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JUST ANNOUNCED!We'll be performing at KROQ's Halloween Costume Ball at The Fonda in Hollywood on Oct 27th!A limited amount of tickets go onsale this Wednesday at 10am PST and make sure to tune in to KROQ for your chance to win!For more info go to

Jesús Eduardo

7 days ago

Found this band today And I order all your albums on Amazon today. Love this music 😍

Madan Madan

7 days ago

Dana Sippel I'm having this crazy idea. Instead of flying from Portland to DC on Saturday, we fly down to LA, take in this show and fly back to DC on Sunday. You have to see these guys once with me. I know, I'm nuts, right?

Raúl Pacheco

7 days ago

I will be there! It will be show number 4 for me this year!!

Thank you Berlin...that was just what the doctor ordered 🖤 Hamburg we will see you tomorrow night! #8Tour

Rosa Berry

2 months ago

Awesome show guys! Thanks for that chance to shove all the stress and worries aside for a few hours. Really appreciate your work!! 💚

Jessica Vaughan

2 months ago

come to canada quebec we miss u :)

Bonnie Lambert

2 months ago

Don't forget Utrecht!

Virginia that was the kiss to send us off...#8Tour takes Europe tomorrow xo

Lisbeth Gómez

2 months ago

Cameron Herron can’t wait til 10th Sept!!!!!

Nate Garrett

2 months ago

Killed it boys! Always in awe

Vlad Russo

2 months ago

Saturdayyy infinallly see you agaain!!! I ve missed you !!!♡

Silver Springs that was pure gold 🖤 #8Tour

Michael John West

2 months ago

Awesome show!!!!! You guys and spirit animal were amazing!

John Pignone Reed

2 months ago

Flo Alle 7 days left... 😍

Steez ThaGreat

2 months ago

Thank you for the fantastic show at Hampton Beach! XO

Thank you New York! New Hampshire we will see you tonight xo

Sabatha Zabon Mabaso

2 months ago

Drive, one great single of Incubus that I listen!

Terrie Collins Vallun

2 months ago

New York was amazing ❤️🙏🏻

Ekeanyanwu Victor Chibuzor

2 months ago

Saw you guys tonight at the Hampton beach casino and you KILLED IT!!! Thank you for a great show!

JUST RELEASED! We’ve added a few new items to our online merch shop!Make sure to check them out at and get them while you can!

Nina DaNiece

3 months ago

Wish the latest Incubus albums were as trippy and psychedelic as this new merchandise!

Marcelo Almeida

3 months ago

Anna Rose the shirts r cute af

Natalia San

3 months ago

Do you have measurements for XXL t-shirts?

Chicago!We are excited to announce that we'll be performing at this year's Riot Fest in September!For more info on lineup and tickets go to

Latoyna Charles

5 months ago

Steph and Neemesh, this is a solid line up all the way down.

Tamara Lazova

5 months ago

Emma Elizabeth. Sell your house and let’s use the money to go to this. It’s only been a couple of days anyway, it’s not like you’ll miss it

Michael Rojas

5 months ago

Phil - I might need to go this year!!!

BottleRock Napa Valley thank you so much! 🖤

Suzanne Wehner Williams

5 months ago

I can wait you visit Costa Rica again!!!

Collier Looch Anthony

5 months ago

love you guys!!!

Neal Alejandre

5 months ago

Lauren San Martin


Sandra Stewart

5 months ago

You are nothing but scoundrels! You are so corrupt it's disgusting!

Terence Mooney

5 months ago

El Paso loves you 💚💚💚

JUST ANNOUNCED!We'll be performing at this year's Vilar de Mouros Festival in Portugal on August 24th!For more info on tickets and lineup, make sure to go to

Shannon Frazier

5 months ago

Pedro Ferreira João Mendes

Pat Ostertag Phillips

5 months ago

I hope you come back to the bay area to perform cousin Michael Einziger

Deyanira Garcia-Padilla

5 months ago


Tickets are NOW ONSALE for our Waterloo, Hampton Beach, Silver Spring and Richmond shows!Make sure to go to to get yours today!

