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“Life is not a game. Still, in this life, we choose the games we live to play.”💭

📸 Peter Mazel, 1979.

Ishu Kakkar

2 hours ago

So handsome men♥️

Christian Moreno

2 hours ago

What about badminton, though?

Eldad Levy

2 hours ago

The youngest one sure looks like a familiar face. More so than the others. So much like his brother. This shows so many truths.
The foosball tables have come a long way since then. ;)

Cristiane Panigassi

an hour ago

Wtf y'all feeding that baby.. he looks like a sumo

Kenzie Taylor

an hour ago

How cute is he 💕

Stacy Ables Daniel

an hour ago

Patrick Mahomes jr.

Now thats a real party! My Birthday Party hunters had the time of their lives! CongratSalute to all! The ultimate sacred backstraps floweth! Best damn birthday of my life!

Joan Torres

an hour ago

Happy birthday, your a lucky man Ted!

Alondra Csr

an hour ago

Happy birthday! My Dad would have loved a hunt like this. Lost too soon at 58, he would have been 75 this year. I hope you have many more hunts!

Cathy Passwaters Brown

an hour ago

Happy birthday, Hope this finds you well. And many more to come...

Third Eye Blind X Death Cab For Cutie

Shelley Lynn

3 hours ago

What a lineup!

AG Sugeey

3 hours ago

My two favorite bands! 😍

María José Fernández

3 hours ago

Eddy Antonio Contreras

Matt Damon aka Todd approved!
Ride or die, hardcore fans 4lyfe! Courtesy Alvaro Garcia. #karlscorner #fanclubrelaunchingsoon @nbcsnl

Zwe Myat

4 hours ago

Oh, great, more merchandising... River, have some integrity, dude... 🙄

Ayesha Gloriously Gloria Chibb - Singh

4 hours ago

This almost definitely started with someone on the writing crew. If you get two different kinds of Weezer in a room for long periods of time this argument will 100% occur. Pinkerton is still probably my second or third favorite album of all time, all others have paled but most have been listenable. Green Album and Raditude though... They can die, in a fire. Fight me.

Steph Ann

4 hours ago

I do like the old stuff best - but I’m willing to try.

tune in tonight to iHeartRadio's jingle ball on The CW at 8/7c !!! 💫💫#iHeartOnCW

Cynthia Chambers-Purdy

6 hours ago

Ese sí es culo y no como el que tengo en casa, 🤤🤤🤤🤤👌 sit on my face (Te amo para los que no saben inglés)

Ann Sanders

6 hours ago

MI MUNDO: Camila Cabello
MI FELICIDAD: Su sonrisa
MI SUEÑO: Cogerla... digo Conocerla ♥

Daniel Villarreal

6 hours ago

¡KARLA! Nmms que bonito cabello cuidado... en la foto nomas mire tu qlo (con cabello me refiero a tu Culobello)

Spilling TEA ☕️ Saturday Night Live

Diane Kristoff

18 minutes ago

OMG I loved your Christmas song on SNL 😍❤

Ronald West

18 minutes ago

I like Miley with long hair

Bosz Kervin Paez

18 minutes ago

I don’t get it! But i refuse to watch SNL

Finest lady on the planet! @princesslove

Masaru Nagashima

3 hours ago

Yes she’s gorgeous

Becky Deighan

3 hours ago

That's a flying car ?

Given Marc

3 hours ago

She’s the bomb Ray 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💯

VIP auctions on ebay close tonight!! This is your chance to bid on a pair of front row tickets AND passes to meet TobyMac backstage before the show on the 2019 Hits Deep tour. All of the proceeds go directly to New Hope Academy.

Photo by Nicole Murphy

Elena Uribe

10 hours ago

Muy buena foto.

Lawrence Malley

10 hours ago

Please keep me in prayer Toby thank you! Have a merry Christmas!

Teo Cesare

10 hours ago

Christmas is coming soon

In case you missed it: ALL I NEED is now streaming everywhere! #loveisournativetongue

Ludmila Lili Fajmonova

4 hours ago

LOVE the song!!

