪With Ouija Macc and Lyte

Tickets and details at:

Meg McCombs

24 days ago

my idea for a date... ahem.... lets take a walk down the hallway, its a long way, it takes all day

Aaron Day

24 days ago

Do a second leg with a st.pete Florida or tampa dates please

Jasmine Tobdzic

24 days ago

Please bring the Milenko tour close to Arlington, Virginia!

Mad love and respect to our homegirl Krissy and the Scrub Family for tricking out the infamous DCG Con trike with straight up chrome, rims, a headlight, custom artwork, kush friendly handlebars, and...hairy balls? Who's ready to ride in style on this one-of-a-kind Juggalo-designed pimped out ride? Catch you in Denver at the Con! #ForJuggalosByJuggalos

Tianesha Tunstill

24 days ago

I wish I could go xc I have the gathering this year though!!!! I’m really excited!!! 2 months to go!!!

Christina Adkins Hanks

24 days ago

Just rebuilt one that was a come around from prior passes forward - turned out really nice, just listened to the bike -

Sev Vert

24 days ago

Now maybe you can stop getting all my wife's attention !!

‪Sunday sounds and visuals by the homie Ouija Macc ‬‬

‪Catch him live at Dark Carnival Game Con in Denver with all the Psychopathic family!!‬

Delg Sisi

25 days ago

Lol what a joke

Grecia Hurtado

a month ago

this song's weak

Dawn Brant Fennell

a month ago

this guy bites the big one

Want Honor? Respect? Power? Prestige? All the glory will be unleashed upon the Grand Champions, those who emerge victorious from the battle of all battles. Family against Family. Juggalo against Juggalo. Morton's List. Into the Echoside. Quest for Shangri-La. Juggalos Against Sanity. Juggalo Texas Hold'em. Who will be crowned World Champion at the DCG Con 2018? We present to you, ninjas and ninjettes, this year's DCG Con World Champion gold plaques! It's going down May 11th to 13th in the Mile HIGH city at the one and only DCG CON 2018! #JuggaloLegends

Zermila la Zana

a month ago

Quest master 2018

Frank Owens

a month ago

Morton's List!

Lee Gallaugher

a month ago

Its funny how Twiztid is copying ICP with the decks😆

U know what?

Fuck this.

We over here at Psychopathic Records are officially hijacking ICPs social media today to show love and give props to an elite, mad fresh super ninja who continues to press us forward to new levels of creative flavor, new dope experiences of music, new adventures, and ultra UV light bright shinin like a beacon in the spirit of the Dark Carnival...

were talkin bout none other than the Don Dada of the Juggalada...
and we hope the Juggalo World will join us when we say...

with mad clown love and Faygo showers for days...


📸 by Trish Shaw
Check out the homie Big Hoodoo live tonight at Cheers Pub in South Bend, IN. Tickets still available at the door.

Debra Finley

a month ago

The anniversary of the day we disenfranchised and social outcasts were given direction and a place to belong with other degenerates! May the Ringmaster bless you with gallons of Faygo cream soda!

Krzysztof Luty

a month ago

It might be late but fuck it.... Happy fuckin birthday big homie! Now go hit up that FTTBBR and get ya some birthday dome Whoop Whoop!

Angelica Moreno

a month ago

ICP i dont know if you heard my cries
But you resold it and i bought 3 copies.
Thank you so much.
♥♥♥♥ <3

Columbia, Mo! ICP is bringing THE GREAT MILENKO Show to ya!
Wednesday, May 9th at The Blue Note!

Don’t miss out on your chance to see The Duke Of The Wicked AND the Southwest Strangler perform one of the greatest albums in Juggalo history.... LIVE!!Faygo will fly.
Wigs will flip.See you there family!!
Whoop Whoop!!Www.InsaneClownPosse.VIP for tickets!!

Ubisi Sibongile Agnecious

a month ago

This was a great show.. enjoy ninjas, woopwoop

Marcelo Lauria

a month ago

I wanna go

Jennifer Alanna Carmack

a month ago

I can’t be there but my buddy Ryan will be. In his Shaggy 2 Dope makeup.