Aug 10: The Vine - Waterloo,NY
Aug 11: Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom - Hampton Beach,NH
Aug 12: The Fillmore - Silver Spring,MD
Aug 14: The National - Richmond,VA

Please, we need a show here in São Paulo - Brasil 🙏

Hans Joachim Dicke

5 months ago

Seen you guys a dozen or so times and would love to see you one more time at a small venue, but $173 for two tickets is over the top. Sorry

Pharaon Menes

5 months ago

76$ a ticket at the national 🤬🤬🤬

New US dates announced!We'll be playing a few shows on the East Coast before we embark on our European tour this August! Tickets go onsale this Friday at 10am EDT and for more info go to!

August 10: The Vine at Del Lago Resort and Casino - Waterloo, NY
August 11: Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom - Hampton Beach, NH
August 12: The Fillmore Silver Spring - Silver Spring, MD
August 14: The National - Richmond, VA

Ruyonga Emanuel

5 months ago

Hi! A question for the drummer: I understand you own a home in Nicaragua, in San Juan Del Sur? In light of the recent violence there, and the evacuation of the American embassy, will you ever return? Are you worried about your property being seized by locals?
I have a friend with property for sale down there, and he uses you as a selling point - "The drummer from Incubus has a house here, so how dangerous can it be?"
Thoughts? Thanks!

Andy Nikolaev

5 months ago

Maybe if you played SCIENCE album I’d care 💁🏻‍♂️ some of us are OG

Enrique Vargas Olivares

5 months ago

Fatima Ijaz, arent they performing anywhere near you? Inko dekh le

Thank you Carolina Rebellion

Brooks Lamb II

6 months ago

Taken during Stellar ... life long fan, 1st time to see y’all in concert and my 1st time to crowd surf. Thanks for the amazing memory ❤️

Kim Lopez

6 months ago

That cover of 'Pony' was FIRE! Liked the Pink Floyd ending to 'Wish You Were Here' as well! New songs = A+. Great seeing you cats again, as always.

Tadeusz Trojanowski

6 months ago

Cari loro mi ringraziano Carlotta Venier

Thank you Beale Street Music Festival !

Aimee Bell Harmon

6 months ago

Great show. You were one of the only bands there I had never seen. Not disappointed

Erika De Mulder

6 months ago

Amber Quade 😍 soon!!

Lauren Bird

6 months ago

hey your arm is glowing

Thank you SunFest

Shantie Mohnani

6 months ago

Great show! So glad you guys made it back to West Palm!

Gumanti Sidabutar

6 months ago

Come back to Florida!!!

Michael Archibong

6 months ago

Great! Waiting here in Madrid

Thank you SandJam 2018 !!

Mark Wimmer

6 months ago

Met you guys last night it was an amazing experience

Marlene Carlin Guillory

6 months ago

loved dancing with you guys <3

Kelvin Ody

6 months ago

Thank you for another epic show!!

Tickets are onsale now for our 2018 European headline tour!Go to for more info and get yours today!

Khaled Al Doosery

6 months ago

Hey guys, I am no one to say this but the tickets for the concert in Madrid (spain) were sold out in 3 hours and there are way too many of us waiting to see you performing live. It would be amazing if you could move to a bigger venue and fit all hard core fans who were late to get the precious ticket

Norashidi Ahmad

6 months ago

Helen I've waited so long for this

Nia Alycia

6 months ago

Come back to Atlanta ga would love to see u guys do something off the science album last year u didn’t

To our friends in Europe!We are coming to see you later this year when we embark on our 2018 European Headline Tour!For more info on dates and tickets, make sure to visit wait to see you all soon!

Roisin Oneill

6 months ago

Luke do you reckon it's worth getting tickets? They'll probably play mostly new stuff and I'll end up really disappointed... and poor...