Laurel Conger

8 hours ago

That's right

Frankie Skinner

8 hours ago

Just saw your Ameritrade commercial, #fromdarknesstolight

Donnie Wang-yu

8 hours ago

Got that right even at my age. And I'm Old. Haha

There’s only one Miss Universe crown 👑 who will take it home? Tune in now on FOX and find out.

Kristena Wright

7 hours ago

Thank you for anouncing Philippines as a winner😂Miss Universe

Gyan Gurung

7 hours ago

Man are you sure PR ain't top 3?

Ed Thomas

7 hours ago

Guess I’m the only one with a problem - wth has happen to the Miss Universe pageant? SMH

Boot Barn’s one of the iconic places you go to dress the part. Check out my Holiday Wish List with Boot Barn at

Chiara Tocco

2 hours ago

I only got the Boot Barn link, the wish list link didn't work, so Brad's wish list is still a secret- but there are cowboys and a big purple mesa on the BB link so it's all good.😊

Megan Douman

2 hours ago

Lots of good boot choices but a little expensive for me. I don’t have money to shop there.

Tamara L. Anderson Robb

2 hours ago

Hell forget boot barn he is on my wishlist ... lmao love brad paisley and his voice is amazing... but really guys check out boot barn maybe they will even have some Reba boots ...

Photos by Ashley Osborn // Ashley Osborn Photography

Thank you @frame @montagebh for helping us w throw our annual @baby2baby #holidayparty -it’s so meaningful to the families we serve -giving them great memories for their families, a Christmas they wouldn’t otherwise be able to have and of course the essentials every child deserves. Link in bio to learn how you could get involved. ⬆️

Tammy Sanders

5 hours ago

Going great with a wonderful family Jessica.

Ivandro Mendes

5 hours ago

Beautiful family ❤️
God bless 🙏 your family Jessica.

Beckie Halpin

5 hours ago

My héro for ever "#DARK ANGEL"Fox you made my teens be perfect

On the Fourth Day of Christmas, my true loves gave to me - An Autographed Hangin’ Tough 30th anniversary CD! Share the 80’s Baby lyric video to your page and tag us in your posts for a chance to win!

Charles Carr

2 hours ago

#NKOTB I would love to win this😀🎉🎤🎵Merry Christmas. #NKOTB12DaysOfChristmas

Bruce Uphus

2 hours ago

I shared it and it worked.

Else Brit Reve Flornes

2 hours ago

All my cool BH friends commented done so I think I should too. 🤔 Done ✅

Ol Black Eyes Is Back next year 💀 new dates just announced:
Aug 31 ― Aarburg, Switzerland
Sep 03 ― Marseille, France
Sep 05 ― Bordeaux, France
Sep 07 ― Madrid, Spain
Sep 08 ― Barcelona, Spain
Sep 11 ― Mannheim, Germany
Sep 13 ― Berlin, Germany
Sep 15 ― Bratislava, Slovakia
Sep 16 ― Vienna, Austria
Sep 18 ― Stuttgart, Germany
Sep 20 ― Paris, France
Sep 23 ― Hamburg, Germany
Sep 30 ― Leipzig, Germany
Oct 01 ― Munich, Germany

Danielle Van Steenis

3 hours ago

Awesome! Hope for dates in Sweden and an indoor show! That would be truly amazing!

Wuttipon Chulotok

3 hours ago

It seems like the UK has been forgotten about again...

A UK tour that isn't all seated would do nicely! :)

Kassi Heggemeier

3 hours ago

Please come to Biloxi, MS again in 2019

Limited merch capsule with Bedwin & The Heartbreakers just dropped to celebrate 1 year of TB&D. Go get it, extremely limited supplies 💴💴💴

— Products shown: Dead Boyz Hoodie, Dead Boyz Hoodie and Heavy Heart Hoodie.
Celebrating 1 year since I dropped TB&D with 4 brand new remixes, go listen:

ईनुस पठान ईनुस

11 hours ago

Can I get the guy that’s modeling the merch too?

Nana Lee

11 hours ago

Nice when you coming back to Vegas for a show

Justin Houseknecht

11 hours ago

Spilling champagne on a is a dream..

But a dream remix is perfection! Thanks g! I needed this!

