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Lets wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Charlie Scene !! #HollywoodUndead #OhShitNice

Elizabeth Upton

14 days ago

Happy birthday Charlie Scene, one of the best rock rappers

Brady Fancher

15 days ago

happy birthday Charlie Scene and everywhere you go, all girls always know that you have a penis that you like shown

Sandra Sietsema

15 days ago

Hollywood undead is awesome but I think it's ironic charlie scene and charlie sheen have the same birthday

Who’s ready for Reading Festival and Leeds Festival?!
Catch us on THE PIT STAGE

Leeds: Friday @ 10:00pm
Reading: Sunday @ 10:30pm


25 days ago

Unreal last night 🤘🤘

Kari Schroeder

25 days ago

Come To Braziiiiiilllllll!!!!!!

Armando Dos Santos Chama

a month ago

Last time I saw you guys ways ROTR 2014. I'm having withdrawals lol come to Indy soooooooon!!!!

Catch @danny_rose_murillo & @jdog_hlm at @comic_con signing the Hollywood Undead Origins comic book at the @heavymetal booth. Signing 3-5Booth 1529@ San Diego, California

Ivania Aguilera

2 months ago

#soypobre #venganami #hashtag #venganamexico :'v

Steve Monahan

2 months ago

It was great meeting you guys today. Love yor music and thanks for the signed comic book.

Ishmael Maachi

2 months ago

Jake Layton Can we like teleport?? I need to meet them again

🍑 #happyhumpday

Audrey D'halleine

2 months ago

I'm gonna have this in my head when I eat dinner with my family tommarow! Thanks! 😂

Teresa Wojna Dolinar

2 months ago

Comin in (hot) butt 😂

Bernice Ree Jenkins

2 months ago

Cedric ich hätte da au noch so en Bild HAHAHAHA 😂 #happyhumpday 😂😂😂

The video for Gotta Let Go is out now!

Sovannara Than

3 months ago

I for one love this sound. I thought that was Danny singing, and was pleasantly surprised the Charlie has a beautiful voice. 😊

Justin Burt

3 months ago

Awesome work guys, amazing song and rich lyrics but feed us some more ROCK songs anyways great job 👍👏

Louisa Monk

3 months ago

I never knew Danny could play the grand piano. With Charlie playing the acoustic, jdog playing the bass and Danny playing the piano it fit into one music video that we should keep watching.

Lets all wish a very Happy Birthday to the one and only, Johnny 3! #johnny3tears #hollywoodundead

Sun Ross

3 months ago

Happy Belated Birthday Johnny 🎉🎈🥃🍺🍻🍻 Look forward to when You Guys come back to Australia 🇦🇺 🔊🔊👍😀😀 #UndeadArmyForLife

Simón Claudio Bihurriet

3 months ago

Happy birthday J3T my favorite in the whole group! See you guys in a month

Kerry Erickson

3 months ago

My biggest musical inspiration. The real reason I decided I wanted to right music as a career. Love Johnny so much. Truly inspiring.

‪Wudup! ‬

‪FIVE is available now for a limited-time low price on AppleMusic ‬

‪check it out:‬

Eddie Simpson

3 months ago

Bought it digital, had it pre-ordered on Google Play about two weeks before it dropped. Was absolutely stoked when it finally released

Tim Salsman

3 months ago

I got two copies the day it dropped one from fye that I had signed from ltl last year and one from bestbuy with the bandana 🤘🤘🤘🤘

Thumper Garcia

3 months ago

I proudly paid full price the day it was released! I will do ANYTHING to support my band.

Getting ready for tonight’s SOLD OUT show with @hollywoodvampires ! See you soon Warszawa 🤘🇵🇱 #HollywoodUndead
#ThankYou Gdańsk || 6.10.18 🇵🇱

Joey Sameen

3 months ago

Ru Paul’s drag race the twilight years!