Steven Żebrowski

6 months ago

Last time I seen these chaps. They we’re absolutely Rubbish!!!!!
No stage presence at all. Between every song, they blacked off all lights and then played the next.👎👎👎

Klavdija Ceglar

6 months ago

Thank you! Absolutely made my day after not getting to see you in Las Vegas, last year. My only question is why are you only playing the academy venues? surely you should be doing arenas as you filled them way before now in the UK. Either way this is amazing news!

GUADALAJARA 🧡 thank you Roxy Fest

Slick Rubidoux Town

6 months ago

Jenny Byers Jimenez incubus just played in Charlottesville at my favorite Mexican Restaurant 😂

Tammy Hämmerich

6 months ago

Si fue ayer

Geena Lim

6 months ago

Gracias a ti mi amorrrr ♥️♥️♥️♥️

Waiting for our next show like....

Artemiza Santos

6 months ago

I think maybe the youth could use some more guidance for life

Линдси Стивенсон

6 months ago

There’s a few people I wanna ask this question...what are the most important things about life and music that you’ve learned from your experience. Best advice and tips. There are things I know now that I wish I would have known earlier.

Mike S. Monika Zoltko

6 months ago

Same! Can't wait for the next performance!

Festival season is upon us! Will we see you out there this summer?

Andrés Vázquez

7 months ago

YES!!! Home festival...can't wait to see you <3

Thomas Holt

7 months ago

Cool action shot! Love Brandon's hair 👏

Tiffanie Nikole Tassell

7 months ago

Come to the east coast

Festival season is upon us!! - we can’t wait to get out there and play for all of you. 🎬

JUST ANNOUNCED! We’ll be performing in Asbury Park at the inaugural #SeaHearNow Festival this September! Head to for more info on lineup and tickets...See you all soon!

Ash-leigh Dia Voleen

7 months ago

I’m down for Incubus and Social D and Blondie. Agree JJ is a sleeper

Surayos Chuenbun

7 months ago

Alicia - I am LEGIT heartbroken that this is in New Jersey... Incubus AND Jack Johnson headlining a show WITH surfing? I'm legit dead. I can't event handle it...

Gian Marco Matute

7 months ago

Caitlyn Marie maybe we could do this and stay at your aunt's place?

Case of the Monday’s? Yeahhh us too.

Gerardo Chichester

7 months ago

I stopped wondering why things happen with you guys a long time ago. Mike's "trip to Fiji," Brandon in a corset, Jose in a cage...

Jaro Bosí Hronec

7 months ago

My Blackie Chan hates going into cages. I have to bait her into her cage when it's vet time, with kitty treats.

Leslie Yairis Montero

7 months ago

Despite all my rage I am still just Jose in a cage

Case of the Monday’s? Yeahhh us too.

no words #Vegas just 5 hearts full of gratitude 🙏

Ronny Seres

7 months ago

THANK YOU for amazing performance!!

Viviane Stringhini

7 months ago

Caught jose drum stick! And then had it signed by Kilmore after the show on Friday! Such an amazing show!

Jorge A. Lopez Jr.

7 months ago

I dug the hat,Brandon.

no words #Vegas just 5 hearts full of gratitude 🙏

From #Vegas with love

Meet me in...#Vegas tomorrow 🖤

spirit animal 🖤

We are back @thejointlv this weekend to finish up our residency 🤘🏻

Thank you @inbloomfest #Houston we had FUN tonight!
El Paso! That was one hell of a convo last night 🖤

Jennifer Stauber

7 months ago

If I were only so lucky

Mota Mota Leo

7 months ago

It was awesome 😍

Orly Heres

7 months ago

It was awesome to finally see you guys in concert! Amazing performance!

El Paso! That was one hell of a convo last night 🖤

🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪 @pukkelpop see you August 17th #8Tour

Make sure to follow all of us! So you don’t miss a beat in the betweens! @michaeleinziger @brandonboyd @vatoben @josepasillasii @djkilmore 🖤

One last flight! Home to our families for a few days then back out on the road!! What songs should we play??