Roxanne Dailey

3 hours ago

I caught 666th 👌

Alexis Florez

3 hours ago

❤😘 hoping to meet you my man😘😘❤

Maxii Naxii

3 hours ago

Reaching for the stars🌌

Do YOU want a signed copy of Garth’s NEW Anthology?! Garth is signing copies for YOU tomorrow at 7pm ET on Plus, he has a BIG announcement!!! -Team Garth

*Randomly selected orders placed during the broadcast and up to 24 hours after will be personalized and signed by Garth*

Corey Guzman

6 hours ago

Please add Charlottesville Virginia to your tour stop, Scott Stadium. where UVA plays football is big enough to hold you.

Ellen Schmid

6 hours ago

Hoping for an announcement tomorrow on a second show in Minneapolis.. please 🎶🎶

Ivan Lauria

6 hours ago

Already have 4... Don't think I can justify another one for a slight chance of an autograph.

I came across this old photo of my grandparents visiting me at school in Nashville on this date, 30 years ago! Brings back so many memories. I hope you are spending the holidays with your loved ones! ❤️

Sophie Bijkerk

an hour ago

The holidays are soooooo much more than gifts, cherish the time together

Vera Lucia Silva

an hour ago

Never had the chance to meet my grandparents but we are stronge united family

Jackanachris Anya Amelle

an hour ago

Omg, I had that same dress! Lol!

Hot date Liam Hemsworth

Randy Rivera

17 minutes ago

What’s going on with her hand 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

Gábor Boros

17 minutes ago

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year .

Ryan Randall

17 minutes ago

i love you two so so so much <3 <3 <3 your fan ever and ever, from Vietnam <3

Day 4 giveaway! Enter to win an autographed Cry Pretty poster now at #12daysofCarrie

Graham Hamilton

13 hours ago

Beautiful as always. Merry Christmas.

Daniela Leite

13 hours ago


Maestro ChoKaa

13 hours ago

I love this song. I done it

NEW YORK CITY...were less than 4 hours away from tonight’s SOLD OUT show at the @beacontheatre. Let’s go!

Shanika Shorey

an hour ago

Amazing and inspirational night!

ΔΩι Πριασταμα

an hour ago

Great concert of worship and adoration tonight in NYC!

Kylie Thorpe

an hour ago

Beautiful what you Chris Tomlin praise God do for Jesus savior at Christmas to sing in concert s beautiful voice great song nobody love me like you adore love holy roar worship god with your talent to sing in concert s holy spirit reign on you have a great night rest take care blessings to you your musician's love elodia Gallegos san Antonio txt God is good favorite singer anointed

A Volar Rumbo a Otra Nueva Aventura ✈️✈️
Por que Hay que Seguir Avanzando con Las Oportunidades y Pruebas de la Vida.! 🤠

Nos Vemos Pronto para Disfrutar juntos de @miraquienbaila #AllStar Este Enero Por @univision Me Tengo que sacar La Espina.!!! #Animoooo.!! Hay que Triunfaréchenle Ganas Siempre con Actitud Positiva Esa es la Clave .! 🤠✌🏻✈️🌏Sigamos Avanzando ✌🏻

Dilan Devrim

14 hours ago

ORALE. Paisano. Y. Vecino

Tanya Sevier

14 hours ago

Saluditos Dasa Dios te bendiga y por favor pasame el teléfono de una agencia de representante te lo voy agradecer para mi hijo

Juan Prado

14 hours ago

Bello papi chuloooo teamooooooooooooo

Hi there! I’m back in LA. 🤗
Happy Sunday!
What’re you all up 2? #MessyHurrDontCurr

Odessa Martin-Morris

11 hours ago

You are a lovely girl,you bring me crazy (SORRY)

Loli Herrero Garcia

11 hours ago

Enjoying my winter break before my next semester of college starts :D

Odessa Martin-Morris

11 hours ago

#MessyHurrBeautifulBeyondBelief more like... 😍💕💕💕💕💕

Leave it to me to look lost even in a empty frame and a bathtub. 📸 @grumpymagazine. Makeup by my girl @missmeeeshie. Miss you Michelle

Ji Spielberg

4 hours ago

Vera Hernandez aquí igual se ve preciosa Linsey! Apoco no?