Pedro Santos

3 months ago

Gutted you guys aren’t on there uk leg of the tour in Birmingham on Saturday would of loved to have seen you guys instead of who is supporting them this weekend

Angie Wilson Carpintero

3 months ago

Wtf? why i dont know about them?

Thank you, Tallin! We had a blast playing for you all at the incredible #PiritaConventRuins 🇪🇪 #HollywoodUndead 📸: Brian Cox

Laurita Yumani

3 months ago

That's an awesome venue I liked the venue in Fargo ND too in a revamped church

Danny Zagarich

3 months ago

Thank you for great show! 🤘

Janusz Rajczak

3 months ago

Thank you guys so much for an amazing show 😍😍😍 I had the best time ever rocking to your music 😜 It was a dream come true to see your show again, thank you all for that! It’s so good to see that you all love what you do and it shows 😍 I saw the fire in all of your eyes and knew that you were happy to be here performing for us 😊😊😊 I’m so happy to know that you enjoyed this experience as much as we did 😍 So til next time then 😜😜😜 Rock on 🤘👍❤️

‪Thanks for the ❤️ Spotify‬
‪Check out “Gotta Let Go” on #AllNewRock ‬‬
Thank you FINLAND! We had a great time last night at @therockfest 🇫🇮 #hollywoodundead
📸: Brian Cox

De Martínez Estrada Bianei

3 months ago

I like that there’s a lil space between Charlie and funny! Loved seeing you guys in Dallas!

Ellason Nana Yaa Addobea

3 months ago

So your target audience is teen girls now ?

Panagiotis Makridis

3 months ago

Be nice if you guys started playing this at shows and change the setlist around a bit kinda tired of hearing some of the same old songs would love to hear more Swan Songs and American Tragedy tracks I know y'all added some bangers from V to the setlist but would love to hear some old ones like Sell Your Soul, My Town, I don't wanna die, etc

THANK YOU #RIGA 📸: Brian Cox

Aïna Fotsinï

3 months ago

Best concert ewer 😍😍😍🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻

Kiyoko Koizumi

3 months ago

Show was truly amazing!! I really hope this wansn't the last time you're here🖤

Kyle Harding

3 months ago

This was just WOW!🤘🤘🤘
I really hope you will come AGAIN!💗💖

Three years ago today, we released the video for “Usual Suspects” - what was your favorite part? #DayOfTheDead

Andre Sousa

4 months ago

All the song <3, 1° part and around the end

Axel Wiizz

4 months ago

in the video? when the main character gave the kids the beer for the skateboard lol

Lerry San Pedro

4 months ago

Johnny 3 Tears part is the best

Thank you Rock im Park, you were incredible! 🇩🇪

Eduardo Lourenço Netto

3 months ago

What's up guys! Hit me up i wanna give you guys some West Coast Stoners Gear at heavy Montreal 🤘🤘

Gabriela Laura Basa

4 months ago

Svenny Penny Chris Ziegler

David Spark Chiefster

4 months ago

Miss you guys come back to the collition

Paola Aguilar

4 months ago

Went hard on the boy band on this one!

Henry Emilio Matzar

4 months ago

Please play this at Rock IM Park tomorrow!!!🤘🤘

Daniella Daniel

4 months ago

this is a beautiful song i love it

GOTTA LET GO drops tomorrow!
Pre-save dat ish to your Spotify collection

Len Ailen

4 months ago

Why does this sound exactly like 21 pilots, everything from vocals to the instrumental

Stephen Singer

4 months ago

I feel like Funny or Charlie wrote this post.

Erion Greene

4 months ago

I like it, well the vocals and lyrical happenings anyway. Needs some fucking heavy guitar tho. Sounds like a pop radio friendly version of what could be a much better track.