Vicki Everett

7 months ago

Stellar,wish you were here,are you in, just a phase, beware criminal, morning view songs. I remember it like it was yesterday I saw you guys on MTV with the song stellar. I think I was in the 6th or 7th grade when I saw music video. It was six am in the morning before I went to school lol. I was traumatized with joy I couldn't explain it at the moment lol. One moment I thought I was in space the I thought I was waiting a sunrise to appear on different planet. I really felt this Aurora of energy that was so quiet and compact as I floating in space listening quietly without saying a word to the music like I was in a bubble. Then as song picked up I felt like left my bubble and felt free with this amazing energy landing in a room with happiness. Thank you incubus for being in my life musically. Idk how I would enjoy music the way hadn't been for you influencing me. 😊🎵👍👣🌞🎎🎨🎸🎤🎧💿🔂▶️🈶🈳

Jahdai Mahvash

7 months ago

Colgone, summer romance, i miss you, no fun, anything from Fungus Amongus!!!, a certain shade of’s all good so for my 12th Incubus show (Grand Rapids) i’m just glad to be there! You guys rock and i’m happy to see a band from my home town of Calabasas still out making amazing music!!

Rhonda Fultz

7 months ago

Incubus inspires. Play some morning view, sessions style. Warmth is such a good tune. Stellar always proves a hit around here at my home too. Safe journeys you lot!!

Thank you Hawaii what a way to finish this run 🖤

Bryce Pennell

7 months ago

Costa Rica ? Please come !!

Jim Gano Gombosi

7 months ago

Omg I almost forgot all about the lulu.. Zanqu

Lisa Benton

7 months ago

Thank you Incubus, you guys did an awesome performance! Hawaii loves you❤️🌺

‪Hawaii what a beautiful night we really click 🖤 same time tomorrow? ‬

Cecilia Labrado

7 months ago

You guys must be completely exhausted after all this touring & performance! I still suffer from withdrawal after your Cape Town show on 28th Feb! Get some rest & me-time too!! 😎

Sheila Flanagan Clark

7 months ago

Wish I was there!!!!

Dusthy Rhodes

7 months ago

Always an amazing time, love your music so lucky to have seen you play at the shell, kakaako, and both times at the republik! Wish I could go tonight but the show was sold out. Congratulations guys. Thanks again for coming back to Oahu.

Next stop Hawaii!!! (Still a few tickets left on the 14TH) / 15th SOLDOUT

Thank you #Brisbane

Marcelino Torres

7 months ago

Epic concert I absolutely loved it. Pity it wasn’t longer😣 please come back again soon!!!

Anna Antony

7 months ago

Was an awesome show guys one more band ticked off my concert list!!

Chad Flynn

7 months ago

Yesterday’s evening photo taken by me! A night to remember! 🍻❤️

Thank you #Brisbane you guys got that glow about ya 🖤

Dom and Kil present 🎁 @vatoben on his birthday!!! Happy birthday Ben!!!

#Sydney 🖤🖤🖤🖤 📷 @throughjuleslens
Thank you #Sydney
Thanks You #Melbourne !!!

Traci Easter

7 months ago

Was watching my DVD yesterday love it !

William Ramirez

7 months ago

Goodness i miss you looks amazing 💙💙💙

Joanne Williams

7 months ago

Thank you!! Definitely worth the wait!!

#Melbourne … How do you do it? Make us feel like we do 🖤

You guys continue to amaze us!! Thank you #Christchurch !!

Biembim Gietz

8 months ago

What about Czech Rep. guys? It's been a while! ;)

Elena Torres

8 months ago

David Manston How did I miss this 😂

Mauro Escudero

8 months ago

Incubus is Love.❤️

A post of gratitude...we have an album out it’s called 8 and we all think it’s great. Tell a friend about it if you think so too...we also have 3 videos out from that project and are currently touring...and we owe it all to you. 🙏
‪Auckland you are all so amazing! Thank you for last night!‬

Jess Salmen

8 months ago

enjoy the fans and enjoy the show mike

Felipe Fernandes

8 months ago

Katie Amy-Jean next week girls!

Kim Sullivan

8 months ago

I can't wait to see you guys on Saturday! 😁😁

#Auckland TONIGHT! 🇳🇿