J'ne J White

4 hours ago

You are still a very talented beauty <3

Victoria Toan

4 hours ago

Lindsey i played in the music industry for years im retired under a different name this one is my biological mothers name,which first question are you irsh or scotish? and where in the name of God did you learn how to play violin like that? i have 7 yes 7 girls,2 grand daughters yes help me god 2 more girls,,your not that old im guessing perhaps if even late 20's cute and sweet be good watch your behind i know that part of the industry well evil as can be ,write if you want! Merry Christmas from all of us,to your family,with Love!💓

Disfrutando mucho de 🇨🇱 ❤️

Felix Tetu

4 hours ago


Geraldine Dees

4 hours ago

Cuando llegara mi dia ?
Quiero verte algun dia?
Q envidia pero de la buena ?😭😢
Psdt: linda pareja 💜👑

Lili Kranwinkel

4 hours ago

ven con brit a México matty!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Celebrating the legendary Quincy Jones with so many iconic artists will always be one of my favorite evenings!!!

Patsy Campson

32 minutes ago

You sound great as always! Miss you!

Dafinka Lambova

32 minutes ago

Beatiful both the performance and you Megan

Antonieto Jr Tajanlangit

32 minutes ago

This was everything tho

"Missed Calls" EP out now! Help me stream it to the TOP!

Gaelle Smits

14 hours ago

I want my Top Fun +1 back!!!!!

Rosy Tello

14 hours ago

Do me wrong..

"Punk was the last great, pre-digital big movement" - Chris Stein
Photos by Chris Stein

Triga May Cash

4 hours ago

Hollywoodland is what the original sign once said, it was a marketing tool for the new homes built back then. The original real estate company that started it is still going today in the original building location.

Matthew Reed

4 hours ago

true DAT,,px

Andréa Panhalleux

10 hours ago

So true! We are so fortunate to have been alive in that time. No cameras everywhere, luckily! Love your photos! B.

The most wonderful time of the year is coming to your TVs tonight! ❤️ Watch my performance from the 2018 iHeartRadio Jingle Ball airing at 8/7c only on The CW ❄️🎄❄️

Karina Rodriguez

32 minutes ago

Merry Christmas from YOUR Nantucket Island !

Sejam Labutap

32 minutes ago

Cant Wait To See Her

Sophia Gatie

32 minutes ago

I am so watching!!!!!!!!

Boogaerts David

11 hours ago

🥺❤️ hope we can see u soon axl!

Jill Ippolito Betz

11 hours ago

We had amazing amazing time in the front of the pit in Honolulu 🤩🌺💋

Demetria Young

11 hours ago

GnR. There is no f'n substitute!

Happy Sunday
What are u reflecting on?

Boris Bischoff

13 hours ago

Beautiful and living in peace!! Hope ur family has a blessed season!!

Ramiro Medina Dávila

13 hours ago

The piece of mind that only peace can bring.

Emma Freeman

13 hours ago

i am reflecting my cooking right now, alicia. happy sunday to you too ~

🔥🔥🔥”Heat” is now on Spotify's Soft Pop Hits playlist. Check it out! – Team KC

Jun Sta Elena

15 hours ago

Beautiful I love you

Stefan Assarmo

15 hours ago

Mim cat birifor

Omowunmi Yetunde Oluwasesan

15 hours ago

Heat is my favourite song from Meaning Of Life! I love it! I can't wait to see you perform it live one day when you come back to Australia.

Hermosa noche celebrando a la mujer por su Dignificación !! Gracias 🙏🏽 Caña Dulce Caña Brava, Ely Guerra, Cecilia Toussaint y La Misteriosa!!
Gracias “Voces de Mujeres”por tremenda producción que nos dignifica!! 🙏🏽 #Zócalo de la CDMX

Anthony Peterson

3 hours ago

Lila que hermosa foto!!Ojala vengas a hacer algun show asi con artistas Argentinas,seria fantastico!!!!

Felice Scozzafava

3 hours ago

Senti q se estremeció el zócalo de cdmx el dia de ayer con esas espectaculares @vocesdemujeres...pero cuando Lila Canto fue muy emocionante hasta se le enchina la piel a uno....que increible talento....La amo!