FREE SHIT! What? We Love You, Ninjas! That's why we're hooking y'all up with the dopest, freshest, most EPIC PRIZES EVER for DCG Con in Denver, CO! Want in? Then play to WIN in hundreds of events popping off all weekend long May 11-13th, followed by nightly concerts and FREE meet-n-greet with the entire Psychopathic Family! Win this embroidered DCG custom jersey--only 5 in existence, reserved for the World Champions! Echoside foil cards, Quest foil cards, gold, silver, and bronze DCG amulets, custom poker decks and sets, even Fuckin Magnets(!)...Not to mention extra fresh World Champion Gold Plaques, which we will be unveiling THIS WEEKEND, so stay tuned! Get lit, get hype, and win them bragging rights! Champions will be crowned, so stay tuned--IT'S ABOUT TO GO DOWN!!! #JuggaloLegends #DCGCon #DenverOrBust

Manfred Aggrey

a month ago

U never just do a give away always has a catch like gotta be a dcg or gathering. Why can't us broke measly fans get the chance to win something. Not like i would win but like the lottery I like the chance to win.

Roi Suleymanov

a month ago

Wish I could be there I'd share all free juggalo gear with my homie jeebus joe

ItzO'mpa Nkem

a month ago

Man those jerseys are super fresh with it...

Yo, what up doe, Juggalo, mofo, here we go, so, tweedle dee & tweedle doe, oh, you should know theres a show, we fixin to throw in Colorado that will blow you and your hoe to Tokyo!!!!!

Special flavor! Extra! Extra! Extra special flavor is headed to the Dark Carnival Games Con & ICP's Dark Carnival Show! If your the type that likes to be lazy and procrastinate THEN THATS YO FATE!!

Just know, you might be fuckin up! This time son, this time right here,


That's all I'm sayin!... VJ

Linda Harmon

a month ago

Need icp back in Canada again, we miss u all here come back lol mcl

Allistair Com'on

a month ago

Yeah e for a little so if any weed right now deciding. Jacobs word joe=j doing as Jacobs says...some dope mothafackooin s$$t

Gray Fox

a month ago

Real talk. Is the toxic waste from Fukushima better it worse than Zug Island? Detroit Ann Arbor Blood. ICP 369L17

Put some music on, I feel like dancing.

Edneide Coutinho

a month ago

When are you guys coming back to Sioux Falls? 😁

Ronnie J. Flores

a month ago

Don't forget Upstate Concert Hall in Halfmoon NY!!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!

Nickel Tar Heavyman

a month ago

Again nowhere near Toledo OH. Last time you were here was the Old Shit tour

Columbia Mo! Insane Clown Posse is bringing THE GREAT MILENKO Show to ya on Wednesday, May 9th at The Blue Note!

Don’t miss out on this chance to see The Duke Of The Wicked AND the Southwest Strangler perform one of the greatest albums in Juggalo history.... LIVE!!Faygo will fly. Wigs will flip.See you there, whoop whoop!!

Www.InsaneClownPosse.VIP for tickets!!

Mayi Guerrero

a month ago

I'm 36 been down since age 17 it will be my girl cheyenne first concert ever and it gets to be the great moments.. She's 21 we both can't wait much love.. j and shagz

Jenna Stewart

a month ago

bought 2 tickets 3 minutes after they went on sale! Can't wait!!!!

Kutta Kris

a month ago

Justin Pollard I don't work Wednesdays 😍😍

Cinemalos!!! Do you like Big Money Hustlas and Big Money Rustlas?

What about Shockumentary, A Family Underground, Bootlegged in LA, JCW, ICP Theatre, and the countless other Psychopathic theatrical releases you played til the dvd cracked or the tape melted?

Sleeping outside the theater right now for the long anticipated Big Money Thrusters?

Well, while you wait, his disk contains ICP's home movies. The rarest of all cinematic gems in the Psychopathic film archives of freshness. Never before peeped by anyone outside of the films participants and friends and family.In fact we had to mind erase the guy who dubbed em on to DVD!!

Before Big Money Hustlas, the Psychopathic crew was notorious for spending countless hours writing, directing, and recording their own films!!!!!