GOTTA LET GO // June 1st

Kuhle Sangoni

4 months ago

Stephanie Cruz this sht right around the corner gotta get it

Moncef Chentouf

4 months ago

Is this a release from an upcoming album? I LOVE this song and I hope it means a new album. I LOVE Hollywood Undead. Their music is fun, real, and I'm so thankful they exist. F the haters!! Undead til I die!!!

Karina Vicente

4 months ago

Camille Quirion mmmhh la chanson est sortie un p'tit peu d'avance sur YT lol

Custom Hollywood Undead piece from our dudes in North Hollywood @aron4x4 & @ricardo55

Joseph Salvaggi

4 months ago

Can we all just appreciate the real art here.. The Atreyu tattoo on his thumb.

Isabella De Souza Giannini

4 months ago

Heat it up and brand yourselves with it unless you're all pussies.

Reggie Wells

4 months ago

Who is Hcllywccd Undead? 🤔

ADDED A DATE with the homies From Ashes to New... come get weird!

Cathy Pippin Judson

4 months ago

Needs a Western Canada show...Vancouver or Victoria

Bryan Armstrong

4 months ago

My favorite band HU and I wish I could see them for the first time.

Johanna Maakanen

4 months ago

Hey Mike did your mother-in-law get a notice from me about not making it to the shower my grandson’s graduation is that day just hope someone got it

Just got off the road and wanted to give everyone the chance to grab some of our tour merch.

Louden Roberts

4 months ago

I have A Hollywood Undead shirt like that with short sleeves I got a Hollywood Undead shirt from the concert

Mabokela Motlalepula

4 months ago

I have the shirt on the left! It's my favorite shirt!

Bob Nordstrom

4 months ago

Come to Argentina!

Yasir Mahmmud

4 months ago

Thank you so much for yesterday! It was an amazing night. Thanks for the bottle of water, thanks for being there. There are no words to express my happiness now. I will always be your fan. I hope you come back to Mexico soon! I love you all! Los amo muchísimo por siempre y para siempre!

Alfredo Centeno Melendez

4 months ago

Your show was so amazing, love you all. 🤘💕

Leiana Jen

4 months ago

Great band live seen them live in Glasgow earlier this year

Happy Birthday to the one and only, J-Dog 🤘

Jerry Denig

5 months ago

Happy birthday J, thank you and the guys for all you do. I hope today is as great as you seeing as there is only one you, that’s pretty great and amazing.

Adriana Beatriz Rodriguez

5 months ago

Happy birthday to one of the nicest guys in the group. :)

Amber Flores

5 months ago

happy, happy!! and to Funny because some dude forget about our homie and there wasn't birthday's picture! 🤘

ROCKVILLE! Let’s party!
5:50pm // Monster Stage
📸: Brian Cox

အမိေျမ အလြမ္းသူ

5 months ago

🤘🏼🤘🏼 fucking awesome as always!

Zipporah Acklin

5 months ago

Hu for life

Alex Napster

5 months ago

So bummed again I didn't get to see them I've tried to go see HU 4 different times and something came up but I will see them this year even if I have to travel across the world

NEW ORLEANS! Thank you for raging so hard with us last night! 📸: Brian Cox

Asive Mayisela

5 months ago

Can't wait to see y'all next Thursday

Yesterday in Wichita, we had the extreme pleasure of meeting with a young rockstar named Bentley, who is battling a rare form of cancer. Thanks to Do It For The Love for setting this up! Check out the full story from Bentley’s Mom below. ❤️

"When we heard of Do It For The Love, we thought that would be such an awesome experience for Bentley but were unsure who he'd like to see because he just loves to listen to music. We asked him and he said he wanted to see Hollywood Undead. While some may not agree with his choice we went for it. After all Bentley has been through a lot for the past 2 years. From weekly chemotherapy for his rare cancer to many scans, labs, surgeries and many central line placements. He deserved to see who he wanted. The day of the concert he was so excited that he didn't even want to go to school but he went, lol. We left after he got home and headed an hour away for the concert. He was singing to Hollywood Undead all the way and then all the way to the concert venue. When we got out he was just so overcome with happiness it was crazy! While we were in line we saw one of the band members. Bentley yelled his name and got a wave and a game of peekaboo. The meet and greet was 1000 times better, Bentley was so excited to see them. The spent some extra time with him, played with him and that just meant the world to Bentley. Once the concert started Bentley was in heaven, dancing and singing and just having the time of his life. Overall it was a much-needed concert and when we got up Bentley was ready for round 2 of Hollywood Undead. Words can't even express how grateful we are to have received such a blessing."