Guilherme Cunha

3 hours ago

Educaste a esas misandras que gritaban ni una más al mismo tiempo que pedían aborto legal, lila eres grande entre todas no te importó ir en contra de la propaganda cuando dijiste :"anticonceptivos antes del aborto" así de simple, a mi alrededor se querían matar esas féminas porque alguien pensaba distinto y con sentido común!!

Exclusive NEW Dirty Computer merchandise is available for a limited time! Order now and we’ll ship before Xmas. ‬

Paul Cope

7 hours ago

Wish I could afford your merchandise. Still love you.

Hans Joachim Dicke

7 hours ago

The pants are sold out ☹️☹️

Ariel Ana Bono

7 hours ago

Listen Janelle I can't really afford your merch because I'm still in high school and not working so if you could hook a sister up that be great I'll be sure to pay you back in the next 6 years

Melissa Peterman your dream of being in a Hallmark movie came true!!! Tune in to #AGingerbreadRomance tonight at 8/7c on Hallmark Channel USA #BarbraJeangerbread

Italia Bellissima

3 hours ago

Woo Hoo. Barbara Jean in a Hallmark Movie. Perfect storm!!

Bristyn Kanady

3 hours ago

Yeah!! Will be sure to watch, love her and love Hallmark

John Telleen

3 hours ago

Loved Barbara Jean on the Reba show.

‪With the holidays approaching, I’m often reminded about my struggles and finding the light in God to bring me home. Remember to seek Him first for help, and He will grant you with well-deserved blessings 🙌🏾‬

Nalva Moreira

11 hours ago

Yes praise God

Brenda Orme

11 hours ago

Amen!!! He Is The Reason For The Season!!! He Is, The Light Of The World!!!

Elizabeth Macedo Soriano

11 hours ago

Amen Amen and Amen again!!!! Thank you for the inspiration this morning. WE ALL SHOULD REMEMBER TO KEEP GOD FIRST!!!

Becca Leann Byers

7 hours ago

Can’t believe ya gone Chris.
Still in mourning.
Rest In Peace brother,shot glass raised tonight for ya. ☘️

Anel Dugina

7 hours ago

Thank you Chris for writing a masterpiece like "4th of July" ♥️

Alessio Gardi

13 hours ago

Feel the rhythm with your hand, steal the rhythm while you can. Spoonman!

Only a few days left to get your orders in time for Christmas with Standard Shipping.
Still some good advice, right?

Cayo Paquez Lucon

14 hours ago

Ain’t gonna waist it!

Isa Rothert

14 hours ago

joyeuses fêtes de fin d'années à toi & à ta famille, Dexter d'Offspring

T.r. Healy

14 hours ago

Nitro (youth energy)😎😍

Happy Sunday! 📸: @ryancphoto

Adam Sanchez

7 hours ago

Can't wait for the new album, fellas! See you in March!!

Jessica Alonso

7 hours ago

Happy Sunday to y’all too!!! Y’all have amazing music and i cant wait wait to see y’all next year!! ❤️

Jarne Higgins

7 hours ago

You guys need to do another headlining tour!! Or at least a one off show in the Bay Area for the two canceled gigs earlier this year!!

Either way, keep kicking ass!

Y’all don’t know what this means to me.... couldn’t be more proud of this song and the support y’all have shown.... THANK YOU. Lindsay Ell #whathappensinasmalltown

Natanael Espinosa

12 hours ago

How the hell is anything by Dan n Shay ranked that high?😬🤮🤮🤮

Ashley Hubble

12 hours ago

Awesome song...You're # 1 ❤

Cherie Parker

12 hours ago

Yessss!!!! Bad ass!! 💙

Gracias @elalfaeljefe, gracias @alajazaofficial...por activarme a ese público antes de mi presentacion. 🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴 #GoldenTour 👑 @ Estadio Olímpico Félix Sánchez
Quizás es difícil elegir pero..¿díganme su parte favorita del show? Gracias Juan Luis Guerra, Marc Anthony, Wisin & Yandel, Anuel AA, gracias Ozuna... Por ser esta noche épica. #GoldenTour 👑 @EstadioOlímpicoFélixSánchez. Fotos por Ernie Rodriguez
Gracias Santo Domingo 🙏. Espero haber cumplido mi promesa en darles el mejor concierto que se ha realizado en el Olímpico. Los amo. #GoldenTour 👑. 📸Ernie Rodriguez
DR Showtime 🇩🇴 🇩🇴 🇩🇴 🇩🇴. #GoldenTour 👑