See the debut of the Hazad character in "Let's Go Bargain," Martial arts madness unfolds in "Tiger Justice," J and Shaggy like you've never seen them before in the "Jon Meyer Show," and last but not least the infamous HILARIOUS lost "Big Silva Documentary."

See them all on Sunday May 13th in Denver, Colorado under the big top of the DCG Con Movie Tent!!!!These rare gems will screen exclusively from 11am until 2pm ON SUNDAY!

But that’s just SOME of the cinematic flavor ready to envelop your brain like a loud THC molecule at The DCG Con Movie Tent!!

Schedule: all day, every day!

Friday: Animation!!!

Saturday: is Throwback Saturday!!Features some of the classic films you might have grown up peeping!!!

Sunday - ICP Day!! All the classic ICP Films!!! Tales from the Dark Carnival!! Never befornseen home movies, ICP Theater and more!!

DCG CON = For Juggalos, by Juggalos !
3 days and nights of epic gaming and super homies and chilling.

2 nights of exclusive concert lineups that will blow your mind! ICP Dark Carnival Show! Shaggy 2 Dope solo show!! Mac Sabbath! Froggy Fresh! MC Lars! DJ Clay! Ouija Macc! Lyte! Hoodoo! SCUM! Sewerside And more!!Hosted by RUDEBOY and KG!!

1 unforgettable weekend in the mile high!!!!

Plus, free autographs from the whole hatchet !!

See you may 11-13th in Denver!!!!!!

Ryan Rounseville

a month ago

Need to release those old movies!

Larry Peterson

a month ago

All good except a family underground.....

Filippo Marotta

a month ago

A hallowicked dvd is needed. Another shockumentry would be gold also. Make it happen. Insane Clown Posse

Join me at The Token Lounge in Westland Michigan! I'll be inducting into the IBW Hall of Fame, the man I wrestled against in my very first match ever, way back in 1990!!

Plus see that man wrestle!!! He was a legend back when I wrestled his ass! Man! What an incredible inspiration he is! Irish Micky Doyle!!

I'm putting my heart and soul into his induction speach. Come show a true pro wrestling icon some love! And show Micky Doyle some love to! Hahaha!...VJ

(Today is last day of discounted online ticket sales! Link in comments!!)

David Timothy Anselmo

a month ago

See ya there <3

Tara Scott

a month ago

I wish i could be there that is going to be amazing congrats whoop whoop

David Timothy Anselmo

a month ago

Much love to both of y'all! Do your thing Homie!!

Over at, peep the official listings for the Gathering of the Juggalos Parties! Get ready ninjas! This year it's all about Cruisin the Barrio BBQ Bikini Bash, with free food for all you ninjas; Reno Rydaz Ridiculously Random Midnight Midway Masquerade Madness Party; the return of the infamous Juggalo Yacht Club Wine Mixer; Rude Boy and DJ Carlito’s OG Juggalo Jam; and Violent J's Prince Was a Purple Juggalo Party! Where my Purple Juggalos at??? There's more to come over at, so stay tuned for more GOTJ flavor! Whoop whoop!

Benita Boswell

a month ago

Goin be lit trust me!!!

Danny Urena

a month ago

Ike Mann just a fraction of the freshness!

Tshepo Serameng

a month ago

I don't even like Prince never did

Tonight is the night of the SUPER DEMO JAMS!!

Playing your submissions and getting thoughts from from The Rudeboy! Jumpsteady! And KG Kevin Gill!!

The winners get a slot to perform at THE GATHERING!

Tune in at 8pm eastern, 5 pm Pacific.

Live on FB on Psychopathic TV !!

Spread the word!! MCL!
The Wicked Clowns are hitting the road for select dates to bring ninjas THE GREAT MILENKO - LIVE!

VIP is now available for all upcoming Milenko dates on

5/8 Milwaukee
5/9 Columbia, Mo
5/10 Lincoln, Nebraska
5/13 Lawerence, KS

Also, don't forget that ICP will be doing a very special live show at Dark Carnival Games Con on 5/12 on Denver.Plus, 5/11 Shaggy 2 Dope does it again, which the bomb ass solo show for DCG Con!!!