Roberta Jolly

5 months ago

My son had a rare form of Leukemia with multiple relapses and multiple bone marrow transplants. Cancer kids like

Inna Dimi

5 months ago

I just became a bigger fan of HU. Respect and love for your compassion for others. As one that works with cancer patients, anything that can be done to raise spirits does a lot for their fight.

Priscilla Welch

5 months ago

Janey Lee Melanie Lee see he's only little and listens to these! Im not the only cool uncle letting them listen to these x

SLC! Thank you for spending your Friday night with us! 🙏 Las Rageous - let’s party tonight @ 7:40pm / U Stage!

Mollie Mechenich

5 months ago

Leigh Wilcox Mayer, I wish I could have hid in your suitcase. I wanted to go see these guys again.

Patrick Hollweg

5 months ago

This was an amazing show!! Thank you HU!

Lydia Marie

5 months ago

Brooke Nicolle Kyara DeWees 🎶❤🎶

HAPPY 4/20!
“Whatever It Takes” (Mixtape) featuring Prodigal Sunn Demrick and Fudd Rukus is out now! 🙌🏻

Check it out:
Warsaw!! We’re coming back to Torwar on June 12 with The Hollywood Vampires! Tickets are available now on our website. Can’t wait 🇵🇱

Cindy Richards Funston

5 months ago

See you in new orleans guys! Wish i could bring some canadian ganja with me 😂. Not sure its gonna pas at the airport 😂

Joseph Yates

5 months ago

Sht up losers lol get Life LoL

Andrea Brun Caudet

5 months ago

You guys sucked since duce left

DENVER! You were on fire last night! It was a pleasure sharing the stage with our friends in Ded, The Word Alive and In This Moment - SLC tomorrow at The Complex, let’s see what you got!
📸: Brian Cox

Louise Bunting

5 months ago

Please never come to the Complex again. It was my first time seeing and meeting you guys, and it was ruined by how rude the staff was. I'm never going back there again.

Adriana Rodriguez

5 months ago

Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow it's been to long

Veronica Garcia

5 months ago

Great show! This was my kids' first concert and they loved you guys.

We’re coming to The Rock Fest on June 8!! Tickets are available on our website now. See you there 😈

Marie Guerriero

5 months ago

wow you are awesome hollywood undead.i love your song believe.

Kris Xiao Long

5 months ago

But will Johnny be able to make this tour?

Melissa Smith

5 months ago

Mandi Mackenzie Carlina Hirsch😁

New Hampshire get ready!! We’re coming to the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom on Wednesday, July 25! Tickets & VIP will be available on our website Friday, 4/13, at 10am ET. Let’s party.

LaKeisha Allen

5 months ago

There's a perfect summer vacation trip count me in

Shakina K. Flowers

5 months ago

Please come back to Jersey

Khaled Al Doosery

5 months ago

Harold Cote Jackie Zaccaria Hashem Hakeem

STOKED that this North America run starts in less than two weeks. We’re all out of tickets in Denver, but you can still upgrade to VIP if you already have one! Head to our website for all your needs 😈
4/18 - Denver, CO*
4/20 - Salt Lake City, UT*
4/21 - Las Vegas, NV
4/23 - Wichita, KS
4/24 - Dallas, TX
4/25 - New Orleans, LA
4/27 - Atlanta, GA
4/28 - Jacksonville, FL
4/29 - Sunrise, FL
5/2 - San Antonio, TX
5/3 - Houston, TX
5/5 - Mexico City, MX
*Co-headlining with Inthismoment

Sharon Praise

5 months ago

When will they come to SOUTH CAROLINA ugh...