John Caiazzo

13 hours ago

eso no es musica eso es una asco de basura de mierda

Alliane Lenehan

13 hours ago

Gracias a ti Romeo. Eres único Gracias en nombre de todos los Dominicanos

Mike Miranda

13 hours ago

Tony you are the best...😘😘

¿Sientes que Dios a veces se tarda demasiado?
No eres el único!

Jesus llegó tarde según los familiares de Lázaro. También llegó “tarde” a la casa de Jairo y hasta se rieron de Él (Marcos 5:40)

¿No será tal vez que no es tanto el hecho de que Jesús es lento y qué tal vez sea que nosotros tenemos demasiada prisa? 🤔

Deja de preocuparte, haz lo que te es posible hacer, lo que parece imposible déjaselo a Él. #NoFallará

Ezoo Max

an hour ago

Amén amén 🙌... Para él no hay imposibles..

Sean Rich

an hour ago

Algo así creí por mucho tiempo pero atravez del estudio de su palabra he comprendido que Dios trabaja a largo plazo su tiempo no es nuestro tiempo, aunque nosotros digamos y las circunstancias te digan lo contrario. Dios cumple sus promesas él es fiel nunca falla.

Chris Mildon

an hour ago

Y esque estamos acostumbrados a ver a superman spaiderman,etc a actuar en segundos y queremos que Dios con todos sus poderes aparezca y resuelva todo....pero no es asi los tiempos y planes de Dios no son los nuestros...
Solo debemos confiar que el estarA CON nosotros cuando pasemos por las aguas el fuego y el por el valle de muerte

Today is the LAST day to order to ensure Christmas delivery. Visit: to get autographed copies of my new Christmas album, vintage tees from the 90s & more! Enjoy 10% off most items at check out.

Willy Grabanski

13 hours ago

I want one

Amy Jeffries

13 hours ago

I love me some Tracy Lawrence

Douco Diouf

13 hours ago

Rather have you for Christmas than a t shirt

come back & hang out with us right here at 2pm est / 11am pst 💗🎶👶🏻

Putri Febriana

an hour ago

Christina if u put a 💓 on this comment you make my Christmas special 😍

Will-Amanda Reynolds Gaddy

an hour ago

Love and miss her beautiful voice!

Ray Weaver

an hour ago

thnx for u'r nice songs, luv them. Merry Christmas to u all from Finland (Northern europe) !! We're getting some snow up here and that's good news cause Santa's Rudolf is eagerly waiting for christmas deliveries.. but we gotta wait for one looong week.. :-)

#SecretSanta 🎅🏽 came thru 😂🎄
Happy Sunday Beautiful ♥️🙏🏽🎄! Photo credit @keemibarra ... my next concert is 2/2/19 in #SanDiego 🙏🏽 can’t wait to see you there 🎫🎫
#FACTS wear that pretty dress 5times IDK 😂#repost @_socal_619_ 🤷🏽‍♂️😁👍🏽

Bruce Sellers

4 hours ago

My sister knows how that feels. She just did her last secret Santa.

Endrit Canaj

4 hours ago

Megan McCarthy Lolololol I literally put this on my list I’m crying

Kumar Basant

4 hours ago

Teresa Leon Tiffany Marie oh shit lol let's hope u guys didnt put this on ur secret Santa list lol

A chance encounter on the streets of Portland, Maine. We love this tattoo man! You guys never cease to amaze us.

Gabriel Aguirre

36 minutes ago

I would do this one : It's better to feel pain, than nothing at all
The opposite of love's indifference

Gayle Warren Bastin

36 minutes ago

What the heck are you doing in Portland and why aren't you playing a show?!

Ivonaa Requenes

36 minutes ago

Looks like they both cheated in school hahahah