Summer Heupel

a month ago

Dez Looca you would kill em all

Brittney Lottinger

a month ago

Ill be there homies...i love this shate MCL

Renata Sampson

a month ago

The wicked clowns never do a show on a weekend. If I did not have to pay rent and bills I would take a sick day but for like 2 years + they never tour in Cali on a weekend. One day they will thoe.

Dark Carnival Games Con passes/tickets were mailed out yesterday!!

You should see em kick flipping their way into your mailbox in the next few days!!

We apologize for the delay, we had to upgrade to a new shipping system, and now that it’s in, we can ship out DCG Con passeswith the quickness.So if you didn’t grab em yet... grab em nowwwww!!!

See you in Denver !!

Jennifer Leshea Nelson

a month ago

Are there any age restrictions??????

Skander Neith Fadhel

a month ago

Already bought mine. It's going to be a long 15 hour drive but it's going to be so worth it

Ali Polanco

a month ago

Yes just asked this question yesterday!!!!-fro

Ninjas, Ninjettes... prepare yourselves for:
ultimate levels of utter and undisputable, unbelievable, ultra dope undeniable ultramagnetic, unleashed, unhinged, unbeatable FLAVOR!




Teirin Royston

a month ago

I didn't realize it, but this was exactly what I needed in my life

Abusayd Abusayd

a month ago

You guys catch The Macho Man in there? Nice! MCL.

Caiya Citron

a month ago

Super dope actually lmao

This Friday we are geeked to to the peak to unveil a massive slice of freshness in the form of a music videodirect from the one of a kind mind of Psychopathic Records own OUIJA MACC!!

The video for "Ghost" drops this Friday for 4/20 so twist one up, fire up the rig, or just get turnt via your own preferred methodsand peep the freshness as we countdown to the 5/25 Release Date of Gutterwater, the debt OUIJA MACC LP!!!!!!
IT'S SHAGGGGYYY TIMMMMEEE! World Premiere: We present to you: THE SHAGGY SHOW promo card!!! DCG Con, May 11-13th, in Denver, is the ONLY place you can cop the Oracle of the Three Rings expansion for Into the Echoside, featuring the exclusive Shaggy Show Promo Card! You'll get this exclusive card FREE with your purchase of Oracle...ONLY at the Con. It's THE SHAGGY SHOW muthafucka!!!! Only at the DCG Con. For Juggalos, By Juggalos!

Osman Yunus

a month ago

I stay loyal to insane clown posse rebot killjoy club the greatist supergroup oujia macc wont last long get. Lil wyte should replace him he older more skills and make a song with eminem and kid rock called Detroit pride whoop whoop

Ryan Singleton

a month ago

They need to get young wicked back big hoodoo is great abk icp need to come up with there own trademark not steall dead man cover

Darwin Soler Guio

a month ago

Baby im a ghost hell yeah ouija macc get it i swear you got that most anticipated album

The Southwest strangler Shaggy 2 Dope is doing a solo headlining set on Night 1 Of DCG Con in Denver!!

And as always, he’s not alone! Before S2D wrecks shop LIVE catch Froggy Fresh, Big Hoodoo, DJ CLAY, SCUM,and JPK!!!Hosted by ya boy KG!!

Best part is, 2 nights of concerts, 3 days of gaming, and the huge Psychopathic autograph signing are all included in your three day DCG Con badge!!

For JUGGALOS. By JUGGALOS.May 11-13th in Denver!!

Thierno Bachir Diallo

a month ago

Wonder if young wicked will show up

Joanne Grady

a month ago


Alba Amaya

a month ago

much love for my juggalo home boy whoop whoop

‪FITE BACK! 665! ‬
‪FITE BACK! 665!‬
‪FITE BACK! 665!‬

Sharon Harty

a month ago

Can't wait to get this. still waiting on the release date.

Natalia Maldonado Olivares

a month ago


White Back! GG6

Is someone stroking out? Or just stupid?

Fight Back?

Shahida Vertyn

a month ago

FFF almost reminds me of the song "The Smog" off of the Terror Wheel album.