Alejandra de la Cruz

5 months ago

Saw you guys in October and now April 20th coming up fast. One of the best bands I've seen live. Keep rocking the crowd!

Vickie Chisum

5 months ago

Yes! You're finally coming back to Houston. I can't wait 😄

STOKED that this North America run starts in less than two weeks. We’re all out of tickets in Denver, but you can still upgrade to VIP if you already have one! Head to for all your needs 😈 • NORTH AMERICA 4/18 - Denver, CO* 4/20 - Salt Lake City, UT* 4/21 - Las Vegas, NV 4/23 - Wichita, KS 4/24 - Dallas, TX 4/25 - New Orleans, LA 4/27 - Atlanta, GA 4/28 - Jacksonville, FL 4/29 - Sunrise, FL 5/2 - San Antonio, TX 5/3 - Houston, TX 5/5 - Mexico City, MX *Co-headlining with @inthismomentofficial


Rocking our way to #CoronaHellAndHeaven2018 with our favorite songs! Check out the playlist in our story 🤘🏻

You talkin shit bro? Visit for upcoming tour dates! 🗣📹: @brian_c0x

Milano! 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

We could not be more excited to announce that we'll be coming to MAGAZZINI GENERALI on June 17. Tickets will be available on our website, Friday, March 30, at 10am local!

Romina Jacob

6 months ago

Pietro Balzanelli eh eh

Saqidali Ali

6 months ago

Finalmente una gioia 😍😍

Lyla Castillo

6 months ago

But still no Australia
You afraid of aussies or something?

It’s here, Renegades! Check out the official video from our 03.03 performance at Moscow’s Adrenaline Stadium! 🇷🇺 Tap the link in the bio! 🎥: @brian_c0x #hollywoodundead

!!LUDWIGSBURG GET READY!! Very excited to announce that we’ll be playing MHP Arena with @skilletmusic on June 20. Tickets & VIP will be available on our website on Friday, March 30 at 10am CEST🤘🏻

Jermaine Haywood

6 months ago

Hahaha this concept makes me laugh. I wish you were touring in the US with them! You couldn't fit two more different groups in a concert and make as amazing of a show as this is going to be!

Patience Elimihele

6 months ago

You’re teaming up with a Christian band? 😂 That’s going to be quite a shock for Skillet fans who have never heard of you who show up to hear Christian music.

Tracey Mino

6 months ago

Crystal Jesusa Stevin Kirsch Kind of a weird collaboration. Christian band with a band who cusses in some of their songs lol

🇷🇺 RENEGADE - MOSCOW // Premieres TOMORROW 6am PST!! 🎥: @brian_c0x

Tickets & VIP for Europe available now on our website! 🗣 let’s gooo • June 1 - Nürburgring, DE June 2 - Nuremberg, DE June 4 - Kraków, PL June 6 - Tallinn, EE June 7 - Riga, LV June 10 - Gdańsk, PL June 14 - Nickelsdorf, AT June 16 - Paris, FR June 19 - Hannover, DE June 22 - Dessel, BE June 23 - Solothurn, CH June 25 - Belgrade, RS June 26 - Sofia, BG June 27 - Bucharest, RO June 29 - Sopron, HU June 30 - Prague, CZ Aug 24 - Leeds, UK Aug 26 -Reading, UK • 📽: @brian_c0x

Very excited to announce that @badwolvesofficial and @deadsetsociety will be joining us on our US dates next month! Tickets & VIP for all shows are available on our website. It’s gonna be 🔥😈 • 4/18 - Denver, CO* 4/20 - Salt Lake City, UT* 4/21 - Las Vegas, NV 4/23 - Wichita, KS 4/24 - Dallas, TX 4/25 - New Orleans, LA 4/27 - Atlanta, GA 4/28 - Jacksonville, FL 4/29 - Sunrise, FL 5/2 - San Antonio, TX 5/3 - Houston, TX 5/5 - Mexico City, MX *Co-headlining with @inthismomentofficial

Jimmy Campbell

6 months ago

Guess it's time for a road trip to Ga..

Jerrad P. Pacatte

6 months ago

Where’s Missoula? Haha still waiting for you to come back.

Kim Shacklock

6 months ago

*Hollywood Undead* When are you coming back to Boise Idaho? We need you here!!!! ❤❤ ❤❤❤❤❤

Head to for some sick gifts! 🐰

Cristian Musumeci

6 months ago

Ryan Shepherd this website has the zipper hoodies rather than the pullovers and more choice...

Sylvia Syl

6 months ago

I'll think about it

Cecilia Aleman

6 months ago

Marco Casalli compra pra mimmm

Head to for some sick gifts! 🐰

Europe!! We are STOKED to be coming back to rage with you again this summer. Tickets will be available for all shows Friday, March 23, at 10:00am local time 😈 • June 1 - Nürburgring, DE * June 2 - Nuremberg, DE * June 4 - Kraków, PL ** June 6 - Tallinn, EE June 7 - Riga, LV June 10 - Gdańsk, PL ** June 14 - Nickelsdorf, AT * June 16 - Paris, FR * June 19 - Hannover, DE June 22 - Dessel, BE * June 23 - Solothurn, CH June 25 - Belgrade, RS June 26 - Sofia, BG June 27 - Bucharest, RO June 29 - Sopron, HU * June 30 - Prague, CZ * Aug 24 - Leeds, UK * Aug 26 -Reading, UK * *Festival/tickets already available • **Tickets available Wednesday, March 21, at 10am local •

Liz Fiddler

6 months ago

Finally Bucharest. Too bad it’s in the middle of the fucking exams... 🤦🏻‍♂️

Adriana Jazmin Huarquila Henriquez

6 months ago

Gita as if they’re doing leeds fest 😭

Vladimir Ligum

6 months ago

Jacek Zielinski ja nie odpuszczę, nie wiem jak Ty. Szczególnie że do Krakowa rzut beretem. ❤

ROCK AM RING - JUNE 1 • ROCK IM PARK - JUNE 2 • Let’s gooo!! 🤘🏻👹🤘🏻 • @rockamringofficial | @rockimparkofficial Tickets for all shows available at

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Pt. 5 is here! Click the link in the bio to view the final episode of our European tour docuseries 🔥 #HU5 #HollywoodUndead 🎥: @brian_c0x

🇩🇪 🚨 GERMANY! 🚨 🇩🇪 We are playing a FREE SHOW in BERLIN this Monday, March 12th. There are limited spots available so hit the link in our bio to reserve your place on the guest list! See you there! #BerlinLIVE #HollywoodUndead #UndeadArmy

Who’s ready for the final episode of our European tour docuseries? Pt. 5 drops this Friday March 9th 🤘😎🤘#hollywoodundead // @dillyduzit

🚨LOW TICKET WARNING 🚨 BERLIN, the guest list is almost full for our free concert for Arte TV at Schwuz Club on March 12! Register while you still can at Doors open at 6pm and it’s first come first serve so get there early! 18+

MOSCOW // 03.03.18 🇷🇺 #hollywoodundead
📸: Daria Potapenkova photography

Hope Gephart

6 months ago

I didn't know you...
But I fell in love with you after your concert in Voronezh...
You are magnificent!!!!!!!

Chyanne Wirkkala

6 months ago

Make it back to Copenhagen. Soon, very soon pleace. Loved your show. And danm you guys are looking good!!

Kelsey Panda

6 months ago

sou muito fã de vcs manda salve aqui